The Brigal

by MJSmith


In November 2011 I had a dream about a Brigal being blown up.  I was not sure what this word meant at the time of the dream.  In the dream it was the name of a small aircraft field in the U.S. and these airplanes were used to watch the sky for enemy aircraft.  Somebody was going to try and blow the airfield up.  It sort of reminds me of a story I read about California during WWII, perhaps the dream is based upon that story.

After doing research on Brigal, I felt as if it was rooted to the word brigade.  The word brigade has several different meanings. In the dream I looked through two rock towers down onto the air field.  A brigade ship has two groups of sales that resemble the two rock towers of the dream.  These sails are foursquare (and there are four for each group, making a total of eight sails).  The sails go up like a pyramid (each one is a little smaller than the one below it).  A brigade is also a group of specialized trained people in a field (of expertise). Could the airplanes and the field represent Christian Scientists?  Another meaning of brigade is “prison”!  Yes, think of that. I feel that my dream has to do with the “prison” belief that today’s Board of Directors has in regard with the Church Manual for The First Church of Christ Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts.  In the dream a man and woman were trying to destroy, blow up, this U.S. Brigal and a large sum of money was involved.  I do feel that the Board of Directors is out to destroy Christian Science, the Field, and the Church.  Another question I have about this Board is where do they actually get all the money they say they have? Where do they get the millions of dollars?  Where does it come from?  Do they have “special interest groups” like today’s politicians?  Do they have their own brigade?

What was also interesting about the two rock (Christ) peaks, in the dream, is they reminded me of the two pillars for the tree of life (Kabalah) and what is seen in the Tarot cards.  Also, it had been almost ten years since the twin towers of New York were destroyed by airplanes.  The purpose of the U.S. Brigal was to protect America from enemy attack in the air.  Does it really matter if the attack comes via airplanes (physically) or air waves (mentally)?  I woke up thinking that another attack is coming to America.  I hope that this is wrong and only a lie of mortal mind, but what if we really do need to be awake and praying on this topic?  If there is a coming attack and it is mental, the only force to combat it is today’s Jedi Knights – the Christian Scientists.

I think that the twin peak rocks are possibly for two Christ comings.

How many Christian Scientists are praying about Principle as the only Governor and only Government?

In my diagram, the lines that make the structure looking like a pyramid, happen to be representations of ascending manhood and descending womanhood.

Once more, I have found my original piece on this dream.  So I will edit it in for you.


In the “Kubbe” were placed two “betyls” or stones (Christ stones).  These two betyls were female dieties or sacred images.  Mary Baker Eddy set up two stone “betyls” on the cover of her Sentinel.  How many Christian Scientists today are even aware of this fact?  These two betlys are two witnesses, two Women, one representing the Letter of the Law and the other one representing the Spirit of the Law, or the Ark of the Covenant and the Arch of the Covenant.

The Kubbe is somewhat like the Hebrew Ark (of the Covenant) that contained the two stone tablets with the Ten Commandments.  The first five Commandments gives man guidelines for his relationship with God (Christian Science) while the second group of five Commandments has to do with guidelines for man’s relationship with his brother man (Catholicism = universal brotherly love).

The Hebrews, for the first time in history, had no images of gods within their Tabernacle, all they had inside was furniture and the ark.  (In the Outer Court twelve oxen held up the laver sea.  These twelve oxen were Christ symbols representing the twelve tribes of Israel.)

The Ark was originally a cult-symbol of Ephraim (Joseph’s heir[1]), not Levi.  However, when Israel split in two, the South (Judah) took over the Ark.  Perhaps if it had been left in the care of Ephraim (Womanhood) it would never have been lost?  The split of Israel (Womanhood) and Judah (manhood) resulted in moral decline.  This was followed by captivity, or slavery.

Another mistake the Hebrews made, after rebuilding the Temple, was they claimed God as their God alone.  No other Nation could have their God.  Thus, the Ark became a symbol of the throne (seat of succession) and dwelling place of Deity – only for the “true worshippers” called Jew (of Judah).  The priests claimed to be closer to God than other Jews, they set up their dogma and as heads of the Church became mediums for the body of the Church.  This spiritualism could not succeed!  In the climax of Romans, Paul spoke out against this when he said, “For I am persuaded that nothing shall separate me from the love of God.”

John’s first vision in Revelation speaks of the throne and One sitting upon it.  He is presenting the Ark of the lost temple to the throne of God (seat of dominion and power).

In The Archer Cloud dream, that I had in 1996, this box (ark) was represented as my porch.  My Catholic friend (whose last name is symbolic of a cube) and I were on the porch.  Her first name means free prophet (which has to do with the letter of the law).  My name means the Christian Field’s vigilant Branch (rod) manchild (church).  And I feel that I have to do more with apocalyptic writing (the spirit of the law).  In this dream we were symbols for the two betyls (the two Christ stones) within the box.  The Mercy Seat (Seat of succession?) for the ark also has two archangels facing each other.  Are not these two angels like the two betyls also?  We were both attempting to take pictures (use spiritual lenses) of the Archer Cloud in the West.  This cloud was supposed to look like Leonardo De Vinci’s Archer.  The Archer I see as being Sagittarius, who points his invisible bow and arrow into the abyss (center of our galaxy) during the winter solstice.  This archer is also the off-white horseman of Revelation 6 that represents lust for power and domination.  But my Archer Cloud, being a cloud, is also a symbol of a divine messenger, the real white horseman of Revelation 19.  He is the pure Christ-Mind who fights the beasts of the abyss and wins.

The U.S. Brigal (Brigade)

In the week of July 2011 I had a dream about two giant stone betlys.  They were giant stone columns that became narrower toward the top, like obelisks do.[2]  I was dreaming that there was a man and woman with a bomb trying to blow up the U.S. Brigal.  When I looked between the two stone betlys (witnesses) I could see down the hillside.  Down this hill was an airfield (the Christian Science Field of workers) with many small-parked airplanes (Christian Science members).  These airplanes were used to fly in the air to protect America from attack by our country’s enemies.  In other words their mental prayers that fill the air are to protect America from attack.

This dream followed an issue of The Banner telling about things taking place in Christian Science.  In it was mention of the Church’s June meeting (in Boston) and how the Board of Director Tom (dualism) Black (darkness) referred to the Church Manual as a “prison.”  (Editor’s note of 2013:  Tom Black is no longer with us in physical form.)  Then another person joined in with the word “prison.”  Yes, the Church Manual does restrict the movements of mortal minded men!  Is there any wonder that the world is in such chaos today when God’s one true Church is in such disobedience to His-Her By-Laws?

5 – The + sign means that these tribes form the Judah nations (manhood) that became known as the Jews.

12 x 12 = 144

The number 144,000 is found in Revelation reference to those who sing God’s song.  I feel that God’s song is its matrix structure with the seven synonymous notes, operation of the divine calculus (four living beasts), and its four levels of Science.  This is the gross number, the Christ mass or Christ congregation that is truly loyal to God and the Christ, and follow Mary Baker Eddy as their Revered Leader.  Notice below the number of light bulbs originally in the skylight.  It was an important symbol.

The 16 flood lamps is a different symbol.  The number sixteen is the divine calculus and fits in well with the sixteen sections that the oval is divided into.  However, the 144 is now gone as a symbol for the gross congregation that sing God’s song.  And this song is the system of Science.

The Twelve Stars of the woman God-crowned – The Word – Judah, Reuben, Gad; The Christ – Asher, Nephtali, Issachar; Christianity – Simeon, Manassas (not Levi), Issachar; Science – Zebulon, Joseph, Benjamin

[1] Joseph = Womanhood

[2] A brigade ship has a pair of masts.  Each mast has four sails, as they go upward each sail is a little smaller.  When I drew a picture of these sails it reminded me of the two stone betlys I had drawn on the same page of my notebook.