Linear Progression of Christ and Christmas and Levels of Windows – Part 3

by MJSmith

Now that we have completed the twelve Stargates and twelve Keystones cycle of the wheel (the true cult) we are able to move into the hub of Science itself, the capstone of the Word pyramid square.

Center Hub of Window of the Open Book


Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning. — Proverbs.”

     The inner gate of this thirteenth chapter “Teaching Christian Science” opens up to “Genesis” where brotherhood is repudiated. “Here the serpentine lie invents new forms. At first it usurps divine power. It is supposed to say in the first instance, ‘Ye shall be as gods.’ Now it repudiates even the human duty of man towards his brother.” (S&H 541:22) One of these new forms that the serpent has invented is the “Study of medicine” and it is spoken of in the first paragraph of the chapter. “When the discoverer of Christian Science is consulted by her followers as to the propriety, advantage, and consistency of systematic medical study, she tries to show them that under ordinary circumstances a resort to faith in corporeal means tends to deter those, who make such a compromise, from entire confidence in omnipotent Mind as really possessing all power. While a course of medical study is at times severely condemned by some Scientists, she feels, as she always has felt, that all are privileged to work out their own salvation according to their light, and that our motto should be the Master’s counsel, ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged.’” (S&H 443:1)
     Mary Baker Eddy also warns, “There is great danger in teaching Mind-healing indiscriminately, thus disregarding the morals of the student and caring only for the fees. [This is exactly what that TV show said happened in the Church of Scientology.] Recalling Jefferson’s words about slavery, ‘I tremble, when I remember that God is just,’ the author trembles whenever she sees a man, for the petty consideration of money, teaching his slight knowledge of Mind-power—perhaps communicating his own bad morals, and in this way dealing pitilessly with a community unprepared for self-defense.” (S&H 445:27-446:4)
     It is of importance to note that this chapter on “Teaching Christian Science” is available to all who read the book, and there is only one fee, that of the price of the book, which is pretty cheap compared to other New Age mental healing classes and medical doctor’s and hospital fees!
     The inner gate opens up “The Apocalypse” with the “new heaven and new earth.” St. John did not see the vision “through the material visual organs for seeing, for optics are inadequate to take in so wonderful a sense. Were this new heaven and new earth terrestrial or celestial, material or spiritual? They could not be the former, for the human sense of space is unable to grasp such a view.” (S&H 572:27-573:2) Science enables man to comprehend that “supreme harmony, is ever with men, and they are His people. Thus man was no longer regarded as a miserable sinner, but as the blessed child of God.” (S&H 573:15-18) For “The kingdom of God is within you [your consciousness].”
     This thirteenth chapter is not all there is on the topic of teaching. The fourteenth chapter “Recapitulation” was based on Mary Baker Eddy’s manuscript The Science of Man. She used this course to teach her students. Today I have given it the new name of the New Jerusalem artichoke Matrix.



Revelation 4:4 – And round about the throne were four and twenty seats:  and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

Recapitulation B
     “Recapitulation” is the teaching chapter that answers twenty-four questions. These answers fluctuate between Christian Science (the new earth) and absolute Christian Science (the new heaven). The first question is the all important, “What is God?”
     Answer. — God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.” (S&H 465:9) The capitalized (or re-caped) words are the seven synonymous terms for God. The order in which they are presented is the Word order, as given to the seven days of Genesis 1-2:3. They are also the Science order when presented as the Golden Candlestick Matrix that John W. Doorly came up with. This Science order is also the same pattern that I use as the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.

The Fourfold System Candlestick     The above candlestick explains the layout of Revelation.  If you think of each flame of the candlestick as a vision you would have the first (Mind) and seventh (Love) visions on the same branch.  The fact that these two visions actually relate to each other, or go hand in hand, is the fact that Vision I describes the circular throne while Vision VII describes the circular Holy City.  Likewise the second (Spirit) and sixth (Truth) visions go hand in hand, the third (Soul) and fifth (Life) visions go hand in hand, and the capstone vision is Principle.
     The inner gate for “Recapitulation” opens up to “Genesis” the section after Cain commits murder and he is cursed from the earth. “The belief of life in matter sins at every step. It incurs divine displeasure, and it would kill Jesus that it might be rid of troublesome Truth. Material beliefs would slay the spiritual idea whenever and wherever it appears. Though error hides behind a lie and excuses guilt, error cannot forever be concealed. Truth, through her eternal laws, unveils error. Truth causes sin to betray itself and sets upon error the mark of the beast. Even the disposition to excuse guilt or to conceal it is punished. The avoidance of justice and the denial of truth tend to perpetrate sin, invoke crime, jeopardize self-control, and mock divine mercy.” (S&H 542:1) It is in “Recapitulation” where our Leader provides us with the scientific statement of being (S&H 468:9).
     The inner gate opens up to “The Apocalypse” with the seven angels and seven vials full of the seven last plagues. To material sense the seven angels of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love (the seven synonymous terms for God as given in the first answer of “Recapitulation”) act as a plague of destruction. It is at this eastern gate where John is shown “the bride, the (Christ) Lamb’s wife.” It is here where the “New Jerusalem [artichoke]” is seen “coming down from God, out of heaven.” which “lieth foursquare.” This is because “Recapitulation” is symbolized as the Jerusalem artichoke that surrounds the capstone head (Science) of the Word (Bride) square.
Spiritual wedlock [remember the dove and the man in the first illustration of “The Way”]
     “Think of this, dear reader, for it will lift the sackcloth from your eyes, and you will behold the soft-winged dove descending upon you. The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive [the seven vials] Love can make an angel entertained unaware. Then thought gently whispers: ‘Come hither! Arise from your false consciousness into the true sense of Love, and behold the Lamb’s wife—Love wedded to its own spiritual idea.’ Then cometh the marriage feast, for the revelation [Christian Science] will destroy forever the physical plagues imposed by material sense [being the curse of Cain].” (S&H 574:23-575:6)
     After this the text goes on to describe the city foursquare, this New Jerusalem, and explaining the four sides of the divine calculus to this city as being the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science [the dove]; “and the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.”
     The next paragraph explains the royal divine Stargates as has already been discussed in part one.
     “This heavenly city, lighted by the Sun of Righteousness, — this New Jerusalem [symbolized in the Window as the sunflower], this infinite All, which to us seems hidden in the midst of remoteness — reached St. John’s vision while yet he tabernacled with mortals.” (S&H 576:3)


     Here is where we come to the chapter “Genesis” itself with its spiritual interpretation of the Seven Days, the Adam counterfeit story of creation, the twelve Stargates and the fours gates of the sides of the city foursquare.
     The inner gate opens up to “Genesis” where men are told not to try and slay Cain with the sword. This vengeance will be taken on him who tries to slay Cain sevenfold. A mark is placed upon Cain so that he would be recognized by others as one not to be killed. “‘They that take the sword shall perish with the sword.’ Let Truth uncover and destroy error in God’s own way, and let human justice pattern the divine. Sin will receive its full penalty, both for what it is and for what it does. Justice marks the sinner, and teaches mortals not to remove the waymarks of God. To envy’s own hell, justice consigns the lie which, to advance itself, breaks God’s commandments.” (S&H 542:18)
     The inner gate opens up to “The Apocalypse” with the shrine celestial, the divine sense of Deity, and the city of our God. With the shrine celestial there is no temple to worship in, there is no material body or material organized religious body. “What further indication need we of the real man’s incorporeality than this, that John saw heaven and earth with ‘no temple [body] therein’?”[1] This is because the kingdom of God is within consciousness.
     The Lord God Jehovah is now spiritually translated for the “human sense of Deity yields to the divine sense, even as the material sense of personality yields to the incorporeal sense of God and man as the infinite Principle and infinite idea, — as one Father with His universal family, held in the gospel of Love. The Lamb’s wife presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals [in corporeal bodies], but as two individual natures in one [Spirit having but one Mind]; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being. In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, — to the perfectibility of God’s creation.”[2]
     Now, the city of our God is different from the city foursquare (even though they are really one and the same city). Let us just say that it is more like they are upon different levels. Where the city foursquare is on the level of divine Science that comes down from heaven (the absolute) to earth (the relative), the city of our God is on the level of Christian Science that is practiced upon the earth in the relative.
     “This spiritual, holy habitation has no boundary nor limit, but its four cardinal points are:  first, the Word of Life, Truth, and Love; second, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God; third, Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history; fourth Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar. This city of our God has no need of sun or satellite, for Love is the light of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter [this is Mother Hood]. All who are saved must walk in this light. Mighty potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors within the heavenly city. Its gates open toward light and glory both within and without, for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which ‘defileth,…or maketh a lie.’”[3]
     So, while the sixteen chapters of the Textbook are represented as the twelve Stargates and the four sides of the little open book we do not actually get to the sixteen gates of the city of our God until we page 499 (not really numbered) with the title page off “Key to the Scriptures.”   “Genesis” (the first chapter of the Key to the Scriptures section) begins on page 501. However, the gates for the city of our God reside in the portion of text dealing with the negativity of the second creation (the Adam allegory). This is because we must use Christian Science when dealing with the counterfeit story of creation. These gates are raised up once we get to “The Apocalypse” with the sixteenth chapter’s “gates” that “open towards light and glory both within [the four sided gates] and without [the twelve Stargates]”. Yet, Ithere can be no limitations placed upon the city of our God, for it goes out to the whole of nations. The gates also “open towards light and glory both within [our mental subjective consciousness that is Mind, the kingdom of God within us] and without [manifested in the objective world that we are consciously aware of].”


     And now we come to the city of our God’s spiritually translating gates with the sixteenth chapter “The Apocalypse.”
     The inner gate opens to “Genesis” where Cain is cast into oblivion. “The sinful misconception of Life as something less than God, having no truth to support it, falls back upon itself. This error, after reaching the climax of suffering, yields to Truth and returns to dust; but it is only mortal man and not the real man, who dies. The image of Spirit cannot be effaced, since it is the idea of Truth and changes not, but becomes more beautifully apparent at error’s demise.”[4] Cain is basically the same error as the red serpent/dragon/mortal man.
     The inner gate opens to “The Apocalypse” with the spiritual interpretation of the 23rd Psalm where there is no longer any “want.” Want only exists in the material. Want is associated with lust. When we understand we were never created by an anthropomorphic god and that we were created by divine Mind, then we have no more want. For God, Love, provides all.
     It is the woman God-crowned that translates the Lord God Jehovah into Love. She accomplishes this by replacing the word Lord for love (all loves being in small caps, which does not show), or divine love. “[Divine Love] is my shepherd; I shall not want. {The tone of Mind.}
     “[Love] maketh me to lie down in green pastures: [Love] leadeth me beside the still waters.”[5]  {The tone of Spirit.}  This “me” can be seen in the second illustration of “The Way” as the lion of Judah that is lying by the quiet pond (the still waters).
     “[Love] restoreth my soul [spiritual sense] {The tone of Soul.}; [love] leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. {The tone of Principle.}
     “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for [love] is with me; [love’s] rod and [love’s] staff they comfort me. {The tone of Life.}
     “[Love] prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: [love] anointeth my head with oil; my cup runneth over. {The tone of Truth.}
     “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house [the consciousness] of [love] for ever.”[6] (The tone of Love.)

     Below is what I call ShAaron’s Rod.  Aaron, the high priest was given a rod.  This rod (of divine Science) was said to have budded and bloomed.  What would it bloom into?  I say, it bloomed into ShAaron’s Rose Window.

Golden CanWh

     To finish off this section I would like to mention that recently I came across a drawing on page 114, in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Live Volume 1, written by Drunvalo Malchizedek. This drawing was of the Great Pyramid of Giza with a flying saucer spaceship, or what he called a warship, on top of the Pyramid. He says that the Great Pyramid was built this way on purpose, to have the top of it (where the capstone goes) flat so that the Warship could land on top of it (the author says that there is a capstone hidden underneath the Sphinx).  I take this book with a grain of salt; I really do not accept what he writes as being true history, even though he does have some true history mixed up with the theories that he presents.
    From a bird’s eye view of the drawing in the book I could see Window of the Open book. Below is a diagram of it.  From the diagram below you can see that the four corners of the Great Pyramid points to where the four Major Stars, for the cycle of the Word, are located at on Window of the Open Book, the circle (warship) is like the cycle of the Keystone Windows, and the center hub capstone would represent Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Rev. Mary Baker Eddy (representing the square of Science).

Giza Warship

     Now to continue on with Cox’s original manuscript: “The Christ in absolute Christian Science provides just what is adapted to meet the need of the age and is symbolized by Truth-Life-Love as a chord. This means that from the whole truth just exactly that individual form (Life) which is needed for the age, case, or time (Love) is selected and expressed.” (page 42)


Jarius' Daughter

Jarius’ Daughter

     “This picture calls attention to the second edition of Science and Health through the frontispiece in which it first appeared {see below}. This edition was concerned with the adulteration of the discovery by mesmerists who were confusing it with mesmerism. It was referred to as the ‘Noah’s Ark Edition’ {published in 1878} because it bore on its cover a representation of the ark. This Bible story shows how the consciousness of the seven days safely outrides the floods of adulteration which would attempt to swallow it up.” (page 42 and 43)  None the less, the earth shall help the woman with this flood! It is also of importance that Noah is a woman’s name, and that the “frontispiece” and this window match up to the second illustration “Christ Healing” as found in Christ and Christmas.
     “Mrs. Eddy had gone into a short retirement but, at this point, the mesmerism aroused was of such a nature as to force her to return and actively deal with it.”[7]
     “Jesus had been approached by Jairus to come heal his dying daughter. While on route, delayed by the demands made upon him, a messenger arrived with news of the death of the child {the twelve-year old girl; twelve being a symbol of completeness or wholeness; and remember there are twelve stars on the woman’s crown}. The case was thereupon considered finished by the people. But when Jesus arrived at Jairus’ house he was ridiculed for saying that the girl was asleep. Thereupon he put everyone out of the house with the exception of the father and mother of the girl. {It has been said that the man and woman seen in “Christ Healing” could be Mary Baker’s parents.} He went into the room where she was and healed her. Father is symbolized by Life and mother by Love. (See S. & H. 569) These two synonyms indicate what protects the idea. The incident symbolizes the parenthood of Life and Love keeping the child from harm.
     “Christianity operating in absolute Christian Science preserved the infant idea. As absolute Christian Science preserved the idea then, so it preserves that idea today. The synonyms which symbolize this are Life sending forth the right idea and Love accepting and preserving and protecting that idea.

From an early edition of Science and Health

From an early edition of Science and Health


Christ Healing - colorized by me

Christ Healing – colorized by me

Gallery Windows

     “This window has no other designation and in many ways is the most interesting and thought-provoking of all. But we could not arrive at what it represents without all the others. It is a double window containing two circles. In the first Science and Health is pictured lying on the Bible. From the latter, six lines symbolizing manhood {or Truth} radiate. From the former, seven lines radiate indicating the full range of the seven tones included in womanhood {or Love}.[8] To the right is another window with its circle in which nothing at all is pictured! Or is there? I once thought the absence of pictorial matter meant light pours without interruption! It is a clear translucency from which all symbols have disappeared completely. When the content of the textbook is understood there is no longer need of it. Consciousness reflects its message. Future progress is based on what it has taught and there is no need to read it ad infinitum. We need only think about this in connection with other textbooks. A student once asked Mrs. Eddy what we should do for a textbook when we passed on. Her reply in substance was that we should have a better one! {I ask, “Will it also be written by God’s Scribe, Mary Baker Eddy?”}

Pyramid books
     “The windows have thus brought us to the point where we know how consciousness becomes a clear translucency (through which light passes) for what the textbook calls ‘the divine infinite calculus.’ As in the final illustration of Christ and Christmas all human delineations disappear leaving a consciousness through which the spiritual idea pours. The idea is understood. That is Science in absolute Christian Science symbolized by Truth (the whole idea) and Love (fulfilled in its perfection).” (pages 43-45)
     The fact that the window is a circle could also symbolize (as mentioned before) Unity. It is also a fact that a circle and oval (having curved lines) represent the feminine. This clear window was changed in 1994. The Board of Directors placed the Church Manual inside the circle, changing the meaning of its symbol.

Bay Window(The three windows are how they appear within Mother’s Room.)

     Again, Cox misses speaking about the three windows (the bay window) found within Mother’s Room. These three windows have their counterparts in Christ and Christmas. The first window (on the Side of Life) is “The Star of Boston” relating to the first illustration of “The Star of Bethlehem” in Christ and Christmas. The second window is in the center and above it presents the Christian Science Seal with its divine calculus command. The window of the woman resembles “Seeking and Finding” yet it is different. I call this window “T’is the Same Hand That Writes the Page.” The window presents Mary Baker Eddy as being HEAD LEADER of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the same hand (of God) that actually wrote the Bible and the Christian Science Textbook. This is true, being that it takes Mind to move the hand of the Scribe. The third window (on the Side of Light) is “Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me.” It matches up, on the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth, in the same position in the Church and in Christ and Christmas.  In a way these three windows depict the three advents of Christ.  The first being for Christ Jesus (Life), the second being for Mary Baker Eddy (Truth), and the third being for Mother Hood (Love).
     Before I move on with Mr. Cox’s manuscript I would like to tell you about a message I received from God on March 27, 2014. Before falling asleep I asked God to provide me with an answer that I felt I needed answered. Before I woke up I felt as if God was telling me that we are allowed to turn to those who are His-Her chosen prophets for help and answers. It would be because they manifest the Christ Mind, the one and only medium between man and God. Is it deification for a Christian Scientist to see Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ? It certainly seems to be taboo among most of The First Church members. If Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ, then we are allowed to turn to her for help and comfort, especially Mother’s Room (consciousness) that is found within the written Word of her books!
     Along with this message, in the dream, were two words, “Vergum established.” I could not find the word vergum in the dictionary, nor was there a virgum. However, I feel that I did find an answer by looking up words with similar spellings in the dictionary. These words help me to explain Mother’s Room and the Vestry.
     First off, established can mean founded, so the Church was founded, or established by Mary Baker Eddy. To this fact there is no doubt or objection by the Field.
     The word “verger” means: “an attendant that carries a verge (a rod or staff carried as an emblem of authority or symbol of office)”[9] Likewise, the name Virgil means “rod bearer.” The word “virgate” means “shaped like a rod or wand.”[10] I have had many dreams where I am a rod bearer, but let us also remember that the manchild is given the rod of divine Science in Revelation 12.
     The word “gum” can mean “seal.” Yes, it means to seal up a hole with a gooey or rubbery substance, but what if here, in vergum, it points us to the Christian Science Seal found above Mary Baker Eddy at the headstone corner of Mother’s Room?

     The word “Virgo” is the constellation that is South of the Big Dipper’s handle. If we go to Window of the Open Book we see the Big Dipper Keystone (in the tone of Science as Christianity). Its handle, depending on which star you angle from, points to either the Sheaf of Wheat Keystone (in the tone of Christianity as Christianity) or the Pomegranates Keystone (in the tone of Christianity as the Christ).
     Virgo is also that of a virgin maiden; “a modest one.” It also means, “of a vegetable oil: obtained from the first light pressing and without heating.”[11] “Vesta” is “the Roman goddess of the hearth fire and of the state—compare hestia.” A vestal virgin is “a virgin consecrated to the Roman goddess Vesta and to the service of watching the sacred fire perpetually kept burning on her altar.”[12]
     A vestment is “an outer garment, a robe of ceremony or office;”[13] vest means: “clothing, garment to place or give into the possession or discretion of some person or authority; to give to a person a legally fixed immediate right of present or future enjoyment of (as an estate); to clothe with a particular authority, right, or property; to become legally vested.”[14]
     I have one more word to define from the “Glossary” and then I will go into my explanation. “Oil. Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration.” (S&H 592:25)
     In the dream I felt it was okay to approach the High Priest or the High Priestess of God.  Mary Baker Eddy tells us that the High Priestess is Love. The word LOVE is found written above the door that opens up to Mother’s Room. So let us enter into Mother’s Room with a heart full of Love.  At the HEAD of the corner is our Mother-Mary Baker Eddy. Above her is the Christian Science Seal with its commands –– cast out demons – heal the sick – cleanse the lepers – raise the dead.  Inside the seal’s wheel is the cross and crown, which would eventually depict the Edifice and the Extension as one. This sign is also used in Masonry as a symbol for unity. It may have originally symbolized the fact that the royal king was the high priest and they ruled the royal subjects. If we look at the Christian Science Seal, it is basically a circle. We also see a circle on the Immanuel Arch’s Keystone in the Vestry. There is another place this circle is found within Mother’s Room. It is on the fireplace mantel. This mantel could be a symbol pointing to the Christ mantle of successor-ship (seen in illustration 2) depicted in Christ and Christmas and worn by Mary Baker Eddy (in illustration 6[15]). Remember, the only circle illustration in Christ and Christmas is “Christmas Unity” depicting Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy as one in Christian Science (or as the Christ Science). Jesus’ mantle is still dark but it is draped over his lap, as if his mission is finished with.Mantel B
     Also in Mother’s Room is the Grecian Oil Lamp. It is to be kept lit at all times. A specific virgin (Virgo) is to keep watch (witness) over this oil lamp and make sure that the flames never go out, the flames of the goddess that is really the High Priestess, Love. Could we then say that perhaps Mary Baker Eddy represents the goddess Vestra, and Martha Jones-Smith (a Virgo) is the vestra virgin? Vergum or virgum could also have to do with the staff holder of Mary Baker Eddy’s successor and the clothing (with the sun). This clothing with the sun is symbolized in the Vestry by the seven-pointed star.


     The Immanuel Arch leads to the door of LOVE that we enter to gain entrance into Mother’s Room where she clothes herself in her vesture (given to her in the Vestry). This clothing is the sun (Spirit) or white light. This light is prismatic in the seven-pointed star located in the Vestry ceiling. This is Jacob’s coat given to Joseph, the virgin, Ephraim (Mary Baker Eddy’s lineage).  Notice also the circle in the keystone of the arch.
     Who else is depicted in Mother’s Room? Martha Jones-Smith is depicted on the Side of Light (Love and Science) as a child, for the title of the window is “Suffer [Permit} the Children to Come Unto Me [the Christ].” In the Vestry we also see the second woman (Martha again) behind (later in time) approaching Jacob’s well or Israel’s well of spiritual teachings. Next to this is the Textbook in the angel’s hand – open to read. It is not a scroll as depicted in Christ and Christmas. This angel is the woman Mary Baker Eddy, even though the angel looks masculine.
     On the other side (the Side of Life) is the window with the manchild – Christian Science – who according to Scripture rules the Concord Grapevine Branch Church (which is held upon his shoulder) with divine Science (the rod). The Concord Grapevine Keystone repeats this idea in the position of Christ as Science, with the chapter “Footsteps of Truth.” The Stargate for this chapter shines its light upon the text of “Genesis” where Adam is expelled (excommunicated) from the garden (the material organization). And the Stargate shines its light upon the text of “The Apocalypse” where Michael (Truth, the angel of Revelation 10) and Gabriel (Motherly Love) overcome the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism (material organization).
A mother’s responsibility
     “A mother is the strongest educator, either for or against crime. Her thoughts form the embryo of another mortal mind, and unconsciously mould it, either after a model odious to herself [Adam man] or through divine influence, ‘according to the pattern showed to thee in the mount.’ Hence the importance of Christian Science, from which we learn of the only Mind and of the availability of good as the remedy for every woe.
Children’s tractability
     “Children should obey their parents; insubordination is an evil, blighting the buddings of self-government. Parents should teach their children at the earliest possible period the truths of heath and holiness. Children are more tractable than adults and learn more readily to love the simple verities that will make them happy and good.
     “Jesus loved little children because of their freedom from wrong and their receptiveness of right. While age is halting between two opinions or battling with false beliefs, youth makes easy and rapid strides toward Truth. …
Teaching children
     “…Children should be taught the Truth-cure, Christian Science, among their first lessons, and kept from discussing or entertaining theories or thoughts about sickness. To prevent the experience of error and its sufferings, keep out of the minds of your children either sinful or diseased thoughts. The latter should be excluded on the same principle as the former. This makes Christian Science early available.” (S&H 236:12-237:23)
     The vergum sun is on top of the Immanuel Arch. It is seen on the top of the arch of the Capstone Window of Mother’s Room, seen on the mantel fireplace, seen in “Christian Unity,” seen in Window of the Open Book, seen in Jairus’ Daughter, seen in both North Gallery windows, and seen on the South wall Rose Window in the Concord Branch Church (manchild). We must see how they are all tied together. South of the Big Dipper is found the Virgo constellation. The Big Dipper Keystone is on the Rose Window of The First Church – also on a southern wall (Virgo). To its North is the Raising of Jairus’ Daughter and the two lamp stands that are God’s two anointed witnesses, Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy. Above the lamp stands, in the Rose Window, is Jesus healing Mary Baker Eddy (Jairus’ Daughter). Jairus means “whom He (God) enlightens; he will illuminate; enlightenment; instruction; he shall shine; prosperity; happiness. He was a ruler of the synagogue.”[16] Jairus symbolizes a “spiritually illumined, ruling thought…in individual consciousness. When truly enlightened this thought becomes a radiating center of light (he shall shine).”[17] This definition does describe a sun or Daystar. So with this window, Mary Baker Eddy is telling us that the Son of God, or the Sun of God, in the nineteenth century is actually a Daughter. In 1866 “Christ Healing” raised up Mary Baker Eddy from her deathbed. She awakened from the Adam dream that she was a material person.  After she awakened from the Adam dream, the sun burst within her conscious thought.

Sunburst Skylight Window

Mr. Cox continues: “THE SUNBURST
     “The sunburst in the center of the auditorium ceiling is the main means of lighting it. It is not properly a window, but joins with them to cap their symbolism. {I call it a Skylight.} Its components are as follows:

     “The seven-pointed star within a circle forms the central part {the Jairus} of the whole. Four bronze mullions radiate around the circle in ovoid shape toward the ceiling. {An oval, which we see in “Christmas Morn” and the Skylight Sunburst Window, symbolizes resurrection and ascension.} Sixteen bronze ribs radiate from the circle to the upper borders of the fixture. It is lighted from within by one hundred forty-four lights. {This number symbolizes the Christ mass (a gross), or those 144,000 spoken of in Revelation 7:4. These 144,000 were sealed, or protected by the mark. This number signifies “the completeness of the spiritual children, who are infinite in number. These children are divided into twelve tribes (of Israel) to typify the twelve gates of consciousness which, when spiritually understood, make up the perfect spiritual consciousness or life of us all.”[18] The names provided for the twelve tribes are: Judah, Reuben, Gad, Aser, Nepthalim, Manasses, Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulon, Joseph, and Benjamin.  Evidently since this was written the 144 lights have been replaced by the sixteen flood lamps.

Sunburst Skylight B

     In my matrix above I made the star yellow instead of white.  It really does not matter if it is yellow or white, what matters is that the star symbolizes the wholeness of God, the seven as one.  I also made the colors for the four levels of Science in varying shades so that they could be distinguished from 1-4, 5-8, 6-12, and 13-16.

“As we have seen, the star represents divine Science.  In The Journal of 1895 the following appeared:

     “‘This thought of lighting the church was suggested by the lines from Christ and Christmas, tenth verse. The star of pure white to throw the seven tints, thus indicating the fullness of light as shown in Christian Science… The star is twenty-one inches from point to point cut in prisma, from which will be reflected the colors of the Bow of Promise.’ Not only does it refer to the star as giving a seven-fold light, but it adds the ‘Bow of Promise’ {of the angel with the little book that was promised by God to Noah as the Arch of the Covenant} which is also composed of the seven components of white light. It is, of course, symbolic reference to the seven-fold nature of Being.
     “This seven-fold nature was first presented by the thinkers of Israel in the seven days of creation. In 1907 these seven days were crystallized as seven nouns given as the definition of God in Science and Health, and this edition was never copyrighted by Mrs. Eddy. Since about the 1940s, thinkers have been discovering that all creative experience and effort follows a seven-fold course without variation. Professor Toynbee of England wrote his philosophy of history following the course of events as they transpired. Gordon Brown in his Civilization Lieth Foursquare finds that Toynbee’s presentation is in seven main steps. LeComte duNouy in the earlier days of this century wrote his Human Destiny in which he outlines evolution following a course of seven steps. Many others have also presented progressive, creative unfoldment in various fields which, when examined according to the structure of the law of creativity, are found to have evolved along the same seven steps. The fact that this occurs over and over again in literature today {also found in the Bible} proves the fundamental nature of these seven steps. They are scientific, a scientific law. Mrs. Eddy in her revisions of the textbook also followed a course of seven steps without apparent conscious planning. {If she did do it without apparent conscious planning it was because she was completely tuned in to divine Mind, since she was God’s Scribe.  Cox has no proof that she did it “without Apparent conscious planning.”} This clearly indicates that these steps are not inventions of some astute human being but the essence of pure Science.
     “This, then, appears to be the grand purpose behind the use of pictorial art in these two instances of the illustrations and the picture windows – to provide a visible presentation of the system of Science to be read by all, and as a perpetual witness to this fact, as the Medieval Church presented the story of the Bible on its walls to educate those who could not read words.” (pages 45-47)
     He does not discuss the fact that the first oval surrounding the circle (that is around the star) is split in half. This represents the two angels depicted in “Christmas Morn” the two as one. Remember it is the only oval drawing in the poem book. The next four ovals represent Christian Science, absolute Christian Science, divine Science, and Science itself.  The sixteen sections represent the divine calculus in all its wholeness.  The oval that depicts the divine calculus (in the above drawing) is not part of the window itself, but is the oval piece that surrounds the window, as seen in the picture above (it has the color of wood).

     “This Sunburst is the epitome of the symbolism of the auditorium. All other steps indicated by the picture windows lead up to it. Once arrived there its light floods the scene, is shed upon all within its reach. This symbolizes the all-inclusive nature of divine Science and the true nature of church beyond human organization.
     “Mrs. Eddy wrote in the textbook, ‘Our church is built on the divine Principle, Love.’ (p. 35) Divine Principle, Love on the Chart – the scroll carried in the hand of the woman {the scroll reads “Christian Science” and “Truth versus Error” and the woman is Mary Baker Eddy} in illustrations 9 and 10 of Christ and Christmas, is Science operating in divine Science. {This could be true in that the square of earth that Jesus and Mary have their left feet in and the rug that we see Mary’s right foot standing upon are both square – for the city foursquare of divine Science.} In her definition in the {“}Glossary{”} she described Church in part as ‘the structure of Truth and Love.’ (p. 583) Truth and Love signify the operation of Science in absolute Christian Science. The definition is continued ‘whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.’ All that can do this is the synonyms, all of which are included in Principle. Mind, Spirit, Soul lead up to Principle and proceeding from it are Life, Truth, Love. In this is found the operation of Science on the Christian Science level.[19] This shows the true church to be Science, not a human device.
     “In these references we see that Mrs. Eddy endeavored by all means to lead the thinking of students into the acceptance of Science and to surrender the old concept of religion. She has provided seven windows {for the seven synonymous terms, which he speaks of further on} in the auditorium itself (exclusive of the windows in the foyer) to symbolized Christian Science. Four windows {for the divine calculus} on the balcony level symbolize absolute Christian Science. The final symbol is the sunburst indicating {the four levels of Science} divine Science in its oneness, lighting all below. What is below? The dimensions of absolute Christian Science and Christian Science. When it reaches the dimension of Christian Science it is proclaiming the message of oneness totally independent of any need for church gatherings or church organizations.
     “Significantly the star is placed at the center of the fixture and is the focus of attention. From it radiates the seven-fold light indicating the seven synonymous terms as that which sheds light on the whole subject of Science. This is where our beginning is to be made!
     “‘Danger lies in materializing Mrs. Eddy’s spiritual concept of Science by submerging it in human organization.’ (J. W. Doorly)



“The Elements
     “In the first seven illustrations of Christ and Christmas the seven elements of being are portrayed. These begin with the light of Mind with indications of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science. This operational category is included to indicate how each element operates. The second illustration shows the restoration of the dead letter to the living Spirit followed by the long search that ends in the definition of Soul. Anniversary celebration or the celebration of personality is thus shown as lacking the demonstrable Principle which was evident in the introduction of the Christ-idea into the world. That illustration shows the darkness which had descended on world consciousness through ritualism and form, whereas the next illustration indicating Life, shows the rise into the light which accompanies the emergence of the new idea. The woman {Mary Baker Eddy} who gives aid to the emaciated man in the next illustration points to the complete idea of Truth incorporating masculine and feminine qualities and is thus able to vanquish the mortal dream. The new paradigm, successfully launched into the world then shows the successful achievement of Love.

“These Elements in Operation {as the divine calculus}
     “In illustration eight the patient and the practitioner turn to the Word. It is shown next to be the same as that which had inspired Jesus and had always come to those prepared for it. This is the Christ. To enter human consciousness and bring about a higher humanhood (Christianity) is its task shown next. Finally the way of understanding Science is shown to be three-fold traversing the physical, the moral and the spiritual.” (pages 47-50)

Hanna Pyramid 3
     Let us look at it in another way. If we place the illustrations in their Pyramid Matrix format we have “Christmas Eve” and “Treating the Sick” on the same level. This means that the Adam of “Christmas Eve” is seen as being asleep in “Treating the Sick”. W. Gordon Brown said on his talk on “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” page. 25, “thinking of the more modern name of hypnotism, has it ever struck you that in the second chapter of Genesis, arising out of that mist (in Genesis 2:6) as the myth, mythology, that watered the whole face of the human history {Christianity handles false human history}; out of that mist comes the Lord God Jehovah, creator of the sinning mortal Adam {who is depicted in illustration 8} and that it is this Lord God who, in the words of Science and Health, induces in Adam a deep hypnotic sleep and thereby launches the first record of magnetism which seems to say that Jehovah or Yahweh is the original arch hypnotist, causing Adam to fall into this deep hypnotic stupor or trance in which he dreams, imagines he is cut up sexually into a male Adam here and a female Eve there.” Now, this makes sense in that Adam and Eve (the male and female) are cut up sexually in “Christmas Eve” and then one step higher we have the spiritual idea whole as one male/female angel. In “Treating the Sick” the Word of Science and Health is a closed book! The Adam and Eve have closed eyes as well! It is not until the next step up in “Suffer the Children” that we have the “little open book” and the girl’s eyes are wide open. The old man of scholastic theology sees through a glass darkly and his Bible is a closed book.
     To continue with Brown’s words: “So that in this way there originates, in belief, the myth of mankind’s collective unconscious. The awakening from which comes only through the work of Christ Jesus. From the manhood of God called the ‘last Adam’ because of first what he signifies is the last of Adam, and Christian Science secondly; the womanhood of God and the true identity of Eve who said in Genesis 3:20, to be the mother of all living.” (pages 25 and 26) Now, Brown should have said, ”So that in this way there originates, in belief, the myth of mankind’s collective unconscious. The awakening from which comes only through the work of Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy. From the manhood of God called the ‘last Adam’ because of first what he (Jesus in “Christian Unity”) signifies is the last of Adam, and (what she Mary Baker Eddy signifies in “Christian Unity”) Christian Science secondly; the womanhood of God and the true identity of Eve who is said to be the mother of all living.” However, when the true identity of the woman is falsely identified by Adam she is considered to be Eve, the mother of all living mortal minded men, while true Womanhood, as manifested by Mary Baker Eddy, must be mother of all living spiritually minded men.
     Brown continues (pages 26-29)“Eve as she is originally, correlates therefore with the mythological sea as the mother of all that lives. Her final spiritual antidote clearly is the universal matrix city of Christian Science defined as we now know so well as the ‘Mother of us all,’ because when at the end of ‘The Apocalypse’ chapter, this mother city is revealed, Jehovah is coincidentally transfigured and translated out of his hypnotizing Garden of Eden anthropomorphism, and male and female are no longer a separated Adam and Eve but are…on pages 576 and 577 of Science and Health, ‘two individual natures in one’ {as depicted in “Christmas Morn”} – a compounded spiritual individuality reflecting God as Father-Mother, not God as a corporeal anthropomorphic ‘Lord God’ or God appearing in the form of man as Jehovah {as believed by the old theologian in “Suffer the Children”}.
     “Rather at that point in ‘The Apocalypse’ chapter, man appears in the form of God and the entire human problem is thereby solved. You see, Jesus is called, ‘the Lord’ as well as Jehovah being the lord, and why is this so, because what Jesus does is to solve from beginning to end this foremost human problem of Jehovahistic anthropomorphism and therefore of animal magnetism. Jesus literally unmasks the mythology of God in the form of man {however, he did not explain to others how he did it} and through the Science of his own being replaces it with man in the form of God. He understands scientifically that God, and not Adam and Eve, is Father-Mother and therefore to him the serpent, ‘ye shall be as Gods,’ is wholly illusory and unreal. Remember how the Lord’s Prayer begins, ‘Our Father-Mother God.’ {That is how it is at the end of the chapter “Prayer,” not how Jesus gave it to us but how Mary Baker Eddy gave it to us.}
     “Now in view of this, do you think we can begin to glimpse, at this point, how in the absolute Science of being the great Mother City of the Word, Christ, Christianity, Science, is really the subjective state of God, the Father, as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, and as such it can never, has never been removed there from and made to appear objective. It is a profoundly glorious and scientific thought; Our, Father-Mother God, objective that is, in the way that in the myth, mother Eve is removed from father Adam. Man, in belief, is removed from God, humanity from divinity, earth from heaven. All resulting in an Earth-Mother down here and a Heaven-Father up there.
     “Two separate planes of consciousness, to be wiped out in the end by those two fundamental inseparable aspects of the Science of being, called in the Textbook, ‘Divine Science’ and ‘Christian Science,’ both on the same plane, because the need obviously is to re-unite {as they are one in Window of the Open Book}, or it will so look to human sense, the human with the divine; the Mother down here with the ‘Father’ up there as being what in effect Jesus does regarding the virgin Mary and his Father {God}.
     “This incidentally explains why the Roman church was compelled to institute its dogma of the bodily assumption of the virgin into heaven. Now, the answer to all this appears in the fullness of Science when at the close of “The Apocalypse” chapter in Science and Health, we get those two complementary aspects of the Holy City, on pages 575 and 577. The first called ‘City Foursquare’ which is a city of divine Science and is said to be ‘Our City.’ You will find it all there in the text, and the second, the city of Christian Science, called the ‘City of our God.’ In other words, as the outcome of the acceptance of what we, man, are as a city foursquare, first aspect, we give ourselves and all that we are back to God, ‘City of our God,’ second aspect; with the result that the entire problem of dualism, separatism, or animal magnetism, heaven and earth, God and man two, is solved.
     “We, man, are the city of, the body of, we belong to, our Father-Mother God and neither to ourselves, nor to each other personally, which means that we do not belong to animal magnetism. No wonder a new heaven and a new earth appear at this point and why? It is because now there is no more sea. Earth, in Science, is born of heaven and not of the sea as in mythology. And so the glory of it is that anthropomorphism, or God appearing in the form of man, yields to man in the form of God (just as Jesus showed forth and exemplified). A race of apparent Adams and Eves, all those little Jehovistic gods and goddesses that derive from Adam’s deep hypnotic sleep has been translated in Science with the universal family of one Father-Mother God.”
     Brown continues with the Textbook, on page 31, telling us that, “sin was the Assyrian moon-god.”   (Which is in the Bible’s fourth period.) “Assyria, standing for the brutal masculine inclinations of animal magnetism took the kingdom of Israel captive. {At that time consisting of only ten tribes (Joseph’s two sons representing two tribes), after splitting from Judah, Levi, and Benjamin.} Israel, when she is not divided from Judah, typifies spiritual womanhood and motherhood. Assyria dispersed Israel among the nations of the world and she comes to light again only in the discovery of Christian Science which is the womanhood and motherhood of God {hence the second coming of Christ is manifested as Mary Baker Eddy in the United States of America}, inseparable from the manhood and Fatherhood of God as represented by Christ Jesus. The moon with its twelve monthly phases corresponding to the twelve monthly menstrual periods has so much to do with mortal womanhood and {physical} motherhood or with the so-called matrix of mortality.
     “So on page 103 line 6, when Science, which is God’s own self knowledge, destroys all these claims of mortal mind, humanity is liberated from sin and mortality. Christian Science frees the race from Assyrian captivity and in consequence the whole human family is blessed. But the knowledge of good and evil, line 10, that serpentine tree in the midst of the Garden of Eden doesn’t bring about his liberation. Oh no! In fact this kind of knowledge, being the dualistic opposite of Science, is what actually constitutes the captivity and the bondage. Therefore Science, the knowledge of good only, line 15, must be the tree of Life itself.”  The “Christian Science” scroll in “Christian Unity” is what takes care of earth and is found on earth while the scroll of Truth in “Truth verses Error,” is the capstone that touches the Stargate to heaven, where we gain entrance to peace and harmony.”

     Now to continue with the Cox manuscript:

“Range of the System
     “If Science is to reach all levels of consciousness it must have a multi-level structure. This structure is hinted at in the final four pages of text {of Christ and Christmas}. The first of these recapitulates the poem in which one reads much about problems needing alleviation. This is one level. A ‘Glossary’ quotes the Bible verses which served to generate the ideas for the verses of the poem. Here the point is one of relationship of ideas to their Principle, the Bible verses serving in the latter capacity. This is a second level. There appears next a page with a quote from the Bible in which particular attention is called to ‘the MORNING STAR.’ This star is equated with divine Science in which the whole system is included, thus a third level. Finally, the last page an indication of Science, provides the highest level of all, where the concern is for the One and Only Principle.

“The Windows
“Two Windows in the Vestibule – Analysis
     “The first of these two windows depicts Jesus and the woman of Samaria at Jacob’s well {and a second woman}. She had protested traditional religious observance. Jesus countered with advice that worship must be in Spirit and in Truth. Her protest looked backward to religion. His looked forward always to new forms of Truth.[20] He analyzed the progressive attitude. {What Mr. Cox leaves out is that the woman of Samaria recognized the Christ that Jesus manifested!}

     “Standing alongside this window in the same frame is the angel with the book of the revelation of divine Science. {I do not deny that this is true, but perhaps it is really the book of Christian Science because of four reasons. The first reason is that the scroll is given the name “Christian Science” not “divine Science.” The second reason is because the term “Christian Science is used in the Textbook way more often than the term “divine Science” is used. The third reason is because Mary Baker Eddy calls the rod that the manchild is given, in Revelation 12, “divine Science.” And for the forth reason, as seen below, Mr. Cox himself admits that we are on the Christian Science Level! These two windows are on the same level as the windows in the auditorium that he is about to speak upon.} This gives the elements with which the new attitude may be fulfilled. The first window takes stock of the situation. The second provides that which makes it possible to act. It gives the tools. It uncovers or presents what will make the statement of Jesus possible.

“Christian Science Level
     “There are seven {actually only six} windows here with emphasis on Christ Jesus and his work among mortals. {However, all seven windows testify to Mary Baker Eddy and her work among mortals!} The first introduces the Christ child onto the scene {Mary Baker Eddy as Mother gives birth to Christian Science}, the Christ-Mind. The second points out that there is no deviation, the way is that of Spirit {Mary recognizing and anointing the Christ Mind as being King of the spiritual realm}. The third then raises the level of human life to a higher standpoint through the translation of Soul {the bridegroom Jesus changes the water into wine (spiritual inspiration) and the Mary bride represents the Six Days of Truth (the six earthen vessels).} In the fourth window personal sense is the question. Mary would reach out to the person but she is told not to touch it. Principle has no sense of personality. {Mary Baker Eddy is first at the Christ resurrection, for she is the first to comprehend and write about the Master’s words and works.} The woman standing on the moon shows the subjection of matter. ‘The light portrayed is…spiritual Life…’ (S. & H. 561). {Mary Baker Eddy is the woman God-crowned.} Palms and lamps under the balcony symbolize the victory of Truth {Jesus and Mary being the two lamp stands, the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Mary writes Science and Health, which means “salvation”.}. Finally Jesus is shown vanquishing the last enemy, the great triumph of Love. {Mary is depicted on top of the tomb belief of death. Her head slightly above that of Jesus’ Christ.}

     “Stepping once more into the vestibule we find the last window on this level. It is the child and the animals and shows the total annihilation of the animal {magnetic} instinct in mortals. {The manchild governs over the Christ vine of Concord Grapes. He has his arm wrapped around the lion of Judah (moral courage).}
     “This floor has then shown that evil is vanquished through the three-fold analysis (taking stock of the situation); uncovering (opening up to view what deals with the situation. This is shown in the intervening seven windows to be the seven synonymous terms); and annihilation, or the complete reduction to zero of any evil influence. We are now ready for the higher level of the relationship of Principle and its idea, absolute Christian Science.


“Absolute Christian Science
     “The first window {is on the South side, so should not it represent Christianity instead of the Word? And even if we are not to take in the cardinal points as symbols for these windows is not the “Revelation,” the revelation of Science?} shows John awaiting the revelation of Jesus Christ {of the Word of God actually (as stated in Revelation 1)}. How does this come about? Through the impulse of Life bringing about its own true forms in their complete fullness. ‘God is revealed only in that which reflects Life, Truth, Love…’ (S. & H. 300). The first side of the city is called ‘the Word of Life, Truth, and Love’ (ibid. 577). {I am not sure this man understands his symbols because the Textbook makes it clear that it is Christian Science that is the city of our God. It does not say absolute Christian Science. He does not seem to take into account that what he is trying to explain is found in Window of the Open Book.}

Notice in the round pond, a shape that resembles a pyramid.

Notice in the round pond, a shape that resembles a pyramid.

     “Window of the Open Book indicates that of all the vast means, the infinite means, for meeting the human need, just exactly the right one was produced which would accomplish that task. It is symbolized by Truth, Life, Love. ‘Divine metaphysics is now reduced to a system, to a form comprehensible by and adapted to the thought of the age in which we live’ (ibid. 146).
     {Also, it is of importance that this window and the North Rose Window are found to be only half on the level he is speaking of. The upper-half of the Rose Windows are hire than the Gallery Windows. Would we also need to take into account that there is even a lower level below the auditorium? The level found as (originally) the Sunday school? After all, if we are to take into account the different levels of the Edifice should not we really look at the whole structure? So, could the Sunday school, along with the Board of Director’s Room, be found in the First Degree where Christian Science is needed? Then the second level would be the lower Windows that are above the Sunday school. Also the Board of Directors Room is partially on this same level (for the Second Degree). This would mean that the Board of Directors is on the level of a mortal-human coincidence that needs to listen to Mother and obey Mother (who is on the level above with Mother’s Room, in the human-divine coincidence). Then the upper windows of the Galleries are located in the Third Degree. But there is even another way that we could look at these levels of the Church. As there are seven levels to the Edifice. The lowest, first, level would be for Mind, the second for Spirit, the third for Soul, the fourth for Principle, the fifth for Life, and the sixth for Truth, then we come to the level of Truth at the point of a small rounded cone shaped structure found on the east-south side of the tower (slightly above where the bells are located),[21] and finally having the Magdalene Tower’s roof being the apex of Love. So not only do we have a pyramid structure leading us from Mind to Love in height, but we also have the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth leading us from Mind to Truth from West (where the tone of Mind is located with the Woman God-crowned Window) to East (where Mary Baker Eddy sits as the Apex of Truth in Mother’s Room).}

The First Church B&W

     “The north rose window shows that the outcome of the Christ is always ‘supported, protected, valued, beloved, by a whole universe of ideas.’ (Kappeler, Four Levels of Spiritual Consciousness.) What is provided by Life is maintained and protected by Love.

     “Finally we arrive at the window in the north gallery where the two textbooks represent the whole, complete ideal and the circle with no finite indication, the infinite fulfillment of the great design of Love – Truth and Love.


“The Sunburst
“Divine Science
“Word of Life
    “The main feature is the seven-pointed star within the circle. It was said in the Journal of April 1895 that the purpose of this star was to reflect the seven tints {hues} which it does without ceasing. This declares the isness of Life which ‘can neither perish nor be wiped out, nothing can be added to it or taken away from it.’ (Kappeler: Four Levels)

“Christ, Truth
     “Light which exhibits the entire seven hues is whole. It is composed of all constituent elements which make up white. The star declares by this means that the system requires seven elements to be whole or complete. It thereby represents Truth.

“Christianity – Love
     “The light from this star and, indeed, the whole fixture, embraces all within its reach. It makes no difference what kind of individual sits in the congregation below, be he agnostic, atheist, Mohammedan, or any other, the light of the star, divine Science, embraces him and thereby expresses the all-inclusiveness of Love.

“Science – Divine Principle, Love
     “We have seen that the star symbolizes the never ceasing isness of being; that it is continually sending forth its whole light and embracing all within its reflection. The goal of the divine system of ideas is to redeem all mankind. Its Principle includes all in the plan of Love. Such a Principle is goal oriented.
     “Although this fixture is one unit, not separated into different subjects as the windows, the four stated classifications are included in it. The design of the fixture includes four oval sections which lead from the star to the ceiling hinting at this fourfold nature. Sixteen radiating mullions complete its physical structure. These two design elements recall the textbook with its sixteen chapters composed of four groups of four chapters each under the headings of Word, Christ, Christianity and Science.
     “An important point to recall is the statement of Jesus to the woman. Her traditional basis was changed by that statement. She gained a sense of the new paradigm. Illustrations and windows make a bridge from traditional observance to that new paradigm.  Let us learn what it is and then walk over it. The rewards are untold!” (pages 50-55)
     This ends the manuscript.

     I see the Skylight Sunburst Window in a very different way. I see it as providing us with the oneness of God as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love (the Star which is surrounded by a unity circle of Spirit), the two witnesses as the first oval, that is divided in two around the star, the divine calculus with its sixteen sections, and the four levels of Science as the four ovals. I also have dubbed the Skylight as the X-Stream of Science, or the Journey Matrix.
     We could even think of this window as being like a solar system. That the star/circle represents the sun, the first oval is Mercury, the second oval is Venus, the third oval is Earth, the fourth oval is Mars, and the fifth oval is Jupiter. These planets cannot get away from their orbit around the sun! What I mean is that there are really not two records of creation. “The Science of the first record [Genesis 1-2:3 with the Seven Days, or the seven points of light] proves the falsity of the second [Genesis 2:6 onward through the sixteen gates as previously spoken of with Window of the Open Book]. If one is true, the other is false, for they are antagonistic. The first record assigns all might and government to God, and endows man out of God’s perfection and power. The second record chronicles man as mutable and mortal, — as having broken away from Deity and as revolving in an orbit of his own. Existence, separate from divinity, Science explains as impossible.
     “This second record unmistakably gives the history of error in its externalized forms, called life and intelligence in matter. It records pantheism, opposed to the supremacy of divine Spirit; but this state of things is declared to be temporary and this man to be mortal, — dust returning to dust.” (S&H 522:3-17; infuses added)

     In Your Divinity Revealed, in the chapter on Life, Helen Wright explains that where we go wrong is that we believe there is creation.  There really is no creation, no beginning, no middle, no end.  There is only revelation.  She explains on pages 461-462:  “We have to drop that whole business of a creator and a creation, of God creating man; that whole business of beginning with a creator and ending with a creation.  In being we can’t create anything.  The facts are.  They are all that we can see.  The only thing we can see is more about that which is.  That which is, is Science, and in the measure that we are Science, we are.  Antiquated and passe is that old religious belief of:  God is our creator! and how wonderful His name!
     “We have noted that Mary Baker Eddy wrote her textbook in a four-fold calculus.  The moment we go beyond the Word, Christ, Christianity, and reach the fourth side of the holy city, Science, we begin to see that all there is, is the scientific  fact.  Scientific fact, as we have seen, has no past, no present, no future, no space, no time, no whereabouts, and therefore these facts exist.
     “‘Was not this a revelation instead of a creation?‘ Mrs. Eddy asks.  She takes the whole record of creation and puts it right back into Science.  {This explains why the chapter “Science of Being” follows the chapter “Creation.”}  Science reveals, she says.  Is not revelation what humanly we call a creation?  Most Christian Scientists carry around beliefs in mysticism, in magic–thinking about a God who is a creator and has a creation, which is all a mystical picture.  It has nothing to do with ideas.  Naturally we have to make concessions to these age-old beliefs in order to bring them to the surface and slowly overform them to a sense of isness that is Life.
     “What we want to see, concerning the synonym Life, is not so much that Life is eternal, but rather that being isBeing is isness.  That’s Life.  And ‘Life, spiritually understood,’ Mrs. Eddy said, ‘is heaven here.’  The synonymous term, Life, could be called isness.  Isness has nothing to do with time and space.”

     As mentioned before, what Mr. Cox does not discuss is the seven-pointed star in the Vestry’s ceiling. Is it important? Could it be that as we enter the Church Vestry that we begin with the seven synonymous terms for God just as Genesis begins with the Seven Days? Does this Star make us remember the Star on the cover of Christ and Christmas? For they both are symbolic of the MORNING STAR, a.k.a., Venus.
     On a History Channel program that aired on March 22, 2014 they were discussing the Star of Bethlehem and what it was. They had several theories. I happen to feel that the last theory could be correct as it makes sense to me. The only problem with this last theory is that alignments of Jupiter and Venus take place rather often; so what would it have taken for this alignment to be so special? They reported on what happened.  Jupiter lined up with Venus in 3-2 b.c.  They came so close that they appeared as one star in the constellation of Leo.  Remember that Judah is described in the Bible as a lion.  This happened very low on the eastern horizon right before dawn.  Jupiter, the king planet, joined with the mother planet Venus.  They said that this was probably a symbol for the conception of  a great king.  The Magi (the magician/astrologers) would have interpreted it this way.
     Then between September 3 b.c. and May 2 b.c. Jupiter appears to retrograde, passing three times above the  special star of Regulus.  Regulus is found in the constellation of Leo.  As the earth passes Jupiter in orbit, Jupiter passes Regulus in three conjunctions.  By connecting these three positions (dots) Jupiter seems to crown Regulus.  This could be a sign that a great king is to be born, again pointing to Judah.
     After this Jupiter once again lines up with Venus.  This is nine months after their first conjunction.  This is the same amount of time that it takes for a woman to gives birth to a child (actually most people say it is nine months, but it is really 40 weeks).  This was in June 2 b.c.  What happened was that Jupiter lowers itself while Venus rises up to join Jupiter.  On December 25th Jupiter appears over the town of Bethlehem.  By this time, however, Jesus is no longer a new born baby.  They point out that at the time the Magi meet Jesus, the book of Matthew speaks of Jesus as “the young child” and not as a baby.  (See Matt. 2:9, 10)
     The program points out that many historians believe that King Herod died around 3/14/0004 b.c. during a partial eclipse of the moon.  However, there was a total lunar eclipse (a blood moon) on January 10, 0001 b.c.  And this could be the actual time recorded by Josephus for King Herod’s death.
     The main importance of Venus in regard to the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy about the Morning Star is that Venus transited the sun two times during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crown mission. The first transit was in 1874 before the publication of the first edition of Science and Health. The angel clothed with a cloud descended from heaven with “a little open book.” The second transit was in 1882. This is when Mary Baker Eddy came to understand herself as the woman God-crowned. Let us look at the historical events right before the second transit. The following (with no quotation marks by me but I do us brackets [like this]) is from Volume XXXVIII for April, 2014, Number 4, of The Individual Christian Scientist.

     The third edition of Science and Health by Mary B. Glover Eddy was published in two volumes by Dr. Asa G. Eddy, Lynn, No. 8 Broad Street, in 1881. [By the way this is where the attic depicted in “Seeking and Finding” was at.] Volume II begins with a chapter of 46 pages entitled “Demonology,” which exposes much of the evil Mrs. Eddy had learned about by experience over the past ten years.

Exposure and Denunciation

     Volume I begins with a 6 page note “TO THE PUBLIC” denouncing the malpractitioners’ work and plagiarism of Mrs. Eddy’s writings. Thirty-one students, including Asa G. Eddy, signed this note of exposure and denunciation.

Fury of Evil

     It was August 17, 1881, when the third edition of Science and Health became available. And the fury of evil exploded! As always this fury was directed at God’s Chosen One. And the thirty-one students who signed that notice were also targets for the aggressive mental suggestion of malicious animal magnetism.
Meeting aggressive mental suggestion always forces one up higher, and those thirty-one students all had a constant barrage of lies to deny and overcome. Sad to say, six of them did not rise above the lies, and so succumbed to them.


     Not only did the lies affect these six, but two or three others whom they influenced to desert the Cause. They sent a letter to be read at the meeting of the Christian Scientists’ Association in October, denouncing Mrs. Eddy and resigning from the Association.
     Mrs. Eddy was silent. The members decided how to deal with the situation, but the Leader did not participate. When they dispersed three members remained with Mrs. Eddy the rest of the night.
     Mrs. Eddy was silent, — rising to her true selfhood in Spirit. The three students were silent and sorrowful.


     In the middle of the night Mrs. Eddy rose from her chair. Her face was radiant and her eyes beheld another world. She began repeating the words that Spirit was giving to her.
     Gilbert Eddy, Calvin Frye, and Abbie Whiting grabbed their pencils and began recording the words their Leader was speaking. A few of them were:

     O blessed daughter of Zion, I am with thee. And none shall take my words out of thy lips. Thou art my chosen, to bear my Truth to the nations, and I will not suffer another messenger to go before thee. …And I will lift thee up O daughter of Zion. And I will make of thee a new nation for thy praise.

     These words predict surety for the daughter of Zion. But there were others that were not so uplifting. “One woe is passed, and behold, another cometh quickly; and no sign shall be given thee sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

Another Woe

     The next woe came in the spring and left Mrs. Eddy grief-stricken. It was the lowest point of her entire earthly sojourn.

Mental Murder

     Asa Gilbert Eddy had written the foreword “TO THE PUBLIC” in the third edition of Science and Health, and the malpractitioners had never relented in their endeavor to destroy him. When Gilbert passed away June 3, 1882, Mrs. Eddy knew it was mental murder.


     Once the issues of the day were met, Mrs. Eddy accepted the invitation of a student to retreat to his house in Vermont.

New Strength

     God was ever with her, especially in her sorrow, grief and trials. Before long she gained a strength she had never known before. (Pages 11-13)


The End.


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