by MJSmith

The Old Ball and Chain
     Last night (July 1, 2013) on Warehouse 13 the Warehouse Agents brought a woman back to the Warehouse with them, she was basically their prisoner.  To keep her from moving they took an artifact and used it on her.  On the show an artifact is some type of material object that has been given some sort of power via mental thought.  The particular artifact they used on the woman happened to be a ball and chain.  When she complained about being uncomfortable they said something like, “The chain is attached to your shadow so you can’t feel any pain.”
     This morning I got to thinking about someone who went into the hospital last night, he is an atheist and resents Christian Science because he sees it as a religion that teaches false ideas (not that he likes any other religions either).  It came to me that it does not matter if he does not believe in God.  I understand that God knows who he is, that God Loves him, and that God knows his human being as well as he knows his divine being.  What seems to be matter man is but a shadow.  It is the shadow of matter that is held prisoner by the ball and chain — by sin, sickness, disease, and death — all concocted lies of the five senses (the serpent) and mortal mind (the Adam brain).  Yet the truth is that there is no sensation in matter (shadow).  So the human body, really being shadow, cannot be mentally aware of pain or being sick or discomforted.
     We must be as awake as the Warehouse Agents were and realize that the artifact of error cannot cause us pain or any ill will.  However, the artifact (tool) created by divine Mind is endowed with omnipotence.  What is really held prisoner – or being arrested having limited motion – is not the human and divine coincidence but the First Degree of immorality.  Only the lie, the negative or evil belief about man is cuffed and kept from progressing.  Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines artifact as “a usual simple object (as a tool or ornament) showing human workmanship or modification.”  If these artifacts manifest mortal mind and human workmanship or modification they will become the tool of error, however, if these artifacts manifest human and divine workmanship or modification they will become the tool of Truth.  Is this not so about the Christian Science Church Manual?  Yes, it is.  Does not the Board of Directors believe that the Church Manual is a ball and chain, that it is their prison?  Their words, not mine.  And why is it a prison or fetter to them?  It is simple.  They feel imprisoned by Mary Baker Eddy’s human and divine workmanship and modification of her Manual (tool).  It was her tool that was to be used to do away with material organized church.
     It is nice to know that the estoppel clauses and the By-Laws fetter only the shadow and give freedom to the human and divine coincidence that all men in reality are.