Dream Visions from 1996

by MJSmith

DREAMS – Early March to April 17, 1996

     I had a vision dream where I was feeding my son a banana.  I peeled it; inside the fruit sprouted another banana.  Then a construction worker came in and took the banana out of my hand and fed it to my mother-in-law.

     To eat a banana by peeling it means that you eat it tail first.  To me this meant that I needed to have demonstrations by depending only upon the Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  The last chapter is titled “Fruitage” and it is all about healing that has occurred to those reading only the book.  Also, John Doorly explains that sometimes in our healing work that we need to begin with Love then movie onto Truth, the Life, then Principle, then Soul, then Spirit, and finally Mind.  This method would have us begin at the tail end of the seven synonymous terms for God.
     The construction worker symbolized the Christ Mind for he fed the famished affections.  I figured this out after seeing an episode of Biography about Jesus.  They said that Jesus was called a stone cutter and mason, and was in construction.  To me this pointed to the stone of the divine calculus.  My aunt pointed out that Jesus certainly cut up the material calculus of material birth, sin, disease, and death by showing these to be powerless.
     But could the banana point me to the Church Manual as well?  For at the end of this book, also by Mary Baker Eddy, is found the Deed of Trust – which make it clear that the Board of Directors are to follow the By-Laws found within the book.  The By-Laws point me toward the Mother [Church] – In [By] – Law.  As Christian Scientists we must understand that the Board of Directors must be obedient to God’s Laws.  They must be obedient; they cannot be handled by the mind of ADAM which is an obstruction to justice and Truth.  The Christ Mind is feeding the famished affections known as the Board of Directors.  The divine calculus IS omniscient and in control of The First Church.  The material calculus of mortal mind that appears as the personas of the Board of Directors has no control or power at all!  Most certainly when praying for those in charge (at Boston) during the Seventh Day of Love we must express Love toward them.

Sentinel Cover B


     In this mental movie I was watching a two-part movie on television.  The movie was called The Modest Ones.  Brian McNamara was in part one, but I could not hear what was going on as the volume was muted.  In the second part I could hear what was being said.  The action took place at a police station.  Bernie Hamilton, who played Captain Dobey on Starsky and Hutch, was the police captain.  He was giving orders, but I do not really remember what he said.
     The scene changed to a crash sight of a U.F.O.  There are Air Force officials around and there are two aliens lying side by side on a stretcher.  The aliens had pale white skin and were bald.  Both of them had their eyes closed.  The one on the right was the male and the one on the left was the female.  There was an invisible force field around them so they could not escape.  The female opened her eyes, lifted her left hand to use her power to dispose of the force field, but she did not have enough strength.  She laid her hand down.
     The aliens were taken to a government base.  I did not see it, but for some reason I knew where they were, just as I knew they were inside a pyramid.  The paramedics were rolling the stretcher uphill in a corridor, or hallway.  The walls were white.  The higher they climbed, the narrower the hallway got, until they reached the top, or the capstone.  There was an electronic door that opened as they approached it.
     Inside the capstone was a big room.  There were plenty of people there wearing white lab coats.  They were scientists and doctors.  To the left of the TV screen (which I was watching) was a big, empty room.  You could see into the room because there was a big window, or a mirror used to watch people with.  So the room may have been an observation room, or interrogation room.  There is a ramp with two stairways leading downhill on the floor.  The paramedics did not want to take the stairs because of the wheeled stretcher.  They wanted to take the ramp, but the ramp’s floor was covered with all different types of robots going every which way.  They ordered the people to clear the floor of the robots.  The female alien opened her eyes again and lifted up her left hand to destroy the force field.  She was still not strong enough to do so.
     Then I was in a room with my mom and son.  I said, I must write down the dream I had so that I can remember it!  I started going over the dream within the dream.  I had a hard time remembering the title of the movie.
     Then I was in an underground garage where there were a lot of construction workers.  It seemed crowded.  I asked the female foreman how they could stand to work in such a crowded place.  She replied that her men were overworked and tired and that they needed relief, so she was going to bring in some other workers.  That is the end of the dream.
     Modest means placing a moderate estimate on one’s abilities or worth.  Neither bold nor self-assertive.  Decent, humble, chaste, shy.  Lacking pride, aggressiveness, or self-assertiveness.  I have often been told that I am not assertive enough and that I am shy.  To be humble can be either a good thing or a bad thing.  Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek:  for they shall inherit the earth.”  Matthew 5:5.  I feel that to be a Christian Scientist you must be modest.  Meek means to endure injury with patience and without resentment.  The men of the Holy Temple, during Jesus’ lifetime, were hardly modest.
     To be modest, or meek, is often seen as a negative thing, where one allows others to run all over them.  However, to be meek really means to allow Principle to govern and rule your life, and to be spiritually minded.  So we could say, “Blessed are the spiritually minded, for they shall inherit the earth [a compound (complete) idea].”
     Brian means strong.  McNamara means son of hound and sea.  Hound symbolizes a seeker of Truth and Gabriel (man of God, God is my strength).  Gabriel is also the angel for Love.  Brian McNamara symbolizes the strong seeker of Truth, the son and man of God, and the generative source of life.  He is in the first part of the movie, therefore, he relates to the pyramid, the true matrix of Motherhood and Womanhood.  Since McNamara has to do with the angel Gabriel, I find it strange that he was muted, as Gabriel was the annunciator to the Virgin Mary that she was to have a child.  Of course, perhaps Brian was mute because I was not yet ready (mentally prepared) to hear his annunciation to me – the Virgin Martha.  You see, it was sometime after this I had another dream with Brian.  There was also another man present.  The three of us were in a restaurant and I was sitting in the booth with them.  Brian and I were supposed to have sexual intercourse with each other, even though it took less than a second for the act to be done.  Then the annunciation came.  I was to have a child.  I was told that it had been 4,000 years since this had happened.  After waking up from the dream I figured that Sarah, mother of Isaac (the Christ ideal), would have been the woman spoken of in the dream.  Of course, the dream was not speaking of a material child or a material pregnancy, it was telling me that I was to be mother of a spiritual ideal.  This dream also had to do with orphan (inheritance) and adoption (to take up and practice or use as one’s own; to choose [a textbook] for required study in a course).  What best adoption of any child could any of us choose or practice but what is found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy?  So was not the child that I was to give birth to actually Mary Baker Eddy’s child-book (her manchild – her Isaac) within my own consciousness?
     Son of the sea would correlate with Son of Mary.  Today, Jesus’ words are mute to the whole world, because the Word cannot be heard (understood).  Today, Mary Baker Eddy’s written words are mute to the whole world because most people cannot hear (understand) them.  How can we expect to inherit the world if we fail to hear (understand) God’s Word?  Isaac means, “he will laugh.”  One definition of laugh is “to be of a kind that inspires joy.”  Inspire means, “to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration; to draw forth or bring out; to bring about; to spread by indirect means or through the agency of another.”
     Bernie means stern bear, which symbolizes a hardened mother, and Hamilton is a crooked hill, therefore, I feel that Bernie Hamilton symbolizes the Babylonian woman, the material matrix of the motherhood that is symbolized by the garage.  He would be The Mother Church in Boston (the Hill), Massachusetts.  He also appeared in part two, even though it was in the first part of the dream.
     This being said, Brian McNamara would represent The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.  He is the true follower of Mary Baker Eddy, Leader of The First Church.  Today true followers are mute (not allowed to be heard by Boston’s Captain who runs the Mother Church).  Brian McNamara played a different captain in Earth*Star Voyager.  This movie was about a material organization takeover of his ship, where there was to be an Assembly (a joining of two ships – or two churches).  Today those men, who believe that they are in charge of the Mother Church, are doing their best to join up with the National Council of Churches!  Are Christian Scientists going to allow this Assembly to take place, or are they going to fight it like the crew of Earth*Star Voyager did?
     The two parts deal with the two creations of man in Genesis.  The police station is arresting; it got my attention.  (One definition of arresting is to get the attention of.)  It may also symbolize material law.  The Mother Church is governed by the By-Laws of the Church Manual.
     In reality there can be no fallen man, for fallen man seems to be powerless and unable to escape death and mortality.  The men who run the many Christian Churches (the Policed Stations) tell their citizens (congregation) that they are fallen from Grace, and that they need mediators to reach heaven (harmony).  They teach that the creation of Adam is reality and that all men are doomed because they are blood descendants of Adam and Eve.
     The female angel (alien) strives to escape while the male angel (alien) sleeps on.  The error of mortal minded government seems stronger than Truth (divine Mind’s government via Principle).  Man seems to be caught in the Adam dream.  However, to spiritually translate the lie of fallen man, the U.F.O. crash is really God’s thought descending from heaven to man.  These aliens are really God’s angels.  Perhaps they could even be the two angels depicted in “Christmas Morn” the fifth illustration of Christ and Christmas, by Mary Baker Eddy.  And perhaps these two angels really represent Truth (the male, or the Son of God which is the Christ) and Love (the female, or Mother-God).  Perhaps they are two Sentinel women?  Venus traversed the sun two times during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission.  Venus did not transit the sun again (twice) until Martha Jones-Smith’s God-crowned mission.

Christmas Morn

Christmas Morn

     The Spirit of God descends from heaven and identifies man with its own divinity.  We need to spiritually understand who our Mother truly is.  She is the fourfold matrix of Heaven itself, constituted of the tree of life and the river of life.
     The aliens are white, to symbolize the third degree.  I feel that they represent angels, rather than an alien thought or belief, because of their white skin.  However, Christian Science does seem to be alien thought to most mortal minded thinkers!  The reason for this symbol, of the white skin pointing me to angelic thought, is because I painted an angel on a shirt for my son.  The skin was white instead of a flesh tone, and I thought about this before I had the dream.  I thought that perhaps angel’s skin might be white because they are God’s messengers, or thoughts, and it would be symbolic of the third degree (See page 115 of S&H).  Later, after having the dream, I found out that Mary Baker Eddy says that angels have white fingers.
     The aliens being bald meant that they had nothing to hide, what they had to offer man was easily perceptible by Mind, and would be manifest.  Man demonstrates God’s thoughts.
     When God gives us angel thoughts we have to take them up higher, we have to understand and analyze them.  We always have to translate the material picture into Spirit.  I feel that this is why the angels (aliens) were taken up high inside the pyramid.  These alien thoughts only appear to be alien thoughts, instead of angel thoughts, because to the material viewpoint God’s thoughts seem to be alien to us.
     I now feel that the pyramid was a symbol for Mary Baker Eddy’s Mother Church – The First Church of Christ Scientist.  She compared her church to the Great Pyramid of Giza.  So going up to the capstone would indicate entrance into Mother’s Room (consciousness).



     The angels are taken to law’s (Principle’s) place of healing and research.  The pyramid is an example of the divine calculus consisting of the Word, Christ, Christianity, and Science.  The capstone is the Textbook – Mother’s consciousness or Mother’s Room (Life, Truth, and Love).  Stone is the highest and most frequent symbol of self, the calculus of Truth.  So this book teaches us all about our highest and most real self, that which is not of the material world.
     A few years ago I read the book Civilization Lieth Foursquare by W. Gordon Brown.  In it he talks about the Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the pyramid which is the Place of the Sunrise and Sunset).  “There is a theory that, in the case of the Great Pyramid of Gizah the final capstone was never put in place; that it was ‘disallowed’ because of some dimensional error on the part of the builders.”
     One definition of capstone is crown.  Crown means to recognize officially as, and the highest part.  The woman’s God-crowned (of Revelation 12) would then be the highest part of God’s Mind which must be recognized officially.  This means that the Boston hierarchy must stop ignoring Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and they must begin recognizing her important place as LEADER of The First Church (not themselves) and as the woman God-crowned!  And this must also become recognized by the Field.
     What is this capstone that is being rejected?  Psalm 118:22 says, “The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.”  In other words, the headstone has become the corner stone.  This has great significance if we take a different look at The First Church of Christ Scientist.  The Church has a triangular shape to it.  If you were to diagram the building as a pyramid Mother’s Room would be found to be the capstone of the Church!  In fact, this part of the Church is located at the CORNER, where two streets meet.  Hence, Mother’s Room is the “head stone (the capstone crown) of the corner.”  Mary Baker Eddy is depicted in the head stone.  She is found in the stained glass window on the corner so she is the woman God-crowned!  If Christian Scientists refuse to accept Mary Baker Eddy as the woman God-crowned then are not they rejecting the head stone of the corner?  Yes, they are.

Bird's Eye View

Mary Baker Eddy is backwards because this picture was taken from outside the church.

The window’s image is backwards because this picture was taken from outside the church.

     Isaiah 28:16 reads:  “Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation:  he that believeth shall not make haste.”
     In St. Matthew 21:42, Jesus says, “unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner:  this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?”
     If Jesus’ words are Truth, then it was God’s doing that placed Mary Baker Eddy’s picture at the head of The First Church.
     “The ‘stone,’ of course, is Christ.  The ‘builders’ are the Jews.  The ‘head of the corner’ is the most important position in a building, so that Christ represents Himself as the foundation upon which the Kingdom of God was to be built up in spite of His rejection by the Jews.
     “In the Ps. the ‘stone’ is the Jewish nation, rejected and despised by the Gentiles during the captivity, but after the return restored to a place of honor among the nations of the earth.  But on the principle that what is said of Israel applies especially to the Messiah.”[1]
     The Jewish nation has to do with Jesus, while the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel has to do with Mary Baker Eddy during the latter days.  It was Mary Baker Eddy that explained the Christ Capstone, she never rejected it, for Science has explained Me (the Christ).
     In Helen Wright’s book Mary Baker Eddy a New Look there is a section on the Great Pyramid and the rejection of the capstone.  In it is a reference to Jeremiah 32:20 which reads, “Which hast set signs” symbols “and wonders in the land of Egypt, even unto this day.”
     If the Great Pyramid with its missing capstone was a symbol to the Israelites then we can understand how they thought that the capstone was rejected.  In Dr. Davidovits’ book, he never mentions the missing capstone he draws his diagram of the pyramid as a completed pyramid.  Evidently, he may feel like the original pyramid had a capstone.  Or else, the fact that it is missing has no meaning to him.
     If there was a capstone, chances are that it was taken off and used by another pharaoh before Joseph’s day.  Another explanation of its disappearance could be that it was used, along with the pyramid’s casing stones, to help rebuild the city of Cairo after a great earthquake.  If the capstone was left off on purpose then the symbolism of the sun as the capstone could be correct.  I have no way of proving my theory.
     I think it fair to quote from Helen’s book on the matter.
     “Billy:  What specifically was it that ‘the builders’ rejected?
     “Francie:  They rejected their divine Principle, Love.  This means they rejected Man’s divine origin, his oneness with his divine Principle, Love, which in essence means manhood and womanhood one, in a divinely united spiritual consciousness.
     “…in order to understand our incorporeal divinity we must lay down the mortal.  With out the cross of giving up the mortal there can be no crown, no capstone.  Love, the capstone, is won only through the cross.”
     There was a big difference between how the Egyptians saw God and how the Israelites saw God.  The Israelites saw God as being outside of man, although ever present with man.  The Egyptians saw God as being inside of man.  The Bible makes it clear that the greater cannot be placed within the lesser.
     Helen talks about a book by Fernand E. d’Humy, Mary Baker Eddy Fulfills Prophecy, where he talks about Mary Baker Eddy’s last written words of “God is my life” (no period).  He says that the four words point to the seven and the four since there are eleven letters.  These eleven letters point to the pyramid, being an act of an Apostle.  The book of Acts in Chapter 4 (for the four words she wrote), verse 11 (for the eleven letters in the four words that she wrote) reads:  “This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.”  What is interesting about this is that the number 11 is used in regards to the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth and the four would be a sign of the divine calculus, as well as, four sides of a pyramid.

Matthew 21:43 – Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

     Jesus was speaking to the Jews of his day.  This means that because the Jews rejected Jesus as the stone the kingdom of God would be taken from them.  This kingdom of God would be given to the Israelites (the ten lost tribes) who today are Gentiles.  This land would be called America.  This prophecy has already been fulfilled.
     W. G. Brown also says that the Tower of Babel is the opposite, or negative, of the Great Pyramid.  Babylon is the “motherhood of harlots and abominations of the earth.”  It is where you hear conflicting voices.
     Brown continues, “Students of the Great Pyramid make astonishing claims regarding its possible symbolism.  Mathematical calculations, based on a meticulous system of measurement, are treated as symbols to be deciphered and interpreted spiritually.  It is said the Great Pyramid enshrines a divine Plan of the Ages, a prophecy of 6000 years of human history, capable of becoming as comprehensible to humanity as the meaning of the Bible itself.
     “However incredible this may sound, and however much skeptics may scoff, in the light of today’s revealed truth certain structural features can scarcely be ignored.  The Pyramid contains three main passageways:  The first goes downward into the earth, the second advances horizontally, the third ascends upwards.  Only in this third spacious, up-ward – pointing gallery can a man stand and move upright.”
     This gallery is called the Grand Gallery.  A gallery is a roofed promenade, colonnade; corridor, a long and narrow passage, apartment, or corridor.[2]  The measurements for the grand Gallery are 156 feet long, 28 feet high and 7 feet wide at its lowest level.  As the gallery walls go upward they get narrower.  There are exactly eight levels as the walls go up, a full octave.  That the passage is seven feet wide is symbolic in that it is through the seven synonyms of God that we are lead on the path of righteousness.
     Seven feet would be wide enough to easily wheel a stretcher containing two people.  I figure the stretcher would be four to five feet wide.  However, my passage way really did not look like the passage way drawing of the Grand Gallery in Dr. Davidovit’s book.  But like in my dream, there was only one door or entrance.
     Brown continues, “Students have named the passageways (1) Plane of human depravity or condemnation (2) Plane of human perfection (3) Plane of Spirit-birth, signifying three different levels of consciousness.  Clearly, in Christian Science they correspond precisely to the three degrees of the scientific translation of mortal mind, even so do Noah’s three sons.”
     The Plane of human perfection leads to the Queen’s Chamber.  And the Grand Gallery (Plane of Spirit-birth) leads to the King’s Chamber.  I feel that the names of the Chambers do not really relate to sex but rather to size, like with a queen or king bed.  It is also of importance that the first plane’s chamber and the second plane’s chamber were never completed.  [Editor’s note:  At least this is what I have read, after looking at photos of the Queen’s Chamber I am not so sure this is true.]  If true it would mean that the real man, spiritual man, does not really live in the mortal body or the human body.  The King’s Chamber is smack dab in the center of the Pyramid, and not even close to the capstone (or where the capstone would be).  This means that the King’s Chamber is located on the third level of Soul and divine Science (as in my Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth).


     I would also like to include some drawings I did of the Queen’s Chamber.

Queen's Chamber

     After the dream I began to read Brown’s book That The World May Know.  In it, he talks about the Pyramid of Giza once again.  One thing I read on May 18, 1996, some time after the dream, surprised me.
     On page 51 Brown writes, “Thinking of the geometry of the Pyramid itself, finished at last in gleaming white lime-stone, does not this possibly suggest the ‘scientific translation of immortal mind,’ as that comes down from God out of heaven?”
     The Grand Gallery’s passage way is made of white limestone.  I was surprised to read this after having the dream, as I had forgotten this detail of the Grand Gallery.  In the dream the passage had white walls, could this have been the “gleaming white lime-stone”?  It is white, without sin and error; it leads upward to spirituality.  This passage also symbolizes the spiritual birth of man.
     In looking up the word passage I found out that there are passages of scripture, passage of laws, passage out of bondage, passage of blood, and there is the passage “from sense to Soul”[3].  To me this was very interesting to think about, as do not the passages of the Bible and the Science and Health lead us upward to God?  Truly they lead us from sense to Soul.

A Christian Science hymn, on page 64 of the hymnal reads:

From sense to Soul my pathway lies before me,
From mist and shadow into Truth’s clear day;
The dawn of all things real is breaking o’er me,
My heart is singing:  I have found the way.

I reach Mind’s open door, and at its portal
I know that where I stand is holy ground;
I feel the calm and joy of things immortal,
The loveliness of Love is all around.

The way leads upward and its goal draws nearer,
Thought soars enraptured, fetterless and free;
The vision infinite to me grows clearer,
I touch the fringes of eternity.

     The electronic door is transparent and opens freely to those who reach the highest point, the apex of Love (and Truth) to Mother’s room.
     It is through Love that we are able to enter into the realm of Spirit.  For Love unites, it is the joining force of divine Mind.  This is the true Levi thought, and it is through Levi that we enter into the tabernacle.  Levi’s door entrance is on the South side of the tabernacle therefore, Christianity’s Love is the point at which we enter.
     What makes the door automatic?  Jesus Christ referred to himself as the door, he meant that the Christ is the door that is found within our consciousness.  We all are capable of opening up to Truth.  It is the John Doorly (like a door) mission which is rooted immovably in the Mary Baker Eddy mission.  Doorly has showed us how the numerals of infinity, the divine calculus, and the Network Matrix all work together as self-acting Mind.  Therefore, thanks to Mary Baker Eddy, he has set an open door before mankind which no man can shut.  “These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth…behold, I have set before thee an open door…”  This key of David is found within Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  However, the key is hidden and must be searched for.  Are you ready to find out what this Key to the Scriptures really is all about?  The Key to opening up the door, the pages of the two Holy Books – the Bible and Science and Health – is the recognition of Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ.  No man can shut the open door now because the woman God-crowned has provided each and everyone of us the Key of David – which is the Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
     Mary Baker Eddy speaks of the woman God-crowned (her self in fact) in a poem she wrote, as well as, the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene.  It is the type of thought that she is writing about – that which is of Mother Hood.  This poem has ties to her definition (found in “Glossary”) of the river Gihon, however, I feel that she is specifically speaking about her own mission in this particular definition.  The title of the poem uses a single word not a plural word – WOMAN’S RIGHTS.  In the poem she is speaking of Woman’s consciousness that expresses and manifests Motherly Love.

Gihon (river).  The rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.” (S&H 587:3 – infuses added – says woman not women)


Grave on her monumental pile:
She won from vice, by virtue’s smile,
Her dazzling crown, her sceptered throne,
Affection’s wreath, a happy home;
The right to worship deep and pure,
To bless the orphan, feed the poor;
[The Mary’s were] Last at the cross to mourn her Lord,
[Mary Magdalene was] First at the tomb to hear his word:
To fold an angel’s wings below;
And hover o’er the couch of woe;
[The Virgin Mary] To nurse the Bethlehem babe so sweet,
[Mary Magdalene] The right to sit at Jesus’ feet;
[Mary Baker Eddy] To form the bud for bursting bloom [into Sharon’s Rose Matrix],
The hoary [ancient] head [consciousness that is full of God’s wisdom] with joy to crown [the woman Mary Baker Eddy];
In short, the right to work and pray,
“To point to heaven and lead the way.”
Lynn, Mass., May 6, 1876.  [my words]

     This poem was written the year after the publication of the first edition of Science and Health.  It is interesting that Mary Baker Eddy seems to have recognized her place as the woman God-crowned at this early date.
     The two angels on the stretcher represent my own angel messenger, my own manhood and Womanhood.  As I allowed my Womanhood to go up hire I would be able to comprehend Mary Baker Eddy’s works.  I would be able to unfold the petals of Sharon’s Rose.
     As I began to understand the Matrix of Sharon’s Rose Window (Window of the Open Book [located on the southern wall of the Church Edifice]) and Christ and Christmas, then both the Bible and Science and Health opened up to me, or I awakened my manhood (Aaron’s Rod).  Thus, came about ShAaron’s Rod-Rose Matrix.

Golden CanWh

     In her poem she is telling us that she, as the woman God-crowned, has the right to point to heaven with her white (hoary) finger and lead the way to heaven, home, harmony.
     (Christian) Scientists, doctors (healers), and robots (mechanical reasoning) are inside the big room.  The doctors and scientists are in white coats, the first degree again, thus they are healers that use the Truth.  The robots block the passage which at first I thought was the fall, or decent, to the infernal world.  But after viewing the pyramid, in Mrs. Eddy’s Explanation of the Illustrated Poem Christ and Christmas as given by Judge Septimus J. Hanna I decided the ramp meant something different.  On the left side of the pyramid, going up the side, it reads “THE LIFE OF MARY BAKER EDDY”.  This is what the first six illustrations of Christ and Christmas symbolize.  On the right side of the page, going down, it reads “THE LIGHT OF MARY BAKER EDDY”.  This is what illustrations six through eleven of Christ and Christmas symbolize.  So the ramp represents the downward descending Light of Mary Baker Eddy.  And this Light is being darkened by the robots blocking the path, the robots that present mechanical or intellectual reasoning, the opposite of the divine calculus.
     Mechanical-robot thinking is when we blindly obey and listen to Church heads without questioning their motives and actions.  The churches get into trouble because they follow personal sense.  The people believe that those who are in charge are spiritually superior, more advanced, but often enough they are only hungry for power.  This leads to ecclesiastical despotism, Romanism, communism, animal magnetism, and it is the Dan thought which was kicked out of the twelve tribes in Revelation 7:5-6.  The Dan thought obstructs our way to the Light of Mary Baker Eddy (Illustrations 6-11 of Christ and Christmas).

Suffer the Children (colorized by me)

Suffer the Children (colorized by me)

     Illustration 7 – “Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me” – depicts the young girl sitting in the light reading Science and Health Key to Scriptures, while the old man of scholastic theology sits in a rocking chair.  His Bible is on the table and is a closed book (he does not comprehend it at all).  The Grandfather clock behind the man points us to Revelation 5:1-5.  It is the Christ Mind of the Woman (with rights) that opens up the seven seals (seven synonymous terms, or names, of God) of Christian Science.  The girl also sits within a pyramid of light; the rungs of the wooden chair are like ramps that would wrap around a pyramid.  Her conscious thought (head) is on the level of Principled Science.  In the Great Pyramid, above the King’s Chamber, are the five relief chambers of Principle.  These five chambers support the weight from the massive stone, and it keeps the pyramid from falling in on itself.  These five chambers symbolize Principle as Mind, Principle as Spirit, Principle as Soul, Principle as Principle, and Principle as Life.
     Yet, this illustration from Christ and Christmas represents the Side of Light with the tone of Love as this illustration is placed in the same position upon the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (from Hanna’s work) as found within Mother’s Room in the Boston Edifice.
     It was because of The Modest Ones that I began to delve into my studies on the Great Pyramid of Giza.  This study helped me understand (along with Hanna’s diagram and Brown’s books on the same topic) the importance of the pyramid matrix.  And it was some three years later that I actually did come up with the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.  It took three years for me to digest all of this information and understand what it was presenting to me.  This is why I have felt that perhaps I happen to be the girl depicted in the seventh illustration.  Although many Christian Scientists may feel that I am delusional and should get over myself!  I am willing to concede that I am not the girl and that the girl is a symbol for a type of thought that I do express or manifest.  However, I know of no other Christian Scientist that has done the work that I have done.
     Is it because the angel uses her left hand instead of her right hand that she cannot break the force shield?  In Christ and Christmas Mary Baker Eddy depicts true healing with the right arm and hand outstretched above the head (as in “Christ Healing” and “Christian Science Healing”).  On page 9, for “Christ Healing” of the Hanna manuscript it reads, “Mrs. Eddy’s right hand is inactive signifying unused power and the left is active and reaching.”  In the picture her hand is reaching for the Christ.
     After the dream I began to investigate the windows of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.  The North Gallery windows are very simple.  They both have circles in them.  One is just the plain circle (up until 1994 when the intellectuals of Boston put an image of the Church Manual inside the circle) while the other has the two books – the Bible and on top of it is Science and Health.  The men who changed the plain window destroyed its symbolic meaning.  “The manifestation of God through mortals is as light passing through the window-pane.  The light [of Mary Baker Eddy’s divine being (the Third Degree)] and the glass [of Mary Baker Eddy’s human being (the Second Degree)] never [mix or] mingle [however, they do coincide], but as matter, the glass [the human Second Degree] is less opaque than the walls [the corporeal persona First Degree].  The mortal mind [Mary Baker Eddy before her Discovery of Christian Science, the angel of Revelation 10] through which Truth [the Christ] appears most vividly is that one which has lost much materiality — much error — in order to become a better transparency for [the Christ] Truth.  Then, like a cloud [the angel of Revelation 10 is clothed with a cloud] melting into thin vapor, it no longer hides the sun [the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12 is clothed with the sun].”[4]  Could she have been any clearer on this topic?  Erring mortal mind understood what she meant with the plain circle window and that is why the symbol was changed.  But I laugh at the Boston hierarchy, because they have come to realize that the Church Manual is their prison, or the By-Laws limit their power over the Field and the Branch Churches.  And so they search for a way to get rid of the Church Manual just as today’s “progressives” search for a way to get rid of the United States Constitution!  For world affairs reflect Church affairs.
     The window is what we must also try and be like so that God’s Truth can be manifested.  I have come to the conclusion that the Edifice is a Testimony to Mary Baker Eddy and that every window within the Boston Edifice gives testimony to who she really is.  Mary Baker Eddy was a window to God’s Truth and divine Mind.  In Retrospection and Introspection, on page 90, she writes:  “The student should be most careful not to thrust aside Science, and shade God’s window which lets in light or seek to stand in God’s stead.”  If Mary Baker Eddy is God’s window, what would she mean by shading God’s window?  She means not to tell lies about her, not to defile her.  To make her seem to be what she is not is to darken world thought.  This is what the red dragon tries to do with Mary Baker Eddy.  Nor are we allowed to stand in her Place (her Seat of Power) as the Forever Leader of Christian Science (like many Board members have done).  She is God’s chosen witness, like Jesus was, and we are not to hide this Truth or try and stand in her Place as Reverend (revered Leader).
     In Divinity Course and General Collectanea we read her words, “God has worked through one in this age because he could.  The light will come through the window because it will let it, while the wall will not; it would shine through the wall if it could.  God is no respecter of persons.  Then would you say the wall can let in the light the same as the window?  No.  Then does one person let in as much light as another?  No.  Can the one who lets in the light see what is best for the others better than one who does not?  Yes.  That is the trouble with those outside (the wall); they think they can run things just as well and a little better than I can (the windowpane).  How do you know I am a windowpane for the light to shine through?  By the works.”  And this being said is not Mary Baker Eddy the windowpane depicted in “Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me”?  Of course she is.  The only other windowpane we see in Christ and Christmas is found in “Truth versus [reverses] Error”.  This windowpane is symbolic of the windows found within the Edifice, they are giving testimony to Mary Baker Eddy.  Because it is the childlike thought that looks at the window (understands its importance) that the child couple is aware that the woman knocking on the mansion door of mortal mind is Mary Baker Eddy the woman God-crowned.  The girl and boy (they are actually one) look out the window, in other words, they are capable of looking upon what appeared to be the corporeal body of Mary Baker Eddy representing the Second Degree.  Because they can accept her humanity, her Second Degree, they are capable of perceiving the Truth about her – they can perceive her divine being – the Third Degree.  So, there is the coincidence of the human and the divine.  This type of consciousness (expressed by the CHILD) is incapable of deifying Mary Baker Eddy.  It is the idea of deification that Boston is so afraid of!  Why?  Because they are the adult-erers inside the mansion that refuse to even see God’s second chosen witness.

Truth versus Error

Truth versus Error


by Mary Baker Eddy

from Essays ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy by G. c. Carpenter Sr. & Jr.

     Everything done to Jesus and to me which could in any way harm us was a conspiracy against the welfare of him who did it and against the human race.  It darkened the light that otherwise would have been reflected and would have shone for all.  The individual who did this injured himself more than he did the Master a million times, and will live to learn this and see just how it was done and suffer until he destroys in himself the evil that caused him to do it.  Even if it takes millions of corrections, it must be and will be accomplished.  I have sometimes seen that eternity is scarcely too long for this consummation in certain minds; hence, the Scripture, “They shall go away into everlasting punishment prepared for the devil and his angels;” that is, the tenacious human will made manifest through lust, envy, revenge and hatred, and the messages these evils are constantly pouring into the false consciousness called mortal mind, will produce and reproduce itself in himself and in others until the fire it kindles of sin and suffering can be extinguished only when the earth is burned up—that is, not until all the mortal consciousness is utterly destroyed.  The Scripture saith, “He that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, etc.”  His salvation can come only through the slow processes of seeing every sin he ever committed and suffering for it until he gladly escapes by repentance and reformation from the hell it brings.  In this terrible struggle his sins are found to be a hard master and when he would reform he cannot, for this old master having long had dominion over him will not resign his power and release his captive without a desperate, prolonged, fearful warfare, a struggle and despair which eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the sense of a mortal to comprehend it, for it goes on with invisible pangs so much beyond the apprehension of this sense through any visible token, that it can never be told and never known only by him that has endured it.
     Here is the love of God—that this divine Principle sends forth through the universe its divine idea and some person will be found fit to reflect it to such an extent as to become the window for the world in every age and clime.
     Through this window God pours in his light and blessings upon mankind.
     But if they try to darken this window, to break it or to misrepresent it, and even to believe themselves that it is not the transparent medium through which the light shineth and turn in their dungeon to the opaque wall of their dark mind to let in light, can you not see the consequence?[5]
     Or if their blows at this kind window of God should so mar it that the reflection, it gave was deflected and the image it gave forth inverted or even its light shut wholly out, would this be cause for rejoicing?  Would the perpetrator of this finale of sin—as when Jesus was crucified—go and hang himself and thus be rid of the awful penalty consequent?  No!  He could not thus easily escape, but must master his own relentless master, must overcome in himself the terrible sins that caused his evil deed.  And how?  In his dungeon with the rays extinguished that came so kindly to cheer it and show him the way out of it and on to enthroned bliss, would not he remember the awful mistake of putting out the light, the tender warning, the fervid remonstrance, the solemn assurance, yea, the light of the life of love that so long patiently struggled to save him?
     Yes, he would and more; he would have to repent of this sin which is designated in Scripture as never to be forgiven, the sin of striking down your best friend, your God-given guide, of sinning against the light—and how?  He must repent in dust and ashes, in darkness and in nothingness.  No light, no substance, no Soul rays, to yield one prop, to give one reflection of hope and help.  Without hope and without God in the world, for he had sunken God’s idea through which the divine Love could reach him and inasmuch as he smote the person reflecting God’s idea, he had done it to the divine Principle and hidden from his understanding the truth and Love that alone can save him.  The window is gone, the reflection no longer shines for his guidance, the pillar and cloud pass not before him.  He is alone in the desert an alien to the commonwealth of Israel and a stranger traveling, drifting he knows not whither.
     Oh!  What would he not give now for the light from the window, but how can he obtain it?  What?  Where?   How?  Is all unanswered, for the spiritual idea is gone and his material beliefs are darker, harder, stronger than ever before.  Why?  Because with malicious hand ye have slain the Lord.  (See Scripture.)
     Does this pour sinner remember his boast:  I have labored three years or perchance many more to change the superstitious views of the people as to this window for the ages, as to this person born among us whose mother was woman (see Scripture) and now I begin to see the effects of my work.  I thought I saw a crack in the window and so had hoped to break it, but alas!  I find it is of strange material.  I can neither break nor destroy this window only to myself and to my own destruction.  It will still be the true idea and I must come to it and if I had not marred it in my own belief, it would have lighted me on as it does others.  Mine is the mistake, mine the darkness.  Oh!  How can I retrace my steps and enter now?  The door is shut, the oil is not in my lamp, and yet the birdegroom has come, the spiritual idea could have been wedded to me if only I had seen it, if only I had not tried to shut out the light from God’s window and shade His reflection and deflect the true image and likeness.
     What is so kind is reflection?  It is no fraud, for it knows its light is crowned.  It is not hypocritical, for it gives forth only the substance and idea of its substance and this is God.  It is not unjust, for justice is its eternal objective state and it cannot shadow forth what is unlike its original.

Woman of Samaria Window

The Arch of the Covenant is fulfilled.

The Arch of the Covenant is fulfilled.

     In the upper left Auditorium Vestibule is the Woman of Samaria talking to Jesus and another window with a woman Angel (even though it looks masculine) holding the book mentioned in Revelation 10:1, 2.  “The ‘mighty angel’ is the God-Mind of Mary Baker Eddy who wrote the ‘little book’.”[6]
     Since all thought is in Mind, the symbols manhood and womanhood pertain to qualities only.  And these qualities are accessible to both man and woman; they have nothing to do with sex.  It is the union of masculine and feminine qualities in one consciousness that constitutes completeness, the true, divine marriage.
     “This joining of reason and revelation for completeness may be represented by the man angel, portrayed as a woman, seen in one of The Mother Church windows.  In Revelation, Chapter ten, St. John tells us that the man-angel’s face was as it were the sun (womanhood).  This makes the man angel’s face similar in quality to the clothes of the woman in the sixth, eighth, ninth, and tenth pictures in Christ and Christmas.  We might, therefore, say that the ‘man-angel’ stands for the individual or manhood phase of woman before she is fully understood.”[7]


     In the Auditorium Vestibule is a window with a leopard and a kid (goat), a wolf and a lamb lying down together, and standing up is a lion and the manchild.  The lion is symbolic of the sun and the tribe of Judah, as well as, the Word, “and a little Child shall lead them.”  (Isaiah 11:6)
     God gave Christ Jesus the Revelation, and Christ Jesus sent an angel with the Revelation to John.  John then wrote the book of Revelation while on Patmos.  So, in Revelation 1:1 we have the divine calculus being presented to us as God’s Word going to the Christ, the Christ man Jesus sending his angel of Christianity to Jonah (John) the dove of divine Science.  This Revelation told of the second coming that is Science and Health.  We must lose material viewpoints before we can let our light shine.  The Samaritan woman had greater faith in the Christ than John the Baptist, for she said, “Is not this the Christ?”  It is Womanhood that wrote the Christian Science Textbook, but in order to understand God, and to hear Him-Her, we must become as children, trusting Him-Her, and to be faithful to Him-Her, we must be forgiving and loving to our fellow man, thus the child thought leads to peace and the end of animality, or animal magnetism.
     In Civilization Lieth Foursquare Brown says, “The Great Seal of the United States of America, depicted on the one dollar bill, portrays a pyramid built of ‘lively stones’ whose capstone (and therefore foundation stone) is descending from above with a single radiant Eye.  Artists at the time of the Renaissance represented the Holy Ghost, descending upon the figure of Jesus at the last supper, as a pyramidic capstone with one all-seeing eye.  ‘If therefore thine eye be single,’ Jesus said, ‘thy whole body shall be full of light.’
     “Noah’s ark is lit by a single window (‘window’ from wind + eye).  Jesus also said:  ‘The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner.’  The word ‘calculus’ is from a root meaning ‘stone.’  The stone is a vital symbol throughout the Bible.  It stands for the divine infinite calculus in Christian Science, namely, that ‘stone most precious,’ the holy city, which comes down from God out of heaven as the goal of civilization.”
     Then divine Science, the Holy Ghost, is that which is represented on the dollar bill is depicting the second coming of Christ.  We are not supposed to reject Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming (the Holy Ghost), nor are we to reject the divine calculus presented in her Rose Window – Window of the Open Book – which presents the Holy City to us in its matrix structure.
     Mary Baker Eddy’s definition of wind is as follows:  “That which indicates the might of omnipotence and the movements of God’s spiritual government, encompassing all things.  Destruction anger; mortal passions.
     “The Greek word for wind (pneuma) is used also for spirit, as in the passage in John’s Gospel, the third chapter, where we read:  ‘The wind [pneuma] bloweth where it listeth…So is every one that is born of the Spirit [pneuma].” (S&H 597:27-598:7)
     The Edifice does have a Corner Stone.  Hidden inside this Corner Stone are copies of the Bible (King James), Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, along with other items.  Mary Baker Eddy was pointing us to what was the true foundation for all Christian Scientists.  It was not the Edifice building itself that was of importance to the growth of a Christian Scientist but what was placed inside the Corner Stone!  It was not the male Board of Directors, Church Services, or the congregation that was of importance; again it was the Word of God that Christian Scientists should build upon.  But she also had another symbol for the Corner Stone.  This symbol was found at the Head of the building (the pyramid-triangular shape of the Edifice) and this symbol was actually a window (as spoken of earlier).  The window was even of Mary Baker Eddy.  Yet today’s people working at the Boston Center deny that this window is of Mary Baker Eddy, rather they claim that she depicts a type of womanhood.  Well, this is a trick derived from the red dragon and we are not to fall for this trick.  The window is Mary Baker Glover Eddy and that is God’s Truth upon the topic!  Because Mary Baker Eddy is depicted as this one Window – she is telling us that she is the Holy Ghost divine messenger (angel) who descends from heaven with the little open book (Revelation 10).
     The window (the eye born of Spirit, or spiritual discernment) in the capstone belongs to Mary Baker Eddy.  And she depicted this vision, this eye, in another window.  The southern wall’s Rose Window is symbolic of the Holy City.  It is the city four squared (to symbolize also that there is officially only four Directors of The First Church of Christ, Scientist.), it is the city of our God, it is the New Jerusalem, and this is why it is the Holy City.  Mary Baker Eddy describes, in words, the Holy City in her sixteenth chapter “The Apocalypse.”  And she drew from these words, quite literally, the symbols used for Window of the Open Book.  This window is also called the Director’s Window because the Directors donated it to the Church.  However, the true Director of the Church built upon the stone (the crown) of the Christ is the divine calculus of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.

Window of the Open Book

     The woman’s crown with its twelve stars is seen as the divine Science ring of twelve stars on Window of the Open Book.  The four major stars represent the squared-cycle for the Word.  The beginning point on the wheel is the North Star.  We know which major star is the North Star because the Keystone window below the North Star depicts the Big Dipper, and the Big Dipper points us directly to the North Star.  The North Star is the Word in the tone of the Word.  This is always our beginning point with the divine calculus.  The ring of Keystone windows is for the city of our God – for Christian Science.  The North Star’s accompanying Keystone depicts the Open Bible.
     As we go inward we have the New Jerusalem artichoke matrix presented to us.  The New Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower) is for the 14th chapter “Recapitulation” with its alternating tones of absolute Christian Science and Christian Science (composed of twenty-four answers to twenty-four questions).  Then in the center hub, the focal point of the wheel (window, or the omniscient eye) is the “little open book” itself – for Science itself.  The title is written on the open book’s pages along with the author’s name – Reverend Mary Baker Eddy.
     “The Directors’ rose window, on the right side [south side] of the pulpit, was the next to be designed.  In a conversation with our teacher and mother [Mary Baker Eddy] early in the summer she spoke of the four-sided city described by Saint John.  As there were four Directors this suggested to them the idea of their giving the other rose window to the church and using ‘The New Jerusalem’ as the theme.  After careful study of the subject in connection with the beautiful spiritual interpretation of ‘the holy city, …coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband,’” (S&H page 574) “The figures for the window were selected.
     “The definite outlines of the proposed window were not taken into consideration when this design from the Apocalypse was thought out, and the window had been planned without regard to any subject.  Now, upon examination of the drawing, the Directors found a wonderful harmony between their ideas and the plan of the window.
     “This circular window was divided into two rows of twelve openings each; the outer panes separating the circle into segments, while each inner light had the shape of a keystone or sustaining wedge of an arch, sometimes supposed to be the stone designated by the psalmist as ‘the head stone of the corner.’  Twelve was a most significant number for the purpose; and, by dividing the segments into four groups of three each, there was one cluster to represent each side of the celestial city.  In the central pane of each triplet was placed the main symbol of the group with explanatory figures in the two panes flanking it.”[8]
     This may have been there plan to have the Big Dipper, the Open Bible, and the Woman God-crowned going together in the North, as well as, the Lord and Lamb, Madonna and Child, and the Oil Lamp going together in the East as a second grouping (and continuing on like this).  However, I have come to find out that this is not exactly how the matrix structure works.  Although the Big Dipper does point us to the North Star the Big Dipper is the twelfth Key Stone in the tone of Christianity as Science.  So the first grouping would have to be the Open Bible, the Woman God-crowned, and the Lord and Lamb.
     Armstrong continues on, “The architect’s plan for the window further included six long lower lights which would come below the line of the gallery.  The six water pots chosen for these places typify the six days of material creation included in the belief that man has a material origin and existence.  They also call to memory the marriage in Cana with its spiritual lessons, teaching that, as mortals empty themselves of error through the understanding of Truth, they are being prepared for union with divine Principle, as shown in Christian Science.
     “This rose window has been symbolically read from top to bottom.  Reversing this order the eye rises from the water pots, representing mortal consciousness, to rest upon the cross; then on, past Science and Health, to the topmost rung of lights, where the woman is standing upon the moon.  So in our human experience:  ‘We have this treasure in earthen vessels,’ as stated in II Corinthians 4:7; then we gradually rise by way of the cross till through Christian Science man as the divine idea of God is fully realized.” (Building of The Mother Church, ibid)
     The woman represents the divine idea of God fully realized.  There is much more to this window’s matrix than Armstrong even imagined or wrote about.  I really do not even think that he perceived the tip of the ice burg.  It is hard to say how much Mary Baker Eddy actually contributed to the Window’s symbols; however, she made it clear that it was to be based upon the Holy City – that which was described in “The Apocalypse.”

Pyramid Capstone at Bow

Another Headstone

     Brown writes about Mary Baker Eddy’s birthplace at Bow being marked with a granite pyramid, dimensional 1/70th the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Was this not a symbolic capstone for the Great Pyramid that is today missing?  The Boston hierarchy destroyed the Bow monument (the pyramid) in 1962.
     James F. Lord, a Mason, placed this granite capstone (parts of the Great Pyramid are made up of granite) at the old Baker homeland of Bow, New Hampshire, in 1918.  In 1927 it became the property of The Mother Church Board of Directors.  Boston rejected the stone, and the calculus of ideas which it represented, under the lie that this monument would lead to the deification of our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.  Interestingly enough, Boston could not even understand the words of the East (Christ) side of the capstone, for they read, “This Truth is the rock which the builders rejected; but ‘the same is become the head of the corner.’  This is the chief corner-stone, the basis and support of creation, the interpreter of one God, the infinite and unity of good.”  (No. 38:13)
     Mary Baker Eddy is rejected, for the Board of Directors and many Christian Scientists do not recognize her officially as the God-crowned woman.
     The North (Word) side of the capstone quoted Isa. 28:16, “Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation:  He that believeth shall not make haste.”  The Word, we are told in Scripture, is made flesh.  Jesus, as the first coming of Christ is the first appearing of the Word, while the second coming of Christ is the second appearance of the Word.  The Word is also referred to as “the Bride.”  Hence, the Word must also be manifested in flesh as a woman – as the Daughter of Zion.
     The South (Christianity) side of the capstone had a facsimile of Mary Baker Eddy’s own handwriting which read, “Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer of Christian Science.  ‘The Baker Homestead.  Around the memory thereof cluster the golden days of my childhood.  Mary Baker Eddy.’”  Today many Christians ask why there is not more written about Jesus’ childhood in the four Gospels.  Would Boston destroy the memories of Mary Baker Eddy’s childhood to her followers if they could?
     And finally, on the West (Christian Science) side was the quote from America’s seal with the pyramid, “Novus Ordo Seclorus.”  This is Latin for “The New Order of the Ages.”  The New Word Order that we hear so much about these days is the counterfeit of this New Order of the Ages.  The New Order of the [Seven] Ages is the matrix system of Science, why else is this quote placed on the West side (for Christian Science)?  These Seven Ages are the Seven Days written about in Genesis 1-2:3 – the Seven Days, the numerals of infinity, that present the Word order for the synonymous terms for God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  It was Mary Baker Eddy that provided the names of God to mankind.  Not only, did she give us the seven synonyms she explained to us what the divine calculus is – the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and divine Science and/or Christian Science.  She also gave to us the four levels of Science – Science itself, divine Science, absolute Christian Science, and Christian Science.  Science itself is equal with, or on the same level as, Principle.  Then the order descends (on the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth) to divine Science (on the same level as Soul), then to absolute Christian Science (on the same level as Spirit) to be demonstrated in the absolute, and finally Christian Science (on the same level as Mind) to be demonstrated in the relative.
     It is interesting that on the Great Pyramid, that the West side is best preserved, as it was covered (It had to be discovered!) by sand for years.  Another fact is that the West and South sides are mirror images.  As in the capstone, would not the New Order of the Ages be reflecting the Discoverer of Christian Science?  What I mean is the Revelation must reflect the Revelator.
     The Great Pyramid’s base covers thirteen acres of land, and it is only off 1/10th of a degree of present day true north.  Today it stands about 450 feet (150 yards) high.  Each side is 253.7 yards at the base.  However, a recent discovery is that the Great Pyramid actually has eight sides.  (See diagram below.)

Eight Sided Pyramid
     On the top of the pyramid, or the capstone, for Christ and Christmas is the illustration of “Christian Science Healing” its verse reads:

Christ was not crucified—that doom
Was Jesus’ part;
For Sharon’s rose[9] must bud and bloom
In human heart.*

Forever present, bounteous, free,
Christ comes in gloom;
And aye, with grace towards you and me,
For health makes room”

* “God was manifest in the flesh [as the Word].” St. Paul

     “Why would ‘Christian Science Healing’ be the capstone of her book Christ and Christmas?  One reason only, because healing is what is the most important aspect of Christian Science.  Mary Baker Eddy gave a Watch during February 1906, ‘Mother places upon all loyal students this Word of warning – healing the sick and sinful is the greater part and all must join in this work, who wish not to see this Cause go down.’” (DCC 55)  She often spoke of healing being what was needed, she made it clear that healing was even more important than teaching, or lecturing, or writing articles was.
     In Lyman P. Powell’s book Mary Baker Eddy:  A Life Size Portrait, on page 322 it says, “‘Lead me not into temptation,’ – scientifically rendered, – Lead me not to lose sight of strict purity, clean pure thoughts; let all my thoughts and aims be high, unselfish, charitable, meek, – spiritually minded.  With this altitude of thought your mind is losing materiality and gaining spirituality and this is the state of mind that heals the sick.
     The last page of Christ and Christmas says, “And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:  And I will give him the MORNING STAR.”
     What is the importance of the Capstone?  The importance is its answer to the question, “What is God?”  It gives this answer with the help of the capitalized synonyms for God.  And it gives them in different orders according to the Holy City sides of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.

Word order – the rainbow – Mind (red), Spirit (orange), Soul (yellow), Principle (green), Life (blue), Truth (indigo), Love (violet)

Christ order – Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind (as the Holy Tabernacle’s symbols beginning with the Ark)

Christianity order – Principle (6), Mind (7), Soul (8), Spirit (9), Life (10), Truth (11), Love (12), Truth (1), Life (2), Spirit (3), Soul (4), Mind (5), Principle (6) – moving in a cycle, like the time of a clock

Modest Ones B

     Brown also says that the Pyramid’s prophecy includes “the accurate dating of the two advents of the Messiah.”  This accurate dating would be Christ Jesus and Christian Science (or Mary Baker Eddy).
     “The First Church of Christ, Scientist, our prayer in stone, will be the prophecy fulfilled, the monument upreared, of Christian Science.  It will speak to you of the Mother [Mary Baker Eddy], and of your hearts’ offering to her through whom was revealed to you God’s all-power, all-presence, and all-science.  This building begun, will go up, and no one can suffer from it, for no one can resist the power that is behind it; and against this church temple ‘the gates of hell’ cannot prevail.” (Mis. 141:1)  The Edifice does speak of Mary Baker Eddy in its symbols and its Barbara Streisand windows.
     “Mrs. Eddy left a pamphlet on her desk on December 3, 1910, which was titled The Latter Days:  with Evidence from the Great Pyramid.  She left this pamphlet open on her desk the day of her passing.  It was opened to page 32.  The passage marked on page 32 read:  ‘By the same standard of interpretation, the termination of The Grand Gallery 1,910 inches, gives the 3rd of December, 1910, [the day of her passing] as the end of the present era, which we accept as an approximation only, though possibly a very close one.’”[10]
     To continue with the dream, I am now with my son and mom, a reminder of true Motherhood and to become childlike in nature.  It is also a message to me that the mother-child relationship must be seen in its divine source—the Father-Mother God.
     I believe that there is even more to it.  My mom and I are both Virgos (Virgo means Virgin), my son is a Leo.  Brown says that the spiritual divine Zodiac cycle starts with the Virgo and ends with the Leo.  The Sphinx is a representative of this cycle with its woman’s head and lion’s body.  In That The World May Know, on page 219, Brown writes, “For the implication is that the seed of the woman (Gen 3:15) bruises the head of its enemy the serpent until, at last, in the form of the Christly ‘lion of the tribe of Judah’ it shall have vanquished totally everything that the serpent stands for.”  If the Sphinx really is a woman, then she is a symbol of the Woman clothed with the sun.  Why?  It is because lions symbolize the sun (The Son of God perhaps?).


     Throughout history there has always been a goddess who sits on a throne.  She has a lion on her right side and her left side and at her feet is a bull’s skull, a symbol of the moon.  I am not saying that Mary Baker Eddy is a goddess, but she is one of God’s two witnesses of Bible prophecy.  And perhaps we should begin to think of her as being goddess like (like God is)?

Notice the lions at her side, symbolic of Judah and the Word.

Notice the lions at her side, symbolic of Judah and the Word.

     I painted a wall mural in 1982 before I found out about the goddess who sits between two lions.  In the mural I had the crowned woman standing upon a square block of stone.  I painted two lions, one on her right side and one on her left side.  At her feet was a white wall.  I later interpreted this white wall to be a symbol for the moon.  One of the Queen Tarot cards from the 1910 Rider Deck depicts the woman sitting in between two stone statues of lions.  On the mural, in front of the white wall, was a black panther.  On the same Tarot card a black cat sits in front of the Queen.  It would be around four months after finishing the mural that I would see my first deck of Tarot cards, and I really did not even see them that much, as they belonged to my cousin.[11]  I did not really see this Queen card until the later end of the first decade of the 21st century.
     I feel that, in the dream, my mother symbolizes the first coming of the redeeming Christ idea while I symbolize the principle subject of the human race that is redeemed as the Christ-idea.


     A sphinx also sits at the top of the wheel on the Tarot card for WHEEL OF FORTUNE.  I call this card the WHEEL OF PROPHECY.  What is the cycle?  Is it representing the endtime?  As I write this paragraph, the date is December 21, 2012 – the day that the Mayans predicted as the end of the world (as we know it).  Does today really bring about a change in consciousness, a spiritual change?  I hope so, because we really need this spiritual enlightenment to begin.
     The garage is another mother symbol, the material symbol of the matrix, womb, or that of material birth.  In the first part of the dream the spiritual matrix, the mother womb, is symbolized by the pyramid, it is symbolic of Revelation 21 and 22, in that it solves the problem of human procreation and sex, thus the entire birth death cycle of the mortal senses disappear with the descending Holy City.
     “The individuality of us all, spiritually self-governed because sealed in our foreheads with the seal of the living God instead of with the mark of the beast, is surely that which in the end brings about the healing of the nations.
     “Hence there is no more curse.  No more curse, that is on Adam, Eve, and the serpent, such as is pronounced in Genesis 3:14-19.  For unless today the tree of life and the water of life lift this curse from off the face of the earth, then, as the twenty-first century approaches, Adam will find that, under the dictates of the serpent, he cannot till the ground fast enough to keep pace with Eve’s mounting population explosion.”[12]
     This is like the overcrowded garage with all its cars (car symbolizes the physical body), getting more and more crowded because of Eve having children.  Thus the feeling that man is overtaxed, overworked, to keep up with the over population of the seed.  I wondered why the foreman was a woman.  I think it is because she was the material mother thought.  She could not see that the answer to her problem was to stop building inside the material womb.  What is it that the serpent dictates?  It is the belief that man is the creator of man and that God needs man to create man.
     Condoms, the pill, contraceptives, and abortion are not the answers to population control.  The ONLY true answer is for men and women to stop having sex.  This will come when men and women understand that they are in control of the bodies (not the other way around) and they realize that sex is lust and lust is hate, therefore, having sex is not love, nor is it a spiritual thing.  People who engage in sexual-activity are just being selfish and seeking physical pleasure.  Sex-activity is totally and completely believed to be a physical sensation, however, sex could not seem real if mortal mind was not behind it.  The one true God did not create or invent sex-activity.  It is the men in charge of the churches that claim God created and invented sex-activity for men and women.  Certain newscasters and radio talk show hosts get upset about all of the horrible abortions.  But there would be no abortions if sex was stamped out!  How come the teachers of the sex education classes are not teaching the children that sex is a mental urge instead of a physical one?  Because the teachers do not understand this fact themselves.  If the teachers were to understand that sex was impotent (yeah, pun intended), powerless to control sex organs, then they could teach the children how to remain pure.

SEX:   Sex is quality.  God includes within Himself all quality, hence all sex.  Therefore, all being expresses all sex.  No incompleteness exists, hence no looking for completeness outside of oneness with Mind.
     The understanding of this is true marriage, the solution to all problems of lust.

New Child:  With the abandonment of human child-bearing increasing numbers will not stop being manifested for all that is seen now as a “new child,” will, with the purification of thought, be seen in its true sense as the complete man of God everywhere present.
     There will not be less creation but the infinity of creation will open to one’s vision.
     Because one on God’s side is a majority, the understanding of this will banish all fear of race suicide, and race effacement.
     The right-knower will live on, not needing to be born.  He will out-weigh in the power of his understanding all human belief in the necessity for numbers of mortals.
     Mrs. Eddy declares, “Proportionately as human generation ceases, the unbroken limits of eternal, harmonious being will be spiritually discerned; and man, not of the earth earthly but co-existent with God, will appear….Mortals can never understand God’s creation while believing that man is a creator.  God’s children already created will be cognized only as man finds the truth of being.  Thus it is that the real, ideal man appears in proportion as the false and material disappears.”  (S&H 63:30)

     The pyramid and the garage seem even more like they are symbolic of the real Truth and the suppositional lie, in that they are both made out of cement (being concrete – a firm foundation), the suppositional lie of cement[13] being inferior to the real representative of Truth.  Although there was never a pharaoh found in the King’s Chamber, it is believed that his dead body was laid to rest there.  In this way, both the Pyramid and the garage are used for parking dead bodies in (a car has no life).

     The Egyptian’s first god was named Khnum.  He had a goat head and was a divine potter that molded men on his potter’s wheel.  Khnum formed spiritual man out of stone, because stone seems to last forever, even though we know it really does not.  Geopolymerization can also be used to mold vases and dishes with, thus, a potter’s wheel could be imagined to be used by a god to make a spiritual man out of stone.  It makes sense then, that Jesus – the Christ Head-Stone – is a spiritual man that God created.  Positively, Jesus, as well as spiritual man, would be composed of the spiritual matrix – the divine calculus.  Negatively, mortal man (Adam) would be made up of a matrix (as the cement formula is called a matrix).  Khnum’s material men were formed out of the reddish brown clay from the Nile River.  This sounds a lot like what Adam was made out of, and it is possible that the writer (thought to be Ezekiel) could have borrowed the idea of the Adam mud man from the Egyptians.
     Would not the belief of being made out of clay, or dust, be what we still seem to be slave to?  Christian Science says to pharaoh, the tyrant belief in matter, “Let my people go.”  The purpose of mummification was to preserve the material body by attempting to turn the body into stone.
     “Does not the problem of ‘opposites’ begin thus to be resolved in the measure that we understand, in Science, the unsplittability of the seven of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, and the four of the Word, Christ, Christianity, Science?  For what this means is that, as the infinite calculus of the sons and daughters of God, we, man, have never been removed from the matrix of the Father-Mother God, and put into an alien mortal environment.”[14]  Even the angels of The Modest Ones could not be separated from God and placed into an alien mortal environment.
     I feel that The Modest Ones was of major importance to me in the coming years, as it presented to me the important symbol of the pyramid matrix.  I was to come to make the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth; then I would come to see the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.  It is a coincidence (two things coin-side with each other) that Stargate SG-1 would soon become a television series, the movie came out the same exact year that my son was born.  The important symbol of the pyramid with the circle at its capstone would come to actually mean something important.  I first had to work with (travel up the pyramid’s ramp) the pyramid matrix before I could begin to unfold the petals of the Sharon’s Rose Window Matrix (the Stargate).

Dream April 17, 1996
     The year of 1996 seemed to be an important one in ways of prophetic dreams, or at least dreams that would open up messages to me.  I would begin to understand this particular dream bits at a time.  I called it “The Ghost Museum Dream.”  The following is from my first manuscript on the dream, so it may have things in it that I may have left out on other interpretations of this same dream (in my other writings).  I did seem to forget certain things over the years, so I do trust this interpretation and it may tend to differ slightly from other interpretations of the same dream.
     I was going into a room of a museum to see a ghost show exhibit.  I was to investigate it while the Museum was closed to the public.  I entered the room and read a poem that was illustrated.  I thought, well, this is a nice poem, hardly scary.  I turned the page.  There was a picture of a giant man whose head was out of the frame.  There was, however, a head by itself in front of the giant’s body.  It was suppose to be floating in the air (I did see it moving around on the page).  It was William Shatner’s head.  He was supposed to be the devil.
     I continued reading the poem and got shivers, or goose bumps, like I was afraid.  Then I noticed the rear projection screen (window) on a wall, at the top right corner of the room.  It was like someone was turning a light on and off.  This was where the ghost pictures were supposed to come from.
     I left the room and talked to a man about the screen and the light.  He said, “I couldn’t figure out what the switch was for so I kept switching it.”  So we used walkie-talkies to communicate with each other.  I returned to the room and told him when to move the switch.  I confirmed that the switch was for the window.
     I talked to workers at the information counter of the Museum about the room.  I said, “Oh, I liked your devil’s head.”
     One man replied, “Yeah, I thought it would be funny if I drew Shatner.”  And that was the end of the dream.
     Well, I totally forgot about the devil part.  But again, this probably is true, as I wrote this interpretation much closer to the time of the dream then other interpretations I wrote.
     The night before the dream I had been watching a television show about a devilish ghost, so perhaps this bled into the dream, or influenced the dream.  After seeing the show I found out that on the following night William Shatner was to appear on the television talk show Politically Incorrect.
     In the past when I have dreamed about Mr. Shatner in some way the dreams have come true.  So I wanted to see if the show was related to the dream in any way.  I watched the show but it really did not have much to do with the dream.  How was I to known that I would have to wait three years and one month before the prophecy of this dream would come true?
     On Halloween of 96 I caught part of a show where they were talking about Disney World’s latest ride on an out of control elevator.  (Since then I have been on that ride, it was okay but I prefer other rides.)  The ride takes place in a pretend motel and the elevator door opens up on the floor where down the hallway are some ghosts.  The announcer of the show said that the ghosts were made from back screen projection.  To me this tells me that my dream was right on how ghost projections are successfully made.  As the window in the dream was a back screen used for projection.  If I were to spiritually interpret this window correctly (back to God) I would say that the window was the Holy Ghost.  However, because electricity (animal magnetism – the red dragon) was used upon this window people began to fear its Sightings.
     Material ghosts are traditional beliefs, erroneous and man-made.  So long as there are supposed limits to Mind, and those limits are human, is how long ghosts seem to continue.  Mind is limitless.
     Christian warfare is against the world, flesh, and devil.  We cannot allow error to seem as potent to us as Truth.
     God and man are one, like the sun and a ray of light are one.  Christian Science is the healing element of Christ and the light shining in the darkness.
     The window in the museum room was in the position (of the Network Matrix) as Science in the tone of the Word – this would be for the chapter called “Teaching Christian Science” (which is mostly about ethics).  I feel that the third to the last paragraph at the end of this particular chapter has to do with the ghost of Mary Baker Eddy.  It clarifies, in the reader’s consciousness, that the personal sense, the ghost, of Mary Baker Eddy is not what we are to accept as the reality about her.  Christian Scientists must know that Mary Baker Eddy never died, that she is still at her post of duty.  And it makes it clear, as far as I am concerned, that we must begin to recognize Mary Baker Eddy as the Holy Ghost, the pneuma [the window’s eye].
     “It has been said to the author [Mary Baker Eddy], ‘The world is benefited by you, but it feels your influence [Holy Ghost] without seeing you.  Why do you not make yourself more widely known?’  Could her friends know how little time the author has had, in which to make herself outwardly known except through her laborious publications. — and how much time and toil are still required to establish the stately operations of Christian Science, — they would understand why she is so secluded.  Others could not take her place, even if willing so to do.  She therefore remains unseen at her post, seeking no self-aggrandizement but praying, watching, and working for the redemption of mankind.” (S&H 463:1-464:12)
     It was the male Board of Directors (a cabinet, a museum) that declared Mary Baker Eddy as dead to the world in 1910.  How many Christian Scientists believed the lie that Mary Baker Eddy died?  She was declared as dead so that the men could kidnap the Cause (or what they call the Movement) with their illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual.  And they would claim themselves as her legal (by mortal law) successor.  The spiritual Manual’s By-Laws tell us otherwise!  Are not the Board of Directors the giant devil’s head if they disobey the Church Manual on a daily basis?
     Not long after the dream there was an edition of the TV Guide.  It was a special collector’s series (having four different covers).  The four different covers depicted one of the then four captains from Star Trek. (The special editions were for August 24-30, 1996.)  I received, through the mail, number one of the four, and number one was of William Shatner.  The picture was as close to a floating head as you could get, not only that, but the photo of Shatner looked just like the portrait of him in the dream.  Was the dream related to this issue of TV Guide?  They said Kirk was #1, Picard #2, Janeway #3, and Sisko #4.  However, I felt that the order should begin with Picard in the position of the Word.  This would place Sisko in the position of the Christ, Janeway in the position of Christianity, and Kirk in the position of Science.  In the center hub of the four covers put together as one was a communication’s badge with its triangular shape and star.  I was amazed at how these four covers represented the divine calculus.
     Am I right to read the pictures in this order?  Jean-Luc Picard, or John Luke Picard – John means God given; it also has to do with divine Science, the dove (Jonah).  Luke means luminous.  In the Word as Christ chapter, “Atonement and Eucharist” of S&H, on page 37:9 it says, “Martyrs are the human links which connect one stage with another in the history of religion.  They are earth’s luminaries, which serve to cleanse and rarefy the atmosphere of material sense and to permeate humanity with purer ideals.  Consciousness of right-doing brings its own reward; but not amid the smoke of battle is merit seen and appreciated by lookers-on.”  This is the only place in Science and Health where Mary Baker Eddy uses the word luminaries.
     Picard means pointed hand.  Hand is symbolic of power and authority, like with a Church Manual.  Pointed has many meanings, so I have picked the ones which I think apply best to Picard.
     Pointed:  set, fixed, marked, punctuation.
     Point means a unit of about 1/12 inch used to measure the belly-to-back dimension of printing type.  As pica is close to Picard I feel that Picard means the Word’s authority, or power of the Word.  So, Jean-Luc Picard symbolizes God’s illumined, omnipotent Word (which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error).  This, of course, ties the Word directly to the Christ (the Captain).
     Benjamin means son of the right hand, he who sits on the right hand of his father.  Is not Christ Jesus the one who sits at the right hand of his Father God?  In S&H page 582:9, Mary Baker Eddy defines Benjamin in part as, “Renewal of affections; self-offering; an improved state of mortal mind; the introduction of a more spiritual origin; a gleam of the infinite idea of the infinite Principle; a spiritual type; that which comforts, consoles, and supports.”
     I have been unable to find the name Sisko anywhere.  Therefore, I will take the definition of Cisco, which means a whitefish.  Fish is a symbol of the Christ.  In the first episodes of Star Trek:  Deep Space 9, Sisko is given a spiritual job by the prophets that reside within the wormhole.  He is fulfillment of Bajoran prophecy, the Emissary.  An emissary is one sent on a mission as the agent of another.  He acts as a leader for the people in regards for the one who sent him.  Jesus was definitely sent by God on a mission to lead men out of temptation and illusion into the Christ-Truth.  Jesus was God’s emissary.  I feel that Sisko symbolizes a Christ-type.  “Christ.  The divine manifestation of God, that which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” (S&H)  Because Sisko is the fourth in line (in the series) to become a captain then he is a captain over Science.  In a way, he fulfills Bible prophecy as the Christ Leader of Christian Science.
     Since posting this I have had the opportunity of seeing Avery (noble; bearlike) Brooks (little steams of thought), who played Captain Sisko, in person.  He is very spiritually minded but says way too often, “You see what I mean?”
     Catherine means pure or purity.  In the Christianity as Christianity chapter of S&H 341:9, “Some Objections Answered, it says, “ ‘Blessed are the pure in heart:  for they shall see God’ [Truth].”  Catherine is able to see God and Her Truth.  In order to overcome our ghosts, we must be pure in heart.  Kate Mulgrew, who plays this role, has something in common with this captain.  Kate and Catherine have the same meaning.
     Janeway means God’s gracious way.  Jane is also the feminine form of John (Jonah – the dove of divine Science).  Catherine Janeway is the only female captain of the series, the fourth series (Enterprise did not become a series until the fall of 2000).  In order for Christianity to prosper it must have Womanhood behind it.  Janeway is actually the third (Christianity is the third living creature) captain of the series, as Sisko became captain of Deep Space Nine after Janeway’s character was introduced, so in a way Sisko represents Christian Science (the city of our God) while Janeway represents divine Science (the city foursquare).  Purity is God’s gracious way, the way of Christianity.
     James is synonymous with Jacob, supplanter, substitute.  Mary Baker Eddy gives the definition of Jacob on page 589:5 in S&H, “Inspiration; the revelation of Science, in which the so-called material senses yield to the spiritual sense of Life and Love.”  So James is the revelation of Science, which is the place on the cover he occupies.  Tiberius means clear visioned; observant; mouth; opening.  Tiberius is also the name of a river.  “Channel of thought.
     “When smooth and unobstructed, it typifies the course of Truth [Christ]; but muddy, foaming, and dashing, it is a type of error [Adam].” (S&H 593:14-17)
     Kirk means, “church or a church dweller.”

Church.  The structure of Truth [the Christ/Michael] and Love [Mother/Gabriel]; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle [Science].
     “The Church is that institution [instruction (like with a book)], which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race [like the Bible and Science and Health do], rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils [what Shatner appeared to be in the dream], or error, and healing the sick.” (S&H 583:12-19)
     In the dream Shatner was supposed to be a devil, but perhaps instead of being a devil he was there to cast out devils or to shatner the false picture?  James Tiberius Kirk symbolizes Science and its system used in that institution, or structure of Truth and Love.  He rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.
     I feel that Kirk has been the best Star Trek captain of them all.  (Even Kate Mulgrew wants Janeway to be more like Kirk.)  Thus, Kirk deserves the Science position known as Spock.
     That leaves the final captain – the Archer.  The name Jonathan points us once again to divine Science.  I was quite interested in this series when I realized that the captain’s last name was Archer.  As the Archer Cloud dream had become quite important to me by the year 2000.  If he had been a captain in 1996 would his portrait have replaced the communication’s badge?
     Even though, the fourfold TV Guides satisfied me at that time, the Big Giant Head of Shatner was to come back to me three years later, and send me a definite message.  The television series of Third Rock From the Sun was about FOUR aliens that came to Earth on a mission given to them by the Big Giant Head (their Leader).  Although the audience knew that there was a Big Giant Head he was never portrayed in the series until May 1999.  God is the one that gave William Shatner the role of the Big Giant Head.  In fact, I believe that the man in the museum at the information counter was God.  Well, God was speaking to me via this man’s image in the dream.
     In May 1999 my husband, son, and I were on vacation.  I had set up my VCR to record the upcoming episode of Third Rock From the Sun so that I would not miss seeing William Shatner in this role, as I knew that it was vital for me to see the show.  At the time of the show’s first airing we were at my sister-in-law’s house.  We had gotten in late the night before and we went directly downstairs to bed.  It was not until the morning, of the day that the show was to air, that I was upstairs in the kitchen.  On the refrigerator were my sister-in-law’s Star Trek magnets.  (I had a set also.)  I could not help but laugh when I saw that magnet Kirk had become decapitated!  I said, “Okay, God, I get your message, I will try and look at tonight’s show!”
     This would not be the only episode that William Shatner would be on as the Big Giant Head.  And I looked at all of the shows and did spiritual interpretations of them.  I found it of importance that the Big Giant Head had two other names.  So, the Big Giant Head represented the First Degree.  The second name, the same name as a newsman at that time, represented the human Second Degree.  For, it was as Phillip Stone that he presented himself to Earth’s humans.  The third name was King of the Universe (which must be Principled Science).  This third name was the Third Degree.
     Would it not also be of importance, that I happened to see William Shatner in person three times so far during my lifetime?  The first time we did not meet.  I saw him at a play.  In this play he was a murderer – of the First Degree.  The second time I met him in person, I met his human self face to face – the Second Degree.  And the third time I saw him, although I did not meet him face to face, I saw what was probably a very rare sight to see.  I saw William Shatner holding a baby.  The look on his face was one of complete love.  Seeing William Shatner like this meant more to me than shaking his hand ever did.  This third encounter was of the Third Degree.
     After seeing the Big Giant Head on television I was still in for another lesson.  I had spent much time studying the illustrations of Christ and Christmas.  Then one day I noticed a floating head of a young boy.  This floating head was in front of a giant body, even if that giant body belonged to a Christmas tree (from “Christmas Eve”).  The Christmas tree’s head was also decapitated.  This illustration went to a poem.  This forced me to think of the Ghost Museum dream.

Christmas Eve's hidden Holy Trinity

Christmas Eve’s hidden

     Then I noticed something else about the boy’s floating head.  His head was more like a capstone for a pyramid.  At the two base corners for the pyramid were a door (on the right) and a window (on the left).  This pointed me to The First Church Edifice symbols.  I realized that the Christ door represented the stained glass window – Mary First at the Resurrection of Jesus.  The Christ window represented the stained glass window (the Fourth Mary Window) – Woman God-crowned.  And the boy’s head represented the Immanuel Arch that leads up to Mother’s Room.  Also in the Church’s Vestry, where the Immanuel Arch is located, are the double windows (on the North side) of The Manchild.  This insight was of major importance to me, and I know that I was shown all of this for a reason, for God’s reason.
     Also, of importance in May 1999, was the release of the movie – Star Wars I:  The Phantom Menace.  This movie also had big giant heads in it, and had to do with the ghost, the phantom, of personal sense (ecclesiastical despotism’s red dragon – Darth Maul).  And the Jedi Temple again presented the idea behind the divine calculus (as seen below).  I also did a spiritual interpretation of this movie, which is rather long!

Modest Ones DJune 21, 1996
     I dreamed that I was with a group of people walking toward a bus stop.  One of the men in the group pointed up at the clouds and said, “Look at that cloud, it looks like a clock!”
     I looked up at it and sure enough, it did look like a grandfather clock.  It was white and burgundy.  The face was white with gold numbers and hands.  It said that it was eleven fifty-five or five minutes to twelve.
     This dream reminded me of the clocks in Christ and Christmas which both point to the book of Revelation.  The clock in illustration 7, which I mentioned in “The Modest Ones” has a grandfather clock.  I decided to look up Revelation 11:11.  It reads, “And after three days and a half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.”
     This verse is speaking about God’s two witnesses.  And after three days and a half, the half way mark of seven, which would be Principle, the Spirit of life from God is “the breath” (wind, the Holy Ghost) entered into the two witnesses.  And they stood upon their understanding of Principle; and great fear (awe, love) fell upon those who recognized Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy to be these two witnesses.
     Some would argue that Christ Jesus could not be a witness because he already had ascended to heaven.  However, he has been killed in Christianity when the Churches began to deify him and claiming that his is God.[15]  I know of no other two people who are more persecuted today by error than Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy.  Many Christian Scientists deny Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  Unfavorable books have been printed about her life over the last hundred years, or so, one of these bad biography’s, a trilogy, is even put forth and approved by the Boston Church.  Jesus’ mission has been greatly under question this year, plus there have been other unfavorable things put forth about him within the last ten years.  So, if you read chapter eleven you can see how it relates to both Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy.
     Christian Scientists might argue and say that Mary Baker Eddy is not the second witness because she said that the two witnesses are Christ Jesus and Christian Science.  You have to remember that in her time she had to hide who she was to the public.  She was unable to say that Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy are God’s two witnesses because the world was not ready for such a statement.  The textbook is Mary Baker Eddy’s testimony of God’s Truth.  And The First Church Edifice symbols also give testimony to who Mary Baker Eddy is.
     The two witnesses were preserved not from death but through death.  What this means is that Jesus proved the nothingness of death, thus he overcame the enemy by proving it had no power over him.  In 1910 William R. Rathvon, Mary Baker Eddy’s assistant secretary, came up with the secret plan to dispose of her and replace her with an executive committee.  He recruited two other men, Clifford P. Smith, the First Reader of The First Church, and Archibald McLellan, then Chairman of the Christian Science Board of Directors, also the fifth Director at the time.  It is of importance to understand that McLellan’s position, as the fifth Director, could never have a successor (as stipulated in the Church Manual).  However, there still is a fifth Director to this day.  This position is illegal; one could even call it the Archer position!  If this is so, then Mary Baker Eddy is the Archer, and she as Principle must hold the Archer position, not some other man or woman.
     Mary Baker Eddy was asked many times, by the male Directors, to remove the estoppel clauses from the Church Manual.  These estoppel clauses are sacred as God dictated them to her.  She refused, and this is partially why the three men made their move.
     The three men used her age as a weapon against her.  They threatened to commit her to an asylum if she did not sign their proposed By-Law which would give an executive committee of three power to lead, power to supervise the Board of Directors, and power to make or change any Manual By-Laws as they saw fit.
     They secretly printed the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual.  This edition is the one printed today and sold in Reading Rooms and by the Publishing Society.  They shipped the 89th editions out to the Reading Rooms as soon as Mary Baker Eddy was no longer physically here to supervise these three men.  This new book eliminated Mary Baker Eddy as Pastor Emeritus,[16] and gave the Directors control over Branch Churches.
     They also removed her portrait from the front of the Textbook that she had placed there herself.  They had no right to do this, but they understood her portrait to be her Trademark.

Mary B.E. cross

     These men tried to convert Judge Hanna into their scheme, but he could not be turned against Mary Baker Eddy because he understood and accepted her place in Bible prophecy.  He told Ira Knapp and Mary Baker Eddy about the three men’s plans.
     Ira Knapp, who was a Board member, was loyal to Mary Baker Eddy.  He too understood and accepted her place in Bible prophecy.  It was not long after hearing of these men’s plot that he passed on.  When this happened Mary Baker Eddy lost her buffer on the Board.[17]  And so it is that through her so called death, that the second witness foiled the men’s plans to institute her into some home and preserved God’s Cause.  She understood that the material organized church would fail.  She understood that her remnant seed were to be the Independent Christian Scientists.
     To me, the clock cloud means that the time is near when the two witnesses will be brought back to life, error’s persecution of them will end, and they will be seen in their true aspect.

     In verse 12 of chapter 11 the two witnesses ascend to heaven in a cloud.  A cloud is symbolic for a divine messenger.  Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy were both messengers of God.  Jesus ascended up to heaven in a cloud and the angel of Revelation 10 is “clothed with a cloud.”  This angel is Mary Baker Eddy, for she, as divine Science, descends with “a little open book” which is none other than Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
     The burgundy color of the cloud is like the color of the Archer Cloud.  The fact that these two clouds have the same color must mean something.  I feel that it is a symbol for wine “Inspiration; understanding.” (S&H 598:17)  The tone of Life as Spirit has within it the last supper/pass-over where Jesus tells the disciples to eat the bread and drink the wine for they are his body and blood.  Bread is a symbol of divine Life and wine is the symbol for divine Spirit.  In Christian Science we must study thoroughly the letter and imbibe the spirit.[18]
     Clocks are symbolic of “the universe; order; the march of time; cyclic existence of man, the seasons, etc.; temperance personified”.[19]  The last part, about the temperance personified, points to the male and female being joined as one, the marriage between the Bride and the Lamb, God’s two witnesses.  It is also interesting that the clock symbolized the cyclic existence of man, symbolized in the scroll, or book, all rolled up where the beginning and the end are one (the heavenly triptych of books).


Christian Unity (colorized by me)

Christian Unity (colorized by me)

Could it be that the time on the clock in my dream (11:55) represents the Lord and Lamb Keystone while the time depicted on the clock in “Seeking and Finding” represents the Woman God-crowned Keystone?

Grand Mother's Clock

Grand Mother’s Clock

     Since writing this I have come to see more importance to the clock.  It is a symbol for the cycle of Christianity, but it also fits in with the Window of the Open Book.  And the Keystone that would fit in with the time depicted by the two hands of a clock would be that of “The Lord and the Lamb.”  If the Lord is not really God, but actually is Jesus Christ, then we must ask ourselves who the Lamb would be.  The Lamb of God is specifically, as Mary Baker Eddy defines it “The spiritual idea of Love; self-immolation; innocence and purity; sacrifice.” (S&H 590:9)  This means that the spiritual idea is not specifically speaking about Jesus at all, but qualities belonging to the spiritual idea of Love (Mother).  This Carolynn Lamb of God, then, could actually be Mary Baker Eddy.
     There is an interesting story about a cloud in the sky that a Christian Scientist actually did see.  She wrote about it to Helen Wright.  The account is as follows:  “In the middle ‘70s I was in the back yard raking leaves.  I looked up into the north sky and saw a silhouette of Mrs. Eddy in the pose identical to the photograph (oil painting) of her on the balcony [at Pleasant View].  The color of the silhouette was deep purple and her out stretched hand was in the direction of the sun in the west.  The time was approximately 30 minutes before sunset.  The sunlight brightened her hand, face, and entire front with a beautiful golden light.  My husband came out of the door just then and I called his attention to the sky and asked what he saw.  ‘It looks like Mary Baker Eddy’ was his reply.
     “A year or so later I was telling a friend of this experience, and I heard myself saying, ‘and her back was toward Boston’.  As I thought back to that day, her back was indeed toward northeast, which is the direction of Boston from my back yard.  As time goes on that statement has taken on another meaning.”[20]
     I live in the west, was the cloud pointing to me?  The middle seventies was the time that the Kerry Letters started to come out.  They uncovered the immorality and corruption of the Boston Center.  It is not hard to figure out why Mary Baker Eddy’s back would be toward Boston, is it?
     Mary Baker Eddy’s cloud hand was outstretched towards the West, the cardinal point for Science.  My Archer cloud and clock cloud were both in the western sky.  The Archer aimed his bow and arrow toward the North, the direction of Boston.  Was the purple color of the woman’s cloud the same burgundy color of my clouds?  Before I move on to the next dream-vision I would like to say that both Venus transits (symbolic of the woman God-crowned) that took place during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission were both in December under the sign of the Archer (Sagittarius).  To me this means that Mary Baker Eddy really is the Archer, she is the bow-man drive (director) – like the angel of Revelation 10.

June 22, 1996
     I dreamed that I was watching television with my husband.  It was supposed to be June 21st.  We had the news on and the newscaster was talking about McDonalds restaurant.  In the background was the top of a grandfather clock.  The face read twelve o’clock.  The newscaster said that McDonalds, the restaurant of the golden arches, employees had been working non-stop from early in the morning until midnight.  At midnight they were going to sound revelry for their workers.  I made a comment to my husband about the clock being like the clock in my dream.  That is how I know that it was suppose to be June 21st in the dream.  So the date being June 21st, ties this second dream to the first dream about the clock cloud.  This was the first time that I ever had two dreams coincide with each other.
     What does the date symbolize?  June is the sixth month of the year and the number six symbolizes the sixth day of creation, Truth.  These dreams took place at the end of the Sixth Day of Creation.  Six also has to do with the angel Raphael (God has healed).  Raphael is one of the seven holy angels, one of the watchers.  He heals the earth.  He is the angel of Science and knowledge (this knowledge must be spiritual understanding).  These are just some of his duties.  It is not surprising that since he has to do with the Sixth Day that he is an angel of Science.
     Twenty-one symbolizes absolute truth; the coming of age; and has to do with the angel Cassiel.  This is an angel of temperance who shows forth the unity of the eternal kingdom.  Cassiel is an angel of Saturday, the Seventh Day of rest and Love.  So Cassiel symbolizes the temperance of the manhood and womanhood missions of God, the temperance of the Bride and the Lamb.  Originally I thought that the year 2000 marked the beginning of the Day of Love.  I have come to realize, however, that 1996, is probably the beginning of the Day of Love, if you take into consideration that Jesus was born before the year A.D. 1.  The two days I had these dreams were on a Friday and a Saturday, the sixth and seventh days of the week.
     Oddly 3 x 7 = 21, could the three represent the three cycles of the twelve stars that have seven points (for the seven synonyms for God) on Window of the Open Book?  These three cycles represent the cycles for Word, the Christ, and Christianity.
     Gold symbolizes divinity to me, it is “solar light; divine intelligence; virtues; superiority; especially on a spiritual plane; pure light; heaven; the sun; the glory of God, sacredness; revealed truth; marriage; fruitfulness; the glory of faith triumphant; associated with Leo.”  An arch is “the female principle; heaven sanctuary; triumph; a secret place.”  An archer is probably so called because of the arch that the bow must make while shooting arrows.  The letter M (for McDonalds) is associated with strength of character; orderliness; concentration; enlightenment of the soul and spirit; work; nobility; indomitability; transformation, change; the number four; femininity when printed rounded.”[21]
     To me the golden arches, the M, points to the woman clothed with the sun.  Chapter 12 of Revelation has to do with this woman, the same woman who introduced the four aspects of the city which lieth foursquare.
     It is also odd that I happened to get married in a McDonald’s restaurant (even though I did not know it at the time).
     In the description of February 26, 1866’s Arctic Aurora, George Kennan describes the fantastic colors being in rainbows and there being two arches.  This reminded me of the rounded M.  What they saw was not normal for the Aurora, for the natives were afraid; they had never seen a sight like this before.  Was not this a sign from heaven?  Because it was this very same month that Mary Baker (at the time) Patterson had her revelation of divine Science!  This same month had a full moon predicted, yet, there was no full moon – tribute to the woman who has her feet upon the moon.
     The First Church was finished on a Saturday night, December 29, 1894.  All the workers left the building at twelve midnight.  Even though a great feat had been completed in building the Church, the experienced students knew that their work was not yet finished.
     The meaning of McDonald is of interest in itself.  While thinking about it, it came to me that Mc was like saying “son of,” and I wondered if Donald did not have something to do with God, or man, as McDonald’s would then be the Son of God, or the Son of man.  Donald is of the Gaelic language; it also comes from Domnal (which I figure might have to do with the word dominion).  Donald means world might, rule.  Rule means to lead straight.  The Christ always leads one in the straight path.  To me, McDonald means Son of God, the Messiah or Christ.  It points us to the man/woman spoken of in Genesis 1 who has dominion.

Matthew 2:6 – And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, art not the least among the princes of Juda:  for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel.

     “The Christ is the man that God created in His image and likeness, the perfect idea man, and is the real self of all men.”[22]

Christ.  The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” (S&H 583:10)

     So the McDonald workers are those who reflect the Christ Mind.  “And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus, to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure.”[23]

Revelation 12:5 – And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron [divine Science]:  and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

     “Led on by the grossest element of mortal mind, Herod decreed the death of every male child in order that the man Jesus, the masculine representative of the spiritual idea [This means that there is a feminine representative of the spiritual idea], might never hold sway and deprive Herod of his crown.  The impersonation of the spiritual idea had a brief history in the earthly life of our Master; but ‘of his kingdom there shall be no end,’ for Christ, God’s idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples [the world] — imperatively, absolutely, finally — with divine Science [the rod].  This immaculate idea, represented first by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman, will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love, melting and purifying even the gold of human character.  After the stars sang together and was primeval harmony, the material lie made war upon the spiritual idea; but this only impelled the idea to rise to the zenith of demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and to be caught up unto God, — to be found in its divine Principle.” (S&H 565:9)
     Since the hands of the clock were both on twelve I looked up Revelation 12:12.  “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them.  Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea!  for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”
     “What must the end be?  They must eventually expiate their sin through suffering.  The sin, which one has made his bosom companion, comes back to him at least with accelerated force, for the devil knoweth his time is short.  Here the Scriptures declare that evil is temporal, not eternal.  The dragon is at last stung to death by his own malice; but how many periods of torture it may take to remove all sin, must depend upon sin’s obduracy.” (S&H 569:20)
     Helen Wright writes in regards to Revelation 12:12, “Flagrant disobedience to her Manual estoppels has today temporarily curtailed the wonderful instantaneous Christian Science healings, so general up until the late 1940’s.”  She continues, “‘Scripture,’ Jesus said, ‘cannot be broken.’  We can take comfort in knowing that when obedience to Mary Baker Eddy’s Manual estoppels is again established, the Healing that was so universal in Mrs. Eddy’s day will return.
     “It becomes increasingly clear regarding today’s turmoil—which was prophesied—that if the religious aspect of Christian Science had been allowed to prosper as in the old days, we would not have been forced to begin to accept the scientific sense of Christian Science that is today coming to the front as we begin to see the ‘system’ in the Science, in our textbook.
     “This scientific sense is travailing in the hardship and throes of birth, resisted by ecclesiasticism ‘with falsities painful to behold.’  But the Science that came with the Second Coming of the Christ will triumph.  Spiritual progress has always called for absolute trust in spiritual means and the abandonment of all that would seem logical to mortal mind.  As Mrs. Eddy’s Manual, which dissolved the material organization, is obeyed, the church will evolve out of material organization naturally, and the Christian Science Publishing Society will be free to pursue what Mrs. Eddy intended.  Christ’s Church will find the spiritual freedom that will bless all mankind as we ‘scan further the features of the vast problem of eternal life as expressed in the absolute power of Truth and the actual bliss of man’s existence in Science’ (Pul. vii:19).
     “Clearly transformation is needed.  Revelation 12:12, which prophesied of the devil’s activity, is indeed being fulfilled.  Today it seems almost a ‘peasants with pitchforks’ battle, yet here again we see that ‘when these things cease to bless they will cease to occur.’  The blessing will come as pain and turmoil force people to become receptive to their oneness with God, infinite good, and to awaken to the kingdom of heaven within their consciousness.
     “Regarding this prophecy Mary Baker Eddy writes:  ‘Marvels, calamities, and sin will much more abound as truth urges upon mortals its resisted claims; but the awful daring of sin destroys sin, and foreshadows the triumph of Truth.  God will overturn, until ‘He come whose right it is’ (S&H 223:28).

     “Again she explains:
     “‘The broadest facts array the most falsities against themselves, for they bring error from under cover…The breaking up of material beliefs may seem to be famine and pestilence, want and woe, sin, sickness, and death, which assume new phases until their nothingness appears.  These disturbances will continue until the end of error…[but] as material knowledge diminishes and spiritual understanding increases, real objects will be apprehended mentally instead of materially’ (S&H:96, 97).”[24]
     Paul R. Smillie feels that the problem with Christian Science going off the true path is do to the lack of recognition of Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  Helen Wright, as you just read, writes that it is due to the lack of obedience to the estoppel clauses found the Church Manual.  Doorly’s students may feel that it is due to the fact that The Mother Church’s hierarchy has not accepted the matrixes, or the system of Science.  I say, that perhaps the reason why the Church is headed into trouble is due to all three reasons.  Christian Scientists must first begin to accept Mary Baker Eddy as their Leader, they must accept that she is the second coming of Christ, that she is the woman God-crowned, that she is the second witness of Bible prophecy, the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and the angel of Revelation 10.  This is really made clear in Revelation 12 – in that Mary Baker Eddy told us that we must remain in the twelfth chapter when doing battle with error!  The wrong type of warfare with error is depicted in chapter thirteen.  What does it mean that we need to stick with chapter 12?  It is simply because chapter 12 explains Mary Baker Eddy’s importance as not only the woman God-crowned but also as the wilderness woman.  We are to stick with her true identity and this will help us to overcome disobedience to God’s By-Laws written in Mary Baker Eddy’s Church Manual.  If we obey the words written in her book, if we obey the estoppel clauses then this will lead Christian Scientists out of Egypt, material organization, and they will become freeborn of Spirit.  Once this is accomplished then Christian Scientists will no longer be afraid to read books that are not authorized by the Christian Science Board of Directors.  They will turn to books written by John W. Doorly, Max Kappeler, W. Gordon Brown, John L. Morgan, Helen Wright, Paul R. Smillie, Bliss Knapp, and so many other Christian Scientists that the Board warned the Field against.

Matthew 25:6 talks about the parable of the ten virgins.  “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.”

     This parable is entirely concerned with the Second Advent.  “Midnight is the time of the Second Advent and the resurrection of the dead.”[25]  I feel that St. John knew what he was doing by making chapter twelve about the woman clothed with the sun.
     Revelry is a wake up call and it is rooted to the word revelation.
     In the Bible trumpets signify a positive declaration of the Truth.  With this declaration of the Truth ignorance of God begins to disappear.  “A simple Declaration starts the self-destruction of all deep rooted wrong thinking, with correction, purification, and suffering.  But the same Declaration of Truth can completely destroy all surface types of wrong thinking.  Thus you appreciate why the Declaration of Truth, the trumpet symbol, is an opening wedge [an arch and a keystone] in thinking.”[26]

     “No final judgment awaits mortals, for the judgment-day of wisdom comes hourly and continually, even the judgment by which mortal man is divested of all material error.  As for spiritual error there is none.
     “When the last mortal fault is destroyed, then the final trump will sound which will end the battle of Truth with error and mortality; ‘but of that day and hour, knoweth not man.’  Here prophecy pauses.  Divine Science alone can compass the heights and depths of being and reveal the infinite.
     “Truth will be to us ‘the resurrection and the life’ only as it destroys all error and the belief that Mind, the only immortality of man, can be fettered by the body, and Life be controlled by death.  A sinful, sick, and dying mortal is not the likeness of God, the perfect and eternal.” (S&H 291:28-292:12)

“Revelation 11:15-19.  The seventh trumpet sounds.  This will bring about the consummation and therefore the rest of the book is developed out of it.  Instead of a silence in heaven, such as that which followed the opening of the seventh seal, St. John hears a heavenly chorus anticipating and celebrating the victory of the Kingdom which the seventh trumpet is to bring, and which is related in chs. 12-20 (vv. 15-18).  Now is opened the temple of God in heaven, and in it is seen the ark of the covenant of mercy, and from it proceed lightnings and thunderings of judgement.”[27]

     Therefore, it is the duty of the woman’s remnant to listen for the last trumpet call and wake up and do their duty.  For the time is at hand.

“(2/15/01)  Mother sends you this message:  Rise up and defeat the evil one in the gates.  The hour of deliverance is at hand and all must do their duty as Christian Scientists to defeat the evil that tries to find entrance here.  Love, Mind, Truth rule this and every hour.  Error is not met by prayer alone, but by fasting.”[28]

     It is an interesting side note, after writing about the last trumpet call I was awakened one morning by an air raid siren.  Could this have been my trumpet call?  It was on the same day that there were power outages all over the western U.S.

December 27, 2012
     Well, the Mayan Calendar’s cycle ended on the 21st of this month.  I feel that it is of importance that I have been writing about the end time (from my dreams) during this same month.  Of course, the Mayan Calendar is on a wheel, and a wheel just keeps going round and round.  Are we supposed to be starting over?  Or is there hope that a new awakening in spiritual consciousness is taking place?
     What exactly does the end time really mean?  I tend to think that it does not mean that the world comes to an end, but rather that man wakes up from the Adam dream of time, the belief that time is real, hence it is really the end of the belief in time by mankind.  There can be no end to man, because man reflects God and God is eternal.  Another mistake that mortal man makes is in thinking that eternal being has to do with time or ongoing time.

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