The New York State Seal and the Two Sentinels

by MJSmith

     A question came to me after writing about the Christian Science Sentinel’s cover changes in my last post.  “Why did the two women have their eyes shut at first and then later on, that same year, have their eyes open?”  Certainly, to be a sentinel you must have your eyes open.  What was it that Mary Baker Eddy was symbolizing when she had their eyes shut?

     In The Forever Leader Doris Grekel wrote that before Mary Baker Eddy had the Sentinel’s women’s eyes changed to where they were open that Mary Baker Eddy was in her resurrection stage and that when she began her ascension stage she had the women’s eyes opened.  Another thing I am not too sure of is, were these two women on the cover supposed to be the same woman, that they were just shown with a right and a left profile, or were they actually two women?  It is my opinion that the two women symbolize two different women.
     On page 774 of Augusta Stetson’s book is a picture of the New York State Seal.  (The picture of the seal below is not the picture in her book.)  There are two women on the seal.  One is blindfolded, the other is not.

New York State Seal A

     The blindfolded woman represents justice while the other woman represents freedom and liberty.  Is it possible that the women Sentinels that had their eyes shut were for justice while the women Sentinels with their eyes open were for liberty?  Another possible explanation came to me, it is possible that the shut eyes represent the type of Christian Science treatment, righteous judgment, where we close out the sense testimony of all lies that confront us, where we accept the Truth (God) only.  This is the denial of error and the affirmation of Truth.  We must demonstrate this type of prayer when we are dealing in the relative consciousness.  On the New York Seal Lady Justice holds the sword of Truth (justice) in her right (righteous) hand while she holds the scales of balance in her left hand.  Balance is a quality belonging to Soul.  If we look to Revelation 6 we find that the black horseman has scales.  His scales, however, are weighted improperly, thus, the black horseman is a symbol of a black market type of business.  The living creature that nullifies the black horseman is the third living creature for Christianity – the face of a man.  True and honest brotherhood is what Christianity represents – the man that follows the Golden Rule.
     When our eyes are open we are working in the absolute consciousness.  We have kicked aside material crowns of government and depend totally upon God, Principle, government.  A Phrygian cap is on top of the staff that Lady Liberty holds in her right hand.  This symbolizes freedom and the pursuit of liberty.  Her left hand supports, or rests upon, the shield.
     I find it interesting that the shield depicts a rising sun with a happy face upon it.  This may seem a bit cartoon-like for such a serious item like a State Seal, but perhaps this sun is a symbol for the Sun of God?  Who does not want the Christ Light to shine upon our country?  And you know me, if you have read enough of my posts, to know that the sun on top of the mountain’s peak (the Pyramid Matrix of Truth’s capstone) represents the Stargate Matrix.  On top of the shield is a globe of our world and on top of the world is a flying eagle – the symbol for the United States of America, but also the fourth living creature for Science.  Another tie in is the color of azure, that Augusta Stetson mentions when she writes about the New York Seal.  This ties in with the same color of blue that Mary Baker Eddy used for her new Sentinel covers.  Augusta writes the description of the Seal in her book, “Charge:  Azure in a landscape, the sun in fess [the center point of the shield], rising in splendor or, behind a range of three mountains, the middle one the highest; in base a ship and sloop under sail, passing and about to meet on a river, bordered below by a grassy shore fringed with shrubs all proper.
     Crest:  On a wreath azure and or, an American eagle proper, rising to the dexter [right] from a two-thirds of a globe terrestrial, showing the north Atlantic Ocean with outlines of its shores.
     Supporters:  On a quasi compartment formed by the extension of the scroll. …
     Motto:  On a scroll below the shield argent, in sable, Excelsior [high].” (SERMONS Which Spiritually Interpret the Scriptures AND OTHER WRITINGS on Christian Science; by Augusta Stetson, C.S.D.; pages 775 and 776)
     Getting back to the Sentinel, the woman (women) may represent the righteous judgement of Christian Science treatment and then the freedom (self-govenment) that was given to Americans via the second coming of Christ.
     Below are two pictures of the Sentinel covers found in Doris Grekel’s third book The Forever Leader.

Sentinel BlindSentinel Open     Because the two women (or are there actually four women for a divine calculus?) hold burning lamps we could say that they are vestal virgins or chaste women.  The final cover certainly does make it clear that the two women are founded upon The Christian Science Publishing Society.  It is too sad that eventually those in charge of the CSPS totally erase both women from the Sentinel cover, just to claim that they are being “abreast of the times.”  The red dragon uses the woman’s own Words against her and the Cause!

     There are a lot of different pictures on the Internet depicting the Seal for New York.  Below is one that I like as it is a sculpture.

New York State Seal C

     Another one that I like is a black and white sketch.

New York State Seal B    After writing about the New York State Seal and the women Sentinels a letter written by Augusta Stetson was brought to my attention.  This letter was in a chapter titled “Letters to Friends and Fellow-Workers” and sent to a Mrs. H., written on November 22, 1912.  It is found on pages 713-716 of Augusta Stetson’s book Reminiscences Sermons and Correspondence 1884-1913.  Then I will present some historical information about the Sentinel cover.

“My dear Mrs. H…:—
     “It seems a difficult task for me to write you a conventional note of regret in return for the kind invitation to your luncheon, and if I may be permitted to indulge in a few words of appreciation of your remembrance of me in connection with this social event, I shall feel that I have visited with you through the medium of the pen, therefore have not entirely lost the pleasure of meeting you at this social function, which I am sure will be most delightful.
     “For many years I have denied myself these opportunities of pleasant and profitable association, which demanded time that I was obliged to devote to my church and literary work.
     “To-day I find myself still in battle, arrayed against the carnal, so-called mind, and compelled to absent myself from such genial and most agreeable events which none can possibly enjoy more than I.
     “I am glad to know that my sisters are attending to this necessary social duty, which is one way of calling women together to discuss the topics of the hour, and for personal intercourse, so essential to brighten, quicken and unify purpose along the line of reciprocal thought.
     “The benefits derived from the sweet interchange of the thoughts of noble women1 gathered at these functions, each contributing her share of wisdom, born from research and experience, must always result in incalculable value to humanity.
     “The hour has struck when thinkers are awakening to human needs and are questioning the potency of spiritual thought-force to free them from material thinking, which results in discord, and which finally incapacitates all who are governed by false reasoning.  Spiritual power is exalting the divine nature in woman.  She is constantly rising in the scale of intelligence, and is uplifting the standard of true womanhood.”
     Now, if we return to the New York Seal we see the woman of Justice holding a scale in her left hand and a sword in her right hand.  This woman of Justice is “constantly rising in the scale of intelligence, and is uplifting the standard of true womanhood.”  Standard simply means “to stand”.2  One definition of standard-bearer is “the leader of an organization, movement, or party”.3  The standard-bearer of Christian Science is Mary Baker Eddy, even though I do not like the words “organization, movement, or party” I would prefer to think of Mary Baker Eddy as our Forever Leader of God’s Cause – Christian Science.  Now to continue with Stetson’s letter:
     “Woman is emancipating herself from bondage to false theories, and is finding her individual identity as God’s child to whom He gave equal rights with man, when He gave them both ‘dominion…over all the earth.’  Woman is redeeming her birthright.
     “I shall be with you in spirit, dear Mrs. H…, and some day, I trust in the near future, when my ceaseless vigils on the watch-tower of Zion shall have sufficed for me, and I shall be free to come and go as I desire, you will not find me regretting my inability to be with you, but I shall accept and be personally present whenever you favor me with an opportunity to do so.”
     Now, let us examine her words carefully.  She says, “when my ceaseless vigils on the watch-tower of Zion shall have sufficed for me,…”  A vigil is “an act or period of watching or surveillance:  watch”.4   The watch-tower of Zion could actually be a reference to Mary Magdalene.  On October 3, 1904 Mary Baker Eddy wrote to Augusta Stetson saying, “…now is the resurrection morn and I want Augusta to be my Mary.”  She was actually referring to Augusta as being her Magdalene = “watch-tower.”  Whether or not Augusta Stetson finally lived up to the challenge is debatable.
     “The signs of the times indicate that, ‘There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.’  My mission on earth seems to have been in the lines of spiritual progression with its accompanying persecutions, consequent upon spiritualization of thought.  It is evident that this is woman’s hour with all its sweet amenities.
     “Mary Baker Eddy sounded the bugle call to Truth’s standard when she emancipated herself from the traditional material interpretation of the Word of God, the Holy Bible.
     “Down through the line of commutual thought, women have responded to the divine interpretation and are demanding emancipation from man-made laws and mental slavery.
     “Woman is rising to claim her prerogative to represent her creator, and execute the law of God—eternal Life, Love, and Truth.  Panoplied in divine Love, as she advances to spiritual power, with the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, in her hand, and the law of Christ’s love under her tongue, she is going forth strong in faith and understanding to reveal the new heaven and the new earth, which shall be governed by the new man and the new woman controlled by the law of God.”
     Once more, her words seem to refer to the woman of Justice, “with the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, in her hand, and the law of Christ’s love under her tongue”.  Augusta finishes up her letter with:
     “I must beg your pardon for my self-indulgence, in permitting my pen to register my thoughts on the subject so vital to me, and which you may not have the time nor the interest to consider.
               “Yours most sincerely,
               “Augusta E. Stetson.”

     After writing this post I gained a new insight.  It is entirely possible that Mary Baker Eddy saw Augusta Stetson representing one of the two Sentinels, at least up until 1909.  But there is another explanation as to who the two Sentinels are – Mary Baker Eddy and Martha.  This insight came to me as I realized that there are only two women dressed somewhat like the Sentinels are in the illustrations of Christ and Christmas.  While Mary Baker Eddy’s right foot was drawn for the woman knocking on the door in TRUTH versus ERROR this does not mean that the woman depicted is Mary Baker Eddy.  This woman simply has Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual understanding (right foot) of divine Science.  Together both women are really the same type of noble womanhood.

Sentinel Blind B     It is a fact that we mostly see the right foot of the knocking woman and the left foot of Mary Baker Eddy, yet portions of their toes are visible (of the other feet).

     Going back to New York City, in January 2015 I saw an episode of America Unearthed.  It was about three obelisks in New York City.  One was Cleopatra’s Needle (not having anything to really do with Cleopatra at all), brought all the way from Egypt, by ship in the 1860s, and placed in New York City’s Central Park.  This obelisk was one of two (like two Sentinels) from the 18th Dynasty of Pharaoh Thutmosis III.  On this show the host, Scott Wolter, locates two other obelisks (not as big and made in America).  He was trying to tie all these obelisks to the Masons.  William h. Vanderbelt helped finance the transportation of Cleopatra’s Needle to New York City, he also, Wolter stated, was responsible for the building of Grand Central Station.  So he went there and looked up on the ceiling to see that there were star constellations painted on the ceiling.  One of them was Orion, and there was Orion’s Belt with its three stars.   He draws it out until the end of his show where he finally noticed (he was slower than I was as I knew immediately what he was going to eventually do) that the three obelisks are alined like the three stars on Orion’s belt, as well as, the three pyramids of Giza.  Although obelisks are symbols of the male, could we rethink them as being like Sentinels or Magdalene towers?  Wolter felt that these three obelisks pointed to a fourth object found in the New York Harbor – the Statue of Liberty.  It was like how the three stars in Orion’s belt pointed to the star Sirius, that the Statue of Liberty might well represent Sirius.  Wolter also pointed out that Sirius was symbolic of the Egyptian God Isis.  Now, Mr. Wolter happens to do things like this all the time, and his show often comes off as being phony.  I do like his ideas, but I think he needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  Still, it is interesting to contemplate his theory.  I have often felt that the Statue of Liberty is somewhat symbolic of the woman God-crowned.  In order to find out about Isis I turned to a book on symbols.  It turns out that Isis is very much an early typification of the woman God-crowned.  It is also interesting that the crown on the HIGH PRIESTESS Tarot card resembles the crown on Isis.



     I also find it interesting that if you take the two women on the New York Seal and the Statue of Liberty that we have a combination of three Magdalene towers.  Another thought came to me about the three Star-Flowers located in Mother’s Room and three seven-pointed Stars found in Christ and Christmas with the three following illustrations – “Star of Bethlehem,” “Seeking and Finding,” and “Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me.”  Yes, it could be entirely possible that the Star-Flowers and seven-pointed Stars do follow the same exact pattern as found on Orion’s belt that would mentally point one directly to the woman God-crowned.

1I have placed infuses on these two words because if we go back to the two women Sentinels on the cover of the Sentinel – we remember that a noble woman is mentioned on the quote that is written upon the bottom of the pillar.
2Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary
5Line = lineage, the lineage of Christ.

     Now, let us take a closer look at the difference between a sitting and a standing position.  The two women on the New York Seal and the women on the cover of the Sentinel are standing.  They are not sitting.  When there is work to be done, watching to be done, it is not a time for sitting – relaxation, apathy, etc.  Mary Baker Eddy told Augusta Stetson that she stood the test that she had given to her in a town called Reading and, on that day of the carriage ride, she further told Augusta that she would always stand.  To stand also points us to place, Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy has her standing for God’s Truth; she is God’s Standard-Bearer of Truth.  In the apex drawing of Christ and Christmas, “Christian Science Healing,” Mary Baker Eddy is standing.
     Let us now take a look at something Mary Baker Eddy wrote for the laying of the cornerstone of The Mother Church, or for The First Church of Christ Scientist.  As seen below — on the left side is her poem from pages 399-400 in Miscellaneous Writings and on the right side is her hymn on page 16 of Pulpit and Press.  Let us think of the first stanza (that which stands, sorry I could not resist) as referring to the rolling away of the old stone to the tomb of erroneous belief that life exists in matter.  Remember, it was the Christ that rolled away the stone from the death tomb of Jesus, so it is the Christ Mind within our conscious thought that rolls away material belief.  We are lifted higher when we depart mortal minded thinking.
     The second stanza is referring to the city foursquare church belonging to divine Science.  It is upon divine Science that we must stand, this is what the standard-bearer is placed upon.  This is the type of Christ Mind that understands God to be Mother, Love.
     It is in the third stanza that we have a star-lit night (when people usually sleep).  However, a Sentinel does not sleep during his watch hour.  Be like the Christ Stone that is depicted upon the Sentinel cover!  Do not sit down (rest or sleep) but STAND in your spiritual place and WATCH (as Jesus commanded us).  The Christian Science workers that went to the home of Mary Baker Eddy were assigned watch hours, they were to be Sentinels during their appointed time.  Like the stars, the prophets of God, we must not fall into a deep sleep like Adam did.  Each one of us has a place to occupy in God’s universe.
Laus Deo     In the fourth stanza we have the results of what happens if we are handled by animal magnetism and do not stand with Mary Baker Eddy.  I feel that the word “low” means flat or off key.
     The rock of Christ represents the Church of Christ Scientist.  Now let us take a look at the Babylonian Whore (faithless, unworthy, or idolatrous practices or pursuits) spoken of in Revelation.  There is a difference in this definition of whore and the word harlot (prostitute – station).  A harlot stands in the same place (at her station) where she solicits for the traffic business of sexual activity and adultery.  Neither definition when applied to Babylon the great is good!  Is not “THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH” (Rev. 17:5) a Mother Church?
     Let us take a look now at “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH,” which typifies a false type of Church Movement (a material organization run by ecclesiastical despotism, just one of the many faces belonging to the red dragon).  Revelation 18:7 tells us:  “How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her:  for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.”  This seems to have many of the same words found in Mary Baker Eddy’s fourth stanza.  Verse 8 reads:  “Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.”
     “Her extreme sense of pride, haughtiness, and luxury causes her to believe that her dominion in materiality cannot be changed and that she can never be punished or suffer sorrow.  Therefore plagues will come upon her, pestilence, death, destruction, and famine, and she will be entirely consumed.  All types of material thinking that have enjoyed the pleasures of carnal mind now regret to see its destruction.  The leaders of materialism shall stand at a distance and wail over her, afraid lest they themselves be swallowed up in her destruction.  The merchants shall lament the loss of their trade seeing that their traffic in useless finery, and in fact all erroneous types of commerce and trade are doomed to destruction, even to the traffic in the souls of men.  And those things which had seemed to be necessary for her traffic in carnality now are gone.” (STUDIES IN THE APOCALYPSE OF JOHN OF PATMOS; Edyth Armstrong Hoyt; page 195)
     Let us backtrack now and take a closer look at Revelation 16:10-11.  Edyth Armstrong Hoyt writes on page 84:  “The fifth bowl of [Life as] Love is poured out upon the throne or ‘seat of the beast’ in other words, human will, the ‘seat’ of domination.  The pouring out of Love into traditional types of false teachings as given above, begins the process of complete self-destruction.  Darkness is now evident for this type of thinking.”
     Is the reason why Mary Baker Eddy’s poem/hymn instructs us to stand instead of sit pointing us to the “seat of the beast” that the Babylonian harlot sits upon?  Moses had a high seat, or a high chair.  Even though this chair was physically a high seat it symbolized Moses’ high position (place) within the structure the Hebrew hierarchy.  It would be the high priest, the Arch-priest, who would sit in Moses’ high chair without having earned this place, position, or station.  Because these priests did not earn the position, they did not lead the Hebrew people correctly.  Again, with kings, queens, etc. we have ruling by sitting upon a throne.  So, the seat of the beast counterfeits the divine calculus matrix, the Christ rock or stone.  The beast’s seat is really a mental place within consciousness where man is led astray by mortal mind, error, and domination.  Hoyt explains that verses 10 and 11 help us understand what the remedy for this type of erroneous leadership (wormwood) is.  The Wormwood is poured into the spiritual teachings of the woman God-crowned, Mary Baker Eddy.  The Wormwood is nullified by the “pouring out of Love [Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings of Truth] into traditional types of false teachings.”
     Revelation 16:4-7 warns us of this Wormwood.  Hoyt explains, page 84, “As the third angel pours out his bowl of [Soul as] Love into the rivers [channels of thought] and into the fountains of true [Truth] teachings poisoned and corrupted by Wormwood (false teachings and practices), the bowl of Love produces a just and righteous plague to those false teachings and practices, which brings about their complete self destruction….”  Now let us go back even before this to the appearance of this Wormwood.  We can now ask, just exactly what is this Wormwood?  It is a false star (the anti-Christ); it is not the Morning Star (spiritual light that is projected by God’s Christ) that Jesus promised us.  Wormwood is a plant that is bitter and a very potent alcohol is made from it.  One definition of Mary is “bitter.”  So, the anti-Christ of Christ Mary Baker Eddy would be Babylon the Great (a Mother Church that dominates its Christ Scientist Branch Churches via an illegal Church Manual).
     On Revelation 8:10,11 Hoyt writes:  “As a rule, a great star in the New Testament, such as the Day Star, the Day Spring, the Morning Star [a.k.a. Venus], is a reference to the Christ.*  In this third section [section on Soul – true identity, spiritual identity of the Christ ideal] of Vision III, however, we find that the great star is given a specific name, and the name is Wormwood.  This would indicate, therefore, that we are dealing with the counterfeit thought.  How do the prophets of the Old Testament refer to the word “wormwood”?  Jeremiah has much to say about it.  He says:

     “‘Because they have forsaken my law [Church Manual?] which I set before them and have not obeyed my voice, neither walked therein; but have walked after the stubbornness of their own heart, behold, I will feed them with wormwood.’  (Jeremiah 9:13-15.  See also Lam. 3:15, 19; Deut. 29:18; and Pr. 5:4)

     “Again he says:

     “‘From the prophets of Jerusalem in profaneness gone forth into all the land.  Behold, I will feed them with wormwood.’  (Jeremiah 23:15)

     “Amos also recounts that when justice and righteousness are cast down to the earth, this condition is synonymous with what wormwood means.  It indicates the kind of thinking found in a nation when contempt for God, injustice, unrighteousness and faithlessness to the true concept of law is present.  Thus, wormwood becomes a symbol of current false practices and teachings.  Wormwood poisons and makes bitter.  In this third section these poisonous, bitter, false practices and teachings are pictured as falling upon the rivers and fountains of waters.  [In Christian Science the four rivers are symbolic of the four periodicals – The Journal, Der Herald, Sentinel, and The Christian Science Monitor.]  In the Bible the rivers and fountains of water are always associated with true teachings.  Note what Jeremiah says:

     “‘For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.’  (Jeremiah 2:13)

     “There is another point about this counterfeit of the Truth called wormwood which must be mentioned.  We read: ‘burning as it were a lamp,’ or a torch; in other words, pretending to be a lamp or a torch to give light and illumination, thus deceiving those who come under its influence.  Let us therefore make our translation of this third section:

     “The declaration of Truth cast into true teachings (rivers) poisoned by false practices and teachings (wormwood) (pretending to be light and illumination) starts (‘the third part’) their self-destruction.
“*In the Old Testament, the Day Star is a reference to Lucifer, the sun god of the Babylonians, (Isaiah 14:12).  [In the Old Testament the king of Babylon, King Nebuchadnezzar, was Lucifer.]”

     So, from this we can understand that the Sentinel’s lamps represent and/or symbolize the light and illumination of Spirit (Lady Liberty) and Truth (Lady Justice).  And when these two lamps were extinguished (erased or eradicated from the Sentinel cover) is when the Wormwood (human intellectualism, scholastic theology, dogma, mortal philosophy and communism) began to poison the spiritual teachings (the four river periodicals) founded by Mary Baker Eddy.
     I turn to page 119 of Andrew W. Hartsook’s book Christian Science After 1910, on this particular topic.  “The March issue [of The Journal in 1966] announced that entirely new covers would appear on the [should read The] Journal and Sentinel beginning in April.  This represented the first real change in the cover of the Journal.  Up until this time it had remained much as Mrs. Eddy had designed it.  The Sentinel which had already undergone new changes, first in 1942 [the time period for World War II] when its dimensions had been greatly reduced, and then in 1957 when one of the two women bearing lamps had been removed.  [This is of major importance as this is the same year that Martha Jones-Smith came to be on earth.]  In the 1966 cover change, the one remaining woman was moved to the inside of the front cover.  [Which totally disappeared in 1973.]
     “The April issue declared that the Journal and Sentinel would have new and changed roles as The Mother Church entered the second century of Christian Science.  Already the roles of the two periodicals had been blurred over the years.  The Journal was originally the official organ of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.  The Sentinel was intended to be the periodical for the branches.  In Mrs. Eddy’s day, the inside of the front cover had been devoted in its entirety to a digest of secular news which Christian Scientists in the field would find especially useful or which required their thoughtful work.  Over the years the Sentinel had become a miniature copy of the Journal and was commonly thought of as the periodical which one should give to newcomers because its articles were simple and not as deep as those found in the Journal.  The April Journal also announced a new International Department to coordinate The Mother Church’s overseas activities.  The May issue announced the opening of the Church Center Building Fund.”  So from this you can see how the church was off track!  International, by the way, means “communist”!
     This same year marked the first Robert Peel biography on Mary Baker Eddy and at this time Erwin D. Canham, today is well known as being a communist, was editor of The Christian Science Monitor.  Peel was blind to this fact or did not care, for he praised Mr. Canham, “The Christian Science Monitor is already touching the world of affairs; it is noteworthy that the paper’s brilliant editor, Erwin D.. Canham, in various writings and speeches has also been exploring some of the revolutionary changes in the world of intellect which may be linked with the metaphysical insights of Christian Science.” (Peel, Christian Science:  Its Encounter with American Culture, p. 169)
     Hartsook tells us on page 101-102:  “The attention of the world was gripped by the rise of Communism in the early 1950s.  The discovery of Soviet spies in the governments of the United States and England and the aggressive actions of the Soviet Union, led to an acute consciousness of political philosophies among great numbers of citizens who had never before been preoccupied with political matters.  People saw the political landscape in fundamentally simple terms:  freedom vs. communist slavery.  Christian Scientists looked to their newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor, expecting to see a strong stand against what they rightly viewed as godless tyranny.  Many were disappointed by the ambivalence in the reporting and editorializing in the Monitor, and their concerns were focused upon the editor of the newspaper, Erwin D. Canham [one Christian Scientist accidentally called him – Cain–Ham!  How correct this man was when he introduced Canham to a crowd.  Yet Canham, Hartsook writes, “was lionized by church members as the most respected and prestigious representative of Christian Science to the rest of the world”! (Christian Science After 1910, page 110)].
     “As noted in Chapter 10, Mr. Canham was a Rhodes scholar who was feted by Lord Lothian and Lady Astor while studying at Oxford.1    A frequent guest of the Astors was the famous playwright, George Bernard Shaw.  He was the premier Fabian Socialist of his day.  His influence on Lady Astor was significant when one considers that she was quoted as saying, “I would be a socialist if I thought it would work.”  (Langhorne, Nancy Astor and Her Friends, p. 120)  When Erwin Canham returned home he was made a member of the American branch of the secret Round Table Group.  Groups fronting for the Round Table had been formed after the First World War when the United States rejected membership in the embryonic world government known as the League of Nations.  The failure to get U.S. participation constituted a major setback for the whole concept of world government.  A front group for the Round Table was formed in the United States and was known as the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.  According to an article entitled ‘School for Statesmen’ by Joseph Kraft in the July 1958 issue of Harper’s magazine, the chief architect of the Council on Foreign Relations was ‘Colonel’ Edward Mandell House.  He was chief advisor to President Woodrow Wilson and was a power in Democratic party politics until his passing in 1936.  In 1912, Colonel House wrote a novel entitled, Philip Dru:  Administrator:  A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935.  In his novelization of a new world order under the control of highly educated and benign technocrats, he had the chief character speak approvingly of ‘Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx.’ (House, Philip Dru: Administrator, p. 45)
     “…Erwin Canham came to the Monitor, as a reporter in 1925.  He took a leave of absence from 1926 to 1929 to accept a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University.  While studying at Oxford, he covered the League of Nations for the Monitor.  In 1939 he became general news editor in Boston, then managing editor in 1939, and editor in 1941.”  Hum, the year before the Sentinel became smaller in size!  I am not saying that Canham was responsible for what happened to the Sentinel cover, but the change was certainly do to false influence upon the Boston hierarchy and field that one Sentinel disappeared in 1957.  Hartsook writes that in 1957, “the cover of the Christian Science Sentinel was changed.  In 1942, the size of the periodical had been reduced, but the design had remained much as Mrs. Eddy had left it.  Now [1957], one of the two women was removed and the classical architectural motif was abandoned.” (page 111)  Not to mention, but I must, that the foundation that the Christian Science Publishing Society was supposed to have provided, as depicted on Mary Baker Eddy’s design, was gone.  It no more supported the two women Sentinels at all, quite literally and symbolically!  But, where the material symbol of one woman disappeared the physical third advent of Christ was now taking place in cradled obscurity.  It would be during Martha’s mission that she would only see the Lone Stranger as the Sentinel and then in 1966 would see her become one small woman Sentinel on the cover.  In March 1973 the woman would be gone from the Sentinel cover.  It was not until the 1980’s when Paul R. Smillie published the original Sentinel design on his pamphlets for the Gethsemane Foundation that Martha saw the original design.  And then ten years later she would see Doris Grekel’s book with the two different designs – one for Justice and one for Liberty.  And now, you know the Truth about the Sentinel cover and its women.

1“The situation in Europe was absorbing the attention of Christian Science in England at this time.  At Cliveden, the estate of Lord and Lady Astor, regular gatherings of some of the most influential people in that country were held to discuss the world situation and ways to prevent a coming war.  Lady Astor, an American by birth, had become a Christian Scientist in 1911.  She gave a copy of Science and Health to what might be described as her soul mate, Philip Kerr, who also came into Science within a few months of reading the book.  Later given the title Marquis of Lothian, Philip Kerr was editor of The Round Table a periodical dedicated to voicing the rationale for a world government under British stewardship.  During the 1920s two young American Christian Scientists had been chosen to be Rhodes scholars.  They were Erwin D. Canham, who would later become editor of The Christian Science Monitor, and Clayton Bion Craig, who would later be on the Board of Directors of The Mother Church.  It is known that Erwin Canham was included in some of the activities of Cliveden.  He and Clayton Bion Craig were to become lifelong friends.
     ”Regarding The Round Table and other background events, Dr. Carrol Quigley, professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., wrote Tragedy and Hope – A History of the World in Our Time.  It is noteworthy that in his acceptance speech at the 1992 Democratic Convention, President Bill Clinton, – who is himself a Rhodes scholar, – praised Dr. Quigley as one of the most influential people in his life.
     “Dr. Quigley writes: ‘The Round Table Groups were semi-secret discussion and lobbying groups organized by Lionel Curtis, Philip H. Kerr (Lord Lothian), and (Sir) William S. Marris in 1908-1911.  This was done on behalf of Lord Milner, the dominant Trustee of the Rhodes Trust in the two decades of 1905-1925.  The original purpose of these groups was to seek to federate the English-speaking world along lines laid down by Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) and William T. Stead (1849-1912), and the money from the organizational work came originally from the Rhodes Trust.  By 1915 Round Table groups existed in seven countries, including England, Soul Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and a rather loosely organized group in the United States (George Louis Beer, Walter Lippmann, Frank D. Greene, Erwin D. Canham of the Christian Science Monitor and others.)  The attitudes of the various groups were coordinated by frequent visits and discussions and by a well-informed and totally anonymous quarterly magazine. The Round Table, whose first issue, largely written by Philip Kerr, appeared in November 1910…
“‘At the end of the war of 1914, it became clear that the organization of this system had to be greatly extended [because The United States had declined to join the League of Nations].  Once again the task was entrusted to Lionel Curtis who established, in England and each dominion, a front organization to the existing local Round Table Group.  This front organization, called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, had as its nucleus in each area the existing submerged Round Table Group.  In New York it was known as the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a front for J.P. Morgan and Company in association with the very small American Round Table group…
     “‘The American Branch of this “English Establishment” exerted much of its influence through five American newspapers (The New York Times, New York Herald Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Post, and the lamented Boston Evening Transcript).  In fact, the editor of the Christian Science Monitor was the chief American correspondent (anonymously) of The Round Table, and later secretary of the Rhodes Trust (1925-1939) and ambassador to Washington, was a frequent writer in the Monitor.’ (Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, pp. 165,950-952)
     “Frederick Dixon, editor of the Monitor from 1914-1922, had many of the same connections as Lord Lothian.  During his editorship, there had been criticism that the Monitor was ‘being run in the interest of the British Foreign Office.’” (Hartsook, p. 59-61)