The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Book & Some of the Movie

by MJSmith

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

     L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published on May 17, 1900, under the sign of the bull – the Christ.  For many years now I have seen how the divine calculus and symbolism fit into his story.  Recently I read that he had been a Christian Scientist and this made me want to work on a spiritual interpretation of his story.  However, I found out in December 2012 that he was not a Christian Scientist at all, that he is really a theosophist.  This does not change my interpretation of his story, I feel as if I translated it back to God.  Perhaps I have been able to translate Baum’s ideas out of theosophy and translate them so that they now express Christian Science?

     Before checking out the book from the library I did research on Mr. Baum over the Internet on Wikipedia but it did not mention that he was a Christian Scientist.  Even if Mr. Baum never intended for any of his story to be a prophecy about Mary Baker Eddy, perhaps God did intend for his story to be a prophecy?
     In 1891 Mary Baker Eddy had her Textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, presenting the city foursquare with its divine calculus.  So before he had written The Wonderful Wizard of Oz the understanding of the divine calculus had been presented to the Field (to the World) in the “little open book.”  In 1901 Mary Baker Eddy gave notice that she would have a successor, but it would take around fifty some years before her successor would be incarnated.
     Most people have seen the movie The Wizard of Oz, which was based upon the book.  I am also going to incorporate portions of the movie with the book, and hope that it all works out.  It has been a long time since I have seen the movie, so I hope I can present it properly.
     To open, I will say that the quadrants of Oz represent the divine calculus.  Already presented in Science and Health, she writes, “As the Psalmist saith, ‘Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King.’  It is indeed a city of the Spirit, fair, royal, and square.  Northward, its gates open to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation; eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus; southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, — the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union; westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony.  (S&H 575:22-576:2)

     I realize that this quote does not describe The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  I provide it to you in order to understand what Mary Baker Eddy was doing in presenting the divine calculus to the world.  Since then, it has been manifested in many other ways.
     Likewise, the divine calculus is presented as the living creatures of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science with the main four characters of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  We must also take a look at the four Witches of Oz.  Why are two of them Good and two of them Wicked?  I believe that the idea behind these four Witches has to do with how mankind has managed throughout Christianity with the two Mother Churches, one in the East and one in the West – belonging to the Roman Catholics and the Christian Scientists.  These two Wicked Witches of Smotherhood have tried to rule their congregation with false teachings about the two advents of Christ.  The first being that of Jesus Christ.  The Roman Catholic Mother Church turned Jesus the Christ into being God instead of being the Son of God (or perhaps they say that he is both?).  This led to idolatry of Jesus the man with the office of the Christ.  The Christian Science Mother Church turned Mary Baker Eddy into a little old woman instead of claiming the ideal that she was to the world.  They hid her true identity away in a cupboard for no one to see under the pretense that IF Christian Scientists did proclaim to the world that Mary Baker Eddy is the woman God-crowned, the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and that she is the second coming of Christ – well that would lead Christian Scientists into the idolization of Mrs. Eddy, thus turning her into a white china princess.
     The Good Witches of the North and South represent the goodness of the whole of Christianity where the Word of God and Christianity seem to get along swimmingly well.  But this is just a pretense of goodness.  For how can Christianity spiritually progress unless it scientifically understands the Word of God found within the 66 books of the Bible and the 600 pages of Science and Health?  It is not until the woman, the Good Witch who rules the North (the Word) and South (Christianity), placed her three measures of meal into Christianity’s Word, which had been replaced by the words of physical science, scholastic theology, and material medicine, that Christianity was raised up to perform the Scientific healings and demonstrations of Jesus Christ and his disciples that had been lost ever since A.D. 325.


Chapter 1 – The Cyclone

     In the movie, when Dorothy is in Kansas, everything is in sepia tones.  To me, this represents the second Scientific Translation found on pages 115-116 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.  Even though black, gray, and white are used to symbolize the Three Degrees, I think the sepia tones work in the same way, as some editions of Mary Baker Eddy’s poem book, Christ and Christmas, have sepia tones.
     In the book, Dorothy lives on the plains of Kansas.  The book explains that Dorothy sees everything as being gray.  Gray is symbolic of the Second Degree, for the moral where evil beliefs disappear.  One thing that is not gray is Dorothy’s black dog.  But there is a reason for Toto’s blackness, as his blackness represents black ink, used on the leaves from the tree of life – for the Word of God.  Toto[1] makes Dorothy laugh.  The Written Word of God gives Dorothy joy.  So Toto is really Dorothy’s Isaac, or her Christ Ideal.
     Later on in the story (both book and movie), when Dorothy arrives in Oz (the Third Degree) everything is in living color – the rainbow colors are now in play – the seven synonymous terms for God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  Thus, Oz symbolizes the Third Degree of spiritual understanding.

In the Book
     The farmhouse is your basic square (for the city foursquare), it is the hub center of the Kansas fields, it has the same symbolic meaning that the Emerald City has for it is where Aunt Em(erald) lives with her husband Henry “ruler of the household.”  It was the Kansas Field that gave Mary Baker Eddy her twelve-star crown.


     The house consists of four walls (these four walls can either be the limitation of organized religion or the spiritual protection that comes from divine Love), a floor (a firm foundation), and a roof (spiritual protection).  It is all one room, one consciousness of God as Father-Mother.  There is a cupboard (Board of Directors) of dishes (sexy women), a table (a matrix), three or four chairs (advents of Christ), and the two beds (supporting foundations).  The big bed in one corner is for her aunt and uncle, while the smaller bed, in another corner, is her bed.  There is no garret (no watch tower) as Dorothy “gift of God” is the Magdalene itself.  There is no outside cellar.  There is, however, a cyclone cellar – a small hole, in the center of the house, dug into the ground with a ladder leading down.  There is a trap door to cover the cellar.  This cellar is another symbol of divine protection, that would protect one from “destruction; anger; mortal passions.” (S&H 597:29)
     A cyclone is on its way.  In reality this cyclone, or tornado, is the Eddy current that moves contrary to mainstream world thought and/or world belief.  Dorothy and Toto are inside the house when the storm reaches the farmhouse.  Her aunt and uncle are already in the cellar, yet she and Toto are unable to get into the cellar before the house is picked up and carried off.
     It is described that the north and south winds meet where the house stood and the house was in the center of the cyclone.  This is interesting, remember in Oz there are the two Good Witches and they are of the North and the South.  Could it be then that the author is telling us that these two Good Witches are responsible for Dorothy’s trip to Oz?  Perhaps something is needed in Oz so that the Word of God and biblical Christians can reconcile?
     Toto is almost lost through the opening of the trap door, but Dorothy saves him.  The Truth found in Science and Health is no longer known, or perhaps accepted, by Christian Scientists.  The Truth that Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ is lost even though it is made clear, via the Toto print, that Mary Baker Eddy is the angel of Revelation 10, the woman God-crowned, and the Bride of the Holy City of God.  The trap door is a symbol of the Christ being shut or closed off, not being comprehensible to Christian Scientists and Christians, because of ecclesiastical despotism’s war against the woman.  But Dorothy saves this Truth that is written in print in both the Bible and Science and Health.
     Hours go by and Dorothy falls asleep.  The house stays in the center of the cyclone until it traveled many miles.  Then sets down in the Land of Oz.

In the movie
     The movie also begins in Kansas, the American state known for its agriculture – or its food-wheel (food is grown in cycles of the culture in step with the four seasons).  Dorothy “gift of God” Gale “healer, calm” is our heroine in this story.  Gale, which can be defined as “winds,” could also be symbolic of the Word.  For the spoken Word comes from man’s windpipes.  Judy Garland (praised crown, or Judah crown) plays Dorothy in the movie.  She is an orphan (material parents are non existent) and lives with her Auntie Em (bright Mother) and Uncle Henry (household ruling Father).  Clara Blandick (clear white peaceful ruler) is Auntie Em and Charley (farmer; strong, manly) Grapewin (grape wine “Inspiration; understanding”[2] and perhaps bright grape) is Uncle Henry in the movie.  So with both the character names and actor names we have the tones of God’s Motherhood and Fatherhood being Principle, the ruler of the consciousness, as well as, the Field of Christian Science workers (the farmhands).  We also get the tone of the Third Degree.
     The beginning of the movie certainly sets up the symbols that are to come during Dorothy’s adventures in Oz.
     When Dorothy and Toto first arrive at home her aunt and uncle are busy trying to save the baby chicks because the incubator in broken.  They are far too busy to listen to her telling them about how Toto is in trouble with Miss Gulch.  She gives up and tries to tell the farm hands her troubles.  They too are busy, however, they are more help to her.
     Dorothy is on good terms with the farmhands of the Field (of Christian Science workers).  These farmhands are named Hunk (large lump or piece; good looking man), Hickory (a switch or cane, as in a rod of divine Science), and Zeke (God remembered, or strength of God).  Ray (kingly, royal) Bolger (curved part, bulge out) plays Hunk.  Jack (divine Science) Haley (heroine) plays Hickory.  Bert (bright, shinning) Lahr (crowned with laurel) plays Zeke.  The farmhands already seem to fit in with their counterparts in Oz.
     Dorothy’s small dog (Ma’s dog, or teaching of Scientific theology – dogma) is easy to rile up, as the dog wants to always protect Dorothy.  Most of the time Dorothy carries Toto (the Christ theology) around in her arms for protection or she lets him run free.  She also carries a basket with her throughout the movie for food (nourishment).  This basket symbolizes the matrix structure of the little open book.
     The famous song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is quite symbolic, in that the rainbow symbolizes the Word order for the seven synonymous terms for God.  “Somewhere Over the Word order for the seven names of God” is where we all want to be, at least I do!  The bow in the cloud is also the sign for the Arch of the Covenant’s fulfillment.
     Miss Gulch (one occupied by a torrent or raging flood) has it out for the Woman’s theological teachings (within a little open book named Science and Health).  She claims that Toto has bitten her and she has a warrant from the Sheriff to take the dog away.  Miss Gulch (played by Margaret Hamilton) symbolizes the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism.  She also represents the type of mentality that has taken over Mary (Margaret – “pearl”) Baker Eddy’s proud estate (Hamilton) via rape.  Margaret Hamilton also plays the Wicked Witch of the East and the Wicked Witch of the West – which is in opposition to the Christ (East) Scientist (West) known as Dorothy Gale and the Written Word – her “little dog Toto too” – the Woman’s spiritual teachings.  Miss Gulch sees Toto as a pest instead of a pet.  Gulch places Toto inside her bigger basket (mainstream scholastic theology), the opposite of Dorothy’s basket, and rides away with Toto on the back of her bicycle.  However, Toto escapes and runs back home.
     Dorothy decides that it is not safe for Toto, so she runs away with him.  Along the way they meet up with a peddler of medicines, in his own way he too is a healer.  His name is Professor Marvel (teacher of miracles) and portrayed by Frank Morgan (the “free sea warrior” that is Mary Baker Eddy).  I see Professor Marvel as a Christian Science teacher and practitioner (healer).  In the book he is a ventriloquist and a humbug circus performer.  In one of the later books he is named Oscar (divine spearman) Dibbs (dib – claims rights to).  A humbug is someone that passes himself off as something that he is not; who has an attitude or spirit of pretense and deception; an imposter.[3]  This description certainly fits in with what is presented as the Wizard of Oz.  I will go into this later on, as to what it really means to this story, and it is of major importance.
     The Professor pretends to look into his crystal ball for Dorothy.  He has her close her eyes while he checks her woven basket.  Inside he sees a picture of Dorothy with her aunt.  He pretends to see Aunt Em searching for Dorothy and crying that she cannot find her.  So Dorothy decides to return home.  But a storm is coming.  Aunt Em is looking for Dorothy, but she cannot find her.  Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, and the farm hands climb down into the cellar, which is outside the house.  Dorothy arrives home but cannot find anyone.  She is also unable to get the cellar door open.  She is in her bedroom when the window breaks and knocks her out.
     Dorothy awakes?  As the tornado lifts up the house Dorothy looks out the window and sees a cow, two men in a row boat, and finally she sees Miss Gulch on her bicycle.  Then Gulch changes into a witch on a broomstick – the wicked Witch of the East.  Because Dorothy was knocked unconscious, we have to ask ourselves if she ever really woke up and is everything in Oz just a dream?  If it is a dream, then it must be a vision dream.

Revelation 21:1 – And I saw a new heaven and a new earth:  for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

     I made the map of Oz, as seen above, and I decided to put in the Yellow Brick Road.  I made it in straight lines as that was easiest, but then I noticed that I had placed the two roads in the same position of the hands on the Grandfather clock in “Suffer the Children…” from Christ and Christmas.  I thought that this was a happy accident!

Grandfather Clock from “Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me”


THE FORTH LIVING CREATURE OF SCIENCE (the Concord Grapevine and “Footsteps of Truth”)

Chapter 2 – The Council With the Munchkins

In the book
     Dorothy is wakened with a jolt.  Sunshine enters the house; or rather the Christ Sun enters into her conscious thought.  Dorothy gets up to open the (Christ) door.  She sees amazing and wonderful sights so full of color.
     The house has been deposited in a field in Munchkin (the family that eats food with relish) Country (district which has a distinguishing characteristic – small ego), in the eastern quadrant (the side of Christ) of the Land of Oz.  At one time during his life the author explained that Oz came from the O-Z of a filing cabinet.  Then could we say that the A-N is found in Kansas?
     Approaching the house is a council of three men and a woman.  A council gives advice; sometimes it is legal advice.
     The three men are short, dressed in blue and all wearing pointed hats.  The woman is taller, she is in a white gown and has a white pointed had.  I feel that the pointed hats in this story point to the Pyramid Matrixes (of Principle and of Truth).  In this story, Baum uses blue as a symbol for the Christ and white for the Good Witches.  I sometimes use yellow for the Christ because it is closest to the color of gold (for divinity).  But I prefer to use gold for the Christ.
     Also on the Good Witch’s gown are little stars that glitter like diamonds.
     The blue clothes are symbolic of Spirit – the woman who is “clothed with the sun” wears a blue mantle in both Church windows, she also wears a white gown.  White is symbolic of purity, however, I use white to symbolize Principle in the tones of the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  Only in the Word tone do I apply green for Principle.  Since we are dealing in the Christ Tone, I think that white is appropriate.
     The Good Witch of the North is old.  She says, “You are welcome, most noble Sorceress, to the land of the Munchkins.  We are so grateful to you for having killed the wicked Witch of the East, and for setting our people free from bondage.”
     Dorothy does not understand.  The Good Witch points at the base of the house, it is then that Dorothy sees a pair of feet sticking out.
     The wicked Witch of the East represents eastern religions based upon animal magnetism, as well as, the Roman Mother Church organization.  The house is the consciousness of the heavenly Mother Em and heavenly Father Henry.  This type of consciousness always kills animal magnetism (wicked witchcraft).
     The Good Witch wonders if Kansas is a civilized country, for she says that civilizations have no witches or wizards.  Dorothy asks, “Who are the Wizards?”
     “Oz himself is the Great Wizard.  He is more powerful than the rest of us together.  He lives in the City of Emeralds [the hub of the wheel of Science itself].”
     The wicked Witch’s feet disappear, leaving the silver shoes behind.  The Good Witch says, “She was so old that she dried up quickly in the sun.”  The Christ quickly makes evil disappear.
     The silver (for the human) shoes are given to Dorothy after the dust (nothingness of matter) is shaken out of them.  The Good Witch tells Dorothy to go see the Wizard of Oz in order to get back home, however, she must walk to get there.  Oz is exactly in the center of the country, so, like Kansas, it is the center hub of the wheel.  On the outskirts of the wheel is nothing but a desert, which is also nothing.
     Dorothy asks her to come with her, but she says she cannot go.  Instead she kisses Dorothy upon the forehead (symbolic of divine Mind), sealing her with a charmed kiss.  The kiss is a prayer of protection against animal magnetism (the wicked Witch of the West).    Nothing can injure us when the Word embraces our consciousness. The lips leave a round, shining mark – like the seal for the Christian Scientists.

Christian Science Seal

     Dorothy is instructed to follow the Yellow Brick Road.  She also tells her, “Do not be afraid of the Wizard,” tell your story and ask him to help you.  “Goodbye, my dear.”

In the movie
     Dorothy and Toto exit the house.  She realizes that they are no longer in Kansas (in the First Degree and Second Degree).
     The Good Witch of the North appears in a ball of light, and begins to speak to Dorothy.  The Munchkins (the family that eats from the little book) who have been hiding from Dorothy finally appear after the Good Witch calls them out.
     These Munchkins are also known as the Lollypop (sucker) Guild (association).  Today’s Christian Science Associations are suckers, taken in by ecclesiastical despotism about Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and her being the woman God-crowned and the second coming of Christ.  East is the cardinal point for the Christ (the second living creature), whom we have yet to meet up with in this story.  The Wicked Witch (now dead) is the Christ counterfeit.  Miss Gulch is actually supposed to be this wicked Witch, played by the same actress.


In the book
     Although the Good Sorceress Gayelette (letters made lively in merry color) is never seen in the movie, she is spoken of in the book.  She is a sorceress (user of Science), princess (uses Principle) in the North (the Word) of Gilliken Country (the district of youth).[4]  She is said to live in a ruby castle (ruby is the birthstone for July, Mary Baker Eddy’s birthstone).  I interpret the red ruby to be a symbol for the Word, as well as, divine Mind.  It is interesting that the Good Witch of the South also has a ruby castle, and her land (for Christianity) is red.  (I use red as a symbol for the Word.  Instead of red I use silver for Christianity.  Is it possible that in the book Dorothy’s silver shoes belonged to the Good Witch of the South and in the movie the ruby slippers belonged to the Good Sorceress of the North?)  Gayelette’s husband’s name is Quelala (the one which is here and there, the All-in-all).  She also enables the Golden Cap (divine Mind) to provide its wearer with three wishes, or three loves (Venus).  The three advents of the Christ (the Morning Star) are what the three wishes really symbolize.  These wishes only have to do with movement, or action – omni-activity – because the wishes are granted by Flying Monkeys.  (I will go into more detail later on.)

In the movie
     The Munchkins sing their song, “Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead” a new arrival appears in the Munchkin’s town.  They are so happy that the wicked Witch of the East is dead.  The wicked Witch of the East symbolizes eastern, or oriental, magic that has its roots in astrology and necromancy.  But she also represents the Eastern Mother Church of Rome.
     The Good Witch of the North represents the Word of God.  Now, many Christians are willing to hate anything that mentions witches or witchcraft, like the Harry Potter story, even though it is a spiritual story being told.  Mary Baker Eddy did warn us about witchcraft, and with good reason.  However, I explain this Good Witch as having to do with the Word of God, because the North is the cardinal point for the Word.  Witches are said to say spells.  Where did the word “spell” really come from?  It could have to do with the spelling of words, yet, has anyone ever thought about the word “spell” being in the word “Gospel”?  Gospel simply means, “God’s spell” or “God’s Word.”  The original spells were words of prayer, good words of prayer.
     Many people, who did not understand where Jesus’ healing power came from, or his method of healing, could have accused him of being a wizard or a warlock!  And remember how the priests thought he was evil?  He basically asked them, “How is it that I heal people?”  They replied, “Through Beelzebub [Baal (Lord) of the flies].”  Recently I read how a woman, before becoming a minister of some church, was touched on the forehead and fainted.  When she woke up she was able to heal sickness.  She eventually converted to Jehovah’s Witnesses, even though she fought it, and she lost the healing power.  She believed that this healing power she had, but lost when she turned to Jehovah’s Witnesses, was evil.  And it probably was evil, it probably had to do with animal magnetism (necromancy), as she felt that she had been smothering under this healing power, that she was haunted by shadows outside her window.  Yet, Jesus did not heal via evil powers or witchcraft!  He healed via Christ Science (even though he did not call it this).  So even today, people believe that error can be cast out via error, well, anyone who takes medicine believes this lie, but Jesus was not of Lord Baal, he was the Son of God and he healed spiritually via Christ Science.
     Because of a person’s ignorance they do not realize the harm they may be committing when they say hateful things, or say things while being angry or resentful.  Even gossiping is evil and sin.  You could even say that gossip is a black (wicked) type of witchcraft.  And it may do us more harm then it does the other person we are saying things about because we are accepting lies about them, we are breaking the Commandment – “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”  To believe that someone is sick, or a thief, or dying is bearing false witness against God’s real man, the man that is spiritual.  Is there any wonder, after reading this, why Jesus said, “What I say unto you, I say unto all, ‘Watch!’”  We all must be Sentinels to what thoughts we are allowing into our consciousness and what we shall speak out loud to another.

Differences between the Silver Shoes and the Ruby Slippers

In the book
     In a later Oz book the Good Witch of the North is called Locasta (wonderful fruitage) and also called Tappypoo (touching Leader).  The Good Witch of the North (the Word, the Bride) tells Dorothy Gale (healer, calm, merry, and lively gift of God) to put on the silver shoes.  At first Dorothy takes the shoes inside the house and places them on the table.  To me this is symbolic of the fact that the silver shoes are taken into the House of God (Father-Mother God) and placed upon a matrix table.
     Silver symbolizes reflection, the reflected understanding of the Third Degree.  Silver is also symbolic of the human Second Degree, so with these silver slippers you have the human and divine coincidence.  It is the human and divine coincidence that enabled Mary Baker Eddy to be the human representative for the second coming of Christ.

In the movie
     The Good Witch of the North puts the ruby slippers on Dorothy’s feet.  Even though we do not see this transition taking place I feel that the Good Witch does it with her wand (her rod of divine Science).  This means that the shoes of succession represent Dorothy receiving the spiritual understanding of divine Science (the Third Degree).  The Eastern Mother Church claims to be the successor of Jesus Christ, but when Mary Baker Eddy came along, being the true Christ successor, she was given the ruby slippers (the Christ spiritual understanding).
     The movie’s ruby slippers point us to Mary Baker Eddy.  As mentioned above ruby is the birthstone for July, the same month that Mary Baker was born.  So these shoes were Mary Baker Eddy’s shoes, and the wicked Witch of the East (ecclesiastical despotism of the red dragon) had stolen them (taken them illegally, for the woman was raped).  The shoes belonged to Mary Baker Eddy, the witch of the eastern United States (in Boston) also took over false successorship of The First Church.  Thus, Dorothy represents the Third Advent of Christ and she is the successor that Mary Baker Eddy spoke of in 1901.

In both book and movie
     Dorothy, then, is Mary Baker Eddy’s Christ successor; she is the woman that will handle the lies about Mary Baker Eddy being a little old lady (like the appearance that the Good Witch of the North has in the book).
     Dorothy only wants to get back home (heaven).  The Good Witch (the Gospel writer of Science and Health) of the North (New Hampshire) instructs Dorothy to follow the Christ pathway (“The Way”) to the city of emeralds, or Emerald City.  The emeralds symbolize divine Principle and the cycle-square of Science itself (as found in the hub of Window of The Open Book).  Dorothy must follow the Yellow Brick Road to reach the Emerald City.  To me these yellow bricks are symbols for Soul, the pathway – “From sense to Soul my pathway lies before me, from mist and shadow into Truth’s clear day; the dawn of all things real is breaking or me, my heart is singing I have found the way.”[5]  Some people believe the yellow bricks to be gold.  This is okay by me too, because for me gold is a symbol for – the divine Christ (Third Degree).  Dorothy is to follow the divine path, the path of Soul, to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, to the Emerald City or the Holy City.
     However, because this is not my storybook I must also admit that the Yellow Brick Road is also a reference to the road of Science.  The Western Quadrant, the Quadrant for Science, is filled with farmhouses, and people’s clothes, that are yellow.  So in this story yellow is a symbol for Science.  It is interesting that in the West there is no Yellow Brick Road.  This could simply be do to the fact that the wicked Witch of the West probably got rid of it, as she does not like strangers coming into her domain.


In the movie
     Before Dorothy leaves Munchkin Country the Wicked Witch of the West (the sister of the Wicked Witch of the East, also played by Margaret Hamilton) appears in an orange puff of smoke.  This orange color is a pretense by the Wicked Witch to claim that all she does is through Spirit.  She claims to use spiritual methods when she really uses mortal means and methods in all that she does.
     The wicked Witch of the West is very angry that her sister is dead.  She is even more upset that Dorothy is given the ruby slippers (of successorship) by the Good Witch.  When the Witch tries to touch the shoes she is given an electric shock.  She demands that Dorothy give her the ruby slippers.  But the shoes now belong to Dorothy, and the only way to get them off her feet is for Dorothy to die.  Only then can the shoes have another successor.  The Witch promises Dorothy, “I’ll get you my Precious, and your little dog too!
     What the Wicked Witch of the Western Quadrant (the Western Hemisphere) represents is the malicious mental malpractice that was brought into practice by early students of Christian Science, the first disobedient student being Richard Kennedy “rich helmeted chief,” who was also a Roman Catholic (belonging to the wicked Witch of the East).  It is male energy that hates the woman because it knows this woman is the second coming of Christ.  Today male energy rules and governs the Boston Mother Church (the wicked Witch of the West).  Because the wicked Witch of the East represents Romanism, the Eastern Mother Church, then the wicked Witch of the West would also represent the Romanism now within the material organization of the Western Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts.  This is why I see The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as a prophecy, because the men of The Mother Church, located in the American East coast of the Western Hemisphere, would not completely resist Womanhood as the Forever Leader until 1910.
     This wicked Mother Church impedes Dorothy’s spiritual footsteps throughout the whole movie and is the cause for most of the problems that confront Dorothy and the other living creatures.  This is different from the book, as the Witch of the West does not even know about Dorothy and the others until they enter the Western Quadrant.  Nor does she ever make reference that the silver shoes belonged to her sister.  So who can say if the two wicked witches were really sisters at all?  But they definitely are two mothers!
     Dorothy begins “The Way” but her spiritual footsteps will be impeded the whole time by the serpent wisdom belonging to the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism.  It is interesting that the yellow brick road begins as a spiral, the spiral of Science.  How could it have been any other way?

(The Oil Lamp and “Science, Theology, Medicine”)

Chapter 3 – How Dorothy Saved The Scarecrow [the three measures of meal]

     Christianity failed to leaven the three measures of meal known as physical science, scholastic theology, and materia media.  It was not until Mary Baker Eddy placed the leaven into the three measures of meal (the straw) with divine Science that Christianity began to get back on track.  What was in the leaven?  The Truth about Christ and Christ Jesus was in the leaven; the Truth that had been hidden by the physicists, the religious dogs, and the medical field (who at first belonged to the Roman Catholic church hospitals).  What Truth had been hidden about the Christ?  The Truth that man is not material but spiritual.  The Truth hidden was that each man/woman reflects the Christ Mind, which is divine.  What Truth did scholastic theologians hide about Jesus Christ?  The Truth that Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus was the Son of God and not God.  What Truth did materia medica hide?  Materia medica hid the Truth that man does not need physical medicine to heal man because man is not a material persona.  Man is God’s (Spirit’s) image and likeness.  Materia medica has brainwashed mankind into believing that the only way they can be healed is through the medium of medicine.  Did Jesus use medicine to heal people?  No, he did not, nor did he heal them because he was God.  He was able to teach his disciples how to do the same works of healing that he did.  So healing had nothing to do with medicine.  Medicine goes back thousands of years; the ancient civilization in Egypt even used medicine.  But Jesus came, as the first coming of Christ, and proved that healing could take place without material medicine!  But how many Christians today accept this as Truth and just say, “Oh, Jesus was able to heal because he was God!”  Well, that is not it.
     It is true that the healing method was lost around A.D. 325.  And it was not until the second coming of Christ – as a woman – took place that Jesus words and works were explained.  When Mary Baker Eddy did this then the three measures of meal would begin to rise up (mentally become spiritualized), so that each and every man/woman would be anointed with the Christ oil.

In the book
     Dorothy and Toto go back inside the house.  She eats and changes her dress.  She chooses her gingham dress of white and blue checks.  The checkers is an interesting choice, as it represents the blue color for the Eastern land, and the white of a Principled Good Witch.  I always use blue for Truth (although it is usually indigo blue), I use light blue sometimes for Life (the Word order) and sometimes for Spirit (the Christianity order).  She takes along her pink bonnet (symbolic for Principled Mind).  In her woven (Glovered) basket she places the bread of Truth (which has been leavened by the woman).  She puts a white cloth over the bread to keep it fresh.  The white cloth would represent Principle.  If we fail to use Principle in our healing work then it becomes stale and rotten work.  Next Dorothy puts the silver shoes on her feet because her old leather shoes were worn out.  The silver shoes fit her feet (her spiritual understanding) as if they were made for her.  Later on Dorothy will put on certain items that fit her like they were made for her.  One definition of made is “assured of success.”  All things that are “made for her” point to the fact that Dorothy is the assured successor of Mary Baker Eddy.
     Near evening Toto and Dorothy come to a rather large house.  They are invited to dinner inside the blue house.  A celebration is taking place because they have received their freedom from material bondage.  There are five (lively) fiddlers playing music.  She spends the night at their home in a bed with blue sheets.
     The next morning she has a nice breakfast and then heads on her way.  She comes to a cornfield with a scarecrow being held up on a pole.  He too is dressed in blue clothes.  She is surprised to see the scarecrow wink at her; then she saw it nod his head in a friendly way.  She takes the pole out of the scarecrow’s back.  Scarecrow says, “I feel like a new man.”  This New Man is the Christ Man, thus he experiences no sensation (in matter) because he is straw (the woman’s meal), but he does not want to be called a fool (a mortal man). He feels no hunger or thirst.  He carries Dorothy’s basked for her because he does not get tired.  It is only mortal mind that tells the physical body that it feels pain, pleasure, or that it gets hungry, thirsty, tired, worn out, and grows old to finally die.
     There is only one thing he fears – a lighted match.  I take this to mean that the Scarecrow, in the negative being a representative of human intellectualism, is afraid of spiritual baptism by fire.

In the movie
     Dorothy and Toto first meet up with the Scarecrow.  Ray Bolger (curved out = the Arch Covenant) plays Scarecrow (a.k.a. Hunk).  A scarecrow is “an object usually suggesting a human figure that is set up to frighten birds away from crops; something frightening but harmless; a skinny or ragged person.”  Scarecrow seems to be lacking in quantity and qualities, and is searching for a brain (intelligence).  Materially speaking he is made up of straw (chaff).  What the scarecrow really represents, when Dorothy first meets up with him, is mortal man, or the mortal man that believes he lacks a divine nature.  He may be searching for a brain but he really needs divine Mind.  He is fallen man (Adam – “a dam, an obstruction” S&H); the man that has been duped into believing that he has fallen from Grace because he has eaten from the tree of physical sense, the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  This tree of physical sense presents the three measures of meal – physical science, scholastic theology, and material medicine (along with hygiene).  However, what is interesting about Scarecrow is that he really represents the Christ here because he feels no sensation in matter.  He has no nervous system (serpent) nor has he a brain (a big giant head of Adam man) to make him believe in physical pleasure (good, but not Good) and pain (evil).  Thus, when translated back to God, the Scarecrow really is the Christ representative in this story even though he does not realize this fact.  Just as most humans are blind to this Truth.
     Dorothy (the Word) helps free the Scarecrow (the Christ) from the pole that he was hanging (depending) on.  The pole is a pact, a contract between God and man; in other words, the pole represents the Ark of the Covenant for the Letter of the Law.  There are the sixteen (a divine calculus) prophets in the Old Testament.  These prophets had to come to Israel because of the Letter of the Law.  The people kept adding to the Letter of the Law and it had become so important to follow this Law that it made it impossible for man to be lawful, to even be obedient to God.  They needed to be free from the Letter of the Law, and the only way to be free would be through the understanding of the Christ and following the Christ (Christianity).  The Christ prophets introduced the Spirit of the Law, the Arch of the Covenant to the Hebrews.  This helped the Hebrews to spiritually progress, and so in the New Testament the first coming of Christ takes place in the Bible’s tone of Christianity.  Likewise, Dorothy will later on have to free modern Christianity (biblical Christians) from the hazards of the Ark Covenant with the understanding of Christ Science, the Arch of the Covenant.
     Christianity (later on represented by the Tin Woodman) has been hanging on to faith and hope that the second coming of Christ is coming soon.  Yet, the second coming of Christ has already come and Mary Baker Eddy has fulfilled the Arch Covenant (with her Textbook) and the Ark Covenant (with her Church Manual).
     The Scarecrow joins (the Christ can now join) Dorothy (the Word made flesh) and Toto (the printed Word) on the path of Soul to the Principled Wheel, or Holy City of God.

Chapter 4 – The Road Through The Forest

In the book
     The Scarecrow falls in holes along the way, as the Yellow Brick Road is in a bad condition.  The country becomes more dismal and lonely.  Sometimes it seems as if being on the correct path causes us more problems.  This is because error is fighting back, trying to get us to hold onto the life that we have previously, and perhaps always, given to it.  But if we continue going then we will eventually reach our goal.
     The spiritual interpretation of Scarecrow’s creation:
     The Scarecrow tells Dorothy that he was made (created) the day before yesterday, so he is in his third day of Soul, a time to begin his journey toward Principle.  The creator of Scarecrow used paint for his senses.  I see this paint as representing “pigment” belonging to the flesh – the Word order of red (Mind), orange (Spirit), yellow (Soul), green (Principle), blue (Life), indigo (Truth), and violet (Love).  He tells Dorothy that his creator first made his head (consciousness is always first), and then he painted his ears (spiritual understanding [of the Third Degree]; spiritual perception [S&H 585:2, 3]), so he could hear first and then his right eye was painted.  However, his left eye (a symbol of his Womanhood) was painted next, and it was larger than his right eye (manhood).  Leonardo De Vinci did this on his Mona Lisa.  “Eyes.  Spiritual discernment, — not material but mental.” (S&H 586:3)  After this the nose and mouth were painted, but he did not speak because he did not know what a mouth was for.  Sometimes it is best that none of us speak unless we speak the Word of God!  The Christ Head (Christ consciousness) is created then the Christ body (the Temple “Body, the idea of Life, substance, and intelligence; the superstructure of Truth; the shrine of Love;” [S&H 595:7]) is made – body, arms, legs.
     The material (erroneous) way Scarecrow saw himself:
     “I was just a good of man as anyone,” he tells Dorothy.
     After being placed up on the pole (the pole could also be a symbol for the crucifix) the crows (followers of the devil) came to eat the corn (consume the Christ’s meal).  At first the crows flew away (at first the devils fled from fear of being destroyed by the Christ), but one crow was not frightened away.  The crow tells him that if he had a brain (a material organized church) he would be as good a man as any of them.  “Brains [materialized organizations] are the only things worth having in this [material] world, no matter whether one is a crow [of the devil] or a man [the image and likeness of God].”  The black (First Degree) crow (devil) lies to the Scarecrow.  Brains, human intellectualism – resulting from organized religion – is not the only thing worth having, but in a material world this does seem to be true, however, God being our true Creator – we must understand that divine Mind is the one and only Mind there is.  However, the Scarecrow believes the crow and is anxious to get brains [to have an organized church].  This is why he joins Dorothy on her journey to the Emerald City.
     They find a cottage in the woods so they spend the night there.


Chapter 5 – The Rescue Of The Tin Woodman

In the book
     In the morning the Scarecrow tells Dorothy, “It [physiology] must be inconvenient to be made of flesh, for you must sleep, and eat and drink.  However, you have brains, and it is worth a lot of bother to be able to think properly.”
     They hear groans in the forest.  So they search the woods.  Dorothy sees something shiny.  They find a Tin Woodman.  He is frozen in an axe swing.  The tree in front of him is partially cut.  He is rusty, of the Adam man of physiology.  The Scarecrow (the Christ) goes back to the cottage and gets an oilcan (a holy grail) to use on the Tin Woodman.  Dorothy oils the neck first while Scarecrow helps move the mettle head side to side.  Next the arms are oiled and moved by the Scarecrow.  The Tin Woodman can lower his arms; he places his axe against the tree.  “This is a great comfort (the Christ is always the comforter).” he says.  “I have been holding that axe in the air ever since I rusted, and I’m glad to be able to put it down at last.  Now, if you will oil the joints of my legs, I will be right once more.”
     Dorothy and Scarecrow tell the Woodman about their journey to see the Wizard of Oz.
     “Do you suppose Oz could give me a heart?” he asks them.
     They do not see why not.  So Dorothy is asked to place the oilcan into her basket so that it can be used in case it rains and he rusts during their journey.
     The Yellow Brick Road becomes harder to travel some branches are on the road.  Tin Woodman uses his axe to clear the path of foliage.  He explains to his new companions what happened to him.  “I was born the son of a woodman who chopped down trees in the forest and sold the wood for a living.  When I grew up I too became a woodchopper, and after my father died I took care of my old mother as long as she lived.  Then I made up my mind that instead of living alone I would marry, so that it might not become lonely.
     “There was one of the Munchkin girls who was so beautiful that I soon grew to love her with all my heart.  She, on her part, promised to marry me as soon as I could earn enough money to build a better house for her, so I set to work harder than ever.  But the girl lived with an old woman who did not want her to marry anyone, for she was so lazy she wished the girl to remain with her and do the cooking and the housework so the old woman went to the wicked Witch of the East, and promised her two sheep and a cow if she would prevent the marriage.  There upon the wicked Witch enchanted my axe, and when I was chopping away at my best one day, the axe slipped all at once and cut off my (left) leg.”  In other words, this was an attempt to separate the man from true Womanhood – Venus the Mother of Pomegranates.  This is accomplished when The Mother Church disobeys the estoppel clauses in the Church Manual.  This turns the Church into a material organization, into a little old woman (an old, selfish Munchkin) instead of letting The First Church of Christ Scientist, become the Bride City (the beautiful Munchkin girl).
     He continues his story.  He goes to see a tin-smith (tin-maker) and asked him make a tin leg for him.  After he had his new leg, the wicked Witch enchanted the axe time and time again.  His right leg was next to go, then his arms.  Then it cut off his head, then the axe cut right through his body cutting it into two halves.  The tinner kept helping him replace his body parts.  When his body was cut in two, however, he lost his heart (love), and because he lost his heart he also lost his love for the Munchkin girl, and did not care to marry her any more.  He decides that he will marry her if he gets a heart, as he was very happy when he was in love.  Happiness is the best thing in the world.
     Tin Woodman is a symbol for the Field of Christian Scientists.  They have learned the lesson from Mrs. Eddy, “There is not sensation in matter.”  However, they have lost their love for their Forever Leader – Mary Baker Eddy – because they have been fooled by the wicked Witch of the East (Romanism) into believing that loving her, respecting her, seeing and admitting to her place in Bible prophecy, seeing and accepting her as the second coming of Christ is all rooted to idolatry.  And we cannot have that, now can we, after all there is only room in Christianity for one to be idolized (the one believed to be God) and that is the man Jesus Christ.  However, idolizing Jesus Christ is wicked too!

In the movie
     Jack Haley (divine Science heroine) plays the Tin Woodman (a.k.a. Hickory).  Woodman is actually a symbol for womanhood, and or Mother Hood.  The Tin Woodman use to be a man named Nick (recorder) Chopper (tooth – an effective means of enforcement).[6]  I interpret his name to mean that he is the recorder that is an effective means of enforcement of God’s Law.
     He carries an axe, a cutting (a Nick Chopper) tool (a Church Manual).  The estoppel clauses placed in the The First Church of Christ Scientist Church Manual acts as the Nick Chopper.  They put an end to material Church organization because the written permission of Mary Baker Eddy is needed to continue the operation of The First Church as a Mother Church.  This Mother Church (old woman) operates upon the Letter of the Law without the Spirit of the Law.  If those in Boston would obey the estoppel clauses then they would be manifesting the Spirit of the Law (the heart of the Love for the Law).
     Nick Chopper represents the field of Christianity (of Christian Scientists).  He believes that he is missing his heart.  Or rather, it is love for Mary Baker Eddy that he seems to be lacking.  Because of his lack of love for Mary Baker Eddy, that is a result of mechanical intellectualism, he becomes void of the Spirit of the Law.
     Over time his (w)holly Church body is replaced, piece-by-piece, by mechanical mechanisms, rather he becomes a product of human intellectualism.  This is true of not only the Christian followers of Jesus Christ, as they turned him into being God (deified by certain Christians) but also the Christian followers of Mary Baker Eddy, as they turned her into an old mortal woman (to keep Christian Scientists from accepting her as the second coming of Christ, via a ploy of deification).
     In this current situation, being void of the Spirit of the Law, the Tin Woodman became rusted.  Because of the false teachings coming from her own Church (which began in the 1970s) the world sees her as nothing more than a little gray haired lady, an Adam man.  Because of human intellectualism she is seen only as a fallen woman (cannot be a human and divine coincidence).  Her followers are unable to move (progress spiritually forward).  Her religious movement has been frozen (rusted in place); it has not advanced much since December 3, 1910.
     The Tin Woodman is inside a protective suit of armor (like a Christian soldier), yet the red rust is a corrosive, injurious influence on the tin (protective Christ shielding).  What injurious influence does the red rust represent if not the red dragon’s lies about Mary Baker Eddy being chosen by God as the second coming of Christ?
     Dorothy sets the Field of Christian Science workers free, with the help of Scarecrow (the Christ Mind) when she anoints the Woodman (makes the Christ Woman recognizable to the Field) with the oilcan that says, “Do it!”  “Do it” is a command of movement.  Science demands that Christian Scientists (the Tin Woodman) obey the Bride’s Church Manual and its estoppel clauses.  “If you do this,” she says, “you will once again be able to cast out sin, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, and raise the dead.”  These are the works that Jesus performed; these are the works of those that follow Jesus on the Yellow Brick Road.  These are the works of those who obey and follow their Forever Leader Mary Baker Eddy on the Yellow Brick Road (the road to Science, a.k.a., the pathway of Soul).

(Madonna and Child “Atonement and Eucharist”)

Chapter 6 – The Cowardly Lion

In the book
     They walk further into the forest.  Dorothy hears animal growls that frighten her.  Toto knew what the noise was and he stayed quietly by her side, on guard.
     When the three living creatures and the “Toto too” first encounter the Cowardly [lack of resolution] Lion he puts up a big front.  He bounded into the road.  One blow by his paw sends the Scarecrow spinning over and over to the edge of the road.  The Lion strikes the Tin Woodman with his sharp claws.  Tin Woodman falls over in the road.  Toto ran barking toward the Lion, he opened his mouth to bite the dog.  Dorothy heedless of danger rushes forward and slaps the Lion on his nose as hard as she could, “Don’t you dare to bite Toto!  You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a big beast like you, to bite a poor little dog!”
     “I didn’t bite him.”
     “No, but you tried to.  You are nothing but a big coward.”
     “I know it, I’ve always known it.  But how can I help it?”
     “What makes you a coward?”
     “It’s a mystery.  I suppose I was born [written] that way.  All the other animals [Christians] in the forest naturally expect me to be brave [to protect them], for the Lion is everywhere [omnipresent] thought to be the King of Beasts.  I learned that if I roared very loudly [as priests yell to their congregations on Sundays] every living thing was frightened [into obedience] and got out of my way.
     “But whenever there is danger [ecclesiastic despotic dominion] my heart [“Mortal feelings, motives, affections, joys, and sorrows” (S&H 587:23)] begins to beat fast [beats irregularly, is not normal].”
     “Perhaps you have heart disease?” the Tin Woodman says.
     “It may be.”
     To many Christians and Christian Scientists the Word of God lacks clarity, it has not been resolved by them, or made clear.  It has not been simplified or taught via symbols.  “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.” (S&H)  The Bible is full of symbols, and when Scripture is taught only as history of a religious people it becomes a closed book to them.  Metaphysics, as most Christian Scientists teach, is a good way to open up the Bible; however, it still has not completed the task of opening up the Bible because it has not taught it as a book of symbols.  So the Bible, by Christians and Christian Scientists alike, has no fine resolution to it.  The Word has not been simplified so that man can comprehend it!
     The trio explains that they are on their way to see the Wizard of Oz and perhaps he could get courage from the Wizard.  So he joins them.
     Along the way the Tin Woodman steps on a beetle (worldly sorrows) and becomes sad, cries and rusts his mouth shut.  After this he was more careful as to where he was stepping, he wanted to show no cruelty or unkindness to anyone, and since he had no heart he must be even more careful.

In the movie
     Bert Lahr plays the Cowardly Lion (a.k.a. Zeke).  Remember that Zeke is actually the strength of God, and God remembered, when we understand that our true strength is spiritual and comes from God then we have nothing to fear – for fear is only false evidence appearing to be real.
     Dorothy gives the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Woodsman, and the Scarecrow encouragement to journey to Emerald City.  This courage (resolution; a loving heart) is what the Lion needs.
     They believe that this Wizard can solve their problems of lack.  It could be from these beliefs in lack that they seem to come into Adamic obstructions put forth by the red dragon witch.  The yellow brick road seems to be rather narrow in some places, as the Bible tells us that the Christ path is narrow.

Chapter 7 – The Journey To the Great Oz

In the book
     The group stops under a tree for the night.  The Tin Woodman chopped a great pile of wood, and Dorothy made a fire.  She ate the rest of her bread.  Scarecrow found nuts and spent much time filling her basket with them.
     In the morning they begin again, but soon they come to a big and very deep ditch that crossed the road.  The Lion knows he can jump over the ditch, so Scarecrow gets on his back and goes first.  Then the Lion takes Dorothy and Toto, and finally the Tin Woodman.
     They hear animal noises in the woods.  The Lion tell them that they are Kalidahs – monstrous beasts with bodies like bears and heads that look like tigers.  Their claws are so long and sharp that they could tear the Lion in two as easily as he could kill Toto.  “I’m terribly afraid of the Kalidahs,” he tells them.
     They come to a second ditch in the road too wide for the Cowardly Lion to jump over.  Scarecrow suggests that the Tin Woodman cut down a tree so that it falls over the ditch and then they can cross over the ditch.  Tin Woodman says that it is a “first rate idea.”
     They begin to cross the ditch one at a time.  Dorothy and Toto go first.
     Two Kalidahs (two beasts) begin to come toward them.  Because Kalidahs have the head of a tiger and body of a bear, I feel that they resemble, somewhat, one of the beasts in Revelation.  Perhaps, Kalidahs belong to the red dragon and do its dirty work.  If so, then these two beasts are hypocrisy and lust (belonging to ecclesiastic despotism).  And it is ecclesiastic despotism that comes from religious organizations which distorts the Word of God.  The Word of God is misinterpreted on purpose and then the congregation no longer understands the Word (is becomes unclear).
     The Tin Woodman crosses the tree bridge (connection between earth and heaven – or the human and divine coincidence) next, followed by the Scarecrow, and finally the Lion.  The Lion gives out a great roar at the two Kalidahs.  They stop and look at him in surprise, the Kalidahs begin to cross.  Scarecrow has the Tin Woodman cut away the tree at their end.  The tree fell taking the two beasts with it.  They are dashed to pieces by sharp rocks (by the Christ Truth).
     They finally reach a river (“Channel of thought.”  When “muddy, foaming, and dashing, it is a type of error.”[7]).  Beyond are green meadows and bright flowers.  The Tin Woodman cuts down wood to make a raft.

Chapter 8 – The Deadly Poppy Field – the belief that death (sleep) is reality

In the book
     Wood pins are used to hold the raft together.  Dorothy’s meal consists of peaches and plums (“Fruitage” = spiritual healing).
The Tin Woodman also makes poles to push the raft through the water.  They begin across, however, the river current pulls them westward (toward Science).  They are not yet prepared for Science, as they have to go to see the Wizard first, and they do not want the wicked Witch of the West to know about them.
     Scarecrow’s pole gets stuck (hung up) in the mud (the Adamah type of error located in the wrong type of thought).  He winds up being stranded while holding on desperately to the pole.  He feels that this is even worse than being held by the pole in the cornfield.  So, of course, it has to be Scarecrow that gets stuck in the river on the crucifix.
     When Christian Scientists (who understand their Christ consciousness as their true identity) disobey God’s Law (the Church Manual) they may get stuck (be unable to progress spiritually) because of the Adam mud.  They find themselves clinging to the pole (being dependent upon it) in order to keep them from falling into the dashing erroneous motion of mortal minded thoughts.
     The Cowardly Lion jumps into the water, as Dorothy holds onto his tail, he swims over to the other riverbank.  Once on the bank of the river they head eastward.  They finally reach the point where Scarecrow is stranded in the river.  They see a stork (the Annunciation of the Christ comings) and ask him to fly over to retrieve Scarecrow for them.  He is willing to do so, and he is also a happy stork.  He sings, “Tol-de-ri-de-oh (Told-it-right-e-o)!”  After saving Scarecrow he flies off to go home.
     The living creatures continue back, through the flower fields, to get to the Yellow Brick Road.  The flowers are beautiful, yellow, white, blue, and purple blossoms next to the great cluster of scarlet poppies.  The poppies pose a great danger.  They make those that breath air breath in a sleeping gas.  The Lion runs forward as fast as he can, while the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman carry Dorothy and Toto after they have fallen asleep.  They pass the Lion who is now asleep and finally get out of the field.
     These poppies represent material medica (specifically opium) that is used to put the material senses to sleep.

In the movie
     The Wicked Witch casts a spell on the poppy flowers to put Dorothy asleep.  When the living creatures come to the poppies field Dorothy, Toto, and the lion fall asleep.  It is the Good Witch of the North that rescues them, as she causes it to snow, makes the purity of Spirit to be known, and the living creatures wake up from the Adam dream.
     Even though the snow rusts the Tin Man, the oil can is available, and they all leave the poppy field safe and sound.

Chapter 9 – The Queen Of The Field Mice

In the book
     Scarecrow and Tin Woodman see a wild cat chasing a field mouse.  The Tin Woodman chopped off the beast’s head.  The mouse is quite relieved.  She tells them that she is the queen of the field mice; more mice come out of hiding.  Toto, now out of the poison gas wakes up and wants to go after the mice as he does in Kansas.  The Tin Woodman keeps Toto from harming them.
     The queen is grateful for being saved from the cat and tells him that she will do anything to help them.  They wish to rescue the Lion.  The Tin Woodman cuts down wood to make a truck to carry the Lion out of the poppies field.  Thousands of mice are asked to go get strings and bring them back.  Then they will use the truck, put the Lion on it, and they will attach the strings to the truck while the mice pull the strings.  The Scarecrow and Tin Woodman also push the truck.  Eventually they get the Lion out of the poppies field.  Dorothy is now awake and wonders what is going on.  They explain it all to her.
     The queen gives them a silver whistle to blow if they ever need help again.  The mice promise to come to their rescue.


Chapter 10 – The Guardian Of The Gates

In the book
     After the Lion is awake they go on their way.  They follow the river until they once again reach the Yellow Brick Road.  Along the road are green fences.  Everyone in the land wears green clothes.  These people also wear peaked (pointed) hats.  I think that all of these pointed hats hint at the pyramid matrixes of Truth and Principle.  Nobody really approaches them because of the Lion.
     They stay the night with a woman, a man, and two children.  The man is on the couch in the corner because his leg is hurt.  He tells them that they may not be allowed to see the Wizard of Oz, as he never sees anyone.  It is also said about the Wizard that he can take any form he wishes:  bird, elephant, cat, fairy, brownie, etc.  I do not know how he knows the following information, but he says that Oz has more than enough brains, many hearts, a great pot of courage that he has covered with a golden plate, to keep it from running over.  He tells Dorothy, “Oz can do anything, so I suppose he can find Kansas for you.”  Then he asks Toto what he wants.  Toto just wags his tail.
     They have a meal of porridge, scrambled eggs, and bread.
     In the morning they continue on their way.  They see the City in the distance, as it has a green glow.  The Emerald City is green for Principle and Science.  It is the afternoon before they come to the City’s great wall.  There is a big gate at the end of the road.  It is studded with emeralds.  There is a bell on the side of the gate.  Dorothy pushes the button and they hear a silvery tinkle sound within.
     The gate opens and they pass through into a high arched room.  The walls glisten with emeralds.  A little man stands before them; he is Munchkin size.  Even his skin has a green tint to it.  At his side is a large green box.
     “What do you wish in Emerald City?” asks the Guardian (Sentinel) of the Gates.
     They tell him their story.
     He tells them, “It has been many years since anyone asked me to see Oz.  He is powerful and terrible, and if you come on an idle or foolish errand to bother the wise reflections of the Great Wizard, he might be angry and destroy you all in an instant.”
     They ask him if the Wizard is not good?
     He tells them that he is good, but “to those who are not honest, or who approach him from curiosity, he is most terrible.”  I think that the Wizard is terrible (not mean terrible) in that he is a lousy Wizard and does not really have any powers at all.
     The Guardian of the Gates ties opens the green box and pulls out green spectacles.  All visitors to the City have to wear the green spectacles.  Oz ordered everyone to wear these spectacles, from the time that the city was built, under the claim that the glittering rays of the City would cause blindness.  Could this simply mean that like during Christ Jesus’ mission Jesus was unable to tell his disciples all that he knew because they just could not bear the light of Science (Emeralds)?  Finally, during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission, the light of Science was introduced to the world.  This understanding was new in 1891.  It was in 1900 that a man presented it to the world via The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, however, it would not be until 1999 that Dorothy would actually unlock (as the Second Sentinel) the sixteen gates to the Holy City when comparing it to Window of the Open Book, the Director’s Window, and Sharon’s Rose – giving the Stargate its Unity Matrix.  And it would not be until June 2012 that she presented it to the world over the Internet.
     The Guardian of the Gates has the only key to unlock the green spectacles.  Could this key actually be the Key to the Scriptures?  I think it is entirely possible.  The following is the order that the Green Spectacles are put on – Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Lion, and Toto.  This is the same order that they are presented throughout the story, except for Toto being on the tail end.  It presents to us first – the city foursquare with – Divine Science, the Christ, Christianity, the Word, and then the city of our God – with the Word (Toto) that is Christian Science.
     In a later Oz book people go into the city without green spectacles and they are not blinded by the light.  This time would be symbolic of today, as Dorothy has presented the Holy City’s Unity Matrix to the world.
     The Guardian takes a big gold key from a peg on the wall and opens up the inner gate that leads into the city of our God.

In the movie
     The Guardian of the Gates is called the Doorman.  I feel that the Guardian of the Gates, as a symbol, relates to Mary Baker Eddy’s description of the city foursquare and the city of our God in “The Apocalypse.”  However, as the Doorman, could he be symbolic of John W. Doorly, the man who unlocked (used the only Key there was to) the Textbook’s Network Matrix and Golden Candlestick Matrix?

Chapter 11 – The Wonderful Emerald City of Oz

In the book
     The City is made of green marble, emeralds, its pavement is also green and the sunrays make the whole City sparkle green.

In the movie
     A man drives the living creatures through the City in a carriage.  A white, purple, red, and then yellow horse (a horse of a different color) draws the carriage.  The color white is for Principle, then it changed to purple, symbolic of Love.  Then it became red for Mind and finally yellow for Soul.

In the book
     They come to a big building, the Palace where a soldier stands.  They pass through the Palace gates and are led into a big room.  They wipe their feet on a green mat before entering.  A soldier tells them, “Please make yourselves comfortable while I go to the door of the Throne Room and tell Oz you are here.”
     They are finally told that can see the Wizard one at a time, one of them per day.  Dorothy will be first to be granted an audience with the Wizard.  He blows a green whistle and a green girl appears.
     The head maid (Christ Magdalene) of the Emerald City Palace is named Jellia Jamb.[8]  It is a pun, of course, as it means Jelly Jam, which would present a very sticky situation.  However, symbolically the name could translate to mean supplanter of light.  Jacob’s twelve sons become the twelve stars of the woman’s crown (the twelve stars for Window of the Open Book).  These twelve sons enabled Jacob to progress spiritually up the Major Pyramid (ladder) of Truth.  These sons, being born of Womanhood, were spiritual ideas that pushed Jacob forward.
     The girl says to Dorothy, “Follow me and I will show you your room.”  Dorothy and Toto follow her through seven passages and up three flights of stairs until they come to her room at the front of the Palace.  To me this means that this girl leads Dorothy and Toto through the seven synonymous terms for God, with its Christ order, found in the first Spiritual Interpretation (S&H 115) and then through the second Spiritual Interpretation (S&H 115, 116) with its Three Degrees.  Could Dorothy’s room actually be Mother’s Room, being that it is at the “front of the Palace”?
     There is a tiny fountain in the middle of the room.  It shoots up green perfumed into the air (symbol for the atmosphere of Love).  On a shelf are little green picture books that make Dorothy laugh.
     The girl leads the other companions, one by one, into their rooms.  The Scarecrow stood in one spot within the doorway and spent the whole night watching a spider weave a web in the corner of his room.  In other words, he stood with divine Mind while he learned the matrix system.  The Tin Woodman lay on his bed keeping his joints moving during the night.  He rested in perfect action of omni-activity.  The Lion slept in the bed, curled up.  He rested in the spiral X-Stream of Science.
     In the morning, after breakfast, the green maiden came into Dorothy’s room and dressed her in a gown of brocaded satin (having a raised design [of silver and gold – a human and divine coincidence] with a lustrous face), with a green silk apron (Science’s royal protection).  She tied a green silk ribbon around Toto’s neck.
     They all meet in a court where there are other citizens.  They wait there to see Oz, the Wizard of much intelligence.  He agrees to an audience because the soldier, with the green whiskers, told him about the silver shoes on Dorothy’s feet.  I am not sure how the soldier knew that they were silver since he was wearing green spectacles.  The soldier also told the Wizard about the mark (the Seal of Christian Science) upon Dorothy’s forehead.
     Dorothy enters the Throne Room.  It is a big round room (it has to be round) with a high arched roof.  The walls, ceiling, and floor are covered with large emeralds set closely together.  In the center of the roof is a great light.  It is as bright as the sun.  Then she sees, sitting, or perhaps bobbling, in the center of the throne chair a big giant head (full of physical science knowledge).  This big giant head, which is decapitated or has no body, is a symbol for mortal mind.  Remember that Oscar Dibbs is a humbug, a great pretender.  He is pretending to be God – divine Mind.
     In this original book, the Wizard built the Emerald City after being driven from the West by the wicked Witch with her use of the Golden Cap, however, according to a back-story (in a later book), the Wizard usurps Princess Ozma’s throne with the help of Mombi.  Princess Ozma is the Principle of Emerald City, and she is the Mother of Oz, while the Wicked Witch of the North (the falsified Word) Mombi (mother of dualism) is the counterfeit of Ozma. Mombi allows a false successor to take over the Emerald City.  Even though Oscar Dibbs is not really a bad or evil man, he does not seem to be (at present) a man of principles (or Principle).  Perhaps he is just a misguided man?
     The Big Giant Head, a term given to me in regards to William Shatner, via a prophecy dream I had in 1996, has great meaning to me.  In May 1999 William Shatner appeared on Third Rock From the Sun as the Big Giant Head.  The other two names for his character were Phillip Stone and King of the Universe.  These three names fit in with the Three Degrees. (S&H 115, 116)  The Big Giant Head represented the First Degree, Phillip Stone represented the Second Degree, and King of the Universe represented the Third Degree.  So, in this story, to me this big giant head represents depravity, the physical.
     The head is bald.  Its eyes turn toward Dorothy.  Its mouth moves while saying, “I am Oz, the Great and Terrible.  Who are you, and why do you seek me?”
     “I am Dorothy, the Small and Meek.  I have come to you for help.”
     He finds out about how she acquired the shoes and the “mark” upon her forehead.  He asks, “What do you wish me to do?”
     Dorothy tells him about wanting to get home to Kansas.
     He demands that she kill the wicked Witch of the West before he will help her.  Dorothy does not understand why he should ask this of her for he is “strong” and she is “week.”  He is a great Wizard and she is a helpless girl.
     He counters with the fact that she was strong enough to kill the wicked Witch of the East.  “When you can tell me that she is dead,” he tells her, is when he will grant her request of going home to Kansas.
     She leaves disappointed.
     The next day the Christ Scarecrow goes in to see the Wizard.  The Wizard appears to him as a “lovely lady.”  She is dressed in green silk gauze and has flowing green locks of hair with a crown of jewels.  My guess is that Scarecrow sees him having the same appearance that belongs to Princess Ozma; he sees the woman God-crowned.  She has wings that flutter with the slightest breeze.  He also demands that Scarecrow kills the wicked Witch then he will bestow upon him his great many brains.
     Scarecrow reminds the Wizard that he-she already requested Dorothy kill the Witch.
     “So I did, I don’t care who kills her.  But until she is dead I will not grant your wish.  Now go, and do not seek me again until you have earned the brains you so greatly desire.”
     The following day the Christian Woodman sees the Wizard as a most terrible beast (a wolf in sheep’s clothing).  This Beast is nearly as big as an elephant, its head is like a rhinoceros head only it has five eyes on its face.  It has five long arms growing out of its body and five long slim legs.  The body has woolly hair covering every part of it.  Its voice is like a great roar.  What these five eyes, arms, and legs represent are the five senses, as well as, the five members of the Board of Directors in Boston’s The First Church of Christ Scientist.
     Tin Woodman sees the Wizard as a false successor (that the Board claims to be), and that is exactly what the Wizard is, he is a false successor of Princess Ozma, and he was brought into power by Mombi.
     The Wizard’s demand to Tin Woodman is, “Help Dorothy to kill the Wicked Witch of the West.”  Christianity is to HELP Science – Dorothy.
     On the fourth day, the Word Lion is given audience with the Wizard.  He sees a ball of fire.  This ball of fire is the falsified Word that has been printed by mechanical intellectualism in the Christian Science Periodicals.
     “I am a Cowardly Lion, afraid of everything.  I come to you to beg that you give me courage, so that in reality [spiritually speaking] I may become the King of Beasts, as men call me.”
     The Wizard tells the Lion to bring back proof of the Witch’s death, and then he will give the Lion courage.
     The Wizard agrees to help the four living creatures receive their needs if one of them kills the Wicked Witch of the West (the Mother Church run via animal magnetism) who rules over the western Winkie Country (those who avoid seeing the Truth).
     Before they leave Dorothy puts food in her basket, Scarecrow is stuffed with fresh straw, the Tin woodman is oiled, and he sharpens his axe on a green grindstone (of Principled Science), and a green ribbon with a bell is placed around Toto’s neck.

Chapter 12 – The Search For the Wicked Witch

In the book
     The Soldier leads them through the streets of the Emerald City until they reach the Guardian’s room.  The Guardian unlocks the spectacles and puts them back into his square box and then opens up the gate for them.
     Dorothy asks, “Which road leads to the Wicked Witch of the West?”
     The Guardian of the Gates tells them that there is no road.  In reality there can be no road to evil.  Why?  Because, “no one ever wishes to go that way.”  He tells them to look for the Country of the Winkies and the Witch will find them and make them her slaves.  He tells them that no one has ever been able to destroy her.  “Keep to the West, where the sun sets, and you cannot fail to find her.”
     After Dorothy has her spectacles off she realizes that her dress is white, just as Toto’s ribbon is white (again symbolic of Principle).  This means that the wicked Witch will see, by the color of her dress, that Dorothy is a Good Witch.


In the book
     The wicked Witch of the West has a green umbrella.  The handle resembles the head of a serpent.  This umbrella is a symbol for her covenant with animal magnetism.  She appears to have green skin (a symbol for poison) in one illustration.  She has a black cape that resembles bat wings.  In another illustration, when she is melting, her skin looks blue.  Perhaps her color changed because she was melting?
     She has only one eye (omniscience), her other eye has a patch over it.  She has a very powerful telescope (a farseeing watcher).  However, she uses her eye vision and telescope for evil purposes.  Through her telescope she sees the living creatures and does not like them in her domain.  She is not happy, so she takes her silver (for Christianity under the thumb of ecclesiastical despotism) whistle and blows it.

In the movie
     The wicked Witch has green skin and two eyes.  She wears black (for evil) and has a pointed hat.  Her main prop is a flying broomstick instead of the umbrella.  Instead of a telescope she uses a crystal ball.  Dorothy will see, what she thinks is her Aunt Em in this crystal ball.

Revelation 12:15, 16 – “And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

     And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth. (Revelation)


In the book
     1)  A great pile of shaggy wolves answer the Witches whistle.  A pile can be a mass, like a Christian mass, while shaggy means “confused or unclear in conception or thinking.”[9]  These wolves represent spiritual wickedness in high places and they are not reflecting divine Mind.  She tells the head wolf, “Go to these people and tear them to pieces.”
     “Are you not going to make them your slaves?”
     “No, one is of tin, and one of straw; one is a girl and another a Lion.  None of them is fit for work, so you may tear them to small pieces.”
     It seems fitting that the Tin Woodman is a creation of the wicked Witch of the East (Roman Catholicism).  That even though ecclesiastical despotism has tried to kill off Christianity it has only become stronger in its defenses against animal magnetism.
     The Witch sends forth the 40 (a flood of) shaggy wolves to kill the living creatures.  It is because the Woodsman has dealt with the Wizard’s beast (with five eyes, five arms, and five legs) that he is able to kill all the wolves.  Christianity, when reflecting divine Mind, is able to destroy hypocrisy, or spiritual wickedness in high places, and lust for power.

     2)  The Witch goes to her door and looks out.  She sees her wolves and is now angry at the living creatures.  She blows her whistle twice.  A great flock of wild crows come to her.  The King (tyrant Mother Church) Crow is instructed by her that they are to “peck out their eyes and tear them to pieces.”  There are again 40 (a flood of) crows (old women devils) to peck out the eyes (omniscience) of the four living creatures.
     When the living creatures see the crows approaching the Christ Scarecrow says, “This is my battle.  So lie down beside me and you will not be harmed.”  He stands up and stretches out his arms.
     The crows are afraid of him and do not want to come near him, but the King Crow says, “It is only a stuffed man.  I will peck his eyes out.”  Then the crows attack.
     It is because the Scarecrow has dealt with the Wizard as him being the false successor of Mary Baker Eddy that he is able to kill the old women (crows) off by grabbing them (mentally grasping hold of the lie that Mary Baker Eddy is a little old woman) and breaking their necks (breaks the belief that Mary Baker Eddy is a mortal woman who just happened to reach the top of the mountain before anyone else did.  This belief needs to be strangled).  The Christ Scarecrow tells his companions to rise so that they may continue on their journey.

     3)  The Witches (red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism) floods against the woman of the wilderness have not fooled the Christ Scarecrow or the Christian Tin Woodman.  Now, in a terrible rage, the Witch blows her whistle three times.  There is a great buzzing in the air (gossip fills the air).  A swarm (collective) of black (evil) bees (workers in malpractice) come to her aid.  “Go to the strangers and sting them to death!”  She is authorizing them to use malicious mental malpractice on the living creatures.
     But this does not work either because they use the (now spiritually translated) Scarecrow’s extra straw (the matrixes of the Glover’s woven Textbook) to hide themselves in (protect themselves with) and then lie under the Christ Tin (armor) Woodman (Womanhood’s Mind).  The bees cannot sting the armored protection of the
     Christ Truth that the Christian congregation demonstrates.

     4)  The Witch (The Mother Church hierarchy – the wolves) is so angry that she stamps her foot (imprint [the Christian Science Seal is used] to get a foothold upon the Cause via illegal copyright procedures).  She tears her hair (separates the woman’s textile [matrix] design of the Textbook from the Church by excommunication John Doorly and his followers and by making false claims that Mary Baker Eddy is an old woman [a crow]).  And she gnashes her teeth (in a mechanical way displays her direct opposition to the woman God-crowned in the periodicals to the Field of Bees).
     Because all three of these attempts failed the Witch calls twelve slaves to her in order to negate the woman’s twelve stars – twelve Winkies (those who fail to spiritually discern the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy).  She gives them sharp spears (caustic male energy).  “Go to the strangers and destroy them.”  These strangers have to do with the one stranger that Mary Baker Eddy speaks of in her parable.  This stranger is, of course, Mary Baker Eddy and she is depicted in the tenth illustration of Christ and Christmas.

Truth versus Error

     The Winkies are not very brave.  They are dressed in yellow, which could be symbolic of them being “chickens.”  They attack the living creatures but are scared off by the Word of God (the Cowardly Lion’s Roar about Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy found in Science and Health).  They run back to the Witch.  She beats them and sends them back to their work.

In the movie
     The Winkies are soldiers (half-blind biblical Christian Soldiers [they have green faces of Science]). These half-blind biblical Christian Soldiers must wake up to God’s Truth about the woman God-crowned being the second coming of Christ.

In the book
     5)  The Witch goes to her cupboard (Board of Directors) for the Golden Cap (which symbolizes divine Mind when translated back to God, but when used by error it becomes animal magnetism).  She is going to use its power against the living creatures.  She summons the Winged Monkeys.  These monkeys are not really evil, but they must do, according to the charm placed on the Golden Cap, do the bidding of the wearer.  So they do evil things when the wicked Witch controls the Golden Cap.
     The Golden (divine) Cap is yellow (in this story yellow is symbolic of Science [I use green]).  It has a circle of diamonds (stars) and rubies (Mary Baker Eddy’s birth stone).  I think that this Golden Cap is a symbol for the God-crowned that belongs to the woman of Revelation 12 (who is Mary Baker Eddy).
     The Golden Cap can be used only three times; the Witch has already used it twice.  The first wish was to make the Winkies her slaves so that she could rule over their country.  The second was during her fight against the Great Oz, when she drove him out of the land of the West (of Science).
     To use the Golden Cap she must say the spell and act out the actions for the spell.  She stands upon her left foot (for Womanhood) and says, “Ep-pe, pep-pe, kak-ke!”  Then she stand upon her right foot (for manhood) and says, “Hil-lo, hol-lo, hel-lo!”  Then on both feet (man and woman as one) she says, “Ziz-zy, zuz-zy, zik!”
     She has realized that she can no longer destroy the Word or daughter of Science, so she changes her mode of attack.  She tells the Winged Monkeys to capture Dorothy (divine Science), the Lion (the Word), and Toto (the Woman’s spiritual teachings) and to destroy the Scarecrow (the Christ ideal that Mary Baker Eddy is) and the Tin Woodman (Christianity represented by the woman’s remnant seed).

Revelation 12:17 – “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

     She has a plan to harness the Lion (the Word of God) like a workhorse.  She wishes to harness the power of the Word, and get it to work for her (do her bidding).  She wants to be in control of God’s Word.
     “Your commands shall be obeyed,” said the King Monkey.
     They attack and carry off the Tin Woodman over sharp rocks.  They drop him down on the rocks.  They catch the Scarecrow and pull out his straw then throw his hat and clothes into the tree.  They put pieces of short rope around the lion.  Rope is wound in coils (electricity) around his body and legs.  They carry him to the Witch’s castle.  They see Dorothy’s seal, its power is Good and it is much more powerful than evil is, it will keep her safe, so they do not harm her as they carry her, and Toto, back to the castle.  The Witch also knows that she cannot harm Dorothy, so she makes her work for her.
     The Lion will not allow the Witch to put the harness on him, as he bites at the Witch, so she decides to starve (take something away from the written Word) the Lion.  However, Dorothy sneaks out after doing her work and feeds the Lion (puts back in what the Witch takes out).
     The Witch keeps trying to get the silver shoes from Dorothy, but she always wears them and she keeps them close to her while taking a bath.  The Witch is afraid of water (the elements of Mind), and she is also afraid of the dark (troubles), so when Dorothy sleeps at night the Witch does not attempt to steel the shoes.  Dorothy is unaware of the Witch’s two fears.
     One day she sets up a trip wire and Dorothy stumbles over it.  One of the shoes comes off her feet and the Witch grabs it.  (In the drawing from the book the Witch took the left shoe – for Womanhood.)  Dorothy becomes angry and grabs a bucket (woven matrix) of water (the elements of Mind) and throws the water on the Witch.  The Witch melts away, allowing Dorothy to recover the shoe (spiritual understanding) of successorship.
     Melt means “meal.”  So it is the three measures of meal that dissolve into nothingness.  These three measures are physical science, scholastic theology, and materia medica.  It is Mary Baker Eddy’s leaven, placed in these three measures of meal, that raise up mankind to understand his true spiritual being because she shows that true science is divine Science, true theology is what God knows Him-Her-self to be, not what man thinks God to be, and real medicine is Mind-Science and it heals man through the knowing of God’s Science and the spiritual understanding that God’s true nature is Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.

In the movie
     The Witch’s broom is on fire because she plans to burn the Scarecrow.  Dorothy throws the bucket of water to put out Scarecrow’s burning arm, but some of the water misses him and lands on the Witch.  The broom is made of straw; it is the counterfeit of the spiritually interpreted straw belonging to the Scarecrow.  Her straw is the chaff of the wheat, or the tares that must burn in the endtime.

Chapter 13 – How The Four Were Reunited

In the book
     Dorothy unlocks the gate to set the Lion free.  They return to the castle and call all the Winkies.  They are no longer slaves.
     The Winkies rejoice that the Wicked Witch (the controlling Smother) is dead.  They mark this day as a holiday.  There is much feasting and dancing.
     Dorothy asks the Winkies for their help to find Scarecrow and Tin Woodman.  They traveled one and a half days to the rocky plain and found the Tin Woodman battered and bent.  His axe blade was rusted and its handle (the law) was broken off short.  They carry him back to the castle.
     Dorothy asks for their tinsmiths to come and repair Tin Woodman.  They have all their tools in baskets (matrixes), “Can you straighten out those dents in the Tin Woodman, and bend him back into shape again, and solder him together where he is broken?” she asks.
     They answer in the positive.  After this, the Tin Woodman had a few patches.  The Winkie Goldsmith (divine maker) made an axe handle of gold.  Its blade was polished to look like burnished silver, so this axe represents the human and divine coincidence.
     The Winkies travel another day and a half to find Scarecrow.  If we add the round trips together they add up to six days – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, and Truth.
     The tall tree trunk that Scarecrow’s clothes were in was too smooth to climb, so Tin Woodman chopped down the tree with his new understanding of the divine law.
     They carry the clothes back to the castle and put fresh straw (new meal) in them.  Scarecrow is as good as ever.
     The living creatures spend the next few days there.  Dorothy says, “We must go back to Oz, and claim his promise.”  They will leave on the following day.
     The Winkies love the Christian Tin Woodsman and ask him (her) to become their ruler (Forever Leader).  (S)He agrees to be their ruler (Forever Leader) after (s)he helps Dorothy return to Kansas.  They give Toto and the Lion collars of gold (divine apprehension of the City of Our God – the wheel).  Dorothy is given a beautiful bracelet, studded with diamonds (stars).  This bracelet is a reminder of the woman’s God-crowned.  The Scarecrow is given a gold-headed walking stick to keep him from stumbling.  The divine Christ Mind always keeps us from falling from Grace.  The Tin Woodman is given a silver oilcan, inlaid with gold and set with precious jewels (it is a holy grail).  This oilcan is to remind the Christian man of Womanhood that (s)he is a human and divine coincidence.
     Dorothy goes to the cupboard to fill her basket with food and finds the Golden Cap.  She places it upon her head.  From the illustration it appears that the Golden Cap could have twelve jewels (stars).
     The Winkies give them three cheers and many good wishes.

Chapter 14 – The Winged Monkeys

In the book
     They walk eastward (toward the Christ).  It is ruff going since there is no road.  They rest for the night.  In the morning the sun is behind a cloud, so they are unsure of which way to go.  All they see are yellow flowers and after a very long time they feel lost.
     Scarecrow thinks about calling for the field mice to come, so they blow the whistle.  The queen asks Dorothy why she does not use the Golden Cap that is on her head and call for the Winged Monkeys.
     Dorothy does not know how to use the charm.
     The queen tells her that the instructions are inside the Cap.  The mice leave, and Dorothy reads the instruction to the Golden Cap (divine Mind) and summons the Winged (omni-activity) Monkeys (now Independent Christian Scientists).
     Dorothy asks, “Why do you have to obey the charm of the Golden Cap?”
     The King tells her the story, of how the princess of the North was a sorceress.  She was good and used her power to help people, her name was Gayelette (letters of the Word made lively in merry colors), and she lived in the palace made of great blocks of ruby.  So right here we know that Gayelette has to do with Mary Baker Eddy.  Everyone loved her but she could not find anyone to love.  She found a boy and took him into her castle to make him strong and good and lovely.  His name is Quelala, which I think means: “What’s that way over there?”  One day he was out by the river in his fine clothes and the Winged Monkeys, mischievous creatures that they are, picked up Quelala and dumped him in the river.  This made the princess very upset and that is when she charmed the Golden Cap.  She had made the Golden Cap for a wedding present to give to Quelala.  He was the first wearer.  After the wedding to the princess, Quelala told the Winged Monkeys to hide from the princess.  This was all they had to do until the wicked Witch of the West took the Golden Cap and drove the Wizard out of the West.
     The King of the Winged Monkeys, when used for good must typify the Christ.  If the wearer was good the Winged Monkeys performed the deeds of divine Science.  Yet, if the wearer of the Golden Cap was wicked (if personal sense is in charge) they had to do the bidding of animal magnetism, the anti-Christ.
     Dorothy uses her first wish and has the Flying Monkeys carry the four living creatures, and Toto too, back to the Emerald City.

Chapter 15 – The Discovery Of Oz The Terrible

     Once outside Emerald City they ring the bell several times.  Finally the Guardian of the Gates answered.  “What!  are you back again?”
     Scarecrow replies, “Do you not see us?”
     They explained that the Witch is dead and he bows before Dorothy.  They follow him to the Palace of Oz.  They are put in rooms and made to wait.  Three days go by when Scarecrow has the green girl take a message to Oz telling him that if they did not let them see him that they would send for the Winged Monkeys.  This frightened the Wizard so he allowed them to see him.
     They all enter the Throne Room but it is empty.  They all hear a voice near the top of the dome.  “I am Oz, the Great and Terrible   Why do you seek me?”
     “Where are you?” Dorothy asks.
     “I am everywhere, but to the eyes of common mortals I am invisible.  I will now seat myself upon my throne, that you may converse with me.”
     They tell him about the Witch, but he puts them off.  I think this is because he needs something from the divine calculus first.
     They get upset, as he seems to be going back on his promises.  The Lion roars frightening Toto jumping from his arms and knocks over a screen (false pretense) in a corner of the Throne Room.  They see a little old man, with a baldhead and wrinkled face.
     The Tin Woodman raises his axe, “Who are you?”
     “I am Oz, the Great and Terrible.”
     Scarecrow calls him a humbug, and he agrees with him.  Then he shows them how he pulled of his tricks during their previous visit.

     For Dorothy (divine Science) he appeared as the giant head (Board of Directors).  This giant head is a puppet (the five Board of Directors must obey the divine calculus) made of paper (a document, the Church Manual) and paint (trademark).  They have no choice but to be obedient to God’s Law.
     For Scarecrow (the Christ) he dressed himself in a dress (direct, to lead straight) and used a mask (“to disguise one’s true character or intentions”[10]) to appear to be the lovely lady (the woman God-crowned).  Although he appeared to be a false successor (a Board of Directors) he was actually presenting the Christ ideal of Womanhood to the Christ representative of manhood.
     For Christianity he appeared to be the terrible beast (hypocrisy/lust) of the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism via material organization.  This beast was made up of a lot of (Adam) skins (the seven seals of error).  These skins were sewn together into a closed Bible.  Remember also this beast has to do with the five finite senses (five eyes, five arms, five legs).  This beast belongs to ecclesiastical despotism that began in the Fifth Day of Life, after the first coming of Christ took place with Jesus Christ.  Christianity has to come to terms with personal sense.  This is now possible because the feminine representative for the Christ, during the Sixth Day of Truth, opened (unsealed) the Bible with her Key to the Scriptures.
     For the Word he presented the ball of fire (of spiritual baptism).  The ball was made of cotton (“come to understand”[11]) an oil (“Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration” [S&H 492:25]) that made the cotton look like it burned fiercely (with the Holy Ghost).
     He told them that he was born in Omaha (Mother Joy).  When he grew up he became a ventriloquist (able to throw his voice – speak the omniscient Word), trained by a great master (Jesus Christ).  He could imitate any kind of bird (womanly divine messenger) or beast (of the divine calculus).  Later he became a balloonist (able to float in the air of Science), a man who goes up in a balloon, filled with gas, on circus day in order to draw a crowd of people together (a congregation) and get them to pay to see the circus (“the desire to concentrate all the possibilities of existence in a given period of time”[12]).
     One day he went up very high and the ropes twisted.  The balloon got caught in a current of air.  This pulled the balloon, and he traveled one and a half days until the balloon came down gradually.  The people who saw him arrive concluded that he was a great Wizard (a divine messenger) because he came from the clouds.  And he let them think that this was exactly what he was, because they were afraid of him and promised to do anything he wished them to do.
     He had them build Emerald City and had people wear green spectacles so that everything they saw was green.  He built himself up as a great Wizard because he saw the sorceresses and evil witches had power while he had none.
     The living creatures want to receive their promises from him.

     To the Scarecrow he says, “You are learning something everyday.  Experience is the only thing that brings knowledge, and the longer you are on earth the more experience you are sure to get.

     To the Lion he says, “You have plenty of courage.”  He tells him to have confidence in himself.  “True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, and that kind of courage you have plenty of.”

     “I think,” he says to Tin Woodman, “you are wrong to want a heart.  It makes most people unhappy.  If you only knew it, you are in luck not to have a heart.”  “Heart.  Mortal feelings, motives, affections, joys, and sorrows.” (S&H 587:23)

     To Dorothy he says, “Give me two or three days to consider the matter and I will try to find a way to carry you over the desert.”  Principle needs Life, Truth, and Love to find a way to get over the desert of “chaos, evil, and the forces of destruction.”[13]

Chapter 16 – The Magic Art Of The Great Humbug

In the book
     Now that they see the Wizard for who he really is, not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but a man that is honest, upright, whole, and pure he agrees to give them all that they have asked for.
     The following morning Scarecrow goes in to see the Wizard.  He takes off Scarecrow’s head to “put brains in their proper place.”  He takes a measure of bran and mixes it with pins and needles, then pours the mixture back into Scarecrow’s head and stuffs the rest with straw.  He then reattaches the head to the body.  The Wizard says, “Hereafter you will be a great man, for I have given you a lot of bran-new brains.”
     “Pins and needles,” I feel, symbolizes sharp thinking, for “The time for thinkers has come.”[14]  Tin Woodman asks Scarecrow, “Why are those needles and pins sticking out of your head?”
     Lion answers, “That is proof that he is sharp (vigilant and awake).”
     For Tin Woodman the Wizard cuts a whole in Woodman’s breastplate.  He uses tinner’s shears, and makes a small, square (upright) hole in the left side (Womanhood).  He takes from a chest of drawers, a pretty heart (Spirit of the Law) made of silk (fabric for kings and queens) and stuffed with sawdust (fine particles of wood – Womanhood).  He then solders the square of tin back in place, making a patch.
     For the Lion he goes to a cupboard’s high shelf and gets a square green bottle (a symbol for the square hub of the city foursquare).  He pours its content into a green-gold dish (a symbol for the city foursquare of divine Science).  The Lion sniffs as he drinks the potion (medicine).  Courage (Spirit and Love) must be digested so it is on the inside (within ones consciousness), and it cannot really be courage until it has been mentally digested.

Chapter 17 – How The Balloon Was Launched

On the fourth day (Principle) Dorothy goes to see the Wizard of Oz.
     It was long ago that the Wizard landed his air balloon (the flight of omni-activity – the only type of man flight available in 1900) in Oz.  He wants to return home and be in the circus (have “the desire to concentrate all the possibilities of existence in a given period of time” – the Sixth Day of Truth) again.
     The first thing that they will have to do in order to get home is to cross the desert (run in a counter motion – an Eddy – contrary to chaos, evil, and the forces of destruction).
     The man and Dorothy need a new balloon to get home, so they make a balloon out of green silk, glue, and hot air.  The balloon is sewn together in silk strips (a distinct variety or sort – type) of three different colors – a light green (Christian Science), dark green (absolute Christian Science), and emerald green (divine Science).  It took three days for Dorothy to sew all the stripes together.  In other words, it took three days (as Principle spiritual ideal – Life, Truth, and Love) for Dorothy to create the matrix layout of the three Sciences that make up Science itself.  She waited a whole week (4 + 3 = 7) – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love – before the balloon was ready.
     There were a few more steps to take.  The Wizard had to put a coating of glue on the inside of the balloon in order to make it airtight.  This was also a mental process, for the Wizard of Science to stick to, or adhere to Principled Science; to keep his mind on track and loyal to the Cause of Christian Science.  Air is also the element for the fourth living creature of Science, the flying eagle (who in this story is Dorothy).
     They attached ropes (twisted or woven strands of fiber) to a clothesbasket (a woven matrix) and to the balloon (the sphere of Science).
     Finally Tin Woodman chopped wood and made a fire while the Wizard held the balloon over the fire (used the element of the Word of God) to fill it with hot (very good) air (divine Science – the Holy Ghost).  The Wizard told the citizens of the City that he was going to go visit his brother Wizard (Scientist) who lived in the clouds.  His brother must be Jesus Christ.
     The Wizard appoints the Christ Scarecrow as ruler (because of the virtue of his/her thoughts) over Emerald City.
     Dorothy is not yet in the balloon because she is looking for Toto.  A rope breaks and the balloon takes off and Dorothy misses her ride home.  Dorothy grieves over Oz leaving without her.

In the movie
     Toto jumps out of Dorothy’s arms to chase down a kitten (a young type of individuality).  Dorothy climbs out from the matrix basket and the balloon lifts up into the air.  The Wizard flies off into the air.  This is where the movie basically comes to its climax, but the book goes on.
     It is at this point that the Good Witch of the North appears and helps Dorothy get home.  She tells Dorothy to click her heels together three times and say, “There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home.”  Dorothy returns home to Kansas.

Chapter 18 – Away To The South

     Perhaps Dorothy never goes North Quadrant because all things of the North seemed to come to her?  I feel that the book continues with the story because Dorothy has to go to the land of Christianity (the South).  The Christian Churches must be helped to accept Christian Science as “the Way.”
     The living creatures meet in the Throne Room to talk about Dorothy’s situation.  Scarecrow sits in his throne chair, for he is the Christ.  He suggests that Dorothy use the Golden Cap to have the Winged Monkeys carry her over the desert.  So, using her second wish, she summons the Winged Monkeys.
     The Monkey King tells her, “That cannot be done.  We belong to this country alone and cannot leave it.”  We can ask for help from our fellow man, or a Christian Science practitioner, but we cannot get help from them to help us get home, to heaven.  We must come to the realization that the Kingdom of God is within our own consciousness by ourselves.
     The Winged Monkeys leave.
     They ask the Soldier with Green Whiskers (a hair like crystal of exceptional mechanical strength) to come in.  It is explained in another book that he is a one-man army and has an unloaded rifle (empty form of protection).  His name is Ormy Amby and Wantowin Battles (want to win battles).
     He advises Dorothy that Glinda (Valley, Glen) the Good Witch of the South (Christianity) may be able to help her.  Glinda is a beautiful woman and keeps her youth.  She rules over the Quadlings (their color is red).  He explains that the Yellow Brick Road points straight to the South (the road to Christianity is a straight course), however, it is full of dangers.  There are wild beasts, a race of queer (queer does not refer specifically to homosexuals here, but rather to male energy that fight true Womanhood) men who do not like strangers to cross their country.  It is because of these men that none of the Quadlings ever come to Emerald City.
     They begin their journey to Glinda’s palace in the Quadling (four languages) Country (region, territory).  Glinda has the Great Book of Records (the Bible), and is the one who cast a spell to make the Land of Oz invisible to outsiders (made the Third Degree imperceptible to mortal minded men).

Chapter 19 – Attacked By The Fighting Trees (of crucifixion)

     They are in the woods when a tree branch swoops down and grabs Scarecrow.  The tree flings him to the ground.  Tin Woodman cuts the branches with his axe.  Toto got caught in a branch and Tin Woodman also cuts the branch off.  The rest of the trees leave them alone, as it seems that the first row of trees are like policemen.
     They walk until they come to a high wall made of white china (clay).  Tin Woodman makes a ladder.  This ladder symbolizes the “The Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.”  Christians must give up the idea that they are made up of a matrix of red clay that seems to be coated in white polished paint.

Chapter 20 – Dainty [fragile beauty or diminutive charm and grace] China Country

     “Oh my!” they each say as the reach to top of the ladder, the capstone of Truth, and see what is on the other side of the wall.  They climbed up the ladder in the following order – Scarecrow (Christ), Dorothy and Toto (Science), Lion (Word), Woodman (Christianity).  Then they sit on the edge of the wall and look at the city.  Scarecrow jumps from the wall first and provides his body as a cushion for the others.  Then they stand him up and fluff him back into shape.
     There is a china milkmaid milking a china cow.  As they approached, the cow kicked the stool, the pale, and the milkmaid over.  Because of this the cow’s leg is broken and the milkmaid’s arm is chipped.  She is sort of angry with them because she will have to take her cow to the mender to have its leg glued back on.  If we fail to adhere to Principled Science we wind up breaking things.
     They continue on their way and Dorothy sees a china princess.  Dorothy runs toward her and the princess begins to run away.  She finally stops and asks Dorothy not to chase her because she is afraid of falling (sinning) and breaking herself, then she will have cracks (a symbol for becoming separated from God) and not be beautiful any more.  She does not want to look like Mr. Joker.
     Mr. Joker, a clown, has broken his neck (by standing on his head) several times.  His clothes are red (Christianity), yellow (Science), and green (Principle and divine Science), yet he is covered in cracks.
     Dorothy wishes to take the princess home with her and put her on Aunt Em’s mantle.  Could this mean that Dorothy understands that Principle (as the princess) is what is the true successor (of Mother’s mantle)?
     The princess explains that if they leave their city that they freeze (cannot move, have no more religious Movement).
     The city is a city of little people and little animals.  The living creatures tread carefully through the rest of China Country until they come to another wall.  This wall is not as high and the Lion is able to jump over it with the others on his back.   The Lion’s tail breaks a church.  The Word’s Love (tail) breaks up material organized religion.
     Dorothy says, “They are all so brittle.”  They are all so easily broken and sensitive.  This is true of most Christians.  The church leaders easily break their spirits by telling them (the congregation) that they are fallen man (cracked) because they are of the Adam man made of red clay.

Chapter 21 – The Lion Becomes The King Of Beasts

     The country is full of bogs and marshes.  The land is covered in tall, rank grass.  Then they come to another forest.  Lion likes it.
     In the morning they follow the path that leads them to hundreds of beasts, tigers, elephants, bears, wolves, foxes, etc.  The animals are holding a (church) meeting, for they are in great trouble.
     The tiger bows to Lion and says, “Welcome, oh King of Beasts!  You have come in good time to fight our enemy and bring peace to all the animals of the forest.”
     This enemy happens to be a giant spider with a body as big as an elephant.  It has legs as long as a tree trunk.  The spider has eaten all the other lions.  This spider represents the devil that spins, or weaves, words of deception.  It teaches spiritualism, that Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love all live in a material body and are held prisoners by that body until the time that the body dies.  The eastern chakras are based on the belief of spiritualism.  The belief is that they (the seven chakras) are found in a corporeal body and held prisoner within that material body.
     This spider is very patient and waits to draw in its captured victim before it devours it.  The other lions represent the Word of God, however, it is the Word of God spoken by men who do not understand Science.  Because the Cowardly Lion has been to the Emerald City, and because he has been to the West where the wicked Witch’s castle was at, he is prepared to handle the giant spider – animal magnetism.
     He tells the church of the zodiac followers, “If I put an end to your enemy will you bow down to me and obey me as King (ruling Principle) of the Forest (the Great Mother)?”
     They agree to this.
     The Lion comes to some oak trees.  The spider is asleep (the spider is mesmerism).  The Lion assesses the situation and notices that the spider is smallest at its neck (has no Spirit to it at all).  He jumps on the spider’s back and uses his claws (uses the written Word of Science and Health) to cut off the spider’s head (mortal mind).  He decapitates erroneous thought.
     He returns to the animals and tells them that the spider is killed.  They ask him to rule, govern, over their Christian body.  He agrees to return to them after Dorothy has returned to Kansas.

Chapter 22 – The Country Of The Quadlings

     The living creatures come to a hill (Boston) covered with great pieces of rock.  Rocks are symbolic of the Christ; the church that is built upon the Rock of Petra (feminine form of Peter) is The First Church of Christ Scientist.
     A strange (queer-male energy) looking man stops them.  He is short (insufficient), stout (obstinate, uncompromising), and his big head (big ego) is flat (dull of thoughts, has no spiritual understanding) on top.  He has a very thick neck (stubbornness; phallic symbol – so male stubbornness) full of wrinkles (methods and techniques).  But even weirder is that he has no arms (“[Scientific] action; [spiritual] activity; [spiritual] protection; [mental] defense; [spiritual] strength”[15]).  These men are called the Hammer-Heads (hard headed Christians).  I think that the Hammer-Heads are like the Soldier with Green Whiskers in that they are defenseless because they are armless; in Truth they are really harmless.  Yet, they do have a type of attack.  When the Scarecrow moves forward the Hammer-Head’s neck springs forward and his flat head hits Scarecrow.  The Hammer-Heads use mental attacks to harm others, to keep them from spiritually progressing.  Their mental attack is aimed at the Christ (Scarecrow).
     There are other Hammer-Heads that come out from hiding and they laugh at the Scarecrow tumbling down the hill.  The Lion is upset and roars.  He runs forward and the Hammer-Head hits him too.
     Dorothy’s third wish is to fly over the Hammer-Heads’ (hard headed, stubborn thoughts) hill (of Boston, Massachusetts).  As they fly over the Hammer-Heads yell in vexation (they are annoyed by omni-active thought) and try to reach them with their heads, however, mortal minded thought can never reach exalted thinking.
     The King Monkey reminds Dorothy that this is the third time she has summoned him.
     They are set down in the Country of the Quadlings with their red houses and red clothing.  They go to a house and speak to the farmer’s wife.  She gives them a meal.
     They are greeted warmly at Glinda’s palace.  A girl soldier asks them why they have come to the South Country.
     “To see the Good Witch,” Dorothy says.

Chapter 23 – The Good Witch Grants Dorothy’s Wish

     They are taken to a room to wash their faces and comb their hair – to make themselves presentable.
     They are taken to the Good Witch, and she sits on a throne of rubies (again – Mary Baker Eddy’s birthstone).  The Witch has red hair with ringlets that fall over her shoulders.  She is in a white dress and has eyes of blue.  To me this describes Mary Baker Eddy as a young woman.
     “What can I do for you, my child?”  Yes, she is Mother to Dorothy.
     Dorothy tells the Witch that she wishes to return home to Kansas.  She kisses Dorothy’s face, “Bless you dear heart, I am sure I can tell you of a way to get back to Kansas.”  She asks Dorothy for the Golden Cap.  Dorothy is willing to give it to her as it is no longer any use to Dorothy.
     The Good Witch uses the Golden Cap to deliver the three living creatures to their respected kingdoms.  The Winged Monkeys take the Christ Scarecrow back to the Emerald City (the Principle Hub), the Christian Tin Woodman back to the Winkies of Science, and the Lion Word back to the Christians in the Forest that follow Mother Mary Baker Eddy.  Another way of looking at it is that the Lion in the South represents the Word as Christianity – the Southern Cross of Calvary Keystone (“Christian Science versus Spiritualism”), Scarecrow in the Emerald City represents Christ as Science – the Concord Grapevine (“Footsteps of Truth”), and the Tin Woodsman in Winkie Country represents the Christianity as Science – The Big Dipper Keystone (“Christian Science Practice”).
     Glinda gives the Golden Cap to the King of the Winged Monkeys, so they will never be under its spell again.
     She tells Dorothy that she had power to go home the whole time she had been in Oz.  The silver shoes have great power.  They can take her to any place in the world in three steps, and each step will be made in the wink of an eye (instantaneously).  All Dorothy has to do is knock her heels together three times and command the shoes to carry her wherever she wishes to go.
     Dorothy says, “Take me home to Aunt Em!”  She whirls through the air and all she can see is the wind whistling past her eyes.  “Wind.  “Wind.  That which indicates the might of omnipotence and the movements of God’s spiritual government, encompassing all things.”  (S&H 597:27)  The word pneuma is feminine for the Holy Ghost, the second advent of Christ.
     The silver shoes take three steps and stop.  She rolls over the grass several times.
     Dorothy sees a new house that Uncle Henry built after the cyclone carried the old one away.  Her shoes fell off in the desert.
     No longer is everything gray.

Chapter 24 – Home Again

In the book
     Dorothy runs to Aunt Em.
     Aunt Em says, “My darling child!  Where in the world have you come from?”
     She replies, “From the Land of Oz.  And here is Toto, too.  And oh, Aunt Em!  I’m so glad to be at home again!”  The Land of Oz meaning that Dorothy spiritually understands that she came from (was created or revealed by) Father-Mother God.

In the movie
     Dorothy opens her eyes to be home, in her own bed, with her aunt and uncle in Kansas.  “And Mother finds her home and heavenly rest.”
     The spiritual spectrum of Oz is now gone, but I feel that what Dorothy learned is reflected on Earth as the Three Degrees.
     They tell Dorothy that she was knocked unconscious during the tornado.  She must have been dreaming.  The Professor shows up outside the window.  She recognizes him from Oz.  She also recognizes the three farm hands and tells them that they were all there, in her dream.
     To be sure she has come to realize that there is no place like home.

[1] I could not find a definition for Toto, so I am going to say Toto means tatoo – black markings made by ink.

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[4] We never really find out what color the people of the North live with, however, it is of interest that the ruby has to do with both the North and the South.  Because of this, I feel that both North and South have to do with Mary Baker Eddy.

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[6] This name is probably found in a later Oz book.

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