by MJSmith


     Who is Richard Kennedy?  Richard Kennedy was a man born in the nineteen hundreds.  He was raised as a Roman Catholic [see comment section of February 2016 on this topic], but as a young man he met Mary Baker Glover Patterson.  She taught Richard her new metaphysics, teaching him what she would eventually call Christian Science.  But mistakenly, as she had not learned the error of animal magnetism yet, she also taught him the mesmerism method of healing she had learned from Doctor Quimby.
     The following is from THE INDIVIDUAL CHRISTIAN SCIENTIST pamphlet (Volume 37, July, 2012, Number I).  The article is titled “The Mystery and History of Sin.”

“From infancy Mary Baker Eddy was a semi-invalid suffering distressfully, most especially from dyspepsia.  She could not eat a normal meal without severe suffering.  So she was ever seeking health and the science of health which she knew Jesus understood.

“Dr. Quimby
“When she went, in 1862, from Dr. Vail’s Hydropathic Institute in Hill, New Hampshire to Portland, Maine, to see Dr. Quimby (who claimed to have discovered a new method of healing) it was with a last desperate hope and the highest expectations, for Dr. Quimby had responded to her letter of despair with great encouragement.  And she was not disappointed!  Following his treatment she felt strength and health she had not had before; and she sang the doctor’s praises.  She also remained in Portland to learn more about his method of healing.” (p. 9)

     [What is not told here is that she also stayed in Portland because she suffered from relapses and would have to go see the doctor again for treatment.]

“What she learned from Dr. Quimby is the power of mind.  Because this had opened a door for her, and because Quimby was a moral, honest, good man with an earnest desire to help the suffering, she did not then know that his work was wholly mortal mind, not divine Mind.  Until she learned this she believed that Quimby had discovered the science of being and gave credit where she thought credit was due.” (p. 9 & 11)

     [This is also why she would incorporate some of his methods into her treatments when teaching her early students.  And this is how Richard Kennedy learned the Quimby method of healing, and he would be unwilling to give it up once he turned to the dark side of mesmerism.]

Revelator to This Age
“But Mary Baker Eddy is the Revelator to this age although she knew it not in 1862.  Her miraculous healing by divine Mind in February 1866, — after Quimby had passed away — was her first step in Christian Science.  This was followed by four years of seeking and finding that she might give this Principle of Mind-healing to all mankind.

Fifth Year
“In her fifth year of studying, pondering, imparting, healing and teaching she had something quite different with which to contend.  She had met resistance, rejection, bigotry and more due to ignorance and false beliefs.  Now she met up with evil.  Sin, envy, malice, hate were entirely different from ignorant error.  She wrote in later years:

“I shall not forget the cost of investigating for this age, the methods and power of error. (Mis 222:29)

Essential Investigation
“She tried to avoid this investigation but as the Revelator to this age it was thrust upon her.  The mystery of iniquity had to be uncovered that it may be understood and refuted.  But it was elusive and not easily fathomed as our Leader recollects:

“While the ways, means, and potency of Truth had flowed into consciousness as easily as dawns the morning light and shadows flee, the metaphysical mystery of error — its hidden paths, purpose, and fruits — at first defied me.  I was saying all the time, ‘Come not thou into the secret’—but at length took up the research according to God’s command. (Mis 222:30)

Fulfillment of prophecy
“Our Leader fulfilled the prophecy of things to come which Jesus had shown to John.  As the Lamb of God she had loosed the seven seals and the seven angels with trumpets were sounding in her experience, destroying the belief in a third, the belief that there is something beyond the two aspects of reality — infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation — a third something called matter.

Fifth Angel
“When the fifth angel sounded a star fell from heaven.  And the fallen star opened the bottomless pit.  Neither our Leader nor our nation had an inkling of what had happened.  But the results were devastating and immediate.

Plunge Into Darkness
“Mary Baker Eddy’s second student, Richard Kennedy, to whom she had given so freely and imparted so much, had been listening to the serpent’s whisper that he could use science, omniscient power, to do whatever he chose, good or bad.  Richard had been clandestinely toying with this aggressive mental suggestion, but it was the fall of 1871 when this promising student plunged into this dark labyrinth and ‘a star fell from heaven.’

Woe to the World
“Have you an inkling of what occurred at that time?  The news was dominated by the great Chicago fire of October 8, 1871 which destroyed a third of the city.  Though the Chicago fire was included in history books, its amazingly unusual aspects were not.  Reporters on the fireline witnessed buildings that were far beyond the line of fire burst into flames simultaneously from the interior ‘as if a regiment of incendiaries were at work.  What latent power enkindled the inside of these advanced buildings while externally they were untouched?’  Some reporters made reference to a ‘food for fire in the air, something mysterious as yet and unexplainable.’  On the riverbank, 500 feet from the nearest building, several hundred tons of pig iron were melted into one huge, solid mass.

“This information and quotations are from a book published in 1967 entitled Mysterious Fires and Lights in which the researcher, Vincent H. Gaddis, has pieced together the story of devastation that October night.

“Though Chicago got all the news coverage, the greatest loss of life was not in Chicago.  It was in Wisconsin where nine towns in four counties over an area of 400 square miles were completely consumed.

“Wisconsin’s destruction was duplicated in Michigan.  Within a region of 1400 square miles twelve communities were wiped out and eleven more partially destroyed.  In one area inhabitants were forced into Lake Huron, and for days afterward survivors were picked up by steamers from Detroit.

Seven States
“‘At location hundreds of miles apart tremendous conflagrations broke out.  Seas of combustion rolled in seven states and struck twenty-four cities and towns.’  An eye-witness in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, a community of two thousand, wrote the following:

“In one awful instant a great flame shot up in the western heavens, and in countless fiery tongues struck downward into the village, piercing every object that stood in the town like a red-hot bolt.  A deafening roar, mingled with blasts of electric flames, filled the air and paralyzed every soul in the place.  There was no beginning to the work of ruin; the flaming whirlwind swirled in an instant through the town.  All heard the first inexplicable roar,…

“One house in Peshtigo was raised a hundred feet in the air where it burst into flames.  By morning not one building remained of the several factories and mills, fifteen stores and hotels, and three hundred fifty homes.  The death toll in Peshtigo that night was four times greater than that in Chicago; and the strange effects of this fire were of a nature that no man had ever witnessed before.  ‘The iron tip of the Peshtigo fire wagon was melted, but the wooden tongue to which it was bolted was not even scorched.’

“Forest and prairie fires raced across Indiana, Iowa, and the Dakotas.  In Minnesota four counties were inundated by fire, the flames of which could be seen from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

“Jesus said, ‘Woe unto the world because of offences!  for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!’ (Matt 18:7)

Kennedy had woe immeasurable ahead of him, but in the fall of 1871 he was gloating while watching his Teacher experience woe from his deadly mesmerism which he worked to conceal from her and was able to do for a short time.

Fathoming Sin
“Before the end of winter Mrs. Eddy had confronted Richard and wrote of this confrontation at a later date, ‘The second year of his practice, when we discovered he was malpractising, and told him so, he avowed his intention to do whatever he chose with his mental power, spurning a Christian life, and exulting in the absence of moral restraint.’ (S&H, 3rd ed. Vol. 2, p 2)  However, it was nine long years of suffering and struggling physically, financially, emotionally, — as one student after another turned against her — before she could say that she had fully fathomed malicious animal magnetism.  Then she was able to write in the third edition of Science and Health:

“We now understand that never another of our students would have gone astray from the straight and narrow path but for the continued mesmeric influences of that one, employed months, and even years, upon certain individuals.  Future history will reveal him and his inauguration of a power which, if it be not discovered, is fatal to the health, life, or prosperity of the individual.

Only One
“There is not another individual on this earth who could have done the work our Leader did to uncover the mystery of iniquity.  That task required the Revelator to this age.  And the only individual who could comprehend what she accomplished is Jesus.

“But she left a record together with explicit instructions (everything we need) to follow in her footsteps.  As we consider and ponder the history that she lived, we understand the mystery of iniquity and it is no longer a mystery.

“Evil claims to be walking to and fro in the earth and taking its toll.  And its mystery and hidden ways have protected it from detection.  That is why Jesus said, ‘It must needs be that offences come.’  When aggressive mental suggestion caused a capable, promising young student of Truth and Love to pervert his understanding to open the bottomless pit, that offences marked the beginning of the end of error; because this offence caused our Leader to uncover the mystery of evil, name it malicious animal magnetism, and reduce it to nothing.  Her example is for all mankind for all time to come.

Deny Evil
“All evil asks, as it did of Jesus, is to be let alone.  It needs to be confronted, denounced and denied continuously until it totally disappears.

“Now that the mystery of sin has been discerned, how do we solve this problem?  With the scientific statement of being:  ‘All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation for God is All-in-all.’” (Pages 11–16)

     This was the end of the article.  There are many strange things about that night of October 8, 1871, many questions that have not been answered.  How can a fire melt metal and yet leave wood untouched?  Was there some huge gas leak?
     Many people attribute the fires to cyclone weather, but this does not explain why the insides of the buildings in Chicago burned when the outsides were fine.  There is no doubt that lighting can cause fire too.  But it all happened the same night, was there something strange about all of it?  I think there was.  Was it an attack by aliens from another planet?  Or was it a mental attack from one wayward student of Mind Science, one man named Richard Kennedy?
     Were the events of this night part of an experiment that Richard Kennedy was performing?  Did he really want to test these evil powers?
     I cannot say, but it would explain some of the weird things that he did.
     What woe did Kennedy eventually experience?  Well, he was placed in a mental home and he suffered from some sexual disease.  It was not a sexually transmitted disease, but rather it was a constant urge to have sex.  He got sick and died.  He was alone when he died.
     People unfamiliar with Christian Science may not think that animal magnetism is something to contend with.  Animal magnetism is the carnal mind; it is depravity, mesmerism and hypnotism.  Animal magnetism only has power in the Adam dream.  If you are a fan of Star Wars you would call it the dark side of the force.  If you are into Harry Potter you would say that animal magnetism is Lord Voldemort.  I have to believe that if Mary Baker Eddy had not “unmasked” (uncovered) animal magnetism to be personal sense then we probably would not have had such good examples of it in our media today.  A mask has to do with a cover on one’s face.  This mask then belongs to personal sense.
     J. K. Rowling gave a lot of examples how to meet such evil.  Pay attention Christians, she might be able to teach you something!  Remember the bogart (I think this is how it was spelled) in the closet?  How did the wizards deal with this evil demon?  By thinking of the most ridiculous thing in the world they could think of!  The bogart reflected their thinking and became the ridiculous itself.  This made the fear they had been experiencing evaporate and they were able to laugh and put the demon back into the closet (mental darkness which is really nothingness) where it had come from.
     Richard Kennedy was not a nice man, although he appeared to be a nice man on the surface.  He caused a lot of trouble for the early workers of Christian Science.  Just because he is no longer a pest does not mean that error is sleeping or dormant.  We need to all wake up from the Adam dream.
     It came to be the experience of those students working a Pleasant View, for Mary Baker Eddy, that they would be assigned weather duty.  They were to pray about the weather if bad storms were coming their way.  They were to pray about cyclones, droughts, and blizzards.  It seemed an odd thing that bad weather should be aimed toward the house of Concord.  However, those aware of animal magnetism’s methods understand that weather seems to be controlled by evil intents.  Some might call it black magic.  The students were successful most of the time, sometimes Mary Baker Eddy had to step in and take over when the students failed to meet the need.
     Once during a drought the milkman told them that his cows were in need of water and that his well was dry.  Mary Baker Eddy heard of this and she prayed over the matter.  On the following morning the milkman arrived telling everyone that there was now water in his well even though there had not been one drop of rain.
     Once, a cyclone was headed straight for Pleasant View.  The students worked about this evil heading their way, as did Mary Baker Eddy.  After the bad weather was over it was found that her estate had been untouched by the funnel, even though it had touched down in surrounding areas.
     It was from reading stories like these that made me want to try and prove that we could pray and see results where erroneous weather conditions were concerned.  The May when there were students in China fighting for free rights was a time when my area was having unusual rain.  It rained day after day.  One day I passed a co-worker on the steps.  He was teasing me when he said that the weather was all my fault, but I realized that I was allowing it to take place as I was taking no effort in praying about it.
     I decided that I should pray about this weather before going to sleep.  I was in bed praying about it.  It seemed as if there were no results.  Then the thought came to me to pray about peace in China.  I began to pray along this line and the violent thunder claps came to an end, the rain stopped.
     The next night I awoke from loud thunder.  I prayed for peace in China again.  But it seemed as if this was not working.  I began to get upset.  I did not understand how come my efforts were not working.  I had to become calm.  I was waiting to hear God speak to me.  Imagine my surprise when I heard Obi-Wan Kenobi’s voice saying, “Let go.”
     I said, “What?”
     “Let go.”
     “Let go of what?”  I realized that I had to let go of personal responsibility with the weather.  I had to understand that Principle was governing the weather.  After I did this the violent thunder and lightning stopped and all was well.  This seemed to be the end of the constant rain for that time period.  This experience taught me that we must not fall into formulas when doing our metaphysical work!
     This month (June 2012) it was during the midnight hour that I woke up from thunder and heavy rain.  My son was also awake.  Then we heard tornado sirens.  My son became afraid.  I told him that God would protect us, and if he was really worried that he could go downstairs.  This is what he did.
     This left me alone to pick up my Science and Health.  I opened it up at random, but what I read was exactly what I needed.  It was all about the Second Day of Spirit in the chapter “Genesis.”  It was like the words were new to me, I had never thought about them in regard with the weather at all.  But it made sense, after all, Noah had the flood and this took place during the Second Day of Spirit.
     I began to see each raindrop as descending from heaven, each raindrop was from God, they were angel thoughts come to quench the thirst of Earth.  The rain was just like God’s thoughts of good covering the whole ground with elemental thoughts of divine Mind.  And these raindrops formed rivers of divine Science.
     I had my peace and I knew quite literally, “It is over.”  The violence of the storm ceased and gentle rain came down.  My son came back upstairs and we went back to sleep.
     It is up to each one of us to pray about the weather!  It is what God wants us to do.  I hope that this has helped you understand that we do not, as a society, have to put up with hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons, cyclones, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, droughts, fires, WAR, or any other tragedy.  We are expected to pray about such things, to recognize Principle’s control over all things and all conditions!  Jesus calmed the storm, so if Jesus did it then we are expected to do it too!  This is following in the Master’s footsteps.
     We must stop being ignorant as well.  Things like war, hate, violence, immorality, etc. also influence the weather in a negative way.  If we do not take a stand and literally know that God-Principle is really in control of the weather and negative thought forces really have no power then we will experience evil weather.  There really can be no global warming IF we are willing to take up the belief and pray about it.  A good example is found in the Bible when Jesus fed the multitude.  Where did the fish and bread come from?  It came from Mind.  Where do the polar icebergs come from?  They too must come from Mind.  Have you ever been afraid that you would run out of the number 4?  No, because 4 is an idea.  Well, ice is an idea, fish and bread are ideas too.  The ice can be multiplied just as the loaves and fishes were!  Perhaps this is what Genesis really means when it tells man to go forth and multiply and replenish the earth?  I think it does, because I have known for years that it had absolutely nothing to do with sex.
     Do newscasters or talk show radio hosts really help out when they repeat the lies of error over and over on the television and radio?  No, they do not.  They may think that they are doing good but they are doing more harm than good because they are recounting and repeating error.  They are making a reality of error instead of speaking God’s Truth about the situation.  They are ignorant of what they are doing.  But in our day and time we must begin to wake up from the harm of speaking lies about God’s creation.  What they do is a type of mesmerism or hypnotism and people are unaware of what lies they are taking in.  If everyone in the world would read the Bible and Science and Health instead of watching or listening to the news or talk radio think of how much more harmonious the world would be today.  All war would end and violent storms would cease!

P.S. – Although I do not usually recommend the following book as reading material, because I feel that it portrays Mary Baker Eddy in a negative way, I do think that the author gives new information about Richard Kennedy – information found in Gillian Gill’s biography Mary Baker Eddy.