The Second Coming of Christ

by MJSmith


St. John 14:26 – But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost [pneuma]; whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

“In the words of St. John:  ‘He shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever.’  This Comforter I understand to be Divine Science.” (S&H 55:27)

     Much of the following material is from Doris Grekel’s pamphlet CHRIST’S SECOND COMING.  It is full of information that took place in America and the world that I feel most people have forgotten or never heard of.  I have not copied all of the information, as you can probably get a copy of it from Doris Grekel.
     Doris begins her first chapter “PROPHECY” with prophecy about the first coming via Jesus Christ.  Then she asks if we will be as slow to acknowledge the second coming as we were the first?  “Early in the twentieth century a book was found entitled The Time of the End.  ‘As early as 1571 a D.D. advanced the idea that the reappearing of Christ would occur in 1866.’[1][2]
     Jesus told the disciples about the second coming.  “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time,…after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven,…And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven.”[3]  St. John, in Revelation 6:12, 13 repeated some of these signs with the opening of the sixth seal, “and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; And the stars of heaven fell.”

From pages 6-9 (Grekel’s pamphlet)

     The great tribulation has been interpreted in various ways by different Bible scholars, but the other signs can be listed as follows and compared with historical records.

1. a great earthquake
2. darkening of the sun
3. darkening of the moon
4. stars falling from heaven
5. sign in heaven

1.  From Sears, in Wonders of the World, (pp. 50-58) we read:  “On November 1, 1755 occurred the great Lisbon earthquake.  This occurred as the time of persecution was drawing to a close.  Concerning the earthquake of November 1, 1755 – it extended over a track of at least four million square miles. …It pervaded the greater part of Europe, Africa, and America.  But its extreme violence was exercised on the southern part of Europe.”
     Under the heading earthquakes in the American People’s Encyclopedia (1951 edition) we find this:  “The Lisbon earthquake which occurred on November 1, 1755 is the most notable earthquake in history. …It made a profound impression upon the civilized world and was generally looked upon as a divine castigation.”

2.  Jesus said to his disciples that the sun would be darkened.  In his revelation John saw the sun become black.  Thousands of people in North America witnessed the fulfillment of this prophecy on May 19, 1780.  In Noah Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1833 edition,[4] he writes:  “the dark day of May 19, 1730 so-called because of remarkable darkness of that day – the obscuration began about ten o’clock in the morning and continued until the middle of the next night.”

The following statements are excerpts from a minister’s research.

     The German astronomer, Herschel, said, “the dark day of North America was one of those wonderful phenomena of nature which will always be read with interest by which philosophy is at a loss to explain.”  Dr. Adams wrote:  “It was midnight darkness at noonday.  Thousands of people who could not account for it from natural causes were terrified and indeed it cast a universal gloom on the earth.”

3.  “And the moon shall not give her light”.
     …[This] occurred the same night that the sun was darkened. …Concerning this Dr. Adams wrote, “Almost everyone who happened to be out in the evening got lost in going home.  The darkness was as uncommon in the night as it was in the day for the moon was full the night before.”  Mr. Teeney of Exeter, New Hampshire wrote, “The darkness of the following evening was probably as gross as has ever been observed since the Almighty fiat gave birth to light.  I could not help conceiving at the time that if every luminous body in the universe had been shrouded in impenetrable darkness or struck out of existence, the darkness could not have been more complete.”

4.  “And the stars shall fall from heaven”.
     This sign was to follow the darkening of the sun and moon.  And history confirms that it did.  Denison Olmstead, Prof. of Astronomy at Yale University wrote:  “The morning of November 13th 1833 was rendered memorable by an exhibition of the phenomenon called shooting stars which was probably more extensive and magnificent than any here-to-fore recorded.  …probably no celestial phenomenon has ever occurred in this country since its first settlement which was viewed with such admiration and delight by one class of spectators, and with so much astonishment and fear by another.  During the three hours of its continuance, the day of judgement was believed to be waiting only for the sunrise.” – from The American Journal of Science by Olmstead.
     “Arago computes that not less than 240,000 meteors were at the same time visible above the horizon of Boston.” (from Our First Century Magazine)
     The second chapter deals with the fifth point “The Sign In Heaven”.  It would be thirty-three years after the falling stars of 1833 that Jesus’ prophecy would be fulfilled.  This would be the year of 1866, particularly February of that year – the “SIGN of the Son of man in heaven” Doris Grekel reports was seen in Siberia.  She gives the account as it was recorded in Tent Life in Siberia by George Kennan.
     On the 26th of February [1866]…there occurred one of the grandest displays of the Arctic Aurora which had been observed there for more than fifty years, and which exhibited such unusual and extra-ordinary brilliancy that even the natives were astonished. …Late in the evening…there burst suddenly upon our startled eyes the grandest exhibition of vivid dazzling light and color of which the mind can conceive.  The whole universe seemed to be on fire.  A broad arch of brilliant prismatic colors spanned the heavens from east to west like a gigantic rainbow, with a long fringe of crimson and yellow streamers stretching up from its convex edge to the very zenith.  At short intervals of one or two seconds, wide, luminous bands, parallel with the arch, rose suddenly out of the northern horizon and swept with a swift, steady majesty across the whole heavens, like long breakers of phosphorescent light rolling from some limitless ocean of space.
     Every portion of the vast arch was momentarily wavering, trembling, and changing color, and the brilliant streamers, which fringed its edge swept back and forth in great curves, like the fiery sword of the angel at the gate of Eden.  In a moment the vast auroral rainbow, with all its wavering streamers, began to move slowly up toward the zenith, and a second arch of equal brilliancy formed directly under it, shooting up another long serried row of slender colored lances toward the North Star, like a battalion of the celestial host presenting arms to its commanding angel.  Every instant the display increased in unearthly grandeur.  The luminous bands revolved swiftly, like the spokes of a great wheel of light across the heavens; the streamers hurried back and forth with swift, tremulous motion from the ends of the arches to the center, and now and then a great wave of crimson would surge up from the north and fairly deluge the whole sky with color, tinging the white snowy earth far and wide with its rosy reflection.  But as the words of the prophecy, “And the heavens shall be turned to blood,” formed themselves upon my lips, the crimson suddenly vanished, and a lightning flash of vivid orange startled us with its wide, all-pervading glare, which extended even to the southern horizon, as if the whole volume of the atmosphere had suddenly taken fire.  I even held my breath a moment, as I listened for the tremendous crash of thunder which it seemed to me must follow this sudden burst of vivid light; but in heaven or earth there was not a sound to break the calm silence of night, save the hastily-muttered prayers of the frightened native at my side, as he crossed himself and kneeled down before the visible majesty of God.  I could not imagine any possible addition which even Almighty power could make to the grandeur of the Aurora as it now appeared.  The rapid alternations of crimson, blue, green, and yellow in the sky were reflected so vividly from the white surface of the snow, that the whole world seemed now steeped in blood, and then quivering in an atmosphere of pale, ghastly green, through which alone the unspeakable glories of the mighty crimson and yellow arches.
     But the end was not yet.  As we watched with upturned faces the swift ebb and flow of these great celestial tides of colored light, the last seal of the glorious revelation was suddenly broken, and both arches were simultaneously shivered into a thousand parallel perpendicular bars, every one of which displayed in regular order, from top to bottom, the seven primary colors of the solar spectrum.  From horizon to horizon there now stretched two vast curving bridges of colored bars, across which we almost expected to see, passing and repassing, the bright inhabitants of another world.  Amid cries of astonishment and exclamation of “God have mercy!” from the startled natives, these innumerable bars began to move, with a swift dancing motion, back and forth along the whole extent of both arches, passing each other from side to side with such bewildering rapidity, that the eye was lost in the attempt to follow them.  The whole concave of heaven seemed transformed into one great revolving kaleidoscope of shattered rainbows.  Never had I even dreamed of such an aurora as this, and I am not ashamed to confess that its magnificence at that moment overawed and frightened me.  The whole sky, from zenith to horizon, was “one molten, mantling sea of color and fire, crimson and purple, and scarlet and green, and colors from which there are no words in language and no ideas in the mind, – things which can only be conceived while they are visible.”  The “signs and portents” in the heavens were grand enough to herald the destruction of a world:  flashes of rich quivering color, covering half the sky for an instant and then vanishing like summer lightning; brilliant green streamers shooting swiftly but silently up across the zenith; thousands of variegated bars sweeping past each other in two magnificent arches, and great luminous waves rolling in from the interplanetary spaces and breaking in long lines of radiant glory upon the shallow atmosphere of a darkened world.
     With the separation of the two arches into component bars it reached its utmost magnificence, and from that time its supernatural beauty slowly but steadily faded.  The first arch broke up, and soon after it the second; the flashes of color appeared less and less frequently; the luminous bands ceased to revolve across the zenith; and in an hour nothing remained in the dark starry heavens to remind us of the Aurora, except a few faint Magellan clouds of luminous vapor.
     This is the end of the second chapter.  Can anyone deny that what is described here is a sign for the angel of the little open book in Revelation 10?  The Arch of the Covenant was being fulfilled at that very moment.
     It was during the first part of the month that Mary Baker Patterson was in Lynn, Massachusetts with some friends.  They were walking to a lodge meeting when she slipped on the icy sidewalk, she fell hitting her back on the curb.  Later, under a doctor’s care, she was moved to her home in Swampscott.  This same doctor prescribed pain medicine for her to take.  He also predicted that she would die.  The pastor, or minister, that called upon her also told her to face the music, basically, and not hold out that she would survive.
     Mary Baker Patterson reached for her Bible and she read where Jesus healed the palsied man.  She was instantaneously healed and got up and dressed herself on February 4, 1866.  This unknown woman from New Hampshire would later be known as Mary Baker Eddy, and she would become a household name.  (The full account can be found in her biography Retrospection and Introspection.)
     Mary Baker Eddy was the woman with the bow upon her head (who had been born in Bow, New Hampshire).  She would give the rainbow colors to the world.  She would bring forth the seven synonymous terms for God.  The Lamb’s Wife, the Bride, would be the one to present these seven synonyms in their Word order (the Bride’s order) as – Mind (red), Spirit (orange), Soul (yellow), Principle (green), Life (blue), Truth (indigo), and Love (violet).
     Doris Grekel has a different explanation in the meaning of the double rainbow.  I am not saying she is wrong, I just think that we can possibly find another explanation for the double rainbow.  She writes (in the third chapter “THE LAMB’S WIFE” on page 16), “What meanest this?  A second arch of equal brilliancy directly under the first?  Could this represent the Lamb’s wife spoken of in Revelation? – the two arches, the male and female of God’s creating?”  Although this is a good explanation, I do not feel that it is correct.  Why?  Because Jesus was given the scepter (from the lineage of Jesus – with the Ark Covenant – the Letter of the Law) while Mary Baker Eddy was given the promise of the seed (from the lineage of Joseph, son of Jacob-Israel).  It was Mary Baker Eddy who was prophesied to bring to earth the Arch Covenant – the Spirit of the Law, not Jesus.  I think that the double rainbow is symbolic of Mary Baker Eddy’s two main missions (like the two women on the cover of the Sentinel did) – the first rainbow would be for the angel of Revelation 10 as the Discoverer of Christian Science, while the second rainbow would be for the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12 as the Founding Mother and Leader of The First Church of Christ Scientist.  Or it could also mean that there are to women advents – one would be Mary Baker Eddy who came to explain Jesus Christ’s Life and Light, the second would be her spiritual sister, Martha, who comes to explain Mary Baker Eddy’s Life and Light.
     An interesting thing happened to me on December 1, 2012 (after posting this).  I was driving, heading South, and I looked at the clouds.  They were so beautiful, all different colors – the “bow in the cloud.”  It was about 1:30 p.m., so it was not time for the sun to set.  This is not the first time I have seen colored clouds, but it certainly has been the most spectacular sight I have ever seen with the rainbow clouds.  It really was beautiful.  To me it was a reminder that the Arch of the Covenant has been fulfilled.

Sentinel Cover B

The Second Coming of Christ (2)

Joel 2:30-31 – And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.  The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come.

     On this same topic Paul Smillie, on page 183 of his book MARY BAKER EDDY The Prophetic and Historical Perspective, writes, “In the year 1811, the largest earthquake of known history occurred.  Its tremors were felt throughout this nation from its source in America’s center.  In the first thirteen weeks of 1811, there were 1,874 quakes and, with only one exception, they all occurred approximately at the time of new or full moons.  Many felt the world was coming to an end and the second coming of Christ was nigh upon them.  When it first started, black clouds of sulphurous vapor shut out the luminous new moon and the earth was in total darkness.  Flashes of lightning and pieces of coal were thrown up from deep chasms opening in the earth.  The last of the shocks took place in 1822, about ten years after the first quake.  At that time, 30,000 to 50,000 square miles of our country had undergone extensive topographical changes.  Marvelous events were taking place, and mankind was being prepared for an eventful future.  The dragon was wroth.”
     He goes on to speak about how the United States’ citizens had won self-government.  The United States had its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution, — the protection for the discovery and development of the Second Advent was able to take place.  There was freedom of thought with inventive genius so great that The United States revolutionized commerce and industry for which the whole world would be blessed.
     Yet a reversal tried to take place with the war of 1812.  But this too came to an end and “the United States and Great Britain pledged themselves to disarm forever along the Canadian border.”  The truce began the same year that Mary Baker was born, in 1821, and has been kept to this day.
     During the previous year the harsh theology of Calvinism, that Mary Baker would grow up with, began to soften which would strengthen it.  Smillie seems to think that many New Englanders felt the “change in thought and the change in Calvinism was a part of” this mental change. (page 184)  This change certainly would help Mary Baker out, but she would still have problems with this religion in future years, as she writes about this religion’s scholastic theology in her autobiography Retrospection and Introspection.
     Doris Grekle’s fourth chapter is “THE CHURCH IN THE WILDERNESS”.   It has excerpts from Reverend Gardiner Spring’s book of 1838 titled Fragments from the Study of a Pastor.  I am mentioning this in case anyone is interested in purchasing the pamphlet for them self.  I will not go into his body of work here.
     Chapter five “THE WOMAN IN THE WILDERNESS” opens up with two most important questions for all Christian Scientists.  She writes, “The ‘man of sorrows,’ the ‘Lamb of God,’ was embodied in the flesh and dwelt among men as the man Jesus of Nazareth.  Is it not possible that this woman of the wilderness [Revelation 12] will also be embodied in the flesh and dwell among us?  Are we overlooking the Lamb’s Wife in our search for the Lamb?” (p. 25)
     In Jesus’ parable about the Ten Virgins the Bride is completely cut from the story!  Where is the Bride?  Either the men, who translated the parable for the King James Version, did not understand why the Bride was in the story so they left her out, or else they purposely left her out.  Paul Smillie feels that they did not understand her place in the parable so they cut her from the story.
     When Mary Baker was eight years old she heard God’s Mother’s voice calling her name over and over.  This calling went on for twelve months because she was not sure of who was calling out to her.  When she first heard God’s Motherly voice she went to her mother and asked her if she had called for her.  When her mother told her, “No” I think she just began to ignore the voice.  One day when a cousin was over the cousin heard the voice too.  She asked Mary why she did not go see what her mother wanted.  So Mary and the cousin went to Abigail Baker.  But Abigail said she did not call her name.  It finally dawned on Mary’s mother what was going on and she explained to Mary about the prophet Samuel and how he heard God call his name.  Abigail Baker told Mary that when she heard God call her name again that she should reply, “Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth.”
     Mary was frightened, and being a girl she probably doubted that she should be chosen to hear God’s voice.  Why would she be worthy?  So when she heard God call her name again she did not respond.  Afterward she thought about it and probably felt she had not done what she was supposed to do.  She repented and cried over it, and she promised God that if she heard Her voice again that she would answer the call.
     The time came when Mary heard God’s Mother’s voice say her name.  She said, “Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth.”  Immediately she was lifted up from her bed and then gently placed back onto the bed.  This was repeated two more times.  Can you imagine what an eight-year old girl would have thought about this occurrence?  I am sure she was frightened and she certainly did not tell anyone until she had become Leader of the Christian Science Cause.
     I imagine that it made her think about Jesus and how he had been able to walk on water.  Perhaps the experience of her being lifted up into the air helped her to know without any doubt that God broke all material laws, or rather, that material laws had no power over Spiritual Law.  She too would be seen walking on water!
     In Doris’ sixth chapter “BY THEIR FRUITS” she speaks about how slow mankind had progressed.  But by “the end of the nineteenth century [after Christian Science had been Discovered] railroads and telegraph lines spanned our continent, and automobiles, telephones, radios, ect. were soon to follow.” (p. 28)
     Even the feat of flight was to be accomplished during Mary Baker Eddy’s time here with us.  Of course, with the Discovery of Christian Science the opposite was to come into existence – electricity.  I am not saying that electricity is an evil thing, but it sure has gotten us into a predicament.  Take the television series Revolution for example.  They loose all power, and their civilization falls.  There is no doubt that if this really did happen that our civilization would probably do the same things as depicted in the series.
     “History records very little change or progress for thousands and thousands of years, then suddenly in the short span of little more than one century the whole world is catapulted into a period of progress undreamed of by previous generations, climaxed today by landing men on the moon,[5] and tomorrow by who knows what miracle?  Are these not wonders to surpass Oriental dreams?”[6]
     Speaking of the Apollo Moon Landings, they were symbolic of Mary Baker Eddy, the woman God-crowned, for her feet were upon the moon.  Apollo 11 launched on July 16, 1969.  July 16th is Mary Baker Eddy’s birthday.  Mary’s birth sign is Cancer, and the number 69, on its side, is the symbol for Cancer.  July is the seventh month (seven synonyms for God) and sixteen represents the divine calculus (4 x 4 = 16).  The number 11 is made up of 7 and 4.  Seven stands for the seven synonymous terms for God.  The number four represents the living creatures for the divine calculus – the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  Four also represents the four levels of Science – Science itself, divine Science, absolute Christian Science, and Christian Science.  The Mother Ship (Mother Church) was called the Columbia.  Columbia is a feminine form for “dove.”  Dove, Mary Baker Eddy writes, means:  “A symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith.” (S&H 584:26)
     Apollo 11’s Lunar Module was called the Eagle.  The flying eagle is the fourth living creature in Ezekiel and Revelation.  The flying eagle stands for God’s omni-active Science.  There are twelve stars in the woman’s crown.  These twelve stars represent the twelve nations of Israel.  During the seven Apollo missions there were a total of twelve men that walked upon the surface of the moon, had dominion over material forces.  The United States of America is where the ten lost tribes of Israel and the three tribes of Judah, Levi, and Benjamin reunite, symbolically represented in the thirteen colonies.  Can there be any doubt that the twelve astronauts do not symbolize the union of Judah and Israel?  Can there be any doubt, with all of these signs, that the moon missions represented the missions of the woman God-crowned?  Can you imagine that if you were standing upon the moon and looking to Earth, and Earth was in front of the sun what you would see?  You would see the Earth being “clothed with the sun.”  Generic man is the idea of one man, one idea, was there any other time during the history of mankind when all men were as close to being this one man?  Most of the world was looking at Neil Armstrong setting his feet down upon the dust of the moon.  Most of the world was invited to the biggest party ever!
     One last interesting symbol about Apollo 11.  I remember going outside, in the day, during the moon mission.  I remember looking up and seeing the moon in the sky and thinking that it was full, well, I guess my memory was playing a trick on me.  Because it was not a full moon.  After writing this article I watched, on November 30, an episode of Cold Case.  It was a repeat, of course, but the murder case took place during the same time the men were on the moon.  The camera was on the boy who was going to be killed, it swerved upward to the sky and showed a banana moon.  I wondered if this was correct, so my husband looked it up on the Internet.  He told me that it was six days into its phase (from a new moon).  Well, that number of Six Days is symbolic of Truth.  This Sixth Day of Truth ties in to Mary Baker Eddy, as her mission took place during the Sixth Day of Truth.
     Doris ends her chapter asking, “Are these changes [inventions] material, or are they the effects of some greater spiritual cause?  It must be the latter, for if God, Primal Cause, is Spirit [the Holy Ghost], all effect must necessarily be spiritual.  The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof:  the time is at hand, and the times are in his hands.
     “It has been reported that at a meeting of nuclear scientists in New York following World War II (in the latter 1940’s), one of their members made the statement that there is no matter.  Another eminent man responded, ‘A woman named Mary Baker Eddy told us that seventy-five years ago.’”
     The seventh and final chapter is very short.  It is called “HEAVENLY VERIFICATION”.  It reads on pages 30 and 31 as follows:
     The divine mandate, “Let there be light, and there was light” does not include the sun and the moon which appear later in the line of creation.  What is the spiritual significance of these two great lights in the heaven which we are told were “for signs [symbols]…the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night”?  Does not the sun symbolize light, day, good, while the moon represents darkness, night, evil?
     An article on witchcraft in the encyclopedia states that witches call upon Satan at their sabbats which are held at the time of the full moon.  [Now, I do not think this is true of white witches, I happen to know a white witch and she does not ever call upon Satan.]  Recently on television the individual in charge of a mental institution was asked whether it was true that the insane were more unruly when the moon was full, and the answer was definitely yes, that they double their guard at that time of the month.
     Saint Paul’s words, “Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day; ye are not of the night, nor of darkness” give meaning to the woman of St. John’s vision who was clothed with the sun, and the moon was under her feet – in other words, she had overcome the ruler of the darkness [animal magnetism].
     But an item of greater significance regarding the full moon is a matter of record, and it appeared on page 16 of the January 31, 1971 issue of Grit Family Newspaper in these words:  “February, 1866, had no full moon.  This remarkable feat of nature had never happened before.”[7]

*          *          *

If one asks me, Is my concept of you right?  I reply, The human concept is always imperfect:  relinquish your human concept of me, or of anyone, and find the divine, and you have gained the right one – and never until then.

Mary Baker Eddy
Miscellaneous Writings

(End of pamphlet.)

     The two great lights in Genesis 1 are spoken of in the Fourth Day of Principle.  This Fourth Day is the focal point of the Seven Days.  It correlates with the focal point of the seven visions in Revelation – the fourth vision being about the woman God-crowned.  There is no doubt that Mary Baker Eddy represents the greater light – the sun.  If Christ Jesus represents the moon (the other great light), then might this be more along the lines that Christianity ruled over the Dark Ages?   And it is the woman clothed with the sun, and the angle whose face was as the sun, that has her feet upon Christianity (the moon), for she has united it with the Greater Light of divine Science.

     Notice in the above illustration from Christ and Christmas that the halo is brighter around Mary Baker Eddy’s head.  This corresponds to Revelation where the Son of Man has only seven stars while the woman God-crowned has twelve stars.

Joseph.  A corporeal mortal; a higher sense of Truth rebuking mortal belief, or error, and showing the immortality and supremacy of Truth; pure affection blessing its enemies.  (S&H 589:19)

     “As the Judah thought was more properly represented in the life of our Master, so the thought of Joseph was significantly expressed through the life of our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.” (MARY BAKER EDDY The Prophetic and Historical Perspective; by Paul Smillie, p. 161)  Today, the nation of Israel is represented as the United States of America though Joseph’s son Ephraim (with God’s latter-day Israel).  And Manasseh, Joseph’s firstborn son, is represented today by Great Britain.

II Peter 1:19 – We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.

     What is the day star?  It is the second coming of the Christ as the feminine Venus (Love).  Of course Love must arise in our hearts!
     I have mentioned this in many of my other writings, but I feel that it is of importance to understand this point, and that the signs of heaven do tell us what is taking place here on Earth.
     The planet Venus was named after the goddess Venus.  Venus is the goddess of love.  The symbol for Venus is a plus cross with a circle on top.  To me this represents the same idea as the cross (plus sign) and the crown (circle) of The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts.  The Edifice is known as the Cross.  The Extension is known as the Crown.  These two church structures are adjacent to each other and they form the symbol for Venus.  The Boston Church is the Church that was founded upon Petra, the feminine form of the Christ-Rock.

     THE EMPRESS is the woman God-crowned, notice she has twelve stars in her crown.  Notice also the symbol for Venus inside the heart on the left side of the card.
     Venus is the only planet in our solar system that rotates in a counter clockwise direction.  Venus may rotate this way because it was possibly created after the rest of the planets were made.  But I find it interesting that the Morning Star (the Day Star) of Venus is like the eddy, the Eddy that runs contrary to popular thought.
     Venus is also a representation of two ideals spoken of in Revelation.  In Revelation 10 there is the angel with the little open book.  This angel is clothed with a cloud, even though his face is like the sun.  In Revelation 12 there is the woman God-crowned.  This woman is clothed with the sun.  These descriptions point us to Venus in that Venus is a volcanic planet; Venus is clothed with a cloud of volcanic smoke.  Its face, surface, being volcanic is like the surface of the sun.  Am I trying too hard to make things make sense?  Or am I really on the right track?
     So, how is Venus clothed with the sun?  Well, Venus is clothed with the sun at particular times only.  It probably has been clothed with the sun off and on for centuries, but I only know of recent times that Venus transited the sun, hence Venus was clothed with the sun.  The first time I know of was during the revolution, when the United States, the Lost Israel, was trying to gain its freedom from King George in England.  It was during the time that our Constitution was being written too.  So, is this not a sign from God that the United States of America is all-important, that this country was God’s plan for mankind’s salvation?  Therefore, is not everything that tries to tear down the United States of America’s Constitution the action of the anti-Christ?  I have to reply, “Yes, yes it is.”
     Venus transits the sun and then eight years later it transits the sun again.  It is always in pairs.  It is also of importance that this eight-year period coincides with the formation (as the path that Venus travels) of the five-star pentacle!  This star is another symbol for Venus (found a lot in the Rider Tarot Deck).  The upside down pentacle has to do with devil worship, the anti-Christ.
     The next transit of Venus (being clothed) with the sun took place in 1874.  This was the time that Mary Baker Glover was pouring over the King James Bible.  She had already Discovered Christian Science in 1866, since then she was demonstrating it and teaching students her newly discovered Science.  This was the God-crowned mission of her total Discovery (uncovering) of the Bible’s secrets (symbols).  It was at this time that she would begin to write “copious notes” which would finally lead to the publication of Science and Health (the first edition) in 1875.
     The second transit during Mary Baker Eddy’s life would be after her husband Asa Gilbert Eddy had been mentally assassinated by lawyer Edward J. Arens (who had teamed up with malpractitioner Richard Kennedy).  The second transit took place in June of 1882.  According to Doris Grekel’s biography on Mary Baker Eddy, it was during this summer that Mary Baker Eddy wrote letters that hinted to friends (or students) about her place as the woman God-crowned.  Mary Baker Eddy understood that she was the woman God-crowned (the Morning Star that Jesus promised) of Revelation 12.
     This fact, or Truth, would need to be hidden from the world until it was ready to accept it as being fact, or Truth.  In 1898 Judge Hanna was preparing an article hinting at Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  In his own words he writes what happened that this article was not published.  “Although the last letter [from Mary Baker Eddy] indicated permission to proceed with the publication of the entire article (that is the one I wrote and the vision of Mr. Spring) I concluded it best to publish only that of Mr. Spring and the more general part of what I said of the prophecy of Isaiah, deferring the other until a future time and make it a separate article.  After this, events in connection with the work and the Woodbury suit, came so thick and fast there seemed no opportune time to again bring the matter to Mrs. Eddy’s attention (which I felt I must do before publishing it), and there it rested.  My own conception of the whole matter, however, has not changed and I see it today just as I saw it then, but I see also that neither our own people [Christian Scientists], as a whole, nor the outside world were ready for the interpretation of Isaiah then made; and I do not know that they are yet ready.”
     So, the article was never published.  The Woodbury Suit caused confusion (Babylon) within the Field’s thoughts upon the matter of Mary Baker Eddy being the second coming of Christ.  A big majority of Church-goers (as I call them) today reject the idea that Mary Baker Eddy fulfilled Bible prophecy, like written of in Isaiah.  I know that some of these Christian Scientists are literally afraid to read books by John W. Doorly, Max Kappeler, W. Gordon Brown, Helen Wright, John Morgan, Peggy Brooks, etc. because they are “unauthorized” literature (unauthorized by the Board of Directors).  They are afraid to read anything outside of “authorized literature” and stick mainly to the Bible Lesson.  I have to wonder if they even get out the Bible to read it, or do they mostly stick to Science and Health?  I know the Bible is hard to understand, and for many years I shied away from reading it, but I finally realized that I had to actually read the Bible and pray for spiritual understanding.  Reading books by Doorly, Brown, Kappeler, Morgan, etc. helped me understand that the Bible had a matrix structure to it.  I began to see and understand what the Bible was really doing and presenting.  Understanding symbols (a study I took upon myself to learn) helped me understand the Bible too.
     Any Church that tries to use fear to keep the congregation in line is wrong!  And it is a far cry from Mary Baker Eddy’s Church based upon Truth and Love!
     The Field has been brainwashed by the red dragon’s flood of false propaganda put forth by the Boston hierarchy.  The 1940’s pamphlet Mrs. Eddy’s Place has been withdrawn from Reading Rooms.  Boston does not want the Truth to circulate!  They say, “Let us keep the Truth out of the Field’s hands.  Let us set up ‘authorized literature’” something that Mary Baker Eddy was against!  They pulled nasty tricks on the Field to get them to hate a perfectly good book called Destiny of The Mother Church.  Bliss Knapp’s book speaks the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, however, most Reading Rooms ban the book!  You know who these Christian Scientists remind me of?  Today’s atheists who want to get rid of nativity scenes and Christmas trees!  Mary Baker Eddy told us that atheism is the anti-Christ.  So, is not the action taken against these books that speak the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, the Truth about her being the woman God-crowned, the Truth about her being the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and the Truth about her being the second coming of Christ – are not these actions the actions of the anti-Christ?  Yes, yes these actions are of the anti-Christ.  Could this not be the reason why atheists are getting their way today in the courts of the United States of America?  Is this not why the United States of America is so close to becoming a communistic nation?
     The Christian Scientist must be willing to learn Science, not just stick to reading the Bible lesson alone.  The only way they can learn Science is to read books that have been “banned” by the false function known as “authorized literature.”
     The worst red dragon trick has been utilized via “authorized” biographies.  I am not saying that all the biographies about Mary Baker Eddy’s life are bad, some really are good books, but there are a few that are really bad.  I believe that the Robert Peel trilogy came out in the 1960s.  The first two books were not bad, however, the last biography about Mary Baker Eddy was really an out and out attack on her and Christian Science.  This was the anti-Christ at work.  Robert Peel’s third book may have been evil because he had allowed himself to be falsely influenced my Mr. Phinney (at one time he was a Board member).  The third Peel trilogy also attacked John W. Doorly and Max Kappeler.  Peel’s trilogy was the official biography for the church for nearly twenty years.
     My only problem with Doorly and his student’s works (not all of them) is that they tend to also disregard the importance of recognizing Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  Or rather, they tend to down play it.  And I think that this is probably why more Christian Scientists have not accepted their writings.
     When Bliss Knapp first published his book, Destiny of The Mother Church in the 1940s, the Boston hierarchy insisted that he recall his books and destroy them.  They probably also asked him to destroy the plates.  I do not know how much Bliss Knapp obeyed them, but perhaps he was too afraid of being excommunicated so he may have obeyed them?  However, something must have been saved because the book was republished.  Why did the Boston Board insist he do this to his book?  Well, one reason was that it spoke of Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  However, at that time the Board was not really against this idea, they had the pamphlet Mrs. Eddy’s Place still in Reading Rooms.  I think it was more along the line that they were punishing him for not going through them as the book’s publishers.  He had published the book on his own and it was now given the stamp of “unauthorized literature.”
     In the early 1990s Boston decided to publish a biography series.  Strange that they ignored the Wilbur (one of the best ever) biography!  The reason for the publication of these books was not to talk or speak about Mary Baker Eddy’s wonderful life.  The real reason for publishing them was to get a boatload of money from Mrs. Knapp’s will, and the Field knew this.  In her will Mrs. Knapp stipulated that Boston would get the money if they published her husband’s book Destiny of The Mother Church.  However, Mrs. Knapp, for some strange reason, had made another stipulation that if her husband’s book were not to be published by the Christian Science Publishing Society, then the money would go (if I remember correctly) to materia medica.
     Again if I remember correctly, Boston declined to print Knapp’s book because they hated what he wrote about Mary Baker Eddy being the woman God-crowned and fulfilling Bible prophecy.  But in the end all that money was too much to resist.  However, by the time they had changed their minds they wound up having to split the estate.
     What was the Board of Directors to do about the message in Destiny of The Mother Church?  They did not want the Field to accept Bliss Knapp’s words as Truth about Mary Baker Eddy because they had too much at stake.  So they sent out their propaganda agents to the Branch Churches to stir up trouble.  These trouble makers fooled the members of the Branches with false propaganda about the book and they wound up rejecting Knapp’s book.  After all the years of brainwashing on the topic of Mary Baker Eddy not fulfilling Bible prophecy (as promoted in the third Peel biography), that she was just some ordinary woman, nothing special, nor was she to be idolized (not that we should idolize anyone, not even Jesus Christ) it was not hard to convince the Field that Knapp’s book was full of lies.  Even though Bliss Knapp knew Mary Baker Eddy personally and was her student, they still did not want to believe that he actually knew what he was talking about, or that he was correct about Mrs. Eddy (after all, it went against Boston’s final WORD on the topic).
     It did not help the situation that Boston sent out their men (women too) into the Field to discourage the sell of Knapp’s book in their Reading Rooms.  The Field was once more being played by Boston’s finely ill tuned organ and being fooled into hating Knapp’s book before it even hit the presses.
     It was around the time, that Knapp’s book had been published by the C.S.P.S., that I had a vision dream I named “Grandmother’s High Chair.”  I was shown that I was to stand up for Mary Baker Eddy, that I would not be mesmerized by the devil (anti-Christ), and that I would STAND for my Leader.  My time would come to do just this after years of preparation, study, and writing.
     A couple years before the Bliss Knapp Covert Affair, the Boston Church produced a television biography on Mary Baker Eddy.  It was not a good program, it had many flavors of Romanism within it.  Although I love Julie Harris she was not the correct choice for Mary Baker Eddy’s voice.  Her voice sounded old and shaky.  I know in my heart that Mary Baker Eddy’s voice sounded forever youthful.  The biography concentrated a lot on death (a trait that belongs to Romanism).
     In the early 21st century a new attack on the Woman began with Gillian Gill’s biography Mary Baker Eddy.  Gillian Gill may have had good intentions, but being that she was not a Christian Scientist, nor did she understand Christian Science, she did not know what she was talking about in certain instances, like with animal magnetism.  Her book was PRAISED and PROMOTED by Boston and their sleeping Field of sheep also PRAISED her book.  However, the book was actually an attack on true Womanhood, on Mary Baker Eddy, and on Christian Science.  Perhaps it was not up to Gillian Gill to report on the thousands of healings that Mary Baker Eddy performed, but it seemed as if she went out of her way to discredit any healings that she did mention in her book.  She also compared Mary Baker Eddy to Mark Twain, calling her a “tyrant in her own home” in her words and actions towards her household workers.  And this was okay with the Field?  Did Gillian Gill understand that Mary Baker Eddy, via divine Mind, read the thoughts of those around her and knew what they were thinking?  Did she understand that Mary Baker Eddy was a tyrant to mortal mind only?  Did she even comprehend that Mary Baker Eddy was so full of Love that many people had a hard time being in the same room with with her, because her Light was so bright to corporeal sense?  Did she comprehend that Mary Baker Eddy constantly healed everything around her?  No, all that Gillian Gill understands or comprehends is that Mary Baker Eddy was a successful business woman, a great feminist.  But feminism and Womanhood are not the same thing at all, and Mary Baker Eddy manifested Womanhood not feminism.
     And with the negative biography being published something had to take place to counterbalance the negative.  A book was about to be published that would be on the positive side of Womanhood, even though it would be “clothed with a cloud,” because Venus would transit the sun on June 8, 2004.  What was so special about this year?  The popular book written in 2003 was about the second coming of Christ, even though this message was hidden to most of the readers.  This book was about the Madonna, the heir of Christ.  This book, even though it was a work of fiction, was called The Da Vinci Code.  The year after the Venus transit the movie, with the same title, was made.  I find it too much of a coincidence to ignore these types of things.
     Venus transited the sun again on June 5, 2012.  Knowing now what you do about Venus with its five points should you be surprised that the day was the fifth?  It had been predicted that Venus would transit the sun on June 6th, but it occurred one day earlier!  What happened during this time?  Well, I began my website The Ark of Truth – Mother’s Hood.  Yes, I planned it this way, but I had not gained the courage to take the step until that very day.  At that time I still thought the transit was going to take place on the sixth.
     This website is the one place people can come, from any place in the world, and actually find out the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.  It has no ties or connections to the Boston Church or any Branch Church.  My writing is totally independent and unauthorized by the Church.
     Why did I decide to publish on the Internet?  Well, I knew that I could not find a publisher; my ideas are too eddy.  For sure I knew the Christian Science Publishing Society would not publish my work.  They would not even publish testimonies I sent in because (they said) they were too intellectual; how does telling the Truth become intellectual?!  That is like the pot calling the kettle black!  I do not care about making money; I only care about getting the Truth out to the public, to the world.  I have no evil intents toward the Church of Boston or any Christian Scientist.  I only want to wake them up and open their eyes to the red dragon’s tactics (its flood of false propaganda to try and drown [kill] the woman).
     Today Mary Baker Eddy’s Church follows personal sense, the red dragon; it denies Mary Baker Eddy as its Leader.  There is very little gratitude given toward her in testimonies or the periodicals.  There is no mention of Mary Baker Eddy or Christian Science (accept for in the title) in her newspaper The Christian Science Monitor.  The Monitor has gone into the red (communistic), it supports the United Nations and a man (personal sense) run one world order.  Divine Principle, Love is the only one world order that can or should exist!
     The enemies of Christian Science have taken over Boston, they crossed the rivers (the spiritual teachings within the periodicals) because they were dry (based upon human intellectualism), and the Field is still asleep.  They need to wake up and begin to understand that Mary Baker Eddy IS their REVEREND (revered leader) not a Board of Directors.  If this happens then the world will begin to run as it should, in a harmonious way.  Until Christian Scientists follow their Leader, until they recognize and accept her place in Bible prophecy, until they begin to follow in Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual footsteps of Truth, then the world is in trouble, because the anti-Christ devil is mesmerizing them.  How can the world wake up from the Adam dream unless the woman’s place is recognized and accepted by the world?

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