Drawings and Pictures

by MJSmith

I thought that I would just post some interesting matrix drawings I have done in the past and perhaps some photos.  I will present them in groupings as to how I see them relating to each other.  The first is of Sharon’s Rose Window Matrix.  I named it this because I have the letters of Sharon in the hub of the wheel.  I made this drawing so that it could be turned upside down.  I drew it by hand, so it looks sort of unprofessional.

Sharon's Rose Window Matrix

Aaron’s rod is similar, yet it is more recent.  I also call it the Golden Candlestick Matrix.  But you see, the Golden Candlestick is Aaron’s rod after it buds and blooms, hence becoming ShAaron’s Rose Window.

The following is a painting I did, based upon Window of the Open Book, back in the 90s.  The windows are backwards (accept for the Big Dipper, I now wish that I would have made it backwards too, after all, what good is a Big Dipper that does not point to the North Star?).  I made these windows backwards because back then I did not understand why they ran in a counterclockwise manner (while inside the church).  I also placed the zodiac symbols around the window, and I only depicted the four Major Stars.  I did this painting after I had my Archer Cloud dream-vision.  In the West is depicted the Archer Cloud itself with his invisible bow and arrow.  Below the Archer Cloud is the dome of the Boston Extension.  In the dream I saw a photograph in the sky of a gold dome.  I also put in the four squares instead of the Jerusalem artichoke.  The red square is for the Word, the yellow square is for the Christ, the blue square is for Christianity, and the green square is for Science (even though it is more of a rectangle).  Notice also how the green square is sort of a square matrix in and of itself having six squares to it.  Or you could say that it is three sections representing also the Holy Tabernacle (which is what my real intention was when I made this painting).

Next is the Wheel of Prophecy, a matrix I did quite a long time ago.  Like my Sharon’s Rose Matrix it too runs in a clockwise order.  I tended to do this in my earlier days.  Now I try to go counterclockwise.

Wheel of Prophecy

The Tarot card WHEEL OF FORTUNE depicts the four living creatures in the four corners of the card.  The four books represent the four Gospels – Matthew – the Word/Lion, Mark – the Christ/Ox, Luke – Christianity/the face of a man, and John – Science/the flying eagle.  Of course, these four living creatures also represent the four zodiacs of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio (originally it may have been Libra and Scorpio as one).

If you follow the order of the living creatures, beginning with the lion, then you would follow a clockwise direction.  If you begin with the T on the wheel and go clockwise you get the word TAROT.  If you go counterclockwise beginning also with the T you get TORA[H].  If you begin with the R and go clockwise you get the word ROTA for rotate.  This card also depicts the four element signs and the four Hebrew letters for Jehovah.

THE WORLD card once again presents the divine calculus in its four corners in a clockwise direction.  However, in Window of the Open Book they run in a counterclockwise direction.  (The face on this woman reminds me of my mother’s face when she was younger.)

Window of the Open Book is on the southern wall, so the divine calculus had to run counterclockwise.  The beginning position is the Open Bible Keystone with the North Star, which is at the top of the wheel instead of on the bottom.

Of, course, “Christian Unity” fits in here, as it is the only circle illustration from Christ and Christmas.

Colorized by me on the computer.

The Holy City Matrix

The Bible Lesson Circle – runs counterclockwise

This is a new drawing I did for the Land of Oz.  It came out looking like a clock.  The time is the same time as depicted on the Grandfather clock in “Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me” from Mary Baker Eddy’s Christ and Christmas (The colorized version that I did of this illustration is seen later on.).

The Christian Science Seal is also a circle.  It has its divine calculus demands for the followers of Christ.  This photo depicts a coronet instead of a crown.

A stained glass seal at the corner of the Edifice is found below.  Notice that the cross faces the opposite direction as seen above.  This is because the photo was taken outside the church.  I find it interesting that all we can see are five stars, like the five additional stars given to the woman God-crowned in Revelation 12.

The Seal of error, with its imperial crown, used by the Board of Directors to hold copyright over Science and Health and other Christian Science publications.

The following is from a slide, I do not have the whole picture.  I did not make this drawing.  Notice, however, that this picture is upside down, but once it is turned right side up the petals correlate with Window of the Open book.  The twelfth petal, with its seven roses, match up with the Big Dipper Keystone and its seven stars.

I call this Sharon’s Rose matrix for – Christ and Christmas

This seven-pointed star is actually the fourth minor star for Christianity’s squared-cycle.

Jarius’ Daughter, the North Rose Window of the Boston Edifice –

Next is a wood cutting of Jesus and the twelve year old girl.  This picture was placed in the third edition of Science and Health.

After posting this it came to me that I should tell you something of importance.  The Jairus’ Daughter Rose Window and the illustration “Christ Healing” are both on the same level of Spirit on the Pyramid Matrix of Truth.

Christ Healing – colorized by me, notice the devil’s snake beard

Mary Baker Eddy was twelve when her first Christ Healing took place.  She writes about it in her autobiography Retrospection and Introspection.

Continuing with the circle pattern is The New Jerusalem artichoke matrix for the chapter of “Recapitulation.”  This pattern goes “from Zone to Zone.”  (If you saw this illustration before November 14, 2012 I had the wrong color in the KEY for Christian Science.  This mistake has now been corrected.)

The following is a drawing I did before the above sunflower.  This drawing also rotates.  On the left side is how I fit in The First Church of Christ Scientist Edifice.

The next two pictures were taken at Four Corners.  I see Colorado as the Word, New Mexico as the Christ, Arizona as Christianity, and Utah as Science.

Next is a cover to a Gethsemane pamphlet published in the 1980s.  It was based upon the older Christian Science Sentinel periodical cover.  If I had an old Sentinel I would have used it, but they are pretty rare.

Who is the LADY with a lamp that shall stand in the great history of the land if not Mary Baker Eddy?  I feel the other woman represents Martha, the sister of Mary Baker Eddy (not by blood).  Mary Baker Eddy spoke of Martha as the name for the third advent of Christ.

Now take a look at the Immanuel Arch that leads to Mother’s Room in the Boston Edifice.  Think of the two sides as two witnesses or sentinels.  Notice the circle in the center of the arch.  This same circle is repeated inside Mother’s Room upon the fireplace mantel.  Hum, could this be a clue that takes us to the illustration of “Christian Unity” in Christ and Christmas?  Could it also point us to the two Rose Windows in the Edifice?  And could it also be a pun that because the circle is on the mantel that Mary Baker Eddy received Jesus’ mantle of successor-ship (as depicted in “Christian Unity”)?

I draw your attention to the circular symbol on the arch.

Now take a look at the circle on the fireplace’s mantel in Mother’s Room.

This is a clue to look to the circular illustration of “Christian Unity” where Jesus’ mantle is draped over his legs.  His mission is complete and it is now the woman who must become his successor, wear his mantle.

And now a drawing I did based upon the Kabalah tree of life.  Think of the two outer pillars as the two columns or sentinels and the middle column as the door leading into Mother’s Room (interesting?).

Next is the Kabalah tree of life matrix.  Although I do not have a picture of it here, in a book I read on the Kabalah tree of life it stated that each path and sphere represented a certain portion of the first chapter of Genesis.  Also, if you check out Psalms 119 you will find the path names, as these names are based upon the names given to the Hebrew alphabet letters.

The template KEY card from the Tarot deck (Rider deck) is this same tree of life.

The X of Pentacles

Next is the window in the Boston Edifice beneath the Northern Rose Window.

Notice the two candlesticks (witnesses) on the ends.  In the center are two palm leaves (for salvation).  The Hebrew name of Jesus means “Savior” while the Greek word for salvation mean “Science Health.”

Next is a picture of Isis the Egyptian Goddess (as she is a very early typification of the Woman God-crowned) and then the Tarot card for the HIGH PRIESTESS, notice the two columns again.  She has the symbol for the city of our God upon her chest and she holds the Torah in her left hand.


This woman is also the woman God-crowned, for the moon is at her feet.  Notice the pomegranates on the banner behind her.  And her dress and mantle become a flowing stream of water, it flows right into THE EMPRESS card.  Mary Baker Eddy had her “water fall” in Lynn, Massachusetts.  Lynn means, “water fall, river.”  She fell upon a curb and injured her back.  This was in February 1866, and it marked her Scientific healing, the beginning of her discovery of Christian Science.  By the way, even though it had been predicted, there was no full moon that month!  This is also the same time that Mary’s monthly blood cycles stopped.  This means that she has dominion over the moon (monthly cycle), but it also could have symbolized that she was now pregnant with the conception of Christian Science, for nine years later she would publish the first edition of Science and Health.

The pregnant EMPRESS wears a gown with the pomegranate print.  She wears the twelve star crown, and holds a rod of divine Science.  There is also the symbol for Venus in the heart shape on the ground (the crown and the cross).

There are four queen cards in the deck.  The divine calculus is represented in Tarot as the rod (Word) the pentacle (Christ), the sword (Christianity), and the cup (Science).  The banner on the Queen of Rods card resembles the lion found on Mary Baker Eddy’s family crest.  And notice the Jerusalem artichoke in her hand.  This card reminds me of a wall mural I painted in 1982, before I got into symbolism.  I painted a crowned woman standing upon a throne-like stone.  She stood between two lions, and in front of her was a black panther.  In the upper left hand corner I painted a water fall and river, I had not intended on painting the water fall and river, it became my favorite part of the mural.

The four queens.

The Woman God-crowned Keystone is depicted standing upon a crescent moon.

The two pillars for the illustration “Truth versus Error.”

Is not the woman God-crowned in the middle of the two pillars like the middle pillar of the tree, or the door of Mother’s Room?  Is not the scroll in her hand Science and Health, or rather, the Palmleaves of Salvation (which means Science and Health)?  I think so.

Even the Mother of Mary Window (the first Mary window) follows the pattern of the two pillars.

The actual Woman God-crowned window (the fourth Mary window) stands upon the whole moon.

My Vitruvian (stained glass) Man has three stances (as does Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man).  He has one of his left feet upon the moon.  Stance one is for the foursquare city – his arms are upward in the corners of the square, while his legs are spread apart near the other two corners of the square.  These feet are like the feet of the angel of Revelation 10, as they are like rockets.  Because he represents the angel I placed a rainbow around his head.  His second stance is for the city of our God – his arms are held straight out to his sides and his head and feet are straight, like the trunk of a tree.  This stance forms the plus or t cross.  His third stance is for the star of Venus (the Morning Star) – his head is the top point of the star, his two arms held straight out are two points of the star, and his legs spread apart are the two bottom points for the star.  The Vitruvian Man was drawn by Leonardo De Vinci in order to depict the measurements of a man.  “Holy Grail (Holy Measurement), Batman!”

The next picture is of a window of the angel of Revelation 10, located on the South side of the Edifice.  In his (her) right hand is a little open book – Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

The next two Tarot cards represent this angel.  The eight pointed star represents the Holy City with the X of the city foursquare and the + of the city of our God.  Notice the circle of white stars around the yellow star.  There are seven white stars (hum, like the Big Dipper?), yet there is another star, the woman herself.  In Dan Brown’s book Inferno he says that the eight pointed star is symbolic of eight days – the six days of creation, the Sabbath, and the eighth day is for man’s spiritual rebirth.  THE STAR card is meant for Aquarius.  An ibus bird sits on a tree of life.  THE STAR means THE PROPHET.

Notice the pyramid inside a square upon this angel’s chest.  The symbol upon his forehead is a symbol for the sun.  This angel represents Michael, the angel of Truth.  Notice also the path leading to the crown depicted in the sky.  It really resembles the crown in “The Way” from Christ and Christmas.  In this illustration the ray of light is the path to be taken.

The Way – colorized by me

On the left side is what some say is the red dragon.  Although the way I colored it, it would be a green dragon.  The red portion I colored is a tomb.  If you look closely you can see people coming up from the grave.  Almost touching the black cross is what appears to me as a bear, and below her is possible a cub (Ursa Major and Ursa Minor?).  To the left of the pond is what looks like a lion.  Above the lion, on the hillside, are cattle.

My next grouping are pyramids.


The original “The Way.”

The next drawing is a bird’s eye view of the Boston Edifice and Extension.

I call it Earth*Star Voyager because of what a drawing of the proposed Assembly would look like if it had taken place in the Disney movie.


I cannot help but show off a little bit, so the following is the complete drawing.

Earth*Star Voyager’s cast

The next drawing I did before I saw a satellite photo of The First Church.

Of course this picture is a pyramid ramp leading to a sun Stargate.

Years ago I wondered what had happened to the capstone on the Great Pyramid of Giza.  I found out later that it probably was taken off for one of two reasons.  If it was encased in gold it was pretty valuable and somebody wanted that gold.  The second reason was that it may have been used, along with the casing stones, in order to help rebuilt Cairo after an earth quake.  But before I knew this I wondered if it was missing for symbolic reasons?  Take a look at our dollar bill, the eye-sun is the pyramid’s capstone.  So is it possible that the sun represented the Great Pyramid’s capstone?  I thought that this was a very good explanation.  Some time after this I found the picture below.  (I sort of doctored the pyramid, that is why it looks strange, I took it with a flash and wound up with glare on the picture.)

Below is a photo of The First Church at its corner point.  This photo is from Landmarks From Bow to Boston, published by the Christian Science Society.  This book is no longer being published.

The First Church was built upon a triangular plot.

Below are drawings of The First Church by Mr. James F. Gilman, artist of Christ and Christmas.  It has been suggested that one of these illustrations may be the drawing for the twelfth illustration for the poem (the Morning Star).  The drawing below, to me, depicts the red dragon’s flood.  It takes me back to the story of Noah, as there is the descending dove with its olive branch within the beam of divine light.  It is also interesting and worth noting that all the windows are dark (nobody is home so to speak).  And also, the water resembles today’s small man made river that runs along side the church.  This is completely different from the circular pond in the other three drawings.

Notice in the upper left corner Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy the two witnesses.  To the right of the bell tower is the manchild being caught up to heaven.  This is the drawing found in Bliss Knapp’s book Destiny of the Mother Church.

In this drawing one of the two witnesses is not depicted, the woman remains almost hidden in cloud form.  The manchild is still present.  I think this is a better drawing of the manchild.  If you look closely in the pool you will see a shape that resembles a stone pyramid!  Its capstone is pure light.

In this illustration one witness and the manchild are missing.  However, there are faces in the clouds if you look for them.  This drawing also has the pyramid in the reflection pool.  Notice the copyright line?  Yeah, if I get in trouble, I get in trouble.  Personally, I feel that Christian Science should become free and have no copyright on it.  I do not want money for what I have written, I only want the world to receive the Truth!

Below is a picture of the capstone pyramid that a Mason made from New Hampshire granite and placed at the farm home of Mary Baker Eddy’s family in Bow, New Hampshire.  The unenlightened Board of Directors had it blown up with dynamite!

From – Landmarks From Bow to Boston – published by the CSPS

Each side of the pyramid has a metal plate and message – for the divine calculus.  This pyramid was so exact in its measurements that if you would have taken it to Egypt it could have become a capstone for the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Next is the “Christmas Eve” close up of the Christmas tree (which is also a pyramid, a giant with its head cut off).  It also has a Holy Trinity and, also, notice the circle, part of it is over by “the man-child’s head.”  The window is to the right side of the word “Window.”

The next picture is another close up of the tree.  It is from one I colorized.  You can see a serpent (I made it green instead of red, I should have made it red – for a copper snake) wrapped around the trunk of the tree.  I also found patterns in the tree that looked like – M, B, Eddy (in blue).

Many of the illustrations found in Christ and Christmas have pyramids of light, like in the following illustration.  (Notice the time on the Grandfather clock – 5:05.)

Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me – colorized by me

The next picture is a step pyramid that I found interesting.  It is from a book on the Mayan Calendar.  It really got my attention when I first saw it, because as you can see, it is very similar to the Golden Candlestick Matrix, or what I call, the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.  This is the exact layout for the seven visions in Revelation.

The second wave of Christian expansion is during Mary Baker Eddy’s life time.  The third wave of Christian expansion is today.

The Golden Candlestick Matrix follows the same pattern, as the seven days above it.

The following is a layout for the synonyms in their specific orders.

The following is the Holy Tabernacle Matrix (it is the same set up for the top portion of the above drawing which is the Christ order).

The Network Matrix is what John W. Doorly is known for.

The Journey Matrix is based upon the oval shape of “Christmas Morn.”  Notice how the S stream of water and the S path cross each other, I call this the Science X-Stream.

This skylight is what I also based the Science X-Stream Matrix on, as seen below.  (When I drew it I named it the Sunburst Matrix.)

The next drawing is something I made quite some time ago.  It is the serpent in the Garden of Eden (the physical body).

Notice below, the similarities of the two Tarot cards with Adam and Eve.

The serpent is wrapped around the tree trunk behind the woman.  The tree is the tree of knowledge of good (Spirit) and evil (matter) mixed into one creation.  Notice the pyramid matrix between the woman and the man.  The tree behind the man is supposed to be the tree of life.  I find it interesting that the twelve fires represent the twelve different kinds of fruit.  The angel is Raphael, for enlightenment, who is a divine messenger because the angel is found within a cloud (or on top of a cloud).  And is not the angle just a big sun?  Notice that Womanhood looks up to the angel Mind, while the man looks only to the woman.  This card could be said to be before they ate of the fruit, while THE DEVIL card takes place after they ate the fruit.

The inverted five pointed star points to devil worship, not to the Morning Star, it is the Morning Star – or Womanhood – inverted.  We could say then that D-one-evil (DEVIL) is what fights the woman God-crowned; it is the red dragon, or dragging on of ecclesiastical despotism.  This devil is pretending to be God (as all ecclesiastical despotic leaders tend to do) because his right hand is depicting the name for God (all you Spock fans should know that this hand sign comes from the Hebrew priests).  There is also the Christian cross on the palm of the devil.  The devil has the horns of a goat and the wings of a bat (a creature of the night).  The big cube the devil is perched upon represents the material world.

The woman’s tail is fruit.  Is this the fruit from the tree of knowledge?  The man’s tail resembles the flame from the tree of life, however, it is not lit from the tree of life at all.  Look closely and you will see that this man’s (Adam man’s) intelligence is ignited by the devil’s torch.  They also have horns, perhaps symbolizing their animal natures after eating from the tree of knowledge?  It is interesting to note that neither the man or the woman are really prisoners, as they could slip out from their chains any time they choose to.

The Rider Deck was produced in 1910, so I feel that even if the artist of these cards was unaware of Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy, she sure was governed by divine Mind while drawing them!  Notice the artist’s initials near the bottom right hand corner of P.C.S. – forming the Kabalah tree of life formation.  It is easier to make out the initials in THE LOVERS card.  The initials are for the artist of the Rider Deck.  So to say that the artist did not consciously pattern each card after the tree of life is to misunderstand the cards.  She did it, and it was a conscious action on her part.  I am sure that after you have been shown the two (or three) pillars pattern you cannot be blind to its existence any longer!

The next pictures are from different editions of the third book for the series We Knew Mary Baker Eddy.  The first one showed her in the twelve-star (12 diamonds) crown given to her by Christian Scientists from Kansas City.  The other photo from a later edition shows her without the crown (this is the red dragon’s tactic to take away her crown of government [Principle] and to hide who she really is from the public).

Photo on the left has not been tampered with, the photo on the right has been tampered with.

Below is a close up of these two different photos and what Paul R. Smillie wrote about it in his book In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed.

Below is a picture of the crown pin she wore in her hair.


For all those people who are AFRAID that having a picture of Mary Baker Eddy in the front of Science and Health is idolization of her persona, take a look at Mary Baker Eddy’s study.  And notice how the portrait of Jesus is looking at the picture below it – for it is a picture of Mary Baker Eddy!  She was not afraid that people thought that she was idolizing Jesus, as there were pictures of him elsewhere in her homes.  She loved Jesus but she did not idolize him.  She understood who he was and she understood his place in Bible prophecy.

This is the picture of Mary Baker Eddy that should be in the front of each and every Science and Health!  The people in Boston, however, took out Mary Baker Eddy’s Trademark saying that having it in the book leads to deification!  This, of course, is a lie.  They removed her Trademark and replaced it with the Cross and Crown Symbol.  Notice the diamond cross she is wearing, it consists of twelve stars!  The way the pin is worn symbolized the Christian X cross, the symbol I use for the city foursquare, instead of the crucifix t cross.  Below is a different portrait she had in front of Science and Health during 1907 and also one she had placed in Miscellaneous Writings.

Frontpiece MBEFront Mis Writ


Newer pictures or illustrations since posting this.

Below is where I took the inner pyramid of the Holy Trinity (the manchild, the window, and the door) and placed it on top of the Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve capstoneEight Sided PyramidBelow is the Queen’s Chamber from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Queen's ChamberT.A.R.D.I.S Matrix B

The Seven Points B