C. S. 2013 Annual Meeting to be in Board Room

by MJSmith

The following is from the fall 2012 newsletter of The Banner, and some of my comments.  I feel that it is important for this information to reach beyond the printed newsletter and into the public domain.  However, there is no proof that the conclusions drawn about next years meeting and the NCC by The Banner are correct.

     Before I begin I would like to present Article XIII, Section 1 from the Church Manual.  It reads:  “Annual Meetings.  Section I.  The regular meetings of The Mother Church shall be held annually, on Monday following the first Sunday in June.  No other than its officers are required to be present.  These assemblies shall be for listening to the reports of Treasurer, Clerk, and Committees, and general reports from the Field.
     Notice it does not say that other members should not be kept from coming if they want to come to the meeting, it just says that other members are not “required to be present” at the meeting.  So once again, the Board members are misinterpreting the Manual in order to meet their needs, or ends.  If the reason for the closed meeting is to save money then they should say so, but I doubt that it is money since they do not mind spending money on their high towers!

The following is from THE BANNER:

     In the Board of Director’s message for July 2012 (released on the Mother Church web site on the 24th), the following appears:  “We’re planning a fresh format for Annual Meeting 2013.  The Manual’s provision for this gathering is actually quite simple (see Article XIII, Section 1).  We’ll be webcasting the meeting live this year from the Director’s Board Room in the Publishing House, with the Church Officers present to welcome you as you join via computer.  From this room we’re planning to extend our view outward – not only to the Church plaza and other Church departments, but also to our church family around the world through Skype video.”  (see also October 2012 C.S. Journal, p. 12)
     The Church Manual states, “No other than its officers are required to be present.”  In actuality, an open Annual Meeting has always included the attendance of Mother Church members from the very earliest days of the church.  The question is:  Why has such a radical change been planned a year in advance of the next meeting?  Informed speculation suggests that the directors will announce a controversial decision or policy change, and they wish to avoid any adverse audience reaction that might occur in an open meeting with members present.
     No doubt the memory of the 1992 Annual Meeting, held right after the collapse of The Monitor Channel, contributed to this decision to avoid church members in 2013.  Cable World magazine of March 23, 1992, commented on the Monitor’s cable channel debacle:  “Although it’s unclear how much of that money [$324.9 million Mother Church investment in the electronic media] was poured directly into The Monitor Channel, that eye-popping figure has cable insiders scratching their heads, in amazement… ‘It’s probably up there with some of the biggest financial failures ever seen in cable,’ said Kirsten Beck, author of the book Cultivating the Wasteland which traced cable’s history.'”
     Nathan Talbot had been elected President of The Mother Church just prior to the 1992 Annual Meeting.  Pickets were outside holding protest signs as booing and shouted questions echoed inside The Extension.  Clearly, Mr. Talbot had his hands full.  He threatened to adjourn the meeting if the disturbances did not stop. (Christian Science After 1910, pp. 184-187)
     The most likely candidate for controversy in 2013 would be the Board’s probable decision to join the National Council of Churches (NCC).  This move has been hinted at for at least two decades, but the drumbeat for joining has become unrelenting during the last two years.  (See Winter and Spring 2012 Banners)  According to a Sheep Alert dated August 3, 2012, a meeting for local members of The Mother Church was held in the new Sunday School room in the Extension on July 9, 2012.
     The guest speaker was the Reverend Dr. Michael Kinnamon, former General Secretary of the NCC.  His subject was “Ecumenical Christianity and its implications for Christian Science.”  According to the Sheep Alert, the speaker suggested that Christian Scientists were wrong to maintain that they had the final revelation.  This contradicts Mrs. Eddy’s statement on page e107 of Science and Health where she writes of “this final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing.”
     A Sheep Alert for July 13, 2012, includes You Tube video links to the 2012 Annual Meeting in which Shirley Paulson states that a nun who is a “very senior theologian from the Vatican” has “become a good friend of ours.”  Also Nathan Talbot laughingly wonders who is leavening whom.
     For a full discussion of July 9th meeting and other topics dealing with the abandonment by the Board of Directors of the pure Christian Science as established by Mary Baker Eddy, visit: http://www.sheepmailings.org or write to:  Sheep Mailings, Inc.; 5030 N. May Ave., Suite 354; Oklahoma City, OK 73112.  (A donation is requested for printed versions of these reports.)
     Before I continue with the next article, let me go over some of this information first.  The word “ecumenical” means “promoting or tending toward worldwide Christian unity or cooperation.”  Okay, first off, Mary Baker Eddy predicted that other churches would turn to Christian Science, not that Christian Scientists would hook up with other church groups.  And I do not like the word “cooperation” here, Christian Scientists should not have to cooperate with a council’s dictates!  But the most important reason against this present path to join the NCC is that the idea goes against the Church Manual.  “Church Organizations Ample.  Sect. 15.  Members of this Church shall not unite with organizations which impede their progress in Christian Science.  God requires our whole heart, and he supplies within the wide channels of The Mother Church dutiful and sufficient occupation for all its members.

Joining Another Society.  Sec. 16.  It shall be the duty of the members of The Mother Church and of its branches to promote peace on earth and good will toward men; but members of The Mother Church shall not hereafter become members of other societies except those specified in the Mother Church Manual, and they shall strive to promote the welfare of all mankind by demonstrating the rules of divine Love.  [The NCC is not specified in the Mother Church Manual.]

Forbidden Membership. Sect. 17.  A member of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., shall not be a member of any church whose Readers are not Christian Scientists and members of The Mother Church.” (found on pages 44, 45)

     Could it be any clearer than this that it is forbidden for all members of The First Church to join with the NCC?  If they do go ahead and join then they are really disobeying God’s Law (God’s Letter of the Law).  And they will show their true colors – that they are blasphemers.
     Further more, the words state “Members of this Church shall not unite with organizations [which the NCC is] which impede their [spiritual] progress in Christian Science.”  What or who is it that impedes the woman’s spiritual progress?  It is the serpent, the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism!  Mary Baker Eddy saw what was coming – she was warning us against this National Council of Churches because it impedes the Christian Scientist!
     What the Sheep Alert (I like that name, it implies that the Field of Sheep are asleep) reported coming from Reverend Dr. Michael Kinnamon (remember Christian Scientist’s Reverend-or revered Leader-is Mary Baker Eddy, not this Kinnamon) is of the red dragon.  He suggested (a red dragon ploy) that Christian Scientists were wrong to maintain that they had the final revelation.  Excuse me, but we do have the final revelation, and you sir are just plain upset that we do have it and you will do anything to try and separate our Revelator from her Revelation.

Continuing on with The Banner

     The Reverend Dr. Michael Kinnamon was introduced at the July 9th meeting by Shirley Paulson.  According to the April 2012 Christian Science Journal.  Mrs. Paulson has been named “Head of Ecumenical Affairs for the Church of Christ, Scientist”.  In the same issue, she and Chet Manchester interviewed Dr. Kennamon. (p. 42)  She also wrote “Our Turn to Go to NCC Headquarters” in the December 2011 Journal and another article titled “Scientology or Christian Science?” int he February 2012 issue.
     Shirley Paulson is married to Richard Paulson.  Both Shirley and Richard graduated from Principia College in 1970.  Later he was a senior vice president of Lehman Brothers when it collapsed in the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis.  Richard Paulson is the brother of Henry M. Paulson who was a top executive at Goldman Sachs from 1999 to 2006.  He is a class taught pupil of Nathan Talbot.
     Okay, warning bells should be going off if your heads by now.  Remember what ecumenical means, and this position is a made up position, it was never sanctioned by Mary Baker Eddy, so why is there such a position as “[Big Giant] Head of Ecumenical Affairs for the Church of Christ, Scientist”?
     I have not read the December 2011 article mentioned so I do not know what is in it, however, Christian Science and Scientology have NOTHING in common with one another.

     Before I continue with the following article, let me tell you what Mary Baker Eddy writes about the Holy Trinity in the Church Tenets:  “2.  We acknowledge and adore one supreme and infinite God.  We acknowledge His Son, one Christ; the Holy Ghost or divine Comforter; and man in God’s image and likeness.” (Church Manual, p. 15)

     Joining the National Council of Churches implies an acceptance of the Nicene Creed and the orhodox definition of the Trinity.  One key book published by the NCC is titled: Confessing One Faith:  The Origins, Meaning and Use of The Nicene Creed – Grounds for a Common Witness – A Guide for Ecumenical Study – from the NCC Commission on Faith and Order.  The Nicene Creed was adopted at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D.  (See article about the NCC Faith & Order Commission in May 14, 2012 C.S. Sentinel, p. 23)
     Mrs. Eddy writes in her Message for 1902:  “The ignoble conduct of his disciples towards their Master, showing their unfitness to follow him, ended in the downfall of genuine Christianity, about the year 325, and the violent death of all his disciples save one.”    (p. 18:25-29)
     The Nicene Creed of 325 A.D. initiated the ritualization of Jesus’ teachings and the dogmatic rendering of his words and works. Because of these enforced pronouncements, healing became virtually unknown and almost completely disappeared until the year 1866.  The Tenets in Science and Health (p.496, 497) are Mrs. Eddy’s scientific answer to the Nicene Creed and mark the restoration of genuine, healing Christianity in the world.  Christian Scientists affirm and sign a copy of the Tenets when joining The Mother Church (MBE’s deeds of trust forbid modification of Tenets).
     An unspoken “wink and a nod” or other subtle disavowal of the Tenets of Christian Science by the Directors to get NCC approval would constitute the second betrayal of genuine Christianity 1,688 years after the first in 325 A.D.
     Regarding ecumenism, Mrs. Eddy writes:  “Until the author of this book learned the vastness of Christian Science, the fixedness of mortal illusions, and the human hatred of Truth, she cherished sanguine hopes that Christian Science would meet with immediate and universal acceptance.” (S&H, p.330:2-7)
     “To obey the Scriptural command, ‘Come out from among them, and be ye separate,’ is to incur society’s frown; but this frown, more than flatteries, enables one to be Christian.” (S&H 238:6-9)
     Membership in the NCC would give the Directors a respectable seat at the ecumenical table even as church membership dwindles to denominational insignificance, and resources plummet to zero.

     A respectable seat of power in a high place?  It is the wrong place, an evil seat, if it breaks the Letter of the Law and the Spirit of the Law.  If all of this is true, then it appears to me as if the NCC is actually the Roman Catholic Church trying to get control over all other religions again.  I could be wrong, but why is Mrs. Paulson such buddies with a Roman Catholic nun?  And it may have been a joke, but who is really leavening who?  I have a feeling Mrs. Paulson is becoming influenced by the R. C. Church.  Is she following in Edward Kennedy’s footsteps via his disobedience to Mary Baker Eddy (when she forbid him to go to the Vatican)?  The only leavening that should be going on is that which is taking place from reading Science and Health.  The nun IS NOT the woman mentioned by Jesus.
     I continue with another article from The Banner

     The Wall Street Journal of September 11, 2012, reported:  “In its latest move, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, last month leased a 200,000-square-foot office tower in the Back Bay complex to an affiliate of Beacon Capital Partners for 99 years.  Boston-based Beacon is making an upfront payment of about $59 million for the long-term lease of the 26-story office tower, designed by I.M. Pei & Partners and Araldo A. Sossutta and built in the 1970s…  The church’s financial picture has changed dramatically and they need to leverage those assets…Other churches these days are turning to their valuable real-estate holdings to help make ends meet.” [wsj.com]

     So I ask again, where does Boston get their money from?  It sure is not from the floundering periodicals that they keep shrinking in size in order to save money.   And why in the world is the lease for 99 years and why did they even think they needed this building?  They will not tell you why (I bet).  I feel that action needs to be taken, even if that action is through prayer, however, if Christian Scientists will not stand together for what is right then perhaps they deserve to loose their Churches!  And this is precisely what is happening to all the Branches.  But we may need to do more than pray?  Remember that Jesus took a stand and threw out the moneychangers from the Holy Temple!  We have a right to do the same thing to those who are actually the money-spenders at the Boston Center, and those who are trying to break God’s Law, and those who seem to be trying to bring about a second Dark Age.
     Perhaps the type of prayer, or understanding, we do need is found in Christian Science Its “Clear Correct Teaching” and Complete Writings by Herbert W. Eustace, C.S.B. On page 319 he writes, “Obedience and man are synonymous.  The image in the mirror repeats exactly the object in front of the mirror.  This is the obedience of it.  In the same way man is the obedience of God.  He is that which expresses God, the exact likeness of God.”  And we can remember the definition of Church that Mary Baker Eddy gives to us in “Glossary” (part of which is):  “Whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.”  This definition, Eustace says (p. 320) is “equally true of man.  This Church is omnipresent and has nothing to do with people or with organization.”  And perhaps this is the key to all the problems that Boston seems to have?  We must see that God’s Church has not one thing to do with people or organization, but with Truth, Love and Principle.