Scientific Translation, Tarot, and the Gridiron Matrix

by MJSmith


This Kabalah Tree of Life Matrix will help you understand where the Tarot cards are located on it.  It is set up, however, differently from my Gridiron Matrix.  It is key to understanding the Tarot and the X of Pentacles card seen below.

The Gridiron Matrix is based upon the Major Arcana only.  Before I provide you with the Gridiron Matrix (based upon the Scientific Translation of Mortal Mind found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, and the Kabalah tree of life matrix) I need to provide you with the Scientific Translation of Immortal Mind found above the second translation in the Textbook Science and Health (p. 115).  The seven synonymous terms for God are presented in the Christ order.

Pamela Colman Smith, the artist of the Rider Deck, made her Ten of Pentacles card as a template for the whole deck.  This opens up her card designs to be interpreted by the tree of life matrix.  She was very ingenious (probably God gave her the idea) to do this.  She even gives us a clue that we are supposed to apply the tree of life to her cards with the use of her initials (found on each card).  The P, C, and S for the tree of life.

The following Gridiron Matrix is to be read from the bottom up.  Think of it as a football field, where we happen to begin running at the goal post on to the opposite end of the field to the other goal post.  This matrix is based upon three things (three pillars).  First, from the Textbook, are the qualities given on pages 115-116.  I have also borrowed from John Morgan’s[1] book Scientific Translation.  The qualities from the Second Scientific Translation make up the Pillar of Severity.  The First Degree is at the bottom because it has negative qualities or traits.  Next the Tarot cards of the Rider Deck from 1910 are depicted as the human symbol.  These cards, in and of themselves, give us the three pillars and structure of the Kabalah tree of life matrix.  This represents the Pillar of Mildness (the center column).  And finally, the Pillar of Mercy presents the seven synonymous terms for God (in the Word order) and the divine calculus.

     The Major Arcana cards are said to be trump cards.  For example card II trumps card I, etc.  So as we reach the end of the Arc we reach the “final trump.”  “Peals that should startle the slumbering thought from its erroneous dream are partially unheeded; but the last trump has not sounded, or this would not be so.  Marvels, calamities, and sin will much more abound as truth urges upon mortals its resisted claims; but the awful daring of sin destroys sin, and foreshadows the triumph of truth.  God will overturn, until ‘He come whose right it is.’  Longevity is increasing and the power of sin diminishing, for the world feels the alterative effect of truth through every pore.” (S&H 223:25 – 224:3)

     “The suppositions that sin is pardoned while unforsaken, that happiness can be genuine in the midst of sin, that the so-called death of the body frees from sin, and that God’s pardon is aught but the destruction of sin, – these are grave mistakes.  We know that all will be changed ‘in the twinkling of an eye,’ when the last trump [JUDGEMENT and THE WORLD cards] shall sound; but this last call of wisdom cannot come till mortals have already yielded to each lesser call in the growth of Christian character.  Mortals need not fancy that belief in the experience of death will awaken them to glorified being.
      “Universal salvation rests on progression and probation, and is unattainable without them.  Heaven is not a locality, but a divine state of Mind in which all the manifestations of Mind are harmonious and immortal, because sin is not there and man is found having no righteousness of his own, but in possession of ‘the mind of the Lord,’ as the Scripture says.” (S&H 291:1-18)
     “When the last mortal fault is destroyed, then the final trump will sound which will end the battle of Truth with error and mortality; ‘but of that day and hour, knoweth no man.’  Here prophecy pauses.  Divine Science alone can compass the heights and depths of being and reveal the infinite.
     “Truth will be to us ‘the resurrection and the life’ only as it destroys all error and the belief that Mind, the only immortality of man, can be fettered by the body [the devil] and Life be controlled by death.  A sinful, sick, and dying mortal is not the likeness of God, the perfect and eternal.” (S&H 292:1-12)

First Degree:  Depravity. – The First Degree as the counterfeit of God.

     “I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it [unreality]:  and it [error] shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.”  (Ezekiel 21:27)
     Depravity is “distortion and crookedness,” a deflection that has need to be viewed correctly, or spiritually (everything in the material needs to be turned upright).  It is for this reason that THE FOOL is looking up into heaven instead of toward the Physical Pillar of Severity.  He has a red feather in his cap, to me this is a symbol of Mind-Science.  His left hand holds the white rose of purity (Spirit) “freedom from lower forms of passion and desire.”  This rose is on the 16th path of Chesed, and in the Sphere of Chokmah (Wisdom, the Crown of Creation or Revelation).  His right hand touches the sphere of Geburah (the tearing down of material forces).  He holds a rod (the Word) and a small bundle of his worldly possessions, in a way it reminds me of a key.

THE FOOL is on Path 11 – Aleph (Air)

     The physical is but mental thoughts, or its (error’s) false beliefs, “and their products constitute the flesh” (S&H 274:19).  THE FOOL, our Christ-identity, flushes out subconscious mortal minded emotional scars and physical disorder.  This is what is found below the cliff that THE FOOL stands upon.  This build up of material belief in a physical body is a mountain; it is a long list of errors, as found in the “Glossary” under ‘Adam.’  “That which is built up empirically can be destroyed, – hence ‘death’ coming as the climax of the sequence.”[2]
     THE FOOL’s white dog (faithful companion) is man’s pure dog-ma (ma’s dog).  Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings stand upon its two rear legs, “like a man.”
     The first seven words of the First Degree are causative beliefs while the seven words in the second group are the outcome effects in our material experience of these beliefs.  The first seven words are primary errors of belief, the following three would resist exposure, and the final four errors are its own calculus for its self-destruction.

THE MAGICIAN is on Path 12 – Beth (Mercury)

evil beliefs                               I   THE MAGICIAN.                                     Mind

     In the 1902 Textbook evil beliefs prefaced the list of errors (mortal mind).  Evil belief is the belief in many minds, many brains.  “Evil still affirms itself to be mind, and declares that there is more than one intelligence or God” (S&H 307:7).
     “All consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God.  Hence there is but one Mind; and that one is the infinite good, supplying all Mind by the reflection, not the subdivision of God.  Whatever else claims to be mind, or consciousness, is untrue.  The sun sends forth light, but not suns [sons]; so God reflects Himself, or Mind, but does not subdivide Mind, or good, into minds, good and evil.” (Ret 56:5).
     Above THE MAGICIAN’s head is the cosmic lemniscate which looks like an infinity sign (an 8 on its side).  This is a symbol “of eternal life and dominion, indicating the harmonious interaction of the conscious and subconscious, idea and feeling, desire and emotion.”[3]  In his right hand (manhood, dominant hand) he holds the “wand of oneness in the Sphere of Binah [spiritual understanding, the throne of God].[4]  I feel that this is also the rod of divine Science.  He points downward, with his left hand (womanhood), to say, “As in heaven so on earth, God is omnipotent supreme.”  And Mary Baker Eddy spiritually interprets the words of the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy kingdom come” as, “Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present.”  This left hand is in the Sphere of Netzach (the realm of Victory and Venus [the woman God-crowned]) and leads to the Sphere of Chesed via the 21st path of Kaph.  Kaph relates to THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE card (or as I prefer to call it, THE WHEEL OF PROPHECY card).
     Upon the foursquare table is the divine calculus of the rod for the Word, the pentacle for the Christ, the cup for Christianity, and the sword of Science.  These are the tools of THE MAGICIAN, or as I prefer to call him, THE CHRISTIAN SCIENTIST.
     Above him is a vine of red roses (a symbol for Venus, a.k.a., the Morning Star).  On the ground is a mixture of red roses and white lilies.  I see the white lilies as symbols for the first woman (according to Hebrew literature found outside the Bible).  Her name was Lilith (Lily).  According to how the story goes, she refused to obey the Adam man, mortal man.  And why should she obey such an abomination?  Also according to the story she disobeyed the Lord God Jehovah.  Good for her, because at this time, this Lord God Jehovah is not the real or true God spoken of in the first translation creation of Genesis 1-2:3.  This Lord God Jehovah is a counterfeit of Elohim, the one true God.  But because of her disobedience to the mortal mind illusion the male Hebrew writers decide to turn her into a demon.  Well, as author Dan Brown writes, demons and angels are one and the same thing (it just depends upon your interpretation of them, or perhaps your spiritual translation of them?).  This aside, these two roses could also be symbolic of Mary Magdalene; for it has recently been said that Tarot cards were originally made to tell the story of Mary Magdalene, a secret code to the loyal followers of the Christ bloodline.  But who knows if this is really true?  I say this because I do not believe that there is a Christ bloodline.  I do, however, believe that there is the Christ link of prophets, but it is a mental link to Mind, not to physical blood.
     The belt around the waist of THE MAGICIAN represents the astrological belt in heaven.  But because this man has the Christ-Mind (the cosmic lemniscate) he has dominion over astrological science (which is secondary).  He is dressed in the white robes of purity and the red cape of divine Mind.

The Woman God-crown Keystone

THE HIGH PRIESTESS is on the Path 13 – Gimel (Moon)

passion and appetites              II  THE HIGH PRIESTESS                          Spirit

     Passions and appetites are false desire and usually they relate to the possession of material items or even other people.  Material passions and appetites must be translated back to God.  They must be exchanged for passion of the Christ-Mind and the appetite for the “Fruitage”[5] from the tree of life, where we demonstrate Christian Science after digesting “a little book open.”
     If you accept evil beliefs as reality (intelligence in matter) then you will indulge these beliefs and develop their fruits and you will feel that a TORAH is necessary to govern you aright.  But what good is the “letter of the law (the Torah)” without the “Spirit of the law (Christian Science)”?
     THE HIGH PRIESTESS is the woman God-crowned (Revelation 12).  She has dominion over the moon (physical law forces) and she holds in her hands the TORAH, God’s Law.  She is wearing the plus sign representing the Holy City of our God.  She sits in front of a banner of pomegranates (symbols of Venus) and palm leaves (of salvation).  Why do I keep speaking about Venus for?  Well, Venus was the goddess of love, but I have many different reasons to speak about Venus.  Venus is also a planet, and it has quite a few other names.  Two such names are the Evening Star (seen in the West) and the Morning Star (seen in the East).  Jesus said that he would give to us the Morning Star.  Just who is the Morning Star?  Well, to answer this question, let us take a better look at the planet Venus and certain descriptions found in Revelation 10 and 12.

The Arch of the Covenant is fulfilled.

The Arch of the Covenant is fulfilled.

     Revelation 10 is about an angel clothed with a cloud.  Venus is clothed in a cloud of volcanic ash, and it is a fire planet (fire is symbolic of the Word, the Bride is symbolic of the Word also).  The angel’s feet are of fire.  Revelation 12 is about the woman God-crowned.  She has twelve stars upon her crown, more about this later.  This woman is clothed with the sun (Spirit,[6] as Mary Baker Eddy explains it).  However, the planet Venus is also clothed with the sun at certain times, when it transits the sun.  My point here, is that Venus must have been a symbol used in the book of Revelation to represent both the angel “with a little open book,” as well as, the woman “clothed with the sun.”  There is only one woman in human history that fits the description of both the angel and the woman and that is Mary Baker Eddy (with her little open book of Science and Health) and the woman who travails and gives birth to the manchild who holds the rod of divine Science.  Venus transited the sun twice during Mary Baker Eddy’s mission.  The first was in 1874 when she was probably writing down copious notes for her little book.  The second was in 1882 when the understanding came to her that she was the woman God-crowned.
     For now, let us return to the “forbidden fruit.”  The woman said, “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat” (Gen. 3:13).  She traced the error (serpent) back to animal magnetism, thus she, or rather the womanhood mind set, was given the God-crowned mission to give birth to Christ Science.  However, the spiritual progress she will make will be impeded (slowed down for six thousand years) – for the serpent will be upon her heel.  This serpent is one with Adam man (as they are given the same curse).
     To the sides of THE HIGH PRIESTESS (she must be LOVE) are two columns like the two columns from the Temple of Solomon.  The pillar to her right is black with a white B (Boaz), for the Pillar of Severity, and the one to her left is white with a black J (Jachin), for the Pillar of Mercy.  These are said to symbolize the negative and positive life forms.  However, black and white are also symbols for the female (black) and the male (white).  It is interesting that each temple has both male and female incorporated into them.
     The dress of THE HIGH PRIESTESS is a light blue.  It flows like a river (Lynn[7]) into card III as the river of divine Science.

The fourth Mary window.

The fourth Mary window.

THE EMPRESS is on Path14 – Daleth (Venus)

fear                                          III  THE EMPRESS.                                      Soul

     The primal evil belief is that we are separate from God (minds many), we find that non-harmony comes with this variance of many minds, wills, or egos.  Then when this false belief is nourished and developed, the mortal begins to feel fear and this fear begins to control him.  This fear is mortal selfhood (the belief that the self is separated from God).  This ego of “my” becomes all that is important to the mortal as “my this” or “my that.”  This fear disappears as we realize all ‘our’ possessions and functions are generic (generic man), the woman God-crowned.  We own nothing for all is God’s.  What we seem to have is via reflection and not via possession.  We are God’s.
     On the card, the crown belonging to the woman God-crowned (with the twelve stars of Christian Science) is located in the Sphere of Kether (the Crown).  This woman is THE EMPRESS.  She is clothed in pomegranates (Venus, the goddess of love “perfect Love casteth out fear”) and pure white (Principled light = Science; or perhaps the white light of the sun).  She is pregnant with spiritual fruitage “the tree of life.”
     There is a heart with a symbol for Venus (a crown and cross – Mary Baker Eddy’s The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, are called the cross [the Edifice] and crown [the Extension]) on the 29th Path, Qoph (this path is for THE MOON card, to which the woman has dominion over).  The woman God-crowned stands upon the moon (like how the feet of THE HIGH PRIESTESS are by a crescent moon) and has dominion over it.
     The waterfall (Lynn) lands in, or near, Netzach.  Netzach actually stands for Venus and Aphrodite.  It is the Sphere of the artist (which means a Scientist).  This woman also holds the rod of divine Science; this rod scepter will be given to her manchild – generic man, the man-woman spoken of in Genesis 1’s Sixth Day of Truth.  Soul, our true identity is generic man whose Mother is the God-crowned (Christ) ideal.

THE EMPEROR is on Path 28 – Tzaddi (Aries)

depraved will                          IV  THE EMPEROR                          Principle

     “The ‘evil beliefs’ or mortal minds, nourished on ‘passions and appetites’ and focused in a self-centered ‘fear,’ have no divine sanction, no holy Principle [EMPEROR], but only a bogus entity whose driving [directing] power is the next term, ‘depraved will.’  It is classified as ‘depraved’ because it is twisted away from the divine will and has become personal.”[8]
     We cannot go through life using personal willfulness and manipulation to get our way, or what we want.  As Jesus said, “not my will [of personal sense], but thine [Will of divine Principle], be done” (Luke 22:42).
     Mary Baker Eddy warns, “The human will which maketh and worketh a lie, hiding the divine Principle of harmony, is destructive to health, and is the cause of disease rather than its cure.” (S&H 445:24)
     Human will is animal magnetism that can be used either in ignorance or maliciously.  Our ignorance comes from thinking we must or can do something to resolve a problem because God is not doing anything about it, or that God is ignorant of our human need!  Animal magnetism claims to interfere with man’s divine right of self-government.  We handle the serpent when we handle personal sense.
     THE EMPEROR sits upon a foursquare rock (Christ) throne.  It has four lamb heads representing the cycle of the Christ-head director.  His God-crowned head is located in Kether.  His left shoulder pad has a ram upon it.  The ram or lamb happen to be symbols for the Christ idea.  His right (dominant) hand holds and Egyptian ankh (that could be a symbol of Venus).  So he recognizes the power of Principle-Love (Principle’s own ideal).  There is also a small stream, or river of Science, behind him on this side.  In his left (womanhood) hand, resting upon the throne, he holds a yellow fruit, perhaps a pomegranate (even though it is yellow instead of red).  However, Eden Gray seems to think that this yellow fruit is a globe of the world.  He defines its symbol as “In the Emperor’s left hand (the passive, female side) is the globe of dominion, showing that only through the feminine power of love can he balance spirit and matter and thus have the true power to rule.” (p. 26)  This symbol is on the 21st Path of Kaph (THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE card and Jupiter).  The WHEEL always has to do with the Holy City of our God, and must be translated as such.  This city is the kingdom of heaven within our own conscious thought, thus it is a WHEEL OF PROPHECY because a prophet is “A spiritual seer; disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth.”  (S&H 593:4)  The ankh travels the path of Mem (#23) for THE HANGED MAN card and the Christianity element of water.  Both of these point to the stained glass Window of the Open Book, the Director’s Window, within the cross edifice in Boston, Massachusetts.
     Man is only governed properly when he allows Principle to govern him; this leads to true self-government.

THE HIEROPHANT is on Path 16 – Vav ((Taurus)

self-justification                      V  THE HIEROPHANT                    Life

     Self-justification is where we refuse to lay down the mortal ego, we keep “me” going on and on, sort of like that Energizer bunny!  Are not we proud of this “me” – the hierophant?  This false trait tries to give life and perpetuity to error, “the lie that originates in itself, believes in itself, talks about itself, and persuades us to bear [false] witness to it, – to justify it.”[9]  This false quality was added to the list in 1907, the year when certain men brought about the Next Friend’s Suit against Mary Baker Eddy, in order to persecute the woman.  This attack was not toward a material persona; no it was an attack on the spiritual ideal.  It was because Mary Baker Eddy understood that the attack was not to be taken personal (yet she knew that she must handle animal magnetism’s attack via Christian Science demonstration) that she did not need to justify her life to the material court.
     Mary Baker Eddy said to one of her secretaries, Adam Dickey, “If you heal yourself of self-justification you will lift yourself into the kingdom of heaven.”
     Are we really gods, or self-proclaimed HIEROPHANTS?[10]   We must “bruise the head [that which directs and governs mortal mind] of this serpent, as Truth and ‘the woman’ are doing in Christian Science, and it stings your heel [spiritual progress], rears its crest[11] [of power] proudly, and goes on saying, ‘Am I not myself?  Am I not mind and matter, person and thing?’  We should answer:  ‘Yes!  You are indeed yourself, and need most of all to be rid of this self, for it is very far from God’s likeness.’
     “The egotist must come down and learn, in humility, that God never made evil [live spelled backwards].  An evil ego, and the assumed power, are falsities” (Un. 45:3).
     “What starts out as an individual or private error [such as a Pope of Rome] soon overflows into the collective or public domain, affecting one’s relationships.”[12]
     “The Hierophant [Roman Pope] represents traditional, orthodox teaching considered suitable to the masses [the Christ body or congregation].  He is the ruling power of” ecclesiastical despotism, “whereas the High Priestess [Empress] teaches only in secret and to initiates.”[13]  This makes me think that what Mary Baker Eddy taught was available to all who wanted to learn it, however, it took spiritual discernment in order to understand it.  She commented to one of her household workers that she had hidden it (there were two things that she hid within the Textbook, the first was her place in Bible prophecy  as Revelator, the second was the system of Science as the Revelation – the Revelator and Revelation cannot be separated), and hidden it, and hidden it, and that if she hid it more than she already had that it would be lost to the world.  If feel that one way of hiding it was through her use of symbols, and this is why she said that, “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”
     The triple crown (a symbol of ruler ship over three realms – lower material world, the formative world, and the top creative world – the three degrees?) of THE HIEROPHANT has three nails at the top forming a W, like the Hebrew letter of Vav (which means ‘nail’).  It is said to symbolize unity.  But let us not forget that with the three nails and it also being the letter Vav, we could say that they represent the four nails used to crucify Jesus Christ upon the cross.
     When I was young I remember we had a small plastic statue of Jesus.  I do not know where it came from or what ever happened to it.  I do remember, however, that his fingers on one of his hands formed the letter ‘U’ (another symbol for unity) in sign language.  THE HIEROPHANT has his right hand (located in Binah) making this same signal.  This symbol probably comes from a Pope that put tape around these two fingers, as he had hand problems of some sort.  He went around blessing people with these two fingers.  So after this they made paintings and statues of Jesus making the same hand symbol.
     His left hand holds a three tiered cross staff (in Chockmah – Wisdom) and he has three crosses traveling down his robe (above a diamond shape), and two crosses on his shoes.  The crosses and diamond on his robe travel the path of Samech (Temperance; Sagittarius).  Here, with this card, I feel that this path represents the white horseman of Revelation 6.
     The Christian cross of two gold keys is at the bottom in the Sphere of Malkuth (Kingdom).  They represent the keys to the Kingdom that belong to St. Peter, to which the Roman Catholics claim is theirs.  But Mary Baker Eddy gave us the key to heaven with her Textbook (Key to the Scriptures) and it was her Church that was literally built upon the rock of Christ.
     The two monks wear the Y yolk – these symbolize the crossroads we come to in our life while climbing up the Pillar of Mildness.  Will we take the path up to Severity or Mercy?  One monk wears clothing with red roses (desire), the other wears clothing with white lilies (abstract thought).
     The two pillars on this card are quite literally the Pillar of Severity and the Pillar of Mercy.  However, both pillars are gray.  These two pillars are depicted below as the tree of knowledge and the tree of life.

THE LOVERS is on Path 17 – Zain (Gemini)

envy (where cause ends)                     VI  THE LOVERS                 Truth
and deceit (where effect begins)

     Egocentric pride leads to envy “discontent at the possession by another of what one would like for oneself.”[14]  Being tinged with resentment is an inversion of Love that is “impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals” (S&H 13:2).
     Cause’s effect – the serpent’s only chance is to disguise itself as Truth.  Conceit is used to avoid detection and error hates the Truth that uncovers it; and it revenges itself upon this Christ-Truth (its destroyer).
     Mortal existence is a state of self-deception.  Error attacks from within our consciousness and this feels like hell to us (hell means “that which is hidden”).  We must analyze constantly and have “mental anatomy.”  Are our thoughts of human or divine origin (genesis)?  A Christian Scientist is undeceived.
     THE LOVERS card shows the woman and Adam standing in front of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life.  These two trees represent the two Pillars of Severity and Mercy.  The serpent is coiled around the tree trunk (a sign of electricity) of knowledge of good and evil, a.k.a., physical science.  The tree of life represents the Golden Candlestick of Science that Moses made after the pattern he saw in the mountain’s shape (which was a pyramid).
     The angel Raphael (light = Science) is above looking down.  He is clothed with the sun (spiritual understanding).  Raphael is in or upon a cloud, so he is a divine messenger of God.  The woman (not really Eve) looks toward the light of Science, while the Adam man looks toward the woman for his salvation (Science and Health).  The cloud is in Tiphareth (Beauty, harmony) and this is where God dwells with us.
     The talking serpent is behind the woman on the 23rd path of Mem (in this instance it symbolized the element of water = the element of mortal mind).  The talking serpent hates the woman and tries to impede her spiritual progress.
     The Adam man seems to envy the woman and the serpent uses deceit upon the man and woman to get them to eat the forbidden fruit of physical science.  Adam is the serpent for they are given the same curse, while the woman is given a God-crowned mission.  Her mission is to uncover hell as nothingness.  Her mission is to dis-cover (uncover) God’s Science from being hidden by the serpent of animal magnetism.  Oddly, the word Apocalypse means – “to uncover hell.”  Mary Baker Eddy has two chapters in the Textbook that relate to this idea.  One is called “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” (this gives us the idea that animal magnetism has been uncovered, and that personal sense is exposed as being the root to the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  The other chapter is “The Apocalypse.”  I must say that I do not go too far when I make the claim that Mary Baker Eddy is rightly called the woman of “The Apocalypse.”  And this whole chapter is about her three-part mission as Discoverer (the angel of Revelation 10),[15] the Founder (the woman God-crowned), and the Leader (the Holy Foursquare City of our God).  Keep in mind that this card relates to the upcoming card of THE DEVIL.
     Raphael’s head is of fire, spiritual enlightenment, like the twelve flames seen on the tree of life.  The number being twelve for the twelve manner of fruit.  On the tree of knowledge are only four pieces of fruit.  These four fruits are sin, sickness, disease, and death.
     Between the couple is a mountain peak in the Sphere of Yesod (the Foundation of Truth).  To me this mountain represents my Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.

THE CHARIOT is on Path 18 – Cheth (Cancer)

hatred, revenge                                   VII  THE CHARIOT             Love

     Hatred is error’s reaction to Truth uncovering its deceitfulness.  “Truth, through her eternal laws, unveils error.  Truth causes sin to betray itself…” (S&H 542 infuses added).  Jesus said, “They hated me without cause.”  Why?  They hated him because he destroyed error.
     Man is neither a hater or hated.  It is animal magnetism (personal sense) that is the hater and it hates the Christ.
     Revenge appears fearsome but it is the process in which evil destroys itself.  In Science we do not retaliate or seek revenge.  Being the God-idea (THE CHARIOTEER), in the divine presence, allows evil to blow itself out.
     Years ago, before the third (sixth episode) movie of Star Wars came out, I heard that the subtitle was going to be Revenge of the Jedi.  I did not like this title.  I felt it was wrong.  I knew that a Jedi would never seek (or should not seek) revenge for any reason.  When I heard the title was actually going to be Return of the Jedi, I knew that this was the correct title needed.
     Return of the Jedi was actually the story of the Prodigal Son.  It was Anakin Skywalker who returned to the Light Side of the Force, returned to the Jedi (to Science).  Later, after they had made the first three episodes (movies 4-6), I was watching Return of the Jedi on a new DVD with added special effects.  While watching the movie the thought came to me to pay close attention to the end of the movie when Luke looks and sees Obi-Wan, Yoda, and his father standing all together.  I had a feeling that they were going to put Christian Hayden in this spot.  And I was right too.  (I like both versions.)  What would have been the reasoning for using the younger Anakin?  I figured it was because Anakin was young when he turned to the Dark Side of the Force, so if he returned to the Light Side it would have to be as he appeared when he was young.
     The Christ man THE CHARIOT driver drives (controls) his Christ path in life.  He understands the ancient sciences thus he has dominion over them.  He holds a rod of divine Science in his right hand, it is the 18th and 23rd Paths of Cheth and Mem.  Cancer is the astrological sign for Cheth and again water for Mem – this points to Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian teachings.
     His diadem (8 pointed star) represents dominion because it is unity of the city foursquare and the city of our God.  The wings of Christian unity are upon his chariot, along with the Hindu symbol for union (of positive and negative forces [I do not exactly care for this explanation], I suppose it could also mean the union of the female [black] and male [white] as seen below with the two sphinxes).  He is proficient in the divine calculus and in control of the two sphinxes that pull his chariot (even thought they seem to be pulling in opposite directions).  The left one is black (on his right) and the right one is white (on his left).  They symbolize the Word of Binah and Chokmah at work in the human realm of consciousness.
     He wears a square, for the Word, upon his chest.  Upon his shoulders are lunar crescents, symbols of his Mother’s Love and dominion.  His skirt of scientific symbols and belt of astrological symbols represents his dominion over them, for he is the man of Genesis 1 and the generic manchild of Revelation 12.  His chest also bears the palm leaves of salvation (of Science and Health).
     The material calculus has no power over the generic manchild.  The next four Tarot cards handles the false calculus.  These cards are also the first four cards for the second column (Mildness).
     The fact that THE CHARIOT has only two wheels makes me think of the two Rose Windows (one on the North side and one on the South side) in the auditorium of The First Church of Christ Scientist.

Second Degree:  Evil beliefs disappearing.

Moral. (Transitional qualities)

The Second Degree is the realm of the symbol.

     The negative aspects to THE FOOL are mortal beliefs.  THE FOOL has learned a little of its own falsity, thus the lies begin to disappear, this is why card I is called THE MAGICIAN.  He utilizes the tools of the divine calculus, the viewpoint of Truth.
     Will we view the Second Degree as one with the First Degree, or as one with the Third Degree?  The Second Degree can either appear as an improvement on mortality, a moral state desirable for itself, or it can be seen as the evidence of the spiritual dissolving the mortal [via the ancient’s alchemy, now known as what Mary Baker Eddy termed “chemicalization”].
     The apex (main point) of the Second Degree is JUSTICE, where our assessment of the human is finally balanced in the scales, for the moral values will never achieve the kingdom; however, the things of Science (Principle) operate as a spiritual and moral force, so that morality is the ‘working dress’ of spirituality (See page 92 of Scientific Translation).  Do we humanly arrive our moral values “from beneath (the First Degree)” or “from above (the Third Degree)”?
     Evil beliefs disappear not by making ourselves obedient to God’s law but because Science is ever at work within our conscious thought translating us out of matter belief into spiritual Mind.
     We should, however, obey the Ten Commandments.  The first stone tablet’s first five Commandments deal with our relationship to God, while the second stone tablet’s five Commandments deal with our relationship to man, or man’s brother-sister.  It is the loving understanding of God that provides understanding of man.
     The Second Degree is a stage and not a state of being.  We must entertain the viewpoint of “What is right?” instead of “What is wrong?”
     “Moral goodness, without the sanction of spiritual reality behind it, cannot redeem man.  How can we lift ourselves up when we entertain a sense of personal failure, guilt, or condemnation?”[16]
     The Christian Scientist conforming “to God’s requirements” finds “the divine laws operating in him as ethical human behavior.” (see S&H 444:30-1; 464:27-29)

STRENGTH is on Path 19 – Teth (Leo)


humanity                                             The Word.                               Mind
nullifies the First Degree’s sin – false premise and supposition with the lion (fire, sphinx – The Word, The Bride, and man’s true origin)

     “Sin is deviation from the Way of Life, starting out from the mistaken belief that mind is in matter and capable of evil.”[17]  Sin is a belief that you have a brain that thinks un-Godlike thoughts and betrays God every chance it gets.
     The Word made flesh is the coming Christ-Mind.  All men reflect the one Mind of God.  The Christ understands man’s at-one-ment with Mind.
     This particular card is on the same level as THE MAGICIAN card is.  THE MAGICIAN represents the male Christ (first coming of Christ) while the woman on the STRENGTH card represents the female Christ (second coming of Christ.  Both of them have the cosmic lemniscate (eternal life and dominion) symbol above their heads.  Her cosmic lemniscate is in Binah (understanding; the throne).  This lemniscate is really in the Third Degree.  It is also interesting that the sun travels the path of this cosmic lemniscate.
     The path that the hands and lion’s mouth are upon is the path for the sun (Spirit).  This woman has hold of the lion’s mouth; she has dominion over the Word of God.  She has her hands below and above the lion’s mouth, she controls, or has dominion over the animal beast (lower) and the Word (above) because the red lion symbolizes the Word of God.
     The lion’s rear end is in the sphere of Netzach (victory; force; Venus-Aphrodite).
     “Humanity, representing the step out of ruthless [lion] animality, indicates that the true human is coming into the picture [womanhood has dominion of the Word].”[18]  We are to be kind to our kin because we are of the same kind.  This is the interrelatedness of all being.
     What is wrong with the United States government today is that it manifests the wrong type of humanity.  It tries to help the needy (the lame), however, the government is only doing patch jobs.  This tends to hinder the needy instead of heal them.  Most charities perform the same patchwork repair.  Unless we heal the lame they are unable to stand upon their own two feet, they cannot stand!  Would Peter really have helped the lame man by handing money to him?  No, the man would still be lame and unable to stand upon his own two feet, unable to support himself (financially).  He would have continued begging for money in the streets.  Oh what today’s liberals could learn from Saint Peter!  “The noblest charity is to prevent a man from accepting charity; and the best alms are to show and to enable a man to dispense with alms.” (see Mis ix)
     The fault is not all the government’s fault today either.  There are many people out there who believe that they deserve these government handouts!  They do not understand that they are hurting themselves by taking these handouts and charities.  Do not get me wrong, charity is love, however, true Love is understanding and demonstrating the Truth like Peter did.  Mary Baker Eddy was the most charitable woman.  Not because she donated money to worthy causes (which she did) but because she healed the crippled man.
     In Monty Python’s Life of Brian a crippled man was healed.  He was most upset about being healed because he had no excuse any more to beg for money.  He would have to go out and get a job to provide for himself.  It was a joke, of course, but how many Americans today think like this man did?  What about all those women who keep having children so that they can collect more welfare money?  Is that right?  Is that moral?
     “The humanity of Jesus flowed from the divinity of the Christ.  Thus humanity begins with the acknowledgement that man has the mind of Christ and is not a helpless mortal.  It rests on appreciation for what he is not; thus being humane is quickening and calling forth the individual’s own ability, for ‘I can’ is the son of ‘I am.’”[19]
     We are to help others achieve communion with the one Mind (the cosmic lemniscate), the “higher humanity” which writes “all interests in the one divinity”  (see S&H 571:19-21).  When Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law he “lifted her up” he lifted her up mentally.
     As mentioned above, STRENGTH is the feminine partner of THE MAGICIAN’S masculine.  She too has the cosmic lemniscate[20] above her head, a symbol for the human and divine coincidence.  She is clothed in purity’s (a spiritual) white gown with a belt of flowers.  Her head is crowned with a wreath of flowers, red roses (symbolic of the Morning Star) are found in both the crown and belt.  By the way, one symbolic meaning of a belt is STRENGTH.  This woman represents true humanhood coming into the picture (conscious thought).
     The blue mountain found touching the Sphere of Hod (Form) is my symbol for the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.
     Anyone who has studied Mary Baker Eddy’s life knows that she was sick (lame) for half her life (well into her 40’s).  Mary Baker Patterson discovered Christian Science when God’s Word (her Bible’s New Testament story about Jesus healing the lame man) healed her.  God’s Truth flooded her consciousness.  Mary Baker Glover devoted herself to helping the physical lame see their true identity as spiritual man who stands upon both his feet (has dominion).  She did this with the Word – the written book Science and Health (means “salvation”).

THE HERMIT is on Path 20 – Yod (Virgo)

honesty                                    IX  THE HERMET (her Glover)                    Spirit

The Christ
nullifies the First Degree’s sickness and inherent conflict with the Star of David, The Christ’s consistent expression

     In its lowest sense, honesty means to keep oneself from stealing, cheating, or lying.  We cannot deceive others or ourselves if we are honest.  Being an honest person because we are afraid of being punished (because we have broken some law) gets us nowhere, nor is it spiritually based upon moral ethics.
     “A whole-hearted love for truth [the Pyramid or Mountain], – for the spiritual status of man, – frees us from seeking personal advantage, which is the root of dishonesty. …Accepting the great fact that Spirit is the only substance forces us to see that we can’t take self-interest along too, or separate one man’s good from all men’s good.  So there develops a purity of motive, a spiritual honest of purpose, a freedom from self-deception, an openness with others, because we have faced squarely the fundamental issues of being.”[21]  Thus, when we deal with our brother-sister squarely we are reflecting God’s honesty.
     Mary Baker Eddy connects honesty to Christian Science practice more than any other Second Degree quality.
     “If honest is merely anti-First Degree, it loses half its value; but when it is understood [Third Degree] as whole-hearted dedication to the spiritual, awakened in us by the spiritual, it overflows as fair dealing, moral probity and truthfulness.”[22]
     THE HERMIT holds the staff (wand or rod for the Word) in his left hand (womanhood).  It travels the 13th Path of Gimil (THE HIGH PRIESTESS), 25th of Samech (TEMPERANCE), and the 32nd of Tau (THE UNIVERSE).  Because all three paths have to do with Mary Baker Eddy I see that this staff of the HERMIT is that of the second coming of Christ instead of the first coming of Christ Jesus.  These three paths specifically relate to Mary Baker Eddy’s three missions as the angel (Path 25) – the Discoverer, the woman God-crowned (Path 13) – the Founder, and the Holy City (Path 32) – the Leader.
     THE HERMIT stands upon the capstone of Truth (Mother’s consciousness).  He has a whole-hearted Love for Truth!  In his right hand he holds a lantern so that those below can see it and join him.  The star within the lantern symbolizes the Star (prophet) of David (the Christ King).  It too is located in Binah, where we previously find the woman’s consciousness (the Third Degree) in the card STRENGTH.  THE HERMIT reminds me of Obi-Wan Kenobi.  But as he stands in the center, he represents the Pillar of Mildness.  He is high, on the capstone of Truth.  The star’s light shines down to those below, it represents the male and female as one.  The female cup (upside down pyramid) joined with the male blade (right side up pyramid).  With the light from David’s star only oneness exists, there are no opposites.
     Because of the belief in having a separate mind from God (conflict) we fall prey to sickness.  Other opposites are positive and negative, me and him, right and wrong, desire and frustration.  The mortal believes that there are opposites while the Christ knows only complement (like red and green are complementary colors).  Disturbance, having opposites, is sickness; a temporary lapse from harmony.

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE is on Path 21 – Kaph (Jupiter)

affection                      X  THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE (PROPHECY)                 Soul
nullifies the First Degree’s disease and ruptured relationships with the City of our God, Christianity, the four living beasts, and universal reflection

     “Taking the word [affection] in its plural sense, this term is important because it determines the direction [like with a wheel] of our lives. …The affections are the key to human motivation and endeavour in any area, for whatever we love we desire to be at one with.  Hence the great need for the Christian Scientist to ‘transplant the affections from sense to Soul’ (S&H 265:32).”[23]
     Affection (ad = facere) means to do and to bring to bear upon.  We decide whom we place our affections on or whom we hold them back from.  But to be truly Christian we cannot withhold our affections from anyone.  But our affections cannot be sensual, they must be found to be in Soul, in the center hub of the tree of life (and THE WHEEL of FORTUNE).  This is the Sphere for the Soul – Tiphareth.
     Disease is “not at ease” and “signifies a more ingrained, a more habitual, departure from reality.  Some mistaken belief such as heredity or fear has been taken in, entertained and embodied subjectively, so that it affects the relations of the members of one’s body or of one’s world (which reflect each other).”[24]  Disease seems to incapacitate an organ, or function, thus its suffering brings on a domino effect.  This is the opposite of Christianity where “man is one compound whole in which everything works harmoniously together, each fulfilling its proper function and reflecting all other elements in a balanced way.”[25]  This, of course, does not mean that the material body is what is disordered, but man’s belief system needs to be guided (directed) by Christian Science, God’s system.
     “Disease may need to be lived out of, requiring regeneration (See S&H 411:22-26; Ret 34:17-21)”.[25]
     The key to finding true affection is to wed ourselves to the divine, become one with God.  “If the moral qualities are based on the corporeal human [the serpent sense – Mem (THE HANGED MAN)] they can become their opposite, where as if they are based on the spiritual [the Sphinx – Gimel (THE HIGH PRIESTESS)] they are Emmanuel, God [Hermes-Anubis[26]] with us.”[27]
     “If Enoch’s perception had been confined to the evidence before his material senses, he could never have ‘walked with God,’ nor been guided into the demonstration of life eternal.” (S&H 214:5)
     Love that is unselfish enables us to make the transition from sense to Soul.  We must love man instead of people, and we love man because we love God most.
     THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE card represents the Gospel’s first four books (the whole New Testament is in the Bible’s Christianity tone).  It depicts the four living creatures (living beasts also = the divine calculus) in each corner reading their particular Gospel book.  These four beasts are the Lion Word (Matthew), the Bull, or Ox, Christ (Mark), the Face of a Man of Christianity (Luke), and the flying Eagle of Science (John).  They all have wings and sit upon clouds, thus they are divine messengers or angels of God.
     The Sphinx holds the Sword of Science in its left paw; she is Mother-God with us.  Her head is in Kether (the Crown).  The Sphinx also represents the woman God-crowned.  She sits on top of the wheel, right above the ‘T’ in the Sphere of Tipharath (beauty; harmony; a sacrificed [given up] belief in what God is).
     Descending down on the Path of Mem (with reference to THE HANGED MAN who is being hung upside down on a ‘T’) is the serpent.  It is important that the serpent is descending; this represents the sensual material sense.
     The Hermes-Anubis is headed upward, or ascending toward Soul (its true identity).  This Egyptian god Anubis.(self-consciousness; intellectuality) is ascending upward.  Anubis is the Egyptian equivalent of Hermes and Mercury.  Hermes was believed to be the same person as the Bible’s Enoch.  Enoch “walked with God,” or rather, he was translated back to God, to his own spiritual nature or reality.  Enoch did not die.  It is also said that Hermes had a great library of knowledge.  Was this knowledge of good and evil (physical sense) or was it of Science itself?
     On the WHEEL is found the four element signs of fire, earth, water, and air – again the divine calculus.  Also on the outer wheel are for Hebrew letters spelling the name Jehovah (the Hebrew alphabet uses no vowels).  The four Hebrew letters spell IHVH for Jehovah.  There are also four letters of our modern alphabet – T. A. R. O.  Because a wheel turns, we are given instruction to do this on the card with the letters of ROTA.  If we continue going around the wheel – beginning and ending with T – then we have the word TAROT!  It is also believed that the four letters of TORA (going counterclockwise on the wheel) is for the Hebrew TORAH.  If this is indeed the case, then the WHEEL is for Bible PROPHECY more than it is for FORTUNE telling.
     This WHEEL also gives us the X for the city foursquare and the + for the city of our God.

JUSTICE is on Path 22 – Lamed (Libra)

compassion                              XI  JUSTICE (Sword of Science)                  Principle

nullifies the First Degree of death and self-desolation with the sword of Science and the scales of harmonious being

     “As is the term sympathy, compassion literally means to suffer[28] with another, but unlike sympathy it has the additional sense of wanting to take practical steps to help.  Compassion, if it be merely pity, simply echoes the misfortune and grieves with the griever.  (See S&H 154:24-31)”[29]
     Do you wish for someone to give you sympathy or help you?  Real compassion is a keen appreciation of the sufferer’s problem and the ability to help him out of it.  Jesus helped the leper via compassion, his words were, “I will; be thou clean” (Mark 1:40).  He did not say, “I’m so sorry, here is some lotion for you.  Oh, and by the way, you are never going to get better or recover, so get use to it.”  Dealing compassionately flows from practicing scientifically (see S&H 365:19).
     “From the Gospels it appears that Jesus’ compassion was fired in part by indignation that humanity should be so befooled by the carnal mind, – that anything so spurious should deceive man and victimize him!”[30]  This compassion then lies behind honest JUSTICE.  “In a parallel manner Mrs. Eddy’s life-work is a perfect example of compassion.  Countless people before her had experienced spiritual healings, but none had sought to find the Science that lay behind them [because this was her God-crowned mission], and write an instructive textbook on the subject.  It would have been easy for her to have enjoyed her new-found health and to have left mankind to go on blindly.  But compassion would not let her:  she had to find the Principle of it and make the Science available to mankind.”[31]
     Our Leader “once said that the only purpose that would justify a class on Christian Science would be to show the students how to handle animal magnetism.”[32]  We must not fail to show others the pitfall of animal magnetism.  We must warn them of error.  However, evil must be understood to be nothing, this is a moral demand (see S&H 92:21-25).
     “The universal belief in death is of no advantage.  It cannot make Life or Truth apparent.  Death will be found at length to be a mortal dream, which comes in darkness and disappears with the light.” (S&H 24:5)
     Death is a lie about scientific being’s unbroken flow.  The only death there is belongs to false beliefs.  Error is all that can ever die – true JUSTICE.  If you overcome the first death (a belief that you were born into a material organized body) then you overcome the second death (the belief that you must die out of a material organized body).
     Death is fretting.  That “which frets itself free from one belief only to be fettered [chained] by another [belief].” (S&H 584:13)
     “Feelings of hostility or of isolation, – anything which divides Life into separated parts, – are death beliefs.  Seemingly minor errors are not so innocent after all, for whatever cuts off life from Life is literally a capital offense.”[33]
     It is possible to live our way out of material organic body.  We can go through ‘death’ and not leave a corpse such as Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus did.  (And I have a feeling Mary Baker Eddy did too; we just do not know it because we have not looked into the coffin [underneath the crust]).
     The woman of JUSTICE is not blindfolded like the modern day statues of Justice we so often see.  No, this woman of JUSTICE sees Truth and she easily symbolized Mary Baker Eddy.  The crown of JUSTICE contains a foursquare blue Jewel of Truth.  Her button is also foursquare (just and true) with a red circular hub (a symbol for Christianity).  Her robe is red (Mind) and her cape is green (Principle).  Her right (dominant) hand holds the sword of Science.  It follows the 18th Path of Cheth (Chariot, Cancer) and is in the Binah (understanding) and Geburah (Strength, Severity) Spheres, thus her right hand takes us back to the STRENGTH and HERMIT cards and the qualities of humanity and honesty.  Her left hand holds a scale in the Sphere of Netzach (Victory, force in the lower plane, Venus = the Morning Star) and the 21st Path of Kaph (WHEEL OF FORTUNE).  So, we know that spiritual affection leads us into compassion’s victory over the lower plane of suffering via mercy.
     With the word “justice” I always think of two names.  The first is Dan, which Mary Baker Eddy defines as “animal magnetism.”  The second is Daniel, which means “righteous judgment.”  Justice depends upon “righteous judgment” in Christian Science practice!  Righteous judgment is ‘knowing the Truth;’ what God knows to be real.
     “Whoever practises the Science the author teaches, through which Mind pours light and healing upon this generation, can practise on no one from sinister or malicious motives without destroying his own power to heal and his own health.  Good must dominate in the thoughts of the healer, or his demonstration is protracted, dangerous, and impossible in Science.  A wrong motive involves defeat.  In the Science of Mind-healing, it is imperative to be honest, for victory rests on the side of immutable right.  To understand God strengthens hope, enthrones faith in Truth, and verifies Jesus’ word:  ‘Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.’” (S&H 446:11)
     Malpractice is the use of animal magnetism, mesmerism, hypnotism, etc.  If we practice correctly in Science there can be no malpractice, there can only be righteous judgment.

THE HANGED MAN is on Path 23 – Mem (Water)

hope, faith                               XII  THE HANGED MAN                           Life

     Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1; infuses added)  Let us place (now) faith (our full confidence) in things we hope for; let us be sure of things we cannot see with our physical eyes!
     “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!”  Princess Leia placed her hope in the Jedi Knight, a.k.a., the Christ Scientist, whose dynamic world is “Now!”  Her hope was not to be sought at some future date, even though it did seem as if time did pass after her capture by Darth Vader (animal magnetism).[34]  Her hope was sent out immediately as she placed her message with the entrusted R2-D2 (the divine calculus).[35]  The Textbook tells us on page 298:19:  “when the real is attained, which is announced by Science, joy is no longer a trembler, nor is hope a cheat.”  THE HERMIT, to me, represents Obi-Wan Kenobi, so honesty is important to hope.  We must not depend on the material circumstances around us to help us out of our seeming predicaments or problems!
     Faith (a New Hope [the Original Hope]) is the Christ door, Luke Skywalker (THE HANGED MAN).  It is Luke (bringer of light = bringer of the Life-Science) Skywalker (Christ messenger) who frees Princess Leia from animal magnetism’s prison cell.  Luke is “a New Hope,” but he is only a new (original) hope when he is accompanied by faith, Princess Leia the twin sister.  These two twin Suns (Christ lights, Christ prophets) burn brightly, thus, I see Luke and Leia as symbolic types for Christ Jesus (Christian) and (Science) Mary Baker Eddy (God’s spiritual ideals for Christian Science).
     Hope is trust and reliance on ever-present divine substance (Soul).  Science and Health 40:31 reads:  “The nature of Christianity is peaceful and blessed, but in order to enter into the kingdom, the anchor of hope [seen as the T tree] must be cast beyond the veil of matter into the Shekinah[36] into which Jesus has passed before us; and this advance beyond matter must come through the joys and triumphs of the righteous as well as through their sorrows and afflictions.  Like our Master, we must depart from material sense into the spiritual sense of being.”  The use of Shekinah here is to transfer hope from the future to the present.
     “Hope is no longer disappointed when life bubbles up from the ever-new fountain of Life; what we think of as a future is all ‘now’ to Life; the present Life is still the present in the future.  If the previous mortal quality, compassion, has been based on the divinely practical Principle of all being, then our hope can be full of confidence in the unlimited possibilities for good.”[37]
     The Christ appeared as Jesus during the Fifth Day of Life, thus this Tarot card of THE HANGED MAN may depict Christ’s coming.  Luke Skywalker as a Christ type symbolizes the same Christ appearance, present now and always.  Some people have believed that this card represents Saint Peter, because he was crucified upside down.  But THE HANGED MAN is being hanged he is not being crucified.  I think that this card probably represents the inverted image of the Christ via the Roman Catholic Church and ecclesiastical despotism.  Thus, this image must eventually be reversed.  I feel this card also relates to the Roman Catholic Church.  The Roman Catholic Church was based upon man’s inverted image of materially organized church, while THE WORLD card symbolizes the Church Universal and Triumphant.
     On page 77 of Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas Alice L. Orgain writes, “As a symbol that Simon Peter’s all was cast into the scale of heaven and that his hatred of earth denied him a foothold thereupon, he asked to be crucified with his head down, ostensibly as a type of his humility in choosing a death more merciless than that of Jesus, but more spiritually interpreted as a type of his having no foothold on earth, since both vicarious and scientific Christianity must ascend to heaven for a foothold; however, scientific Christianity demands earthly ascending self-preparation, which corrects the deficiencies of vicarious Christianity.  Hence scientific Christianity was necessarily founded on ‘the Rock, Christ’ (Manual p.19) in heaven’ were given Simon Peter’s heavenly conception, Matt. 16:19.”
     Mary Baker Eddy temporarily placed “faith” in the Second Degree and the Third Degree.  Did she do this so that we would see that which is regarded as ‘mere faith,’ should be understood ‘as having roots in spiritual reality itself’?  “Faith is induced in us by grace.  Spiritual being is the free gift of the grace of God, kindling in us the response we call faith.”[38]
     Faith as the door opens to “The Way,”[39] and to the summit we sill find on the TEMPERANCE card.  The door, when opened, gives access to the divine power of the Christ Truth.
     The lower sense of faith places faith (and hope) in personal sense while faith’s higher sense is the Third Degree of spiritual understanding (Binah).  Faith brings out qualities of steadfastness, trustfulness, and trustworthiness. Will we go on in blind faith or will we place our trust in God and be self-reliant?
     When Jesus walked upon the water he was manifesting the higher faith, while Peter manifested the lower faith in Jesus (the man), this failed Peter and he began to sink.  Thus Jesus’ words to him as he lifted him up were, “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?”  True faith reflects the conviction that man is the Son [Sun] of God!
     In regards to this card we cannot forget that his position is presenting the tree of life to us, and that is how we must understand what is being presented to us.
     The Shekinah shines around THE HANGED MAN’S head!  His mental thought is within the Sphere of Yesod, true foundation (within the physical plane) is based upon Spirit not matter.  When you first look at this card you wonder:  “Why is the man hung by his right foot instead of his neck?  Why does he hang upside down and what is his strange posture all about?”  When you understand the tree of life, it begins to become clear.  His foot (spiritual understanding) is located in the higher realm of Kether, the spiritual is known to this man!  His right leg follows the path of Gimel (THE HIGH PRIESTESS & THE MOON).  His left leg is bent as the 19th path Teth (STRENGTH for Leo the Word).
     His arms represent the 24th, 26th, 28th, and 30th Paths called Nun (DEATH, Scorpio = Science), Ayin (DEVIL, Capricorn), Tzaddi (THE EMPEROR, Aquarius = Christianity), and Resh (THE SUN, the Sun).  I find it funny that with Resh we have twin suns!  THE HANGED MAN prepares us for the next card – DEATH (meekness).  It is Science that handles death.  THE DEVIL card represents mortal mind, THE EMPEROR verses depraved will via Principle, and THE SUN (SON) card represents Life in the Third Degree.
     THE HANGED MAN’S body is on the 25th Path of Semech (TEMPERANCE [Love], Sagittarius, the Archer Bowman or divine messenger).  His right arm represents the two next trump cards.  Thus, he is Life, Truth, and Love, the three comings of Christ.  The left arm are two opposites – the lower THE DEVIL and the upper THE SUN.  Which will have dominion, the upper arm or the lower arm?  Actually, they must work as one!
     The horizontal crossbeam of the tree represents Ain (All is) Soph Aur – Limitless Light.  The tree’s verticle post is the Pillar of Mildness with its three Paths (13 – Gimel [THE HIGH PRIESTESS, Moon; Founder], 25 – Samech [TEMPERANCE, Sagittarius; Discoverer], 32 – Tau [THE UNIVERSE, Saturn;[40] Leader]) and four Spheres (Kether [the Crown], Tiphareth [Beauty, Harmony], Yesod [Storehouse (consciousness) of Images (and Likenesses of God); the Foundation], and Malkuth [the Kingdom, Stability]).

DEATH is on Path 24 – Nun (Scorpio)

meekness                                 XIII  DEATH.                                                            Truth

     Meekness means “mild and long-suffering.”  According to material sense a meek person is tamely submissive, even spineless, a doormat; or what is known as non-assertive.  Self-depreciation is a false meekness because it holds onto an unworthy selfhood apart from God.  Modesty is not a full representation of meekness either.  “Meekness is the way through, like the ‘valley’ between the ‘depression’ of self-dislike and the ‘darkness’ of self-aggrandizement.”[41]
     True Meekness is having freedom from a self-assertive mortal ego.  We must abandon the pride of mortal mind that believes in being contrary to God’s nature, being a corporeal selfhood, having personal will and having a mortal life.  Love takes over as the All-in-all; man accepts Love’s allness and his own God-being within it.  In Science, meekness represents the completion of translation (the journey of sense to Soul).  At one point this quality was listed in the Third Degree.
     We must face our material problems dispassionately and calmly so that we overcome them.  We cannot become upset when rebuked or when things seem unfair, we must forgive our enemies and return good for evil.  We must surrender to divine Love’s purpose.  Meekness “acknowledges that what inspires us to patient endeavor is what God is; we cease our battling and let Love be salvation.  This is a required attitude all along the way, the way which made Jesus ‘the meek demonstrator of good’ and shone forth as ‘his meek interpretation of life’ (S&H 4914; 54:19).”[42]
     Meekness is spiritual STRENGTH (and might).  “The meek Nazarene’s steadfast [faith] and true knowledge [understanding] of pre existence [before the first death which is the material birth belief], of the nature and the inseparability of God and man, – made him mighty” (Mis 189:8).  This knowledge also equipped Jesus to overcome the second death (dying out of a material body).
     The DEATH card has a skeleton in black armor.  He is riding on a white horse that has a red (devil?) eye.  The horse’s collar has a design of crossbones and skulls (a symbol of the Knight Templar).  DEATH’S left hand holds a banner flag with a white rose.  According to Eden Gray the white rose symbolizes freedom from material bodies filled with physical desires and passions.  I feel that he is correct, however, I also think it represents more than this, as in the following –

Valley.  Depression; meekness; darkness.
     “‘Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.’ (Psalm xxiii. 4.)
     “Though the way is dark in mortal sense, divine Life and Love illumine it, destroy the unrest of mortal thought, the fear of death, and the supposed reality of error.  Christian Science, contradicting sense, maketh the valley to bud and blossom as the rose.” (S&H 596:20-27, infuses added)

     Who can deny that this definition of valley found in the “Glossary” chapter describes the DEATH card?
     A king lays on the ground dead.  In front of DEATH are three people: a boy, a woman, and a Roman Pope.  The Pope stands and faces death while praying.  The boy and woman are upon their knees; they are meek.  They are willing to lay down their corporeal lives (false beliefs that life exists in matter).  The woman is even holding her head as if she expects to be decapitated with a sword.
     In the background is a river valley (some may say it is the “shadow of the valley of death” but I say it is the valley of divine Science because of the river) and further in the background are two twin towers.  There is also a sunrise in the East.  This is “The Way” that leads to TEMPERANCE (the next quality and card).  The sun is on the 21st Path of Kaph (THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE-PROPHECY).  The Pope is also on this Path.  He is also in the Sphere of Netzach, probably here this Sphere represents “power and force” in the material world.
     The horse’s right front leg is on the 29th Path of Qoph (THE MOON; Pisces = Christ twins).  This may explain why the horse is white.  For certain this DEATH card means true meekness, the willingness to sacrifice our belief in material birth and mortal death.  We must be willing to sacrifice our material life, we must give up the ghost of personal sense.
     The dead king’s crown is next to the horse’s left hoof.  Material will power (the king) must die.
     DEATH’S body represents Binah, the 18th Path of Cheth (THE CHARIOT/Cancer) and Gebarah (STRENGTH, Severity).  Binah is connected to THE CHARIOT card, in that it represents Love translated by spiritual understanding from hatred and revenge.  DEATH’S right foot is located in the Sphere of Yesod (the purification of illusion, magic, and psychic belief).  It deals with the subconscious dream world of Adam.

TEMPERANCE is on Path 25 – Samech (Sagittarius)

temperance                              XIV  TEMPERANCE                                                Love

     “We need to temper our assessment of the moral, so that we give it neither too little nor too much value.  We cannot dismiss moral qualities as mere ‘do-gooding’ if in fact they are evidence of the spiritual; nor can we insist that they are absolute values in themselves.”[43]  Temperance provides a necessary balance, like the eighth note of the octave that completes the sequence and also marks a new beginning.  Although keeping our passions under control is important it is not the higher aspect of temperance.
     “Whatever intoxicates a man, stultifies and causes him to degenerate physically and morally, strong drink is unquestionably an evil, and evil cannot be used temperately:  its slightest use is abuse; hence the only temperance is total abstinence.  Drunkenness is sensuality let loose, in whatever form it is made manifest” (see Mis 288:26-289:6).
     In an episode of The Simpson’s an old law was uncovered banning alcohol in Springfield.  This law did not stop the use of the substance, and at the end they found out the old law had been rescinded soon after it had been placed into action.  Human means will not keep the mortal from substance abuse; he must abstain voluntarily but also be healed of the false desire.
     We must have a temperate sense of the “moral qualities, neither vehemently for them on a moralizing basis, nor dismissing them as unscientific.  ‘Emerge gently from matter into Spirit.  Think not to thwart the spiritual ultimate of all things, but come naturally into Spirit through better health and morals and as the result of spiritual growth’ (S&H 485:14), – and the marginal heading here is ‘Scientific translation.’”[44]
     After achieving meekness we may proceed along “The Way” to TEMPERANCE.  “The Way,” an illustration found in Mary Baker Eddy’s Christ and Christmas,is somewhat similar to the path on this card.  It leads up to the sun that is really a crown, a God-crowned.  This holy angel depicts Revelation 10’s angel.  The Iris flowers represent Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow (a symbol for the Arch of the Covenant between God and man).  This Iris angel is Michael (as depicted by the sun symbol upon his forehead).  This angel also represents Aquarius, the face of a man of Christianity.  The angel’s feet depict the angel of Revelation 10.  Upon his/her chest is the square with the Pyramid Matrix within.

“The Way” – colorized by me

     This angel does not have “a little open book” in his hands.  However, he does depict Christian Science with the two cups and the waterfall of Science.
     The eight qualities of the Second Degree are not the engine for our journey along “The Way;” they simply measure or mark the distance traveled.
     We cannot allow our morality to be one-sided, either as convenient personal good or as abstract theory.  We must balance the two cups – our divinity with our humanity, balance our human compassion with our spiritual understanding.  Let the stream of Science temper zeal with wisdom and our enthusiasm with our discretion.  We must balance our study of Christian Science with our demonstration of Christian Science.  We must temper all the Second Degree qualities with the divine.  By the way, tempered steal is the strongest metal!

1)  humanity (STRENGTH, Mind) is tempered with the conviction that man reflects the divine intelligence and ability

2)  honesty (THE HERMIT, Spirit) is tempered with the blending of single-minded adherence to Spirit and integrity in all our dealings

3)  affection (THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, Soul) tempers the supra-personal “affection of Soul” with normal tenderness and warmth, and conversely, human fondness with spiritual love

4)  compassion (JUSTICE, Principle) must temper our keen awareness of the problem with a practical sense of the divine idea meeting the need

5)  hope, faith (THE HANGED MAN, Life and Truth) Hope needs to be balanced between the constant expectancy of good and the conviction that good is eternally flowing.  Faith is tempered so our trust in the understanding of absolute Truth leads to trust in truth at every level.

6)  meekness (DEATH, Truth and Love) also requires temperance, so that the submissiveness of the mortal self is balanced by the grandeur of being the God-idea.
     This angel is Mary Baker Eddy, God’s divine messenger (God-idea) for the second coming of Christ!  Her wings are the wings of Science.  Thus –

7)  temperance (TEMPERANCE, Love) is both masculine and feminine (one wedded individual) Christ-ideal.  This is true humanhood.  In the lower realm of ‘the moral’ they seem to crawl (like a crawfish, or a serpent) yet in the higher realm of ‘the moral’ they seem to fly with the wings of an angel!  It is in the Second Degree that the action (translation) takes place!  “The operating power is the spiritual idea [our true being] entertained in consciousness, but the arena [circle] where the maverick mortal ‘I’ is gradually resolved in practice is the area of mortals and relationships. (see S&H 272:19-25; 283:24-31)”[45]

NOAH’S (Noah prefigures Mary Baker Eddy.) ARCH OF THE COVENANT [the Spirit of the Law]

Jesus compared the endtime (end of the Days in Genesis 1), the Day of Truth, with the Day of Noah (Spirit).

     Noah’s three sons (Mary Baker Eddy’s remnant seed) are all born at the same time, in his (her) 500th (fifth) year (with Christ Science, which would be 1871).  This means that Noah’s consciousness gives birth to the Christ Son (a Fifth Day of Life advent).  This triplet son represents the three degrees of the Scientific Translation of Mortal Mind.
     It was in 1871 that Mary Baker Eddy’s second student, Richard Kennedy, broke away from her and maliciously misused her Science in combination with mesmerism (animal magnetism).  On October 8, 1871 a strange thing happened.  There was no flood but there was fire in Wisconsin and Illinois.  Most people know this as the night of the Chicago fire with its legend of being started by Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.  (For a full explanation of this night see my article RICHARD KENNEDY – EVIL VILLAIN?)  There is no doubt that Richard Kennedy (Ham) was expressing the “First Degree:  [of] Depravity.”

     The (animal magnetism’s – red dragon’s) flood takes place in Noah’s 600th year (representing his Day of Truth).  This is when (s)he builds The First Church of Christ Scientist – the Ark (the Letter of the Law – the Ark of the Covenant).  The First Church needed the Letter of the Law, so a Church Manual is written (with its subsequent editions, 88 editions in all).

     After forty days and forty nights (a time of spiritual baptism), the rain stops and the water begin to reseed.  Noah sends forth the four birds.  The first bird is a black raven – for the First Degree.  It wanders “to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth.” (Gen. 8:7)  The second, third, and fourth birds are doves of divine Science.  The first dove (the Second Degree:  Evil beliefs disappearing) returns to the ark, as it finds “no rest for the sole of her foot.” (Verse 8)
     Noah must wait for seven days (go through the seven synonyms again) before sending the second dove (the Third Degree:   Understanding) out.  This dove returns with an olive branch (a symbol for peace).  Noah goes through the seven days again before sending out the same dove.  This time the dove does not return.  This dove of divine Science represents the Bride City the foursquare city that descends from heaven with the olive branch of peace.  After Noah’s seven days he is ready to send this same idea of the Third Degree (spiritual understanding) out into the world – the city of our God – with Christian Science.  It is after this that Noah (and his triplet son) is told to come out of the Ark, come out from the imprisonment that comes from being bound to the letter of the law.  The Board of Directors must obey the estoppel clauses found within the Church Manual.  When they obey they see a “bow in the cloud.”  This multicolored bow (in the cloud = a divine messenger) becomes the symbol for the second coming of Christ, for the Spirit of the Law’s Arch of the Covenant.  And it is this symbol that the angel of Revelation 10 represents in Revelation.
     Mary Baker Eddy must be seen as this divine messenger, as the second coming of Christ (divine Womanhood) who is one with the first coming of Christ (divine manhood).  Likewise, the Letter of the Law must be one with the Spirit of the Law.

     After Noah has received the understanding of the Spirit of the Law he becomes a free man because he has come forth from the limitations of organized religion as found in The First Church of Christ Scientist.
     The land is now dry and ready for new spiritual growth.  Noah begins a vineyard, or a Branch Church.  This Concord Grapevine is foursquare.  One Day, still his Sixth Day of Truth, Noah is in his Second Church known as the First Church of Christ Scientist in Concord, New Hampshire.  However, Noah seems to be non-tempered (only material, not a human and divine coincidence at all) and drinks wine (“Error; fornication; temptation; passion.”  S&H 598:17), thus he seems to finite material sense to be drunk.  Have those “so-called” leaders in Boston become drunk with power, in so much that they take over Independent government of the Branch Church?
     Noah’s First Degree son, Ham, sees Noah as a drunk who is naked (clothed in matter – Adam).  He sees his father as a mortal man, a sinner.  He drags (like a dragon) his father to his tent in shame and then goes to report the lie to his brothers (gossip is malpractice).  This is what has happened in regard to Mary Baker Eddy.  The Boston Hierarchy (what they refer to themselves as) declare that Mary Baker Eddy was only a material woman, clothed with matter like Adam and Eve were after eating the forbidden fruit.  Hence because she was a material woman she was capable of “Error; fornication; temptation; passion.”  They refuse to see her as being clothed with the sun (the woman God-crowned).  If they accepted her as the woman God-crowned they would see that she drank the wine of “Inspiration; understanding [the Third Degree].”  (S&H 598:17)
     Shem and Japhet, the two brothers, are the human and divine coincidence as the Second Degree and the Third Degree.  Shem the human and Japheth the divine.  They are one son.  This son goes backwards in to the tent to cover (protect) their father (with the Word of God).  They refuse to look upon iniquity; they refuse to believe their father is mortal man.  Afterward, Noah says that Canaan (Ham) is cursed (like Adam and the serpent).  Ham becomes the servant to his human brother Shem.  Japheth, on the other hand, is to dwell in Shem’s tent (consciousness).  Noah, thus, has blessed Shem, the second son.  This happens a lot in the Bible.  Isaac is Abraham’s second son, Jacob is Isaac’s second son, and Jacob blesses Joseph’s second son.  This is because material man, the First Degree, can never be blessed.  “God gives you His spiritual ideas [Japheth], and in turn, they give you daily supplies [Shem]” (Mis 307:1).
     Before the naked-drunk incident, Noah and his Son are witness to the Arch of God’s Covenant with man.  This is “a bow in the cloud” the Bible does not say that it is a “rainbow.”[46]  God’s divine messenger (who appears with “a cloud”) fulfills the Arch of the Covenant, as she descends with “a little book open” in her hand.  However, the rainbow’s seven colors are symbolic of the seven synonyms of God.  Scripture says of the angel of Revelation 10, “a rainbow was upon his head [consciousness], and his face was as it were the sun [Michael, the Iris]”.
     The angel writes:  “The more I understand true humanhood, the more I see it to be sinless, – as ignorant of sin as is the perfect Maker” (Un 49:8).


Third Degree:  Understanding

The third group of the Major Arcana.

     “This degree represents the human mind liberated from the belief that it is human; it is where humanity is found sacred, in an all-inclusive divinity; where, in fact, ‘true humanhood’ is found.  The translation cycle is complete.”[47]  We are home, we have returned to our Father.  The Third Degree is basically a rediscovery, and a realization of our starting-point, this is why we begin the Pillar of Mercy with THE DEVIL card.  The First Degree is a wall, in much need of a Christ door, the Second Degree a windowpane, and the Third Degree is light itself, or we could say that it is Science itself.
     Understanding is light, or spiritual understanding of God’s Science.  This light is the source; this light is of God not man.  Man only reflects God’s light.  “The understanding by means of which we now come to realize spiritual reality is the self-same faculty by which Mind originally knows its own idea as ‘the immediate object of understanding.’ (S&H 115)”[48]
     Understanding must not be thought of as a human brain procedure.  It must be released from brainpower, and unless it is, we have dealings with THE DEVIL.  “The material human mind is tempted to think that by having Science in neat categories [Pillars] one has understood it, but this is only a small part of the requirement.  Spiritual understanding is primarily a free, open, self-surrendering attitude.  It is not us capturing ideas and arranging them, so much as us being grasped by the idea itself…Because ‘understanding is a quality of God’ it must be treated with reverence, and not hunted as though it could be forced to give up its spiritual treasures.’”[49]  God says:  “Reality is having Me as your Mind, your Spirit, your Soul, your Principle, your Life, your Truth, your Love.”  This is keeping a constant relation with or between, the human consciousness and divine consciousness.
     Let us review here the first and eighth cards.  They are, I feel, God’s two witnesses – Jesus Christ and Mary Baker Eddy.  Remember above their heads is the divine Mind symbol, the cosmic lemniscate (which must be rooted to illumination or light).  This symbol is not found on card XV.  A different symbol is found upon THE DEVIL’S goat head, or between the two goat horns of negative power.  It is the inverted pentacle, a symbol used for devil worshippers.  However, the pentacle right side up symbolizes Venus, the Morning Star.  Jesus said, “And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:
     “And I will give him the morning star.”  What is it that we must overcome?  Is it not the material dream of Adam?  What did Jesus mean by “unto the end”?  Did he mean unto the end of time?  No, I feel very strongly that Jesus meant, “At the end of the Sixth Day must come the end of a material organized church.”

THE DEVIL is on Path 26 – Ayin (Capricorn)

wisdom                                   XV  THE DEVIL.                                          Mind

     Sophistry is serpent wisdom, or serpent philosophy.  Webster’s Collegiate New Dictionary defines sophist as “one of a class of ancient Greek teachers of rhetoric, philosophy, and the art of successful living prominent about the middle of the 5th century b.c. for their adroit subtle and allegedly often specious reasoning”.  One definition gives the word ‘deceive.’  The word specious is defined as, “having deceptive attraction or allure” and “having a false look of truth or genuineness:  sophistical”.
     We are told to be as wise as serpents.  This does not mean that we are supposed to emulate the serpent’s wisdom of error (sophistry that good and evil co-exist as one) but that we are to understand the serpent’s ways of wisdom so that we can handle the serpent error and turn it into a staff to lean upon, like Moses did.  We are to understand true wisdom that comes from Mind Science.  I feel that the reason why the United States has become so socialistic and leans more toward communism today is because we as a people were unaware of the tricks and methods of socialism and communism (everyone in the United States should read the book Animal Farm).  Error is patient and it will wait to have its way, while unworthy stewards are found sleeping at their posts.
     When we manifest spiritual wisdom there is no more darkness, no devil, no animal magnetism, no evil, no night or chaos.  The beginning of wisdom comes when we begin to ponder the Seven Days of Genesis 1-2:3.  Interestingly enough the Kabalah tree of life represents the first chapter of Genesis only, with the actual Six Days of Creation (Revelation), for the Seventh Day is a day of rest, where God rests in perfect action.  The interlude between the first creation (revelation) of ideas and the second creation (unmasking) of animal magnetism’s illusions must be the Eighth Day, “a bridge.”  We must always begin our reasoning from a divine basis, the absolute.
     It is also of importance to say that the tree of life has to do with the first Scientific Translation (p. 115) that goes with the first creation story where man is idea, while the tree of knowledge has to do with the allegory of Adam (the second creation story) where man is illusion.
     The ‘s Third Degree’s wisdom “tells us that we are the light of the first day, emanating from divine Mind, thus we understand God via Mind, or God’s own Mind, and not via mortal mind”[50] (d-evil one).
     Wisdom is reasoning from Mind, not matter; “to acknowledge that the all-seeing, all-hearing, all-knowing Mind operates as our mind.”[51]  This handles the belief in brainpower (two horns, duality, left and right brain); to which we believe we must fall back on.  (Get it, the fall of Adam?)  We must know this Mind for mankind and ourselves.  We must know that we all reflect, or manifest, the Christ-Mind.  These two horns counterfeit THE FOOL (Aleph, Air) and THE MAGICIAN (Beth, Mercury).
     This DEVIL represents the anti-Christ and this is why the pentacle is upside down; he is the First Degree holding the carnally minded in fetters.  He sits upon a giant half-cube (half-knowledge) shaped like a door.  His right hand, present in Binah, hence in opposition to Binah, makes the symbol used by Hebrew priests to represent God,[52] there is also a cross symbol (Christ crucified) on his palm.  His left hand is down and holds a torch.  Here the fire is a symbol for lust.  The flame is found just below, hence missing, the Sphere of Netzarch (Victory, Force, Venus-Aphrodite).
     The tip of the star’s point upon THE DEVIL’S forehead is in Kether, so he is crowned with the false ways of matter, carnally minded with physical science.
     The devil sits upon Yesod (Foundation), Tau (the universe [or THE WORLD]; Saturn), and Malkuth (Kingdom and stability), as if he is in control.  They seem to be his throne.  Yesod is the physical plane and Malkuth is the physical world, but we do not have to be enslaved by Saturn (Satan), the 666 of sex, sex, sex.
     This card’s woman and man appear to be captives, chained to THE DEVIL’S half-wisdom of physical science, even though the couple could easily slip out from the chains around their necks.  They represent the unwillingness of man to free himself from the male and female traits of personal sense.  The woman’s chain is on the Path of Resh (THE SUN – sun worship) while the man’s chain is on the Path of Tzaddi (THE EMPEROR – imperialism).
     This couple counterfeits the man and woman seen in THE MAGICIAN and STRENGTH cards.  They also copy THE LOVER’S posts.  This woman’s tail is full of forbidden fruit (sexual reproduction) while the man’s tail is on fire (lust).  His tail is not from the tree of life at all, it is ignited by the evil one.  Both of these persons have horns belonging to the belief that mortal mind has power of its own to think and act via human will power.
     The man’s right hand is the 28th Path of Tzaddi (THE EMPEROR; Aquarius – here Aquarius represents false Christianity).  He is governed by fear instead of divine Principle (Love).  He is erroneous Christianity that has become full of false doctrines, dogma (human opinions), and scholastic theology.  His glance is toward the woman’s reproductive organs (sex).  His left elbow is the sphere of Netzach (physical force) which he tries to use (as Mars) to govern his womanhood (Venus).
     The woman’s realm is Hod and Mem (THE HANGED MAN; water = Christianity, baptism, spiritual teachings).  She brings the force of severity into form “Hod is the sphere of Mercury-Hermes, the god of science and books, who works in the mental realm in a scientific manner; Hod is the scientist in us while Natzach is the artist.”[53]  Thus, translated back to God, this woman represents true womanhood and she eventually will translate the physical into the spiritual via true Science, Christian Science.  And her tail (Love) is really her 18th chapter, “Fruitage.”
     True wisdom, as found in Chokmah, is the crown of creation or revelation.  The wise man understands he was created by God as His-Her ideal found in Genesis 1 (Sixth Day of Truth) and not the fallen man, Adam, in the second creation account (or allegory) of Geneses 2:6 onward.  I find it funny that mankind believes that Adam could fall from his already low status (being that he was formed of the ground).  To me, Adam had already hit rock bottom.

     Where the Christian faiths (religions) fail mankind is that they tend to idolize Jesus.  They believe Jesus to be God because they fail to understand the Scriptures correctly.   They would rather hang onto the Romanism dogma that came into Christianity in the third century (a.d.).  Some faiths see Jesus as a corporeal persona instead of God’s spiritual ideal.  A major mistake was made when Roman Catholicism declared Jesus as God because it made it impossible for the regular Citizen Joe to follow the man known as Jesus, or rather to “do the same works” as Jesus did, even better works than he did!  By making Jesus God, men began to believe that all the miracles Jesus performed happened or took place because Jesus was God and God could do anything God wanted because God is omnipotent.  Thus, mankind failed to accept that they were able or capable of doing the same works Jesus did (what are referred to by the unenlightened as ‘miracles’).  This also made it possible for the Roman Emperor to claim to be Jesus Christ’s successor here on earth.  And this Roman Emperor became the Roman Pope (pope meaning papa, or father).  Thus the people traded a Roman Emperor for a Roman Catholic Pope, and believe me, there was very little difference between the two.
     The failure of Christian Science Church Goers is that they fear society.  They are afraid to declare Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ because they see her only as a “little gray haired lady” or a persona.  They refuse to see her as God’s spiritual idea.  The Board of Directors in Boston promotes this persona because it allows them to have power.  They are the false successors (who run their Mother Church) of Mary Baker Eddy (Revered Leader)!  It is ironic, however, that many Christian Scientists seem to idolize the Boston Board of Directors and think that they can do no wrong, and that they speak the gospel of God at all times!  The Board’s orders result in ecclesiastical despotism.  For if you disobey the Board you can become excommunicated from The First Church of Christ Scientist.  Oh, I am so scared!!!  This leads us up to the next card that is very much like the Christian Science Board of Director’s Executive Tower building.

THE TOWER is on Path 27 – Peh (Mars)

purity                                       XVI  THE TOWER.                           Spirit

     Single-mindedness (Wisdom) is purity, “for when wisdom reveals that all Mind and Mind’s idea [man] there can be only one substance, only one reality.  Mind’s creation [revelation] is perceived to be wholly spiritual because Mind is also Spirit.  And if being is really spiritual, it is without an opposite, is not corruptible, and is altogether good.  This fact of purity therefore operates to baptize man in the divine nature and so to purify him at every level of experience in the Second and First Degrees.”[54]
     The uncapitalized desirable human qualities (S&H 116:2) express their divine origin and are not a purified version of mortal morality.  Man’s goodness is of God, his truth if of Truth, etc.
     “One’s aim, a point beyond faith, should be to find the footsteps of Truth, the way to health and holiness [as seen in the TEMPERANCE card].  We should strive to reach the Horeb height where God is revealed; and the cornerstone of all spiritual building is purity” (S&H 241:23).  “Truth is the rock of ages, the headstone of the corner, ‘but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.’” (S&H 380:4)  The capstone is the “headstone which the builders [of material organization] rejected.”  This rejection is of the Christ-head dominion of Truth (over error) instead of church heads (plural) many minds having dominion over the Field or Congregation (the Christ body).  If our spiritual building is not the Great Pyramid Matrix of Truth then it must be a TOWER of Babylon (confusion).

The headstone of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, has the following contents inside it.

     The Board of Directors rejected her Christ-Head Leadership on December 3, 1910.  This was objectively manifested when they dynamited the granite headstone pyramid marker located at the Baker’s family farm in Bow, New Hampshire, several years later.

     The TOWER card is of interest, because, the crown (Kether) point of the TOWER is being hit by a bolt of lightning (animal magnetism).  It has the same ‘W’ symbol as found on top of THE HEIROPHANT’S crown!  Thus, this crown is being zapped by ecclesiastical despotism.  (It is also interesting that a ‘W’ is an upside down (inverted) ‘M’.)
     Mary Magdalene (Magdalene actually means “high tower”) has been said to be the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12 and to be depicted as the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12 (it is also said that the Virgin Mary is the woman God-crowned).  I do not deny that she was an early typification of the woman God-crowned, for she was probably faithful to the Master’s true teachings, she probably followed in “The Way” of the Lord.  And some of the male disciples hated her for her closeness with Jesus.  Yes, they were jealous of her.  However, John wrote down a prophecy of what was to come not of what had been, hence, the woman God-crowned was yet to be during the life time of Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ mother, and St. John.
     THE TOWER is the Pillar of Mildness (Second Degree), it is on fire, and has three windows.  I feel that these three windows represent the three comings of Christ.  Recently I have come to understand, that the Christ could only be accepted (by Christians) as Life (Father) in its first coming.  The second coming of Christ would be where Christians could accept the Christ as Truth (this being the true foundation of Christ’s Church).  With the second coming of Christ man would learn that he is the Son of God.   The third coming would then have to be where the Christ is accepted as Love, perhaps brotherly love expressed by all mankind, where there is no prejudice of race, sex, and most important of all – religious faith!  But the third coming of Christ must also be represented as true Motherhood, or true Christianity, where Love is Mind.
     THE TOWER depicts a man and woman falling from the tower.  The man is on the Severity side while the woman is on the Mercy side (the opposite of the previous card).  There are ten Yods (light of Science) found in Chokmah, while twelve Yods are found along side the man, along the 23rd Path of Mem (THE HANGED MAN), thus, this man represents the Christ-Minded man, or THE HANGED MAN.  The woman follows the 24th Path of Nun (DEATH).  So she represents the woman willing to be sacrificed on the DEATH card.  These are the two witnesses of Revelation 11.  I feel that mortal mind attempts to kill Jesus Christ and Mary Baker Eddy by seeing them as corporeal personas.  The Christian Mass deifies Jesus’ persona.  The Christian Science Church denies that Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ.  They say, “God did not choose her for a God-crowned mission.  She happened to discover Christian Science because she climbed up the mountain first.”  However, Jesus and Mary are not corporeal beings, but rather messengers (angels) of God.  They are the Son of God as the reflection of the Father (Life) and Son (Truth).
     The third coming of Christ comes as Mother (Love) Hood (Mind).  Mary Baker Eddy was also called Mother by many of her students.  It is interesting that the Ten Yods are located in the Sphere of Wisdom and also called the Crown of Creation (Revelation).  Thus, we have reason to suspect that this crowned woman on this card is the God-crowned woman of “The Apocalypse.”  And it is her crown (her capstone), her God-crowned mission that her Church denies, or refuses to accept.
     This TOWER is made of rock, a symbol for the Christ, but its bell tower has no Leader.  The bell Magdalene woman, Mary Baker Eddy, has been replaced by a Board of Directors (false successors) in an administration tower!

THE STAR is on Path 15 – Heh (Aquarius)

spiritual understanding           XVII  THE STAR (PROPHET)                     Soul

     Spiritual understanding is a gift of grace, without it we seem to be separated from God, with it, all else follows.  We long for it because we are it.  In Soul we are spiritual understanding’s embodiment.  All mankind has spiritual understanding.
     With this spiritual understanding we have subjectively accepted the wisdom of Mind and the purity of Spirit, and “the objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination [of a STAR] of spiritual understanding” (S&H 584:4), where all is subjective to God.  The Textbook says, “spiritual sense is a conscious, constant capacity[55] to understand God” (209:31).  Through Soul-sense we discover that our identity is the living ‘body’ of every divine faculty.  And faculty is a mental activity.
     “Spiritual understanding is the instrument of the all-transforming Soul; it identifies us rightly, unselfs our purpose and transfigures man.”[56]  We “begin to comprehend in Science the generic term man” (see S&H 258:31).  “We realize that it is not us doing something, but rather that the divine idea is ‘doing’ us.  Then, as with ‘the seed within itself,’ unsuspected capacities unfold.”[57]
     THE STAR has eight points of light.  These eight points represent the city foursquare of divine Science and the city of our God of Christian Science.  There are seven other stars (see Revelation 1) with eight points of light that somewhat resemble the Big Dipper.  These are symbolic of the seven angels for the seven churches – or the ONE CHURCH that reflects Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.[58]  One of the minor stars seems to be a Stargate, as it is above a mountain.  Also, the six white stars and the one yellow star sort of resemble the pattern of the Golden Candlestick’s tree of life matrix.  And the two upper white stars represent Binah and Chokmah of the Kabalah Tree of Life.
     There is an ibus in a tree (a symbol for the tree of life).  It is located in the Sphere of Chesed (Mercy, Majesty).  This Sphere also represents the Loving Father-Principle.  This means that God is ever-present with us.
     There is a ninth star present and she is (Aquarius) clothed with the DAYSTAR (Sun) although she seems naked (without shame).  She too represents the angel of Revelation 10, as her feet are pattern Michael in TEMPERANCE, accept she is kneeling upon her left knee (womanhood).  So her lower left leg follows the 28th Path of Tzaddi (THE EMPEROR/Aquarius).  Believe me, this card was drawn this way on purpose.  Her right foot is found in the Sphere of Yesod (Foundation), her lower leg is on the 25th Path of Samech (TEMPERANCE/Sagittarius), and her upper leg is on the 20th Path of Yod (THE HERMIT/Virgo).  Her right hand pours out a pitcher of water back into the water.  This is in Hod (Splendor, Form, Intelligence).  This water of spiritual teachings forms an Eddy current.  The left hand pours a pitcher of water out upon the land that forms five streams (These five streams of Soul’s spiritual teachings nullify the five senses).  Her left hand is located on the 21st Path of Kaph (THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE/Jupiter) and pours into Netzarch (Venus; Artist).
     One thing we must understand about TEMPERANCE and THE STAR is that the feet pattern representing the angel of Revelation 10 has dominion over the red dragon’s two beasts.  These two beasts appear after the red dragon is defeated (this happened in 1907).  The two beasts appear as mortal man (big giant heads) of church (the sea) and the material organization’s congregation (the earth).
     The head of the angel-prophet-star is located near the Sixth Sphere for Soul – Tiphareth; her body is the 24th Path of Nun (DEATH/Scorpio, spiritually translates back to God as Science).

THE MOON is on Path 29 – Qoph (Pisces)

spiritual power                        XVIII  THE MOON                          Principle

     One capacity (seed within) is spiritual power.  As in “the third day [Soul] the earth brings forth, not by virtue of any power of its own but because it reflects the self-operative nature of its Principle.”[59]  We can make 2 x 2 = 4, but only because it is so, and done by principle.  So we have no power to make anything else.  Our ability to reproduce the God-idea is spiritual and not personal power, for Principle is the only thing ever in operation.  The Fourth Day (Principle) is the divine government of the universe through the symbols of the solar system, where earth is governed by heaven.  And in Genesis the evening always precedes the morning.  “Mind’s wisdom, Spirit’s purity, and Soul’s spiritual understanding unfold [like a flower] our unity with Principle, which is spiritual power.  In the Third Degree the personal ‘I’ is resolved, the original circuit is restored, so to speak, and the power flows.”[60]  Mary Baker Eddy is known to reply about how she brought about a healing, “I just got Mary out of the way.”  One could say, “Personal sense (false identity) never travels ‘The Way’ of Christ, this is left to the spiritual ideal to accomplish.”
     “An important aspect of spiritual power is that it operates not only to heal the sick but to replace human competence.  Doing our work by normal personal ability needs to be translated if we are to realize the divine potential and accomplish our tasks by demonstration, as the Third Degree enables us to do.”[61]
     THE MOON card has the crescent, profiled face, and full moon in the same place as THE STAR’S Yellow Evening Star (Venus), and the following cards sun for THE SUN.  The three phases of the moon symbolize the Three Degrees: the First Degree – sliver of God’s reflected light, the Second Degree – half of God’s reflected light, and the Third Degree – God’ full reflected light.  It has sixteen major rays and sixteen minor rays of reflected intelligence.  These represent two cycles of the divine (reflected by the ‘human’) calculus (reasoning).  Below the moon are fifteen Yods (Life-Science) descending.  These represent the seven synonymous terms for God, the (four of the) divine Calculus, and the four levels of Science.  They fall between the twin towers, however, no material city is spotted here, as it has been translated to be the “Kingdom within.”
     Howling at the moon are a dog, and a wolf.  The dog could be a symbol for dogma and the wolf could be a symbol for spiritual wickedness in high places.  A crayfish is crawling out of the water (elements of mortal mind).  These three creatures remind me of the three-headed dog that guarded Hades.
     A wolf is a wild animal, while a dog is tame and said to be, “Man’s best friend.”  Those who are loyal church goers (followers of Ma’s dog (dogma) and those who are excommunicated or leave because they want to be free from ecclesiastical despotism but remain loyal to Mother’s teachings are called wolves, or rather I call them, “Sheep in wolf’s clothing.”  Yet a wolf in sheep’s clothing is but a hypocrite where we find “spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Yet both types of Christians look up to the Yods and the Moon’s reflected light so that they may see “The Way,” the path leading into the mountains.  This path is in the East (“The Way” of the Christ).  It is the same path as in the DEATH card and the card of TEMPERANCE.
     The dog is found near Hod and the 28th Path of Tzaddi (THE EMPEROR/Aries) while the Wolf is in Netzach and the 24th Path of Nun (DEATH/Scorpio)
     The crayfish is coming up from the elements of mind (the water).  It is located in between Spheres 10 and 9 (Malkuth and Yesod) and on the 32nd Path of Tau (THE WORLD/Saturn).  “It is a symbol of the early stages of conscious unfoldment.”[62]  A crayfish is also an “attribute of ‘the synagogue as the Jewish faith personified’”.[63]
     The twin towers are on the 23rd Path of Mem (THE HANGED MAN/water), and the Sphere of Gaburah (STRENGHTH, Severity) and the 21st Path of Kaph (THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE/Jupiter) and the Sphere of Chesed (Mercy, Majesty, EMPEROR).  The two towers symbolize balance in building up and tearing down.
     This is the evening, now comes the morning.

THE SUN is on Path 30 – Resh (the Sun)

love                                         XIX  THE SUN.                                             Life

Sun.  The symbol of Soul governing man, – of Truth, Life, and Love.”[64]

     “Love alone is Life.”  One’s total self-surrender to the divine Principle is represented by the fifth term, love with a small ‘l’.   So it relates to man’s reflection of God’s Love, or God’s Motherhood.  Here we experience relief and release (no false-responsibility) and we have a great gratitude for God.  Here we are as free as the birds that soar into the heavens.  There is no barrier between heaven and earth, between Life and life.
     Love (small ‘l’) gives while Life is the great Giver, giving life freely, but not as a mortal.  Reflecting Life we “love to lift up the true idea of life and to lay down the mortal sense,”[65] for ourselves, as well as, for others.
     THE SUN looks at us face on.  It has twelve straight rays and twelve waved rays of light – Science (if the number XIX was not in place).  This represents the twenty-four petals of the Jerusalem artichoke found in the center of Window of the Open Book.  The twenty-four petals of the sunflower represent the twenty-four questions and twenty-four answers in “Recapitulation” the fourteenth chapter of Science and Health.  I also see it as symbolizing the twelve spokes of Christianity (brotherhood) and the twelve Keystones of absolute Christian Science (also found in Window of the Open Book).  THE SUN is Science itself.  Below the sun are four actual Jerusalem artichokes representing the New Jerusalem city of our God.  But the true sense of THE SUN man as the Son of God.

The Holy City

The Holy City

     On the card are eight steps of wall is like the eight pointed stars, symbolizing the six days of creation (Genesis 1), the Sabbath day (Genesis 2:1-3), and man’s spiritual rebirth.
     The Sphere of Yesod is where the child’s belly is located.  Yesod represents the Second Degree. The boy’s left hand is on the Path of Peh (THE [MAGDALENE] TOWER), holding onto the banner that reaches up into Chokmah (Wisdom, the Crown of Creation).
     The manchild who “governs with the rod [the banner and staff] of divine Science” has six flowers (Truth) as a crown.  There is also a red “feather in his cap” so to speak, I see this as Mind-Science.  He sits upon a gray horse (the human Second Degree), which he has dominion over.  His banner is orange (a color I use for Spirit) and forms the ‘S’ shape (for Spirit).

JUDGEMENT is on Path 31 – Shin (Fire)

health                                      XX  JUDGEMENT.                                       Truth

     Let us first return to THE JUSTICE card.  When we morally practice Christian Science aright we have proper and correct judgment of our situation, this leads us into righteous judgment (like Daniel had in the lion’s den), and this is when the final trump is heard.
     Health means “wholeness [oneness with God],” it is complete soundness.  The indivisible compound idea of God is this Wholeness.  “Although it seems from this sequence that we bring these ideas together piecemeal to form the whole, the nature of Truth is that being is whole from beginning to end, never built up from separate parts [like seven synonyms] and therefore never liable to break down again into fragments.”[66]
     “Truth is an alterative in the entire system, and can make it ‘every whit whole’” (S&H 371:30).  “A whit, a least bit, comes from ‘wight,’ meaning a creature.  In the sixth day of creation all the ‘creatures,’ or constituent spiritual qualities such as moral courage, perseverance and patience, are present before the name ‘man’ is given to the totality.  He is the expression of all the aspects of God relating and functioning together in one perfect whole, and for this reason health is the sixth term.”[67]
     But let us take a different look at this quote from Science and Health.  “Truth is an alterative [“a drug used empirically to alter favorably the course of an ailment”], and can make it ‘every whit [bit] whole.’”  The individual man’s microcosm health reflects in miniature, health in the universal God-idea.  Is not this what real universal health care is all about and not what President Obama and those like him think that it is?
     This health comprises “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me, God!”  (This is the oath one takes when he takes the stand to testify in an American court of judgment.)  Health “maintains a complete complement of all the elements, in due proportion, co-operating in perfect harmony.”[68]  Health has to do with relationships (even if you think of body parts having relationships with each other).
     “Assistance in brotherhood” is the heading for the following paragraph on S&H 518.  “God gives the lesser idea of Himself for a link to the greater, and in return, the higher always protects the lower.  The rich in Spirit help the poor in one grand brotherhood, all having the same Principle, or Father, and blessed is that man who seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another’s good.”  John W. Doorly said, “We have no Science apart from our brother.”  “Where we work together as one, it will be seen as the Son of God” (Coll 82).
     Gabriel (Love) appears in the sky of JUDGEMENT, her head is in Kether, and she blows the final trump.  Fire, the Word, is seen in Gabriel’s hair, for she comes to baptize with fire.  Her flag resembles that of the Knights Templar, the Red Cross, etc.  It stands for help, balance, and the Holy City of our God.  Gabriel is in a cloud, so she is a divine messenger of God.  Part of the cloud is found in Chokmah (Wisdom, the Crown of Creation), Chesed (Mercy, Majesty), and Geburah (Strength, Severity; where the fear [Love; respect] of God is found).
     The trumpet basically follows THE HIGH PRIESTESS Path (the 13th Path of Gimel), for Spirit and Love.  The horn’s music from the trumpet hits the woman’s arms, symbolizing Love’s creative force.
     Below are families of men in open coffins upon the sea (subconscious error – the Adam dream).  The woman at the front of the card has her arms reaching out in front of her, on the 27th Path of Peh (THE TOWER/Mars) connecting with the 25th Path of Samech (TEMPERANCE/Sagittarius).  The woman’s head is in the Sphere of Netzach (Victory, Force, Venus-Aphrodite).  Thus this woman represents the woman God-crowned in the endtime.
     The boy in the forefront stands in Malkuth (Kingdom; stability) and his head is in Yesod (Foundation), while his body is on the 32nd Path of Tau (THE WORLD [which is the last trump card]/Saturn [Sabbath Day]).  The boy’s arms are the 29th and 31st Paths of Qoph (THE MOON/Pisces) and Shin (JUDGEMENT; and the element of Fire = the Word).
     The man in the front has his head in Hod (Splendor, form, intelligence).  This Holy Trinity represents Jesus’ first coming as Life, Mary Baker Eddy’s presentation of Jesus as Truth (which is the second coming of Christ, the Sun or Son), and the third coming of Christ’s Motherhood.  These are the true ideas behind Church, that Mary Baker Eddy had to lift mankind’s perception of Jesus from its origin in Life (Fatherhood) to being the Son of God, the Christ-Truth, and then Love, or the Holy City of God, would descend from heaven as Love.
     It seems that the family in the background are not chosen by Love, but this is because they represent the first Holy Trinity of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph for they are misunderstood.  This family is near Yesod, Foundation, but they counterfeit the true Foundation of Church, so they represent a pre-physical state of illusion, magic, and psychism.  The Holy Trinity in the forefront is the Holy Trinity spiritually understood.  This Holy Trinity is Principle as Life, Truth, and Love, or God as Father-Son-Mother.
     The Day of Christ is different from the Day of the Lord.  The Day of Christ is when mankind understands and accepts that Mary Baker Eddy was the Christ ideal of womanhood, for “a woman shall compass a man” (Jeremiah).  Once this recognition of Mary Baker Eddy takes place then the Day of the Lord (the end of the world as we know it – what we know it as is a material creation) follows.

THE WORLD is on Path 32 – Tau (Saturn)

holiness                       XXI  THE WORLD [UNIVERSE]                           Love

     Health and holiness are rooted together.  Health is a form, or state, holiness, however, is the matrix that forms health, thus THE WORLD card is basically a matrix of the divine calculus.  Holiness and health are like a nut and its shell.  In the first chapter of Genesis there is the creative (revelation) sense, but during the Sabbath Day we see creation from within its conceiving Mother (Matrix), Love, and this is who is symbolized within the oval of THE WORLD card, just as the name Reverend (Revered Leader) Mary Baker Eddy is found in the hub of Window of the Open Book.
     “Holiness is spiritual soundness and forever perfection.  It is absolute peace, absolute sanctity, the complete counter-fact to worldliness, – but quite unattainable on a personal basis.  It represents the whole of being returned to its divine origin; there is no longer any sense of a separate ‘I am;’ it is the tone of Love saying, ‘Son, thou are ever with me, and all that I have is thine’ (Luke 15:31)”[69]
     It has always been Love’s purpose “to resurrect the understanding that holiness or Godlikeness constitutes not only our eternal reality but also the means to experiencing it.”[70]  “The real man cannot depart from holiness” (S&H 475:28).  THE FOOL’S journey has been completed, however, it is really a cycle without beginning or end, as Jesus Christ said, “I came from the Father, I return to my Father.”  This journey shows us that through the understanding that every part of life is holy, a continued translation takes place.
     The “Spiritual universe [world]” is the S&H heading on page 116.  “In the third degree mortal mind disappears, and man as God’s image appears.  Science so reverses the evidence before the corporeal human senses, as to make this Scriptural testimony true in our hearts, ‘The last shall be first, and the first last,’ so that God and His idea may be to us what divinity really is and must of necessity be, – all-inclusive.” (infuses added)
     The woman (seed) of THE WORLD represents “the perfection of being, where man is held forever as the beloved image, the reflecting of the divine nature.  Living outwards from that viewpoint, we see the progressive disappearance of the belief that man ever had any separate existence.  We trace through three degrees of clarified consciousness how humanity discovers its spiritual origin and yields up the belief that it ever originated materially.  As the belief is fading out it becomes transformed, so that what had appeared to be matter is found ultimately to be the manifestation of Mind.  Through revelation [the Word], reason [the Christ], practice [Christianity], and demonstration [Science – the four living creatures of four beasts], ‘God and His idea may be to us what divinity really is and must of necessity be, – all-inclusive’.  Man has never moved, never altered, but consciousness has undergone a revolution.”[71]
     THE WORLD card has basically been explained, however, there are the four living creatures in the card’s four corners.  It is interesting that the three corner clouds for the Word (lion), Christ (bull), and Christianity (face of a man) are in gray color, while the Science (eagle) cloud is white.  I actually feel that the difference in the cloud shades has to do with the Window of the Open Book Matrix where we have twelve stars representing the (the outer circle) Word, Christ, and Christianity (the gray clouds) and the inner hub of Science (the white cloud) with “a little open book” and its four sides.  The white cloud matches the white wands the woman holds in her hands (representing the Square of Science hub).  These two wands are found on the 21st Path of Kaph (THE WHEEL/Jupiter) and the 23rd Path of Mem (THE HANGED MAN[72]/Water [Christianity]).  Her right foot is in Yesod (Foundation) while her left knee is on the 23th Path of Tzaddi (THE EMPEROR/Aquarius).
     The wreath is oval in shape, not circular.  An oval represents womanhood, however, here, I feel it represents the Oval Matrix of the Wormhole X-Stream of Science (based upon the skylight window in the edifice).  The wreath also has two red X’s on the top and bottom.  These two red ribbons resemble the two cosmic lemniscates belonging to the manhood MAGICIAN and womanhood STRENGTH – united as one.  Some suggest this woman is a hermaphrodite, which makes logical sense when we read S&H 576:26-177:11 about the Lamb’s wife.
     Mary Baker Eddy writes (infuses added):  “The term Lord, as used in our version of the Old Testament, is often synonymous with Jehovah, and expresses the Jewish concept, not yet elevated to deific apprehension through spiritual transfiguration.  Yet the word gradually approaches a higher meaning [Love].  This human sense of Deity yields to the divine sense, even as the material sense of personality yields to the incorporeal sense of God and man as the infinite Principle and infinite idea, – as one Father with His universal family [as seen in JUDGEMENT], held in the gospel of Love [Gabriel].  The Lamb’s wife [woman God-crowned] presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individualities, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinity united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, – to the perfectibility of God’s creation.”
     She continues on with her description of “The city of our God.” (577:12):  “This spiritual, holy habitation has no boundary nor limit, but its four cardinal points [divine calculus] are:  first, the Word of Life, Truth, and Love [the two individual natures in one, the Bride]; second, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God [as Life, Truth, Love]; third, Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history [not mortal man’s history]; fourth, Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar.  This city of our God has no need of sun or satellite [moon or stars], for Love is the light of it, the divine Mind is its own interpreter.  All who are saved must walk in this light.  Mighty potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors within the heavenly city.  Its gates open toward light and glory both within and without, for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which ‘defileth, …or maketh a lie.’”
     She finishes the chapter “The Apocalypse” with Psalms XXIII where “the Lord [God Jehovah, a tribal God] is spiritually translated to be Divine Love”.
     This is the end of the Scientific Translation of Mortal Mind and the Major Arcana in its Gridiron Matrix format.

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