United Paramount Network and the Science X-Stream – chapter 1

by MJSmith


Window of the Open Book

Around six or seven years ago a friend of mine loaned me some work done in the seventies, by a couple of women followers of John W. Doorly.  They were quite familiar with the rectangular matrix structure (the Network Matrix) and their work on Christ and Christmas was based upon it.  There was even a set of slides that were included with the written works.  One slide surprised me, as it was a circle structure of Christ and Christmas.  It had twelve slices of pie, so to speak.  Anyone familiar with the poem knows that it comes with only eleven illustrations (each illustration had its own slice of keystone pie).  In the twelfth section was a drawing of seven flowers (I call them Sharon’s Seven Roses).  Each flower had seven petals to it.  Right off the bat this slide reminded me of the twelfth keystone of Window of the Open Book which is of the Big Dipper.  These seven stars each have seven points of light.  So this is what I used to line up the poem book with Window of the Open Book, and this is what I call Sharon’s Rose Window Matrix.

Part of Sharon's Rose

Part of Sharon’s Rose

Sharon’s Rose Window Matrix is a circular pattern used for Mary Baker Eddy’s Christ and Christmas (her illustrated poem) in combination with Window of the Open Book (which is a Rose Window on the South wall of the Boston Edifice [The First Church of Christ Scientist]).  In its center hub I have placed a seven-pointed star representing the planet Venus (which I have depicted in the matrix below).  This window matrix is not really my own, however, I have interpreted it in my own way, and in that sense I have made it my own.  Each window keystone relates to a certain chapter of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.  I will use bold letters for the Christ and Christmas illustrations, italics for Window of the Open Book symbols, and in quotes will be chapters of the Christian Science Textbook (Chapters 13-16 are found in the hub of the window, as the four sides of the Open Book – Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Reverend (Revered Leader) Mary Baker Eddy.  The tones for the divine calculus are underlined.

            Our starting point is the North Star in the Word as the Word tone with the Open Bible Keystone.  Then we move counter clockwise to the Madonna and Child Keystone (the Word as the Christ), then to the Southern Cross of Calvary (the Word as Christianity), and next over to The Golden Shores of Love (the Word as Science).  Next you move to the Woman God-crowned Keystone (The Christ as the Word), next to the Oil Lamp, then to the Pomegranates, and then to the Concord Branch Grapevine.  This completes the Christ’s Squared-Cycle.  Then we do Christianity’s Squared-Cycle with the Lord and Lamb Keystone, the Palmleaves of Salvation Keystone, the Harvested Wheat Keystone, and the Big Dipper Keystone.  For the fourth squared-cycle of Science we move into the hub with the Science as the Word, Science as the Christ, Science as Christianity, and Science as Science as the Four Sides of the Open Book.

I will present the poem verses on the left hand side and the corresponding Bible verses on the right hand side for each illustration.

The North Star is symbolic of the Virgin Mary.  In the illustration titled Star of Bethlehem there is a seven-pointed star.  I believe that the star in this illustration is supposed to represent The North Star, as well as, Venus.  Below the star is a cloud formed in the shape of the Virgin Mary (for the North Star).  She is holding a child (Jesus).  However, if you look at this same cloud with a different viewpoint, it appears to be the profile of a man looking toward the star (Venus – Boston).  The cloud being closest to the star’s light represents today’s Christian churches, as they accept Jesus as the first coming of Christ.

Mary Baker Eddy makes it known in her writings that the Star of Bethlehem is also the Star of Boston.  She is this Star of Boston for in the upper right-hand corner is another cloud formation (further away from the star’s light because the second coming of Christ is still fought against, or unknown, by the vast majority of Christians).  This cloud depicts (from one angle) the head of the man Jesus Christ.  From a second angle (or viewpoint) it becomes the head of a woman bowing her head in prayer.  I see this woman as typifying Mary Baker Eddy.  Another viewpoint of this same cloud shows the shape of a man (it somewhat resembles the shape of the Oscar Academy Award).  I see this cloud as a representation of the three comings of Christ – as Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, and Martha’s Generic Man.

The Star of Bostonis the name I have given a stained glass window in Mother’s Room of the Edifice.  It is in the position of Life in the Paramount Matrix structure (more on this in the next chapter).  It is important to understand that this seven-pointed star holds great importance since it is found in Mother’s Room and in the first illustration (our beginning point) of Christ and Christmas.

The Star of Boston

The “zone to zone” represents all twenty-four time zones, the whole of mankind being recipient of God’s gift of Science.  The words “one lone, brave star” point to the “one lone, brave prophet” Mary Baker Eddy.  I call her the Lone Stranger because of an allegory she presents in Miscellaneous Writings about the Stranger who comes to show the people “The Way” of Christ.  This Stranger is depicted in the tenth illustration of Christ and Christmas.  It is a fact that Mary Baker Eddy was model for this woman Stranger.

Truth [re]versus Error

            In a dream I had around 2002 or 2003 I saw the back of an angel holding an open book.  I heard a voice saying, “Barbara Streisand, you will understand Reincarnation Understood.”  Barbara means “stranger” so this message to me was speaking about Mary Baker Eddy, the Lone Stranger.  It took me a while to figure out the meaning of Streisand.  What it means is “stained sand.”  If you think about this term you can translate it to mean “stained glass window” as glass is made from melted sand.  In fact, Leonardo De Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” points directly to a stained glass window process!  His drawing depicts the pentacle of Venus.  The planet Venus takes eight years to form the shape of a pentacle.  This is why the five-pointed star is a symbol for Venus.

So, not only does our seven-pointed star represent the North Star, but it also points us to the planet Venus, into the hub of the Wheel (the stained glass of Window of the Open Book).

There are five other windows in the Boston Edifice that point us to Mary Baker Eddy.  The first and second are Keystone Windows.  One is of the Woman God-crowned in Window of the Open Book (the Christ as the Word), the other is Madonna and Child (the Word as the Christ).  The third window is found on the West Side of the Church and titled “Woman God-crowned.”  Above the woman’s head is her Textbook.  The forth window is that of the angel of Revelation 10.  The fifth window is found at the Head Corner of the Edifice, it is the Cornerstone that the builder’s rejected as their Leader, as the second coming of Christ, and as the woman God-crowned.  This fourth window shows Mary Baker Eddy.  It is patterned after the third illustration in Christ and Christmas – Seeking and Finding.  It is slightly different because it represents a different time period in Mary Baker Eddy’s life.  I call this window – “T is the Same Hand That Writes the Page.”

“T’is the same hand that writes the page.”  (This picture was taken outside the church so it is backwards.)

The book title in the dream was Reincarnation Understood.  A few days, after the dream, I received a mailing from the Christian Science Endtime Center in Denver, Colorado.  In this particular pamphlet it spoke about the reincarnation of the Christ being the second coming of the Christ.  I understood that reincarnation of the Christ was the only possibility, that mortals are not reincarnated because of Karma, or lessons that they need in order to progress spiritually.  It does seem, however, that the Christ is incarnated within human consciousnesses.  And perhaps the dream was reassuring me that the second coming of Christ as Mary Baker Eddy (Barbara Streisand) would be “understood” by the whole of mankind.

There are also many other clouds in the first illustration of C&C.  They are all black, dark, but in the earlier prints you can see shapes and pictures.  There is a dragon cloud, the back of a man’s head split open, a cat chasing a serpent-snake, and a head yelling out in anguish or pain.

We are now ready to move on to the second Major Stargate of the Window and “Christmas Eve.”

Christmas Eve – colorized by me

Madonna and Child translates Christmas Eve back to God.  When misinterpreted you believe that the Keystone of the Madonna and Child are of Mary and Jesus, however, this is not correct.  It is an illustration of Mary Baker Eddy and her revelation (child) of Christian Science.  In this Textbook child, Mary Baker Eddy brings remembrance and true understanding of Jesus Christ.  She helps us see the difference between Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus.  She brings a spiritual rebirth to Jesus’ God-crown mission in the first coming of Christ.  It is a “little open book” that presents the second coming of Christ Jesus via the Mary Baker Eddy God-crown mission – founding The Church of Christ Scientist.

In the illustration is a giant Christmas tree; a tree that is dead as it has been chopped down.  This tree is also decapitated by the edge of the drawing.  This tree is symbolic of The First Church (both having a triangular shape), as the dead material organization has decapitated its capstone head (Mother’s Room [consciousness]).  But all is not lost, because the capstone is found in the tree as a Holy Trinity.  This Holy Trinity has three symbols: the capstone head is of a choirboy, or a manchild (as in Revelation 12).  To the bottom right corner is a door (Christ Jesus) and at the bottom left is a window (Mary Baker Eddy).  (Editor’s note:  Go to the end of the Preface of this book in order to read about The Ghost Museum dream.)

Also in the tree is a serpent coiled around the trunk, a (runaway) train (of ecclesiastical despotism) that is placed upon a Branch (Church), dolls (for idolatry), and a lone planet in orbit around a star-sun (this counterfeits the choirboy’s head).  The fact that there is a serpent coiled around the tree trunk means that the Christmas tree represents the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  This is the tree that the material organized Churches really believe in.

The personas of Adam and Eve stand far apart; they are separated.  This is important to understand this fact, as we will find out that true man-woman are one, never separated.  Both Adam and Eve are holding onto dolls (personal sense).  In between the two adulterers is a divine calculus of four girls.  The youngest children are dressed in lighter clothes, the older they get the darker their clothes and all adults have black or gray clothes on.  Throughout Christ and Christmas black represents the First Degree, gray represents the Second Degree, and white represents the Third Degree.  These degrees of consciousness are described on pages 115-116 in “Science, Theology, Medicine.”

There is no star in this illustration; all the light comes from electricity (animal magnetism).  There is an older woman, still has dark hair, in a rocking chair, which is found in two other illustrations.  On her lap is an object.  It could be a gift, a tablet, or a book.  It has six white squares on it – perhaps symbolic of a matrix.  It appears that there is room for two more white squares.  The woman is capable of understanding this matrix[1] because a young girl is touching her left arm of Womanhood.  There may be some struggle, however, because the young girl is dressed in gray.  Behind them is a theologian man in black.  He has gray hair and a beard.  A young boy, also in black, is heading toward him to hand him a closed book.  To old theology the Bible is a closed book because in the illustration Science and Health has not been opened up.

To the right side, bottom corner is a family of sorts, a husband and wife with their crippled daughter.  This Daughter of Zion sits in a wheel chair.  The wheel is incomplete at this point in her life, as it consists of ten Keystones instead of twelve.  I feel that this is why the piano behind her is not being played.  There can be no Christ-tones in a material organized church.

The title of Christ and Christmas is of importance in itself.  For the word Christmas points us to the tone of Christianity, for it is the Christ-mass, or the Christ-congregation that forms a Church society.  Will this Church be based upon the rock of Christ or will it base itself upon mortal rules, laws, and formulas?  There can only be “Atonement and Eucharist” in a spiritual church based upon Soul, Truth, and Love.  These three synonymous terms, Soul, Truth, and Love, are the only synonyms not defined in “The Glossary.”

Does it do any of us any good to celebrate the birth of a mortal man?  No, it does not.  So why do we do it?  Because ecclesiastical despotism, scholastic theology, and dogma have made the Christ-mass believe that they must celebrate the birth of our babes!  Then as they grow we set the example that all are supposed to present them with gifts upon their birthday and present gifts to everybody we love during this Christmas season.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate birthdays (Christmas included) because early Christians did not celebrate birthdays.  They also say that in the Bible whenever there is a birthday bad things seem to happen.  (Like when John the Baptist lost his head.)  Even, they reconcile, the birth of Jesus was followed by death of the male children in the town of Bethlehem.  But what is the real danger in celebrating birthdays?  It is the fact that in keeping records of years we take in the false belief of age – which leads to decay and death.  Do Christian Scientists celebrate birthdays?  Many of them do.  I, however, try to forget people’s ages and my own age.  But mortal mind wants us to keep remembering it – such as when we need to get a driver’s license, apply for a job, apply for credit, going to a doctor or hospital, do this or do that!  I am okay with having a “Your Day” to celebrate your existence.

We are now ready to move on to the third Major Star.

We must come to realize that marriage between a man and a woman is not God’s true way, for none are married or given to marriage in heaven.  The only real marriage consists of the Holy Covenant (marriage) between God and man.  Dan Brown’s book Inferno is about the topic of over population.  All the problems mentioned in the book, which are caused by over population of the human species, can be rectified with one thing – men and women stop having sex.  Is humanity ready to do this?  Is it ready to stop giving into their material desires of pleasure?  Is man kind ready to wake up from the Adam dream that life exists in matter?  Look closely at the Poem’s text and the Bible text for this illustration!

“Suffer [permit] the children to come unto me.” – colored by me

            The “seven-hued white” represents God as all colors (tones) of the seven synonymous terms.  It is the light spectrum of a prism that divides the colors into red (Mind), orange (Spirit), yellow (Soul), green (Principle), blue (Life), indigo (Truth), and violet (Love).  When these seven colors are as one we have “white light.”  We must, however, scientifically distinguish each color (synonym) in order to comprehend the wholeness of God as Principle, Love.

God is Life, this said, we honestly accept that Life is without birth or death (an end).  There is no material birth or material death where Life is concerned.  Because Life is continuous, it is even described as “the circle of Life.”  This understanding of Life emits God’s Light (Love) as “a little open book” in Suffer the Children.  Mary Baker Eddy blended the seven synonymous tones together so well as a woven matrix (Textbook) that most Christian Scientists do not even comprehend that they are being led from Mind into Spirit into Soul, etc.  But John W. Doorly got it, he understood the tones, and he and his students provided us with the matrix structure of Science and Health [with] Key to the Scriptures.[2]  When the then Board of Directors realized what John Doorly was doing and teaching they excommunicated him.  They did not want their flock of sheep to understand their own Textbook, probably because they would become obsolete leaders!

What is true marriage really all about?  It is about the individual being married to God, not to another person.  The Christian (Southern) Cross (Union) of Calvary (where Jesus was crucified) is a symbol of unity, “Marriage.”  Mary Baker Eddy’s chapter “Marriage” does not come right out and say, “Hey, wake up!  You are not supposed to get married, nor are you supposed to have children through sex!”  If she had said this they would have “CRUCIFIED” her!  One of the reasons that Jesus was crucified, and mainstream Christianity does not want you to know this fact, is because Jesus taught the women the truth, he made it clear that having children was not God’s way.  Mary Baker Eddy had to be careful she knew that society was not yet ready to give up sex.  She also understood that marriage sex was preferable to free sex.   Even today the world resists this truth.  Even today the institute of marriage is being frowned upon, except by gay couples, I have to wonder why this is?

Mary Baker married three times (married twice before 1875).  Marriage was a necessity for women in the 1900s, as woman’s rights had not yet come to pass.  Her first husband was George Washington Glover.  She really loved him.  After being married in New Hampshire they traveled to the South.  Mary became pregnant and her husband contracted yellow fever six months after their marriage and she became a widow.  Mary married her second husband with the promise he gave her that he would allow her son to live with them.  However, a plot between her father, oldest sister, and new husband had been formed to keep young George away from his mother.  Mary suffered from back pain, before her Discovery, and this makes me feel as if she probably did not engage in much sex during her second marriage.  This could explain why Daniel Patterson looked to other women for sex.  Eventually Mary and Daniel parted and divorced.  Mary’s third husband was Asa Gilbert Eddy.  She married him after having a vision that showed her how helpful he would be with the Cause of Christian Science.  Mary Baker Eddy tried to show her students that they did not need to get married or have children, but she also understood that having sex (whether through free sex or legal sex) would be one of the last things mortal man would willingly give up.

Mary Baker Eddy was hated by a lot of businessmen because she was a successful businesswoman.  The men of her time felt they could run her Church and affairs better than she could, the arrogance of them.  And they even plotted to take it all away from her.  The first plot was in 1907 in the Next Friends Suit.  Her own son, namesake granddaughter, and adopted son joined in the suit betraying their Mother Mary.  And, shocker, it was Joseph Pulitzer who instigated this attack.  The second attack came from men within her Church.  They were planning to put her into an institution.  But loyal men found out and clued her in on the evil plot.  She foiled the triumvirate’s plans by leaving the physical world on December 3, 1910.

THE CALVARY CROSS – A Calvary cross is a cross placed upon three steps (of the pyramid), thus, in reality, this cross represents, or symbolizes Principle.  The Cross of Calvary then represents the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principled Science, or the Golden Candlestick Matrix.

It is also possible that the Southern Cross of Calvary is a symbol for the earth’s axis, or the Rose Line.  And we must also take into account that the way the cross is presented in the Keystone appears as an ‘X’ rather than a ‘t.’

Acrux and the Southern Cross of Calvary

In Suffer the Children there is a window of nine squares.  Perhaps the nine window panes are symbols for spiritual rebirth, as we know there are nine months to a woman’s gestation (really forty weeks).  However, perhaps our answer is a simple one, as we find on page 108 of the Textbook:  “My conclusions were reached by allowing the evidence of this revelation to multiply with mathematical certainty and the lesser demonstration to prove the greater, as the product of three multiplied by three, equaling nine, proves conclusively that three times three duodecillions must be nine duodecillions, – not a fraction more, not a unit less.”  A duodecillions is defined as “twelve + E-illion (as in million)”.[4]  There are three columns on the DENOMINATIONS ABOVE ONE MILLION (TABLE OF NUMBERS).  The first column is “VALUE IN POWERS OF TEN” and it has 10 to the power of 39 listed.  The second column is “NUMBER OF ZEROS” and it has “39” listed.  For the third column of “NUMBER OF GROUPS OF THREE 0’S AFTER 1,000” there is the number “12.”  Is any of this really important?  Well, I find that the fact that the number twelve keeps popping up to be relevant, as well as the fact that 13 + 13 + 13 = 39.  The number twelve is relevant to the twelve stars that circle Window of the Open Book, and the number 13 is relevant to the fact that there were (are) really thirteen tribes of Israel in the Book of Numbers, even thought the thirteenth tribe (Levi) is placed within the hub on all four sides of the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting, thus, this thirteenth tribe represents the four sides, or edges, of Science and Health with Key to the Scripture.  I also like that the ‘E’ could stand for Eddy!  And so, 12 stars + Mary Baker Eddy-illion is found located in the hub of Window of the Open Book with her name as Reverend (Revered Leader).  The Roman numeral for million is ‘M.’  Could this ‘M’ stand for Mother and Mary?

A few years ago I had a dream about a Jewish flag, only instead of the six-pointed Star of David it had two M’s like so:

Did my flag point to two comings of Christ as Mother Life (the Star of Boston) and Mother Love (the girl sitting on the wooden chair in Suffer the Children)?  Mary Baker Eddy’s definition of Mother in “The Glossary” is:  “God; divine and eternal Principle (with the Immanuel Arch); Life (as the Star of Bethlehem-Boston), Truth (as ‘T is the Same Hand That Writes the Page), and Love (as Suffer the Children).”[5]

Another interesting thing about the 2,000,000 flag, if you took it and folded it in half you would get an ‘M’ and a ‘W’.  The ‘M’ could stand for Manhood, while the ‘W’ could stand for Womanhood.  I originally felt it was like this, because this was also what the real Israelite flag does with the two triangles that form the Star of David.  The two triangles represent ‘v’ Israel, for Womanhood, and ‘^’ Judah, for Manhood.

The Star of David

It is of importance that on the Paramount Matrix structure (which I originally named The Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth) that both the illustration of Suffer the Children and the window, located in Mother’s Room, of Suffer the Children wind up being placed in the same exact section of the pyramid matrix.

Suffer the Children Stained Glass Window

In the illustration, outside the window, is a bush with the shape of a dragon.  It is unable to get in.  It seems to be after the girl.  The seven-pointed star of Acrux[6] (symbolic for Christianity) shines down in pyramid shape upon the girl and the “little open book.”  But light (of Venus), greater than the Star of Christianity, shines back up into the girl’s face.  For the Christian light combined with the light of Science is far greater.  Hence, with the star’s light and the books light we have the marriage (unity) of Christian Science.

This girl sits upon a wooden chair.  The perspective is off on the chair’s rungs. The rungs appear to be more like a ramp that is wound around a pyramid.  The girl’s two feet are resting upon the ramp that is on the level of Spirit.

To the left is the old man, with glasses darkly, of scholastic theology.  He sits in the same rocking chair as the woman in Christmas Eve.  He looks to the young girl for his understanding development.  To his left side is a table.  Upon the table is what looks like a knife, a loaf of bread (symbol for Truth), and, for sure, a “closed” Bible.  The Bible is a closed book until Christianity begins to spiritually understand Christian Science (the marriage between Christianity and Science).  Today’s biblical Christians must accept Christian Science instead of rejecting it and believing it to be a cult (people led by an insane leader, in this case the leader is a woman [heaven forbid!]).

Let us first of all begin to understand what the word cult really means and is a reference to.  The “cult” goes back to the ancient days of Egypt, to the earliest society.  Moses led the cult of Israel.  So just what is a real cult?  Cult is defined as being a “wheel.”  And this wheel is what I have been describing to you this whole time, the cult is the Unity Matrix, Window of the Open Book, Sharon’s Rose Window, the Stargate Matrix, ShAaron’s Rod, the Holy City, the city foursquare, the city of our God!  Are you surprised?  Of course you are because your church heads have never explained any of this to you.  The word cult is also rooted to the words cultural and civilization.  I ask you this, “How can you understand the Bible if you do not understand its symbols?”  Mary Baker Eddy writes in “The Apocalypse” – “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”  How many Christian Scientists reject this rule found in their Textbook?  A lot!  My experience has shown me that some Christian Scientists are afraid to learn about symbols.  They do not believe symbols have anything to do with Christian Science.

Behind the old man is a Grandfather clock.  The time reads 5:05.  This points us to Revelation 5:1-5.  This section of the Revelation talks about the cult known as God’s thrown (Revelation 4 really describes the cult thrown).  The Lamb (spiritual idea of God) is the only one aloud to open the Bible’s seven locks (seals).  These seven seals of error have been placed upon the Bible by scholastic theology and dogma.  They are the seven errors of Adam called:  mortal mind, matter, physical sense, ecclesiastic despotism, death, error, and hate.  What are the seven keys that unlock the Bible?  The seven synonymous terms:  Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  It was Mary Baker Eddy who gave mankind these seven names of God and structured them throughout her Glover[7] Text.  So, is the Lamb of God Jesus?  No, the Lamb of God is the Christ, and Jesus reflected the Christ consciousness just as Mary Baker Eddy reflected the Christ consciousness.  With this understanding, that Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ – the Lamb – the spiritual ideal – we move on to the fourth Major Star.

With the two titles of “Christian Science [re]versus Spiritualism” and Truth [re]versus Error could we not draw the conclusion that Truth is Christian Science and that error is spiritualism?  Yes, this is very true.  So the one thing that fights us the most in our spiritual journey is the error of spiritualism, the belief that Spirit can and does reside in a material body or temple.

In the illustration of Truth [re]versus Error the Christ is depicted as the Woman knocking on the door of the Church Mansion.  Mary Baker Eddy was the artist’s model for this woman.  As mentioned earlier, this Woman is the Lone Stranger of Mary Baker Eddy’s allegory.  And an allegory is not a myth.

In some editions her right hand holds a scroll (book) of Truth.  Her left hand is using the door’s knocker.  There are ten ribs on the knocker, representing the Ten Commandments.  The doorplate originally read “MORTAL MIND.”  There are two basic drawings for Truth versus Error.  The first has a matrix structure on the door (the first one that is depicted in this chapter).  It patterns the structure on the lap of the old woman in Christmas Eve.  In the later illustration (as seen directly above) grapevines replace the squares, this specifies that this place is a Branch church (symbolized by the Concord Grapevines on the door).

I have made up a matrix structure for the Christian Science Platform from “Science of Being” and the twenty-four question and answer sections in “Recapitulation.”  I use the T.A.R.D.I.S. space-time ship from the British television show Doctor Who to explain this matrix.  This is found in The Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S. publication.

The Woman stands upon her own matrix structure.  Canadian Christian Scientist Rolf Witzsche, who is on the Internet, uses this pattern of the rug to explain the matrix for the chapter “Glossary.”  I find it quite interesting and feel that it is probably correct, as I have felt that “Glossary” had to have a matrix structure but I was not able to figure it out.  This pattern does make sense to me.  One other thing about the rug is that it is foursquare.  This is important, as our Woman must stand upon the foursquare matrix.

Before her are two pillars, oh so like the two pillars to Solomon’s Temple, like those seen in the Tarot’s HIGH PRIESTESS card.  In Masonry these two pillars represent a woman’s two legs (hum, like the angel of Revelation 10?).  Passing through these pillars is a symbol for spiritual rebirth.  The Immanuel Arch has (somewhat) the same symbol leading into Mother’s Room (Mother’s consciousness).

The Immanuel Arch leads up to LOVE (MOTHER).

There are stars in the upper left hand corner of the illustration; however, they are hard to make out in the later eiditions.  There is light shining down upon the woman, but there is no sign of a seven-pointed star.  The woman’s head, however, has its own light or halo, for she is the Prophet Star.

Inside the bow windows is the Christ “mass” of men and women partners.  They are dancing and drinking wine.  One woman is sitting down and facing a man who is standing.  None of the “adult-erers” notice the woman’s appearance.  But there is a child couple peering out the window that sees the woman.  The girl is older than the boy and she has her arm wrapped around the younger boy.  This complete idea is a symbol of true marriage.  The boy and girl are the only ones who recognize the Woman.

In the first illustration the floor of the outside patio is plain, with no pattern.  In the later illustration the floor is tiled with a black and white checkerboard pattern.  This too is foursquare, however, we must take notice that it is a dualistic pattern of the First Degree and the Third Degree.  Even though the tiles are white they do appear to be gray, hence, they really represent the human Second Degree.  We could probably say that between the time of the first and second illustrations the Field of Christian Science students had achieved some enlightenment, but they were still fighting with the dualistic nature of mortal man.  It is also important to mention a chess board pattern, where the divinely white duels with the materially black.  In the latest Sherlock Holmes movie this pattern is seen not only as the chess board but also (near the end) a dance floor.  I thought of the dancing couples as chess pieces moving about on the board.  This idea of chess is also seen in the first Harry Potter movie and in an episode of The Prisoner (1968-69) television series.  Chess is symbolic of Spirit, as Spirit has to do with the separation of the chaff (mortal error) from the wheat (spiritual Truth).  Then, would not the white represent the Truth that reverses the black of error?  Another important symbol behind the tile is Romanism, or material organized church, the opposite of the true Church of Christ Scientist.

The woman God-crowned stands upon the moon (Revelation 12), in other words, she has dominion over the moon’s false laws of blood cycles, tides, fertility, and lunacy.  Furthermore, the moon is a symbol for human intellectualism (reflected light).  The city of Jericho had to fall because the city was dedicated to the moon.  It fell because of the Israelite Cult (Wheel) and the seven synonymous terms (as days) for God.

Mary Baker Eddy had dominion over the moon.  It was not until 1969 that mankind caught up to the woman where he would have dominion over the moon.  By co-in-cidence Apollo 11 launched on July 16th, Mary Baker Eddy’s birth date.  The whole mission to the moon was symbolic of the woman God-crowned, even the names were symbolic of the Woman’s mission.  The Sea of Tranquility is another name for “the Peaceful Sea of Harmony.”  Another moon sea’s name is another name for “the Golden Shore of Love.”  Even the flying Eagle (the living creature for Science) was present and accounted for, just as divine Science was with the Mother Ship (Church) named Columbia.  In the above Tarot card of the HIGH PRIESTESS we see that she too has dominion over the moon, the moon does not dominate her.  She has dominion over human intellectualism too.


“Christ Healing” – colorized by me

In Christ Healing animal magnetism is unmasked as the devil man who is objecting to the healing of the woman God-crowned.  His beard is a serpent, he has horns upon his head, and his ear is shaped like a D (for D-evil one).  This man represents materia medica and religious scholastic theology.  Two men, who were most important to Mary during her life, both died before her discovery.  One man, who tried to hold Mary back from the very beginning of her life with his religious dogmas, was Mark Baker, her father.  The other man was Dr. Phineus Parkhurst Quimby.  Quimby was a mesmerist.  He claimed to heal people with his electrical treatments, but his patients always suffered from relapses.  Mary Baker Eddy admired Quimby, perhaps too much, and Mary had to leave his healing method behind before Christian Science could begin to take off with its true healing mission.  There were two men who objected to Mary Baker Patterson living after her slippery fall upon the curb in the town of Lynn, Massachusetts on that February evening.  The first man was a homeopathic doctor attending her case the other man was the priest or minister that visited her sickbed.  He basically told her that she must accept her death!

Mary Baker Patterson was a strong woman and she refused the death verdict that came from religion and medicine.  She turned to her Bible, the Word of God.

Mary Baker Eddy is the girl, “A loyal ray” in the coffin being healed by Christ Jesus’ words in the Bible.  “The Christ-idea [the Lamb of God], God anoints – Of Truth [Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission] and Life [Jesus Christ’s God-crowned mission].

The girl is dressed in white, the Third Degree, and is sitting up, however, her eyes are not all the way open yet.  This illustration represents the spiritual healing that Mary Baker Eddy had in February 1866.  At the time of her healing her eyes were only partially open to the danger that Dr. Quimby’s healing method presented to Christian Science, she would eventually awake to the dangers of this material practice thanks to her second student Richard Kennedy (as he refused to give up the practice of mesmerism).  The 1866 healing led to her Discovery of Christian Science Healing.  Up to the time of 1866 Christians accepted that Jesus Christ was able to heal, but they did not understand how he did it.  Mary Baker Eddy had been trying to reason out this very point her whole life.  She investigated different types of healing in order to discover the healing method of the Master.  It was partly due to her investigative nature that she was able to discover Christian Science.

The girl’s (Mary’s) right arm makes a right angle, this is the type of thinking that a Christian Scientist must have “right viewpoint (angle) consciousness.”  Her left hand is holding Jesus’ right hand.  Both hands and arms form the shape of an ‘n’.  In Geometry ‘n’ means “intersection.”  This is the “intersection” or marriage of the Christ and Christian (symbolized by Jesus and the woman in prayer[8]) with the Scientist (symbolized by Mary Baker Eddy).

In my colorized picture Jesus’ mantel is blue.  I did this to symbolize the Christ Truth.  However, it is black in the original illustrations.  This black represents the darkness (not being understood, people are in the dark thanks to ecclesiastic despotism) and heaviness (burden due to ecclesiastic despotism) of Jesus’ God-crown mission.

Last, but not least, there is the seven-pointed star shining down.  Jesus is in the light, while both women are in the lighter gray area of the light’s pyramid shape.  The head of the objecting man is totally outside the light from the star!

It is a fact that Mary Baker Glover was unable to get her first edition published until after she finished writing her chapter “Demonology,” which was on the topic of animal magnetism.  The mesmerists used animal magnetism in their healing treatments, her wayward students used animal magnetism to fight her Cause, and her enemies would claim that she had stolen her ideas (for the Textbook) from the mesmerist Dr. Quimby!  Yet Christian Science and animal magnetism (mesmerism, hypnotism, etc.) are total opposites.

People today are still making the false claim that Quimby was the inspiration for her work, when the man had never written down his method of healing, nor was he educated in the ways of writing!  And if anybody wrote any Quimby manuscripts you would probably find that they were written in Mary Baker Patterson’s own handwriting, or that her enemies had written them years after her first book was published and she became a well-known author.  Quimby’s son never did produce any documents to the court.

Light shining in darkness
“When apparently near the confines of mortal existence, standing already within the shadow of the death-valley, I learned these truths in divine Science:  that all real being is in God, the divine Mind, and that Life, Truth, and Love are all-powerful and ever-present; that the opposite of Truth, – called error, sin, sickness, disease, death, – is the false testimony of false material sense, of mind in matter; that this false sense evolves, in belief, a subjective state of mortal mind which this same so-called mind names matter, thereby shutting out the true sense of Spirit.”[9]

Valley.  Depression, meekness; darkness.

“‘Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.’ (Psalm xxiii. 4.)

“Though the way is dark in mortal sense, divine Life and Love illumine it, destroy the unrest of mortal thought, the fear of death, and the supposed reality of error.  Christian Science, contradicting sense, maketh the valley to bud and blossom as the rose.”  What rose could she possibly be speaking of?  Would it be Sharon’s Rose?  I think so!


“Christmas Morn”

It is said that Jesus Christ was born in a manger, given birth to by a virgin, and so Christianity celebrates Christmas day, even though the 25th of December is not the real birthday of Jesus.  December 25th is a pagan celebration for the winter solstice.  But because material organized religious leaders of the Roman Catholic Church felt they needed more MASS (congregation) they adopted the pagan holiday and said, “Hey, guess what guys and gals, we just found out that Jesus was born on December 25th!”  And it was not true at all, but the people bought into it and began to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.  Yet Mary Baker Eddy speaks the Truth about the Christ having never been born, but who believes her?

The Oil Lamp Keystone is like the Grecian oil lamp in Mother’s Room.  This oil lamp is kept lit (at least this is what I have read) all the time.  The name Christ means anointed one.  So at this point we have the tone of the Christ as the Christ, or two angels of Christ, one male and one female, flying above matter in Christmas Morn.  The female angel has her left hand cupped over her eyebrows.  Her right hand holds a book, it must be Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  The male angel is holding his arms in prayer.  Above their heads are lights that resemble candlesticks.  In Revelation 1 we read of the seven candlestick churches belonging to Christianity.  Each golden candlestick church has an angel.  We could then ask, for which two churches do these two angels represent?  Do they belong to the seven churches of Christianity?  It is possible that the two candlesticks represent the second  church (for Jesus’ mission) and sixth church (for Mary Baker Eddys’ mission) mentioned in Revelation.  However, I feel that they belong to two churches of the Christ Scientist – the city foursquare of divine Science and the city of our God of absolute Christian Science.  These two angels have a train and in this train is seen the woman’s remnant seed.  This remnant seed nullifies the material organized train in the Christmas tree of Christmas Eve.

On the right bottom corner are twelve sheep (one is said to be black), representing the twelve tribes of Israel.  It is also said that the tree of life is near these sheep.  It is interesting that the sheep could escape their captivity if they desired, as the fence is broken, or rather, the gate is open to the Holy City.

The path of Science leads one up to different types of churches.  There is a fork in the road that leads to a house.  I find this interesting because Mary Baker Eddy built the Branch Church of Concord in the spot of a home (heaven).  Mary Baker Eddy wanted her students to understand that going to church was not mandatory or necessary for a Christian Scientists, but they had best practice Science in their home or they would never get anywhere, nor would they be protected by Truth.

This illustration is the only one with an oval shape.  The oval is symbolic of Womanhood, however, I feel that this oval relates to the Sunburst Skylight in the Edifice’s auditorium roof.  This window has the Science X-stream Matrix.  Likewise Christmas Morn has a Science X-stream with the path (an S shape) and the river (an S shape).

In the foreground of “Christmas Morn” is a cracked tomb.  On top of the tomb is the shape of a woman, which to me resembles Mary Baker Eddy.  The countryside is that of New England, and it is Mary Baker Eddy’s homeland.  She cannot be held in the womb to tomb dogma of physical science, of scholastic theology, or of material medica because she is the woman prophesied by Jesus Christ.  “The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.”

Christian Science discovered
“In the year 1866, I discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my discovery Christian Science.  God had been graciously preparing me during many years for the reception of this final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing.

Mission of Christian Science
“This apodictical Principle points to the revelation of Immanuel, ‘God with us,’—the sovereign ever-presence, delivering the children of men from every ill ‘that flesh is heir to.’  Through Christian Science, religion and medicine are inspired with a diviner nature and essence; fresh pinions are given to faith and understanding, and thoughts acquaint themselves intelligently with God.” (S&H 107:1-14)

The three measures of meal are “Science, Theology, Medicine.”  Mary Baker Eddy placed the yeast in these three meals for bread making, and the loaves must raise human intelligence up to Life and Truth.


“Treating the Sick”

The perspective is off on the bed in Treating the Sick.  This is done on purpose, as the bed is a symbol of material world belief.  The bed is also way over sized, a giant.  Remember the giant Christmas tree; remember that David cut off Goliath’s head of “Physiology.”  The big giant head must be separated from the big giant body, for they are the opposite of Christ and Christmas, or the Christ head and the Christian body.  Even in this picture, the Adam man’s head is naked while bed coverings cover up the Adam man’s body.  However, the pillow and bed coverings are white (the Third Degree).  This Adam man is asleep in his own little dream world located in the First Degree; hence he is oblivious to his spiritual identity.

But the woman practitioner must be aware in order to wake up the Adam dreamer.  This woman is dressed in white also, unlike the two previous people who have sat in the rocking chair.  A rocking chair is symbolic of going back and forth and getting nowhere, they are also used to rock babies to sleep.  Is Mary Baker Eddy’s babe, the Textbook, asleep in the woman’s lap?  Her Textbook, unlike the open book in Suffer the Children, is a closed book.  The Textbook is a closed book when Christian Science is treated as nothing but faith healing.

But we must also look to the words of the poem.  Let us accept that this woman practitioner is aware of “Christ’s silent healing” and that her prayers have been heard by heaven, and the answers crown her “pale brow.”  Her right hand is touching her brow.  Her eyes are shut in silent prayer in order to keep the mortal lie from seeping into her consciousness.

The Pomegranates Keystone is symbolic of the physical in the sense that the fruit is thought to be the forbidden fruit, like the apple is.  But it does not really matter if pomegranates are the forbidden fruit or not, because the forbidden fruit is powerless.  The true symbol of this fruit points us once more to Venus, the woman God-crowned.  The fruit is depicted in the Rider Tarot card[10] deck belonging to this woman God-crowned, a.k.a. the Morning Star and Venus.  These two cards are #2 – THE HIGH PRIESTESS and #3 – THE EMPRESS.  Both cards are tied together by the flow of a blue river.  It is clear that THE HIGH PRIESTESS has dominion over the moon and that THE EMPRESS is Venus.  THE EMPRESS is pregnant and wears a crown with twelve stars, so she is the woman God-crowned being depicted.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS is previously shown.


“The Way” – colorized by me

Mary Baker Eddy traveled the “Footsteps of Truth” for it is The Way.  Once more, the countryside depicted belongs to New England.  For Mary Baker Eddy told her artist, James F. Gilman, that people would recognize that there is a Way here in America, on the Western Hemisphere (the second coming of Christ), just as there is a Way in the Eastern Hemisphere (the first coming of Christ).

There were two illustrations for The Way.  The first illustration had the shape of a loaf or bread, or half an Easter egg.  It is interesting that the first illustration holds the shape of the pyramid matrix quite well.  This first drawing had a cross upon the ground.  It was covered in forget-me-nots, a type of lily.  Lilies are symbolic of Mary Magdalene.  I feel that the forget-me-nots is a message in symbol form to all Christian Scientists to remember Mother Mary Baker Eddy.  There are a flock of birds around and upon the cross.  (The Boston Edifice is called “the Cross.”)  These nine birds are representative of the nine sons of Jacob defined in “The Glossary.”

In the sky is an ascending figure of Jesus Christ.  Around him are angelic faces approved by Mary Baker Eddy, I feel that these many faces may represent generic man as a whole.  What this could mean then, is that all men recognize the fact that Jesus ascended to heaven, but what is hidden to them is that they too must ascend to heaven in the same manner as Jesus.

Above the Jesus’ head is a dove descending, which is a symbol for divine Science.  The dove carries the olive branch (perhaps the Branch Church of Peace).

In the second illustration this dove is headed for the crowned (by flowers) cross (the Edifice).  The Boston Extension is called the Crown.  Above the dove is a coronet.  In the Cabalah tree of life the top sphere is called Kether (Crown).  In a Tarot card called TEMPERANCE a crown is also depicted.  The angel in this card depicts the angel of Revelation 10 with the cups of Christ and the stream of Science.

A ray of light, that depicts The Way, shines down through the coronet to the, now detached from the material ground, flowered-cross.  In the foreground is a second cross that is totally black, a shadow of the first cross, and is tied down to the First Degree belonging to material organization.

To the left side of the black cross is a grave.  There are ghosts or spirits rising up from this grave.  There is also a hillside shape that resembles a dragon.  But in one illustration part of this land formation tends to appear as a black bear.

On the right side is a quiet pond, for reflecting thought.  There is a bush on the left side of the pond that looks like a lion.  There also appear to be cattle shapes on the hillside.  Mary Baker Eddy speaks of this in S&H “Genesis” (page 514, beginning line 10).

I feel that the black shadowed cross represents material organized Church (and body), and for sure it is the First Degree.  It is what The Mother Church of Boston has become since December 3, 1910.  The garlanded cross, that is disconnected to the material ground, represents the Church that The First Church of Christ Scientist is once it abandons its way of material organization.  Even so, it is found in the Second Degree and has a way to go in order to reach the Third Degree.  The coronet crown is the Church Universal and Triumphant, the Third Degree of spiritual understanding.


“Seeking and Finding” – colorized by me

“What the Beloved [Christ Jesus the Lamb] knew and taught, Science [the Lamb’s Bride] repeats.”  By seeking the Lord one will find the Lamb to be our own Christ consciousness or Christ Head (Leader).  In Seeking and Finding Mary Baker Eddy’s head has a halo, just like the woman in Truth versus Error does.  Also, Mary Baker Eddy’s head in Christian Science Healing has a halo.

What is interesting about this particular illustration is that Mary Baker Eddy is depicted sitting in a foursquare chair, but she had a rocking chair in her attic room.  This is to symbolize the fact that she was seated upon the divine calculus reckoning and not rocking back and forth like a pendulum.  (This foursquare chair could also be a symbol of her successorship.)

What Mary Baker Eddy discovered from her Open Bible was God’s spiritual “Creation.”  She comprehended the opposites in the two creation stories at the beginning of Genesis.  However, her book is not at the point of the book of Genesis in the illustration.  Her discovery, in Genesis, carried her into the Old and New Testaments.  She had unlocked the seven seals of erroneous creation taught by the material world.  She had Discovered her own Christhood, her own Fatherhood, her own Sonhood, her own Womanhood, and her own Motherhood to be completely and totally Spirit created.

Her right hand rests upon her lap, it is not manhood that needs to come forth in writing God’s book on Science, rather it is Womanhood that is allowed to write the book spoken of in Bible prophecy.  Her left hand (Womanhood) touches her brow, her Bow-man consciousness.  This (rain)-Bowman consciousness represents the angel of Revelation 10.  This male-female angel descends (divine Science) with the “little open book” Science and Health, for she is THE Prophet STAR.


(Notice the Eddy ripples in THE STAR card.  The eight pointed star is symbolic (to me) of the city foursquare and the city of our God as one.  In Dan Brown’s book Inferno he explains that each point represents a day – the six days of Genesis 1, the Sabbath of Genesis 2:1-3, and the eight point or day represents man’s spiritual rebirth.)

Venus, the seven-pointed planet, shines down through the foursquare window matrix skylight.  The skylight is a combination of the city foursquare (because it is square) and the city of our God (because it has the + divisions).

Upon the table is paper and pen for taking “copious notes” from the open Bible.  Also on the table is a single candlestick.  This candlestick’s flame is not as bright as Venus’s light, nor does it light upon Mary Baker Eddy at all.  She has her own inner light.  I feel that this candlestick may represent her church background of Protestant Calvinism.

Behind her is a talking serpent, for it has human teeth in its mouth.  This serpent is of course animal magnetism.  This serpent will try to impede her spiritual progress (as prophesied in Genesis 3).  Also behind her is a Grandmother’s clock.  Its time reads 12:05; it is just after the midnight hour has started.  Thus, the wedding between the Bridegroom and the Lamb’s Bride is taking place.  This time also points us to Revelation 12:1-5.  And it also directs us to the Woman God-crowned Keystone in Window of the Open Book.

The Woman God-crown Keystone


“Christian Science Healing” – colorized by me

Christ, the divine ideal can never be crucified, only the human man Jesus was crucified.  This verse is the only place that Mary Baker Eddy even mentions Sharon’s rose.  I feel that this book is meant to bud and bloom in everyone’s human heart.  It is the structure of Science that we must understand.  The footnote by Paul is speaking of Christ Jesus, however, the illustration is of Mary Baker Eddy and not Jesus, hence she is literally telling us that God was manifest in the flesh as her “Science of Being.”

The second verse is basically telling us that it is always the Christ that heals the physical, but it does so because it heals consciousness.  The physical healing is the outcome, or effect, of the healing that takes place in mind.

The word salvation literally means “science and health.”  How many Christian Scientists are aware of this fact?  So, the Palmleaves of Salvation really means the “victorious and triumphant pages of Science and Health.  And in this illustration we see plainly both of Mary’s palms (victory and triumphant).

There is more than one illustration of Christian Science Healing.  The first illustration has an old woman sitting up in the sickbed (at least I think it is a woman).  And Mary Baker Eddy’s pose is somewhat different.  Her head faces forward even though her eyes are looking upward to heaven.  Her Christ mantel of successorship is black as Jesus’ mantel was in Christ Healing.  On the table behind the old woman is a bottle of medicine and a glass with some liquid or water and a spoon.  The glass is half full, or half empty, depending upon one’s viewpoint.  There is also a woman in the background in prayer, in the first illustration her right arm touches the curtain (the veil).

In the second illustration there is an old man sitting up in the sickbed.  Mary’s head is slanted upward and her eyes are again looking toward heaven.  Her mantel, by this time of printing, is now white (her yoke is lighter).  On the table are two bottles of medicine, and the glass is the same.  The woman in the background is more defined, her arm does not touch the curtain, and her arms are still in prayer (they form a W [for Womanhood] in both illustrations).

Also, in both illustrations, the headboard’s perspective is off, there is a chair in front of the curtain, and there is a square painting of reflection on the wall above the table.  There are also faces within the pyramid light of the seven-pointed star.

There is an important distinction between this illustration and Christ Healing.  In illustration 2 (C. H.) Jesus and Mary’s hands touch to form the ‘n’.  In Christian Science Healing the hands reach out to meet but they never intersect, or touch.  Christian Science heals the mental problem (cause) and the physical does not need to be touched because it is the effect.  The reason why, as explained before, Mary and Jesus touch hands is to intersect the Christ [Mind] Healing to the Woman’s consciousness so that she can present to the world the Christian Science [Mind] Healing.

As for the woman in the background, I feel that she represents Mary Baker Eddy’s personal self.  When asked how she healed she would reply, “I get Mary out of the way.”  Remember how Jesus threw out the people from the room when he healed Jairus’ daughter?  Well, sometimes our own personal self gets in our way and we have to shut it out or send it out of the room (our consciousness).


colorized by me

To me these two verses end all quibbling and objections to Christian Science!  I use to think that “Some Objections Answered” was aimed at all people who objected to Christian Science, but I later realized that its target audience was the reader no matter if they were familiar with Christian Science or not.  In other words – the target audience was personal sense that resides in all humans until kicked out of our divinely Christ consciousness.  I must ask while reading the chapter what is it within myself that is objecting to God’s Truth?  It is always the five physical senses that are objecting, its favorite word is “but”.

Christian Unity is the only circle (Unity Matrix) illustration in Christ and Christmas.  It represents divine Science and the city foursquare (Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy have their feet upon the foursquare ground).

Christian Unity reminds me of those painted plates that are really expensive to buy.  You know, the Hamilton Collection of Star Wars plates or Star Trek plates?  I would buy (if they ever made them) Stargate plates!

This picture has no seven-pointed star, even though there is a pyramid shape of light surrounding Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy.  This is because they are the light.  They are both dressed in white gowns (the Third Degree).  Jesus’ mantel is dark in this illustration (even though I turned it blue).  It is draped across his lap as he is sitting down.  This means that he is handing over his mantel successorship to the Woman.  Mary Baker Eddy is holding the scroll (book) of Christian Science in her left hand (Womanhood).  Her left arm is forming a right angle, just as Jesus’ right arm is forming a right angle.  This is foursquare and the correct viewpoint of thought.  But Jesus’ right arm also forms the letter ‘L,’ his left hand holds Mary’s right hand, and they form a ‘U’ (for Unity) this time.  The way her mantel drapes across her right breast forms a ‘V’ shape.  Hence, the key to Christian Unity is LUV (or LOVE).  Mary’s mantel is a light shade of gray, depicting that her successorship takes place in the human realm.

Jesus toes, on his left foot, are visible, while Mary’s left foot is completely visible.  Both feet being of the left side (Womanhood) is understandable.  Both feet are located within the land that is foursquare.

What the world sees of Jesus is his manhood; they do not think that he even has any qualities of Womanhood!  The world sees Mary Baker Eddy as a woman, but do they understand her Womanhood God-crown Mission?  Do they except the manhood?  Both Jesus and Mary have a halo crown, but Mary’s is somewhat brighter than Jesus’ light.  Many people have taken offense to this fact without trying to understand why her halo crown is brighter.  We go to Revelation for our answer.

In the first chapter of Revelation the Son of Man (Jesus) holds in his hands only seven stars (angels for the seven churches) but in Revelation 12 the woman God-crowned has twelve stars.  Naturally twelve stars are brighter than seven stars are!  What this really means is that Mary Baker Eddy’s mission included the task of educating the original seven churches in Christian Science and the extra five churches were the five churches that she brought about.  These five churches are the Church of Christ, Scientist (of April 19, 1879), The First Church of Christ Scientist (of September 23, 1892), the First Branch Church of Concord, the First Branch Church of Concord,[11] and The Church Universal and Triumphant.[12]

The Harvested Sheaf of Wheat Keystone is a symbol of Christianity.  However, it also brings to mind Joseph’s prophetic dream about how his other eleven brother’s sheaves would bow down to his.  Their sense (today’s eleven candlesticks[13]) of what Christianity is must bend to the Truth sense of what Christianity really is when united with Science.  The shape of a red heart surrounds the Harvested Sheaf of Wheat; again, the Key to healing is to LOVE our fellow man (as in the Church of Philadelphia).

Can a patient, who calls up a Christian Science practitioner for treatment, be healed if the practitioner puts the laws set down by the organized church ahead of the welfare of that patient?  No.  And this is precisely what is taking place today.  The practitioner has become judge and jury as to whether or not the person calling upon them for help is deserving of their help!  The following is a conversation I had with a practitioner not long ago.

Practitioner:  Do you go to church on Sundays?

Me:  No, because I do not think that attending Church is necessary for spiritual growth.

Practitioner:  Do you read the daily Bible lessons?

Me:  No.

Practitioner:  Why not?

Me:  Because they are no longer very inspirational.

Practitioner:  Why do you say that?

Me:  Well, they do not understand why Mary Baker Eddy even set up the Bible Lessons with six sections.  They think they can have any number of sections they want any more.

Practitioner:  Well, what is the importance of the six sections?

Me:  Jesus had twelve disciples that he put in pairs.  He sent them out to heal the people.  There were six pairs of disciples going out to heal the world.  The six sections of the Bible lessons are like those six pairs of disciples going out to heal the world.

Practitioner:  I have never thought of that before.  I thought you were going to mention the Shewbread of the Temple.  Some people have mentioned that as a symbol.

Me:  Well, it is also a symbol for it, because six is symbolic of Truth and the Six Days of Creation.  The Seven Days spoken of in Genesis are for the seven synonyms of God.

Practitioner:  I have never heard that before.  How did you learn it?

Me:  From reading books by John W. Doorly and his students.

Practitioner:  Oh….

Eventually she said, “Well, I will have to think about whether or not I will take on your case.  Will you call me back around two o’clock?”

I agreed to, but once I hung up, I must admit that I began to get angry with her.  I needed help right then and there, but she did not want to agree to do so.  I did call her back while she was at Church to leave a message.  I was probably not very kind.  But I said something like, “If I had called upon Mary Baker Eddy for help she would not have given me the third degree (line of questioning), she would have agreed to help me and she would have healed me!”  I ask you Christian Science practitioners out there, “Where is the Love?”

I know of a loyal Christian Scientist who is a Branch member and a member of The First Church.  She became very ill and had a practitioner working for her.  She became really ill and she was forced to go to the hospital.  All metaphysical work (treatment) stopped right there for the ill woman!  She was now up to her neck (literally) in materia medica.  She felt abandoned by her practitioner.  And she was shocked that they could turn away from her just like that!  “Where is the Love?”  It goes out the door with silly, ridiculous rules put forth by scholastic theology and ecclesiastical despotism.

One excuse laid forth by a practitioner I use to go to for help was that if her patient was under the influence of medicine when she prayed it could have terrible side effects.  Although, she never told me what those side effects were.  Perhaps her problem was the fact that she needed to know that medicine is impotent, is not cause and therefore has no effect, and cannot falsely influence the patient or the case in any way?

When Mary Baker Eddy went to heal someone she did not care if they were under medication!  She healed them!  She did not care if they were going to church!  She healed them!  She did not care if the patient became a Christian Scientist!  She healed them anyway!  That is where the Love is, right there.  Wake up Christian Science Practitioners and smell Sharon’s Seven Roses!


The Big Dipper always points us to the North Star (the Word as the Word), back to “Prayer” and an Open Bible Keystone.  There is no illustration for the twelfth slice of Keystone Pie, but Mary Baker Eddy includes the above verse from Revelation at the end of Christ and Christmas (after the Glossary section).  It is entirely possible that the cover is meant to go along with this Bible verse.  On the cover of the book is a seven-pointed star.  The star has fifty-six rays of light and fifty-six sections between each ray of light.[14]  But I feel that this star must be placed in the hub of the wheel, in the center of Sharon’s Rose Matrix.

Could one explanation for the 56 rays of light be that fifty is symbolic of the Holy Ghost and it was in the Sixth Day of Truth that the second coming of Truth (“another Comforter”) descended down with a “little book open”?

There is no doubt in my mind that the Big Dipper Keystone and Seven Sharon’s Roses both are symbols for the seven synonymous terms for God.  The Big Dipper probably also represents the seven angels for the seven churches that the Son of Man holds in his hand (Revelation 1).

“Christian Science Practice” seems to have a strange beginning.  It starts out with the seventh chapter of Luke’s Gospel with Jesus and Mary.  The Magdalene (High Tower) washes Jesus’ feet with tears and wipes them off with her hair.  Are we really willing to repent from sin when we enter into the Bridal Chamber with the Christ?  On page 366:3-21 she writes:  “In order to cure his patient, the metaphysician must first cast moral evils out of himself and thus attain the spiritual freedom which will enable him to cast physical evils out of his patient; but heal he cannot, while his own spiritual barrenness debars him from giving drink to the thirsty and hinders him from reaching his patient’s thought, — yea, while mental penury chills his faith and understanding.

“The physician who lacks sympathy for his fellow being is deficient in human affection, and we have the apostolic warrant for asking:  ‘He that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?’  Not having this spiritual affection, the physician lacks faith in the divine Mind and has not that recognition of infinite Love which alone confers the healing power.  Such so-called Scientists will strain out gnats [patients who may take medicine or vitamins, not attend church or read Bible lessons], while they swallow the camels [animalistic teachings] of bigoted pedantry [scholastic theology].”

This is the chapter that Christian Science practitioners need to really study and understand.  At the end of this chapter is an allegory about a man sentenced to death in the court of mortal mind, but Christian Science comes along and appeals the case to the higher court of Spirit.  The Christ defender wins his case and the man lives.

Most people probably do not know this, but Satan’s official job in heaven was to be an adversary in the courtroom, today’s name for adversary is district attorney!

John W. Doorly gave a lecture series on “Christian Science Practice” in the 50s.  This was then put into book form and published.  It is a book well worth reading, and I think it would open the eyes of the Church members who are “listed practitioners” as to how healing can be accomplished with 100% results.

Mary Baker Eddy defines Jacob’s fifth son, Dan, as:  “Animal magnetism, so-called mortal mind controlling mortal mind, error, working out the designs of error, one belief preying upon another.”  Yet, there is a book of the Bible, one of the Major Prophets, called Daniel.  Daniel, however, means “righteous judgment.”  Righteous judgment is Christian Science treatment and correct practice!


VENUS (found on the front cover of C&C)


The Four Sides of the “little open book”

Even though the Window of the Open Book’s Stars and Keystones go in a counter-clockwise order it makes since that the hub’s book would move in a clockwise manner, or a linear manner.  It is also of interest that the planet Venus is the only planet in our solar system to revolve in a clockwise order, and this is where I have placed the planet-star!  This would also make sense as to why there are the two clocks, pointing us to Revelation, in Seeking and Finding and Suffer the Children.


Science as the Word

“Teaching Christian Science” – New heaven (Soul) and New Earth (Life), the Inner Branch for the Word

What is most important in “Teaching Christian Science” is the moral ethics.  In “Christian Science Practice” the practitioner is concerned with the Daniel method of righteous judgment.  But, where the ideas behind “bigoted pedantry” came from is found at the beginning of “Teaching Christian Science”!  There must be a definite distinction between the “Practice” and the “Teaching!”

Study of medicine
In the tone of Mind as Mind – “When the discoverer of Christian Science is consulted by her followers as to the propriety, advantage, and consistency of systematic medical study, she tries to show them that under ordinary circumstances a resort to faith in corporeal means tends to deter those, who make such a compromise, from entire confidence in omnipotent Mind as really possessing all power.  While a course of medical study is at times severely condemned by some Scientists, she feels, as she always has felt, that all are privileged to work out their own salvation according to their light, and that our motto should be the Master’s counsel, ‘Judge not [the other system], that ye be not judged.’

Failure’s lessons
“If patients fail to experience the healing power of Christian Science, and think they can be benefited by certain ordinary physical methods of medical treatment, then the Mind-physician should give up such cases, and leave invalids free to resort to whatever other systems they fancy will afford relief.  Thus such invalids may learn the value of the apostolic precept:  ‘Reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.’  If the sick find these material expedients unsatisfactory, and they receive no help from them, these very failures may open their blind eyes.  In some way, sooner or later, all must rise superior to materiality, and suffering is oft the divine agent in this elevation.  ‘All things work together for good to them that love God,’ is the dictum of Scripture.”[15]

The question arises here, what happens (like in my case) if I really am committed to Christian Science treatment and I am getting no results from someone I have called upon for help?  Is it really wrong to turn to materia medica for help?  No, it is not, because the patient is not being healed.  In my case I began to improve (physically) as soon as medical treatment began in the hospital, while I was not getting any physical improvements from the metaphysician I was calling upon.  So, is it really my fault, or is there something wrong with the practitioners today, that they just cannot bring about results?  I admit my biggest problem was that I could not kick out fear and doubt, and this is probably why I was unable to help myself.

Refuge and strength
“If Christian Scientists ever fail to receive aid from other Scientists, — their brethren upon whom they may call, — God will still guide them into the right use or temporary and eternal means.  Step by step will those who trust Him find that ‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”[16]

So I feel that God led me to the decision of going to the hospital for help, however, I did not give up on God.  I still understood that God was with me all the way and the medical was only a temporary thing for me.

Charity to those opposed
The tone of Mind as Spirit – “Students [practitioners] are advised by the author [Mary Baker Eddy] to be charitable and kind, not only towards differing forms of religion and medicine, but to those who hold these differing opinions.  Let us be faithful in pointing the way through Christ, as we understand it, but let us also be careful always to ‘judge righteous judgment,’ and never to condemn rashly.  ‘Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.’  That is, Fear not that he will smite thee again for thy forbearance.  If ecclesiastical sects or medical schools turn a deaf ear to the teachings of Christian Science, then part from these opponents as did Abraham when he parted from Lot, and say in thy heart:  ‘Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between my herdmen and thy herdmen, for we be brethren.’  Immortals or God’s children in divine Science, are one harmonious family; but mortals, or the ‘children of men’ in material sense, are discordant and ofttimes false brethren.”[17]

I think that sometimes Christian Scientists are more kind to people who know nothing about Christian Science or people who are not Christian Scientists than they are to those who are Christian Scientists!  If this is so then they are “false brethren.”  I do not hate any Christian Scientist.  Perhaps it sounds as if I do hate them, but I do not.  I must, however, write my experiences down so that it will help the problems within the Cause of Christian Science to be exposed or uncovered so that they can become annihilated.

While this particular chapter is concerned with the moral ethics of a Christian Science teacher (and all Christian Scientists) the following chapter continues to teach, but it teaches the methods of absolute Christian Science and relative Christian Science.



Science as the Christ

“Recapitulation” (The New Jerusalem artichoke) – Spirit and Truth the city foursquare, the Middle Branch for the Christ

In the above drawing the blue rays represent the tone of absolute Christian Science while the purple rays represent the tone of Christian Science.  The metallic colors are for the divine calculus – the Word (red), the Christ (gold), Christianity (silver), and Science (green).  The other colors are for the seven synonymous terms.  The numbers outside each petal represent the appropriate “Recapitulation” questions, as well as the hours of the day – or the twenty-four time zones (“from zone to zone”).

“Recapitulation” is a recap of all the previous thirteen chapters.  And it could also be said that it is called “Recapitulation” because the first answer gives us the re-caped words for the seven synonymous terms for God.

This chapter contains twenty-four question and answer sections in the alternating tones of absolute Christian Science and Christian Science.  It is thought that the twenty-four elders that sit around the throne of God represent these twenty-four question and answer sections.  John Doorly also thinks that perhaps these twenty-four question and answer sections represent Adam’s ribs.  I am not saying that Doorly is wrong, I just think that the elders seem to be more appropriate for this chapter.  But both can be correct as a rib is an arch, and this chapter does seem to arch around the book located in the hub of Window of the Open Book.  If we think of a “little open book” as the seeds of Science then what seems to compass the book are the twenty-four petals of a Jerusalem artichoke (that is a sunflower).  This sunflower is what I based my New Jerusalem artichoke matrix on.  While there are twenty-four petals, the twelve stars for the city foursquare circumnavigates around the sunflower.


Science as Christianity

“Genesis” – Mind and Love the city of our God, the Outer Branch for Christianity

“Genesis” has two main sections because it deals with the two accounts of creation.  The opening text is of interest, “And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob by the name of God Almighty; but by My name Jehovah was I not known to them. – Exodus.”  Mary Baker Eddy is making it clear that the Patriarchs of Soul did not accept God as a tribal god called Jehovah, but as God Almighty!  This is important!  Why?  Because in Genesis 1-2:3 God is not Jehovah!  It is not until the counterfeit creation allegory begins (chapter 2:4) that God is referred to as the Lord God, who is Jehovah.

The first creation account is about the creation of spiritual ideas while the second creation account-allegory is about the creation of a mortal man-god.  It is time for the Christian to differentiate between these two accounts.  It is a fact that the Jehovistic Document of the Adam myth was written before the Elohim Document with the spiritual creation, yet in the Old Testament the Elohim is placed before the Jehovistic.  This happened after Babylon took the Hebrews into captivity.  The Hebrew spiritually minded men grew more spiritually minded under Babylonian persecution.  They realized that their one true God was not a creator of a mortal man but of the divine idea.  The J. D.  (Jehovistic Document) account became secondary (put after the Elohistic Document).  The J.D. was not about the true creation of God’s real man, it was about a counterfeit creation.  However, there are parts of the Adam story where truth does seep into the story.  One instance is with the four riverheads; another is with the tree of life; another is the woman’s (not Eve) understanding of what was behind these serpent’s temptations.

The twelve keystones of Window of the Open Book represent the city of our God.  With this particular city you have the symbol of the + sign, or the four cardinal points for the divine calculus (stone used in reckoning).  Also, in Revelation the twelve apostles of Christ become the foundation stones of the city.  In Revelation the four riverheads and the tree of life are found within the hub of the city, hence, they are spiritually translated in the Revelation account.  The tree’s twelve manner of fruit reach out like the Keystone Foundations and the four river heads flow outward as well, they have no boundary or walls to keep them from flowing outward to the four corners of the world.


Science as Science

“The Apocalypse” – Principle, the Trunk [of the tree of life] Science, and the 23rd Psalm with no want

“The Apocalypse” is made up of three sections of Bible prophecy from the book of Revelation.  It consists of the angel (Rev. 10), the woman God-crowned (Rev. 12), and the Holy City (Rev. 21).  These three sections describe the Woman’s mission as the Discovering Angel, the Founding Woman, and the Leading Christ for the Christian Civilization (Cult).  At the end of this chapter Mary Baker Eddy translates the Lord God Jehovah with the 23rd Psalm, and His-Her name becomes Love.  This Love is not along the lines of personal sense love or sexual desire, no, it is pure Love, the Love of our Mother God, and the Love that we are expected by God to manifest and reflect.  We are to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; we are to Love everyone.

Today many Christian Scientists deny that Mary Baker Eddy is the woman God-crowned, nor do they admit that she is the second coming of Christ.  They are in denial, or they have been falsely educated (led astray).  Yet the prophecy of the woman God-crowned is in the capstone vision (the fourth vision) of Revelation!  But how many of these Christian Scientists are even aware that the fourth vision is the main focal point of Revelation?  It is the most important part of the book!  And they are willing to let themselves believe that this woman is generic man (themselves).  While they accept themselves as generic man they deny Mary Baker Eddy her rightful place as the woman God-crowned, even as generic man.

They do this because Mary Baker Eddy wrote that Christian Science is the second coming of Christ, that the Christ is not to be personalized, and that there is only one Christ.  Well, this is all true.  But, if the reader carefully reads “The Apocalypse” there is no doubt that Mary Baker Eddy was secretly pointing to herself as the angel, the woman God-crowned, and the Holy City Leader.  She had to do it this way because during her lifetime mankind objected to this Truth.  It still is objecting today, especially through her Church congregation.  The excuse is this, “To accept Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ is deification!”  Why would this be so when Christian Scientists accept Jesus Christ as the first coming of Christ and they do not deify him at all?  They are only repeating, like a parrot, what they have heard their Board of Directors, practitioners, and teachers saying.  Part of it, I feel, is due to fear.  Christian Scientists, I think, are really afraid of what mainstream Christianity, and other religious groups, think about them!  I think that Christian Scientists are afraid to speak the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.

Some of this fear is promoted from Christian propaganda about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.  Some of the ignorance is due to biographies on the life of Mary Baker Eddy that contain outright lies.  Some are very subtle suggestions about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.  They are so subtle that many Christian Scientists do not even recognize the attacks.

One example of how the Board of Directors tried to hide Mary Baker Eddy’s own admittance to being the woman God-crowned is in a doctored photograph.  Mary Baker Eddy wore a twelve star crown that was given to her by a church in Kansas.  This photo was published in the series of books called We Knew Mary Baker Eddy.  In later years when the Board decided that they did not like this crown being on top of Mrs. Eddy’s head, well they mucked about with it.  I have seen one of the older pictures where she was wearing the crown.  Below is the doctored photo from the book I have, and a close up shot of the same photo.

A missing twelve star crown!

(After writing this I found the picture where she was wearing the crown.)

Photo on the left has not been tampered with, the photo on the right has been tampered with.

Photo on the left has not been tampered with, the photo on the right has been tampered with.

A good example of denial of her place is how Boston promotes Gillian Gill’s biography about Mary Baker Eddy.  In her book she denies that Mary Baker Eddy healed anyone!  And if she mentions one of Mary Baker Eddy’s accounts of healing people it is only to report that it was not permanent or that there was a “relapse.”  I do not blame Gill for her ignorance as she is not a Christian Scientist, however, I do blame those at Boston who promote her book.  Boston should have nothing to do with the book because in it Gill denies that error was working against Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy.  She even says that Mary Baker Eddy is like Mark Twain because they both were tyrants.  Only those people who do not understand Christian Science could see Mary Baker Eddy as being “a tyrant in her own home.”  Was Mary Baker Eddy a tyrant?  Yes, but she was only a tyrant toward mortal mind, animal magnetism, and error!  Gill does not understand Christian Science one bit, and to attack Mary Baker Eddy is to attack Christian Science.  If someone does not understand Christian Science they do not understand Mary Baker Eddy, and vice versa.

Biblical Christians classify Christian Science as a cult.  They mean a false religion that is being led by a maniac!  But this is not even what the original meaning of cult meant.  So I am proud to say that Christian Science is a cult because it is based upon the wheel, the wheel that keeps the cultivated and civilized city a going!  Christian Science is the CIRCLE OF LIFE!  Biblical Christians claim that Mary Baker Eddy stole Christian Science from Quimby the mesmerist.  But this is a lie put forth by the enemies of Christian Science and the enemies of Mary Baker Eddy.  Biblical Christians combine sentences and paragraphs together from the Textbook and from separate editions of the Textbook; thus, they mangle the meaning so that they can present it as they see fit.  They believe that it is contradictory to itself because they do not understand that in some instances Mary Baker Eddy is speaking in the relative and at other times she is speaking in the absolute!  Why do biblical Christians so misunderstand Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy today?  Because so many Christian Scientists themselves do not understand Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy and because the Cause has been turned into a Movement called a material organization!  Going to Church and being a member of the Church is not more important than Loving Mary Baker Eddy and our fellow Brethren.


Why do I use the term Stargate Matrix for Window of the Open Book?  Well, it is pretty obvious that there are twelve stars to this window, and that each star is a Stargate.  The Stargates, from Stargate and Stargate SG-1, have many symbols on it; each symbol represents a constellation.  We call the zodiac the belt.  It has twelve constellations.  Originally it may have had thirteen constellations in its belt.  It could be that Scorpio and Libra were one constellation, if so the twelfth constellation was Ophiucus (the Serpent Bearer).  Why Ophiucus was cut out of the belt I cannot say.  But I find its symbology interesting, for the Serpent Bearer has control over the serpent.

Max Kappeler has sixteen gates to “The Apocalypse” chapter.  Each of these gates corresponds with the sixteen chapters of the Textbook.  We could say then that twelve of the gates, when used in the Unity Matrix, really are Stargates!

When The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts started up there were twelve people called “First Members.”  These First Members each received a star by their name in the Church Manual.  The Four Major Stars (on Window of the Open Book) would have been the then four male Board of Directors.  The true Directors of The First Church must be and is the divine calculus – the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.

Would Mary Baker Eddy have had star symbols in the Church Manual or wore a twelve-stared crown (and allowed herself to be photographed in it) if she had accepted that she was not the woman of Revelation 12?  NO!

Christian Scientists who fail to comprehend that Mary Baker Eddy did accept herself as the woman God-crowned do not know Christian Science history!

The following pictures are of the slides of Christ and Christmas.  The quality is pour, and I had trouble getting a shot of the whole picture at once, so I apologize for that.  (The following pictures are upside down, sorry.)

[1] I will explain this matrix at the end of the third chapter.

[2] On the title of the Textbook, held in the girl’s hands, the word “with” is not on the cover.  This is Mary Baker Eddy’s way of telling us that the whole BOOK is the KEY, not just the last four chapters.

[3] These are the words of Christ Jesus found quoted underneath the illustration of Suffer the Children.

[4] Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

[5] These are the three windows in Mother’s Room.

[6] I realize the star is not literally Acrux, but this is the constellation I use at this point on the Unity Matrix.

[7] Glover is Mary Baker’s first married name.  A glover is a weaver.  A textbook is woven together.

[8] The woman in prayer is at the foot of the black coffin.  She is dressed in white, like Mary, and her eyes are completely open.  She represents Mary’s own Christianity.

[9] S&H 108:19

[10] The original purpose of Tarot cards was to depict the symbols of Bible prophecy!

[11] No, I am not repeating myself, there actually were two different Concord Branches.  They both were built upon the same lot of land in New Hampshire.  And this land originally had a house upon it.  So, her gift of this Branch Church was built upon the idea of HOME, HEAVEN.

[12] This Church of course has no physical location or lot of land, it is the spiritual church within the Kingdom of God (within our consciousness).

[13] I say eleven here instead of twelve because Joseph had eleven brothers and the twelfth church is totally spiritual because it is not a material organized Church!

[14] One possible meaning of the fifty-six rays of light is that there were fifty-six men who worked on the United States of America Constitution.

[15] S&H 443:1-444:6

[16] Ibid 446:7

[17] Ibid 446:13