Paul Smillie’s Twenty-fourth Question

by MJSmith

     Recently, on a game show, there was a question about Tom Cruise.  The contestants were to name something that was well known about him.  One woman said, “He is a Christian Scientist.”  Well, this was not so.  Her more intelligent family member said, “He is a member of the Church of Scientology.”  This was correct.  It is a sad state of affairs when the world does not know enough about Christian Science to keep anyone from confusing it with the cult (bad use of the word) the Church of Scientology.  What is the difference between the two?  The important difference is that Christian Science defeats animal magnetism while the Church of Scientology employs the use of animal magnetism!  The following excerpt helps us to understand why such a mistake could even take place today.  It is from Paul Smillie’s book (2nd edition) MARY BAKER EDDY The Prophetic and Historical Perspective.  It begins on page 303.  [My comments will be within brackets.]

24.  What takes place in our nation and the world when Christian Scientists refuse to follow their Leader [Reverend Mary Baker G. Eddy]?

     In Science and Health [with Key to the Scriptures], we read, “The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse typifies the divine method of warfare in Science, and the glorious results of this warfare.  The following chapters depict the fatal effects of trying to meet error with error.”  We certainly have seen the “fatal effects of trying to meet error with error.”  The Movement is scorned and ridiculed, — and if much more time elapses, before the problem is met, there will be no Movement.  How do we reclaim “the divine method of warfare in Science….”?  If this divine method is revealed in the twelfth chapter, what is in that chapter that is so important?  Is it not the woman, the [Revered] Leader [of Christian Science, who is the woman God-crowned]?  The twelfth chapter details the appearance of the woman, and the methods used to obstruct and destroy her revelation.  The woman of the twelfth chapter establishes the revelation, while the red dragon stands ready to devour this revelation as soon as it is born; but the dragon cannot devour the child who is “caught up unto God, and to His throne.”  Now the woman flees [into the wilderness with the use of the omni-active wings of the eagle – Science – the fourth living creature for the divine calculus] because she is persecuted by the [red – mortal minded] dragon [of ecclesiastical despotism].  The war then takes place in heaven when the dragon and his angels lie about the woman, and fight against Michael and his angels that symbolize the truth about the woman.  [Michael actually means, “Who is like God?”  In order to fight the right type of warfare we must answer – the Christ messenger, the woman, is like God.]  In verse 13, it is very clear that it is the woman who is persecuted, not the man child, Christian Science.  In verses 15 and 16, the dragon causes a flood of false teachings [propaganda], about the woman, to carry her away [in order to separate her from her Revelation of Science].  Have her followers been handling the lies about the woman that continuously pour forth from the dragon’s mouth?  [This red dragon is the same talking serpent in the Garden of Eden.]  What does the dragon say?  It says she is not the woman of prophecy; she is just like you and me; anyone could have written that book had they been in the right place at the right time; all we need is the pure Science; any talk about our Leader is deification, and on and on and on hisses the dragon.
     [In the early editions of Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem book Christ and Christmas this red dragon is hidden, yet seen (see the swirls?).  These two illustrations are “Seeking and Finding” and “Suffer the Children.”  In illustration 3 there is Mary Baker Eddy sitting at her table having divine light shining down upon her and her Bible is an open book.  She spiritually understands the Scriptures.  Behind her is a talking (it has human teeth) serpent.  And in the same darkness is found the hidden red dragon serpent.  In the seventh illustration this same type of erroneous thought (this is why it appears to be ghostlike) is found sitting upon the closed Bible.  The only hope for humanity is the fact that the young girl has her Science and Health (Key to the Scriptures) being an open book.  Below are these two illustrations.]

Seek and Find FESuffer Children FE     [I have tied these two illustrations together for years because of the Grandmother clock and the Grandfather clock.  It is only recently that I was sent these examples, from the first edition, that I saw the red dragon serpent in them.  If we tie both of these clocks to Window of the Open Book, found within the Boston Edifice, the Grandmother’s clock points us to the Woman God-crowned Keystone while the Grandfather’s clock points us to the three Keystones for the Word as Science (with the Golden Shores of Love Keystone), the Christ as Science (with the Concord Grapevine Keystone), Christianity as Science (with the Big Dipper Keystone), and the Word as the Word – which depicts the OPEN BIBLE!]

Window of the Open Book     [What is also of importance is the fact that the time on the Grandmother’s clock points us directly to Revelation 12:1-5 while the Grandfather’s clock points us directly to Revelation 5:1-5.  Revelation 12:1-5 is about the woman God-crowned and Revelation 5:1-5 is about the Lamb of God who sits upon the throne and is able to unseal (open up) the closed Bible (as seen on the table by the old man of scholastic theological teaching).  How can this spiritual ideal (Lamb of God) do this?  She does it by first opening up the Christian Science Textbook – which is depicted in the hub center of Window of the Open Book and represents the squared cycle for Science itself.  This window is the true meaning of the word “cult” for it means “wheel.”  We are to rotate the window’s illustrations with the divine calculus matrix and this matrix matches up with the sixteen main chapters found within the Christian Science Textbook.]

     If the methods of the dragon have been so effective along these lines [tricking us about Mary Baker Eddy], isn’t it time for a counterattack?  Isn’t it time we got into her demonstration in the twelfth chapter of Revelation?  Our Leader made the demonstration over malicious animal magnetism [the red dragon serpent] and we must see that it is established, and never forget the one who made that demonstration.  Only then are we going to see “the glorious results of this warfare.”  Do you now understand why no other subject elicits more emotional outbreaks than the discussion of Mrs. Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy?
     If the woman is not loved, supported, or appreciated, and her place not recognized, we then see the dragon delegating its authority to the beast of domination and malpractice, — the Thyatira thought that operates within her own church.  [And as depicted in “Suffer the Children to come unto me, the second coming of Christ representative, the woman God-crowned,” since the lies about her have been accepted by many Christian Scientists, the Bible has once more become a closed book to mainstream Christianity.]  The false prophet, another phase of the beast, demands that we worship the beast that symbolizes dictatorship [ecclesiastical despotism via a board of directors].  Doesn’t dictatorship follow domination and malpractice [blasphemy]?  The final phase of the dragon and the false prophet is exaggerated ego that pretends to operate in the woman’s demonstration, but takes her place away from her and pretends to be her literal successor.  [But a board of directors is not the woman’s successor!  No, this successor is the man-woman-child that successfully demonstrates the Revelation – Christian Science!]
     It must be remembered, however, that at any moment the remnant of her seed can apply the power of divine Science and gain dominion over these lies about the woman that flow as a flood from the mouth of the dragon.  The plagues of the next vision [Revelation’s fifth vision] continue the fatal effects.  These seven plagues produce the self-destruction of  evil through suffering.  On page 296 of Science and Health we read, “Either here or hereafter, suffering or Science must destroy all illusions regarding life and mind, and regenerate material sense and self.”  We now see these plagues poured out on the throne (human will) of the beast (domination and malpractice)…The first error or plague to be self-destroyed is the love of materialism [mortal mindedness] with all of its festering corruption.  The second error or plague deals with hidden erroneous ambition, the misuse of her revelation to gain personal material good [the opposite of Spirit].  The third plague deals with the effects of false teachings and practices about the woman [hides her true identity] and her revelation, and the effects of this error.  The fourth deals with the claims of counterfeit false teachings [about Principle]; and the fifth plague [of death] deals with human will as the seat of domination and the self-destructive  suffering it produces.  The sixth plague deals with the dragon’s resistance to Truth, the domination of the beast and the manipulation of the false prophet, and their associated propaganda about the woman that brings the suffering these errors produce.  The last plague [which is hatred for the woman] deals with beliefs of separation from our Leader, the consequent compromising of the truth and reveals how this will be self-destroyed.
     As the foregoing entail the fatal effects of meeting error with error, including the refusal to follow our Leader into battle, or, for that matter, even refusing to recognize who she is, then who is responsible for the plagues of self-destruction being visited upon mankind?  Would it not be those who have received the revelation and yet refuse to follow faithfully?
     …Our Leader has given us the full and complete revelation.  In her day, Christian Science was recognized as Biblical, and as a wonder of the ages.  It was attacked because of envy and jealousy of her.  It was persecuted because it was a great Light.  Today, great contempt is heaped upon her revelation because it is thought by many to be a cult, — not Biblical.  [This is a true statement he makes here.  I have a book written by a “biblical Christian” and he has nothing good to say about Christian Science.  A Beka homeschooling books state outright that Christian Science is a cult (and they mean the bad term of the word for cult)!  Well, Christian Science is the wheel of civilization, so in that way it is a cult!  The “biblical Christians” have changed…]  There is no longer jealousy or envy, just hatred and contempt for those [Christian Scientists] who will not stand with the Truth, — a group of people who have lost their saltness.  Our Movement is  disappearing before our very eyes, and we have no one to blame but ourselves and our own lack of demonstration.  Life Magazine contained this account of Mrs. Eddy at the time of her 90th year.  “She has held her course with apparent serenity and at present, at an advanced age, is still the head and front of one of the greatest religious movements known.”  Other articles in the magazines and newspapers of that time carried similar sentiments.  When she passed on [to material belief only], almost every important newspaper wrote very favorable editorials about her, including the following quotations from Editorial Comments on the Life and Wok of Mary Baker Eddy:


     Mrs. Eddy’s greatness came from rediscovering and restoring the method of Christ’s healing.  Her book, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” contains the rule by which to find one’s relation to God and the resultant freedom from every ill that flesh is heir to….The remedy for all sin and error and all discord and all disease, as taught by Mrs. Eddy, is truth, and Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  We thank Mrs. Eddy because she demands as did her Master the perfect life, and because she shows us how it can be accomplished.  We thank her for reinstating the Christ-religion and proving it such by practical demonstration.  We thank her for a religion that knows one God only.  We thank her for founding and establishing a church scientifically Christian.  We thank her for her “key” that opens the spiritual Bible.  We thank her for steadfastly continuing her studies in humanity’s behalf under inhuman persecution; for her genuinely Christian life, without which it would have been impossible for her to become great in humanity’s service.  The pages of the world’s history fail to reveal a greater woman either in one or in many accomplishments.  Mrs. Eddy was without a superior among her sex for spiritual insight, organization, and leadership, and in capacity of indefatigable labor.  Her writings, including hymns and poems, are permanent literature, ever refreshing, ever sought, growing more and more appreciated.  Rejoicingly affirming “God is my life,” she entered upon her higher consciousness, beautifully, triumphantly.
                                        Short Hills Item [N.J.]


     No one (says a writer in the Outlook) ever entered Mrs. Eddy’s study who did not leave it not only a braver man but a better man.
                                       Yorkshire Evening Post, Leads, England


If the Christian Science Movement died today, would the world pay any notice?  Do Christian Scientists pay any attention to their Leader:  Do they love her, or even know her?
     [What really happened?  Augusta E. Stetson, a loyal follower of Mary Baker Eddy, explained that the materialists (as she called them), who were in charge of the Boston Mother Church, did not follow the true teachings of Christian Science.  This is true when they literally declared over and over and over that Mary Baker Eddy died.  These men had to declare their Leader dead if they were to kidnap the Movement (I prefer the world – Cause) and dominate each Branch Church.  I believe that these same men lied about Augusta Stetson and led the Field astray in regards to Augusta Stetson.  They made war upon Mary Baker Eddy’s loyal student and forbid Christian Scientists to read Stetson’s books (under threat of excommunication).  Augusta Stetson never admitted that her Leader was dead.]
     Christian Scientists are responsible for world conditions.  That is a very strong statement to make, but it must be made.  Christian Scientists are the only people who can understand the scientific means of negating evil, and the only group who can truly understand individual freedom.  Resistance to the understanding of individual freedom is seen in the diabolical determination of people and governments to regiment and socialize men, thus denying mankind the opportunity to receive the revelation of Christian Science.  But you ask, if Christian Science is God’s law then Christian Scientists have the only power on their side.  True, but that law is not being demonstrated because Christian Scientists are unwilling to claim this power and the freedom that goes with it, and are instead producing mentally the very evils that block mankind from receiving Christian Science.  It can truly be said that Christian Scientists are keeping mankind from receiving the Science of the Christ.  [This being said, they would be symbolized in the seventh illustration by the old man with glasses (a glass darkly) who rocks back and forth in his chair but never spiritually progresses.]
     Our Leader says, “…the atmosphere of the human mind, when cleansed of self and permeated with divine Love, will reflect this purified subjective state in clearer skies, less thunderbolts, tornadoes, and extremes of heat and cold [like global warming – or the now climate change]; that agriculture, manufacture, commerce, and wealth should be governed by honesty, industry, and justice, reaching out to all classes and peoples.” (My. 265:24-30)  Who is to do this?  Only Christian Scientists can!  However, the minds of Christian Scientists are not being cleansed of self and permeated with divine Love, so we are not seeing anything but extremes in meteorological conditions and sever problems in all forms of activity.  Mrs. Eddy says the same thing in another way in Miscellaneous Writings page 204:23-25:  “By purifying human thought, this state of mind permeates with increased harmony all the minutiae of human affairs.”
     If Christian Scientists are not doing this, and only they can, then they are resisting this progress in the mental realm, resisting responsibility, resisting self-government and individual freedom, and would not this counterproductive mental trait have a very dangerous effect upon mankind, upon the very people Christian Scientists are supposed to be blessing?  We will now discuss this in greater detail in hopes that the reader can better understand this concept.  Let us first consider the area of crime:  Our Leader says, “Christian Scientists will hold crime in check.”  Are they?  Apparently not.  Crime has reached epidemic proportions.  Crime pays and pays well.  Could we say that Christian Scientists have lost their saltness, the preservative agent that checks the process of decay?  Who is unwilling to handle the problems confronting us?  Who wants cradle-to-grave mental care [this was written years before Obama was even in office]?  A serious moral crisis throughout our nation and the world has been produced because of the love of materialism within the Movement.  Crime develops as the direct result of this error, disease comes from it and every problem that besets humanity is based in the negative mental force that the world’s mental workers, Christian Scientists, are exerting upon mankind.
     [I am not sure that I agree with Mr. Smillie on all of his following points.  Of course, perhaps he was more involved with The First Church and Branches than I ever have been.  So it is possible that he experienced the following, where I have not.]
     Christian Scientists first and foremost tolerate error and this is the basis of crime.  They hire practitioners to pray for them daily so they may be successful and healthy, yet they are unwilling to attack and mentally destroy the sin in their own thinking.  The unwillingness of these so-called Christian Scientists to take a stand for truth has produced a toleration for error in our homes, churches, courts of law, and government.  Perhaps you can begin to see that the mental excusal of evil, unhandled sin without Christian Scientists, is producing a mental miasma, or mesmerism, that is harming all mankind.  Do Christian Scientists really want crime to be punished?  No, they do not, for if they firmly believed so they would dedicate themselves to the uncovering and destruction of sin and error within their own thinking.
Crime merely wants something for nothing and this is the basis of socialism.  Christian Scientists want mental work without effort, sensual pleasures protected by God, a horrible degree of materialism protected by their practitioners.  Crime is not held in check because Christian Scientists are at the root of the crime wave.  It is interesting that socialism declares the criminal is not at fault but, rather, that society is responsible.  Christian Scientists have produced the governmental socialism of today.  The rise of welfairism began in the 1930’s [Augusta Stetson left the material world in 1928] when Christian Science had more followers than at any time before or since.  We can be most grateful that today our numbers are few as the world could never recover, were it otherwise.
     Mrs. Eddy says we should only suffer for our own sins.  But attempting to heal a body suffering from sin, without first removing the mental iniquity, is mental mischief and promotes evil, in fact, licenses evil.  A healing that results from such means can only be attributed to faith healing, — certainly not genuine Christian Science healing.  The promotion of sin, in this manner, by Christian Science practitioners and Christian Scientists in general, mentally promotes crime and is responsible for the steadily increasing crime rate in our nation and the world.  Crime pays, sin pays, and both go unpunished because Christian Scientists are at work trying to prove these fallacies to be true and to excuse this error in their individual experiences.
     Over the past thirty years or so, a Christian Science language has evolved that is apparently used either to sound spiritually minded or to protect the speaker’s lack of spiritual understanding.  Some examples of this are as follows.  In response to someone who has uncovered or rebuked evil, the remark, God is Love, is used and seems to carry with it a slight hint of disapproval as it is not supposed to be loving to uncover evil and destroy it, — apparently it is better to pretend there is no such thing.  God is Love, is a most marvelous declaration, but is sorely misused in the attempt to excuse sin, to avoid the responsibility of handling evil and in trying to appear spiritually minded.  Another phrase is, There is no evil or error!  In Truth, there is not, but the phrase is used to avoid having to uncover evil and thus destroy it.  And here is another, That is just not true about you.  This one can be translated, overlook the evil and turn your back upon it, — all is well.  Each of the foregoing phrases is used incorrectly by Christian Scientists.  The unspoken thought that lurks behind these trite remarks is, say what’s expected, say something that hopefully sounds scientific, don’t be too honest because if you are, you’ll be criticized, — and, keep quiet, and don’t question anything, or others will discover that you do not understand the deep truths of Christian Science.  These statements are used primarily to protect a lack of spiritual growth.  We hear quite often, Speak only to those you can trust.  This is sad but seemingly necessary.  From Christian Science teachers and practitioners we hear, Don’t quote me, but….This really means, Be careful that what I say doesn’t get to Boston, and I am disciplined….We hear the following from pupils and those interested in getting ahead in the Movement:  Have class with a teacher who is well known and preferably in a position of importance in Boston.  It is difficult to get anywhere in the Movement without this kind of help.  [This belief is, of course, ecclesiastical despotism.  I have never taken class instruction from an “authorized” C. S. Teacher.]
     All of these statements are based in a lack of genuineness that desires to appear to be a good Christian Scientist in order to succeed within the Movement without spiritual growth.  This Christian Science vernacular has been given birth because sin is being dealt with in human ways.
     Our church seems to have a large percentage of its members with cards guaranteeing their membership in the flat earth society, — holding to a love of materialism and even trying to promote it through Christian Science.  Many Christian Scientists equate this mental sluggishness with progressive thinking, they say God is Love, there is no evil, hence there is nothing wrong with me.  This, Christian Scientists claim, is their divine right of stagnation and is most sad, as it has produced havoc and disorder in social, economic, and political concepts and systems.  We hear it said, God is taking care of it, and this is said without any dedicated metaphysical work on the part of the Christian Scientist.  Failure to handle the serpent of sin results in forms of oriental mysticism, — the basis of all mental systems that lack moral and spiritual foundations.  A misinterpretation of Christian Science, and the unwillingness of Christian Scientists to demonstrate genuine Christian Science, had enabled these false systems to flourish throughout the world, while making strong inroads into the minds and hearts of Christian Scientists.  Not willing to uncover sin, the Christian Scientist becomes disobedient and the demoralizing elements of humanism, — getting along with mortals, weakness, and vacillation, — take over, and influence world thought erroneously.
     In Miscellaneous Writings page 107:25 we read:

     The lack of seeing ones deformed mentality, and of repentance therefor, deep, never to be repented of, is retarding, and in certain morbid instances stopping, the growth of Christian Scientists.  Without knowledge of his sins, and repentance so severe that it destroys them, no person is or can be a Christian Scientist.

If the individual spiritual growth of Christian Scientists is stopped, is it any wonder that the Movement is not growing?  Using Mrs. Eddy’s statement quoted above as a basis for counting the number of Christian Scientists, we have very few genuine Christian Scientists indeed.
     Now let us consider another aspect of this important question, — what takes place in our nation and world when Christian Scientists refuse to follow their Leader?  If Christian Scientists are responsible for the ills of mankind, then what is the responsibility of those in positions of trust within the Movement?  We have discussed the activities of misplaced mental work on the part of practitioners and teachers, — but what of the Board of Directors?  The actions of the Board affect this nation and the world far more than any other group of people in the world.  Error in the church organization accounts for error in the world, and error in the organization must be traced to Boston.  It is quite true that the responsibility originally rested with the Field, but the Board has produced decisions for years that have greatly contributed to the problems in the Field.  Limited vision appears to be unable to do that which is right as its roots are in physical sense, love of materialism [place and power].  We all must pray fervently for a healing of this limited vision.  [This is the old man with the glasses.]
     Within our Movement, Boston must be the feeding element, for it must mother.  If Christian Scientists are not alert, then the problem lies with the mothering.  The Field is partially responsible, but the call to duty must come from headquarters.  Boston is cause and the Movement and Field are the effect, expressed as either alertness or apathy, love or neutrality.  Boston and the Movement then become primary cause to the effect felt throughout the world of materialism.  It is not incorrect to say that because of Boston, the nation and world are steeped in error.  If the world is in disarray, and it is, then it reflects the instability of our nation which reflects the instability within the Christian Science Movement.  The instability within headquarters produces a lack of nurturing, feeding, inspiration and direction.  Every problem in America stems from the Movement.  You must look at the Movement to see what is wrong with America.  Don’t look at the world and shudder, for that is only the decoy.  There is not a single national or world problem that does not have its roots in Boston, from starvation to women’s liberty to socialism, communism, inflation and the crime wave.
     Our Leader has written about the possible loss of Christian Science, — with even the possibility of a return to the Dark Ages.  How could this possibly happen?  Certainly, she meant that very few would understand genuine Christian Science, but what would the majority of Christian Scientists be thinking?  The majority would refuse to demonstrate self-discipline, self-government, individual responsibility, and refuse to handle sin and destroy evil.  What would this produce in the world but socialism, communism, totalitarianism, — all the systems that deny self-government, individual liberty and individual rights.  This majority view of Christian Scientists, an incorrect view of Christian Science, builds up materialism through Christian Science mental work, and promotes these evil systems in the world that will wipe out all freedom everywhere.  The correction for all evil that we see in the world is for Christian Scientists to begin the earnest effort to handle sin within their own thinking and “to attest the reality of the higher mission of the Christ-power, to take away the sins of the world” as their earnest goal. (S&H 150:15)
     There is no difference in principle between the welfare officials who take care of others who will not work for themselves, and the Christian Science practitioners and Christian Science parents who demand nothing of their patients and children.  It is cradle-to-grave paternalism.  Both practitioners and parents must be careful not to handle all their patients’ and children’s problems without requiring effort on the recipient’s part.  A love of materialism will otherwise be fostered—all the pleasures of materialism without any effort on the recipient’s part; thus the needy one will not be allowed to learn, through the crucible of suffering, how to protect and heal himself.  This error fills our churches with the mentally infirm who demand care.  This also fosters a lack of gratitude on the part of both patient and child.  Patients and children think that the practitioner and parent have a divine obligation to care for their charges for nothing.
     Let us talk about the practitioners and the practice in relation to socialism.  Practitioners must be paid commensurately, but this is seldom the case.  Christian Scientists do not appreciate these workers.  A good practitioner gives priceless support, and much of the time goes unpaid.  Lawyers charge $100-$400 an hour, a psychiatrist $150 for a session and a doctor $50-$70 just for walking into his office, and yet a Christian Scientist will take as much time as a practitioner is willing to give without any thought of paying for the treatment.  This is rank hatred of the more spiritually minded, and it is having a serious effect upon our Movement.  We have all known the practitioners who have spent their entire adult lives caring for others and yet have little to show for it.  We have also seen wealthy Christian Scientists whose families have been protected, healed, blessed, and saved, and comfortable fortunes made only through the effort of the family practitioner.  Is the practitioner compensated sufficiently?  No!  The businessman revels in his business acumen and all look up to him.  Is the practitioner’s spiritual acumen ever remembered?  Oftentimes not, but more importantly, does the gratitude offered include sufficient compensation?
     Would someone please explain the difference between cradle-to-grave government care and cradle-to-grave Christian Science care?  Both are dedicated to building up the love of materialism at the expense of the spiritual and moral growth that regenerates the individual and society.  But the mental contagion does not begin in the nation and then affect Christian Scientists.  It begins in the Movement through the misuse of Christian Science, and spreads to the nation and world.  The left-wing trend in our nation will continue unabated unless and until Christian Scientists are willing to wake up to their responsibility to demonstrate self-government, overcome the love of self and materialism, and begin to love their neighbors as themselves.  Christian Scientists alone can break the mesmerism on this issue because they have produced it; no other group can do this work and, at present, it is not being done.
     The unwillingness of Christian Scientists to demonstrate genuine Christian Science allows the world to be led into sociology, humanism, psychology, socialism, and communism, and emanates through false writings, false teaching and false mental practice.  The modern world is losing freedom at a rapid rate on all levels of society – moral, spiritual, political, economic, and social – and it is only because Christian Scientists will not seek the spiritual freedom that Christian Science alone can give.  They desire slavery just like the Israelites of old who wanted the fleshpots of Egypt rather than the enlightening wilderness experience [where the woman God-crowned is at when she is protected from the red dragon].  Unless the lack of genuineness is corrected, it will destroy our Movement and our nation.  The mind touched by socialism is unwilling to grow and demonstrate individual freedom, it is that which expects to receive everything and yet gives nothing, and cannot or will not express gratitude for the Leader.

     Christian Scientists in general are politically conservative, yet their practice of religion shows that they are the most socialistic group in the world.  They know inherently that they should be the most self-governed, self-disciplined, and freedom-loving people in the world, but they are not.  They are the foremost persecutors of individual rights.
     The socialism of this age, more deeply entrenched than ever before, has its roots in the unwillingness of Christian Scientists to demonstrate Christian Science.  [Here I must ask, is this really true?  Could the fact really be that Christian Scientists to not demonstrate Christian Science because they have not been taught how to demonstrate it!?]  This uncaring, undisciplined, and ungovernable thought produces weakness instead of strength, vacillation instead of courage, shallowness instead of depth, and these are reflected in the government of our nation on all levels — local, state, and national.
     There have been forms of socialism in every age but only because of mankind’s unwillingness to be self-governed and self-disciplined.  However, today’s brand of socialism is far more dangerous, because it is being produced by a perversion of Christian Science.  Socialism has always been the outcome of the lethargic, greedy, and power-seeking tendencies of mortal mind, but disguised in Christian garb.  When Christian Science was discovered, these errors took on more diabolical manifestations; they were at one time counterfeits of Christianity, but are now counterfeits of the Science of Christianity [the higher idea].
     Socialism takes from those who have and gives to those who have not.  However, the Bible tells us that those who have shall be given more, and those who have not, shall have even that which they have, taken from them.  Jesus declared that those who do not have, do not have because of their wrong thinking and, unless they change, they will lose even more.  The claims of socialism are based in the unwillingness of mankind to tackle and overcome sin.  This unwillingness then produces poverty and lack.  Those who have worked hard are then penalized.  Why then would there be a desire or effort to succeed?  Socialism, also known as liberalism [today they call themselves Progressives], is not an alternative political system; it is a bastard political element that is a reversal of the Christ-government.
     Socialistic tendencies, that have developed in the schools, have wreaked havoc in the area of child-rearing.  Most Christian Science parents are willing to give their children every material benefit, but are negligent when it comes to the proper discipline, and the teaching of love and righteousness that come from the parent’s spiritual growth.  The uncaring parents do not care enough to give the spiritual food that their children must have to be happy, satisfied, and prosperous; but instead, by their own lives and choices, teach their children to love materialism.  Socialism appears to be loving, but it is deadly; it fosters a dependence upon parents and upon government which, it appears, the parents and government inwardly desire.
     The error of socialism can be likened to an elephant bellowing at everyone, while crushing all that invades its territory; it is immovable and unbending.  But it is really nothing more than a little mouse speaking through an amplifier and, we can safely state, the amplifier is made up of the cowardice and apathy of Christian Scientists who are unwilling to take a stand for truth.  The error of the age is lack of moral courage.  In the Christian Science Movement it is labeled “wisdom,” the translation of which is “keep quiet.”  However, this cowardice only breeds more weakness, backbiting, divisions and retrogression.
     In Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy, page 75, Mrs. Eddy asks, “What was it that make Jesus the Messiah?”  The author, Mr. Tomlinson, then recorded her response:

     “I will give you the answer,” she replied, “the true answer in the language of the Bible:  he ‘loved righteousness and hated iniquity.’”  Then she proceeded to explain that the true Christian not only loves the right, but that he hates iniquity and is willing to uncover the evil in himself and in others.  She made it clear that he was not a true disciple who closed his eyes to wrong-doing and took no steps to unmask the wrong-doer and bring to an end the evil-doing.  She further commented that in Christian Science we are not to draw back from our duty of exposing error and thus causing it to be destroyed, from fear of adding fuel to error’s flames, whether it appears likely to harm us or the Cause of Truth.  We are to do right and leave the consequences to God.

If our Leader’s answer and injunction quoted above had been obeyed by Christian Scientists, then or since, there would be no socialism or communism evident in the world today.
     Do we, as good Americans, wonder why error is not uncovered in the news media?  Scientists, the so-called mental workers of the world, will not uncover evil in themselves.  The result, then, is that error remains hidden in the world.  Hierarchies of all kinds are accepted through fear, just as a disease is accepted and perpetuated.  A hierarchy is dissolved when a healthy state of government is proved through the influence of divine Love that brings to light the demands and responsibilities of self-government.
     In order to be an individual expression of divine Mind, the individual must be self-governing, trustworthy, and self-reliant, — the antithesis of socialism.  This shows that the ideology, that man is formed by matter and/or by the environment, is materialistic.  It is a socialistic philosophy which denies the individual his rights, and can then regiment and control him.  It places all upon a common average, leveling man and destroying individuality.  Thus man’s individual inalienable rights are taken from him and slavery ensues.  When the individual lacks trustworthiness and self-reliance, as we see so often in individuals, business, religion, and education today, we can trace this result back to the mental operation of evil that has worked in human consciousness to bring about just this result.  Christian Scientists place their emphasis upon the environment, upon things, people and money, rather than on the spiritual growth that is needed to produce a right sense of individuality and true substance.
     Marxism or socialism contains no fixed standards, no principles, or rules for orderly living.  It levels and produces an average throughout the system by humanly tearing down the high and elevating the low.  This philosophy of men is reflected in modern music, dance, art, writing, and other cultural studies.  The difference between right and wrong is erased.  Distinction between right color and form, and the distinct meaning of words, all become obscured.  This stems from a refusal of the mental workers of the world to raise the standard of right and to take a firm stand against the wrong.  Mrs. Eddy says:

     Spirit names and blesses all.  Without natures particularly defined, objects and subjects would be obscure, and creation would be full of nameless offspring—wanderers from the parent Mind, strangers in a tangled wilderness.
                                                                         Science and Health 507:6

Discord in music and art is the result of the invasion of socialistic humanism that levels the high standard of excellence.
     Christian Science teaches that environment, which includes writing, painting, art, architecture, is secondary to consciousness.  Mrs. Eddy says, “Consciousness constructs a better body when faith in matter has been conquered.  Correct material belief by spiritual understanding, and Spirit will form you anew.” (S&H 425:23-26)  Then who does the forming, who establishes the lines and meanings?  God, of course.  Take away God and you have atheism, socialism, and communism, which attempt to rename and redefine everything humanly.
     The socialistic belief in the power of the environment to help or hinder mankind, is harmless when Christian Scientists prove their dominion as children of God, and who also pray to protect mankind from this viciousness.  Jesus was never controlled by his environment; the manger experience did not affect him.  Did Mrs. Eddy’s formative years harm her?  The log cabin never bothered Abraham Lincoln!  Environment is not cause, it is effect.  The humanistic socialists believe and teach that the environment must improve before manhood and womanhood can improve.  This is not true.  Mankind must be improved first before the environment can be improved.  Public assistance was not needed by Jesus, Mrs. Eddy or Abraham Lincoln.
     Another error of the humanistic socialists is that of peaceful coexistence or togetherness.  Jesus did not believe in this error nor did Mary Baker Eddy.  Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple, and Mrs. Eddy would not tolerate evil or evil doing and rebuked it whenever or wherever she found it.  The parable of the tares and the wheat does not infer that we are not to take strong action against error.  The distinction between the tares and the wheat is so subtle in the early stages of growth, that it is wiser to let them grow side by side until they mature, then the differences can be seen and they can then be bundled and burned.  It is now time for the bundling and burning to begin.
     Socialistic do-gooding is based upon the belief that man will not and cannot care for himself.  Since Christian Scientists will not turn to God to eliminate evil and sin, how then is mankind supposed to follow and see the fruitage of Christian Science?  When a system declares that everyone must be regimented and either pulled down or lifted up by the government, we have eliminated God from our thinking.  And the result?, — a godless humanity.  Humanism is godless because it claims that there is only man and no God.  It also teaches that we must work out our problems in groups.  This is the basis of the endless committee work and meetings in church.  Humanism would have us believe that we are to become more cooperative with the forces that oppose us.
     Humanity and humanism are two entirely separate concepts, the first is based in spiritual sense and the other in mortal mind.  The humanity of Jesus is completely different from humanism.  The humanity of Jesus is best expressed when he said, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”  This is elevating, not leveling.  We must not rely upon human means as the way to bring happiness and peace, — whether in family life, church, social or national life.
     The claims of socialism and humanism are attacking individuals, races, and nations, — the entire world.  As a world-wide scheme, it is called internationalism or one-world government.  Let’s discuss a few of the points that deal with this issue and try to understand how it is operating.
     Mrs. Eddy did not speak of the world becoming Christian Scientists by the end of the century, but only those Christians in the United States and a few in far-off lands.  (See Pul. 22:9.)  She also stated that we have had two struggles [the War for Independence and the Civil War] in this nation and that now a third was upon us.  She did not say it was taking place in other nations.  The struggle for spiritual freedom is taking place in the most spiritually-minded nation, not in all nations.
Mind is never revealed as a group, but as an individual, spiritual idea.  That is why America was founded upon the rights of the individual.  That is spiritual freedom.  “It is an order of Congress [Continental Congress of 1777 (these are Mr. Smillie’s brackets)], directing the Committee of Commerce to import twenty thousand copies of the Bible, the great political textbook of the patriots.”  If our forefathers considered the Bible as their political textbook, why don’t we?  And if the Bible is a marvelous political textbook, must not its key, Science and Health, be one also?  America’s religious spirit continued until about the turn of the last century.  Since that time, Americans have substituted drugs, medicine, and government for their trust in God and have mistakenly done so to make themselves happy, successful, and prosperous.
     False government has always been the means to enslave peoples and races.  Moses and the Israelites learned this lesson, John was on the island of Patmos, exiled there by the Roman authorities.  The Puritans were forced to leave England and its government.  False government has its basis in the wrong concept of God and in the violation of the First Commandment.
     Our Leader says, “When first the Pilgrims planted their feet on Plymouth Rock, frozen ritual and creed should forever have melted away in the fire of love which came down from heaven.  The Pilgrims came to establish a nation in true freedom, in the rights of conscience.” (Mis. 176:20)  In Science and Health, page 64, she speaks of our forefathers and of their pure religion.  In Miscellaneous Writings she says:

     This period [her time (also Smillie’s brackets)] is not essentially one of conscience:  few feel and live now as when this nation began, and our forefathers’ prayers blended with the murmuring winds of their forest home.  This is a period of doubt, inquiry, speculation, selfishness; of divided interests, marvelous good, and mysterious evil.  But sin can only work out its own destruction; and reform does and must push on the growth of mankind.
                                                                         Miscellaneous Writings 237:15

What direction has the thinking of our people taken since our Leader’s time?  It has retrogressed alarmingly, and our government has reflected the change in the thinking of its citizens.

     [This ends this section of Smillie’s book.  I will continue on with it in my next post.  Although I do not agree with Mr. Smillie one hundred percent, I do think he has some important points.  I also think that he left out a few things, like there are metaphysical practices being carried out by other groups besides Christian Scientists, some who are even well aware of Christian Science and base their ideas upon Christian Science while bad mouthing Mary Baker Eddy.  These types of groups are misleading and practice absolutism.

     Mary Baker Eddy wrote:  “The student is not yet where he can heal without the argument, or hold himself right.  Malicious animal magnetism is at work to deprive loyal ones of this power, and mentally persuade them not to argue.  Why?  Because this truth-telling is a great neutralizer of its lies.  Keep your mental argument on the side of Truth more than ever before, and tell others to do this.  Be watchful and every day ask Love to keep you from temptation and give you daily bread, grace to know and to do God’s work.” (Essays and Other Footprints; page 41)]