The Vitruvian Man, the Vitruvian Woman, and the Vitruvian City

by MJSmith


The first verse of Revelation 1 says:  “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants[1] things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John.”  This first verse tells us of the divine calculus that belongs to the City foursquare (found at the end of Revelation) that descends from heaven to earth.  First off the Word of God is given to Jesus Christ, which Jesus gives to his angel who gives it to St. John.  So the first aspect of the divine calculus is the Word (the Bride), the second is the Christ (Jesus, the Lamb), the third is Christianity (the angel with a face of a man[2]), and the fourth is divine Science (John, means Jonah “dove” and Mary Baker Eddy defines dove as a “symbol of divine Science,” [S&H 584:26]).

In the Introduction of Revelation 1 a man like unto the Son of man stands within the midst (in the middle) of the Golden Candlestick, which is what I have come to call the tree of Life Science.[3]  This Son of man represents Principled Science.  I find it interesting that the Golden Candlestick is found from the very beginning of Revelation, and that its pattern makes up the whole book.  In fact, the Golden Candlestick is the Key (being held by the man, who many people think is Jesus Christ) to the structure of the entire book of Revelation.  If you understand the Golden Candlestick Matrix (a.k.a. the tree of Life Science) then you understand the structure of Revelation itself, for the seven visions are made up having its own seven sections.  So, God gives us the Key (as the Golden Candlestick that Moses made to follow the pattern seen in the mount, in other words, like a pyramid structure) so that we can understand the Book of Revelation.  This tree of Life Science is the Key to heaven (the key to the City), and the entire book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, is based upon the Holy City matrix![4]

            Revelation 1:16 mentions, that in his right hand the Son of man holds seven stars.  Now, if we see this Son of man as the Vitruvian Man standing within a circle, we could picture this circle as a clock.  The man’s right hand could act as the hand of a clock that revolves around the dial of the clock.  Let us then say that this Son of man’s right hand is pointing straight down toward the number six and moves slowly up to the number twelve, could not these seven numbers (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12) be like the seven churches, and that the seven star angels for these seven churches are found in the man’s hand (in the halfway positions between each number)?  Then we could also say that five more numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) would be five more churches that also have five more stars (or angels), the five added stars that we find in the woman’s crown (which is circular like that of the clock).  Because the numbers are not located in the stars positions in Window of the Open Book, I will not call the numbers stars (angels) but gates (churches).  The seven churches spoken of in Revelation have to do with manhood’s spiritual progress up Mount Zion, while the other five churches (spokes or gates) have to do with Womanhood’s mission, where the City foursquare descends from heaven to be one with earth.

I see these five churches as the following:  the 1875 home church of Lynn, Massachusetts; the first Boston Church organization (based upon the words and works of Jesus Christ); The First Church of Christ Scientist (2nd Boston Church also known as the “Cross” and The Mother Church); the first Concord Branch (as the manchild) wedded with the second Concord Branch church (Bride); and the Extension (Crown).

Now, you may think I am going out on a limb here, however, what if, Mary Baker Eddy pointed to this very fact in two illustrations found in her poem book Christ and Christmas?  In the third illustration “Seeking and Finding” we see a Grandmother’s Clock in back of Mary Baker Glover.  This is during the time period (1874-75) when she (the angel clothed with a cloud) was writing the first edition of Science and Health.  The clock has a reading of 12:05.  This time designates Revelation 12:1-5, with the woman God-crowned; it points to the Woman God-crowned Keystone in Window of the Open Book; and it designates the end of static Christianity’s hold over mankind (the twelve nations) and the beginning of the Woman’s God-crowned mission.[5]

Seeking and Finding

In the seventh illustration “Suffer [Permit] the Children [to come unto Christian Science]” we see a Grandfather’s Clock in back of an Old Man of Christianity.  And this is why the gates for the City of our God (Christian Science) follow the Christianity order for the seven synonymous terms for God.  The Old Man (who has followed biblical Christianity[6] his whole life) wears dark glasses (“sees through a glass darkly” as Paul put it), sits in a rocking chair, and to his right upon a table is a closed Bible (a symbol for the closing period of biblical Christianity).  Paul said, “I know nothing beyond Christ and his crucifixion.”  Paul was unwilling to go beyond this point of progress (Life), he could not because he was a man; it took the woman to present Christ’s resurrection and ascension to the twelve nations.  It is the New Man, the young girl sitting upon the foursquare chair (representing a pyramid’s four corners of the Word), who is sitting in the star’s light reading the open book Science and Health Key to the Scriptures.  She (representing the Branch Church who depends only upon the impersonal Word of the Textbook) understands that the whole book is the key to the Bible, and it is what will allow the Christian to be one with Science.

Suffer [Permit] the Children to come unto Me

Notice that there is a talking serpent behind Mary Baker Glover with her “open Bible” in Seeking and Finding, and that there is the talking (his mouth is open) drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism behind the girl with the “open little book” of Revelation 10 in Suffer the Children.  There is nothing between the serpent and the woman in illustration 3, however, there is the Window (Mary Baker Eddy referred to herself as the Window) between the girl and the red dragon.  To me this means that if we accept Mary Baker Eddy as God’s chosen prophet, as the woman God-crowned, as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and as the second coming of Christ then we are protected from the red dragon’s words that are full of lies about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.

Upon the face of the Grandfather clock is the time of 5:05.  I feel that this time speaks of Revelation chapter 5 (about the Lamb of God[7]).  However, this time (with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 upon the clock) specifically speaks of the five additional churches and their companion stars upon the woman’s crown.

Window of the Open Book

These numbers do not fit in with the positions of the twelve stars circling Window of the Open Book because they are not meant to.  The twelve spokes go in a clockwise order, while the twelve stars go in a counterclockwise order.  It is like how a combination-lock turns counterclockwise and then clockwise so that it may be unlocked.  Thus, it is with Window of the Open Book’s matrix structure.  The window is meant to go in both directions, so that it will unlock the Word of the Bible.  The twelve numbers of the clock fit in with the twelve spokes of the window’s wheel.  These spokes actually represent the twelve gates to the City of our God (as the City foursquare has the royally divine gates which are symbolized by the Keystone Windows themselves).  These spokes lead you in to the New Jerusalem artichoke.  Also, these twelve gates (spokes) give us the seven synonymous terms for God in their Christianity order, having Principle being placed where the number six is found, and Love would be on top where the number twelve is located.  This is also the location of the Midnight Hour, when the Bridegroom (the Christ-Lamb) and Bride (the Word) get married.

The twelve numbers of the two clocks in Christ and Christmas represent the twelve Churches of Christianity under the divine guidance of the twelve stars (angels for the Churches) in the woman’s crown, after all, this book has to do with Christianity, the Church, and its Christ head Shepherd and Leader (Jesus Christ and Mary Baker Eddy).  For the Christ Head governs the Christ-mass.  And since “Seeking and Finding” was about Mary Baker Eddy’s manhood mission (taking over from the Son of man with the seven stars [for the numbers]) this seems to fit in with the time shown on the Grandmother Clock of 12:05.  This fits in with her first home church of Lynn that existed during 1875 only, the Bible is open (on the table in the illustration) because she must find a way to present Christian Science (manhood and Womanhood united) to static Christianity (manhood) for acceptance.  And it was her womanhood mission with the five stars (numbers) in the Grandfather Clock, which fit in with the time period after the first Boston Church had been disorganized (that had no material organization at all), only Branch Churches and Societies existed (to hold services) as they were governed by the rod of divine Science (the City foursquare).  The Branch Churches could only base their Churches on one of the Holy Trinity synonyms (Life, Truth, or Love), for Womanhood (the Grand-Mother of Principle) is Life, Truth, and Love.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man standing within the circle (a clock, with his four feet and four arms) represents the Son of man standing within the Golden Candlestick.  A circle is also symbolic of a sphere, or the earth.  The earth itself is sort of a clock, as it is divided up into twenty-four time zones.  And in Christ and Christmas Mary Baker Eddy’s first words, for the first illustration for “The Star of Bethlehem,” speaks of these time zones.

“Fast circling on, from zone to zone, –

“Bright, blest, afar, –

“O’er the grim night of chaos shone

“One lone, brave star.”

Of course, in Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas, Alice Orgain says that these zones represent man’s spiritual progress.  She equates them to the twelve sons being born to Jacob.  I agree with her in that these zones may represent months (sons).  However, I also equate them to the twenty-four elders that sit around the throne of God in Revelation 5.  Some Christian Scientists have said that these twenty-four elders are the twenty-four answers while the twenty-four questions represent the elder’s seats.  These twenty-four groups are found in the 14th chapter of the Textbook, “Recapitulation.”  This chapter was based upon Mary Baker Glover’s manuscript Science of Man.  She used this manuscript to teach Christian Science to her students.  I feel that “Recapitulation” really represents the sunflower (the New Jerusalem artichoke) found in Window of the Open Book.

Of course, we must ask ourselves what bright, lone, brave star passes over twenty-four time zones?  There is only one star spoken of in Christ and Christmas and that is the Morning Star.  This star is also known as the planet Venus, also called a Daystar.  The goddess Venus is symbolic of Love, and she is also depicted as the woman God-crowned (some would call her Isis) in the Rider Tarot deck as THE EMPRESS.  It is also of important significance that the symbol for Venus is a circle on top of a plus sign.  So it makes me think that Venus is symbolically represented in Boston as the Extension Crown (a circle) being adjacent to the original edifice (a cross).

Leonardo De Vinci’s Vitruvian Man depicts a man with three stances.  One stance shows him with outstretched arms heading toward the two upper corners of the square, and his legs spread apart.  His arms represent womanhood’s vessel while his legs represent manhood’s pyramid.  This is what Mary Baker Eddy speaks of as the “Lamb’s wife” which “presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, – to the perfectibility of God’s creation.”[8]  This stance also symbolizes the foursquare city of divine Science.  The second stance has the man’s arms at ninety-degree angles to the body and his two legs going straight down meeting the center of the bottom side of the square.  He is a T-square (a tool used in Masonry); I take this stance to represent man as being [the] honest (Word of God), upright (Christ being manifested), whole (Christianity), and pure (Science).  This stance symbolizes the city of our God for Christian Science.  The third stance represents the star of Venus when his arms are straight out and his legs form the pyramid shape.  The man is drawn inside a circle and a square (which is offset slightly from the circle).  This illustration is supposed to show the proportions, or measurements, of the human body.  It is the measurement of the Vitruvian Man-Woman-City that is the Holy Grail or the Holy Measurement.

Jesus Christ referred to himself as a door, while Mary Baker Eddy referred to herself as a window.  Vitrify means: “to convert into glass or a glassy substance by heat and fusion.”  What if then, The Vitruvian Man is a window, or perhaps a stained glass window (or even a series of stained glass windows), a window(s) found in a Church where “convert” has a specific importance to its congregation?  Convert means: “to transform.”  True conversion has to do with the transformation of man, when man comes out from the illusion that he is a corporeal being into the spiritual understanding of his real true being.  In regards to a window, the transformation begins with a Streisand (blotted ‘stained’ sand), and this, through a process of fire (spiritual baptism), would become a stained glass window with rainbow colors.

On May 9, 2000, I had a vision-dream I titled “Barbara Streisand, you will understand Reincarnation Understood!”  In this vision-dream I saw over an angel’s back and was able to see that he is holding an open book.  This angel had no wings, but I saw a halo.  He had long hair.  This angel was in the sky, or heaven.  At this particular time I felt that the title of the book is Reincarnation Understood.  I heard a voice say, “Barbara Streisand, you will understand Reincarnation Understood.”

Barbara means: “stranger, alien.”  Was this angel an alien?  Was this angel the stranger, or the Barbara Streisand?  Or was I Barbara Streisand?  I would not really know or understand the full significance of this vision-dream until August 23, 2009.

It was shortly after the vision-dream that I received a book in the mail, from Helen Wright its author, about the seven synonymous terms for God.  This book is titled, Your Divinity Revealed.  Some time later I translated the title to mean, “Your reincarnation uncovered, understood to be the human and divine coincidence of the Christ.”  Also around this time I received, from the Christian Science Endtime Center, a publication about the reincarnation of Christ, or what most people refer to as “the second coming of Christ.”  She came, and she was chosen by God to come, to represent the Christ feminine.  In Christian Science we accept that Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ (in that she presented the understanding of Christ Jesus as Truth [raising him up from Life]) and gave this understanding to the children of Israel.Children of Israel.  The representatives of Soul, not corporeal sense; the offspring of Spirit, who, having wrestled with error, sin, and sense, are governed by divine Science; some of the ideas of God beheld as men, casting out error and healing the sick; Christ’s offspring.”  [S&H 583:5]).[9]  We also accept that her Textbook[10] Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is a most important part of this second coming, for it is the Comforter that Jesus spoke of.

It is funny how history repeats itself!  Today people do not recognize that the second coming of Christ has even taken place, or happened, just like how the Jewish Hebrews kept praying and waiting for a Messiah (the first coming of Christ), but when their Messiah came to them as Jesus most of the people denied Jesus’ place in Torah prophecy, and they failed to recognize the first coming of Christ!  There are now some Jewish people who accept Jesus as the Messiah, as the first coming of Christ.

Of this first coming Christ Jesus said, “These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.

“Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord.  If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

“But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me.

“If I had not come and spoken unto them they had not had sin:  but now they have no cloke for their sin.

“He that hateth me hateth my Father also.

“If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin:  but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father.

“But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law [the Torah], They hated me without cause.  [Now Jesus speaks of the second coming.]

“But when the Comforter is come [the second coming of Christ], whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:[11]

“And ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with me from the beginning.

“They shall put you out [excommunicate you] of the synagogues [churches]:  yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

“And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me [the Christ in its masculine and feminine representations].

“But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them.  And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you.

“But now I go my way to him that sent me; and none of you asketh me, Whither goest thou?

“But because I have said these things unto you, sorrow hath filled your heart.” (St. John 15:20-16:6)

Today biblical Christians do not accept that the second coming of Christ has come to the earth because they do not understand how it took place!  They have rejected the Comforter, just as Jesus prophesied.  When Jesus spoke of the second coming of Christ he said, “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away:  for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.[12]

“And when he is come,[13] he will reprove that world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:

“Of sin [which must always be uncovered], because they believe not on me;[14]

“Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more;[15]

“Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.[16]

“I [that is the Christ] have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot hear them now.[17]

“Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth:  for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak:  and he will shew you things to come.

“He shall glorify me:  for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.” (St. John 16:7-14) [18]

Mary Baker Eddy wrote that she understood this Comforter to be Christian Science.  I agree wholeheartedly with her.

Mary Baker Eddy’s chapter “The Apocalypse” was based upon three chapters of Revelation.  I have based this manuscript on this sixteenth chapter because it actually explains her place in Bible prophecy.

After reading The De Vinci Code in January (2009), and doing my spiritual interpretation of the book, I realized that my vision-dream and The Vitruvian Man go together in a symbolic way.  I also realized that the stained glass windows in The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts and the vision-dream are connected with each other.  Within the Boston edifice is a window of the angel from Revelation 10.  She[19] has no wings, and might the halo (of my angel) be equivalent to the rainbow arch of the stained glass angel?

I recognize that the book the angel was holding in the dream was “a little book open” which is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.[20]  It is this alien Science (that seems strange to corporeal sense) that is explained in the Textbook.  Man’s spiritual being (which S&H explains) seems to be a stranger to corporeal sense.  It is this “little book” that helps us understand the second coming (re-incarnation) of the Christ!

There are two other very important stained glass windows in the Boston edifice – “Woman God-crowned” (on the West wall) and “Window of the Open Book”[21] a Rose Window on a southern wall of the edifice.  “Window of the Open Book” also has a keystone with the “Woman God-crowned.”  Its beginning point, on the cycle, is the Keystone for the Word as the Word with the “Open Bible Keystone” which has been unlocked by the Key.  (The Key was originally the “Glossary” definitions only.  In Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas Alice Orgain explains that Science and Health had to do with the woman’s manhood mission which was typified in Revelation 10 as the Angel clothed with a cloud (manhood), while the Key to the Scriptures has to do with the woman’s Womanhood mission which was typified in Revelation 12 as the woman God-crowned, or the wilderness-woman, who was clothed with the sun.)

Mary Baker Eddy tells us that the angel of Revelation 10 prefigures divine Science, and it “comes from God” (is God’s messenger, or angel).  I believe this is why the angel is clothed with a cloud, just as Jesus is said to ascend upon a cloud.  “In the like manner” we shall see the second coming descend (in a cloud) from heaven (harmony).  Notice that the same type of clouds are found in the Woman God-crowned window and the Angel window.  Jesus, being the Son of God, was able to ascend (on a cloud) beyond the highest point of manhood (Truth) into Womanhood (Love), thus, it was the Christian follower’s own limited sense (this is why his disciples could no longer see him) that needed to be lifted up (by Womanhood) to see Jesus Christ in his highest manhood place of Truth as Christ Jesus.  This reference to “coming on a cloud” (especially a rainbow cloud) goes back to Noah[22] when he sees the “bow in the cloud” representing the ARCH of the Covenant, which is for the Spirit of the Law.  The ARK of the Covenant (symbolized by Noah’s Ark) was for the Letter of the Law.  It was via the ARK of the Covenant (the Letter of the Law) that manhood (Noah and his Son [Three Degree son of the Second Spiritual Interpretation on page 115 of S&H] of God consciousness) was lifted up by the spiritual baptism of water (elements of Mind) to the CAPSTONE of the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth, where the ARK rested.  The Letter of the Law rested upon Truth, and it was because of this that Noah (and his Christ Son, born to him during his Fifth Day of Life[23]) witnessed the ARCH of the Covenant (the Spirit of the Law).

The fact that this angel’s face is as the sun is a direct reference to the woman God-crowned who is “clothed with the sun.”  This means that the angel (even though described in Revelation as being masculine) is really feminine.  Besides symbolizing the second coming of Christ the cloud symbolizes something else.  This cloud symbolizes the clouded vision of man in the nineteenth century when the angel messenger descended to earth from heaven.  It was the ARK of the Covenant aspect of Mary Baker Glover’s[24] mission to present the Holy Scriptures to man.  She had to “Seek and Find” this way of presentation to the clouded thought of man during her day and time.  In 1866, when she had her revelation (and healing) she, being the higher idea of Womanhood (“For a woman shall compass a man.” from Jeremiah), was able to comprehend her vision.  However, those around her were not mentally in tune with her vision, and she sought to find the true presentation to man of the Christ idea found within the Bible!  Christianity accepted the Letter of the Law (the first coming of Christ as the Virgin Mary’s “offspring”), but where was its acceptance to the Spirit of the Law (the second coming of Christ as “the root,” Christ having no material mother, father, and having no material heritage or material history).  So not only was the angel’s cloud the ARCH of the Covenant, it was also the ARK of the Covenant, for the ARK Letter of the Law (masculine) and the ARCH Spirit of the Law (feminine) must be one (united).[25]

Mary Baker Eddy has to raise man up via the Six Days of creation, man had to travel up the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (a term of mine), a.k.a. “Jacob’s Ladder.”  Man had to ascend (travel up) the “footsteps of Truth” with the Key before he could enter into the Stargate (Holy City Matrix) that takes us home to heaven (the Seventh Day of Love).  And so, it would be quite some time after the first edition of the Textbook that Key to the Scriptures (the ARCH of the Covenant) would be presented (presented by the woman God-crowned) to man.

The angel’s two feet of fire represent spiritual baptism via absolute Christian Science and Christian Science.  Absolute Christian Science works in the subjective thought and has dominion over the hidden elements of mind, the unconscious sea.  While

Christian Science works in the objective thought and has dominion over what the corporeal senses try to convey to us as reality or truth (“visible error and audible sin”).

The foot upon the sea and the foot upon the land are symbols of manhood’s dominion in the Sixth Day of Truth.  Perhaps this angel comes down from heaven because Christianity had become static and it is Womanhood that must help mankind (Christianity as run by men of the world) to ascend via the “footsteps of Truth” up to the mountain’s (pyramid’s) capstone, or to the top rung on Jacob’s ladder.

The manhood angel is spoken of in Revelation 10, and it is not until Revelation 21 that John sees “a new heaven and a new earth:  for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”  Another angel (this angel being of Womanhood), or revelation, accompanied (was within) John’s scientific consciousness.  The angel’s declaration came from heaven, supreme harmony (again having to do with Womanhood), “that God the divine Principle of harmony, is ever with men and they are His people.”[26]  It is at this point that man is no longer regarded as a miserable sinner (a fallen man), but as the blessed child of God.  Why?  “Because St. John’s corporeal sense of the heavens and earth had vanished, and in place of this false sense was the spiritual sense, the subjective state by which he could see the new heaven and new earth, which involve the spiritual idea and consciousness of reality.  This is Scriptural authority for concluding that such a recognition of being is, and has been, possible to men in this present state of existence, – that we can become conscious, here and now, of a cessation of death, sorrow, and pain.” (S&H 573:19-27)

I figure what this really is getting at is the fact that static Christianity (which is founded by many men) believes man (Adam of Genesis 2) to be a sinner, a fallen man, while Christian Science (which is founded by a woman) understands man (of Genesis 1) to be sinless, and to have never fallen from grace.

The man-angel (Letter of the Law) has dominion over earth and sea while the woman God-crowned (Letter of the Spirit) has dominion over the moon (which is symbolically located in heaven).

The following definition of Cancer is from a dream dictionary.  It says that cancer “represents the moon [which reflects light, thus the woman’s two feet have dominion over reflected intelligence (a.k.a. intellectualism)], the Eternal Mother [God] and the astrological sign of cancer [which is Mary Baker Eddy’s birth sign].”  The woman God-crowned has power (dominion) over cancer (terminal diseases), and over all astrological beliefs.  Astrology is the dragon’s sea (located in heaven) and disease is manifested in the objective earth of matter (The moon is made up of matter – dust, nothingness.).

Eating (mentally digesting) the Textbook is our Paschal meal.  It is our passage from material bondage (Egypt) into the (notice that Mary Baker Eddy did not tell us that it was the Holy Land here) El Dorado of faith and hope (the two Second Degree qualities for Life).  Eldorado is the city of gold, or the divine city of God, while El Dorado is really our own Christ Kinghood of the divine “city of our God” or the Kingdom of Heaven which is within our consciousness.  I see El Dorado as subconscious subjective harmony (the domain of absolute Christian Science) while Eldorado is conscious objective harmony (the range of Christian Science).

Mary Baker Eddy tells us that – “Truth arouses [awakes, excites] the ‘seven thunders’ of evil [seven horns of discord], and stirs their latent [is dormant or hidden but becomes visible via the excited action of this stirring] forces to utter the full diapason [“the entire compass of musical tones”] of secret [hidden] tones.”  What this means (I think) is that Truth stirs up error, makes it become seen or exposed, it becomes uncovered (“Animal Magnetism Unmasked”) and discovered (“The Apocalypse”).  This happens for one reason only, so that error can be destroyed.  Error always counterfeits Truth, so it too claims to compass the tones of God.  But what compasses a man (Christ Jesus) is the woman God-crowned, and her Window Matrix of the Holy City, as found in Window of the Open Book.

I understand the angel of Revelation 10 to be the Discoverer of Christian Science, while the wilderness Mother to be the Founder of The First Church of Christ Scientist (the Cross) in 1892, which was founded upon Truth (the Christ-Rock).  However, both the Concord Branch (the second Concord Branch as the daughter Bride) and the Extension Branch (the woman’s God-Crowned) were later both founded upon Love.  The woman God-crowned is a great work in heaven (harmony, the musical sphere that encompasses man).  She is Venus, or divine Love, the Morning Star.

Morning.  Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and progress.”  (S&H 591:23)

Mother.  God; divine and eternal Principle; Life, Truth, and Love.” (S&H 592:16)  In this definition of Mother, she states straight out that Mother is God!  But she also makes it clear that this Mother-God is Elohim[27] found in Genesis 1-2:3.  Mother encompasses Life (Father), Truth (Son), and Love (as Bride, Sister, Daughter, Mother); this is the triune Principle of God or the real Holy Trinity (or Tri-unity).  Mother, then, is the ARCH of the Covenant God, while Jehovah is the ARK of the Covenant God, or the masculine Letter of the Law.  Jehovah, being a tribal god, places Father in the first position as Principle, then Mother as Life, then Son as Truth, and finally Daughter as Love.  However, Mary Baker Eddy defines Father as “Eternal Life; the one Mind; the divine Principle, commonly called God.”[28]  Thus, God is commonly called divine Principle via the ARK, the Letter of the Law, yet God, as Elohim, is both divine Principle (Mother) and eternal Principle (Father); Life, Truth, and Love.

One could also say that Principle (with the semicolon), as a Mother Church, embraces Life, Truth, and Love and that Principle as Mother-God embraces Life as Father-God, Truth as Son-Christ, and Love as Daughter/Bride-Christ.[29]  But, also, Mary Baker Eddy allowed the Branch Churches to be embraced by Principle by founding themselves upon Life, Truth, or Love.  A Branch was not allowed to found itself upon all three.  This being said, if The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, was only based upon Truth (while its Extension was based upon Love), then The First Church never was the Mother Church, and the title of Mother Church belonged to a Church being governed by its Mother-Principle, or its Church Manual which was written by Mary Baker Eddy.  And once The Mother Church no longer had its Founding Mother around to give her written permission for this or that, the Church Manual’s estoppel clauses should have been obeyed.  If they had been obeyed then The First Church would have become just another Branch Church and it would have reverted back to a four manned Board of Directors.


1)  absolute Christian Science (the right foot has dominion over the sea) handling the subjective, being the dominant power “prevailing over all other powers; predominant; paramount [like in a pyramid], preponderant, sovereign; superior”

2)  Christian Science (the left foot has dominion over the earth) handling the objective, being secondary “not first in the occurrence of development”


1)  The woman’s right foot (Truth), this idea,[30] reveals the universe as tributary to Spirit.  A tributary stream feeds a bigger stream (river) or lake. The word tributary also has to do with tribe (the twelve tribes, the twelve stars of the Word, the Christ, and Christianity).

2)  The woman’s left foot (Love), this idea, reveals the universe as secondary to Spirit.

This makes it clear that the angel’s mission is to bring to life, or descend[31] with “a little book” as God’s divine Christ messenger.  This is the “individual Christian Scientist” who is “alone with his own being,” the man (generic man) of Genesis 1, has dominion over the sea and the earth.  Yet the woman’s mission is to found Truth and Love as The Church of Christian Science, the twelve nations or twelve tribes of Israel.  These twelve stars “will yield to the activities of the divine Principle [Mother] of [the] man [child] in the harmony [heaven] of Science.”

The definition of Church is most interesting if you really understand what the institution is that Mary Baker Eddy is speaking about!  The institution is “a little book.”

Church.  The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon[32] and proceeds from divine Principle.

“The Church is that institution, which affords proof of its utility [use] and is found elevating the race [from material beliefs and error through the Six Days of Creation with its “footsteps of Truth”], rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs[33] [remember she tells us that Truth performs this function in the section in “The Apocalypse” on the topic of “a little book”] to the apprehension of spiritual ideas[34] and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick.”

I feel that the “workings [demonstrations] of the spiritual idea by healing the sick and sinning” are the twelve stars (the first twelve chapters of Science and Health) being understood and demonstrated by the tributary and this stream of thought feeds (with “a little book”) the whole of mankind (the universe).

There is another word in the “Glossary” that refers to the Textbook; in fact, its second edition was called The Ark.   “Ark.  Safety; the idea of Truth, proved to be as immortal as Principle; the understanding of Spirit, destroying belief in matter.

“[Father-Mother] God and [generic] man coexistent and eternal; Science showing that the spiritual realities of all things are created by Him and exist forever.  The ark indicates temptation overcome [by obedience to the Letter of the Law[35]] and followed by exaltation [exalt “to raise up high” denotes the ascending process of man to Truth (the capstone)].” (S&H 581:8-14)

She tells us the physical scientist (learned of the tree of knowledge) Agassiz sees the sun (Spirit) in an egg – the point of embryonic material life.  The “Glossary definition of Eve, in part, is as follows:  “the belief that the human race originated materially instead of spiritually, – that man started first from dust, second from a rib, and third from an egg.”  But, she goes on to say that St. John (the metaphysician, learned of the tree of Life Science) saw an “angel [divine messenger clothed] in the sun [Spirit].”  So here, for sure, she is telling us that the woman God-crowned is an angel, the angel (I believe) from Revelation 10.  This woman, however, is the metaphysical Scientist viewpoint that comes from the tree of Life Science.  The name of the angel that stands in the center of the sunflower (of Window of the Open Book) is Reverend (Revered Leader) Mary Baker Eddy.[36]  The Revelator saw the woman clothed in light (like a window is), a bride coming down (descending like the angel of Revelation 10 did[37]) from heaven, wedded to the Lamb of Love (as seen in the Lord and Lamb Keystone).  Of course, the Bride is also referred to as the Holy City, the Word, and “Dove.  A symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith [two Life qualities of the Second Degree].” (S&H 584:26)

“And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron:  and her child was caught up unto God, and to His throne.”  (Revelation 12:5)

On page 565:9 of the Textbook, Mary Baker Eddy writes:  “Led on by the grossest element of mortal mind, Herod decreed the death of every male child in order that the man Jesus, the masculine representative of the spiritual idea, might never hold sway and deprive Herod of his crown.”  Notice that she writes, “man Jesus” not “baby Jesus;” why does she do this?  I feel like it has to do with the fact that she is speaking of a “man child” as being the “masculine representative of the spiritual idea” and not a baby child.

She continues, “The impersonation of the spiritual idea had a brief history in the earthly life of our Master; but ‘of his kingdom there shall be no end,’ for Christ, God’s idea, will eventually rule all nations and people—imperatively, absolutely, finally—with divine Science.”  This “impersonation” means that the Christ (the spiritual idea) was seen in the person known as Jesus, who had a brief history on earth (as the Master).  She then informs us that Christ’s kingdom has no end.  This would be because the second coming had come to earth in the impersonal presentation of Christ via today’s present manchild called Science and Health.

“This immaculate [pure] idea, represented first by man [Jesus] and, according to the Revelator [St. John], last by woman, will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love, melting and purifying even the gold of human character.”  Is not “last by woman” a reference to Mary Baker Eddy, for she re-presented the Christ nature of Jesus within her manchild Textbook (that took nine years [a symbol for nine months] of conception to write, or give birth to).  She will not baptize with the water (Christianity), like John the Baptist did, no she will baptize with fire (the written Word of God) to burn up the chaff of error during the endtime, or the harvest.  This heat is Truth (Michael the angel) and Love (Gabriel the angel) found in Boston as The First Church of Christ Scientist’s “Cross” edifice and “Crown” Extension.

She goes on with, “After the [twelve] stars [of the woman’s crown] sang together [because the circle was complete] and all was primeval harmony [heaven and earth are one], the material lie [the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism] made war upon the spiritual idea [the war was waged against the woman God-crowned, the Revelator, in order to try and do harm to the manchild Textbook, the Revelation];[38] but this only impelled the idea [the woman] to rise to the zenith of demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and to be caught up unto God, – to be found in its divine Principle.”


I take comfort that Mary Baker Eddy informs us that the serpent (which grows in size from being a [copper head] serpent in Genesis to Revelation’s red dragon) is “the highest degree of human depravity.”  Well, the highest degree of moral depravity (S&H 115) is the First Degree, and it can go no higher!  And this reminds me of the curse where the serpent is doomed to crawl upon the ground (dust, nothingness).

Revelation tells us that the red dragon, which persecutes the woman, has seven heads with seven crowns and ten horns.  I have always thought that the ten horns were hard hornlike things upon the dragon’s seven heads; however, I finally interpreted these ten horns to be musical horns!  And these ten horns, which defy the Ten Commandments, play nothing but discord.

The hydra heads are water founts (muddy water), a false sprinkler system known as physical science and ecclesiastical despotic theology (that believes that good [Spirit] is mixed up with the material world [evil] and held prisoner to it) that tries to drown the spiritual ideal, the woman God-crowned after her mission of Womanhood is completed.  This means that the dragon’s attack is not directed at the personal body or woman known as Mary Baker Eddy but that the attack comes after December 3, 1910 (when she supposedly died).  This attack is directed at her spiritual teachings (her spiritual baptismal water).  The red dragon tries to muddy up Science and Health with static Christian Science (the unwillingness to let loose of SMotherhood).

The woman is taken into the wilderness[39] (“Spontaneity of thought and idea; the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds [like a rose or a sunflower] the great facts of existence.” S&H 597:16) with the wings[40] of an eagle.  The eagle is the fourth living creature (or fourth living beast) and it symbolizes Science.  So it is the wings of Principled Science that flies the woman to safety (a word that defines ARK).  The wilderness is the sense of Soul path, where stately Science pauses not, but moves before us, a pillar of cloud (angel of Revelation 10 – Truth, Michael) by day and of fire (a bright star, Venus, the woman God-crowned Love – Gabriel and/or Uriel) by night, leading to divine heights.

“And there was war in heaven:  Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought, and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.” (Revelation 12:7, 8)

Genesis gives us true creation (chapters 1-2:3) followed by the false creation of Adam (beginning with Genesis 2:6).  Likewise, Revelation first shows us the true warfare (Revelation 12) and is followed by the false warfare.  Michael (of the Church of Truth [Cross]) and his angels fight the true warfare, the battle between flesh and spirit.  Mary Baker Eddy writes on page 566 of S&H:  “The Old Testament assigns to the angels, God’s divine messages, different offices.  Michael’s characteristic is spiritual strength.  He leads the hosts of heaven against the power of sin, Satan, and fights the holy wars.”  I feel that she means the Michael represents The First Church of Christ Scientist, and that the “hosts of heaven” are the Michael’s (Truth’s) “angels” of Christian Science, members of this Church.  She continues with, “Gabriel has the more quiet task of imparting a sense of the ever-presence of ministering Love.  These angels deliver us from the depths.  Truth and Love come nearer in the hour of woe, when strong faith or spiritual strength wrestles and prevails through the understanding of God.  The Gabriel of his presence has no contests.  To infinite, ever-present love, all is Love, and there is no error, no sin, sickness, nor death.  Against Love, the dragon warreth not long, for he is killed by the divine Principle.  Truth and Love prevail against the dragon because the dragon cannot war with them.  Thus endeth the conflict between the flesh and Spirit.”

Alice Orgain explains that this spiritual warfare is fought in The First Church of Christ Scientist because of the mental battle going on between Mary Baker Eddy’s students.  Some of the students relied on her lectures, her class instruction, and her counsel, or advise (via letters perhaps), as being more important than the Word found in the Textbook.  Thus, there was an inner struggle within their own consciousnesses as to which Word they should actually follow.  Should they follow the Word of Mary Baker Eddy’s flesh (personal Mother-Leadership) or should they follow the Word of Mary Baker Eddy’s spirit (impersonal teachings found in her writings)?  The students belonging to the Branch Churches had only the impersonal teachings to lead them, thus they had no inner struggle.

Another struggle going on with the students of Christian Science is whether or not they should accept Mary Baker Eddy as the woman God-crowned, the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and the second coming of Christ.  There has been much written about the topic, and some feel they are disloyal to Mrs. Eddy by believing that she is the woman God-crowned, etc.  Especially when things like the following are written:  “Attacks on Mrs. Eddy:  Every attack on Mrs. Eddy as a person, is working ‘a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory’ [2 Cor. 4:17] to the Christian Scientist who may be tempted to cling to the personality of Mrs. Eddy, or to believe that she, or any other person, sustains Christian Science.

“Such attacks force him in his bewilderment to turn from Mrs. Eddy’s personality to Mind, where alone he can find rest.

“This confusion about Mrs. Eddy’s rightful place in human thinking will go on until there is not a Scientist who will not gladly leave Mrs. Eddy out of Christian Science.  He will prove his deep love and respect for her by doing as she did, that is, by proving the allness of God.

“He will then find that he does not revere Mrs. Eddy less, but more, because the only love worth while is the love that goes and does likewise.  ‘Imitation is the sincerest flattery.’  Jesus said, ‘If ye love me, keep my commandments’ — in other words do as I have done.” Christian Science Its “Clear Correct Teaching” and Complete Writings; by Herbert W. Eustace, C.S.B.; p. 351

The key here is that Eustace is speaking about personality, or personal sense, not the spiritual ideal that Mary Baker Eddy is!  We should never cling to Mary Baker Eddy’s personality in the first place, those who do are not practicing Christian Science.  Further more, he is not speaking of Mary Baker Eddy’s rightful place in Bible prophecy, but “Mrs. Eddy’s rightful place in human thinking.”  There is a difference between the two.  No Christian Scientist should ever leave Mary Baker Eddy out of Christian Science, to do so would be to separate the Revelator from the Revelation and Mary Baker Eddy warned us not to do this!  Yes, we should all prove the allness of God, there is not question about that.  Is this misunderstanding of Mary Baker Eddy why Mr. Eustace was involved in the Deed of Trust Suit (1921) and lost his battle?


The Ten Commandments explain to us our relationship with God (1-5) and our relationship with man (6-10).  They form a pyramid structure.

The mortal mind of Adam is the belief that God (Spirit) resides in matter.

1 – You, mortal mind, can have many gods before divine Mind (which is impotent compared to me).

The mortal sense of Adam’s serpent body is the image and likeness of mortal man’s creator Jehovah, which is the inverted image and likeness of Elohim.

2 – Moral depravity (First Degree) makes graven (dead) images and likenesses of anything that is in heaven above (the Third Degree), or that is in earth beneath (the Second Degree), or that is in the waters beneath the earth (the First Degree).  And you (personal sense) can and will bow down unto these (false) images of mortal mind and be slave unto sense, for God sees not nor cares not what man does on earth.  God will not punish your sins nor help those who obey Him because God is not real because He is not comprehensible to material sense at all.  You are hidden (clothed) in matter!

matter rules!

3 – You can curse God’s seven names (Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love), for what good will these synonymous terms do you when you live in matter and not in Spirit?

physical sense leads to death

4 – Personal sense will work (be a slave to matter) for six days, and on the seventh day, the sabbath, you shall also work because I, evil, hold you as my prisoner.  You are bound to corporeal sense; there is no rest for the weary or the wicked!  You are still a servant in Egypt (material organization) so why should you get to rest upon God’s Sabbath Day?  Who do you think you are, God?


5 – You honor evil, not Life and Love!  Why not obey your human parentage (inheritance and history in matter) when it brings you so much material sensation in the corporeal body?  And so much pleasure is given to you when you have sex!  Sex is fun!  So, go on, have sex, sex, sex!  I do not care or mind!

…and disorder

6 – Sex is murder, so go ahead and kill!  And you can also kill others via mental assassination (my hidden method of murder) via the use of animal magnetism.  Nobody will even know that you are guilty of the crime that brings about dis-order (matter body)!


7 – You (personal sense via sex, which is death) can also commit adultery, have many gods (children), and live to tell the tale!  Mix good (Spirit) and evil (matter) together for this is life in matter!


8 – You can steal from all those outside yourself by admitting error as omnipotent.  Go on, it’s fun to believe the worst of everyone in this world, I do it all the time and get by with it, so gossip and malpractice all you want.

hate (hypocrisy)

9 – Believe what your five physical senses tell you about yourself and others, you can bear false testimony, after all, it really is believable, what your eyes see, ears hear, nerves feel, nose smells, and tongue tastes!

hate (lust)

10 – You can lust after anyone and everything in the world and not be punished (that is why I set up Roman Catholic confession for you).  You can desire everything you see out there and not be punished (even if something does not belong to you what harm does it do to want what others have and you don’t have?).  Go ahead and hate everyone by wanting the good they have, after all, don’t you deserve to have goodness in your material life?  Don’t you deserve comfort in matter?  Of course you do!

Alice Orgain explains that the seven heads of the dragon do battle with Christianity, as the Christian ascends the seven “footsteps of Truth.”  She also says that the extra three horns do battle against the first three “Footsteps of Truth”[41] where womanhood descends.  And it has no more horns for the other two Commandments that Jesus spoke of (these being the last two “Footsteps” of Womanhood).  It took the last two Commandments (11 and 12) to dissipate the drag-on on earth.  Yet the Bible makes it clear that there are two Commandments that are the greatest of them all:  “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first and great commandment and the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.  On these two commandments hang all the law of the prophets.” (Matt. 22:37-40)  See also Deuteronomy 6:5 and Leviticus 19:18.

The Ten Commandments are proscriptive (negative) commandments.  They match up with Jacob’s first ten sons (suns).  The last two Commandments are affirmative commandments going beyond the ken of moral law (Joseph and Benjamin).  Thus, the first ten stars (suns) belong to the Ark of the Covenant (letter of the law) while the last two stars (suns) belong to the Arch of the Covenant (spirit of the law).  It is of interest that the name Joseph means “extension” and that the Concord Branch Church was given the star belonging to “Bennie” Foster-Eddy (who was in deed Mary Baker Eddy’s Foster Son).  Thus, it could be said that the last two stars also have to do with the first (manhood)[42] and second (womanhood)[43] Concord Branch Church and the Extension Crown Branch Church.[44]

There was a main difference between the Branch Churches and the second Concord Branch Church.  The Branch Churches were rooted to the Word, they followed the footsteps of Mary Baker Eddy’s own consciousness, while the second Concord Branch, with its out flowing mottoes, identified Mary Baker Eddy’s consciousness as the “City of our God” beyond the point of “no temple therein.”  Thus, not only did this Branch type the City foursquare (as Bride which “conceives man in the idea of God,”), it also typed City of our God (as the shrine celestial).

It is interesting to think about the first Boston Church (called the “Church of Christ, Scientist”[45]), which was based upon the words and works of Jesus Christ (based upon Life), and how it failed because it was limited to the seven (angels) stars, which were for the seven churches.  These seven stars were held in the Son of man’s right (dominant) hand (Revelation 1).  It would take the last two stars of five in the woman’s crown to cease the war between the Spirit and the flesh (Although I am not sure I agree with Alice Orgain I feel that what she says is interesting, in that she states that this war was the inner feuding between different religious teachings of the spoken Word [the flesh] with the printed Word of the Textbook [the Spirit]).

Church is also defined in the “Glossary” as being based upon Love.  The Crown Extension, which was built some years after the edifice, typified this Love.  While the first and second Concord Branch Churches, built time wise in between the Cross Edifice and the Crown Extension (circle or crown of stars), represents Life, Truth,[46] and Love (as gates, or as spokes of a wheel which lead one into the hub of the city where the tree of life [S&H] is located) found at the cardinal point for the Word [the Bride], which is the North Side of the City.[47]


Representing the City foursquare (with its twelve stars of generic being) is the Woman God-crowned symbolized as generic man.  These twelve stars are gathered together to form the three squared cycles of the Word, the Christ, and Christianity.  I feel that these three squares were symbolized in ancient times by the three pyramids found at Giza, with one Major (like the four major stars) and two Minor (like the eight minor stars).  The First Church of Christ Scientist  (the second Boston Church, a.k.a. The Mother Church) had twelve first members. These twelve members were representatives of the twelve stars of the woman’s crown.  This number typed the twelve disciples of Jesus, when he gave them power against [denoting earthy warfare] unclean spirits (Matt. 10:1).

The woman’s crown is her halo of twelve stars.  It is the City foursquare of divine Science, for it is circular (circumscribed only by God, it is the ARCH Covenant), yet it is squared (the ARK Covenant of honest dealings with God and man).  The twelve stars are formed of three squares of stars, the major four-star cycle for the Word (Bride’s body), and the minor four-star cycles for the Christ (head) and Christianity (Christ body).  The body of Christ is the true Temple, “the idea of Life, substance, and intelligence, the superstructure of Truth; the shrine of Love.”

The Word’s square is Mount Zion, and its capstone is the Lamb, or the spiritual idea seen as “a little book open” written by Reverend (the Revered Leader) Mary Baker Eddy.  Zion means:  “Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength.” (S&H 599:6)

There are twelve keystones (royally divine gates) that circle around the Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower) in Window of the Open Book.  The word keystone, if split differently, becomes key’s tone, so this takes us back to music, harmony (heaven), and the Scientific tones found throughout the Textbook.  These are the seven keys (the synonymous terms for God[48]) found within the chords of three notes and four notes.  The arrangement of the four chord keystones is foursquare (a Foursquare City) while the arrangement of the three chord keystones is circular and lay out the City of our God.

Euphrates.  Divine Science encompassing the universe and man [like the twelve stars do]; the true idea of God…”[49]

The Window’s four squares form the four chord structures of divine Science.  The Cycle-Square for the Word represents the first four chapters of Science and Health.  The Christ Cycle-Square consists of the next four chapters, Christianity chapters 9-12, and finally, the Science Cycle-Square is for chapters 13-16.  These are the four chords consisting of four notes, and there are a total of sixteen notes, or four spiritual chords, blending together.  Structured within the Textbook are the seven notes (synonyms) being played again and again.  This is what I believe is the true meaning to the “music of the spheres.”

The Word Cycle Square’s royally divine gates point to the four major stars.  They are described in “The Apocalypse” chapter as the North Star for the Word of the Bible (the Word as the Word); the star (a Daystar, which I believe is the Morning Star of the East [Venus] and the Sun) that leads the three wise men to the manger of Christ (the Word as the Christ); the Southern Cross (which would be Acrux) of Calvary (the Word as Christianity); and (the Word as Science as) the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony (which I feel is a symbolic description of two locations found on the Moon, a star satellite).[50]  These descriptions from the Textbook were used to make the four Major Keystone windows of the Word Cycle for Window of the Open Book (the stained glass window found in The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts).

The Christ and Christianity Cycles consist of the eight minor stars.  The Christ Cycle-Square of Keystones begins with the Woman God-crowned, and then on to the Oil Lamp, then the Pomegranates, and finally the Concord Grapevine.  The Christianity Cycle-Square of Keystones begins with the Lord and Lamb, next it moves on to the Palm Leaves of Salvation, the Harvested Sheaf of Wheat, and finally the Big Dipper (symbolizing the seven days of Genesis 1-2:3 and the seven stars held in the right hand of the Son of man in Revelation 1).  The Science Cycle-Square is not made up of Keystones because it is found within the hub, it is “a little book open” and I think of its four corners as representations of its calculus movement.

Hiddekel.  Divine Science understood [absolute Christian Science] and acknowledged [Christian Science].”

Jerusalem…Home, heaven.”

Heaven.  Harmony; the reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere of Soul.”

Kingdom of Heaven.  The reign of harmony in divine Science; the realm of unerring, eternal, and omnipotent Mind; the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme.”

New Jerusalem.  Divine Science; the spiritual facts and harmony of the universe; the kingdom of heaven, or reign of harmony.”

Sun.  The symbol of Soul governing man, – of Truth, Life, and Love.”

The New Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower) in Window of the Open Book has twenty-four petals.  The word Spirit has six letters, thus, each letter of Spirit can be written a total of four times, filling in each petal.  This is a divine calculus of Spirit, Spirit, Spirit, and Spirit as the clothing of the sun, or we have Spirit to the fourth power.  The woman is clad with the radiance of spiritual Truth (absolute Christian Science).

The Window City is lighted by the Sun of Righteousness (Christian Science Treatment), seen or symbolized as the Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower) matrix for “Recapitulation.”  This matrix is based upon absolute Christian Science and Christian Science (the two feet of the angel of Revelation 10).

Representing the city of our God (with its twelve gates, or twelve spokes for the wheel following the order of Christianity for the seven synonymous terms for God) is the woman God-crowned as Bride.[51]  She descends to earth embracing the twelve tribal gates as having no limits, or having no walls of enclosure (for the gates are open).  And in the hub of the city grows the tree of life (the “little book open” with its leafs [pages] for the healing of the twelve nations) bearing the “twelve manner of fruits” [“Fruitage”].[52]  The “seventy (-one)”[53] members of the Concord Branch were like the seventy disciples of Jesus as he gave them power “over [not against] all the powers of the enemy” (Luke 10:19).  And they returned to him saying, “Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.”  (Luke 10:17)  Thus, this power was a gift from the Christ instead of a labor.

Mary Baker Eddy’s Last Class

It is also a fact that Mary Baker Eddy’s last class was held in the first First Concord Branch.  There were seventy students in this class consisting of members from The First Church of Christ Scientist, the First Concord Branch, and other Branch Churches.  It is also of interest that the class contained three types of students.  The first, who sat nearest to Mary Baker Eddy, were of Branch Churches, having no personal teachers, being taught only by the impersonal Word of the Textbook.  The second, who sat behind the first group, were pupils of Christian Science.  These were people who were given class instruction by students of Mary Baker Eddy but they had never received class instruction by Mary Baker Eddy before this last class.  And behind the pupils sat the third group, those who had received direct class instruction from Mary Baker Eddy (thus they were her students).

The Five Descending Gates

The five descending gates (or five spokes of the wheel or Guiding Columns) belonging to the Branch-idea (the “root”) is of the tree of life, for it is the Branch-root (as illustrated in “Suffer the Children” by the young girl) while The Mother Church is the woman’s offspring.  The Mother Church’s heavenly goal (which is always to attain Love), as the heavenly woman God-crowned, could only be reached when being lifted up (to heaven) by the Concord Branch’s seven upturned (ascending) vine-gates.  After The Mother Church’s ascension she could attain her God-crowned Extension.

The city of our God (absolute Christian Science) has no boundary or limitation.  This city reaches out into the objective (Christian Science) universe.  It is symbolized by the four cardinal points of North (the Word), East (the Christ), South (Christianity), and West (Christian Science).  The four cardinal points of Window of the Open Book are represented as spokes of a wheel (forming a plus sign).  They include four three key chord structures.  The following is an update to this piece.  When working with the city of our God I realized that I had to present it as the wheel of Christianity.  Thus, it begins in the (almost) 6 o’clock position as the clock and then moves in a clockwise order, while the city foursquare runs counterclockwise.

The Southern Chord of Christianity (chapters 11, 7, 3)

I am beginning with the keystones found on the South (Christianity) side.  They are the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history.  I first begin with the Harvested Wheat Keystone, chapter 11 “Some Objections Answered,” and Christian Unity from Christ and Christmas.  Its Guiding Column is that of Principle.  Next I move to the Pomegranates Keystone, chapter 7 “Physiology” and Treating the Sick.  Their Guiding Column is Mind.  The final Christianity tone is the Southern Cross of Calvary (Axis) Keystone, chapter 3 “Marriage,” and Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me.  Their Guiding Column is that of Soul.

The Harvested Wheat (endtime symbol for Christian History) has an X that binds it together and is embraced by a heart of Love.  The X represents the adjacent union of Womanhood (as a vessel) and manhood (pyramid shape) as one, or “Principle and its idea is one.”  The X also represents the city foursquare of divine Science with its twelve stars to the woman’s crown – hence the woman’s halo in Christian Unity is much brighter than Jesus’ halo because he only has seven stars to his crown (as mentioned in Revelation).  This illustration depicts the two Christ appearances in human history – Jesus Christ and Mary Baker Eddy.  The second coming of Christ is not seen by most of the world, or rather not recognized as even taking place, so the chapter “Some Objections Answered” has to be placed here, because the main objection being made today is to the second coming of Christ being that of Mary Baker Eddy along with her Revelation of Christian Science.  In Christian Unity Christ Jesus is sitting down.  Upon his lap is his black mantle (the successor symbol of his God-crown mission [that is misunderstood by Christianity]).  This means that man’s mission is complete and finished.  Jesus’ hand is holding the Bride’s hand; the two hands even look like the letter ‘U’ (for Unity).  These united hands are the union of the power resident (dwelling) in Christianity with the power inherent (indwelling) in Science.  The Woman is standing, and in her other hand she holds a scroll of Christian Science.  Not only is Christian Unity depicting the union between the Bible (Christianity) and Science and Health (Science), but it also depicts the union between manhood (as the Bible was written by many men) and Womanhood (as Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures was written by a woman).

This was colorized by me, I made the cloak blue as a symbol for Truth. In the book it is black.

I feel that Joseph’s dream (where he sees his brother’s sheaves encircle and bow[1] to his own sheaf) in Genesis represents the Harvested Wheat Keystone.  The sheaf of Harvested Wheat Keystone has to do with the God-crown missions, with the universal acceptance and manifestation of the Christ.

Pomegranates symbolize Venus, the Morning Star.  This Star Prophet overcomes the physical with the metaphysical (or with Christian Science healing).  In Treating the Sick it does not appear that the female practitioner is waking up the Adam man in the bed (of material world thought – the Adam dream).  She has not opened the woman’s book either.  What the successful practitioner must do is open the Revelation of Science and Health by accepting and understanding the Revelator to be Venus – the woman God-crowned that was known to mankind as the Revered Leader Mary Baker Eddy.  For she wrote that, the Revelator and the Revelation cannot be separated.  The synonym of Mind must be applied here, because we are dealing with the one Mind that the Revelator was in tune with (reflected) while writing the Revelation of divine Science.  We cannot, as Christian Scientists, see Mary Baker Eddy as a physical little old lady.  She was far from this, and we must wake up to the Truth about her before the world can wake up from the Adam dream.

The Axis Crux, the Southern Cross of Calvary (for the chapter titled “Marriage”), is the tone of the Word as Christianity.  The cross points toward the woman’s book in the hub of the wheel and then onward further to the Open Bible Keystone of the Word as the Word.  This is a symbol of the Earth’s Rose Line.  This Keystone correlates with Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me [the Christ-Womanhood].  Mary Baker Glover, in 1874, had to find a way to marry the Word of Science with the Word of the Bible, she had to seek, or find, a way to bring her Revelation of divine Science down into human comprehension to be known as Christian Science.  Her understanding was in heaven.  She had to marry her heavenly understanding (Womanhood) to the earthly human comprehension (manhood).  Divine Science was the promised Comforter that would explain Jesus’ God-crowned mission, and it would explain via Christian Science his words and works and bring to remembrance all that he did (thus his second coming was not in the flesh) back to the human.  And because his second coming did not take place in the flesh (he did not have a physical body) people have failed to recognize the second coming of the Christ-manhood presented by the Christ-Womanhood.  It is the girl in the foursquare chair of Suffer the Children that relates to you both the Christ-manhood and Christ-Womanhood manifestations to you right now.  She is the Guiding Column of Soul – the Christ’s true identity – being Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy.

The East-Christ Chord (chapters 10, 6, 2)

The second chord, found on the East (Christ) side, begins with the Palm Leaves (pages) of Salvation (Science and Health) Keystone, chapter 10 “Science of Being,” and Christian Science Healing.  Its Guiding Column is that of Spirit.

The Palm Leaves (of Salvation = Science and Health) Keystone relates to Christian Science Healing.  Mary Baker Eddy had to lift up her Church (because at the time, that this illustration represents, womanhood was under male authority) from Adam’s bidding, and the only way to raise man up was via the “Science of [man’s true] Being.”  Man, via stagnant Christianity had come to believe that he is a sinner and is incapable of reaching heaven accept for the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified upon the tree of death (a Christmas tree is dead).

(with the woman and the black mantle)

Christian Science Healing (with the man and white mantle)

As shown above, there are two different drawings for the sixth illustration.  In the first illustration I believe it to be a woman in the sick-bed, while Mary Baker Eddy’s mantle (of successor-ship is black for the First Degree).  I feel that she had to rise up Earth’s womanhood (with a small w) before she could rise up Earth’s manhood, as seen in the second illustration for the sixth illustration.  In this second illustration there is a man in the sick bed and Mary Baker Eddy’s mantle is now white (of the Third Degree).  The two different illustrations for the sixth illustration could also be applied to the next two slices of Keystone Pie.

The Life piece of Keystone Pie is for the Oil Lamp, chapter 6 “Science, Theology, Medicine,” and Christmas Morn is for the black mantle illustration while the Truth piece of pie is for the white mantle illustration with the Madonna and Child Keystone, chapter 2 “Atonement and Eucharist,” and Christmas Eve illustration.    The Guiding Columns, as mentioned, are that of Life and Truth.

Life – The Oil Lamp of Mother’s Room (Consciousness) Keystone (for “Science, Theology, Medicine”) depicts the illustration with two flying (no wings) angels (as one).  The female angel holds Science and Health in her right hand.  When she takes over as the Christ successor her mantle (also seen as black when Jesus has it) is still black.  This means, that Christianity is still in the dark as to who and what the Christ really is.  Biblical Christianity has the wrong idea, as does Romanism, even other religions in the world fail to understand what the Christ really is!  Most of the eastern world hates true Womanhood!  There has been a war on women for centuries.  But it was not always so.  In the early days of the Hebrew faith women actually had rights.  They were treated as equals.  Yet later on (before Jesus was born) the war began on women.  It began with Greek philosophy and the Hebrew men began to adopt this false philosophy about women!  Mary Baker Eddy is the woman that Jesus spoke of as placing the leaven into the three measures of meal belonging to physical science, scholastic theology, and material medicine.  It would be the “little open book” held in the female angel’s hand that would rise up women from the false belief that they were the cause for man’s fall from Grace.  Once Womanhood is lifted up, or anointed as the second coming of Christ, the mantle of successor-ship becomes white because of spiritual understanding.  It is now that man can be healed, lifted up from the sick bed via the Truth found in “a little open book.”

Christmas Morn

As said before, the Oil Lamp Keystone relates to Christmas Morn.  In this illustration the manhood angel is leading the womanhood angel because it is in the tone of Life – for Jesus God-crown mission, so Christianity has not yet reached the point of Truth, the Mary Baker Eddy God-crown mission (being accepted).  Mary Baker Eddy had to allow manhood to lead (in the business world and her Church) until the three measures of meal had fully ascended her students’ consciousness’s.

Truth – Mother-Mary Baker Eddy and her child-spiritual ideal (the “little open book”) are depicted as the Madonna and Child Keystone for “Atonement and Eucharist.”  And this Keystone can now be related to the two previous Keystones.  The Oil Lamp Keystone relates to the Madonna (the Mother who hid the yeast in the three measures of meal) while the Spirit – Palm Leaves Keystone relates to the Child (Science and Health).

Christmas Eve (colorized by me)

The Madonna and Child Keystone relates to Christmas Eve and “Atonement and Eucharist.”  The Word (Madonna Bride – Mary Baker Eddy) and her Christ (Child – Science and Health) brings about true healing via Christian Science.  When man realizes his at-one-ment with God he is no longer separated from Spirit and man’s spiritual communion with God is natural.  In the tone of Christianity as the Christ we have the Christ body coming before the Christ Head.  In “Christmas Eve” the Christmas tree (mass) is headless; its Christ head is decapitated!  Thus, the only light seen in this illustration comes from electricity (animal magnetism of the Adam dream).  So Christianity as the Adam man is no good (it is of the tree of death).  A Christian must be of the Christ Head, understand the Science of his own Being.  Man has never fallen asleep.  The Christ Head Mind is the manifestation of God.

The North-Word Chord (chapters 9, 5, 1)

These three keystones are on the North (Word) side.  They have Christianity’s descending order (for Womanhood) as Love (the Lamb or spiritual idea of God), Truth (the woman God-crowned), and Life (the Open Bible).


The first section for the Word Chord begins with The Lord and Lamb Keystone, chapter 9 “Creation,” and Seeking and Finding (as shown before).  Its Guiding Column is Love.  The Lord and Lamb Keystone would correspond with Seeking and Finding.  I think that many Christian Scientists believe that the Lord in the Keystone is supposed to be God, or perhaps they feel that the Lord is Jesus who was often called “the Lord.”  I am willing to admit it may also be a symbol of Jehovah (as the Lord) and man (as the Lamb).  However, I think that it is more likely that this Keystone is symbolic of the Lord being the Bridegroom representative, while the Lamb (the spiritual idea) represents the Bride which would be the Word.  It is the manhood mission of Mary Baker Glover (as the angel from Revelation 10) that presents the Lamb (Word of God) to mankind in her spiritual ideal book – Science and Health.  In the Christ and Christmas illustration Mary Baker Glover is reading from the open Bible (the Word as the Word).  I am going to go out on a limb here and say, that this Keystone depicts the Lord as Mary Baker Glover’s manhood and the Lamb is represented by Love’s own idea of what we cannot see being formulated from the Lord’s reading of the Word of God – found within the Open Bible – which will be given birth to in 1875 as Science and Health (the Lamb).


The Woman God-crowned Keystone (she is the Christ-Bride-head) would correspond with the woman seen in Christ and Christmas’ Christ Healing.  This Keystone’s position matches the time designated on the Grandmother Clock in Seeking and Finding.  Between the two Keystones of The Lord and Lamb and The Woman God-crowned would fall the gate (the Guiding Column of Love) designating “the midnight hour” when the Bridegroom (the Christ Discoverer) and the Bride (the Founder of the Word) are married (recognized as one spiritual idea). What must the Founder (the woman God-crowned) need to utilize in order to unmask animal magnetism?  It would have to be the Guiding Column of Truth.  The Truth, not only about Jesus, but the Truth about her place in Bible prophecy.

Christ Healing (colorized by me)

The illustration Christ Healing represents two healings during Mary Baker Eddy’s life, one when she was twelve (like Jairus’ Daughter[2]) and the other was her healing of February 4, 1866.  In the first healing of twelve she had to overcome religious doctrine that taught only certain people could make it into heaven.  When she told her church that she could not accept the doctrine they were so moved they still accepted her into their membership.  (However, when she got married to Asa Gilbert Eddy it would be in a Church of Unity, not a Congregationalist Church.)  In 1866 she was told flat out by the physician and the preacher (both symbolized by the man who is objecting the woman’s healing in the illustration) that she was going to die and she had best accept it.  She did not accept the lie, instead she turned to the Word of the Bible and she received Christ healing and her revelation of divine Science (the Holy Ghost – the woman God-crowned).  The man has not progressed spiritually since the early days of Christianity and this lack of spiritual progress is depicted in his clothes.  Yet, Womanhood has spiritually progressed as both women are dressed in modern clothing.  This man is also in the dark (the gray and black areas that the light is not reaching into) about Jesus Christ and how he healed.  It still objects to Christ Healing.  But it, animal magnetism, objects even more to the fact that it is the woman being healed by the Christ Truth!  Why?  Animal magnetism knows that the woman God-crowned will unmask animal magnetism and break its hold upon humanity.

Once Science and Health is written, with its “Key” to the Scriptures then the Bible can be unsealed, become an open book.  It is at this point on the cycle of Christianity for the city of our God that the seven stars for the Son of God/the Son of man ends and the five stars for the woman’s crown continues on with the Christ mission (a woman shall compass a man).  This is also the union (marriage) described on page 576:26-577:11 of the Textbook:  “The term Lord, as used in our version of the Old Testament, is often synonymous with Jehovah, and expresses the Jewish concept, not yet elevated to deific apprehension [to the point of Love] through spiritual transfiguration.  Yet the word gradually approaches a higher meaning.[3]  This human sense of Deity yields to the divine sense, even as the material sense of personality yields to the incorporeal sense of God [Lord] and man [Lamb] as the infinite Principle [Lord] and infinite idea [Lamb], – as one Father [Lord] with His universal family [Lamb of Christianity], held in the gospel of Love [where the gate is located in the position of 12 on the clock].  The Lamb’s wife [the Woman God-crowned Keystone] presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, – to the perfectibility of God’s creation.”


The Open Bible Keystone and chapter 1 “Prayer” coordinates with The Star of Bethlehem and its Guiding Column of Life.  Thus, Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crown mission has begun at the point of the first of the five gates (embracing the first of five stars belonging to womanhood) as designated on the Grandfather Clock in Suffer the Children.

There are two Holy Trinities found within this particular illustration The Star of Bethlehem [Boston].  The First Trinity (for the Star of Bethlehem) is close to the Star itself because it is acknowledged by Christianity.  This Holy Trinity depicts Mary, baby Jesus, and Joseph.  The second Holy Trinity (for the Star of Boston) is in the upper right hand corner (not seen or recognized by most Christians, yet it still exists).  This cloud (trinity) represents the three actual advents or comings of Christ in human form.  The cloud is a profile head of Jesus (for Life), the head of a woman (for Truth) in “Prayer,” and part of a body of a man (for Love [sort of looks like the Oscar statue] representing the Mother Hood of generic man).[4]

The profile of Jesus

The head of the woman and the man’s body

It is the Christ that is the Leader of the Christian Science Field; however, Mary Baker Eddy is that Leader – not Jesus (a profile of a man).  Profile means “to represent in profile or by a profile:  produce (as by drawing, writing, or graphing) a profile of.” (From Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary)  So Jesus Christ and or Christ Jesus is basically profiled in Science and Health in writing and in Christ and Christmas by drawing.

The Western Chord of Science (chapters 12, 8, 4)

The final group of keystones is found on the West (Science) side.  The first is the Big Dipper Keystone, “Christian Science Practice,” and the Seven Roses of Sharon.  Its Guiding Column is once again Spirit.

The Universe of Stars (for universal Christianity’s use of “Christian Science Practice”) with the Big Dipper points to the Word’s North Star (with the Open Bible Keystone).  (To repeat, this Big Dipper is symbolic of the seven stars in the hand of the man who stands within the midst [center hub] of the Golden Candlestick Matrix.  They represent the Seven Days of Genesis 1-2:3 and the seven angels to the seven churches of Revelation 1.)  It is as if we are to be reminded, at this point on Christianity’s wheel, that we are to join these seven stars with the woman’s five stars.  We are to join the two Christ Missions into Christian Science.  This Keystone also represents the tone of Christianity as Science.

Rose Petal for Sharon’s Seven Roses (upside down)

Rose petal for Sharon’s Seven Roses (below is The Way)

The Rose of Sharon

“The primary Hebrew root of Sharon means ‘to be straight; to make right, pleasant, prosperous; to bring, look, or make straight; to take the straight way; to be, esteem, or go right; to be upright.’

“You have probably found it is not easy to convince others to pursue the right, the straight and narrow way.  The only one you can truly influence is yourself.  And that is all right because this is your universe to do with as you will.  Jesus tells us in a parable that the Father saith:  ‘Son, thou are ever with me, and all that I have is thine.’ (Luke 15:31)”  (From The Individual Christian Scientist Volume XXXVII October 2012 Number 2; page 19)

There is no twelfth illustration in Christ and Christmas.  However, perhaps there is an illustration that goes with this slice of Keystone pie.  It would be an illustration of The First Church of Christ Science (edifice) with Jesus (the Bridegroom) and Mary Baker Eddy (the Bride) seen above the church’s western (Science) side, and the manchild (Branch) being caught up unto heaven above the church’s eastern (Christ) side.  (This illustration is located in Bliss Knapp’s book Destiny of The Mother Church.)

I feel like the following paragraph explains the man and woman in this illustration.  “Inasmuch as The Mother Church as sonship, or Lamb, symbolized the ascending male element, and the branches as daughterhood consciousness symbolized the female element, of the God-crown Woman as Bride, the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb in heaven typed the wedding of these two ascended consciousnesses in heaven as identifying the seven stars of manhood as Christianity and the five stars of Womanhood as Science, on the full complement of twelve stars on the God-crowned Woman’s head, in line with Mrs. Eddy’s statement that ‘Christian Science [City of our God] is not only the acme[5] of Science but the Crown of Christianity,’ Mis 252:17.”[6]

“Christian Science Practice” enables us to travel the “straight way” of Sharon’s Rose Garden.  And it leads us to the next Keystone for “The Way.”

The Concord Grapevine Keystone, “Footsteps of Truth,” and The Way is the tone for the Christ as Science.  Its Guiding Column is once again Soul.

Mary Baker Eddy founds the city foursquare, the Concord Church Grapevine, upon the Word of Christian Science (with Life, Truth, and Love); it is her gift.  One of her twelve stars (members of The Mother Church) happened to belong to her adopted son Ebenezer Foster-Eddy.  His star was taken away from him (in the Church Manual), and the star was given to the Concord Church (her spiritual manchild branch), thus, the Concord Grapevine Keystone rightly deserves the star outside itself, thus it relates to the city foursquare, just as The Mother Church edifice also relates to the city foursquare.  We are to follow Mary Baker Eddy’s “Footsteps of Truth” up the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (a ray of divine Science – divine light).

The first The Way

The Way (Colorized by me around 2001)

The coordinating illustration from Christ and Christmas for this Keystone is The Way.  There are actually two different illustrations for “The Way.”  I feel that the first illustration has to do with the first Concord Branch Church, while the second illustration has to do with the second Concord Branch Church.  The first illustration has a garlanded cross, the cross representing City of our God, a Church without limitations or boundaries.  The cross’s garland represents a crown of Love.  Above the crowned cross of Jesus.  Perhaps this illustration is shaped like a loaf of bread because Life is raised up to Truth?

The black cross in the second illustration of “The Way” symbolizes the first organized Boston Church (Life) before there even was a Concord Branch.  The gray cross (Truth), that is crowned with a vine of Morning Glory flowers, is the second Boston Church (which is known today as The First Church of Christ Scientist) in union with the first Concord Church (the Cross [Truth], representing City of our God[7]) and the vine of flowers represents the second Concord Branch vine (Life, Truth, and Love), for the Concord Branch must lift up (symbolized by the actual crowned-cross floating above the ground) the Cross edifice of Boston via the “Footsteps of Truth” before the edifice can reach its Extension Crown[ed glory (Love)] located in the heavenly sky.  All three symbols (black cross, gray-flowered cross, and crown) are located within the ray (pyramid) of light (Science).

Mary Baker Eddy writes that the city of our God “has no material sun [light], or moon [reflected intelligence], for Love is the light of it, and Mind is its own interpreter.  Its gates [of Christianity][8] open towards light and glory both within and without [center and circumference], for all is good [God, Spirit].”

It is of importance too, that we comprehend that the pathway depicted is that pathway of Soul (the Guiding Column) – “from sense to Soul my pathway lies before me” (from a Christian Science hymn).

The following poem is by Mary Baker Eddy.  It has to do with the rights of all divinely minded women (like the Virgin Mary, and Mary Magdalene), as well as herself, for she is the woman God-crowned.  It is titled “Woman’s Rights.”

The poem was written in Lynn, Massachusetts, May 6, 1876, the year after the first edition of Science and Health was published.

And I finally come to the final Science section, the Word as Science, and the end of the Christian wheel – with the Golden Shore [Divine Earth] of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony Keystone.

This reminds me of the right and left feet (absolute Christian Science and Christian Science) of the angel-woman God-crowned (divine Science) who has dominion over the earth and the moon (material beliefs in spiritualism).  The chapter for this Keystone is “Christian Science versus Spiritualism.”  We can then see how the coordinating illustration goes with this chapter, for at this point on the Rose of Sharon (the wheel for Christ and Christmas) comes the tenth illustration of Truth versus Error.  This tells me, then, that Christian Science and Truth are one and the same and they both (as one) reverse the lies and seeming effects of spiritualism and error (which are one and the same thing too).  The Guiding Column is once again Mind.  This Mind must be the divine Mind, the Mind that the woman God-crowned reflected and manifested on Earth.  Notice on the door below the plate – mortal mind.  There ae also six rectangles on the door – a symbol for the sixth day of Adam man.

In this tenth illustration, of Christ and Christmas,there is the Woman standing in the light of Science (a seven-pointed star is not seen, I believe this is because the Woman is the star, the prophet or spiritual seer).  She holds the scroll of Truth in her hand, for Christian Science is Truth, however, this scroll of Truth has come in order to reverse the resistance of The Mother Church (Truth) organization of adulterers to become a Branch Church (as originally planned by the estoppel clauses found within the Church Manual).  There are dancing couples inside the mansion.  Their light comes from electric lights (animal magnetism) instead of the light of Science.  Looking out the window, at the woman, is a girl embracing a boy.  This girl and boy is a Daughter of Zion, as well as, the manchild Branch (for they are one and the same), they see Mary Baker Eddy in her true light and they hear her knocking at the door.  Notice on the door below the grapevine decoration pointing to the Branch Church.

Second version of Truth versus Error

How many Christians and or Christian Scientists recognize the fact that they must have a material organization in a church (a religious body) in order to promote their great Movement and this that this is spiritualism?  It is the same belief that the corporeal body (material organization) promotes Life in matter (again spiritualism).  Do Christian Scientists practice Christian Science only to heal a material body (material church)?  Are they trying to heal the physical effect instead of healing the mental cause?  If so, then they are in trouble!  Spiritualism is the belief that a material body (a corporeal organized church) exists because it has within it good (Spirit) and evil (matter), it is a mixture (adulteration) of the two (as depicted with the alternating tiles of black and white).  Spiritualism believes that matter holds captive within the corporeal husk Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  Spiritualism believes that matter is more powerful than Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  But this is all a lie, and Christian Science came to tired humanity in order to reverse these lies of error (spiritualism).

Because spiritualism is the belief that Spirit (and Soul) lives, or resides (and is held captive), within a material body, then 100% of mortals are spiritualists!  Adam was the first medium, or spiritualist.  So, truth be told, the only way to reverse spiritualism is with Christian Science (the City of our God that has no limitations, boundaries, walls, no material organic bodies, and, for sure, no material organized churches because it is the kingdom within – consciousness that reflects Mind).  True Church is individually self-governed by the rod of divine Science.  This rod was given to the manchild (the Branch Church), born of the woman God-crowned.  Mary Baker Eddy allowed her students and pupils to call her Mother up until the time that her Motherhood mission had been completed.  This coincides with the laying of the cornerstone for the Extension.

The Mother Church’s mission has long been completed, however, the men in charge (a Board of Directors successorship) do not want The Mother Church’s mission to be completed, if they acknowledged the finished mission then they would step down (from a Board of five to four) and declare The First Church to be a Branch Church instead of a governing SMother Church.

More to come…

There are, however, six chapters left after this Sharon’s Rose cycle and it is possible that these six chapters make up two more three noted chords!  If so, they would be “Teaching Christian Science,” “Recapitulation,[9]” “Genesis,” and “The Apocalypse,”[10] “Glossary,” “Fruitage.”

I should also mention that there are two more definitions in “Glossary” that have to do with the Rose Window.

Valley….Christian Science, contradicting sense, maketh the valley to bud and blossom as the rose.”

Wilderness….spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence.”

I feel like the following paragraph explains the man and woman in the above illustration.  “Inasmuch as The Mother Church as sonship, or Lamb, symbolized the ascending male element, and the branches as daughterhood consciousness symbolized the female element, of the God-crown Woman as Bride, the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb in heaven typed the wedding of these two ascended consciousnesses in heaven as identifying the seven stars of manhood as Christianity and the five stars of Womanhood as Science, on the full complement of twelve stars on the God-crowned Woman’s head, in line with Mrs. Eddy’s statement that ‘Christian Science [City of our God] is not only the acme[61] of Science but the Crown of Christianity,’ Mis 252:17.”[62]

In the following presentation, the stars represent the acme of Science while the gates represent the Crown of Christianity (like with the face of a clock).  The stars have to do with Mount Zion, while the gates have to do with City of our God.

The last page of “The Apocalypse” has a spiritual translation of Psalms 23, where Mary Baker Eddy lifts up the Lord God Jehovah (the God of static Christianity) to its highest point, or apex, that of Love, where Christianity and Science become married.


And the 23rd Psalm is the Golden Candlestick that nullifies the tree of knowledge because it represents the tree of Life Science.  This tree of Life Science is the CENTER core of understanding; this is why it is in the center-hub of the Holy City in Revelation.

Psalms 23 translates Jehovah (Adam’s tribal god) back to divine Love (Christ’s God) –

[1] I believe these servants to be the followers of Christ who represent Christians of Christianity.

[2] The third living creature (also known as the third of the four living beasts) is described in the Bible as having “a face of a man.”

[3] The Golden Candlestick Matrix is different from the Kabalah tree of life matrix.

[4] By the Holy City matrix I mean the total city formation of Window of the Open Book, where we have as one (not many) the structure of the City Foursquare, the New Jerusalem artichoke, Mount Zion, City of our God, and the tree of Life Science matrix.

[5] The fact that Woman or Womanhood is capitalized is symbolic of the fact that Woman’s consciousness resides in Heaven.

[6] Another name, more appropriate for biblical Christianity is static Christianity.

[7] The Lamb of God is Jesus Christ, however, the Lamb is also the girl of this picture, for Mary Baker Eddy defines (in the “Glossary”) the Lamb as:  “The spiritual idea of Love; self-immolation; innocence and purity; sacrifice.” and of Bride she defines it as:  “Purity and innocence…”  (Infuses added)

[8] S&H 577:4

[9] This definition may sound like it excludes a lot of people in the world, but it really is very inclusive, for it explains man’s real nature to be “the offspring of Spirit” and not matter.

[10] I capitalize Textbook in regards to Science and Health because it is God’s Textbook.  Mary Baker Eddy did not capitalize textbook.  I also capitalize it so that when you see it you will know that I am referring to Science and Health.

[11] This means that the Comforter is not Jesus the man, because “he shall testify of” Jesus Christ!

[12] This Comforter is not Jesus, the man, but another Comforter, a Holy Ghost if you wish.

[13] The Comforter comes specifically in the 19th century, with Christian Science.

[14] This sin is rooted to idolization of a man.  The “me” is not Jesus, but the Christ “the divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” (S&H 583:10)

[15] Jesus goes to God, Spirit, and man is to see him no more with the material carnal senses (eyes and ears), but is to know the Christ via spiritually understanding, man must know the Christ as his own being, as the kingdom of heaven within his own consciousness.

[16] Personal sense constantly judges that which it cannot experience with the five senses to be unreal.  Therefore, whatever personal sense does not cognize, or understand, it does not believe in, therefore, an impersonal Christ is bogus and cannot be accepted as reality.

[17] What you cannot hear now must wait for the second coming of Christ.

[18] This second coming of Christ, this Comforter, will speak of Christ Jesus’ God-crown mission and the works that he did.  This Comforter will explain Christ Jesus’ works and how he accomplished them (the miracles).  This Comforter will bring back all remembrances of Jesus to the world.  This Comforter will do this and you will be able to perform the same Christ demonstrations that Jesus performed!

[19] This angel, while described as a man in Revelation 10, appears to have a feminine face, and it was described in The Journal as being a female angle.

[20] Alice Orgain makes a distinction in Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas between Science and Health and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in that the angel brought the book (being Mary Baker Eddy’s manhood mission) without the Key and that the Key opens up the Bible’s manhood (as it was written by men).  At first the Key consisted only of the “Glossary” and later on expanded to having “Genesis,” “The Apocalypse,” and “Fruitage.”

[21] The Open Book is a reference to the Textbook found within the hub of the Rose Window, and also in the Angel’s hands.

[22] Noah means “peaceful, restful,” so it gives us a feeling of the Seventh Day, the Sabbath, where God rests in perfect action.

[23] Genesis tells us that the triplet sons were born in Noah’s 500th year.  Five hundred (without zeros, as zeros are nothing) is equal to the number five, symbolic of the same day (of man’s spiritual journey) that Jesus Christ was born.  Likewise, the floodwaters of spiritual baptism came in Noah’s 600th year.  Six hundred (without zeros) is equal to the number six, symbolic of the same day (of man’s spiritual journey) that the second coming of Christ comes via “a little book open.”

[24] It was only later when she was married in the Unity Church that she became Mrs. Eddy, a symbol of the male/female union of two individual natures in one.

[25] For a clearer understanding of these two covenants I recommend that you read Alice Orgain’s book Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas.

[26] S&H 573:1-17

[27] Elohim is a pluralistic name.

[28] S&H 586:9

[29] Alice Orgain explains, in Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas, that the Daughters of Zion [Life and Love] are actually the Branch Churches, as they are the Daughters of the Woman God-crowned Mother [Truth].  Could these Daughters of Zion actually be the five wise virgins (as I see them as the five stars of Womanhood)?  I also feel that these five daughters represent Mary Baker Eddy’s five churches.

[30] Idea (the Divine reflection of God) is defined in S&H, on page 115:17 as:  “An image in Mind; the immediate object of understanding. – Webster.”

[31] Womanhood always descends, while manhood always ascends.

[32] In my Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth diagram Life, Truth, and Love all rest upon Principle.

[33] Material beliefs are only found in the Jehovah record of creation.

[34] Spiritual ideas are revealed in the Elohistic record of creation.

[35] The flood seemed to come to man because of his disobedience to God’s Law, or because of a lack of moral ethics.

[36] Revelation also tells us that the tree of life is located in the center of the Holy City of our God.  The tree of life is the Textbook.

[37] The “Woman God-crowned” window depicts the woman among clouds.

[38] This war upon the woman God-crowned also fits in with the Next Friend’s Suit (1907) by carnally minded men.

[39] She is called the Wilderness Mother.  Alice Orgain explains that the Wilderness Mother gives birth to the Boston Church based upon the spoken Word, while the God-crown Woman as Bride gives birth to the Branch Church (Manchild) based upon the written Word of the Textbook.

[40] These wings represent the union of manhood and womanhood.

[41] I feel that the ascending footsteps should not have a capital letter, while the descending Footsteps should be capitalized (Alice Orgain does not capitalize footsteps in either case).

[42] The first Concord Branch typed the Lamb that stood on Mount Zion (Sion).

[43] The second Concord Branch typed the Bride, the City foursquare.

[44] The Extension typed marriage between the Bride and Lamb in heaven.

[45] Church Manual;p. 17

[46] The Concord Branch’s Mother’s Room (Truth) is embraced by the Branch congregation.

[47] See S&H page 577:12-14

[48] There are actually four orders to the seven synonymous terms for God; which are the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.

[49] S&H “Glossary”

[50] I feel that there is a fifth star (a star-prophet) in the Window, found in the hub as the name Reverend Mary Baker Eddy.  This Major Star would be the Evening Star (of the West), or Venus.

[51] Remember the Grandmother and Grandfather clocks in Christ and Christmas.

[52] So, in “Fruitage” we have the twelve manners of fruit times the seven synonymous terms for God.

[61]acme:  highest point [like a capstone] or stage; represents perfection of the thing expressed; summit” Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

[62] Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas; by Alice Orgain; p. 462

Below are the footnotes for the update I did on the city of our God (Rose of Sharon) matrix.

[1] The beast of the dragon did not bow down to manhood, but did bow down to Womanhood.

[2] The Rose Window of Jairus’ Daughter is found on the edifice’s northern wall, on the opposite side from Window of the Open Book.

[3] On the window matrix the Lord and Lamb Keystone is in the position of Truth, thus it has been elevated to its highest position.

[4] infuses added

[5]acme:  highest point [like a capstone] or stage; represents perfection of the thing expressed; summit” Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

[6] Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas; by Alice Orgain; p. 462

[7] This means that not only does The First Church in Boston (as well as the Concord Branch) represent the city foursquare (with the twelve stars of the divine calculus that go counterclockwise) but also the city of our God (with the twelve gates of Christianity that go clockwise).

[8] Remember, these are not the royally divine gates belonging to the City foursquare.

[9] the Jerusalem artichoke matrix

[10] Both “Genesis” and “The Apocalypse” are set up with gates.