by MJSmith


Window – “wind + eye.”[1]  “Wind.  That which indicates the might of onmipotence and the movements of God’s spiritual government, encompassing all things.”[2]

“Eye.  Spiritual discernment, — not material but mental.

“Jesus said, thinking of the outward vision, ‘Having eyes, see ye not?’ (Mark viii. 18.)”[3]

If men were to understand what these definitions really mean would there have been the recent hurricane, the negative wind of “Destruction; anger; mortal passions”?[4]  Instead of blaming these violent storms on global warming, perhaps we should take a closer look at the mental atmosphere of mankind.

     With so much hatred in the world, so much war, can there be any doubt that this hate and violence lies behind the bad weather?  We have to stop believing that everything that happens is do to a physical cause.  We have been falsely educated to believe that physical cause lies behind the effects that we seem to experience.  If bad things come about it is do to mental thought and not physical cause, and I do not care what the physical scientists claim to be the cause behind an effect they are wrong.  But we, as a society, have been duped, taken in, fooled by the church leaders, leading physicists, medical practitioners, and government heads – all being led around by the red dragon of physical good and evil knowledge.  We have been blindsided, the Truth has been hidden about the true Leader who leads us out of material bondage.
     “The Greek word for wind (pneuma) is also for spirit, as in the passage of John’s Gospel, the third chapter, where we read:  ‘The wind [pneuma] bloweth where it listeth….So is every one that is born of the Spirit [pneuma].”  Here the original word is the same in both cases, yet it has received different translations, as in other passages in this same chapter and elsewhere in the New Testament.  This shows how our Master had constantly to employ words of material significance in order to unfold spiritual thoughts.  In the record of Jesus’ supposed death, we read:  ‘He bowed his head, and gave up the ghost;’ but this word ghost is pneuma.  It might be translated wind or air, and the phrase is equivalent to our common statement, ‘He breathed his last.’  What Jesus gave up was indeed air, an etherealized form of matter, for never did he give up Spirit, or Soul.”[5]
     Is it plausible then, that this pneuma is the Holy Ghost?  So what we need to spiritually discern is the Holy Ghost – the comforter – the second coming of Christ.
     Mary Baker Eddy referred to herself as a window.  She is the window that lets spiritual light pass through her.  In Paul Smillie’s 2012 edition of MARY BAKER EDDY The Prophetic and Historical Perspective he speaks metaphorically about the window and the red dragon.  On page 272 he writes:  “In Revelation 12, when the man child was caught up unto God and to His throne, the dragon turned its wrath upon the woman.  Could the dragon have vented its wrath on God or upon God’s Christ?  No!  But the transparency for the Light [the human appearing of the Light] could be attacked.  Malicious animal magnetism does this by influencing mankind unfavorably towards the transparency and, consequently, away from the Light.  The main thrust of malicious animal magnetism is not against the Science of Christ, the Light, but against the transparency.  God does not know evil and does not behold evil, yet when His truth is understood and applied, evil is destroyed.  Since animal magnetism knows nothing of God, it vents its wrath upon the transparency.  The serpent cannot strike at the Light so it strikes at the “window” through whom the Light shines.”  This paragraph made me think of the seventh illustration in Christ and Christmas.

Suffer the Children (colorized by me)

     As you can see from the illustration, the Light (the Science of Christ) comes from the seven-pointed star (Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love) and it is shining through the window (the human Mary Baker Eddy).  The red dragon (the serpent), which has the shape of a bush, is outside the window.  God’s Light shines down upon the window, and the Light continues to shine through the window and down upon the girl who sits inside the house.  The girl has her Science and Health open; she is reading the Word of God’s Science.  She comprehends the Key to the Scriptures via symbols – “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”
     Further on Smillie writes, on page 280, “Mrs. Eddy is the window for the light of truth; she must be recognized, and gratitude be expressed for her.  We must stay close to the window to get the light.  The worldly-minded [those of the red dragon] tell us to get away from the window.  They do not like the light.  We love the window because we love the light, and are children of light.  We love the window because we abhor the darkness.  The enemies of Christian Science do not like the light, nor do they like the window.  If they are successful in taking us away from the window, we will be in darkness.”
     Before this, on page 275 he writes, “Mrs. Eddy said the following was argued through the first mental malpractitioner, Richard Kennedy:  ‘I never leave a Scientist until I have taken all the damned Christianity out of them.  I make them believe that Mrs. Eddy is making them sick, and suffer, while I am the one that is doing it and when I succeed in making them believe this, and hate her, then I can take all the Christian Science out of them.  This way I calculate I can stop the Cause.’  This is the error that has infected the Christian Science Movement.  Now, however, it is far more sinister and is echoed by practitioners, teachers, and lecturers in different ways, such as, “Don’t talk about Mrs. Eddy because that is deification.  Don’t recognize her place in Bible prophecy because that is deification.  I’m so tired of all the talk about Mrs. Eddy.”
     He goes on to explain that this unnatural reluctance came from the red dragon who goes to war against the woman and her remnant seed, it does not go to war against the man child who was caught up unto God.
     The girl in the chair of “Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me” represents the woman’s remnant seed.  The red dragon “went to make war against the mother and her children, or the Leader and her followers.  Then what did the dragon try to do?  It stood ready to devour the child as soon as it was born, but this was a vain attempt to destroy the Christ, because the man child was immediately caught up unto God.  Then what happened?  The dragon persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child, the Christ, Truth.  How did the dragon do this?  ‘And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.’  Water is symbolic of teachings, while water like a flood out of the dragon’s mouth is a torrent of false teachings, — not about her child, Christian Science, — but about her.  We are experiencing this phase of error today.  The final step takes another direction:  ‘And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.’  Here the dragon assumes another tactic in its final effort against the woman.  The wrath of the dragon finally makes war, but not with all her seed, only with the remnant of her seed.  The dragon is not interested in the disobedient and ungrateful children.  [The children with their closed Textbooks.]  There is a remnant of obedient Christian Scientists who love their Leader, who recognize her place in Bible prophecy, and who refuse to listen to or be corrupted by the false teachings about their Leader.  In its unsuccessful war against this remnant, the dragon employs intimidation, fear, ridicule, ostracism, conspiracy, character assassination, vilification, secret counsel and jealousy.
     “The nature of the dragon’s warfare is to persecute the woman by telling lies about her, minimizing her accomplishments, maintaining neutrality about her, keeping egotism rampant and humility nonexistent.  This is the nature of the dragon’s attack on our Leader and her true followers, the woman and her obedient seed.  Many of her followers have been corrupted and are not counted among the remnant.  Only God knows these dear ones of the remnant to survive the onslaughts of the red dragon and to preserve the Cause of Christian Science.  The only true Cause of Christian Science today is in the hands of the remnant.
     “Women, and mothers in particular, must be watchful lest they turn aside from the straight path of Mrs. Eddy’s leadership.  Mortal mind will attempt to influence them to reject her high standards of womanhood and motherhood.  Mortal men must be watchful lest they allow themselves to be turned aside from her leadership because of their disdain for true womanhood.  When a man or woman does not love his or her spouse, he or she finds it increasingly difficult to uphold the requirements of their marriage vows.  If these Christian Scientists falter and lose their love for their Leader, they will succumb to error and fail to uphold the requirements placed upon them as followers.” (MARY BAKER EDDY The Prophetic and Historical Perspective, p. 281)
     “Perhaps in no other way was Mrs. Eddy more spiritually minded than in her mothering leadership.  It is well known by clear Christian Scientists that due to misunderstandings, the endearing appellation ‘Mother’ was eliminated.  Whenever we consider Mrs. Eddy’s unique leadership, we must consider it from the standpoint of mothering.  The strength of her leadership cannot be understood in any other way.  If we study the concordance to her writings, she is referred to as Discoverer about eleven times, as having founded twenty-two times, and by the combination of Discoverer and Founder twenty-one times.  References to her as Leader alone number about one hundred.  [Today you hardly hear the term Leader even applied to Mary Baker Eddy within the Church or its periodicals.]  Just as she repeatedly emphasized the importance of her role as Leader, we must continue to understand, and at the same time never forget, that its basis is mothering.” (MARY BAKER EDDY The Prophetic and Historical Perspective, p. 280-281)
     Paul Smillie goes on to say on page 282, “The mental miasma, that a lack of obedience engenders, gives rise to many forms of false leadership.  This false leadership of worldly minded potentates and butchers of the human race will continue until Christian Scientists begin to follow the only Leader.  If they will do so, all other forms of leadership will dwindle to nothing.  False forms of leadership continue to thrive because Christian Scientists will not follow their Leader.”  One example of this false type of leadership is Adolf Hitler.  Adolf Hitler had his own private war against Mary Baker Eddy.  And this is why it was so important to publish the pamphlet Mrs. Eddy’s Place in 1943. There have been other false leaders since the 1940s, even more evil men put on the pretense of being leaders (who are actually dictators) since the pamphlet was pulled from Christian Science Reading Rooms.
     Mary Baker Eddy’s position as Leader is depicted in the HEAD [LEADING]-WINDOW, the Capstone position of the Boston Edifice, with “T’is the Same Hand That Writes the Page” (a name I got from Christ and Christmas).  All Christian Scientists call this window “Seeking and Finding.”  But this window does not depict her searching through the Bible it shows that she has her pen in hand, that she is writing.  This window is also on the East (Christ) Side of the Church and found between “The Star of Boston” (this Prophet Star is Mary Baker Eddy) and “Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Mary Baker Eddy”.

Bay Window

     There are many stained glass windows in The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts’ Edifice.  Many of them are literally of Mary Baker Eddy.  Was she giving us a clue when she told her followers that she was a window?
     These windows depicting Mary Baker Eddy, or that point us toward Mary Baker Eddy, are presented to you in the divine calculus order.  The bracketed numbers count the windows that actually depict Mary Baker Eddy as herself or in symbol.

In the North (for the Word) –

a)  The two windows of the man child, on the North side of the Vestry (in the First Degree), point us toward Mary Baker Eddy, the woman who gave birth to the man child.

b [1])  She is represented with “The Science and Health and Bible Window” in the Northern Grand Gallery (of the Third Degree).

c [2])  She is represented by the plain Zain (divine Science)[6] open circle in the Northern Grand Gallery (of the Third Degree).  This circle was changed in 1994 when Boston placed a Church Manual inside the circle.

d [3])  She is depicted as one of the two candlesticks of “Light, Intelligence, and Victory” beneath “Raising of Jairus’ Daughter” on the level of the Second Degree.  And even though we see Christ Jesus raising up from the death bed what is said to be Jairus’ Daughter, Mary Baker Eddy gives us a clue, from her autobiography Retrospection and Introspection, that perhaps this girl represents Mary Baker as a child of twelve.  This window also matches up with the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth for Christ and Christmas’ “Christ Healing” depicting her later healing of February 4, 1966.

In the East (for the Christ), all three windows are on the level of the Human and Divine Coincidence –

a [4])  “The Star of Boston” (Venus) to the North side of “T’is the Same Hand…”  This Star is also the Star of Bethlehem and it correlates with the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth for Christ and Christmas’ fifth illustration “Christmas Morn” where we have the two angels or the two stars – one of Bethlehem (the male) and one of Boston (the female).

b [5])  “T’is the Same Hand That Writes the Page” found as the headstone-cornerstone in Mother’s Room (Mother’s Room was named for Mary Baker Eddy).  It’s Christ and Christmas correlation is that of “Christian Science Healing” that depicts Mary Baker Eddy as the Scientist of the apex (capstone) Truth.  Above her is the “Christian Science Seal” with its divine calculus commands.

c [6])  “Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Mary Baker Eddy” to the South side of “T’is the Same Hand…” – seen as the Window that is the window!  This window also matches up to the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth with Christ and Christmas’ seventh illustration by the same title.

In the South (for Christianity) –

a [7])  “Angel with the Open Book” – although the angel does not really resemble Mary Baker Eddy, it represents her manhood mission as Discoverer.  The angel descended from heaven with the little open book, and presented it to the human, so the angel window is located on the level of the Second Degree.

b [8]) “The Woman of Samaria” (The Woman of Womanhood) is also on the level of the Second Degree.  The well is of great symbolic importance.  Going back to Genesis there is the servant of Abraham (the representative of the Word) who meets Rebecca at the well.  She is to be Isaac’s Bride.  Isaac is the Christ representative.  Later on Christianity’s Jacob meets his Bride Rachel (the Christ Ewe Bride) at the same well.  Hence, I feel that the Woman of Samaria is symbolic of Mary Baker Eddy’s own Womanhood, as she goes to the well and meets her Bridegroom there.  Also in the window is found a second woman, or a second Sentinel, she is for the third advent of Christ.

On the South Side of Christianity on the Second Degree Level –

[9])  The Sixth Earthen Vessels represent the Six Days of Genesis 1.  The God-crowned Woman’s mission takes place in the Sixth Day.

On the South Side and on the level of the Human and Divine Coincidence –

c [10a])  “The Woman God-crowned Keystone” from “Window of the Open Book.”  This window depicts the same time shown on the Grandmother Clock in “Seeking and Finding.”

d [10b])  “The Madonna and Child Keystone” represents Mary Baker Eddy and her man child that is caught up unto God.

e [10c])  Her name is written upon the Open Book in the Hub of “Window of the Open Book.”

The Southern Grand Gallery (the Third Degree) Windows

f)  The two windows of “John on the Island of Patmos” are about the Revelation (as this is what the book of Revelation is really truly about) of the woman God-crowned.    Clearly, the windows are testifying about her more than they are Jesus Christ.  And this is rightly so.

In the West (for Science) –

a [11])  The fourth Mary window – “The Woman God-crowned”

b [12]) And above “The Woman God-crowned” is her “Science and Health” the “little open book.”

c [13]) The third Mary window – “Mary First at the Resurrection of Jesus” for Mary Baker Eddy was the first woman to witness Jesus resurrection through divine Science.

     An Edifice gives testimony to something of someone.  Who else would this Church Edifice be giving testimony about but Mary Baker Eddy?  Jesus is in some windows, but he is only seen in seven windows, not counting the “Star of Boston,” (this matches up with the seven stars in the Son of Man’s hand of Revelation 1).  These seven windows are “The Raising of Lazarus,” “The Raising of Jairus’ Daughter,” “Light, Intelligence, and Victory,” “Mary First at the Resurrection,” “Mary Anoints Jesus’ Head,” “Mary, Mother of Jesus,” and “The Samaritan Woman.”  Mary Baker Eddy, on the other hand, is found (as herself or as symbol) in thirteen windows[7] (this matches up with the twelve stars of her crown and her own center hub or Eddy).
     Surly the Barbara (“stranger”) Streisand (vitrified “stained sand” becomes stained glass) Windows of The First Church Edifice point us to Mary Baker Eddy, Leader of the Cause of Christian Science.  For she is the Eye of the Holy Ghost, the Window of divine Science.

[1] Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

[2] Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 597:27

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[6] There is the Lego series called Ninjago.  In it are five ninjas that represent Life as Mind (red), Life as Spirit (blue), Life as Soul (black), Life as Principle (white), and Life as Life (green).  So I made up a way to keep track of their names.  From the cartoon show Redakai I have red as Kai.  Then there is blue Jay, black Cole, Plain Zain, and Lloyd Green (Loren Green).  Now Zain means John, and John is rooted to Jonah, the dove of divine Science.  Zain is also a robot, he reasons via the calculus, and has a flying bird.

[7] These numbers are found after the letters in the four groupings.