The Sacrifice of Fatherhood

by MJSmith

The Sacrifice of Fatherhood

Yesterday someone asked me why God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, what kind of God would do that?  Today on line I read a similar question.  It is because this same question has come up twice within a twenty-four hour period that I feel that I should respond on this topic.

     Let me first begin by saying that I have come to the conclusion that the Bible is about one thing, besides God and man, and that is it is all about the two Christ advents.  The Bible tells us over and over things about these two great lights (of the Fourth Day of Principle in the first chapter of Genesis).  The first coming of Christ took place in the New Testament with Christ Jesus as God’s manifestation of Fatherhood, while the second coming of Christ came as God’s manifestation of Motherhood via Mary Baker Eddy.  It is through the woman’s spiritual seed of the Christ-link that these two advents take place.  Jesus, through Judah, was the sceptre promise while Mary Baker Eddy, through Joseph, was the birthright promise.
     It is these two advents of Christ that is prophesied throughout the Bible’s Old and New Testaments.  Let me first present a portion of the Christ lineage to you as presented in the Bible.

     The red serpent of Adam’s nervous system, Cain, Ham, and Esau are of the First Degree.  Adam brain, Eve, Abel, Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, and Jacob are all of the Second Degree.  The Second Degree is the lineage for the spiritual seed, it is through this Christ-link lineage that the spiritual seed of the woman, the blessings and the promises, are fulfilled.  Although the woman-Eve, Abel, Japhet, and Jacob-Israel were present in human form (the Second Degree) their mental altitude was of spiritual understanding of the Third Degree.

     “Eve gives birth to her second son Abel, but this process of birth does not record Adam as the father, although inferred.  This birth and subsequent murder is a prophetic type of the virgin-birth and of the crucifixion.”[1]  Abel was the prophetic type for Jesus Christ and Seth prefigured Mary Baker Eddy in that his “appearing was necessary to complete the work of Abel.  Seth represents the prophetic type of the second advent.  Whereas Adam previously named material creation, now Eve [in reality the woman] names Seth.”[2]

Genesis 3:15-16 — And I will put enmity between thee [the red serpent-dragon] and the woman [God-crowned], and between thy [material] seed and her [spiritual] seed; it [her seed] shall bruise thy head [wound your mortal mindedness], and thou shalt bruise his [the spiritual idea’s] heel [spiritual progression].  Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy [material loses] sorrow and thy [spiritual] conception; in sorrow [through the loss of matter] thou shalt bring forth children [spiritual ideas]; and thy desire shall be to thy [Christ] husband [not Adam man], and he [the Christ consciousness] shall rule [govern] over thee.

     From God’s “blessing” in Genesis 16 (even though most Christian’s call it a curse) the woman ideal is prophetically depicted to be the second coming of Christ, she is meant to be the woman God-crowned who travails when bringing forth her spiritual seed (her spiritual idea of divine Science).  At this point in Scripture the woman is still divinely crowned for she is wise to the ways of the serpent (animal magnetism; personal sense testimony).  Adam has yet to falsely identify the woman as Eve, the mother of all material life.  It is Eve who gives birth to Cain, while it is the woman who gives birth to Abel and Seth.  Seth is the idea chosen for the woman’s spiritual seed to be passed along as the Christ-link.  Cain’s lineage drowns in the deluge.


     “The spiritual seed of the woman is next recorded as appearing through Abram, who is to begin formulating a national concept [Christianity] to protect this seed.  The protection initially could not be accomplished worldwide but had to be selective in a national sense, — first through Israel, and then for the world.  Israel, through example and moral courage, would accomplish what mortal mind unsuccessfully attempted with the tower of Babel.
     “Abram originally came from Ur which was known for its idolatry [and astrological science], but he came out of that false belief.  He next settled in Haran which means parched, dry, very scorched.  In Genesis 12:1, 2, God told him to ‘Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee.  And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee….’”[3]
     At this time Abram is seventy-five years of age, and he is looking for a city with a firm foundation in which to build upon.  This city, of course, is the Holy City, the Kingdom of God that is within man’s consciousness.  However, the Kingdom will have its symbol in the human too.
     The main point, however, of this manuscript, is to discuss Abraham’s sacrifice.  But first we need to understand the promise that God will make Abraham of nations.  In fact, he is called the Father of Nations, so Abraham must deal with the false concept of Fatherhood.  Abraham as the Father of nations must be carried out in the human because the divine needs its coincidence, via the woman’s seed.  When Abram begins his spiritual journey, even though he is seventy-five, he is still spiritually immature.  However, Abram feels that he is physically too old, and perhaps even his sister-wife is too old, to have a child through corporeal birth.  So he is thinking of leaving his wealth, or promise, to his nephew, Lot.
     There are four choices that Abraham goes through in thinking that he has found his promise.  These four choices are his natural unfoldment of the operation of the divine calculus within his consciousness.  Lot, being the first, would represent the Word made flesh.  But God informs Abram that Lot is not the one promised.  Eventually Abram and Lot part ways, or part company, because they have both been so successful that the land they are in cannot sustain both of them.  Abram chooses to live in the harsher land — “the way of truth which denies the pleasurable material senses.”[4]
     Abram’s second choice for the woman’s seed is a typification of the Christ, for the Christ is the servant of man.  God informs Abram that his servant thought is not to be the source of the woman’s seed.  Abram’s Christ servant will later travel to Abram’s family homeland to seek out a wife for Isaac.
     Abram’s third choice for the woman’s seed is the son of Sarah’s Egyptian bondwoman.  Ishmael represents the First Degree, so he really cannot be the source of the promise, the woman’s seed, because the bondwoman is more like Eve than the woman God-crowned princess.  God informs Abram that Ishmael is not to be the one that the promise is to come to.  This is because Abram still has a limited concept of God’s Son-ship, and it is this limited concept that becomes the pattern for bonded Christianity.  Ishmael becomes the father of twelve nations, but these twelve nations of Arabs promote false Fatherhood and false Brotherhood because they envy the chosen seed of the free woman.  The circle of twelve is the pattern for Christianity.  The woman’s crown contains the twelve stars for the twelve tribes of Israel (the true pattern for Christianity) those twelve sons of Israel, who is the son of Isaac.
     Finally, the Christian Science promise is fulfilled when Abraham and Sarah give birth to the promised ideal child that they name Isaac.  Abraham’s life story actually presents the Word to the reader, while Isaac’s life story presents the Christ to the reader.  Jacob’s life story, along with his four wives and twelve sons, presents Christianity to the reader, and finally Joseph’s life story presents God’s Science to the reader.  And it will be through Joseph’s two sons that the Birthright Promise is fulfilled as two nations in the endtime.  These two nations will be Great Britain (Manasseh) and the United States (Ephraim).
     It is through Isaac, being the son of the sceptre and blessing promise, that Christ Jesus as the sceptre seed, and Mary Baker Eddy as the blessed seed, would come unto the world.  So Isaac not only typifies the Christ but he also typifies Christian Science.


The Sacrifice

     It was not the Christ idea or Christian Science that God asked Abraham to sacrifice, it was Abraham’s limited sense of Fatherhood and Son-ship that God was asking Abraham to sacrifice – to let go of.  Abraham had to recognize that God was the only Father and Christ the only Son.  Once Abraham came to this spiritual understanding, of the Third Degree, God provided the Christ ram for sacrifice to Abraham and Isaac.  God never had any intention of sacrificing Isaac, but eventually, He would have to allow his own Son and Daughter to give great sacrifice in order to save the nations of Christianity, and if you want – of Ishmael’s people as well.

War between nations

     Ishmael was jealous of Isaac, the higher idea.  Ishmael is still jealous of Isaac even today.  This is what today’s war in the Middle East is really about.  The brother rivalry is still going on because of petty jealousy.
     “God said, ‘…for in Isaac shall thy seed be called.’ (Genesis 21:12)  The children of the freewoman [Sarah – principle], not the bondwoman [material organization], were to carry the seed of the spiritual idea, — the woman.  It is the woman Sarah who determined the child Isaac’s spirituality, just as Hagar, the bondwoman, determined the lower type of man that was born of her.
     “Two important conditional promises were made to Abraham.  If he was obedient to God and lived perfectly he would ‘be a father of many nations’ and ‘I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee.’  Genesis 17:7 reads, ‘And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in THEIR generations….’ (Emphasis added)  The second promise was ‘Thy seed shall possess the gates of his enemies.’  Concerning these promises Scofield states the following:
     “‘In thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed’ is the great evangelic promise fulfilled in Abraham’s seed, Christ (Gal. 3:16 and John 8:56-58).  It brings into greater definiteness the promise of the Adamic Covenant concerning the Seed of the woman (Gen. 3:15[, 16]).”[5]
     “Thus the seed of the woman is to eventually control the stronghold of the carnal mind and subdue the serpent in this human method of controlling the claims of error.  These prophecies for ‘thousands of millions’ of people and control of the gates is for the latter days, our days.”[6]
      “The Jews argued with Jesus that Abraham was their father but Jesus, quickly recognizing claims to racial superiority without works [spiritual demonstrations], pointed out that to be Abraham’s descendants meant more than just being of a particular racial stock.  He said to them, ‘If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.’  Jesus was showing them all that the spiritual Israel must be manifested humanly, the Word must be made flesh or the claim to being an Israelite is null and void.  The claim to being an Israelite must be proven through ‘signs following.’  This same truth would also declare the worth of Abraham’s great grandson, Joseph, in the latter days.”[7]
     We could just as easily say the same thing to today’s descendants of Ishmael, “If you are Abraham’s children then you will do the works that Abraham did.”
     Is mankind as a whole ready to sacrifice their limited sense of Fatherhood, Son-ship, and Brotherhood?
     The family tree, as seen above, is not to “imply racial superiority but to imply racial responsibility derived from a just recognition of increased spiritual unfoldment through that racial element; not to imply that all of Abraham’s seed or all of Joseph’s seed would be more spiritually minded than any other, but that the spiritual seed would find a greater avenue for expression in that element.  There must always be a people or nation that approximates the idea of God more than any other, and it is also with certainty that it is this nation and people who understand God best.  It is this perception of God that determines the greater or lesser promises and position of a nation or race.  Jesus’ first Beatitude, ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit….’ deals with being poor in racial superiority.  In Aramaic, the language our Lord spoke, this passage reads, ‘poor in pride.’  The Aramaic word ‘rokha,’ in this case, means pride, — pride of ancestry and social standing because of race.
     “Without the Israel of the flesh as a transparency for spiritual Israel, spiritual Israel would never have come forth to humanity and been acknowledged.  This was true in ancient days and is true today.  There must be a human instrument to manifest the divine Truth.”[8]
     The modern day Israel is the United States of America because Mary Baker Eddy gave birth to Christian Science here.  God prepared this country for the second coming of Christ.  And part of the preparation is the United States Constitution.  This country is not to be envied or hated.  After all, it seems as if everyone wants to come to America and become a citizen, even now when it appears to be in such great trouble.  But the United States is only in trouble while its citizens disobey God, idolize Jesus Christ, and reject Mary Baker Eddy.  And it is as simple as that.

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