Mary Baker Eddy’s Deed of Trust

by MJSmith

MARY BAKER EDDY’S DEED OF TRUST for The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts

This is a drawing of the Edifice I made many years ago. I was surprised at how close I came to being exact after seeing a photo taken from above the church. The sunburst window, however, is way too big!  This diagram also tells you the exact locations of the stained glass windows accept for the three located in Mother’s Room.

     I am not a lawyer, but it does not take much to realize that Mary Baker Eddy set up the Deed of Trust (as found in the back of the Christian Science Church Manual of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts) upon a solid foundation with human law.  She found a special Massachusetts law that enabled her to base her Church not upon a congregation but upon four individuals (who were actually all citizens of Massachusetts, hence, they were also all United States citizens, this is an important fact).  And these four individuals must be spiritually translated as the divine calculus!

Deed of Trust.
The following is a Copy of the Deed of Trust
Conveying Land for Church Edifice.


Know all Men by these Presents,
     That I Mary Baker G. Eddy of Concord in the County of Merrimack and State of New Hampshire in consideration of one dollar to me paid by Ira O. Knapp of Boston, Massachusetts, William B. Johnson of Boston, Massachusetts, Joseph S. Eastaman of Chelsea, Massachusetts, and Stephen A Chase of Fall River, Massachusetts, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, and, also in consideration of the trusts and uses hereinafter mentioned and established, do hereby give, bargain sell, and convey to the said Ira O. Knapp, William B. Johnson, Joseph S. Eastaman, and Stephen A. Chase as trustees as hereinafter provided and to their legitimate successors in office, forever, a certain parcel of land situate on Falmouth street, and a forty-foot street now called Caledonia street; thence running Southwest on said Falmouth street one hundred and sixteen and eighty-eight hundredths feet; thence Northwest at a right angle to a point where a line drawn at right angles to said forty-foot street at a point thereon one hundred and sixteen and fifty-five hundredths feet Northwest from the point of beginning meets the said boundary at right angles to Falmouth street, sixty-six and seventy-eight hundredths feet; thence at an obtuse angle on said line at right angles to said forty-foot street sixty-seven and thirty-five hundredths feet to said forty-foot street; thence Southeasterly on said forty-foot street one hundred and sixteen and fifty-five hundredths feet to the point of beginning; containing seven thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight square feet more or less, and subject to the agreements and restrictions mentioned in a deed recorded in Suffolk Registry of Deeds Lib. 1719, Fol. 83 so far as the same are now legally operative.
     This deed of conveyance is made upon the following express trusts and conditions which the said grantees by accepting this deed agree and covenant for them and their successors in office to fully perform and fulfil.

1.  Said grantees shall be known as the “Christian Science Board of Directors,” and shall constitute a perpetual body or corporation under and in accordance with section one, Chapter 39 of the Public Statutes of Massachusetts.[1]  Whenever a vacancy occurs in said Board the remaining members shall within thirty days fill the same by election; but no one shall be eligible to that office who is not in the opinion of the remaining members of the Board a firm and consistent believer in the doctrines of Christian Science as taught in a book entitled “Science and Health,” by Mary Baker G. Eddy beginning with the seventy-first edition.  [Sorry, but I have to ask, how many Board members fulfill this demand today?]

2.  Said Board shall within five years from the date hereof build or cause to be built upon said lot of land a suitable and convenient church edifice, the cost of which shall not be less than fifty thousand dollars.

3.  When said church building is completed said Board shall elect a pastor,[2] reader or speaker to fill the pulpit who shall be a genuine Christian Scientist; they shall maintain public worship in accordance with the doctrines of Christian Science in said church, and for this purpose they are fully empowered to make any and all necessary rules and regulations.

4. Said Board of Directors shall not suffer or allow any building to be erected upon said lot except a church building or edifice, nor shall they allow said church building or any part thereof to be used for any other purpose than for the ordinary and usual uses of a church.

5.  Said Board of Directors shall not allow or permit in said church building any preaching or other religious services which shall not be consonant and in strict harmony with the doctrines and practice of Christian Science as taught and explained by Mary Baker G. Eddy in the seventy-first edition of her book entitled “Science and Health,” which is soon to be issued, and in any subsequent edition thereof.

6.  The congregation which shall worship in said church shall be styled “The First Church of Christ, Scientist.”

7.  Said Directors shall not sell or mortgage the land hereby conveyed; but they shall see that all taxes and legal assessments on said property are promptly paid.

8.  Said church building shall not be removed from said lot except for the purpose of rebuilding thereon a more expensive or a more convenient structure in which said doctrines of Christian Science only shall be preached and practised.  If said church building is removed for either of the purposes above set forth, any and all tablets and inscriptions which are or shall be upon said church building at the time of removal shall be removed therefrom and placed upon the walls of the new edifice.  If said building is burned, the Directors shall forthwith proceed to rebuild the church.

9.  Said Directors shall maintain regular preaching, reading or speaking in said church on each Sabbath, and an omission to have and maintain such preaching, reading or speaking for one year in succession shall be deemed a breach of this condition.

10.  Whenever said Directors shall determine that it is inexpedient to maintain preaching, reading or speaking in said church in accordance with the terms of this deed, they are authorized and required to reconvey forthwith said lot of land with the building thereon to Mary Baker G. Eddy, her heirs and assigns forever by a proper deed of conveyance.

11.  The omission or neglect on the part of said Directors to strictly neglect on the part of said Directors to strictly comply with any of the conditions herein contained shall constitute a breach thereof, and the title hereby conveyed shall revert to the grantor Mary Baker G. Eddy, her heirs and assigns forever, upon her entry upon said land and taking possession thereof for such breach.
     To have and to Hold the above granted premises with all the privileges and appurtenances thereon belonging to said grantees and their successors in office to the uses and trusts above described forever.
     And the said grantor for herself and her heirs, executors and administrators covenants with the said grantees and their successors in office that she is lawfully seized in fee simple of the aforesaid premises, that they are free from all incumbrances not herein mentioned or referred to, that she has good right to sell and convey the same to the said grantees and their successors in office as aforesaid, and that she will and her heirs, executors, and administrators shall, warrant and defend the same to the said grantees and their successors in office forever against the lawful claims and demands of all persons.

     In witness whereof I the said Mary Baker G. Eddy have hereto set my hand and seal this 1st day of September, 1892.[3]

     The term Deed of Trust is twofold.  The first way of looking at it is as – a land that the seller is allowing to be sold is to persons that the seller Trusts, or entrusts their land to.  The second way of looking at it is – where the buyers are trusted to perform and carry out certain Deeds as stipulated in the Deed of Trust contract.  In this case the seller was Mary Baker G. Eddy and the buyers were the four Board of Directors.  Mary Baker G. Eddy trusted the four Directors to perform their duties that she entrusted this Board with and the Board was duty bound to take care of their end of the contract by fulfilling the Deeds they were entrusted with to do.  And if these Deeds were broken then the property and land was to revert back to Mary Baker Eddy, or her heirs and assigns.  Of course, I do not know how this would work today; hence, I think the (now) five Directors probably are not afraid of loosing their Trusts, the land or Church.  So they pretty much do whatever they want to do.
     One example of their breaking the Trust is the fact that they built the Christian Science Publishing Society on said property.  Another example is when some non Christian Scientist speakers were allowed to hold a meeting in the Edifice.

Am I really nit-picking?
     From Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary – “corporate  1  a:  formed into an association and endowed by law with the rights and liabilities of an individual:  incorporated”.
     Mary Baker Eddy did not organize her Church upon its people or congregation, she incorporated it and based it upon the four, and I emphasize the number four, Directors.  There is a big difference in the meaning of the two words “organize” and “incorporate.”  An organization always has to do with matter, the material body.  It has to do with physical organs.  Most Christian Scientists think of The First Church (or their Mother Church) as being a material organized Church.  It seems bizarre for a true Christian Scientist to believe that Mary Baker Eddy would have chosen this type of Church to even come into existence, as it was her goal in life to prove that matter was unreal, that the material body was nothing but a farce.  I ask this question, “If Christian Scientists are unwilling to give up their sense of material organized Church then how do they ever expect to give up their material body and its false beliefs?”
     Incorporated, on the other hand, is rooted to incorporeal, having no material body!  Now, this is getting closer to what I feel Christian Science is really all about.  God is incorporeal and His-Her Christ is incorporeal.  Do not we have more reason to accept, and acknowledge, The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts as an incorporated body Temple or Church instead of an organized body Temple or Church?
     I am not going to say that Mary Baker Eddy did not organize the second church to be located in Boston, but, she did say about organizing the church, “Suffer [permit] it to be so now.”  Why could she have not organized what people would call The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts and at the same time hope that her followers would catch on to what was laid out in the Deed of Trust and realize that she wanted The First Church to become an incorporeal church with no physical body?  As it is written in Revelation 21:22:  “And I saw no temple [“no material structure in which to worship God, for He must be worshipped in spirit and in love.”  S&H 576:12] therein:  for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.”
     “‘Writing a hundred years ago, Mrs. Eddy advised Christian Science students in the twentieth century ‘to turn backward the telescope…on the early footsteps of Christian Science…to con [know, fix in mind] the facts surrounding the cradle of this grand verity [of our marriage to God]…and to scan further the features of the vast problem of eternal life…’ (Pul vii:11).  As we look at the early progress of Christian Science, we quickly discover that Mrs. Eddy saw church organization as a temporary phase which Christian Scientists should quickly outgrow.”[4]
The four horsemen, nullified by the four living creatures (the divine calculus)
     In Revelation 6 there are the four horsemen.  These four horsemen direct their horses to do mischief.  To me horses, having four legs, symbolize the divine calculus.  If the horses are misled, misguided, or directed to go the wrong way then evil seems to result.  However, when the divine calculus, or the four living creatures (a.k.a. the four beasts), really are understood within the consciousness of men then the four horsemen’s seeming powers become nullified.
     In the physical realm the four Directors, Boston’s Board of Directors, took the form of four men.  But these four men must be spiritually translated back to God.  When we do this we realize that these four men really represent the divine calculus of the Word (the Lion), the Christ (the Ox or Bull), Christianity (the Face of a Man), and divine Science (the Flying Eagle).  Yes, the divine calculus is really the true Director of each and every one of us!
     The divine calculus is found in the Christian Science Seal.  This Seal directs each of us to do the works that Jesus did.  We must “cast out demons [sin]”[5] (via the Word), “heal the sick” (via the Christ), “cleanse the lepers [terminally ill]”[6] (via Christianity), and “raise the dead”[7] (via divine Science).  And there is another place, in symbols, that we realized the divine calculus is what we truly are to utilize in the self-government of the Individual (un-cut from God) Christian Scientist.  This symbol is found in the Director’s Window that is located on the southern wall of the Boston Edifice.  The Director’s Window is a Rose Window and it has another name – Window of the Open Book.
     Joseph Armstrong writes in his book Building of The Mother Church that this particular window’s symbols were provided to the Directors by Mary Baker Eddy.  This Window has four Major Stars and eight Minor Stars.  Each star that circles the window has seven points of light.  These seven points of light represent the seven synonymous terms for God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love (as found in the first answer to the first question of “Recapitulation”[8]).  The four Major Stars represent the Word as the Word, the Word as the Christ, the Word as Christianity, and the Word as divine Science (as written in “The Apocalypse”[9]).  This is known via the descriptions of the four Major Star’s accompanying Keystones (or Key’s tones of absolute Christian Science).  We begin with the Word as the Word with the Open Bible Keystone, the Gospel (God’s spell = God’s Word itself).  How do we know that we begin at this point?  It is because Mary Baker Eddy tells us that we begin with the North Star (the Word).  And how do we know that the first Major Star is the North Star?  Below it is the twelfth Keystone of The Big Dipper.  The Big Dipper always points to the North Star and this Keystone of The Big Dipper points directly to the North Star positioned as the Word as the Word (or the Word in the tone of the Word), the first Major Star for the Word (North).
     The fourth Keystone (located in the East) depicts the Madonna and Christ (in the Word as the Christ position).  This second Major Star is the Eastern Star, or Daystar that points to the Christ.  The three wise men follow this Star to the Christ manger.  This Daystar has a second name – the Morning Star (or Venus).
     In the position of the Word as Christianity is the third Major Star (the seventh star) that points us to Acrux, the Southern Cross of Calvary Keystone.  South is the cardinal point for Christianity.
     The Word as divine Science presents to us the tenth star, or the fourth Major Star.  It represents the Earth’s satellite, the moon, for the woman God-crowned (Revelation 12) has dominion over the moon (her feet stand upon it).  This moon’s Sea of Tranquility is the Peaceful Sea of Harmony.  Depicted in the Keystone is this new land of Christian Science, particularly absolute Christian Science (for the Christ foundation to the Holy City of our God).
     Now, the eight minor stars also have their accompanying keystones (Christ Foundations).  But for now, let us return to the twelve stars.  Let us ask, “Who in the Bible has twelve stars in their crown?”  The answer is the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12.  So, these twelve stars, which are really the gates to the city (which I call Stargates) belong to Womanhood, the woman herself – the woman whom God-crowned with twelve stars, or twelve Stargates that allow us entry into the city foursquare.
     Mary Baker Eddy gave us a clue to what her twelve stars really were and who the four Major Stars were when she tried to build The First Church.  “On the twenty-third day of September, 1892, at the request of Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, twelve of her students and Church members met and reorganized,[10] under her jurisdiction, the Christian Science Church and named it The First Church of Christ, Scientist.”[11]  Mary Baker Eddy started The First Church with twelve First Members (and twenty more students who were not given stars by their names in the Church Manual).  These twelve[12] members were given stars by their names in the Church Manual.  Four of these First Members were the four Major Stars as they had a second job other than being First Members – they were given the position of Board of Directors.  I put it to you, then, that these Four Major Stars truly do represent these Four Directors and are spiritually translated back to God as the divine calculus.

The Church of Christ, Scientist
     The Church of Christ, Scientist was organized in 1879 by “a little band of earnest seekers after Truth.”[13]  “They were members of evangelical churches, and students of Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy in Christian Science, and were known as ‘Christian Scientists.’
     “At a meeting of the Christian Scientist Association, April 19, 1879, on motion of Mrs. Eddy, it was voted, – To organize a church designed to commemorate the word and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing.”[14]
     This means that this church was founded upon Life in order to “commemorate the word and works of” Christ Jesus.  This church organization was not founded upon “the structure of Truth and Love.”[15]
     Helen Wright explains that Mary Baker Eddy allowed this Church of Christ, Scientist to be formed “to meet the demands of her students who were accustomed to going to church on Sunday [as “they were members of evangelical churches”].  Ten years later, in 1889, she dissolved that church.  The dissolution was followed by exceptional [spiritual] growth and prosperity.  But students wanted to organize again.”[16]

“The First Church of Christ Scientist Boston, Mass., …
…is designed to be built on the Rock, Christ [Truth]; even the understanding and demonstration of divine Truth, Life, and Love, healing and saving the world from sin and death; thus to reflect in some degree the Church Universal and Triumphant.”[17]
     Notice that Mary Baker Eddy says that this new church re-organization only reflects in some degree the Church Universal and Triumphant, but she makes it clear that it is not the Church Universal and Triumphant.  This is because no material organized church could ever be the completely spiritual Church Universal and Triumphant!
     Yes, the students begged for a church even though “Mrs. Eddy strongly opposed this move.  She told them it ‘was not of God,’ and that they were ‘selling their present prosperity for a mess of pottage.’  However, when the students were adamant,[18] she reluctantly gave consent.  Mrs. Eddy warns that ‘continued organization retards spiritual growth, and should be laid off, — even as the corporeal organization deemed requisite in the first stages of mortal existence is finally laid off, in order to gain spiritual freedom and supremacy’ (Ret. 45:9).  These words remind us that in Christian Science material organization is equivalent to mortal existence.  We need to shake off the shackles of the illusory matter world whether this material organization is in the form of a church or of a mortal body.  It is something we must wean ourselves away from if we are not to be buried in it, and if we are to wed ourselves to infinite good.
     “Mary Baker Eddy had no intention of leaving a corporeal organization in place.  With the love that yearns, she founded Christian Science in human consciousness.  Then, to protect her Christ Science and to prevent her students from being trapped forever, she wrote her Church Manual.  Its object was to prevent the church from sliding or freezing into a self-defeating ecclesiasticism.  Prior to the appointment of the 5th director, the work of copyrighting the Manual, etc. was left to others.  But once a 5th director had been appointed—a move God had shown her as a way to terminate material organization—Mrs. Eddy personally took full charge of overseeing the Manual and its copyright.  The 88th Manual is her final Manual.  It provided the means for students of Christian Science to move forward out of corporeal organization.
     “The Manual stipulated [in the Deed Conveying Land for Church Purposes] that Mary Baker Eddy’s approval, consent and signature ‘in her own handwriting’ were required for the filling of various offices.  Had the Manual been obeyed, it would have dissolved the material church organization six months after Mrs. Eddy’s leaving, because at the June meeting no officer of The Mother Church could have been elected.”[19]

Deed Conveying Land for Church Purposes.

METCALF to KNAPP et al Tr.
Libro 2886, Fol. 521.

Know all men,
     That I, Albert Metcalf, the grantor in a certain deed given to Ira O. Knapp and others dated October 23, 1896, and recorded with Suffolk Deeds, Book 2951, page 398, do hereby declare that the land conveyed by said deed was conveyed to the grantees therein, as they are the Christian Science Board of Directors, upon the trusts, but not subject to the conditions mentioned in the deed creating said Board given by Mary Baker G. Eddy to Ira O. Knapp and others, dated September 1st, 1892, and recorded with Suffolk Deeds, Book 2081, page 257.  In addition to the trusts contained in said deed of September 1, 1892, from Mary Baker G. Eddy this property is conveyed on the further trusts that no new Tenet or By-Law shall be adopted, nor any Tenet or By-Law amended or annulled by the grantees unless the written consent of said Mary Baker G. Eddy, the author of the textbook “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” by given therefor, or unless at the written request of Mrs. Eddy the Executive Members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, (formerly called the “First Members,”) by a two-thirds vote of all their number, decide so to do.  And that the same inscription which is on the outside of the present church edifice shall be placed on any new church erected on said lot.  And in consideration of one dollar to me paid by said Ira O. Knapp, William B. Johnson, Joseph Armstrong and Stephen A. Chase, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, I do hereby confirm the deed as above mentioned, and do grant and release unto them, their heirs, successors and assigns in trust as aforesaid, the premises therein described.
     In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of March, a. d. nineteen hundred and three.

Albert Metcalf. [Seal][20]

[Notice that one of the Director’s names has changed since 1892.  Joseph Armstrong has succeeded Joseph S. Eastaman.  Also, there are no longer First Members only Executive Members.]

The Keystone Foundations completed

Window of the Open Book

     The Keystones of Window of the Open Book are symbolic of the twelve Christ Foundations of the city of our God, which, according to Revelation, were named after the twelve Christ Apostles.  I will now finish speaking about the eight minor Stargate’s Foundation Stones.  The first, in the position of the Christ as the Word, is the Woman God-crowned Keystone.  She stands upon a crescent moon.  Her position is of most importance, being that she is the Christ as the Word, and located in the same exact position as the time presented to us in the third illustration of Christ and Christmas.[21]  In “Seeking and Finding” there is a Grandmother’s clock with the time of 12:05.  The large hand is at the five and the small hand is at the twelve.  This Grand Mother’s slice of time-pie is in the same position as the Woman God-crowned Keystone!  It is written, about this time on the clock, that it directs us to Revelation 12:1, but I say it directs us to Revelation 12:1-5.  These verses are about the woman God-crowned.  I feel that it is too self-evident than to pass it up, that this time depicted on Grand Mother’s (Mary Baker Eddy’s) clock directs us to the woman God-crowned Keystone in Window of the Open Book.

This picture of “Seeking and Finding” was colorized by me.

     The Woman’s marriage is to the Lord and Lamb Keystone directly to its left in the Christianity as the Word position.  As Bible Scripture tells us that the wedding hour between the Bride and her Bridegroom (the Lamb) is Midnight (12 a.m.).  And if we see the Window as a clock these two keystones do represent this divine marriage of 12:00 Midnight.


     Window of the Open Book is not named after the Open Bible Keystone it is named after “a little book open” which is located in the center hub of the Window’s activity (the center of the Window of Science itself with Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; by Reverend [Revered Leader] Mary Baker Eddy).  This is the book that the angel (God’s human messenger) descended from heaven (harmony) with in Revelation 10.  This angel is called Michael (the Christ-Truth).  But the angel is Mary Baker Eddy our Revered Leader!  This angel represents Mary Baker Eddy’s manhood mission of Truth where she wrote “a little open book.”  The first edition of this book was presented to the world in 1875.  This manhood is partially depicted in “Seeking [the operation of the Word] and Finding [the operation of the Christ]” by the woman’s dark clothing (like being clothed with a cloud).  This illustration depicts Mary Baker Eddy making copious notes and studying her “Open Bible” for its systematic scientific structure.  She was only able to write Science and Health during daylight hours when the light of Truth pored into her consciousness.
     The illustration “Seeking and Finding” depicts nighttime – 12:05 during the Midnight Hour.  It depicts the woman’s Holy marriage to the Lord (the Christ Truth) and Lamb – the spiritual idea (Bridegroom, her own manhood).
     So, for the Open Book itself (Science itself) we look to another illustration (#7) of Christ and Christmas for clues.  This illustration “Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me [divine Mind, God, the Christ-Mind]” has a Grandfather clock and its time reads 5:05.  We can go directly to Revelation 5:1-5 to understand what this illustration depicts.  These verses are about the spiritual idea (the Lamb).  The Lamb is the “spiritual idea” having neuter gender in reality.  This spiritual idea is able to unveil or unseal the closed (sealed with seven seals, the opposites of the seven synonymous terms for God[22]) Bible.  It is the Lamb of God who is able to unveil, or unseal, the Bible that is closed and placed upon the table (in “Suffer the Children”).  However, the Lamb of God is not depicted in this illustration as Jesus Christ.  This is because the Lamb of God is not Jesus but Christianity (Love as Mind) as the Word.  In this illustration we see a child, a girl, and I will guess that her spiritual age is supposed to be twelve.  This girl represents the spiritual idea who is able to unseal (the seven seals) the closed Bible sitting on the table next to the old man (the Grand-father clock of time himself) of scholastic theology (who sees through a glass darkly).

“Suffer [Permit] the Children to come unto me.”

     The light from the seven-pointed star, which is outside the window, shines down upon the girl and her “little open book” Science and Health Key to the Scripture.[23]  The book, however, has its own light that shines back up into the Lamb’s face (her true identity is found in “Seeking and Finding” the 3rd[Soul] illustration).  So this young Lamb (not a Ewe) is none other than Mary Baker Eddy’s own “little daughter,” or her own daughterhood.  She is the one who unlocked the Bible first and gave to us its matrix (mother) structure.  Thanks to her, and John W. Doorly (and his students) we all can unlock the Holy Bible.   However, I also feel that this girl is Martha, the symbol for the Day of Love, in which we all now are experiencing.

     In John W. Doorly’s book Christian Science Practice he writes about our own daughterhood, or our “little daughter.”  I would like to quote what he said so many years ago.  I feel that it relates to the girl in “Suffer the Children.”
     “Your ideal at its highest point is womanhood, – divine womanhood and all that it means, which belongs to every one of us.  Divine manhood and divine womanhood have nothing at all to do with whether you wear trousers or skirts; they represent divine qualities of thought.  And so each one of us has a ‘little daughter’ of twelve years old;[24] ‘twelve’ is always a symbol of demonstration, and so that ‘little daughter’ of twelve years old symbolizes that which we have demonstrated of the womanhood of God.  But this ‘little daughter’ is very young, it needs a great deal of protecting, and there are all kinds of mortal minds surrounding us which would tell us that it cannot be demonstrated, that it isn’t living, that it’s dead, that it can be taken away from us, that it can be killed, or something of the kind.  They would try to get us not to bother about it, and so perhaps to get cold about it.[25]
     “But if, like the ruler of the synagogue [perhaps the old man in “Suffer the Children”], we demand that the Christ come and resurrect that ‘little daughter’ of ours, then the Christ will always be there to resurrect that right idea of manhood and womanhood, that right idea of Christ, Truth, which is part of our very being.  As we welcome the Christ, it will ‘put them all out,’ and then when our ‘little daughter’ is resurrected, it will say to us, ‘Support it, sustain it, give it something to eat [like the “little open book”], so that it can carry on.” (from page 187)
     Mary Baker Eddy defines “Mother” as “God; divine and eternal Principle; Life, Truth, and Love.”  For “Father” she has “Eternal Life; the one Mind; the divine Principle, commonly called God.”  I emphasize the words commonly called God.  The name Jehovah, spelled in Hebrew, has only four letters.  These four letters represent God’s fullness as Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter (in this order).  Too many times we only think of the Holy Trinity as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost (Mother).  But the true order has to be God as “Mother” in its fourfold office as Father (Principle), Mother (Life), Son (Truth), and Daughter (Love)!  Much has been written about the Son of God and too little has been spoken of about the Daughter of God.
     This being said, we can honestly say, that this girl depicted in the seventh illustration is not only Mary Baker Eddy she is also each and every one of us!  Our old manhood can sit in the rocking chair going back and forth like a pendulum, but where does that get him (get us)?  But if we allow our ‘little daughter’ to wake up from the belief that she had once been born into a material body (died), let her read the book prophesied in Revelation 10 and mentally digest (eat) its leaves (pages) of healing (for the twelve nations) then we are actually making spiritual progress!
     Recently I had a dream that I was like a Reverend Mother (a Revered Leading Mother).  The nun apprentice said to me, “Mother Hood, we are out of time, we must go.”  I thought that this was odd that the woman called me Mother Hood.  I thought of it as meaning Mother Love.  However, after the dream, it came to me from reading Doorly’s book (mentioned earlier) that Mother is Love and Hood, being something that goes over your head, is symbolic of Mind, hence, there is the tone of Love as Mind in Christianity.

Mother Hood’s Consciousness

The Immanuel Arch and door to Mother’s Room.

     The Immanuel Arch of the Boston Edifice Vestry has five steps leading up to the door of Mother’s Room.  The first foundation stone for Principle as Mind is larger than the four steps above it.  This step is also foursquare and has a column at each one of its corners.  The following four steps are for Principle as Spirit, Principle as Soul, Principle as Principle, and Principle as Life.  (This same symbol is found in Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza with the five relief chambers [that are huge stones].)  The steps lead up to a Christ-Truth door, and above this door is the word “LOVE.”  Let us now proceed through this door into Mother’s Room (Mother’s divine Consciousness).

Bay Window

     In here are three stained glass windows.  One is the Capstone window for Truth, the Christ Truth.  But first, let us take a look at the other two windows that I feel are the Window of Life and the Window of Love.  The Window of Life is “The Star of Boston (a.k.a. The Star of Bethlehem).”  This star has seven points and is based upon the first illustration (Mind) of Christ and Christmas.  The first illustration “Star of Bethlehem” represents divine Mind, the light of the first day (Genesis 1).  There is a holy trinity found within the star’s light.  The Holy Trinity depicts:  baby Jesus (new Life, or new-birth), the Virgin Mary (Truth), and Joseph (Love).  This is the family belonging to Christianity, for the first coming of Christ.  Yet, in a different viewpoint this family is seen as the profile of a man (divine Principle) looking directly into the star’s light.  But the second coming of Christ is also depicted with its Holy Trinity.  In the upper right hand corner is the (divine Principle) head of Christ Jesus and a head of baby Jesus (for the new Life, or new-birth), the head of the Woman (for Truth), and generic man (for Love – which resembles the Oscar statue).  Most people never see the four shapes in one cloud because it is not in the star’s direct light.  The cloud’s four images can only be seen in its different viewpoints (what angle you look at the cloud).[26]  I feel that the “Star of Boston” represents Mary Baker Eddy’s manhood mission of the angel from Revelation 10.  (In Revelation 1 the seven angels for the seven churches are said to be stars.)  This manhood mission has to do with Mary Baker Eddy’s title as Discoverer.

The Star of Bethlehem/Boston

The Star of Bethlehem/Boston

     On the Side of Light for the Love Window is a depiction of “Suffer the Children” (illustration 7 [Love] from Christ and Christmas).  I feel that this window depicts Mary Baker Eddy’s daughterhood, and her name is upon the book held in the girl’s hands (although it is not really depicted in the window), thus she is the Revered “Leader” of Christian Science.
     The middle window (in the center of the Side of Life and the Side of Light), in the location of Truth, depicts Mary Baker Eddy’s Founding mission, her own Womanhood (the woman God-crowned).  This Christ Truth window is borrowed from “Seeking and Finding,” however, it is different.  This Christ Truth Window I have named “T’is the Same Hand that Writes the Page [the Leaves].”  It is the same Christ Truth hand that wrote the Bible and Science and Health.  It is God’s hand, Mind’s hand, that writes both books.  “I should blush to think that I [Mary Baker Eddy] had written Science and Health.”  This particular window is the Head of the Corner (literally) that the builders of The First Church have rejected as their Revered Leader.  Today the Church has fallen to personal sense with its five senses Board of Directors.

The First Church was built upon a triangular plot.

The First Church was built upon a triangular plot.

     It is also of importance to note that Mother’s Room is on top of the Director’s Room, so she ruled over them.

More Keystones

     In the tone of the Christ as the Christ we have the “Oil Lamp Keystone”[27] to be used by five wise virgins or attendants (satellites) to the woman God-crowned Bride.  These five wise virgins are like the five elements having the same design as the five dots on a dice (as seen in the movie – The Fifth Element).  However, these elements must be spiritual, not material.  A Grecian oil lamp (spiritual enlightenment) was placed in Mother’s Room.  It was to be kept lit at all times.
     As Christianity as the Christ we have the “Palm Leaves of Salvation Keystone”.  (Are you ready for this?)  Salvation actually means “science and health.”  I see the palm leaves representing the pages (leaves) of the Christian Science Textbook.  However, we must not ignore the fact that these two windows have the same meaning as the window on the North side of the Edifice “Light, Intelligence, Victory”.

Two Candlesticks

     In the Christ as Christianity Keystone are the “Pomegranates” belonging to the Morning Star (Venus).  This fruit, full of seeds, is thought to be the forbidden fruit by some.  However, it is also a symbol for Venus who is depicted as the woman God-crowned in the Tarot Rider card deck.[28]  This card is titled THE EMPRESS and is the forth card, but is given the number 3,[29] in the Major Arcana.  The previous card THE HIGH PRIESTESS is tied to THE EMPRESS, as she too depicts the woman God-crowned and behind her is a banner decorated with pomegranates.
     Jesus said that he would give to us the Morning Star.  These words are even found in Christ and Christmas.  The planet Venus[30] becomes the woman God-crowned upon occasion.  Venus transits the sun (becoming clothed with the sun).  Venus transited the sun two times during Mary Baker Eddy’s human lifetime.  These two times were in 1874 (Discoverer mission “Seeking and Finding” – the manhood mission of Truth) and 1882 (Founder mission – the womanhood mission of Love).  Mary Baker Eddy would give to her manchild, the Concord Branch Church, the rod of divine Science via her manchild, the Textbook, which is the rod of divine Science.
     The Morning Star’s transits were important in pointing out Mary Baker Eddy’s mission as Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.  Venus did not transit the sun again until 2004 (June 8th).  The second transit took place on June 5, 2012.
     Before the 2004 transit there was an important book that came out, and after the 2004 transit the same story was told in movie form.  This story was about Venus, the Madonna Magdalene.  The title of the book and movie was The De Vinci Code.  I have decoded The De Vinci Code, if anyone chooses to read it.  Perhaps it is time for its publication?  I have already revealed to you the importance of THE HIGH PRIESTESS/THE EMPRESS mission.  The following three inserts depict the woman God-crowned.  The first is the fourth Mary window in the Boston Edifice.  The following two are Tarot cards.

     In the Christianity as Christianity Keystone is the Sheaf of the Harvested Wheat.  This sheaf is inside the shape of a heart (Love).  In the above card notice what is inside the heart.  It is the symbol for Venus, the Morning Star, it is also the symbol for The First Church of Christ Scientist – the cross Edifice and the crowned Extension.  This Sheaf of Wheat Keystone makes me think of Joseph and his eleven brothers.  They were to bow down to his Christ Kingship.  The whole of Christian nations (originally the Hebrew nations) are to bow down to their own Christ-Mind and allow it to govern them.  They are to be directed by the divine calculus, not by personal sense Boston Directors or religious hierarchies.
     And finally we come to the Christ as absolute Christian Science Keystone that depicts the Concord Grapevine.  The Concord Church was Mary Baker Eddy’s gift, and it was founded upon the idea of HOME (Heaven).  This Church also has symbols (signs) found within its structure and windows.  This Church represents (as it is square) the city foursquare of divine Science.
     On the Southern (Christianity) wall of the Concord Branch Church is found a Rose Window.  This Window is of the Christian Science Seal.  This window directs us back to Mother’s Room in the Edifice of Boston, for above Mother (T’is the Same Hand) is the Christian Science Seal with its divine calculus commands, even though Boston’s Seal is in the East.

The southern wall and its Rose Window inside the Concord Branch Church.

     Concord represents divine Science with the city foursquare while “the Cross” Edifice represents the Christian Science city of our God.[31]  Concord as the city foursquare is the city’s twelve Stargates of Christ’s Womanhood-Love, while The First Church represents city of our God with its twelve Christ Foundations of Manhood-Truth.  Concord is a BRANCH Church, yet Boston CLAIMS sovereign power over all Branches (not as Mary Baker Eddy set up in her authorized 88th edition of the Church Manual).  Boston is not allowed to be a Mother Church (as found in Vatican City) having power over all the Christian Science Branch Churches.  However, Boston claims dominion over the Branches because of their illegal (unapproved by Mary Baker Eddy) 89th edition of the Church Manual.  Boston, while it seems to be the Big Giant Headquarters of Christian Science, was not to dictate or govern the Independent Branches.  Boston was to be nothing more than a Branch itself, however, The First Church was meant to represent the root, as well as the offspring, for all Branch Church members were allowed to join with The First Church of Christ, Scientist.
     The fifth Director (for the Board) that Mary Baker Eddy temporarily assigned to the Board of Directors was not her student.  This means that he was from a Branch Church, a pupil of Christian Science, he was never Mary Baker Eddy’s student (never had class instruction by her except via her impersonal teacher known as the “open book”).  Archibald McClellan may have had class instruction, but it was not by Mary Baker Eddy, while the other four Directors that the church was based upon, via the Deed of Trust, were (originally) her students.  Of course, now it is not possible to have any Directors today being her Students, only Pupils.  This fifth director never had the right of successorship either (as stipulated in the Deed of Trust).  But the Board has continually filled this fifth position with personal sensed successors.
     Who, or what, is the real fifth Director?  It must be the Bride, the Word, the Woman God-crowned, for her foundation stone (Christ Head) Textbook Science and Health is located in Window’s HUB – the Center of the Wheel of the divine calculus matrix in the position of Science itself.
     Now, those people familiar with Numbers can easily see the Cult of Christian Science being based upon the Cult that Moses set up.  If you look it up “cult” in the dictionary it means, “wheel.”  That’s right.  Cult is also short for cultivation, culture, a civilization.
     Moses was educated in Egypt.  He was in the Royal House, so he was very well educated.  I am sure that he went to the Temples, hung out with the Priests, and knew much of their ways.  Egypt’s Holy Temples had three sections to them – the Outer Court, the Inner Court, and the Most Holy of Holies.  The Most Holy of Holies is where the statue of the god was kept and only the Arch Priest was allowed entrance.  All around the Temple is where the Priests lived and practiced their religion.  And of course, the people of Egypt lived around them.

     Moses set up the Holy Tabernacle (Tent of Meeting) after the Egyptian pattern.  He had the Outer Court, the Inner Court, and the Most Holy of Holies where the Ark was kept.  This Ark replaced the Egyptian god statues (personal sense, that old serpent, was cast out).  Around the tent is where the Levi Priests lived (as well as the rest of the Levites).  And in a circle, just as the old western movies show the wagons forming a circle for Indian attacks, is where the Twelve Hebrew Nations lived.  This was their culture, their cult or wheel.  And this is the same pattern later used by Ezekiel (Ezekiel’s Wheel).  And the City of Jerusalem with its Holy Temple was also patterned after the wheel.  This is the pattern used for the Holy City in Revelation.  And so, I refer to Window of the Open Book as the Cult of Christian Science.  This matrix structure is important to understand, if it were not then Mary Baker Eddy would not have written about it in “The Apocalypse.”
     “And I saw no temple [mortal congregation of worship] therein [the Director’s Window]:  for the Lord God Almighty [the Word written upon the pages] and the Lamb [Reverend Mary Baker Eddy] are the temple [“the superstructure of Truth; the shrine of Love” S&H 595:8] of it.”  (Revelation 21:22)
     Because the Christian Science Textbook is located in the Hub of the Wheel then its importance must be spiritually understood.  This book represents the New Holy Tabernacle/Temple, or the New Church; thus, it is not really the physically built churches of Christ Scientist around the world that are of true importance.  The true Temple (Body of God) is found in the writings of Science and Health.  And this means that the Holy Temple is located within our consciousnesses because we have read the Word of God and mentally digested it – and this is the Kingdom of God that is found to be within us.
     In the position of Christianity as Science is the Big Dipper Keystone.  It is mentioned earlier as pointing us to the Word as the Word’s North Star.  The Big Dipper Keystone’s seven stars each have seven points of light, so we have 7 x 7 = 49.  This is an important number in Hebrew symbolism.  What is represents is seven days times seven weeks that equal forty-nine days.  In a way it is a matrix structure as we have Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love being expressed in its mountain range structure given to us in Revelation.  For the first star of Mind is found to be Mind as Mind, Mind as Spirit, Mind as Soul, Mind as Principle, Mind as Life, Mind as Truth, Mind as Love.  The second star of Spirit is found to be Spirit as Mind, Spirit as Spirit, Spirit as Soul, Spirit as Principle, Spirit as Life, Spirit as Truth, Spirit as Love.  And it progresses in the same pattern with Soul and the other four synonyms.  These are the seven stars held in the Son of Man’s hand in Revelation 1.  Once this pattern is understood then the Big Dipper points us back to the North Star with its Keystone of the Open Bible so that we may understand the Seven Days of Genesis (the beginning of the Bible).

The Big Dipper Keystone

The New Jerusalem artichoke


     I will now tell you about the New Jerusalem artichoke that surrounds the seeds of “the little open book!”  This sunflower has twenty-four petals, oh so like the twenty-four elders who sit around God and His-Her Lamb in the Holy Temple (another wheel).[32]  These twenty-four petals represent the matrix structure of the teaching chapter “Recapitulation” based upon The Science of Man.  Recapitulation means, “to review all that has come before.”  So being that “Recapitulation” is the fourteenth chapter[33] in Science and Health it reviews all previous thirteen chapters and presents them to us in a NEW way.
     The first answer to question one in “Recapitulation” gives us the Word and Science orders for the seven synonymous terms for God which Mary Baker Eddy has re-capitalized for us…”divine Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.”  This is the Word order for the seven days of Genesis 1-2:3.

The Word order

     I assign the rainbow colors to the Word order of the seven synonymous terms for God.  They are red (Mind), orange (Spirit), yellow (Soul), green (Principle), blue (Life), indigo (Truth), and violet (Love).

The Science order

     The Science order is based upon Moses’ Golden Candlestick (the pattern seen insides the shape of the mountain or that which has the shape of a pyramid, which I call the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle).

The Christ order

     The Christ order for the seven synonymous terms for God is located on page 115:13 as “Divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind.”  If you think of this order in terms of colors it is easy to understand how these synonyms complement each other.

     If you think of the Holy Tabernacle symbols and begin with the Ark and Mercy Seat, you can understand that this represents divine Principle and is found within the Most Holy of Holies.  Inside the Ark (Principle) were three items that symbolized Life, Truth, and Love.  The three items were manna (What is it?), the two tablets with the Ten Commandments, and Aaron’s rod.  Aaron was the Arch Priest, and only his rod was said to have the capability to bud and to bloom.  And what is it that buds and blooms if not ShAaron’s Rose Window – Window of the Open Book/the Director’s Window?
     In the Inner Court is found the three symbols for Life, Truth, and Love.  We have the Golden Candlestick, for the Tree of Life, there is the Table of Shewbread for Truth, and the Golden Alter of Incense is for Love.
     In the Outer Court is Soul as the Laver Sea.  This big bowl that held water provided the priests to see their reflections (identities).  This Laver Sea was supposed to have rested upon twelve gold oxen – symbols for the twelve Christ tribes of Israel.  The symbol for Spirit was the Alter of Burnt Offerings.  This is where the blood of the sacrificed animals was poured into ten golden cups.  Animals belong to the material world – this idea of blood was material, not of Spirit.  To become purified, in symbol only, the blood was poured into the ten golden (divine) cups.  Could these ten cups relate to the Ten Commandments?  It is the mortal who reads the Ten Commandments as “Thou shall not” laws.  Mortal man sees “Thou shalt not” as demands that he must not break these ten laws, or must not go against the law.  However, the Son of God (real man) understands that the Ten Commandments are God’s Law, thus, it is impossible for the Son of God to even break these laws.  The “shall not” laws become “can not” Laws.  And the symbol for Mind was the entrance (doorway) into the Outer Court.  The entrance was only wide enough for one man to enter or exit at a time.  This entrance/exit width symbolized the one Mind.

The order for Christianity

     For the order of Christianity we look to “The Glossary” under the definition of God.  This order is Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love.  For this order, which I see somewhat as being like a clock, a circle is utilized:

*Doorly begins the descending order with Life and then continues to Truth and Love.  The order for Christianity is what I was Directed to name the Star of Ester.

More on the Deed of Trust

     Getting back to the Deed of Trust, we begin to realize that it is entrusted to the divine calculus and not to personal sense.  Human reasoning allows man to be individually governed by God and not by personal sense (the five senses called a Board of Directors).  Obedience to the Trust means that the Boston Board would obey it and become a Branch Church that does not (S)Mother its members or its Christ-mass body.  It allows independent thought and freedom to read whatever the Christian Scientist chooses to read.  Perhaps this would give a competitive push for Boston to begin to write more spiritually inspired articles in their periodicals?  As it is now, most of the articles are based upon human intellectualism.  These articles are boring and uninteresting.  (And they wonder why subscriptions are down?)  Let us allow the works of John Doorly, Max Kappeler, W. Gordon Brown, John Morgan, Helen Wright and others to be read and taught to Christian Scientists.
     It is sad when a Christian Science Practitioner of today has no idea that the Seven Days of Genesis correlate with the seven synonyms for God (the Word order)!  How can they unlock their Bible without the real Bible code (its scientific structure)?  Mary Baker Eddy unsealed the Bible for us, but she had to hide it from the carnally minded.  John W. Doorly and his students were able to open up the Stargates to the Holy City so that we could see our Kingdom within.  So far it seems as if I am the only Doorly, Kappeler, Brown, Morgan, Wright, (etc.) student able to see what Mary Baker Eddy gave to us via her Church symbols and her illustrated poem Christ and Christmas in order to help us enter into the Holy City.  I am the only one who has presented Christian Science in this way, because God chose me to do this work.  I give credit to those who have come before me, for they helped me to see it all and how it all correlates.  You could call me the Neo (new man) of the MATRIX.
     Can you see that there is more to Window of the Open Book than you ever considered?  If so, you must begin to ask yourself, “What else can I learn about Christian Science that I never knew before?  What wonderful secrets does Christ and Christmas really have in store for me?  What can I learn about the Edifice symbols, the Concord Branch symbols, and the Extension symbols that can teach me about the true structure of Church?”
     Remember, Mary Baker Eddy tells us, “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”  Do you really think she would have said this if she had not meant it?  It is a rule, so let us start accepting it as a rule.
     Perhaps you may not agree with me about the Deed of Trust and what it really means.  But at least I have put forth some “food for thought.”  And who knows, maybe some of you have learned something from what I have written?
     To end this publication I would like to present a second drawing I made after seeing the satellite photo of the Church.  It includes the Extension.  I refer to it as Earth*Star Voyager because it resembles the computer shape of “Assembly” from Disney’s movie Earth*Star Voyager. The top portion is the Edifice (Earth*Star Voyager itself) depicting its circular seating inside.  The bottom is the Extension (the Assembly addition) just indicating its octangular seating (I did not put it all in).  I left off the more recent basilica because it is a Roman Catholic type of building and really has no part with The First Church.

     The following is an update from Andrew W. Hartsook’s publication of The Banner.  It is from Volume twenty-five/number 4- Summer 2012.

     The 1892 and 1903 Deeds of Trust are printed in the Church Manual, and most people assumed that these were Mary Baker Eddy’s only trust documents.  However, Mrs. Eddy executed subsequent deeds of trust in 1904, 1905, and 1906.  These deeds had been hidden for one hundred years.  It is even said that longtime Mother Church archivist Lee Johnson never saw them.  It was only through the efforts and connections of Michael Ritchie of Scotland that these crucial deeds came to light again from the New Hampshire archives.  They establish that Mrs. Eddy created a private trust (not a public charitable trust as courts have ruled in the absence of these three missing deeds); that the church she founded was “Mary Baker G. Eddy’s Church” (not the Directors’ church); that the Directors were trustees acting beneficially for the members (They are not an untouchable and unaccountable hierarchy as they falsely claimed in the Weaver v. Wood case [1997]); and that “nothing herein contained [the 1904 Deed] shall ever be construed as a waiver or as permitting a modification in any degree the further trusts set forth…wherein it is provided that no new tenet or by-law shall be added nor any tenet or by-law amended or annulled by the grantees, unless the written consent of said Mary Baker G. Eddy, the author of the text book ‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures’ be given therefor…”

[1] [This footnote is on page 130 of the Church Manual.]  The deacons, church wardens, or other similar offices of churches or other religious societies [like a Board of Directors], and the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal churches appointed according to the discipline and usages thereof, shall, if citizens of this commonwealth, be deemed bodies corporate for the purpose of taking and holding in succession all the grants and donations, whether of real or personal estate, made either to them and their successors, or to their respective churches, or to the poor of the churches.

[2] Christian Science churches did often have pastors; however, at one point Mary Baker Eddy made it the rule that readers were to perform church services.  The First Reader would read from Science and Health and the Second Reader would read from the King James Bible only.

[3] This is from the 88th edition of the Church Manual.

[4] MADE WHOLE Through Our Marriage to God; by Helen Wright, p. 299

[5] The demons equate to sin.

[6] The lepers equate to “the diseased” or “the terminally ill.”

[7] Mary Baker Eddy says that the dead are those who are buried in human dogma (human opinion).  And the first death is the belief that we were born into a material body.

[8] “Recapitulation” is the fourteenth chapter in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

[9] “The Apocalypse” is the sixteenth chapter in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

[10] Notice it does say “reorganized.”  This is to make it clear that the first church organization mentioned on page 17 of the Church Manual had been completely dissolved and was no longer an organization.  The two Churches even had two different distinct names.

[11] Church Manual; 88th edition, p. 18

[12] John W. Doorly says that twelve is a symbol of demonstration.

[13] The 88th edition of the Church Manual; by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 17

[14] Ibid; emphasis added

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[18] Notice that the word adamant has the name of Adam in it.

[19] MADE WHOLE Through Our Marriage to God; by Helen Wright, p. 300

[20] The 88th edition of the Church Manual, pages 136-137

[21] Christ and Christmas is an illustrated poem by Mary Baker Eddy.  It consists of eleven illustrations that were drawn by James F. Gilman.

[22] The following negative seals close the Bible to mankind:  mortal mind, matter, a material ego with a material identity, ecclesiastical despotism, death (the belief that one is born into a material body), error, and hate.  I also feel that these seven seals are the seven layers of skin, or the skins that the Lord God Jehovah placed upon Adam and Eve after the curses.

[23] The word “with” is not placed upon the front of the book.  This is probably do to the lack of room, however, symbolically, Mary Baker Eddy really did want to get rid of the word “with” but could not do this because of copyright problems.  She really did want her book to be called Science and Health Key to the Scriptures.  This title would tell us that the whole book was a KEY (remember keys open up, unlock, and unseal things) to the Bible, not just the last few chapters.

[24] He was previously speaking of Jairus’ daughter.

[25] There is a bush outside the window in “Suffer the Children” that has the shape of a dragon (the red dragon of Revelation 12).

[26] It was not until January 2012 that I saw the baby Jesus head.

[27] There is also a Grecian Oil Lamp located in Mother’s Room that is always supposed to be kept lit.  Whether or not it is kept lit I cannot really tell you.

[28] Originally Tarot cards were a way to depict Bible prophecy about the second coming of Christ.

[29] THE FOOL which is given the placement of zero is the first card to the Major Arcana.

[30] The symbol for Venus is a circle on top of a plus sign.  If you think of it, this could be a cross (plus sign) and a crown (circle).  Mary Baker Eddy gave the Boston Edifice the name of “Cross” and she gave the name “Crown” to the Extension.  Are not these two adjacent buildings symbolic of Venus?

[31] I use an X to represent the city foursquare while I use a + or t cross to represent city of our God.

[32] In the four corners of this heavenly wheel are found the four living creatures (the divine calculus).

[33] Chapter thirteen “Teaching Christian Science” comes before the teaching chapter “Recapitulation” because “Teaching Christian Science” emphasizes to us the importance of having strong moral ethics.  Max Kappeler has explained that the thirteenth chapter presents how Science can be gained only through scientific consciousness while the fourteenth chapter presents how Science and scientific metaphysics are one.