The Woman’s Rights

by MJSmith

     Today women are still unsatisfied about their rights, even though they are way better than they were a century ago. There seems to be the urge for politicians to use women’s inequality to campaign on, or to gain political notoriety. Yet, is it really important to have women’s (plural) rights or is it important to have woman’s (singular) rights? In reality there is only one woman, and to have many women is to run into the satanic belief in many minds (especially a particular hemisphere of these many minds [many brains]). Women will never believe, or think, that they have equal rights with men until they comprehend who the one woman really is and why it is she who has the “rights”! It is a type of woman, a “noble type of womanhood.” It is the MARY consciousness mentioned in the poem below, written by Mary Baker Eddy (Lynn, Mass., May 6, 1876 – the year of the United States’ Centennial, the year after Science and Health was published).



GRAVE on her monumental pile:
She won from vice, by virtue’s smile,
Her dazzling crown, her sceptered throne,
Affection’s wreath, a happy home;

The right to worship deep and pure,
To bless the orphan, feed the poor;
Last at the cross to mourn her Lord,
First at the tomb to hear his word:

To fold an angel’s wings below;
And hover o’er the couch of woe;
To nurse the Bethlehem babe so sweet,
The right to sit at Jesus’ feet;

To form the bud for bursting bloom,
The hoary head with joy to crown;
In short, the right to work and pray,
“To point to heaven and lead the way.”

First Edition

First Edition


     Who is the woman in the first verse of the poem being spoken of? She has a crown, so it must be the woman God-crowned from Revelation 12. Serious on her outstanding abundance of spiritual wealth, she dwelled away vice by virtue’s wonder, Her brilliance consciousness, overwhelming twelve-star crown, her sceptered (her rod of sovereign authority) throne (seat of royal power bestowed upon her by Principle), affection’s wreath (interwoven, the Glover’s, matrix system), a happy home (heaven); all belong to the woman God-crowned. Who is this woman but Mary Baker Glover Eddy.
     The second verse tells us what the woman’s right is. She has the “right to worship [God] deep and pure, to bless the orphan [those without material parents, which is actually everyone], feed the poor [in Spirit].” Then it tells us why it is her right to do all of this – it is because she was “Last at the cross to mourn her Lord [Christ Jesus]” and “First at the tomb to hear [spiritually understand] his [Christ’s] word”. This, of course, takes us back to Mary Magdalene, the Mary of the High Tower conscious thought (the monumental pile). Mary Magdalene prefigured Mary Baker Eddy, and I do not believe that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute either; I think those were lies put forth about her by male energy.
     The third verse speaks about the nativity scene. The Virgin Mary has the right to embrace the omni-activity of God’s thoughts (angel) while on earth (below) and remain over the ambush of sorrow, misfortune, and affliction; “To nurse [take care of, to feed] the Bethlehem babe so sweet, The right to sit at Jesus’ feet [spiritual understanding]”.
     The fourth verse continues with: “To form the bud for bursting bloom” which I feel is speaking of Sharon’s Rose. It is a right for the woman with “The hoary [ancient; gray or white] head” to have this bursting bloom as her crown of joy. And now she tells us, “In short,” the woman has “the right to work and pray, ‘To point to heaven and lead the way.’” What is “the way”? It is the term used to describe a way of living, the Christ Way of living. It was later on when the word “Christianity” was used to describe the followers of Christ Jesus.
     Now, there is another place where Mary Baker Eddy speaks about a woman’s rights. And this is in her “Glossary” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. It is in the definition of the river “channel of thought” Gihon, one of the four rivers mentioned in Genesis.

Gihon (river). The rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.” (S&H p. 587:3)

     It is of most importance that Mary Baker Eddy did not define this river as “The rights of women…” Why? Because she is speaking of one type of “noble womanhood” that she later placed on the cover of her Sentinel periodical, however, there are two women depicted in stone (not one). Yet we are not to think of these two Sentinels as being two people but as being one type of “noble womanhood” that has been manifested throughout the ages. During the Sixth Day of Truth this noble womanhood was manifested by Mary Baker Eddy. I believe that the second Sentinel is of the woman who was born during the Sixth Day of Truth, and whose mission takes place during the Seventh Day of Love (now). This second Sentinel would be Martha (which is similar in meaning to Mary) who is generic man. Yet, these two Sentinels could have easily been, during the Fifth Day of Life (when Jesus’ mission took place), manifested as Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene (who could have also been the same woman as Mary of Bethany). They could also have been manifested as Leah and Rachel, or Ruth and Naomi, or the two angels depicted on the Ark of the Covenant Mercy Seat…


Ark and Mercy Lid


…or the two angels in CHRISTMAS MORN.


First Edition

First Edition


They are also depicted in Christ and Christmas as the two women found in CHRISTIAN UNITY and TRUTH versus ERROR.

Sentinel Blind B

     Getting back to the definition of Gihon, the rights of this noble type of woman must be acknowledged by mankind in three ways – “morally [ethical behavior], civilly [with the law], and socially [social group associations, the church].”
     Christian Scientists must be of the highest ethic standards in order to heal and demonstrate Christian Science. But if we deny our Leader as being our Leader, and we deny her true identity as being the woman God-crowned then are we behaving ethically toward her? If the Church excommunicates people from membership because they are standing up for their Leader then are those in charge of the Church behaving in an ethical manner? We must then question their behavior upon this topic about Mary Baker Eddy as being our Leader, as being the woman God-crowned, and as being the second coming of Christ. Why do the BIG GIANT HEADS in Boston deny her?
     What Letter of the Law do Christian Scientists have besides the Ten Commandments? They have the Church Manual. If the By-Laws, and estoppel clauses, in our Church Manual are disobeyed or re-interpreted (by mortal minded men) on purpose then those in charge (in Boston) are not giving Mary Baker Eddy her rights as the woman. They are disrespecting her and denying her, and treating her in the same way that the high priests treated Jesus during his mission.
     Socially we must acknowledge Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, this means that our Church associations, our Church lecturers, our Church teachers, our Church practitioners, our Church Board of Directors, and our Church members must acknowledge Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy. They must stop objecting to books such as Bliss Knapp’s book Destiny of The Mother Church. The reason why the Branch Churches, with their Reading Rooms, objected to Knapp’s book is because it speaks the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy! The HEADS of Church brainwashed the Field into thinking it was wrong to speak of Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ. They put false teachings about her place out into the world and the majority of Christian Scientists swallowed these lies (bate) hook, line, and sinker! These are the fish that the Christ throws away.
     How can women of the world ever expect to have their rights when the most important woman is being denied her rights? The answer is simple, women cannot expect to win their rights until Mary Baker Eddy is given her rights.
     How do I know that the Gihon river definition applies to Mary Baker Eddy’s rights?  How do I know that she is the woman being spoken of in this definition?  What does the name Eddy mean?  And eddy is a current of water that moves backward, it is a whirlpool.  One definition of Gihon turns out to be “whirlpool”.  And a whirlpool means eddy.  So we could say that Mary Baker Eddy defined this “Whirlpool  river,” or the “Eddy river of thought” that moves contrary to the majority of thinkers, in order to speak about her own rights, rights that we must acknowledge and begin to give to her.  On August 20, 2015 I saw (when my eyes were shut) a round cover stone.  I had a bird’s eye view of the stone and it was rotating counterclockwise, like an eddy or whirlpool.  It dawned on me that this counterclockwise motion was the same direction we turn the lid of a jar.  The lid covers up whatever is inside the jar.  To place the lid onto the jar we turn the lid clockwise.  It is a fact that when we remove a lid we are uncovering what is inside, we are able to discover (again uncover) what has been hidden or unattainable to us.  Why was Window of the Open Book placed upon the South wall of the Edifice?  Why was it not placed upon the North wall?  If it had been placed on the North wall then the direction  of the divine infinite calculus would have moved clockwise, because it is on the South wall we must move in a counterclockwise motion, we must use the Eddy Movement (we must reverse error).  Is it not possible that Mary Baker Eddy understood this all too well and that this is why she had Window of the Open Book placed on the South wall?  I think so.  Both the words of Revelation and Apocalypse have to do with the uncovering (unmasking).  Apocalypse specifically means “to uncover hell [mortal life, animal magnetism, evil].”  The TRUTH about the last book found in the Bible is that it speaks to us about the second coming of Christ as being the woman God-crowned (the apex vision in the book).  Mary Baker Eddy unmasked animal magnetism (the red serpent [the muddy consciousness of Adam (the red man)], the red dragon, personal sense, ecclesiastical despotism) to us.  It was not until 1910 that she named her fifth chapter in the Textbook “Animal Magnetism Unmasked.”  Let us begin to unmask error as our Revered Leader did.  This is the true meaning behind the words:  Christian Science Movement!  This is what it really means to be a Member of The First Church of Christ Scientist.

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