by MJSmith


When I first wrote this post I only saw it as fulfilling a crown that would have twelve Stars, or twelve meetings with stars from Stargate SG-1.  Yet, as I reached April 2015, I came to realize that it was not just a meeting of twelve Stars, or twelve Stargates, but that there were to be sixteen meetings with sixteen Stars, or sixteen Stargates.  And these sixteen Stargates were “royally divine gates” as described in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy; pages 575:7-576:7 for the city foursquare and page 577:12-27 for the city of our God.  For as one, they make up the Holy City.  “Its gates open towards light and glory both within and without, for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which ‘defileth, … or maketh a lie.'” (S&H 577:24)

Editor’s note:  As of April 27, 2015 I have rewritten parts of this post.  If you have read it before, you  may want to read it again, as it has new information and I have made corrections and changed things around somewhat.

(The order I met my sixteen STARGATES in person is as follows.)

The Tone of the Christ
MIND – My First STARGATE – *Brent Stait – September 9 (Virgo) – Canada
Brent – steep hill
Stait – probably means “pier; wharf” could mean, “stone”

The Tone of Science
SPIRIT – My Second STARGATE – *Teryl Rothery – November 9 (Scorpio) – Canada
Teryl – reaper
Rothery – probably means, “flowing water”


Conner Trinneer (Was never on Stargate SG-1, only Stargate Atlantis, so I do not count him as one of my actual Stargates.) – March 19 (Pisces) – Walla Walla, Washington
Conner – (Irish) praised; exalted; (Scottish) wise
Trinneer “Grace of God”


The Tone of the Word
SOUL – My Third STARGATE – (Left Column [Woman’s Right leg] for the Ark of Truth) *Michael Garrett Shanks – December 15 (Sagittarius) – Canada
Wife – Lexa Doig (June 8 – Gemini)
Michael – Who is like God?  Truth
Garrett – brave spearman
Shanks – leg

The Tone of Christianity
PRINCIPLE – My Fourth STARGATE – *Tony Amendola – New Haven, Connecticut
Tony – (Latin) praiseworthy; (Greek) flourish
Amendola – loves God; a hearty approval; a correction (?)


The Tone of Science
Grace Parks (Did not meet her, only saw her, so I do not count her as one of my actual Stargates.) – March 4 (Pisces) – Los Angeles, California; raised in Canada; Korean ancestry
Grace – graceful
Park – estate


The Tone of the Word
LIFE – My Fifth STARGATE – *Dwight Schultz – November 24 (Sagittarius) – Baltimore, Maryland
Dwight – blond
Schultz – black   (Yin and Yang?)

The Tone of the Christ
TRUTH (Side of Life) – My Sixth STARGATE – *Joe Flanigan – January 5 (Capricorn) – Los Angeles, California
Joe – Extension
Flanigan – red head; of the ruddy (red) one [Of divine Mind.]

TRUTH (Side of Light) – My Seventh STARGATE – *Gary Jones – January 4 (Capricorn) – Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
Gary – mighty spearman
Jones – dove (divine Science)

The Tone of Christianity
LOVE – My Eighth STARGATE – *Cliff Simon – September 7 (Virgo) – Johannesburg, South Africa
Cliff – cliff at the river crossing
Simon – he heard (second son of Jacob and Leah)

The Tone of Science
SCIENCE – My Ninth STARGATE – *Adam Baldwin – February 27 (Pisces) – Winnetka, Illinois
Adam – man; mankind; earth; man of the red earth
Baldwin – bold friend
The man they call Jayne “divine Science.”

divine SCIENCE – My Tenth STARGATE – *Robert Picardo – October 27 (Scorpio) – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Robert –famous brilliance; prophet star
Picardo – “sharp and hardy” Could mean “a horseman with a pike (lance).”

The Tone of Christianity
absolute CHRISTIAN SCIENCE – My Eleventh STARGATE – *Christopher Judge – October 13 (Libra) – Los Angeles, California
Christopher – follower of Christ
Judge – a judge

The Tone of the Word
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE – My Twelfth STARGATE – (Right Column [Woman’s Left Leg] for the Arch of Truth) *Ben Browder – December 11 (Sagittarius) – Memphis, Tennessee; grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina
Wife – Francesca (free) Bueller (to roar; hill dweller)
Robert – famous brilliance; prophet star
Benedict – blessed
Browder – eyebrows; forehead


The Tone of Science as the Christ (the East Side of the Open Book)
Amanda Tapping is my Thirteenth STARGATE – My center hub fifth element. August 28, (Virgo) – Rochford, United Kingdom
Husband- Allan Kovacs
Amanda – lovely
Tapping – one who taps caskets; innkeeper
Daughter – Olivia (olive)
Three brothers – Christopher, Richard, Steven

The Tone of Science as Science (the West Side of the Open Book)
Armin Shimerman is my fourteenth STARGATE.  November 5, (Scorpio, the fourth living creature) – Lakewood, New Jersey
Armin – high fortress, stronghold
Shimerman – man of shimmering light (or man of bright Science)

Tone of Science as Christianity (the South Side of the Open Book)
Richard Dean Anderson is my fifteenth STARGATE. January 23, (Aquarius, the second living creature) – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Richard – rich
Dean – valley
Anderson – son of Adrew

The Tone of Science as the Word (the North Side of the Open Book)
Michael Welch is my sixteenth STARGATE. July 25, (Leo, the first living creature) – Los Angeles (the angels), California
Michael – Who is like God? The angel of Truth
Alan – handsome; peaceful
Welch – Stranger


 (Place of Origin)
Canada – Brent Stait, Teryl Rothery, Michael Shanks
United Kingdom – Gary Jones, Amanda Tapping
South Africa – Cliff Simon
[Walla Walla, WA – Connor Trinneer]
Memphis, TN – Ben Browder
Philadelphia, PA – Robert Picardo
New Haven, Connecticut – Tony Amendola
Baltimore, Maryland – Dwight Schultz
Winnetka, Illinois – Adam Baldwin
Los Angeles, CA – Joe Flanigan, Christopher Judge, [Grace Park], and Michael Welch
Minneapolis, Minnesota – Richard Dean Anderson
Lakewood, New Jersey – Armin Shimerman

(Second Half of the Year – or Second Half of the Belt – in their order for the four living creatures of the divine calculus with the tones for the seven synonymous terms for God)
     The cardinal point for The Word is the North.  The cardinal point for the Christ is the East.  The cardinal point for Christianity is the South and the cardinal point for Science is the West.  The Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science are the four living creatures of the lion (Leo) of the summer, the bull (Taurus) of the spring, the face of a man (Aquarius) of the winter, the flying eagle (Scorpio) of the fall (in a counterclockwise order).  This presents to us:

THE CITY OF OUR GOD without limits, walls, or boundaries.[1]


“This spiritual, holy habitation has no boundary nor limit, but its four cardinal points are:  first, the Word of Life, Truth, and Love;” (S&H 577:12-14)

Sagittarius, the Archer – Dwight (Blond) Schultz (Black) – (LIFE),[2] Ben Browder (blond/white or left leg) – (TRUTH), Michael Shanks (black or right leg) – (LOVE) – Black and Blond/White are for the Black Madonna (named for the High Tower) and the White Madonna (named for the Virgin [the pure divine Mind of] Mary).  These are the two Betyl stones, the two sphinx legs for THE CHARIOT Tarot card.[3]


     And lastly, Leo, the first living creature, enters into the equation in the tone of Science as the Word with Michael Welch.  Michael represents the angel, asking conscious thought, “Who is like God?” The answer is, “Welch, the Stranger, is like God.” But for now, we begin with our three Archers.

     “Sagittarius is a double-bodied fire sign [tone for the Word (as like the lion)] signifying great driving power and leadership.  The Sagittarian is the ambassador of New [original spiritual] Thought [divine consciousness] who travels far in the world of ideas[4] [does not travel in the world of illusion[5]].” (A Complete Guide to the TAROT, by Eden Gray, page 223; infuses added to double-bodied)
     It is of importance that Sagittarius is part man and part horse, he really is a horseman.  St. John uses the idea of Sagittarius to describe the off-white horseman-archer in Revelation 6 (the white horseman of Revelation 19 is not the same horseman).
     The Son of the Sun Branch Church (the city foursquare, which is the Concord Branch, the white horseman of Revelation 19) nullifies The Mother Church (white horseman of Revelation 6).  What I mean by this is that the idea behind the Branch Church being independently governed by Principle nullifies material organization promoted by the Board of Directors of The (S)Mother Church.  Ecclesiastical despotism turns the walls of protection, of the city foursquare, into walls of imprisonment and limitation.  When The Mother Church lays down material organization (closed walls of limitation to its members) then The First Church will become the city of our God with its healing ministry reaching out to the four corners of the earth, there will be no material limitations put upon the Christ Scientist.

     After writing portions of this I realized that Ben Browder and Michael Shanks are in the same positions as I placed them in my spiritual interpretation on Stargate SG-1:  The Ark of Truth.
     In my piece on the ARK OF TRUTH I have Michael as the right leg (black) and Ben as the left leg (white) because the right leg is for the Ark of Truth (the Letter of the Law) and the left leg is for the Arch of Truth (the Spirit of the Law).  These are God’s two spiritual Covenants with man.  I say left and right as if the Woman would be facing me (or you).  I (you) would see her right leg as being black even though it is on my (your) left side.  Likewise I (you) would see her left leg as being white even though it is on my (your) right side.

     What three keystone windows do these three STARGATES go with?

My Fifth STARGATE (the First Major STARGATE) – Dwight Schultz for the Word as the Word – shines light on the Open Bible Keystone – Life.  The coinciding chapter of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, is for the chapter “Prayer.”

     Helen Wright in her book Your Divinity Revealed (I will abbreviate it from now on as YDR.), page 567 says about “Prayer”:  It “presents the necessary qualities for an ordered approach to God.  This is ‘Word reflecting the Word.’”

     Dwight Schultz fits in with the First Keystone, as he was the first STARGATE that I took a liking to.  He played a crazy pilot and went by the nickname of Howling Mad Murdock (wealthy sailor).  Who could forget his invisible dog Billy (determined guardian)?  Does astrology really influence people?  Can we actually know how a person is going to act by the sign they are supposed to be born under?  To be honest I would not have thought Dwight Schultz to be an Archer.  He just did not act like one.  This could be because his birth date is closer to Scorpio.  He did remind me more of Scorpio than Sagittarius.  Of course, this is all mortal mind belief in personal sense and has nothing to do with his true nature or identity.  If people really do act in a certain way, according to their sign, I feel this is because of world belief in astrology.  And world belief seems to have power, but it really has none.  Astrology is an ancient religion.  Mary Baker Eddy said that astrology is secondary.  What would it be secondary to?  Well, it would have to be secondary to Christian Science.  Astrology has its importance in that it teaches us the ordered structure or pattern for the divine calculus wheel (or belt if you prefer).  The fact that an astrological chart has exactly the same pattern as Window of the Open Book is of importance.  Ezekiel’s Wheel is based upon this same pattern.  Why?  Well, the reason why Ezekiel based his wheel (cult) pattern upon the astrological chart was so that he could spiritually translate the mortal minded science of his day and time into God’s true Science, the true Scientific pattern for the divine calculus.  Astrology was an ancient religion and went even further back in the Bible to the time of Abraham.  I have read somewhere that it is thought that Ezekiel actually wrote the five books of Moses.  The circular matrix pattern is also established in Genesis with the twelve tribes of Israel, and then Moses picks up and utilizes the same pattern in Numbers.

The Holy City

The Holy City

     What lies behind astrology, however, is animal magnetism.  I can honestly say this because zodiac has to do with “zoo” and “living creatures”.  So it makes sense that the negative teachings of astrology have to do with animal magnetism while the positive translation of astrology has to do with the divine calculus, and this is also probably why the divine calculus is referred to, in the Bible, as the four living creatures.  The ancient religion of astrology was very popular among the peoples.  It was, however, a false religion based upon mortal mind.  Because astrology is founded in animal magnetism another teaching science had to be taught by the Israelites and their prophets.  Hence, the prophet Ezekiel spiritually translated the wheel of astrology into the wheel of the divine calculus turning it (pardon the pun) into God’s pure Science.

Tree of Life
     The 1st sphere (Sphere 1) for the Kabalah Tree of Life is Kether, the Crown.  It is pure white light.  It is head of the Pillar of Mildness (the woman’s meal – the woman’s Word of God).  The Word of the Bible is the pure white light (the sun or spiritual understanding), yet it uses black ink (the Black Madonna) upon its white pages (the White Madonna).  If there was no ink we could not read the Word of God.  We can also say the same of Mary Baker Eddy’s writings.
     The opening paragraph of “Prayer” reads as follows:  “The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God—a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love.  Regardless of what another may say or think on this subject, I speak from experience.  Prayer, watching, and working, combined with self-immolation, are God’s gracious means for accomplishing whatever has been successfully done for the Christianization and health of mankind.” (S&H p. 1)

     Dwight Schultz’s character on Stargate SG-1 was of a Lord God who governed sleeping bodies (those in the Adam dream world), his main priority was in taking care of his Garden of Eden world.  When SG-1 (a team of four members) arrive on his home world they too are put to sleep and have to escape the dream world.  In the end all the men and women who have been asleep are awake and are out in the Garden, the Lord does not like this as they will eventually destroy their world again.  What is the correct viewpoint of this Lord God Jehovah spoken of in Genesis 2 (not Genesis 1).  The Lion (Leo), the Word as Science, is the Manchild – Michael Welch – as the young Jack (divine Science) O’Neill (son of the champion).  Michael Welch points to the angel Michael – Christ Truth – and Welch is the “Stranger” written about by Mary Baker Eddy.  The Stranger is the Christ consciousness that knocks on man’s conscious thought awakening him from the Adam dream of material organic life.  Is it therefore possible, that the Lord God Jehovah, creator of the material world of Adam, is actually our own Christhood and that all we need is the Truth (the angel of Revelation 10) to awaken us from this self created dream?  God, the one true God, is Spirit only, there is no matter world, so where did the matter world come from?  Is it possible that what has really happened is that God created spiritual man and spiritual man (the Lord) created his own world – a dream world of matter – and it is when this transpired in the realm of thought that evil slithered into the dream world that this Lord created?  And it takes the Stranger of Truth (Michael Welch) to set us upon the correct path.  For the knocking wakes us up.

C&C-C.S. TvE (A)
     Before I continue on with the Stargate crown I would like to include a dream I had about Ben Browder and Michael Shanks.

Dream – May 22, 2010
     I am with my husband (crown) and son (Christian Science).  It feels like we are at a convention.  I meet Ben Browder and his wife.  I do not recognize her, nor am I sure that she is Francesca Buller.  They are going to leave as they plan to attend a class reunion in northwest Canada.  Canada could mean “bright, white.” (Would Vancouver be where they were headed?).  [Interesting side note:  On May 21, 2010 I was watching an episode of Stargate Universe.  On the show was the same actor (whose first name happens to be Mike) that played a bounty hunter in the episode of Stargate SG-1 about Cam Mitchell’s (Ben’s character’s name on the show) class reunion.  He was with the Lucian Alliance in Stargate Universe.  Then on May 22, I was watching an episode of Farscape where Ben Browder and Claudia Black pretend to be bounty hunters.  Claudia Black was also at Cam’s class reunion.  However, she is not the wife in my dream even though Ben and Claudia get married in Farscape.  It is also obvious that Ben’s real class reunion would not be held in Canada but in America.  However, Cam Mitchell’s class reunion, although supposedly held in America really took place in Canada.]
     After this part of the dream the place I am at now seems more like a school and then later more like an apartment building.  I speak to Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig.  I hug Michael and tell him I love him (I mean I love him spiritually.).  They inform me that they are heading for northwest Canada to attend a school reunion and I had told them that Ben [at first I said Cam Mitchell] and his wife had a reunion near there [next to each other] too.  I remember placing my right hand on the back of Lexa’s white sweater.  She seems uncomfortable with my touching her.
     Next, Lexa and I are sitting on a bench to a picnic table.  I tell Lexa that what happened to her character on V was not fair.  She said she learned something from it.  (What?  Did she get some sense knocked into her?  – This is a joke, as her character was thrown around.)
     As she was going to tell me what she learned Michael came over.  He was going to sit next to me and she got upset (jealous?), then they left.  I was disappointed because once more I did not get an answer to a question I feel I should know.
     After they left my husband, son, and I go into a room that Michael and Lexa had been in.  The room was full of things like an attic or storeroom would have.  I can remember looking out the windows (like a classroom would have).  There were a lot of books and many toys.  I found a cardboard box of things that belonged to Michael and Lexa.  I thought that I might find their home address in the cardboard box, if there was one I could send the box to them.  But I never found an address.  Inside the box was a clipping from a newspaper.  The article was about a disaster, a bombing of some sort.
     My husband closed the door so that we could have privacy, as I felt we were not supposed to even be in the room.  There happened to be a small hole between the door frame and the wall.
     A woman came by with a baby.  We all were very quiet, but paper noises were made.  I was afraid the woman heard the noise, but she moved on.
     Other items I found in the box were tools for taking measurements and making markings for a land sight.  There was a plumb line, chalk, and compasses.
     An older woman was around the door looking through the hole.  I covered the hole with my hands but she poked my hand with her fingers two times.
     When we opened the door she was not upset but talked to us.  There was a second door to the room on the other side of the corner.  There was a sink in the other room.  There was also an old weird man in the room.  I did not like him at all.  The woman informed me that this man wanted a new roommate or neighbor.  She asked if I was interested.
     I told her, “No.”  (END)

     I have had a hard time understanding what this dream was really about up until today (April 15, 2013).
     Yesterday I had a dream about viewing the Tarot card of THE CHARIOT as a profile instead of as a front view.  This idea had to do with a television show I had watched earlier in the week about the great Sphinx at Giza.  The man who presented his theories felt that the Pharaohs would have not entered the Giza Plato to see the front view of the Sphinx.  Instead they would have viewed it from its right profile side.  He said that the Egyptians made use of the profile more, that it was more important to them.  His theory further stated that because it was viewed from the side that what lay behind its left side was of more importance then what lay behind the back end of the Sphinx when viewed face on.  He felt the side view pointed to the man responsible for the Sphinx’s creation – Khufu’s son.  He also feels that the son built the Sphinx for his father Khufu.  However, I ask, “Why could not the Sphinx have been built to honor the son himself, as he called himself the Son of Re (the Son of the Sun).[6]
     In yesterday’s dream I saw THE CHARIOT card in profile.  After I woke up from the dream I remembered the TV show and felt that this was what the dream was about and why the card looked like it did in the dream – it resembled the shape of the Sphinx from its side.


     It came to me that the two sphinxes on the Tarot card itself were like the two front legs and paws of the Great Sphinx.  One sphinx is black (for the Side of Severity of the Kabalah Tree of Life) and one sphinx is white (for the Side of Mercy of the Kabalah Tree of Life).  I have translated these two column sides to be the Side of Life (black) and the Side of Light (white).  Notice that the flames of the two lamps in The First Church Edifice follow this same pattern.  This must be important, yet how many Christian Scientists have even noticed this small detail of the lamp flames?

Two Candlesticks

     After interpreting this dream and drawing a sketch of how the card looked in the dream I was working on My Crown of Twelve (now Sixteen) Stargates piece.  I wrote the section above about The City of our God.
     The three keystone windows to my three Stargates go with:

The First STARGATE – Dwight Schultz is for the Word as the Word – goes with the Open Bible Keystone – Life.

The Second STARGATE – Ben Browder is for the Christ as the Word – goes with the Woman God-crowned Keystone – Truth.

The Third STARGATE – Michael Shanks is for Christianity as the Word – goes with the Lord and Lamb Keystone – Love.

     What is interesting is that I met Michael Shanks (Love) first and Ben Browder (Truth) last.  I met Dwight Schultz (Life) in between the two of them.  This would present the order of Love, Life, Truth.
     In the dream I am with my crown of twelve STARGATES (my husband’s name means crown) and my son of Christian Science (a little book open having four sides) during most of the dream.
     I am hunting for bounty, a way to locate Michael and Lexa – or the Lord and the Lamb.  Lexa plays Doctor Carolyn Lam in Stargate SG-1.  I feel that the box was an ark for Ark of the Covenant.  This Ark is of a very personal nature and it contained information that I felt I was not meant to know about.
     The fact that Ben, his wife, Michael and Lexa (Lexa means “defender of mankind” and Mary Baker Eddy, the true Lamb, or the spiritual idea, is the defender of mankind.) are heading for a class re-union (Christian Unity) in northwest Canada points me to the position of northwest[8] on Window of the Open Book where the Keystone window of the Woman God-crowned (for Ben and his womanhood – free thunder[9]) is located.  And near it, or next to it (as I put it in the dream myself) is where the Lord (Daniel Jackson) and Lamb (Carolyn Lam) are located.  The fact that Lexa was wearing a white sweater symbolizes the white (pure) wool of the Lamb.  She is the Lamb, or rather, she is dressed in the role of the Lamb.  (In my third satire story of Starplate Special-K I call her character Lamb.  So it is not a far stretch that my dream is referring me back to my satire name for her character.)
     Her doctor (healer) character in V gets killed off.  Could this also mean that her character’s death is symbolic of a lamb’s sacrifice?  Is this what I need to learn, how to sacrifice?  Probably.  We all need to learn how to sacrifice, give up, mortal mind and mortal body because it is not reality or our true identity.  For sure, there are a lot of things I could sacrifice or give up so that I could begin devoting more time to my spiritual work.
     The picnic bench we are sitting on symbolizes a natural and intimate type of tranquil rest.  I yearn to hear her wisdom, but it never comes.  I often think that if Mary Baker Eddy was here and talking right to me that I could benefit from her greatly.  But would I?  Would I really hear what she was saying to me?  I hope I would.
     I feel that the reason why Lexa seemed to dislike the fact that I was touching her back may have been a reaction to personal idolatry.  Right now, after all this time, I do not recall why I may have placed my hand upon her back.  It could have been idolatry, or it may have been a desire for friendship (which could also be idolatry).  I did like the fact that Michael was going to sit down next to me and perhaps this is why Lexa seemed to get so upset.  Upset enough to want to leave.
     The fact that the newspaper clipping had to do with a bomb may symbolize a removal of boundaries – this tells me that my STARGATE Crown’s matrix must have to do with the City of our God.  The city foursquare has walls, yet when we deal with the city of our God there are no walls or restrictions.
     However, the newspaper clipping of a bombing may have had another meaning for me that would point me to the month of April 2013.  For the same week that I was to meet Ben Browder there would be a horrible bombing take place in Boston and the explosion in Texas.
     Mary Baker Eddy’s mission of the Bride brought down, from heaven, the Bride City known as the city foursquare.  However, she did not want her students, her followers to have a Mother Church, or a building where organized religion could begin to grow, and grow especially out of control (out of Principle’s control into the control of personal sense).  This began to take place immediately after 1910, given proof of by a letter and memo written to the Board of Directors in 1915 by one of Mary Baker Eddy’s loyal lawyers (Frank S. Streeter) see Proceedings in Equity 1919-1921, pages 735-739.  Today Christian Scientists must ask themselves why the Board of Directors pay themselves $200,000 per year?  Do the arithmetic – 5 x $200,000 = $1,000,000.  Mary’s Crown of Twelve Stars had to do with the twelve First Members of The First Church of Christ Scientist.  This was Mary’s God-crowned mission.  Even her tool – the Church Manual – was full of limiting By-Laws.  Yet, if the estoppel clauses were obeyed then the city of our God could begin.
     This is my God-crowned mission – to bring about the city of our God where there are no walls or boundaries.  Christian Science is to go out in all its compass directions.  This mission began on June 5, 2012 when Venus traversed the sun (Venus, the woman God-crowned is clothed with the sun).
     There were shelves of books (a symbol of being well read and wise) and toys (symbolic of being childlike) in the room.  This tells me that I have two paths I need to decide between.  I need to turn completely to the books (Bible and Science and Health) and give up the amusements of a child, or I will never seem to reach my spiritual goals.   On the other hand, to be childlike, or like a child, is a must if you are to accept Truth, for Jesus told his disciples, “Suffer [Permit] the children to come unto me.”

Suffer the Children (colorized by me)

Suffer the Children (colorized by me)

     The tools in the Ark (cardboard box) probably represent the reed, what the angel used to measure the Temple.  Measurements seem to be limitations and boundaries.  Yet the Holy Grail (the measuring cup of Christ) is limitless measurement, like with the city foursquare.  A compass symbolizes focused thinking and acting.  With a compass (the city of our God), with the compass rose, we can find our way (THE WAY).  A plumb line is a cord with a weight at the end and it measures vertical lines.  The vertical plumb line and the horizontal ground form a right angle.  A right angle symbolizes correct viewpoints of thought, foursquare thinking.  So, this plumb line is used to connect the foursquare city with the city of our God (the X and the +).  When this is done we have the Holy City of God.

"The Way" - colorized by me

“The Way” – colorized by me

     In Christian Science chalk is used to mark our Bible lessons for each week.
     In the dream a woman came by with a baby.  Could this point me to the next Keystone window that follows the Lord and Lamb, the Keystone window for the Madonna and Child?  I think that paper noise (my writings) may make noise and I will be noticed.  Perhaps I do hide, perhaps I am afraid of being discovered or recognized as being Martha, the third advent of Christ.  I certainly am afraid to really accept this identity because I am afraid of the responsibility that comes with it.  And to be honest, part of me does not even believe that she is the third coming of Christ.
     An attic is a place where forgotten goals and expectations are hidden.  However, I think that the room where I find the cardboard box is symbolic of the (Mary) Magdalene Tower.  My hand is pricked by an old woman’s finger two times.  The first pricking and the second pricking are for the two Christ Advents. Perhaps the woman pokes my hand in order to goad, direct, or urge me forward.
     There are two doors to this room, or I could say there are two gates – two STARGATES.  And this is what this dream is really speaking to me about.  The way the room is diagrammed is of importance.  The first door would point me to the Lord and Lamb Keystone (for Michael and Lexa) while the second door would point me to the Woman God-crowned Keystone (for Ben and Francesca).

Storage Room
     The sink in the other room is symbolic of spiritual baptism.  In a dream water represents healing powers and the yin (female; yin is black, so I will say that this water is the healing works of the black Madonna – the Mary Baker Eddy Christian Science healing powers).  So, when we come together and understand the marriage between the Bride (the Woman God-crowned) and the Bridegroom (the Lord) we have the same healing powers that Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy demonstrated throughout their God-crowned missions.
     If we look at the two words apartment and atonement by splitting up the syllables like “a part ment[al consciousness]” and “at one ment[al consciousness]” we get two opposite meanings.  The woman asks me if I want to live in the consciousness of being separated from God?  She asks me if I want to live with the material old-man of scholastic theology (of weirdness).
     I tell her the truth, I tell here, “No.”  I prefer the company of the New-man, the original man that is spiritual not material.
     After writing all of this I finally met Ben Browder.  He was my twelfth Stargate (the twelfth actor I met who actually appeared on Stargate SG-1).  I really enjoyed meeting him, he was really sweet.  I do think it was important how all of this all came together in April, how the dream became clear to me, and that I was ready to understand and write about my Stargate Crown of Twelve Stars (now Sixteen Stars).

My Twelfth STARGATE (the First Minor STARGATE) – Ben Browder for the Christ as the Word – shines light on the Woman God-crowned Keystone – Truth.  The coinciding chapter of Science and Health is “Animal Magnetism Unmasked.”

     Helen Wright, page 568 of YDR, writes:  “In Chapter V, ‘Animal Magnetism Unmasked,’ the textbook gives the reader a definition of the nature and operation of animal magnetism, the anti-Christ.  With a knowledge of the Christ [because Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ], Mrs. Eddy in this chapter shows the nothingness, the powerlessness of error; that it is merely hypnotic suggestion.  This is the Christ reflecting the Word.

     Ben Browder played an astronaut named John (for divine Science) Robert (prophet star) Crichton (could mean circular town – and this would have to do with the Holy City) on Farscape before being Lt. Colonel (column) Cameron (beloved) Mitchell (Michael) on Stargate SG-1.  John had a split personality, not his doing as the serpent (animal magnetism) implanted some device into his brain and often took over his thinking.  It was up to John (divine Science) to unmask this animal magnetism.  As Cam Mitchell, however, he played an Air Force pilot and was reunited with Claudia Black (his co-host from Farscape).  Claudia Black’s character on Stargate SG-1 is Vala.  Vala had once been mentally imprisoned by a Goa’uld, however, a Tok’ra freed her from the serpent.  Eventually, while in the Ori’s galaxy, she had a virginal conception.  She gave birth while on board an Ori ship after entering the Milky Way Galaxy.  She gave birth to the Babylonian harlot of the Ori (fire beings who had their negative version of Truth, which would be error, or the false Word of God).  This false type of womanhood was based upon ecclesiastical despotism and was more like a SMother Church.  In one of the last episodes Vala’s daughter died so she ascended, then in Stargate:  The Ark of Truth she was taken out by the White Magdalene Ancient ascended being after the Ark had been opened and the Truth was given to the Orisi’s followers.  What this all symbolizes is the fact that the true understanding (the Ark of Truth) and acceptance about the woman God-crowned must take place before false church (ecclesiastical despotism, the red dragon, animal magnetism) can be uprooted and destroyed.
     However, because we are speaking about Ben Browder here, I should shortly touch upon Cam’s mission in the movie.  He basically has the duty to handle mechanical intellectual thought of the material organized Church (replicators).  Carter gives him help in doing this for it is on the back of the crystal (the Church Manual’s Deed of Trust) that the deactivation code is provided for the disorganization of the material organized Church, and she is able to enter the code into the ship’s computer.


     The silver Sphere (2nd Sphere for the Kabalah Tree of Life) is Chokmah (Wisdom, the Crown of Creation).  Many say the second Sphere is gray, if so it would stand for the Second Degree, the human.  Likewise, silver symbolizes the human as well, because it reflects the divine.  Man is God’s image (Mind) and likeness (Spirit).  However, to be a true mirror the silver is joined to the windowpane glass (the Holy Ghost Lamb of God, the spiritual ideal).  It was hinted at in Stargate SG-1 that Colonel Mitchell and Dr. Carolyn Lam[b] had a relationship with each other.
     In THE LOVERS card Chokmah is where the angel’s left hand nearly touches the head of the tree of life – the Pillar of Mercy.  Mercy “implies compassion that forbears punishing [via the Pillar of Severity’s Law of the Letter] even when justice demands it or that extends help even to the lowliest [the First Degree of depravity] or most undeserving (earthly power doth then show likest God’s when mercy seasons justice—Shak.)”[10]  I will then say that when we are dealing with the Letter of the Law (of the Ark of the Covenant [on this side of the card is the tree of knowledge of good and evil which falls short of even being touched by the angel’s right hand in the Sphere of Binah]) we need mercy.  For without mercy, which is the Spirit of the Law (of the Arch of the Covenant – the tree of life is Science and Health), we lack compassion and temperance, qualities of the Second Degree.
     “The author’s [Mary Baker Eddy’s] own observations of the workings of animal magnetism convince her that it is not a remedial agent, and that its effects upon those who practise it, and upon their subjects who do not resist it, lead to moral and to physical death.
     “If animal magnetism seems to alleviate or to cure disease, this appearance is deceptive, since error cannot remove the effects of error.  Discomfort under error is preferable to comfort.  In no instance is the effect of animal magnetism, recently called hypnotism, other than the effect of illusion.  Any seeming benefit derived from it is proportional to one’s faith in esoteric magic [originally found in the East].” (S&H 101:21-32)
     Ben’s true Christ Mind (Truth) is free to roar because of his Womanhood.  The Bride (the Word) sends out the loud roar of the lion, for the angel of Revelation 10 who holds the little book open (which is Science and Health) is Mary Baker Eddy’s manhood (her Christ Mind – the rain-Browder).  While the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12 is Mary Baker Eddy’s womanhood (the “little woman’s Word”) which is clothed in Spirit (white).  She is also mentioned in Revelation 11.  She is the second witness (Jesus is the first), and so Revelation 11 points us to the Keystone window of the Lord (Jesus, the Bridegroom) and the Lamb (Mary Baker Eddy, the Bride).  The second gift given to the angel in this section is for the measuring of the city (the first gift is the book spoken of in chapter 10).  And this brings us to my third STARGATE.  Because, in the dream of May 2010 there was a box containing measuring tools that belonged to Michael Shanks (the Lord) and Lexa Doig (the Lamb).

My Third STARGATE (the Second Minor STARGATE) – Michael Shanks for Christianity as the Word – shines light on the Lord and Lamb Keystone – Love.  The coinciding chapter of Science and Health is “Creation.”

     Helen Wright, on page 569 of YDR, writes:  “Chapter IX, ‘Creation,’ gives a statement of what constitutes creation, or the true universe.  It shows creation to be of the nature of ideas; and tells us we need to drop our mental swaddling clothes.  This chapter is Christianity reflecting the Word.”  Divine Mind is the only creator there is.

     Michael Shanks represents the tone of Christianity (Love) in this Keystone window while his wife represents the tone of the Word (as the black Madona – even though she is depicted as a white lamb).  On Stargate SG-1 Michael’s wife, Lexa Doig, played Doctor Carolyn (little woman) Lam.[11]  Doctor Lam[b], represents the white Madonna (which makes since because she is tied in with the Woman God-crowned Keystone and Ben Browder’s character) for this Keystone window – who is Mary Baker Eddy, the spiritual idea.  However, Lexa also represents the black Madonna in that she is the Bride or the Word (who writes the Letter of the Law of God in Science and Health).  When the Letter of the Law (the Ark) is tempered by Love (the Arch – the Spirit of the Law) then true Christianity is expressed throughout the world.
     The black sphere (3rd Sphere for the Kabalah Tree of Life) is Binah (Understanding, the Throne).  It is head of the Pillar of Severity.  So long as animal magnetism, the red serpent, the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism, seems to pilot our lives we believe our lives to be in severe danger.  We also believe that physical law is severe in its punishment toward us.  But it is the Woman God-crowned (the White Madonna) that uncovers (unmasks) animal magnetism and exposes it via the divine light of Kether (the crown – symbolized by the angel’s head (Mind), as depicted in THE LOVERS card).  And this divine light is shed upon “Creation.”  We will have severity from the Letter of the Law in our lives so long as we believe in the material creation with its physical laws as being the reality of our existence.
     Perhaps what enables us to have mercy and manifest the Spirit of the Law is how we understand “Creation.”  There are two creations found in Genesis.  The first creation is that of spiritual creation, creation by Elohim (our Father-Mother God).  The second creation is that of material creation, creation by the Lord God Jehovah (a tribal god).  The spiritual account of creation, with its Six Days of Creation and its Sabbath Day (Genesis 1-2:3) is the Truth, while the second creation story about the red man of the mud – Adam – is the counterfeit story.  So, from this point on we must truly understand the difference there is between the two creation stories in Genesis, one is real the other is counterfeit (appears to be real).
     Mary Baker Eddy writes:  “In divine Science, man is the true image of God [as stated in the first creation story].  The divine nature was best expressed in Christ Jesus [the Lord or Master], who threw upon mortals the truer reflection of God and lifted their lives higher than their poor thought-models would allow, — thoughts which presented man as fallen, sick, sinning, and dying.  The Christlike understanding of scientific being and divine healing includes a perfect Principle [Elohim] and idea [Lamb], — perfect God [divine] and perfect [hu]man, — as the basis of thought and demonstration.  [This is the human and divine coincidence she is speaking of where man is the image and likeness of God.]
     “If man was once perfect but has now lost his perfection, then mortals have never beheld in man the reflex image [the silver reflection] of God [the Gold divine-image].  The lost image is no image.  The true likeness cannot be lost in divine reflection.  Understanding this, Jesus said:  ‘Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father [the true Lord that Jesus the Lord reflected] which is in heaven is perfect.’” (S&H 259:6-21)[12]



My Sixteenth STARGATE (the first side of the Science squared cycle – the North Stargate of the Open Book) – Michael Welch for Science as the Word – shines light on the thirteenth chapter of Science and Health – “Teaching Christian Science.”

     “Chapter XIII, ‘Teaching Christian Science,’ teaches us how to become a Christian Scientist.  It shows us how to be one with Principle.  This chapter is Science reflecting the Word.”  (YDR; p. 570)
     Michael, being a Leo, is a representation of moral courage.  Moral courage is what is taught to us in Christian Science.  Michael is connected to Jack O’Neill’s character, for he is a clone made by a Norse (North for the Word) god. So this tone is deeply connected to the fifteenth chapter “Genesis.” It is in “Genesis” that we are taught the Word order for the seven synonymous terms via the Seven Days of Creation (even though creation was finished in the Sixth Day).  Although the clone of Jack is a teenager he retains all the knowledge of the original Jack O’Neill, this makes him a wise boy, or a man-child.
     “Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.” – Proverbs.
     There is no doubt that Jack is a just man. In the final scene of the episode with Michael Welch original Jack is dropping off clone Jack at high school. He is going to be taught new things and take a different path in life. This is because the North Side of Science as the Word differs from the South Side of Science as Christianity. The North Side is also the tone of Soul as Life while the South Side is also the tone of Mind as Love.
     Mary Baker Eddy’s last paragraph for the thirteenth chapter reads: “In founding a pathological system of Christianity [the face of a man – Jack O’Neill’s South Side], the author has labored to expound divine Principle [Love], and not to exalt personality [mortal mind]. The weapons of bigotry, ignorance, envy, fall before an honest heart. Adulterating Christian Science [as depicted by the dancing adults in the tenth Illustration of Christ and Christmas, where the Michael Welch is knocking at the door], makes it [Christian Science] void. Falsity has no foundation. ‘The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.’ Neither dishonesty nor ignorance ever founded, nor can they overthrow a scientific system of ethics.”

“…second, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God;” (S&H 577:14-15)

Virgo, the Virgin – Cliff Simon (The Word as the Christ), Brent Stait (the Christ as Christianity), Amanda Tapping (Science as the Christ) represents the Eastern Side for the fourteenth STARGATE


     “In Virgo, the earth sign [tone of the Christ], there is a tendency to weigh and consider.  This is the sign of those who seek an ideal [a spiritual ideal] and are not content until it is found.  The Hermit who is seeking Truth on the mountaintop [the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth] is a Virgo character.  Perhaps he is not only seeking truth [seeking Truth] for himself but also helping those below [those in the shadow of the valley of death] find it, as he holds his lantern [with the six pointed Star of David – the two witnesses – the Star of Bethlehem (the masculine Jerusalem) and the Star of Boston (the feminine Israel)] aloft.” (A Complete Guide to the TAROT, p. 222)
     I am this Virgo HERMIT, as I hold my Mother’s Glovered (mitten) writings.  She is the WORD that is Mother. I am Mother’s spiritual successor.  I too am the Christ as the Word (with Ben) for I am the second Woman God-crowned.  Of all my STARGATES the only one I had my picture taken with and then autographed was Ben Browder.  In the photo he stands to my left side (on my Womanhood side) while I stand at his right side (on his manhood side).  The Bride (the Word) as the second coming of Christ – Mary Baker Eddy – descended from heaven with the city foursquare, while the Bride (the Word) as the third coming of Christ – Martha Jones-Smith – goes out from the city of our God to all corners of the earth – for all of my twelve outer STARGATES are open.  It is of importance that I am the one that God showed the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth to.

My Eighth STARGATE (the Second Major Star) – Cliff Simon is for the Word as the Christ – shines light on the Madonna and Christ Keystone – in Science and Health it correlates with the chapter “Atonement and Eucharist”

     Helen Wright, on page 567 of YDR, writes:  “In Chapter II, ‘Atonement and Eucharist,’ Mrs. Eddy shows us that the demands of Christ are to reconcile our mentality with God in order to be at one with God:  Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  The Christ reconciles.  This is the Word reflecting the Christ.

     Cliff Simon, playing Lord Baal (or Lord Lord), had many clones (many personalities held to be captive prisoners within matter – a belief in spiritualism).  Lord Lord could actually be the belief that Jesus as Lord is Lord God, but this is not so.  Lord Lord certainly presents the idea of dualism that is found in mortal mind.  I see Lord Baal as being the opposite in belief as to what Jesus Christ truly is.  Or another way of putting it, Jesus Christ via biblical Christianity has been turned into Lord Baal – the belief that a man can be God.  “Atonement and Eucharist” corrects the many mistakes that ecclesiastical despotism, scholastic theology, and dogma have taught in regards to Jesus the Christ.
     Lord Baal, with the aid of a lower Goa’uld, was able to use the Avenger program to make many Stargates go off line (to shut them or close them – like what ecclesiastical despotism does with their churches).  However, it came to everyone’s advantage when the Avenger program was used to destroy all the mechanical (thought) replicators (mortal intellectualism of ecclesiastical despotism) all at once by opening up all the Stargates at the same time.  Opening up all the gates sent the signal to all replicators (Branch Churches) to disorganize at the same exact time.  This same idea is used later on in Stargate:  The Ark of Truth when the Ark’s Mercy Lid opens and the light is transferred via the Ori Prior’s staffs.  And this transpires only after the replicators on the Earth ship Odyssey are sent the code to disorganize.  This process awakened them to the Truth – much like the lantern does in THE HERMIT card.
     Just what is the Truth that was in the signal and the light?  It had to be “The atonement of Christ reconciles man to God, not God to man; for the divine Principle of Christ is God and how can God propitiate Himself?  Christ is Truth, which reaches no higher than itself.  The fountain can rise no higher than its source.  Christ, Truth, could conciliate no nature above his own, derived from the eternal Love.  It was therefore Christ’s purpose to reconcile man to God, not God to man.  Love and Truth are not at war with God’s image and likeness [man].  Man cannot exceed divine Love, and so atone for himself.  Even Christ cannot reconcile Truth to error, for Truth and error are irreconcilable.  Jesus aided in reconciling man to God by giving man a truer sense of Love, the divine Principle of Jesus’ teachings, and this truer sense of Love redeems man from the [letter of the] law of matter, sin, and death by the law of Spirit, — the law of divine Love.” (S&H 18:13-19:11)
     How many religions try to make God fit into man’s mold or opinion of what God is like?  It is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, it just will not work.  If the square peg (man) looks for the square hole (his true image) then the peg can become one with the (w)hole (atonement).  Most religions teach that God must conform to what man thinks God is instead of teaching man what God really is.  No wonder men are so easily confused and go out and commit murder in the name of God even though one of the Ten Commandments says to do so goes against God’s Law.

Question. — Is there more than one God or Principle?

Answer. — There is not.” (S&H 465:16-17)

     It is the Madonna – Mary Baker Eddy – that gives birth to the spiritual ideal in her Textbook.  The true understanding of Jesus Christ as a human and divine coincidence is brought forth unto the world.  This reverses ecclesiastical despotism’s lies of spiritualism that state that Spirit (God) was put into a material body known as the man Jesus.  Jesus is not God he is the Son of God.  Jesus is the human and divine coincidence because “Principle and its idea is one, and this one is God, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Being, and His reflection is man and the universe.” (S&H 465:17- 465:1)  Instead of thinking in terms of quantity with Principle and its idea we should be thinking in terms of relationship.
    We skip from the second Major STARGATE to the fifth Minor STARGATE (my First STARGATE) because we are still dealing with THE HERMIT card.

My First STARGATE (the Fifth Minor STARGATE) – Brent Stait is for the Christ as Christianity tone – it shines light on the Pomegranate Keystone that correlates with the chapter “Physiology”

     Helen Wright, on page 568 of YDR, writes:  “In Chapter VII, ‘Physiology,’ the reader begins to sense the effect and outcome of the translation—the translation of mortal man, so that what seems in illusion, in hypnotic suggestion, to be a mortal man, is translated into an immortal.  This is the Christ reflecting Christianity.

     Brent Stait played the wraith Michael on the second season’s last episode of Stargate Atlantis.  And Michael, at this point of the Michael Arch story, had a lot in common with Stait’s character from Andromeda.  In the Stargate Universe Michael was originally a Wraith (a mortal-human coincidence) but because he was given an anti-virus medicine he became a human-divine coincidence, only he stopped taking the medicine so he transgressed.  That is the problem with materia medica, it never really heals anyone.  On Andromeda Brent Stait played Reverend (Revered Leader of) Bem (peace).  He wore the emblem of the mountain pyramid with a curved path leading up to its capstone.  In one episode Reverend Bem had to climb the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.  When he reached the capstone he reached out to his Motherhood and was spiritually transformed from being a physical mortal and human coincidence into a human and divine coincidence.
Ascending the scale
     “We call the body material; but it is as truly mortal mind, according to its degree, as is the material brain which is supposed to furnish the evidence of all mortal thought or things.  The human mortal mind, by an inevitable perversion, makes all things start from the lowest instead of from the highest mortal thought.  The reverse is the case with all the formations of the immortal divine Mind.  They proceed from the divine source; and so, in tracing them, we constantly ascend in infinite being.” (S&H 189:15)
     In Stargate SG-1 Brent played Louis “famous warrior” Ferretti “heroic.”  In the pilot episode Children of the Gods his character becomes injured, however, he is the one who sees the constellations (symbols) on the dial home device and remembers the code.  This enabled Colonel Jack (Jack = divine Science) O’Neill’s teams to travel to Chulac to try and rescue Daniel (righteous judgment) Jackson’s (son of Jack) wife and brother-in-law from the Goa’uld Apophis (the serpent – animal magnetism).  The woman that played Daniel’s wife was to become mother of Michael Shank’s oldest daughter (before Lexa Doig came along).  Their daughter played the Harsesis child in one of the episodes.  (See my interpretation of Stargate:  The Ark of Truth for more about the Harsesis child.)
     “Physiology is one of the apples from ‘the tree of knowledge.’ [Pomegranates are often thought to be the forbidden fruit.  However, they are symbols for the woman God-crowned so they would be symbols for the fruit from the tree of life.]  Evil [the Goa’uld – the serpent snake] declared that eating this fruit [from the tree of knowledge] would open man’s eyes and make him as a god.  Instead of so doing, it closed the eyes of mortals to man’s God-given dominion over the earth.
     “To measure intellectual capacity by the size of the brain and strength by the exercise of muscle, is to subjugate intelligence, to make mind mortal, and to place this so-called mind at the mercy of material organization and non-intelligent matter.
     “Obedience to the so-called physical laws of health has not checked sickness.  Diseases have multiplied, since man-made material theories took the place of spiritual truth.” (S&H 165:1-15)

Science as the Christ (the second side of the Science squared cycle – the East Stargate of the Open Book)
     Amanda Tapping – Samantha Carter – brings the sacred Sanctuary of Truth into the world. It is her inner light (Helen Magnus) that saved SG-1 thousands of times and her understanding of Science that helps to enlighten those around her. Although Amanda specifically has to do with the eastern side of the squared cycle for Science, she represents the East side of the Textbook in Window of the Open Book.  She presents to us the tone of Science as the Christ with the fourteenth chapter “Recapitulation.”  The previous chapter “Teaching Christian Science” (with Michael Welch’s North Side) precedes the teachings found in “Recapitulation” as moral ethics are strongly presented in it, for a Christian Scientist that lacks moral ethics is worthless as a teacher or a healer.  “Teaching Christian Science” demands strict adherence to the divine Principle (the trunk of the Golden Candlestick).  I feel that we first need to take a look at the northern side of the little open book because both the 13th (Science as the Word) and 14th chapters are teaching chapters and they go hand in hand.
     “Teaching Christian Science” is the thirteenth chapter.  It “teaches us how to become a Christian Scientist.  It shows us how to be one with Principle.” (YDR; p. 570)  It teaches the importance of the Lion’s (the Word’s) moral courage (ethics) in the practice of Christian Science. This is the chapter that opens up with the story of “A ‘strange woman’” named Mary and how she anoints the feet of Jesus Christ. He tells her, “Thy sins are forgiven.”
     After speaking of this Bible incident and about Simon (a follower of ecclesiastic despotism), Mary asks us straight out (page 364:16-31): “Here is suggested a solemn question, a question indicated by one of the needs of this age [the Sixth Day of Truth with the second coming of Christ]. Do Christian Scientists seek Truth as Simon sought the Saviour, through material conservatism and for personal homage? Jesus told Simon that such seekers as he gave small reward in return for the spiritual purgation which came through the Messiah. If Christian Scientists are like Simon, then it must be said of them also that they love little.
     “On the other hand, do they show their regard for Truth, or Christ, by their genuine repentance, by their broken hearts, expressed by meekness and human affection, as did this woman? If so, then it may be said of them, as Jesus said of the unwelcome visitor, that they indeed love much, because much is forgiven them.”
     So, we need the correct mental attitude in order to be a true student of Christian Science. Once we understand the thirteenth chapter’s demands we are ready to move on to our New Jerusalem artichoke (our very pretty flower of the sun) – with “Recapitulation.”
     “Chapter XIV, ”Recapitulation,’ starts with the definition of God.  It shows that Principle cannot be understood as a whole (anymore than math can be understood as a whole).  Principle can be understood through its idea.  This chapter is Science reflecting the Christ.” (RYD; p. 570)   “Recapitulation” represents the East Side of the Little Open Book, the middle branch of the Golden Candlestick matrix with its tones of Spirit and Truth, and it has twenty-four sections of questions and answers.  These twenty-four sections are like the twenty-four elders and their seats of power found in the first vision of Revelation – found upon the thrown of God.  “Recapitulation” is also what I call the New Jerusalem artichoke matrix (seen below).  I named it this after having a dream about artichokes, and realizing that the sunflower in the hub around the Textbook had twenty-four petals.  “Recapitulation” is “from the first edition of the author’s class-book, copyrighted in 1870. After much labor and increased spiritual understanding, she revised that treatise for this volume in 1875 [the first edition of the little open book].  Absolute Christian Science pervades its statements, to elucidate scientific metaphysics.” (S&H 465:1)
     The fourteenth chapter consists of twenty-four questions with its twenty-four answers that fluctuate between absolute Christian Science and Christian Science. Its first question/answer is of the most importance – for it asks what God is and it gives us the seven capitalized (recapped) names for God as its answer. “God is incorporeal [has no material body], divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.”


Recapitulation B

Capricorn, the Goat – Joe Flanigan (the Christ as the Christ), Gary Jones (Christianity as the Christ)


     “Capricorn is an earth sign [tone for the Christ] patterned after the horns of a goat.  It is the symbol of a ruler, a militarist, a manager—all of them practical and able to function in the material world.  Capricorn, the most earthy of the earth triplicity, indicates a person who can be voluntarily enslaved not only by material pleasures and sex but also by [physical] science and scientific methods.  In Key 15, the Devil wears the goat horns and has been put up on a pedestal by the men and women who through ignorance and greed, have made themselves the slaves of that which was supposed to serve them.” (A Complete Guide to the TAROT, by Eden Gray)  Humans do ignorantly worship the devil (personal sense) without even realizing it.  But I do not agree that the devil was supposed to serve man if the devil is  error.  Most definitely, the devil represents the anti-Christ.
     THE DEVIL card presents a different picture than that of THE LOVERS card, even though they are similar in layout.  In THE LOVERS card we recognize salvation because of the divine Mind, while with THE DEVIL card we see the results that transpire when man follows personal sense and mortal mind (the devil).  Oddly, Mary Baker Eddy uses three words to describe three types of material organizations of Christianity.  For Roman Catholicism she applies the word “world”.  For Protestants she applies the word “flesh”.  For Christian Scientists she applies the word “devil”.  Why does she use “devil” to describe Christian Scientists?  Because it is the material organized Christian Science church that wages the biggest war against the woman God-crowned – Mary Baker Eddy.  And this war against the woman uses the tactics of “personal idolatry” to keep Christian Scientists from Loving their Revered Leader.  These three types of organized material Christian Church are the three measures of meal that the woman places leaven into.  The Roman Catholics killed the Science that Jesus taught.  Protestants present a false theology about who God and Jesus are (many state that Jesus is God).  And Christian Scientists try to use Christian Science as medicine (to heal matter) while refusing the their Leader’s words:  “Truth is God’s remedy for error of every kind, and Truth destroys only what is untrue.  Hence the fact that, to-day [the Day of Truth], as yesterday [the Day of Life], Christ casts out evils and heals the sick.” (S&H 142:31-143:4; [my interpolations])

My Sixth STARGATE (the Third Minor STARGATE) – Joe Flanigan is for the Christ as the Christ tone – it shines light on the Oil Lamp Keystone for the chapter “Science, Theology, Medicine”

     Helen Wright, on page 568 or YDR, writes:  “In Chapter VI, ‘Science, Theology, Medicine,’ the textbook reveals the Christ [in this case, the John Sheppard] as the true idea of God, coming from God, infinite good, to man, uncovering and translating false existence back to the divine Being, our true being as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  This chapter is the Christ reflecting the Christ.

     Joe “extension” Flanigan “of the ruddy [red] one” is a John (God given divine Science) Sheppard (Leader – or a “a ruler, a militarist”) to the folks in Atlantis.  Negatively Joe Flanigan would be the extension of the Adam mortal mind going out into the world.  (John Sheppard almost became a Wraith like creature.)  However, I translate the name back to God in that Joe Flanigan represents the ever-extending divine Mind that is omnipresent.  His character points us to the Christ Leader, and our modern day Leader is Mary Baker Eddy.
Light shining in darkness
     “When apparently near the confines of mortal existence, standing already within the shadow of the death-valley, I learned these truths in divine Science; that all real being is in God, the divine Mind, and that Life, Truth, and Love are all-powerful and ever-present; that the opposite of Truth, — called error, sin, sickness, disease, death [the devil], — is the false testimony of false material sense, of mind in matter; that this false sense evolves, in belief, a subjective state of mortal mind which the same so-called mind names matter, thereby shutting out the true sense of Spirit.” (S&H 108:17)
     John Sheppard must go up against the Wraith (life sucking aliens).  The Wraith was once part of the Ancient race, but their DNA became contaminated by bugs (the animal mortal mind) and they morphed into alien Wraith creatures that feed off the life energy of human beings.  The Wraith are impure while Spirit is purity.  In a way they are much like the myth of vampires.  They sleep a lot and wake up to feed, and they seem to have super strength and mental hypnotic abilities.  So they are capable of using mental malpractice on their subjects (their meals).  They even have a cult (the bad term of the word cult, not the wheel cult) following of humans that do their bidding.  So they promote a false type of religion.  Wraith is the anti-Christ, THE DEVIL.
     The Textbook’s sixth chapter gives us the Scientific Translations on pages 115-116.  These two translations are of (first) Immortal Mind and (second) mortal mind.

The Scientific Translation of Immortal Mind is as follows:

Dream M & B - ASpiritual universe
     “In the third degree mortal mind [the Magog, the Goa’uld and Wraith] disappears, and man as God’s image [the Christ] appears.  Science so reverses the evidence before the corporeal human senses, as to make this Scriptural testimony true in our hearts, ‘The last shall be first, and the first last,’ so that God and His idea may be to us what divinity really is and must of necessity be, — all-inclusive.” (S&H 116:4)
     In a way, what happens in the Stargate Atlantis episode Michael is a good example of “In the third degree [spiritual understanding of reality] mortal mind [the Wraith] disappears, and man as God’s image [Michael – Who is like God?] appears.”  Of course, Michael needed material medica to remain human.  “Material medicine substitutes drugs for the power of God — even the might of Mind — to heal the body.  Scholasticism clings for salvation to be the person, instead of to the  divine Principle, of the man Jesus; and his Science, the curative agent of God is silenced.  Why?  Because truth divests material drugs of their imaginary power, and clothes Spirit with supremacy.  Science is the ‘stranger that is within thy gates,’ remembered not, even when its elevating effects practically prove its divine origin and efficacy.” (S&H 146:13)  In the previous paragraph she tells us that the “first idolatry was faith in matter.”  She does not say that the “first idolatry was faith in Jesus or Mary Baker Eddy.  She explains that is is this faith in matter, as drugs, that is behind the lost art of healing performed by Jesus and the early Christians.  Then she also tells us that the Science of divine metaphysics (which is what Jesus taught) “is now reduced to a system.”  Oddly, those of the Boston Church also rejected this system, the system that John W. Doorly and his students presented in the 1950s onward.

My Seventh STARGATE (the Fourth Minor STARGATE) – Gary Jones is for the tone of Christianity as the Christ – it shines light on the Palmleaves of Salvation Keystone for the chapter “Science of Being”

     Helen Wright, on page 569 of YDR, writes:  “Chapter X, ‘Science of Being’ views the universe of ideas in its Christ office, as the dynamics of ideas.  It shows that an idea has the power to dispel invisible ideas as well as visible ideas and that it operates as a divine infinite calculus [able to operate the motions of the Stargate itself].  This chapter is Christianity reflecting the Christ.

     In one episode of Stargate SG-1 Walter “army ruler, general” is seen giving a cup of water (in Christ’s name) to Doctor Novak.  This is the action of Christianity.
     Gary Jones’ character Walter dials up the Stargate.  He is always found on the platform while doing his operations.  Later on he is given a promotion to work with General O’Neill and General Landry.  He seems almost psychic in his job.  When we listen to divine Mind instead of mortal mind we do appear to be psychic to others.  However, this talent is called absolute spiritual perception not extra sensory perception.
     “Science of Being” has the platform with its matrix of thirty-two focal points.  Mary Baker Eddy writes on page 330:8 – “When the following platform is understood and the letter and the spirit bear witness, the infallibility of divine metaphysics will be demonstrated.”  When we demonstrate divine metaphysics we will demonstrate absolute spiritual perception.

Aquarius, the Waterman – ??? Tony Amendola*

(*Tony Amendola’s zodiac sign is unknown to me.  However, I am going to go out on a limb put him here with Aquarius.  Why?  Because, I find the pattern too coincidental to ignore.  I feel that Tony Amendola could be this sign.)

     For sure, my third living creature, who has “the face of a man,” is Richard Dean Anderson, my Fifteenth STARGATE.  He represents the South Side of Science as Christianity, the tone of Mind as Love.  Richard (rich) Dean (valley) Anderson (son of the strong courageous man) is Jack (divine Science) O’Neill (son of champion), head leader of SG-1.  Richard Dean Anderson, however, is my third living creature for the Tone of Science as Christianity, the Southern Side of the City.


     “The symbol for Aquarius represents the waves [the Eddy] made when water is poured from the Waterman’s urn [into the red dragon sea of unconscious thought].  It is an air sign [tone for Christianity] and therefore mental.  With impersonal love and altruism, Aquarius gives to all humanity and deals with their problems, Key 17, the Star, is a card of meditation, a mental occupation, the mind reaching out to grasp the solution to problems.  Aquarians are said to be intuitive, fond of occult [hidden] research, and of a naturally meditative turn of mind.” (A Complete Guide to the TAROT, by Eden Gray, p. 224)
     THE STAR depicts the angel of Revelation 10 as Gabriel (Love) and is also representative of the third living creature that has the face of a man – Michael (Truth), as depicted in the card TEMPERANCE.


     Michael is the female angel (God’s messenger) presented to us in CHRISTIAN UNITY (of Christ and Christmas).   Michael’s left foot is upon the earth (above).

First Edition

First Edition

     The angel’s right foot is upon the sea, thus, we can relate her to the Stranger knocking on our consciousness (in TRUTH versus ERROR).  Even though its doorplate reads “mortal mind” when we really listen to the Christ messenger (angel thoughts) we realize that it is the Christ door.  True “Prayer” leads us to “Atonement[al consciousness with God] and Eucharist [communion with God]” which is our TRUE “Marriage.”  We are not to marry physical finite corpses but we are to marry (unite with) God-Spirit.

My Forth STARGATE (the Third Major STARGATE) – Tony Amendola for the Word as Christianity – shines light on the Southern Cross of Calvary Keystone for the chapter “Marriage”

     Helen Wright, on page 567 of YDR, writes:  “In Chapter III, ‘Marriage,’ we are shown the exaltation of everyday life, since Christianity is always the outcome of the Christ-idea.  This is the Word reflecting Christianity, since seeking the spiritual involves a higher sense of humanhood.”
     Although I have no proof, as yet, that Tony Amendola is an Aquarian this description of Aquarius seems to fit the character he played on Stargate SG-1.  It also describes his character as seen on the series Continuum.
     Bra’tac is Teal’c’s mentor and teacher.  What is the main religious teaching taught to Teal’c by Bra’tac?  It is the fact that Goa’ulds are false gods.  In other words, the mortal minded body created via sexual activity (the serpent Goa’uld’s 666) is a false god.  Teal’c is taught the Truth first by Bra’tac, but he does not begin to gain his freedom until he meets O’Neil, Carter, and Jackson.  It is O’Neill that invites Teal’c to join up with them and to fight the false gods of the material system.  What do they fight with?  They fight with Science.  Okay, on the show it is material science, but to spiritually translate the story we must understand that divine Science is what is practiced in order to overcome the material dreamworld.
     “If Christian Scientists educate their own offspring spiritually, they can educate others spiritually and not conflict with the scientific sense of God’s creation.  Some day the child [student] will ask his parent [teacher]:  ‘Do you keep the first Commandment?  Do you have one God and creator, or is [mortal] man a creator [as the system Lord (the serpent lie) puts forth]?’  If the father replies, ‘God [Spirit] creates [material] man through [material] man [via sex],’ the child may ask, ‘Do you teach that Spirit creates materially, or do you declare that Spirit is infinite, therefore matter is out of the question?’  Jesus said, ‘The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage:  But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage.’” (S&H 69:17)  How many of today’s professed Christian’s get married in the material world?

My Fifteenth STARGATE (the third side of the Science squared cycle – the South Stargate of the Open Book) – Richard Dean Anderson for Science as Christianity – shines light upon the “scientific system of ethics” found within the fifteenth chapter “Genesis.” This brings out the tone of Mind (there is only one creator. This one creator is the one Mind, divine Mind, Christ Mind) as the tone of Love (only one Mother-God).

     “In Chapter XV, ‘Genesis,’ Principle’s expression is placed within the infinite divine Principle.  Principle is shown as including within itself, within its infinite embrace, the forever genesis of ideas—including within itself its infinite idea.  This chapter is Science reflecting Christianity.” (RYD; p. 570)  This Stargate is for Aquarius, the third living creature – the face of a man.  This place is kept for Richard Dean Anderson, Jack O’Neill.

     Jack (divine Science) O’Neill (son of the champion) is the leader of SG-1. This is because he is the “face of a man.” This man is God’s child. When man asks, “Who is like God?” he begins to understand who he is, and this is the leading incentive behind man’s spiritual progress in Christianity. In “Genesis” we find out who is like God. We come to terms that the man-woman created during the Sixth Day of Truth is this man.  Clone Jack (of the order of Melchizedek) is found to be the tone of Soul as Life, and Soul deals with man’s true identity. It is the Welch (Stranger) who knocks on the door of mortal mind that we discover to be our true identity (Soul being), it is never the mortal Adam man (the adulterers). When we come to spiritually understand that Mind is the only creator, and this Mind only creates Spirit being and is only identified as Soul being (which is the only Life there ever is), then we are Principled in divine Love. We are then able to Love our brother Christians (fellow man). And in loving those we have seen we are then able to Love God, whom we have not seen.
     “All questions as to the divine creation being both spiritual and material are answered in this passage [Genesis 1:5 – And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.], for though solar beams are not yet included in the record of creation, still there is light [Mind]. This light is not from the sun nor from volcanic flames, but it is the revelation of Truth [Michael] and of spiritual ideas. This also shows that there is no place where God’s light is not seen, since Truth [Michael as the Word], Life [Amanda as the Christ], and Love [Richard as Christianity] fill immensity and are ever-present. Was not this a revelation instead of a creation?” (S&H 504:6; [my interpolations]) I present the three names of three STARGATES here not as personalities but as spiritual ideas, for I am simply pointing out the order which I have presented them to you in this post.
     Let us not look over the fact that “Marriage” of the correct kind is presented to us in “Genesis.” What is true “Marriage”? Is it marriage between a man and woman, a man and man, or a woman and woman? No, true marriage is between God and man as presented in the first chapter of Genesis. “And God said, Let us [Father-Mother God] make man in our [Father-Mother God] image [the face of a man = the Christ Mind], after our likeness [the body of a woman = the Christ mass or congregation]: and let them [as man-woman] have dominion [Life as found in the Fifth Day] over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” (Genesis 1:26; [my interpolations])
     When we get to the allegory of Adam we find a different type of marriage between man and woman. Let us take a look at religious dogma behind marriage. The Lord God Jehovah, who is not the same God as presented in Genesis 1-2:3, creates a material man out of nothingness (dust and the ground). This Adam man represents the prodigal son who leaves home, temporarily, in order to experience life (not Life). He is put into a deep sleep (a self-hypnotic trance) by the Lord (the idea that man can create his own world out of matter). The rib, which symbolizes man’s covenant with God (man’s oneness with God) is taken out of man’s body (the symbol of man’s divine being = womanhood) in belief only.  Man (Adam) never wakes up from this dream, but instead, he believes that he is now separated from his own divinity; his own womanhood is now (in belief) separated from him. And in order to, once again, feel whole he believes he must engage in sexual activity with this woman, who he misidentifies as Eve (as being the mother of all material men). In other words, marriage takes place between mortal man and mortal woman so that they can become re-united.
     In a like manner, whether it seems that we live in a male or female body of matter, we have been fooled into believing that we are a man of earth separated from our womanhood in heaven. But this is not the Truth of it.
     “Popular theology [via material church organizations] takes up the history of man as if he began materially right [as Adam], but immediately fell into mental sin [being tempted by the serpent Goa’uld, he ate the forbidden fruit]; whereas revealed religion proclaims the Science of Mind and its formations as being in accordance with the first chapter of the Old Testament, when God, Mind, spake and it was done.” (S&H 557:22; [my interpolations]) This first chapter of the Old Testament presents the Word order for the first six synonymous terms for God as – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, and Truth. Genesis 2:1-3 presents the final synonym of Love. So the two foundation stones for the first and second chapters of Genesis just happen to be Mind and Love!
     Although I have always presented the Seven Days of Genesis with the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth, I now understand that it can also be presented with the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle. And when the Seven Days are presented in this way we have “revealed religion” proclaiming “the Science of Mind and its formations.”

Minor Pyramid in Color

Libra, the Scales – Christopher Judge


     “Libra is an air sign [tone for Christianity], and therefore mental in outlook.  It means balance, poise, and peace.  What Tarot Key could be more fitting here than Justice, the lady with the scales?  Her eyes are open, and she is therefore able to bring both balance and peace to the affairs of men.” (A Complete Guide to the TAROT, by Eden Gray)
     This seems to fit in well with Christopher Judge who played the Jaffa (little stream of Scientific thought) Teal’c (of the Woman God-crowned).  It is Mary Baker Eddy who brings true justice into the world.  Her two edged sword indicates that error must be cut away just as Truth must be established within conscious thought.

My Eleventh STARGATE (the Sixth Minor STARGATE) – Christopher Judge for the tone of Christianity as Christianity – it shines light on the Harvested Wheat Keystone for the chapter “Some Objections Answered.”

     Helen Wright, on page 569 of YDR, writes:  “In Chapter XI, In ‘Some Objections Answered,’ we take a further step and see that this universe of ideas consists of an infinite relationships of ideas that form a divine coherent whole.  This Chapter XI is Christianity reflecting Christianity.

     Because Teal’c is a great student, in time he too becomes a teacher of Truth.  Mary Baker Eddy was the greatest teacher of Christian Science ever, yet she was maligned by Jaffa (little streams of thought), Apophis (the serpent), and other Goa’ulds (those who teach priest craft).  These types of thought raise many objections to true Christianity.  And these false objecting thoughts are found within one’s own subjective consciousness.
     “The strictures on this volume [S&H] would condemn to oblivion the truth, which is raising up thousands from helplessness to strength and elevating them from a theoretical [Christianity] to a practical Christianity.  These criticisms are generally based on detached sentences or clauses separated from their context.  Even the Scriptures, which grow in beauty and consistency from one grand root, appear contradictory when subjected to such usage.” (S&H 341:1)  One good example of this is how the four Gospels are mixed up together to tell one story about Jesus Christ instead of being viewed as four Gospels relating Jesus’ life to the four tones of the divine calculus – Matthew (the Word), Mark (the Christ), Luke (Christianity), and John (Science).  “Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the pure in heart:  for they shall see God’ [Truth].” (Ibid, line 8)
     The scales of JUSTICE (the balance of Soul) points us to the third living creature in Revelation 6 where it nullifies the black horseman of injustice.  The black horseman represents dishonesty in business.  Today it seems that there is a call for social justice, however, when this social justice is based upon socialism (communism) it is a false type of justice.  This type of injustice (calling itself justice) comes forth from the red dragon making the statement that there should be economic equality.  However, the black horseman’s weights, which are in his scale, are off and these weights cheat the honest businessman out of his fair income!  Where does this dishonesty have its roots?  Its roots are found to begin in the Christian Church, for world affairs always reflect Church affairs.  True JUSTICE leads to righteous JUDGEMENT.

Scorpio, the Scorpion – Teryl Rothery (Soul as Mind), Robert Picardo (Soul as Soul), Armin Shimerman (Science)


     “Scorpio is a water sign [tone for Science] and hence deals with the emotions.  It is said to concern both death and regeneration.  Tarot Key 20, sometimes called the Last Judgment, represents the final state of personal consciousness, which has at last risen from the grave of materiality.  Those whose coffins float on the sea of the great subconscious as if they were dead are now regenerated by the trumpet blast of final liberation [liberated from mortal mind beliefs].” (A Complete Guide to the TAROT, by Eden Gray, pages 222, 223; [my interpolations])  This would be the same “sea” that the angel has his/her right foot upon.

My Second STARGATE (the Fourth Major STARGATE) – Teryl Rothery for the Word as Science tone – shines light on the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony Keystone for the chapter “Christian Science versus Spiritualism”

     Helen Wright, on pages 567-568 of YDR, writes:  “In Chapter IV, ‘Christian Science vs. Spiritualism,’ the textbook shows us what is real and what is unreal.  It declares Spirit to be real, the only; and shows that the mortal, the material, the human, are not factors in the Science of Spirit.  This is the Word reflecting Science.

     Teryl Rothery (the reaping waters) played a healing doctor of physical science in Stargate SG-1.  I will say then that it is materia medica of mortal minded beliefs that leads to death and believes in death, while it is Science alone that regenerates man and frees him from sin, sickness, disease, and death.  This is accomplished through the understanding of one’s true identity – being Soul.  Janet “God is gracious; divine Science” Fraiser “strawberry; curly haired; of divine Mind” (Teryl’s character) represents the second coming of Christ.  She experienced Daniel Jackson’s ascension.  Daniel Jackson is the Christ Jesus type.  So Janet saw firsthand that Christian Science reverses spiritualism.  What did this do to her medical beliefs?  Did they all go out the window?  She did continue to be a medical doctor.  If Janet Fraiser represents the second coming of Christ in the Stargate SG-1 storyline, and she dies – as believed that Mary Baker Eddy died on 12-3-1910 – then she would have a successor, a healing successor.  Her successor turns out to be Doctor Carolyn Lam – the Lamb of God.
     Divine Science teaches us “Jesus taught but one God, one Spirit [not many minds of matter, nor did he teach one mortal mind in many bodies], who makes man in the image and likeness of Himself, — of Spirit, not of matter.  Man reflects infinite Truth, Life, and Love.  The nature of man, thus understood, includes all that is implied by the terms ‘image’ and ‘likeness’ as used in Scripture.  The truly Christian and scientific statement of personality and of the relation of man to God, with the demonstration which accompanied it, incensed the rabbis, and they said: ‘Crucify him, crucify him…by our law he ought to die, because he made himself the Son of God.’
     “The eastern empires [the Goa’ulds and the Ori] and nations owe their false government to the misconceptions of Deity there prevalent.  Tyranny, intolerance, and bloodshed, wherever found, arise from the belief that the infinite is formed after the pattern of mortal personality, passion, and impulse.” (S&H 94:1-16)  Is not this false teaching the same teaching that material medica is based upon?  We are taught by society, by television commercials, by our medical professionals that man must employ the use of material drugs in order to be healed of sickness and disease (that leads to death).  However, these beliefs are all misconceptions of Deity.  If God reflects man then there is no hope for any of us, even by turning to material medica.  However, if man reflects God as Scripture insists is the case then man has no need to turn to material medica.  Man only needs to spiritually understand his true identity as the Christ, the Son of God being manifested so as to destroy incarnate error.  It is the fearless man, fearless because he has spiritual understanding, who turns down medical treatment.

My Tenth STARGATE (the Eighth Minor STARGATE) – Robert Picardo for the tone of Christianity as Science – it shines light on the Big Dipper Keystone for the chapter “Christian Science Practice”

     Recently in March 2015 I realized that this twelfth Stargate could actually be the Pleiades Star Cluster instead of the Big Dipper. The two do resemble each other. What is the reason for this change? Well, I recently (November 2014) discovered that the seven stars in the keystone window are actually Star-Flowers. The femininity of the seven Star of Bethlehem flowers points to the Seven Sisters (seven Stars) of the Pleiades.  Just like how the actual Star of Bethlehem flower has only six petals (unlike the seven flowers with seven petals in the keystone window) it is like the seventh sister’s Star is invisible.

Star of Bethlehem Flower

Star of Bethlehem Flower

     Something else I just realized (I am a little slow sometimes) is that in the Stargate Matrix, or Unity Matrix, or even in the Network Matrix, you only have a total of seven tones for the Word, seven tones for the Christ, seven tones for Christianity, and seven tones for Science. This is because the tones (like the Word as the Word) are used twice in the matrixes. For example in the Network Matrix if you go horizontally the Word as the Word is the first square going across and if you go vertically the Word as the Word is the first square going downward. This could very well explain why there are only seven Star-Flowers in the keystone window instead of eight. These four tones (for the Network Matrix) are what I refer to as Diagon Ally (for you Harry Potter fans) because they go diagonally across the square.

     It is also a fact there are two types of practice – the curative (with the Letter of the Law) and the preventive (with the Spirit of the Law). See the diagram below, this helps explain it.

Two Women Sentinels

     Helen Wright, on page 570 of YDR, writes:  “Chapter XII, ‘Christian Science Practice,’ deals with the application of this realm of divine ideas.  It explains how a knowledge of the nature of ideas, and the coherency of ideas can be scientifically used to solve everyday problems.  The textbook tells us to be a law to ourselves, not merely to use laws, but far more, to be law, law-abiding, law-obedient, law-disciplined; to be the idea of Science, expressing Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love,—to be ‘the kingdom of God within you.’  This is Science, so this chapter is Christianity reflecting Science.

     Robert Picardo was a holographic healing doctor of science in Star Trek Voyager.  He is self-aware of himself and chooses to be mortal, like Pinocchio.  In Stargate SG-1 he plays a man who seems sort of mean, he is a lawyer, however, eventually we find out that he really is a just and fair man and then he is given the command position in Atlantis.
     It seems fitting then, that Robert Picardo goes along with “Christian Science Practice” because medical practices and legal practices must abide by God’s Laws and ethical treatment of mankind.  It is also of importance that Janet Fraiser’s death is investigated by Richard (a rich and powerful Dick?) Woolsey (Robert Picardo’s character).  Woolsey means “victorious wolf.”  I do not know how Woolsey got its meaning.  Perhaps it got its meaning from the fact that a victorious wolf is the one that dresses in sheep’s clothing (wool)?  However, is spiritual wickedness in high places (the wolf) ever really victorious?  The wolf may believe himself to be victorious, he may even seem to temporarily be victorious for a certain amount of time, but this victory is pure illusion.  This idea behind Richard Woolsey sure seems to be what the character is like when we first meet him.  But in later episodes we find out that he really is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it is more like he is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.  In other words, he is victorious because he infiltrates the wolf’s environment as a wolf with the heart of the spiritual ideal – the Lamb.  I have a feeling that the writers of Stargate Atlantis knew what Woolsey meant as Elizabeth Weir told John something like, “Of all the circling wolves, Woolsey is probably the one to do less harm.”  (I am not sure these are the exact words she used.)
     Could it be, then, that Richard Woolsey represents the Board of Directors that take over The First Church of Christ Scientist after December 3, 1910 with the illegal Church Manual?  These wolves in sheep’s clothing believe that Doctor Janet Fraiser has died (expired) – that the Bride city foursquare (the BRANCH) must be governed and ruled by the Rich Wolf lawyer of material laws.  This is why they brought down the Church Manual (with God’s divine By-Laws) into the courts of human material law.  Yet, when we understand the idea behind the sheep in wolf’s clothing then we can begin to obey the estoppel clauses that the Womanhood of Janet wrote in the Church Manual.  When this happens then the Holy City (the Lamb’s city) can become freed from the Rich (Dick) SMother Church and the Christian Science Field becomes the whole world.

The Doctor’s Job – “Christian Pleading
     “Stick to the truth of being in contradistinction to the error that life, substance, or intelligence can be in matter.  Plead with an honest conviction of truth and a clear perception of the unchanging, unerring, and certain effect of divine Science.  Then, if your fidelity is half equal to the truth of your plea, you will heal the sick.
Truthful arguments
     “It must be clear to you that sickness is no more the reality of being than is sin.  This mortal dream of sickness, sin, and death should cease through Christian Science.  Then one disease would be as readily destroyed as another.  Whatever the belief is, if arguments are used to destroy it, the belief must be repudiated, and the negation must extend to the supposed disease and to whatever decides its type and symptoms.  Truth is affirmative, and confers harmony.  All metaphysical logic is inspired by this simple rule of Truth, which governs all reality.  By the truthful arguments you employ, and especially by the spirit of Truth and Love which you entertain, you will heal.
Morality required
     “Include moral as well as physical belief in your efforts to destroy error.  Cast out all manner of evil.  ‘Preach the gospel to every creature.’  Speak to truth to every form of error.  Tumors, ulcers, tubercles, inflammation, pain, deformed joints, are waking dream-shadows, dark images of mortal thought, which flee before the light of Truth.
     “A moral question may hinder the recovery of the sick.  Lurking error, lust, envy, revenge, malice, or hate will perpetuate or even create the belief in disease.  Errors of all sorts tend in this direction.  Your true course is to destroy the foe, and leave the field to God, Life, Truth, and Love, remembering that God and His ideas alone are real and harmonious.” (S&H 418:12-419:7)

The Rich Lawyer
     The last section of “Christian Science Practice” is an allegorical trial and man’s true defending lawyer is Christian Science, the “Counsel for defence
     “After much debate and opposition, permission is obtained for a trial in the Court of Spirit, where Christian Science is allowed to appear as counsel for the unfortunate prisoner.  Witnesses, judges, and jurors, who were at the previous Court of Error, are now summoned to appear before the bar of Justice and eternal Truth.
     “When the case for Mortal Man versus Personal Sense is opened, Mortal Man’s counsel regards the prisoner with the utmost tenderness.  The counsel’s earnest, solemn eyes, kindling with hope and triumph, look upward.  Then Christian Science turns suddenly to the supreme tribunal, and opens the argument for the defence: —
     “The prisoner at the bar has been unjustly sentenced.  His trial was a tragedy, and is morally illegal.  Mortal Man has had no proper counsel in the case.  All the testimony has been on the side of Personal Sense [the red serpent Adam, Magog, a Goa’uld, Wraith, Ori], and we shall unearth this foul conspiracy against the liberty and life of Man.  The only valid testimony in the case shows the alleged crime never to have been committed.  The prisoner is not proved ‘worthy of death, or of bonds.’” (S&H 434:8-29)
     The divine verdict is that Mortal Man is not guilty!  Why?  Because Christ is the great physician.  “Neither animal magnetism [Adam, Magog, the Goa’uld, Wraith, and Ori] nor hypnotism enters into the practice of Christian Science, in which truth cannot be reversed, but the reverse of error is true.  An improved belief cannot retrograde.  When Christ changes a belief of sin or of sickness into a better belief, then belief melts into spiritual understanding, and sin, disease, and death disappear.  Christ, Truth, gives mortals temporary food and clothing until the material, transformed with the ideal, disappears, and man is clothed and fed spiritually [with the Sun].  St. Paul says, ‘Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling:’  Jesus said, ‘Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.’  This truth is Christian Science.
     “Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake.” (S&H 442:14-32)

My Fourteenth STARGATE (the fourth side of the Science squared cycle – the West Stargate of the Open Book) – Armin Shimerman for Science as Science – shines light on chapter sixteen of Science and Health – “The Apocalypse”

     “In Chapter XVI, ‘The Apocalypse,’ the textbook tells us that Principle is forever active as its idea.  It is active on every level of thought—on the material, human, and divine levels.  It is active as understanding and demonstration; it is active objectively and subjectively.  The idea of Principle is omni-active.  This chapter, ‘The Apocalypse,’ is Science reflecting Science, giving us the purest sense of what Science means.” (Helen Wright; YDR)  This Stargate is for Scorpio, the fourth living creature – the flying eagle.  This place is kept for Armin Shimerman, leader of the Nox, whose Holy City is in heaven and hidden from mortal sense.
     “This chapter ends with the 23rd Psalm, and leads us to the point where divine Love [the Bride City] comes right down to the seeking thought; and meets the human need.  Then thought turns back to the first chapter, ‘Prayer,’ but now with a deeper insight, and from a higher standpoint.  The idea of Life drives us back to the first chapter.  And then we start again, but with a more inspired, exalted attitude.” (RYD; p. 571)

The Fourfold System Candlestick

     To review:  Helen Wright, on page 570 of YDR, writes:  “Chapter XIII, ‘Teaching Christian Science,” teaches us how to become a Christian Scientist.  It shows us how to be one with Principle.  This chapter is Science reflecting the Word.”  The thirteenth chapter represents the inner branch of the Golden Candlestick with its tones of Soul (the New Heaven as the yellow flame) and Life (the New Earth as the green flame).
     “Recapitulation” represents the inner branch with its tones of Spirit (as the orange flame) and Truth (as the blue flame).
     “Genesis” has three sections.  The first section explains the creation of ideas via the Seven Days.  This covers Genesis 1-2:3, and Truth is the capstone tone (Day) of chapter 1.  The second section explains the false creation of matter (the Adam man).  The third section (beginning on page 543:17) explains the falsity of the second creation story and the reality of the first creation story.  The last paragraph reads as follows:  “Popular theology takes up the history of man as if he began materially right [as Adam], but immediately fell into mental sin; whereas revealed religion proclaims the Science of Mind and its formations as being in accordance with the first chapter of the Old Testament, when God, Mind, spake and it was done.”
     “Genesis” is the outer branch of the Golden Candlestick with the tones of Mind (as the red flame) and Love (as the purple or violet flame).  On my Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle Mind and Love are the foundation stones.

TDCC-C - minor pyr.

     What I have not as yet covered is the sixteenth chapter (the final gate) “The Apocalypse.”  It is the rod, or the trunk of Science (to the Golden Candlestick).  This chapter also has three sections spiritually interpreting three vital sections of Revelation.  The first part is about the angel of Revelation 10.  This angel descends from heaven with the little open book – the Christian Science Textbook.  This angel messenger from God is Mary Baker Eddy as the Discoverer of Christian Science.  Discover means to uncover.  What did Mary Baker Eddy uncover?  Well she uncovered the system of Science that is found within the Bible.  She also uncovered animal magnetism, which had to be revealed before it could be destroyed.
     The second section is about the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12.  This woman is found in the capstone vision (the main focal point).  This is the fourth vision in the tone of Principle (the white flame).  Mary Baker Eddy is once again this woman God-crowned.  But by being the first woman she has enabled generic man to follow in her “Footsteps of Truth” and also realize their own spiritual womanhood crowned with twelve Stargates.  This woman represents the Founder of Christ’s True Church founded upon the rock (Christ) or Petra.
     The third section is about the Holy City of Revelation 21 – the Stargate City.  This time the Bride (Mary Baker Eddy) represents the Forever Leader, for her little open book, with its divine matrix system, is the City itself.

     I met Armin Shimerman and Richard Dean Anderson on April 17, 2015, and then I met Michael Welch on April 18, 2015 (we shook hands). Of the three I spent more time with Armin, just the way it worked out. I felt that it was of most importance that I met three living creatures at the same time (within a twenty-four hour period). And it was of importance that these three living creatures filled out the three remaining sides of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. I would now be able to complete my Holy City Matrix for myself and for you.
     Armin’s character on Stargate SG-1 was as the leader of a small group of Nox. The Nox’s city was literally a heavenly city in heaven (the sky). These Nox were able to heal via Science. So, it really seems fitting (as I feel God plans these things) that Scorpio is actually Armin’s sign. It is also interesting that Armin has taken the name of his character, Anteaus (“praiseworthy; flourishing”), and applied it to his company (performance of plays).
     There are three sections to Mary Baker Eddy’s sixteenth chapter “The Apocalypse.” The first part has to do with the angel that descends from heaven in a cloud (meaning that this angel is God’s divine messenger) with a “little book open.” The four sides of this “little book open” are finally given to you as the squared-cycle for Science – where we have the North Side (also for the four sides of the Holy City) with Science as the Word (Michael Alan Welch), the East Side with Science as the Christ (Amanda Tapping), the South Side with Science as Christianity (Richard Dean Anderson), and the West Side with Science as Science (Armin “high fortress; stronghold” Shimerman “man of light”). In Truth, of course, this angel is Mary Baker Eddy. This angel, of course, is symbolized as a man, for it has the face of a man (Christianity) which is typified in my STARGATE MATRIX as Richard Dean Anderson.
     The second section of “The Apocalypse” is about the woman God-crowned, who is again – Mary Baker Eddy, for she is the second advent of Truth (Michael).
     The third section of “The Apocalypse” is about the Holy City, one name being New Jerusalem (city of peace) which was named for the tribe of Judah (Jesus’ Nation), which means “praised.” In this respect we have a connection between Anteaus and New Jerusalem. This Holy City has other names for the different levels of Science.

Revelation 21:1 – “And I saw a new heaven [spiritual idea, man, is made in the image and likeness of God] and a new earth [a new type of “Marriage” existing between God and man]: for the first heaven [God made in the image of man] and the first earth [material marriage] were passed away; and there was no more sea [serpent dragging-on of ecclesiastical despotic teaching that God (heaven and womanhood) and man (earth and manhood) are separated from each other].” [my interpolations]

The three different levels (or rather three Unity Circles) for the city of Science are:

Divine Science (with its twelve seven-pointed Stars) – the city foursquare

absolute Christian Science – New Jerusalem (artichoke), lighted by the Christ head (leader – seeds of thought – the “little book open” itself) – the Sun of Righteousness, is the shrine celestial – the Christ body or temple (the twenty-four petals of “Recapitulation”)

Christian Science – the city of our God with its sixteen royal divine Stargates depicting the divine infinite calculus of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science itself – brings us to the perfect “Marriage” between God and his spiritual idea.

     “The term Lord [as first spoken of in Genesis 2 after the Seven Days are founded], as used in our version of the Old Testament, is often synonymous with Jehovah [not Elohim], and expresses the Jewish concept, not yet elevated to deific apprehension through spiritual transfiguration. Yet the word gradually approaches a higher meaning. This human sense of Deity yields to the divine sense, even as the material sense of personality yields to the incorporeal sense of God and man as the infinite Principle and infinite idea, — as one Father with His universal family, held in the gospel of Love. The Lamb’s wife [Mary Baker Eddy] presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals [as Adam and Eve], but as two individual [undivided] natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother [as Life-Love], not as a corporeal being. In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, — to the perfectibility of God’s creation.
     “This spiritual, holy habitation [city] has no boundary nor limit [walls of limitation by ecclesiastical despotism]” (S&H 576:26-577:13; [my interpolations]). For it is governed by the divine infinite calculus.


Pisces, the Two Fish – Adam Baldwin (Love as Mind – Mother Hood), [Grace Park (Love as Spirit) – the Yin, Connor Trinneer (Love as Soul) – the Yang][14]


     “Pisces is a water sign [tone for Science] linked with the emotions; its symbol is composed of two fishes arranged parallel to each other but facing in different directions, or of two crescent moons placed back to back and held together by a band in the middle, representing man’s finite consciousness linked to the infinite cosmic consciousness.  Man never frees himself from the primitive, emotional side of his nature, though at times he can control it.  [I disagree with this statement.  Man can free himself via Christian Science.]  In Key 18, the Moon [remember the woman God-crowned has dominion over all phases of the moon], we have many symbols of the evolution of man from the primitive and the path he must follow.  Pisces is the most psychic of astrological symbols, and the Moon the most psychic of the Tarot cards; their meanings blend in suggesting a pathway full of temptations as man travels upward on the long journey.” (A Complete Guide to the TAROT, by Eden Gray, pages 224, 225)  This is all, of course, part of the belief in the material earth and intellectual heaven (the false type of Marriage).
     The Age of Pisces comes before the Age of Aquarius.  What the two fishes of Pisces really represent are the two advents of Christ as the manhood of Jesus and the Womanhood of Mary Baker Eddy.  Mary Baker Eddy’s first sixty-one years took place during the latter days during the Age of Pisces.  From the summer of 1882 onward her mission took place during the beginning Age of Aquarius.  It was during these latter days that the New Jerusalem artichoke would come to light with the third edition of Science and Health – when “Science of Man” becomes “Recapitulation.”  Mary Baker Eddy had reached the capstone peak and finished her “Footsteps of Truth.”

My Ninth STARGATE (the Seventh Minor Stargate) – Adam Baldwin for the Christ as Science tone – it shines light on the Concord Grapevine Keystone [the manchild branch] for the chapter “Footsteps of Truth”

     Helen Wright, on pages 568-569 of YDR, writes:  “In Chapter VIII, ‘Footsteps of Truth,’ the textbook shows that the translation of the mortal takes place in consciousness.  Here it is seen that an unscientific mortal consciousness [an Adam] must be translated into a scientific divine consciousness [the Christ].  God—our true Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love—is translated to the point of divine consciousness.  This equips thought to perceive a new universe, a spiritual universe, the true creation—the realm of ideas, the realm of metaphysics.  This is Christ reflecting Science.

     Adam Baldwin is a sweet man, even though he sometimes plays mean and/or rough characters.  He has been on many shows; some of them are Angel, Firefly, The X-Files, Chuck, and Leverage.  Sometimes it is hard to really like his characters, however, eventually he wins you over.  (I did not really see him in The X-Files that much as I hardly ever watched it.)  Adam has a way with comedy and it is his sense of humor that brings out the best in his characters.  He was only on a two-part episode of SG-1, the same two-part episode that introduced Richard Woolsey.  And this is important.
     I love Adam as the commander of SG-13.  His character’s name was Dixon (Son of Rich, as in Richard Woolsey).  Saying this, he symbolizes the manchild Concord Branch of The First Church of Christ Scientist.  Thirteen is that special number that is symbolic of nation and completeness.  And it is the center hub of activity where the thirteenth STARGATE is located.
     While The First Church remains The Mother Church and keeps its illegal hold upon the Branch Churches the STARGATES remain closed.  It is only when the Branch Manchild regains its Independence that the STARGATES can open up the city of our God to the whole world.  The Mother Church seems to be the center hub of activity for the Field of Christian Science.  However, if this Mother Church refuses to obey the estoppel clauses in the Church Manual then the Branches remain chained and limited.  These Branches begin to die off and dwindle out.  “Since the count began in February 1987, 956 branch churches have closes and 80 have opened.” (THE BANNER, Andrew W. Hartsook; Volume 28, number 3 Spring 2015)
     What is important about the Concord Branch Church is that it was called Mary Baker Eddy’s gift.  It was the gift of the city foursquare that was to be measured with the manchild’s rod of divine Science (see Revelation 11:1 and 12:5).  I read in a book that the first building of the Concord Branch was based on the lot of a home, however, I an not sure that this is a correct fact.  If it is correct, it would symbolize “home; heaven” where God’s divine Science city foursquare descended from.  Again, I am not sure that the following information is a correct fact, that when this church was torn down a second Concord Branch was built on the same lot, still the lot of “home, heaven.”  This second structure of the city foursquare was finished before The First Church Extension was finished.  However, the second Concord Branch and the Extension were planned simultaneously.  Why was this Mary’s plan?  It was because the city foursquare, the Bride, had to descend down from (the new) heaven before the Extension Crown (city of our God) could be completed.  It was the idea of the divine calculus that the Extension Crown was based upon; yet how many Christian Scientists understood this?  The Concord Branch represented individual and collective self-government under God alone (divine Science) while The First Church Extension represented spiritual self-government extending to all mankind throughout the world as the city of our God (Christian Science).  It was also around the same time (1906) of the Extension being dedicated that the Textbook was copyrighted for the last time.  This meant that the Textbook was meant to be free to go out into the whole world from this point onward, as the city of our God’s STARGATES were to open up to the whole of mankind.  The opened STARGATES closed (came to a sudden stop) after December 3, 1910 because the Board of Directors (now five in number – in 1902 the fifth Director was added to the original four in the Church Manual only, not in the legal Deed of Trust, an important point to understand) disobeyed the estoppel clauses.
     Since this particular STARGATE has to do with Mother Hood (Love as Mind) I must mention that Adam’s character (on the show) spoke the Truth about having mortal children (remember what has already been discussed with the chapter “Marriage” about procreation).  Of course his character was the father instead of the mother of these children.  But the Truth is the Truth and it was spoken of in a very humorous way.
     One of his team members has a wife on earth expecting a child and this is why SG-13 began to talk about children.  He thought his child would be a boy.  Later on this man was seriously injured and Doctor Fraiser was called to help him, this is when she is (thought to be) killed.  After the man’s recovery and his child being born Daniel Jackson (Christianity as the Word) went to the man’s home.  It turned out that the wife had a girl and they named her Janet (Jane [a man they call Jayne] God is gracious) after Dr. Fraiser.  And Teryl Rothery represents the Word as Science.
A mother’s responsibility
     “A mother is the strongest educator, either for or against crime.  Her thoughts form the embryo of another mortal mind, and unconsciously mould it, either after a model odious to herself or through divine influence, ‘according to the pattern showed to thee in the mount.’  Hence the importance of Christian Science, from which we learn of the one Mind and of the availability of good as the remedy for every woe.” (S&H 236:12)
     Notice that Mary Baker Eddy does not say that a mother’s thoughts form the embryo of a spiritual mind, but that it forms the embryo of another (duality) mortal mind.  The mother molds this mortal mind unconsciously either in a model odious (repugnant; opposition, objection) to herself or through divine influence, via the matrix structure of the pyramids, and also the Ten Commandments.

     Grace Park is an American-Korean.  She was on Stargate SG-1 only one time.  She played a soldier trainee.  On Battlestar Galactica she played Cylon clones.  She is my Sharon’s Rose (on Battlestar Galactica), and she sure can kick-derrière on Hawaii Five-0.  I did not get to meet Grace, but I have seen her in person.  Because I did not meet her I do not count her as one of my STARGATES.  However, since she is the same sign of Pisces I will have her as the fish’s (the Christ) Womanhood
     At the time that I met Connor Trinneer he was playing Trip on Enterprise.  I gave him my spiritual interpretation of the show.  On Stargate:  Atlantis he played Michael Kenmore.  I am not sure what Kenmore means, but it could have to do with relatives that live by the marsh.  Mary Baker Eddy’s middle name is Moor.  Michael is the name for the angel of Truth.  However, this Michael was a wraith that had been transformed into a human man.  Eventually he turned back to the wraith persona only to be turned back again into a human and finally back to something in between a wraith and a human (a coincidence of the First Degree and the Second Degree).  I think this sort of made him go crazy.  However, this is not unlike most people’s daily life when dealing with their choices between matter and Spirit.  We may want to be humanly spiritual.  However, it seems so much easier to be evil mortals.  Michael also dealt with betrayal issues in dealings with the wraith and the humans.  Basically I do not think he felt as if he fit in with either the wraith or the humans so he set out to destroy both of them.  I do think, however, that his one saving grace would have been Teyla.  I think he really did care a lot about her; at least he did at the beginning of their friendship.  When we fight between sense and Soul which path will we take?  Will we travel the path of material sense or “THE WAY” of Soul?  Love requires that we follow Soul.
Our belief and understanding
     “If God were understood instead of being merely believed, this understanding would establish health.  The accusation of the rabbis, ‘He made himself the Son of God,’ was really the justification of Jesus, for to the Christian the only true spirit is Godlike.  This thought incites to a more exalted worship and self-abnegation.  Spiritual perception brings out the possibilities of being, destroys reliance on aught but God, and so makes man the image of his Maker in deed and in truth.” (S&H 203:7)
     Where Christianity has gone wrong is in its misunderstanding of Jesus Christ as the human (Jesus) and the divine (Christ) coincidence.  They have turned the Son of God (Michael) into the son of Adam (wraith) by declaring that Jesus is God.  So to most of the world Jesus has become a mortal and human coincidence and is no longer a human and divine coincidence (even if people want to deny this fact, it is true).
     “The belief that God [today often called Jesus] lives in matter is pantheistic [the old earth and old heaven].  The error, which says that Soul is in body, Mind is in matter, and good [Spirit] is in evil, must unsay it and cease from such utterances; else God will continue to be hidden from humanity, and mortals will sin without knowing that they are sinning, will lean on matter instead of Spirit, stumble with lameness, drop with drunkenness, consume with disease, — all because of their blindness, their false sense concerning God and man.
     “When will the error of believing that there is life in matter, and that sin, sickness, and death are creations of God, be unmasked?  When will it be understood that matter has neither intelligence, life, nor sensation, and that the opposite belief is the prolific source of all suffering?  God created all through Mind, and made all perfect and eternal.  Where then is the necessity for recreation or procreation?” (S&H 204:30-205:14)
     Like Colonel (column) Dixon Mary Baker Eddy speaks the Truth about having children via “recreation or procreation.”
The uses of truth
     “We cannot fill vessels already full.  They must first be emptied.  Let us disrobe error.  Then, when the winds of God blow, we shall not hug our tatters close about us.
     “The way to extract error from mortal mind [Adam] is to pour in truth [Michael] through flood-tides of Love [Mother Hood].  Christian perfection is won on no other basis.
     “Grafting holiness [the Third Degree] upon unholiness [the First Degree], supposing that sin can be forgiven when it is not forsaken, is as foolish as straining out gnats and swallowing camels.
     “The scientific unity which exists between God and man must be wrought out in life-practice, and God’s will must be universally done.” (S&H 201:13-202:5)
The cross and crown
     “If you launch your bark [ship or church] upon the ever-agitated but healthful waters of truth [the Word within the Christian Science Textbook], you will encounter storms.  Your good will be evil spoken of.  This is the cross [that organized material religious type thought aims toward the true followers of Christ].  Take it up and bear it, for through it you win and wear the [STARGATE] crown.  Pilgrim on earth, thy home is heaven; stranger, thou are the guest of God.” (S&H 254:27)
     These are the words that the “Footsteps of Truth” end with.  Because Michael is played by both Connor Trinneer and Brent Stait we can tie in Brent’s Stargate (for “Physiology”) to Adam’s Stargate.  Remember that Rev Bem climbed the “Footsteps of Truth” in Andromeda.  It really is because of the belief in one being a physical person instead of being the spiritual image and likeness of God that man needs to ascend up the “Footsteps of Truth” Pyramid.  If we also look at the Keystones we must accept the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy being the woman God-crowned (because the Pomegranates point toward the woman) and she is the Mother (Love) Hood (Mind) of the Christ Scientist’s Concord Grapevine church.

     This completes our Holy City Matrix.  I find it of importance that I ended with the fact (with this Stargate) that the Concord Branch (the city foursquare) and the Extension (the crown, the city of our God) were built simultaneously.  It must be this way, because our Holy City is (as seen with Armin Shimerman’s Stargate) simultaneously the Holy Temple (the little book open), New Jerusalem, the city of our God, and the city foursquare.

More on the Zodiac Ages and the Second Coming of Christ

     “The Spring Equinox has recently moved out of Pisces and into the sign of Aquarius.  Before Pisces, it was in the sign of Aries, and before that in Taurus.  In Taurus, the bull was worshiped (or the calf), and still is in Spain, where the ritual bullfight retains a symbolism thousands of years old.  When Moses railed at his people for worshiping the golden calf, it indicated not only that he did not want them to bow down to idols but also that the Taurian Age was over and that Aries with its ram [THE SUN card goes with the sign of Aries] was the new dispensation.  [Moses probably railed at his people because the golden calf (the apis bull) was idolized in Egypt, where they had just been held captive (been held in bondage).]  The Piscean Age arrived at about the time of Jesus, and its symbol, the fish, was used extensively in Christian symbology.  Now we are moving into the Aquarian Age, and there is the usual confusion in thought and worship that occurs during transitions.
     “The Christian religion, as we have known it, is felt by many to be losing vitality, and the new Aquarian religion has not yet been revealed [he is wrong about it, it has been revealed – it is Christian Science].  Many have predicted a new savior [this new savior is Mary Baker Eddy and her teachings] who has already been born in the East [in Bow, New Hampshire] and who will lead us into a universal religion [Christian Science] that all present faiths can join in proclaiming.  The Tarot and Astrology both show the necessity of combining and balancing forces and form, and their followers will probably be among the first to recognize and follow the religion of the dawning Aquarian Age.  [They were not the first to recognize and follow Christian Science, but they now can follow it – as I have proclaimed the Second Coming to the world.]” (A Complete Guide to the TAROT, by Eden Gray, p. 225)
     On page 209-210 of the same book Eden Gray writes, “Astrologers through the centuries have tried to predict the arrival of new world teachers and new epochs of civilization through adding to and subtracting from Biblical dates.  The Aquarian Age is said to have started in A.D. 1882, but this date cannot be fixed, as there is still considerable controversy as to the date of the beginning of the Piscean Age.  So much was predicted about the Second Coming that the Crusades were preached in every country of Europe as a Christian duty, to clear the Holy Land of infidels before Christ’s arrival.  Perhaps the whole episode of the Crusades can be laid at the feet of astrologers.”
     Doris Grekel writes on Page 265 of The Discovery, that July 10, 1882 was when Mary Baker Eddy realized her place in Bible prophecy as the woman God-crowned (Revelation 12).  I put forth that the year 1882 was a really good estimate on the date for the Second Coming of Christ and the reason why the world did not know that the Second Coming of Christ had taken place is because they were looking for a man named Jesus who would come from the Eastern Hemisphere, even though he promised “another comforter.”  Yet, the Second Coming did take place as the woman of the East Coast in the Western Hemisphere.  It is alsoa  documented fact that Venus made its second transit across the sun in the summer of 1882.  Venus, the Morning Star, is symbolic of the woman God-crowned clothed with the sun.
     “The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was founded in England in 1886 as a result of the discovery and deciphering of some ancient manuscripts on occult initiation.  One of the interests of the members of the Order seems to have been the proper placing of the Fool in the pack. …Another member of the Golden Dawn, Arthur Edward Waite, an English occultist…published his own book, The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, in 1910.  At his direction a new set of cards was drawn by the well-known English artist Pamela Colman Smith, after Waite’s own conception of the symbolism of the cards.  This was called the Rider Pack.  Waite was able to restore in great part the original symbolic meanings that had been lost or changed in the passage of time.  There are those who say that the symbols had been deliberately changed, in some cases to throw the Roman Church off the track and prevent the priests from appropriating the Tarot’s verities for their own purposes.”  (A Complete Guide to the TAROT, by Eden Gray, p. 9)
     I hope to someday read Waite’s book to see what insights he really did have.  However, I wonder if it was his idea, or if it was the artist’s idea, to have the Rider Deck have a definite tie-in to the Kabalah Tree of Life?[15]  It is clear that Pamela Colman Smith, the artist, used the Kabalah Tree of Life Matrix for each and every card.  The template KEY card is the Ten of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana.  She gave us a clue in her own initials, as she signed each card with her three initials to form the Kabalah Tree of Life.   Once you see the pattern of the Tree of Life you cannot help but recognize it in the artwork of each and every card.  You will see how she drew the cards to pattern the Spheres and the Paths of the Tree of Life.  There is much study yet to be done on this subject.

X of Pent.
     The Rider, or Waite, Deck is the Tarot deck I prefer to use because it was created in 1910.  This is the year that Mary Baker Eddy left her students to stand upon their own two feet (to be like the woman God-crowned).  I feel that the Rider Deck declares Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy clearer than other Tarot decks do and this is why I prefer them.
     “There are those who say that the symbols had been deliberately changed, in some cases to throw the Roman Church off the track and prevent the priests from appropriating the Tarot’s verities for their own purposes.” (Ibid)  This is a very important statement that I believe is true.  The importance here is that if what I have told you and claimed is so, that the original Tarot cards were made in order to depict Bible prophecy of the second coming of Christ, well, you can see why the Roman Catholic Church would have been so against the messages found within the cards.  And I feel that it is exactly this reason why they placed a taboo upon Tarot cards and referred to them as being part of witchcraft.

     To finish up, I have presented to you my STARGATE CROWN of SIXTEEN STARGATE performers in its matrix structure for the city of our God.  I am sure that I will always remember meeting all of these people while they probably have very little remembrance of me!  This is to be expected.  I do not expect to hold a place of high honor within their own private lives and it is not for this reason that I even met them.  I met them and wanted to give something back to them, something from my heart.  It was up to God to reveal my true purpose in meeting them and to unfold the twelve rose petals and four living creatures (even if one of the living creatures was not really an ox or bull).  I did not even understand or comprehend it until April 2015.
     I would also like to add that I have seen Marina Sirtis twice in person but have never met her.  She appeared as a Russian scientist on one episode of Stargate SG-1.  Marina would be an Aries, the ram (another Christ symbol), of most importance during Abraham’s Day (of Soul).  The name of Marina is rooted to Mary, but specifically points to the sea.  Marina played Diana (the goddess of the hunt) Troy (can mean water) on Star Trek the Next Generation.  Oddly, the episode of Stargate SG-1 that Marina was on was about a weird type of water; a water with an intelligence.  Before being understood it seemed to be a murderer, but once man came to understand that the water (spiritual teachings of Mary) had intelligence then they were able to come into agreement with it.  Could this intelligent water represent the Mary consciousness of divine Science?  To mortal minded man divine Science seems to be a murderer of matter, the mortal, but to the man reflecting the one Mind divine Science is a savior.

[1] I am presenting the STARGATES according to Tarot cards for the zodiac, some of them will be out of order as to how they are placed upon the wheel.  In other words, I do not go around the wheel (counterclockwise) for each of them.

[2] The Blond and Black order is seen on Window of the Open Book while inside the Church.

[3] I wrote this paragraph before I looked up the information in A Complete Guide to the TAROT, by Eden Gray.  I was surprised to find out that what I wrote corresponded with the book – that Sagittarius did go with THE CHARIOT card.  What I wrote is based upon a dream I had on the morning that I wrote this section.  It was about THE CHARIOT card being viewed in its profile.  The two sphinxes on the card would be like the two legs for the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt, while the Charioteer would be the Pharaoh, or King, himself – Son of the Sun God.

[4] For the first creation (Genesis 1).

[5] The second creation (Genesis 2:5 onward).

[6] Lions are symbols for the sun.  Lions are also the first living creature in Bible Scripture – the Lion is the Word of God.

[7] I wrote this before I looked up the information in A Complete Guide to the TAROT, by Eden Gray.  As I was surprised to find out what I wrote corresponded with the book – that Sagittarius did go with THE CHARIOT card.  What I wrote is based upon a dream I had on the morning that I wrote this section.  It was about THE CHARIOT card being viewed as a profile card.  The two sphinxes on the card would be like the two legs for the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt, while the Charioteer would be the Pharaoh, or King, himself – Son of the Sun God.

[8] North is the cardinal point for the Word, while West is the cardinal point for Science.

[9] Free thunder symbolically represents the Lion’s roar that Mary Baker Eddy Textbook of Truth makes – “The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind, ‘as when a lion roareth.’” (S&H 559:10)

[10] Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

[11] I realize that the definition of Lam is not Lamb, but I am basing this idea on the May 2010 dream I had.  Ben Browder, his wife, Michael Shanks, and Lexa Doig were all in the dream.  In it Lexa was wearing a white sweater so she represented a Lamb to me.  In fact, my interpretation of these two STARGATES helped me understand the dream.

[12] I did not use a concordance to locate these paragraphs; God led me to them.

[13] This is the Christ order for the seven synonyms of God.

[14] I do not count Grace or Connor as Stargates because I did not meet Grace in person and, even though I did meet Connor, he never appeared on any episodes of Stargate SG-1.

[15] I raise this question because I seem to be the first person to speak about this topic.