United Paramount Network and the Science X-Stream – Chapter 4

by MJSmith

Chapter 4 – The Science X-Stream – the Journey


The main top row on the Network Matrix is for the center oval that is divided by one horizontal line creating four sections.  Each section has sixteen pieces to it.  The top portion (the first four rows) of the matrix is for Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  The fifth row down begins Christ and Christmas.  The ninth row down begins the Lord’s Prayer and the thirteenth row down begins the Church Manual.  Do to the limiting art program in this word program I was not able to put a seven-pointed star in the center of the circle.

I first read about the oval matrix structure in the early 1990s.  David Nolan was the one to explain it.  But I do not think he presented it the same way I am presenting it to you.  My way is brand new and it has never been done before June 29, 2011.  I am not presenting it to you in its oval matrix form, but in a Network form because I think it is more understandable this way.

The arrow going this way ——> is  for the order of the inner oval that is divided up into four sections.  The down arrow is the direction you move for revolving around each of the four outer ovals.  This pattern could be used for other matrixes that are based on the number sixteen, like those found in the Bible.  You would not have to restrict it to what I have presented to you.

I also refer to this matrix as the Journey Matrix and the Science X-stream.  These names I got from watching Stargate SG-1.  In the show when the SGC teams step into the Stargate’s vortex (eddy) they go on their journey to another planet.  The wormhole they travel through has an oval shape to it.  In a comical satire episode a character called Martin has written a television series about the Stargate program.  He uses the name Wormhole Extreme for his show.  After seeing this show I got the term for Science X-stream from the way the Skylight Window has all these X shapes in it, and how they all cross one another.  Also in Christmas Morn the river and path cross each other.  Both are S shaped, so I think of the two S shapes as Science, hence the term Science X-stream.

I have presented the four matrixes in a different order from how I actually learned them.  I first learned the Network Matrix.  Then I learned the Unity Matrix and then the Science X-stream Matrix.  Finally I learned the Paramount Matrix.  However, in Stargate you must climb up a Ramp (Paramount) in order to enter into the Stargate (Unity) and go on your Journey (Science X-stream).

The only matrix structure that I have not really gone into any detail in this book is the Gridiron Matrix.  This has to do with the Kabalah tree of life, with Tarot cards, and with the second Scientific Translation (pages 115-116) in Science and Health with Key to the Scripture.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading all about the matrix structures and that they will open up the Bible, Science and Health, and Christian Science literature for you.  Have fun and enjoy!