Arrangement In Science

by MJSmith

The following is from John Doorly’s Talks on Science of the Bible Vol. 1. However, I have added interpolations and new insights into his works. As his book was from a lecture he gave in 1947, and we have had some sixty-three years of spiritual progress.


     As you go through the Bible, you begin to see the system of the “one,” the infinite One; the “three” of Father, Son, and Mother—call it Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, or Life, Truth, and Love, whichever you like; the “four” of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science [(the divine calculus), the four Sciences of Science itself, divine Science, absolute Christian Science, and Christian Science, and the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle]; the “seven” of the numerals of spiritual thought (without which you can’t learn anything), swelling into the synonymous terms for God; the “ten,” which is the application of the “seven” to the human through analysis, uncovering, and annihilation [there is also the number three with the Three Degrees as found on pages 115 & 116 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; by Mary Baker Eddy[1]] and the “twelve” of demonstration [twelve also represents the Stargate Matrix or Sharon’s Rose Window Matrix, a.k.a. Aaron’s Rod]. And the Bible teaches you that the climax is to think of God as the One. The height of all spiritual thought is: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our god is one Lord” (Deut. 6:4). In the same way, the essence of mathematics, or of music, is to see it as one mathematics, or one music. (From page 65)


     [Okay, I agree with him for the most part, however, I do feel that we can add more numbers to his list. Two has to do with Mary Baker Eddy’s quote: “Principle and its idea is one.” So two rightfully seen is actually one, however, we must make a distinction between God as Principle and His-Her reflection of man as Principle’s idea. Not to mention that we have the number two in play with the idea behind Father-Mother, male-female, or man-woman. Five gives us the fifth element of the Word square. I will explain this in the upcoming sections; just keep it in mind for now. Six represents the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth. Eight represents an octave, a completed week, and the Bridge between Genesis’s first Elohim creation and Genesis’ second Jehovistic creation. Nine (as well as forty) represents spiritual rebirth. Eleven is again related to the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth for we have the six ascending steps on the Side of Life and the five descending steps on the Side of Light. Thirteen has to do with Nationhood, the circumference and center as one. And finally fifteen is a combination of the seven synonymous terms for God, the four Sciences and the divine calculus all found within the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth and Aaron’s Rod.]


                                   The City Foursquare
     The story of Revelation, which climaxes the Bible, tells you of the infinite One, and in Chapter 21 it symbolizes that infinite One through a four-sided city. [At least this is how it was seen in 1947. Today I recognize that the city foursquare is actually a city matrix pattern consisting of four squares and these four squares are, of course, foursquare. And the three squares for the Word Squared-Cycle, the Christ Squared-Cycle, and the Christianity Squared-Cycle, while the fourth square of the divine Science Squared-Cycle is the capstone for the Word Squared-Cycle.] You can symbolize the infinite One through a city foursquare [which I use an X to represent], and you can symbolize it [as the city of our God (which I use a + to represent)] by north, east, south, and west [the four cardinal points of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Christian Science], or you can symbolize it [the city foursquare] as one Life (the Word of God), one Truth (the Christ of God), one divine Love (Christianity), and one divine Principle, Love (divine Science). At this point you are thinking from the oneness, and you begin to symbolize it by the city foursquare in four aspects of oneness. You know that the nature of God is Life, Truth, and Love, because the whole New Testament teaches you of the fatherhood, sonship, and motherhood of God; but when you want to use this, you must symbolize it. And so you symbolize it in terms of oneness [with the Word Squared-Cycle]: the [Word as the] one Word of God as the north [symbolized by the North Star], one Life; the [Word as the] one Christ, the one Son of God, at the east, one Truth [symbolized by the daystar sun]; [the Word as the] one Christianity at the south, one divine Love [symbolized by Acrux]; and [the Word as the] one divine Science, one divine Principle, Love, at the west—Principle includes all the other names for God, and Love is the highest aspect of Deity [symbolized by the moon]. [And then, in the capstone hub with Science itself as the one Word you find the Christian Science Textbook, or you have the fifth element of the Bride (the one Word), Mary Baker Eddy who wrote “a little book open” as the angel of Revelation 10; Venus herself.] (See S&H 575:7-21) (from pages 65 and 66)


The Holy City

The Holy City


     [The outer cycle consisting of these three Squared-Cycles have in their four corners (each has four corners making for a total of twelve corners) four stars (making twelve stars total). These twelve stars are the twelve stars in the woman’s crown (of Revelation 12). The Word Squared-Cycle has four major stars while the eight minor stars belong to the Christ Squared-Cycle and the Christianity Squared-Cycle. These twelve stars represent the twelve nations of Israel, and the thirteenth nation of Israel is always located in the hub center, the thirteenth nation represents the four sides enclosing the fifth element. This fifth element is Womanhood as Mother-Love and Bride-Love. This may seem backwards, as women are supposed to get married, be a bride, before they have children. However, this is not how we are to look at it. We must understand that each of us is raised first with our Mother-Love. This Mother-Love, when of God, is unconditional Love. However, human mothers often are over protective, worrisome, and restrictive. If a woman is not careful she can turn this motherhood into smotherhood. And this is exactly what material organizations of religious groups do; why else do we call head churches – Mother Church? When a child grows up they usually find a spouse and marry. A man will then find a “bride.” This is what Isaac did after his mother’s death, this is what Jacob did after he took flight and left home, and this is what most humans believe is the correct path to take. What does this mean religiously speaking? Well, we must let go of material organized religion (motherhood) and disorganize. People are basically afraid to disorganize because they cannot seem to comprehend how their church can proceed without a physical place to worship in! Not so in Christian Science, at least the way Mary Baker Eddy proved it to be after disorganizing the first Boston Church. The individual Christian Scientist is our own “detached” Branch Church! We do not depend on an ecclesiastical despotic hierarchy to tell us what to do. Why is this so? It is because we have the Word (the Bride) of God that we are wedded to. We have our Bible and our Science and Health.
     This week I was looking up a word in my dictionary. I happened to see Christian Science on the page, so I read the description. I was not too surprised to read that the definition of it was completely wrong, or incorrect! Furthermore, it claimed that today’s Church was based upon the first Boston Church (which was officially disorganized by Mary Baker Eddy)! I cannot fault Webster’s for its mistake, because many “churchgoers” (as I call them) actually believe the same thing, and the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual also hints at this same erroneous conclusion. Is it any wonder that the world misunderstands the Cause of Christian Science?
     Getting back to the twelve stars of the woman God-crown…I have given the term Stargates to these twelve stars, as each is described in Revelation as being a gate. I also see these twelve stars as twelve angels for twelve types of Christian churches. The first seven stars and churches are spoken of in Revelation 1 as belonging to the Son of man, who Christians accept as being Jesus Christ. This means that Manhood (as Christ Jesus) has only seven stars to his God-crown, while the woman God-crown (and this is not me saying this but it is based upon the Revelation given to St. John by God) also has these same seven stars and five additional stars in her God-crown. For Jeremiah the prophet said, “A woman shall compass a man.” This woman is none other than Mary Baker Eddy.
     In Window of the Open Book, which is found in the original Boston edifice (seen above) known as The First Church of Christ Scientist, is a symbolic representation (a matrix) of these cities that I am presenting to you along with Mr. Doorly’s help. But I am not sure that Doorly understood what this window really represents.]


Wheel of Christian Science


                                   “The City of Our God”
     Well now, that city [foursquare] is recorded as having twelve [star]gates, and so you go through these [star]gates in [angelic] thought and see another aspect, which Mrs. Eddy terms “the city of our God” (see S&H 577:12-27). Here you are symbolizing God in a wider and more detailed way, so you begin to combine Life, Truth, and Love. You begin to compute Life, Truth, and Love in terms of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and [Christian] Science. You see [four sets of side-by-side three keystone chords representing] Life, Truth, and Love [which are] operating as the Word, as the Christ, as Christianity, and as [Christian] Science, and in that way you use the twelve gates [rather the twelve keystones (the twelve key’s tones)]. Remember, it is all a matter of thought. This “city of our God” is absolute Christian Science, [I am not sure why Doorly says absolute Christian Science here when Mary Baker Eddy said the “city of our God” is Christian Science, unless he is correlating this city with the Christ keystones of Spirit and Truth (as found on his Golden Candlestick Matrix).]—not divine Science [as it is with the city foursquare]. If in mathematics you say that 5 x 5 = 25, and not 28, that is like Christian Science, the application to the human.
     In “the city of our God” you have four cardinal points by which thought is guided. You have [on the north side] the Word of God in absolute Christian Science as Life [the Open Bible Keystone], Truth [the Woman God-crown Keystone], and Love [the Lord and Lamb Keystone]—you see this combination from the point of Life, or fatherhood. Then [on the east side] the Christ is Truth [the Madonna and Child Keystone], Life [the Oil Lamp Keystone], and Love [the Palm Leaves of Salvation Keystone]—you are shown the combination from the point of Truth, or sonship. Then [on the south side] you have Christianity as Life [the Cross of Calvary Keystone] and [Truth as] Love [the Pomegranates Keystone[2]], because in Christianity the divine plan or Christ [Love as Truth, with the Harvested Wheat Keystone,] becomes the compound idea man [or generic man]. [These three keystones of Christianity point to the three advents of Christ. The first, with the Cross of Calvary, points to Jesus Christ, the second with the Pomegranates points to Mary Baker Eddy, and the third with the Endtime’s Harvested Wheat points to generic man in the Sabbath Day of Love]. Finally, the fourth cardinal point [on the west side] is Truth and Love; when you reach Science in absolute Christian Science, the creative sense or Life [as the Golden Shores of Love Keystone] is found in Truth [as the Concord Grapevine Keystone] and Love [the Big Dipper Keystone which points to the North Star or the Word of God], the idea forever embosomed [for the Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is enclosed inside the circle] in divine motherhood [Love], which includes fatherhood [Life]. (From page 66)


Recapitulation B


     [Inside the twelve keystone windows and around the Christian Science Textbook, which is written by Reverend (Revered Leader) Mary Baker Eddy, is the city of the New Jerusalem artichoke. An artichoke is a sunflower. In the window this sunflower consists of twenty-four petals. These twenty-four petals are like the twenty-four elders who sit around the God’s throne in Revelation 5. These twenty-four petals also represent the matrix structure for the fourteenth chapter in “the little open book.” This chapter is called “Recapitulation” for it repeats all that precedes it. In the early days Science of Man was the teaching material that Mary Baker Eddy used for class instruction. Science of Man is what “Recapitulation” was based upon. W. Gordon Brown, a student of John Doorly, brought up the fact that perhaps the title “Recapitulation” also came from the fact that Mary Baker Eddy re-capitalized the seven names for God, the seven synonymous terms that answers the very first question in the chapter – “What is God?” This first answer not only supplies the Word order for the synonyms but also the Science order that Doorly presented as the Golden Candlestick Matrix.]


                                   The Four Orders
     Then in Christian Science, the application to the human, there are four definite orders of the synonymous terms for God. One is given on page 465 [in “Recapitulation”] of “Science and Health.” In this order it is as if Mind says, “Let there be light;” Spirit says, “Let that light be developed;” Soul says, “Let it be definite and identified;” Principle says, “Let it be demonstrated;” Life says, “Let it be eternal;” Truth says, “Let it be of the form of consciousness;” Love says, “Let it be complete.” This is the revelation of the Word. (From page 67, first paragraph)

The Holy Tabernacle

     [Doorly moves onto the Christ order of the seven synonyms. This has to do with the Holy Tabernacle (and Holy Temple) that is represented by a rectangle found within the center of the Window of the Open Book. First let me explain how the symbols that Moses set up applies to the synonyms during the Bible’s Word section.[3] The first symbol represents Mind, and that symbol is the door, or the entrance into the Tabernacle (which was basically a tent). Only one man at a time could enter the Outer Court through the door. “Let thy eye [mind] then be single.” This was symbolic also of the fact that in reality there is only one man, just as there is only one God.
     The second symbol, which was for Spirit, was the Altar of Burnt Offerings. There were also ten golden cups to poor the sacrificed animal’s blood into. This was a material sacrifice symbol. For we all must be willing to sacrifice our material beliefs and the animal traits that mortal mind claims that we manifest.
     The third symbol, which was for Soul, was the Laver Sea. There were also twelve gold oxen surrounding the Laver Sea. This symbolized “reflection” giving man the understanding of his true identity as the Son of God. The twelve oxen represented the twelve tribes of Israel, however, ox are also symbols for the Christ. After leaving this symbol you were able to enter into the Inner Court.
     Inside the Inner Court is the fourth symbol, which was for Life, was the Golden Candlestick. This Golden Candlestick was huge, and represented the tree of life. This tree is first mentioned in Genesis and was found in the center hub of the Garden of Eden. Adam was not allowed to eat from this tree and this is why he was kicked out of Eden. The Bible never says that Eve was kicked out, but if she really was never separated from Adam (as I say is the case) then she was not allowed to remain within the Garden of Eden either. The tree of life is spoken of again at the end of Revelation and it is located in the center hub of the Holy City, the same city that I have been writing about here. This tree of life, or Golden Candlestick, is of major importance then, and it could have been based upon Moses’ experience with the burning bush. But I also see it as of major importance and I have placed it within Window of the Open Book as its structure. I have named this “Aaron’s rod” (which was to bud and bloom). And Window of the Open Book is a Rose window.


Golden CanWh


     The fifth symbol, which is for Truth, is the Table of Shewbread with its two rows of bread. Each row has six loaves of bread. Jesus used this symbology of the loaves when he sent out twelve disciples in groups of two. Mary Baker Eddy used this symbology when she made up the Christian Science weekly Bible lessons to consist of six sections of readings (no personal preachers or ministers are found in a Christian Science church). The left column, representing manhood, consisted of Bible scripture. The right column, representing Womanhood, consisted of Science and Health Texts. The first Readers always read from the Textbook, while the second Readers always read from the Bible. However, the Bible is read first and then coordinating words are read from Science and Health.
     The sixth symbol, which is for Love, is the Golden Altar of Incense. It also has its four horns of power. I think that these four horns symbolized the divine calculus, but they may also symbolize the four Sciences. Incense was used for a perfume.
     And now one is ready to proceed into the Most Holy of Holies. The Arch Priest[4] was the only one, the only man, who was allowed entrance into the Most Holy of Holies. But today, all men, thanks to Christian Science, are Arch Priests. To me, the Arch Priest is one who practices the Arch of the Covenant (the Spirit of the Law). In the Most Holy of Holies is where the Ark of the Covenant (the Letter of the Law) was placed. Inside was placed three items representing Life, Truth, and Love. They were manna for Life, the two arched tablets of stone (or Stellas) with the Ten Commandments of Law for Truth, and Aaron’s rod for Love. On top of the Ark was the Mercy Seat. Could this Mercy Seat be symbolic of God’s throne? This was the lid that covered the Ark, or the Holy Box. On top of the Mercy Seat were two Arch Angels that faced one another. Surely these two Angels (divine messengers of Womanhood) represent the two Sentinels (two women) that Mary Baker Eddy placed on the cover of her Sentinel. The first angel-woman represents the Ark of the Covenant with its Letter of the Law, while the second angel-woman represents the Arch of the Covenant with its Spirit of the Law.
     Likewise, the symbols found within the Ark of the Covenant are of Life, Truth, and Love for the Letter (the Word) of the Law (given to man by God within our own subjective consciousness, within Womanhood’s womb, box, or jar, so that spiritual rebirth might take place), while the symbols found within the Inner Court for Life, Truth, and Love are for the Spirit of the Law giving proof to our sincerity in carrying out God’s Law. Finally the Letter and Spirit must be carried out into the Outer Court to be manifested as the Christ (as the Christ is always manifested in our objective world or our objective consciousness).
     Mary Baker Eddy reversed the Tabernacle’s order during the Scientific age. She understood that in Christian Science we must begin, always, with Principle.
     And so, you wind up, in Doorly’s second paragraph on page 67, with him speaking of pages 115 and 116 of the Textbook as having the Christ order for the seven synonymous terms for God along with the two Scientific Translations.]


     “Divine Principle [the Ark], Life [the Golden Candlestick], Truth [the Table of Shewbread], Love [the Golden Altar of Incense], Soul [the Laver Sea], Spirit [the Altar of Burnt Offerings], Mind [the Entrance or Door].” Now, you and I have learnt that divine Principle [the Ark-Letter of the Law] is that which is basic or fundamental, have learnt that divine Principle is that which is basic or fundamental, that which interprets itself. It interprets itself as Life, or fatherhood [the tree of life]; as Truth, or sonship [the bread]; and as Love, or motherhood [the perfume]. At the point of Soul [the Laver Sea] you see that Principle [the Ark and the Arch], because it is Love, begins to translate its ideal of itself into the language of idea. Life, Truth, and Love is Principle’s ideal of itself, its complete design, and then at the point of Soul [when man reflects God as His-Her image and likeness] it begins to translate itself, to reduce and resolve itself to the point of Spirit or reflection (every idea reflecting every other idea), and then to the point of Mind, where every idea is individually manifested [as one man or generic man]. This is the operation of the Christ. So, from everlasting to everlasting, divine Principle, God [the Most Holy of Holies], is declaring Himself as Life, Truth, and Love [the Inner Court], and is translating that ideal through Soul, Spirit, and Mind [the Outer Court], down to the point of your individuality and my individuality, your identity and my identity. Nothing can resist the [divine calculus] operation of that which is omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and omni-action, forever declaring itself as Life, Truth, and Love, one ideal, and forever through Soul resolving the ideal to the point of idea, through Spirit diversifying, classifying, and individualizing every idea, and through Mind manifesting every idea individually. Everything in existence has a Christ, because the divine Principle, Life, Truth, and Love, is forever translating itself. Christ is “the divine message from God to men” (S&H 332:10). “Christ illustrates the coincidence, or spiritual agreement, between God and man in His image” (S&H 332:32-2). Christ is the Truth which comes to mankind. Principle translates its one ideal, Life, Truth and Love, through Soul, Spirit, and Mind, to every point of understanding. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (II Cor. 5:17). You and I cannot resist it. We eventually arrive at Christhood. It is impossible to resist this translation, which is forever going on.
     That first sequence of synonymous terms for God having led you to an understanding of divine Principle, Life, Truth, and Love, divine Principle and its ideal then operates as we have seen, to translate itself through Soul, Spirit and Mind to the point of every individual idea. So you have arrived at Principle as Mind….


     [This will lead us into the third order of Christianity, which I see as being the actual twelve candlesticks or twelve churches of Christianity. I also call this order the twelve spokes of the wheel. Christianity is circular; it is continuous, like Life itself. The twelve spokes of the wheel are located between the twelve keystone windows. They fit onto the wheel in the same positions as the numbers of a clock. I begin this cycle with Principle in the number Six position (at the bottom of the clock). From here I move in a clockwise order upward, or ascending from earth to heaven with the number Twelve position (at the top of the clock).]


     …And now Mrs. Eddy has a third order. This is “Principle; Mind, Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love” (S&H 587:6-7). [Yet I continue onward, as it is found in the Book of Esther, with the descending order of Truth, Life, Spirit, Soul, Mind, and the return to Principle.] Principle [before our ascension] says, “All ideas are my ideas as Mind; as Soul I identify every idea with myself; as Spirit I reflect every idea in true diversification, classification, and individualization; and they are all fulfilled as Life, Truth, and Love.” There you have the Christianity order, because Christianity is that which shows you that every idea is in and of Principle and demonstrates itself in the calculus of Life, Truth, and Love. [This order of the seven candlesticks (the seven Christian churches) belongs to the Son of man in Revelation 1. The remaining five candlestick churches of Truth, Life, Spirit, Soul, and Mind belong to the woman God-crown. But let us not forget that she has encompassed the other seven candlesticks.] (from page 68)
     Finally, you arrive at the fourth order of these synonymous terms for God. For a long time we didn’t see what that fourth order was. And then one day we saw that if you take the order of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love, and look at it from Mind, it gives a creative sense, but if you look at it from Principle—from the centre [where the tree of life is located in the Garden of Eden and in the Holy City]—it is foundational. [And this is where in Window of the Open Book the Christian Science Textbook is found to be, in the hub-center of the Window’s wheel.] The [text of the] Bible has the wonderful symbol of the candlestick, with a shaft in the middle [Aaron’s rod], and three branches coming out of the right side, and three branches coming out of the left side. (See Ex. 25:31, 32.) We saw that if you think of Principle in the centre, Life, Truth, and Love on the right, and Soul, Spirit, and Mind on the left, you have a sense of the synonymous terms for God from the point of view of Science. (From page 68)


     [Now, little did Doorly and his immediate students realize that this tree of life Science matrix also makes the structure for Window of the Open Book, or what Doorly has been speaking of as the city foursquare, city of our God, New Jerusalem, and the Holy Tabernacle-Temple. Also, this same Golden Candlestick matrix is the bases for Apocalyptic writing within the Bible. Edyth Armstrong Hoyt has provided this matrix layout of St. John’s seven visions within Revelation. She shows it as a pyramid structure, even though she does not utilize the seven synonyms of God that Mary Baker Eddy provided for us. I call it the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle, as in the following.



                    Soul                        Life


          Spirit                                          Truth


Mind                                                                  Love


     This is basically the same format as with the Golden Candlestick when the branches are drawn one underneath another, as with a Christmas tree structure. However, with the Squared-Cycle layout we must even up the seven synonyms in a straight line so that we can get the divine calculus and the four Sciences into it (even though it is really circular).]


Doorly Candlestick AR

     As you go on, you will find that those four orders permeate the Bible. They were symbolized by the north, east, south, and west in Chaldean times, but to-day we know them as the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science. We know them as Life, Truth, and Love; Truth, Life, and Love; Life and Love; and Truth and Love. And we know them as the four orders of the synonymous terms for God. (From page 68)


     [This completes the portion I wanted to quote from in this particular chapter. Next I will expand upon Doorly’s numbers sections from pages 74 to 76. He has left out certain numbers, which probably did not fit into what he was trying to get across with Ancient civilizations and their number symbols.]


                                   The “One”
     Before the time of the Bible, men began to symbolize to themselves one great First Cause. Thought had arrived—perhaps indefinitely, but nevertheless it had arrived—at the point where it saw that there was one cause. I was reading a book the other day by one of the great writers on the Hebrew race, who said that the outstanding thing about the Hebrews was that in all cases they believed their God was the one infinite. But the sense of one great First Cause began to come to men long before the Bible. Sir Charles Marston, in his book, “The Bible Comes Alive,”[5] says that the more archaeological discoveries they make the more they find that mankind has always been monotheistic, and that polytheism was merely a lapse. (From page 74)


                                   [The “Two”
     “Principle and its idea is one.” (From S&H) Principle is God, while idea is man; the two are one in quality. Two is also oneness of Father-Mother, manhood-Womanhood, and male-female. The “two” only becomes duality when man is fooled into believing and accepting that he has been separated from God. Also, duality comes into the picture when Adam falls asleep and dreams that his Womanhood (divinity) has been surgically removed.]


                                   The “Three”
     So then men began to symbolize to themselves the nature of this great First Cause [of the “One”] by the “three” of the sun, the moon, and the stars, because these three gave them some sense of reliability, or certainty, of definiteness. In the Bible the “three” was symbolized in one instance by the three men appearing at the door of Abraham’s tent, and in many other ways. In the Christian era it has been symbolized by Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. To-day we call it Life, Truth, and Love. And so the symbols all the time are rising, though the mathematical symbol has remained the same throughout all ages, because mathematics is the most common and universal language and moreover it gives a high sense of accuracy, reliability, and certainty, which we must have in regard to reality. Before the time of the Bible, therefore, men symbolized to themselves the nature of the one divine system by the “three” of the sun, the moon, and the stars. (From page 74)
     [At Giza there are three pyramids; one of them includes the Great Pyramid. These three pyramids seem to be reflections (on Earth) of the three stars (in Heaven) found in the constellation of Orion. I feel that these three pyramids also became a symbol to the Egyptians that stood for the word “nation.” As when they spoke of nations they would place three mountains by the names. For instance, during the time that Israel was wandering in the desert (after the Exodus) the pharaoh king mentioned Israel in stone, however, he did not place any mountains by the name of Israel, as it was not considered to be a real nation by the king of Egypt.]


                                   The “Four”
     Then in those early times they began to symbolize the potentialities of that system by the north, east, south, and west,—by the “four.” They began to get some sense of the four cardinal or main points of the one divine system. Throughout the Scriptures this “four” occurs time and time again. For instance, the oblation had to be foursquare, and the city in Revelation was foursquare. The “three,” which expressed the eternal nature of the great First Cause, always operates through the “four,” symbolized by the four cardinal points. (From page 74)
     [Now, the city foursquare is not exactly the same as the city of our God (as I mentioned before). I see the city foursquare as an X while I see the city of our God as a + sign. Needless to say, both cities have the operation of the four (divine calculus) within them, however, the process is different.
     The ancients also had a calculus for the elements as fire (the Word), earth (the Christ), air (Christianity), and water (Science). There are also the four of math with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Geometry has a calculus as does music.
     Another “four” is the + symbol of the four cornered states: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.
     Indians have the same idea of the city foursquare and city of our God in their Medicine Wheels.
     One symbol for the “four” that came to me is the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle and/or the Golden Candlestick. Even though, there is the operation of the four, at the same time there are the seven synonyms for God.
     Another good example in Scripture of the “four” is the Four Gospels of Matthew (the Word tone), Mark (the Christ tone), Luke (the tone of Christianity), and John (the tone of Science). This divine calculus is found in the Old Testament’s Ezekiel as the four beasts of the lion (Word), the ox (Christ), face of a man (Christianity), and the flying eagle (Science). They are repeated in Revelation as the four living creatures (the Christ is spoken of as the bull). These four beasts or living creatures are taken from the zodiac, the four corners of the circle (if you will) as Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio. Likewise, in Window of the Open Book we have the four major stars of the Word’s squared-cycle. And I gave the heavenly stars as being the North Star, the Daystar (or Sun of God), Acrux, and the Moon.[6]


                                   The “Five”
     In Window of the Open Book the Science Squared-Cycle is the Fifth Element. It is the (pyramid’s) capstone of the Word Squared-Cycle. In the Window hub we find Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Reverend Mary Baker Eddy. She is the Fifth Element (which is considered to be ether, or ethereal – of heaven, of Spirit).
     Womanhood, the Fifth Element, always descends from the top, from heaven’s high estate! She must descend down into the valley (Earth), just as depicted in the movie called The Fifth Element. Now, in this movie we also have the other “four” elements. Anyone who has seen the movie cannot help but see that these four elements are placed within the Egyptian structure in a square, thus, there are four corners. These four elements are fire (for the Word), earth (for the Christ), air (for Christianity), and water (for Science). What quality must generic man give to the Fifth Element at the end of the movie in order to halt evil? Love. So, it is safe to say that Science’s Fifth Element is really divine Principle, Love.


                                   The “Six”
     The Great Pyramid of Giza, although unknown to most people of the world, represents the “six.” There are three paths (representing the Three Degrees of the second Scientific Translation on page 115-116 of S&H). One path begins on the first level, which I call the Mind level. This path heads downward (for it symbolizes the First Degree of depravity) into an unfinished tomb. The second path, on the level for Spirit, is straight and leads into the Queen’s Chamber (for the Second Degree of morality). The third path, on the level for Soul, leads upward (which is called the Grand Gallery) into the King’s Camber (for the Third Degree of spiritual understanding). Above the King’s Chamber is the fourth level (for Principle) with its five relief chambers (built in the shape of a capital A). These five relief chambers are Principle as Mind, Principle as Spirit, Principle as Soul, Principle as Principle, and Principle as Life. One could also equate these to the above mentioned five elements. Above the relief chambers is the fifth level (for Life, for the Side of Life, and Love, for the Side of Light – Genesis 2:1-3) of the pyramid. And finally, the sixth level (for Truth) is missing today. It is like the Bible text reads “And the builders rejected the cornerstone [the capstone].”
     The Six Days of Creation creates the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth. The Great Pyramid of Giza was the ancient day symbol for these Six Days of Creation spoken of in chapter one of Genesis. But who has been willing to or capable of telling you this? This Major (or Great) Pyramid symbolizes man’s spiritual journey, or his ascension up the Side of Life to the capstone of the Christ-Truth.
     After the flood, or forty days and forty nights of rain, Noah’s ark (Ark of the Covenant) landed on the capstone of Mount Ararat. Noah’s story takes place during the Second Day of Spirit. Noah’s Christ Son (as the Three Degrees in the second Spiritual Translation of S&H 115-116) is born during his 500th year. This symbolizes the Day of Life within his consciousness. Jesus was born during the Fifth Day of Life, and this is when the tone of Christianity began in the Bible (with the New Testament). The flood began in Noah’s 600th year. This symbolizes the Day of Truth within his consciousness. Mary Baker Eddy was born during the Sixth Day of Truth, and this is when the tone of Science began on Earth (with Science and Health Key to the Scriptures). This Textbook is the capstone of the Bible!]

Doorly Scripture Pyramid

                                    Old Testament begins with Genesis 1, the Six Days of Creation and Genesis 2:3-5 the Sabbath Day.]


                                   The “Seven”
     Then men took into thought as a symbol the seven planets that were known at the time—the sun, the moon, and the five great planets. These symbolized to them definite numerals of thought, by which they could use the four cardinal points. And so they had the symbol “seven.” (From page 75)
     [The major Arcana of the Tarot cards are numbered 0 to 21. THE FOOL is assigned 0. The rest of the Arcana cards are divided up into three groupings (or columns) of seven cards each. These three columns represent the Three Degrees found on pages 115-116 of the Christian Science Textbook. (This is nothing that Mary Baker Eddy wrote about, but it is something I feel is right.) These three columns also coordinate with the three columns of the Kabalah tree of life matrix.
     Now, this same symbology is found in a very unlikely place you may not have ever thought of, the twenty-one astronauts who were part of the Apollo missions to the moon.   There were actually seven Apollo missions, remember Apollo thirteen went to the moon even though they did not land on the moon. This makes for seven groups of astronauts with each group consisting of three men. This is most symbolic of the three columns for the Kabalah tree of life, the twenty-one cards for the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and most important of all, the Three Degrees.


                                   The “Eight”
            One full week of Mind to Mind, is like an octave of keys. The eighth day of Genesis 2 represents the Bridge between the two creation stories.


                                   The “Nine”
     The number nine symbolizes birth, as it takes nine months for a human mother to gestate a child. These nine months not really correct though, it should really be ten months for the forty weeks (like the forty days of rain in the Noah story).

     It is symbolic, and I feel on purpose because Mary Baker Eddy actually did set a time limit, that it took nine months exactly for the Boston edifice (the Cross) to be built. She understood that error was trying to prolong the birth, but she would not allow error to get in her way, nor would she allow wayward students to place stumbling blocks in the path of her honest students. However, if you take into account when the dedication of the Church took place you are in the tenth month.
     One reason that she actually published her illustrated poem Christ and Christmas was to shed light upon her God-crowned mission, to allow her followers to accept her place in Bible prophecy and as the second coming of Christ. This enlightenment was a tremendous help in the completion of The First Church edifice.]


                                  The “Ten”
     Then they began to see that the “seven” must be applied of human thought through analysis, uncovering, and annihilation. Christ is “The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error” (S&H 583:10-11). If the Christ ceased to come to the flesh, it would cease to be the Christ of Christianity. I am astounded to find some Christian Scientists saying that the healing of the sick isn’t important. That is not Mrs. Eddy’s kind of Christian Science, nor Jesus’ kind of Christian Science. They both put the highest premium on the healing of the sick as an “outward and visible sign” of an “inward and spiritual grace.”
     This morning I had a letter from a woman which touched me deeply. She is a Christian Science practitioner and her name was in the Christian Science Journal, but the authorities have just put her out of The Mother Church, because she is studying Christian Science as we are. She wrote a letter to the Board of Directors and told them of her healing work. She told them that she was once helping someone whose baby was born perfectly naturally and normally, but was covered with the most hideous sores. It was decided beyond a shadow of doubt by doctors and specialists that the baby was suffering from venereal disease, which the father had. The mother was full of hatred and anger against the father, and this practitioner told her that the child couldn’t be healed as long as that hate existed. So the mother, who was a real good sort, got down to business and filled her thought with divine Love, and to-day that child is perfectly well. The child has just been taken to a hospital where they have made a very careful examination, and that child is perfectly healed. That is unquestionable a sign of the Christ-idea, the divine manifestation of God coming to the flesh.
     We people certainly have the answer, because God has shown it to us, but we have got to prove it, and we begin to prove it by healing the sick. I have yet to know one person who can heal well. I know some who, like myself, have had a measure of success; we heal some cases and we don’t heal other cases, but that isn’t real, infallible healing. I have yet to find anyone who can heal with the absolute certainty of Jesus or Mrs. Eddy. And so this belief that we don’t have to heal the sick is nonsense. Every time I heal a case, I thank God for another proof of the Christ coming to the flesh.
     So, to return to our story, men began to symbolize the coming of the Christ to humanity by the mathematical symbol of “ten.” Like wise people, they saw that their symbols were of no use unless they could use them. For instance, what would have been the use of the symbols north, east, south, and west if they could not use them in their traveling? They applied all their symbols to the human situation, and so must we, in the analysis [of the First Degree], uncovering [of error by the Second Degree], and annihilation of sin, disease, and death [by the Third Degree]. (From page 75-75)
     [I also feel that the “ten” must have to do spiritual rebirth (as spoken above with the actual ten months of gestation) and with the Ten Commandments. The first five Commandments are all about man’s relationship with God, while the last five of the Commandments are all about man’s relationship with his fellow man. These Commandments can also be placed in the pyramid format, for example the first and last Commandment relate with each other.

Doorly Ten Commandments

                                   The “Eleven”

     The “eleven” is also applicable to the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth as we have the ascending footsteps of mankind during the Six Days and then the descending down of Womanhood’s divine light to be shed upon the darkness within the shadow of the valley of death.

Doorly MPOT B

     Let us not forget the importance of Apollo 11’s mission to the moon. The rocket launched on July 16, 1969. July is the seventh month of the year. Sixteen represents the divine calculus. July 16th is Mary Baker Eddy’s birthday. The number 69, lying on its side, is the symbol used for the zodiac symbol of Cancer. Mary Baker Eddy’s birth fell under this zodiac sign. There are many things that have to do with Apollo 11 that are symbolic of the woman God-crown.
     This “eleven” is also how the original Church edifice is set up with its stained glass windows. The First Church has a triangular shape…

Doorly MPOT BC
End of my words.]


                                   The “Twelve”
     Finally, they took the twelve signs of the Zodiac [animals] as a symbol of proof, of what we to-day would call pure demonstration. The Bible commentaries say that they regarded these signs of the Zodiac as a symbol of government. If to-day you see any measure whatever of the demonstration of Life, Truth, and Love through the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science, that is the “twelve.” The “twelve” was symbolized in the Bible by the twelve sons of Jacob (there had to be twelve; if any fell out, they substituted others), [the twelve minor prophets,] the twelve apostles, [the twelve stars of the woman’s crown in Revelation 12,] the twelve gates of the city foursquare, and so on. (From page 76)
     [The Apollo moon missions were spoken above with the number eleven. But it also relates to the number twelve, as there were a total of twelve astronauts that actually walked upon the moon. Remember the woman God-crown of Revelation 12 has her feet upon the moon. These twelve astronauts are symbolic of the twelve stars upon the woman’s crown, the twelve nations of Israel.
     The following is from Essays and Other Footprints. The words are attributed to Mary Baker Eddy andthe book is compiled by Richard Oakes. Page 8 reads: “The word son had a broad signification originally. In the Hebrew, an arrow was called the son of a bow, a month the son of a year, etc. Jesus was the son of God in the Hebrew sense, only as a month was the son of a year; a month being a tiny representative of time…” The moon is what provides us with our months (even though it varies, sometimes there are blue moons), so you can get the idea, symbolically speaking, of why the twelve sons of Jacob represent the twelve stars of the woman’s crown. Mary Baker Eddy’s manhood was certainly a “son of Bow (New Hampshire)” and she was the male angel of Revelation 10 with the bow upon his/her brow.
     This circular formation of the “twelve” is found in the Wheel of Fortune (the Tarot), the Medicine Wheel of the American Indians, the Mandela of the Eastern Indians, the Chinese Zodiac, the Mayan Calendar, etc. But, Mary Baker Eddy saw what the circle, or Ezekiel’s Wheel, really was and she made sure we had it in symbolic form within her Mother Church edifice. And I am the one who has discovered its matrix structure and presented it to you as Sharon’s Rose Window, as the foursquare city, the city of our God, New Jerusalem, Aaron’s rod, and, or the Stargate Matrix.
     Today we have twelve signs of the zodiac, however, there is one sign that we have lost today. It is possible that there were always twelve signs and that one of the signs became two signs, just as the tribe of Joseph was split in two via his two sons. Or, like the Hebrew calendar, it is possible there were thirteen zodiac signs for their thirteen months of the year. During the days of Nostradamus, who was Jewish, Ophiucus was one of the signs of the zodiac. Ophiucus is also called the serpent barer. It is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Also Scorpio and Libra use to be considered as one constellation. Could it be then, that when Scorpio and Libra were split into two different signs that Ophiucus was no longer accepted as part of the zodiac’s belt?
     I feel that the symbology of Ophiucus is most important. Was not Moses a serpent bearer, a man who had control over animal magnetism (for he turned it into a rod of divine Science)? Jesus and his disciples were also serpent bearers, as was Mary Baker Eddy and all Christian Scientists who handle animal magnetism (the material body’s serpent sense of material organization, or the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism within the Church body or congregation). Is there any question as to why people forgot about this thirteenth sign of the zodiac when it served as a reminder to all mankind that they were to handle error within their consciousness?
     But as with the zodiac, so with Israel, we must proceed on with….


                                   The “Thirteen”
     Originally the third tribe, known as Levi “unity”, was part of the outer wheel or the cult of Israel. But when Moses decided that Levi was to become a tribe of Priests to take care of the Church (Holy Tabernacle, Ark, etc.) then the name of Joseph was dropped while Joseph’s two son’s tribes were given a place on the outer wheel. Levi still existed, but it became the “thirteen” or the “Fifth Element” that was to encircle the Holy Tabernacle (Tent of Meeting). Levi would be divided into four groups and these four groups would be located on the North, East, South, and West sides of the Tabernacle.[19]
     And so with Levi in the center hub there were the thirteen nations (symbolizing completeness) just as the United (Levi) States consisted of thirteen colonies which eventually became thirteen white five-pointed stars (on a field of blue) on the first American flag (and these stars were in a circle). After the American Revolution the thirteen colonies became thirteen states.


                                   The “Fourteen”
     “Fourteen” consists of two groups of seven. I feel that this represents the seven synonyms for the Christ (head) order and the Christianity (body) order.


                                    The “Fifteen”
     With “fifteen” we have the seven synonyms, plus the four of the divine calculus, plus the four Sciences as one group, as found in the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth and Aaron’s rod.


                                   The “Sixteen”
     John W. Doorly and his students came up with the square sixteen fold matrix of the four times the four. The “sixteen” can also be found within the Skylight Window of The First Church, which is located in the auditorium. This window is oval in shape. However, the window is divided up into sixteen sections. Thus, you have the “sixteen in an oval circle instead of in a network square shape. You can also see the “sixteen” within the Window of the Open Book’s matrix structure. There are the outer three (the Word, the Christ, and Christianity) squares consisting of the “twelve and the inner square (Science itself) consisting of the “four.” The same pattern is found in the Bible with its sixteen prophets and its sixteen epistles. There are the minor twelve prophets and the major four prophets, likewise twelve minor epistles and four major epistles. And the majors are always Science! The only reason why the Word’s Squared-Cycle has the four major stars is because it encompasses the Squared-Cycle of Science.]


     And so, before the Bible was ever thought of, there was a perfect system of symbolizing the things of essential thought. The “one” indicated the infinite system, derived from the one system of the heavens—what we to-day call divine Principle with its one infinite system [Aaron’s rod]; the “three” of the sun, the moon, and the stars symbolized the threefold nature of that system; the “four” of the four cardinal points showed the operation of that system; the “seven” of the seven planets symbolized the numerals of spiritual thought operating in that system; the “ten” indicated the application of the “seven” to the human through analysis, uncovering, and annihilation [the Kabalah tree of life, the Tarot’s Major Arcana, and the Three Degrees]; and the “twelve” symbolized demonstration. (From page 76)


     [The following is from Science and Health, page 421, line 4, it reads: “Derangement, or disarrangement, is a word which conveys the true definition of all human belief in ill-health, or disturbed harmony. Should you thus startle mortal mind in order to remove its beliefs, afterwards make known to the patient your motive for this shock, showing him that it was to facilitate recovery.” Could we then say that arrangement is the word that conveys the true definition of all spiritual understanding that brings about health, or harmony?
     What does arrangement mean? According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary it means: “1 a: the act of arranging b: the state of being arranged: order 2: something arranged: as a: a preliminary measure: preparation b: an adaptation of a musical composition by rescoring c: an informal agreement or settlement esp. on personal, social, or political matters 3: something made by arranging parts or things together”.
     The word arrange means: “to set in a row: rank 1: to put into a proper order or into a correct or suitable sequence, relationship, or adjustment 2: to make preparations for: plan 3: to bring about an agreement or understanding concerning: settle 4: to adapt (a musical composition) by scoring for voices or instruments other than those for which orig. written b: orchestrate 1: to bring about an agreement or understanding 2: to make preparations: plan Syn. 1: order 2: negotiate”.


I will end with the poem:

{Mother}Mary {Baker Eddy}, Mary Quite Contrary {to material sense testimony}
How does your garden {body} grow? {It must grow spiritually.}
With {divine gold} cockleshells {of protection} and {silver} wedding bells {atonement to God}
And pretty {Five Wise Virgin} maids all in a row.]


[1] I also feel that the ten has to do with the Ten Commandments.

[2] Pomegranates are the fruit that symbolizes the woman God-crown, or Venus.

[3] Perhaps one of the Hebrew’s religious problems that lay within the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was the fact that they had not yet understood the Christ order of the seven symbols when they were living during the time of the Christ prophets?

[4] Moses did not come up with the original structure for this Tabernacle. These ideas for its structure came from Egypt. But Moses actually translated the Egyptian symbols back to God, and made the Holy Tabernacle more spiritual then the Temples of Egypt were. Originally, in Egypt the king (Pharaoh) was the Arch Priest. This Arch Priest or king was the only one allowed into the Most Holy of Holies where the statue of the god was located. Eventually, however, there became so many temples to various gods that the king did not have time to visit all the temples on the certain appointed days for festivals, so he appointed certain priests to act in his place. Aaron was Moses’ Arch Priest, so he was the only Levite allowed to enter into the Most Holy of Holies.

[5] This is a direct quote; it should not have quotes but be italicized.

[6] I know that Venus and the moon are not really stars, but they are heavenly bodies. The moon orbits Earth, while Venus orbits the sun. Needless to say, we have to look up and outward in order to see the North Star, the Daystar, Acrux, or our Moon, thus, we come to Earth, the hub (as the ancients use to believe Earth to be the center of our universe) to find the Fifth Element.

[7] This window is based upon “Seeking and Finding” in Christ and Christmas, however, it is somewhat different. I also feel that this window represents a different time in Mary Baker Eddy’s life, and this is why I gave it a different title from “Seeking and Finding.”

[8] These five steps lead up into Mother’s Room (Mother’s Consciousness). They remind me of the five relief chambers in the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

[9] This is in the center of the Vestry, on the ceiling.

[10] The Grand Gallery is the upper level. I will place an asterisk by these windows, other windows are on the second level of the auditorium.

[11] I see this Skylight window as being a matrix for the Journey Matrix, or the Science Wormhole X-Stream.

[12] There are different variations of this particular drawing. The first has an old woman sitting up in the bed. She is being healed by Christian Science healing. Mary Baker Eddy is standing behind the bed and she is shown in a black mantel (for she succeeds Jesus Christ’s God-crown mission). Womanhood had to be raised up by Mary Baker Eddy before she could help man. In all following editions this illustration depicts a man within the bed and her mantel is white instead of black.

[13] This is the only oval illustration. It was based upon an Easter illustration with two angels with wings. The two angels in “Christmas Morn” have no wings or circular halos. Upon their heads are candlesticks (symbolic of the Christian Church).

[14] Notice that this title is in the same place in the Church edifice and Christ and Christmas.

[15] This illustration has a pyramid Christmas tree that is decapitated. Inside the tree is a pyramid shape that I feel has to do with The First Church. There is a boy’s floating head (for the Immanuel Arch), a window for “The Woman God-crown” window, and a door for Christ Jesus depicted in “Mary First at the Resurrection.”

[16] This is the only circular illustration, for it represents the city foursquare of divine Science and the Word Squared-Cycle.

[17] Mary Baker Eddy wrote that the Star of Bethlehem is the Star of Boston.

[18] The first illustration of “The Way” has the shape of a loaf of bread, or half an egg. It also has a black cross with a garland of flowers planted firmly on the ground. Above this cross is a man (not Jesus Christ) that represents the Branch Church of Christ Scientist. Above his head is a white dove (divine Science) descending down to the detached Branch Church. In the second illustration of “The Way” there is a black cross, a flowered gray cross floating above the ground, a dove with a detached olive branch, and finally a God-crown in heaven. All four symbols are within a ray of light (for Science).

[19] See the Book of Numbers.