Animal Magnetism’s Roots to Astrology Pt. 1

by MJSmith

After coming upon two items that dealt with animal magnetism I felt that I needed to write about them. The first item I will be quoting from is a Mary Baker Eddy Institute Letter – Letter No. Four – July 1, 1997, by Helen M. Wright. The second item I will be quoting from is from a High Ridge House Newsletter – Volume XXXII – June 1997. What are the odds that these two newsletters came out within a month of each other? Of course, the second item is based upon an annual meeting held on March 23, 1997. After writing on these two items, however, I received something in the mail from a friend. It too is on animal magnetism, to be specific it is W. Gordon Brown’s talk on the chapter “Animal Magnetism Unmasked.” So I will also include it, even though I will not be using quote marks like I am with the other two. (My interpolations on these works will be placed within {set group brackets}.)

     These things saith He that is holy…I know thy works: Behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.’ – Revelation.

     “I thank the many kind recipients of these ‘Letters’ who have responded with loving expressions of interest and encouragement. The Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings are the door open before us. They are my only authority in this work. You, dear friends, are my support in heralding Mary Baker Eddy as the spiritual Leader of the world.”

 Helen’s article begins with the title of “Heaven’s Open Door”.

     “‘Dear one, realize for yourself and all each day, clear and strong, that the Christ, Truth,[1] does not merely open ‘the windows of heaven’ for us, or promise us heaven, but the knowledge of the Christ in Christian Science IS heaven here and now. This knowledge of Truth as it is taught in Science is heaven’s OPEN DOOR for all.’ (Mary Baker Eddy, to a student, May, 1884. Preserved by Carpenter Foundation.)

Window of the Open Book

Window of the Open Book (the Windows of Heaven)

     ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock’ (Rev. 3:20). What is this ‘I’ that stands at the door? What is this ‘I’ of which Jesus said, ‘I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me’?

C&C-C.S. TvE (A)
     “It is your divinity, your real selfhood, the Christ. It is ‘your infinite, harmonious Christ-expressing selfhood,’ the kingdom of God that lies latent within your consciousness. It is the practical understanding of the Christ that delivers us from illusions and wrong beliefs.
     “We open the door to our real selfhood when we silence the voice of animal magnetism—when we can ‘be still, and know that I am God [that my own real Mind is God, infinite good, Love]’ (Ps. 46:10). ‘The ultimate of the entire teaching of Christian Science is to restore to man his consciousness of the divine Mind as his only Mind’ (a Carpenter item). The command to enter into your closet and shut the door when you pray would have been foolish unless in the seclusion with you is that Mind (our real Mind) which includes within itself all truth.
     “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.’ The pessimist is someone who, ignorant of spiritual facts, complains when opportunity knocks. Isn’t it time to put doubts aside and open the door to our true, divine being?”


Truth versus Error

Truth versus Error


     As mentioned, this article was written in 1997 before I had been shown the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth and its Stargate. It was in 1994 that the movie Stargate came out, but I did not see the movie until a few years later.  In the movie the wrong translation had been written down on the writing board. Richard Kind’s character had transcribed the words (found on the gate’s cover stone) as being “door to heaven.” Daniel Jackson came in and interpreted the words correctly as “Stargate.” It has been shown to me, via symbolism, that Window of the Open Book in the Boston Edifice is God’s Stargate Matrix. The word window means “wind” + “eye” hence window basically means “spiritual eye” or “spiritual discernment.” Door, on the other hand, means “door” or “gate.” I can agree then with Mary Baker Eddy and Helen Wright that the “open door” or the “open Stargate” of the Christ consciousness leads us to understand that the kingdom of God (heaven, harmony) is within me (within you too).
     However, we must understand that thousands of years ago this Stargate was misunderstood and misinterpreted by mankind as the false science of astrology. Astrology presented the Stargate as the zodiac belt with its twelve constellations. The false science of astrology was not God’s Truth. Instead it perverted God’s Truth with error and what Mary Baker Eddy came to call animal magnetism.
     Ezekiel’s Wheel spiritually translates the zodiac back to God via its four living creatures of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science – the lion of Leo (the Word), the ox or bull of Taurus (the Christ, the face of a man of Aquarius (Christianity), and the flying eagle of Scorpio (Science). I have read that it is possible that Ezekiel actually wrote the five books attributed to Moses. If this is so, it makes perfect sense why Moses would have the twelve tribes of Israel camp around (in a circled wheel) the Holy Tabernacle (the Tent of Meeting).[2] It would also make sense as to why the word son is a reference to the word month. For the twelve sons of Israel would have a monthly position – or zodiac position – in Ezekiel’s Wheel.

     Animal magnetism (astrology) holds matter as substance.  I pick up Helen’s article on page 2 with its title:


Matter Held as Substance is Error
     “‘Matter held as shadow is scientific, but matter held as substance is belief and error’ (Mary Baker Eddy). In Letter No. 3 we talked about Einstein, and how our foremost physical scientists are seeing there is no matter. In the 1903-4 C. S. Journal, Mr. Eustace wrote: ‘Advanced thought no longer asks, What is matter? Matter is rapidly finding its correct solution, as simply a false sense of that which in reality is mental, and so the question ceases now to be in relation to matter as such, but …. asks: What is mind or consciousness?
     “Scripture tells us the first question of Truth to mortal man was, ‘Adam….where art thou?’ This demand was made not to matter, but to Adam, to consciousness; and it continues to be made up to the present time, where it is thundered from Science and Health with the warning demand, ‘Consciousness, where art thou?’ Are you dwelling in the belief that evil is real, that mind is in matter?
     “Mr. Eustace continues: ‘When Christian Science is first presented to human thought it seems to come in a cloud.[3] Mortal man has been so educated to look at all things from the standpoint of materiality that he cannot in a moment lay hold of the idea that the universe, instead of being a material universe, is in reality a mental universe, or a universe of consciousness.’
     “Of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy said, ‘a book introduces new thoughts, but it cannot make them speedily understood….Future ages must declare what the pioneer has accomplished.’ Malcolm MacDonald writes: ‘Your Mary Baker Eddy Letters are helping to do what “Future ages must [do:] declare what the pioneer has accomplished.” Surely, after over one hundred years we are the “future ages.”’  {We are at least residing within the Seventh Day of Love spoken of in Genesis 2:1-3.}
     “Jesus said, ‘Moses gave you not that bread from heaven’ (John 5:32). What does this mean? The Ten Commandments and all that Moses taught are glorious, and Jesus said, ‘I came not to destroy the law [the divine requirements typified in the law of Moses] but to fulfill it in righteousness.’” Jesus said, “I {the Christ} came not to destroy the {Letter of the} law {the divine requirements typified in the law of Moses} but to fulfill it in righteousness {moral wisdom}. Mrs. Eddy writes, ‘This spirit of sacrifice always has saved, and still saves mankind; but by mankind I mean mortals, or a kind of men after man’s own making. Man as God’s [our true and real Mind’s] idea is already saved with an everlasting salvation‘ (Mis. 261:18).”  This salvation comes via Science and Health, the book promised to fulfill the Arch of the Covenant (the promise made by God to Noah with the bow in the cloud, as the Spirit of the Law). The angel of Revelation 10, Mary Baker Eddy, has the rainbow upon her brow (the seven synonymous terms for God are found within her consciousness, for she is the woman [the bread of Truth] who presents these seven synonymous terms to us).
     “‘Christian Science,’ Mrs. Eddy said, ‘is the omnipresence of present perfection.’ With Moses, a long journey lay ahead in order to reach the promised land, but Christian Science goes out from the spiritual fact that man IS, not shall be perfect and eternal. If 2×2 didn’t equal 4 now, it never would. Mrs. Eddy said, ‘When we find out we don’t have a matter body, nothing can touch us. The resurrection is seeing the real man that was never in matter….’ (DCC, 27)


Letting Go of Error Makes a Staff of Every Serpent
     “Mrs. Eddy, in fulfilling Jesus’ promise and prophecy of the Comforter, said she ‘wished [she] could teach only Love, our true divine being, but [she] dared not.’ The evil that makes us think we live in a matter body has to be exposed so it can be corrected.
     “Many are willing to open the eyes of the people to the power of good resident in divine Mind,’ she notes, ‘but they are not so willing to point out the evil in human thought, and expose evil’s hidden mental ways of accomplishing iniquity….Who is telling mankind of the foe in ambush?’ (S&H 570:30).
     “The devil says, ‘Talk only about God,’ but that, of course, would leave evil, error, unchallenged. ‘When God [our own right Mind] bids one uncover iniquity, in order to exterminate it, one should lay it bare….Error left to itself accumulates’ (Mis. 348:8).
     “The fundamental error is faith in things material. This is ‘the unseen sin, the unknown foe’ which must be exposed and banished. In doing this, Mrs. Eddy urged us to be wise and harmless. ‘A lack of wisdom betrays Truth into the hands of evil as effectually as does a subtle conspirator,’ she said.
     “In Miscellany, Mrs. Eddy instructs: ‘Love unfolds marvellous good and uncovers hidden evil. The philanthropist or reformer gives little thought to self-defense; his life’s incentive and sacrifice need no apology. The good done, and the good to do are his ever-present reward. Love for mankind is the elevator of the human race’ (p. 288:2).
     “Love’s greatest triumph is to roll away the stone, the deep-rooted belief that there is life, substance, intelligence in matter, by removing mankind’s ignorance of the fact that ‘all is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.’ Matter is only an image in mortal mind. To our real Mind matter does not exist. Erring mortal thought holds in itself all sin, sickness, and death, and imparts these states to the body; while the Mind, as seen in the truth of being, antidotes and destroys these material elements of sin and death. Christian Science teaches us to turn each serpent we face into a staff by ridding ourselves of a matter viewpoint.


“‘Mortal Existence is a Dream {an Adam Dream}’
     “‘Spirit [which means understanding, our real Mind, our real I] is the only Ego {Soul}, which never dreams…which is never born and never dies’ (S&H 250:7). The belief of life in matter is death— ‘to be carnally-minded is death’ —but as we hold the true consciousness of existence, sooner or later we will master sin and death. Why? Because ‘mortal existence is a dream; mortal existence has no real entity but saith,It is I .”’ (S&H 250:6)
     “How few today seem ready to scale the spiritual ramparts instead of just watching passively. Resurrection is ours right now as we put off mortal mind, the carnal mind, and awaken to the truth of being. Think of the freedom we will have when we no longer believe we live in a little material form, when we realize we do not have to wait for the resurrection. Why do we cling so fiercely to our shackles? Why do we refuse the wake-up call?”[4]



     “It seems the world does not want to awaken until the nightmare gets so painful it forces an awakening. Yet it would take so little to free us. Scripture promises ‘a little child shall lead them.’ ‘A little child’ means the tiniest speck of the truth of being—even faith in the truth of being. That little speck of divinity will lead us, individually and collectively.
     “Spiritualization of thought is the great necessity. What has prevented harmony and peace on earth more than anything is the ignorant belief that there is a God ‘out there’ that can give us something. Only the kingdom of God within our consciousness can give us anything, and it gives all.


The Struggle Today
     “Mary Baker Eddy tells us: ‘The education of the future will be instruction in spiritual Science, against the material symbolic counterfeit sciences.[5] All the knowledge and vain striving of mortal mind, that lead to death…will be swallowed up by the reality and omnipotence of Truth over error, and of Life over death….
     “‘Evil in the beginning claimed the power, wisdom, and utility of good; and every creation or idea of Spirit has its counterfeit in some matter belief. Every material belief hints the existence of spiritual reality; and if mortals are instructed in spiritual things, it will be seen that material belief, in all its manifestations, reversed, will be found the type and representative of verities priceless, eternal, and just at hand’ (Mis. 61:4 & 60:26).”[6]
     Astrology is the belief that the heavens (the sun, moon, planets, and stars) have influence over mortal man, mortal body, and mortal man’s actions. Helen continues on page 4 with: “Mortal body and mortal man are delusions which spiritual consciousness will destroy. It is pure delusion that man has a mind apart from God, infinite good, made up of both evil and good tendencies. As humans we are nothing and can do nothing. It is always Mind, our real Mind, doing it. When we get a personal sense of ourself out of the way and obtain divine realization we are automatically one with infinite good. This appears as form, as health and wholeness.
     “‘Legally to abolish unpaid servitude in the United States was hard; but the abolition of mental slavery is a more difficult task.’ (S&H 225:23-25) The great Armageddon struggle today is for the mind of man, to redeem it from materialism. It is in the mind of man that the crucial battles must be fought—battles between reality and appearance, between understanding and belief.


Ridding Ourselves of Evil An Explanation of Animal Magnetism
     “Mary Baker Eddy tells us that ‘unless we learn to handle animal magnetism [her name for error of every name and nature] Christian Science will do very little good in the world.’ Jesus was the Christ, she reminds us, because he loved good, righteousness, and hated iniquity.
     “Many have asked: ‘Just what is animal magnetism?’
     “In the Science taught by Mary Baker Eddy, animal magnetism stands for the sum total of evil. She says, ‘…It is the false belief that mind is in matter, and is both evil and good; that evil is as real as good and more powerful’ (S&H 103:20).
     “‘Animal’ refers to the belief that man belongs to the animal kingdom and must express animality in his nature. ‘Magnetism’ means an ability to attract; mesmerism, hypnotism. ‘Animal magnetism’ could be defined as the pull or influence that animality exerts in drawing mankind to evil or materiality and away from spirituality, meaning infinite good.”
     In the second creation story of Genesis Adam is the one who names the animals.  Adam is mortal (muddied) minded man; he is not the Christ man/woman revealed at the end of Genesis first, during the Sixth Day of Truth.  If Adam named all the animals then I think that it was the same mortal mind that named the constellations of the zodiac (the living animals). Hence, the false system of astrology is based in animal magnetism.  As written above: “‘Animal magnetism’ could be defined as the pull or influence that animality [and the constellations of animality] exerts in drawing mankind to evil or materiality and away from spirituality, meaning infinite good.”  We can even go further in understanding that sexual attraction belongs totally to the animal.
     Helen continues: “Christian Science refutes the ignorant belief that evil is inherent in man, and that man is animal in nature, whereas ‘old’ or traditional theology supports the mistaken belief that evil is inherent in man. Traditional theology accepts literally the Biblical teaching that God made man of the dust of the ground, made him capable of knowing both good and evil. This makes man, in effect, an evil believer, an evil actor, thus, a sinner.
     “The illusion of animality (that man lives in the flesh) is the only supposed source of evil suggestions. Animal magnetism is only a false belief, not an entity; but by means of aggressive suggestion it seems able to take possession of one’s thinking. It claims to be able to influence man to accept evil as reality and evil thoughts as one’s own thinking.


The Deadly Pull of Animal Magnetism
     “What is the greatest, deadliest pull of animal magnetism? When Laura Sargent asked Mrs. Eddy, ‘Mother, what do you mean by “sin, sin, sin?”’ she answered, ‘I mean the connubial relationship’ (a Carpenter item). Animality or animal magnetism claims that sex is normal, instead of being sin, and would rationalize this sin and make man the helpless victim of it. Mrs. Eddy speaks of this type of animal magnetism when she states: ‘Whatever is not divinely natural and demonstrably true, in ethics, philosophy, or religion, is not of God but originates in the minds of mortals. It is the Adam dream according to the Scriptural allegory, in which man is supposed to start from dust and woman to be the outcome of man’s rib, — marriage synonymous with legalized lust…’ (My. 4:31).”[7]
     The number six is defined in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary as having the meaning of sex. From this definition I have come to accept that the devil’s number of 666 means sex, sex, sex, or as Mary Baker Eddy expressed it, “sin, sin, sin.” What is it that the science of astrology is based upon? It is based upon the birth date of each and every man and woman! There could be no horoscope predictions (astrological forecasts) if there were no birth dates to be charted.
     On page 5 Helen continues: “Christian Science, in contrast, reveals man as God’s, our real Mind’s, image. To deal with animal magnetism, we must constantly resist the animal element that suggests itself as being part of our nature. Classify thoughts: are they spiritual or animal? Know that there is no pleasure in matter or any sinful tendency.
     “We consent to error when we think there is reality and desirability in evil. We are hypnotized by animality when we yield to its aggressive suggestions. ‘Heaven,’ Mrs. Eddy said, ‘is not a breeding-ground for mortals.’ In Christian Science we learn to refuse to consent to evil when we realize that the reality, attractiveness, and desirability of evil are nothing more than aggressive hypnotic suggestion. ‘Resist evil, error of every sort—and it will flee from you’ (S&H 406:19).


“Reject Hypnotic Suggestion

     “‘Treat a belief in sickness as you would sin, with sudden dismissal,’ we are advised (S&H 218:24). In order to do this we must know how to silence the voice of animal magnetism. This is easiest if we understand just what it is we are rejecting. Animal magnetism is the name for the Biblical serpent, for illusion, hypnotism, hypnotic suggestion. It is the lie which denies our oneness with infinite good. It is the seemingly endless stream of false education that keeps us thinking we are mortals and blinds us to the omnipresence of our present perfection, to the fact that our own real Mind is the infinite good we call God.
     “As we silence the whispering of hypnotism, and ‘let discord of every name and nature be heard no more,’ we let the harmonious and true sense of Life and being take possession of our consciousness. As it does we become aware that behind every case of physical disease and mental inharmony is the underlying error, the basic false belief of matter or physicality as the foundation of life.
     “If we only see the disease or discord as unreal, and do not see the unreality of the belief in matter and physicality as the foundation of life, we are not reducing the underlying cause. The basic belief must be seen as the lie, and must be cast out, and in its place we must see the truth that creation is purely mental, the product of our true Mind that is Love.
     “In Science and Health (p. 116:13) Mrs. Eddy writes: ‘Works on metaphysics leave the grand point untouched. THEY NEVER CROWN THE POWER OF MIND [our real Mind] AS THE MESSIAH.’ This she says is the ‘aim of Science.’ The human heart yearns for spiritual harmony because it doesn’t understand that it already possesses it. Animal magnetism causes humanity to scramble in every direction to attain what they ALREADY ARE, and HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, but we are all destined to see that infinite good is right here, as us, even if our ignorance of God, our ignorance of our present perfection, seems at present to hide it.”
     This statement by Mary Baker Eddy is of importance. There are many metaphysical groups out in the world, but Christian Science is the only one that “crowns the power of Mind as the Messiah,” for this is the “aim of Science.”   This being said, I will move onto the High Ridge House Newsletter.


“‘DISARMING ANIMAL MAGNETISM’ by Jack Edward Hubbell, C.S.B.”
Mary Baker Eddy “tells us that there is a divine influence ever present in human consciousness. This divine influence is the Christ {the Messiah}, the true idea of God. Wasn’t Jesus speaking of the healing Christ when he said: ‘Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world’?[8] So, while Jesus is not here at this meeting, the healing Christ is present.

“As surely as there can be no healing without the presence of the Christ, neither can there be the Christ present without healing taking place. So what is it that would prevent this from being a healing meeting? It is the suppositional absence of the Christ, or animal magnetism.

“Mrs. Eddy once told the students in her household: ‘The workers in the field are not healing because they are not meeting animal magnetism which says they cannot heal…if you stay here until you learn to handle animal magnetism, I will make a healer out of you.’[9] Then, if we wish to be better healers, we too must learn to handle animal magnetism…

“Obviously we don’t fear something if we know it doesn’t exist. Fear of animal magnetism stems from ignorance. But there is a difference in ignorance and ig-NOR-ance. Mrs. Eddy’s critics asserted that neither animal magnetism nor mental malpractice had existence and therefore did not need to be addressed. Mrs. Eddy spoke of such individuals as ‘sticklers for a false, convenient peace.’[10]

“To ignore animal magnetism does not handle the claim that it exists. We must include in our study not only the absolute truth of being, but also the unmasking and destroying of the lies about true being. It requires great balance when considering the subject of animal magnetism. We tend to make too little or too much of it. Let’s approach our topic with poise. Actually it’s a pleasure to handle animal magnetism. So let’s have some fun today.

“Why is it so important to handle animal magnetism? Because every problem in the world is one of animal magnetism. No, every problem is not intentionally directed malicious animal magnetism. But every problem is a false concept acting mesmerically in human consciousness. So long as there appears to be evil present or problems that confront our lives – so long as there seems to be an inability to demonstrate the healing efficacy of Christian Science – we need to handle animal magnetism. The handling of animal magnetism is basic in the practice of Christian Science.

“Just what is animal magnetism? Actually it is awkward to try and define something that doesn’t exist. It can only be defined in terms of a supposition, the absence of that which does exist. It’s like trying to define darkness. Darkness isn’t the presence of something; it is an absence of something. Animal magnetism is the suppositional opposite {Adam} of the Christ.  As the Christ is the absolute true idea that comes to human consciousness to destroy error, so would animal magnetism be the suppositional opposite, an erroneous concept presented to our human consciousness to destroy truth.

“Mrs. Eddy speaks of animal magnetism as the antipode of divine Science, whatever divine Science would do, then animal magnetism would claim to do the opposite. Animal magnetism, by its very nature, would counteract and make ineffective our healing work. But animal magnetism is not something powerful, black, and spooky. It is not a thing, a person, or entity. It has no source nor cause, nor is it a source or cause. Animal magnetism is only a term.

“Let’s briefly review three basic terms: error, animal magnetism, and aggressive mental suggestion.

Error is a term, a term we use to indicate a suppositional opposite, or absence of truth or reality. Obviously it must be only a term because there couldn’t be any such thing as real unreality or erroneous truth.

Animal magnetism is also a term, a term that is used to imply that not only does error exist, but it has the power to do something. It is error’s claim to act. Mrs. Eddy tells us, ‘Animal magnetism is the voluntary or involuntary action of error in all its forms; it is the human antipode of divine Science.’[11]

“How does animal magnetism act? This leads to our third term: aggressive mental suggestion. Aggressive mental suggestion is a term indicating the means through which animal magnetism acts. The only way animal magnetism can touch you is for you to accept an aggressive mental suggestion into your consciousness.”[12]

     Here I would like to say that this article does not touch upon persons who willfully malpractice on others. There are such people who have used animal magnetism as a weapon to hurt others. Perhaps he thinks that the days of those who willingly practiced it, like Richard Kennedy, are gone for good? In the 1970s the Kerry Letters were circulated. These letters, written by Reginald Kerry, spoke out about the error within The Mother Church. In one of the later letters he wrote that he felt that he was a victim of malpractice. He handled this attack of animal magnetism by keeping his consciousness so full of love that animal magnetism could not touch him.[13]

                                                 * * * * * *

“Perhaps some of you read the article in The New York Times Magazine last year entitled “The Spin Doctors.” The article discusses the placebo and nocebo. Most of us know about placebos. A placebo is a false drug – such as a sugar pill – that doesn’t contain any medicinal ingredient. {Placebos are used in the practice of homeopathic medicine.} And yet people taking it {the placebos} believe they are better. A nocebo is the opposite of the placebo. It is the presentation of a mental catalyst that would make people worse.

“For instance, Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and Health, ‘…A man was made to believe that he occupied a bed where a cholera patient had died. Immediately the symptoms of this disease appeared, and the man died. The fact was, that he had not caught the cholera by material contact, because no cholera patient had been in that bed.’[14] Note that the man had not just been frightened to death he came down with the actual symptoms of cholera. Where did the symptoms come from?

“Robert Hahn, an epidemiologist at the Center for Disease Control, wrote in a paper given at a nocebo conference: ‘Beliefs can make us sick as well as healthy. The nocebo phenomenon is a little-recognized facet of culture that may be responsible for a substantial variety of pathology throughout the world.’

“What the M.D.s are calling a nocebo effect is actually the result of accepting an ‘aggressive mental suggestion.’ It is vital to defend ourselves against aggressive mental suggestions. Why? Because presenting a false suggestion is the basic modus operandi of hypnotism.”[15]

     After reading this can you see how a horoscope could be considered as a nocebo? A horoscope predicts what you are going to do, or what is going to happen to you, and it tells you it is because celestial bodies are influencing you! But it is really the astrologer with their aggressive mental suggestions of a forecast that are really influencing you (if you allow yourself to be fooled by it all). When you hear of prophecies by mediums or men like Nostradamus, why is it that most of them are always bad news? Why not prophecy good news instead? Why do they believe that evil is as real and as potent as good?

To continue: “In his book, Principles of Psychology, William James makes it clear that hypnosis operates through suggestion, and the trance is in fact an extreme state of suggestion. Mr. James further states:


                  “Suggestions come to us every moment of our lives, and
                  to the extent that we accept them uncritically,
                  unconsciously, passively, or without logical grounds, we
                  are being mesmerized or hypnotized in our waking state.
                  Suggestions may be audible or inaudible, personal or
                  impersonal, random or purposeful, and have immediate
                  or delayed effects.


“Mrs. Eddy considered alertness to animal magnetism’s false suggestions so vital in the practice of Christian Science that she placed a By-law in our Manual: ‘It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion,…’[16]


     A 2012 Weird Or What? episode aired on the topic of mind control. Of course, it really was about mortal mind control because there can be no control over Mind, for Mind controls itself always. Above William James is quoted as saying that one can be mesmerized or hypnotized with audible or inaudible suggestions. The show demonstrated a devise that when placed upon one’s face the sound could be heard within the person’s head. Back in the 80s I remember the Bone Phone radio that you placed around your neck and you could hear the music without the use of your ears. Also on the show they gave examples of people who believed that they were being mentally controlled by aliens and their own government (like the CIA and/or with H.A.A.R.P.). In the case of the supposed government experiment of mind control there was no need to even make personal contact with the subject. They just aimed their technology at them. Of course, this type of control can only control the physical brain. So, in Christian Science such mind control is impossible and can be cured, because the Christian Scientist understands there is only one Mind in control always.
     The show’s host William Shatner should understand what animal magnetism is and how it operates if he understands one certain episode of Star Trek. This show was titled “Day of the Dove.” Of course, in the show there seemed to be an entity and this is the false part about the show, the entity. For to quote Helen Wright, “Animal magnetism is only a false belief, not an entity; but by means of aggressive suggestion it seems able to take possession of one’s thinking. It claims to be able to influence man to accept evil as reality and evil thoughts as one’s own thinking.” And this is certainly what the “entity” did on the Star Trek episode. Both Captain Kirk and the Kling-on-to-ecclesiastical-despotism Captain had to wake up and stop allowing themselves to be mesmerized. Then they had to get their crew members to follow suit. In order to cast out the error they laughed at the absurdity of such an thing.

“It is generally accepted that a hypnotist cannot make a subject perform acts repugnant to his or her nature. But experienced hypnotists claim they can hypnotize an individual to perform acts not consistent with his nature and even without the subject’s consent.

“In his Memoirs of Mary Baker Eddy, Adam Dickey tells of Mrs. Eddy calling members of her household together and-speaking of the hypnotist-she said, ‘He boasts that he can make a law for you six months ahead.’ Mr. James confirms Mrs. Eddy’s remark. He states that deferred suggestions may take effect months or even years later.” (page 3)

     Think of the harm that medical commercials may have upon the viewer. They speak of disease, medicine, and medicine’s side effects over and over. These commercials claim to be on the side of good in order to help people but this is misleading. We must begin to ask ourselves what harm these commercials do to people (perhaps not today but six months or years after viewing the commercial)! Television advertisement is hypnotism via repetition and suggestion.

“Hypnotists claim that they can suggest something now that the subject will find himself experiencing as a physical condition years after being hypnotized. Then why couldn’t people be hypnotized now to believe that years later when they reach a certain age, their hair will turn gray or they will have a faulty memory or failing eyesight? Or when giving birth to a baby {which women should stop doing altogether}, there will be pain. Have we been hypnotized into believing that when we sit in a cold draft today, we will get influenza tomorrow?

“Let’s suppose each of us here was hypnotized into believing that an elephant was up here on the platform with me. This would be very distracting, to say nothing of the fact that it could be dangerous and destructive. We want to remove him. But easier said than done. After all, an elephant is big and powerful! What can we do about it? Well, we may call the zoo keeper. On the other hand, since we are Christian Scientists, perhaps we should call a practitioner. Of course, we are all practitioners, so how should we work? Well, we can affirm the truth that there is no destructive element in God’s kingdom. That’s true, isn’t it? Do you think this statement of truth is sufficient to remove the elephant? Or perhaps we can go to the Concordance and see what Mrs. Eddy has to say about elephants {there is nothing about elephants in the Concordance}.

“Meanwhile, let’s suppose that a latecomer arrives and finds us praying about the elephant. But the newcomer doesn’t see an elephant. Why not? Because he hasn’t been hypnotized. He sees things as they really are. Our Leader tells us: ‘Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man that appeared to him where sinning, mortal man appears to mortals.’[17] Well, if everyone else saw a sick or sinning man, why didn’t Jesus? Because he wasn’t hypnotized. He saw man as he really is – perfect.”[18]

     Let us pretend that the audience is not full of Christian Scientists. Let me suggest that the audience represents world belief and the “latecomer”  represents a Christian Science Practitioner. This new man (C. S. P.) is not mesmerized so he does not see any elephant. The unhypnotized mind (or Mind) is the Christ Mind. In Truth each of us reflects the Christ Mind because we are the Son of God (there is only one Son being infinitely expressed). We are God being.

“Although an individual may appear to be mesmerized into believing the reality of his disease, isn’t it clear that animal magnetism would also mesmerize us into seeing a sick person that needs healing? Jesus didn’t see what all the mesmerized people thought they saw – a sick man – nor did he accept a hypnotized man who believed he was sick. Why not? Because he knew the truth, that man reflects the one, perfect divine Mind, and therefore couldn’t be hypnotized.

“If you find yourself trying to eliminate this elephant or a disease, then you are hypnotized. Stop dealing with the elephant and deal with the real problem, the hypnotized state of thought. The M.D. deals with removing the elephant. The Christian Scientist deals with the hypnotic state of thought. Why? Because that is all there is to the elephant or any disease.”[19]

     When we feel sick we want to remove the elephant (physical problem, or the effect we are experiencing in belief). The elephant seems so big! Many of us look for a physical cause for our problems (physical effects). Did I eat the wrong food? Did I stand out in the sun too long and get too many sunburns throughout my material life? Is it because I inherited a physical problem? How many of us try to get rid of the elephant? I know that through my own ignorance that I have done just that.

“Who or what is it that would hypnotize us? No, not necessarily a person or group of persons {or even a government}, but general world belief, the suppositional absence of truth. Even so, general world belief does not change reality. For example, the entire world once believed that the earth was flat. {Ecclesiastical despotism use to teach that the universe revolved around the Earth.} But this never changed the earth from being round {or the fact that it revolves around the sun}. No one has ever fallen off this earth! Oh, but what if one were mesmerized into believing that the earth was flat, then could he fall off? No! Why not? Because the earth isn’t flat.

“Always remember, every problem is a hypnotic state of thought that appears as imperfect matter. That’s why, before I start to give a treatment, I’ve learned to ask myself, ‘Am I accepting the condition as real, and I’m going to give a treatment to try and change reality, or do I see this as a false, mesmeric suggestion, a lie about reality?’ The purpose of Christian Science treatment is not to improve imperfect reality. Rather, we disprove a lie about perfect reality. Prayer doesn’t change reality; prayer reveals reality. To become conscious of reality is answered prayer.”[20]

     Hypnotism seems to be a result of the veil of birth (the author does not really touch upon this subject at all.) The story of Adam presents the mesmerized mortal man. He is born (in belief) of matter not Spirit. The Adam man is of red clay (muddy thought). Electricity enters into the Adam allegory. If Adam, as mortal man, is created from the primordial soup what is it that brought it to life? According to physical science it was a bolt of lightning (electricity). When Adam is put to sleep (and never wakes up) he is mesmerized or hypnotized. The surgery is a surge – another electrical term. From this surge belief Adam is given the false suggestion that his rib (the Ark of the Covenant) is taken out of his chest. This rib is a symbol of his divinity, his womanhood. So he believes he has been separated from God and he is no longer whole or complete.
     The serpent is another electrical symbol as it is red[21] (like copper) and coiled around the tree’s trunk (Adam’s spinal column). He uses suggestion to get Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. The serpent that bites its own tail is a symbol of the zodiac belt.
     So now we have the story of Adam pointing us to astrology (a science based upon material birth). This is the counterfeit of God’s divine calculus or God’s divine reckoning.
     And now we are beginning to get to the root of animal magnetism, what it really is all about. Remember that Mary Baker Eddy called animal magnetism “sin, sin, sin.” There are three sins incorporated in her chapter “Genesis” and they all have to do with three types of birth. The first birth is Adam being created from the elements of Earth. The second birth is the woman being created from Adam’s rib. And the third birth is the mortal birth of Adam’s son Cain, via sperm/egg/cell division.
     During Mary Baker Eddy’s lifetime she could not come out and tell mankind what sin, sin, sin really was in her writings. But she was able to clue in one of her household workers. She told her flat out that animal magnetism was sex, sex, sex. So let me explain the term animal magnetism with two other words – sexual attraction. Animals are sexual creatures and attraction is the force of magnetism. When a person is attracted to another person it is said that they feel attracted to them. The female and male are said to be opposites and the phrase says, “Opposites attract.” Of course, this is heterosexual sex. But even homosexuals still feel attraction for another person. Mortals believe that they find this quality or that part of a body a turn on; they believe they are attracted to it. And if they believe they are attracted then they find themselves attracted. All sexual appeal and attraction is totally mental.
     I will give you an example. Years ago I allowed myself to believe that I loved this guy or that guy (depending on the time). I would sigh over them (silently) and think, if only they noticed me or liked me like I like them! This, of course, is mortal minded thinking. One time I was sure that this guy liked me a lot. He seemed to pay attention to me and notice me; he even flirted to some extent. But after speaking with him about it I realized that he did not feel the way I thought that he did. And part of the reason he turned cold toward me (as far as showing affection for me) is because he found out that I was quite a bit older than he had thought I was! Yet I still had these feelings until…
     My sister invites me to go to see an actor at a bookstore. He was going to be there to promote his book of poems. While standing in line waiting to meet the man I noticed a lot of young women there saying inappropriate things about him and how they wanted to be with him sexually. I knew it is wrong for them to lust for him like that; after all he was a married man. I was not there to meet him because I felt any type of lust for him. I liked him as an actor and I wanted to give him a spiritually inspired poem that I had written.
     Before meeting him the thought came to me to mention to him that I was a Christian Scientist. But I did not do so, because I figured that it was silly for me to do so. But after I began to read his book I knew that he was a Christian Scientist.
     However, I am grateful for his book of poems. Because remember that fellow that I had a crush on? Well, I got to a point in the book where the actor was speaking about the time in his life when he was making a movie and he met the actress – or his co-star. He was alone with her, for the time being, at a Scottish castle and he was feeling things that he did not want to act upon. He left and went outside and got his thoughts in tune with divine Mind. He worked with the Scientific Statement of Being and what he wrote woke me up.  After reading his book I had no more physical attraction toward the guy and we became good friends. He even admitted to me that he loved me (as friends). What more could anyone ask for? I learned by that experience that the physical feelings were illusion and I did not need to act upon them or even experience them. I also realized how sex was mental, and it was in consciousness where sex, lust, attraction needed to be handled. Today I understand why, because sexual attraction is nothing more than animal magnetism.

“What is it that needs healing? The strategy of animal magnetism is to mesmerize us into seeing the problem as a person, disease, or abnormality. But this is a decoy and leaves animal magnetism untouched. This is the serpent, alias animal magnetism, hiding itself. Rather, we need to deal with the real problem, animal magnetism. That’s why we never, never treat man. If you find yourself treating man, then stop; you are not working correctly. We are not dealing with a sick man, but the false suggestion that man is sick.

“For instance, let’s go back for a moment to the man that manifested all the symptoms of cholera after being told he was in a bed of a man that had died of cholera. Let’s suppose you were called as a Christian Scientist to deal with this case. You were told the symptoms were those of cholera, and the man appears to be dying. What would you treat? Would you treat the man? Would you treat the disease? Would you deal with contagion? Would you look up citations on cholera? Would you turn down the case because you feel cholera is too serious for you to handle with your limited understanding of Christian Science? No! You would not do any of these things if you knew the truth that it was all a hoax: the man had only been presented with and accepted a false suggestion. If you really knew the truth, you wouldn’t deal with cholera. You would deal with the false belief. Why? Because the false belief would be all there was to the problem.”[22]

     When I was in high school a friend was having a sleep over on New Years Eve. She convinced us all to have a séance. So we turned the lights down and she began to pretend to go into a trance. Things began to happen. A light swung through the air, classical music began to play, etc. I watched in amusement. I new it was all a hoax, even though I had not been let in on this fact by the medium. Some of the girls really acted like they were afraid and that they believed that the spirit of J. S. Bach was there. I really was enjoying the show and I wanted to know how she was pulling off the tricks. Well, she had help from her younger brother and older sister. We must be aware that whatever it is we seem to be experiencing may not be what is really going on at all.

“Oh, but what happens if you begin to experience the symptoms of flu? What are you going to do? If you are not careful, you may be tempted to deal with the flu as though it were a real condition. But wouldn’t it be more specific to deal with a false suggestion, knowing that a false suggestion is all there is to the problem?

“How do we eliminate a false suggestion? By knowing the truth! Now, what does it mean to ‘know the truth’? When confronted with a problem, we sometimes hear a Christian Scientist say, ‘I must know the truth about it.’ There is nothing incorrect about this. But unfortunately, ‘knowing the truth’ has become Christian Science jargon meaning something we need to do to change or eliminate an imperfect condition. But knowing the truth means exactly what it says. Knowing the truth means knowing or being conscious of that which is true.

“Knowing the truth is not a tool we use to go from imperfection to perfection. It is not a process. Yes, you may affirm, ‘There is no elephant present.’ But not as a means to eliminate the elephant. Knowing the truth is not the means through which we remove a real elephant. Knowing the truth is realizing there is no elephant to remove. Nor do we affirm, ‘I am well’ as a means to stop being sick. We affirm, ‘I am well because [the I AM that is God-Soul] I AM well, and therefore I’m not sick.’”[23]

     While reading this paragraph about the elephant I began to laugh because my thought turned to a commercial (I always mute it) where there is an elephant sitting on a woman’s chest. With the use of their medicine they succeed in getting the elephant up off of her chest, but the medicine does not (and the medicine commercial admits to this) succeed in getting rid of the elephant because it follows her around, no matter where she goes, during the whole commercial. You see, the use of medicine may seem to temporarily eliminate the elephant but it always fails to heal the patient!
     Let us go a little further with our analogy and say that at the same time that the people were hypnotized into believing that there was an elephant on the platform that they also became aware of a mouse. If the mouse is like a cold and the elephant is like cancer do we need more Truth, faith, or confidence in healing the cancer over the cold, do we even really heal either? No, we do not. But what transpires via Christian Science treatment appears as healing taking place. For the author explains that you do not remove the elephant (nor would we remove a mouse). You must wake up those who believe the elephant (or the mouse) to be real.

“If you begin your treatment thinking, ‘I’m giving this treatment to improve an imperfect condition,’ then STOP, because you are working from a mesmerized point of view. Therefore, I find it helpful to recognize that the patient is well BEFORE I give the treatment. The treatment doesn’t make the patient well. The fact is that the patient is already well. The treatment is the recognition of this fact. Knowing the truth is being conscious of what is true.

“A consciousness that knows that which is, will never accept that which is not. A consciousness that knows that which is, is a consciousness imbued with the Christ. Knowing the truth is being conscious of yourself as you really are. So, knowing the truth doesn’t bring healing. Healing is not recovery. Healing is discovery [Revelation], the discovery of the perfection of being already present. Healing is the revealing of reality.

“Earlier, we spoke about Mrs. Eddy’s statement that we are not healing because we are not meeting animal magnetism which says we cannot heal. This is a suggestion of animal magnetism that must be met.

“One of the early practitioners in our movement was Clara Shannon. In her book, Golden Memories, she tells about helping a patient for quite some time without achieving a healing. She wrote Mrs. Eddy, and Mrs. Eddy wired Mrs. Shannon to come and see her, which she did.

“Mrs. Eddy inquired if Mrs. Shannon’s work was consistent with the basic principles of Christian Science practice, including dealing with the condition of the patient’s mind. Mrs. Shannon said it was. Then Mrs. Eddy asked if she had any fear (note, not the patient’s fear, but the practitioner’s fear), Mrs. Eddy then said, ‘Stop working on the disease. Handle mental malpractice against your practice; that is, error that argues with the patient and your thought that you cannot reflect the Truth, and that Christian Science cannot heal.’ Mrs. Shannon did so and upon her arrival back home she found the patient completely healed.

“Remember, suggestions always come in the guise of our own thought. We must be alert to the suggestion that says, ‘Christian Science doesn’t heal.’ We quickly reject this suggestion, based on the many proofs of healing. Then the suggestion comes: ‘O.K., Christian Science heals, but it can’t heal me.’ Again we reject this, knowing God’s law is universal and always operative for everyone. Next the suggestion comes, ‘O.K., Christian Science heals, and it can heal me, provided I have sufficient spiritual understanding. But I don’t. I’m uninspired. I’m just reading words.’ And what happens? We take this third suggestion in, hook, line, and sinker, and off we go trying to find inspiration, instead of handling the aggressive mental suggestion that tells us we lack it.

“We may find ourselves thinking, ‘Well, I do have some spiritual understanding, maybe enough understanding to heal a cold. But I don’t have enough spiritual understanding to heal something really serious.’ See what we have done? We are back dealing with a condition {an effect}. That’s like saying, ‘I have enough understanding to remove a little mouse, but not enough to remove this elephant.’

“Now, I ask you, is it any more difficult to awaken a person mesmerized into believing he is being chased by an elephant {believes that he has cancer} than to awaken a person mesmerized into believing he is being chased by a mouse {believes that he has a cold}? No! The problem isn’t an elephant {or a mouse}. The problem is the mesmeric dream itself. Why look up citations on elephants {cancer}? To awaken from the dream takes care of the mouse and the elephant. We must recognize that God never made a dream or a dreamer. Both the dream and the dreamer are a lie.”[24]

     What is the dream and who is the dreamer and why does a dreamer exist to dream a dream? The dreamer is anyone that has accepted the lie that they were born into matter; that they were born with a material body of red clay. The dream is the Adam dream – the dream that believes “I was born into a material body. And my material body has five senses (all of which are located in my big giant head) and a nervous system (the serpent) that communicate electronically (through mesmerism) with my brain (Adamic big giant head). This brain, or mortal mind, believes that Mind resides within it, this material body believes that Spirit is held captive within it, and these five material senses believe they can control Soul and keep it hostage. But this is all a lie (the dream dreamed by the dreamer known as Adam mortal mind).

“So, if you find yourself believing, ‘I can’t heal,’ you can agree with your adversary quickly and say, ‘You are right, animal magnetism, I cannot heal, for it is not a matter of one person correcting another person. But rather, it is the Christ, the absolute true idea correcting a lie about a person, and there is no lie that does not yield to the truth.’ This fact refutes the false suggestion that would tell us that it is our inadequate, personal human mind that attempts to heal.

“Mrs. Eddy writes, ‘Hold perpetually this thought, – that it is the spiritual idea, the Holy Ghost and Christ, which enables you to demonstrate, with scientific certainty, the rule of healing…’[25] When we see that it is the healing power of the Christ within us, then we can go forward with confidence and refute animal magnetism’s suggestion that we cannot heal.

                                   * * * * * *

“Another suggestion of animal magnetism is that of disunity. {This seems to be the main problem presenting itself even now (2014).} Today, the general world belief of disunity is found in places such as Bosnia, the Middle East, Northern Ireland, {Venezuela, Ukraine}, as well as disunity in other aspects of life, such as business, family, between departments within institutions, and within our church. We are being distracted and are playing into the hands of animal magnetism when we focus on person rather than the error appearing as person.

“As surely as disease, accident, and malfunction appear to be real and malfunction appear to be real and cannot be ignored, neither can we ignore what appears as the anti-Christ in any presentation. In short, we must reject the suggestion that animal magnetism can use you, me, or anyone else {like a Board of Directors, the President of the United States, Congressmen, etc.} as its tool to produce error, to act under an assumed name to curse, hypnotize, disrupt, or destroy our health, wealth, joy, or the Christian Science church, its officials, or you and me, its adherents.

“The world belief of disunity is clamoring for acceptance. And we Christian Scientists need to be especially alert to reject animal magnetism’s claims of disunity and affirm that Christian Scientists are united!”[26]

     Here is where I can tell that this man is loyal to the Board of Directors in Boston (which is not a crime). He really does sound like a church member. I agree that disunity must be handled but is the suggestion of disunity really what needs to be handled when it comes to the Church or governmental bodies? Is it enough to work on disunity? It seems to me like disunity is a result of disloyalty. And it is on this point that I tend to feel that Mr. Hubbell is not presenting the correct solution for Christian Scientists.
     So, if we do as he says and declare that Christian Scientists are united will this wake up Boston (because to me they are disobedient to the Cause of Christian Science, not the Independents, and I understand that the “officials” of Boston feel that they are loyal to the Movement of Christian Scientists and it is the Independents that are disloyal to the Church)?  Hubbell goes on to say:

“We are united in our great love and gratitude for God and His unspeakable love and care for each one of us. We are united in our love and gratitude for Christ Jesus, our Way-shower.

“We are united in our love and gratitude for our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, for what she did, what she was, and for what she is. What did she do? She discovered Christian Science, gave us Science and Health, founded our dear Mother Church and its Manual, which forever governs it. Who was she? She was the revelator that brought the great revelation, Divine Science, the Comforter which Jesus himself prophesied. And who is she? She is and shall ever continue to be our beloved and only Leader. We are united in our refusal to idolize her or adulterate the purity of Christian Science as she taught it. We are all united in our love and gratitude for her.”[27]

     Okay, now perhaps I am nitpicking here, but I have to ask why he says, “We are united in our refusal to idolize her”? I agree, we all need to be united. None of us should idolize the persona of Mary Baker Eddy. But does Hubbell believe that Christian Scientists who accept Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ are idolizing her? Is he saying that we must wake up because we are mesmerized, that if we were not mesmerized we would not accept her place in Bible prophecy? He may not be implying this at all I am just stating that his words seem odd, that he spoke them at all seems strange to me.

“We are united in our deep gratitude for the healing efficacy of Christian Science, for every healing that has ever taken place. Why? Because each healing is proof of the universal, inflexible, undeviating, and constant law of God which is operating right here, right now, for you and me.

“Unity is vital to the Christian Scientist. Disunity leads to disintegration. Since God is the one and only Mind, there can be no disunity due to a conflict of minds nor unity due to a meeting of minds. Rather, there is a unity based on one divine Mind being reflected by each individual. Hence no conflict of interest, no distrust of others, no conflict of opinions.

“Does unity have anything to do with healing? A great deal! The whole healing practice of Christian Science can be stated in terms of restoration to oneness, a realization of the oneness – yet distinctness – of Mind and idea, God and man. {Principle and its idea.}

“It was healing that built the original Mother Church in Jerusalem, and it was healing that reestablished The Mother Church in Boston. If Christian Science does not offer healing, it has nothing new or different to offer mankind. Our church will stand or fall to the degree of our success or failure to heal.”[28]

     What does Hubbell mean by his words “it was healing that reestablished The Mother Church in Boston”? When was The First Church (as I prefer to call it) “reestablished”? I suppose he is speaking about page 18 in the Church Manual. It reads: “On the twenty-third day of September, 1892, at the request of Rev. Mary Baker Eddy {after being badgered for years by her students upon the topic}, twelve of her students and Church members {of the spiritual church body, as the material church had been dissolved} met and reorganized {all Christian Scientists should be concerned that Mary Baker Eddy chose this word “reorganized”}, under her jurisdiction, the Christian Science Church and named it, The First Church of Christ, Scientist.”
     So to “reestablish” the Christian Science Church (the one that had been dissolved) as “The Mother Church in Boston” seems weird to imply. And I do not think it was “healing” that “reestablished” it in the first place, it was more like the fact that the Christian Scientists kept pestering Mary Baker Eddy for a permanent place to hold services. They thought that they needed a church to hold services in. She tried to warn them against building a church but they did not heed her warnings. So she said, “Suffer (permit) it to be so now.”
     It is true that in order for students to donate money to meet the needs of building The First Church that they had to demonstrate the funds. These donated funds were the result of the student’s healing works. It is true that much prayer (healing if you want to call it that) took place while The First Church was under construction. However, progress in building was often slowed down because the four Board of Directors were targets of animal magnetism. This is why Mary Baker Eddy called upon Edward Bates, and his wife, to come and work (to demonstrate Science) in Boston while the Edifice was being built.

“The members of the original Christian church failed to handle animal magnetism. We cannot make the same mistake.[29] Mrs. Eddy told her household:

          “You must rise to the point where you can destroy the be-
          lief of mesmerism, or you will have no Cause.[30] It tried to
          overcome me for forty years and I withstood it all. Now
          it has gotten to the point where the students must take up
          this work and meet animal magnetism. I cannot do it for
          you. You must do it for yourselves, and unless it is done,
          the Cause[31] will perish and we will go along another 1900
          years with the world sunk into the blackest night. Now
          will you rouse yourselves? You have all the power of
          God with you to conquer this lie of mesmerism.[32]

                               * * * * * *

“I trust we have seen this afternoon that every problem is the failure to handle animal magnetism. That’s why it is important before you start your treatment to establish that every treatment must handle animal magnetism. In fact, to give a treatment is to handle animal magnetism, and to handle animal magnetism is to give a treatment. I cannot stress too strongly that handling animal magnetism is not something you do as a last resort when all else has failed. It’s not the last thing you do; it is the first thing you do.

“This afternoon we have been discussing our duty to defend ourselves against animal magnetism’s aggressive mental suggestions. This is what we must do. Now let’s consider how we do it.

“In his Memoirs, Adam Dickey quotes Mrs. Eddy as saying, ‘Where all students have failed is in not knowing how to handle animal magnetism.’ We handle animal magnetism in proportion as we see it to be nothing but a term without law, power, substance, mind, or reality. How could that which is not do something to that which is? To see animal magnetism as nothing is not ignoring it. It is handling it.

“About ten percent of handling animal magnetism is specific affirmation and denial.[33] Our textbook states, ‘The exterminator of error is the great truth that God, good is the only Mind,…”[34] Why does the only divine Mind exterminate error? Because it exterminates the suggestion of a second mind {mortal mind/duality} to originate an aggressive false suggestion. The one divine Mind precludes the presence of another mind to hypnotize to be hypnotized. If God doesn’t think {it}, it’s not thought.


“Knowing this we can affirm here and {k}now the absolute truth that:

     “o We reflect the divine Mind as our Mind. Therefore, we think as God causes us to think.

     “o Since we think as God causes us to think, we can’t be mesmerized.

     “o Because we cannot be mesmerized, we are not mesmerized.

     “o We know who we are, and how we are.

     “o We cannot be the victims of a curse or hypnotic suggestion.[35]

     “o We cannot be confused or drowsy when we read the Bible, textbook, or give a Christian Science treatment.

     “o We cannot be made to procrastinate or feel reluctant to give a Christian Science treatment.

     “o We cannot be discouraged or give our consent to surrender.

     “o Animal magnetism cannot gain objectivity as personal sense appearing as pride, egotism, jealousy, vindictiveness, or deceit.

     “o It cannot make anyone a malpractitioner.

     “o Nothing can come to anyone or go from anyone but what God expresses.

     “o Therefore, we can’t be mesmerized into turning away from the Christ, Truth, to accept a material body, place or thing.

     “o Nor can we act in a way foreign to our sense of right, to pursue pagan, materialistic means to strengthen our church.

     “o We can’t be hypnotized into accepting that someone else can be hypnotized.

     “o Animal magnetism cannot assert itself and gain entrance into our consciousness or prevent the Christ in healing, delay its results, or cause a reversal.

     “o In short, we can neither influence nor be influenced erroneously. Why not? Because God is the only Mind and therefore our Mind.


“Now, none of what we have been discussing has any value unless we are alert to such suggestions as:

     “o I don’t want to handle animal magnetism.

     “o I’m too tired and sleepy to handle animal magnetism.

     “o I don’t know how to handle animal magnetism.

“If we fail to handle these suggestions, then all we’ve learned is worthless. But, of course, we do know how to handle animal magnetism. So let’s make sure we do it!


“Don’t address person, place, or thing – address the error:

     “You devilish suggestion, you are a liar and the father of a lie. There is not truth to you.

     “You are nothing but a term.

     “You have no power, substance, no law, no mind.

     “You can do nothing because you are nothing.

     “You can’t get into my consciousness because I can’t get out of the divine consciousness.

     “Like darkness, you have no cause.

     “Nor are you a cause.

     “You are only a suppositional opposite of the Christ.

     “You cannot, you have not, you shall not.

     “There is nothing in me that responds to your suggestions.

     “So shut your mouth.

     “I refuse to ‘stand aghast at nothingness.’[36]


“So much for the ten percent of handling animal magnetism. Now, how about the remaining ninety percent? Our Leader tells us to keep our minds so filled with Truth and Love that the suggestions of animal magnetism can’t get into consciousness. That’s why living Christian Science is about ninety percent of handling animal magnetism.

“Jesus proved that living Christian Science is the best defense against animal magnetism. How grateful we are that we have a Way-shower whose life was the one perfect example of living the Science of the Christ and thereby handling animal magnetism. Jesus not only understood the Science of being, but lived it. What Jesus knew he lived, and this enabled him to do what he did, and what he did enabled him to say what he said.”[37]

     I feel that Mr. Hubbell needs to say the same about Mary Baker Eddy, but he did not do so. So I will: Mary Baker Eddy proved that living Christian Science is the best defense against animal magnetism. How grateful we are that we have a Way-shower whose life was the one perfect example of living the Science of the Christ and thereby handling animal magnetism. Mary Baker Eddy not only understood the Science of being she lived it. All the Truth that Mary Baker Eddy knew she lived, and this enabled her to do what she did. This enabled her to say what she said and to write the Word of God.

“Mrs. Eddy writes, ‘If the lives of Christian Scientists attest their fidelity to Truth, I predict that in the twentieth century every Christian church in our land, and a few in far-off lands, will approximate the understanding of Christian Science sufficiently to heal the sick in his name.’[38]

“Mrs. Eddy’s prophecy includes a qualification. She says ‘if.’ ‘If the lives of Christian Scientists attest their fidelity to Truth,…’ Mrs. Eddy might as well have said, ‘If Christian Scientists handle animal magnetism.

“If we live a life of love, we are living a life unafraid. If we live a life unafraid, we are living a life serene. Such a serenity is living a life imbued with the Christ, Truth. If we maintain a Christlike consciousness, we can say to animal magnetism, ‘You’ll find nothing in me.’ But why ‘if’? What is there to prevent our living Christian Science and thereby handling animal magnetism?

“After all, darkness does not prevent the light; the light prevents darkness. Animal magnetism doesn’t prevent your living Christian Science, living Christian Science precludes animal magnetism. It is never a question of what animal magnetism can do to you or our church to pull us down – but always what the Christ does to lift us up. So why ‘if’?

“You have what it takes. You have the Christ. ‘Christ within you, the hope of glory.’[39] Our Leader tells us, ‘To live so as to keep human consciousness in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science.’[40][41]

     This is the end of the article. But let us take a deeper look at what this prophecy of Mary Baker Eddy’s really is telling us, as I feel that Mr. Hubbell sort of just skimmed over it. She told us that if the lives of Christian Scientists (and this is whether the Christian Scientist is a Church member or and Independent worker) attest their fidelity to Truth that the churches around the world would accept Christian Science. What does attest mean? It means: “[witness – more at testament] 1 a: to affirm to be true or genuine, specif: to authenticate by signing as a witness b: to authenticate officially 2: to establish or verify the usage of   3: to be proof of: manifest 4: to put on oath to bear witness: testify”.[42] If we are to attest our fidelity to Truth, then we are to manifest this Truth and bear witness to this Truth.
     The Truth is the Christ, and during the Sixth Day (of Truth) who came as the second coming of Christ? Mary Baker Eddy came as the second coming of Christ, even though she said the second coming is Christian Science, she did not lie, it is true, but she was unable to speak the absolute Truth on this topic during her Day of Truth so she had to hide it within her writings. She was the second coming of Christ, just as Jesus was the first coming of Christ. Jesus came to present God’s Life as our only Father while Mary Baker Eddy came to present not only God’s Truth as the Christ, the Son of God (she explained Christ Jesus’ words and works), but she also came to present God’s Love as our only Mother. This Truth is what lies behind a Christian Scientist’s testimony, what lies behind them being God’s witnesses. It is because Christian Scientists were fooled by the red dragon into not being a witness for their own Leader’s place in Bible prophecy and as being the second coming of Christ that Mary Baker Eddy’s prophecy was not fulfilled in the twentieth century. It is animal magnetism, a.k.a. the red dragon, which fools the Christian Scientist into not accepting their Leader as the second coming of Christ and as the woman God-crowned.


Hidden Evil – Error in the Christian Science Movement
     “‘Love unfolds marvellous good and uncovers hidden evil.’ Perhaps the most pernicious hidden evil is spiritual wickedness in high places. This has been sadly true in the Christian Science movement, where animal magnetism in its most subtle forms has caused misled Christian Scientists to harm the Leader whom they profess to follow. Wanting to be in the mainstream of Christian thought and to identify with the so-called Christian Scientists in high places {a Board of Directors}, they overlook the fact that those holding high positions in the Christian Science movement are in total and deadly defiance of Mary Baker Eddy’s Manual, which terminated the five-member Board of Directors and all material organization.
     “In 1910, when the Christian Science movement was sweeping the world, the Directors, parading as Mary Baker Eddy’s successor, seized global power. Calling themselves ‘the highest ecclesiastical court in the land,’ they, by their traitorous actions, halted all progress in Christian Science.
     “Since then the Directors’ primary goal seems to have been to discredit her {Mary Baker Eddy} who brought the Second Coming of the Christ. Unfortunately, many so-called Christian Scientists have followed their lead {united themselves with the Directors}. Instead of joining {uniting} ‘the small and feeble remnant’ (Isa 16:14) who are telling the truth about Mary Baker Eddy who can never be separated from her writings, they support the continuing down-playing of her role, with the result that her revelation with its healing power has almost been lost.”[43]

Animal Magnetism
     “Animal magnetism is a nomenon counterfeit of Mind because animal magnetism is the belief that mind is in matter and that mind can be both good and evil. Animal magnetism is the belief that there is sensation in matter. It is a name for the operation of error.
     “Evil thoughts are effect, not cause; it is not wrong thinking that gives animal magnetism so-called power. It is the evil animal nature, the evil ‘heart.’ It is the carnal, sensual nature, the unspiritual, the brute instincts, the mythical serpent that pushes the claim of sin ‘with the glittering audacity of diabolical and sinuous logic.’ (Unity 54:27)
     “The only way we can free ourselves from animal magnetism is through ‘self-renunciation of all that constitutes a so-called mortal, and the acknowledgment and achievement of [our] spiritual identity’ (Mis. 186:7). We can change our thoughts at will. We can think one thing one minute and something quite different the next minute. But changing our disposition is quite another matter, and is not so easy; here we are not dealing with thought or mental magnetism, but with animal magnetism. This is why ordinary metaphysics, which operates in the mental realm, can be misused by sensuality, by animality. The Science of Spirit, however, cannot be so misused because Science, in contradistinction to metaphysics, proceeds from God, not from men and their thoughts. For this reason animal magnetism loses its supposed power in proportion as we give up our own ego and think, feel, and act from the I AM, out from the I Am that I Am.”[44]
     The above section is found in Helen Wright’s book Your Divinity Revealed, the chapter on Mind, with its opposite of “malicious mental malpractice.” Likewise Soul has the same opposite listed.

(To be continued.)


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