United Paramount Network and the Science X-Stream

by MJSmith



The United Paramount Network happens to be three matrix structures in one, as presented to us in Mary Baker Eddy’s three Church structures and her illustrations of Christ and Christmas (her poem book).[1]  The United Matrix is circular, the Paramount is triangular, and the Network is rectangular or square.  The Boston Extension, called “the Crown,” is for the United Matrix, the Boston Edifice, called “the Cross,” is for the Paramount matrix, and the First Church of Concord, New Hampshire, a Branch Church, is for the Network matrix, as it is foursquare.

I actually became familiar with the Network Matrix first (via John W. Doorly), and then the United Matrix (via W. Gordon Brown).  The last one was the Paramount Matrix (via Judge S. J. Hanna) that I gave the name “The Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth” to.  It was later on (via Edyth Armstrong Hoyt) that I realized that there was a second pyramid matrix, and I called this one “The Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.”  This pyramid matrix could also be thought of as the Golden Candlestick of Science (by John W. Doorly).

When working with Christ and Christmas I learned its Paramount Matrix first, then I learned its Unity Matrix, and finally I learned its Network Matrix.  However, I will present them to you in the order of the United Paramount Network.

Once you learn these matrix structures you will find them in the Bible and in all cultures around the world.

I have learned these Matrix structures from other Christian Scientists that have come before me.  I have only learned to develop them to where they can be applied to the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, and her other works.  Lately I was on the Internet and found a sight by Christian Scientist Rolf Witzsche located in Vancouver, Canada.  He has some very interesting insights that he learned from another Canadian Christian Scientist, Howard Meredith.  I do not agree with everything Rolf Wiszsche says, especially on the topic of sex.  So question what you do read out there, do not accept everything as being in complete agreement with Christian Science, even the Church literature.  And please feel free to question my work.  Always go back to Mary Baker Eddy’s work to see if it is in agreement with her.  Believe me, if I am wrong I want to know about it!

In the third chapter I will borrow from W. Gordon Brown’s work and in the third and fourth chapters I will borrow from Howard Meredith’s Network Matrixes.

I actually began working on the Wormhole X-Stream Matrix in the 90s.  However, at that time I called it the Cross of Travis, a sort of joke, as Travis means “crossroads.”  I also felt the name was important as it was the name of Stone Phillips’ son (by Vicky) on Third Rock from the Sun.  William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk) was chosen by God to play the role of Stone Phillips, and I knew about it some three years before the show aired in May 1999.[2]  The character had two other names, the one most popular was the Big Giant Head, and the other one was the King of the Universe.

I did spiritual interpretations of all the episodes with William Shatner as I felt it was important to do.  The three names of the one character represented the Three Degrees in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures pages 115-116.  Over the years I have also seen William Shatner, in person, three times (however, he does not know my name).

You may be wondering how I happened to know that William Shatner would become the Big Giant Head three years in advance, even if God did tell me so.  Well, I have prophetic and vision dreams.  One such dream I had in 1996 I called the Ghost Museum Dream.  In it I was investigating sightings of ghosts.  (I will not tell you the whole dream.)  I had an illustrated poem and the illustration was of a giant’s body sitting on a wooden chair.  His head was decapitated by the edge of the drawing.  In front of the giant’s chest was a floating head of William Shatner.  After this I went to the information desk, I was working for the museum and I was reporting my findings on the ghost sightings.  I told the clerk, “I like who you picked for the giant’s head.”

He said, “Yeah, I thought Shatner would be funny.”

Now, Third Rock from the Sun is a comedy.  So God chose William Shatner in advance for the role of the Big Giant Head!  The following in shat I took, as a sign from God, that I must watch the show on the night that it aired.  I was at my sister-in-law’s house in Michigan.  I happened to notice on her refrigerator, the same exact day that the show was to air, a decapitated magnet head of Captain Kirk.

But, this dream had even greater significance to Christ and Christmas.  Sometime after the dream I saw a floating head of a choirboy in the decapitated Christmas tree for Christmas Eve.  He was the capstone head of a pyramid.  The lower right corner had a door, for Jesus Christ and the lower left corner had a window for Mary Baker Eddy.  This lined up with three sections of the Boston Edifice.  In the corners of the West end of the Edifice is the window – Woman God-crowned, and window – Mary First at the Resurrection (which has Jesus Christ in it).  In the Vestry is the Immanuel Arch that I feel represents the choirboy.  There is also the manchild window in this section of the Church.  This smaller pyramid would represent the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.

Portion of the Big Giant Tree from the “Christmas Eve” illustration.

Below is a picture I created with what the tree could look like if it had its crown.  I used the above pyramid shape as the capstone of the tree.

Christmas Eve capstone

So, I hope that the following chapters will help you to understand what Mary Baker Eddy left for us to unfold!

[1] There is also an oval matrix structure that I call “The Science X-stream Matrix.”  This is the matrix that applies to the illustration of Christmas Morn.  It also applies to the Starburst Skylight Window in the Edifice.  David Nolan presented this matrix structure.

[2] An important movie came out that same month having to do with personal sense (Big Giant Heads).  This movie was Star Wars I:  The Phantom Menace.  A phantom is a ghost.  Also on the planet Naboo there were giant Gungan heads of stone.