by MJSmith

Genesis i.5.  And God called the light [to be symbolized by the sun] Day, and the darkness [to be symbolized by the moon] He called Night.  And the evening and the morning were the first day.

“Light preceding the sun
     “All questions as to the divine creation being both spiritual and material are answered in this passage, for though solar beams are not yet included in the record of creation, still there is light.  This light is not from the sun nor from volcanic flames, but it is the revelation of Truth and of spiritual ideas.  This also shows that there is no place where God’s light is not seen, since Truth, Life, and Love fill immensity and are ever-present.  Was not this a revelation instead of a creation?
“Evenings and mornings
     “The successive appearing of God’s ideas is represented as taking place on so many evenings and mornings, — words which indicate, in the absence of solar time, spiritually clearer views of Him, views which are not implied by material darkness and dawn.  Here we have the explanation of another passage of Scripture, that ‘one day is with the Lord as a thousand years.’  The rays of infinite Truth, when gathered into the focus of ideas, bring light instantaneously, whereas a thousand years of human doctrines, hypotheses, and vague conjectures emit no such effulgence.
“Spirit versus [reverses] darkness
     “Did infinite Mind create matter, and call it light?  Spirit is light, and the contradiction of Spirit is matter, darkness, and darkness obscures light.  Material sense is nothing but a supposition of the absence of Spirit.  No solar rays nor planetary revolutions form the day of Spirit.  Immortal Mind makes its own record, but mortal mind, sleep, dreams, sin, disease, and death have no record in the first chapter of Genesis.” (S&H 504:6-505:3)
     It came to me that the “evenings” and the “mornings” were symbolized by the moon and the sun.  I feel that there is a symbolic reason why the moon precedes the sun.  This reason has to do with Venus and the fact that every now and again it transits the sun.  These transits occur in pairs and they take place eight years apart from each other.  The first transit is for the evening (star), the moon, and the second transit is for the morning (star), the sun.  The moon and sun are also thought of as being the two great lights during the Fourth Day of Principle (in Genesis).
     In Revelation 10 there is the angel with the little open book.  Most Christians believe this woman to be a male angel, but the truth is the angel is a female messenger.  She descends from heaven (home, harmony) with a little open book – Science and Health [Salvation] with Key to the Scripture.  This angel is Mary Baker Eddy.  In Christ and Christmas Mary Baker Eddy, as the angel, is depicted during the midnight hour, the evening.  However, the light that shines down upon her is from the evening star (Venus), for she is God’s chosen vessel.

Seeking and Finding (colorized by me)

Seeking and Finding (colorized by me)

     In Revelation 12[1] there is the woman God-crowned.  Most Christians believe this woman to be the Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene.  Yes, the woman is a type of Womanhood, and this Womanhood quality was manifested by the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, however, this woman is meant as prophecy for the endtime.  Hence the woman God-crowned is really neither the Virgin Mary or the Magdalene.  For this woman God-crowned represents the second coming of Christ, a woman named Mary – Mary Baker Eddy.  What is interesting about this woman is that she has her feet upon the moon, she has dominion over the moon – it has no power over her – she has power over it.  Another important description given to this woman is that she is “clothed with the sun.”

Sun.  The symbol of soul governing man, — of Truth, Life, and Love.” (S&H 595:1)

     The three comings of Christ take place during the Day of Life, the Day of Truth, and the Day of Love.

Woman God-crown Win
     “Because of his more spiritual vision, St. John saw an ‘angel standing in the sun.’  The Revelator beheld the spiritual idea from the mount of vision.  Purity was the symbol of Life and Love.  The Revelator saw also the spiritual ideal as a woman clothed in light, a bride coming down from heaven, wedded to the Lamb of Love.  To John, ‘the bride’ and ‘the Lamb’ represented the correlation of divine Principle and spiritual idea, God and His Christ, bringing harmony to earth.” (S&H 561:6)  God’s Christ is both masculine and feminine; if Christ were not masculine and feminine then Christ would be incomplete – not whole.
     “The woman in the Apocalypse symbolizes generic man, the spiritual idea of God; she illustrates the coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and divine idea.  The Revelator symbolizes Spirit by the sun.  The spiritual idea is clad with the radiance of spiritual Truth, and matter is put under her feet.  The light portrayed is really neither solar nor lunar, but spiritual Life, which is ‘the light of men.’  In the first chapter of the Fourth Gospel it is written, ‘There was a man sent from God…to bear witness of that Light.’” (S&H 561:23)  And today Martha Jones-Smith says, “There was a woman sent from God…to bear witness of that Light.”

     On the morning of January 8, 2014 I had a dream that gave me further insight into the importance of the moon and sun in regard to the woman God-crowned (who is also the angel of Revelation 10).  It became clear that the phases of the moon represented division while the sun and its rays represented wholeness.

Divine Science
     The phases of the moon are applicable to the city foursquare; this is (in part) why the woman has dominion over the moon (why her feet stand upon the moon).  These phases represent the dissection, or the division, of the fourteenth chapter (from the Textbook) “Recapitualation” into its twenty-four question and answer sections (as depicted further on in my New Jerusalem artichoke matrix) and the sixteen chapters of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (by Mary Baker Eddy) into its matrix pattern of sixteen squares.  John W. Doorly gave this matrix pattern to the Field in the 1950s.  Yet, there is another meaning to the city foursquare and it is the X of divine Science, belonging to the pyramid, that keeps us save within the walls of the Ark Church (the Letter of the Law).


Ark.  Safety; the idea, or reflection, of Truth, proved to be as immortal as its Principle; the understanding of Spirit, destroying belief in matter.
     “God and man coexistent and eternal; Science showing that the spiritual realities of all things are created by Him and exist forever.  The ark indicates temptation overcome and followed by exaltation.” (S&H 581:8-14)

     The squared capstone of the “little open book” itself is the hub of the divine calculus wheel – the Stargate Matrix.  This wheel is found as a stained glass window in the Boston Edifice known as Window of the Open Book.  In the above illustration the capstone square represents the square of Science while the outer square represents the square of the Word.  As seen below, on the window, the four major stars represent the four corners of the X.  Our beginning position would be the Word as the Word with the North Star outside the Keystone window for the Open Bible (for the chapter on “Prayer”).  Then we go counterclockwise to the Word as Christ Daystar and the Keystone window for Madonna and Child (for the chapter of “Atonement and Eucharist”).  Then down to the Word as Christianity Acrux and the Keystone window for the Cross of Calvary (for the chapter of “Marriage”).  Finally we move over to the Word as Science moon and the Keystone window for the Golden Shores of Love (for the chapter “Christian Science versus [reverses] Spiritualism”).

The Holy City

The Holy City

     Within the window’s center hub, around the little open book (the seed within itself), is found the New Jerusalem artichoke.  This sunflower has twenty-four petals and they are applicable to the fourteenth chapter of Science and Health – “Recapitulation” – with its twenty-four sections of questions and answers.  The first question asks, “What is God?”  The woman God-crowned tells us “God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.”
     Next she asks, “Are these terms synonymous?”  This is an odd question to ask if one thinks about it, but this question points us to the fact that the seven synonyms (the capitalized words in answer 1) are of major importance in the upcoming Key to the Scriptures (beginning on page 501).  She answers the question with:  “They are.  They refer to one absolute God.  They are also intended to express the nature, essence, and wholeness of Deity.  The attributes of God are justice, mercy, wisdom, goodness, and so on.”  Notice she says, “wholeness of Deity” in this answer.  This is because we are working with the wholeness of God when speaking about the City of our God (the Spirit of the Law) even though “Recapitulation” has us working with the city foursquare, for the sunflower is limited in its rays (petals).  “This ministry of Truth, this message from divine Love, carried John away in spirit.  It exalted him till he became conscious of the spiritual facts of being and the ‘New Jerusalem, coming down from God, out of heaven,’–the spiritual outpouring of bliss and glory, which he describes as the city which ‘lieth foursquare.'” (S&H 574:10-16)

Recapitulation B

     The twenty-four question/answer sections are like the elders of God’s thrown (Revelation 4).  This chapter is a teaching chapter; it alternates between the two tones of absolute Christian Science and Christian Science.  Mary Baker Eddy writes:  “This chapter is from the first edition of the author’s class-book, copyrighted in 1870.  After much labor and increased spiritual understanding, she revised that treatise for this volume in 1875.  Absolute Christian Science pervades its statements, to elucidate scientific metaphysics.” (S&H 465:1)

Christian Science
     The sun (a Daystar) and its rays are applicable to the city of our God, this is what the woman is clothed with – it is her divine make-up (her matrix).  This is the wholeness of the Textbook (the Word of God) with its matrix pattern.  It is the compass rose of Sharon (a.k.a. ShAaron’s Rod[2]) that reaches out beyond the walls of limitation (the Letter of the Law) unto the ends of the world (the universe) – it is the Arch Church that manifests the Spirit of the Law.


     It was the God-crowned woman’s mission to LAY OUT the sixteen folded scientific system of Science within her Textbook – Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  Textbook means:  “one containing the presentation of the principles of a subject.”[3]  Mary Baker Eddy’s Textbook contains the presentation of the Principle of the subject known as God’s Science.  Mary Baker Eddy actually has two chapters on teaching.  The thirteenth chapter “Teaching Christian Science” (in the tone of Science as the Word) “teaches us how to become a Christian Scientist” and follow the Spirit of the Law (of ethics).  “It shows us how to be one with Principle [the + of Christian Science – the sun].”  While the fourteenth chapter “Recapitulation [to re-capitalize what is of importance]” (in the tone of Science as the Christ) is to teach the system of Science.  It “starts with the definition of God.  It shows that Principle cannot be understood as a whole (anymore than math can be understood as a whole) [the X of divine Science – the moon].  Principle can be understood through its idea.”  (The quotes are from Helen Wright’s Your Divinity Revealed; page 570)
     This teaching system of Science was not scientifically explained until John W. Doorly took up his mission, even though the system was seen fifty years previously by Judge S. Hanna (Mary Baker Eddy told Hanna it was too early for the system to be taught).  Doorly’s focus, as well as his students’ focus, was on the square matrix (the moon).[4]  His purpose was to bring dominion to the McDonald’s workers.  That rule came to a climax on June 6, 1996.  This was the endtime of Truth (the Sixth Day) and the beginning of the Day of Love (the Seventh Day, the Sabbath).  Just as the first chapter of Genesis climaxes in the tone of Truth (the Sixth Day), his workers (students) were finished with their Revelations.
     The world was now readyfor another woman to continue the teaching system during the Sabbath; her name is Martha Jones-Smith.  For Martha had her own God-crown mission to fulfill.  Martha is the name given by Mary Baker Eddy when she spoke about the third coming of Christ.  Within three years time Martha would realize the pyramid matrixes and the Stargate matrix.  And it would be these matrixes (for the sun) that she would teach to the universe via the Internet.  Martha is also clothed with the sun; she too (like Mary Baker Eddy) is Venus, the morning star.  Mary had dominion over the phases of the moon (division of chapters) and she was clothed with the sun (the wholeness of the teaching of Christian Science).  Mary Baker Eddy comprehended it all.  She was God’s swift-winged messenger (Revelation 10) who descended from heaven (harmony) with a little open book (Science and Health), and with the bow covenant (promised to Noah during the Second Day of Spirit) upon her head (within her conscious thought).  By the way, Noah is a female name.

     Venus is the celestial body symbolizing the woman God-crowned, for when it transits the sun it is clothed with the sun.  Venus itself is clothed with a cloud of volcanic ash.  The angel of Revelation 10 is clothed with a cloud, and her feet are like fire (volcano).  In Revelation Jesus promises the morning star (Venus) to his loyal followers.  Venus, then, is part of the promise of the second coming of Christ.  In the fourth Gospel Jesus compares this second coming to the Second Day of Spirit, the Day of Noah.  The Arch of the Covenant is promised to Noah, and his manchild son of the three degrees.  It is seen in the sky as the sign (symbol) of the bow within a cloud (again, later to become a reference for the angel of Revelation 10).  When St. John writes about the angel of Revelation 10, he reminds us of this promised covenant with the bow upon the angel’s head (within her conscious thought).
     During Mary Baker Eddy’s mission Venus transited the sun two times.  The first was in 1874 (for the Science as the Word), the year before the first edition of Science and Health, and in 1882 (for the Science as the Christ).  This was during the time when Mary had her feet upon the moon, for she had finally had full dominion over animal magnetism.  Animal magnetism is the anti-Christ.
     During Martha Jones-Smith’s mission Venus transited the sun two times.  The first was on June 8, 2004 (for the Science as Christianity-Mother Hood) and the second was on June 5, 2012 (for the Science as Science).  In 2004 Martha had not come to accept that she was the third coming of Christ.  She did, however, understand that the world must come to understand and accept Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and that she is the second coming of Christ.  In 2003 an important book was published speaking about this Christ successor.  The title of the book was The De Vinci Code.  In 2005 a movie, based upon the book, was produced and released to the public.  Martha did not see the movie until December of 2008.  It was in January 2009 that she read the book.  Both the movie and book amazed her as they were speaking about the symbols that she had been working with since 1999.  The book spoke to her about Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, about her as being the second coming of Christ.  But would the rest of the world be able to see what she did?  Only if she told the world!  If she did not speak up then the world would go on thinking that the book was just fiction based upon a few historical facts that could or could not be proven.
     Martha knew that the world was lacking what it needed most, a full understanding of Mary Baker Eddy and a full appreciation of who she is and what she has done for mankind.  She knew that the second transit was coming up.  But everything she had heard and read about it had told her that it was to be on June 6, 2012.  On June 5, 2012 she got her website up and running, it was after this that she found out that the actual transit had taken place on June 5th.  It was all by God’s grand design.  It was meant to happen as it did.
     But there was yet another book that was published before The Ark of Truth Mother’s Hood came into existence – it was called The Hunger Games.  This book’s main character’s name translated out to be “Forever Leader.”  She was a typification of Mary Baker Eddy, who lived in the United States of America.  Soon after the transit the movie came out.  Martha did not see the movie until the DVD came out, and after that she decided to read the book.  (I prefer to think of the first book as a standalone story.  The second book was okay and the author should have ended the story there.  I did not like the third book at all.)
     Venus is the morning star (that Jesus promised to us), the celestial body that typifies the woman God-crowned; the woman with her feet upon the moon and the woman clothed with the sun.

The KEY of David
Day.  The irradiance of Life; light, the spiritual idea of Truth and Love.
     “ ‘And the evening and the morning were the first day.’ (Genesis i.5.)  The objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination of spiritual understanding, and Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded.  This unfolding is God’s day, and ‘there shall be no night there.’” (S&H 584:1-8)

     The matrix, or wholeness, of the first section of the chapter “Genesis”[5] (in the tone of Science as Christianity) is based upon the seven days.  These days are the rainbow hews of the sun’s white light.  They so fully explain the seven names of God that the following two sections of “Genesis” follow the same pattern.  (As does most of the Textbook.)  This is why it is a KEY chapter.  Helen Wright (page 570) writes:  “Principle’s expression is placed within the infinite divine Principle.  Principle is shown as including within itself, within its infinite embrace, the forever genesis of ideas—including within itself its infinite idea.”
     Then on page 571 Helen writes about the sixteenth chapter:  “the textbook tells us that Principle is forever active as its idea.  It is active on every level of thought—on the material, human, and divine levels.  It is active as understanding and demonstration; it is active objectively and subjectively.  The idea of Principle is onmi-active [the flying eagle].  This chapter, “The Apocalypse,” is Science reflecting Science, giving us the purest sense of what Science means.”
     “The Apocalypse” chapter has three sections to it.  They are for the angel, the woman God-crowned, and the Holy City.  These three sections help to explain the book of Revelation.  The first section explains God’s Holy Messenger to be Mary Baker Eddy as the sole Discoverer of Christian Science; the second explains the woman God-crowned Founder of Church as Ark and Arch, and this Founder is Mary Baker Eddy; and the third explains the Holy City (the Bride) with its Stargate Matrix.  Mary Baker Eddy provided us with a symbol for this Holy City within her Boston Edifice (which gives testimony to Mary Baker Eddy as being our Forever Leader).  The symbol is called Window of the Open Book.  Mary Baker Eddy is Leader of the city foursquare (the Concord Branch) and the City of our God (The First Church of Christ Scientist).  It is the Branch Church that is independently run (as the States [of America] are to be independently governed under the Constitution), for they have dominion over the moon.  They provide safety via Truth and Love to the Field.  This must then be shared with the world via the Arch Covenant where it shines its sun rays throughout the universe (the one divine calculus wheel).  This is the true idea behind a Catholic Church (not the materially organized one in Italy).
     To summarize, the Branch Churches must remain independently run.  The Mother Church cannot control the Branches.  If the Branches have no freedom, because ecclesiastical despotism rules over them, then the city foursquare becomes closed up, its walls become walls of limitation (government of ecclesiastical despotism by a close-minded Board of Directors – the moon of human intellectualism).  Today the Church in Boston is run more like the Roman Catholic Church than it is run as a Christian Science Church.  The Boards refuse to let its members (those in the Field) learn the system of Science.  Doorly’s teachings are taboo.  This has literally closed the door that the KEY of David opens up!
     Let us understand also that the KEY of David (David means “beloved”) has a hidden meaning.  The KEY of David is the spiritual understanding that Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ, that she is our Forever Leader.  This is the KEY presented to us throughout the three sections of “The Apocalypse.”  This means that we must follow her; follow her teachings, her system of Science.  We are not to follow a Board of Directors or bow down to them and be afraid to speak up against them (because we may fear the threat of excommunication)!  If every single member of the Church speaks up to the Board and demands that they obey the Church Manual estoppel clauses then they would have to do the Field’s bidding!  We must restore Principled-government to the CHURCH!  Once this happens then Principled-government will be restored to the United States of America.  We begin to restore Principle as head officer by demanding that Mary Baker Eddy be explained to the world as being the second coming of Christ!  Her place is no longer to be hidden, downplayed, or denied by Boston and the Field.   Nor are we to be ashamed of whom she really is.  We begin by demanding that Mary Baker Eddy be restored as Leader of The First Church and all Branches and Societies!  We begin by recognizing that Mary Baker Eddy fulfilled Bible prophecy, that she has her PLACE in the thrown of heaven, for she IS the Lamb of God that opens up the seven seals placed upon the Bible (Revelation 5).  We begin by being willing to Love Mary Baker Eddy, for she is God’s spiritual ideal.  We begin by understanding that Mary Baker Eddy never died and she is still working for the redemption of mankind.  Mary Baker Eddy is God’s “beloved” hence she is the KEY.  Once this KEY of the sun is accepted and utilized then the key system of Science, that gives all Christian Scientists dominion over the moon, is useable.  And this will open up the doorway (the Stargate) to heaven!

The Daughter of Zion
     Recently while marking a newer copy of Science and Health I was on the last two pages of “Glossary.”  I began to see how they fit together.  Here I work with the pyramid matrix structure.  The Daughter of Zion, is of course, Mary Baker Eddy.


Year.  A solar measurement of time; mortality; space for repentance.
     “One day is with the Lord as a thousand years.” (II Peter iii.8.)
    “One moment of divine consciousness, or the spiritual understanding of Life and Love, is a foretaste of eternity.  This exalted view, obtained and retained when the Science of being is understood, would bridge over with life discerned spiritually the interval of death, and man would be in the full consciousness of his immortality and eternal harmony, where sin, sickness, and death are unknown.  Time is a mortal thought, the divisor of which is the solar year.  Eternity is God’s measurement of Soul-filled years.”  (S&H 598:19-599:2; infuses added)

Zeal.  The reflected animation of Life, Truth, and Love [the three comings of Christ].” (S&H 599:4-5)

[Daughter of] Zion.  Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength.” (S&H 559:6-7)

Sentinel Cover B

The Two Sentinels
     On January 9, 2014 I dreamed about the woman again.  There was no doubt that she was the Holy (Whole) City of God.  The City is the Bride.  She said, “I am the wait.”  To paraphrase her, “I am the watchman.”  Watchman has to do with a maker of the wristwatch of time – the twelve hours of the city of our God (Christian Science), or the Stargate Matrix.  However, watchman also refers to “a state or attitude of watchfulness and expectancy.”  This type of watchman points to a Sentinel.  For sure the woman God-crowned was (pregnant) expecting the birth of her own spiritual ideal.
     The red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism (a midwife or medium that) stands between God and man.  The Bible tells us that the Christ is the only Medium there is, so the red dragon is the imposter of the impersonation of the spiritual idea.  The red dragon’s tail took one third of the woman’s twelve stars (of her crown) of heaven. (Rev. 4)  What does this mean?  It means that four of the woman’s stars fall down to mortal minded red dragon tricks (the use of and reliance upon material law, the misuse of the Letter of the Law – the Ark).  These four stars happen to be the four major stars of Mary Baker Eddy’s crown, for they are called the four Directors of the Board.[6]  Christian Scientists say that Revelation twelve’s manchild is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, for it is “to rule all nations with a rod of iron [divine Science]”.  Mary Baker Eddy writes (S&H 565:13):  “The impersonation of the spiritual idea had a brief history in the earthly life of our Master; but ‘of his kingdom there shall be no end,’ for Christ, God’s idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples — imperatively, absolutely, finally — with divine Science.  This immaculate idea, represented first by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman, will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love, melting and purifying even the gold of human character.  After the stars sang together and all was primeval harmony, the material lie [red dragon] made war upon the spiritual idea [the woman God-crowned and manchild]; but this only impelled the idea to rise to the zenith of demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and to be caught up unto God, — to be found in its divine Principle.”
     The red dragon was unable to kill the spiritual ideal for the manchild (the fullness of the Christ; or as we have been speaking about it, the wholeness of the Christ) is caught up to God’s throne (the throne spoken of in Revelation 4 and 5 during the first vision).
     Then the woman is given the wings of an eagle (the omni-active Mind Science) and flies into the wilderness where there is a place prepared for her by God.  This protection goes on for a period of necessity; she is protected for as long as she needs to be protected.

Wilderness. …  Spontaneity of thought and idea; the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence.” (S&H 597:16)

    After the woman is taken into the wilderness there is war in heaven between the angelic thoughts of Truth (Michael, who is Mary Baker Eddy) and the animal magnetic thoughts of the red dragon.  Truth casts out evil, error, from man; for when the real man listens to Truth he is no longer tempted by personal sense testimony.
     “And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation [Science and Health[7]], and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ:  for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.” (Rev. 12:10)  For the Revelation (Science) has been given to the world!
     Because Christian Scientists are willing to give up material interests, as Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy did, they express their freedom, power, and dominion over the lie that the dragon tried to put into operation.  Christian Scientists overcome the fear of death – there is no Life in matter.
     The red dragon comprehends that Truth has exposed its true nature as being evil so it turns its attention toward Mary Baker Eddy, for she, as Mother Hood, has brought forth the full understanding of the Christ (the wholeness of Christ).
     Remember that the woman God-crowned is given the all-activity of God’s power symbolized by the wings of an eagle.  The eagle is the fourth living creature that represents Science.  She is lifted up to a place of preparation and protection for as long as it is necessary.  Could this place be Mary Baker Eddy’s PLACE in Bible prophecy?
     The red dragon performs a trick of persecution.  It floods the world with false propaganda about Mary Baker Eddy.  Its intent is to drown her (kill her off).  It attempts to counterfeit the woman’s teachings with a false type of Science (via human intellectualism).  But even more devastating are the lies that come forth from the dragon’s mouth about Mary Baker Eddy herself.  For error knows that in order to destroy the Revelation one must first destroy the Revelator!
     But the earth helps the woman, for the earth opens up her mouth and swallows up the red dragon’s flood (which comes from the red dragon’s forked tongue).  Remember that the red dragon is the talking serpent in the Garden of Eden.  How does the earth help the woman?  It helps her when mankind understands the spiritual idea, understands who Mary Baker Eddy really is!  Mary Baker Eddy is God’s spiritual idea, God’s Lamb (spoken of in Rev. 5).
     The red dragon becomes full of resentment and has more tricks to perform.  It begins to persecute those who keep God’s commandments and demonstrate Jesus’ testimony (healings).  For the loyal Christian Scientists that really follow their Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and demonstrate her Science (do the works of Christ), become targets of malicious animal magnetism within the material organized church.  They are threatened with excommunication and lied about.  False propaganda goes out into the Field against this Teacher or that Practitioner, especially if they are “thinkers”.  The members of The Mother Church that refuse to bow down and worship a personal sense hierarchy may find that they are being persecuted by the red dragon; especially when these “thinkers” accept Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ.
     It is at this point that the twelfth chapter of Revelation ends.  The thirteenth continues on speaking about the red dragon and its two beasts (lust and hypocrisy).
     Error stands upon the shifting sands of the sea, ready to call up other evils out of hidden erroneous conditions if he could, though his position was very precarious, for sands are always so.  It is good to know that error never stands upon a firm foundation!  However, the angel of Revelation 10 has her feet upon the two beasts’ heads (she has dominion over them).  These two beasts are spoken of as being the sea and the earth.  “Did this same book [in the hand of the angel] contain the revelation of divine Science, the ‘right foot’ or dominant power of which was upon the sea, — upon elementary, latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms?  The angel’s left foot was upon the earth, that is, a secondary power was exercised upon visible error and audible sin.” (S&H 559:2-8)
     Verse one  of chapter 13 tells us that the names of blasphemy are upon the red dragon’s seven heads.  Edyth Armstrong Hoyt[8] says that “in Moses’ time this evil was called cursing and in Jesus’ day it was referred to as blasphemy, meaning malpractice.”  Now, malpractice is spoken of in medicine and legal matters.  Yet, malpractice is also spoken about in Christian Science.  What is the Christian Science meaning behind malpractice?  Malpractice is when a person is purposely, or ignorantly, thinking incorrectly about themselves or others.  One example would be in the terms of gossip.  One may say to their best friend, “Oh, did you see Harry?  He really looks ill today!”  Well, that is malpractice because you are speaking an erroneous lie about Harry.  Sure, according to personal sense testimony Harry may actually not look good, but it is an illusion and to speak about this illusion and to confirm it with speech (with word) or even within our conscious thought is malpractice, it is bearing false witness against thy neighbor.  This malpractice comes forth out of ignorance and may seem small and insignificant in comparison with willful malpractice (where one practices animal magnetism and actually is trying to hurt someone else) but it is still blasphemy.  Many people understand what the malicious type of malpractice is when the word Voodoo is used.  Dark magic could also be considered another form of malpractice.
     But the main idea behind the word malpractice is that it means that someone is breaking the law.  They are breaking God’s Law!  Like the Commandment I mentioned above, bearing false witness against thy neighbor.  If you accept mortal minded lies about someone that you know then you are bearing false witness against them and you are breaking the Commandment!  What would the world be like if more people understood this very fact?  It would be a whole lot better off!  More people would begin to understand the importance of following the Golden Rule, to “do [think] unto [about] others as you would have them do [think] unto [about] you!”  The day must come when we stop believing the lies that the five physical senses tell us.  We must watch our forked tongue!  We must stop gossiping about others and about our own selves.  And this is often not an easy thing to do, we must watch out for self-justification and hate, as these emotions are often behind the desire to malpractice on others.
     How do we do this?  By becoming spiritual Sentinels.  We must watch everything that comes into our conscious thought.  We must begin with Mind.  There is only the one Mind, there is no other Mind, there is no mortal mind, no human mind, no brain.  We have only one Mind, the one Mind that is the only creator.
     If Christian Scientists believe the lies that the red dragon puts forth about Mary Baker Eddy (which is usually done, but not always done, via the Christian Science Publishing Society) then these Christian Scientists are breaking God’s Law.  One of the false teachings the red dragon has put forth is that Mary Baker Eddy is just a little gray haired old lady who just got to the top of the mountain before any other human being, hence she was the one to be the Discoverer of Science (Revelation).  Anyone else could have done it!  And she is not to be honored in any way for her achievements because this would be deification of a mortal woman!  But this is false teaching about the woman.  Mary Baker Eddy was chosen by God.  The prophecy of the second coming of Christ being a woman was given to St. John during the Fifth Day of Life.  God already knew who was to be this woman God-crowned (even though John probably had no idea who she was).  The Field’s denial of Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ and the lack of spiritual Love for Mary Baker Eddy must come to an end.

[1] Revelation 12 is part of the fourth vision.  The fourth vision is the capstone vision, the main focal point of the seven visions in Revelation.  Hence, the woman God-crowned is of major importance!

[2] In the Bible Aaron’s Rod was made to bud and bloom.

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[4] He also is responsible for the Golden Candlestick Matrix.

[5] “Genesis” has three sections to it.

[6] Originally there were twelve First Members.  In Mary’s Church Manual these twelve First Members had stars next to their names.  Four of the members were not only First Members but they were also Board of Directors.

[7] “The phrase ‘science—of health’ is taken from the Wickliffe translation of 1384 a.d.  Wickliffe translates Luke 1:77 ‘he shall bring science of helthe to his puple,’ instead of “knowledge of salvation” as the King James renders the passage.” (From Studies In the Apocalypse of John of Patmos by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt; page 177.)

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