Other Sources for Christian Science Literature

by MJSmith


     The Bookmark is a place that you can order books on Christian Science from (if you are interested in learning more about it).  Their on-line address is www.thebookmark.com.  Their mailing address is THE BOOKMARK, P.O. Box 801143, Santa Clarita, CA  91380 and phone number is 1-800-220-7767.
     The Bookmark is run by Ann Beals.  Ann Beals accepts Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  The company mostly sells older writings.  I am not sure outside of Ann’s own writings if she even sells more modern literature (within the last ten years).  The material consists of books written by Christian Scientists, Association addresses by Christian Science teachers, and some other items that are written by published Christian Scientists that have been excommunicated from the Boston Church.  They also sell cassettes and CDs.
     I highly recommend any books by Mary Baker Eddy; In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed and Mary Baker Eddy-A Prophetic and Historical Perspective, both by Paul R. Smillie; Doris Grekel’s trilogy biography on Mary Baker Eddy – Volume I: The Discovery of the Science of Man (1821-1888), Volume II:  The Founding of Christian Science (1888-1900), and Volume III: The Forever Leader (1901-1910); Edith Armstrong Hoyt’s book – Studies in the Apocalypse of John of Patmos; The Healer:  The Healing Word of Mary Baker Eddy by David L. Keyston; Selected Addresses of Clarence Steves; and anything by John L. Morgan.  (Morgan is English and is one of John W. Doorly’s students, so he has an understanding of the Network [Square] Matrix System.)
     Another good biography on Mary Baker Eddy available from The Bookmark is by Hugh A. Studdert-Kennedy – Mrs. Eddy:  Her Life, Her Work, and Her Place in HistoryThe Bookmark also carries two of his other books.

     Another excellent place for Christian Science literature is the Kappeler Institute for the Science of Being (USA).  Their address is P. O. Box 99735, Seattle, WA  98139-0735.  They also have a website.  Max Kappeler was one of John W. Doorly’s students.  Kappeler has a great understanding of the Network Matrix with the divine calculus and four levels of Science.

     The Christian Science Endtime Center has a set of manuscripts for class instruction that was done by Stanley Larkin.  They are located at the following address:  P. O. Box 27539, Denver, CO  80227-0539.  Their phone number is – 303-989-9398, their fax number is – 303-989-9815, and their  E-mail address is – mail@endtime.org.  They also send out pamphlets every once in a while.  Larkin accepted Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, and that the end of the material world was going to come, hence their name.  Larkin’s followers may be out of the mainstream church, however, they bought into the taboo on Doorly and his student’s works.  They are afraid to read the material.  This could be due to the fact that Doorly was taught by Bicknell Young and Mr. Young was taught by Edward Kimball.  Larkin had a real problem with Kimball’s teachings.

     You can also order Mary Baker Eddy:  The Prophetic and Historical Perspective and In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed from The Gethsemane Foundation – http://www.GethsemaneFoundation.com or phone them at 1-877-764-5543.  The Defense book has an introduction by Paul’s sister, and she copyrighted the book in 2008.
     The Cover of In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed presents the Christian Science Sentinel.  “In the Christian Science Sentinel of September 6, 1918 on page ten, Archibald McLellan stated three most important points about the cover of the Sentinel and a minor change made at the time on its cover.  Speaking of this change he said, ‘Beyond this [His words are interesting but this fifth Board member seems to go against his Leader if he changes anything on the cover!] there can be neither desire nor occasion for change in the Sentinel, because,’ he said, ‘Mrs. Eddy’s instructions forbid any change.’  He explained this by saying, ‘Mrs. Eddy likewise gave instructions.’  The word ‘instructions’ is most important.  Speaking then of the two women, the lamps and the inscriptions beneath them, he said they had been ‘preserved as expressive of our Leader’s thought….’ Mrs. Eddy requested that the cover of the Sentinel be light blue in color.”[1]  McLellan was not exactly loyal to Mary Baker Eddy, nor was he her student (he did not take class instruction from her).  McLellan is the type of man who despises taking ordered or “instructions” from a woman.

     The above picture is not from the cover of the book, or from a real Sentinel, but copied from one of the older pamphlet covers published by Smillie’s foundation.
     The Christian Scientists have disobeyed Mary Baker Eddy in that she forbid any change to the cover of the Sentinel.  Today’s cover has pictures of whatever they choose to put on it.  Over the years the cover dropped one of the women and then made one of the women so small on the cover that you wondered, what is their point?  To diminish womanhood and make it as small as they could make it.  Finally, they just dropped the small woman all together and dropped the light blue color as well.  What a shame!  Boston’s excuse for doing this is always, “We must keep abreast of the time.”  This gave them their legitimate excuse to disobey Mary Baker Eddy because they were using words from the Church Manual.  I am sure that keeping abreast of the times had to do with the articles inside and not the cover!
     “The illustration represented on the back cover of this book are reproduced from a 1911 Christian Science Quarterly.  They depict the prophecy of Zechariah 3:8, 4:2-4, 11-14, of the two olive trees and the two candlesticks (lamps in the original text), representing…‘the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.’  The BRANCH was centered towards the bottom of the Quarterly and is reproduced on the back cover of this book.  Each lamp is different, representing the two different witnesses.”[2]

     It is quite symbolic that in the old Temple in Jerusalem that the two candlesticks were kept in the Woman’s Court!  These two witnesses of Zechariah are Christ Jesus as Christianity’s witness and Mary Baker Eddy as Christian Science’s witness.  This being said, since there are two women on the cover of the Sentinel who are the two women symbols for?  They must be Mary Baker Eddy herself for the second coming of Christ (Jesus being the first coming of Christ and being male is not the other woman), and Martha for the third coming of Christ.
     Let me explain better.  Mary Baker Eddy came as the second coming of Christ to explain Jesus Words and Works and to bring God’s Revelation to the world (as it was not ready for this Revelation when Jesus came).  Martha has come today as the third coming of Christ (as generic man) in order to explain Mary Baker Eddy’s Words and Works (Martha includes all Christian Scientists who accept Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, they are referred to as the Woman’s Remnant Seed).  Mary Baker Eddy was called Mother and she brought forth the Motherhood of God, while Jesus brought forth (during his God-crowned mission) the Fatherhood of God.  Yet, her spiritually pure Motherhood has been denied to mankind, it has been turned into the Babylonian woman called The Mother Church, so it is up to Martha to re-present, remind, and re-announce the God-crowned mission of Mary Baker Eddy to today’s Christian Scientists and the world.
     Today Mary Baker Eddy has become a forgotten name by most of the world.  Those who have never heard of her name may not even know anything about Christian Science.  If they do know something about Christian Science it is probably what has been made up by biblical Christians, and they only know, “Oh, those are those religious nuts that hate doctors!”  Well, Christian Scientists do not hate doctors at all, we express love toward them the same as we express love toward everyone.  We do, however, disagree with taking medicine to heal sickness and disease because we are taught to depend upon God for healing.  If you turn to material medicine for healing then you are turning it into a god by putting faith and trust in it and you are disobeying the First Commandment – “Thou shalt have no other gods beside me.”
     Some lies taken in by the world about Mary Baker Eddy is that she was a thief and stole her material from a supposed healer who used mesmerism – Doctor Quimby.  This is not true at all, but her enemies continuously love to make this claim.  Christian Science and mesmerism are opposites.  Christian Science turns to divine Mind for healing while mesmerism relies upon mortal mind to manipulate and influence mortal man.
     Putting all this aside, both of Paul Smillie’s books do a great job at explaining why Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy are frowned upon in today’s society, and it all has to do with the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism (really it does).  This red dragon hates the woman, but this hatred is really the male energy that is rooted to Adam’s original sin.  Adam’s original sin was that he refused to let his “help meet” help him at all.  In fact, his hate for her was manifested as sexual intercourse (sex is hate), and he hated her even more for exposing the serpent’s error (evilness).  He hated her because the woman was given a God-crowned mission to destroy the red serpent.  After she was given this mission (see Genesis 3:13-16), because of Adam’s hate toward her, he named the woman Eve.  He was misidentifying her as the Babylonian woman and not the woman God-crowned!  And this is exactly what the red dragon does.  On page 4 Smillie tells us seven specific [mental] suggestions that the red dragon puts forth.  He says, “It would take her crown and place it symbolically upon its own arguments, its seven heads.  These arguments counterfeit the seven synonyms of God”. [3] The order he presents them in is MOST interesting!  He presents them as the opposites of Love, Truth, Life, Spirit, Soul, Mind, and finally Principle.  This is what has come to me as the descending order for the cycle of Christianity (like a clock – numbers 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6).  It is also of importance that it is this side of the clock that we have the hands found on both clocks from Christ and Christmas (Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem).  The woman’s extra five stars (Jesus had only seven stars according to Revelation) are also located on this side of the clock, why do I say this?  Because manhood (Jesus) ascends (in clockwise order) from 6 to 12 while Womanhood (Mary Baker Eddy) descends (in clockwise order) from 12 to 6.  In the Bible the woman is found descending while the man is found ascending.  The descending is divine Science, the light coming down to Earth (man’s) conscious thought.

     “Mrs. Eddy states, ‘This mortal material concept was never a creator, although as a serpent it claimed to originate in the name of ‘the Lord,’ or good, — original evil….’ (Ret. p.68:1-3)  Its most devilish aspect is to appear to communicate godlike statements and assure us that its intellectual arguments are correct, but which end up being human philosophy.  Mrs. Eddy says, ‘Although presenting the exact opposite of Truth, the lie claims to be truth.’ (S&H p.573:6-7)  And, ‘It was not against evil, but against knowing evil, that God forewarned.’ (Mis. p.367:22-23)  Christian Scientists are warned against knowing, thinking, and accepting the seven irreverent lies about our Leader.  Defining the operation of these lies, she says, ‘That man can break the forever-law of infinite Love, was, and is, the serpent’s biggest lie!’ (Mis. p.123:8-9, e.a.)  In Jesus’ day the devils spoke out and said, ‘What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God?’ (Matt. 8:29)  And mortals crucified him.  Today, the red dragon roars out against the woman and seeks to crucify her in the hearts and minds of Christian Scientists.”[4]
     If you are a Christian Scientist and reading this, do you accept this as true?  I hope so.  If it is true, and it is, then we must rethink what we have learned from The First Church and its periodicals, off and on, over the last 102 years!  Has the “authorized literature” published by The Christian Science Society been for or against Mary Baker Eddy?  If you have never been taught that Mary Baker Eddy is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, if you do not accept her as the angel of Revelation 10, or the woman of Revelation 12, if you do not accept her as the second coming of Christ then you have been misled by the Christian Science publications (products of the red dragon)!  If you are a Christian Scientist what do you think of the importance of the Six Points about Mary Baker Eddy’s place?  If you have never read it you must ask yourself why, and if you do not accept the Truth published about our LEADER in this pamphlet as being correct, then you have been taken in by the red dragon and are persecuting the Woman God-crowned!  If you even refuse to call Mary Baker Eddy your Leader then you have been taken in by the propaganda put forth by the red dragon – Adam – original sin.
     Also in his book are the pictures of Mary Baker Eddy from two different editions of the We Knew Mary Baker Eddy series.  I would like to present them to you here.  They show the actual action of the red dragon literally taking the woman’s crown (governing power via Principle) away from her!

The Woman God-crowned (this was the original photograph, not tampered with).

The picture on the left side is the original shown above, while the one on the right is the tampered photo, where the publishers had erased the crown off of her head.  Below is a close up on the heads.

From Smillie’s book.

     I know it cost money to purchase Smillie’s book, but it is well worth it.  He will help open your eyes as to the many mistakes found in the third Robert Peel biography on Mary Baker Eddy and why healing has diminished in the Field of Christian Science.  I have not yet finished reading it, much of the material I already have, but I look forward to reading it all again.  There is one thing, however, I would like to mention.  I am not sure that his facts about a Roman Catholic priest are correct (the priest who supposedly warned Abraham Lincoln about the Roman Catholic church).
     I will close with Jesus words that are on the cover of the Sentinel, even today.  “What I say unto you, I say unto all — Watch.”

[1] In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed; by Paul R. Smillie page titled The Cover.  This Front Cover graphic is a registered trademark of The Gethsemane Foundation.

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