Judge Hanna’s Christ and Christmas – Part 3

by MJSmith


We are now ready to take our second step up on the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.  Remember, all my additions to the Hanna manuscript are in bold letters.


SEEKING AND FINDING – Illustration 3



What the Beloved knew and taught
          Science repeats,
Through understanding clearly sought,
          With fierce heart beats;

But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.  Christ Jesus.

     “What the First Witness, Christ Jesus, knew and taught, the Second Witness repeats through ‘dearly sought’ understanding.  She sought God’s kingdom first and His righteousness, and all was added unto her.  At this point in her life she had given up everything for God.
     “The meaning of this picture is not hidden.  The woman with the leaven that had been hidden from the foundation of the world, is now revealed.  This picture reveals her as the Revelator of Truth to this age.  This is the next event in her life that has meaning to Christian Scientists.  ‘For three years after my discovery, I sought the solution of this problem of Mind-healing, searched the Scriptures and read little else, kept aloof from society, and devoted time and energies to discovering a positive rule.’  (Science and Health 109)  She is seeking and finding.  The Bible is an open Book to the Second Witness.”[1]
     I feel that her right hand, her writing hand, is underneath the table because she has not as yet begun to write her Textbook – Science and Health.  Her writing quill is partially in the light and most of it is in the shadow.  This would be symbolic of the fact that Truth has not yet been completely revealed, especially in writing.  At this point she was making “copious notes” from the Bible – as shown in the illustration by the loose papers on top of the table.
     Mary Baker Eddy was 44 at the time of her healing in 1866 and about 54 years old in 1875 (the time that this illustration designates is between 1874-75).  Hanna feels that this is why the candle is burned down so far.

Grand Mother's Clock

Grand Mother’s Clock

     The Grandmother clock in back of her depicts the time of 12:05.  This points us to the book of Revelation, chapter twelve verses one to five.  I am the only one I know of that has pointed out the fact that the time depicted on the clock is the same position of the Woman God-crowned Keystone in Window of the Open Book. 

The Woman God-crown Keystone

    Revelation 12:5:  And she brought forth a man child [Christian Science], who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron [divine Science]:  and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne [her child is protected].”  “This immaculate idea [the Christ], represented first by man [Jesus] and, according to the Revelator, last by woman [who would be Mary Baker Eddy], will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love, melting and purifying even the gold of human character.  After the stars sang together and all was primeval harmony, the material lie made war upon the spiritual idea; but this only impelled the idea to rise to the zenith of demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and to be caught up unto God, – to be found in its divine Principle.” (S&H 565)

Time.  Mortal measurements; limits, in which are summed up all human acts, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, knowledge; matter; error; that which begins before and continues after, what is termed death, until the mortal disappears and spiritual perfection appears.” (S&H 594)

     “You are bringing out your own ideal.  This ideal is either temporal or eternal.  Either Spirit or matter is your model.  If you try to have two models, then you practically have none.  Like a pendulum in a clock, you will be thrown back and forth, striking the ribs of matter and swinging between the real and unreal.” (S&H 360)
     Revelation tells us, “There shall be time no longer.”  This would be because Mary Baker Eddy has revealed absolute Christian Science in “Truth versus Error.”
     Mary Baker Eddy wrote that she was capable of writing only during the day, symbolic of the woman God-crowned, while nighttime is symbolic of false manhood.
     Mary Baker Eddy did consent to pose for this picture.  Christian Scientists cannot claim that this is not supposed to be Mary Baker Eddy.  “The artist sketched the main lines of her face and figure with the hand resting against the head.”[2]
     In Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy, page 42, Gilman writes that he and Mary Baker Eddy went to her adopted son’s room so that they could have some privacy for him to draw for “Seeking and Finding.”  He writes:  “At this time the question was as to the position of the hand on which the head of the woman in the picture was lightly resting.  To get this more surely accurate, Mrs. Eddy consented to sit as a model with her head resting lightly against her hand as in the illustration.  After I had sketched the main lines of her face and figure with the hand resting against her head, I felt the need of her position being just a little different, so little that I thought best not to ask her to rise and move, lest she move too much, and so I took the few steps to where she was sitting and said to her that if she didn’t object, I would like to move her just a little.  She smiled, but didn’t object, and I took hold of the chair in which she was and did my best to lift the chair a little including the occupant.  I could lift a hundred pounds of grain easily, but I found I could not lift or move Mrs. Eddy.”  I find this an interesting story, for no one was able to move Mary Baker Eddy except God.
      I feel that the reason why Mary Baker Eddy is wearing dark clothes and sitting in a dark chair points us to the fact that she is “clothed with a cloud” at this time.  For she is the angel of Revelation 10, and this angel must descend from heaven as Jesus prophesied.  As I have mentioned in my other posts, during the winter of 1874 Venus (which is also clothed with a cloud of volcanic ash) made its first transit across the sun (being clothed with the sun) during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crown mission (her Life mission).  Venus would not transit the sun again until the winter of 1882.  The darkness seen in this illustrationmust be overcome by her before mankind can see their way through this same type of darkness.  There are only two of the three rails showing on the back of the chair; the mortal and human degrees have been experienced, the divine understanding of the third degree is yet to come.  She alone had been prepared by the grace of God to reveal it to tired humanity.  She is the transparency through which it comes.
     “This is the attic room where the star of the Christ idea shone so brightly in 1875.”[3]  The serpent in Genesis, in the Garden of Eden, is the same creature spoken of (even though it has grown in size in Revelation 12) as the red dragon.  The serpent is shown behind Mary Baker Eddy.  In Revelation the red dragon was acting like a midwife seeking to devour her child before it is born.  Mary Baker Eddy seems to be unaware of evil’s claims at this time.  These claims are animal magnetism.  Eventually, however, because she is seeking and finding she will discover (unmask) animal magnetism.  Animal magnetism is a talking serpent, notice it has human teeth, it also has a forked tongue.  The Indians would say about the white man, “You speak with fork tongue.”  Meaning that the white man lied to them.  Animal magnetism constantly lies to us all the time.  This serpent is waiting to strike and poison her, but it has no power to do so because she unmasked (uncovered) animal magnetism’s powerlessness.  The forked tongue is a symbol of the two-faced nature of Romanism.  Mary Baker Glover was only able to get Science and Health finished after she wrote her chapter on animal magnetism.  It was this chapter that uncovered the nature of the serpent.  She learned first hand the operations of animal magnetism thanks to her second student Richard Kennedy.
            Mary Baker Eddy clearly identifying herself with the Woman from Revelation 12 when she wrote:  “I insisted upon placing the serpent behind the woman in the picture ‘Seeking and Finding.’  My artist at the easel objected, as he often did, to my sense of Soul’s expression through the brush; but, as usual, he finally yielded.  A few days afterward, the following from Rotherham’s translation of the New Testament was handed to me, — I had never before seen it:  ‘And the serpent cast out of his mouth, behind the woman, water as a river, that he might cause her to be river-borne.’” (Miscellaneous Writings 373)  These hydra waters coming from the dragon’s mouth are lies about Mary Baker Eddy and her Revelation.  The more I read the Book of Revelation the more I feel that the whole book is a prophecy about her mission.  Revelation means “to reveal, to uncover, to unmask”.  The fourth vision is the main point, the apex, the capstone of the book of Revelation.  The fourth chapter is about the woman God-crowned.  Many Christians believe that this woman is either the Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene.  But this is not so, nor does it make any sense to believe the woman is the women of Jesus’ lifetime.  The man child is not Jesus or Jesus’ children either.  The book of Revelation goes misunderstood by Christians because they do not understand what the book is a prophecy of.  It is prophetic of the Second Coming of Christ.  This book only makes total sense when we begin to understand it as the Revelation of Christian Science.  “When she is understood as the woman of prophecy, the serpent is destroyed, broken up and dissolved.  It has no power when she is seen correctly.  Malicious animal magnetism cannot combat a searching thought that is finding its proof.
     “Mrs. Eddy knew that Romanism claims that the farther away in time we are separated from her, the more it could submerge her in the past until finally she would be vaguely referred to or entirely forgotten.  That is why the serpent and time are behind her.  The serpent utilizes time to accomplish its evil purposes.  Once she was forgotten, we would use her precious books, bask in the privileges of the Cause, and say we are Christian Scientists with never a thought of her.  We would give testimonies on Wednesday evening without a mention of her.  We would write for the periodicals with never a mention of her or gratitude for her.  A right apprehension and acknowledgement of her will maintain our Cause and further the interests of one divinity.”[4]  Unfortunately, these things have come to pass.  “Christian Science is my only ideal, and the individual and his ideal can never be severed.  If either is misunderstood or maligned, it eclipses the other with the shadow of error.” (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 105)

Serpent (ophis, in Greek; nacash, in Hebrew).  Subtlety; a lie; the opposite of Truth, named error [What is the name of the tenth illustration?  Truth versus Error (the serpent).]; the first statement of mythology and idolatry; the belief in more than one God; animal magnetism; the first lie of limitation; finity; the first claim that there is an opposite of spirit, or good, termed matter, or evil; the first delusion that error exists as fact; the first claim that sin, sickness, and death are the realities of life.  The first audible claim that God was not omnipotent and that there was another power, named evil, which was as real and eternal as God, good.” (S&H 594)

Revelation xii. 4.  And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth:  and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

     “The serpentine form stands for subtlety, winding its way amidst all evil, but doing this in the name of good.  Its sting is spoken of by Paul, when he infers to ‘spiritual wickedness in high places.’  It is the animal instinct in mortals, which would impel them to devour each other and cast out devils through Beelzebub.” (S&H 563)  Is not the spiritual wickedness in high places referring to men who run church governments and political governments?  Notice she says that the serpent does all it does “in the name of good.”  Mary Baker Eddy defines good as being “Spirit.”  So the serpent claims to be doing things in the name of God, Spirit!  What a liar it is.
            In Revelation 12:4 do people understand what the third part of the stars of heaven means?  We are speaking about the woman God-crowned and she has twelve stars in her crown.  These twelve stars represent the twelve tribes of Israel.  One third of twelve stars would be four stars.  What are the four stars?  Well, there were originally twelve First Members of The First Church and in the Church Manual each one of these First Members had a star by their name.  Four of these stars were major stars as they had a “high place” within the Church Membership.  These four major stars were known as the Board of Directors.  When these Board of Directors were cast to the earth, into Adam thought, they disobeyed Mary Baker Eddy.  It was because of their disobedience that she even wrote a Church Manual.  It would be through the naughty Board of Directors that error would enter into Mary Baker Eddy’s Holy Church.
     “The serpent is perpetually close upon the heel of harmony.” (S&H 564)  Why is this so?  Because it tries to bite the heel of the woman, but she is victorious and bruises and destroys its head.
     Another explanation is given for the candle by the author of the Hanna manuscript.  “In Mark, chapter 4, we read, ‘And he said unto them, Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed?  And not to be set on a candlestick?  For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.’  Indeed, that which was ‘secret’ from the foundation of the world was to be revealed.  The snuffer near the candlestick (glimmer of light) is ready to snuff out human opinion (the second degree), human goodness, and human wisdom.  She is reaching for the divine Light.  Notice the light emanating from her head; it is the inner Christ light beginning to shine forth, showing that she is indeed getting divine inspiration as opposed to human wisdom.”[5]
     Mary’s ear is uncovered, and “she is deep in thought listening for her Father-Mother’s heavenly voice.  To ‘uncover the ear’ is to whisper or tell a secret or tell a secret to one. (I Samuel 9:15)  Again this is the secret hidden from the foundation of the world.”[6]  There are white frills on Mary’s collar and her sleeves, symbolic of purity in action and clarity of thinking.  Mary Baker Eddy told us that the Bible was her Textbook.  This is definitely being illustrated here.  The Christ Mind is illuminating the Word of God.  Malicious animal magnetism is unable to poison this type of clear thinking and acting.  “Her hand is in the inner Christ glow symbolizing reasoning reaching out to inspiration.”[7]  “I won my way to absolute conclusions through divine revelation, reason, and demonstration.” (S&H 109)
     This ends this portion of the Hanna manuscript for the third illustration.  I would like to add that the star shining down its light is coming from the Morning Star (Venus).  I am not saying that the planet Venus has special powers over humans, that would be astrology.  What I mean is that the idea behind the Morning Star of Venus is what is being symbolized in these illustrations.  In other words, Venus was used as a symbol to represent the woman God-crowned in Revelation.  Mary Baker Glover is the vessel for God’s divine Light.  I also feel that the fact that there are four windowpanes points us to the divine calculus.  And the star seems to be shining its light through the window I would designate as being for the Word.
     We are now ready to proceed on to the Side of Light.


CHRISTIAN UNITY – Illustration 9

Christian Unity

Christian Unity

For Christian Science brings to view
          The great I Am, —
Omniscient power, — gleaming through
          Mind, mother, man.

As in blest Palestina’s hour,
          So in our age,
‘Tis the same hand unfolds His power,
          And writes the page.

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father, which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.  Christ  Jesus.

And there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.  Christ Jesus.

     “The Lamb’s wife presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.” (S&H 577)  This is Mary Baker Eddy’s explanation for Revelation 21:22:  “And I saw no temple therein:  for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.”  These quotes come right before Mary Baker Eddy’s explanation of Psalms 23 where the Lord God Jehovah has finally been spiritually translated back to its original Being of Love.
     “This picture and its meaning is coupled with ‘Seeking and Finding.’  Through Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy has revealed the Two Witnesses.  It is the revelation of the same Light, but to human sense it appears as two different revelations.  The magnitude of the Light does vary in its brilliance.
     “The shape of this picture indicates completeness, the completeness that is reached through Science and Health.  The unity of the two appearings of the Light as the same Light, will be seen by the world when the two witnesses are acknowledged.  Then and only then will there be universal or catholic religion.  Mrs. Eddy’s prediction for this century will then be fulfilled [which so far it has not been fulfilled].  Christianity will have its new name.  Notice the one ray of light reaching the clasped hands illuminating that unity, that forward step, that progressive understanding.  The clasped hands symbolize the unity of the Christ in Christianity and Science.  If Christian Scientists take Christian Science to the world in that light, creation shows anew.”[8]

Earth.  A sphere; a type of eternity and immortality which are likewise without beginning or end.  To material sense, earth is matter; to spiritual sense it is a compound idea. (S&H 585)

     The author of this manuscript says that this compound idea is generic man.  Notice that earth is defined as “a compound idea” while she tells us that man is “the compound idea”.  Mary Baker Eddy writes in the Textbook that “the circle represents the infinite without beginning or end;” and “Mind is perpetual motion.  Its symbol is the sphere.” (pages 282, 240)  It is also a fact that a circle is a symbol of unity.  The fact that Jesus’ left hand (of womanhood) and Mary’s right hand (of manhood) are joined together forming the shape of a U is symbolic of the unity between Christianity and divine Science.  And on the human plane of “earth” this union becomes Christian Science – like the words depicted upon the scroll in Mary’s left hand of womanhood.
     There is no need to see the star in this illustration, even though its light does shine down upon the two witnesses.  We can see from the halos around the two heads that Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy as the two witnesses are the light of the world.
     This illustration was most important and it had to be included in the book.  The Christian Science Cause had to properly see Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  “This picture caused more of a stir in the movement than any other picture in Christ and Christmas when it first came out.  Its meaning is now more clearly discerned.  The Master and our Leader have equal missions and importance.  Remember that it was a recognition of Jesus which enabled Constantine to preserve Christianity [This is not true.  It has been revealed recently on a television show (broadcasted on the History Channel) that Constantine never had a vision about Christ.  He joined Christianity so that he could destroy it from within.  “If you can’t beat them join them!”], and it was the cross on a circular shield that won the day [so the story goes, but was it true?  I certainly have my doubts.].  Although Christianity was perverted at that time, it none the less was preserved.”[9]  This I can accept as a true statement.  Constantine did pervert true Christianity because he was a Roman Emperor at heart; he never was a true Christian.
     What was behind the stir in the movement?  It was the fact that Mary’s halo was brighter than Jesus’ halo.  This is easily explained if we look to the book of Revelation.  Jesus, as the Son of Man, has only seven stars, while Mary Baker Eddy as the woman God-crowned has twelve stars.
            The next paragraph has to do with the robe.  I have some disagreements with the author on this topic because I see the robes as mantles.  Jesus’ mantle is off because his mission is finished and complete and it is now the woman’s time to be the Christ successor.  The author of the Hanna manuscript says that the robe or garment that is seen on Mary Baker Eddy is the same robe or garment that the practitioner is wearing in “Treating the Sick.”  I disagree with this, the woman in illustration 8 is wearing a dress, she does not have on the same garment nor does she have the robe-mantle on.  This author says of the woman’s clothing in illustration 8:  “This robe symbolizes the using of Christian Science healing for the purpose of pleasure in matter.”[10]  This author also says, “Jesus has laid off his robe – showing dominion; but the woman has her robe still on… Jesus’ work is finished so his robe is off.  Mrs. Eddy’s outer robe is still on, as she is still carrying (working about) this error.  She is still standing with us.”[11]
     Mary Baker Eddy’s lifework did reveal the true concept about Jesus Christ as Christ Jesus.  Going back to the second illustration for February 1866, Jesus’ robe is black.  This explained her understanding of him at this point in her life.  This same robe is now put off through her enlarged understanding as demonstrated in Christian Science.  “The mortal is discarded through the supreme power, or the right hand of Christ.  His right arm holds down the discarded mortal robe.”[12]  This is true.  However, there seems another obvious explanation for Jesus holding his hand as he is, one that I feel the author has missed.  His right arm is the shape of a right angle, symbolizing the right angle of thought.  And another explanation for his arm, it is that it forms the letter ‘L’, Jesus’ left arm and Mary’s right arm form a U (as mentioned earlier) while Mary’s robe forms the shape of a V.  These three letters would spell LUV – being pronounced as LOVE.  Christian Unity with Science comes through the expression of Love.  Getting back to the right angle, Mary’s left arm has the same right angle.  If we compare this to the skylight window from “Seeking and Finding” we have Jesus’ arm representing the corner of Christianity while Mary’s arm represents the corner of Science.
     “As an early worker said of Mrs. Eddy, ‘When she spoke of Christ Jesus it seemed as if time and space, the barrier of two millenniums and two hemispheres, were swept away.  She spoke at this time with ardor of her work on her illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas.  It was evidently dear to her heart.’”[13]
     The scroll is the final and complete revelation of Truth to this age and all ages – CHRISTIAN SCIENCE.  The manuscript’s author feels that Jesus’ hair covers his ears because his mission is over.  Mary Baker Eddy’s hair does not cover her ears because she is still listening that her work might go on, because she may still stand with us on the field of battle.
     The toes on Jesus’ left foot are visible, and Mary’s left foot is also visible.  This symbolizes the secondary power over visible error.  Mary Baker Eddy says about the angel’s left foot (from Revelation 10), “The angel’s left foot was upon the earth; that is, a secondary power was exercised upon visible error and audible sin.” (S&H 559:6-8)  “Her mission was to reveal the complete workings of animal magnetism and bring forth the whole Christ – generic man.”[14]  This is why this author feels that only Jesus’ toes are visible.
     In the paragraph that follows the author makes another mistake when he says, “Their halo’s are of equal brilliance.  Their missions are equal.”[15]  It is quite evident that the light around Mary’s head is brighter than the light around Jesus’ head.  I have already explained this.
     “God hath thrust in the sickle, and He is separating the tares from the wheat.  This hour is molten in the furnace of Soul.  Its harvest song is world-wide, world-known, world-great.  The vine is bringing forth its fruit; the beams of right have healing in their light.” (Miscellany p. 269)  This quote is used to explain the triangular [pyramid] shape of light falling down upon the two witnesses.  This divine light falls upon both witnesses.  “The truth in regard to your Leader heals the sick and saves the sinner.” Mrs. Eddy said to Judge Septimus J. Hanna.
     “Christian Science alone brings to view the great I AM.  This all-scientific power gleams through God, our Mother in Israel – Mary Baker Eddy – and humanity.  It came from divine Mind and was given to Mrs. Eddy, and she gave it to mankind.  As in the blessed nation Israel in its ancient hour, so in our age the blessing is repeated in modern Israel.
     “The Second Witness has come forth.  Her mission is fulfilled.  It is the same hand of divine Love, the living Christ idea, that unfolds God’s power and writes the revelation of Truth.
     “Christian unity is the state of being one in Christ, womanhood including its manhood – generic man.  Oneness, singleness, as opposed to union which is plurality, joining two or more things into one, a mixture.  The two witnesses understood represent Christianity and Science as one – the Christ.  The scroll of Christian Science reveals this unity.  Oneness is in the Christ, and is the true unity.  Science reveals that it is not in material organization – political, religious or international.  Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy have revealed the unity of the Christ.  They have revealed the manhood and womanhood of God, and this has lifted humanity up.  Christian Science is the only answer to every ill that flesh is heir to.  It is the only answer to individual, local, national and international problems, because it reveals generic man.  All this is revealed through Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.”[16]
     It was this exact illustration that enabled the workers in the field to go ahead and build the original Mother Church Edifice.  They were able to overcome a false estimate they had of their Leader.  This false estimate was depicted in “Christmas Eve” the fourth illustration.
            I would like to add that Jesus and Mary are on a square piece of bare land.  To me this represents the city foursquare like the rug in “Truth versus Error.”  Also, the circle format makes me think of Window of the Open Book and Sharon’s Rose Matrix.  This illustration’s place on Sharon’s Rose coordinates with the Golden Shores of Love Keystone window.  I feel that the circle is also symbolic of the city foursquare – divine Science.
            So in this illustration we have the three shapes of geometry – the square, the circle, and the triangle.  These three shapes also relate to Window of the Open Book.

            We are now ready to move up to the next step.

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