Mary Baker Eddy’s Will (4)

by MJSmith

     The following quote is from Andrew W. Hartsook’s book CHRISTIAN SCIENCE After 1910 (page 196).  It is a paragraph from Mary Baker Eddy’s Last Will and Testament.  Since the item is “4” I feel that what is written in the following paragraph has to do with the divine calculus — the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  More specifically, it has to do with the squared-cycle (or if you prefer, the squared-circle) of Science.

“4.  I give and bequeath to Mrs. Pamila J. Leonard, of Brooklyn, New York, the sum of Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000); to Mrs. Augusta Stetson, of New York City, my “crown of diamonds” breastpin; to Mrs. Laura Lathrop, of New York City, my diamond cross; to Mrs. Rose Kent, of Jamestown, New York, my gold watch and chain; and to Henry M. Baker, of Bow, New Hampshire, my portrait set in diamonds.”

     One thing that stood out to me in this paragraph is that everybody, except for Henry M. Baker, is located in New York.  The New York Shield comes to mind with its word “EXCELSIOR.”  Excelsior means “high.”  But I also feel that it provides us with the action that we must achieve this highness, we must try to ascend out of matter.

New York State Seal A
     The name Brooklyn would simply mean brook-waterfall or brook-river.  “River.  Channel of thought.
     “When smooth and unobstructed, it typifies the course of Truth” (S&H 593:14-16).
     Since we have no middle name here, I feel that the letter “J” must be understood symbolically.  J – “associated with leadership, an elevated station…culture, the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot deck” (from page 71 of Steven Olderr’s book Symbolism A Comprehensive Dictionary).


     Right away, on the card, there is depicted the divine calculus (with the four living creatures, see Revelation 4) and the wheel (the cult) of Christian Science – the Window of the Open Book (seen below) Matrix.  It is the divine calculus that leads impersonally via the Word from Mary Baker Eddy who has an elevated station (place) in Bible prophecy.
     Pamila “honey” J. Leonard “brave, lion” could be a symbol for the living creature the lion, for the Word of God that is as sweet as honey in one’s mouth but becomes bitter in the stomach when the little open book of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is mentally digested.  (Notice that the four major stars coincide with the four living creatures placement on the above Tarot card, except that the lion’s position is next to the Open Bible Keystone, the ox or calf’s position is next to the Madonna and Child Keystone, the face of a man’s position is next to the Cross of Calvary Keystone and the flying eagle’s position is next to the Golden Shores of Love Keystone.  The card begins at the bottom right and moves clockwise while the Window of the Open Book begins on the top right and moves counterclockwise.)

The Holy City

The Holy City

     What did Pamila’s Leader give her?  Three thousand dollars.  Steven Olderr’s book Symbolism A Comprehensive Dictionary (page 137) gives an explanation of three.  Three is “related to the right [correct] side,” those on the right side see “moral and spiritual dynamism [“a theory that explains the universe in terms of forces (thoughts) and their interplay” (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary)], intellectual and spiritual order, sufficiency, heaven, the Trinity…”  In Christian Science the Holy Trinity is Life, Truth, and Love and the number three automatically takes us to the Three Degrees of the SCIENTIFIC TRANSLATION OF MORTAL MIND (pages 115-116 of S&H).  Zeros really do not amount to anything by themselves, but when they follow a real number they do give “placement.”  It could also be that the zeros stand for humanity and the more zeros the more collective is included.  I feel that Pamila J. Leonard is named here in order to represent the Wheel’s tone for Science as the Word and the Science and Health chapter that brings out the tone of Science as the Word is “Teaching Christian Science.”  This thirteenth chapter of the Textbook teaches ethics and morality (the right side, and as mentioned above, the lion is on the right side of the wheel and the Window).
     Augusta means, “majestic, respected, impressive, consecrated, venerable, sacred, inspiring reverence or admiration, supreme dignity or grandure.”  Augusta Stetson is given the crown, the higher thought of the Christ Mind.  Stetson means “son of stet” and stet means “to stand.”  It was not long after Augusta Stetson had become a student of Mary Baker Eddy that her teacher decided to give her a test.  Mary Baker Eddy was supposed to show up to give a lecture, but Augusta did not see her Teacher that night.  She could either apologize and tell everyone to go home or she could give them a talk on Christian Science.  She decided to give the talk on Christian Science and spoke for an hour and a half.  After this Mary Baker Eddy always reminded Augusta of this event and that she stood.  The last time they got together, in a carriage ride (Dec. 9, 1908), Mary reminded Augusta of the aforementioned event again.  She told Augusta for the first time that she would always stand.  And does not the definition of Stetson add another aspect that Augusta represents one of the two standing Sentinels on the cover of the Christian Science Sentinel, the periodical that was meant for the Branch churches?

Sentinel Blind     Another odd thing that happened shortly after Augusta’s visit is that the following appeared in the Church Manual.  “Rev. Mary Baker Eddy calls to her home or allows to visit or to locate therein only those individuals whom she engages through the Christian Science Board of Directors of The Mother Church.  This By-Law takes effect on Dec. 15, 1908.” (Sect. 12, page 68)
     Emma is Augusta’s middle name.  Its German meaning is, “industrious” and Augusta certainly was industrious.  I will even say that she was an industrial diamond!  Augusta seems to represent the second living creature, the ox or bull, for the Christ, as well as, Science as the Christ and the chapter “Recapitulation” (with its New Jerusalem artichoke matrix for the sun (son) flower).  Augusta Stetson is the one who purchased the crown pin (that Mary Baker Eddy willed to her) with its twenty-four diamonds.  These twenty-four diamonds point us directly to the fourteenth chapter of the Textbook – “Recapitulation” with its twenty-four questions and twenty-four answers.  It is also a possibility that the twenty-four diamonds are symbolic of two God-crowned women (Sentinel) missions (12 + 12 = 24).
     What is important to understand is that Augusta Stetson is also responsible for the purchase of the diamond cross (with twelve diamond stars – which could be symbolic of the woman God-crowned in the book of Revelation’s twelfth chapter).  So Augusta may have been acknowledging Mary Baker Eddy as the woman God-crowned when she presented this cross to her Leader, or it could have just been coincidental; or perhaps God planned it?  In the last edition of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which was published before December 3, 1910, Mary Baker Eddy is seen in the front of her book (this picture, seen below, was her trademark) wearing this cross with its twelve stars.  The board of directors made sure that this picture was deleted from future copies of the Textbook!  They took away Mary Baker Eddy’s trademark and replaced it with the cross and crown seal for their unnecessary copyright privileges.

Mary B.E. cross

     “The spiritual idea [Mary Baker Eddy] is crowned with twelve stars.  The twelve tribes of Israel with all mortals, – separated by belief from man’s divine origin and the true idea, – will through much tribulation yield to the activities of the divine Principle of man in the harmony of Science.  These are the stars in the crown of rejoicing.  They are the lamps in the spiritual heavens of the age, which show the workings of the spiritual idea by healing the sick and the sinning, and by manifesting the light which shines ‘unto the perfect day’ as the night of materialism wanes.” (S&H 562:11)
     Before this paragraph, from Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy explains this “spiritual idea,” which is first Jesus for God’s Fatherhood (is within this paragraph) and then in the following paragraph is Mary Baker Eddy for God’s Motherhood, with the following words: “John saw the human [Jesus with the cross] and divine [first coming of Christ with the crown] coincidence, shown in the man Jesus, as divinity embracing humanity in Life and its demonstration, – reducing to human perception and understanding the Life which is God.  In divine revelation, material and corporeal selfhood disappear, and the spiritual idea is understood.
     “The woman in the Apocalypse [that John saw as a human (cross) and divine (crown) coincidence] symbolizes generic man, the spiritual idea of God; she illustrates the coincidence of God [divine] and man [human] as the divine Principle [crown] and divine idea [crowned-cross].  The Revelator symbolizes Spirit by the sun.  The spiritual idea is clad with the radiance of spiritual Truth, and matter [the First Degree] is put under her feet [she spiritually understands (the Third Degree) that the First Degree (matter) is not reality (Truth)].  The light portrayed is really neither solar nor lunar, but spiritual Life, which is ‘the light of men.’  In the first chapter of the Fourth Gospel it is written, ‘There was a man sent from God…to bear witness of that Light.’  [She explains both the first and second comings of Christ in the next paragraph.]
     “John the Baptist prophesied the coming of the immaculate Jesus, and John saw in those days the spiritual idea as the Messiah, who would baptize with the Holy Ghost, – divine Science.  As Elias presented the idea of the fatherhood of God, which Jesus afterwards manifested, so the Revelator completed this figure with woman [who is God-crowned], typifying the spiritual idea of God’s motherhood [which Mary Baker Eddy afterwards manifested].  The moon [reflected light which is not “the light of men”] is under her feet [she has dominion over material intellect].  This idea reveals the universe as secondary and tributary to Spirit, from which the universe borrows its reflected light [like the moon does], substance, life, and intelligence.” (S&H 561:16-562:11)
     Laura means “crowned with laurel” so even though Laura did not receive the crowned pin she was still crowned in the same way that each of us (as generic man) is God-crowned, we each have our own mission to fulfill.  However, I feel that Laura was willed the cross pin because she never gave up the cross of material organization.  She is very much like the crowned-cross seen below that is buried in the ground.  Laurel is symbolic of “inspiration, victory, especially in a spiritual sense” (page 78 of Symbolism A Comprehensive Dictionary).  Lathrop means “barn, farmstead.”  To me this points us to the Field of Christianity.  This being said, Laura would represent the third living creature, with its face of a man, for Christianity. Laura represents Science as Christianity and the chapter “Genesis.”  The book of Genesis presents us with two creations – that of the crowned divine idea (Genesis 1-2:3) and that of the face of a [n Adam] man cross buried in the ground.  Jesus, however, was the human cross and divine crown idea, he translated man back to God, the spiritual idea.  Jesus was the man God-crowned, he was the face of a man that is Christianity’s Founder.  He was not tied down to material organization, he ascended out of the mortal A-damned body.

The first "The Way" with its crowned cross.

The first “The Way” with its crowned cross.

     Rose Kent is of the town of Jacob (Jamestown).  Jacob is defined in part (by Mary Baker Eddy) as “Inspiration; the revelation of Science, in which the so-called material senses yield to the spiritual sense of Life [Fatherhood] and Love [Motherhood].” (S&H 589:5)  Jacob is also the father of twelve sons (twelve stars).  If we think of these twelve sons as mortal beings then we would need to call them twelve moons (months), however, when spiritually translated they must become the twelve stars belonging to the woman’s crown, the twelve stars that circle Window of the Open Book.  These twelve stars (twelve months) of Israel spiritually translate the material zodiac of animals (Adam – animal magnetism) back to God’s idea (the Son of God – the Christ).  Rose would represent the Rose Window of Window of the Open Book with its Matrix structure that can be applied to the Christian Science Textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem Christ and Christmas.  Kent “white; bright.”  A white rose (a Kent, Rose) is symbolic of inspired wisdom, chaste love, and purity.  White is also symbolic of “light; joy; detachment from worldliness; glory; perfection; attribute of Christ, the Creator, the Virgin Mary, St. John, saints who did not suffer martyrdom” (Steven Olderr’s Symbolism A Comprehensive Dictionary; p. 149).
     Rose Kent is given Mary’s gold (divine) watch – which connects us again to Window of the Open Book’s Matrix structure of Science, particularly with the city of our God.  The gold chain would be the Christ link throughout human history.  Rose represents Science as Science and the chapter “The Apocalypse” with its sixteen gates.  This chapter presents to us Mary Baker Eddy as the angel of Revelation 10, the Discoverer of Christian Science; Mary Baker Eddy as the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12, the Founder of Christian Science; and Mary Baker Eddy’s Motherhood as the Holy City of Revelation 21 and Psalm XXIII where the Lord God Jehovah (the tribal god of Adam, the Hebrews, and Christians) has been spiritually translated back to divine Love (which is divine Science) – that which is the true Leader of Christian Science.
     Henry M. Baker – the only man and the only relative to Mary Baker Eddy, who is mentioned in the will’s paragraph, is given a portrait (a representation to bring Mary Baker Eddy clearly to mind or thought) set in diamonds (justice), the hardest Christ-stone on earth.  If this portrait is just like the one that Mary Baker Eddy gave to Augusta Stetson then it has forty diamonds around Mary’s portrait.  The number forty symbolizes spiritual rebirth (resurrection and transformation).  Now can you begin to see why Mary Baker Eddy’s picture was of importance in the front of the Textbook and in front of Miscellaneous Writings?  The picture below is from one of Augusta Stetson’s books and I feel very strongly that it shows she understood that Mary Baker Eddy is the woman God-crowned because she placed the diamond pin above Mary’s portrait.

Portrait of MBE

     Henry means “ruler of the household.”  Henry is also a General (a ruler of men).  Because he is the fifth element Henry takes us to the center hub of the Window of the Open Book.  His middle initial of M. (although his name is not Mary) and sir name of Baker makes us remember our Forever Leader, – the woman who brings divine Science to mankind.  General Henry as M. Baker (Eddy, divine Love, Motherhood) rules and governs via Science with her little open book found inside the New Jerusalem artichoke (the sunflower).

     Church.  The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.
     The Church is that institution, which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick. (S&H 583:12-19)

     As I have mentioned in other Posts, it is of importance that Augusta was given back her own “crown of diamonds” that she had given to Mary Baker Eddy as a gift.  It is also of importance that the diamond cross, which was also a gift to Mary Baker Eddy from Augusta, was not returned to her.  I feel that this means that there is a spiritual reason why Mary Baker Eddy did not return the cross to Augusta.  This section of the Will was written on September 13, 1901.  This was well before 1909 when Augusta was literally pushed out of the material organized church.  Before Augusta’s troubles with Boston began (when her name was dropped from the roll of The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston) Mary Baker Eddy, in both The Journal and the Sentinel, asked all her followers to begin to build the spiritual Church upon a spiritual foundation, which would have to be the “structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.”  She wanted her students and pupils to come out from organized church.  Augusta Stetson (Mary Baker Eddy’s student) and many of Augusta’s loyal students (Mary Baker Eddy’s pupils) from First Church New York City agreed to build upon a spiritual foundation.  Augusta began to build upward (higher – excelsior) upon a spiritual basis or foundation in order to elevate the race.  This spiritual building was the real Church Extension, not the material one built upon marshland in Boston.  In the year 1906 the building of the Boston Extension was completed and it was this same year when the women Sentinels were placed upon the cover of the Sentinel.  Augusta was to lead her students out from the need or reliance upon a material organization.  Mary Baker Eddy extended her invitation (in The Journal and the Sentinel) to all Christian Scientists, however, Laura Lathrop who ran the Second Church of New York City and was given the diamond cross remained with the material organization.  It is as if Mary Baker Eddy, when she wrote this section of the will, was making a point that Augusta would be her first student to come out from material organized church (the cross) and gain the spiritual higher Christ consciousness (the crown).  And she actually foresaw the events before they took place because she was a prophet (“A spiritual seer; disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth.” S&H 593:4) of God.
     Another thing that struck me about section 4 is that Mary Baker Eddy uses quote marks for “crown of diamonds” while she does not use them for diamond cross.  She set off, embellished, these particular words.  She also wrote “my ‘crown of diamonds’” as being a “breastpin.”  So I decided to look up the word in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary.  I had to look up breast and pin as individual words.

1breat 3 : the seat of emotion and thought : bosom (caused little concern in official breasts)”
2breast1 : to contend with resolutely : confront…2 chiefly Brit : climb, ascend”

1pinb obs : the center itself…2 a (2) b : an ornament or emblem fastened to clothing with a pin”
2pin1 a : to fasten, join, or secure with a pin  b : to hold fast…”

1emblem1 : a picture with a motto or set of verses intended as a moral lesson  2 : an object or the figure of an object symbolizing and suggesting another object or an idea  3  a : a symbolic object used as a heraldic device  b : a device symbol, or figure adopted and used as an identifying mark”

     Augusta held fast to her morality as she Stet as a Christ-son.  The breastpin (or breast-emblem) symbolizes ascending morals and/or ascended morality.
     Going back to the diamond cross, as I have mentioned in other Posts, Mary Baker Eddy always wore this diamond cross at an angle – as an “x” instead of a “t.”  The “x” was the original Christian cross, however, I feel that it represents something else – divine Science for the city foursquare.  The “x” for the city foursquare of divine Science represents four walls (spiritual protection via the divine calculus reckoning) of the Church.  However, if said Church is taken over by ecclesiastical despotism, material domination, and tyranny then these four walls become the material walls of limitation and stagnation.  The “t” cross is found in Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem book Christ and Christmas’s first illustration (seen above) and second illustration (seen below) of “The Way”.



     The Christian “t” cross or crucifix, when spiritually translated, represents the city of our God and the spiritual Church where there are no walls of limitation, and the city of our God is like the Compass Rose that goes out in all directions over the entire world – as the Branches of Christ Scientist are meant to do – without any interference from Boston’s big giant headquarters (the anti-divine calculus).  While the cross-Church is black (full of error) and buried in the ground (mortal dust, nothingness) it does not help the Christ body (Christ mass) spiritually progress at all.  Yet, when the human (gray) cross is crowned with the flowers of divinity (white) the Christ body (Christ mass) will spiritually progress onward and upward (it ascends) until it becomes the crown itself (the crown in heaven).  We must begin to understand that each one of us is a human (cross) and divine (crown) coincidence.

     It was on September 28, 1892 that twelve students of Mary Baker Eddy met to vote themselves, and twenty other students of Mary Baker Eddy’s as “First Members”.  With this action, the foundation for the present organization form of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts is in place.  When The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts was given its early Church Manual the twelve First Members all had stars by their names.  Four of the twelve stared members were on the Board of Directors.  To me this meant that the four directors were like four major stars because they not only were members of the Church they were also running the Church, even though it was through the direction of Motherhood’s Fifth Element – Mary Baker Eddy.
     Below is a list of the Boston board of directors since they were first appointed by Mary Baker Eddy.  The first four director chairs can have successors, however, the fifth director chair was not meant to have a successor!

The Board of Directors AThe Board of Directors BThe Board of Directors CThe Board of Directors D

     And now to return to the center hub of our Christian Science Textbook and Window of the Open Book (which is Science and Health).  The last two chapters in the Textbook are “Glossary” and “Fruitage.”  These two books, I feel, must be placed in the center hub, and it is necessary to look at the midst of the Holy City (Revelation 22:1, 2 [part of Vision 7 (Visions 1 and 7 are the foundation stones for the Minor Pyramid Structure of the book of Revelation)]) where we find the following symbols:

     And he shewed me a pure river [channel of thought] of water [spiritual teachings] of life, clear [spiritual] as crystal [Christ diamond], proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb [which is previously mentioned in Vision 1 and where the Lamb is the spiritual idea who “opens the book” which has been sealed (by error) with the seven sins of Adam man or the seven heads of the red dragon].
     In the midst [center hub] of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life [Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures], which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

     The 17th chapter of the Textbook “Glossary” is a street with street signs that go in alphabetical order.  There are a total of 125 definitions on this street and the street runs for a total of 20 pages.  The center definition, 62.5, falls in the middle for the definition of Jerusalem while the middle page (589) has the definitions for Issachar (Jacob’s son), Jacob, Japhet (Noah’s son), Jerusalem, Jesus, Joseph, and Judah.  (Mostly “J”s!)  This is quite significant when we take a look at the definitions.
     Issachar is totally negative, it reads:  “A corporeal belief; the offspring of error; envy; hatred; selfishness; self-will; lust.”  We are to give up this Adam manhood which is what Jacob does and why he is renamed Israel.
     Jacob is both negative and positive.  “A corporeal mortal embracing duplicity, repentance, sensualism.”  This is the outcome of material organization.  The following is the spiritual organization: “Inspiration; the revelation of Science, in which the so-called material senses yield to the spiritual sense of Life and Love.”  The following is what Jacob experiences when he struggles with the angel.  This is what changes his viewpoint about his brother Esau.
     Japhet is the Third Degree of spiritual understanding.  “A type of spiritual peace, flowing from the understanding that God is the divine Principle of all existence, and that man is His idea, the child of His care.”
     With Jerusalem comes the City Itself, or the Church, the Christ Body.  When this body is tied down to the mortal ground of Adam or that of material organization it is not of God.  “Mortal belief and knowledge obtained from the five corporeal senses [of Adam man, with a big giant head (brain) and the red serpent (the body’s material sensation)]; the pride of power and the power of pride; sensuality; envy; oppression; tyranny.”  But when the New Jerusalem comes with the Christ Mind the City becomes: “Home, heaven.”
     Jesus is the human man, the first coming of the human and divine coincidence.  “The highest human corporeal concept of the divine idea, rebuking and destroying error and bringing to light man’s immortality.”
     Joseph prefigures the human woman, the second coming of the human and divine coincidence – Mary Baker Eddy.  “A corporeal mortal; a higher sense of Truth rebuking mortal belief, or error, and showing the immortality and supremacy of Truth; pure affection [Mother Love] blessing its enemies.”
     And finally, we have Judah.  “A corporeal material belief progressing and disappearing; the spiritual understanding of God and man appearing [the human and divine coincidence that appears as Jesus Christ and Mary Baker Eddy in the first and second comings of Christ].”  And once this is realized the following (on the top of the next page) takes place – the Kingdom of Heaven (which is the New Jerusalem) is realized.  “The reign of harmony in divine Science; the realm of unerring, eternal, and omnipotent Mind; the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme.”
     The tree of life is Science and Health with its pages (leaves) “for the healing of the” twelve “nations”.  Its twelve manner of fruit has to do with the chapter “Fruitage” which is compiled of 84 (before one of them was erased) testimonies.  When we divide 84 by 12 we get the number 7.  There are seven days in a week and twelve months to a year.  These seven days equate to the Seven Days of Genesis, or the seven synonymous terms (names) for God while the twelve months remind us again of the woman’s crown with its twelve sons (originally symbolized in the Bible as Jacob’s sons but now are the twelve first chapters of the Textbook).  These 84 testimonies are accounts of healing that took place when the writer of each testimony had only read from the Christian Science Textbook, in other words they had not gone to a (personal) practitioner for healing.  This is because, even though practitioners are very helpful, we as Christian Scientists must learn how TO STAND upon our own two feet (spiritual understanding).
     To “recapitulate” this Post I present the following chart which translates the material organization’s board of directors back to God.

The Real DirectorsChristmas Eve translated