Even More On Christ and Christmas

by MJSmith


     In Paul Smillie’s book MARY BAKER EDDY The Prophetic and Historical Perspective he set up two chapters in his book to present, in part, Mary Baker Eddy’s Christ and Christmas.  I want to present his viewpoint on Christ and Christmas as I feel that it is very good, even though it is incomplete.  Reading his book was probably my first spiritual instruction on the illustrated poem.  I had forgotten, as I have not read it since the early 1990s, that Paul Smillie begins to present Christ and Christmas as the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (my own name).  Of course, I am sure that he drew upon the pyramid matrix he found in the pamphlet attributed to Judge Hanna (which I read after I read Paul’s book) on Christ and Christmas.  Paul Smillie does something different with it.  He scatters the base and first step up sections of the poem between chapters of his biography on Mary Baker Eddy.  The first chapter on Christ and Christmas is chapter 22.  His second section is in chapter 27, on page 243, after Mary Baker Eddy has her “Christ Healing” in chapter 26.  I feel that he only covers the first two sections of Life and Light in his book because it is a partial biography.  It is a possibility that he had planned on writing a second biography and continuing on with the pyramid structure of Christ and Christmas.  So I will only report on these two chapters, as that is all that is in his book.

     The following is from chapter 22.  The first section begins on page 173 and goes to page 182.  I have added photos of the illustrations (which were not published in Smillie’s book).
     Our dear Master knew how important was the need to impart his message to the receptive heart, yet it had to be presented in such a manner that the worldly-minded would not be offended and attack him.  Most of his parables are concerned with his relationship to, and fulfillment of, the First Advent.
     Mary Baker Eddy also saw the need of explaining her mission as the Second Witness.  Her life and light had to be understood, and she also used parables.  However, Mrs. Eddy utilized something entirely new, extraordinarily genuine, and unequaled.  She gave us Christ and Christmas that we might understand her light and life.  Speaking of Christ and Christmas she said, “This poem and its illustrations are as hopelessly original as is ‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.’” (Mis. 371:28-1)
     As the parables were used by the Master to reflect his thinking about himself and his mission, so Mary Baker Eddy used a most beautiful art form by combining poetry with an inspirational message from the Bible and graphically illustrated to lift thought to focus on the purpose and lesson of each figure in Christ and Christmas.  The forms are matchless with divine meaning and lessons, — the color [black, gray, white] voicing the degrees of understanding, the outline showing the limitation of the human, though not the boundary of the divine.
     “Thought will finally be understood and seen in all form, substance, and color, but without material accompaniments.” (S&H 310:6-8)  The purpose of Christ and Christmas has this objective in view.  Mrs. Eddy writes, “Christ and Christmas” voices Christian Science through song and object-lesson.” (Mis. 372:7-8)  Then she says, “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.” (S&H 575:13-14)  Christ and Christmas clearly teaches Mary Baker Eddy’s light, revelation, and her life through symbols.
     The standing from black to white represents the three degrees as given on pages 115-116 in Science and Health.  These degrees enable us to recognize the metaphysical import of each picture.  Black represents the first degree, gray represents the second degree, and white represents the spiritual understanding of the third degree.  Mrs. Eddy’s scientific translation of mortal mind is as follows:

     Judge Hanna, Editor of the 1894 Journal, stated in his editorial that “Christ and Christmas was to reveal the God-anointed mission of our Leader.”  Mrs. Eddy commended his article.  She said, “Judge Hanna’s editorial in this Journal gives no uncertain echo of the spirit and mission of Christ and Christmas.” (Journal, Feb. 1894, pages 428 and 471)
     Mrs. Eddy told Mr. Gilman, her artist, that he had interpreted her life in picture 6.  If Mrs. Eddy felt the illustrations had absolutely nothing to do with her, as many Christian Scientists contend, then why would she have made such a statement?
     In Miscellaneous Writings, page 33:7, she wrote, “All clergymen may not understand the illustrations in ‘Christ and Christmas,’ or that these refer not to personality, but present the type and shadow of Truth’s appearing in the womanhood as well as in the manhood of God, our divine Father and Mother.”  Even though Mrs. Eddy said the illustrations do not refer to personality, the first degree, that does not mean the figures do not illustrate spiritual individuality, the third degree.  The third degree unfolds to mankind through the second degree, the human and divine coincidence illustrated in the life of Mary Baker Eddy.
     Personality is but a mortal’s limited view and concept of man, and of man’s spiritual identity and individuality.  Personality is a misconception of man, Christ and Christmas does not contain this limited view of man.  But when Mrs. Eddy said Christ and Christmas has nothing to do with personality, she did not mean that Christ and Christmas has nothing to do with Mary Baker Eddy, particularly, when she stated the artist had interpreted her life!
     Referring to this incorrect view of man called personality, Mrs. Eddy says, “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals.” (S&H 476:32-2)  Mortals saw and still see Jesus and Mrs. Eddy as good mortals, as personalities, but that is not what Jesus and Mrs. Eddy saw concerning themselves.
     One’s spiritual individuality unfolds in the human, the second degree.  The spiritual man never becomes de-individualized.  Remember that our spiritual individuality is always intact.  Jesus spoke with Moses and Elijah hundreds of years after they had left this earth.  They retained their spiritual individuality and were still known as Moses and Elijah [they were not ghosts or spirits either].
     As we study Christ and Christmas, we must remember that “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”  (S&H 575:13-14)  Christ and Christmas teaches spiritual truths about Christian Science and its Leader.  When Christ and Christmas was printed, it was ridiculed.  But when Mrs. Eddy was asked by the London Onlooker to name her six leading books, Christ and Christmas was fifth on the list.
     In Volume II of the History of the Christian Science Movement (page 448) by William Lyman Johnson, we find a note which Mrs. Eddy wrote to Carol Norton that helps us to understand her estimate of her own poem:  “Christ and Christmas was an inspiration from beginning to end.  The power of God and the wisdom of God was even more manifest in it and guided me more perceptibly, as those of my household can attest, than when I wrote Science and Health.”
     Perhaps the reader will question where the author received his authority for naming certain figures in Christ and Christmas that do not seem discernible, especially in the first picture.  It would appear that we are unable to understand these illustrations because no key has been given; that is, none that is generally known.  But Judge Hanna was present when Mrs. Eddy gave the artist, Mr. Gilman, directions, and Mrs. Eddy told Judge Hanna what the important central figures and features were in each picture.  Mr. Gilman also wrote a book about his experiences with Mrs. Eddy while she wrote Christ and Christmas.  This information forms a key to Christ and Christmas with which we are better able to understand its import.  The real key, however, to any figure in Christ and Christmas is contained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and in Mrs. Eddy’s other writings.  She explains the symbols used in Christ and Christmas throughout her writings.[1]
     All vision literature in the Bible is based on the arch or pyramid structure.[2]  Mrs. Eddy understood vision literature and utilized this method in Christ and Christmas.  The first picture, “The Star of Bethlehem,” relates to picture 11, “The Way.”  Picture 2, “Christ Healing,” relates to picture 10, “Truth vs. Error.”  Picture 3 relates to 9, 4 to 8, 5 to 7, and picture 6 is the center or apex.  Illustrations 1 through 5 represent her life, and 7 through 11 represent her light — Christian Science going out into the world.  Picture 6, towards which all of Christ and Christmas is focused, includes her life and light.[3]  The figures mentioned in Christ and Christmas can be more clearly seen in some of the earlier editions.

[The Foundation Stone On the Side of Life]


“I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.” Christ Jesus

     The first Biblical quote in Christ and Christmas is one of the Master’s.  It states that the Christ is the bright and morning star.  The last quote in Christ and Christmas also deals with this same “morning star.”[4]  This “morning star” corrects all the claims of the “star wormwood,” false teaching.
     Mrs. Eddy selected this Bible verse to accompany her poetry in order to give a clear indication of the picture’s meaning.  It is an illustration of the “one lone brave star.”  In the verse, Jesus identifies the Christ as the “bright and morning star.”  So, the assumption might be that this “lone brave star” is Christ Jesus.  But that is not the case.  This illustration, like the Master’s parables, relates to the human and divine coincidence.  It represents the light of the Christ, the absolute, divine appearing, but it also has direct reference to the human experience.  The picture is entitled, “Star of Bethlehem.”  In its first appearing, this star, this Christ, was definitely represented in its human appearing as the Master, Christ Jesus.  Mrs. Eddy has hidden the import of this picture; it is a veiled message.  She tells us in Miscellaneous Writings, page 320:23, “The star of Bethlehem is the star of Boston….”  Around the turn of the 19th century, the world was not ready to accept this picture as “The Star of Boston.”  That would have led to too much controversy and speculation.  However, we can understand it to be so now in the light of a fuller understanding of Mrs. Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  The star is Mary Baker Eddy in its human sense, or human appearing, — the transparency through which the divine, absolute Christ, Truth, appears to this age.  This illustration represents the dual appearing of the woman as generic man and as Mary Baker Eddy.  Thus the two views of the woman in the Apocalypse are represented in this picture, but both as one star, “The star of Boston.”[5]
     The phrase, “lone as a solitary star,” was used by Mrs. Eddy to describe her life experience.  It first appeared in some of her early poems to Colonel Glover, her first husband, and we last see it some forty-six years later in a letter to their son George Glover.  During April of 1898 she wrote to him that she was “alone in the world more lone than a solitary star.”  In a Christmas letter to her students, she described herself as their “lone Leader.” (Mis. 159:22)  [I call her the Lone Stranger.]
     It is important to understand that the term “brave” describes a second degree quality and not a quality of the third degree.  Bravery is one of the transitional qualities.  The seven-pointed star of Truth, the seven synonyms, are humanly apparent through the “one lone, brave star.”  Mrs. Eddy says:

     At the present time this Bethlehem star looks down upon the long night of materialism, — material religion, material medicine, a material world, and it shins as of yore, though it “shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”  But the day will dawn and the daystar [Venus] will appear, lighting the gloom, guiding the steps of progress from molecule and mortals outward and upward in the scale of being.

Miscellany 110:5

     This is not “the pale star” that shone to the “prophet shepherds;” this is the “guiding star of being.” (S&H vii:10)
     Mrs. Eddy says, “The nineteenth-century prophets repeat, ‘Unto us a son is given.’  The shepherds shout, ‘We behold the appearing of the star!” – and the pure in heart clap their hands.” (Mis. 168:17-20)
     The first degree is black, mortal depravity.  This depravity, portrayed by the dark clouds in this picture, is pierced by the light of truth, represented by the second appearing of Truth as Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.  This light of Truth through her appears to destroy the physical and all that physical beliefs bring.  “The mortal mind through which Truth appears most vividly is that one which has lost much materiality—much error—in order to become a better transparency for Truth.  Then, like a cloud melting into thin vapor, it no longer hides the sun.” (S&H 295:19)[6]  Notice in the picture that the clouds of sense are breaking up and the darkness is scattered, “melting into thin vapor’ from the light of Truth.  “So Christian Science can be seen only as the clouds of corporeal sense roll away.” (S&H 548:10-11)
     The seven-pointed star represents the seven synonyms for God which Mrs. Eddy has given us through her man-child, Christian Science.  This identifies the star more closely with her.
     Mrs. Eddy told Judge Hanna that the dark cloud in the upper right corner of the picture is the dragon.  [Okay, at first I thought that this was a mistake, but I took as second look at this gray cloud!  If viewed in a certain way it appears to be a snake with an open mouth!  I have never seen it before, and I have spent hours looking at these illustrations!  Before I always saw it depicting generic man, a woman’s head bowed in prayer, and Jesus Christ, I have also seen a baby’s head to the right of Jesus’ profile.  So what does this really mean to me, if this cloud is the red dragon, the serpent?  It means this:  The things that ecclesiastical despotism, the red dragon, attacks and talks lies about the most are Jesus Christ, baby Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, and generic man.  Now, let me bring up something else that I feel relates to this cloud.  In my vision dream “The Ghost Museum” I was investigating sightings of ghosts (personal sense).  In this room was an opaque window in the upper right hand corner of the room.  Such windows are used for back projecting, and Disney uses them for the projection of ghosts.  The one way that the red dragon, or serpent, tries to destroy the two Witnesses – Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy – is through personal sense – ghosts.]  The dragon is the type of animal magnetism associated with the latter days and, as Jesus was not present in the latter days, this picture depicts the life of Mary Baker Eddy and her light, Christian Science.  Jesus said the Comforter would lead into all truth.  In other words, the Comforter will reveal the method of destroying the dragon that blocks the light of divine Science from the view of mankind, a fulfillment of the prophecy to Eve that her seed would destroy the serpent.

Red Dragon.  Error; fear; inflammation; sensuality; subtlety; animal magnetism; envy; revenge.

Science and Health 593:7

     This malicious animal instinct, of which the dragon is the type, incites mortals to kill morally and physically even their fellow-mortals, and worse still, to charge the innocent with the crime.  This last infirmity of sin will sink its perpetrator into a night without a star.

Science and Health 564:4

     The great red dragon symbolizes a lie, — the belief that substance, life, and intelligence can be material.  This dragon stands for the sum total of human error.

Science and Health 563:8-10

     The seven points or seven synonyms for God, dismember the organization of the dragon.  The large cloud on the left is two-faced and represents Romanism.  This was not the form that ecclesiastical despotism took in the Master’s day; so, here again, this picture identifies the Second Advent, the life and light of Mary Baker Eddy, uncovering the two-faced cloud.  On page 563 of Science and Health we read, “The serpentine form stands for subtlety, winding its way amidst all evil, but doing this in the name of good.  Its sting is spoken of by Paul, when he refers to ‘spiritual wickedness in high places.’”
     Judge Hanna says that just beneath the star and a bit to the left is Mary and the babe Jesus in her arms.  [This cloud is what I see as being (also) the second head spoken about in the above paragraph.  This profiled face is looking toward the light of the star.]  They are facing the light of Christian Science and this divine Science revealed through the woman is, in turn, revealing them in their proper light.  Only Christian Science has explained the virgin birth, the purity of the Virgin Mary, and the words and works of the Master.  The small shadow above Mary’s head represents Joseph.  [Another interesting thing about this two-headed cloud is that the skull is cracked open, and it seems as if the grayer profiled head escaped from the black-headed portion of the cloud.]
     These figures again point out that this is indeed, the Second Advent being portrayed and not the First for Mrs. Eddy clearly shows through Science and Health the mission of Mary, Jesus, and Joseph.  She alone has revealed them in their right place in prophecy and their individual niche in history.

Mary Baker Eddy says:
     No person can take the individual place of the Virgin Mary.  No person can compass or fulfill the individual mission of Jesus of Nazareth.  No person can take the place of the author of Science and Health, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.  Each individual must fill his own niche in time and eternity.  The second appearing of Jesus is, unquestionably, the spiritual advent of the advancing idea of God, as in Christian Science.
Retrospection and Introspection 70:14-22

     The black cloud in the middle and to the right which resembles a man with a beard symbolizes scholastic theology.  This face is looking at Mary and the babe Jesus.  Scholastic theology has always held the false concept of the Virgin Mary and Jesus until Christian Science revealed them in their true light.
     This picture represents the light of divine Science appearing through the “one lone, brave star,” bringing the Christ to earth and breaking up material beliefs and piercing spiritual wickedness in high places.  “There is neither growth, maturity, nor decay in Soul.  These changes are the mutations of material sense, the varying clouds of mortal belief, which hide the truth of being.” (S&H 310:31)
     Only through an understanding of Mary Baker Eddy’s life and light can the Christianity of Jesus taught be understood.  Primitive Christianity had its “pale star” which now, through a long night, has become full-orbed as the daystar of divine Science.  Mrs. Eddy makes this clear when she says:

     So shore the pale star to the prophet-shepherds; yet it traversed the night, and came where, in cradled obscurity, lay the Bethlehem babe, the human herald of Christ, Truth, who would make plain to benighted understanding the way of salvation through Christ Jesus, till across a night of error should dawn the morning beams and shine the guiding star of being.

Science and Health vii:4-10

     This light of divine Science that has come through Mary Baker Eddy “fast” circles the five zones[7] of earth (mortality) that are represented by the twelve tribes of Israel with all mortals, and runs the spectrum of thought from Dan to Joseph.[8]  The movement is “fast,” it is bright; it blesses afar, and its influence is piercing and thorough.  “Behold, I come quickly….” (Rev. 22:7)
     While Christian Science, engaging the attention of philosopher and sage, is circling the globe, only the earnest, honest investigator sees through the mist of mortal strife this daystar, and whither it guides.
Message for 1902 1:20

     Because the serpent has been dismembered by the Second Advent, the two-faced cloud is uncovered.  Malicious animal magnetism and ecclesiastical despotism have been in league to block the light from piercing the gloom, but to no avail.  “Let us watch, work, and pray that…this light be not hid, but radiate and glow into noontide glory.” (S&H 367:21)

     The understanding of Mary Baker Eddy’s life and light breaks up the dragon thought.  This picture indicates that this is accomplished when she is recognized as the star of Boston, the Second Witness, as distinguished from the star of Bethlehem, or the first Witness, Christ Jesus.  If her place is not recognized, the dragon remains active because it has no resistance.  The two-faced cloud and malicious animal magnetism are uncovered and destroyed when the light of her place shines forth.

     In the Apocalypse, when nearing its doom, this evil increases and becomes the great red dragon, swollen with sin, inflamed with war against spirituality, and ripe for destruction.  It is full of lust and hate, loathing the brightness of divine glory.

Science and Health 565:1

     Without a full recognition of her, the woman clothed with the light, none of the above is possible and the Bible remains closed.
     The Christ light, brought by Mary Baker Eddy, enables us to fully express the transitional qualities of the second degree.  It enables us to destroy the first degree, mortality and depravity.  It demands that we accept our divine nature as given in the third degree.  The closer we approach the star, the understanding of the inseparability of Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science, or the understanding of her life and light, the more we see what she has done for us, and the more we are enabled to enter into the light and find the clouds of sense broken up and dissolved.  She reveals the way from chaos to spiritual understanding.
     The picture is rectangular in shape, denoting that there is a lot of the human to be worked out.  For it is her place that must be seen and appreciated before this is possible.
     Malicious animal magnetism accomplishes its work in the black thought of mortality, the first degree.  Its seeming power lessens as we move into the light and recognize the Second Witness.  Unless this is done, the world will again slip into the Dark Ages and Christian Science will be lost for another two thousand years.
     This polar star, fixed in the heavens of divine Science, shall be the sign of his appearing who “healeth all our diseases,” it hath traversed night, wading through darkness and gloom, on to glory.  It doth meet the antagonism of error; addressing to dull ears and undisciplined beliefs words of Truth and Life.
     The star of Bethlehem is the star of Boston, high in the zenith of Truth’s domain, that looketh down on the long night of human beliefs, to pierce the darkness and melt into dawn.

     The star of Bethlehem is the light of all ages; is the light of Love, to-day christening religion undefiled, divine Science; giving to it a new name, and the white stone in token of purity and permanence.

Miscellaneous Writings 320:17-30

     Christian Science will be understood only when it is seen as inseparable from our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and this recognition shall destroy the domain of mortal mind belief.  In Science and Health she says, “In divine Science, which is the seal of Deity and has the impress of heaven, God is revealed as infinite light.  In the eternal Mind, no night is there.” (S&H 511:11)
     Picture 1, “The Star of Bethlehem,” illustrates the motives and results of Mary Baker Eddy’s life.  Picture 11, “The Way,” illuminates what Christian Science has done and is doing through her, but only as her life is understood and appreciated by Christian Scientists.

[The Foundation Stone On the Side of Light]

The Way

THE WAY — Picture 11

“And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.”  Christ Jesus.

     When Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science are seen as inseparable, then the true meaning of the “Star of Bethlehem” is understood.  The order of Christ and Christmas couples the first picture, “The Star of Bethlehem,” with the eleventh picture, “The Way.”  Acknowledging and understanding that Mary Baker Eddy has revealed Science, destroyed malicious animal magnetism, uncovered two-faced Romanism, and unveiled to the world the true understanding of the Virgin Mary and Christ Jesus, we are ready to understand and realize the Way in our own experience from the light she has manifested.
     No lack of growth, no broken mandates, nor bewailing our plight can obscure the vision of God’s church, the structure of Truth and Love.  Whosoever liveth (proves) and believeth (understands) the Christ idea, and acknowledges and understands the Two Witnesses, the Fatherhood and Motherhood of God’s appearing, shall never die but shall have infinite progression.  This picture shows us the Way.
     But what of the shadow?  She says in Miscellaneous Writings, page 105:20, “Christian Science is my only ideal; and the individual and his ideal can never be severed.  If either is misunderstood or maligned, it eclipses the other with the shadow cast by this error.”  Also, “the physical senses, or sensuous nature, I called error and shadow,” (Ret. 25:12-14)
     The Way of the cross, the cross our Master so lovingly bore, ever leads upward towards the crown of rejoicing.  The crown of heaven, in turn, lights the true path, showing the way, thus the cross and crown need to be understood in our human experience.  The cross represents the working out of error — all of the errors we must patiently bear until dissolved through an understanding of the crown thought.  The crown thought overcomes the concept of false manhood and reaches forth for the crown of true womanhood, the womanhood that includes manhood.
     The first cross, dark black, is the mortal, the first degree, yet Love’s light still shines there to show the Way.  Notice that the Way is wider at the bottom than at the point of the light.  The Way always grows narrower as we reach forward for heaven, the crown of righteousness.  It is an upward ascending path.  The light of Truth must shine upon mortal mind in its dense darkness before it can see out of its terrible sense of misery.  The woman has brought the light to the first degree, by showing mankind how to overcome depravity, how to reach outward and upward through the second degree, and how to realize the complete perfection of the third degree.  Mrs. Eddy describes these three degrees on page 355 of Miscellaneous Writings in an article entitled, “The Way.”  Appropriately, it has the same title as this final picture.  This article should be studied in relation to the final picture in Christ and Christmas.
     On page 240 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy states, “The floral apostles are hieroglyphs of Deity.”  Flowers, then, are symbols of Deity.  The second cross has a garland of morning glories.  She says, “I love the symbol of morning glory, with its bright promise of the coming of the light.” (Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy, 157)  This second cross is the second degree, the human experience.
     The crown represents the third degree, spiritual understanding.  Speaking to Mr. Gilman about this particular picture, Mrs. Eddy said, “Now I suggest this picture for you to draw that possesses my thought of ‘The Way’…Make the crown still fainter in form but distinct.  Put the top of it in line with the top of the plate, thus giving the thought that all matter disappears with the crown or crowned thought.”
     Notice that the birds (heavenly thoughts and aspirations) form a progression of one, two, three, and four.  The highest bird coming down from the crown or third degree, is a dove with an olive branch in its mouth.  Mrs. Eddy tells us that the dove is “A symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith.” (S&H 584:26)  When Noah sent doves out into the world, he sent three of them.  The first had to return to the ark for protection and was symbolic and prophetic of the First Advent going forth into gross materiality, the first degree.  The second dove sent out returned with an olive branch in its mouth as symbolic and prophetic of the Second Advent coming to tired humanity, the second degree.  Thus, the dove in this picture is symbolic of the Second Advent since it has an olive branch in its mouth.  The third dove sent out did not return, and this is a prophecy of that time when the spiritual appearing of the Christ is universal and generic and there is nothing from which it needs to be protected, therefore it does not need to return to the protection of the ark [which I feel is the Letter of the Law, the first Covenant between God and man].
     The white-winged dove with the olive branch is symbolic of the Second Advent, Mrs. Eddy, bringing the understanding of Christian Science from the crown, the third degree, into the second degree, thus proving the “human and divine coincidence.”  She is the swift-winged messenger that brought us this precious Science.  Some thoughts, birds, are reaching out for the understanding of divine Science.  Others are content to wait and watch.  The second degree is a high state of human consciousness, and the expression of “transitional qualities” brings us into coincidence with Divinity.  The higher our thoughts soar and the higher our heavenly aspirations, the more we find ourselves embraced by divinity.
     In Matthew 16:4, we read these words of Jesus, “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.”  The word “Jonah” means “dove,” and this is the only sign to be given, — the sign of divine Science.
     Mrs. Eddy tells us that “The loss of earthly hopes and pleasures brightens the ascending path of many a heart.” (S&H 265:26-28)  The pains of sense shown to the left of the cross, represented by barrenness, force us to accept the divine Way.  The view to the right of the cross represents the way of Science with the river Euphrates and the leaven of the trees for the healing of the nations.  We either take the way of Science, and obediently follow the Way-shower, or we take the way of suffering, and are forced to accept God’s will.

On March 27, 1907, Mrs. Eddy stated:
     The disciples followed Jesus up to a certain point, and then deserted him, and darkness followed.  Follow the way-shower and you will follow the divine idea, like turning away from the windowpane, you turn away from the light.  It is not my personality you are following, or that you love.  You are being turned from the person to the idea.  When this is accomplished, then you will be free — in health — to go and do for the world.

Gilman recorded:
     The New York critics had written that one objection to the Ascension picture (“The Way”) was that the scene was located in Concord, New Hampshire (doubtless owing to the New Hampshire appearance of the trees).  I acknowledged to her that I myself had recently thought of that, having had more time to consider it.  But, I said after a while, “I do not know as we need to go back to Jesus’ day in Palestine to represent the thought.”  To this she quickly agreed and having been called to lunch some minutes before, she arose and saying to me “Lunch is ready,” she extended her hand and took mine and led me like a child into the dining room to the table.  “There is too much looking backward two thousand years.  They will find,” she said, “that there is a Way here in Concord as well as in Palestine.”

Laura Sargent wrote:
     In order to love God we must honor and love the Way.  How can we love God unless we love His idea which shows us the way and which is the Way, and in order to honor and love the Way we must have a true sense of the individual through whom the Way has been manifested to us, else we are not keeping the law to love our neighbor as ourself, or doing by our neighbor as we would be done by…Our whole salvation rests upon the manner in which we treat her, since the Way comes to us through her and God demands that we love our neighbor by having spiritual sense of our neighbor, and the spiritual sense of our Teacher and Mother as God’s idea that we must love and honor.

Divinity Course and General Collectanea 100:4

     The Christ light illumines every object.  The Son of man is again coming in the clouds with great glory.  You will notice that there is neither sun nor moon in this picture, or in any picture in Christ and Christmas, because the Sun and Moon, the greater and lesser lights, are clearly revealed as His two witnesses [Jesus Christ and Mary Baker Eddy].

In the Christian Science Journal of September 1886 on page 133 we read:
     He alone ascends the hill of Christian Science who follows Christ, the spiritual idea who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Whatever obstructs this way, causing mortals to stumble, fall or faint, Divine Love will remove, and uplift the fallen and strengthen the weak, if only they will forsake their earth-weights, and “leave behind those things that are behind, and reach forward to those that are before.”  Then, loving God supremely, and their neighbor as themselves, they will safely bear the cross up the hill of Science.  [Oddly, if you look at “The Way” you can see a bear near the left side of the black cross.]

Mrs. Eddy wrote in 1907:
     What is the way-shower?  There is a human and a divine meaning.  A way-shower is that which shows the way; it must be some thing or some one.  Jesus was the Way-shower, the Christ with him, and if he had not been, where would we be?  He showed the way as the masculine idea of Principle, then woman took it up at that point — the ascending thought in the scale — and is showing the way, thus representing the male and female Principle (the male and female of God’s creating).

Miscellany, page 4:7 states:
     The Scripture reads:  “He that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.”  On this basis, how many are following the Way-shower?  We follow Truth only as we follow truly, meekly, patiently, spiritually, blessing saint and sinner with the leaven of divine Love which woman has put into Christendom and medicine.
     To the degree that we love the life and light of our Leader, we will understand her life and light.  We cannot gain an understanding of Christian Science without a corresponding love for our Leader.  At this point in history there is nothing more important than to gain a proper sense of love and a deep and sincere appreciation for the dedicated life of this dear one.

The following is on pages 243-2 in chapter 27.

[The First Step Up On the Side of Life]

Christ Healing


Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God:  and they that hear shall live —  Christ Jesus, John 5:25

The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:  they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined. — Isaiah 9:2

     “Previously the cloud of mortal mind seemed to have a silver lining; but now it was not even fringed with light.” (Ret. 23:7-9)  This statement by Mary Baker Eddy deals with her life just prior to her discovery.  Following this statement, Mrs. Eddy describes her healing in 1866 and explains the second picture in Christ and Christmas entitled “Christ Healing”.  “Thus it was when the moment arrived of the heart’s bridal to more spiritual existence.  When the door opened, I was waiting and watching; and, lo, the bridegroom came!  The character of the Christ was illuminated by the midnight torches of Spirit.  My heart knew its Redeemer.” (Ret. 23:13-18)
     This picture illustrates the period in Mrs. Eddy’s life when she rose up from the fall in Lynn, Massachusetts.  Once we understand correctly the position and place of the “Star of Boston,’ we are ready to understand what happened in the Bethlehem of Massachusetts.  Naturally, the picture following the star of Bethlehem would relate her healing in 1866.  Her babe was conceived at the moment of this healing and her work for humanity began.  Quoting Paul, Mrs. Eddy says:

     “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.”  This knowledge came to me in an hour of great need; and I give it to you as deathbed testimony to the daystar that dawned on the night of material sense.

Miscellaneous Writings 24:3-7

     Mrs. Eddy’s great love for the Master and unswerving trust in his words opened her consciousness to this healing.  She saw clearly that by following his commands faithfully, we live and cannot die.  It was the child-like purity of her consciousness that enabled her to witness this “Christ healing.”  Even the fleeting glimpse of the Christ was sufficient to heal her, but the Science of this healing had not yet been revealed, thus the picture is entitled “Christ Healing.”
     The poem that accompanies this picture amply describes Mrs. Eddy’s healing and its far-reaching effects for mankind.  The first four lines speak of Spirit revealing the “loyal ray” who is to rouse all mankind and point “the Way.”  Recall that in these illustrations there must be a human and a divine coincidence.
     The second four lines speak of divine Science, or Christian Science.  This healing experience brought forth the “loyal ray” and the Christ-idea or Christian Science again, the coincidence of the human and divine.
     The star is needed, “the daystar that dawned on the night of material sense.”  Mrs. Eddy says:

     It is most fitting that Christian Scientists memorize the nativity of Jesus.  To him who brought a great light to all ages, and named his burdens light, homage is indeed due, —but is bankrupt.  I never looked on my ideal of the face of the Nazarite Prophet; but the one illustrating my poem approximates it.

Miscellaneous Writings 374:17

     The picture is oblong because there is much of the human to be worked out, as in Picture 1.  Forty-five years of unstinting work lay ahead.  In retrospect, Mrs. Eddy realized this about that moment of healing in her experience.
     Animal magnetism attempted to make the fall fatal, but notice that the interior of the coffin is white, the third degree.  Mrs. Eddy perceived that death is an illusion, a sham, and that she was always in the arms of her precious Father-Mother.  She wrote:  “Death.  An illusion, the lie of life in matter; the unreal and untrue; the opposite of life.” (S&H 584:9)
     The nameplate signifies that material belief, the Adam thought, names all things, which leads to death.
     Since no figure touches the ground, or matter, these figures represent types of thought, rather than persons.  This picture is the subjective experience of Mary Baker Eddy at the time of her healing in 1866.  Notice that the coffin, death has no foundation; it is but a false belief.
     The woman that is standing represents the expression of Mrs. Eddy’s sense of womanhood at the time of her healing.  The same can be said for the man as he represents the manhood of her thinking at that time.  [I am not sure I agree with this, unless Mary Baker Eddy’s own manhood was objecting to her Christ Healing.  I feel more like the man objecting to the Christ Healing is the priest and doctor that came to call on her and give her the death sentence.]
     This picture shows the unfoldment of Mrs. Eddy’s human consciousness at that time.  Her sense of womanhood stood in awe and rapture at what was taking place; it is a face of anticipation.  Aggressive mental suggestion, working through her sense of manhood, argues:  “Who do you think you are?”  “This cannot be so!”  However, the womanhood lifted up that doubting manhood.  Notice that womanhood is nearer the light of divine Science than manhood.  Also, the robe [cloak] the Master wears is the same robe [cloak] of false manhood.  False manhood, called pharisaical beliefs, scholastic theology, ecclesiastic despotism, and materia medica, caused the crucifixion of the Master, and will attempt to destroy the Christ idea in any age.  This black robe that the Master is wearing represents the cross — the cross of false manhood that we all must bear.  Notice, it is not on his shoulders in the picture “Christian Unity” because the sense of false manhood has been dissolved, and true manhood has been lifted up by womanhood through Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.  [I feel that this is only the case when C&C is presented as Sharon’s Rose, however, when it is presented as the Pyramid Matrix of Truth manhood still needs lifting up because Mary Baker Eddy is seen with the same type of robe in illustration 6 for the first editions of Christ and Christmas.]  She wrote:  “The ideal robe of Christ is seamless.  Thou hast touched its hem, and thou art being healed.  The risen Christ is thine.  The haunting mystery and gloom of his glory rule not this century.” (My. 192:7-10)  The great love for Jesus that Mrs. Eddy entertained is indicated by his personal touch.
     Mrs. Eddy is being lifted out of the sense of death through a greater awareness and understanding of the Master’s work.  Remember, the first thing that Mrs. Eddy said she perceived at that time was that she could not die.  The eyes of the woman in the coffin are opening, showing spiritual discernment beginning to unfold.  From that moment of healing her spiritual discernment could not be darkened but only enlarged and enlightened.
     The Master is looking away from the body.  He is the center of the picture, for he is the center of her life’s work and she never forgot him.  We must not forget her.  His robe is seamless and white, just like the inside of the coffin and womanhood’s dress.  Jesus, the ideal man, overcame the claims of false manhood and Mrs. Eddy, the ideal woman, revealed true womanhood.
     Jesus’ left hand is held up as a sign of authority; the theology of Jesus overcomes the arguments of the serpent, named scholastic theology, materia medica, and false science.  The hand of false manhood is false authority or scholastic theology that vainly tries to halt the advancing Christ-idea of which it comprehends very little.  Jesus’ hand is over his head in the realm of revelation, Spirit.  False manhood’s hand is below the seat of reason (the head) in the reaction of mortal mind opinion.  Mrs. Eddy’s right hand is inactive, signifying unused power, and her left hand is active and reaching.  Jesus’ ear is covered, indicating that the Christ-idea hears not false claims.  He is not looking at, nor listening to, the claims of evil, but the claims are being handled with the consciousness of the Christ.

[The First Step Up On the Side of Light]

Truth versus Error

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:  if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”
Christ Jesus, Revelation 3:20

     When Mrs. Eddy experienced her “Christ Healing” in 1866, her light began to knock at the mental door of humanity as shown in Picture 10.
     This day the final appearing through womanhood repeats the earnest, insistent call to “get away from sin and leave its grasp.”  In this dark hour, true womanhood pleads to be taken into the hearts of mankind.  Womanhood wants no ceremony, no dead words, — she wants a practical life changed by the touch of Love.  This will happen only if we take in this divine Love, Truth.  False manhood can no longer hold humanity captive through pharisaical beliefs if we take the divine idea into consciousness, — but remember, this cannot be done without gratitude and recognition for Mary Baker Eddy.
     Womanhood is presenting this scroll [book] of Truth [Christian Science], which was revealed through that wonderful event in Lynn [the healing actually took place in Swampscott], Massachusetts, in 1866.  The revelation that she is the woman, referred to in Bible prophecy, giving the impersonal Christ to the world, pleads with mankind to just let this Truth in.  What is it that opposes this truth about the woman?  It is malicious animal magnetism in its specific claims as illustrated in this picture.  It broadly resists the absolute appearing named generic man, and it specifically resists the human appearing of Mary Baker Eddy.

Speaking about this picture, Mr. Gilman said:
     But one in particular she appeared to emphasize, which called for the representation of Love and Truth’s spiritual idea in the most perfect form of feminine youthful beauty that I could conceive, bearing the message of Christian Science Truth and knocking at the door of a palatial mansion to represent the abode of material sense.

The palatial mansion is spoken of in the “Allegory” on page 324 of Miscellaneous Writings:
     Pausing at the threshold of a palatial dwelling, he knocks and waits.  The door is shut.  He hears the sounds of festivity and mirth; youth, manhood, and age gayly tread the gorgeously tapestried parlors, dancing-halls, and banquet-rooms.  But a little while, and the music is dull, the wine is unsipped, the footfalls abate, the laughter ceases.  Then from the window of the dwelling a face looks out, anxiously surveying him who waiteth at the door.
     Within this mortal mansion are adulterers, fornicators, idolaters; drunkenness, witchcraft, variance, envy, emulation, hatred, wrath, murder.  Appetites and passions have so dimmed their sight that he alone who looks from that dwelling, through the clearer pane of his own heart tired of sin, can see the Stranger.
     It is easy to see that Mrs. Eddy used the allegory from Miscellaneous Writings in her illustration, “Truth versus Error,” but in this instance, with a woman.
     It is interesting that according to Mr. Gilman, he and Mrs. Eddy “looked through an old photograph album and looked at pictures in other parts of the house that resembled Mrs. Eddy ‘as I used to look,’ she said.”  Then eventually Mr. Gilman was able to capture the right idea on canvas.
     As soon as Mrs. Eddy’s eyes rested upon the picture, she was very still for a moment and then she said, “Laura, look here!  Look at that picture!”  I began to fear that it looked dreadful to her on account of the exposed shoulder and breasts, especially when Laura began to say, “Oh!  Why, Mother, Mother,” but adding, “Isn’t that beautiful!”  Beautiful reassured me, and Mrs. Eddy echoed her words, and they both were in that joyousness that finds expression in tears and Mrs. Eddy was saying, “It is the perfect representation of the ideal I had in thought, but could not exactly describe.”…After this I went up to her room where she was ready — her sitting-room chamber, where she writes and attends to her daily work — and sketched her foot for this same picture.
     The revelation of generic man is the spiritual idea.  In picture 10 of Christ and Christmas, the foursquare floor mat on which this spiritual idea stands is symbolic of foundation, — symbolic of the New Jerusalem, the City Foursquare.  Her right foot is out, symbolizing dominion over latent error and its claims, the “source of all error’s visible forms….” (S&H 559:5-6)  Her ear is uncovered; she is listening for the call that needs help.  There is no star in this picture because there is no symbol of the light needed, — the woman is the light [she is the Prophet Star].  She is clothed in the third degree; she is the spiritual idea.  Notice the halo around her head, the light of the Christ understanding that fulfills “Christ Healing,” Picture 2.  Christ and Christmas reveals the woman’s progressive mission.  There is no dingy outer robe here because this is the generic idea, the absolute Truth, the spiritual concept of woman.
     The childlike thought perceives the love of womanhood, but its surroundings will never let it approach Truth.  As the child thought matures it, too, will lose that childlikeness and become insensitive to the pleas of womanhood, just as its elders are portrayed in this picture.  The world resists the day of the woman.  [However, I see this a little bit differently.  Going back to the allegory, the one that looks out and sees the Stranger later on joins up and follows the Loan Stranger up the mountainside.  If feel that this one follower is the child-couple.]

Mrs. Eddy says:
     The signs of these times portend a long and strong determination of mankind to cleave to the world, the flesh, and evil, causing great obscuration of Spirit.  When we remember that God is just, and admit the total depravity of mortals, alias mortal mind, — and that this Adam legacy must first be seen, and then must be subdued and recompensed by justice, the eternal attribute of Truth, — the outlook demands labor, and the laborers seem few.

Miscellaneous Writings 2:6-14

     Womanhood, knocking for admittance, is using a door knocker with ten stripes, symbolic of the Ten Commandments.  On the plate beneath the knocker we see the word “Devil.”  [It is possible that one of the editions does say “Devil” on it, the doorplate in the early editions says “Mortal Mind” in my later book I cannot tell what it says, so perhaps it does say “Devil”.]  The ten stripes on the knocker are over the plate and signify the power of the Ten Commandments over evil.  There is no doubt that each of the Ten Commandments is being broken on the inside of this palatial mansion.  Materialist mankind, a kind of depraved man, is not awake to the call of womanhood.  “Truth, independent of doctrines and time-honored systems, knocks at the portal of humanity.” (S&H vii:13-15)
     The place of womanhood has been established; it needs only to be taken in, but the claims of malicious animal magnetism would hide this.  The results of lust and hatred, represented by the mortals in this mansion, would keep Truth unrecognized so its own dependence on evil might be maintained and extended.  Ignorant thinking is clothed in dark materiality.  Notice the blank faces.  Lust and sensual pleasure do not hear the call of Truth.
     The scene inside is lit with artificial light — electricity.  Notice the beards and mustaches on every man, these symbolize the embellishments of pride and self which are claims of scholastic theology.  [This could be true, however, when this book was published the electric shaver had yet been invented, and the hair on their face may have just been a sign of the time.]  Notice the wine.  Mrs. Eddy writes, “Wine.  Error; fornication; temptation; passion.” (S&H 598:17-18)  This is not a pretty picture.  Notice too that the seating of man and woman is reversed from Picture 9, “Christian Unity,” which depicts true manhood and womanhood.  This woman should be up and active as in “Christian Science Healing.” Picture 6, and not sitting as in “Treating the sick,” Picture 8.  Woman in this picture is seducing false manhood and, in turn, is being manipulated, and both fail to hear the knock of Truth on their consciousness.  The little girl has her arms around the little boy, protecting him [or embracing him].  Children naturally understand that womanhood includes manhood.

Christian Unity

Treating the Sick

     What is the foundation of all this joyous sensuality?  The black and white tiles symbolize hypocrisy, and indicate the same two-faced Romanism that was shown in the first picture appearing divine (white), but in reality is depraved (black).  It is Romanism that would keep tired humanity from seeing the Truth about the woman, — Mary Baker Eddy’s place.  It is actively working to do just that.
     Our precious Leader conquered every one of these lies about man.  Will you follow [her up the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth]?

[1] I have not read this portion of Mr. Smillie’s book since the early 1990s.  Since them I can corroborate this statement of his.  I have a feeling that he also had access to the pamphlet, attributed to Judge Hanna, on Christ and Christmas that I also have a copy of (I purchased in the 1990s).

[2] I had forgotten he even said this!  Again, I can corroborate this statement.  I am thinking that by “vision literature” that he may mean Apocalyptic writing.

[3] This structure is what I call the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.

[4] Could it also be possible that there are two references to Venus, the morning star, because there are two Christ Advents found within the illustrated poem book?

[5] I add that they are seen in the cloud in the upper right hand corner.

[6] I think this is a very important statement in that she is describing herself in two ways here.  First she is describing herself as the angel of Revelation 10 who descends within a cloud.  Second she is describing herself as the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12 who is clothed with the sun.

[7] I do not know what his five zones are, or what he is speaking about.  I see the zones (sons, months) as the twelve sons of Jacob translating the twelve zodiac symbols of astrology.

[8] Again, I am unclear of what Smillie means here.  If he is speaking of the Unity Matrix (which I doubt) it is interesting that these five zones would be the spacing found on the Grandfather clock in the seventh illustration – between numbers 1 and 5.