Does It Really Matter?

by MJSmith


I have yet to check, on this Wednesday morning, who has won the election.  All I have known, as of late, is that I really wanted the person I voted for to win.  But do you want to know why I wanted that person to win?  Because, I was afraid of the other person running against him!  And that is NO REASON TO WANT ANYBODY TO WIN!

Let us take a look at the election and what was behind it.  It was a hate campaign, it was a fear campaign, and it was a popularity campaign of personal sense.  Sure, there were more than just two parties to vote for this year, but what percentage of voters decided to really go independent and not vote for republican or democrat?  Will the press even tell us?  I suppose that there is record of it somewhere.  There are some people who really were against the democrat and republican candidates this time around.  I saw four of the Presidential candidates in a debate the day before the election.  And even though I agreed with some of each candidate’s ideas I could not agree with all the ideas coming from these candidates.  Could I ever find someone who would have all the right ideas that I agreed with?  Not unless I ran, and I would never want to be President!

I know that I was getting fed up with all the commercials I had to watch and all the mail that I was getting, it all seemed to be negative.  Everyone was mudslinging, as usual.  It seems that is all anyone who runs for office is capable of doing anymore.  And I have to ask why?  And I also have to say, that IF everything that is actually said about the candidates IS true then who would want them put into office at all?  Neither the choice for democrat or republican seemed to be clean, at least according to their opponent.  I am also speaking of local election candidates here.  Just who is telling the truth?  Are any of them telling the truth?  If they are not telling the truth then why don’t they tell us the truth?  Why are the lies more important than the truth?  It seemed to me that the only way to have an honest debate was to hook each candidate up to a lie detector machine, or give them truth serum!

President Obama said that if Mitt Romney won that this horrible thing would happen or that horrible thing would happen.  Mr. Romney said if President Obama won that we would have more of this horrible thing happening or more of that horrible thing happening.  I will say that I think that one side was a little less mudslinging (throwing around a little less Adam [mud] mortal mind) than the other side was.  But I think some people, like me, have come to the conclusion that it really does not matter who wins the election because, when it comes right down to it, both the democrats and republicans are all alike!  Sure they pretend to be different, but are they really all that different?  Or do they all play the United States of America citizens as suckers?

I was worried last night about who was really going to win.  But with the morning comes the dawning of true ideas and God answered my prayer upon the subject.

This is the answer that God gave to me.  Are you ready?  Because it is pretty wise!

God told me, “It does not matter who won the election because that government is outside of you.  It does not matter what the republicans or democrats do because it is all outside of your consciousness and there is nothing that you can do about that.  The only thing that really matters is that the Kingdom of God is within you, within your consciousness.  It is not important what others are doing out there, it only matters what you are thinking within your consciousness.  How are you governing your thinking?  Are you governing yourself via mortal mind (fear) or are you governing your being with divine Principle-Love?  Remember, the Kingdom of God, the Holy City of God, is within  your consciousness, the material government is not in control of you, and there is nothing they can do, no law that they can pass, that can change God’s Law.  There is nothing out there that has power, or that can ever separate you, my Love, from Me, your Father-Mother God.”

So, that is how I found my peace.  That is my message to any citizens of the United States who feel anger, resentment, or fear about the new, or same, man who was voted into office on November 6, 2012.