Linear Progression of Christ and Christmas and Levels of Windows, Pt. 1

by MJSmith


The Linear Progression of Christ and Christmas and the Levels of the “Picture Windows” to The First Church of Christ Scientist (Part 1)


     On Saint Patrick’s Day of 2014 I received a manuscript in the mail from a friend of mine.   The author of the manuscript is J. W. S. Cox (a Doorly student).  The first part is about the illustrations of Mary Baker Eddy’s poem Christ and Christmas, which Mr. Cox presents in a linear progression.  The second part is about most of the windows found in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. What Mr. Cox presents seems to be correct for the linear progression, however, if we were to analyze the poem and illustrations in the pyramid or circular matrixes then we would come out with a different outcome for the matrix structures.  There is also the graphics in the earlier editions that we must pay attention to.  All of these different ways of looking at the poem book have presented in other posts.

     Cox sticks to the Scientific analysis and yet he avoids speaking about Mary Baker Eddy in any way besides her being author of the book or in giving quotes from her. He avoids suggesting that she is the second coming of Christ or the woman God-crowned, something typical of most Doorly students. And without recognition of our Leader I do not feel that he completely understands the symbols in Christ and Christmas or the Edifice. The first page (i) was missing when I got it so the manuscript begins jumping right into the topic.  Special note: Any of my comments found within Cox’s quotes will be placed inside grouping brackets – {like this}.
     On page ii Cox writes that there is an order to the occurrences of Christian Science “works” in the 1890s.  He writes, “The order of the appearance of these works is as follows: fiftieth edition of the {Christian Science} textbook,[1] Christ and Christmas,[2] the {Church} Manual,[3] Miscellaneous Writings.[4] The Mother Church was built after publication of Christ and Christmas and before publication of the Manual. Textbook, illustrated poem, and picture windows[5] together present one united story pointing the way to the divine system of reference not concerned with the form of a religion.”  Mr. Cox’s main goal is to point out that Christian Science is Science, a new paradigm, and that Christian Science is not a religion belonging to the old paradigm of religion.
     For now I would like to comment upon the fifth footnote. I had always assumed (mistakenly) that the windows in The First Church Edifice were stained glass windows.  Cox points out that the glass was painted.  In some of my other posts I have referred to the windows as being stained glass windows.  Symbolically they are stained glass as they have been stained with colors, even though they are not actual stained glass windows through a vitreous process.
     Cox continues in the same paragraph, “The Manual, when completed, would ultimately remove all supports from dominant religious organization and its personal control. Miscellaneous Writings would provide a guide for action in its presentation of those items and incidents of progress during the years it spanned. Of particular note in connection with the Manual and the first edition of Science and Health are those articles and references in Miscellaneous Writings relative to church organizations. The order of appearance of these works as noted above gives the sequence of Word, divine Science, Christianity, Christ. From this we may read that the revelation (Word), self-contained (divine Science), is demonstrated (Christianity) as the Christ or Saviour to every situation, needing no personal policing to guarantee its purity and safety.” I would like to add that if you followed this pattern on Window of the Open Book you would be moving in a clockwise manner.


          “S. & H…….Science and Health
          “Misc. Wr…Miscellaneous Writings
          “Mess. ’01…Message for 1901


     The last paragraph (of page iii) tells us that his (Cox’s) intention is not “to be concerned with details” (I assume of the symbols) but rather “to lead the reader to the realization that the underlying motive of the illustrations and the windows is to direct thought from the old paradigm of religious belief to the new paradigm of Science.”  It is a mistake for him not “to be concerned with details” because it is of major importance that Christian Scientists begin to understand the symbols behind the illustrated poem and the picture windows.  For Mary Baker Eddy tells us in “The Apocalypse” – “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”


     He begins with The Star on the cover of Christ and Christmas. This star is the Morning Star (Venus). It has seven points of light for the seven synonymous terms for God.

The Morning Star

The Morning Star

     On page iv he writes: “The first paragraph in the Preface to Science and Health makes reference to a line of progress from ‘the first faint morning beams’ to ‘the full radiance of a risen day.’ In the same paragraph it is written that ‘the human herald of Christ, Truth,’ through Christ Jesus would make plain the way of salvation to ‘benighted understanding’ until ‘across a night of error [from Constantine to the nineteenth century divine light grew increasingly dimmer] should dawn the morning beams and shine the guiding star of being.’ This star is referred to as ‘the daystar of divine Science.’” Venus is also referred to as being a daystar.
     He continues: “In Miscellaneous Writings the star is called the ‘polar star, fixed in the heavens of divine Science.’ (p. 320) {This polar star is found as the first Major Star along side The Open Bible Keystone of Window of the Open Book.} The same article identifies ‘the star of Bethlehem’ as ‘the star of Boston’ and as ‘the light of all ages.’ Divine Science is shown to be this light. ‘Divine Science, the Word of God, saith to the darkness upon the face of error, ‘God is All-in-all,’ and the light of ever-present Love illumines the universe.’ (S. & H. 503) That which illumines all is the sevenfold light of creative unfoldment, the statement of which begins in verse three chapter one of Genesis {Genesis 1:3}, beginning the seven days of creation. The poem describes the light as ‘seven-hued.’” Although most Christian Scientists call them the seven days of creation, even Mary Baker Eddy called them this, I do feel that the seventh day was really not a day of creation at all, but it was really the Sabbath Day. And it is because of this very point that I feel that the first chapter of Genesis ends with the Sixth Day of Truth and the second chapter of Genesis begins with the Seventh Day of Love.
     On a different topic, about the Star, I do not deny that Mr. Cox is right about the seven point’s of light, but we must ask ourselves why Mary Baker Eddy did call the Star – the Star of Bethlehem and the Star of Boston. For sure, the Star of Bethlehem is a reference to the birth of Jesus Christ. So, why is it called the Star of Boston instead of the Star of Bow, the place of Mary Baker Eddy’s birth? It is probably due to the fact that Mary Baker Eddy did not want her birth to be of importance, as spiritual man is never born into a material body. Boston, Massachusetts is where her church first took off, where services were held. However, this church was disorganized so that her spiritual Church could grow. It was only because her students and followers cried for a King (a Church) that she finally gave in and The First Church was built. It was in Boston that Testament would be given to her God-crowned mission via the little Edifice windows and other symbols. It was through her works of Christian Science that she became the Star (the bright shining prophet light) of Boston.
     “The seven-pointed star which appears on the cover of Christ and Christmas designates its statement as that of divine Science. This means that it indicates the oneness of the divine system. The entire system will be found clearly indicated within its covers for all able to read it.
     “Instead of regarding these illustrations merely as a form of graphic art portraying the sentiments expressed in the poem, we should ask ourselves some questions: Why was this work illustrated? {The main reason why this work was illustrated is because she needed the Field to spiritually understand her place in Bible prophecy; she needed her students and followers to understand that she was the feminine representative of the Christ coming to them. This understanding needed to take place before The First Church could be completed.} Have these illustrations any special message? {Yes, they speak of Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission.} Have they a particular purpose? {Yes, to depict her God-crowned mission.} Why was Mrs. Eddy so insistent upon the exact portrayal of detail? {Because it was of up most importance to portray her God-crowned mission. She also was trying to help the artist, Mr. Gilman, to turn to divine Mind for guidance. She was always teaching others.} (See Gilman’s Recollections, available from Rare Book Co.) Why does the shape of the illustrations change? Was there any reason for it? {I feel that the shapes change so that they can present the different types of matrix structures. The Network Square or Rectangle, the feminine Christ Oval (symbolic of resurrection and ascension), the Circle of Christianity (symbolic of unity), and the Triangular Candlestick.} Is there a coherent story unrolled in the illustrations? {Yes, the story is of Mary Baker Eddy’s Life and her Light.} Why were there four pages added after the final illustration? Does the book as a whole portray a whole story?” (pages iv and v)


     The Star that Mr. Cox has already spoken of is on the cover of Christ and Christmas. This Star is seen in illustrations 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 9.   This same star can be seen several times in the Boston Edifice too.  He begins with illustration one. The title is “Star of Bethlehem” but could easily be called “Star of Boston.” Throughout this whole manuscript Mr. Cox fails to tie this first illustration in with one of the windows found in Mother’s Room. In fact, the author fails to mention Mother’s Room at all (which I find very odd). I do call this window the “Star of Boston.” Of course, we know that the Star of Bethlehem is a reference to Jesus Christ. So if there is also the Star of Boston we must ask who this Star is? It is not Christ Jesus, even though he is depicted in many of the windows. No, the Star is the woman who sits in the neighboring window. Our Star of Boston is none other than Christ Mary Baker Eddy.

C&C-The Star
“‘Star of Bethlehem’ – {The Fist Day of} Mind

     “In this illustration the most prominent figure is the seven-pointed star shedding its light everywhere. The seven points are symbolic of ‘seven-hued white’ or the seven synonymous terms for God. (S. & H. 465) ‘Light is a symbol of Mind.’ (Ibid. 510) It is clear, therefore, that this illustration is intended to depict Mind. It does this in a dynamic way.
     “We learn in the textbook that manifestation is characteristic of Mind. ‘Mind manifests all that exists in the infinitude of Truth.’ (Ibid. 258) Truth represents the compound idea and therefore the whole. To represent the whole it must involve the four sides of the City Foursquare. In ancient times the four walls of a city enclosed it and protected it against invasion. These four walls find their counterpart in the four directions. Both, as symbols, came to have special significance in describing spiritual concepts among the early Hebrews. They have been described in Christian Science as representative of the Word, Christ, Christianity, and Science {the divine calculus}. This is the operative category of the divine system {the divine calculus}, giving to the seven synonymous terms universal action.
     “Mind then acts or manifests itself through the Word, Christ, Christianity, and Science – each of which is depicted in the illustration. First, however, let us describe briefly what each of these terms means.
     “John begins his Epistle ‘In the beginning was the Word.’ To what does ‘beginning’ refer? The beginning of the Bible is the seven days of creation.  {Mind is the only creator or Mind reveals.} Creation there unfolds in the seven-fold manner. The whole information for creation is contained in these seven days. They evoke responsive meaning in consciousness and expand into ideas. The Word, then, is creative, contains all the information of the divine plan and is the cause of all ideas. It generates: ‘These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth,’ – of all that is.
     “Christ has a different office. Christ Jesus is usually thought of in this connection. His name is thought of in relation to the remarkable healing and resolution of human problems two thousand years ago. In the Christ order of the synonymous terms (S. & H. 115 {the Christ order is: Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind}) Soul, the pivotal synonym, has the office of translating the subjective aspect of Principle, Life, Truth, Love into the objective. Since Soul is that which identifies, this translating of the subjective retains its original identity although now appearing in another guise as the ordered (Spirit) manifestation of Mind. Idea therefore exactly reflects Principle and makes problem-solving possible. It is the dynamics of the potential power resident in Principle.
     “This power is great enough to transform the whole of human experience. Can we think of any human being throughout history whose teaching period, lasting barely three years, was able to exert such great influence as that of Christ Jesus? Shortly after his crucifixion and ascension, St. Paul carried these teachings to nearly the whole Mediterranean world and disseminated them, adding the Greek factor of reasoning. This wide effect of Jesus’ teachings is the nature of Christianity. Christianity as meant in this connection is the operation of the divine plan which brings about ultimate dissolution of mortal sense. It was engaged in this activity both before and after the beginning of the Christian era.
     “Professor Arnold J. Toynbee has indicated that the religious age was terminated in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Among other scientific events, this time period saw the introduction of the Christ Science. Science demands facts and knowledge in the place of beliefs, dogmas, and conjectures. Science is system and structure. That which is structured cannot yield to destructive forces. It has insured continuity on the basis of fundamental facts. It has insured continuity on the basis of fundamental facts. All that fails to measure up to its standard collapses in time. Hence, the present day dissolution of so much that humanity has considered dear.” (Pages 1-3)
     This is all fine, but I find it odd that at this point where Science is brought up that he fails to mention the name of Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science! And she is also the one who gave us the seven synonyms, the divine calculus, and the four levels of Science!  Where is Mr. Cox’s gratitude for our Forever Leader?
     He continues on page 3: “So, then, we have four factors, each having its own distinct character and action, each indispensable to the others. These are symbols, as previously indicated, which have been known from very early times, not only to the Hebrews but to other ancient cultures as well. The textbook {because of Mary Baker Eddy} takes these symbols and gives them their highest spiritual value in the divine system of ideas.
     “These four symbols are shown in the illustration. In the lower right there appears a figure of a primitive head with a foetus{fetus}-like figure emerging from the base of the skull. (The nearer 1910 {Shouldn’t it be 1893?} the copy of Christ and Christmas used the clearer are the illustrations.) This symbolizes the beginnings of human kind. ‘According to mortal thought, the development of embryonic mortal mind commences in the lower basal portion of the brain, and goes on in an ascending scale by evolution, keeping always in the direct line of matter, for matter is the subjective condition of mortal mind.’ (S. & H. 189:27) The ‘ascending scale’ is the important point. The order of the Word as found in the synonyms on page 465 {the Word order with its Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth and the Science order with its Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle} of the textbook is an ascending order. Mortal thought imitates this order.
     “But the Christ demands a translation. Toward the left in the illustration there will be found another head, this one appearing to wear a crown. It is a large very dark shape and gives the appearance of King David. The Christ is defined in the textbook as ‘the royal reflection of the infinite.’ (S. & H. 313) The line of David ended with Jesus,[6] who was referred to as the Christ. He showed the office of the Christ to be that of correcting human illusions.” (pages 3 and 4)
     An interesting side note is that King David was not allowed to build the temple (an organized church structure). Yet his son Saul, after becoming King, was allowed to build the temple and after that things went down hill into Babylonian slavery. It is during this time of captivity that the Hebrews grew spiritually minded and began to understand the seven synonyms for God and the divine calculus.
     “Under the light of the star will be found a small group of three figures. These are Joseph, Mary and the infant Jesus. Jesus’ purpose was to introduce Christianity, the purpose of which is the utilization of the Christ; to demonstrate the Christ, in showing man his God-likeness.
     “The final figure {seen below} is clearer and more detailed than any of the others. It is that of a woman, hair and features clearly discernible. The head is bowed, acknowledging the authority of the star. Mrs. Eddy wrote that she must know the Science of her discovery and that ‘Woman must give it birth.’ (Ret. 26) In that statement she acknowledges her need to learn the Science of Christian Science. This is also the great need of all Christian Scientists. The discovery Mrs. Eddy made is Science, not religion!” (page 4)

Star of Beth closeup A
     This gray cloud of a woman’s head, when viewed in a different angle, depicts the head of Jesus Christ. This symbolizes the unity of Christianity with Science – or – Christian Science as later depicted in illustration 10 – Christian Unity.


Jesus' head, with hood covering his head

Jesus’ head, with hood covering his head

     “Divine Science {the Morning Star} introduces the divine system through the light of Mind.” (page 5) The gray cloud of the woman’s head symbolizes the Christ medium {in the Second Degree} to which the light of Mind is manifested during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission. Mary Baker Eddy spent many years searching for the method of healing that Christ Jesus employed. She grew up in a very strict religious environment, but Mary herself disciplined her self. She would make sure to pray seven times a day. She would give her clothes to those in need. She would heal the ill lambs. She would go out on a dark cold night to sing to the pigs in order to calm them. She was a selfless girl, yet she physically suffered because of the religious beliefs of the day. As an adult she investigated homeopathic cures and practices them. During the years of the Civil War, she was still suffering with poor health. She finally went to Dr. Quimby, a mesmerist. She believed that Quimby had discovered the true method of Christ healing. One of the things he told his patients was that their sufferings were due to their religious beliefs. He tried to free them from these false beliefs. There is no doubt that Mary Baker Patterson felt that Quimby was of importance. But she would find out that his method was not the true method of Christ Science, in fact, she would discover that it was the total opposite! Is there any wonder why illustration 1 is so dark?


Christ Healing

Christ Healing

“‘Christ Healing’ – Spirit

     “What is Christ healing? Dogmas and ritual have a mystical concept without analytical understanding. When Jesus healed a case he used the seven synonyms as recorded in the healings in Matthew.” (Ibid) I would have liked it if he would have provided an example of this.  “Dogma, ritual, religion will quote isolated passages torn from context and therefore lacking relationship with the whole. Meaning may be lost or changed through this practice. The practice of Christ healing depends on the whole. The woman in the coffin being raised shows the state to which spiritual light has been reduced by atomistic practices. The very black coffin in which she lies shows the loss of this light. The figure representing Jesus wears a white tunic with a dark garment thrown aside. {The tunic is not worn on his body as like the one the man in the shadows is wearing. I think of this tunic as the Christ mantle.}  This is in contrast with the male figure in the background who wears the dark robes of theology, the religious sense of Christianity. Jesus’ costume shows that the Christ breaks through the darkness of forms and rituals as it rent the veil of the temple at the time of the crucifixion. The woman standing at the foot of the coffin, fully alert and alive, is dressed in pure white like the woman in the coffin whom she resembles. White is composed of seven hues representing the Word or the seven synonymous terms.  The Christ restores the Word to its original effectiveness in Science and puts the theological sense of Christianity into the background. The dead letter is thus restored to the living Spirit in this illustration.” (pages 5 and 6)
     White also represents the Third Degree (see S&H 115) throughout Christ and Christmas. Gray represents the Second Degree and black represents the First Degree.
     It is thought that this illustration depicts two different times during Mary Baker Eddy’s life. The first was when she was about twelve (or so the story goes) and she was ill with fever. It is said that the two adults could represent Mary’s parents. The second was after her slip on the ice and fall upon the curb in Lynn, Massachusetts, on a cold night in February 1866. Her back was severely injured and her doctor and clergy friend expected her to die. (I feel that the man in black in this illustration symbolizes the two types of male energy that Mary Baker Eddy had to deal with at this time, materia medica and ecclesiastical despotism/scholastic theology/dogma.) But Mary turned to her Bible, a healing account of Jesus healing the palsied man, and she was healed. It is reported that during this month, even though one had been predicted by the Farmer’s Almanac, that there was no full moon. After her healing Mary Baker Eddy never suffered from the blood curse again. She certainly had her feet upon the moon.


     “Divine Science {symbolized by the seven-pointed star above Jesus’ head} impels the restoration of the dead letter {the Ark of the Covenant’s Letter of the Law} to the living Spirit {the Arch of the Covenant’s Spirit of the Law}.




“‘Seeking and Finding’ – Soul

     “‘For three years after my discovery {in 1866}, I sought the solution of this problem of Mind-healing, …devoted time and energies to discovering a positive rule.’ So writes Mrs. Eddy in the Science sub-chapter of {‘}Science, Theology, and Medicine{’} in the textbook. (p. 109) Further along in the same paragraph she writes, ‘I must know the Science of this healing.’ According to her statement in the textbook (p. 127: 9-12), Science has a specifically individual meaning. If her search was for Science, she was not searching primarily for a medical method or a metaphysical theory with which to alleviate human suffering as in Christian Science, but for the proto-Science underlying all the sciences.
     “The rays of the star falling upon her {Mr. Cox is telling us that the woman depicted in “Seeking and Finding” is Mary Baker Glover Eddy.} plus her statement that the original language of the Bible is divine Science (S. & H. 319) shows that the standpoint of her search was divine Science which would automatically exclude making errors in the search.
     “In the third thousand year period of the Bible opening with Abraham leaving Ur {where the false science of astrology, animal magnetism, was practiced} and ending with the entrance into the Promised Land, it is patent that the whole effort is one long search for true identity {Soul is Identity}. This period corresponds with the Word. The Prophetic Era {with Principle}, on the other hand, was a call for obedience to Principle and corresponds to the Christ. The entire New Testament portrays the advent of Christianity in its emphasis on the handling of mortality. This period does not end until the latter part of the nineteenth century when the Scientific Age was opened and Science and Health was presented.” (pages 6 and 7)
     I disagree with the last sentence. I believe that the Scientific Age (as he calls it) began in a.d. 996. Even though it seemed to move very slow until the latter part of the nineteenth century. It is also of importance to mention that the talking serpent (it has human teeth) is depicted on the floor behind Mary Baker Eddy. This talking serpent is a symbol of the animal magnetism of the Third Day of Soul in Abraham’s home city.
     “Not only did Mrs. Eddy conduct painstaking search of the Scriptures to corroborate her revelation and discovery, but each student must likewise undertake similar research into the text of that revelation to discover the system of Science hidden there. Once having made the discovery, continual culturing is required to make it the basis of consciousness. The outcome is complete change from religious consciousness to scientific consciousness.


     “Soul identifies the search for Science.” (pages 5 and 6)
     Mary Baker Eddy is the woman to fulfill the mission of Womanhood (handed out in Genesis 3), for the serpent tries to impede the woman’s spiritual progress, but the woman will step upon the serpent’s talking head (the five senses of nerve testimony). She is the woman, for the Grandmother clock, also behind her, reads 12:05 pointing us to Revelation 12:1-5. This Scripture tells us about the woman God-crowned. In Revelation’s fourth vision the serpent from the Garden has turned into the red dragon. The time illustrated on the clock is also the same slice of pie in Window of the Open Book where we have the Woman God-crowned Keystone.

The Woman God-crown Keystone


     Before we begin with the fourth illustration of “Christmas Eve” I would like to write something from Helen Wright’s book Your Divinity Revealed. It is from the chapter on Principle, pages 429-431.  I am using regular brackets for the quote from Helen.


What Are “Ceremonies?”
     S&H 31:17 says, “Obeying his [Christ’s] precious precepts, — following his demonstration so far as we apprehend it, — we drink of his cup…in full understanding of the divine Principle which triumphs over death.”
     Intrinsically it is Life that triumphs over death; and actually this whole paragraph has the tone of Life: “First in the list of Christian duties, he taught his followers [it has to do with teaching] the healing power of Truth and Love. He attached no importance to dead ceremonies.”
     “What are dead ceremonies? Are dead ceremonies counterfeits of Life or Principle? “Dead” is life’s opposite, but “ceremonies” is the opposite of Principle, expressing the deadness of theories, dogmas, rituals. Ceremonies are the opposite of Principle because they were invented as a cover-up, or to get God to act in a way that was pleasing to humans, or so that God would atone with them, work for them, shower blessings on them. Ceremonies were an attempt to bargain with God. Ceremonies stood in place of a working Principle. They are based on the illusion that ceremonies have in themselves a demonstrating power, an operative power, a power to give people something. That was how ceremonies originated.
     Thus, ceremonies are a counterfeit of Principle. It is the living Christ (tone of Life), the practical Truth which makes Jesus “the resurrection and the life” to all who “follow him in deed.” To follow is to go the way of Life. How? With dead ceremonies? No. In deeds (Principle). “Obeying his precious precepts [here we have the system of Principle:] following his demonstration so far as we apprehend it, — we drink of his cup…and at last we shall sit down with him, in a full understanding of the divine Principle which triumphs over death.”
     “You can see that Mary Baker Eddy could not have said, “sit down with him, in a full understanding of Life which triumphs over death.” Why? Because she was arguing against ceremonies, and arguing along the line of “precept upon precept..” She was asking, “Is there a Principle that gives Life? What is the Principle of giving? Is it ceremonies? Is it precepts? Or is it even more than precepts? Is it an understanding of the divine Principle that triumphs over death?” If she had put there, “…in a full understanding of the divine Life which triumphs over death,” it would be a statement that is true, but she would not have followed up her proposition which was: “What is it that gives us the understanding of Life? Is it ceremonies? Is it precepts? Or is it even something more? Is it a Principle?” Principle expresses itself in Life.
     S&H 121:28 states “…astronomical order imitates the action of divine Principle.”
     Why doesn’t it state “the action of divine Mind?” Would the action of divine Mind be the answer? No. Not to astronomical order. We cannot rely on terms, on words. Order, of course, has to do with Spirit, but looking up into the sky we can see that astronomical order has nothing to do with sequences of order. Order, as Spirit, is a sequential order, of like producing like, whereas astronomical order has to do with the system of the stellar universe. This statement could equally well have said, “Astronomical system imitates the action of the divine Principle.”  [End of quote.]

Christmas Eve

“‘Christmas Eve’ – Negative of Principle {with ceremonies}

     This illustration shows the type of mistaken method employed by religion, effectually darkening consciousness, taking the individual farther and farther from the right viewpoint. In the effort to reach the pagan tribes of northern Europe and bring them into Christianity, the established church adopted their custom, dressed it in a veneer of Christian terminology, completely losing the true meaning of Jesus’ birth, and saddled Christendom with a mistake. Celebration of events was adopted whereas true remembrance lies in works.
     “The largest element in the illustration is the Christmas tree, a pagan element. It is surrounded by a group of people who run the entire gamut of human life – infants, small children, people in their prime, age, invalidism, and it is decked with ornaments made with men’s hands. Neither is it all there! The top is cut off {decapitated} by the frame of the illustration. It also lacks roots, its means of sustenance {it is a dead tree}. This is typical of religious celebration. It cuts the idea from its origin and purpose, and worships an empty form in ritual and dogma {human opinion} which have no roots in Christ! ‘The tree {Mary Baker Eddy is speaking about the tree of life in this particular paragraph, the one with the leaves (pages) for the healing of the nations.} is typical of man’s divine Principle.’ (S. & H. 406) But this tree is the tree of personal sense, not of Principle.
     “The scene receives no light from the star of divine Science. Divine Science does not include celebrations like this. All light here is from an artificial, man-made source.” (pages 5 and 6) The electricity is symbolic of animal magnetism – astrology – the belief that man is born into matter.
     The following is up to interpretation, I see the solitary man decorating the tree. However, I could be wrong about it, and I do really like his explanation of what this man is really all about! “One individual in the illustration appears to object to the entire scene. He walks out of the picture at the far left, his back turned to the picture plane. He does not give his approval to the activity taking place. This lone figure indicates the fewness of those who see the falsity of commemoratives, the Eve-nots.


     “Divine Science sheds no light on personal commemoratives but requires the demonstration of Principle.” (page 8)
     Who has considered the title of this illustrated poem as Christ and Christ Mass? This fourth illustration certainly does present the Christ Mass celebration. But let us understand the real meaning of this book’s title. Let us see the Christ Head (as that of the woman/man in illustration one) as being Leader/Shepherd of the Christ Body (the Christ mass that is the congregation of church). This Leader/Shepherd, or Window/Door (as depicted on the Christmas tree[7]) must be comprehended in its true light as the two witnesses of Revelation 11. These two witnesses are depicted as angels in illustration five.




“‘Christmas Morn’ – Life

     “The previous title was ‘Christmas Eve,’ the present, ‘Christmas Morn.’ Misc. Wr. (p. 175) offers this: ‘The spiritual leaven of divine Science changes this false sense [fourth illustration], giving better views of Life.’ The dawn of the new paradigm is represented and continues the direction of the one objector in the previous illustration, the man walking out of the picture at the far left.
     “In the first place, the frame of this picture is significantly ovoid, changing radically from the rectangle previously used. This fact calls attention to the many double representations beginning with the geometric fact that an oval has two centers {?}.  There are two distinct halves in the picture, one dark {the bottom half} and one light {the top half}. Road and river are two entwined {I see this as the X-stream of Science}. Two figures rise from a tomb near the bridge (obscured in later editions). Two houses may be seen among the trees. Two churches, one with a steeple, the other domed, appear on the horizon. But only the two angels appear in the full light of the rising dawn along with the distant dome. All other double representations appear in the darker portion of the illustration.
     “A long night of increasing materialism passed prior to the birth of Jesus. A similar night passed before the advent of Christian Science. The spiritual education, which Jesus brought to humanity, grew dimmer and dimmer until little of the original light was left {Perhaps this is symbolized by the dark church with the steeple?}. The river representing Life picks up the reflection of the dawn while the road winds its way amid those symbols of a human life struggling to express its mission.” (page 9)
     I happen to like this explanation of the path or road and the river. However, we could also look at the two (where they cross each other) as being the human (the gray path) and divine (the white river) coincidence.
     “The promise that all will rise to the new paradigm {Science} is contained in the twelve sheep representing the twelve tribes {nations} of Israel of whom Science and Health notes that there will be a yielding ‘to the activities of the divine Principle of man in the harmony of Science.’ They will manifest ‘the light which shines “unto the perfect day” as the night of materialism wanes.’ (S. & H. 562)
     “It is divine Science which excludes the darkened consciousness depicted in the fourth illustration and awakening consciousness to the dawn of the fifth. Therefore, it might be summarized in some such way as the following:


     “Through divine Science Life brings the dawn of a new spiritually awakened consciousness sounding the knell of materialism.” (page 10)
     The Christ heads of Illustration One now have bodies (the mass). In their train are found the heads (the collective consciousness) of these Christian followers, those that I call the remnant seed (Rev. 12). Also in this illustration is supposed to be the tree of life and twelve sheep for the twelve nations of Israel (the restored Israel). The landscape depicted is of New England, where the second coming of Christ takes place.


     In the next section the author neglects to mention that there are two different versions of the illustration. Perhaps he did not know? I feel that the first Sixth illustration is for the tone of Truth as Truth on the Side of Life while the second Sixth illustration is for the Tone of Truth as Love on the Side of Light. For in the first illustration Mary Baker Eddy wears the dark cloak that Jesus wore in Illustration Two. And in the second illustration her mantle cloak is white. Perhaps this means, as Mr. Cox might put it, that Mary Baker Eddy’s followers are beginning to wake up that Christian Science is not a religion (dark mantle) but Christian Science is a Science (white mantle)?

C&C-C.S. Heal (A)C&C-C.S. Heal (B)

“‘Christian Science Healing’ – Truth

     “The last line of the verse accompanying the illustration reads, ‘For health makes room.’
     “‘Health’ is derived from the Old English word meaning ‘whole.’ In Christian Science the whole is the compound idea including all ideas. ‘The compound idea’ and ‘a compound idea’ are two uses found in the Christian Science textbook. ‘The compound idea” refers to the whole expression whereas ‘a compound idea’ is the individualized manifestation of that whole. In today’s new language derived from advancing philosophy, ‘the compound idea’ might be designated by the term ‘whole,’ ‘a compound idea’ by the term ‘holon,’ and the entire subject would be identified as ‘wholism.’[8] The term ‘holon’ refers to the individualized manifestation of the whole and as having all the qualities and characteristics of that whole. Were Science and Health being written in this age a hundred years later, these terms would more than likely have found their way into the text. Christian Science is wholistic. This scientific system of spiritual and divine ideas corrects whatever is not whole. Upheavals in today’s society show the struggle toward wholism going on in human consciousness. A world is feeling the impact of divine Science and endeavors to understand its significance.
     “The sixth day of creation records man as both male and female, but human misconception has separated this into two individuals called a man and a woman. In modern anthropology this combined nature is called the androgynous effect. Modernly this concept is original in the teachings of Christian Science as research proves. In the textbook woman is referred to as the highest nature of man. Womanhood embraces manhood. For proper effectiveness, the nature of man needs that of woman. Failure is occasioned by separation of these natures into two human individuals.[9] The creative needs the matrix in which ideas are formed and developed, and from which they issue. Manhood under the old mistaken paradigm of two separate human beings is weak. The new woman, embodying qualities of both, is strengthened and offers this new strength to the man in the illustration who shows the weakness imposed by the belief in corporeality classified mortal organization. The woman of this partnership involving human distinctions stands to the left of the new woman in the center. This new woman stands in the full light of the star of divine Science. She shows two individual natures as oneness, not separateness, and reaches out in strength to the man in the bed, giving him a new lease. She is a wholist and offers the man wholism. She is the holon and corrects the failure resulting from lack of awareness of this fact. The outcome is health, a health far above the concept of health as an organism restored to proper function and feeling well! It is the health of the compound idea, self-generating health!


     “In divine Science Truth restores the wholeness of the divine nature to the individual and thus restores health.


"Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me."

“Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me.”


“‘I THANK THEE, O FATHER, LORD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, THAT THOU HAST HID THESE THINGS FROM THE WISE AND PRUDENT, AND HAST REVEALED THEM UNTO BABES. – CHRIST JESUS’ {The actual title of this illustration is “Suffer [Permit] the children to come unto me [the Christ].” However, many people, like Mr. Cox, believe the title of this illustration is as given, the quote from Jesus.}

     “This capitalized statement is the title of the illustration. Thomas Kuhn in his The Structure of Scientific Revolutions refers to the young as being open to the acceptance of new science, new paradigms. The ‘young’ in this case does not necessarily refer to chronology.
     “The system of Science is hidden from those wise in worldly wisdom and revealed to those who search for the advanced idea. ‘Blesses are the poor in Spirit…’” (page 12) By the way, many people think that this Beatitude has to do with people that are poor in matter and have very little money. It says “poor in Spirit” not “poor in matter.”
     He continues on page 13: “For the first time in the entire poem the accompanying verse contains two exclamation points. These, together with the capitalized title already referred to, call attention to a special intention of the author {Mary Baker Eddy}. According to Webster, an exclamation point is used to denote ‘forceful utterance or strong feeling.’ The following is one such utterance we are to note:


          “‘Thus olden faith’s pale star now blends
               In seven-hued white!’


     “‘Seven-hued white’ is the key provided in Christ and Christmas to the whole system of Christian Science. The Bible begins, ‘Let there be light’ and seven days of creation follow. These denote the beginning. The ultimate is their crystallization in the seven synonymous terms in the textbook.”
     The other important words that deserve an exclamation point and are repeated on the page opposite the illustration are:


               EMITTING LIGHT!”


     I feel that it is important to mention this, since the author brought up the topic.
     “Examining ‘olden faith’ we note that the left half of the picture is filled with time symbols – age, indecision or instability (the rocking chair). {The Grandfather clock is of all importance here as it points us to Revelation 5:1-5. These verses tell us of the Lamb of God, the “spiritual idea” that sits upon the throne. A lamb is a young sheep, hence the girl sitting on the chair is this lamb and she holds the “little open book” of Revelation 10 in her hands. Mary Baker Eddy defines Lamb of God as: “The spiritual idea of Love; self-immolation; innocence and purity; sacrifice.” (S&H 590:9)} The window drapery and the cloth on the table hang lifelessly. The Bible lies closed on the table.
     “The right side of the illustration portrays a small girl {the spiritual idea} reading a copy of Science and Health. The drapery behind her is agitated {Why?}. Her chair sits firmly and squarely on its four legs, no hesitation or indecision indicated. {Her chair represents Jacob’s ladder or pyramid/ramp, because if you look at the rungs of the chair they are like a ramp. Also, she sits inside a pyramid of light.} The ‘daystar of divine Science’ shines through the window in its seven hues blending to white, bathing the child in its illumination, its rays moved to the left in order to shine fully upon the page. It is the first time the textbook is shown open. Through the light of the seven synonyms the textbook is understood in its oneness and wholeness. When Christ and Christmas was published, the textbook contained only the description of the city foursquare {symbolized by the wooden chair} without the succinct definition of God as it now appears on page 465 {in “Recapitulation”}. The ‘seven’ were still outside the book which was firmly planted on the ‘four.’ But this illustrated poem was preparing thought to see and to find the full system once it was finally included in the textbook in its present form.” (pages 13 and 14)
     This is actually quite an interesting fact. I really do feel that this explains why the Star is outside the window and not in the room with the girl. Remember that the Star shines upon the woman’s cloud head in “The Star of Bethlehem” and it is above Jesus in “Christ Healing.” Yet, in both illustrations with the two clocks of spiritual prophecy (time yet to come as the Second and Third comings of Christ) the Star shines down through glass windows to the vessels of Mary Baker Eddy and the Lamb of God (the two Sentinels). As you saw in “Christian Science Healing” the Star shines directly down upon Mary Baker Eddy while she is inside because she wears the Christ mantle. It may be depicted this way because when we first begin to open up the Bible code (as is being illustrated in “Seeking and Finding” and “Suffer the Children”) this understanding seems to come from without our consciousness, yet once we understand it and make it our own it is found within our consciousness (within the Kingdom of God).
     Going back to the clocks, why would they be prophetic of time yet to come as the Second and Third comings of Christ? “Seeking and Finding” depicts the year of 1874-75 before the Textbook was even published. The Star is Venus and it is symbolic of the time period when Venus made its first transit (in 1884). It would not be until 1882, during Venus’s second transit (being clothed with the sun) that Mary Baker Eddy would come to realize that she is the woman God-crowned and begin hinting at it to others. Her mission taking place during the Sixth Day of Truth. Likewise, it is not until the next pair of transits in 2004 and 2012 that the Lamb of God (the spiritual idea) depicted in the seventh illustration would even understand her own mission, that she too is God-crowned. Her God-crowned mission takes place during the Seventh Day of Love. It is the Lamb’s mission to do exactly what is described in the following paragraph!


     “Divine Science reveals the full text of the new paradigm {Science} through Love and plants it firmly on the basis of {the divine calculus as the city foursquare} the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science.


Treating the Sick

Treating the Sick

“‘Treating the Sick’ – The Word

     “In ‘Mental Treatment Illustrated’ in the textbook, Mrs. Eddy describes how to begin practice and how to begin a treatment. We may therefore take this section of the textbook for reference in connection with this illustration. It begins on page 410:23 and continues to the end of the chapter {“Christian Science Practice”}. Having described the way to begin, reference is next made to resorting to matter in treatment and terminates with the advice to stick to your ground for a victory. How to deal with the body is the next subject, explaining that the ‘true course is to destroy the foe, and leave the field to God, Life, Truth, and Love’ – pointing out that the synonym itself is what accomplishes the healing. Science and consciousness are at work ‘in the economy of being’ to produce the certain and unerring results of Principle. Then the question of hereditary ill and relinquishment of all faith in death depicts Life exalting the standard of health. Human concepts are destructible and when all faith in death is surrendered, man will make rapid strides toward the Christianity of Life and Love. A long, detailed section described as ‘An Allegory’ in which ‘the plea of Christian Science heals the sick’ follows. The idiom used is a trial as in a court of law and concerns a mortal who, in spite of and as a penalty for a high moral act, is sentenced to death through contraction of a fatal illness. The entire narrative is summarized on page 442:16-32, ending with the familiar advice, ‘Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you when asleep or when awake.’ Protection from harm lies in spiritual law. In the foregoing text to which reference is made above will be found the seven tones of the seven synonymous terms in the order of the Word. This indicates the entire information bank of infinite ideas necessary for healing.” (pages 14 and 15)
     Although this sounds good, we must ask ourselves why the man has not awake, he is still in a deep sleep – in the Adam dream.  And I do think it is important that the woman’s eyes are also shut!
     “The woman in the illustration sits quietly with the textbook closed, an indication that the consciousness of ideas is at work. A student reported that Mrs. Eddy stated in one of her classes that the understanding of the seven synonymous terms would heal every case. ‘A spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive.’ (S. & H. 463) Careful note should be taken to read ‘this truth removes properly’ (italics supplied by author). What truth? The truth that ‘a spiritual idea has not a single element of error.’ That is what removes the offense and it removes it properly, not according to predetermined human outlining, but in its own proper manner!


     “The Word is the whole information required for healing. (The Word is Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.) {We could say then, that the Word, as the seven synonymous terms, is made flesh – is manifested by the spiritual idea.}


Christian Unity

Christian Unity

“‘Christian Unity’ – the Christ {the first and second comings of Christ are united as one}

     “‘Christian Unity’ is a line of descent or continuity of the idea. The accompanying lines from the poem clearly show the motivation behind Jesus and that of Christian Science to be identical. It is to show the underlying structure of being which is not a factor of religion but of Science. In using the term ‘Christian Science’ one must consider Science applied to the human need rather than a religious organization or denominational religion, for the latter is certainly not the question, nor is it implied at all. Contained in a circle, the point indicated is that the Christ neither begins nor ends. It has neither point of beginning nor of ending. Before Abraham was it existed.
     “The Revelator understood that spiritual individuality requires the idea of womanhood for completeness, and used this symbol in connection with his revelation. The writer of the seven days of creation also used it as we see in the sixth day of creation. Hence the circle with one center as a frame for this illustration. The clasped hands of the two figures show the message of yesterday as one continuous message with that of today. No time factor is involved. In a personal way Jesus is associated with the Christ in the thought of Christians. In the thinking of students of Christian Science that subject is associated with the Science of Christ. Jesus manifested the Christ Science which portrays itself as the divine system outlined in the first chapter of Genesis and terminating the Bible in the symbol of the City Foursquare {a circle}. His phenomenal healings were made possible on this basis. But the true import of his mission was misunderstood. However, the disciples appear to have understood the elements of the system, for they presented his life-work in four Gospels depicting the Word {Matthew}, Christ {Mark}, Christianity {Luke}, and Science {John}. Additionally, one finds over and over again that his teachings and healings are given in tones of the seven days of creation or the seven synonymous terms.” (pages 16 and 17)
     There is not one time in the above paragraph that Mr. Cox even mentions the identity of the woman standing next to Jesus in the illustration. Mary Baker Eddy, the second coming of Christ, is the one who WROTE down the “Christ Science” that Jesus manifested.
     In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed, on page 174, in discussion of a 1987 Journal article (page 22), “Mary Baker Eddy and Her Unique Contribution to Christian Theology,” Paul Smillie writes, “Christianity was not the greater revelation, Christian Science is. Jesus’ work was finished {this is why his mantle robe is off and across his legs}; but God had more to unfold, and that is why a Second Advent was prophesied {by God (the Word of God) in Revelation} and He {She – God} sent our Leader. It is now a periodical theme that divine Science was taught by Jesus.  {And the same seems to be true of Doorly’s students!  What does Mary Baker Eddy write about Jesus?  “His mission was to reveal the Science of celestial being, to prove what God is and what He does for man.” (S&H26:16) On the same page she says (line 21), “Jesus’ teaching and practice of Truth involved such a sacrifice as makes us admit its Principle to be Love.  This was the precious import of our Master’s sinless career and of his demonstration of power over death.  He proved by his deeds that Christian Science destroys sickness, sin, and death.
     “Our Master taught no mere theory, doctrine, or belief.  It was the divine Principle of all real being which he taught and practised.  His proof of Christianity was no form or system of religion and worship, but Christian Science, working out the harmony of Life and Love.”  Smillie implies that Jesus did not teach divine Science, the level of divine Science that is.  Christian Science is a different level of Science than divine Science is.  He continues} Then, on p.48 we read, ‘…the divine Science of the Scriptures by which Jesus taught his disciples to heal….’ The revelation of divine Science had not yet come; our Lord said it was for a future time. ‘This rule remained to be discovered in Christian Science.’ (S&H 147:28-29). This does not mean that Jesus’ teachings of Christianity were not scientific; they certainly were. Christianity, the lesser light like the moon, borrows its light from the ‘full effulgence’ of the sun. The sun represents the Science of Christianity. It is a natural consequence that the moon’s {reflected} light must be Christianity scientific, but it is not the fullness of the Science of Christianity — the sun’s light, the raiment of the woman {who is clothed with the sun}.” (Infuses is added with bold italics.)  Although I like John Doorly and many of his student’s writings, they seem to ignore Mary Baker Eddy’s importance. Perhaps because they think to notice her is idolizing her persona? Most certainly, I think that this student of Doorly’s does not give Mary Baker Eddy credit where credit is due.  In Cox’s next paragraph (page 17) he again fails to mention that it is Mary Baker Eddy who is the woman seen in the illustration! Is it because he has been fooled by the red dragon?
     Cox continues, “In the textbook chapter ‘The Apocalypse,’ we read of the angel that appeared with an open book (p. 559). {This angel is Mary Baker Eddy. In the following sentence the pronoun that John uses is “his” not “its,” but I prefer to use “her.” I assume that Cox uses “its” because he is trying to say that the book is the angel. This is not the case!} It is described as having its left foot on the earth, that is, ‘a secondary power…exercised upon visible error and audible sin’ is indicated. In this connection, we should note that the left feet of both Jesus and the woman {you see he resists saying Mary Baker Eddy} are shown. The task of ‘Christian Science,’ the legend {the inscription or title} carried on the scroll, is to deal with this very type of error. It signifies the removal of mortal mind, matter, and physical sense. The scroll may not therefore carry the words ‘divine Science,’ the message carried in the book held by the angel, for divine Science is not concerned with negative problems.” (page 17)
     We must understand what the illustration is pointing out to the viewer. The title is called “Christian Unity.” We see Jesus’ hand and Mary’s hand in unity (they even form the letter U). The scroll reads “Christian Science” hence, Jesus who presented Christianity during the first coming of Christ and Mary Baker Eddy who presented Science during the second coming of Christ are one, they are united, and this is why the scroll does not read “divine Science.” Mary Baker Eddy does not write in “The Apocalypse” that the angel is the “little open book.” She is speaking about herself as the angel, the angel’s two feet that are also the same two feet of the woman God-crowned. The book does not give man dominion (as spoken of in the Sixth Day of Truth in Genesis). Spiritual understanding (of the words in the book) is what gives man dominion. Mary Baker Eddy is the angel messenger of God that descended from heaven (the level of divine Science consciousness) so that she could present the “little open book” to mankind on Earth.
     He continues on page 18: “Just what might be the message hidden on the rolled scroll? Referring to the hiding of the leaven, Mrs. Eddy is reported to have observed that if she hid it any more it might not be found.”  What was it that Mary Baker Eddy really hid from the public? She hid the fact that she is the second coming of Christ. She hid it so well that today many Christian Scientists have failed to see it and this, evidently, includes many of John Doorly’s students! It is interesting that in the Bible the symbol of bread was woman! So, the leaven that must rise up the three measures of meal is recognition of Mary Baker as (measure one) Discoverer (the angel of Science), (measure two) Founder (the woman God-crowned of true Theology), and (measure three) Leader (the Bride City Medicine Wheel). With this in mind, even though Cox is speaking of the matrix structure of the Textbook, let us think about it as being the fact that she hid her place in Bible prophecy from the public. “She not only hid it in the textbook, but the rolled scroll is another indication of its secrecy until the proper preparation of the age would reveal it.” Now (2012 onward, during the Sabbath Day of Love – with the Lamb of God, the second Sentinel of Martha) is the age that is revealing it to you, not the 1940s. He continues, “She predicted that the time would come when a man would appear and make this Science known. This occurred in the early forties but was unacceptable in official religious circles. At a meeting between John W. Doorly, John Lawrence Sinton, and Professor Herman S. Hering in London to discuss the findings of Doorly, Hering is reported to have said that Doorly’s findings were correct but that Boston would never accept them! (Personal communication) Religious views cannot accept scientific consciousness (and vice versa)! The old paradigm cannot accept the new.” (page 18)
     This brings to mind a dream I had in 1997. I present it to you now.


Dream of October 25, 1997

The Old Man In the Shoe Department
     I am sitting in a shoe department with Mom and Dad. There is a line of white leather boots. I got up to go look at them. I picked up one pair and they had these short toes. I thought they looked like cartoon boots. None of the boots looked right, then a man and woman came near me. They began crowding me out. They were talking to a salesman.
     I went back to sit down but my brother was in my seat. He scooted over for me.
     A young man is being given instructions by an old man. He is explaining to the clerk how to find a particular video. He said, “Make sure that the call numbers match, I don’t want you to give me the wrong video.” He meant that he wanted the clerk to check the call number on the videotape to the call number on the outside of the box. He had a slip of paper in his hand with the correct call number on it.
     The clerk said, “Oh, that doesn’t matter, it’s the right tape.”
     The old man said, “I don’t agree, check them.” But the clerk ignored him. The old man had the open box in his hand and inside the box was a ¾” video. The call numbers did not match. He said to the clerk, “See, they don’t match, this is a TK call number! This is the wrong tape.” I thought it odd that it was a technical (electronics) tape. Then he says to us, “The tape I want is about Mary Baker Eddy!” I knew he was right about the young man being incorrect about the call number because I used to work with call numbers.
     Then he continued, “You know Mrs. Eddy ascended! I saw her.”
     He was looking at my dad and I thought, “You shouldn’t say this to him, he’s not going to like hearing it.”
     Then he continued, “It was on the day of her funeral.” (December 8, 1910 I feel, not Jan 26, 1911)
     “I saw here in the schoolhouse. We were all walking out and there she was, just standing in the schoolhouse.” I felt like the schoolhouse was on her property at Chestnut Hill. “I will never forget it, seeing her, how she looked.”
     I could picture her too. Then I said, “You’re very lucky to have seen her.”
     “Yes, I am.” Then he says, “You know why John Doorly got kicked out?” (He was referring to John Doorly’s excommunication from The First Church of Christ Scientist.) “He talked too soon. Those of us in the Church who saw our Leader’s place [in Bible prophecy] understood his work, but he spoke up too soon. We told him to wait, but he wouldn’t listen to us. I’m glad they kicked him out.”
     I thought this was an odd thing for a Christian Scientist to say.


The Dream’s Interpretation
The Old Man In the Shoe Department
     I am sitting in a shoe department with my human (Second Degree) parents. There is a line of white (Principle) leather (tender) boots. I got up to go look at them. I picked up one pair and they had these short toes. “Toe: to stand, walk, or be placed so that the toes assume an indicated position or direction.”[10] I thought they looked like cartoon boots. None of the boots looked right, or realistic. (In a dream I had sometime after this dream I am with Mary Baker Eddy and another woman I believe to be Helen Wright.  We presented Mary Baker Eddy with a wooden (symbol of Womanhood) music box (music of the spheres squared matrix).  In this dream Mary Baker Eddy presents me with a pair of her white boots. These boots are symbols of Mary Baker Eddy’s, the angel’s, left foot and right foot of dominion over lust and hypocrisy, and I am the one chosen in this later dream to do fill her boots.) None of the boots in this shoe department are right for me to wear because I am not yet ready to step into her boots. A man and woman came up and began crowding me out. Someone was about to announce himself as Mary Baker Eddy’s successor. This man would be Stanley C. Larkin from the Christian Science Endtime Center in Denver, Colorado. The couple (Stanley and his mother?) were speaking with a salesman. Selling means, “the transfer of ownership of and title to property from one person to another for a price.”[11] Was this couple allowed to take ownership and title of Mary Baker Eddy’s property or her seat of successorship? This has to do with the Church Manual’s Deed of Trust in the back of the book.
     I went back to sit down but my brother was in my seat. However, he scooted over for me. This may mean that, at that time, my own manhood was unwilling to accept that I could be Mary Baker Eddy’s successor but eventually would accept it and move aside so that my Womanhood mission could begin.
     There is an old man giving instructions to a young clerk. The old man asked the clerk to go and find a video. He said, “Make sure that the call numbers match, I don’t want you to give me the wrong video.” He meant that he wanted the clerk to check the call number on the video inside the box to the call number on the outside of the box. He had a slip of paper in his hand with the correct call number written on it.  In Christian Science churches there is also the office of clerk.  This position, in the Church Manual, represents Truth.  All Christian Science clerks are expected to uphold Truth.  This month (April 2014) in The Banner it was reported how a clerk of a Branch Church had been dishonest.  She reported to The Mother Church about the Branch’s donations.  She also wrote checks (with church funds) to her grandson, herself (going on a vacation), and her sister (who was also a member of the same Branch).  This is error, not Truth, it is the mentality depicted in the tenth illustration from Christ and Christmas.
     The clerk said, “Oh, that doesn’t matter, it’s the right tape.”
     The old man said, “I don’t agree, check them.” But the clerk ignored him. The old man had the open box and inside the box was a ¾” video. The call numbers did not match. He said to the clerk, “See, they don’t match, this [the one on the video] is a TK call number! This is the wrong tape.” I thought it odd that it was a technical (electronics) tape. Then he says to us, “The tape I want is about Mary Baker Eddy!” I knew he was right, that the young man was incorrect about the call number because I use to work with call numbers. The clerk was being handled by animal magnetism, as the TK electronics call number points out. It is also animal magnetism that tries to hide Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and hide the fact that she is the second coming of Christ.
     Then the old man continued, “You know Mrs. Eddy ascended! I saw her.” He was looking at my dad.
     I thought, “You shouldn’t say this to him, he’s not going to like hearing it.”  Perhaps this means that it is my own manhood that figures does not want to hear this statement.
     Then he continued, “It was on the day of her funeral.” (I feel that it was December 8, 1910 not Jan 26, 1911. Mary Baker Eddy’s memorial service was held at Chestnut Hill on December 8. Because her tomb had to be built her coffin was taken to the cemetery to wait until January 26, 1911 for the actual burial.)
     The man continued, “I saw her in the schoolhouse [her teaching consciousness]. We were all walking out [from the service] and there she was, just standing in the schoolhouse.” I felt like the schoolhouse was supposed to have been on her property at Chestnut Hill. “I will never forget it, seeing her, how she looked.”
     I could picture her too. Then I said, “You’re very lucky to have seen her.”
     “Yes, I am.” Then he says, “You know why John Doorly got kicked out?” He was referring to John Doorly’s excommunicated from The First Church of Christ Scientist. “He talked too soon. Those of us in the Church who saw our Leader’s place [in Bible prophecy] understood his work, but he spoke up too soon. We told him to wait, but he wouldn’t listen to us. I’m glad they kicked him out.”
     In the dream I thought this was an odd thing for a Christian Scientist to say.
     The words stand and wait are similar here. Because he saw Mary Baker Eddy stand and John Doorly would not wait, he would not stand. Stand for what? He would not stand with Mary Baker Eddy and proclaim her as the second coming of Christ. Wait means to “stay in place in expectation of: await, to remain stationary in readiness or expectation.”[12] It also means, “to watch.” The man seemed to be saying that Doorly was too soon to be the woman’s successor who must be a woman Sentinel. I can only figure out that he is glad Doorly was kicked out because his teachings were not meant for the churchgoers, only for the remnant seed.
     On February 25, 2014 I was watching an episode of The Arrow.  At the beginning there were two robbers being directed by another man. This man was using computers and the surveillance cameras in order to give these men directions. At one point he told the two men to wait. They refused to be patient and await directions, as a result they wound up killing a security guard, they were chased, and then their boss killed one of the two men for their disobedience. Perhaps if John W. Doorly had been patient and waited upon God he would not have been excommunicated? But then again, perhaps it would have happened no matter when he would have come forth. This has given me reason to be patient and wait until I feel that God wishes me to proceed with what I do.
     Doorly’s followers actually believe that he was the successor “a man” that Mary Baker Eddy was referring to in her interview of 1901. In an interview with Mary Baker Eddy, May 1, 1901, for the New York Herald she spoke about her successor. The reporter asked, “Will there be a hierarchy, or will it be directed by a single earthly ruler?”
     She answered, “In time its present rules of service and present rulership will advance nearer perfection.”
     He wrote, “It was plain that the answers to questions would be in Mrs. Eddy’s own spirit. She has a rapt way of talking, looking large-eyed into space, and works around a question in her own way, reaching an answer often unexpectedly after a prolonged exordium. She explained: ‘No present change is contemplated in the rulership. You would ask, perhaps, whether my successor will be a woman or a man. I can answer that. It will be a man.’
     “‘Can you name the man?’
     “‘I cannot answer that now.’
     “Here, then, was the definite statement that Mrs. Eddy’s immediate successor would, like herself, be the ruler.” (Miscellany 342:29-343:12) But this statement is the reporter’s opinion. For by “a man” Mary Baker Eddy could have been referring to generic man, the one man.
     This interview seemed to stir up consternation. So, on May 16, 1901 Mary Baker Eddy gave a statement to the Associated Press. She said, “I did say that a man would be my future successor. By this I did not mean any man to-day on earth.” (Miscellany 346:27) This counts out Doorly because he was on earth in 1901.
     She continues on, “Science and Health makes it plain to all Christian Scientists that the manhood and womanhood of God have already been revealed in a degree through Christ Jesus and [Mary Baker Eddy, but I am not allowed to announce this today, so I must hide it and substitute my name with] Christian Science, His two witnesses. {I ask how can Christian Science be a witness? It cannot.} What remains to lead on the centuries and reveal {uncover} my successor, is man in the image and likeness of the Father-Mother God, man the generic term for mankind.” (ibid, line 29-347:5) This successor does not have to be a man. However, man reflecting Father-Mother God is also male and female, and this man can be manifested as a woman.
     Yet, there was another time when Mary Baker Eddy was speaking about the three comings of Christ. She mentioned three names – Jesus, Mary (Baker Eddy), and Martha. I am Martha. I am not the successor that will take over the Boston Church and run it, I am Martha, sister of Mary, who is willing to explain Mary’s God-crowned mission to the world, just as she was willing to explain Jesus’ God-crowned mission to the world. Jesus’ mission took place during the Fifth Day of Life, Mary Baker Eddy’s mission took place during the Sixth Day of Truth, and my mission takes place during the Seventh Day of Love. Anyone, as generic man, can be Mary Baker Eddy’s successor, so long as they are successful in the demonstration of Christian Science.
     There is also the fact that she mentioned that about fifty year’s time would be the right time for her successor to appear. And this is why Doorly’s followers thought that he was her successor. The time period she spoke of would have been in the fifties. However, it does not mean that this successor was around before the fifties, but their mission would begin in the fifties, as Mary’s mission began on July 16, 1821. It stands to reason then, that not only would she have a legitimate successor, not like everyone was expecting, and that her successor would carry on in her footsteps, having the feet (spiritual understanding) of the angel of Revelation 10. Why? Because Martha would accept wholeheartedly that Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ. There would be no reservations within her, for she would stand and have dominion over the lust for power and the hypocrisy that comes from such lust!


     I do not deny that the system of Science was hidden in the Textbook, however, this is not what Mary Baker Eddy was speaking about hiding. And the fact that I am correct on this fact is that today many Christian Scientists have begun to understand the structure of Science matrixes and the system of Science. In fact, and this may shock some folks, but this system was even understood by some Christian Scientists before Doorly even announced his work! (I have written proof of this.) So it was not the system of Science that was hid. No, it was Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and the fact that she is the second coming of Christ that she had to hide. And why this is fact, that this is what she hid, is because Mary Baker Eddy is a stranger to the world today thanks to the fact that Christians Scientists deny who she is to themselves and to the world. Now to continue with the manuscript (page 18): “The Science which was hidden in the textbook is contained in the capitalized terms. When arranged according to their diversification, classification, and individualization, they form a chart and may be written on one sheet of paper. This very fact may well have been intuitive in consciousness when the scroll was placed in the hands of the woman! …”
     Why does he use the word “intuitive”? Which definition did he intend to mean? Let me show you two different definitions of the word “intuition” found within Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary. The first is: “immediate apprehension or cognition”. I find this to be a superb meaning and I like it. But the second one I have problems with (if this is what Cox meant). It reads: “the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.” Intuitive means: “knowing or perceiving by intuition; known or perceived by intuition: directly apprehended; knowable by intuition; possessing or given to intuition or insight”. Which definition should we accept that Mr. Cox meant? And is he speaking about Mary Baker Eddy as being the one who decided to place the scroll into the hands of the woman or is he speaking about James F. Gillman as being the one who decided to place the scroll into the hands of the woman? I tend to think that Mary Baker Eddy gave Mr. Gillman instructions to put the scroll into her hand, for the woman in the illustration is Mary Baker Eddy. And if the woman in “Christian Unity” is a type of woman being expressed (as some Scientists insist) then it is the type of woman that Mary Baker Eddy manifested.
     “…It was rolled at that time to continue the then secrecy of the message. That divine message could not be laid before the eyes of men until there was adequate preparation. It should be carefully noted that neither textbook {he means Bible and Science and Health} appears {in the linear progression of Christ and Christmas} once the scroll has been used.


     “The message of the Christ is shown by divine Science to be one Science, one continuous message.” (Ibid)


     This author does not comment on why Jesus is sitting while Mary Baker Eddy is standing. Nor does he comment on the fact that Jesus robe is off and lying across his lap. The fact that Jesus’ toes are all we see while we see Mary’s whole foot means that Jesus’ God-crowned mission was not to provide mankind with Science, but that it was the WHOLE of Mary’s God-crowned mission to provide mankind with Science.
     Before we continue with the next illustration let us understand that the two feet have dominion over the two beasts of the red dragon. The first beast is lust and the second beast is hypocrisy.
     In Edyth Armstrong Hoyt’s book Studies In the Apocalypse of John of Patmos, page 75, it reads: “No longer able to strike openly, the dragon-thought delegates authority to two other types of destructive thought. In this section [Rev. 13:1-10] we read again of the beast who appeared in chapter 11. We know that his claims are but lies for he takes all of his authority from the same old dragon thought. The Greek word is THERION, meaning wild beasts or bestiality. (This beast must never be confused with the four ‘beasts’ of Revelation 4 whom we have translated as ‘living creatures’ from the Greek word ZOON  {This is the divine calculus.}). And this last beast comes up out of the shifting sand of the sea (hidden erroneous conditions)!” What this beast represents is the lust for power over the Christ mass.
     She continues: “We also read that this beast has upon his heads names of blasphemy.” This means that these lustful mortals break God’s law (or By-Laws as found in the Church Manual). This beast “symbolizes domination and malpractice.”
     The second beast “symbolizes the civil and religious administration” of the Church. It comes up out of the earth with two horns like a lamb but that he spake like a dragon (the hierarchy). Has there ever been a lamb with horns upon its head? No. This lamb is a counterfeit of the Lamb of God. So this lamb beast is an imposter, a counterfeit of the spiritual idea. This counterfeit lamb is a symbol of hypocrisy found in “civil and religious administration” of the Church.
     In the Old Testament Elijah was a true prophet (lamb of God). He was able to make “fire come down out of heaven. We also read that the false prophet tried to put a mark on the forehead. It was in the seventh chapter of the Revelation that we read about the protective seal upon the foreheads of the victorious ones.
     “There is another point, however, in connection with this false prophet of the beast which we must mention. We read that he tried to put a mark on the right hand. With your right hand you usually operate, or work. A mark on the right hand would be an attempt to hinder free activity.
     “It is well to note that the Latin word for hand in MANU. From this we have manipulo, to handle, to manipulate. Thus, this false prophet stands for the counterfeit of the Revelation and for manipulation. He is indeed false in every sense.”[13] This mark is the number 666 (sex, sex, sex, or sin, sin, sin). Of course, it is easy to tie the word manu to the word “manual.” The hand of God’s Scribe, Mary Baker Eddy, wrote the Church Manual. It was only by “her hand” that anything could be approved of or changed within the Church Manual. This book, in the hands of ecclesiastical despotism, is manipulated, and the Law of God winds of being broken (which is blasphemy).
     W. Gordon Brown explains more about the two feet of the angel of Revelation 10 in his audio lecture on Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the section on chapter 5 “Animal Magnetism”. When speaking of the two feet having dominion over the sea (lust) and the earth (hypocrisy) he says, “nothing in all the world is more vital and more basic then this because it implies that no beast shall be allowed to rise up out of the sea and no beast out of the earth such as seems to happen in Revelation 13, if the woman’s mission in bringing forth the little book, in Revelation 12 has been successfully accomplished and if, when her mission is over {December 3, 1910}, Christian Scientists are obedient to the little book’s demands. {We could also say, “nothing in all the world is more vital and more basic then this because it implies that no beast shall be allowed to rise up out of the sea and no beast out of the earth such as seems to happen in Revelation 13, if our Leader is obeyed when her mission is over, that Christian Scientists are obedient to the rod of divine Science and obey the Church Manuals estoppel clauses.”}
     “Well, witness the situation today and it is evident that Christian Scientists did not comply with the Founder’s provisions and so up came the two beasts, or rather they appeared to do so. But to cut a long story short, both the books of Revelation and Science and Health show that what the sea-beast stands for is any form of lust for power or carnal possession, lying deep down in the mortal psyche and what the earth-beast stands for, the hypothetical masking or cover-up of this, in order to prevent it from surfacing to human view, which means of course, that an apparently good and open exterior can be found to hide a bad and secret interior.” And this “cover-up,” by the Field (the second beast), of what the Board of Directors (the first beast) has done, is precisely what is depicted in illustration 10 – “Truth versus Error.” The woman, Mary Baker Eddy is totally ignored by the adult-erers inside the church mansion. It is only the girl-boy who recognizes the woman and who she is. This girl-boy does not participate in the adult’s cover-up of Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ. And it is the adults with their cover up who are actually indulging in personal sense (animal magnetism) idolatry!  But hypocrites always accuse others of their own sin.
     Brown explains, “We can see this brought out in the Bible verse, page 100 {of S&H}, on which the fifth chapter is based, where it says ‘out of the heart’ the deep subjective interior; think of all references to ‘heart’ in the chapter ‘Prayer’, out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, etc; these are the things which defile a man.’
     “That which lies in the depths of the mortal psyche: in that substratum of mortal consciousness, which modern psychoanalysis calls the collective or cosmic unconscious, and which comes to the surface of consciousness itself often-times with devastating results. This is it which on the right foot {as seen in illustration 10} or dominate power of Science and Health {the scroll} is exercised, in which case the book’s left foot {as seen in illustration 9}, or secondary power removes, the mask of hypocrisy, covering up all their false secret desires which mortals don’t want to have come out into the open and be known.
     “So, as we find it on page 559, as the result of the power of Truth and Love, the book’s {the angel’s} two feet, animal magnetism is destroyed, both as the source of error’s invisible forms and also as visible error and audible sin; that is, in both its unseen and seen aspects but primarily as that which works in secret evolutionarily beneath the surface of thought, unseen, undetected.
     “…In accord with the first section of ‘The Apocalypse’ this is that we begin right away to put our right foot on the sea and left foot on the earth. For what is our dominate right foot but our conscious union with God which we pray for in the first chapter, the infinite unseen source of all that takes form on the surface of consciousness as our visible Christ identity.”
     Illustration 9 represents outward hypocrisy that is today found in Christianity (the Christ mass) that is shown towards Jesus when he is idolized and their denial and rejection of Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, while illustration 10 represents the inward lust found within the Christian church, the mass’s hidden desire for power and prestige manifested in “evil thoughts, disorders, adulteries, and so on, that proceed out of the heart of mortality, the opposite of the heart of prayer.” (Brown)

C&C-C.S. TvE (A)

“‘Truth versus Error’ – Christianity

     “In contrast with the ninth illustration in which both left feet of the figures are shown, it is the right foot that is shown in this illustration. In speaking of the angel {and Mary Baker Eddy is this angel} in Revelation, the {Mary Baker Eddy in her} textbook states that this foot represents ‘dominant power…upon elementary, latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms.’ (S. & H. 559) Hidden error continues to grow and only divine Science can bring it from under cover {unmasks animal magnetism}. The error depicted is inside the house, visible through the window. Wine glasses are held aloft by the nearest couple. Negatively, wine represents ‘error; fornication; temptation; passion.’ (ibid. 598) ‘Error’ darkens consciousness – the Word enlightens it. ‘Fornication’ is the fruit of the flesh – the Christ rejects it. ‘Temptation’ bids a repetition of offenses – Christianity heals it. ‘Passion’ crushes health, happiness, manhood. ‘Here Christian Science is the sovereign panacea…lifting…into purer desires.’ (ibid. 407)
     “In Miscellaneous Writings (p. 323), ‘An Allegory’ describes a city on a hill significantly without a temple. From this city a stranger emerges and winds his[14] way to the valley where he first talks with ‘watchers and workers.’ He then moves on to ‘the streets of a city made with hands’ as distinct from the City Foursquare. Festivity taking place within a ‘palatial dwelling’ is described. He {She} knocks. Satisfaction and pleasure within absorb the attention of all but one who sees the stranger ‘through the clearer pane of his {the girl-boy couple} own heart.’[15] The description is quite similar to the illustration under consideration. The story goes on to describe how the lack of spirituality in three dwellings brings about desolation and destruction. Of all encountered but one is driven to appeal to the Stranger, the Christ, knocking at the door of human consciousness. This lone seeker and the two children in the illustration, the only ones who give attention to the Stranger, show the fewness of those attracted to the Science which is an increasing source of satisfaction. Few seek the spiritual until all material supports have failed. Those who were bidden to Pleasant View to serve Mrs. Eddy in her home, for example, were those who had sought Christian Science for spiritual reasons rather than for physical healing. As with Jesus whose mission lay infinitely above the healing of a few physical aches and pains, so it is with Science. It comes to introduce a new paradigm and to educate humanity to it. Does it ask acceptance of another religious belief, or of a totally new frame of reference? On the basis of this new frame of reference, the entire range of human life may be transformed and its direction completely changed.” (pages 19 and 20)
     Returning to Brown’s talk on “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” he speaks about the city as being the foursquare city, which is symbolized by the rug that the woman is standing upon in illustration 10. “Now, in the case of the individual mortal this entire cosmic myth {of animal magnetism} appears to be focused and consolidated mentally, doesn’t it, under the dome of his {Adam man’s} skull, the seat from which it controls involuntarily the workings of his body. Nerve {serpent} messages, sensation in matter, supposedly coming from and returning to his brain as their source. Quite a symbol, the dome, isn’t it? The dome or vault of the Heaven; the dome of the head; the pear-shaped dome of the material matrix or womb. Indeed the architectural dome of the Mother Church or St. Peter’s in Rome {also referred to as a Mother Church}; Rome called incidentally, ‘The Holy City’ being only a material counterfeit of the real Holy City, City of universal divine Science. Let’s thank God for the heavenly, cosmic, matrix city, defined by Paul as the ‘Mother of us all;’ the scientific understanding of which we now know is taught us by the interwoven foursquare structure of the Christian Science Textbook in the way in which we are now considering it.
     “By the way, do we know that in mythology, the sea over which the textbook exercises it’s dominant power symbolizes is said, ‘The mother of all living;’ extraordinary isn’t it? ‘Mother of all living,’ the sea; mother of us all, the Heavenly foursquare city, the New Jerusalem. {By the way, the name Mary has roots to mere, the sea.} Well, obviously, it requires a great deal of prayerful pondering and thinking about, doesn’t it; this unmasking of mythological animal magnetism and its translation into the oneness and inseparability of God and man, divinity and humanity, heaven and earth; this is, into the workings of the Holy Foursquare Mother City.”
     It is also a possibility that the word “sea” is referring to the astronomical sea (in what we call outer space) of the dragon.


Truth versus Error

Truth versus Error

     “Christ’s Christianity knocks at the door of human consciousness for acceptance.” (page 20)  Or perhaps “The Christ representative of Womanhood knocks at the door of Christianity’s human consciousness for acceptance.” Let us accept Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, let us accept her not as a second Christ (for there is only one Christ) but as the second appearance of Christ in the flesh as God’s Motherhood representative! Let us accept that Mary Baker Eddy came to Christianity in order to unite it with God’s divine Science!  Let us consider why there are two different illustrations of “Truth versus Error.”  The first illustration was drawn before The First Church (The Mother Church) in Boston was built.  So she has the word Truth on the scroll and the term “Mortal Mind” on the door plate.  At this time she is knocking at the consciousness (door) of all mankind, who seem to listen to mortal mind.  The second illustration is in a later edition, after The First Church is built.  This second illustration presents a warning to her own congregation of Boston and her Branch churches.  I feel this is why the scroll no longer has the word “Truth” on it and why the doorplate is not legible.  Notice also the door panelings on the first door have six squares (like that of the six earthen vessels found in the Edifice below Window of the Open Book), while the second door illustrates the Christ Vineyard (perhaps of Concord Grapes?).  The black and white tiles are symbolic of Roman-ism.   Again, a warning to her congregation and Branch churches that material organization is not “The Way” for Christian Scientists.  Likewise, there are two illustrations for “The Way.”  The first (seen below) corresponds with the first illustration for “Truth versus Error” and the second “The Way” corresponds to the second illustration for “Truth versus Error.”

The first "The Way" with its crowned cross.

The first “The Way” with its crowned cross.

     Before continuing with the eleventh illustration I would like to make note that this manuscript fails to mention the first illustration of “The Way” (as seen directly above).  The first illustration depicted an ascending man (probably Jesus) along with a crowned cross (it is crowned with flowers). Above the head of the man is a descending dove (divine Science). There are nine birds around the cross (the nine birds are probably symbolic of nine names defined in “Glossary” the sons of Jacob’s, even though Joseph and Judah are listed not as “Jacob’s son” but as “a corporeal mortal.”  The reason why Joseph and Judah would be called “a corporeal mortal” is because it is through Judah’s lineage that the first coming of Christ (Fatherhood/manhood) is supposed to have come from and it is through Joseph’s lineage that the second coming of Christ (Motherhood/Womanhood) is supposed to have come from.
     This illustration of “The Way” is also shaped differently. It is not a square, oval, or circle, but looks more like a womb, or a loaf of bread, or half an Easter egg. I feel that perhaps this odd shaped illustration is meant for the Minor Pyramid of Principle template. The second illustration for “The Way” is rectangular (square).

The second "The Way"

The second “The Way”

“{The second illustration of} ‘The Way’ – Science

     “Two crosses and a crown are depicted in a landscape going from dark to light with the crown in the sky, a path of light leading up to it {Or is the ray of light shining down from heaven?}. The crown is of the same type as depicted on the cover of the textbook at that time and may be taken as an indication that it is the ultimate effect of the textbook which is here intended.
     “A great difference is noted between this illustration and all others. Here there is no indication of people. They have completely disappeared! {Except for the fact that there are ghost like figures around the grave on the left side of the illustration.}  ‘When advanced to spiritual being and the understanding of God, man can no longer commune with matter; neither can he return to it,… Neither will man seem to be corporeal, but he will be an individual consciousness, characterized by the divine Spirit as idea, not matter.’ (S. & H. 76)  Man is recognized in his wholeness.
     “DuNouy, the great naturalist referred to before, agrees with Mrs. Eddy’s findings that spirituality is reached in three steps. The first is the physical through which he says mankind has already passed. Men are no longer concerned with assurance of physical needs being met as they were in humanity’s very early years. The second step is the moral {there is a lion, for moral courage, on the left side of the pond} in which qualities providing an improved life style are foremost. The third is the spiritual and of this stage he notes that Jesus is the prototype foreshadowing the type of man to come {Jesus is depicted in the first “The Way”).  These three stages are represented in the illustration by the two crosses and the crown. {(See S&H 115-116) The cross in the forefront is black and represents the First Degree. The crowned cross that is just like the crowned cross in the first illustration of “The Way” is gray and is no longer attached to mortality (the ground) as in the first illustration of “The Way.” This gray cross represents the Second Degree. The crown is high in the light of the Third Degree.}
     “Jesus’ complete demonstration was over the whole of mortality in which his mortal body itself disappeared and left no evidence ‘while the spiritual self, or Christ, continues to exist in the eternal order of divine Science.’ (S. & H. 334) The point made in the illustration is the continuity of individuality in ‘the eternal order of divine Science,’ corporeality having completely disappeared.
     Pulpit and Press (p. 4) states, ‘Who lives in good, lives also in God [Spirit] – lives in all Life, through all space. His is an individual kingdom, his diadem a crown of crowns.’ The problematic, problem-creating universe of mortals disappears and the spiritual idea alone commands the situation.

     “Science leads through the three degrees to the complete annihilation of mortality.


     “The illustrations do not terminate the book. There are four additional pages under the heading of ‘Poem and Glossary.’ What bearing, if any, do these pages have on the whole work?
     “On the first of these pages the whole poem is restated. As one reads it, he hears such phrases as: ‘O’er the grim night of chaos,’ ‘rouse the living,’ ‘wake the dead,’ ‘the Way…that stills all strife,’ ‘fierce heart-beats,’ ‘this living vine ye demonstrate,’ ‘merriment…o’er babe and crib,’ ‘Jesus’ part was to endure the crucifixion, ‘Christ comes in gloom,’ ‘Christ’s silent healing,’ ‘crowns the pale brow,’ ‘no mass for me,’ ‘no blight, no broken wing, no moan…Truth’s fans can dim.’ These expressions relate to the human problem and indicate the human state to which Christian Science ministers.
     “The next page presents a Glossary giving the Bible verses which are ‘the basis of the sentiments in the verses, whereto their number corresponds.’ These verses are translated into modern language in the poem. Most of the source material is quoted from Jesus. The question is one of restating the language of the Bible in the then modern language and represents the Christ translation. This page deals solely with ideas omitting reference to any negative problem, the specific function of absolute Christian Science.
     “The third of these pages quotes Revelation 2:28 in reference to ‘the MORNING STAR,’ the daystar designated by Mrs. Eddy as symbolic of divine Science.” (pages 11-28) I wish to add more to this, that this MORNING STAR represents Venus, the ancient symbol for the woman God-crowned and the angel of Revelation 10 (who is clothed with the sun during its transits and who is clothed with a cloud of volcanic ash).
     “The final page contains the colophon, a word from the Greek meaning ‘summit.’ It states that ‘Mary Baker Eddy and James F. Gilman’ are the artists. ‘The truest art of Christian Science,’ she wrote, ‘is to be a Christian Scientist.’ (Misc. Wr. 375)  She speaks also of a higher step, ‘but the art of Christian Science is akin to its Science.’ (ibid. 372)
     “By means of these three categories, the seven illustrations depicting the seven synonymous terms, four illustrations depicting the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science, and four final pages depicting the dimensions of Christian Science, absolute Christian Science, divine Science, and Science, the entire system is presented. In no sense is this volume a plea for a religious denomination, but strictly for the system of Science. …
     “…It would seem that the hint of the dimensional aspect provided in these last pages of the poem might have been the motive for the urgent demand that The Mother Church be ready for services in 1894. In the auditorium of that church this dimensional aspect would be greatly amplified and its Science rather than denominational religion would be shown as the goal to be achieved. The symbolization of this goal was reached within the twelve month period of the publication of the poem, an indication of the need to understand and comply with the demands of divine Science.” (pages 23 and 24)
     This ends section one of the manuscript. I would like to add that Christ and Christmas came out in order to present the truth to Christian Scientists about their Leader Mary Baker Eddy. There is a manuscript attributed to Judge Septimus J. Hanna on Christ and Christmas. Hanna recognized Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and he accepted her as the second coming of Christ. He worked with Mary Baker Eddy and she never ridiculed or chastised him upon his writings on the topic of who Mary Baker Eddy really is. The manuscript depicts the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (my own title) for a layout of Christ and Christmas. The illustrations are laid out by title in a triangular (pyramid) shape. The first six illustrations are on the Side of Life (of Mary Baker Eddy’s Life) while illustrations six to eleven are on the Side of Light (of Mary Baker Eddy’s Light). It was necessary for Mary Baker Eddy to present to her followers who she really is, and she did it in picture form. This enabled The First Church to be built and completed by its forty week due date. And the same idea of who Mary Baker Eddy is was to be testified to in the Edifice via the picture windows.

(To be continued.)

[1] This edition (published in 1891) is the first to present the city foursquare and city of our God.

[2] Christ and Christmas was published in 1893.

[3] The Church Manual was first published in 1895.

[4] Miscellaneous Writings was copyrighted in 1896 and published in 1897.

[5] “The windows were properly described in the Journals of 1895 as ‘picture windows.’ They are not stained glass windows as is mistakenly asserted by guides in the building today. Stained glass is an entirely different technique having no resemblance whatever to that used in these windows.” ( the Cox Manuscript’s footnote)

[6] I am not sure where he gets this idea. In the Bible the royal daughters of David are taken to the British Isles where the Lost Israel is located. I believe that these daughters are the beginning of the royals found today in Britain.

[7] There is a triangle, or pyramid, shape in the tree. The capstone is the floating head of a manchild, below on the right is a door, to the left of the door is a window. These three symbols can be found in The First Church Edifice as the Immanuel Arch, Mary First at the Resurrection Window, and the Woman God-crowned Window. Jesus referred to himself as the door while Mary Baker Eddy referred to herself as the window.

[8] The author has the w on the words holism and holistic.

[9] It was the deep sleep mesmerism, hypnotism, of animal magnetism that made Adam believe that his womanhood had been severed from him via a surgical procedure. In truth Adam and his womanhood were never separated. Today this would be explained as the brain having two different sides. The right side is feminine controlling the left side of the body while the left side of the brain is masculine controlling the right side of the body. It is said that the right side of the brain is what accepts wholeness while the left side of the brain (the masculine side) fights this wholeness.

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[13] Studies in the Apocalypse of John of Patmos; by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt, pages 75 and 76

[14] This Stranger is really the woman depicted in Illustration Ten. The woman God-crowned, that is knocking on the door (mortal consciousness), is asking to be allowed entrance into their conscious thought.

[15] This one “who sees” is depicted in the illustration as the girl/boy couple.