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by MJSmith

The Christian Science Standard from October 2011

“Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him:  for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.”
— Revelation 19:7

     The Christian Science Standard from October 2011 is quite good.  It is Volume 19, number 1, published by the Christian Science Endtime Center.  I highly recommend that you send for a copy of it (see information at the end of this post).  This particular issue is about the second appearing of Christ, “Christian Scientists are students of the second appearing of Christ, and are being called upon more imperatively than ever to heed the signs of prophecy, and commit themselves to upholding Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.” (From the title page.)
     Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ.  It is not exactly clear as to when she understood that she represented the woman from Revelation 12, however, Doris Grekel states in one of her biographies that she began to voice it in letters after the death of Asa Gilbert Eddy, her third husband.  Her husband’s death (via malicious malpractice) took place before the second transit of Venus across the sun.  This was in 1882.  It was predicted by certain groups, like the Golden Dawn Society, that the second coming would take place in 1882.  The first time Venus transited the sun during Mary Baker Eddy’s life was in 1874, about ten months before SCIENCE AND HEALTH was published.

The following are some highlights mentioned in the Endtime’s article.  In We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, First Series, pp. 56-57 Bliss Knapp wrote about his father’s understanding of Mary Baker Eddy’s place.

     “My father and mother [Ira and Flavia Knapp] were among Mrs. Eddy’s early students.  When they first took class instruction with her, Mrs. Eddy had not yet included in Science and Health her explanation of the twelfth chapter of the book of Revelation.  However, she gave an oral explanation of that chapter to the class.  The first verse reads as follows:  ‘And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.’  As my father sat there listening to her explanation of that Scriptural verse, he exclaimed, ‘Thou art the woman.’  By this is meant that Mrs. Eddy states in Science and Health (p. 565) the Christ-idea was ‘represented first by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman.’”
     There were other students who acknowledged Mary Baker Eddy’s place besides Ira Knapp.  Sometimes they were public statements, one was found in the June 1890 Journal.  Mary Baker Eddy responded to this in The Christian Science Journal for August, 1890, Mary Baker Eddy wrote:

MR. EDITOR: — The late articles referring to me in July issue of the Journal, contain presentiments that I object to having uttered or written now in regard to myself.  God alone appoints the befitting path and place for each of His children; and mankind should wait on Him, and let the ages declare judgment.  It is my impression that at least a half century will pass away before man is permitted to render his public verdict on some of the momentous questions that are now agitating the world.  (Vol. 8, p. 193; emphasis added)

     This half-century would then take place in the early 1940s.  It was in 1943 that the little pamphlet called “Mrs. Eddy’s Place” was published with its six points.  It was based upon her own writings that voiced her own view of herself, her life’s God-crowned mission.
     In regards to the Normal class of 1898 Mrs. Sue Harper Mims, C.S.D. recorded that Mary Baker Eddy asked her students to translate some passages from the Bible “into the new tongue”.  Mrs. Mims account follows:

     When I had given [Mary Baker Eddy] back the book and gone to my seat, she said, in effect:  “You have given a very beautiful exegesis of the text, but I have one objection — I may say I have one fault to find — it was not necessary to mention me.”
     Then I wish you could have seen that class.  One arose with wet eyes and said, “Mother, how could we forget you?”  Judge Hanna got up, and it was one of the most heart-rending things I ever heard in my life, as he said:
     “Mother, let me tell you this.  Sometimes all the machinations of evil that are conceivable to the human mind seem to be hurled at us, and sometimes for days the world seems black.  Every argument that the ingenuity of evil can suggest whispers, trying to hide your mission, and the light returns only when we see you as you are — the revelator of this Truth.”
     Others spoke on the same line.  It was the most beautiful thing, and you see that had to be brought out.  [Then Mary Baker Eddy said] “My dear children, if you had not seen it, I should have had to teach you this.  I could not have avoided telling you that when my students become blinded to me as the one through whom Truth has come in this age, they miss the path.  I would have had to tell you.”
     There is not a day of my life that I do not declare at least once, often twice, that malicious animal magnetism cannot blind me to her.[1]

     Also spoken about in the Standard is Judge Hanna’s article from 1901 about Mary Baker Eddy’s place.  Unfortunately his article was never published in the Christian Science Periodicals because of the attack upon Mary Baker Eddy at that time.  She understood the timing of the article was unwise, and again, saw the future bringing forth the article and being published.  (See Bliss Knapp’s book Destiny of The Mother Church.[2])

On page 8 is found the 9th Plate illustration from Christ and Christmas – “Christian Unity”.


“ ‘Tis the same hand unfolds His power,
And writes the page.” (Christ and Christmas)

     The article reads, “Jesus is gesturing with his right hand of power and authority to the woman’s scroll [book] in recognition of her position as the woman who is to establish a new dispensation of the Christ mission, that is, Christian Science [the words found written upon the scroll].
     “The publication of this picture by Mrs. Eddy, was a sign that the time had come to recognize her as the representative of the fulfillment of the second appearing of Christ.”
     With this in mind, let us take a view of the HEAD window in The First Church of Christ Scientist that I have named “Tis the Same Hand That Writes the Page.”

Bay Window B

     Being that Mary Baker Eddy (our Revered Leader) is depicted here at the cornerstone (Headstone) location of The First Church Edifice, we must understand that this window sends the message about “Christian Unity,” that she is the Leader of the Christian Science Cause.
     “Christian Unity” naturally leads us to the 10th Plate from Christ and Christmas – “Truth versus Error”.  For the woman once more holds a scroll, or book.

Truth versus Error

Truth versus Error

     To-day, as oft, away from sin
Christ summons thee!
     Truth pleads to-night; Just take Me in!
No mass for Me!”

     This woman knocks on “the door of the human consciousness, summoning it to a higher concept of Christ.  This plate follows ‘Christian Unity’ where Jesus and Mrs. Eddy are portrayed as two separate individuals with hands joined.  But in this plate number 10, she and he represent one Christ, — ‘two individual natures in one.’ (S&H 577:6)  As one Christ, she and he are clothed in her flesh and vestments, that is, ‘“Tis the same hand.”’”[3]
     What is even more important about this illustration is that the mansion represents material organized religion, what The Mother Church has become via the ecclesiastical despotic ruler ship of five illegal Board of Directors.
     About Christ and Christmas she wrote, “Advanced scientific students are ready for ‘Christ and Christmas;’ but those are a minority of its readers, and even they know its practicality only by healing the sick on its divine Principle.   In the words of the prophet, ‘Hear, O Israel:  The Lord our God is one Lord.’” (Mis. 308:12)
     Is not she telling us that the woman at the door represents the second appearing of the Christ?  As Jeremiah 31:22 reads:  “How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter [the Church of Jerusalem]? for the Lord hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man.”
     Notice the girl and boy looking out the window toward the woman God-crowned.  “Is she not clearly telling us that in this era the Christ appears as a woman encompassing a man?”[4]  In the verse for the tenth illustration the word me is capitalized – pointing to the Christ, “two individual natures in one,” — one “compounded spiritual individuality.”  This woman is the Lamb’s wife “two individual natures in one.”  She is typified inside the mansion as the woman-child and manchild.  For even though she seems to be outside the mansion (Church) she is also found inside the mansion (Church), even if she seems to be ignored by the adult congregation.
     Mary Baker Eddy wrote:  “…Jesus purposed founding his society, not on the personal Peter as a mortal, but on the God-power which lay behind Peter’s confession of the true Messiah.” (S&H 138:2)  This means that God’s true Church is not founded upon a flesh and blood man known as Peter.  The mansion symbolizes Church based upon flesh and blood of “a mortal man.”  But God’s Church would have to be built upon “the God-power” that was behind Peter’s confession of the true Messiah.  It is just as important for Mary Baker Eddy’s students and pupils to confess her as the true Messiah.  This God-power was necessary after the publication of Christ and Christmas, it was because of the publication of Christ and Christmas that The First Church Edifice was able to be built, was able to be completed by its nine month due date.  The First Church could not be built by “flesh and blood,” it could only be built by “God-power” recognition of Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.
     “For seventeen years they had tried to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem and could not even so much as lay the foundation.  ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.’ (Zech. 4:6)  However, when Zechariah recognized that the two olive trees and the two candlesticks, and the two olive branches were ‘the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth,’ then the ‘headstone’ (foundation stone) of the temple was able to be laid.  The God-power was present and the temple was built.  The God-power required to do this was not material but spiritual, through revelation.”[5]
     These two anointed ones are Jesus Christ and Mary Baker Eddy.
     The article continues that we must make haste to make this recognition and gain the keys to heaven.  It ends with a hymn:

Make haste, O man, to do
Whatever must be done;
Thou hast no time to lose in sloth,
When all to Truth must come.
Up, face the task and work;
Fling ease and self away;
This is no time for thee to sleep;
Up, watch, and work, and pray.
—    Christian Science Hymnal 183

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[1] We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Second Series, pp. 53-55; emphasis added.

[2] Even though Bliss Knapp’s book was published in the 1940s the then Board of Directors demanded that Bliss remove the book and have them destroyed.  Eventually his wife died.  In her will she stipulated that The First Church could have her estate and monies if they published her husband’s book.  At first they decided they would not publish it, but all the money was too much to resist.  Because of their delay they then had to go to court in order to get any money.  They would wind up having to share with a second party mentioned in the will.  The book was published by the Christian Science Publishing Society in 1990 as part of a biography series about Mary Baker Eddy and after the Board, and their henchmen, had mentally worked over the Field while making Knapp’s book come off as being evil!  It is evil (in their eyes) because it declares the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.

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