The Holy Grail of La Merica

by MJSmith


One afternoon I watched an episode of Legend Quest.  It was about the search for the Holy Grail (cup).  Parts of it were pretty interesting, but as always I have to think that the facts get twisted around to suit the goals of the show’s host.  And, as usual, he did not find what he set out to find.  Never the less, because the show deals with symbols, I find it interesting to watch.

The host of the show began his search in Scotland at the church Rosline.  During the time that the show was being shot the church had been closed off.  The reason was that the church has had too many people visiting since The De Vinci Code was published and (they say) that everyone’s breath was dissolving the carvings in the church.  But he had a picture he had taken years ago, before 2003, of a wall that had a carving that he called a map.  It looked like a tower with a bowl on top (a grail?).  This is interesting, as today I visited the website for JesusWedding.  On it was a drawing diagram that kept changing form, it is cool!  But it was supposed to be of the Christ spear (I think) and the Holy Grail.  It also depicted the seven chakras.  In a way, it sort of sounds like the same symbol (almost) as on the Rosline wall.

Also on this map was a five pointed star (Venus) on the left side of the bowl.  The host decided the map depicted the Roseline and the equator.  When he superimposed the image upon a map of the world something very interesting happened.  The star’s location on the map, get this, was New England America! Right away I know that this would imply the second coming of Christ’s location (of the sacred feminine) being the left side where Mary Baker Eddy is at and where she placed her Church.  And IF all of this was made up just for the show, think of how even fiction symbolizes Truth! Uncanny!

The host spoke to a man who was familiar with the history of the Rosline Church (also, Mary Baker Eddy’s ancestors are from Scotland).  The man said that the grail was supposed to have been given to a pilgrim right before they set sail for America.  He also said that the name of the star was La Merica, the name sounds a lot like America.  I also feel that Meri may point to the name of Mary. But then again, Meric has to do with the name Mark. (Mary Baker’s father’s name was Mark.)

The host’s female assistant suggested that they continue their search where the Pilgrims landed, which is just south of Boston. So they go to Plymouth, Massachusetts, to look at a tower.  They think that this tower must give a clue to where the grail is at.

The tower was built in the 20th century in order to honor the Pilgrims and our country.  Teddy Roosevelt had something to do with it being built; they said he was a Mason.  This tower somehow leads them to Boston, to the Bunker Hill tower, which was also built by Masons.  Oh, they are so close to The First Church of Christ Scientist!  But do they know that is where the Holy Grail is really at?  No, they do not.

Inside the tower is a smaller tower structure.  On top of it is something shaped like a grail (it has the Mason’s square symbol on it).  On top of the grail was a flame, to symbolize enlightenment and understanding.  These symbols reminded me of the Immanuel Arch in the Vestry of the Boston Edifice.

The Immanuel Arch with its five steps that ascend to the door of Mother’s Room, and the word of LOVE above the door itself

The Immanuel Arch’s entry echoes the Mason’s symbol of the two pillars. And what is behind the two pillars inside the Boston Edifice Vestry?  Mother’s Room!  Inside is her Greek lamp, her torch, to be kept lit at all times (supposedly, who knows if they still do it). The window of Mary Baker Eddy at the head corner IS our Holy Grail, our sacred feminine Mother.  Also the Edifice has its bell tower (Magdalene means tower) and it is right by Mother’s Room.

So, even though a tower is symbolic of the male (because of his private part) it also is rooted to Mary Magdalene, especially when located in a church.

Mary Baker Eddy’s first husband, George Glover, was a Mason, so Mary Glover probably was in on Mason symbolism.  Her oldest brother was also probably a Mason, as he built houses and buildings.  George Glover built the house that he and his bride lived in while newlyweds.

After the show’s couple leave Boston they head for Washington D.C., to visit another tower – the Washington Monument. Yes, they decide this tower must be the resting place for the grail.  Once they get there, however, they discover that the monument’s building was stopped because of the Civil War and money problems. So, they decided that this was not a safe place to put the grail and a new hiding place must be found.  The star of the show uses the Mason’s compass and square symbol to try and figure out where to go next. Well, when he moved the square around to the left it pointed him to the capital building.  He said that all the towers were masculine symbols; that they must look for a feminine symbol. Well, I already knew that the Statue of Freedom is on top of the capitol dome; but being from Scotland, he had no idea what was on top of the dome (or so he pretended not to know).  His lady friend did a search on their tablet and she said it was a female statue for freedom.  He totally ignored the feminine symbol of the dome (a female breast).  Was he not allowed to say that on TV?  For some reason he decides to draw a straight line between Washington D.C. and Boston and journey to the middle point, which happens to be New York City.  Well, New York City is not quite the center point, but he ran with it anyway!

They go to New York, because a similar statue is there as found in Washington D.C.  You guessed it, the female Statue of Liberty is found in the harbor with her TORCH light.  It also turns out that the original torch from the nineteenth century is inside the statue’s base.  The torch was the first piece to come to America and it was displayed at the World’s Fair, the same World’s Fair that had the meeting of differing religious groups, the one where Christian Science was put in the spotlight, it was given a voice to the world.  (To me this is a very important co-in-side-ence.)

This is when the host comes up with his theory that the grail was either melted down to become part of the metal for the torch, or it was placed inside the torch. Yeah, right, like someone is going to melt down such an important artifact!  And if it is such a valuable artifact why hide it?  Why not share it with the world?

I can accept that Boston (or even New Hampshire) is where the Star, La Merica, is located, or rather, the Holy Grail because the Holy Grail has to do with Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy.

More on the Statue of Freedom
There are a lot of pictures on the Internet if you are interested in looking at the Statue of Freedom.  It is quite interesting.  What startled me was her crown of stars!  I have been unable to find out the exact number of them, I guess there are either 12 or 13.   If it is twelve stars then she is the woman God-crowned.  If it is thirteen stars they probably represent the original thirteen colonies of the United States, and to me that also points me to the  woman God-crowned.  The broach upon her chest is a circle.  Inside the circle is a U and inside the U is an S – for the United States.  She was completely raised on the dome of the capitol on Dec. 2, 1863, just two years, two months, and two days before Mary Baker Paterson had her healing. That is a lot of twos! Okay, it might be three days if there was a leap year in there.

There is an eagle head upon the woman’s helmet.  This makes me think of the woman of the wilderness (of Revelation 12) being taken into the wilderness.  To me, as always, the eagle is a symbol for the fourth living creature (a.k.a. the fourth living beast) of Science.

I think that Freedom’s face looks similar to Mary Baker Eddy, but you may disagree.    Freedom’s profile does not remind me of Mary Baker Eddy as much.   I also think there is a similarity with the way her face looks in comparison to the face of the Statue of Liberty.

Her right hand is upon the hilt of a sheathed sword (which could be symbolic of Science, Spirit, or Truth). Her left hand holds a laurel wreath for victory and triumph and rests upon a United States shield with thirteen stripes.

Her dress is fashioned in a Native American style.  This is okay with me, because I think that Indians are cool.  In fact, many of their legends are quite interesting and full of symbols.

There is also the original plaster statue on display in the Capitol Visitor Center.

More on the Statue of Liberty
It is interesting that the number seven has so much to do with this Statue.  People do not understand what is so important about this number.  It is special because it represents God’s seven names – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  These seven synonymous terms for God are also the seven tones that the Seven Days of Genesis 1-2:3 bring forth.  These seven tones, seven names, seven synonyms, are used as a pattern for much of the Bible and the whole of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

The following is actually what I wrote before I wrote what is above, so some of it is repeat, however, I feel that it is probably a better piece.  I forgot I had actually written it, or else I would not have had the above, but hey, maybe both is better?


There has been a lot of talk and discussion, books, television shows, and even movies about the Holy Grail.  But just what is the Holy Grail?  Is it a person named Mary Magdalene?  Is it a cup, or a bowl?  I will tell you what the Holy Grail is.  It is the Bible, the Holy Bible.  The Bride is also called the Word of God; is not the Holy Bible also known as the Word of God?  I have also read that the Holy Grail is a reference to a divine measuring system (or Science).  If this is true, then the Bible must be based upon a system or a Science, a divine Science.  Yet what modern religions, or even old religions, teach this Science?  I know of only one religion, and I will be honest, I do not like the word “religion” at all!  But most people feel that anything that speaks of “God” is a religion, so the religion I speak of is Christian Science.  It is God’s Science, God’s Holy Grail, that which uses a reed, like unto a rod, to measure the spiritual only.

If then, the Bible is the Bride (Word of God), or the Christ body (Church), then the builders of the Church body-man can no longer reject the headstone (cornerstone).

What is the Christ Head (the Lamb of God) Leader?  It is “a little book” of Revelation, found also in Revelation 10, and its name is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

I see it this way, the Bible is the body and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is the headstone, or capstone, laying on top of the Bible.  Many men wrote the Holy Book and Mary Baker Eddy (one woman) wrote the Christian Science Textbook.

On an August 2011 episode of SyFy Channel’s Legend Quest an archeologist is in search of the actual grail cup used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper.  His team begins their search at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.  According to the archeologist there is a carving on a wall that resembles a tower.  On top of the tower is a shape that looks like a cup, except there is no lid line on it.  Inside the cup’s two lines are diamond shapes.  He says that he has decided that the tower is really a map, that the vertical line that runs down the middle is the Rose Line, and that the cup sits upon the equator line.  He superimposes this structure over a world map.  The left side of the cup has a five-pointed star (symbolic of Venus).  This star happens to lay over New England in the United States.  I am not sure about this, but I think that the right side of the cup went through Jerusalem.  He speaks to a worker at Rosslyn Chapel who tells him that the name of the star is La Merica and that one of the pilgrims came to Rosslyn before sailing off for America.

I am dumbfounded that the star of Venus, a.k.a. La Merica, happens to be exactly where the second coming of Christ took place!  It is so obvious to anyone who understands that Mary Baker Eddy was the sacred feminine (left) for the Christ, while Jesus was the sacred masculine (right) for the Christ.

The name Merica probably means “ruler of the sea.”  However, Meri points us to the name of Mary as well (not mentioned on Legend Quest).  Was America really named by the Masons because of this star instead of after Amerigo Vespucci as our history books claim?

So the Legend Quest team continues their search at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, just south of Boston, where The First Church is.  There is a tower structure built in the early 20th century.  President Theodore Roosevelt was in charge of construction on the tower, and they say that he was also a Mason.  This tower, however, leads them to a dead end, so they go to Boston where another Mason Tower is built in the place where Bunker Hill was fought.  Inside this tower is a smaller tower.  At the bottom of the second tower are two pillars (like those of Solomon’s Temple).  In between the two pillars is an arch.  This immediately takes me to the Immanuel Arch in front of Mother’s Room of the Boston Edifice, on which sets the bell tower.  On top of the Edifice’s bell tower is a t-cross.

On top of the stone tower inside the larger tower is a grail with the Mason’s symbol on the front of it, the masculine (blade) compass and the feminine (cup) squared ruler.  This symbol is pretty close to the Star of David’s two intersecting triangles (of the blade and cup).  Inside the urn, cup, or grail, is a flame of fire.  It is reported in Pulpit and Press that the Athenian lamp within Mother’s Room was to be lit at all times.  But who knows today if this practice is kept going?

Next they travel to Washington D.C. to look at Washington’s Monument, another tower.  Then they use the Mason symbol and move the squared ruler around to the left and right.  On the left side is water on the right side is the capital building.  He feels that all the towers are masculine symbols so there must be a feminine symbol at the capital.  They go there and find a woman on top of the feminine dome; she is a statue symbolizing freedom.

Then he does a map thing.  He draws a straight line between Washington D.C. and Boston and goes to the half way mark.  There lies New York City (only it really is not half way at all; what, did he think people would not check or know that New York is closer to Boston?), and what is there but the Statue of Liberty.  He decides that the Holy Grail was placed within the original torch (which is now kept at the base of Lady Liberty) or that the cup was melted down in order to become part of the metal of the torch.  My problem with his theory is that if the Masons really had the Holy Grail they would never melt it down, as it is too precious.  And why hide it in the first place?

No, the Holy Grail has to be a symbol for the sacred masculine-feminine Christ.  And the Star of La Merica points me directly to Mary Baker Eddy’s Mother’s Room where the Greek oil lamp, which is said to be kept lit at all times (flame for enlightenment), is located.  Mother’s Room lies right behind the two pillars and the Immanuel Arch.  Who sits at the cornerstone head of the Edifice and the Mother’s Room head window?  Mary Baker Eddy sits there, that is who, my Merica Baker Eddy.  Below is depicted the bay window in Mother’s Room.

Bay Window

If everything on the show is all true then think about what the Pilgrims and Masons truly comprehended.  They knew where the second coming of Christ was to take place.  They put the star right where it belonged.

The Four Living Creatures

In Revelation St. John describes the “four living creatures,” also known as “the four beasts,” as a lion, a calf,[1] the face of a man, and a flying eagle.  These creatures or beasts (animals not demons) are what Mary Baker Eddy calls the divine calculus of the Word [the Christ body – Bible], the Christ [Head Leader of Church], Christianity [body or congregation of Church], and Science [the Christ capstone Head – Science and Health].  The Bible itself has time periods made up of the Word, the Christ, and Christianity, while the Textbook is Science itself.  The Old Testament gives us the tone of the Word and the Christ.  From Genesis to the Kings and Prophets we have the tone of the Word (building of the Christ body).  With the Kings and Prophets we have the tone of the Christ, that which leads and governs the children of Israel as the Fisher-King.  And with the New Testament comes the period of Christianity, where the Christ body is formed spiritually instead of being manifested as a Holy Tabernacle tent of meeting, or a Holy Temple built by King Solomon, which was destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar, rebuilt again only to be later on destroyed, rebuilt and then destroyed once more.  So even with the Holy Tabernacle (as the Word), and the three buildings of the Holy Temple (as the Christ, Christianity, and Science) we have a divine calculus of ideas being manifested as the Hebrew Church.

The tone of Science finally comes with the Christian Science Textbook.  It is the Key to the Scriptures, or it shows us how to unseal the Bride’s seven seals (seven covers or seven skins given to Adam before being kicked out of the Garden of Eden).  The seven adornments of the Bride are explained in the Key as the Seven Days of Genesis 1-2:5.  It is the Bridegroom (Lamb of God) that unveils the Bride’s (Bible’s) seven adornments in the wedding chamber.  The Bridegroom is Science and Health (with its leaves [pages] for the healing of the Nations).

The Seven Days of Genesis are also the seven names for God.  The seven synonymous terms for God are Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  The Six Days of Creation (Revelation) are Mind through Truth.  The Sabbath Day found at the beginning of Genesis’ chapter 2, is the Day of Love.  The Bible tells us that:  “each day is like one thousand years with the Lord.”  So, these Seven Days of spiritual progress is a period of seven thousand years, rather than just one week, as most Christians believe.

Mary Baker Eddy gave us these seven names for God as the First Elder (answer) in the thirteenth chapter “Recapitulation.”  “Recapitulation” is the New Jerusalem [artichoke] matrix.  These twenty-four elders (24 answers to 24 questions) sit in a circle, like the petals of a sunflower, around the hub of the One upon the Throne.

Genesis chapter one up to the chapters on Noah is the First Day (Mind).  Noah is the Second Day (Spirit).  The Third Day (Soul) is the Patriarchs up to the Kings and Prophets (the Fourth Day of Principle).  The Fifth Day (Life) begins with the New Testament and ends around a.d. 996.  This is when the Sixth Day (Truth) takes place and ends on June 5, 1996.  I cannot tell you why I feel it is June 5th accept that this is what God has revealed to me.  The Seventh Day (Love) begins on June 6, 1996.  We now presently live in the Seventh Day, the Sabbath when God rests in perfect action (via His-Her Science).

So with the Sixth Day man gains his “dominion” as in the Bible (as Genesis 1:28 predicts).  Man is able to demonstrate Christian Science healing because of Mary Baker Eddy and her Textbook (sewn without seam or rent).  Man has dominion over what?  Over sin (lust), sickness (war), disease (greed), and death.  These are the four horsemen of Revelation 6.  However, the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism wages war against the woman God-crowned (Mary Baker Eddy) and her remnant seed (the 144,000).  For today, the Day of Love, most people have forgotten the woman, little lone read her book, and her Church is dead (not many members) do to personal sense (a Board of Directors).

Mary Baker Eddy saw herself as the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12.  Anyone who reads the Textbook with an open heart will see this, or understand it.  But the red dragon fought this Truth, and this is what happened.  This is why you may have never heard of Christian Science, or why (if you have heard of it) you think it is a cult, or you have heard false propaganda about Science.  (I say this from experience of people I know.)

Some of the “men” of the Church (The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts) did not like following a woman.  They did not want to obey her, and they felt they knew better how to run and manage the Movement.  (What they called it.  Mary Baker Eddy usually spoke of the Cause of Christian Science, not the Movement.)  Some of these men were Board of Directors, some were just members of the Church.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

Mary Baker Eddy never really came out and said, “I am the woman God-crowned” but she did hint at it when she taught her students and she wrote it in her many editions of Science and Health.  There were loyal followers like Ira Knapp (a Board member) who understood her place in Bible prophecy.  He saw who she was and exclaimed it to the whole class.  His whole family was loyal to Mary Baker Eddy and accepted her place (her seat of power) in Bible prophecy.

One of the red dragon’s blows came via a woman around the turn of the century.  Her name was Josephine Woodbury.  She was a disloyal Christian Scientist.  She had an adulterous affair and conceived a child.  She claimed her son to be an immaculate conception, when he was actually conceived in sin.  She tried to have her own followers to go against Mary Baker Eddy and she was really a troublemaker.

Mary Baker Eddy spoke to her Church in a Message about the Babylonian woman.  She never mentioned Josephine Woodbury at all.  But Woodbury claimed that Mary Baker Eddy was speaking about her being the Babylonian harlot (probably do to her own guilt).  Woodbury filed suit against Mary Baker Eddy.  This was an attempt by Satan (the red dragon) to attack Mary Baker Eddy.  It is interesting to know (as most people do not know this today) that Satan’s original job was as the district attorney in Heaven’s court!  In court Woodbury claimed that Mary Baker Eddy taught that she was the woman God-crowned.  This was a trick laid out by the serpent dragon (same serpent as in Eden) to bring to the world’s attention a fact that it was not yet ready to deal with.  Mary Baker Eddy said that the world would not be ready to accept her place until about the 1940’s.  When Mary Baker Eddy’s lawyers asked her if she thought that she was the woman of the Apocalypse she understood their limited thinking.  So she answered their question with a question.  “Could a little gray haired lady be the woman God-crowned?”  (Or she may have said, “Could a little gray haired lady be the woman of the Apocalypse?”)  This satisfied their mental inquiry and they continued to defend her in court.  She never denied that she was the woman God-crowned.

Her students that were asked to give testimony were coached on how to answer inquiries about her place.  They did not lie to the court because Mary Baker Eddy never “taught her place” in class instruction.  The claim was that she taught that she was the woman.

Edward Kimball did not exactly speak to the Press incorrectly about Mary Baker Eddy.  He spoke to mortal mind, not to a spiritually enlightened Press.  I suppose an example would be if news reporters were questioning Jesus during his trial.  Would Jesus admit to being King of the Jews?  No, he would not admit it to mortal mind (unenlightened thought), nor would he explain himself to Pilot.  Pilot did not even understand what Jesus meant by Truth!

It was not the mission of Mary Baker Eddy to be crucified or killed, Jesus did that, it was his mission to resurrect and ascend.

So, with Edward Kimball’s words to the Press, unenlightened Christian Scientists have used what he said to the press to support the red dragon’s viewpoint instead of Mary Baker Eddy’s Truth.  Just as the Jews refused Jesus as their Messiah, so Christian Scientists deny Mary Baker Eddy’s Leadership, or her Holy Seat upon the throne of the Holy City as the Lamb of God.  But she was smarter than the men.

A triumvirate began their attempt to dethrone the Queen of Science.  Two of them were Board of Directors.  These three men had an illegal 89th Church Manual printed up.  But again, I am getting ahead of myself.

In 1907 the red dragon (male ego and male superiority) attacked Mary Baker Eddy.  Newspaperman Joseph Pulitzer hid in the background while he used his paper to print lies about Mary Baker Eddy.  He claimed that she was dead.  When this failed, he claimed that the men of her Church were in charge and she was in a mental hospital, or old folks home, with some phony woman imposter at her post.  People did, in part, buy into his lies.  He also arranged to get a New Hampshire congressman to go after her and sue her, to make claim that she was not in control of her money, that she was insane, etc.

This Chandler dude persuaded Mary Baker Eddy’s son George Glover, his daughter (Mary Glover), adopted son Benjamin, and other relatives to join in the Next Friend’s Suit.  George and his family received bribes from Chandler.  There was also mesmerism being used on George Glover.  (By this time in his life, George looked older than his mother did.)  This suit failed.  In fact, the accusers (after interviewing Mary Baker Eddy in person) had no choice but to drop the suit.  Chandler did not give up, however, he still tried to persecute the woman, but she was always protected by the omni-action of Science (the wings of the flying eagle).

At the age (according to the calendar’s lie) of 89, Mary Baker Eddy had been preparing herself spiritually for the change that would take place on December 3, 1910.  She began to be more reclusive; the household workers took this as a sign that she was going to die, which was mental malpractice on their part.  The men in charge of her Church were also getting restless because she would not “give up the ghost” and die.  They schemed to take over her Church (when she expired) with the 89th Edition (unapproved [in full] by Mary Baker Eddy).  It saddened my Leader to see the path the Church was taking, for it was the path of suffering instead of the path of Science.

And so, on December 3, 1910, she left the mortal world and her Church.  The doctor who saw her body at Chestnut Hill was amazed at her pleasant, peaceful expression and her wrinkle free face.  The autopsy reported that they could find no reason for her death so they attributed it to pneumonia or natural causes.  There were also the statements about her arteries being like that of a young woman and that the rate of decay was peculiar, much slower than most bodies.

This being said, what could the reason be for the autopsy to be unable to find a reason for death?  The answer lies in the Textbook on page 196:25.

“Many a hopeless case of disease is induced by a single post mortem examination, — not from infection nor from contact with material virus, but from the fear of the disease and from the image brought before the mind, it is a mental state, which is afterwards outlined on the body.”  I doubt that Mary Baker Eddy allowed any fear in with an infection, a virus, or a disease that she may have been experiencing that early December.  And because she was unafraid there were no physical afterward effects seen outlined in or upon her body.

Add this up to the fact that five household workers saw her after the “so-called” death and that she attended her own funeral (in January 1911) as the mysterious woman in black (written about in the newspapers) to me says that her death was an illusion like unto one that only Harry Houdini could hope to imagine!

With her Cause being raped, by materialistic minded men, it was not long until World War I was upon mankind (suffering), and then World War II (more suffering).  It was after Der Fuehrer (the Leader) of Germany claimed ruler ship of the world, via false propaganda, that the Board of Directors finally did something.  A committee was set up to write a report on Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  A small pamphlet published and distributed from the report’s 57 typed pages.  The pamphlet was titled Mrs. Eddy’s Place, and it had “six points” explaining Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  I read that (but it was not explained how) this pamphlet brought about six changes of World War II that brought about peace.  It was not long after this that Bliss Knapp (Ira’s son) wrote a book supporting Mary Baker Eddy’s place.  His book was called Destiny of The Mother Church.  The five Board of Directors were infuriated!  How dare he publish a book without their permission?  They insisted, they dictated (like Herr Hitler), that he recall and destroy all copies of his book.  World conditions always reflect church conditions.

It was not just because Bliss Knapp supported Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy that upset them.  It was the fact that he did not get their permission to write or publish the book.  They were in control and that was that.  Plus, if anyone was to make money from selling books on Christian Science it had better be Boston!

Also during this era was a Christian Science teacher who had class instruction in 1910, the last class to be authorized by Mary Baker Eddy.  This man’s name was John W. Doorly.  He understood the system of Science.  He taught this system to his Association (students).  He actually was progressing in spite of the Board of Directors.  So, they put a stop to him, or at least they tried.  They dictated that he no longer teach this Scientific system, that he was not qualified or authorized to do so.  But Doorly pursued, as he knew God had shown him the KEY within the Key to the Scriptures.  When the Board could not control Doorly, they excommunicated him.  Then they told their congregation members that Doorly’s teachings were false and they had best not read his books or take his classes.

Doorly was an Englishman, and I have to say, thank God for my English brothers and sisters.  A European, Max Kappeler, was one of Doorly’s students.  He has done much to advance Christian Science.  British men – W. Gordon Brown and John Morgan have also done great work.

American, Helen Wright, also learned from Doorly’s work.  And there are others.  Yet, some Christian Scientists feel that Doorly is rooted to Edward Kimball’s work and that Edward Kimball was a bad seed, that he taught a false teaching.  I do not know enough about Kimball’s works to have an opinion upon his teachings.  I can say this however, Edward Kimball’s teachings may have been spot on, but those who were unenlightened may have misinterpreted his teaching and turned it into something it was not meant to be.

Today you have loyal Church-goers (Christian Scientists) who refuse to read John Doorly’s books (and other’s works) because they have been brainwashed by false propaganda.  They literally are afraid of reading them.  It is the same thing with such things as Tarot cards.  Would you believe me if I told you that the original purpose of the Tarot cards was to explain the book of Revelation?  In books like The Da Vinci Code (even though it is a novel of fiction) the author, Dan Brown, writes that Tarot cards were created to tell the story of Mary Magdalene.  I do not deny this, but I reinterpret this to mean that the Tarot cards were not fortune telling cards but rather were prophetic cards telling the story of Mary Baker Eddy (our modern day Mary Magdalene).

I have a cousin (wife of my cousin) who is afraid of Tarot cards.  She said, “I would not have those in my house!”  Like they have powers?  She believes, I am sure, that they are of the devil, or perhaps are used by witches.  Why?  Because of false propaganda put out about Tarot cards by the Roman Catholic Church.  Even though she is not a Catholic she has fallen for the propaganda.  “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”[2]

I am not afraid to look into Tarot cards, the Kabalah tree of life, John W. Doorly’s word, or other’s works unapproved by the Boston Hierarchy.  I am sure that I am what they call a heretic.  But I am one of today’s most loyal Christian Scientists.  I do not belong to the material organization; I am an Independent Christian Scientist.

I have found that when you investigate things that they are based upon the same exact things, the seven names for God, the divine calculus of ideas, and the four spiritual levels of Scientific consciousness!  What we misinterpret is of mysticism, of the mist found in the Garden of Eden.

This is the way of things in all religions of the world.  At first the true creation of ideas comes, or is revealed to man via Mind (God).  This may have a personal leader, or founder, because revelation must be manifested as man.  The problem comes when the followers (body or congregation) begin to deify the leader or founder of such said religion.  When this happens you wind up with a Lord God Jehovah (an anthropomorphic deity).  Why cannot Jehovah be the manifestation of the Word in the human who becomes Adam the man? Adam is a self-made man (egotistical).  He is a by-product of his own illusive dream, from which he never wakes up.  Adam’s rib is the symbol for Jehovah’s covenant (union) with Adam.  The “broken covenant” takes place when the rib is used to create a woman.  What the woman represents is Adam man’s divinity (womanhood).  After the surgery Adam believes he is separated from his divinity, his one true God, he is a “fallen” asleep man.  It is illusion that teaches that Adam can go off somewhere without his womanhood.  This illusion is what the religions of Christianity and Hebrews teach.  If you really read the Bible carefully, Adam is present when the serpent tempts the woman with the forbidden fruit of physical science, of physical sensation found in matter.  Adam knew the rules, but he took the bite and blamed the act on his own divinity.  “God tempted me to do it, so I did it.”  God never tempts man into following error or being evil.

When the but of objection comes along we (the body) begin to misunderstand and misinterpret what our Lord has taught us.  This is Adam (objection to Truth, or defiance to Truth).  Adam is the Church of Eden (the body’s enclosure = garden).  So beginning in Chapter 2 of Genesis, whether we want to admit it or not, we have a religion created from illusion (matter, material organized Church).

The red serpent (the copperhead snake) is the nervous system (false science) wrapped (coiled) around the backbone trunk found in the midst (middle) of Adam’s garden body.  Adam represents the material brain, and it is this big giant head (brain) that is in communication with the nervous system’s electrical impulses (signals).  The serpent is Adam and this is why they are given the same curse.

Notice the green serpent wrapped around the tree trunk. (I did not think about making the serpent red when I colorized this illustration of “Christmas Eve.”)

The woman’s curse is to give birth to Adam’s children.  Ah, but this is only what the men of scholastic theology teach the church congregations.

The woman is not really cursed at all.  She is really given a mission.  Ah, but you say, “Why would she not be punished for tempting Adam with the fruit and eating the fruit herself?”  Stop thinking she did this.  It was mortal man’s hand that placed the fruit in the mouth.  The womanhood was never separated from her manhood.

She knows what the real temptation is.  She knows it is physical sensation in partnership with a brain (false ego) that is the tempter.  And this is why she is given the mission to step upon the serpent’s head.  It is this same type of womanhood that is to give birth to the manchild in Revelation 12, this is her mission complete, the fullness of Christ born as idea, not illusion.  But Adam man (ecclesiastical despotism) will bite at her heal (try to impede her spiritual progress).  And he does this when he falsely identifies the woman to be Eve.  Eve is not falsely identified until after Adam and the serpent are cursed.  The woman is not falsely identified until after she is given the blessing.  And it is this blessing that is handed down from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to Joseph to Ephraim, etc.

The woman is not to submit herself over to Adam (mortal mind), again this is a false theological teaching.  No, the woman is to submit to the Christ-Mind (her real husband).  It is only when this is done that the manchild is born (spiritually not as a material child).

The Bible (body of Christ) begins with Genesis and ends with Revelation.  It begins with the Word (the Bride body) and finishes with Christianity (body of the Christ-man).  It is the Christ prophets and Christ kings (fisher-kings) mentality that is the head of the Christ-man.  And it is Science and Health that is the head (Christ – the Bridegroom) of the Bride Bible Scriptures.

What most Christians do not know is that the prophecy of the Christ man is only found in the Old Testament, but the prophecy of the Christ woman is found in the Old and New Testaments.  So should it be too surprising to find out that the two chapters following the title page Key to the Scriptures in the Textbook are “Genesis” and “The Apocalypse”?  “Genesis” speaks of the Seven Days and the Adam allegory, while “The Apocalypse” speaks of the threefold mission for the woman as Discoverer (Angle with “a little book open”), Founder (woman God-crowned), and Leader (Holy Bride City).  These three measures (Holy Grail) of meal are “Science, Theology, Medicine.”  And the leaven is spiritual understanding.

It is crucial that mankind understands the book of Genesis and the book of Revelation so that the Bible may be unsealed.  Of course, Mary Baker Eddy did this with her Textbook.

There is a woman of the Twentieth Century.  She was a professor and her name is Edyth Armstrong Hoyt.  I have heard that she was a Christian Scientist, but if so, she never acknowledged it in her works.  Taking into account what I have already told you about Bliss Knapp’s book, we can understand why Ms. Hoyt would have not acknowledged Christian Science in her writings, however, she certainly did seem to be familiar with it.

Her book Studies in the Apocalypse of John of Patmos is most enlightening.  She explains that Revelation has an Introduction, seven visions (with Interludes after the sixth sections of some visions), an epilogue, and a benediction conclusion.  And everything is seven, or what I call the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle (what Doorly calls the “Golden Candlestick Matrix of Science” which is based upon Moses’ Golden Candlestick for the Tabernacle, formed after the “pattern seen in the mount” pyramid).  Although Hoyt does not use the seven synonymous terms for her pyramids, they are applicable to her work based upon St. John’s work.

So, with Genesis 1-2:3 we have Seven Days, a Golden Candlestick of the lights of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  This is the system of Science that John uses over and over in his seven visions.  Revelation has Mind as Mind, Mind as Spirit, Mind as Soul, Mind as Principle, Mind as Life, Mind as Truth, and Mind as Love being the first vision.  The second vision is Spirit in the seven tones of the seven synonymous terms for God, ect.


The word cult is simply misunderstood by modern society.  It has come to mean that a group (who thinks strange religious ideas) is led by some deranged evil anti-Christ figure!  They set themselves up at some camp, cut off from the rest of the world, and they do who knows what in the sight of God!  The leader even kidnaps his congregation or followers and is said to brainwash them, or use force on them.

But this is not what cult really means, nor is it what it use to be.  Yes, cults have always been a part of religious cultures.  So depending on how many cultures are in the world that is how many cults there would be.  Any religion, by this definition, would be a cult (sorry to disappoint you Biblical Christians).

Now, before you Christians, or other faiths, get all upset with this idea let us look at what cult really means.  The dictionary defines it as “wheel.”  Now how, or why, is a cult a wheel?  I know that this is based upon the fact that many cultures of religions used to wander around, they were not stationary, always on the move and they lived in tents.  However, they also, especially the Hebrews, had a main tent, a Tabernacle.  The twelve tribes of Israel would camp around the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting, like the spokes of a wheel.  Hence, the Israelites had their God cult, just as other Bedouin tribes and nomad tribes did.  The Arabs had their “Kubbe” (cube dice) tent made of red leather.  They believed God lived within the Kubbe, even when it traveled on the back of a camel.

Moses’ cult (wheel) dates back to ancient Egyptian temples (which were stationary), but Christian faiths seem to be ignorant of this fact or else they do not wish to admit it.

Another thing the dictionary tells us about the word “cult” is that it does have a leader who sets up its doctrine or its Tenants (could it come from the word tent?).  Christian Science, for sure has its Six Tenants, written by Mary Baker Eddy, found in the Church Manual and the Textbook.

I do not object to anyone saying that Christian Science is a cult, because it is based upon Ezekiel’s Wheel.  What I do not like though, is the ignorance of those using the word to make their children hate other faiths, or shut them out because of the modern negative use of the word cult.  Oh, and cults are not of the occult.  Occult means: “hidden.”  Cult also points us to the word culture of a civilization.

Ezekiel’s Wheel is spoken of in Revelation, its name there is the Holy City of God.  Solomon’s Temple later on became the center for Israel’s worship, around which all national life revolved; like a wheel turning.  Solomon’s Temple was the first building of the Holy Temple of God.  After it was destroyed by Babylon, Zerubabel rebuilt it.  Zerubabbel’s Temple had no ark, for it was lost during the first destruction of the Temple.  This Temple was also destroyed.  King Herrod rebuilt it before the birth of Jesus.

The book of Ezekiel follows the minor pyramid matrix pattern, so the first and seventh section coincide with each other.  The first section is about the wheel while the seventh section is about the circular Holy City.

Ignorance, my friends, is no longer acceptable today.

[2] Butterflies Are Free