Animal Magnetism’s Roots to Astrology Pt. 2

by MJSmith

I Must See That ‘I Am That I Am’
     “Why is it the testimony of Soul that we must listen to?
     “Because Soul can truly define and name and testify in an unmistakable way, so that I see that I AM THAT I AM. Then the thing itself is described subjectively through other terms so that there is identity—identity between the object and the subject. The way I describe that object is then identical with the object and is true identity. Identity is reality at its deepest level where object and subject is one. It is that deepest level where object and subject is one. It is that deepest level where there is absolute congruity, absolute coincidence, between the object—what the object, as such, is—and how we look at the subject—what we see it is—so that subject and object is one. Then we have selfsameness. The object or the subject is reproduced exactly in our consciousness. It is the same within us. There is no discrepancy between the object and the subject. At the point of Soul, the identity is preserved.”[1]

How the Counterfeit Comes to View
     “How does the counterfeit seemingly come into view? Mortal mind reflects upon itself. Mortal mind is the subjective state of error; and what is termed matter, Mrs. Eddy says, is but the subjective state of mortal mind. (See S&H 114:29.) When we have mortal mind, the counterfeit of the divine Mind, reflecting upon itself, this subjective condition, limited and ignorant, is called matter, the opposite of Spirit. Here we have the belief of mind in matter, and this counterfeit mind in matter erroneously gives, to the illusion of matter, the illusion of life, intelligence, and sensation. This constitutes the false concept of sense, which is the opposite of Soul.
     “The belief that mind is in matter is the expression of material sense. The material senses try to invert scientific facts, but when we learn, through Soul, the true identification of ourselves as God, as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, with a body of spiritual ideas, the false identification of the material senses falls into oblivion, and ‘the kingdom of God [which] is within you’—within your consciousness—speaks.”[2]

     Once again animal magnetism can be compared to the false science of astrology because a serpent biting its own tail is a symbol of the zodiac.[3] In the Garden of Eden the serpent presents physical sense to Adam, via the forbidden fruit, as being reality. Is it possible then, that the fruit of good and evil opened up Adam’s eyes to the science of astrology with its zodiac constellations?

     I find a myth surrounding Draco (the dragon) quite interesting, as it seems to connect us to the Garden of Eden.
     “The constellation [Draco] is circumpolar from much of the Northern Hemisphere and is best seen during the warmer months. A large, faint constellation, the Dragon is hard to trace as it winds about between Ursa Major, Bootes, Hercules, Lyra, Cygnus, and Cepheus. The Chaldeans, Greeks, and Romans all saw a dragon here, while Hindu mythology claims the creature is an alligator. The Persians saw a man-eating serpent.
     “Draco has been identified with a number of ancient Greek stories. A dragon guarded the entrance to the Hesperides, where the golden apples grew, and was killed by Hercules. And Athena threw a dragon into the sky, after it attacked her while she was fighting the Titans.
     “Thuban, the brightest star in the constellation, was the pole star in ancient times, but the Earth’s procession has since moved the pole to Polaris.”[4]
     Could this Hercules (Hercules is a Christ type of man) story be rooted to the story of Adam eating the forbidden fruit (often thought to be an apple)?
     The constellation of Ophiuchus is believed to have at one time been part of the zodiac belt. If this is true I feel that Ophiuchus was part of the zodiac when Libra and Scorpio were one constellation – a flying eagle. I find it interesting that Ophiuchus means “serpent bearer” or “one who controls the serpent”.
     “Ophiuchus, entwined with the constellation of Serpens, covers a large expanse of sky and is filled with points of interest, including some of the Milky Way’s richest star clouds. Greek for ‘serpent bearer’, Ophiuchus is usually identified with Asclepius, the god of medicine.
     “In one legend, Asclepius learned about the healing power of plants from a snake. His medical skills were so great that he could even raise the dead, which was a cause of concern to Hades, god of the underworld. He therefore persuaded Zeus, his brother, to strike Asclepius dead with a thunderbolt. Zeus then placed Asclepius in the sky, in recognition of his healing skills, along with Serpens, his serpent.”[5]
     Again, we could say that like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, in this myth the serpent provides materia medica knowledge (of good and evil) to this man called Asclepius. However, if we make a distinction between Asclepius (an Adam man) who ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the Christ man/woman – Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy – we could say that both of these “witnesses for the Christ-Truth” did not rely on serpent medicine. Instead they turned to divine Science (God) and ate the twelve-manner of fruit from the tree of life.

     “In the Bible, the Tree of Knowledge (sometimes depicted as a vine) grows in paradise and bears the enticing—but forbidden—apples and the serpent tempted Eve to taste, thus precipitating the Fall of Man. A dualistic symbol, it signifies the knowledge of both good and evil, offering an intellectual awakening, albeit with perhaps ambiguous results, and was variously seen as symbolic of free will, sexual experience and self-indulgence. The alchemical Tree of Knowledge, called arbor philosophica, denotes creative evolution. In Judaism, it is believed that God will burn the Tree of Knowledge at the coming of the messiah, whereupon its true meaning will finally be revealed.
     “…In common with beliefs of many other traditions, it [the tree of life] bears twelve (or ten) fruits (which can also be forms of the sun or signs of the zodiac), that represent the rewards of spiritual growth….”[6]
     I feel that when spiritually translated the twelve fruits are signs (symbols) for the twelve stars of the woman’s crown (Revelation 12). What is also of importance, in the Christian Science Textbook, is that Mary Baker Eddy “revealed” the “true meaning” for the tree of life with the 18th chapter called “Fruitage.” This chapter has a total of eighty-four Christian Science testimonies of healing. “Fruitage” presents to us the equation: 12 (for the twelve manner of fruit) x 7 (for the seven synonyms of God) = 84 (demonstrations of Christian Science resulting from only reading [eating] from the little open book of Revelation 10).  However, the red dragon has tried to hide this fact by the deletion of one of the testimonies and switching two other testimonies around!

Window of the Open Book
     The God-crowned woman’s twelve stars spiritually translate the zodiac’s living creatures back to God as the divine calculus’ living creatures (see below) with the twelve son’s of Jacob/Israel, the twelve first chapters of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and the twelve keystones to Window of the Open Book (seen above).  The four living creatures of the divine calculus are – Leo, the Word; Taurus, the Christ; Aquarius, Christianity; and Libra, Science (these are located at the four Major Star positions – all part of the Word Cycle).

Leo – the Word as the Word – Reuben – “Prayer” (chapter 1) – The Open Bible Keystone[7]

Cancer – the Christ as the Word – Dan – “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” (chapter 5) – The Woman God-crowned Keystone

Gemini – Christianity as the Word – Issachar – “Creation” (chapter 9) – The Lord and Lamb Keystone

Taurus – the Word as the Christ – Simeon – “Atonement and Eucharist” (chapter 2) – The Madonna and Child Keystone[8]

Aries – the Christ as the Christ – Nephtali – “Science, Theology, Medicine” (chapter 6) – The Oil Lamp Keystone

Pisces – Christianity as the Christ – Zebulon – “Science of Being” (chapter 10) – The Palm Leaves of Salvation Keystone

Aquarius (the face of a man) – the Word as Christianity – Levi – “Marriage” (chapter 3) – The Cross of Calvary Keystone[9]

Capricorn – the Christ as Christianity – Gad – “Physiology” (chapter 7) – The Pomegranates Keystone

Sagittarius – Christianity as Christianity – Joseph – “Some Objections Answered” (chapter 11) – The Sheaf of Wheat Keystone

Scorpio – the Word as Science – Judah – “Christian Science versus Spiritualism” (chapter 4) – The Golden Shores of Love Keystone[10]

Libra – The Christ as Science – Asher – “Footsteps of Truth” (chapter 8) – The Concord Grapevine Keystone

Virgo – Christianity as Science – Benjamin – “Christian Science Practice” (chapter 12) – The Big Dipper Keystone[11]


     After writing all of part 1, and what is above, I received a pamphlet in the mail. It is a transcript of a talk given by W. Gordon Brown in the 1960s on the topic of the fifth chapter “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.  I would like to present it to you.  I have taken some liberties with spelling mistakes and grammar as I feel that it can be toned up.  Also, I may leave out some of Brown’s little comments that are really not relevant to the subject.  I will also present it without quotation marks.  If I do add any comments I will use the following type of brackets [ ].  I have also left out the first few paragraphs as they relate to the Network Matrix for Science and Health (seen directly below).  At first he does a review of the first four chapters.

Networc City Matrix (S&H)


…our primal desire in prayer is of course to be Christlike. That is to say, to emulate the understanding and demonstrations of Jesus as recounted in “Atonement and Eucharist.” But what is it really that enables us to do this? Surely it’s the coming of Christian Science; the coming to humanity of the Science that Jesus himself so perfectly understood. Christ Jesus, you see, represents what is called the first Messianic Advent, and Christian Science, the second [which Mary Baker Eddy represented]. [He goes on to speak about the matrix chart, that you have Jesus] at the point of “Atonement and Eucharist,” second chapter, and the coming of Christian Science at the point of “Science, Theology, Medicine”, sixth chapter, or where the author [Mary Baker Eddy] says, “In the year 1866, I discovered the Christ Science.”

     Now where are “Atonement and Eucharist” and “Science, Theology, Medicine” positioned on the chart? They occupy the first two sections of the second row of chapters, the four Christ chapters when we are reading across horizontally. In other words, as we pray, first chapter, to be like Christ, second chapter, our ability to begin to be this actual likeness comes at the point of the sixth chapter, but in the order in which the chapters are arranged only if the requirements laid down in chapter three, four, and five (“Marriage,” “Christian Science versus Spiritualism,” and “Animal Magnetism Unmasked”) are acceded to first. Once we meet these requirements within our own subjective being, then there is nothing any longer in the way of our direct union and communion with God, in accordance with Mrs. Eddy’s own example, as shown in the sixth chapter. And therefore the purpose of chapters three, four, and five are clearly to rid us of all belief in a material, animal magnetic obstacle or obstruction seeming to separate us from our divine origin, God.

     See, in that third chapter “Marriage” the serpentine obstruction[12] is the belief that man himself is the creator of man, or that God creates man mortal through the agency or medium of that which is the opposite of God, namely, mortal man. In the fourth chapter, “Christian Science versus Spiritualism,” the same obstacle is the belief that God, Spirit, divinity, speaks to, communicates with humanity, through the medium-ship of matter, Spirit’s opposite. And this belief, of course, is the great red dragon as we find him at work in the fourth section of “The Apocalypse.” [He is speaking here of the fourth gate that corresponds to the forth chapter of S&H and the fourth gate of the fifteenth chapter “Genesis”.] Then in the fifth chapter comes the imperative unmasking of this supposed amalgam of God and mortal man, Spirit and matter, before we can reach our goal in the sixth chapter and find ourselves one with God, with no serpentine blockage in between.

     Now a most helpful and enlightening fact surely is that the word “mask,’ “animal magnetism unmasked,” come from the same root as does the word “person,” “Personality,” or “persona;” “persona” – per plus sonary, meaning “to sound through” and this fact in the fifth chapter led up to by way of the two preceding chapters, “Marriage” and “Christian Science versus Spiritualism,” defines for us in a very simple way, the fundamental nature of animal magnetism. The fact is, that God in communing with man does not “sound through” the human agency of a mask-like persona any more than he creates mortals through the agency of other mortals, or Spirit speaks through the mediumship of matter. Remove the mask of finite, egotistical personality; what the book calls elsewhere, “masked personal sense” and we are, like Mary Baker Eddy, in the sixth chapter, face to face with God, Principle, as the source of all revelation and truth; as the source of all that we, man, are.

     In the fifth section of “The Apocalypse,” it is the dragon’s tail that draws, that is to say, attacks or magnetizes the stars of heaven which are our own celestial identities one with God and casts them to the earth; makes us, man, appear to be a lot of willful, individual persona through whom good sounds one moment and evil the next. In order, therefore, to defeat the magnetizing, hypnotizing dragon we must, like Moses in the Old Testament, handle him tail first; that is, reverse all that he claims to be saying, and we do this by taking the end, the tail-end. God’s allness and evils’ nothingness from the beginning, just as wisdom indicates that we must do in the first chapter “Prayer.” Then in place of a deceptive, distorting mask, we behold, instead, the face of God. A mask covers our face doesn’t it, in order to distort and falsify the identity that lies behind the mask.  [John Doorly explained we handle the serpent by following the seven synonymous terms for God beginning with the tail of Love, then move on to Truth, Life, Principle, Soul, Spirit, and finally Mind.  Yet, of the woman she is to step upon the serpent’s talking head (mortal mind).  Is it possible that the male (like Moses) must begin with Love while the female (like Mary) must begin with Mind?]

     When the mask is not there, when I no longer believe I am an individual persona, a priestly medium, with a particularly proud hot-line to God, but know instead, that like the woman in “The Apocalypse,” what I really am is the very voice of Truth itself. What I then see, as in the story of Jacob, is directly the “face” of God and my life is preserved. I am no longer subject to the birth death cycles of spiritualism on the one hand or to laws of mortal procreation on the other.

     Let’s be clear that what is not revealed as lying behind the mask is the face of “animal magnetism,” because evil or animal magnetism is wholly of the nature of a superficial mask; a substanceless facade; having no reality, no depth to it whatsoever, just a mistaken surface, sur-face; on the face concept; entirely superficial. Remove it, and what we behold is the face of divinity, the surfacing, the sur-facing, of the infinitely deep things of God’s man, not a materialistically, spiritualistic persona, but God’s very own reflection of Himself: the face of divinity itself. Hence the words of Jesus, “Ye that hath seen me hath seen the Father.”

     No wonder, after Jacob had struggled with and had unmasked animal magnetism in this way, in accord with the fifth chapter he first of all saw God face to face and afterwords his brother man [the face of a man – Christianity’s living creature] as the face of God, in accord with the sixth chapter. The surface reflects doesn’t it? Think of it; think of a lake or a mirror; man in God’s immediate spiritual reflection; immediate, no personal mediator. He is not God’s distorted deflection. We find in Genesis 1:2 [that] the face of the deep reflects what’s going on in the depth of the deep itself.

     Yet, of course, there is that other aspect of mask as a deceptive surface cover-up for a whole lot of evil or animal magnetism seeming to lie deep down in the mortal psyche. In this case, the word “mask” is identical with what is meant by the word hypocrisy. That’s when Jesus rebuked the Pharisee for their hypocrisy.

     Let us just think for a moment about that first section of “The Apocalypse” in its relation to the first chapter “Prayer” [with the little open book that is Science and Health] and then come across, on that top row of the chart of “The Apocalypse” relating to the fifth chapter “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” [where the red dragon, a midwife medium, seeks to devour the woman’s child].  [Although Mr. Brown leaves it here, I feel that he is hinting at the Textbook of the angel as being the God-crowned woman’s manchild.]

     The attitude of “Prayer” which we adopt in the first chapter must obtain throughout the book, through out Science and Health as a whole, as we find it represented in the first sections of “The Apocalypse,” because the whole of the Textbook is there in that first section, not just that one chapter.

     The book’s mighty angel has its right foot on the sea and his [her] left foot on the earth; nothing in all the world is more vital and more basic than this because it implies that no beast shall be allowed to rise up out of the sea and no beast out of the earth such as seems to happen in Revelation 13, if the woman’s mission in bringing forth the little book, in Revelation 12, has been successfully accomplished and if, when her mission is over, Christian Scientists are obedient to the little book’s demands.  [Most Christian Scientists feel that this manchild represents the Textbook.  Yet, it was not disobedience to Science and Health that brought about the prophecy of Revelation 13.  No, it was disobedience to the Church Manual, with its estoppel clauses, that brought about the prophecy of Revelation 13.  So, is the manchild the Textbook or the Manual?  Or is the manchild the Textbook and the rod he is given the Manual?  I am thinking that the Textbook is symbolized by the manchild and that his rod is divine Science which is to be followed as it is laid down within the Church Manual.]

     Witness the situation today and it is evident that Christian Scientists did not comply with the Founders [which points us to the Church that is governed by a Church Manual] provisions and so up came the two beasts, or rather they appeared to do so. But to cut a long story short, both the books of Revelation and Science and Health show that what the sea-beast stands for in any form of lust for power or carnal possession, lying deep down in the mortal psyche and what the earth-beast stands for, the hypothetical masking or cover-up of this, in order to prevent it from surfacing to human view, which means, of course, that an apparently good and open exterior can be found to hide a bad and secret interior. [Basically this is exactly what Mary Baker Eddy was depicting in illustration 10 “Truth versus Error” with the mansion having “an apparently good and open exterior” and the people inside the mansion hiding their bad and secret evils of fornication.]

Truth versus Error

Truth versus Error

     This is how animal magnetism works. I guess we have all had experiences of this. We can see this brought out in the Bible verse, page 100, on which the fifth chapter is based, where it says “out of the heart” the deep subjective interior; think of all references to “heart” in the chapter “Prayer,” out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, [thefts, false witness, blasphemies (breaking of the God’s Law):] these are the things which defile a man.”

     That which lies in the depths of the mortal psyche; in that substratum of mortal consciousness, which modern psychoanalysis calls the collective or cosmic unconscious, and which comes to the surface of consciousness itself often-times with devastating results. This is it which on the right foot [Mary Baker Eddy’s right foot is seen above] or dominate power of Science and Health[13] is exercised, in which case the book’s left foot [Mary Baker Eddy’s left foot is seen below], or secondary power removes, the mask of hypocrisy, covering up all their false secret desires which mortals do not want to have come out into the open and be known.

Christian Unity

Christian Unity

     [Notice in the illustration directly above that we can only see the toes of Jesus’ left foot!  Also note that in both illustrations Mary’s feet stand upon the city foursquare of divine Science.  The rug and the square of earth are square in shape.  What is also of importance to note is the following:  In the above illustration of “Truth versus Error” there is no written word upon the scroll nor can we read the doorplate.  Yet, in the first illustration (with the same title) there is the word “Truth” written upon it and the doorplate reads “mortal mind” (shown below).  Note also the difference in the doors.  Below we have six rectangles perhaps representing the same idea behind the six earthen vessels that are below Window of the Open Book in the Edifice.  Above there is a grapevine design symbolizing the Christ vineyard or Branch Church.  What happened between the first illustration and the second illustration?  When the first illustration (below) was published there was no Mother Church!  The second illustration came out after the second Concord Branch Church and The First Church of Christ, Scientist had been built.  Could this mean that the scroll, as seen below, represents the Textbook while the scroll, as seen above, represents the Church Manual?  I think it is a very strong possibility!  The fact is that the Church Manual underneath Mary Baker Eddy’s Leadership placed a separation between the government of the Mother Church and the Branch churches.  With the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual this separation came to an end and so the second illustration of “Truth versus Error” could very well be a prophecy of today’s church, what happened when the red dragon (ecclesiastical despotism via animal magnetism) raped the woman’s estate!]

C&C-C.S. TvE (A)

Six Earthen Vessels

Six Earthen Vessels

     As we find it on page 559 [S&H], as the result of the power of Truth and Love, the book’s [actually “the angel’s = God’s messenger[14]] two feet, animal magnetism is destroyed, both as the source of error’s invisible forms and also as visible error and audible sin; that is, in both its unseen and seen aspects but primarily as that which works in secret evolutionarily beneath the surface of thought, unseen, undetected.

     There is that aspect of mask which covers up hidden evil lurking underneath it; but once the unmasking has taken place then it is seen that the whole of animal magnetism is nothing but a superficial substanceless facade and that what really underlies the mask is the eternal face of God. Then it is that humanity is in immediate communion with the divine source of its being with no personal egotism in between, obstructing the coincidence of the human and the divine; the standpoint of chapter six is then reached. There is no doubt, is there, about the absolute need for the intervention of chapters three, four and five in between chapters two and six in order to remove the offending mask.

     Let’s just emphasize once again that fundamental spiritual attitude demanded in the first chapter “Prayer” that which ensures that we shall move safely forward through chapters two, three, four and five to chapter six. In accord with the first section of “The Apocalypse” this is that we begin right away to put our right foot on the sea and left foot on the earth.[15] For what is our dominate right foot but our conscious union with God which we pray for in the first chapter, the infinite unseen source of all that takes form on the surface of consciousness as our visible Christ identity.

     Just turn to [S&H] page 1 paragraph 2. Can’t we see there, this very thing beginning to happen if we are faithful to what the paragraph is asking, namely, if we trust the Mind which is God with our innermost desires, our hungering after righteousness in order that these desires may be molded and exalted divinely before they take form humanly as the words and deeds of our visible experience, no inward lust, no outward hypocrisy there but instead the beginning of the end of the two Apocalyptic beasts.

     The teaching of the chapter “Prayer” becomes even clearer if we think of the way in which it ends, from page 14 onwards. There in the sacred sanctuary of Spirit, within the very heart of prayer, as the text puts it, we have audience with Spirit, the divine Principle, Love, which destroys all error; all those evil thoughts, disorders, adulteries, and so on, that proceed out of the heart of mortality, the opposite of the heart of prayer. So as we commune in secret with our Father-Mother God we find that this rewards us openly, in other words, the deep things of reality come to the surface of consciousness, or that which is secret comes into the open in the form of our words and deeds.

     That which is divine is reflected humanly in the measure that the secret invisible beast from the sea and the open visible beast from the earth are exterminated, which is precisely what is achieved by Jesus, at the point of the second chapter of “Atonement and Eucharist.” Jesus sees right through the facade of mortality or death and comes face to face with eternal Life. And indeed this is what we are bidden to do in the course of chapter three, four, and five, in order to be face to face with the divine Principle, Love, in chapter six. No mask-like persona interposing itself in between.

     Let us begin to see how the seven short pages of the textbook’s vital fifth chapter, unmasks animal magnetism and enables us in chapter six to be the immediate recipient of Christian Science, God’s gift of grace in accord with the example of Mary Baker Eddy. What a contrast between this tiny little chapter, the shortest in the book, in which evil is dealt with so completely and impersonally, and in the very long corresponding chapter “Demonology,” that featured so prominently in the Textbook’s early editions with its lengthy denunciations of mesmerism and malicious minded practitioners, often singling them out personally and even calling them by name.

     But we turn to the way in which the name demonology, under the present name of “animal magnetism” is handled of course, in the Textbook’s final edition. Interestingly enough, it was as late as 1910 that both the fourth chapter and the fifth were given their present titles. Up to 1910 the fourth chapter was called “Christian Science and Spiritualism” and the fifth simply, “Animal Magnetism.” In 1910 these were changed to “Christian Science versus Spiritualism” and “Animal Magnetism Unmasked.” Isn’t it that as long as we conceive of Christian Science and spiritualism in our belief, animal magnetism can be seen to be an entity but as soon as we see that Christian Science reverses or is the reverse of “spiritualism” (“Christian Science versus Spiritualism”) that animal magnetism is unmasked and its “forever nonentity” is revealed.

     There are no capitalized terms on pages 100 and 101. They simply have to do with the early history of mesmerism. Mesmerism then, the other name for animal magnetism, was first brought into notice; brought out into the open that is, by Mesmer in Germany in 1775, exactly 100 years before Science and Health, with its dominant and secondary powers over mesmerism, was first published in 1875. Its dominant power, once more, God, of course, the power of God Himself, as the divine Source and origin of all true human experience, over the illusory claim that hidden occult, animal magnetism, is the source and origin, – and its secondary power, that which God as Source sends forth visibly in terms of us as man: power over animal magnetism’s visible appearing in the form of, and as, the work of mesmerists, hypnotists, malpracticing mortals generally.

     Mesmer thought he had discovered a material force, line 4, “which could be exerted,” he said, “by one living organism over another as a means of alleviating disease.” In that original contention, not only do we see immediately animal magnetism’s mask but also the working of mesmerism brought apparently right up to date because this is what modern medical hypnotism actually claims to do; to alleviate, even cure disease. It claims to control and eliminate pain.

     Indeed, this seems to be the bait that the hypnotist puts forward, on behalf of hypnotism as a modern branch of medicine, namely, that it alleviates disease. In other words, the evil which it is intrinsically, in taking away man’s inherent right of self-government and self-control, where as the mask of goodness in that it purports to relieve pain and suffering, whereas this is in fact the prerogative of the Christ in Christian Science which heals through the destruction of animal magnetism, mesmerism, hypnotism, not its implementation.

     [Line 8 speaks of astrology with a quote by Mesmer.]  The original contention was that “there exists a mutual influence between the celestial bodies, the earth, and animated things. Animal bodies are susceptible to the influence, of this agent disseminating itself through the substance of nerves.” What mythology this so-called force or agent, flowing between the celestial bodies that inhabit the heavens and the animal bodies that inhabit the earth and disseminating itself through the nerve systems or nerve centers;[16] if you like, the communications network that animate and give apparent sensation to these bodies.

     Well, thank God, we are beginning to spiritually and scientifically replace this entire myth with the communication system that is Christian Science, flowing from God to man and back to God in the form of the ideas, or messages, specifically of the truth about body, forever health and wholeness. Yes, it is all mythology, and basically mythology rooted in astrology and, of course, we get the positive answer to it in that wonderful fourth day of creation in the Bible. The text emphasizes the fourth reforming “Principle” where the Science and system of synonyms, governs the affairs of earth.

     The day of humanity one with and governed by divinity, or where the one divine Source, Heaven, controls and determines the visible expressions of this Source, earth. Remember Daniel “He doeth according to His will in the armies of Heaven among the inhabitants of the earth.” In the fourth line of the Lord’s Prayer, “Enable us to know, as in Heaven so on earth, God is omnipotent, supreme.” [This line is from Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer at the end of “Prayer.”]

     Again, of course, the answer is found in the Bible’s fourth thousand year period the kingdom period; of the twelve tribes of the Children of Israel of which Mrs. Eddy says, “Stand in type for the whole human race” and whose spiritual identity is represented by those twelve stars of the woman’s that is generic man’s crown, in Revelation 12.  [I disagree with this statement. What Mary Baker Eddy meant is that the woman God-crowned re-presents generic man anew. She presents generic man as the spiritual idea; that is she re-presents to generic man his original being, which is spiritual, as the image and likeness of God. Most Christian Scientists have misinterpreted her meaning on this topic. Only those who are willing to accept Mary Baker Eddy as the woman God-crowned understand her true meaning behind her use of the word “symbolizes”.]  This heavenly crown of twelve stars being the specific answer to the so-called “Astral Theology,” in the fourth period of Assyria and Babylon with its astrologers and horoscopy based mythologically on the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The twelve mythical stellar constellations that claim to pre-determine all of mankind’s earthly experience. And this being identical today with the conclusions of modern psychoanalysis; that the unseen stratum of cosmic consciousness, called the collective unconscious determines the functioning of our human affairs, including our minds and bodies; the conscious human mind being unconscious of the workings of this latent involuntary source of its own conscious being.

     Inevitably today, this collective or cosmic unconscious realm is discovered in psychology to be the habitation, not of the one, heavenly divine Principle God but of all the archetypical gods and goddesses, good and evil spirits, demons and demigods that make up all the different pagan mythology promulgated by the human race. All of these archetypes being personifications of the bestial, animistic, sadistic instincts and emotions that rise up into the light of consciousness out of this dark subterranean under world of hell of the so-called collective unconscious. Mankind’s hidden sins apparently out-picturing themselves on the visible surface of consciousness as the diseases, etc. of his body and all disseminated through the telegraphic communications system called the nerve [the serpent].

     In the case of the individual mortal this entire cosmic myth appears to be focused and consolidated mentally under the dome of his skull [Adam’s big giant head], the seat from which it controls involuntarily the workings of his body. Nerve messages [the talking serpent], sensation in matter, supposedly coming from and returning to his [Adam] brain as their source. Quite a symbol, the dome, isn’t it? The dome or vault of the Heaven; the dome of the head; the pear-shaped dome of the material matrix or womb. Indeed the architectural dome of The Mother Church [in Boston] or St. Peter’s in Rome; Rome called incidentally, “The Holy City” [and also a Mother Church] being only the material counterfeit of the real Holy City, City of universal divine Science. Let us thank God for the heavenly, cosmic, matrix city, defined by Paul as the “Mother of us all;” the scientific understanding of which we now know is taught us by the interwoven foursquare structure of the Christian Science Textbook.

     In mythology the sea, over which the textbook exercises its dominant power, symbolizes “The mother of all living;” the sea; mother of us all, the Heavenly foursquare city, the New Jerusalem. Well, obviously, it requires a great deal of prayerful pondering and thinking about, doesn’t it; this unmasking of mythological animal magnetism and its translation into the oneness and inseparability of God and man, divinity and humanity, heaven and earth; this is, into the workings of the Holy Foursquare Mother City. {Another thing, I feel is of importance is the name Mary. One meaning of Mary is “sea.” If we reside in Mother’s Room (Mother’s Christ consciousness) that is the Sea of Mary where we remain safe.}

     So basically unreal, untrue, so wholly mythological is this entire proposition of animal magnetism or mesmerism and its claim to operate in this involuntary unconscious way, that even the French government’s investigation of it in 1784 virtually reported its non-existence.  [On page 100, line 18, this French government] declared, “In regard to the existence and utility of animal magnetism, we have come to the unanimous conclusion that there is no proof of the existence of the animal magnetic fluid; that the violent effects, which are observed in the public practice of magnetism, are due to manipulations, or to the excitement of the imagination and of the impressions made upon the senses; and that there is one more fact to be recorded in the history of the error of the human mind, and an important experiment upon the power of the imagination.” Think of it, the so-called animal magnetic fluid seen even then to be wholly mental or imagined.

     We come, therefore, to Mary Baker Eddy’s own observation, her own personal conclusion, in the marginal heading there, regarding the workings of animal magnetism and the first thing she does is to rip off the mask of the deceptive appearance that says it alleviates or cures disease and is a good thing instead of a bad thing.

     Think once more of the Bible’s fourth thousand-year period where Israel’s heavenly Principle and its system of earthly government is the exact antidote to the astral theology the horoscopic mythology of Assyria and Babylon.

     In the story, following the building of Solomon’s sumptuous temple (which incidentally in her book Pulpit and Press, Mrs. Eddy refers to in relation to the building of the Christian Science Mother Church), Israel began to worship this luxurious and prosperous symbol at the expense of the God idea that the temple rightly symbolized and therefore idolatrous personal sense crept in.

     The kingdom, originally united under David, thereafter split in two sinning adulterous segments of what, under the government of divine Principle is a single, deathless whole. Instead of continuing to represent the manhood [Judah] and womanhood [Israel] of God’s creating. The two foremost houses of Judah and Joseph broke up, in belief, into the Southern Kingdom of Judah and the Northern Kingdom of Israel and stood thereafter for the male and female division of mortality, or animal magnetism.

     [S&H 101:25] Israel and Judah in their divided sexual identities became the subjects who did not resist the workings of animal magnetism and this led to their moral and physical death.

     Israel, womanhood, fell victim to the cruel male militarism of Assyria and was banished from the land.  Never was she heard of physically again [accept for the mention that she may have gone to the British Isle] and she became known as the ten lost tribes [of Israel]. Judah, manhood, on the other hand fell victim to the female harlotry of Babylon [that is depicted] in Revelation, the mother of harlots and the abomination of the earth, and was taken into Babylonian captivity.

     Judah, unlike Israel, retained physical identity and after 70 years in exile returned and rebuilt the temple and Jerusalem, just as Jesus, the man who comes from Judah later rises from the sepulcher and resurrects or rebuilds his body. Whereas, Israel does not reappear until some 2000 years later [in the United States of America, those from the British Isle] and then only in the form of her spiritual and moral identity as Christian Science and hence Mary Baker Eddy [who had Scottish roots] said of her discovery Christian Science that it restored the lost Israel.

     Today we understand Christ Jesus and [Mary Baker Eddy, Mother of] Christian Science, God’s two witnesses, as constituting the ultimate true identities of Judah and Israel [Joseph], never split from one another, never sexually divided the symbol of which is the united kingdom [United States] of the great King David.   God promised that his throne would be established forever, meaning by that of course that it was none other than God’s own kingdom or heaven on earth, earth never really removed from heaven, the very embodiment of mankind’s eternal, deathless life, no mortal, no physical death because no schismatic break-up by the forces of animal magnetism.

     [(S&H 102) This is] where the synonyms begin to appear again and where the whole propositions of an animal magnetism universe or kingdom is unmasked and disposed of in the face of the deathless reality of God’s own universe or kingdom.

     Line 1, “animal magnetism, having no scientific foundation, being a belief only and this belief animal, in Science, animal magnetism, mesmerism, or hypnotism;” three different names for one and the same mythical concept, is a mere negation; a negation in the next paragraph of the positive fact of Spirit and Mind. Interestingly enough included in the meaning of that word “mere,” – a “mere” negation is “the sea.” This is just what has to be disposed of — elementary latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms, symbolized in mythology by the “sea” and named in psycho-analysis, the collective or cosmic unconscious.

     In regards to the more modern name of hypnotism, has it ever struck you that in the second chapter [verse six] of Genesis, arising out of that mist comes the Lord God Jehovah. [He is the] creator of the sinning mortal Adam. It is this Lord God who, in the words of Science and Health, induces in Adam a deep hypnotic sleep and thereby launches the first record of magnetism. This seems to say that Jehovah or Yahweh is the original arch hypnotist, causing Adam to fall into this deep hypnotic stupor or trance in which he dreams. He imagines [he dreams, because he never woke up, that] he is cut up sexually into a male Adam here and a female Eve there. [The woman is not misidentified or mistranslated by Adam until after he and the serpent are cursed.]

     In belief, what originates [from the Adam dream] is the myth of mankind’s collective unconscious. The awakening from, which comes only through the work of Christ Jesus. From the manhood of God called the “last Adam” because of first what he signifies is the last of Adam, and Christian Science secondly (the womanhood of God and the true identity of Eve, who is said in Genesis 3:20, to be the mother of all living).

     The woman [that comes from the Ark of the Covenant Rib], as she originally is, correlates therefore with the mythological sea as the mother of all that lives. Her final spiritual antidote clearly is the universal matrix city of Christian Science defined as we now know so well as the “Mother of us all,” because when at the end of “The Apocalypse” chapter, this mother city is revealed.  Jehovah is coincidentally transfigured and translated out of his hypnotizing Garden of Eden anthropomorphism, and male and female are no longer a separated Adam and Eve but are “two individual natures in one”[17] — a compounded spiritual individuality reflecting God as Father-Mother, not God as a corporeal anthropomorphic “Lord God” or God appearing in the form of man as Jehovah.

     At this point, in “The Apocalypse” chapter, man appears in the form of God and the entire human problem is thereby solved. Jesus is called “the Lord,” as well as, Jehovah being the Lord, and why is this so? It is because Jesus solves, from beginning to end, this foremost human problem of Jehovahistic anthropomorphism and therefore of animal magnetism.  Jesus literally unmasks the mythology of God in the form of man and through the Science of his own being replaces it with man in the form of God. He understands scientifically that God, and not Adam and Eve, is Father-Mother and therefore to him the serpent, “ye shall be as Gods,” is wholly illusory and unreal. Remember how the Lord’s Prayer begins, “Our Father-Mother God.” [Yes, this is how Mary Baker Eddy stated it.  I am not against acknowledging that Jesus did these things, however, he never referred to God as Father-Mother God that we know of, rather it is not recorded in the Bible that he referred to God as Mother.  It was Mary Baker Eddy who called God Mother.  I love W. Gordon Brown’s work, but I feel like he is down playing Mary Baker Eddy’s importance.]

     Now in view of this, do you think we can begin to glimpse how in the absolute Science of being the great Mother City of the Word, Christ, Christianity, Science, is really the subjective state of God, the Father, as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, and as such it can never, has never been removed there from, and made to appear objective. It’s a profoundly glorious and scientific thought; Our, Father-Mother God, objective that is, in the way that in the myth, [the woman, later to be called] mother Eve is removed from Father Adam.  Man, in belief, is removed from God, humanity from divinity, earth from heaven.  All resulting in an earth-mother down here and a heaven-Father up there.

     Two separate planes of consciousness, to be wiped out in the end by those two fundamental inseparable aspects of the Science of being, called in the textbook “divine Science” and “Christian Science,” both on the same plane, because the need obviously is to re-unite, or it will so look to human sense, the human with the divine; the Mother down here with the Father up there as being what in effect Jesus does regarding the virgin Mary and his Father.  This incidentally explains why the Roman church was compelled to institute its dogma of the bodily assumption of the virgin into heaven. Now, the answer to all this appears in the fullness of Science when at the close of “The Apocalypse” we get those two complementary aspects of the Holy City, on pages 575 and 577. The first [aspect] called “city foursquare” which is a city of divine Science and is said to be “our city.”  The second city [aspect] is of Christian Science, called the ‘city of our God.” As the outcome of the acceptance of what we, man, are as a city foursquare, first aspect, we give ourselves and all that we are back to God, “city of our God,” second aspect; with the result that the entire problem of dualism, separatism, or animal magnetism, heaven and earth [two], God and man two, is solved.

     We, man, are the city of, the body of, we belong to, our Father-Mother God and neither to ourselves, nor to each other personally, which means that we do not belong to animal magnetism. No wonder a new heaven and a new earth appears at this point. Now there is no more sea. Earth, in Science, is born of heaven and not of the sea as in mythology. And so, the glory of it is that anthropomorphism or God appearing in the form of man [an Adam man] yields to [Christ] man in the form of God, just as Jesus showed forth and exemplified.  A race of apparent Adams and Eves, all those little Jehovistic gods and goddesses that derive from Adam’s deep hypnotic sleep has been translated in Science with the universal family of one Father-Mother God.

     Let’s go back to page 102, line 5, because all this explains why animal magnetism, mesmerism, or hypnotism “is a mere negation, an unreal concept of the so-called mortal mind,” and why, again because, as we have it on line 11, Mind is not mortal and animal but immortal and divine. Its subjective state is “Spirit,” line 9, that can never be taken away from Mind and made to appear objectively as matter. Hence, Spirit not matter, becomes to us the one real attraction, the one divine magnet, if you like, as against the seeming attractions of animal magnetism, and this means that the all-embracing power of God, Mind, has put an end to the astrological myth that the planets have power over man. “They have no more power over him than they had over his Maker,” line 12, that is, over his Father-Mother God.

     Note this reference to man’s “Maker” there, because we get it again over on page 106 with very great significance. The logic of it all is that as we advance spiritually and scientifically the “mild forms of animal magnetism,” line 16, begin disappearing, and its “aggressive features start coming to the surface,” to the front, that is to the face, which means that the mask is no longer so deceptive as it was before. We begin to see animal magnetism and to face up to it for the evil that it really is, nevertheless, the untrue, unreal opposite of the good that is God. This absolute good in divine Science operates to uncover the “looms of crime hidden in the dark, the underworld recesses of the mortal through which are every hour weaving webs even more complicated and subtle.” It exposes them in order to bring there nothingness to light.

     These methods of animal magnetism, if we did not understand their nothingness, are so secret, the opposite of the Father “in secret” and his “open” reward, that they “ensnare the age into indolence and produce the very apathy on the subject which the criminal desires.” The word “indolence” is extremely significant because its root meaning, “in” plus “dolence” means not to feel pain and not to feel pain seems to be the principle use to which the medical faculty puts its hypnotism today. Yet annulling pain in this artificial, psychiatric way, is what makes the patient apathetic, or puts him to sleep as to what animal magnetism or hypnotism is really setting out to do, whereas, pain keeps him awake. Pain compels him to handle animal magnetism for himself and be probably healed of pain or whatever it is in Christian Science.

     To weave a web is the root meaning both of the word “text” and also of the word “subtle.” What truly deals with the subtle serpent is that which puts its right foot on evil’s seemingly hidden “cause” and its left foot on evil’s seemingly “surface effect.”  [Of course, this is a reference to the angel with the “little open book.” Brown, however, implies that the left and right feet are] the interwoven texts of the Bible and Science and Health when they are not broken up into abstract disconnected fragments. This is why we are striving to keep Science whole; Science and Health as one web of spiritual consistency without seem or rent.  [Perhaps the Christian Scientists were supposed to let go of the old Bible lessons after Doorly and his students discovered and taught the system of Science?]

     Nothing else is capable of destroying animal magnetism’s looms of crime and its complicated and subtle webs of evil. In which case, what is being done away with, we see from line 27, is evil’s claims to despotic control and what is being put in its place, as we shall find over on page 106, is man’s proper self-government; his inalienable rights; his independence of all forms of mental despotism.  [Line 30] in learning that evil is not power, we are despoiling the kingdom of evil. God’s kingdom symbolized by David’s united kingdom, is the only kingdom that really is, and this means that we are learning the nothingness of that personification of evil; that mediumistic persona, miscalled mortal man who is the God of this world, ruling over what Jesus called, “The kingdom of this world.” Thus, we are ceasing to identify with all those sinning instincts and emotions of animality personified of the gods and goddesses of the collective unconscious and coming to the surface as a race of Adams and Eves and serpents, “Ye shall be as gods.”

     Line 5 tells us that sin was the Assyrian moon-god and as we saw before in the Bible’s fourth period, Assyria, standing for the brutal masculine inclinations of animal magnetism took the kingdom of Israel captive. Israel, for when she is not divided from Judah, typifies spiritual womanhood and motherhood. Assyria dispersed Israel among the nations of the world and she comes to light again only in the [New World with Mary Baker Eddy’s] discovery of Christian Science which is the womanhood and motherhood of God, inseparable from the manhood and Fatherhood of God as represented by Christ Jesus. The moon with its twelve monthly phases corresponding to the twelve monthly menstrual periods has so much to do with mortal womanhood and [physical] motherhood or with the so-called matrix of mortality.  [It is the woman God-crowned, Mary Baker Eddy, who has her feet upon (has dominion over) the moon.]

     On page 103, line 6, when Science, which is God’s own self knowledge, destroys all these claims of mortal mind, humanity is liberated from sin and mortality. Christian Science frees the race from Assyrian captivity and in consequence the whole human family is blessed. But the knowledge of good and evil, line 10, that serpentine tree in the midst of the Garden of Eden [Adam’s material body] doesn’t bring about his liberation. Oh, no! In fact this kind of knowledge, being the dualistic opposite of Science is what actually constitutes the captivity and the bondage. Therefore Science, the knowledge of good only, line 15, must be the tree of Life itself.

     “The pure unadulterated Truth of Mind Science, of Principle who shows forth the maximum of good; demonstrates God to be All-in-all and evil to be a suppositional lie.” This sentence, up to 1909, used to read, “The maximum of good is met by the maximum of suppositional evil, hence the fight to crush Science.” How different, because in 1909 it was changed to this final working. The stage had evidently been reached when ideally the fight to crush Science was over. Now under the heading of “The genus of error” we are told, line 19, how “…animal magnetism or hypnotism is the specific term for error, or mortal mind. It is the false belief that mind is in matter, and is both evil and good; that evil is as real as good and more powerful.”

     The term animal magnetism signifies that which is both generic and specific, [which is] overcome by the Textbook’s [the angel’s] right and left feet. It is therefore the name given both to elementary latent error, the generic source of error’s invisible forms and also to the specific surfacing of this source as visible error and audible sin. It is not just that the errors which appear on the surface of consciousness are of the nature of hypnotic suggestion and that some great unseen cosmic evil force is doing the hypnotizing; that there exists such a force at all, that there is a generic source of evil’s specific forms is itself hypnotic suggestion and the two together, the genus and the species constitute one suppositional lie.

     This lie which has not one quality of truth is the false belief, line 20, that mind is in matter and is both evil and good, that evil is as real as good and more powerful. The fact is that the myth or lie of man broken away from God; of the woman broken away from Adam is inseparable from the myth of matter having supposedly broken away from mind. Of mind thereafter entering matter, God entering man; Adam entering Eve in order to make them one again and materially self-creative.

     Outstandingly, it is in the chapter “Physiology,” in which we are taught how mortal mind is simply a state of self-ignorance; self-hypnotism, that is, ignorantly believing that matter, instead of being mortal mind’s own subjective state which is what it is, therefore, not matter at all but mortal mind. Mortal mind believes that matter is actually matter, the opposite of Mind and objective to mind, whereas Christian Science reveals that there is not and can not be any such thing as matter. That which seems to be objective matter is not matter but subjective mortal mind, in which case the entire myth of mind in matter is swallowed up in Truth or Science. In Truth, Spirit is the subjective state of Mind and can never be taken away from Mind and made to appear as objective matter. “Beside Me there is none else,” Mind declares. But in “Physiology” it reads: mortal mind must, in its ignorance, believe in something beside itself and therefore it enthrones matter as deity. (S&H 186 bottom)

     [Back to “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” on page 103, line 23,] hypnosis is either ignorant or malicious. Ignorant in its unconscious, involuntary sea aspect; malicious in its conscious voluntary earth aspect and when directed consciously and maliciously [its ultimate outcome] is moral idiocy. All these fables, myths of mortal mind, are annihilated by the truths of immortal Mind, that is by Truth, capital “T,” itself from which no truths, little “t,” have ever departed to become objective error instead of subjective truth. Glory be, there is not, cannot be any truth, any reality in mortal mind, line 29. Consequently, there is no transference of mortal thought and will power, no such thing as the exercise of despotic control, as we had it back on page 102, alias human will power.

     There is only the will of God and this according to I Thessalonians 3:4, to which incidentally we are referred in the definition of “will” in the Glossary. The will of God is said specifically, to be “abstinence from fornication.” You see, all mythology, all animal magnetism is supposed to have started when Lucifer, Satan, rebelled against the will of God in heaven and claimed a will of his own. [However, originally, Lucifer was a reference to King Nebuchadnezzar.  The Babylonian king fell as fast as lightning into insanity.]  “My will God, not Thine be done” and that’s why the original mist or myth of Genesis 2:6 is defined in the Textbook on page 522, line 8, as man having supposedly “broken away from Deity” and as “revolving in an orbit of his own.”[18] So we have animal magnetism’s mythical starting-point, man, God’s reflection, having a will, a persona, a life, anything of his own. But it never happened and how do we know that? Because line 31 tells us that life and being are of God and in Christian Science there is no such thing as mortal mind, either ignorant or malicious. Therefore, there is no mental malpractice or mortal thought transference. In fact, there are not any thoughts at all except God’s own “angel” thoughts passing from God to man. (See S&H 104:1, see also in the “Glossary” definition for Angel.)

     Little by little, the thoughts that we are going to find ourselves thinking and which constitute our mind and body are going to be none other than God’s own “angel” thoughts, not the thoughts of the lusting gods and goddesses of the psychic unconscious. In Science there is only one God and no such thing as a plurality of gods [exists].

     [On page 104:3] we are commanded to comprehend the working of both Christian Science and animal magnetism in order to prove the one to be all and the other the suppositional lie. We begin to be so whole. There is no more sweeping of animal magnetism under the carpet. We comprehend its nothingness simultaneously as we comprehend the allness of Christian Science.  [Brown says of line 5] the author of the Christian Science Textbook is really God, of course, and wolves in sheep’s clothing which seek to personalize this authorship are clearly animal magnetism’s weaving its deceptive mask or persona. [History tells us that Mary Baker Eddy as “author of this book” was “unjustly persecuted and belied by wolves in sheep’s clothing.”  Revelation 12 tells us that the red dragon sends its flood to drown the woman (to kill her or to drown out her voice), Scripture does not say that the dragon is trying to kill God.  Nor do I think that “the wolves in sheep’s clothing” are out to kill God.  Neither does this paragraph have anything to do with personalization of the book’s author!  So I do not understand why Brown thinks that this is the topic of her paragraph?  Even though Mary Baker Eddy does say that she is God’s Scribe, she wrote the book.  And if we read the last line of the paragraph that comes before this one she says, “In Christian Science, man can do no harm, for scientific thoughts are true thoughts, passing from God to man.”  These are similar words she uses to define angels – “God’s thoughts passing to man.” (S&H 581:4)  Mary Baker Eddy is the angel of Revelation 10.

     [She continues on line 8: “Agassis, the celebrated naturalist and author, has wisely said: ‘Every great scientific truth goes through three stages. First, people say it conflicts with the Bible {yes, they first said that the Textbook conflicted with the Bible}.  Next, they say it has been discovered before {in other words, Mary Baker Eddy is said not to be the Discoverer of Christian Science}. Lastly, they say they have always believe it {the words written in the Textbook}.’”]

     There is a lovely helpful little story told by Mr. Gilbert Carpenter Sr., who was at one time a member of Mrs. Eddy’s household. In order to establish his true relationship with her, he reported how when he was in her presence he had to realize that he was in the presence of the author of Science and Health.  [But Brown ends the account here. He does not tell us what Mary Baker Eddy’s response to Carpenter was.  He goes on to say,] Has Science and Health two authors, God and Mary Baker Eddy? No, of course not; only one and what Mrs. Eddy knew regarding herself and what she expressed was like Jesus, the human and the divine, one in coincidence, whereby man, the “woman” in “The Apocalypse” is none other than the voice, the scribe under orders, as she puts it, of Truth itself, not a persona or mask or mortal agency through which divine Truth sounds.  [Okay, if I read this correctly, Brown is telling us, by his own words of admission, that Mary Baker Eddy is the woman God-crowned, because she was “the voice, the scribe under orders.” It is true, Mary Baker Eddy was one with divine Mind, she was the human and divine coincidence, and it was because of her oneness with Mind that she was God’s scribe. But let me be clear that God chose her for the Christ works that she did.]

     To regard Mrs. Eddy, to believe each other, to be human persona good one minute and evil the next, is to engage in the offense of mental malpractice and hypnotic thought transference and in whatever degree this personalized misconception is indulged the resulting malpractice, we learn, from line 6, becomes of the nature of unjust persecution.  [This is true, however, we can recognize Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, accept her as the woman God-crowned, and understand her as the second coming of Christ without it being a form of idolization of persona! I think that Doorly and his group were so afraid of idolizing Mary Baker Eddy that they went out of their way, in their teachings, to ignore her and who she is! And they also went way out of their way to not teach who she is! And in this respect they are no better than the men of Boston!]  Therefore, it is that from the bottom of page 104, to the end of the chapter on page 106, unmasking of animal magnetism becomes a matter of replacing human injustice with all that is divinely just. “To persecute” is from the Latin root “per” plus “sigh,” to follow; personal following. Personal followings become hotbeds for all sorts of malpractice and unjust persecution.

     The two paragraphs starting line 13, where the marginal heading is “perfection of divine government,” prepares us for this reign of divine justice and freedom from unjust persecution. The two paragraphs, starting line 13; to achieve this we read, “Christian Science goes to the bottom of mental action,” that is, it goes beneath the surface of things into the depths of being itself both positively and negatively. In the previous chapter, “Christian Science versus Spiritualism,” we were told how, “Science only can explain the incredible good and evil elements now coming to the surface” (S&H 83:6). The incredible evil coming up out of the depths of psychic unconsciousness source, the incredible good coming from the depths of divinity itself as Source [- these are] never two things, never two happenings but the [evil] one [is] simply the negation [and] the supposititious opposite of the other [which is good, Spirit], one statement being what is [real] and the other statement being what is not [real]. The rightness of the one, therefore, being the rightness of all divine action as the emanation of divine Mind, the surfacing of incredible good: the wrongness of the other being the wrongness of evil, occultism, necromancy, mesmerism, animal magnetism, hypnotism, the surfacing of incredible evil.

     (S&H 104:19) We have “The medicine of Science” on the one hand and of hypnotism on the other. The medicine of Science is divine Mind, the source from which comes all true health and healing, whereas, the hypnotist employs one error to medicine another and both these error, being error of belief.  With hypnotism it is a case of a greater error overcoming a lesser error and so leaving the case worse than before it was grasped by the stronger error. Finally, on line 29, the belief of unseen evil as source, and of seen evil as the outcome of that source, takes specific form as the motive and commission of crime. Motive lies with the human mind, commission with the body that appears to perform the wicked act. In the case of murder and all mental malpractice, all indulgence of animal magnetism is murder in some degree. Mortal mind is the murderer, not the hands that do the deed.

     (S&H 105:10) It is mortal mind that commits the crime, hence, matter cannot commit a crime and matter cannot be punished (line 12). Courts hold jurisdiction over the body.  The Text asks, can you separate the mentality from the body?  Well, the fact is that tribunals do, in a manner, exercise jurisdiction over the carnal or mortal mind. Human law does estimate crime and courts do pass sentence according to motive, but as the text points out, this is just a feeble beginning and does not at all get to the root of the problem. In other words, line 16, our laws must begin to take cognizance of mental crime and no longer apply legal rulings wholly to physical offenses. By mental crime, as it is here referred to, is meant the individual criminal using his developed mental powers, like an escaped felon, to commit fresh atrocities as opportunity occurs. Such a one is never safe, because, even if human justice does not at the moment arrest him, God will. (Line 24) “Divine justice will manacle this evil let loose, his sins will be millstones about his neck weighing him down to the depths of ignominy and death.”

     It will be a case of the gods, line 29, of the mythological unconscious first making mad whom they would destroy, all of which boils down to sin inevitably destroying itself. In Christian Science it is the miss-use of mental power not matter power we are concerned with. What looks like matter power will be seen to be under the divine control just as soon as it is seen what mental power is.

     From S&H 100:6 to the end we come to the final grand summary regarding this whole matter of handling and unmasking animal magnetism it is concerned with very simple terms, freedom in Christian Science on the one hand and human bondage in animal magnetism on the other. The historical happening used to illustrate this is none other than the American nation’s Declaration of Independence from the apparently despotic control of a ruling mother country [which would have been England at that time], because precisely the same thing applies in Christian Science.

     It too, has its Declaration of Independence, not of course from a mother country but from despotic, hypnotic control by animal magnetism, the mythological psychic unconscious, the mother of all that lives whose symbol we have learned is the sea. The exact opposite of the heavenly foursquare city of Christian Science [should be divine Science], the Mother of us all. Such independence includes freedom today from illegal despotic rulings on the part of a so-called mother-church, the antithesis of the Church Universal and Triumphant, as revealed and founded by Mary Baker Eddy.

     It is in Christian Science that man finds his proper self-government, in the marginal heading there. “Man is properly self-governed,” says the text, “only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love.” His Maker is not animal magnetism as practiced by Adam and Eve but is divine Truth and Love. If we think back to the opening section of “The Apocalypse” chapter there are the two foundational pillars of the Textbook [no, of the angel holding the “little open book” which is the Textbook]. Her right and left feet are foundations that have absolute power over the [astrological] sea [in heaven] and over the earth.  [The scroll of Christian Science in “Christian Unity” is what takes care of earth and is found on earth while the scroll of Truth in “Truth versus Error” is the capstone that touches the Stargate to heaven, where we gain entrance to peace and harmony.]

     In the final scientific analysis, the seven of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love and the four of the Word, Christ, Christianity, Science, all of which means specifically we can now see power to solve the problem of who or what is man’s Maker and therefore what is his source or his origin. Is man made by, is he made out of, animal magnetism? Is he the offspring of the deep hypnotic sleep and dream, supposedly inflicted on him by the Lord God Jehovah in the Garden of Eden?  [Is man in a] deep sleep of hypnosis in which it is suggested to him that he is cut up sexually into an Adam here and a helpmeet there and that the two of them together are thereafter the parents or makers of the next of the human race? Or are they forever [the] indivisibility of divine Truth and Love, the matrix calculus of infinity, man’s makers?

     In Hebrews Paul referred to that Old Testament character of Melchizedek, this declares this true and timeless identity of man. Once it’s understood that man’s Maker is not the male and female of mortality but is divine “Truth and Love,” then as Paul says, “He is without father, without brother, without descent, having neither beginning or days nor end of life but made like unto the Son of God.”

     (S&H 106:12) For animal magnetism, the mental trespasser, to invade this divine order of man’s being is for it to interfere with his God given rights and therefore to “incur the divine penalty due this crime.” “So let not this age,” line 15, “be so hypnotized by the mental trespasser as to sit in judgment on Christian Science because if he does it will reject its real identity as Christian Science and accept instead its false identity as animal magnetism and this is what is brought out so forcefully by St. Paul, line 18, in what Mrs. Eddy calls “his great epistle to the Galatians” where his theme is this very difference between freedom and slavery. To illustrate the difference, Paul in this letter to the Galatians, contrasts the status of the two mothers in the Old Testament story of Abraham, namely that of the free-woman Sarah and her son [Isaac] and the bondwoman Hagar and her son [Ishmael]. For it is written, Paul says, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid [animal magnetism], the other by a free-woman [Christian Science].  [Hagar represents the Ark of the Covenant with the Letter of the Law while Sarah represents the Arch of the Covenant with the Spirit of the Law.]

     He who was of the bondwoman was born of the flesh. In belief animal magnetism was his maker. But he of the free-woman was by promise.  [Let us stop here and understand that this promise goes back to Noah and his triplet-son of the three degrees. The bow in the cloud was reference to the angel of Revelation 10.]  This man was conceived and born of Truth [Michael] and Love [Gabriel], as we shall find it explained in the “teaching” chapter, which things Paul says are an allegory for this Hagar answereth to Jerusalem which now is and is in bondage with her children. The negative definition of Jerusalem in the “Glossary” is “mortal belief, knowledge obtained from the five corporeal senses; the pride of power and the power of pride, sensuality, oppression, tyranny;” a perfect description – both of political and ecclesiastical despotism.

     But Paul says, giving the absolute spiritual answer, Jerusalem which is above is free which is the mother of us all, not a mother country, a mother state, a hierarchically dominated mother-church, but the Holy Matrix or Mother City of Revelation 21. The workings of which are detailed in the foursquare structure of the first sixteen chapters of the Christian Science Textbook which in this study of ours we are specifically engaged with and where we understand or begin to understand whom our Maker is. Therefore Paul writes, “Cast out the bondwoman and her son for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free-woman, so then brethren we are not the children of the bondwoman but of the free.”  [Perhaps if the Muslims could understand this very point they could come to realize that their fight with Isaac is over.  They were never at odds with a mortal brother (Israel Judaism and Israel Christianity) but are just being taken in by what is called material birth (animal magnetism).]

     We, man, are not the children of despotic animal magnetism [of the Adam mud], we are the free-born children of Truth and Love. And so [Mary Baker Eddy has Paul concluding in the final page of “Animal Magnetism Unmasked”] “the works of the flesh are manifest which are these; adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, etc., etc,;” the son of the bondwoman. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; against such there is no law, the son of the free-woman [Mary Baker Eddy].  We see that a new term has appeared in the text to describe very significantly the workings of animal magnetism and it is on line 22 that it is italicized as “witchcraft.” One meaning of “witchcraft” in the dictionary is “a woman who by compact with the devil practices sorcery or enchantments with the help of evil spirits.”

     Witchcraft is intercourse with the devil, intercourse with evil spirits, black magic and the verb means to charm, fascinate, attract,[19] and to attract is, of course, too magnetize or hypnotize. “Witchcraft” relates to the beguiling tactics of the original serpent in the Garden of Eden and his subtle efforts to charm, first of all the woman, the potential mother of all living and in so doing he is endeavoring to forestall the woman in “The Apocalypse” in her relationship with the universal city foursquare as the “Mother of us all.”  [I would also like to mention that the word Gospel means, “God’s Spell, or God’s Word. Witches also use spells, the spoken word. Sometimes these spells are called “curses.” Was the Lord God Jehovah the first to use witchcraft when handing down the curses to Adam and the talking serpent? If so, this is the opposite of the Word of God, its opposite. The fact that Jehovah, the Lord God, in this Adam allegory is an anthropomorphic god could account for this reason of the use of witchcraft.]

     Those who are acquainted with the chart of the sixteen-fold foursquare matrix, as it is called and as it revealed itself to Mr. Doorly, know that at this point, which corresponds to the fifth chapter of the Textbook in the tone of the Christ reflecting the Word, you can visualize at the top of the second column. At this point the synonymous terms that identify this tone are Principle, Life, Truth, Love and that these are precisely those which are defined in the “Glossary” as “Mother.”

     In Genesis the Mother (the woman) begins to wake up to the fact that the serpent, personal animal magnetism, is what has beguiled her. It was not God or Adam. She knows that the serpent is corporeal sense. In Science and Health’s third chapter “Marriage” we are taught (page 56:11) that the dragon of Revelation 12 is what the serpent has developed into, and is none other than “the corporeal sense of creation.” This is what has to be “cast out of heaven,” the corporeal sense of creation, namely, belief in a mythical cosmic unconscious as our supposed maker or source of our being, that which comes to the surface of consciousness as the Adams and Eves of mortality.

     When the woman is represented as catching her first glimpse of this truth about animal magnetism she starts the ball of man’s salvation rolling and this, thereafter, goes on and on rolling until at last it effects his total awakening from the hypnosis of the original so-called Adam dream and therefore the total elimination of animal magnetism from human consciousness. This final phase of his salvation begins when the state of consciousness that is represented in the Bible, as beginning with the woman, reaches the point where it unlocks the Scriptures in their true sense, which the Textbook says, reveals the spiritual origin of man. We find all this from page 533:26-534:7. And this ultimate unfoldment of womanhood and motherhood together with the complete unmasking of animal magnetism which it involves, appears humanly as the founding mission of Mary Baker Eddy, and the compiling of the foursquare Christian Science Textbook from 1866 to 1910.

     [The Virgin] Mary’s intercourse with the Holy Ghost which brought forth Jesus’ and Mary Baker Eddy’s intercourse with the same Spirit, or God, or Holy Ghost, which brought forth Science and Health are the God given answer to animal magnetism and its witchcraft that derives from intercourse with the devil or with so-called evil spirits or with the dark underworld of the psychic unconscious teeming with all those fornicating mythological gods and goddesses.

     Following the order of the first six chapters nothing now stands in the way of our reaching the standpoint of “Science, Theology, Medicine,” signifying direct union and communion. This is the continuous intercourse with God, the divine parental Source of the whole world’s being. No hypocritical mask of persona seeming to interpose itself in-between.  [This is the end of Brown’s lecture on “Animal Magnetism Unmasked.”]

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[10] The fourth major star outside this keystone window is not really a star but the moon, which the woman has dominion over.

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[14] I love W. Gordon Brown’s work, but again, like so many of Doorly’s followers, he is afraid to recognize Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy. The book may handle lust and hypocrisy but it is only because of the angelic thoughts that Mary Baker Eddy placed on the pages of the book that we today have the capability to manifest this dominion.

[15] You see, he is willing to say that we can place our feet on the sea and the earth, but he does not see Mary Baker Eddy as doing it, it was the book that did it! I just do not get these men’s attitudes toward Mary Baker Eddy.

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[19] The word “attract” has to do with sexual attraction as well. Whether that sexual attraction is between a man and woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman – they are all forms of animal magnetic attraction – the 666.