A Negative Comment

by MJSmith

I received a very negative comment from a man.  First of all he made some mistakes in his comments to me and what he said shows that he knows absolutely nothing about Christian Science.  I will not post his comments because I do not see a need to do so, I will just comment on what he said.

     His first mistake (besides his spelling errors) was to say that the Christian Science Church allows self same (homosexual) marriage in it.  This is news to me because heterosexual people cannot even get married in the Christian Science Church!  This is due to the fact that Christian Science churches do not have fathers or preachers or pastors or even pastures.  As far as homosexuals adopting children, I cannot say if it is really a bad idea or a good idea as I do not know if there are any statistics on this topic yet.  All I can say is that I know that each individual is capable of reflecting God in His-Her completeness whether they are physically male or female.  Jesus was a man yet he reflected great Womanhood.  King David also reflected Womanhood.  Are we, as a society, suppose to look down upon a man because he is willing to express the great qualities of Womanhood?  Likewise, are we to look down upon a woman because she is capable of expressing great qualities that men express like Mary Baker Eddy did?  I do not think so.  There were many women spoken of in the Bible that expressed many masculine qualities.
     Another mistake this man made was to tell me that I was on drugs.  Again, he knows nothing about Christian Science.  Christian Scientists avoid drugs because they believe in the one God.  Of course, I realize that this man did not literally mean that I was on drugs (at least I do not think he did).  I think he was just trying to tell me that I was crazy to think the way I do.  Then he says that women have a weak (because they cannot express manhood) mind.  Any mind that accepts mortal mind as the reality or the norm has a weak mind.  Adam had a weak mind because he was mesmerized by the serpent.  A weak mind has nothing to do with being a woman or a man.  Mortal mind is the weak mind (it is the Weakest Link!) while divine Mind is the strong Mind.  In reality I have no other Mind beside the Mind that is God.
     God is not a man or a woman.  God is not a physical person at all.  However, God is complete (whole) hence, God must be both masculine and feminine.  If God were only masculine then God would be incomplete and who wants an incomplete God?  Furthermore, if God were only masculine then how would God even know about the feminine?  How could God create anything that God is not?
     This man that wrote to me is under the false teachings of scholastic theology when he says that the woman is to blame for Adam’s fall.  Yet, if Adam really was with the woman, as the Bible says he was, then why is he not the one to blame?  After all, he did not slap the forbidden fruit out of the woman’s hand and say, “No, you are not allowed to eat that!”  Look, it is not up to us to decide whether Adam or the woman are to blame.  The woman saw it correctly – blame was to fall upon the serpent – animal magnetism.  And let us not forget that Adam did find fault with not only the woman but with God!  What kind of man is that?  It is a mortal minded man, that is what kind of man that is.
     I welcome this man’s comments because then I know what I can address and try to make clear.  I am sorry that there are men out there who really seem to believe the garbage the churches have brainwashed them with.  I really do feel sorry for people like this because I feel that they are drowning in ecclesiastical despotism, scholastic theology, and false dogma (human opinions).  I feel that they are living the Adam dream and need help to wake up from it.  For the help sure is not given to them by the churches.  If men hate women because of the allegory in Genesis about Adam then how can they call themselves Christians?  Jesus loved everyone, he especially went out of his way to show Love to women!  If Jesus would have hated women do you think that he would have saved the woman from being stoned?  Do you think that he would have healed the woman with the blood issue?  Do you think that he would have raised the twelve year old girl from being dead?  If he would have hated women do you think he would have saved Mary Magdalene or helped Peter’s ill mother?  The answer is no.  But Jesus did have Love for women and he respected them.  This being said all male Christians should take a lesson from the Master Christian and do likewise!