by MJSmith

January 3, 2015

     During the last few weeks I have had a chance to see a 1976 video recording (on You Tube) of the Rich Little Show.  It was the episode that featured Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul (Starsky and Hutch).  I THANK whoever posted it on line!
     During the show David Soul sang two songs (that combined as one on his 1975 record album).  So it is not too surprising that on January 2, 2015, I dreamed about David Soul singing these two songs.  It was an unusual dream that I would like to tell you about, however, I will first tell you the words of the first short song.  The second song is called “1927 Kansas City.”


He had nothing to give,
So from the wall he lived behind,
He found the bricks that were green as with moss.
And cut them out with a Mason’s witte,
And gave the most beautiful to his friends;
A green sided brick for each friend
And his wall was gone.

     Now, this song brings out the selfless act of giving to those we love.  Yet, what if there is a deeper meaning behind it?  The real man, the man that is spiritual, has nothing of material substance to give to his friends, so he decides to give them each part of a wall, a wall that has protected him throughout the years, for it is the city foursquare of divine Science.  But, this man has come to realize that this wall of protection has been covered up by a green moss – material organized religion, and this green moss has turned the wall of protection into a wall of limitation.  He now understands that this wall has kept him from going places and doing things that needed to be done?  And as President Reagan once asked for the Berlin Wall to be torn down, so now, he must begin to do the same with the wall that has become a wall of limitation.  It is time for the city foursquare to become one with the city of our God (Christian Science).
     What does this man use to take apart the wall that once protected him, but is now harming him because it is keeping him in one place, stationary, stagnant?  He uses a Mason’s witte.  This man is a Mason, a builder, he is a man of spiritual knowledge and spiritual understanding.  A spiritual Mason understands the divine infinite calculus.  And even though a witte is a tool, we can take the word as being the Mason’s wit or intelligence, which is him as the reflection of divine Mind (he is one with God, one with Mind).  One tool that the true Mason uses is called the Christian Science Church Manual.  When the Christian Scientist follows and obeys the Church Manual then he or she follows the estoppel clauses placed within this little book.  Because those in charge of The First Church of Christ Scientist have not followed the estoppel clauses, the Church has become a material organization.  God’s Church has been turned into a wall of limitation, it has kept the congregation’s spiritual growth in check.  This wall of limitation has been covered in green moss.  Moss only covers things that are motionless.  As the saying goes, “A rolling stone [the divine infinite calculus] gathers no moss.”
     So, it takes a Mason, one who understands the foursquare city of divine Science, and their wit, spiritual understanding, to take down this wall of limitation.  When this wall is taken down and given out to his friends (each friend is given a piece of spiritual protection, which is a foursquare brick of divine Science) then the congregation becomes unlimited, free to move forward.  Spiritual man is now free because the wall of limitation (material organized religion) is gone.

     “1927 Kansas City” is a song about two lovers and their life together.  When this song came out David Soul’s love interest was Lynn Marta.  The night before I met David Soul I saw Lynn Marta on an episode of a medical TV show.  The morning of the day when I met David Soul (in 1975) I dreamed that David and Lynn came to see me.  I opened the door to them.  I did not think much about this dream as having much meaning to it until years later.  If you define the names of them we get “beloved Soul” and “the Lynn Witness.”  Would not Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy be the one Christ (the male representative with its female representative as two individual natures in one) that came knocking upon my consciousness in the dream?  Yes, I think so.  So it is not surprising that Lynn would have also been in yesterday’s dream that I titled “The Wall.”  They were both present.  Is it possible that the song about the two lovers points us to Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy?
     What happened in 1927 in regards to the Church?  “The July 1927 Journal carried advice from the Directors at [the] Annual Meeting which fostered continuing dependency: ‘Your Directors would encourage branch church officials to feel free at all times to communicate with us about matters in which we can consistently advise.  With the provisions of the Manual ever before us we cannot decide questions of a local character, which each branch must determine according to its own by-laws and by virtue of its own demonstrations; but your Directors are always glad to give information about that which wide experience has shown is a good course to take under similar circumstances.  We can direct inquirers to the path that leads out the woods, but we cannot compel them to take it.  We are Directors, not dictators.’
     “The Directors seemed to equate branch church committee work with individual spiritual progress when they added: ‘If at any time the temptation presents itself to feel that one’s activities in support of the necessary functions of our organization are giving little time for spiritualization of thought, should not one pause and ask himself whether there is any service of our Cause, rendered to exalt the Christ, which will not bring its harvest of spiritual blessings?’
     “[I am not sure that the following took place in 1927.]  Regarding questions of an entirely local character, the following raises concerns and points to growing dependency [growing moss?]:
     “‘We are informed of a branch church whose corporate meeting for election of Readers fell on the same evening that a lecture was scheduled to be given by one of the other churches in the same city.  Instead of turning to God to ascertain which meeting the members should attend, they wrote a letter to the Board of Directors in Boston asking them to answer this question.  And the Board of Directors told them!  We are not concerned with the board’s advice, be it in favor of one meeting or the other.  That is immaterial.  The thing that is serious is the evident fact that we of the Field have reached a place in loss of individual demonstration that prompts a group of Christian Scientists to feel impelled to write to Boston for information on such a small matter.  It is surprising that Boston would reply in any other way than to discourage such inquiries, informing them that such matters had to be left to individual demonstration and could not be decided by the Board of Directors for a branch church…
     “ ‘Another incident:  A man is known to us, who, not so long ago, gave a testimony at a Wednesday evening testimony meeting in a branch church of which he as [probably should read “is”] a member in good standing.  Within a few days, he received a letter from the Board of Directors saying that it had been brought to its attention that he had made certain incorrect statements in his testimony.  He had not made the statements reported and he so wrote the Board.  But, again, whether he made them or not, is not the point we desire to make.  Assuming that he did not make them, whose business is it to correct a testimony in a Christian Science branch church, – the First Reader conducting the service or the Board of Directors in Boston?  Is not this act of the Board in writing to this member a violation of the rights of that church to govern itself?’ [“Paul Revere,” Support for The C. S. Board of Directors, pp. 39, 40]”
     “In 1927, the Board of Directors initiated a new policy regarding the Board of Lectureship.  All lectures would have to be submitted in advance for review by an English critic who would check the text for errors and recommend other changes.  The effect was devastating.  Many lecturers commented that the heart had been cut out of their work and that no consideration had been given to the metaphysical content.  The Board stuck to its new policy which had a chilling effect and lessened the spiritual depth of lectures delivered in the field.  Some lecturers resigned rather than submit to this new policy.

     (The following is a quote, however, to simplify the quote marks I will not put quote marks around the author’s words.)  Adam H. Dickey had resigned from the Board of Directors on February 8, 1925.  While still a worker in Mrs. Eddy[’s] home, she had made him promise that he would write an account of his stay in her household.  In the book he wrote the following: “On Tuesday, August 25, 1908, my bell rang, calling me to Mrs. Eddy’s apartment.  When I entered her study she was lying on the lounge where she usually took her rest.  Requesting Mrs. Sargent, Mr. Frye, and [a] third student to leave the room, she beckoned me to approach.  She extended her hand to me, took mine in both of hers, and asked in a deep, earnest voice, ‘Mr. Dickey, I want you to promise me something, will you?’
     “I said, ‘Yes, Mother, I certainly will.’
     “ ‘Well,’ she continued, ‘if I should ever leave here – do you know what I mean by that?’
     “ ‘Yes, Mother.’
     “ ‘If I should ever leave here.’ she repeated, ‘will you promise me that you will write a history of what has transpired in your experiences with me, and say that I was mentally murdered?’
     “I answered, ‘Yes, Mother, I will.’
     “ ‘Now, Mr. Dickey, do not let anything interfere with your keeping this promise.  Will you swear to me before God that you will not fail to carry out my wish?’
     “I raised my right hand and said, ‘Mother, I swear before God that I will do what you request of me, namely, write a history of what I have seen, and heard from your lips, concerning your life.’
     “ ‘That will do, dear.  I know now that you will not fail me.’
     “Her whole demeanor was one of solemn intensity, and there was an eagerness in her voice and manner such as I seldom saw.
     “I returned to my room and pondered deeply over what she had said.  In a few minutes one of the workers and Mrs. Sargent brought me a sealed envelope.  In it was a penciled note reiterating the statement that she had made in our conversation of a short time before.” (Dickey, Memoirs of Mary Baker Eddy, Preface)  [my interpolations]
     The book was printed after Adam Dickey’s death in 1926, and copies of it were distributed to members of his association and also in the Library of Congress.  The Board of Directors, on hearing of the book, wrote a letter to each member of Adam Dickey’s association demanding that they send their copies to them.  They told Mrs. Dickey to retrieve the copies in the Library of Congress and to turn over to them the printing plates and that they would reimburse her for all expenses involved in the printing of the book.  They argued in their letter to the Dickey association that Mrs. Eddy had asked Adam Dickey to write a book, not publish a book.  The Board acquired the copyright, but not all copies were turned in.  Typed manuscripts and versions written in longhand quietly were circulated for years.  (Braden, Christian Science Today, pp. 163-167)  The December 1972 Journal ran an item entitled, ‘Writing About Our Leader’, which warned Christian Scientists not to read written anecdotes, incidents, or impressions about Mrs. Eddy which had not been authorized by the Board of Directors.’”

     I must ask, if Mr. Dickey had been obedient to Mary Baker Eddy (that is immediately been obedient to her instead of waiting all those years) and published his book (not left it up to his wife to distribute), and if he would have done so while being a member of the board, if such a problem would have taken place?  I think Mr. Dickey was afraid to publish the book!  The only thing he might have feared was excommunication!  That is all any Christian Scientist fears from the board of directors, and yes, at times they are dictators (as is proven by the fact that they demanded all copies of the Dickey book and printing plates to be sent to them)!  You see the wall of limitation was put up in regards to freedom of speech (with the lecturers, the man who gave an honest testimony, the Dickey book, and other books throughout the last 104 years).  They were even miffed at the author of Jonathan Living Seagull.
     And it’s 1927 Kansas City!  It was Kansas City Christian Scientists that recognized Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, that she is the woman God-crowned (Revelation 12).  It was the board of directors that erased her crown in the front of We Knew Mary Baker Eddy Pt. 4.
     In the dream I put a contact lens into my left eye, but it was not in correctly and so I was attempting to get it out.  I was not having any success.
     Then David said to me, “You’re not doing it right.  Come here and I’ll show you how to do it right.”
     I sat down beside him and he was now my brother.  I laid my head against him.  I felt calm and relaxed, I was at peace, and I felt like I was Loved.  Then I realized that I was awake and my brother was the pillows I was laying against.  I have never woke up that way before, not in my entire life.  There was no reason for me to wake up at that point of the dream, but I did.  I feel that the reason why I woke up like that is because the dream was showing me the correct way to deal with material problems.  We cannot handle pain or get rid of a problem via material methods, which is what I was trying to do.  What I had to do, the correct way, is to let go of any fear, let go of any will power, just to feel Love, God’s Love, the Love that Christ has for us.  This Love allows us to wake up from the Adam dream of material organization, whether that material organization is of the physical body or the organized churches men become members of.  When we do, we realize that the plank (contact) that we have in our own eye is just an illusion, it never really existed (not as God’s reality).  It only seems to exist in the dream world.  Can any of us hope to heal the Church of its so called problems via material methods, and this includes taking them to Court, unless we manifest the Spirit of the Law?  We must translate the board of directors of personal sense counterfeits out of matter and recognize what is the real directing force of the Church – the divine infinite calculus of the city foursquare.  When the counterfeit of personal sense seems real to us then we have walls of limitation (via material organization).  When we use the Mason’s witte and spiritually understand the divine infinite calculus then the city of our God goes out in all directions – and covers the whole earth, not with the green moss of no progress, but with Christian Science’s Principled (green) moss (the habitual growth) of spiritual progress.

     The following is from a manuscript I received a few months ago, and it may be a contributing factor to my dream and its interpretation.  It is by an author who wishes to remain anonymous, I do not know who he is.  [My comments will be in brackets.]  Oddly, it is titled, “The Wall.”

The 88th Manual [should be italicized] is the protection provided The Mother Church, Christian Science and the planet from the pit of depravity in the 1st degree [First Degree], mortal mind, MAM [should be m.a.m., do not give importance to error].  The 89th Manual is the result of man’s attempt to forge The Mother Church [The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts] into that image of the world, of which the serpent is the type (S&H 594:1), the 1st degree, and thereby attempts to destroy the protection provided The Mother Church, Christian Science and the planet in Mary Baker Eddy’s vision of the 88th Manual.  The 88th Manual is symbolic of the wall surrounding Zion.  Today that 88th Manual is the impervious protection which surrounds The Mother Church.  The 89th Manual is not Mrs. Eddy’s vision and it is of no protection and an assured desolation.  In all honesty, meekly ask yourself which Manual, the 88th or the 89th has borne fruit and why!  We must return to Mary Baker Eddy’s Manual, that true and correct 88th Manual which annihilated the serpent forever; to protect The Mother Church, its branches, the nation [the United States of America] and the world, for what The Mother Church is, our nation, our world becomes.  The 88th Manual is the rod of obedience in the 23rd Psalm which keeps the sheep, those who follow their Leader, (S&H 594:12) on that straight and narrow path to New Jerusalem.  Science and Health is that saving crook neck staff of the 23rd Psalm, which rescues us from that pit of depravity (1st degree), if we should stray from that straight and narrow way, while being shepherded by our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, into the land of Christian Science.  Which side of the wall are you fighting on in this final battle?

“The silent unseen forms of good are standing silent around me, mind and all, silencing, annihilating, destroying the unseen, silent arguments of the serpent.”*

                                                               Mary Baker Eddy

*Written in an old Bible belonging to Mrs. Eddy [the end]