Mary Baker Eddy’s Yourday

by MJSmith

Happy Yourday to you!

     Today is July 16, 2012 – and it is Mary Baker Eddy’s Yourday.  July 16, 1821 was also a Monday, just as July 16, 2012 is a Monday.  Monday actually means Moon day.  The woman God-crowned of Revelation 12 has her feet upon the moon.  This means that she has dominion over material forces.  Although the month of February for 1866 was supposed to have a full moon there was not one.  This is the same exact month that Mary Baker Eddy had her remarkable self-healing that led her to the discovery of Christian Science.   You know those pesky monthly moon-blood cycles that women have?  Well, Mary Baker Eddy demonstrated over the false belief of this mortal lie, she never had another blood cycle after her healing.

Mary Baker G. Eddy’s Trademark for Science and Health

     On July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 launched into space.  Symbolically this moon mission was very important.  The Mother (Church) name was Columbia (divine Science of the dove).  The lunar module’s name was Eagle.  The eagle is the fourth living creature, the living creature for Science itself.  The Eagle landed in the Sea of Tranquility (peace).
     There were a total of seven (Love) Apollo missions to the moon, however, only six missions landed on the moon.  From each of these six missions two astronauts walked upon the moon (in pairs).  This meant that a total of twelve men had dominion over the moon (walked on the moon).  They were like the twelve stars in the woman’s crown (Rev. 12).  They were also symbols of the daily Bible lessons placed in the Christian Science Quarterly.  There are supposed to be (today, even though Boston thinks they can change this) six sections.  Each section has readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (by Mary Baker Eddy).
     The latest series for Doctor Who has an episode taking place on Mary Baker Eddy’s Yourday of 1969.  In it the mesmeric creatures, a religious group of evil aliens, are taken care of by the Christ Doctor (and you wonder why he never tells you his name, now you know, if people knew they would stop watching the show).
     There is a South American Indian culture that celebrates July 16th as their New Year.  This same culture places the diamondback rattlesnake in high regard because of the pattern on its skin, which is symbolic of the divine calculus.
     So, to my Leader, the woman God-crowned – Mary Baker Eddy – I wish you a very Happy Yourday!