More on Mary Baker Eddy’s Picture in Science and Health

by MJSmith

More on Mary Baker Eddy’s Picture in Science and Health

The above picture, of Mary Baker Eddy, was removed from her Textbook after the Church heads declared her dead on December 3, 1910.  It had been in the front of her book since 1906.  It had also been continuously advertised in the Christian Science periodicals, since September 7, 1907, that the new editions of Science and Health contained her picture and signature.  This is important information because it proves that Mary Baker Eddy approved of her likeness being in the Textbook and she was not worried about deification (this is always Boston’s excuse).

Paul Smillie writes that visitors to the Church Archives “are shown letters dated ‘Oct. 26, 1910, per Frye,’ [one of Mary Baker Eddy’s loyal secretaries] and ‘Nov. 11th, 1910, per Dickey’ purporting to show it was Mrs. Eddy herself who authorized the removal of her picture and signature.”[1]

It is a well known fact, to Christian Scientists that care to do their history homework, that pages of Frye’s diary are actually missing, the originals were burned and replaced with photocopies (supposedly made from the originals).  However, more than likely Frye used pencil in his diary because it was quicker than dipping in the inkwell, the writing could have been easily erased and other words could have been written in.  Who would do such an evil thing?  It would be done by a man who was an enemy of Mary Baker Eddy, claimed to be loyal but was not, and was even a Board of Directors.  His name was John V. Dittemore.

Archibald McLellan was the first Board Member that was not one of Mary Baker Eddy’s students.  He also was appointed as the first fifth member.  This fifth member was appointed as a temporary member (to help break voting ties), there was no legal status for his position, thus he could not have an “ongoing successor” like the other four positions did.  When McLellan decided to step down from office the Board appointed an illegal successor for him.  This was not supposed to happen (like so many other things).  It was McLellan who pestered Mary Baker Eddy to replace a Board Member with The First Church Clerk – John V. Dittemore.  She did not want Dittemore in office because she knew what was within his conscious thought.  Did she know that he would turn against her and that he was full of male energy (Adam opposition to Truth and to Womanhood)?  Archibald McLellan was not all that loyal to Mary Baker Eddy either (he was one of the triumvirates that schemed against Mary Baker Eddy in 1910[2]).  He kept asking her for Dittemore so she finally told him he could have his precious Dittemore and all that went with him!

It is more than likely that The Journal of December 1910 was printed after December 3.  Its advertisement of Science and Health had no mention of the picture and signature, but the November issue did.

“In Adam Dickey’s Memoirs he stated, ‘Alterations, like anything else that emanated from Mrs. Eddy’s pen were most carefully handled, and great pains were taken to see that it was just as she expressed it.’  He states that Mrs. Eddy first made any changes in lead pencil in her book [S&H].  After that, she herself prepared a letter to Mr. Stewart, her publisher, stating what change or changes were to be made.  Mr. Dickey states, ‘This letter was signed by Mrs. Eddy.’  The letter to Mr. Stewart was not signed ‘per Frye,’ or ‘per Dickey’ as are the letters now on file in the Archives which are purported to have been dictated by Mrs. Eddy.  Attorneys have agreed that her picture and signature were all the copyright Mrs. Eddy needed to forever guarantee the purity of her text.  However the Christian Science Board of Directors was determined to continue the copyright in order to maintain control of Science and Health and it was this that necessitated the removal of her picture and signature.  Mr. Dickey states that under no circumstances would Mr. Stewart have made a change in Mrs. Eddy’s books unless the order to do so came directly from Mrs. Eddy.

“Mrs. Eddy did not copyright her last 14 editions issued between 1906 and 1910 because, as copyright attorneys had stated, her picture and signature [inside the book] with cross and crown emblem on the cover were all the protection she needed to guarantee absolute purity of her text.  There was no need for Mrs. Eddy to copyright Science and Health after her picture and signature were permanently affixed to the book.  Even so, it was conveyed to the House Committee on the Judiciary, Sub-committee No. 3 by the representatives of the Trustees when seeking a perpetual copyright.  The representatives of the Trustees stated that it was necessary to extend the copyright on the 1906 edition of Science and Health because Christian Scientists were dependent on its precise wording, pagination and line numbering for use in church services.  This was not true.  We currently use the 1910 edition.  The cross and crown seal on the cover of Mrs. Eddy’s books was her own legal trademark.  Trademarks do not expire as copyrights do—they go on ad infinitum, and that is why in 1971, the Senators asked, ‘Why do you seek continued copyright protection if your trademark will guarantee that the buyer receives the legitimate version?’  Those testifying for the Church declared they needed this protection in order to keep the teachings of the textbook pure.  The congressional sub-committee pointed out that the textbook could not have the ‘cross and crown’ insignia on the cover if it was not the exact text Mrs. Eddy wrote.  They knew this was all the church needed to guarantee authenticity of her writings.  Attorneys also pointed out that the restoration of her picture and signature would provide additional copyright protection.  The uncopyrighted 1910 edition has been in use for the past 78 years.  Mrs. Eddy registered her last Science and Health copyright on Oct. 19, 1906.  The thousands of changes made in her Book from 1906 to 1910 were never submitted to the Library of Congress in either the form of ‘registration of changes,’ or ‘renewal of copyright.’

“The facts surrounding this issue, included above, indicate unmistakably that Mrs. Eddy carefully laid the groundwork between 1906 and 1910 so that her final 1910 un-copyrighted edition would enter the public domain at the time of her passing.  Between 1906 and 1910 she brought out 14 new editions with 3,906 changes in addition to the complete change of her chapter, ‘Fruitage.’  The copyright officer was never asked by her to protect any of these.”[3]

The fact is that Mary Baker Eddy did not want any changes made to her book unless she made them, and she wanted her Book to go out to the world.  “In 1890 there was a chance to gain financially by waiting a short time until a new international Bill on copyright was expected to pass.  At first glance Mrs. Eddy had admitted that maybe waiting would be the course to follow, but on December 18, 1890 she wrote Mr. Nixon: ‘…Now I have received different instructions from the Source beyond human views…. Push the Book to as fast as possible completion.  Some worldly-poor Christian in England, and elsewhere, can publish it for the good of our race, or translate it, with more facilities than we can, in the old countries.  Let them do it.  It is God’s Book and He says give it at once to the people…’  This was written 20 years before she passed on.  Again, in a letter dated Jan. 1, 1891, she wrote Mr. Nixon:  ‘There is a great sin being committed by delaying or suffering my Book, Science and Health, to be delayed for a money consideration [due to an investigation of copyright advantages].  If this course is pursued this unprecedented prosperity of this Book that I have always conducted on the opposite basis will go down in the hands of those who do this.  This I know.  God’s law to ‘feed my sheep,’ to give Science and Health at once to those hungering for it, must be obeyed, and held paramount to an international law on copyright.  Heed this, and rush with all your ability…this work that the enemy is holding back.’ (Six Days Oakes)”[4]

This being said, think of the harm that the Board of Directors have done by seeking continuous copyright on God’s Book.  Smillie continues:  “In 1910 Christian Science was sweeping the earth and Mrs. Eddy’s name and Christian Science were headline fare for millions of newspaper readers the world over.  The world’s largest publishing houses would have welcomed the chance to print and promote Science and Health.  It would have become a worldwide bestseller, had not the Board in Boston claimed copyright on it and relegated her work to obscurity.  In Mrs. Eddy’s day, Science and Health headed the list of books most frequently borrowed from America’s public libraries.

“Then, in 1934, the 1906 copyright was expiring.  Mrs. Eddy had made no provision for its renewal.  [You may recall, she did not copyright the 1910 edition because she said she wanted it to belong to the world.]  In 1934 the U.S. Copyright Law permitted an author to renew a copyright or, if the author had died, the executor of the author’s estate or a son or daughter could renew.  By 1934 Mrs. Eddy’s son, George, and her adopted son, Ebenezer Foster Eddy, had both died.  Mr. Fernald was no longer the executor since he had closed his administration of Mrs. Eddy’s estate 20 years earlier.  Until Foster Eddy died, the Board had used him to renew all copyrights as they expired.  In 1934, the Directors had to resort to fraudulent means to renew the copyright on the 1906 Science and Health, since an executor could not renew a copyright after his duties as administrator of an estate had been completed and closed.  In 1934 Mr. Fernald illegally secured for the Director’s a renewal of the copyright by falsely stating to the Washington D.C., Copyright Office officials that he was the ‘executor’ of Mrs. Eddy’s estate, even though her estate had been closed in March of 1914, 20 years earlier.  The 1971 ‘perpetual copyright’ granted by Congress was recently [1988] declared unconstitutional.  (Except where noted, the above material comes from If Mary Baker Eddy’s Manual Were Obeyed, by Helen Wright.)

“Today [1988], the only place Science and Health is advertised is in the periodicals.  ‘[Mary Baker Eddy] gave warning that the time might come when medical thought might be so organized that it would make almost impossible the practice of Christian Science.  [She wrote], “When [that] time comes I want my students to take every means possible to make Science and Health available to the whole world.” (Six Days p. 321)”’[5]

Let us take heed, and warning, that this is the time that Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, must be available to the world.  Thank goodness that The Bookmark is selling the Textbook and making it available to the world.  Take heed, all other countries, beside the United States, that you too have the legal right to publish Science and Health!  Boston has no say over what you do.  Just make sure that you publish the correct edition, and not Boston’s later editions (that some changes have been made to).  The biggest change is in the last chapter “Fruitage.”  A few of the testimonies have been switched around and at least one was erased all together.  If your copy of the Textbook does not end with a full page of print, if your last testimony is not titled “A Grateful Testimony” then you have the wrong book to copy.  The last sentence of this wonderful testimony ends with, “Through the careful and prayerful study of Science and Health I have been lifted from sickness to health, from sorrow to peace, from lack to plenty, and the most beautiful of all, from darkness to light. – Mrs. H. S. C., Seattle, Wash.”[6] (infuses added).

Boston would end God’s Book with, “I have progressed a little way in the knowledge of God, good, as revealed in Christian Science. – C. B., Webb City, Mo.”[7]

I also love the way the REAL last testimony begins with, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

IF, by adoption (even out of maliciousness) the Board of Directors has placed the “Cross and Crown” symbol within the later editions of Science and Health, then they are still bound not to change one word of the text!  Yet, they have changed “Fruitage.”  They have violated even the laws of the copyright/trademark symbol!

Trademark means, “a device (as a word) pointing distinctly to the origin or ownership of merchandise to which it is applied and legally reserved to the exclusive use of the owner as maker and seller.”  If Science and Health is God’s Book, then the “owner as maker and seller” is God, and not the Board of Directors in Boston!  If the author of Science and Health is Mary Baker Eddy, as the Book says it is, then Mary Baker Eddy is also the “owner as maker and seller” and not the Board of Directors in Boston!  Trademark also means, “a distinguishing characteristic or feature firmly associated with a person or thing.”  This certainly describes a picture of the author, in my opinion.  Even the “Cross and Crown” is firmly associated with Mary Baker Eddy (she is wearing a cross on her dress in the picture and she is the woman God-crowned).

The word copyright simply means:  “the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, and sell the matter and form of a literary, musical, or artistic work.”  The word is not described as a picture or logo of any sort, this does not mean that the picture of Mary Baker Eddy cannot be used for copyright purposes.  But what is the point of having copyright on God’s Book if the whole world is supposed to have it?  The only purpose would be that not one single word is to be changed while being re-printed!  Is not what Boston has done a crime?  In my eyes it is.

What else has Boston done to the Textbook?  In 1994 a new “trade edition” of Science and Health was published with the McDonald’s words of “OVER 9 MILLION COPIES SOLD” on the outside cover.  After “Fruitage” was an added short concordance.  This is nice, but unnecessary, as not all words are even in it, and if you want a real Concordance then you can purchase one.

There was also, at the beginning, an added “Publisher’s Note.”  My comments are found in the brackets.  The following is what was written.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures [notice it does not say, by Mary Baker Eddy right away] has a proven, century-long heritage of improving the health and changing the lives of millions of readers around the world.  Today, it remains one of the most effective and enduring books on spirituality and healing [I add, despite all the red dragon has done to kill it.].

This is a book for thinkers.  Whatever your occupation, education, race, or religion, you may have many reasons for reading this book.  Perhaps you are exploring the power of prayer.  Maybe you are seeking health and well-being.  Or perhaps you are questioning the deeper purpose of your existence.  Regardless of the reason, you will be rewarded with answers that will enrich your life.  To begin to think and live from a spiritual standpoint is to change and improve everything — health, ethics, relationships.

First published in 1875, the message is as relevant now as it was over a century ago — maybe even more so, considering the increased globalization and pace of life today.  [Is not “globalization” one of those One World Order words?]  Its logic and presentation of ideas may startle you momentarily and perhaps present a concept of man entirely new to you.  [I do not like this sentence!]  You will also notice some unusual capitalization.  These are synonyms for God that you may not have considered before.  [Notice that this writer does not mention the capitalization for the divine calculus or the four levels of Science, so does this author even understand Christian Science?  I now have my doubts, don’t you?]  The open-minded, thoughtful reader will soon discover that the ideas and insights of this book are vitally important.

The column of line numbers in the right margin [these use to be in the right margins on the right page and the left margins on the left page, but this is something else they decided to change without permission] of each page serves a unique purpose [What is this unique purpose they speak of?  They do not say!  It is just an excuse for making the change, “Oh, we did it in order to serve a unique purpose!”  They really had no real good reason to make this change except that they wanted to show they are in control and can do what ever they want to do to Mary Baker Eddy’s book.].  As you study this book you may find it useful to refer to your favorite passages quickly by page and line number.  An additional study aid available from the publisher, A Complete Concordance to the Writings of Mary Baker Eddy, also uses the page and line number system to help readers find specific passages.  [Okay, this is probably very confusing to people not familiar with Christian Science, because when reading this I wondered if the author was speaking of the very short addition in the back of the book, or if the author actually is referring to the book A Complete Concordance to the Writings of Mary Baker EddyA Complete Concordance to the Writings of Mary Baker Eddy has two sections one for Science and Health (617 pages long) and the second section is for other writings by Mary Baker Eddy (1099 pages long).  At the end of the “trade edition” Textbook is the Word Index (ten pages long).]

Since Science and Health was first published, science, economics, theology, communication, global relations, and medicine – nearly all facets of our world – have changed.  These changes have brought new views and opportunities into our lives with ever-increasing speed and frequency.  It is no wonder that more and more people are looking for meaningful answers.  This book provides these spiritual answers.

Science and Health comes from Mary Baker Eddy’s own searching and finding [Gee, you finally mentioned the author’s name!]  The daughter of staunch New England Calvinist parents, she protested against the idea that suffering and pain are God’s will.  [I am not sure “protested” is the correct word to be used.  I think the author could have said, “she saw through error’s claim that suffering and pain are God’s will.”]  She knew intuitively that God’s will was only good, and she turned to the Bible for answers.  [Again, “intuitively” is the wrong word.  The sentence should read, “Because Mary Baker Eddy turned to the Bible for answers she knew that God’s will was only good.”]

Mary Baker Eddy dedicated her life to finding permanent solutions to mankind’s struggles.  And it is to all humanity that this book is offered.  While this book is pastor, together with the Bible, of the Christian Science church she founded, Mrs. Eddy’s intent and hope was that the book would reach beyond denominational boundaries.  [A little hard to do because of the Board’s copyrights!]

Read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures on its own terms.  Let it talk to you.  Let it reason with you.  You will be enriched, transformed, and healed as countless others have been for more than a century.

Okay, maybe I am being too picky over what they wrote, but if they are going to go to all of the trouble, why did they not really speak the Truth?  Why not begin thus:

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by our forever Leader Mary Baker Eddy, has a proven, century-long heritage of improving the mental and physical health and changing the lives of millions of readers around the world.  Today, when read, it is one of the most effective and enduring books explaining God and God’s relationship to man.

Mary Baker Eddy said, “The time for thinkers has come.”  She wanted mankind to understand that “Principle (God) and its idea (man) is one.”  She explains that God knew Jesus as a human, not as a mortal, via the Second Degree and Third Degree (see page 115-116 of S&H).  She makes it clear that she, through the human and divine coincidence, was sent by God to bring the “little open book” of Revelation 10 to man, for she is God’s angel scribe and the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12.

The “little open book” was first published in 1875, the revelation is as relevant now as it was over a century ago — maybe even more so considering the instant communication we have around the world today.  Its scientific system and divine order will teach you about God and present the new-man (spiritually original man) to you.  You will find that Mary Baker Eddy capitalized certain words.  These words are the seven names (synonymous terms) of God, the divine calculus, and the four levels of Science.  There are also four different orders for the seven synonyms that present the divine calculus to us.  As a new reader you will discover that the system of Science in this Textbook are vitally important and is the Key to the Scriptures.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures came from Mary Baker Eddy’s own hand.  She spent many lonely hours searching through the Scriptures, and finding answers that needed to be explained to the world.  She explained Jesus’ words and works.  While a child of eight Mary Baker heard God’s Mother’s voice calling her name for almost a year.  When she finally answered God’s call she was lifted up into the air three times.  Once when suffering from a fever her mother told her to know that God loved her, that God is Love.  She did and the fever left.  She would make sure to pray to God seven times a day and keep record of her prayers.  As a child and adult her favorite book was the Bible.  The insights she gained from her Bible study was able to replace material hopelessness with human hope and divine Love, and translated mortal minded fear with human affection and spiritual understanding.  She discovered that God’s spiritual law is divine Mind, and that this Mind is the only Mind there is.

Mary Baker Eddy dedicated her life to discovering the Science that Jesus had demonstrated and she wanted all of mankind to be free from slavery (to the material senses).  Her God-crowned mission was to unmask animal magnetism (the serpent from the Garden of Eden and the red dragon of Revelation).  This unmasking of error helps us to destroy erroneous sense.  The Christian Science Textbook, along with the Bible, is the impersonal pastor of all Branch Churches and of The First Church of Christ Scientist.  Mary Baker Eddy’s intent and hope was that her book would reach beyond denominational boundaries and be taught in our publish schools to the children of the world.

We invite you to read and study Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  You will realize your oneness with God, that God knows you via your humanity, not as a miserable sinner (a corporeal mortal) fallen from God’s grace.  Mary Baker Eddy’s book helps man to come forth from scholastic theology, ecclesiastical despotism, dogma, and teaches us that God’s Science is what God knows of Himself/Herself and His-Her creation.  What God knows of Himself/Herself is God’s own Theology, perfect in everyway.  The understanding of this Science and Theology by man is the only Medicine he will ever need.

I realize that this introduction was placed in this edition because it was going out to book stores, something that had not happened for many decades.  However, if they were really going to try and sell God’s Book, then they should have been honest about who Mary Baker Eddy is.  And they did not need to boast about how many copies have been sold.

On a following page of the “trade edition” is the added “Works of Mary Baker Eddy.”  It lists other writings by Mary Baker Eddy.  Although this is a nice list to have does it really belong in the Textbook (especially since they have them listed again at the back of the book)?  On the page next to this one (right side) is the title of the book, the author, and the Board of Director’s trademark with Mary Baker Eddy’s signature and the “Cross and Crown” symbol.  Above the symbol are the words “Marcos Registrados [registered trademark]”.  They certainly want the public to know that Boston is in control!  The next page has the copyright notices; this particular book was copyrighted in 1994.  I wrote on this page, “LIE!  This is a trick to make us believe S&H is copyrighted by BOD.  Only the Added things are copyrighted.”

The very last two pages, at the end of the book, are advertisements for Mary Baker Eddy’s books and where to order them.

Today there is even more harm being done in that Cheryl Peterson has written her own Science and Health!  The following is from THE BANNER, by Andrew W. Hartsook, Volume twenty-five/Number 4 Summer 2012.


            The May 2008 Christian Science Journal contains a statement from the Board of Directors and the Publishing Society trustees:  “No change is being made in the text of Science and Health, in the book itself or in the Quarterly despite discussion in the Field about ‘modernized’ English versions of the textbook.” (p. 62)

This statement was probably written in response to the appearance of 21st Century Science and Health written by former Journal-listed practitioner Cheryl Petersen.  Mrs. Petersen has almost completely rewritten the Christian Science textbook and listed herself as its author.  She offers it for sale on her web site.

An article from Religious News Service (October 22, 2009) titled, “Are sacred texts ever due for a make-over?” by Solange De Santis contains the following:  “Christian Science headquarters, which is based in Boston, made no attempt to stop Peterson’s book, said Phil Davis, who manages media and legislative affairs for the church…Since ‘Science and Health’ is regarded as a companion to the Bible, less a sacred text than a textbook,[8] Petersen’s revision is not seen as blasphemous [breaks God’s Law] or as desecrating Eddy’s original writings, Davis said.”[9]

In a conversation among “Bible Scholars” in the May 2008Journal, Helen Mathis and Mary Trammell, discuss the subject of an updated Science and Health.  “Mathis:  Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a ‘Study Science and Health,’ like the study Bibles everyone already has?  A study edition of Science and Health (not a commentary) could have, for example, notes for words that are no longer in common use; Webster definitions of unfamiliar words; alternative Bible verses from different versions for those passages from the KJV that are not easily understood; even a simple concordance in the back.  Does this sound familiar, since this is already happening with my-BibleLesson.comTrammell:  That’s a wonderful idea, Helen.  I understand that something like this is in the works already.” (p. 17)

Previous Board of Directors adamantly maintained that only the King James Version of the Bible would ever be used in church services or Sunday schools.  (Sentinel of July 2, 1938, and September 24, 1984.  See Spring 2008 Banner for 1984 statement.)  Clearly, past assurances are no guarantee of future actions.  The inviolability of Science and Health has already been breached by Virginia Harris’ personal introduction printed in the trade edition of S&H.  Clearly, the revision process for Science and Health has already begun under the current Board of Directors.  These five individuals have shown their blatant disregard for and disobedience to Mrs. Eddy’s Church Manual and her Deeds of Trust that they are required by law to obey or resign their offices.

Today’s Bible Lessons are polluted with newer Bible translations.  If you take the new words and compare them to the King James Version the Bible verses do not even mean the same thing!  My aunt and I have done this together, read the two side by side, and found out that what the new versions, now being used for the weekly Bible lessons, do not have the same meaning as what is found in the King James Version!  And I have never had any real trouble understanding what the King James Version means or is saying!  So what is Boston’s problem?  Perhaps they are not spiritually enlightened, more than likely they are making it all up (that the KJV is hard to understand) so that they can use the new Bible translations?

Something is rotten in Boston, and it ain’t the baked beans!

[1] In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed; by Paul Smillie, page 120

[2] Three men plotted to claim Mary Baker Eddy incompetent and place her in an old folks home.  They had already printed up the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual.  Some Christian Scientists feel that Mary Baker Eddy spoiled the evil plot by expiring on December 3, 1910.

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[8] You see how error works?  The Textbook is a textbook, yes, however, it is also sacred!

[9] Maybe this is so because the hierarchy only sees the sacred Science and Health as a textbook?  Why do you think I capitalize Textbook?  I capitalize it because it is God’s Book!