Captain EO

by MJSmith

Revelation 21:9 – And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will show thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife.

Captain EO

     I first saw Captain EO in the 1980s while at Disneyland.  This was before I really understood many of the symbols that were in the story.  I did realize what the rainbow shirt meant at the time.  The other day I decided to look up Captain EO on the Internet and see if it was listed.  Sure enough, I was able to see the short film again.
     I was not surprised that I understood its symbols, but I was surprised that I had not noticed many of the signs back then.  I decided to do a spiritual interpretation of it.
     I had forgotten how much of it seemed to be borrowed from Star Wars.  Hooter seemed to belong with the band playing for Jabba the Hutt.  When Captain EO first makes his appearance on his ship, he is coming up (being elevated up) from below the floor, this took me back to seeing Lando Calrisian being lifted up in the Millennium Falcon to retrieve Luke Skywalker from the weather vane.  Seeing Michael Jackson, Captain EO, in his cape made me think of Lando Calrisian from Star Wars.  The trench scene was so Star Wars.
     Symbols that I paid more attention to this time were the Arch doorway (for the Arch of the Covenant for the Spirit of the Law), and my biggest surprise was to see the floor in the evil spider-woman’s throne room laid out as the Unity Matrix for Window of the Open Book!

Window of the Open Book (on the southern wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist)

     As the show proceeded, the woman coming down from the ceiling of mechanical devices was like a spider.  Her soldiers reminded me of the Borg from Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  The set up really made me think of the TNG – Final Contact movie with the queen Borg.  So I have to wonder if Star Trek did not borrow this idea from Captain EO?  Some of her cohorts came out from their stations to try and attack Captain EO, so much like the Borg exiting their wall chambers.
     Captain EO came out in 1986 and played into the 1990s at the Disney parks.  It was brought back in 2010 as a tribute to Michael Jackson.
     Wikipedia said the name for EO was borrowed from the Greek goddess of dawn – Eos.  Dawn is the morning light, but it can also be the dawning of spiritual light within one’s consciousness.  Michael Jackson would be interpreted to be the angel Michael “Who is like God?” and the son of divine Science (Jack, John, Jonah).  Michael Jackson is a man, however, he altered his appearance to look more feminine, so he seems like a good candidate for the goddess of dawn.  To me, a captain is a symbol of the Christ Mind.  Because EO has the rainbow on his shirt he is a representative of the Arch of the Covenant, as like Joseph (in the book of Genesis) who was given the coat of many colors.
     EO’s band of shipmates (pardon the pun) are:  Fuzzball (“alert policeman”  Fuzzball’s looks remind me of a Furby.), Idy-Ody “prosperous-wrathful”(a two headed bird), Hooter (a degree of caring), and Major Domo-Minor Domo.  Minor Domo attaches to the back of Major Domo.  Domo is probably rooted to the name Dominic, which means, “belonging to the Lord.”  I see Major Domo and Minor Domo as being symbols for the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth and the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.  Both Domos are robots.  Major Domo has a spectacle (circle) around his right eye (manhood eye).  This is probably a symbol for the lens of Spirit.
     At first the spaceship, with its six sails of Truth, seems to be in trouble.  But this gets corrected.  Hooter mentions that he thinks he ate the map.  This simply means that Hooter mentally digested the Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, for her book is the map to the Holy City.
     Dick Shawn (rich in God’s graciousness) plays Commander Bog’s head.  Bog means, “strong as a bow.”  This commander is the bowman – the archer consciousness – that is rooted to Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings.  The Commander gives EO his mission order.  They are to tune in on the homing beacon and then find the Supreme Leader.  This tells me that perhaps this planet is Captain EO’s home planet.  The Supreme Leader, our Forever Leader, is not an evil Mother Church located in Boston, Massachusetts (surrounded by mechanical intellectual thought).  Our Supreme Leader is Mother, the woman God-crowned, the Bride City.
     EO’s spaceship passes through trenches while being pursued by other ships (churches).  EO’s ship crash lands, they take notice that they are right by the green homing beacon.  The color green is for Principle and Science.
     They walk through the planet’s trash or garbage but are soon captured and taken to the Supreme Leader.
     Angelica (angel) Huston (city of the bright mind and/or bright spirit) plays the Supreme Leader.  Angelica Huston’s character symbolizes The Mother Church, a.k.a., The First Church of Christ Scientist.  What she is as the spider woman, mostly a mechanical type of mother, is the negativity that comes from organized religion – a SMother Church.
     She tells Captain EO that she is going to turn the others into trashcans.  She will cause him 100 years of torture and put him in her deepest dungeon.  Well, the congregation, of The First Church, has actually been put through 100 years of torture and been placed in the deepest hiding place possible (most of the world knows nothing about Christian Science, nor has the second coming of Christ been recognized by the world).
     Captain EO apologizes for coming without an invitation, but explains that they came so that they could give her a gift.  He tells her that she is very beautiful.  He tells her that he has the key (the matrix structure of Science and Health) to unlock her (the Holy City’s, the Bride’s) beauty.  She would like to see (spiritually discern) his gift.  He tells her that she will not only see her gift, but that she will hear (spiritually understand and spiritually perceive) it too.
     The band sets up, and EO begins to dance and sing, but a mishap takes place and the keyboard seems to fall, some keys become loose, so this needs to be fixed quickly.  As the Wikipedia article pointed out, this seemed to break EO’s spell on the Supreme Leader.  She orders her soldiers to attack.  When the keyboard is fixed the music begins and EO uses the system of Science to turn the soldiers into dancers dressed in red (Mind), orange (Spirit), and yellow (Soul) clothes.  You could even say that they are clothed with the sun!

     The song is called “We Are Here to Change the World.”

We’re on a [God-crowned] mission
In the everlasting light [of Science] that shines
A revelation [an uncovering of the woman God-crowned]
Of the Truth in [nineteen] chapters [in the woman’s Textbook] of our minds [the collective consciousness].

So long, bad times
We’re gonna shake it up and break it up [we are going to shatter error, evil, animal magnetism into the nothingness that it is]
We’re sharing light brighter than the sun [God’s divine light is brighter than any material gas sun]

Hello, good times [Hello spiritual understanding]
We’re here to simulate [the Christ], eliminate [evil false beliefs]
An’ congregate [become the structure of Truth and Love], illuminate [Truth and Science]
(We are here to change [spiritually translate] the [material] world)
Gonna change the [material] world, Hee
(We are here to change [spiritually translate] the [material] world)
Gonna change the [material] world, Ooo

So do surrender [give up mortal mind and give into divine Mind]
‘Cause the [divine] power’s deep inside my Soul [my God]
Sing it [the seven notes for the seven synonymous terms for God]
(We are here to change [spiritually translate] the [material] world)
Gonna change [spiritually translate] the [material] world, Sing it [the harmonic tones of Science]
(We are here to change [spiritually translate] the [material] world)
Gonna change [spiritually translate] the [material] world, Ooo
(We are here to change [spiritually translate] the [material] world)
Gonna change [spiritually translate] the [material] world, girl
(We are here to change [spiritually translate] the [material] world)

My brothers, my brother, Na
We’re gonna change [spiritually translate] the [material] world
Hee, Deep down in my body,
Deep down in my Soul [my God], Baby [Woman]
(We are here to change [spiritually translate] the [material] world)
Hee, We’re gonna change [spiritually translate] the [material] world

     During the song, two Whip Warriors (cybernetic defenders) fight with EO.  They both have a whip (weapons used as tools to force direction) and use reflector dishes for shields.  When EO uses his power of Love (violet light) on them they deflect this light off with the shield dishes (it seems that error tries to deflect back the good that is aimed toward it).  EO is trapped between the two Whip Warriors and a metal gate inside the Arch.  Fuzzball ties the whips into a knot (interlaces the tools) and the two warriors wrap (embrace) each other up in their own whips.  Then EO is able to target them with Love.  They become white, yet still look mechanical.  Then EO uses his Love power on two other people, they come out of their chambers and they too are given white clothes.  The four are dressed in Principle.  To me these four represent what the real divine calculus is – the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  This is what really directs The First Church of Christ Scientist, it is not a Board of Directors that manifests personal sense that is the director.
     Captain EO turns his attention to the Supreme Leader and shoots her with Love.  When she is transformed she becomes the beautiful Bride City that the floor symbolizes.  The City is no longer mechanical or robotic, it is natural like nature.  It looks more like a peaceful Greek temple and the planet becomes a paradise to live in.
     The Supreme Leader’s dress-clothing is of blue (Life), indigo (Truth), and violet (Love).  She is the divine Principle.
     Captain EO and his crew leave singing a second song – “Another Part Of Me.”

[God’s angel of Truth and the four living creatures] We’re takin’ over
We have the Truth
This is our [God-crowned] mission
To see it through

Don’t point your finger [at us]
[We’re] Not dangerous
This is our planet [too]
[And] You’re one of us [for there is only one man]

We’re sendin’ out
A major Love
And this is our
Message to you (message to you)

The planets are linin’ up [the seven synonymous terms for God are found to be in their Scientific order]
We’re bringin’ brighter days
They’re all [the seven are] in line [in their four orders of the divine calculus]
Waitin’ for you [to see and accept them]

Can’t you see…?
You’re just another part of me [the Christ Mind]
A rather [more ready or more willing] nation [the United States of America]
Fulfill the Truth [of God]

The final message [which is Christian Science]
We’ll bring to you
There is no danger [you will not loose your true identity]
Fulfill the Truth [of God]

So come together [united in Christ]
We’re mean [the Christ medium] to [for] you