Is Jesus a Socialist?

by MJSmith

Today there are many people making the claim that Jesus practiced socialism (which always leads to communism).  Is this true?  I can answer this question with a firm “No, it is not true.”  And that is the purpose of this post, to explain the difference between Jesus’ teachings and socialism.

     I see the false claim that folks are making, that Jesus was a socialist, as coming forth from one source – the anti-Christ.  One example is that there is a new program on the History Channel called Bible Secrets Revealed.  This week’s episode (Dec. 4, 2013) was about Jesus.  It seemed clear to me that this episode was a subtle attempt to dethrone Jesus from his true status or at least to cast doubt into people’s thoughts that Jesus was not chosen by God.  It is made clear in the Bible that Jesus knew that it was most important that his followers understood his place in Bible prophecy.  He went through the prophecies with them in order to show them that he was the chosen one of God, that he was their Messiah (see Luke 24:13-51).  In this program they also made a comparison of Jesus to being like Robin Hood (a socialist?).  In this post I will touch on this program and some of the issues it presented, the biggest being that it implied is that Jesus is a socialist.
     Let us first understand what socialism is.  Socialism is a materialistic philosophy.  Socialism believes matter as reality and discounts Spirit altogether.  It believes in material government setting up all types of governmental programs in order to make people equal.  It believes that this equality is based upon money!  It robs from Peter to give to Paul (or it steals from the rich to give to the poor).  Well, this sounds like what Robin Hood did!  Sure it does, but let us remember what was really going on in the Robin Hood story.  During the time this story took place the English government was based upon monarchy government, it really had nothing to do with capitalism at all.  There was a false Prince taking money away from all the poor people.  This false type of Principled government had its sheriff (letter of the law) to help take the money from the poor people.  It was really theft even though it was called taxation (tributes).  So Robin Hood, who was not even a real person, was fighting against corrupt government.  He was not a socialist, he was a Tea Party man!  The Tea Party people today are against unfair taxation.  Now, let us go back to Jesus’ day and time.  Again, the Hebrews were being taxed unfairly by Rome and their own priests helped carry out the unfair taxation (read Bill O’Reiley’s The Killing of Jesus).  When Jesus is asked by his enemies, “Is it lawful to give tribute [taxes] unto Caesar?”  Jesus said, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” (Matt 22:21; see also Mark 12:17, and Luke 20:25)  This did not mean that Jesus was a socialist.  What did he mean when he said this?  He simply meant that money was a material thing and that it was to go to the material government.  But render unto God what is His, which has nothing to do with material compensation or money.  We are to recognize that God’s government (Principle) is what really is in control and governing all mankind.  It is God that is man’s true provider.  If this were not so then Jesus could not have had his disciple take a coin from the fish’s mouth (Matt 17:27).  This fish symbolized the Christ.  So Jesus was really demonstrating to his followers that it is the Christ Mind that is God.  And it is God (Spirit) that is the source of all supply.  Today the United States is also paying tribute to their States and the Federal Reserve (the I.R.S).  Many governmental programs may sound good, however, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They are communistic programs meant only for the redistribution of wealth – to rob from the rich and even the not so rich in order to give to the poor via taxation.  And unfortunately, because these programs are not monitored properly, this type of taxation leads to corruption being committed (in the material realm) by the recipients of these programs.  This, of course, is the material picture of it all and we need to pray to know that this type of error cannot take place.
     In Mark 6 Jesus sends out his twelve disciples two by two in order to minister unto the people, the sinners, the financially poor, the sick, the diseased, and the dead.  But what does he tell the six groups of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, and Truth?  In verse 8 he tells the twelve to go out to the people with the Christ method of healing, as he orders them to take their staffs (that which is based upon Truth).  He also orders them (and this is important) not to take any scrip, any bread, or any money in their purse.  In other words they were not to depend upon material food for substance or any type of money for their support or for those they were to help out.  (Bread is also a slang word for money, however, I do not think that Jesus meant this.)  This means that Jesus taught his followers that it was not money that was to help other people but it was the Word of God alone, it was the healing Christ that their staff represented.  They were instructed to rely totally upon spiritual demonstration when they went out to do the works of Christ healing.
      Socialism and communism, or the progressive liberal socialist programs of today, are the total opposite of what Jesus wanted from his followers.  To follow the Christ and to obey God demands that we demonstrate our own supply by depending on God (Spirit), by acknowledging God as our one and only source of supply.  This supply may be given to us in the form of money, food, clothing, a place to live (etc.) but it all is provided to us by God.  Today those who may believe themselves to be poor may demonstrate the same Principle that Jesus did when he instructed Peter to pull a coin from the fish’s mouth!  Jesus told us to follow in his footsteps and to do the same works that he did.  This penny from the fish was the demonstration that came forth from the mouth (the Word) of the fish (Christ Mind).  Jesus demonstrated that coin of supply.  What was it to be used for?  It was to be given for tribute (a tax) to the town of Capernaum (false sympathy held) for the children of Israel.  This tax was charged to Jesus and the disciples because they were strangers.  The Christ is always a stranger to the man buried in mortal mind, but the Christ asked the people to allow the children to come unto the Christ.



     I find this point interesting because many socialists use the words, “We must do this for the children!”  Yet, I do not get the feeling that they really mean it.  One example is the topic of abortion.  Well, why do we need abortion for at all?  It is because people are immoral and have free sex (only if you get pregnant sex winds up not being free but expensive).  Instead of teaching the children how to abstain from sex and why they should abstain from sex the government wants to hand out condoms or a morning after pill.  Instead of teaching the children that God does not want them to have children (as Jesus, Paul, and Mary Baker Eddy teach) they lie and teach them the physical science about the material bodies and provide help for the children who want to physically experiment with their physical bodies.  And I ask, “How is this really helping the children?”
     Socialists will also make comments about Jesus feeding the multitudes having to do with socialism.  Well, once more they could not be farther from the truth.  Jesus fed the multitudes more than once, he demonstrated God’s supply to all mankind.  Yes, it seemed like a miracle, but it was demonstration of supply.  It was Jesus’ demonstration of Spirit’s Principled government.  He understood that there was no limitation to the ideas (loaves [feminine Christ] and fishes [masculine Christ]) of God.  He understood that everything that consists of true reality and substance is spiritual not material.  All is based upon idea.  Idea is infinite, there is no limitation to a number 2 or a musical note.  These ideas are found everywhere, they are free to all mankind.  There is not one man on earth that can ever be kept from having the ideas of numbers, letters, or notes.  Mind is the cause of all ideas while Spirit unfolds these ideas and Soul gives these ideas their true identity.  Material organized government, however, wants you to be dependent upon it.  It wants you to believe that money is limited in the sense that only the rich seem to have it in their banks.  They want you to believe that you cannot survive without money and the need of money is far greater than the need for God!  It is not money that is the root of all evil, it is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil.   In the TV episode about Jesus they asked where he got his money from.  He did not have a material job.  It was hinted at that his ministry was funded by women.  This could be true, but does it really matter?  Knowing what we do of Jesus, should we think he needed money to buy himself dinner especially if he could feed the multitudes?  What need did Jesus have for money?  Not much, for he rendered unto God what was God’s.  He was not the one who pulled the coin from the mouth of the fish, he asked Peter to do this, but he made the demonstration before Peter found the penny inside the hooked fish.  It was Peter who needed the lesson.  No, Jesus did not need a material job, for his work was spiritual.  He fulfilled the God-crown mission appointed to him – that of God’s Fatherhood.
     Jesus asked the rich man to give up all that he had in order to follow him (Matt 18).  This again is used by socialistic minded folks to say Jesus was a socialist.  But Jesus did not want the man to give up his money and property just to give them to the poor people.  Jesus wanted the man to be willing to relinquish the material possessions that kept him from growing spiritually.  It was not a feeling sorry for the poor people that motivated Jesus to ask the man to give it up.  Jesus did not insist the man give up his wealth because he thought it was unfair for poor people to not have the same wealth as the man had.  Jesus asked too much of this materialistic minded man and he was unwilling to give up the material for the spiritual path.  He was content to remain in his darkened material existence.  Many people want to have God in their life so long as they do not have to leave the comforts of matter, specifically a material body!  It is not wrong to be comfortable, but we must understand who has provided this comfort for us.  If we believe we purchased material items from our own income that we worked hard to get then we are in the belief that we are our provider and supplier.  This type of belief leads us into material captivity.  We also find that we are living in fear that we shall loose such possessions because we do not understand where our true source of supply comes from.  But Jesus knew and demonstrated it.  Our source of supply can never be given to us by a corporeal type of government either.  Nor can we expect social programs like Social Security (which is a lie because there is no true security to it; it is going bankrupt), Obamacare, welfare, food stamps, etc., etc. to provide us with what we need.  Nor should we expect the government to BAIL us out of trouble.
     When I was working I needed a certain supply in order to fix certain things that we distributed.  I went to my supervisor and told him what I needed, he in turn asked his supervisor for this item.  I was told, “There’s not enough money in the budget for this item.  Sorry.”  I was upset.  How could they expect me to do my job when they would not help me out with what I needed?  But I realized that I had the wrong attitude.  I had to turn it around.  I had to understand that my employees were not the ones supplying me with the needs of the job.  I knew it was God who was the true source of supply.  After this the man who had said no came in with a little bit of the item I needed that he had found somewhere.  I continued to know the truth about the situation.  Just as I was about out of what had been provided for me new supplies came in and the need was completely filled.  From that point on I knew that God was in control, not a budget or people I worked with.  I never had any more problems after that.  After I became s student supervisor, in charge of hiring, I made several demonstrations of need.  One day a worker came in and told me that he had to quit, no choice.  I told him, “It’s okay, I’ll miss you, but it will be fine.  God will take care of it.”  That very same afternoon I had his position filled, without any effort on my part, and the person I hired not only was able to fill his work schedule but she was able to fill in other empty hours I had on the schedule.  He came back in after I had hired the girl.  He apologized for placing me in the predicament.  I told him I had already hired someone to replace him.  He thought I was making it up!
     It is of interest that in Matthew chapter 16 Jesus encounters the materialist, who is unwilling to change, then in the next chapter Jesus meets up with a man who is spiritually motivated.  Zacchaeus tells Jesus, “half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold.”  Jesus then tells him, “This day is salvation come to this house [consciousness].”  You see, the man did not have to give ALL of his goods to the poor.  But his mental attitude was different from the rich man spoken about in the previous chapter.  Zacchaeus was also willing to give back to those that he had negatively spoken about.
     These accounts can also be related to those students that Mary Baker Eddy asked to come and work in her home.  Those who refused to come and work with her lost out.  They lost the spiritual training (her divinity course) that she would have provided for them, a special type of class instruction.  The students who were willing to sacrifice and work at her home received blessings beyond measure.  Mary Baker Eddy did not force any of her students to join her at her home, but she did feel bad for the ones who refused to serve, because she knew what they were missing out on.
     The television program said that, according to found gnostic scrolls, that Jesus was a man.  Yes, Jesus was a man.  If Jesus had not been a man the people could never have sensed him with their material senses.  Jesus had to come in the form he came in, but this does not mean that Jesus did not fulfill Bible prophecy as the first coming of Christ.  I understand how his mother could have been a virgin and conceived Jesus.  If God is behind it anything is possible.  Was Mary really a virgin or was it a mistranslation of the Hebrew word (from the Old Testament prophecy)?  I cannot say.  Personally, it does not matter to me one bit.  Who cares if Mary’s body was a pure vessel so long as her mental attitude was pure?  It is always the mental that is of importance, not the material.  But if Jesus did have a material father then he was capable of achieving even more than most think that he accomplished because he had to overcome both parental beliefs of physical heredity and material history.  Yet, I still do accept that Jesus was of Mary’s spiritual conception.  And I have never accepted that Jesus was (or is) God!  Jesus is not God nor is God Jesus.  It was not until the Roman Catholic Counsel highjacked Christianity that Jesus was referred to as God.  God’s and Jesus’ oneness is based upon quality not quantity.  Just as Principle and its idea is one.
     Why did Jesus get angry with the money changers?  Was it because he was a socialist?  No, it was because the Temple was being defiled by the Church leaders and the business men of his day.  According to Bill O’Reiley and his co-author the local citizens were upset about these money changers being in the Temple too.  The people were probably afraid to do anything about the money changers.  Jesus was not against people making money, but he was against where they were making it at – the House of God.  These black horsemen did not care if they cheated the people either.  Mary Baker Eddy’s followers were the ones that insisted on having a material church structure to hold services in.  Mary Baker Eddy was more than happy to have them continue the spiritual church without any place for services.  But they insisted.  It is interesting that in order to make money the students and pupils fell back upon the ways of Roman Catholicism.  Mary Baker Eddy warned them not to have a fair to make money.  But they insisted on doing so.  The man who was in charge of the money, however, absconded with the funds.  This meant that they had to start over and raise more money.  They had learned their lesson, the next time they would need to demonstrate the funds, not hold fairs.
     In Matthew 25:18 the Bible reads that Jesus speaks about a Lord that gives talents to his servants.  None of them are given the same amount of talents.  One man is given only one talent.  He decides to bury it. This is not what he is supposed to do with the talent.  He was supposed to have invested it.  In fact, the man’s one talent is taken away from him and given to the man who had been given ten talents.  This tells us that God is not happy if we just sit idly by and do nothing to grow spiritually.  If we do nothing with what we have been given then we shall loose that which was given to us.  We cannot expect to leach off of other people either, it is wrong, and I do not think people who act this way are ever even happy nor pleased with themselves.
     Let us get down to the bottom line.  Jesus was not a socialist he was a Christian Scientist.  He was able to heal the material picture of it all because he understood that the material picture was an illusion.  If Jesus had believed in the reality of the corporeal surroundings he would not have been able to have healed anyone or any body.  It was his spiritual understanding that enabled him to perform the so-called “miracles.”  These were his works, the same works he told all of us followers that we are capable of doing.  I do not know of any liberal socialist progressives alive today who do not believe in the reality of matter.  Most Christians (Catholics and Protestants) believe matter to be real.  If those who work at The First Church of Christ Scientist are liberal socialist progressives then they do not follow Christian Science and they need to change their ways.  They cannot join up with a National Council and be Christian Scientists, no matter how they spin it to the Field.  And that is just FACT.
     In a way Bill O’Reiley is right, there is a war on Christmas.  But this war on Christmas only exists because there is a war on Christianity.  Atheists may not like any religion that has to do with God, but their main focus seems to be that they are against Christianity (this is the anti-Christ).  Shows like the one I have been speaking about are ways of misleading people about Christianity and Jesus Christ.  Even the alien astronaut theorists are against Christianity because they are trying to explain it away into nothingness.  They explain that the Ark of the Covenant was alien technology!  Ridiculous.  I do not believe in organized religion of any kind.  I understand why there seemed to be a need for it.  But Church heads (leaders) seem to swell once the true Founder is no longer around.  They are assured, by material ego, that they know what is best for the rest of humanity.  This then is reflected by the governments.  The men (and the majority of them are men) believe that they can take away any amount of money they care to from the public and get by with it!  They believe that they can continue to borrow money from other nations and never have to pay it back!  They believe that they can keep giving out money to those who seem to be down on their luck and not have to worry about the consequences!  When will mankind wake up and realize that the old material methods do not work and that they need to follow Christian Science?  Today the name – Mary Baker Eddy – is hardly ever mentioned.  For sure most people do not even know who she is or what Christian Science is.  Even some who have been raised in Christian Science fail to understand it and see it as a false theology, or they believe Mary Baker Eddy to be a liar and an evil woman!  These limited thinking folk do not even understand the matrix structure of the Textbook or the Bible and even worse, they are afraid to listen to those who do understand.  They are afraid because they believe in a false type of Christianity.  They do not want to loose the comfort of material organization or loose the false harmony given to them by Christian scholastic theology and ecclesiastic despotism.  They are afraid to stand upon their own two feet and depend upon God alone.  They are afraid to recognize God’s two witnesses – Christ Jesus and Christ Mary Baker Eddy.  Until they do there will never be Christian Unity, or united mankind.

Christian Unity

Christian Unity

The following is from Helen Wright’s book Your Divinity Revealed, pages 276 – 278, from chapter V on SPIRIT:


     “Now let’s consider supply.  We have supply as an idea characterizing Spirit, but we will also have supply as an idea characterizing Life.  What is our method in a case where an idea characterizes two or more synonymous terms?  One student working on supply might work with Spirit, but another student also working on supply might work with the synonymy Life.
     “What is the difference?
     “Spirit is the substance of supply, and Life is the supply itself.  The term ‘supply’ has many implications.  Supply always means something; therefore it is always some reality, some substance; but this substance, in order to be supply, must be at the point of meeting a need, or it isn’t supply.  When building a house we want stones and not bread.  Substance must be adapted to the need, or it isn’t supply.
     “Thus we have two great points to consider in supply.
     “In Spirit we first have to see that all the substance is at hand because Spirit is infinite.  It is brought forth through the ideas of Mind as the substance of Spirit which is infinitely available; so there is no lack of supply because there is no lack of substance.  Second we must see, in Spirit, that to get the right supply, Spirit will order everything in your life to bring about that which you need.

Understanding ideas is Supply
     “What we need is not something material.  We need ideas, ideas that can be understood.  Understanding ideas is supply.  Spirit will diversify, classify, individualize to the point of understanding, because understanding is the channel of supply.  Spirit, not matter, is the source of supply.  Supply can only consist of spiritual realities since Spirit is the only substance; and ideas, therefore, constitute our supply.  They are the source of our supply.
     “We have supply in Spirit through that wonderful sense of birth.  Birth means something new is coming forth—that which I wasn’t aware of is coming to the fore.  Spirit shows us that out of nothing something comes forth.  We know the law and the order of how to bring forth that which, to our hypnotic sense, wasn’t there before.
     “As the insurance man said to the naked Adam and Eve, ‘How do we cover ourselves with reality?’
     “By going back to Mind and seeing that Mind always has an idea.  Mind has an infinite idea, and knows that it knows its idea.  Then as I see that this Mind is the only Mind that knows—and there is no other Mind, there is no Mind that doesn’t know—I am beginning to separate [a function of Spirit].  I am building up the firmament, and I am beginning to reject the fallacy that I don’t know; I am beginning to reject the illusion that the ideas are not at hand.”
     So, if we understand that true birth is of Spirit and not matter (via sexual intercourse) then we must take another look at the first chapter of Genesis where Scripture tells man to:  “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.” (From verse 28.)  Recently I viewed another episode on the same Bible show for the History Channel.  The topic was sex and most of the program was completely wrong!  The only thing they really got correct was the fact that Jesus, Paul, and early Christians abstained from getting married and having sex and children.  However, the unillumined producers, and those interviewed (or giving their dogma on the topic), fail to understand that marriage and child bearing is not God’s true way!  They instead believe that man is suppose to have sex and children because of Genesis 1:28!  But the birth that is spoken of in this verse is that of Spiritual birth as spoken about in Helen’s book.  So let us go back to an earlier section in the same chapter on Spirit to the topic of birth (pages 254-256).

     “Mrs. [Mary Baker] Eddy says that ideas are born of Spirit.  It is not enough to recognize that Mind creates all as ideas.  It is necessary to go on and see what gives these ideas birth.  We read, ‘The life-giving quality of Mind is Spirit,’ (S&H 517:7).  It is Spirit that brings forth.
     “Again, can we see the leading from Mind to Spirit?  It can be shown in a word like conceives.  Mind conceives of an idea.  [Ideas (man) is what is conceived by Mind in Genesis 1:26, 27.]  That is, Mind conceives, Mind creates, produces, causes, originates.  When we say Mind conceives, it means that mind is inventive, fertile, pregnant with ideas; Mind is about to produce; Mind creates an idea, sees an idea.  But this same term can be characteristic of Spirit, too.  Spirit conceives an idea, Spirit takes it in, accepts it, meaning we take it in—after we have conceived of an idea in Mind, we conceive it in Spirit—and let it be brought forth.  When we accept the idea it can be brought forth.  This is Spirit—the birth of Spirit.  We must take what Mind, our true Mind, creates, and we must take it in as the only.  As we worship what Mind creates, and focus our attention on it with adoration, the idea is given birth.
     “It is Spirit that brings forth.  Spirit is the life-giving quality.  In Mind we plant the seed.  The seed must be planted before it can be brought forth.  The unfolding, developing process is Spirit.
     “Mrs. [Mary Baker] Eddy speaks a lot about the newness of life, the renewal of life, in connection with Spirit.  She speaks of spiritual conception, the new-born of Spirit.  Why do we have so much of this ‘new’ in connection with Spirit?  Spirit is the unfolding channel; it is the channel used in the journey from Mind to Soul, where, in Soul, we get the definite identity, ‘with joy unspeakable,’ as Peter said.

The Fundamental Order
     “Mind first has to conceive of the idea.  Spirit then conceives it, unfolds and develops it, and causes it to come to birth; then it takes form and identity in Soul.  This is the fundamental order.  Spirit draws the line between what is real and what is illusion.  Not until it reaches the third stage of Soul does an idea attain identity and definiteness.

How Spirit Gives Birth
     “Spirit gives birth.  It’s no use to always plant seeds, if those seeds aren’t given the warm adoration, worship, and mothering of Spirit.  In the material, the seed needs rain, soil, and sun before it will come to birth, develop, and grow.  In the spiritual the seeds of Mind need devotion and dedication or they don’t come to birth and develop.  If we focus with loving attention on the ideas of Mind we have unfoldment and progression.
     “The fruit of Spirit is the result of this ability of Spirit to unfold the ideas of Mind.  This ability of Spirit, meaning our pure motives, our worship and warmth, bears the fruit of Spirit.  Spirit is the development of the idea so that it becomes substance, becomes substantial to our thought by constantly developing itself into higher understanding.
     “Most students stay with Mind in their study.  They don’t go on to Spirit, so they don’t give birth to spiritual substance, spiritual fruit, and spiritual offspring.  We must see that though we start with Mind, though we read, investigate, and study, the whole thing is stale, unfruitful, and has no substance or offspring of Spirit until we know something about the birth of Spirit.  Without a good sense of scientific obstetrics nothing evolves.
     “Spirit, that is, our attitude as Spirit, ponders and loves the ideas of Mind, cultures the ideas of Mind, worships, and stands in awe before the ideas of Mind.  Without this inner spiritual adoration, the ideas aren’t nurtured and consequently don’t take root and grow within us.  Spiritual sense will form itself through the birth of Spirit.  It forms itself through the sense which gives its whole love to the idea.
     “If we love the idea we will give our time, our resources, our energy and best efforts to its assimilation and its progress.”