The Omnipinion Point

by MJSmith


     On October 27, 2012 I read a few sections from Paul Smillie’s book MARY BAKER EDDY The Prophetic and Historical Perspective.  I thought about writing on the section on symbols, but felt like it was a repeat of my own piece on symbols.  However, I have changed my mind after having a dream on October 29, 2012.   In the dream there was a man holding a loaf of bread.  At the highest point upon this bread, upon its apex, was a star.  This star, or prophet, was called the “Omnipinion Point.”  The loaf of bread is the Truth, the bread that the woman placed the leaven in.  The only-winged point is about Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and that she is the second coming of Christ; thus she is the most important woman in the world.

Overlay The Way     The above illustration of “The Way” is said to resemble a loaf of bread.  However, I see the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle within it.  The man in the illustration is generic man (not Jesus as many people think) and above the generic man is the dove of divine Science.  These two fall within the zone of Principled Science, hence, their placement is of vast importance and are found to be within the Omnipinion Point.
     Pinion is defined as “quill” and “wing.”  A quill is a feather used for writing, and so we must see Mary Baker Eddy’s writings as Revelation.  The one point that Mary Baker Eddy was forced to hide in her Revelation — and she hid it, hid it, and hid it, until she could not hide it any longer or else it would be lost — was upon the topic of her own place in Bible prophecy, as the woman God-crowned, as the angel of Revelation 10, as the second Witness, as the Bride City, as the second coming of Christ.
     Pinion also means “wing.”  One definition of wing is “wind.”  Mary Baker Eddy defines wind (in part) as, “That which indicates the might of omnipotence [all-power] and the movements of God’s spiritual government, encompassing all things.” (S&H 597:27-29)  So, I understand that if we recognize Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, and accept her as the second coming of Christ [the Holy Ghost – pneuma “wind”] then we shall be encompassed by God’s wind (wing).
     To help explain is a section from Paul Smillie’s biography MARY BAKER EDDY The Prophetic and Historical Perspective (pages 256-258).  Once more, I had forgotten about this section of his book, but was most grateful that I had found it, as it corroborates my piece that I wrote a few years back after being berated by a Christian Scientist upon the use of symbols.

Are Symbols Important?
     The books of Genesis and Revelation contain profound messages of inspiration and revelation which are taught almost exclusively through symbols.  It could well be said that the Bible is a book of illustrations that teach with symbols.  Mrs. Eddy utilized picture symbols in her book, Christ and Christmas, and symbols are used extensively in her most important work, Science and Health.  [She also used symbols in (Boston’s) The First Church Edifice, the First Church of Concord, and (Boston’s) The First Church Extension.]  As Jesus taught through parables and symbols, so did the prophets in their teachings, visions, and prophecies.  On page 575 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy says, “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”  Notice, she does not say sometimes, many times, or most times, but “always.”  Why is this?  Because the human mind cannot perceive the absolute Truth [like a loaf of bread] without the symbol that illustrates the particular truth being taught.  Human language is inadequate to fully explain the divine, and the symbol is needed to bridge the gap, so to speak.  Then, if a symbol teaches something, we must understand the nature of that symbol to understand what it represents and illustrates.  Every student in Christian Science needs symbols.  Not one of us is beyond the point of learning spiritual truths.
     Isn’t a Christian Science teacher or practitioner telling us something with symbols when he wears good jewelry and appropriate clothing to his office?  He would not wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.  A mathematical genius wears jeans and t-shirts because he is not expected to be symbolizing the dignity and stateliness of divine Science.  Wearing better clothing and jewelry, we make positive impressions on the human mind, as they are symbols of prosperity, culture, self-esteem.  Jesus wore not just a robe but a seamless robe, a costly garment.  It was a symbol to the human mind that he was set apart.  Jesus recognized the importance of that particular symbol to the human mind, and so did our Leader.  The correct symbol must be conveyed to the human mind to express and teach the underlying truth it represents.
     Jesus was a marvelous teacher and used symbols extensively.  Not only did he use them to teach but he himself was a grand symbol.  Mrs. Eddy says, “Had his origin and birth been wholly apart from mortal usage, Jesus would not have been appreciable to mortal mind as ‘the way.’”  Mrs. Eddy makes it clear that Jesus as a human being was the symbol of Christianity.  Through Christian Science, we know the Master as the highest symbol of Christianity.  When we think of Christianity and the Christ, don’t we automatically think of its symbol, Christ Jesus?  There had to have been a human person to symbolize the living truths of Christianity or mortal mind could never have accepted even a portion of it.  Now, why don’t we see Mrs. Eddy’s demonstration of generic man and of Christian Science as a symbol?  She is not recognized as the symbol of generic man nor as the symbol of the Christ, Science.  Until we [mankind] understand or recognize this symbol of generic man and of Christian Science, we cannot understand genuine Christian Science.
     Can anyone learn the science of mathematics without learning the symbols, or numbers, that apply to this science?  Of course not!  When we think of the number two we think of the number visually and the mental concept of two that is behind the symbol.  Primarily, we think of the symbol and not the mental concept.  Our experience deals more with symbols than with concepts, but the symbol and concept go together and cannot be separated.  Mrs. Eddy is the highest symbol of Christian Science [the Omnipinion Point].  The symbol and the ideal concept must never be separated; to do so in the human realm would destroy the bridge to the acceptance and understanding of Christian Science, — just as mankind would be kept from understanding mathematics if we kept those symbols hidden.
     If the life of the symbol, Mary Baker Eddy, is tainted or made to appear ordinary, then what she represents will appear to be tainted or ordinary.  Her life is blameless and beautiful, and so is what she represents.  If the world sees her as a little old grey haired lady, it also sees Christian Science as a religion for little old grey haired ladies.  This is the present claim of malicious animal magnetism.  Will the world accept Christian Science with this obscured view of its highest symbol?  No!  Sometimes Christian Scientists get too absolute, forgetting that we are dealing with humanity and mortal mind, world thought, and resistance to Christian Science.  Many times we lose the battle because our outlook is clouded by an impractical vision.  We cannot afford to lose this war.
     Can you learn music without learning the notes, the symbols?  Can you learn mathematics without understanding the symbols or numbers that apply?  No!  If a teacher were to teach you mathematics or music and never gave you the symbols, numbers, and notes, could you learn mathematics or music sufficiently to teach others, to conduct an orchestra, write music or build a bridge?  You could not do the greater works, could you?  You could only hum a tune or count on your fingers.  In like manner, the Christian Science Movement today is humming a tune and counting on its fingers because it is not loving and appreciating the symbol of Christian Science, — it has not yet gained the “true sense” of our Leader.  [It has not recognized the “Omnipinion Point.”]    Mrs. Eddy says, “All the people need in order to love and adopt Christian Science, is a true sense of its Founder.  In proportion as they have found it, will our Cause advance.”  Neutrality, egotism, selfishness, all elements of sin, refuse to express gratitude for Mary Baker Eddy, and why is that?  Because the greater works are done only when this sin is handled.  The nature of mortal mind is to hide the symbol and, in effect, keep the Science hidden and obscured.  If we do not love the symbol, we will never reach a correct understanding of what the symbol represents.  Every symbol illustrates something.  The symbol makes something clear to the human mind; it explains something and makes it intelligible; it illustrates and clarifies that which is true in order to enlighten consciousness and dispel mesmerism.
     If we do not love the symbol, we do not love what the symbol represents.  Is it possible, then, to become advanced Christian Scientists?  No!  If we hated numbers and notes, it would make our progress in the fields of mathematics and music very difficult, if not impossible.  It is obvious, then, that to keep her, the symbol, hidden is to keep the Science that she illustrates hidden.  If you kept the symbols called numbers and notes hidden, wouldn’t you also hide the deeper study and import of mathematics and music?  We need to see the spirituality of our Leader as a symbol of the Spirit, the Holy Ghost or divine Science.  The whole round of resistance is aimed at keeping her, the symbol [the Omnipinion Point], hidden and unappreciated.  That is how the enemy is working to destroy Christian Science.
     There seems to be an abnormal abhorrence of symbols among Christian Scientists who generally equate symbols with Romanism.  [I also feel that some of this abhorrence toward symbols has to do with the work of John W. Doorly and his students.]  How can this be when our Leader says, “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”  Could this error be a large part of the reason our Cause has deteriorated, — poor teaching, or teaching without symbols?  Obviously the symbol and the idea are not the same.  The symbol is used to translate the idea to human thought, — the absolute truth into the human.  About twenty-five years ago [longer now], The Longyear Foundation printed a perfectly lovely postcard of a beautiful statue of Mary Baker Eddy.  They stopped printing it because many Christian Scientists thought it smacked of deification and veneration of a statue.  How foolish and sad.  The fear of Romanism produces the opposite extreme, no recognition, and is equally founded in ignorance.  This same error was used to give weight to the removal of the [two] women from the cover of the Sentinel.
     Even today, many Christian Science Reading Rooms are questioning the propriety of displaying a picture of Mrs. Eddy; some will not.  In Boston, many of the workers are discouraged from having pictures of Mrs. Eddy on their desks.  This just shows how spiritually immature and ignorant the vast numbers of Christian Scientists have become, and how little they realize the extent to which they are being deluded.
     This ends this section of his book.  Previously, on page 252, he writes:
     Christian Scientists are fond of saying that Mrs. Eddy says the woman in the Apocalypse is generic man, but she does not say that.  She said, “The woman in the Apocalypse symbolizes generic man, the spiritual idea of God; she illustrates the coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and divine idea.”  This statement says that the woman “symbolizes” generic man but does not say the woman is generic man.

     Paul Smillie makes it clear that the symbols are the Lamb (the Bridegroom) and the Woman (the Bride) in the book of Revelation (one Revelation – one Omnipinion Point).  So the Woman of the Apocalypse (Revelation) symbolizes the absolute generic man (Truth, the Son of God) and her human appearing was that of Mary Baker Eddy (Love, the Daughter of God).  This is the Omnipinion Point!  Yet, Mary Baker Eddy wrote of a third advent of Christ’s appearing.  This third appearing would be the second woman that she had placed upon the cover of her Sentinel.  This woman comes to bring back the Truth of Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming (the first woman Sentinel) and to proclaim this Truth to the world.  She represents Mother Hood.

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