by MJSmith

     Even though Jim Henson was raised in Christian Scientist I am not sure that the movie was completely based upon Christian Science as another man worked with the script. This is not to say that Henson’s ideas did not prevail, I am just saying that I am not sure how much of the movie was based upon Christian Science. Jim Henson, I have been told, studied John W. Doorly’s works, so he would have been familiar with the matrix system.

Dark Crystal Key B

     In the beginning, 1,000 years ago, the land was green and good. But something happened within the Castle of the Crystal. One of the holy beings fractured the Crystal and the holy beings were split up into two factions. These two factions were the Skeksis and the Mystics. If we go back to the Forth Day of Principle (in the old testament of the Bible) Israel splits up into two groups – the three tribes of Judah (consisting of Judah, Levi, Benjamin) and the ten tribes of Israel (which eventually become lost, in other words they do not return to the Holy Land but relocate to the British Isle). It is also a fact that the early material organized Catholic Church broke into two groups – one Roman – one Greek. I am sure both groups thought and still think that they are correct in their theologies and teachings. Likewise, today there are at least two groups of Christian Scientists (perhaps more?). These two groups I refer to as Church Members and Independents.
     In a way these two factions represent the elements of mystic dualism (reminiscent of Abel [in TDC,[1] the Mystics]) and of acquisitive greed (reminiscent of Cain [in TDC, the Skeksis]).
     Although the Mystics are basically good they do believe in dualism – “a doctrine that the universe is under the dominion of two opposing principles one of which is good and the other evil.”[2] This comes from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Although Abel was basically good he probably believed in dualism, like most mortals do. So the Mystics believe in the mortal and human coincidence, even though they may be spiritually minded they need something hire to help them, this higher idea must be Christian Science.
     Although the Skeksis are basically debased and immoral they believe in acquiring all the material substance they possibly can and they desire to be in control of all that they acquire. They are out for power like those who often are in charge of the religious churches and religious cults. This type of thought is Cain, and he killed off his own humanity (Abel).


     I read on the Internet that the ten Skeksis were originally supposed to be the seven deadly sins with a few repeats (which ones were repeated was not mentioned). I do think the Skeksis, in a way, represent the Board of Directors, and the other officers of The First Church of Christ Scientist.  If we include the office of Pastor Emeritus (as the disappearing Emperor/Mystic Master) there are ten people holding offices in this church.  The Skekses could even represent the male counterparts (today’s Middle East Israel) of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel (who I feel the Mystics symbolize). These Skeksis wound up with twisted wills. Over the 1,000 years (one day with the Lord) only ten remain.
     In order to define Skeksis I turned to the dictionary. The word skeigh means “skek – skittish, shy; proudly spirited”.[3] However, I think that “schism (skiz): division; to split, separation, discord, disharmony; a formal division in or separation from a church or religious body”[4] is a better definition for this group of birdbrains! Schismatize means: “to make a break of union”.[5] Schist means: “a metamorphic crystalline rock [hum, the Dark Crystal?] having a closely foliated structure [that is separable into layers] and admitting of division along approximately parallel planes [a level of existence, consciousness, or development (perhaps on the intellectual plane?)]”.[6] And schiz means: “characterized by or involving cleavage; schizophrenia”.[7] Schizophrenia is a mental disorder of the brain (phrenia/frenzy). I feel that all of these particular words help to describe what the Skeksis are. I will even go so far as to say that “parallel planes” of consciousness are symbolized by the right side of the brain (female that controls the left side of the body) and the left side of the brain (male which controls the right side of the body).  Let us compare this idea to what happened to the Israeli people after they split up in the Fourth Day of Principle.  The Assyrian (male) took into captivity (controlled) the ten tribes of Israel (female) and then later on the Babylonians (female) took into captivity (controlled) the three tribes of Judah (male).
     On the floor, circling around the Dark Crystal, within the Skeksis’ castle is an astrological belt with symbols of constellations; however, there are more than twelve constellations on this zodiac belt. This ring is a symbol for the false science and practice of animal magnetism.


Dark Crystal C


     There is also a triangle inside the ring. In this story the triangle is of most importance. This triangle on the floor mirrors the triangle window in the ceiling (as in heaven so on earth).  Below is a shot from the end of the movie with the Great Conjunction.


Dark Crystal E


MANHOOD separated from its own WOMANHOOD
The Skeksis names are as follows:


1) SkekSo the Emperor – the Roman Emperor Constantine became the first Pope (Father/Papa) during the Fifth Day of Life; he is a counterfeit of Christ (Truth-So[8]) Jesus. The Emperor dies early on in the movie and the General succeeds him.


2) SkekSil the Chamberlain – The portion of ShekSil’s name “Sil” may be short for silk, silk is a very royal type of clothing. “Silk: a fine continuous protein fiber produced by various insect larvae usually for cocoons; a lustrous tough elastic fiber produced by silkworms and used for textiles.”[9] Could this chamberlain be in charge of a Publishing Society?
     ShekSil could be in charge of dressing the Emperor. However, a chamberlain can also be a priest having a rank of honor below domestic prelate (a prelate is an ecclesiastic [as a bishop (one having ecclesiastical supervision over the congregation) or abbot (a superior of a monastery for men)] of superior rank). What better way to keep supervision over the Field of Christian workers than to be in charge of the written Word of God?
     Afterthe Emperor dies the Chamberlain and General fight over the chair of succession. If Chamberlain does represent the Christian Science Publishing Society this could easily be applied to “The Great Litigation” 1921 court battle between the Board of Directors (the General) and the Publishing Trustees. After loosing the fight (the court case) SkekSil is stripped of his red (read) ecclesiastical robes and banished. One definition of banish is “to drive out or remove from a home or place of usual resort or continuance”.[10]


3) SkekAyuk the Gourmand – one who is excessively fond of eating and drinking; one who is heartily interested in good food and drink; a gourmet is a connoisseur of food and drink; we are to drink Christ’s blood and eat Christ’s body.  The Roman Catholic church has turned this practice into a ritual of sipping wine and eating dry crackers. And this leads us to SkekZok.


4) SkekZok the Ritual Master – Is Zok short for zodiac or zoic? Zoic: “having a (specified) animal mode of existence.”[11] Rituals are ceremonies of the church; they are the opposite of Principle.


5) SkekUng the Garthim Master (the General) – the Garthims are the crablike creatures that go out and take prisoners; the word “garth” has the meaning of “an enclosed garden” so the Garthim Master would have control over the garden (with Adam the garden is his physical body), and this body is the Christian congregations.


6) SkekShod the Treasurer – The word shod means “shoe.” Shoes provide protection for one’s feet, one’s spiritual understanding. However, SkekShod’s shoe represents his status and position within the church organization. He is in charge of Church funds. Is he in cahoots with SkekOk the Scroll Keeper (the tenth Skeksis)?


7) SkekEkt the Ornamentalist – “Ektexine: a structurally variable outer layer of the exine (tendon [religion]).”[12] An ornamentalist would be someone whose mental virtues or graces add luster to his place or society. Ornamentalism is an embellishing not belonging to the essential harmony or melody. I feel that SkekEkt represents any Christian who embellishes Christianity as being a religion; they are blind to the Bible’s matrix structure. The same can be said of Christian Scientists who fail to understand the Textbook’s woven matrix. This type of thought fails to understand the music of the spheres.


8) SkekTek the Scientist – SkekTek (or Technician) is the one who misuses the Dark Crystal to steal essence (Life) from beings. At the same time this process turns them into slaves.   When scholastic theology teams up with materia medica and physical science man looses his spiritual essence and becomes a slave to false government. This stolen essence, when used as a potion, is supposed to provide prolonged life to the Skeksis. Gelfling essence provides a longer lasting effect compared to a Podling’s essence.


9) SkekNa the Slave Master – Na – sodium – SkekNa countermands Jesus’ words, “You are the salt of the earth.” He is a supervisor that dominates the people and then he places their wages (salt) in water before paying them, hence, he robs the workers of their true worth.


10) SkekOk the Historian/Scroll Keeper – Giving one’s “ok” is giving approval or endorsement to something. It often takes a signature to give one’s legal “ok.” In Christian Science there is only one book of written laws, however, it takes the hand of its writer – Mary Baker Eddy – to give any approval. Without her written signature no approval can be given.
     SkekOk could be a bookkeeper (of donations and funds) and a historical librarian. It does seem that he may be an overseer to the Church Manual. The Christian Science archives were not accessible to most Christian Scientists for many years. Since the new library was built I would hope that this has changed.  One who controls historical documents can control history and perhaps even, illegally, attempt to change it.


     The Skeksis are the counterparts of the Mystics. Originally the Mystics were called the Ooo-urrs. The letter ‘o’ is the fifteenth letter of the alphabet. In Christian Science the number fifteen is of importance as it includes the seven synonymous terms for God, the divine calculus, and the four levels (planes) of Science. However, interpreted negatively, the “O” being zero could be Ooo or 666 (the devil’s number that means sex, sex, sex). Jim Henson’s name of Ooo-urrs was eventually changed to urRu that could mean, “you are Are you.” In Webster’s ur is defined as, “original, primitive; original version of”. So, urRu could actually mean, “the original version of the Christ Truth Are you.” Another possibility for Ru is the element of ruthenium – “a hard brittle grayish polyvalent [many valents] rare metallic element occurring in platinum [moderate gray; silver ore[13]] ores and used in hardening platinum alloys.”[14]
     Mystics are “of or relating to mysteries or esoteric rites: occult. The word occult simply means, “that which is hidden.” What is hidden and needs to be uncovered, or discovered, is Christian Science. Revelation is Christian Science. Mysticism means, “the experience of mystical union or direct communion with ultimate reality reported by mystics; the belief that direct knowledge of God, spiritual truth, or ultimate reality can be attained through subjective experience (as intuition or insight)”.[15]
     The Mystics could symbolize the scientific practitioners of Ur, a city of Chaldees where the patriarch Abram was born. Astrology is practiced in Ur and it is this false science that animal magnetism drives. However, we must always translate things back to God and recognize that the Mystics spiritually understand and recognize that the true Science is that of the divine calculus wheel (with its Stargate). This type of divine reckoning understands that Ur means, “You are.”
     The Mystics could also be thought of as being prophets. Mary Baker Eddy tells us that a prophet is a “spiritual seer; disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth” (S&H 593:4). And in the movie after the shard is reunited with the Dark Crystal it becomes whole and it is revealed that the crystal is really the Crystal of (spiritual) Truth.


WOMANHOOD separated from its own MANHOOD
     As I mentioned above, the Mystics were first called Ooo-urrs, which then became urRu, and finally became Mystics. This explains why the Mystics’ names all begin with Ur. Or their names are actually a declaration of who they really are in that they say, for example, “You Are the [Christ] Master.” While the Skeksis represent the second spiritual translation’s (S&H 115) First Degree of physical depravity, the Mystics represent the Second Degree of moral qualities, where evil beliefs disappear.


1) UrSu the [Christ] Master – As a pun UrSu could mean – You are Is you.  UrSu (Susan – Lilly) is the Christ Master or Leader of the Mystics (spiritual seers). Lilly, according to Hebrew literature, was created before Adam, even though the present book of Genesis does not speak about her in chapter 2. Remember the words of Jesus, when he said that he existed before Abraham? Is it not possible then, that as the Womanhood of Christ, Mary Baker Eddy existed before Adam? According to Lilly’s story she would not allow Adam (mortal man) to have dominion over her. This could be because she spiritually understood herself to be whole and complete – both male and female. It is also said that she is thrown out of the Garden of Eden (the physical body). Did the men of the Jewish religion hate Lilly’s independent defiance of male dominance? Is this why “the man” turned Lilly into a demon (someone to be afraid of) who went out to take babies away from their mothers?


2) UrUtt the Weaver – UrUtt “utters, pronounces, speaks, circulates, sends”[16] forth the spoken Word of God. A weaver is usually a woman who weaves cloth or baskets. She is one who may make a tapestry picture or a blanket. She must see the whole picture before it has been woven. This weaving is also a text, as in a Textbook. Mary Baker Glover (Weaver) is the woman who wrote the first edition of Science and Health. Mary Baker G. (for Glover) Eddy is her legal name, the one that gives written permission or approval, via her signature, to The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.


3) UrAmaj the Cook – A cook is one who prepares food for eating. It is the Baker woman, the angel of Revelation 10, who wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures for consumption. We are to mentally digest the “little open book.”


4) UrZah the Ritual Guardian – UrZah (Zahra flower; white [I use white light to represent Principle in the tones for the Christ, Christianity, and Science. I use the color green for Principle in the Word order.]) is the Guardian Principle that guides (drives) religious rites (ritual). UrZah represents the divine calculus (the four living creatures).


5) UrSol the Chanter – Sol is the fifth note (g) on the musical scale and a chanter is one who sings. The fifth note would coincide with the fifth synonymous term for God – Life. You are Life, Singer of the music of the spheres. In Christian Science there is the matrix system of Science. The science of music reflects Science.
     Sol also means “sun.”  This being said, I feel that I can equate UrSol to the New Jerusalem artichoke teaching presented by the fourteenth chapter of the Textbook “Recapitulation.”


6) UrAc the Scribe – Ac is a prefix and a suffix. Here it is used as a suffix meaning “of or relating to”.[17] What Ac is relating to is the Scribe who writes down God’s Truth. Mary Baker Eddy is God’s Scribe. Scribe, however, has a very important meaning in The Dark Crystal. One definition of “scribe” is “shard.” The shard, in this movie, represents the Truth written by God’s Scribe Mary Baker Eddy, hence, the shard is the “little open book” spoken of in Revelation 10. This being said, I will say that the Dark Crystal is actually the Bible. The Bible and Science and Health[18] must be one; they must be married or joined. In the movie, the shard is like a KEY (to the Scriptures), it is placed within the larger crystal and it unlocks the matrix structure (of the Bible).
     Scribe also means “clerk” and the office of clerk in the Christian Science Church Manual holds the position of Truth.
     I will take it even farther, in that the sixth Skeksis is Shod – Shoe.  In the book of Ruth there is a kinsman giving his shoe to Boaz as a “testimony.”  One definition of testimony is “witness.”  In Christian Science we give testimony to healing (Truth).  Mary Baker Eddy makes it clear that Truth heals.


7) UrNol the Hunter (Seeker) – Nola means “famous; noble.” The Seeker of Truth is “a noble type of womanhood.” She is a Sentinel, a witness.
     To help explain UrZah (the 4th Mystic/divine calculus) and UrNol (the 7th Mystic/seven synonyms for God) I would like to go to part of Jacob’s Saga that coincides with the chapter of “Some Objections Answered” in the Christian Science Textbook. Jacob has served his uncle for twenty-two years. When Joseph is born it is time for Jacob to return to his father’s homeland. Jacob, who represents the revelation of Science, appropriates the best of Laban’s (represents absolute Christian Science) cattle and adds them to his own. “In the figurative transmission from the divine thought to the human, diligence, promptness, and perseverance are likened to ‘the cattle upon a thousand hills.’ They carry the baggage of stern resolve, and keep pace with highest purpose. Tenderness accompanies all the might imparted by Spirit.” (S&H 514:14-19)
     Laban is angered when Jacob leaves Haran. What he is really angry about is the fact that he believes that Jacob has stolen his idol statues, so he follows after him. One thing that I think Christians object to Christian Science because they believe that they loose Jesus as their God (because Christian Scientists do not idolize Jesus Christ). Perhaps Christians even object to the fact that Christian Scientists seem to idolize their Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. But we do not idolize her any more than we idolize Jesus Christ. We do, however, recognize Jesus’ place in Bible prophecy and Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy. We accept that Jesus is the first manifestation of God in the flesh (that he is the first coming of Christ) and that Mary is the second manifestation of God in the flesh (that she is the second coming of Christ). Is it Jacob, the revelation of Science, who has taken the idol away from the Christians? No, it is the Lamb’s Bride, the Word of God that takes away the stone idols that come up out of scholastic theology.
     When Laban cannot find the idols he makes peace with Jacob at Mizpah “watchtower” where they set up a stone witness (a Christ Sentinel). Mary Magdalene “watchtower” is symbolic of the black Madonna. She prefigures the Lamb’s Bride. It is God’s Christ witness, not man, who is the woman Sentinel. Neither Christian nor Scientist will interfere with the office and function of the other in the years to come. They become one when all objections are answered.
     Laban stands for a “noble” type of womanhood, for he lives in the lofty, exalted Haran, the standpoint of the absolute (as in absolute Christian Science). “Misconstrued, the absolute can appear as transcendental absolutism.”[19] Jacob will live in the land of Canaan where the absolute is demonstrable and the mortal problem is solved (as in Christian Science). “Jacob must take the idealism of Laban and use it to solve the problem of Esau. But Laban himself is not concerned in this. In Science, the application of the absolute to the problem of the relative does not touch the absolute – does not diminish Laban’s substance – but instead greatly increases its value. Spirit does not mix with matter when solving the problem of matter. What seems to the senses to be matter is proved by Spirit to be Spirit’s reflection. No wonder Esau is soon to appear in the consciousness of Jacob as the face (reflection) of God. The solution to the problem of Laban, Jacob, and Esau, is the fact that the divine and the human are one in coincidence.”[20]


8) UrTih the Alchemist – I feel that Tih is a combination of two elements. Titanium is a silvery grey (for the Second Degree) light strong metal, and this seems to tie in with Ru (ruthenium), with a trivalent (three valents; although valents have to do with chromozones). Spiritually interpreted I think that this may have to do with three colors, perhaps the three primary colors? They could represent the Three Degrees. In Mary Baker Eddy’s Christ and Christmas the Three Degrees are symbolized with black, grey, and white. This could be what Jim Henson had in mind. While black would be symbolic of slavery, or a prison to all color, white would be symbolic of freedom to all colors (no slavery). Grey, on the other hand, is neutral and can go in either direction.
     An alchemist is a chemical scientist. One definition of alchemy is “a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease and the means of indefinitely prolonging life”.[21] When working with the Three Degrees I have assigned different metals to them. I think of the First Degree as being copper, the Second Degree as being silver, and the Third Degree as being gold. The reason for this is that the red serpent is coiled around the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. We use coiled copper in the production of electricity. When tarnished the red copper turns green. Silver is always used for the purpose of reflection. The surface of film is coated with a silver chemical. Projection light bulbs have a silver casing. And mirrors have a silver coating. Gold has always been used to symbolize divinity. And the Third Degree is divine.


9) UrIm the Healer – You are I Am, the Christian Science practitioner.


10) UrYod the Numerologist – Yod is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, but it also is symbolic of spiritual enlightenment. A numerologist works with numerology, the study of the occult significance of numbers. Translated it would be the Christian Scientist that works with the numerals of infinity – the seven days of Genesis 1-2:3. Some Christian Scientists avoid reading John W. Doorly’s works (and the works of his students) because they believe that these works have to do with the human science of numerology. They think of numerology as being a material superstition. The main reason why most Christian Scientists avoid reading Doorly’s work is because the Church Skeksis have told them not to read them (they are “unauthorized literature” [the Church head leaders have not authorized the works])!


     I feel that the reason why the Skeksis[22] have been separated (fallen from Grace like Adam man) from the Mystics is that they were handled by animal magnetism and this leads them down the wrong path – to ecclesiastical despotism. The movie, produced in 1982, goes back 1,000 years, which on our world is near the end of the Fifth Day of Life, the year 982. During the fourth century the Roman Catholic Church (run by an emperor turned pope, or papa-father, like what the Skeksis have) fractured or broke apart the true Christian Church. After this our world went through the Dark Ages. Eventually this period would lesson its hold on society (the congregation of Christ) during the Renaissance, or the rebirth – the second coming of Christ. However, if a lesson is not heeded or learned history tends to repeat.  And so we wind up, after Mary Baker Eddy is declared dead by the Board of Directors, with the Christian Science Church heads going down the same path the Roman Catholics followed – material organized religion being run by ecclesiastical despotism.
     The Christian Church was literally shattered into factions due to the false teaching, promoted by Roman Catholicism, that Jesus (the human) is God instead of making the distinction that Christ (the divine) is God. This led to the churches having a false Christ successor called father – or – Pope/Emperor. The Pope became an anti-Christ medium and he set up roadblocks to heaven via personal sense with his subordinate cardinals, priests, and lower status fathers. This is basically what the red dragon typifies – the anti-Christ medium (midwife).   These Skeksis men of the cloth (robes) forced the Podlings (the congregation) to come to them in order to gain salvation. Sort of like how the Ori on Stargate SG-1 promised ascension to their worshipers (but they lied). Do to these roadblocks (set up by the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism) the Podlings (Field of Christian workers) lost their life essence and became slaves to the Church heads.
     What happened with the Christian Science church is a little bit different, but winds up with the same results of having factions all due to a false teaching. This false teaching was not about Jesus, but about the second coming of Christ (the divine), which was manifested as Mary Baker Eddy (the human). These Skeksis men were really afraid of two things. The most important thing they were afraid of was that the Christian Science Field would deify Mary Baker Eddy, so they bent over backwards to keep it from happening! A false teaching was promoted by Boston. The Christian Science hierarchy did not use the same tactic that the Roman Catholics used (saying that Mary Baker Eddy is God) but used a different red dragon trick. This false dogma taught that it was idolization (deification) to accept Mary Baker Eddy as the woman God-crowned. Nowhere in the Bible, however, does it even say that the woman God-crowned is God! In order to keep Christian Scientists from idolizing Mary Baker Eddy the hierarchy downplayed and denied the importance of Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy. The second thing they were afraid of was that they would loose control over the Field.
     Ecclesiastic despotism flooded the Field with lies about their Leader. It denied, in the periodicals and in class instruction, that Mary Baker Eddy is the woman God-crowned, that she is the angel of Revelation 10, that she is the second witness, that she is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and that she is the second coming of Christ. They also took away her title as Leader. It was okay to call her Discoverer (of Christian Science) and Founder (of the Mother Church), but they tried to erase Leader from the Field’s vocabulary.
     After December 3, 1910, the male Board of Directors took over control of all Branch Churches with the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual. It accomplished this feat with the addition of three little words: “and Branch Churches” (found on page 120). The “Present Order of Services” is meant for “The Mother Church” only! This means that the Branch Churches do not have to be tied to the “Present Order of Services” but at the same time, they are allowed to follow them if they want to. This also means that each Branch Church can present their services anyway that they want to. And they do not have to follow Boston’s demands of how their services are to be held, like giving quotes from Bibles other than the King James Version. There are places within the Church Manual that do give instruction to the Branch Churches and the Branches are expected to follow these orders of instruction.
     Another thing the Skeksis did, in the illegal 89th edition (on page 21), was they eradicated Mary Baker Eddy’s Church Officer position, which stood for Principle, of Pastor Emeritus. They also took her picture out of the front of Science and Health and Prose Works. These pictures of Mary Baker Eddy were her trademarks, and the men understood this all too well.


     It is of importance that the number three keeps popping up throughout the movie. There are the three holy trilogies. After the death of the Skeksis Emperor/Mystic Master there are the nine remaining Skeksis/Mystics. These Skeksis/Mystics (as a united pair) each represent a mental angle of the three triangles. There are also the three suns. The smallest sun is inside the smallest triangle, this is inside a larger sun that is also inside a larger triangle, and finally this is all inside the largest sun inside the largest triangle. This symbol is seen on the blanket that the Master Mystic wore at the beginning of the movie and it represents the (spiritual) alignment of the three suns at the end of the movie. What are these three suns if not symbols of the three advents of Christ? Mary Baker Eddy spoke of these three advents (giving them names) as Jesus, Mary (which is her), and Martha. There are not three separate Christs, there is however, one Christ that is manifested during the three Days of Life, Truth, and Love (represented by the three triangles). These three Days represent God’s Fatherhood, Son-ship, and Motherhood.


Dark Crystal M


                                                    THE THREE SUNS


     The following is from Essays and Other Footprints Ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy, compiled by Richard F. Oakes, pages 47-49.


                                            “THE SECOND ADVENT
     “Noticing the mistakes in the sermons published in the Christian Science Journal on the subject of Jesus and the Christ, I herewith state once again and for all time the pith of the meaning in your textbook that has settled this question on its scientific basis.
     “Mary as the mother of Jesus became the first scientific interpreter on the Christ idea, of Mary as the highest interpreter of man and God, of man as woman which represents God’s highest manhood.
     “C.A.L. Totten, U.S.A., in his excellent work The King’s Daughter, writes, ‘It was the creation of womanhood that completed the equation which even yet we have not fully solved’. His prophecies are grounded in Science. They reiterate the sacred Scriptural records and the logical syllogisms in Science and Health where the demonstration of being starts with the manhood of being and rises to womanhood as the Christ idea and the Revelator’s vision thereof, wherein the Spirit and the bride say, Come.
     “Were Luther, Calvin, Melanchthon, Wesley and thousands of other eminent personages walking adown the dim vista of nineteen centuries fools? Does not Truth demand both the letter and Spirit of Christian Science whereby to instruct mankind into the demonstrable understanding of the divine Principle and rule of Christ healing. [The book has a period, but the sentence is formed in the shape of a question.]
     “Now, stating Christian Science incorrectly must, does, prevent your demonstrating it. Error, contradicting Truth, is tempting Christian Scientists to form misconceptions of the first, second, and third appearing of Christ and the relatives thereof. I warn you that this evil intent, if carried, out, will take away your understanding of Christian Science and check the unfolding of Truth at this period.
     “‘Oh, no,’ answers the zealot, ‘Truth has come to stay.’
     “I reply, ‘It never came, ‘twas ever here. But you can thrust it out of your own mind and that of others by misconceiving it and misstating it. Then how can it stay in your consciousness or anybody else’s who does this?’
     “If you lose your correct statement of the Principle and idea of Science, you cannot demonstrate the Principle, and without this demonstration of healing the sick on the Principle you claim to demonstrate, how long would the claim to Christian Science deserve to stay among men? Your textbook vindicates the survival of the fittest, the immortality of Truth and the mortality of error.
     “Did Jesus teach the science of his healing and his students record it so plainly that the wayfaring man could catch the meaning until a woman was chosen by God to discover it and interpret it to mankind?
     “What is the second coming of Christ? It is another era of the world’s awakening, a higher advent in human consciousness of the spiritual idea, the true character of God. This idea of God neither comes nor goes, for it is inseparable from its divine Principle, the ever-present I am. But the human concept of this idea has its periods of light and shade.
     “Christian Scientists are not Second Adventists believing in the finite appearing of finite good. Every loyal Scientist understands that the second coming of Christ is the next higher, hence, more spiritual revelation of God’s character. The Christian era presented the first tangible idea of God’s character by its inspired man, Jesus. The era of Christian Science ushers in through woman the second appearing of His character and this from the necessity of His nature as the Father and Mother of all, the creator, even the complete and ever-present idea of God. Therefore, this era comes not through Jesus but through Mary [Baker Eddy], the type of womanhood and mother of its first and forever appearing which divine Science alone can give. The third appearing of the spiritual idea of the character of God will present but the disappearing of all else, and establish the supremacy of spirit which obliterates the human sense of the divine, takes away all sense of matter and reveals the final fact that the idea, Christ, is not a materialized or finite man or woman, but is the infinite concept of infinite Mind.
     “Now, are you disappointed and declare, ‘She hath taken away my Lord and I know not where she hath laid him’? I have not taken away the real but the false conception of the individual God, the individual man, and the personality and merits of Jesus, but I have endeavored to dematerialize and unlimit your human dream of the divine, your material sense of the spiritual, your finite views of the infinite, and to give you a scientific concept of Jesus and his mission, of the nature of Christ, of the mission of Mary as the mother of Jesus, the scientific interpreter of true manhood, womanhood and the character of God.
     “Jesus’ work on earth is done, for he as an individual finished his glorious earthly career and sat down at the right hand of the Father – left earth for heaven – in other words, he entered into the infinite sense of Life and its manifestation, never more to be manifest as flesh. This was the consummation of his earth mission and it needs no reappearing or repetition to crown its glory.
     “All this is not the material Jesus, nor Mary, nor Martha, but the spiritual idea dwelling forever in the bosom of the Father-Mother God, because this idea is the link in being’s chain which unites indissolubly the Father and son, man and God. The on-rushing centuries are declaring this idea higher and higher in the scale of being and will ere long yield to the sense of its ascendant glory.”

     I also found the floor design around the Dark Crystal as a representation of the wheel (the cult). Materialistically speaking it is the zodiac wheel (even though there are a lot more symbols than twelve). Spiritually it represents the divine calculus wheel, or the Stargate Matrix. At the end of the movie the eight remaining Mystics stand on this ring. When the sunlight, from the three aligned suns, shines down upon the whole Crystal of Truth light beams shoot out into each Mystic. These beams of Truth penetrate the Mystics and shoot out further into the corresponding Skeksis and draw them back into their wholeness (even though they tried to run away they could not resist Truth).
     I think the lesson is that we need to understand that we are one with God and that we are complete as we have both male and female qualities. In the First Day we have the anti-Christ man called Adam. Jesus is called the last Adam. Adam, created of adamah (feminine matrix/womb red mud), in truth has both male and female qualities. However, when he is placed in a “deep sleep” he is hypnotized into believing that he is separated from his womanhood-divinity. This is basically what happened to the Skeksis (manhood) and Mystics (womanhood). And during the Forth Day of Principle the same basic thing happens to Israel when Judah (manhood) separates from the Ten Tribes of Israel (womanhood).


     “An original rebellion, a primordial explosion, in heaven, supposedly splits the nucleus of infinity (the indivisibility of God and man) and spiritual power (inherent alone in this undividedness) is expended. The result is an expanding universe of matter fragments. Power becomes material. It resides henceforth in two opposite realms of matter and mind: the sub-atomic world of the matter nucleus, and the sub-conscious (or unconscious) world of the mental psyche.
     “Naturally this supposed translation of Spirit into matter calls for a sometime re-translation of matter back into Spirit. Hence, in the history of the Adamic race, Christ Jesus and”[23] Mary Baker Eddy with “Christian Science come to reveal the mythical nature of all mortality; to prove that, in fact, spiritual power never was expended in a primordial revolution, and that the relationship of God and man remains uninterrupted and intact.”[24]
     There are not two trees spoken of in the garden there is only one tree, the Tree of Life. Most Christians and Christian Scientists think there are only two trees in the Garden’s hub. However, like how the Cabala Tree of Life has three columns (one usually not visually seen), there are really three trees (or columns) in the center of the Garden of Eden, even though these three trees (columns) are really one and the same tree. The First Degree tree is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the Second Degree tree is Adam’s backbone, and the Third Degree tree is the tree of life. The First Degree tree has the serpent coiled around it, yet in the human Second Degree, this tree trunk is Adam’s backbone and the serpent coiled around his backbone is the nervous system. The nervous system uses electrical signals to communicate with the Adam brain. In physical science, which believes that good (Spirit) and evil (matter) are mixed into body, is the tree of knowledge.  It misleads man in its theories and hypothesis because it relies upon the five physical senses for evidence and proof.  The tree of life is the tree of Life Science; it is God’s Science where only the oneness of Spirit exists. Matter is only an illusion, a diffraction of light. This tree of life is later found in Revelation, in the hub center of the city of our God. So, the mortal body that Adam man believes in at the beginning of Genesis which is the counterfeit of Mind, Spirit, and Soul is translated back into the Principled Kingdom of God (which is within man’s consciousness) by Life, Truth, and Love.
     The tree of life is misunderstood by mortal minded Adam brain (the Skeksis) and misinterpreted to be physical science (the serpent’s knowledge as the tree of death) instead of metaphysical Science (God’s Science, the tree of life). This tree of life has the twelve manners of “Fruitage”[25] and leaves (leafs or pages) for the healing of the twelve nations (of Israel).[26] Here the twelve nations represent the twelve stars of the woman’s crown.



     The First Degree Skeksis are nine in number and they stand around the Dark Crystal for the Ceremony of the Sun (the Son). This ceremony is the Roman Catholic belief that Jesus is God and bowing down to the personal sense of Jesus. Today this ceremony gives them no comfort, for today Christianity idolizes the Christ comforter. Today a new emperor (pope) is lying in his bed waiting to expire. Beams of light, from the Dark Crystal, shine into the Skeksis’ eyes. This light supposedly gives them life. But it is an extended corporeal life not the Life that God is.
     The Second Degree Mystics came to live in a dream (an Adam dream) of peace (the belief that life in matter can be harmonious when one practices Christian Science). Now, only ten Mystics remain. One Mystic has made a sand painting, but today this ritual brings no comfort, for today many Christian Scientists deny the truth about the Holy Ghost, and Mother has all but vanished before their eyes. With their church ritual they summon the one who must save them. This one is the Independent Christian Science Gelfling Jen.
     The Second Degree Gelfling, named Jen, is in the Green Valley (Denver) of the Mystics. As far as Jen knows, after 1,000 years, he is the only remaining Gelfling. He sits naked beside the water, he has been spiritually baptized. He is blowing on his musical pipe. He is going over the system of Science with the seven synonymous terms, the divine calculus, and the four levels of Science. However, today this gives him no comfort, for the comforter, the Holy Ghost, is misunderstood by the world. Jen knows he has been summoned so he heads back to the Mystic Camp.
     Jen inters into his Master’s tent (the Christ’s spiritual consciousness). The Master lies waiting to die, for she is the Emperor’s higher being. She begins to tell Jen of his God-crowned mission to find the Crystal Shard. He sees a shard rise from the bowl of water; he sees its shape. He must find this shard before the three suns meet or the Skeksis will rule forever. Aughra holds (has possession of) the shard. Jen is told to follow the greatest sun (Christianity’s Christ Jesus) for a day (1,000 years) to the home of Aughra. Aughra represents Bible prophecy understood, for she knows all the secrets and movements of heaven.


     Lord Chamberlain (SkekSil), who is dressed in a red robe (like a cardinal), meets up with another Skeksis. This Skeksis tells him, “I hate your whimper [petulant complaint or protest]!” Nine Skeksis gather around the Emperor’s deathbed. When he dies his body crumbles into mud/dust (nothingness). Simultaneously the Master Mystic’s body simply disappears from sight, although there seems to be glitters of light while the physical body disappears to finite sense.
     The nine Skeksis break up into three groups. They discuss between each other which one of them will be the Emperor’s successor (Who is to be the Christ successor?). Two Skeksis make claim to the scepter – SkekSil the Lord Chamberlain and General SkekUng, the Garthim Master. A challenge is made – trial by stone. They both have swords and they swing these swords to hit a metallic stone. On his second try the General strikes the stone and the stone breaks, he wins the challenge.
     The new Emperor demands that Lord Chamberlain be stripped of his robes (his high position within the Church). After he is naked he is banished.
     The Dark Crystal calls the Skeksis to the chamber. The eight Skeksis look into the Dark Crystal and see Jen climbing up a mountain. This mountain symbolizes the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth. They speak of the prophecy about the Gelfling and they fear him. The General/Emperor calls to his Garthim, “Soldiers attack!”
     The large giant crab-like Garthims scatter and head for Jen.


     Jen finally reaches the top of the mountain and meets Aughra, the teller of Bible prophecy. Aughra is a cave dweller; she lives within the matrix womb of the Christ Rock. Inside is her orrery, a revolving metal structure symbolic of the system and structure of Principle (Genesis 1’s Fourth Day).
     Aughra has one eye; her sight is singular, like Noah’s one window. She tells Jen that she was present 1,000 years ago when the Crystal was fractured. She speaks of the Great Conjunction of the Three Suns being the end of the world or the beginning of the world. Sometimes change is good, sometimes change is bad. (At least it seems this way to limited finite sense.)
     Aughra tells Jen that he is to heal the Dark Crystal with the Shard (he is to make the Dark Crystal whole again). She tosses out several crystal shards onto the ground. Jen is supposed to figure out which is the true shard. He spends time getting it down to a choice of three shards. To figure out which is the correct shard he uses his musical pipe. When he plays his pipe the true shard has an inner purple glow to it. I feel that this purple glow symbolizes Love (also, the movie’s smallest sun is purple).
     Just as Aughra is about to tell Jen what he must do with the shard the Garthim soldiers (Christian army) invade her home (her heavenly peace). Jen climbs up the orrery to escape and goes through a broken window. He winds up rolling all the way down the mountain’s side. When he looks up to Aughra’s home it is on fire.


     It is time for the Mystics to return to the Castle because the Crystal calls to them.


     Jen is in a swampland. An animal warns Jen away and he falls into a mud puddle. He is stuck. Then a female Gelfling appears. It was her pet Fizzig that caused Jen to fall into the mud puddle. This is Jen’s second baptism.
     As they join hands, so that she can pull him from the mud, they begin to share past memories of their lives. This is called dream fasting. What this means is that they seem to be dreaming quickly about their lives, like their lives are passing before their eyes (as the saying goes) and they have a hold on each other’s memories. Jen finds out the female Gelfling’s name is Kira and that she learned how to speak to flowers and all living things. Mary Baker Eddy could communicate with animals. I do not know if she communicated with plants, but she was able to heal them.
     They find out that they are both orphans. The Mystics took Jen in and the Podlings took in Kira.
     When theirhands become disconnected the dream fasting ends.
     Kira calls to a creature that is beneath Jen.  He is lifted up from the mud puddle.
     Kira is a female Gelfling. I feel that Gelflings represent Christian Scientists. The Gelflings are manlike beings (more elf-like). I am sure that it may appear, to many Christians, that Christian Scientists perform magical healing (elves are magical beings), or miracles (like Jesus), but this is not the case. Healings are only called miracles because the unenlightened fail to spiritually understand how Science works. If a person from two hundred years ago were to travel forward in time they would view modern technology as being miraculous. Even a man from 1914 would marvel at the modern day computer. So why should the Christian marvel at the metaphysical work done by the Christian Scientist?
     Kira is an orphan who was raised by the Podlings. The Podlings typify Christians during the Dark Ages/Renaissance/and now. It seems as if, thanks to Romanism, that Christians are only capable of living in the First Degree and Second Degree. While the Gelflings, as the Christian Science Field, are capable of living in the Second Degree and Third Degree or the human and divine coincidence.
     The Gelfling race is extinct except for Jen and his female counterpart Kira. They typify the man spoken of in Genesis 1, for the Sixth Day of Truth. Kira, as the Lamb’s wife, “presents the unity of male [Jen] and female [Kira] as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God, as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being. In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, — to the perfectibility of God’s creation” (S&H 577:4).


     The number three is symbolized in the movie, for Jen has a feminine triangular cup upon the front of his garment while Kira has a three-leaved flower, also a feminine triangular cup, on her garment.


Dark Crystal KDark Crystal J


     In the meantime, the Garthims return to the castle. They have bagged Aughra. She is most upset with the Skeksis. Then the General sends out the crystal bats. These animals are like the spying drones of today; whatever the bats see is transmitted to the Skeksis.


     Jen, Kira, and Fizzig are in a boat. Fizzig notices a crystal bat and Kira takes out her sling, King Davids’ tool, and knocks the bat out of the sky. The bat lands in the water, but it does not drown. It transmits their image back to the castle.
     Kira and Jen go to her Klan of Podlings. While eating, Jen tells Kira about his mission and about the shard. Jen is asked to dance and then he plays his pipe while joining them in a song.
     The Garthim show up and begin taking hostages. A Garthim almost gets Jen and Kira.  However, Lord Chamberlain keeps the Garthim from doing so. (SkekSil has been following Jen ever since Jen rolled down the mountain’s side.)
     Jen is upset, as he feels that it is his fault that the Garthim took Aughra and the Podlings. He takes the shard and throws it. In the morning Jen dreams of old, old magic and chants then he wakes up. He asks Kira, “Where are we?”
     “We are safe.” Mary Baker Eddy defines ark as: “Safety; the idea, or reflection, of Truth, proved to be as immortal as its Principle; the understanding of Spirit, destroying belief in matter.
     “God and man coexistent and eternal; Science showing that the spiritual realities of all things are created by Him and exist forever. The ark indicates temptation overcome and followed by exaltation.” (S&H581:8-14)
     Jen responds, “Safe? I don’t think anywhere is safe anymore.”
     They wander into the old Gelfling ruins. Kira finds the crystal shard on a stone with the same flower of three petals. This petal relates specifically to her, for it is a lily, the flower of the Magdalene Stone Witness.
     Kira tells Jen, “We don’t go in here anymore. Bad things happened in here once.” The Skeksis killed all the Gelflings long ago by stealing their essence.
     Kira sits on a throne chair made of stone (the Christ). She seems to know that it is her place to sit in it. She is the Gelfling woman God-crowned successor. Then Jen finds the Gelfling relief depicting the prophecy. The prophecy, through symbolism, helps them understand that it is up to Jen to place the shard within the Dark Crystal.
     Lord Chamberlain shows up. They are somewhat afraid of him so they try to leave, “No, stay I’m friend. Prophecy caused all this problem!” Well, that is just like the Church leaders to blame their problems on Bible prophecy!
     Kira tells Jen, “Don’t listen to him! It’s a trick!”
     The Skeksis pleads with Jen to return to the castle with him, that he will help him, and he pleads with Jen. He is using animal magnetism on Jen. But Kira keeps Jen from falling asleep. SkekSil says, “Please!”
     “No!” Jen yells. And they run away.
     SkekSil yells, “Please, make peace!”


     Aughra is held captive within SkekTek/The Scientist’s lab. There are also a bunch of caged animals. Aughra’s eye is on a table keeping an eye on what is taking place. SkekTek straps a Podling into the chair. “We just want to drain your living essence then you can be like the other Podling slaves.” The wall opens. “The deflector will capture the beams of the Dark Crystal above. Look into the beams, Podling. The Dark Crystal drains your fears, thoughts, and vital essence.”
     The Podling’s eyes glaze over, he is hypnotized. His face sinks in, as if he is old. What essence is stolen is given to the Emperor to drink. It gives the Emperor youth for about five seconds and then he turns old again. He says to SkekTek, “You fraud!”


     Jen and Kira ride on Landstriders to get to the Castle of the Crystal. Once they arrive Kira sees the same Garthims that took some of her Klan hostage. She rides in to save her people. The Landstriders help in fighting off the Garthims. Jen and Kira manage to free the Podlings.  However, they are backed up to the edge of a cliff. Kira grabs hold of Fizzig and Jen. Then she leaps off the cliff and her wings open. The three of them float down. Jen is surprised that she has wings because he does not have any.
     They see an opening in the side of the castle. It is actually the mouth of a strange animal head. The mouth has fangs and there are two tusks on the outside. She feels uneasy and does not want to go inside. She says, “I smell death here.”
     “I know but we have no choice.”
     The Chamberlain shows up, “Be not afraid for I am here to help you.”
     They struggle with him and his hand gets cut. At the same time one of the Mystic’s hands is cut. The Mystic says, “So, my hand.”
     The Chamberlain knocks down part of the tunnel walls and Jen is trapped under the debris. He takes Kira to the other Skeksis. “Royal Sire [Father/Pope], I bring you Gelfling.”
     The other Skeksis are afraid of the Gelfling. They want to kill her. But another Skeksis says, “But, Sire, you can drink her essence.”
     The Emperor likes this idea very much, “Drain her of her essence!” Then he tells the others to give the Chamberlain back his robes (his high position).


     Kira is placed in the torture chair. The wall opens and the deflector beams of light hit her eyes. Her eyes begin to glaze over, but Jen mentally communicates with her, “Kira, fight them, fight!”
     Then Aughra says, “Kira, call the animals. You have the gift, call them now!”
     Kira calls to the animals and they escape from their cages and begin to attack SkekTek. He backs up into the lever to the chair’s metal handcuffs and Kira is freed. Then he falls into the opening and down into the pit of fire. He dies.
     A Mystic bursts into flames and disappears.


     Garthim soldiers surround Jen but he is able to escape them when he goes into the opening of a wall. He gets through the hole and begins to climb up the side. (Once again manhood must ascend.) He inters into the science lab.


     The three suns shine through the triangular window. The suns are not yet in conjunction, but they are very similar to the design on Jen’s chest.  (The illustration below may not be exact.)

Dark Crystal L


     Jen makes his way to the Crystal Chamber’s Grand Gallery. He looks down and sees the eight remaining Skeksis enter into the Chamber for the Great Conjunction. Then Jen sees Kira on the other side of the Grand Gallery. As the suns begin to align with each other a Skeksis says, “The Great Conjunction comes. Now we will live forever!”
     Fizzig finds Kira and begins to make happy noises. A Skeksis sees her and says, “She will destroy us!”
     Jen jumps onto the Dark Crystal but drops the shard. The Emperor goes for the shard but Fizzig attacks him. The Emperor throws Fizzig into the pit. Kira flies down to get the shard and she throws it back up to Jen. The Emperor stabs and kills Kira.
     Just as the three suns are in conjunction Jen places the shard into the Dark Crystal and a light beam shines upward and out through the window.
     Jen is on the floor now and he runs to Kira.
     The Garthim soldiers begin to fall apart.
     The Mystics enter the chamber.
     The castle’s stonewalls (or clay coverings) begin to crumble away.
     The Podling slaves return to their normal selves, they are no longer mesmerized.
     Below in the science lab Aughra sees Fizzig and saves him from falling any further.
     The Mystics stand upon the Stargate ring and the light from the restored Crystal shines into them and then out to the Skeksis. This brings the Skeksis and Mystics together again into their oneness. The castle is crystal letting in all the light. The two as one beings are much taller and they appear in the movie to have negative images (as you would see them on negative film).
     One of the angelic beings says to Jen, “Through arrogance, we shattered the pure Crystal. You made us whole [complete; healthy].” Then he speaks about Kira, “Hold her to you. She is part of you as we all are part of each other.” Kira is revived; she is alive. “Now we leave you the Crystal of Truth. Make your world in its Light.”
     The eight remaining angelic beings are like the eight minor stars to the woman’s crown. They represent the squared-cycle of the Christ and the squared-cycle of Christianity. These eight beings ascend up through the triangular window.
     The following is from Helen Wright’s book, p. 488-489 and 506-508, Your Divinity Revealed. The shard is a key, Science and Health is –


                                          Truth the Key to Harmony
     Why is key an idea symbolizing Truth? What does “key” mean? A key is something that can unlock, that can open up what is actually there, so we can see the facts that are, that may have been hidden by ignorance. The key to a code opens up what otherwise would be unintelligible. With the key to a code everything makes sense, like the Key to the Scriptures. The periodic table was the key to understanding chemistry; it unlocked the mysteries of chemistry. Religions thought that doctrines would be a key; or perhaps ceremonies, rituals, certain prayers, pilgrimages, rosaries, etc. Religions have all sorts of keys to open up the door to heaven [but none of them work]. In Christian Science we see that Truth is the key.


     Revelation is the message that comes. The voice of Truth is a message that comes. It takes spiritual sense, Soul sense, to hear it. The voice is the presentation of all that answers. It is stating something that needs to be stated, as adapted to the situation, as specific to a situation. The truth about a situation is voiced.
     Revelation is an idea of Truth because revelation reveals that which is true. Revelation unveils that which is true. In revelation that which was hidden is coming to the surface. Truth has the ability to make itself known. The voice of Truth is Truth saying: “I have within myself the ability to state what I am, to declare what I am, to reveal what I am. I have the inner ability to bring out the truth about everything. The Truth can’t be hidden away. I am conscious of myself and I will establish what I am. I will see to it that the facts of being are shown.”
     Truth breaks through. It says, “I am only Truth when I affirm myself, claim myself, as what I am.”
     Truth awakens us, knocks at the door, and continues to knock. It doesn’t say, “Oh, the door is closed, I’ll go back.” It is not the nature of Truth to ever sound retreat.
     Truth has the key. Truth is the key, to revelation. Truth pierces through.


                                             The Light of Truth
     The light of Truth [the crystal shard] pierces every darkness [the Dark Crystal].
     How is this light of Truth different from the light of Mind?
     Mind says, “Let there be light.” Truth is the form of that light, the radiance of that light. Mind comes to the darkness and says, “Let there be light.” The light of Truth lights up every corner showing the true facts of being everywhere. The light of Truth penetrates the darkness. Mind says, “Let there be,” but Truth brooks no interference; it penetrates in spite of resistance. Mrs. Eddy speaks of “the blaze of Truth,” the sunlight of Truth. These words give us the full sense of light. Mind just states that there is light; Truth is the full impact of that light. It is the irradiance, meaning the light from within, and this light of Truth unveils error, uncovers error. It causes error to betray itself. Truth opens the seven seals of error, it sweeps down the centuries gathering together everything that is true.
     Truth is irresistible. In Truth we have a different power sense than we had in Mind. Mind says, “I am power. The power is invested in Mind.” Truth says, “I am that power that can overcome every obstacle.”


C&C-C.S. TvE (A)
     Outside the Principled Castle of the Crystal everything is green (nature) and good (Spirit, God). Good and nature are one.
     “The definitions of material law, as given by natural science, represent a kingdom necessarily divided against itself, because these definitions portray law as physical, not spiritual. Therefore they contradict the divine decrees and violate the law of Love, in which nature and God are one and the natural order of heaven comes down to earth.
     “When we endow matter with vague spiritual powers, — that is, when we do so in our theories, for of course we cannot really endow matter with what it does not and cannot possess, — we disown the Almighty, for such theories lead to one of two things. They either presuppose the self-evolution and self-government of matter, or else they assume that matter is the product of Spirit. To seize the first horn of this dilemma and consider matter as a power in and of itself, is to leave the creator out of His own universe; while to grasp the other horn of the dilemma and regard God as the creator of matter, is not only to make Him responsible for all disasters, physical and moral, but to announce Him as their source, thereby making Him guilty of maintaining perpetual misrule in the form and under the name of natural law.
     “In one sense God is identical with nature, but this nature is spiritual and is not expressed in matter. The lawgiver, whose lightning palsies or prostrates in death the child at prayer, is not the divine ideal of omnipresent Love. God is natural good, and is represented only by the idea of goodness; while evil should be regarded as unnatural, because it is opposed to the nature of Spirit, God.” (S&H 118:26-119:24)


The Holy City

The Holy City


     Jen represents the city foursquare. Mary Baker Eddy writes about the city, “This sacred city, described in the Apocalypse (xxi. 16) as one that ‘lieth foursquare’ and cometh ‘down from God, out of heaven,’ represents the light and glory of divine Science [Jen]. The builder and maker of this New Jerusalem is God, as we read in the book of Hebrews; and it is ‘a city which hath foundations.’ The description is metaphoric. Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols. Did not Jesus illustrate the truths he taught by the mustard-seed and the prodigal? Taken in its allegorical sense, the description of the city as foursquare has a profound meaning. The four sides of our city are the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science; ‘and the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.’ This city is wholly spiritual, as its four sides indicate.
     “As the Psalmist saith, ‘Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King.’ It is indeed a city of the Spirit, fair, royal, and square. Northward, its gates open to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation; eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus; southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, — the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union; westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony.
     “This heavenly city, lighted by the Sun of Righteousness, — this infinite All, which to us seems hidden in the mist of remoteness, — reached St. John’s vision while yet he tabernacled with mortals.” (S&H 575:7-476:9) In the movie of TDC is not the heavenly city the Castle of the Crystal and the Sun of Righteousness the Great Conjunction that takes place? The Great Conjunction is the joining together of the three advents of the manifestation of the Christ Principle as Life, Truth, and Love. In the matrix tables, from Brown’s book From Genesis to Revelation, this is the tone of the Christ as the Word. On Window of the Open Book the appropriate Keystone Window is the Woman God-crown. In the PATRIARCHS MATRIX we have the Son of the freewoman replacing the son of the bondwoman. In the DEUTERONOMY MATRIX we have Law proceeds from the mouth of Principle by which man shall live. In the PROMISED LAND MATRIX we have Joshua prepares to distribute the land. In the KINGDOM MATRIX we have David crowned and Jerusalem built as the city of the great king. In the PROPHETS MATRIX we have the Book of Joel where spiritual fertility and conception take place. In the GOSPELS MATRIX we have the Book of Mark where the Son of God comes forth from God. In the EPISTLES MATRIX we have I Corinthians with the synonymity of individuality that makes the body indivisible. And in the SCIENCE AND HEALTH MATRIX we have the chapter “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” where the dragon is ready to devour the child but fails.
     The Castle of the Crystal was “hidden in the mist [something that dims or obscures] of remoteness [God’s Allness seems to be departed from us]” until the Shard Key (to the Scriptures) was placed within the (Holy Bible) Crystal to unlock its Truth. One definition of mist is “a film before the eyes” (Webster’s). Is this not what happened to the Podling’s eyes when their Life essence was taken from them? Another definition is “to become dim or blurred.” Is this not what becomes of the Christian congregation’s vision when false dogma (human opinion) and scholastic theology misinterpret the Bible?
     Kira represents the city of our God. Mary Baker Eddy writes about the city, “This spiritual, holy habitation has no boundary nor limit, but its four cardinal points are: first, the Word of Life, Truth, and Love; second, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God; third, Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history; fourth, Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar. This city of our God has no need for sun or satellite, for Love is the light [Kira] of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter. All who are saved must walk in this light. Mighty potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors within the heavenly city. Its gates open towards the light and glory both within and without, for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which ‘defileth, …or maketh a lie.’” (S&H 577:12)
     Mary Baker Eddy identified herself with every picture in her illustrated poem book Christ and Christmas. This book represents the various editions of Science and Health from the first to the last. “It presents the orderly process by which Christian Science is unfolded—first to Mrs. Eddy’s consciousness, and then through her to the human consciousness. Alice Orgain states: ‘The progressive revisions of Science and Health were interwoven into the seamless vesture of Truth, which revisions as gathered into a whole in our last edition, identify Mrs. Eddy as the “adorned” bride, or Word that has progressed to “the city of our God, which has no boundary nor limit;” for the bride is the “adorned” (completed) Word. And nothing short of the boundless Word is the second scroll [seen above in “Truth versus Error”], the Message of Womanhood.’” (Your Divinity Revealed, by Helen Wright, p. 577)
     Jen (divine Science, city foursquare, Concord Branch) and Kira (Christian Science, city of our God, Mother Church) must act as one Holy City (unite with each other in regards to the God-crowned mission, the second coming of Christ) in order for the healing of the nations (Skeksis/Mystics) to take place.


THE FIRST TWO PERIODS OF THE BIBLE – the two great lights
     The “first two periods of the Bible (the myth periods [that are in the tones of Mind and Spirit]) point, respectively, to the two world-saving missions of Christ Jesus and”[27] Mary Baker Eddy with Christian Science. These are the “manhood and womanhood of God. As the Adam myth draws to a close, the individual is regenerated [spiritually reborn], while in the Noah myth the world is [spiritually] reborn.”[28] In Truth, both take place simultaneously. Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy are thus the “spiritual counterfacts of which the divine child [Christianity’s baby Jesus – God being born into matter] and virgin goddess [Christian Scientist’s little gray haired old lady] are the mythical counterfeits. Hence the indispensable foundations which are laid in the two opening periods.[29] Based on these foundations, the story of Israel (mankind as a whole) takes form and develops from the third period onwards”[30] with the third advent of Christ, or the third sun. (In The Dark Crystal her name is Kira “light”)


     Perhaps the reason why Adam misidentifies his womanhood when he names her Eve is because she “makes the mistake [myst-take] of attaching error to herself personally [Genesis 3:13 when she says, “and I (self) did eat.”]. To woman [not Eve] there is no self but God. Woman deprives error of all selfhood. That which finally destroys the serpent is woman’s total impersonalization of self. Eve is ‘the belief that the human race originated materially instead of spiritually’ (S&H 585:25). Woman is the understanding that the human race originates spiritually instead of materially. Eve is a moral sense of good and evil at war with each other; woman is the spiritual sense of the absolute supremacy of good. Womanhood can no more be divided from manhood than Mind can be deprived of its own subjective state as Spirit. In this section of the text the relationship of Mind to Spirit has no suppositional opposite in the relationship of Adam to Eve.”[31]
     What Brown writes is interesting, because, even though the woman is wise enough to understand that it was the serpent (animal magnetism) that is to blame, she is still tricked into saying “I did eat.” But it was because she ate the fruit that she wound up saying, “I did eat.” It was the forbidden fruit that made her believe in a self that is separated from Soul.


     There are actually seven generations (as like the Seven Days of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love) from Adam (made during the tone of Mind as Mind) to Enoch (born during the tone of Mind as Soul). Enoch, from the lineage of Seth (Spirit), never dies. “If Enoch’s perception had been confined to the evidence before his material senses, he could never have ‘walked with God,’ nor been guided into the demonstration of life eternal” (S&H 214:5). It is this hire idea (Love), Enoch “dedicated, consecrated,”[32] that Noah “peace; rest” is born of.
     “The Adam story, ending with the translation of Enoch (who does not see death), has the emphasis on Life [the Fifth Day with Jesus Christ]; the Noah story, which begins with the building of the ark and ends with the tower of Babel, stresses Truth and Love.”[33] Truth and Love are the two women Sentinels that Mary Baker Eddy placed on the cover of the Sentinel. They are two angels called Michael and Gabriel. Michael asks, “Who is like God?” Gabriel answers, “Those who are devoted to God.”
     One’s baptismal ceremony is symbolic of one’s devotion to God. Mary Baker Eddy defines baptism as: “Purification by Spirit; submergence in Spirit.
     “We are ‘willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.’ (II Corinthians v.8.)” (S&H 581:23-26) We must keep this in mind in regards to the story of Noah.


     During the Second Day of Spirit “the accent shifts from individual man to collective and universal man. First, spiritual individuality exemplifies the solution to the great life problem; secondly, as a result of this, all individuals everywhere are enabled to do the same thing.”[35]
     Noah coincides with the Sixth Day of Truth. Noah means: “‘comfort,’ which derives from ‘with a strength’ – the strength inherent in purity of Spirit [baptism]. It is said of Noah ‘this same shall comfort us.’ Noah is indeed a foreshadowing symbol of the Holy Comforter, or Christianity in its Science.”[36] The Holy Comforter is “another comforter” promised by Jesus. What Jesus meant is that this comforter would be like his comfort, being the first coming of Christ, and “another comforter” would be the second coming of Christ who brings to mankind Christian Science.  But let us take a look at the fact that Noah also means, “peaceful; restful” these are two qualities belonging to the Seventh Day of Love, where all is peaceful and God rests in perfect action.
     “Love causes every idea to manifest the whole of God, and when every idea manifests the whole of God, we are no longer afraid; we no longer have a sense of not being fulfilled, of not being perfect. We have a sense of peace and rest because we see we manifest the whole of God; we are complete and perfect now. Perfect God and perfect man is the basis of demonstration.
     “As long as we think Mind has to manifest ideas we can still be fearful. We might ask: ‘Will Mind manifest the right ideas? Will these ideas be manifested at the right time? Will these ideas have everything they need in order to be complete and perfect?’ All such questions indicate we have not yet gotten the touch of Love.” (Your Divinity Revealed; by Helen Wright, p. 531-532)
     At the beginning of The Dark Crystal the narrator makes it clear that the ritualistic Ceremony of the Sun – or the sun worship/worship of the Son – for the First Degreee Skeksis brings them no comfort or comforter. This is because it is based upon the personality of Jesus being God. Today this ceremony gives them no comfort for today the Christ comforter is idolized by a big majority of Christians. This false type of ceremony provides them with no Life. The sand painting ritual brings no peace for the Second Degree Mystics who came to live in a dream of peace. Just because you understand the metaphysics of Christian Science does not guarantee that you are out of the Adam dream. Many Christian Scientists attempt to use Christian Science to provide themselves with a peaceful state of existence while living in matter. This is what Adam and the woman had before they ate from the forbidden fruit! This type of peace is not peace. Today Mary Baker Eddy, who is the Holy Ghost, is denied by Christian Scientists. However, the Mystics have hope; for with their ritual they summon the little one, the little sun, who will save them. This one is the Independent Christian Scientist Jen, the Second and Third Degree Gelfling, who today lives in the Green Valley (Denver). As far as Jen knows, after 1,000 years, (s)he is the only remaining Gelfling. (S)He sits naked beside the water, (s)he has been spiritually baptized. (S)He is blowing on her/his musical pipe. (S)He is going over the system of Science with the seven synonymous terms, the divine calculus, and the four levels of Science. However, today this gives her/him no comfort, for the comforter, the Holy Ghost, is misunderstood by the world. Jen knows (s)he has been summoned (called to be a witness Sentinel) so (s)he heads back to the Mystic Camp.


     In regard to the two Scientific Translations in the Christian Science Textbook, on pages 115-116, with the story of Noah, they operate on the universal scale, while with Enoch they operate on the individual scale. Noah illustrates the work of the First Translation and his three sons (Ham, Shem, and Japhet) typify the Three Degrees of the Second Translation.
     The triplets are really one son born to Noah’s consciousness during his 500th year (which represents the Christ that first comes during the Fifth Day of Life).


     Noah has his/her Ark which “prefigures the universal Church of Christ that rebirths the world. In Christian Science, ‘church,’ as the body of Christ, the spiritual reality of the human race, is defined as the ‘structure of Truth and Love’ (S&H 583:12). What the lesson of the allegory teaches is that an all-harmonious structure of spiritual understanding counteracts the worldly tower of Babel, with its multitude of warring faction.”[37]
     The Ark protects Noah from the floodwaters, like the city foursquare of divine Science. W. Gordon Brown explains this as being the “Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God, which, throughout the Scriptural unfoldment moves progressively on the waters of human consciousness”[38] this is indeed “the development of eternal Life, Truth, and Love” (S&H 558:7). The firmament of the Second Day of Spirit is like the ark in that humanity is taught “that there are not two kinds or world, one beneath and one above, any more than there are two kinds of tree in the midst of the garden of Eden.”[39] Likewise, there is no separation between Principle and its idea. “What seems to mortals like a destroying flood is, in Science, the outpouring solution to the human problem. It signifies submergence in Spirit, the baptism of Spirit, purifying humanity of violence and corruption, and destroying, not the world, but the world’s dualistic mortal beliefs.”[40] What is really taking place is the spiritual rebirth of the world. Our spiritual identity as the Christ Son is reborn. The “spiritual reality of the race as a whole will reveal itself in the Science of Christianity, or in the second advent of the Son of man.
     “Elements of mystic dualism (reminiscent of Abel [in TDC, the Mystics]) and of acquisitive greed (reminiscent of Cain [in TDC, the Skeksis]) are the causes of the world-wide violence and corruption seen at the beginning of the second period, even as they are the causes of violence and corruption in the world today. These evil elements call forth the drowning flood.”[41]
     “In Revelation 12, the dragon casts out of his mouth after the woman ([Brown says] generic man [but I say it is really Mary Baker Eddy]) an equivalent of the Noahic flood. But ‘the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth [verbally spoke the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy], and swallowed up [retracted] the flood [false teachings about Mary Baker Eddy].’”[42] Notice it is “his mouth” with the talking serpent-red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism and “her mouth” with the earth. The flood is really false teachings about Mary Baker Eddy, the woman of the wilderness, a.k.a., the woman God-crowned. Mary Baker Eddy interprets this with: “What if the old dragon should send forth a new flood to drown the Christ-idea [which today is manifested as me, Mary Baker Eddy]? He can neither drown your [the earth’s] voice [which speaks the Truth about me, Mary Baker Eddy, and Christian Science] with its roar, nor again sink the world into the deep waters of chaos and old night. In this age the earth will help the woman, the spiritual idea [that Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, I am and U-r] will be understood” (S&H 570:18).


     It is interesting that there are three levels to the Ark, just as Noah has three sons. The Ark is not built until Noah’s 600th year. Why is this? It is because the Ark is a symbol for The First Church Edifice in Boston, which was built during the Sixth Day of Truth (during the second coming of Christ). While Noah’s three sons (suns) represent the Three Degrees the three levels of the Ark (The First Church is triangular in shape, so this Ark of the Sixth Day could represent the three triangles in The Dark Crystal.) represent three levels of Science. Brown puts it the following way (on page 59), “The ark is divine Science [third level] reduced to an ordered system of ideas in absolute Christian Science [second level] becoming the healing, rebirthing saviour to the human race in Christian Science [first level]. This activity of the first translation (S&H 115) brings into operation the three degrees of the second [translation]. Hence, ‘with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it,’ Noah is told.” Of course, in the story, Noah’s ark is rectangular not triangular.

     In the chamber where the Dark Crystal is kept there is a single triangular window. Noah is instructed by God to place only one window in the ark. Window is from the two words of “wind” and “eye.”


“EYES. Spiritual discernment, — not material but mental.” (S&H 586:3)


     Jesus said, “The light of thy body [world] is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single thy whole body [world] shall be full of light” (Matt 6:22). In the movie Aughra had only one eye. There is also only one window in the chamber for the crystal. If our mental viewpoint is spiritually and scientifically single, our understanding of our world is devoid of evil. This window, however, could also point us to the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit, of the second coming of Christ, for Mary Baker Eddy described herself as a window.
     There is also to be only one door to the ark. Jesus Christ referred to himself as the door. “The ark is the sanctuary of Spirit, the door of which is closed to error and open to Truth. Within the quiet sanctuary of his world-embracing ark, Noah must ‘deny sin and plead God’s allness’ (S&H 14:3:18). The ark which he builds, like the church which the apostles build, and like the church which Mary Baker Eddy builds,[43] is an understanding of the matrix calculus of Truth and Love, the world’s spiritual reality.”[44]
     When Noah enters into his/her closet (the ark) the windows of heaven are opened (the First Translation) and the fountains of the deep psychic unconscious are broken up (the Second Translation). Noah and his ark are lifted up, eventually to the Pyramid of Truth’s capstone. The deluge when spiritually interpreted is a symbol of baptism and cleansing, it is experiencing the full flood of Christian Science.


THE WHITE BATHTUB (a vision dream)
     On May 20, 2014 I had a vision dream about a very special bathtub. It was white and full of water. I feel that I had been in the tub, but it was not part of the dream, it was just a feeling I had. So, the water, the purity of Spirit, had baptized me. When I pushed the stopper’s lever the water just flushed away, instantaneously. When you are baptized, it is like you are instantaneously cleansed (purified) of all dust, dirt, sin, etc.
     After this Richard Dean Anderson, who is Jack O’Neill on Stargate SG-1, was in the white tub. Symbolically he was being baptized too. His hair was long and was streaked with highlights. After his baptism I walked in front of him looking back at him. On his right side was Samantha Carter, the “Lovely” Amanda Tapping, and behind him was Daniel Jackson (son of Jack), the “Truth” Michael Shanks. (I feel that Michael and Amanda represent the two angels of Truth and Love). Even though Richard had just taken a bath his face was smeared with white mud. Richard, being the clown that he so often is (off set and on set) was being a bit tongue in cheek about it all. (I say this as a joke, because in the vision dream, he was pushing out his left cheek with his tongue.) After waking up I realized that Richard’s hair was just like Jen’s hair in The Dark Crystal. Later on the same day I came upon the following section of Brown’s book that I think helps explain the vision dream.
     “A world baptism takes place – a twofold baptism – as in the case of Jesus. Jesus, in Jordan, is baptized simultaneously of the waters of repentance [“to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of (to put right) one’s life”[45]] and the Holy Ghost [the dove that descends is divine Science]. ‘You must be born of the water and of the Spirit [the white mud (not the red mud of Adam)[46]],’ Jesus says to Nichodemus, when explaining the process of human regeneration. ‘I will pour out my spirit [the white mud; the Spirit of the Law] upon all flesh,’ God promises the prophet Joel, concerning the world baptism that takes place on the day of Pentecost, and that comes full flood with Christian Science. ‘Christian Science…floods the world with the baptism of Jesus,’ declares Mary Baker Eddy (’02.5:6). Rightly understood, the deluge in the story of Noah is the world flooded with the baptism of Spirit, submerged in Spirit, purified by Spirit so that all flesh dies. Fleshly beliefs are washed away, and replaced with the understanding of Spirit.”[47] There is also a third type of baptism – baptism by fire. A good symbolic example would be how the mineral of gold is placed within the fire to burn up the dross (the impurities within the metal).
     The name Jack has the same meaning as Jacob. Mary Baker Eddy defines Jacob (in part) as: “Inspiration; the revelation of Science, in which the so-called material senses yield to the spiritual sense of Life and Love.” (S&H 589:5) When we first see the Gelfling Jen he has been for a swim (although we do not ever see him in the water he is naked by the water). This is how I felt in the dream; that I had been in the water even though I never saw myself in the water. The second time we see him in water is after he falls into a mud puddle. However, I never saw any mud on Jen after he was out. Perhaps Jen himself symbolizes the white mud? I feel that this explains the white mud that was on Jack’s face in the vision dream (also read footnote number 46 for further explanation). These two scenes from the movie are the two baptisms of Jen. The name Jen is connected to John and Jonas. Jona or Jonah means, “dove.” Mary Baker Eddy defines dove as: “A symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith.” (Hope and faith are the two qualities listed for the tone of Life in the Second Degree.) So, while Jen is “a symbol of divine Science [the white mud] Jack (Richard) is “the revelation [revealing, uncovering (of the water teachings)] of Science.”


     While in the ark (matrix womb) Noah conceives of his world in a new way (in its original sense), as that which is Spirit and not matter. When Noah exits his ark it is like he is being born again or born of the Spirit.


     It rained for forty days (the first baptism), symbolic of spiritual rebirth (a woman carries a child for forty weeks). After the rain stopped there was a period of 150 days (a period for the seven synonyms, the divine calculus, and the four levels of Science) that the water was abated (Genesis 8:3). It was in the seventh (Love) month, on the seventeenth day of the month that the ark rests upon the mountains of Ararat. The waters decreased then on the first day of the month when the tops of the mountains were seen. Noah could depict the Mountain Range Matrix that is given to us in Revelation.
     Genesis 8:6, 7 – At the end of forty days (this is the second baptism) Noah opened the one window of the ark. Then Noah and sends forth a raven (the Skeksis are vulture type birds, but both ravens and vultures have similar natures). This bird “went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth.” To me this going “to and fro” means that there is no rest for the wicked.
     Then Noah sends forth a dove (Jen; divine Science, the Holy Ghost, which makes all men one). Is there really a here and there or are here and there one? Subjective and objective must be one not two.
     Three times the dove goes forth. The first time the dove returns to the safety of the ark. Noah must proceed through the Seven Days before the dove goes out again. The second time it returns with an olive branch of peace. Again, Noah must proceed through the Seven Days order before the dove goes out again. The third time the dove does not return for the “self, the I, has gone fully unto Spirit, and the face of the land is dry. Inside and outside, subject and object, are one in spiritual identity.”[48] It is after this, in Noah’s 601st year (Truth as Mind), in the second (Spirit) month, on the seventh and twentieth day of the month (Love as Spirit) that the earth is dried up and Noah (the spiritual idea), his family (Noah’s Womanhood and the Three Degree Sons/Daughters), and the animals (all the ideas inherent in Being) can leave the safety of the ark (divine Science, the city foursquare) and go out into the four corners of the world (Christian Science, the city of our God).
     God establishes His new covenant with Noah. There is the bow within the cloud. Whether it is a true rainbow is not really clear. It could be a cloud with a bow of colors in it. However, the point is that it is a symbol for the divine messenger (coming in the cloud) and bringing the seven synonymous terms for God to the consciousness of mankind – this covenant is to be fulfilled during the Sixth Day of Truth when the angel of divine Science descends from heaven with her little open book (see Revelation 10). This angel tells us that Science is “Truth’s prism and praise” (S&H 558:13).
     Noah now has his/her Arch (Bow) Church that is to go out in all directions, for Noah is on top of the Capstone of Truth and he/she is not inside the restricted Ark Church bound by the Letter of the Law. This Arch (Bow) Church is Christian Science and his triplet sons (and their seed) are to spread over the four corners of the earth. This is a preparation for the upcoming third period or the Third Day of Soul with the Israelite nation. Ham is the father of Canaan and the land of Canaan is what is called the Promised Land. To correlate the Second Day of Spirit with the Third Day of Soul we have Joseph (synonymous with Japheth “extension”) bringing Israel into the ark-safety of Egypt. However, the Israelites remain there too long and become slaves to material organized religion (the king of Egypt). Thus, they will need a savior to “lead” them out of Egypt. Likewise, during the Sixth Day of Truth, God’s modern day Israel, the Christian Scientists, build the Extension Dome Mother Church (Castle of the Crystal). However, in 1910 Joseph (Mother Mary Baker Eddy) leaves the children of Israel. If they had obeyed the Church Manual they would have come up out of Egypt, but the Christian Scientists did not obey the estoppel clauses, they stuck too long with material organized church (Egypt, which is run by Skeksis), and a new Exodus is needed.
     Can the physical Ham derive such a Holy Land? “The explanation is that we (Israel), in our journey from Egypt to Canaan, translate the sense of self and body from mortality to immortality. Freeing ourselves from Egypt, we exchange the sensuous concept of body [material organization] for the land of spiritual identity. We translate the land of the son of Ham into what this land truly is – the coincidence of heaven and earth [which is green and good].”[49] Yet, as you shall see, it is precisely this coincidence that Ham objects to!
     Noah has his/her Christ vineyard of Branch Churches. But the First Degree son, called Ham (material organization), falsely identifies Noah (like how Adam falsely identifies the woman to be Eve) as an incompetent and weak mortal person (drunk and naked). And it is this type of thought, with its false identification of God’s true witness (Noah), behind the build up of matter into a Tower of Babel (confusion). Which, by the way, is built up from clay bricks (adamah; remember the Castle of the Crystal has a coating of adamah on it).
     Noah’s two sons (actually one son that represent the human and divine coincidence) handle the malpractice that Ham engages in toward God’s chosen one. Shem and Japhet walk backwards toward their father, they refuse to see, or mentally acknowledge, the material lie that their First Degree brother is presenting to them. The human and divine coincidence cast out the lie that Noah is naked (made up of material elements) and drunk (with power to control the world). They cast the lie out from their conscious though, the Tent-Church. Because of Ham’s blindness to Truth he is made to serve his two other brothers. He really has no choice but to serve because he really represents mortal mind. Because Shem/Japhet rejects Ham’s lies the Church (body) is made harmonious.
     It is not until the Day of Truth that Mary Baker Eddy comes to reveal the oneness of Principle and its idea and the oneness of mankind’s manhood/womanhood being. However, her students and pupils did not accept this Truth 100%. If it had been accepted then we would have a different world today.
     The Dark Crystal is basically the sealed Bible (sealed with the seven seals) and the Crystal Shard is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. However, the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism once again fights Truth. It, via male energy, takes over the woman’s Church, or The Mother Church, along with the Branches via that misinterpretation of God’s Letter of the Law on page 120 of the Church Manual and by adding “and Branch Churches” to the book.
     The building of the tower of Babel is basically a counterfeit period to the story of Noah. Babel means: “confusion; confusion of tongues”. It is identical to the word Babylon. Mary Baker Eddy defines Babel as: “Self-destroying error; a kingdom divided against itself, which cannot stand; material knowledge. The higher false knowledge builds on the basis of evidence obtained from the five corporeal senses, the more confusion ensues, and the more certain is the downfall of its structure” (S&H 581:17).
     It is Ham’s descendant, Nimrod, who builds the tower, the “mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.” The tower of Babel is, of course, the building up of material organized religion (red muddied thought). In TDC this building up coats the Castle of the Crystal with mud.
     After the fall of the Babylon Tower the people are scattered (fractured). But something good exists via the eventual Hebrew race. They will become the Israelite nation – thirteen nations as one – both male (Judah) and female (Joseph). They are wanderers in the wilderness but before they can cross the river Jordan into the Holy Land they must cleanse (purify) the land of mortal minded men. This cleansing is accomplished through war (baptism by fire). These wars seem to result in genocide. Today we see this same idea of genocidal war taken to literal extremes via some of the Islam race (born of Abram). It is never a physical war that God asks man to employ, nor is mankind to employ animal magnetism to win religious disputes. God, the REAL GOD, expects each and every one of us to practice Christian Science treatment – righteous judgment and to obey the Golden Rule.
     When hearing discussions about the genocide that the Hebrews committed in the Bible it amazes me how these speakers take everything so literally instead of translating it spiritually. Let us think about a movie like Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Who cried when Darth Vader threw the Emperor into the pit? Who mourned over the evil Lord Sith’s death? As far as I know, nobody did! And why? Because the audience understands that this Emperor is evil and deserves to die, they want him to die, they root for the good guy to win. This is really all the Bible is getting across when the Israelites destroy a group of people. We are not supposed to be upset and cry because they destroyed a group of people and they are no more! Instead we are to rejoice that Truth has destroyed (or reversed) error!
     Because, the tower is at the end of the Second Day, we find that Abram must come out from Ur of the Chaldees (Babylon) in the opening section of the Third Day of Soul. Likewise, in TDC, the Mystics must come out from their camp of Ur and travel to the Castle of the Crystal (the Holy City). It is in Ur of the Chaldees that the science of astrology and horoscopy (animal magnetism) is practiced. Of course, the spiritual translation of Ur is – U-r, or You are man, the image and likeness of God, you are whole and complete.


     It is not until the Seventh Day of Love that the littlest sun shines her light to reveal the shard of Truth. The Third Day of Soul points to this Seventh Day of Love. The Third Day of Soul is about the four Patriarchs (a divine calculus) with Abraham (the Word where we have the Pyramid or Ramp matrix), Isaac (the Christ where we properly translate the Holy Trinity and sacrifice the false trinity of three personalities as father, son, and mother), Jacob (Christianity where we have the Pyramid ramp matrix and circular Stargate matrix), and Joseph (Science with its coat of many colors [protection via the many Scientific tones]). In the Jacob Saga we have the outer circle, the Stargate, being presented. But it only completes the outer circle with the twelve sons of Jacob. It is up to Joseph to complete the Stargate Matrix’s hub center with the Four Sides of the Little Open Book, which Moses symbolized with the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting.
     The Third Day also deals with Moses’ leadership of the Israelites (their years in the wilderness) and the Israelites entrance into the Holy Land.  Also found in the Third Day is Joshua (Moses’ successor), the Judges, and Ruth.  The Seventh Day of Love is about the Matriarchs of Christian Science. The Matriarchs (wise virgins) are those who accept and spiritually understand Mary Baker Eddy’s place and that she is the second coming of Christ.
     Joseph ties in closest to Mary Baker Eddy because the saga of Joseph is in the tone of Science. Joseph is given the coat of many colors (the rainbow cloud). He prefigures Mary Baker Eddy. He is basically the savior of Israel, just as Joshua later becomes after he succeeds Moses.


     The rest of the Genesis chapter is devoted to the four sagas (not myths) of Israel’s founding fathers. According to W. Gordon Brown there are really only three Patriarchs, the God-inspired architects of Israel’s identity, in the Third Day of Soul – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Joseph represents the conception of Israel herself. “In the Jacob saga the birth of Joseph leads to Jacob himself being renamed ‘Israel.’”[50] During the Fourth Day of Principle the kingdom of Israel is fractured into two groups – Judah (the male Skeksis) and Joseph (the female Mystics who symbolize the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel).
     In The Dark Crystal these Ten Lost Tribes of Israel have their opposites being represented in Judah as the ten Skeksis (they must have their counterparts). Although the movie does not mention the number, there originally were more Skeksis and Mystics.  I feel that there were originally twelve Mystics (so twelve Skeksis) for twelve nations, to be symbolic of the twelve stars of the woman’s crown. This means that the Four Major Stars for the Word’s Squared-Cycle are gone before the end of the movie. The Emperor/Master would represent the Word as the Christ tone (with the chapter “Atonement and Eucharist”) while the Scientist/Alchemist would represent the Word as Science tone (with the chapter “Christian Science reverses Spiritualism”). So, the Eight Minor Stars for the squared-cycle of the Christ and the squared-cycle of Christianity are what remain as the eight Skeksis/Mystics. In the Third Day of Soul we have Abram coming out of the false science of astrology/zodiac mysticism. This false cult (wheel) must be spiritually translated back to God as the divine calculus matrix.
     “The Abraham saga relates to the unfoldment of the Old Testament, the Word; the Isaac saga points to the Gospel part of the New Testament, the Christ [actually, I also feel that Isaac points to the Old Testament section with the anointed Christ Kings and Christ Prophets]; the Jacob saga relates to all that unfolds as the history of Christianity [which I feel includes the New Testament books] up to and including the founding of Christian Science; while the Joseph saga points to [Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission and] the revelation that is taking place today, namely, Christian Science as the universal [the true Catholic], nonsectarian Science of being – the true identity of ‘all the families of the earth.’”[51]
     The Third Day of Soul has five tones of Soul to it. They are Soul as Mind, Soul as Spirit (which takes us to the end of Genesis), Soul as Soul, Soul as Principle, and Soul as Life.
     Soul as Mind deals with the two sagas of Abraham and Isaac where Israel is at its point of origin. Soul as Spirit deals with the two sagas of Jacob and Isaac where Israel is brought to birth. “The spiritual significance of these four sagas is that the seed of the idea underlying the first two periods is sown by the divine Patriarch, or Father, in the soil of human consciousness, where it is destined to develop with power and grace until it conquers the whole earth – that is, until it constitutes the whole of man. The idea itself is the manhood and womanhood of God, represented initially in the life of Israel by the two foremost sons of Jacob, Judah and Joseph.”[52]
     Soul as Soul is about Moses’ identification of Israel’s true I AM, and this frees her from Egyptian bondage to material organization. Moses, in the Soul as Principle section of the Bible, reduces God’s law to a comprehensible system of laws and leads Israel to the Promised Land (even though Moses never enters this Promised Land of God’s Covenant with Abraham). Finally there is the tone of Soul as Life where Joshua (which means “savior” and has the same meaning as Jesus[53]) leads Israel and they cross the river Jordan (to descend) and enter and posses the land. Brown says that Israel “accepts her sinless, deathless selfhood as her natural divine inheritance.”[54]
     Further books, after Joshua, are Judges, and Ruth. These two books finish up the Third Day of Soul, as well as, the Word portion of the Bible.


THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE TAROT CARD must spiritually be translated back to THE WHEEL OF PROPHECY
     Abraham searches for “a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” Brown says that he is looking for the city foursquare (divine Science). He says this city is the true identity of himself and his world. The seed that is sown in the womb of world-consciousness is the understanding of this ultimate world-city – the embryonic idea of the divine calculus – the Word (the Lion), the Christ (the Ox or Bull), Christianity (the face of a Man), and (divine) Science (the flying Eagle). Because of this, the four sagas present the divine calculus Wheel of Prophecy. “Abraham, the creative father, introduces us to the first side of the holy city, the Word; Isaac, his [Christ] son introduces us to the second side, the Christ; Jacob, with his twelvefold family of sons [the Stargate with its twelve stars to the woman’s crown], symbolizing the universal brotherhood of man, introduces us to the third side, Christianity; while Joseph, lord [Leader] of the land of Egypt and nourisher [Mother] of all mankind, introduces us to the fourth side, Science. Thereafter, the idea of this universal matrix-city grows and develops in human consciousness until it constitutes heaven [divine Science] and earth [Christian Science].”[55]
     City has the same root meaning as “citizen, signifying government and social order.”[56] In The Christian Science Journal for April 1895 Mary Baker Eddy wrote that the twelve tribes of Israel stand in type for “the whole human race.” Abraham is looking for an ultimate order for world society, where the idea (the seed) is in itself.
     The saga of Abraham, in the tone of Soul as Mind, utilizes the first four tones of the Word as the Word, the Word as the Christ, the Word as Christianity, and the Word as Science. The saga of Isaac, also in the tone of Soul as Mind, utilizes the first four tones of the Christ as the Word, the Christ as the Christ, the Christ as Christianity, and the Christ as Science. In these two sagas the idea of manhood predominates. Then we move into the second tone of Soul as Spirit for the Jacob saga (with its four tones of Christianity) and the Joseph saga (with its four tones of Science). In these two sagas the idea of Womanhood predominates. “The two together become the compound idea of God which, in Soul as Soul (the third tone of the third period with the Exodus from Egypt), holds its own development irresistibly within itself.”[57]


Patriarch's Matrix


     What Abraham is really seeking is the City Matrix (of man’s true identity) that Martha Jones-Smith has explained to mankind during the Seventh Day of Love. She has shown it to the world and explained it through Mary Baker Eddy’s Window of the Open Book Matrix, the Stargate Matrix.
     Abraham’s mission is to take the astrological science of the zodiac belt and spiritually translate it into the Stargate Matrix. “Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts, even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear” (S&H 506:18). Brown tells us, “Through Abraham (standing for the creative Word [squared-cycle]) the petals [or keystones] of a holy purpose open [the Bible Keystone depicts an open book; and Abraham, being the squared-cycle of the Word, lays down the foundation of our Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth]; but it is in Isaac, his son (standing for the manifest Christ [squared-cycle]), that the purpose itself appears. Hence the sagas of Abraham and Isaac both come within this opening tone [of Soul as Mind].”[58] What Brown does not say, and this is because it was not up to him to explain it, is that Isaac’s beginning position in Window of the Open Book is the Keystone position of the Woman God-crowned.
     Jacob’s saga begins the squared-cycle of Christianity with the Lord and Lamb Keystone – Christianity as the Word and Joseph’s saga begins the capstone squared-cycle of Science with the North Side of the little open book – Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy – Science as the Word.
     So, the three squared-cycles of the three Patriarchs are the bases of three pyramids, one as Abraham for the Word’s squared-cycle, one as Isaac for the Christ’s squared-cycle, and one as Jacob for Christianity’s squared-cycle. This takes us directly to the three triangles depicted throughout The Dark Crystal. It also makes me think of the three pyramids of Giza, and Joseph winds up in Egypt do to the betrayal of his ten brother Skeksis.
     We must also take into consideration that Science and Health follows the same pattern as found in the saga of Abraham (chapters 1-4), the saga of Isaac (chapters 5-8), the saga of Jacob (chapters 9-12), and the Joseph saga (chapters 13-16). However, this is perhaps left for another time and place. I feel that I have presented much of the material in my Book of Origin post, so you can look there for more guidance upon this topic.
     I would like to make mention of a few things. I feel that Kira “light” and Joseph “extension” are comparable to each other in that Joseph is the Star (a sun, an extending light) that shines during the Third Day of Soul. Joseph’s second vision dream that he voices to his brothers (the ten Skeksis) speaks about him being their ruling star. This does not go down well with them at all.  It is because he shares the two vision dreams that the ten older brothers sell him into the hands of ecclesiastical despotism (relatives of Ishmael and one of Keturah’s sons[59]). This can be recognized by the fact that the Egyptian captain (Christ) of the guard (witness) Potiphar is dedicated to Ra, the Egyptian sun god. Joseph’s father-in-law’s name is Poti-phera “belonging to Ra; dedicated to the sun[60] or the star that Joseph is. So both Potiphar and Poti-phera are really dedicated to Joseph’s spiritual light. Joseph’s wife, his womanhood, is dedicated to the goddess Isis.

     In the Rider Deck, the Tarot THE HIGH PRIESTESS card depicts the virgin daughter of the moon, and she “wears on her head the symbol of a full moon, with a waxing and waning image of the moon on each side. [At her feet is a crescent moon, so she is like the woman God-crowned having dominion over the moon.] She is the eternal feminine, sometimes called Isis or Artemis [Venus]. She corresponds to all the virgin goddesses of the ancient world, even to Eve [the woman] before her union [having sex] with Adam. She is spiritual enlightenment, inner illumination.”[61] She is Isis veiled, while THE EMPRESS is Isis unveiled. THE EMPRESS is the woman God-crowned. What this means is that THE HIGH PRIESTESS is clothed with a cloud, like the angel of Revelation 10 while THE EMPRESS is clothed with the sun for she wears a crown of twelve stars.
     Isis was married to Osiris. Osiris’ evil brother, Set, cut Osiris’ body up into (could be as many as forty-two) pieces.  These forty-two pieces represent Egypt as a whole.  Isis went about locating the sections of her husband’s body so that she could reconstruct it. I guess she could not locate his penis (his manhood?) so one was manufactured (made by hand). After this Osiris is resurrected. In this way Osiris is symbolic of Christ Jesus.  With her Textbook Mary Baker Eddy (Isis)  restored Christ Jesus to the Christian world. She explained, via Science, his words and works.
     In the last story found in the Book of Judges, under the tone of Science as Science, a woman’s body is cut up into twelve pieces. These twelve pieces symbolize the wholeness of Israel herself. A Levite (from the priest family, the thirteenth tribe that is placed around the outside of the Holy Tabernacle and within the circling twelve tribes of Israel in the Book of Numbers) from the territory of Ephraim (Science/Joseph’s Second Degree son) has a concubine who has played the harlot. “The concubine typifies apostate Israel. She returns to her father in Bethlehem-judah, the scene of the coming story of Ruth [Christ lineage of Jesus].[62] The Levite sets out to recover his concubine [to cover up his concubine’s true identity, perhaps he is too embarrassed by the Truth?]. On the way home they lodge in the territory of Benjamin [Christianity as Science where “Teaching Christian Science” takes place]. Here we see the opposite of the true Benjamin – the opposite, that is, of spiritually regenerate individuality. The Benjamites are sodomites [homosexuals], and they seek to pervert the Levite from the territory of Joseph. The Levite gives them his concubine to ravage, and they kill her. Thereupon the Levite cuts her dead body into twelve pieces and distributes them throughout all the coasts of Israel.”[63]
     What this symbolizes is the fracturing up (like what happened to the Dark Crystal) of the Christian body (the tearing apart of the web of consistency as a whole found with the Word’s matrix structure). The Levite symbolizes ecclesiastical despotism. He has promised himself to the woman. She “plays” the harlot (to stand in place). What this really means is that she proclaims to have a place in Bible prophecy. For this the Levite (the religiously minded man) is willing to hand her and her revelation of Science over to the male homosexuals of the church. By homosexual I mean the mentality of men who hate true Womanhood! These homosexuals seek to pervert the Levite, the religiously minded man, from the territory of Joseph – Christian Science; they try to turn him away from Christian Science. The Levite is willing to hand over Mary Baker Eddy to the false Benjamites because he does not accept her as the woman God-crowned, the second coming of Christ. They ravage (they seize her property and take it away by violence, they overcome her via emotion, and they plunder and rob her dignity) and kill her reputation. Through this rape of the woman they divide up her estate of written works and shred (shard) them into pieces.
     Because of this division over the woman, the children of the restored Israel, Christian Scientists, coast along in Christian Science. They are unable to progress without the acceptance of Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ, and they are unable to progress without the system of Science that the woman laid out within the Christian Science Textbook.



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