Judge Hanna’s Christ and Christmas – Part 6

by MJSmith


We are now ready to take our fifth step up on the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth to its apex capstone.  This illustration is different from the rest of the illustrations because it fills the tone of Truth on the Side of Life and the Side of Light.  I feel that the first illustration drawn for the earlier edition may have had an old woman in the bed.  It could be an old man, but I am not sure about it.  I know for sure, after reading Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy by James F. Gilman, that the person in the bed of the first illustration was meant to be a man.  There is no doubt that the later edition is of an old man because he has a beard.  Was the man changed because having a beard meant that he was more seriously ill?  There certainly is more medicine on the table in the later illustration.  Also, the first illustration has a dark mantle on Mary Baker Eddy (as Jesus is depicted having), while in the later illustrations her mantle is white.  On the Side of Life her mantle is black, while on the Side of Light her mantle is white.  I think this is due to the fact that the dark mantle is symbolic of material organization which is bound to the Letter of the Law because man is BELIEVED to be a sinner.  It is this false teaching of scholastic theology that Mary Baker Eddy must heal – the belief  that man has fallen and cannot get up – cannot get to  heaven.  The white mantle, on the other side, symbolizes the spiritual system of Scientific understanding which demonstrates the Spirit of the Law resulting in Christian Science Healing.

     The following illustrations correlate with the window at the head of Mother’s Room, what I have titled ‘Tis the Same Hand That Writes the Page.  This window resembles “Seeking and Finding” but it is somewhat different and this is why I do not refer to it as “Seeking and Finding.”  The first illustration for “Christian Science Healing” shows us who the Star of Boston is – that of Mary Baker Eddy.  For she is the second witness seen in “Christmas Morn,” the illustration that correlates with the “Star of Bethlehem/Boston” in Mother’s Room.  The second illustration for “Christian Science Healing” is next to the seventh illustration that shows us Mary Baker Eddy’s successor – Martha – as the Third Advent of Christ.  For she is the girl seen in the seventh illustration “Suffer the Children…” and the girl seen in the window “Suffer the Children…”[1] the stained glass window on the Side of Light in Mother’s Room (to the right of ‘Tis the Same Hand that Writes the Page.  (Remember, all my additions to the Hanna manuscript are in bold letters.)

THE SIDE OF LIFE – THE TONE OF TRUTH (or Truth as Life) with

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING – Illustration 6 – For the Ark of Truth with its Letter of the Law

C&C-C.S. Heal (A)

Christ was not crucified – that doom
          Was Jesus’ part;
For Sharon’s rose must bud and bloom
          In human heart.*

*”God was manifest in the flesh.” St. Paul

If Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin [hence the need for the Letter of the Law]; but the Spirit [God-likeness manifesting the Spirit of the Law] is life because of righteousness.  St. Paul.

THE SIDE OF LIGHT – THE TONE OF TRUTH  (or Truth as Love) with

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING – Illustration 6 – For the Arch of Truth with its Spirit of the Law

C. S. Healing

Forever present, bounteous, free,
          Christ comes in gloom;
And aye, with grace towards you and me,
          For health makes room.

But such as I have given thee [I give thee the Spirit of the Law]:  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.  St. Peter.

     “The healing Christ named Christian Science could never be crucified; nothing can hinder it except a blurred vision of your Leader.  The doom of the crucifixion was the cup the Two-Witnesses had to drink.  It was the world’s hatred of the Science.
     “Sharon’s rose, the Church of Christ, is built upon healing and it must bud and bloom in human heart.  The Second Witness has revealed this; it needs only to be practiced.  It is the Word made flesh, or God manifest in the flesh.  This picture shows us that to separate the Revelator from the Revelation and still maintain Christian Science healing is an impossibility.  They cannot be separated.  Our Church is build upon a recognition of her and of her revelation.  It is based upon Christian Science healing.”[2]
            I had forgotten that this was written about Sharon’s rose.  I am not saying that the author is incorrect, but I have come to think of Sharon’s rose as something different in regards to the poem Christ and Christmas.  To me Sharon’s rose is the circular layout structure for the eleven illustrations.  They correlate with the twelve keystone windows in Window of the Open Book.  Sharon’s rose’s twelfth rose petal does not have an actual drawing for it from the poem.  Some years ago I received slides of someone’s work on the Unity Matrix for Christ and Christmas.  The twelfth petal had seven flowers in it and each flower had seven petals on it.  To me this matched up perfectly with the Big Dipper Keystone Window in Window of the Open Book (a Rose Window) and gave us the key as to where to begin on the wheel (or the rose).  It just clicked with me, and it is after this that I happened to think of the Unity Matrix for Christ and Christmas as Sharon’s Rose.  (By the way, Mary Baker Eddy mentions Sharon’s rose only in this poem.  It is not mentioned in any of her other writings.)  In the photo below the beginning point is The Star of Boston.  The flower is not quite aligned as it should be in this photograph.  Let me just say that The Star of Boston correlates with the Open Bible Keystone in Window of the Open Book.

Part of Sharon's Rose

Part of Sharon’s Rose

Window of the Open Book (on the southern wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist)

Window of the Open Book (on the southern wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist)

     “This Cause depends upon healing, healing and wisdom.  If these are not added, the salt will lose his savor and this Cause drop down into darkness of oblivion of centuries.” (quote from Mary Baker Eddy)
     “The true Science – divine Science – will be lost sight of again unless we arouse ourselves.  This demonstrating to make matter build up is not Science.  The building up of churches, the writing of articles and the speaking in public is the old way of building up a cause.  The way I brought this Cause into sight was through HEALING:  and now these other things would come in and hide it just as was done in the time of Jesus.  Now this Cause must be saved and I pray God to be spared for this work.” (quote from Mary Baker Eddy)  The building up of Church via material organization is based upon the Letter of the Law.  It lacks the Spirit of the Law (HEALING).
     “On one occasion, Mrs. Eddy said to a member of her household that the way to establish the Cause through reason is through writing and preaching, teaching and lecturing.  This is temporal.  But the way to establish the Cause through revelation is by healing, and this is permanent.” (Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy; by Irving Tomlinson, p. 131)  Notice that all three quotes use the word Cause – NOT MOVEMENT!!!  Church goers so love the word Movement.
     “When the New York Scientists presented Mrs. Eddy with two hundred dollars worth of flowers, she looked at the latter sadly, and afterward, with tears in her eyes said, ‘But they are not doing the work as I want it.  “If ye love me keep my commandments.”’”[3]
     “The truth in regard to your Leader heals the sick and saves the sinner.” (From a letter written by Mary Baker Eddy.)  Our Leader is the focal point, the apex, of this illustration; without her there is no Christian Science healing.  We must include her in every portion of our healing work.  If we use the same Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth for the Boston Edifice we find that Mother’s Room is located in the same position as this particular illustration.  We must understand this very point and we must begin to understand that the windows in The First Church Edifice are meant to bring remembrance of her to us.  We must stop saying that the woman at the head of Mother’s Room is not Mary Baker Eddy when it is.  It is ecclesiastical despotism that would have us believe that the window is not telling us of Mary Baker Eddy.
     She tells us that the enemy attempts to sever her from her revelation more than they attempt anything else.  Is not one method of doing this to make us believe that the Edifice is not speaking about her?  “All claims of malicious animal magnetism are handled when resistance to her place in Bible prophecy is handled.  The tender love that she expressed in her healing work must be emulated, and extended throughout all of our healing work too.  If we handle the world’s hatred of her, that love will come forth abundantly in our healing work.”[4]
     The Christ, Truth is omnipresent, it is bountiful and free, it comes in man’s extremity for all mankind and that includes Mary Baker Eddy.  “The mental purity of the Christ, which is the only real health, makes room in thought for Christian Science healing.  If the Christ, Truth, is in you, the body has no more power because sin is removed, and there is room for this scientific, healing Christ.”[5]  You live and move and have your being in God’s perfection because you are the Christ, God’s ideal.
     Mary Baker Eddy is the only one that gave the world the Science of Christian healing; it is a most precious gift.  In her poem she is telling us all to rise up and walk in this Christ-likeness because it is your divine right.
     “The two portions of the poem represent the material giving way to the spiritual, the human becoming imbued with the divine.  The Christmas not crucified as is shown clearly in this picture.  The healing Christ is the proof of its eternality and vitality.  God’s Church has budded and blossomed in one individual, ‘manifest in the flesh,’ as Mary Baker Eddy; and a recognition of her place will continue this Church built upon [the Christ Rock of] healing.”[6]
            ”Though the way is dark in mortal sense, divine Life [as seen in “Christmas Eve”] and Love [as seen in “Suffer the Children…”] illumine it, destroy the unrest of mortal thought, the fear of death, and the supposed reality of error.  Christian Science, contradicting sense, maketh the valley to bud and blossom as the rose [of Sharon].” (S&H 596:23)  This quote is from the last section of Mary Baker Eddy’s definition for valley.  The negative words used to define valley are:  “depression; meekness; darkness.”  On line 21 she uses Psalm 23:4 to help explain this valley, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.”  Why is this?  Because, as she writes previously on page 573:11 – “for [love] is with me; [love’s] rod and [love’s] staff they comfort me.”  This love (all in small caps in S&H, but this writing program does not allow small caps) is the spiritual translation for the Lord God Jehovah (a tribal god).
     The Morning Star is depicted in both illustrations for “Christian Science Healing.”  It is the healing, proving, loving Light.
     Mary Baker Eddy’s face is looking for Mother [God]’s presence.  She does not see herself as the healer; she knows that it is Christian Science, the Word of God that does the healing.  Mary’s right (for her manhood) hand is pointing to the Christ Light, like Jesus’ left (for his womanhood) hand does in “Christ Healing.”  Her left (for her womanhood) hand is reaching toward, but not physically touching, the patient, unlike how Jesus’ hand and Mary’s hand intersect in “Christ Healing.”  “One is the acceptance of the Christ as healer, the other a scientific active power at work vitally reforming human consciousness.  There is enough light so that no human touch is needed.”[7]  There could be another explanation for this.  When Mary Baker Eddy received her “Christ Healing” she was under the Old Theological belief that Jesus needed to touch people in order to heal them, not unlike how her mesmerist friend Dr. Quimby used touch to manipulate his patients in order to heal them.  But after dealing with animal magnetism and unmasking it she came to understand that true Christ healing did not come from physical touch but that it was completely and totally a mental process.  Healing took place in the mental realm of Science, it never took place in the physical realm of medicine and mesmerism.
     The author of the manuscript tells us that this illustration – “exemplified by Mary Baker Eddy – is raising manhood above itself into purer desires, away from all that the bed means.”[8]  I take his use of man here to be generic man where gender is not relevant.
     In back of Mary Baker Eddy is a praying woman.  “Womanhood has already been touched and is in an attitude of prayer.  Manhood is the necessary ingredient to be a firm watcher.  Prayer, womanhood, is not enough.  Womanhood must lift up and include manhood.”[9]  Yet, what if the praying woman represents something else in symbol form?  Mary Baker Eddy was known for saying, “I must get Mary out of the way.”  What she meant is that she had to get her persona, mortal ego, out of the way (out of the room) before healing others took place.  Could the woman who is praying happen to be Mary Baker Eddy’s symbolic representation of personal sense ego?
     “Prayer must include watching.  Notice that both patient and practitioner are working properly.  The patient is receptive and is not like the patient in ‘Treating the Sick,’ who will not move from his error.”[10]  In this illustration the mental work is effective and the patient is being reached.  In “Treating the Sick” the practitioner’s arm is not extended, there is no expectation of healing.
     James F. Gillman wrote in his book (Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy), “During the week past since then I have been making the picture of the illustration ‘Christian Science Healing,’ and in particular of Mrs. Eddy, as the type of the woman engaged in this picture as healing the sick man.  When we were considering the details of the design of the illustration of ‘Christian Science Healing,’ the question of what was the most spiritually appropriate disposition of the hands and arms, was up for final decision.  I reasoned that an attitude of peaceful composure and calmness born of perfect faith in omnipotent Spirit, even perfect understanding of God, should be considered as the most appropriate.  I argued that the likeness of the infinite would realize the perfect reality of all things, hence would have no agitation of mind as to the outcome of the healing thought or divine Mind, and therefore perfect repose and calm in the attitude of the healer should predominate.  Mrs. Eddy’s reply to this I can never forget.  She said, ‘Yes, but Love yearns.’  From this I was led to see that my reasoning was largely the loveless, cold, human, intellectual reasoning that cannot at all see spiritual things in reality, but only the dead literal form of its own vain mortal imaginings.  Mrs. Eddy then took an attitude to express her spiritual concept to some extent to me of what the spiritual posture of one spiritually would be who was reflecting the divine healing capacity, in the act of raising from a sick bed one who was being held in the bondage of belief of the reality of evil or error.  First, she looked upward with a meekly confident, yearning, far-away (from material sense) look, and at the same time with her right arm and hand raised with the index finger in a childlike way pointing upward – heavenward.  The other arm and hand was stretched out in a downward direction as if toward suffering humanity, appealing and yet joyously all in spiritual purity and adoration.”  There is no comment on the differing facial expressions of Mary Baker Eddy from the first and second illustrations.  But they are slightly different.  To be honest I prefer the second one.  Perhaps Gillman was able to pull it off better the second time around?

     The following is a letter that Mary Baker Eddy wrote to Mr. Gillman in regards to the second “Christian Science Healing.”  It is dated April 30, 1897 (on page 91 of Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy):

Mr. Gilman,

My dear friend:
     Do you know what you have done for yourself, for mankind, for our Cause?  No, you do not, perhaps, but I will tell you.  You illustrated and interpreted my life on the plate that you sent me.”

     “I am the unresisting channel through which Love shines with its full healing force.” (A quote from a statement made by Mary Baker Eddy.)
     She also told Gillman, “Now carry out these designs with all the skill of an artist and my story is told in Christian Science, the new story of Christ, and the world will feel its renovating influence.”
     The author of this manuscript seems to be unaware of any differing illustrations as he only speaks about the later illustrations (of the 1897 period).  The second illustration has the bearded old man in it.  He “symbolizes tired manhood getting ready to give up its false pleasures and pains.”[11]  The medicine is behind him (he is leaving it behind), he no longer relies upon material medicine to temporarily salve his wounds.  Would it not be nice if the whole of mankind would be willing to do this today?  Think about it, we would no longer need any type of Medicare, Medicade, or Obamacare programs.  We would not need medical insurance of any kind.  To really “trust in God” is to have no need for materia medica at all.  How many Christians are willing to give up their medical salves (false salvations)?  “Medicine cannot enter the healing work, and you are not a good practitioner if you advise its use, nor a good patient if you use it.  You exclude yourself from Christian Science healing if you use it.  Notice that his hand is not touching hers, and that is the nature of impersonal Christian Science healing.”[12]  I disagree with the sentence “You exclude yourself from Christian Science healing if you use it.”  It may be true that you could hinder your progress or put off a healing, but you cannot exclude yourself from being healed.  I will tell you why.  And this is important for Christian Scientists of today to understand and accept.  When Mary Baker Glover began healing people she often healed those who were depending on material medicine for aid.  She did not go into their home and tell them, “Oh, you are taking medicine and you have a doctor, I’m so sorry, but I cannot help you.”  She went into their home and prayed for them, they would recover, and that is the Way of Christian Science.  It is ecclesiastical despotism that has practitioners telling patients, “I cannot take your case because you are using medicine.”  Practitioners should not sit in judgment if their patients take vitamins, or drink tea and coffee, or smoke cigarettes.  Would this same practitioner demand their patient stop eating because they get nutritional value out of food like the vitamins provide?  Yes, after the person commits to Christian Science then they should give up any dependence upon materia medica for better faster healing.  Mary Baker Eddy allowed surgery for those not yet ready to demonstrate Christian Science surgery, but she made it clear at the same time that Christian Science is the best surgeon.  She also said that if a Christian Scientist was not able to pray because they were suffering pain that a pain killer could be given, then the Scientist could take up their own mental treatment.  Christian Science practitioners should not be so hardhearted toward other Christian Scientists or their patients, they should not be so quick to judge.
     Frank Gillman writes (from Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy), “When she was looking at some of the sketched designs [for the first illustration], she laughingly said upon looking at the sketch of the face of the sick man who she was represented as healing, ‘There!  That man looks just as if he was determined I should not heal him.’”  “The old man, tired humanity, cannot resist the loving presence of the healing Christ.
     “Our dear leader has already lifted womanhood out of its chair, out of worry for a loved one, into active prayer.”[13]  Womanhood stands within the light, but manhood is on the fringe of the light, it is similar to the man in “Christ Healing.”  However, this illustration is far more active.  “The entrance for Truth is wide in this picture, and it symbolizes an actual statement of the thinking of the world – the time has come.”[14]  This is interesting.  It is as if the objecting male attitude found in “Christ Healing” is now found in the sick bed of “Christian Science Healing.”
     Mary Baker Eddy’s ear is uncovered for she is listening for divine direction from the divine calculus.  She not only listens for the still small voice but she is listening for humanity’s call for help.
     Because this illustration is the capstone of the poem it is of most importance to recognize our Leader’s importance.  We must see her place for only in this recognition can Sharon’s rose bud and bloom – the valley of death has no hold over us – it is really the green valley full of Life with the two witnesses and full of Love with Martha.
     In the first illustration of “Christian Science Healing” Mary’s robe is dark (of the First Degree), for her place is hidden in the heavens (in cradled obscurity) even though the Star of Bethlehem (for Christ Jesus) and Boston (for Christ Mary Baker Eddy) are one and the same Christ Prophet Star – the Morning Star.  On the side of mortal life (material organization), even though she is one with her humanity and divine nature, the Christ mantle of succession is heavy because her followers have not awakened to the fact that they do not need a physical church to congregate at.  With this type of materialistic thought a Church Manual becomes a prison of laws.  Yet, on the Side of Light, with the second illustration of “Christian Science Healing” her mantle robe of successor-ship is white with the spiritual understanding of the Third Degree.  In between her robe and her gown is a gray tone.  This gray (the Second Degree) and the white (the Third Degree) represent Mary Baker Eddy’s human (life) and divine (light) coincidence.  On the Side of Light her mantle is actually light (not heavy) because this side represents the Spirit of the Law.  When Christian Scientists accept Mary Baker Eddy’s human and divine coincidence they no longer feel that the Church Manual estoppel clauses and By-Laws are restrictive or binding or keep them from spiritually progressing and following in their Leader’s spiritual Footsteps of Truth.  “The white robe that she wears is typical of the Christ robe, or Christ consciousness, without seam or rent.  Note how it trails under the bedding to the floor.  The white line near the foot of the bed is the continuation of her robe and symbolizes her thought reaching the foundation of sickness and destroying sin.  She is destroying animal magnetism and not the symptom.  She is bruising the serpent’s head.  Malicious animal magnetism in its many phases is being handled by Mary Baker Eddy.  As Christian Scientists, we realize that Mary Baker Eddy handled every form of sin thrust upon her.”[15]  The manuscript continues with there being a darkness between the white robe and her body, a symbol of “the world’s problems and sins that she has taken in to heal, but which are not weighing her down as a dark robe would represent [like the robe-mantle seen on the Side of Life].”[16]
     There is the Christ Light (or Christ Mind) halo around Mary Baker Eddy’s head depicting that she is God’s anointed one.  “This would certainly indicate to us that The Mother Church and its branches will only grow by acknowledging her place, which naturally brings healing and naturally destroys the claims of malicious animal magnetism according to the law of divine Science.”[17]

[The Banner for the fall of 2013 Andrew Hartsook reports the latest Church closings.  “A comparison of the June and September 2013 issues of The Christian Science Journal reveals that the following five churches have closed:  Hollywood, Florida; Live Oak, Florida; Hyde Park (Soc.) Chicago, Illinois; Lake Jackson, Texas; and Bennington, Vermont.

     “At the same time, Third Church, Boston, Massachusetts, reappeared with a new address after a two month absence from the church directory.   Since the count began in February 1987, 910 churches have closed and 79 have opened.”
     If the Field and members of The First Church and the branches were recognizing Mary Baker Eddy as their Forever Leader and as the second coming of Christ there would not have been so many church closings.  Andrew Hartsook is the only Christian Scientist I know of who is keeping track of such things.]

     The rug in the illustration takes us back to the black and white tiles from “Truth versus Error.”  However, here it symbolizes the dissolving of the claims of Romanism.  Thus error’s foundation is being destroyed (dissolved) through the light of Truth.  Mary Baker Eddy said, “The Babylonish woman in the Apocalypse has thrown wormwood into the waters to turn trusting thoughts to hatred against me, the idea; handle this and you will find your patients healed.”  She also said, “Christian Scientists must work daily to annul the prayers of the unrighteous, those who unrighteously pray that Christian Science prayers cannot heal the sick.”  What are the waters that the wormwood has been tainted with?  The waters are Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual teachings.  Are they her teachings about Christian Science itself?  No, they are her teachings that tell us about who she really is.  Mary Baker Eddy understood all to well what the Roman Catholic Church was up to in regards to Christian Science, they understood if they tainted Mary Baker Eddy, her reputation, and her Christ works that the false teachings about her would work towards the destruction of Christian Science healing.
     Elijah passed his mantle on to Elisha, so did Jesus pass his mantle on to Mary Baker Eddy, and with it a double portion.  I am not sure what the author means by “a double portion” but I like it.  The author also spells mantle as mantel.  I cannot blame this person, as I have done the same thing.  Anyway, mantel has to do with rock while mantle is the passing on of work to a successor.  In a way, it could be a pun or joke in that the Christ Rock-mantel passes on his Christ mantle to womanhood.
     “John the Baptist prophesied the coming of the immaculate Jesus, and John saw in those days the spiritual idea as the Messiah, who would baptize with the Holy Ghost, — divine Science.  As Elias presented the idea of the fatherhood of God, which Jesus afterwards manifested, so the Revelator [St. John] completed this figure with woman [and this woman would be Mary Baker Eddy], typifying the spiritual idea of God’s motherhood.  The moon is under her feet.  This idea reveals the universe as secondary and tributary to Spirit, from which the universe borrows its reflected light, substance, life, and intelligence.” (S&H 561:32-562:10)
     In the last verse of Revelation 11 the Two Witnesses ascend up to heaven.  “Christmas Morn” portrays this.  Moving on to chapter twelve is the start of the woman God-crowned and her mission.  “Christian Science Healing” portrays “chapter twelve of Revelation.  The woman praying in between the curtains “symbolizes the fulfillment of the twelfth chapter of Revelation, and symbolizes that this is woman’s hour; she has taken the lead.  She is the Leader.”[18]  I am not sure I agree with the author’s interpretation about the woman in prayer.
     This illustration portrays a three-fold treatment, perfect Father-Mother, perfect Son, and perfect Holy Ghost [perfect Daughter].  “Without a recognition and appreciation of the Holy Ghost, divine Science or Christian Science, in our healing work, we will not find healing.  A two-fold treatment that includes just perfect Father and perfect Son is error.”[19]
     The perspective on this bed is off, it reminds me of the giant bed in “Treating the Sick.”  But I like this bed better because of the iron rails at the foot of the bed.  I see the six rails, in between the two bigger posts, as representations of the six days of Genesis.  This bed, however, is made of brass – of insensibility, baseness, and presumption or obstinacy in sin.  We must clearly recognize sin so that we can heal it.  Sin does not recognize our Leader, and sin does not want us to uncover it because it knows that if it is uncovered (unmasked) that it is near its destruction.  “This picture shows that Mrs. Eddy worked tirelessly to take false manhood away from this claim of malicious animal magnetism.  That enabled her to build her Church.”[20]
     “Nothing except sin, in the students themselves, can separate them from me.” (Retrospection and Introspection, by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 81)
     Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “I am amazed when I see how little Christian Science healing is done.  So much is faith healing, little more.”  She also wrote, “Unless we have better healers and more of this work than any other is done, our Cause will not stand and having done all stand.  Demonstration is the whole of Christian Science, nothing else proves it, nothing else will save it and continue it with us.  God has said this and Christ Jesus has proved it.”

     This is the end of this portion of the manuscript and we are at the top of the pyramid.  (From here on are my words.)

     One thing the author did not mention about this illustration is the painting on the wall.  I feel that there are two things in this painting.  The first thing is that the black part looks like a dragon.  The other thing is that the water probably represents the red dragon’s flood.  It is above the sick person’s heads and this is the problem behind Christian Science healing not taking place today – the flood waters that have come from the dragon’s hydra’s (water’s) head comes from his mouth (verbal abuse) in order to drown the woman’s voice of common reasoning.  When someone’s voice is drowned out it is usually because someone else is speaking louder than the other person.  I have noticed that certain people who are bound and determined to win their argument, and their arguments are usually wrong or erroneous, that these people wind up yelling at you!  I have noticed this about more than one person.  It is the attitude of a loud-mouthed persona that tries to drown out the correct, spiritual teachings of those chosen by God, and those who understand Truth.  And the louder they yell the more erroneous they are.
     If there is no body speaking up for Mary Baker Eddy in the Church then the red dragon wins.  If you are a Christian Scientist and you are reading this will you stand up and speak to your Branch Church and Mother Church?  Will you go to them and tell them that we must begin to recognize Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy?
     Most of my life I attended a Branch Church of one place or another.  As a young child in Sunday school I only had one teacher speak to me about Mary Baker Eddy’s experience when she was a child.  This teacher told me that Mary Baker heard God’s voice calling her.  That little Mary thought it was her own mother, Abigail Baker, calling for her but it was not.  It was God calling her.  I always remembered this because it made quite an impression on me.  It was not until years later (in the 1980s when I was learning true history about my Leader) that it dawned on me that Mary Baker Eddy actually heard God having a feminine voice instead of a masculine voice.  This was unlike what Samuel heard; he heard a masculine voice call his name.  I had to wonder why I had never been taught more history about Mary Baker Eddy while growing up.  After reading works by Paul Smillie I began to question the Church and I began to learn Christian Science history.  I realized that I had not been impressed by Robert Peel’s trilogy on Mary Baker Eddy.  They did nothing for me, but when I read Smillie’s partial biography about Mary Baker Eddy I actually felt Love for her.  This was new to me.  I began to understand what exactly she went through to discover Christian Science.

[1] I will admit that the girl in the window does look different from the girl in the seventh illustration, but I feel that they both represent the same Christ idea of Martha for the Third Advent of Christ.


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