Aaron’s Rod Buds and Blooms Into ShAaron’s Rose Window

by MJSmith


Aaron’s Rod and ShAaron’s Rose

     The Bible’s book of Numbers deals symbolically with Aaron’s rod, specifically its section on Principle as Soul.  Each of the twelve tribes of Israel have a rod, however, Aaron’s rod is the only one said to bud and bloom.  Why is this?  Is it because Aaron is Moses’ brother?  Is it because Aaron is of the Levi nation?  Or is it because Aaron is the Arch (Head) Priest?  I feel that it is because of last two reasons.
     Aaron means “illumined; enlightener; mountaineer (very lofty).”[1]  To me, this definition seems to imply that Aaron is at the top of the pyramid matrix, or mountain, where Love is located (along with Truth).  Could he be love’s representative with love’s rod?[2]  I feel and believe that Aaron’s rod was the only rod to bud and bloom (at this time[3]) because there is a symbolic reason behind it, and this symbol is based upon the matrix structure found within Numbers and the Golden Candlestick.  The Golden Candlestick was made to pattern what Moses had seen in the mountain (not on the mountain).  Some illustrations of the Golden Candlestick have a pyramid pattern to them, but others have a half-circle pattern to them.  I believe that both patterns are correct.  One other thing that I have come to wonder, could the Golden Candlestick be a reference to the burning bush that Moses saw on Mount Horeb?  Could this be an explanation of what Moses really was experiencing with the burning bush?  Was it really a real bush, or was Moses having a vision of the Golden Candlestick matrix which had the same shape as seen in the mountain?
     W. Gordon Brown lays out the matrix structure of Numbers in his book From Genesis to Revelation.  He feels that the title Numbers suggests the metaphysical meaning having to do with the numerals of infinity (seven) and the divine calculus (four).  In reality there is only one number of importance, and that number is one because it refers to God and man, or “Principle and its idea is one,” as Mary Baker Eddy put it in her Textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
     Numbers[4] is set up in two distinct sections.  It is the first section that correlates with Aaron’s rod.  Brown titles this section as “Assembly for the journey”.  The journey is the spiritual journey for the Israelite Nation(s) to the Promised Land known as “Jerusalem” or the “city of peace.”  This section of Numbers is the bases for the Window of the Open Book[5] Matrix (see Window below).  The Window’s hub within the wheel is the inner square of divine Science.  Found in the window’s hub is, naturally, the Open Book – Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, written by Reverend Mary Baker Eddy.  And yes, it really does have the abbreviation for Reverend (which means Revered Leader) on the book’s page.  Encompassing the Open Book is a [New] Jerusalem artichoke.  Thus, the Textbook is symbolic of the flower’s seeds (the woman’s remnant seeds).

Window of the Open Book (on the southern wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist)

Window of the Open Book (on the southern wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist)

     It is the Open Book (specifically page 115:13) that spiritually translates the symbols of Moses’ Holy Tabernacle (and Solomon’s Temple).

     If the Textbook is actually the woman’s remnant seed, spoken of in Revelation 12, then the dragon’s war would be about the Textbook itself.  This war is called a war of copyright.  This war took place during the 1970s when David Nolan went to court to release Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures from the Board of Director’s hold on the Textbook via copyrights.  Nolan, doing God’s work actually won the battle freeing up the Textbook from the Board’s clutches, who changed a few things since December 3, 1910.  Fortunately most of the Textbook remains the same.  What changes did they make?  The first big, major change was the deletion of Mary Baker Eddy’s pictograph, which was her Trademark.  They then stamped their Cross and Crown Seal of error upon the Textbook and placed copyright renewals inside the book.

     The second change they made was with the last chapter “Fruitage.”  They deleted one of the testimonies and switched around a couple.  You may think that this is no big deal, but it is when you understand that “Fruitage” has a matrix structure to it and by erasing just one testimony and switching a couple more around people would not understand the matrix structure.  They have made other additions in front and back over the years, not interfering with the actual wording of the Textbook.  In the front of some editions is an “Editor’s Note.”  One word sticks in my throat – “globalization.”  That one gives me the willies!  This “Editor’s Note” was not a necessary addition.  In the back of the same edition is a very short “Word Index.”  I never use it, so is it really necessary?  And on the front cover of the same edition it reads like a McDonald’s commercial:  “over 9 million copies sold”.
     Brown writes in From Genesis to Revelation on page 122, “If we think first, of Israel’s origination in the patriarchal period [which is during the Third Day (or third tone) of Soul, as is Numbers], in Genesis, as relating to the power of the creative Word; secondly, of God dwelling in the midst [hub] of her [Israel], in Exodus, as relating to the love of the mediatorial Christ; thirdly, of her sacrificial life-practices, in Leviticus,[6] as typical of healing and redemption in Christianity; then, fourthly, the opening chapters of Numbers, where Moses orders and assembles her for the journey ahead, relate to the integrity of her being in [divine] Science.”  Thus, I can say, that these are the three outer squared-cycles of the city foursquare as the Word, the Christ, and Christianity[7] along with the inner square of Science itself, thus forming the city foursquare of divine Science (so named by Mary Baker Eddy in “The Apocalypse”).
     The Science order for the seven synonymous terms for God follow the Word order as found in the answer to the question “What is God?” in the fourteenth chapter of “Recapitulation.”  This order is Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love (the same order as the Seven Days located in Genesis 1-2:3).  In the 1950’s John W. Doorly, a student of Christian Science, was the first to symbolize the Science order.  This matrix is based upon the Golden Candlestick found in the Inner Court of Moses’ Tabernacle (Tent of Meeting), and later placed also in the Holy Temple’s Inner Court in Jerusalem by King Solomon.  This Golden Candlestick is symbolic of Life Science.  The Golden Candlestick design could be what Moses saw on the Mount as the “burning bush.”  However, the Golden Candlestick was based upon the same “pattern” that Moses saw “within the mountain.”  This is why it has the shape of a mountain, or a pyramid.  The following is an example of what Doorly’s Golden Candlestick basically looks like:

The following is my extended version of it.

            The structure of the Golden Candlestick is what I first came to call the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.  As of 2009 I began to see its half-circle form and began to understand how its pattern also fit in with Ezekiel’s Wheel or what I call the Stargate.[8]

Moses.  A corporeal mortal; moral courage; a type of moral law and the demonstration thereof; the proof that, without the gospel, – the union of justice and affection, – there is something spiritually lacking, since justice demands penalties under the law.” (S&H 592:11)

Part of this sounds a lot like Moses’ job description, or his God-crown mission.
     The name Moses is actually an Egyptian name.  It means “birth” and it could possible mean “rebirth.”  Thus, to me at least, Moses typifies the spiritual rebirth of the Israelite Nation.  The Hebrew meaning of Moses is “drawing out; drawer out; drawing forth; extracting, i.e. from the water; water-saved.[9]  Since the Egyptian princess pulled Moses from the water both meanings make since and I feel both meanings are appropriate for Moses, for it is the spiritual rebirth that leads Israel, or draws Israel, out of Egyptian bondage into the city of peace (heaven, harmony).  To put it another way, Moses leads them out from material sense testimony into the spiritual sense of Soul.  Mr. Brown also feels that this drawing out is rooted to teaching, or to education.  The teachings and educations of Moses must be of a spiritual nature.
     Egypt, unless Atlantis is real, is mankind’s oldest greatest civilization.  It prospered mainly because of three reasons:  the kings who were considered to be God, the priest religions, and the Nile River.  The Nile was what gave the Egyptians their great crops that were able to support such a large population.  The river was also a great mode of transportation.  The king-gods would go to war with other countries and get their “booty,” this in turn would support the priests who would pray for the armies while they went out to do battle.  And the crops of Egypt would sustain both the army and the priests.
     Greek culture is based upon Egyptian culture.  It is also true that the Hebrews based a lot of their culture on Egyptian culture as well.  This is not so surprising really; after all, do not men usually copy that which is most successful?
     Moses was brought up in the “great house” of the Egyptian pharaoh[10] (king).  Moses was well educated in the Egyptian religions and temple worship (and their structures).  Thus, it is not surprising that the Hebrew’s Holy Tabernacle had the same three section names to it that the Egyptian Temples had.  There is the Outer Court, the Inner Court, and the Most Holy of Holies.  Of course, Moses had to spiritually translate the symbols of Egypt (material bondage) back to God’s Scientific method that leads man to Soul.  But Moses was limited to teaching the Israelites the tone of the Word, because the Israelites are not mentally prepared to come into the tone of Christ until its fourth period with their sixteen Christ prophets.  Or, perhaps it took a woman during the Sixth Day of Truth (Mary Baker Eddy, see page S&H 115:13) to translate the Holy Temple pattern to follow the Christ order for the seven synonymous terms?  The woman’s order would seem backwards to most mortal beings.  Why?  It is because the woman began with the divine Principle of God’s being – the Most Holy of Holies with its Ark of the Covenant.
     The Ark[11] represents Principle.  After this, one would move on to the Inner Court with its Golden Candlestick (Life), then the Table of Shewbread (Truth), then to the Altar of Golden Incense (Love).  This Holy Trinity of symbols was located in the Inner Court.  After this you would proceed straight to the Outer Court which has the Laver Sea (Soul), the Altar of Burnt Offerings (Spirit), and the door (Mind) wide enough for only one man (not many men, or many minds).
     Could an Egyptian ark (box) be a sarcophagus[12] that the mummified kings were placed inside?  The Egyptians believed that there was life after death; it existed in the “next world.”  They had “books of the dead” instructions and prayers to help get them into this other world.  However, the Egyptians believed that they had to have the same material body preserved in the physical world so that it would be useful to them in the next world.[13]  These ancient people could not distinguish between material life and Spiritual being and this is why they represented material bondage to the Israelite nations who were born of the free woman (Sarah – “Princess” or Woman of Principle [the box spiritually translated back to God]).  So, inside of Ark, Principle, instead of containing any physical persona it contained Life (manna), Truth (two stone Stella[14] tablets containing the Ten Commandments – the Letter of the Law and the Spirit of the Law as one), and Love (Aaron’s Rod which buds and blooms into ShAaron’s Rose).  Placed on top of the Ark was the Gold Mercy Seat with two Arch Angels that face each other.  Now, why was it called the Mercy Seat?  Could it be that it represented God’s throne?  That God (Gold, the divine Being) rules and governs via Mercy (the Spirit of the Law)?  The two Arch Angels (messengers of God) I see as being Michael (Truth) and Gabriel (Love).
     Only the king pharaoh[15] (who was actually the Arch Priest[16]) was allowed to enter the Most Holy of Holies[17] where the priests kept their god statues in their Egyptian temples.  Moses replaced these gold statues of Egyptian gods with the golden Ark and placed it in the Most Holy of Holies.  He did this on purpose too.  Aaron, being the High Priest of the Israelites, was the only one allowed to enter the Most Holy of Holies where the Ark was located, or kept.  However, in Numbers7:89 Moses is with the Ark for he hears God speak to him, the voice seems to be located between the two Arch Angels on the Mercy Seat.  So, evidently, Moses was allowed audience with the Ark.                         I find it interesting that, in a certain way, the Golden Candlestick’s three branches are sort of like the three sections of the Holy Tabernacle.  There is the outer branch of Mind and Love (for Christianity), the middle branch of Spirit and Truth (for the Christ), and the inner branch of Soul and Life (for the Word).  These three branches also correlate with three chapters of the Christian Science Textbook.  They are chapter 15’s “Genesis” for Christianity, chapter 14’s “Recapitulation” for the Christ, and chapter 13’s “Teaching Christian Science” for the Word.  The Textbook’s sixteenth chapter “The Apocalypse” correlates with the trunk of the Golden Candlestick as Principle (for Science itself).  And I see this trunk as being Aaron’s rod which buds and blooms into a Rose Window Matrix (as the window located on the southern wall of the church edifice of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts and in the Rose Window, also located on the southern wall, of the Concord Branch Church in New Hampshire[18]).
     Window of the Open Book, a.k.a., the Director’s Window (the Directors must spiritually be interpreted to be the divine calculus and not a Board of Directors consisting of five material personas) is based upon Ezekiel’s Wheel (Ezekiel 1).  Ezekiel’s Wheel, being at the beginning of Ezekiel, matches up (as it is apocalyptic writing) with the end of the book’s Holy City.  The Concord Branch Rose Window is the Christian Science Seal (based upon Matt 10:8), with its four divine calculus commands.  An interesting difference with this particular window is that in between the twelve petals there are twelve columns.  To me these twelve columns represent the twelve churches for Christianity being united with Science.  These twelve churches are spoken of in Revelation 1 as seven candlesticks; thus, the seven candlesticks (churches) belong to the Son of man (who is said to be Jesus Christ), while the other five candlestick churches belong to the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12.  But in reality there is only ONE CHURCH.

First Church of Concord’s Rose Window in the South

     Brown makes it clear that the four elements of universal Science unfold (like with a flower) “the numerals [of the Word], calculus [of the Christ], matrix [of Christianity], and [the Science] System of the eternal reality of man.”[19]  Hence, the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle with its triangular shape can be as the Golden Candlestick (as seen below) or leveled off and used in a circular format, as viewed in the illustration I have included at the beginning of this article.  My illustration has the twelve keystone images from the Window of the Open Book integrated within its Rose Petals.

The Fourfold System CandlestickTHE NUMBERING OF LEVI – NUMBERS 3


+ / 3 x 4

LEVI’S FIRST GROUPING – THE NORTH SIDE – Science as the Word (#3 – THE EMPRESS Bride Tarot card) – Soul and Life Inner Branch as Christian Science  (#X – THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE [THE WHEEL OF PROPHECY] Tarot card) – Individuality (existing as an indivisible whole)  [Editor’s note:  All Tarot cards are depicted at the end of this post.]

Numbers 3:33-37 presents (third in order) the north side of the tabernacle.  North is the cardinal point for the Word.  In this section it presents Merari and the Mushites numbering (from 1 month old onward of males only) to be 6,200.  The chief of the house of the father of families of Marari was Zuriel, son of Abihail.  This group coincides with the 13th chapter of Science and Health “Teaching Christian Science.”  Their responsibility is to take care of the symbols (items) that basically give support (lie a tree trunk) to the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting.  With this it is easy to understand that “Teaching Christian Science” provides the Science foundation needed for the Children of Israel.

Numerals of infinity:  In this first section, while in the wilderness of Sinai, God commands Moses to number the people.  This number is 603550 (Numbers 1:46).

UPN Numbers

     Brown says that the 6 is for Truth, that 3 is four Soul, and that 5 is for Life.  I do not dispute this, however, I feel that there is more to it than this, but you do not have to accept what I say as being correct.
     Beside the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle I also have the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.

Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth 2      If this Major Pyramid shape is used to represent the number 6 then I see a decapitated minor pyramid shape[20] representing the number 3 (three being half of six), even though the minor pyramid has four levels to it.  I see the first zero as a larger circle (which stands for Union or Unity) and the last zero as a smaller circle (because the first zero represents the ten thousand’s column while the second zero represents the one’s column).  However, we could also see the larger zero as the circumference of the circle with the twelve tribes of Israel and the smaller zero as the thirteenth tribe of Levi on all four sides of the Holy Tabernacle of God.  The large circle is like the outer circle of the Wheel Matrix and the smaller circle as being the hub of the Wheel matrix, or the circumference and center as one.  “Reflecting the infinite ‘One’ of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, each of Israel’s ‘little ones’ embodies in himself the ideas [the seeds] of this One [God] as the [seven] elements of individual identity.”[22]  In symbolism the number five is represented by the letter ‘n’ and I see two side by side n’s as being one m.[21] Also, could not the two n’s represent the two Stella stones for the Ten Commandments?  All of this led me to illustrate the number of 603550 as a large triangle, a large circle, a small triangle, one m, and a smaller circle (as seen above).
     Generic man (6) is made up of God’s identity – Soul (3).  This Soul has individuality (Life – 5 and its Network – 5), and this is the Inner Branch of the Golden Candlestick.  This is the New Beginning (New Birth “Moses”) Structure for Israel (the tone of Science as the Word’s “Teaching Christian Science”) with its seeds.  These seeds (of the New Heaven [Soul] and New Earth [Life]) are the angelic messenger’s remnant thoughts that lead outward to the twenty-four petals of the New Jerusalem artichoke of “Recapitulation” with its alterations between Christian Science and absolute Christian Science.  It is an interesting side note, even though the number is wrong, that the total number given for the tribe of Levi (men from one month upward) to be 22,000 (Numbers 3:39).  Twenty-two is almost twenty-four (just two short).  The actual number should read 22,300.

     These seeds are really the pages of the Christian Science Textbook, the first twelve chapters that all lead up to the “Teaching” sections of the thirteenth (the inner hub of “a little open book”) and fourteenth chapters (the outer Sunflower petals) based upon Christian Science and absolute Christian Science (This is symbolized in the hub of THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE and THE STAR [The Major yellow sun is the hub of the Minor white stars circumference] Tarot cards.  Both of which consist of the x [of divine Science] of the city foursquare and the + [of Christian Science] of the city of our God).

     In the second part of Numbers (chapter 10:14-25)the twelve tribes are divided up into four groups in order to begin their journey toward the promised land.  The twelve tribes are camped around the Holy Tabernacle.  They are listed in the following order of the divine calculus:  East (the Christ), South (Christianity), West (Science), and North (the Word).  What is interesting about this is that the journey begins with the tone of the outer three tribes for the Christ (outer East), then you head into the hub (verse 17) for Gershno/Science as Science (inner West) and Merari/Science as the Word (inner North) of Levi – who are responsible for the tabernacle.  Then you would proceed on the straight path downward and out toward Christianity (outer South).  Then you return back into the center hub for the Kothathites/Science as Christianity (inner South) of Levi – that are responsible for the sanctuary.  Next you head toward Science (outer West) and then up to the Word (outer North).

+ & X as one / 2 x 12

LEVI’S SECOND GROUPING – THE EAST SIDE – Science as the Christ – Spirit and Truth Inner Branch as absolute Christian Science (#XVII – THE STAR Tarot card) – Collectivity (whole, the people and body called man, Christian)

Numbers 3:38 presents (fourth in order) the east side of the tabernacle.  East is the cardinal point for the Christ.  In this section it presents Moses, Aaron, and his sons numbering (from 1 month old onward of males only) keeping charge of the sanctuary for the charge of the children of Israel; “and the stranger that cometh neigh shall be put to death.”  This group coincides with the 14th chapter of Science and Health “Recapitulation.”  As mentioned earlier, verse 39 gives the total of Levi as being 22,000 instead of 22,300.

     This second section actually corresponds to “Recapitulation,” the fourteenth chapter of the Textbook.  This has to do with the petals for the New Jerusalem artichoke with its alteration of absolute Christian Science and Christian Science.  However, these Numerals of Infinity (twenty-four) Sunflower petals blend with, or into, the (twelve) Rose Petal Keystones of the Infinite calculus.  Thus, this section also correlates with the twelve Keystones, or twelve Key’s-tones of Christ as found in the Inner Court with the symbol representatives for Life, Truth, and Love.  This is the city of our God of Christian Science within absolute Christian Science.

Window of the Open Book

     In Window of the Open Book there are four sets of keystone chords that consist of three keystone notes (4 times 3 equals 12 [rose petals] times 2 equals 24 [sunflower petals]).  The Open Bible Keystone (Life), the Woman God-crowned [#3 – THE EMPRESS Tarot card] Keystone (Truth), and the Lord and Lamb Keystone (Love) is the first chord for the three Keystones of the Word as the Word, the Christ as the Word, and Christianity as the Word.  The second chord is the Madonna and Child Keystone (Life), the Oil Lamp Keystone (Truth), and the Palm Leaves of Salvation Keystone (Love) for the Word as the Christ, the Christ as the Christ, and Christianity as the Christ.  The third chord is the Southern Cross of Calvary Keystone (Life), the Pomegranates Keystone (Truth), and the Harvested Sheaf Keystone (Love) for the Word as Christianity, the Christ as Christianity, and Christianity as Christianity.  The fourth chord is the Golden Shores of Harmony Keystone (Life), the Concord Grapevine Keystone (Truth), and the Big Dipper Keystone (Love) for the Word as Science, the Christ as Science, and Christianity as Science.

     The synonym order for the Christ (the Holy Tabernacle), as found on page 115 of the Textbook, is Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, and Mind.  I also refer to this Christ order as the Archer order as its pattern sort of resembles seven stars as seen in the constellation of Sagittarius (the Archer).  As mentioned before, this order is found in the symbols that Moses laid out in the Holy Tabernacle.  Instead of beginning with the synonym of Mind (where the entrance to the Outer Court is located) we begin with the synonym of Principle in the Most Holy of Holies.  This symbol is the Ark and its Mercy Seat.  As if to impress upon us the importance of the Holy Trinity (Life, Truth, Love) there are three symbols placed within the Ark.  These three things are manna (the bread of Life), the two Stella stone tablets[23] (Truth for the Ark and the Arch of the Covenant) with the Law of the Ten Commandments, and Aaron’s rod (of divine Science) that buds and blooms (with Love).  Then in the Inner Court are the Golden Candlestick (Life), the Table of Shewbread (Truth), and the Altar of Incense (Love) with its four horns of power (the divine calculus).  And in the Outer Court is the Laver Sea with the twelve gold oxen for support (Soul), Altar of Burnt Offerings and ten gold cups (Spirit), and finally the entrance/exit passage (Mind) wide enough for only one man (generic man).
     The infinite calculus of the numerals of infinity (from the Science as the Word) leads to “calculation” or the divine calculus of reckoning.  The emphasis in this section [of Numbers] is upon “structure and form.  Differentiation and analysis [the development of different characteristics and examination of these elements and their relationships] lead to integration and synthesis [to unite with a coherent whole].  Individuality must be divinely collective in order to show forth the stature of the Son of God.”[24]
     It is in this section, of Numbers, that the twelve tribes are once again encamped around (the circumference of a circle) the tabernacle tent (hub of the circle).  Israel is forming the Wheel Matrix (for sure Window of the Open Book and somewhat like what is depicted in THE STAR[25]).  The word “cult” actually means “wheel” and it is this pattern of encircling the Holy Tabernacle in which the world cult is derived from.  Wheel is cult’s original meaning.  Cult is also rooted to the word “cultivate.”  The Israelites, or Hebrews, were not the only men to use this pattern.  In fact, Egypt used it first when the priests encamped, or lived, on all four cardinal sides of the holy temples.  Arabian Bedouin tribes also followed this cult pattern.  This positioning represents the twelve keystone foundations of the city of our God (in Christian Science) and is a symbolic preview of the city foursquare (in divine Science) that is Israel’s ultimate identity, found in Revelation, as the twelve Stargates of (entrances to) the Holy City, and as the twelve stars on (angels within) the woman’s crowned consciousness.  “This is symbolic of the compound [complete] formation, typifying the relationships of the divine infinite calculus, the body of Israel is ready to move forward through the wilderness in the direction of the reality that lies behind [lies outside the material organization of The First Church of Christ Scientists] the symbol [Window of the Open Book, the divine calculus wheel, which from outside runs in a clockwise direction].”[26]In the second chapter of Numbers, verses 1-31, the order of the tribes begin in the East, with the three Christ tribes.  This is because the Christ Mind must always lead the Israelites.  The Christian body (Christianity) follows the Leading Christ.  Next the Levites[27]of Science are located in the middle section, thus you have Christian Science.  Following the Levites are the three tribes of Science (in the West) and the three tribes of the Word (in the North) that is once again the tail end.  “These are those which were numbered of the children of Israel by the house of their fathers:  all those that were numbered of the camps throughout their hosts were six hundred thousand and three thousand and five hundred and fifty.  But the Levites were not numbered among the children of Israel; as the Lord commanded Moses.  And the children of Israel did according to all that the Lord commanded Moses:  so they pitched by their standards, and so they set forward, every one after their families, according to the house of their fathers.” (Numbers 2:32-34)  The Levites are not numbered among the children of Israel at this point because in this tone of Spirit and Truth (for the infinite calculus) they are symbolic of the Jerusalem artichoke.

X / 4 x 4

LEVI’S THIRD GROUPING – THE SOUTH SIDE – Science as Christianity – Mind and Love the Outer Branch as divine Science, with its twelve Stargates and twelve spokes, or candlestick churches and as Christian Science with its inner hub for the city of our God presents the matrix of immortality – Universality (the generic WORLD).  W. Gordon Brown explains in From Genesis to Revelation (page 124) “As we are aware the matrix calculus of the divine Science of man, revealed in the twentieth century, is a sixteenfold structure.  On several occasions, as we advance through the Old and new Testaments, we shall find ourselves confronted anew with this symbol of the centre and circumference of being.  Here, in Numbers, at the footo f the holy mountain, it represents the pattern to which consciousness must conform in order to journey to the promised land–that is, to the divinely covenanted reality which lies behind the early teaching symbol.”

Number's early teach symbol

Numbers 3:27-32 presents (second in order) the south side of the tabernacle.  South is the cardinal point for Christianity.  In this section it presents the Kohathites numbering (from 1 month old onward of males only) to be 8.600 to keep charge of the sanctuary.  The chief of the house of the father of families of the Kohathites shall be Elizaphan the son of Uzziel.  This group coincides with the 15th chapter of Science and Health “Genesis.”  The gate from “The Apocalypse” for this chapter is about the “city of our God” – the + for Christian Science.  This group of families is in charge of the ark (Principle), table (Truth), candlestick (Life), altars (Love, Spirit), vessels of the sanctuary, the hanging, and all the service thereof (verse 31).  Eleazar, the son of Aaron, is chief of the Levites.  He has “oversight of those that keep charge of the sanctuary” (verse 32).

All shall be saved through divine Science (Genesis 1-2:3) and Christian Science (Genesis 2:6 onward with Adam and Cain).

Matrix[28] of immortality:  This section deals with “Genesis” two creation stories consisting of the account of spiritual revelation (with the Seven Days) and the allegory of Adam and Cain.  The first account in “Genesis” unfolds the Seven Days, with its Six Days of creation (revelation) and its Sabbath Day of Rest.  It is Genesis 1-2:3 that I based the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth upon.  Man ascends up the mountain, or pyramid, for the Six Days of Creation period of 6,000 years.  Then Womanhood descends during the Sixth Day (as Mary Baker Eddy with Truth which is Michael) and the Seventh Day (as Martha[29] with Love which is Gabriel).

     Mary Baker Eddy described the third appearing of Christ in the essay The Second Advent.  She wrote “The third appearing of the spiritual idea [which is Christ, the Holy Ghost, or the Comforter] of the character of God will present but the disappearing of all else [that is not spiritual], and establish the supremacy of Spirit which obliterates the human sense of the divine, takes away all sense of matter and reveals the final fact that the idea, Christ, is not a materialized or finite man or woman, but is the infinite concept of infinite Mind.”[30]  “All this is not the material Jesus [Christ], nor Mary [Baker Eddy], nor Martha [Smith-Jones “Maker of divine Science” a.k.a. Mother Hood], but the spiritual idea dwelling forever in the bosom of the Father-Mother God, because this idea is the [Christ] link in being’s chain which unites indissolubly the Father and son, man and God.  The on-rushing centuries are declaring this idea higher and higher in the scale of being and will ere long yield to the sense of its ascendant glory.”[31]
     Moses must ascend the “sharp” (Sinai) mountain seven times;[32] this symbolizes the Seven Days of Genesis.  This same pattern is repeated in the allegory of Adam, only in counterfeit symbols.  The main purpose of the Journey From Genesis to Revelation is not only to save man, or translate man back to God with the scientific translation of mortal mind, but also, with the scientific translation of immortal mind,[33] to translate the Lord God Jehovah from being a tribal anthropomorphic god into divine Mind (Father) and divine Love (Mother) Who is Elohim (Father-Mother).
     With the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth there is the number eleven, however, with the Major Stargate Matrix’s outer circle (the Ring and/or the Outer Branch) you have the number twelve and the number four for the Inner Hub, making the total number of sixteen for the completion of the divine calculus.  Then, with the Wheel’s twelve candlestick spokes (or gates that lead into the city by day or night) one works with the tone for the cycle of Christianity – Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, Truth, Life, Spirit, Soul, and Mind.

     With the Matrix of immortality the book of Numbers first goes around the outer camp and then goes back into the center with the Holy Tabernacle – “to the central, determining, all-embracing nucleus of the foregoing unitary formation.”[34]  This is the true meaning for “squaring of the circle.”  Brown continues his paragraph with, “All twelve tribes of the children of Israel revolve around this centre.  This is the symbol of the universal ‘matrix,’ the parental womb of them ind which is Love, the circumference as well as the centre of the eventual foursquare city.”
     In Egypt the temple priests were given land around the temples.  They did not have to contribute to society by building temples or growing crops.  The priests were literate men.  This same pattern was continued when the Levite nation became the Hebrew priests. This brings forth Israel’s with-in-ness as the firstborn Son of God – Levi.  Levi is not allowed to inherit any material land or possessions.  This is because the Firstborn Son of God knows and claims only spiritual inheritance. The Holy Tabernacle represented the unity of God and man (Principle and its idea is one) and man’s communion with God.
     How can there be twelve tribes that revolve around the Tabernacle when Levi is placed within the center?  Manasseh (Joseph’s first born son) takes Levi’s place on the outer circle, while Ephraim (Joseph’s successor) takes the place of Joseph on the wheel.  Thus, there are still twelve outer tribes, while there are Levi’s four sides located in the center.  This is Levi as the Golden Candlestick, with the Principle-Science being Aaron’s rod (the trunk).  Levi is the capstone hub of Science as the Word, Science as the Christ, Science as Christianity, and Science itself as divine Science.  It is the capstone of the Word Cycle’s base.
     To better understand how Levi is the capstone hub think of the four major stars for the Word cycle as having straight lines (in Geometry this is called a chord), making a perfect square.  If the Word square is the base of a pyramid then the Science square would seem to be the top of the same pyramid, or its capstone hub.  The four sides of this pyramid would slope upward and inward to a point.  This is the only way that the four sides could be the four cardinal points of the Compass Rose.

top of a pyramid b

     The Bible represents the three sections of the outer wheel (for the divine calculus) with the Word (the First, Second, and Third Days), the Christ (the Fourth Day),[35] and Christianity (the Fifth Day).[36]  The Textbook represents the capstone hub of Science during the Sixth Day of Truth.  This completes man’s footsteps of Truth ascending process.

Pyramid books
     The twelve tribes rotate around the hub of activity; this is the divine calculus in action.[37]  The Tabernacle (the little zero) being the center hub must have its outer revolving cycle (the big zero) with its twelve Israelite stars (or its twelve Stargates).  This is the universal matrix, a parental womb of the Mind that is Love (the Outer Branch).  The big zero with its four major stars (for the cycle of the Word) and eight minor stars (for the two cycles, one for the Christ Head and the other for Christianity, or the Christian Body) is the circumference of the city foursquare, while the small zero with its four sides is the center (Tabernacle) of divine Science for the same city foursquare.  This is why God takes the tribe of Levi out from the circumference of the wheel and places it around the Holy Tabernacle on its four sides.  And Levi (which means “union” or “unity”) becomes the number one, or the First Son, of God.  The First Son of Pharaoh is the successor prince, or Principle.  The Levi Priest, as the First Son, represents and stands for Principle-Science.  Principle-Science unites the individual (THE EMPRESS), collective (THE WHEEL of FORTUNE), and universal (THE WORLD) to One God (instead of minds many, or many gods of personal sense, which is what the Egyptians had[38]).  It is also of interest and importance that the land where the Israelites settle (take over) is called Canaan, named after Ham, Noah’s first degree son of Adam-man.  And in the following events there will be seven nations of mortal mindedness (The First Degree[39]) that the Israelites will have to drive out of the Holy Land before they can become a nation (with three mountains[40] after their name).

     I could say, and I am saying, that the seven nations of Canaan (Ham/Adam) are equivalent to the seven thousand-year periods of mortal minded man.  These 7,000 years must be translated back to God via the Seven Days of Genesis 1-2:3.  These seven thousand-year periods (or ages) began with the Bible’s Word section of Genesis 2:6 when Adam was created.  Noah is the story for Spirit (the Second Day) also in the tone of the Word.  Next comes the Third Day of Soul with the Patriarchs, Moses, Joshua, and Judges (etc).  This finishes up the Word tone leading us into the tone of the Christ with the Fourth Day of Principle.  This section covers the priests, kings, and sixteen prophets finishing up the Old Testament.  With the New Testament we begin the tone of Christianity in the Fifth Day of Life with Matthew, the first Gospel, and is finished up with Revelation.  This Fifth Day ends around a.d. 996.  This is when the tone of Science in the Sixth Day of Truth begins.  Its capstone era is July 16, 1821 to December 3, 1910 during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crown mission.  I feel that the Seventh Day of Love began on June 6, 1996 because of two dreams I had (I speak about these dreams in another post).  Three years later the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth was revealed to me.
     Here at the foot of the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (this time called Mount Sinai “cliff; deep ravine; precipitous; sharp; jagged; cleft with ravines[41] of the Horeb “dryness; drought heat; waste; desolation; desert; barren; solitude[42] mountain chain) the circles represent the pattern to which consciousness must conform in order to journey (via the wormhole X-stream of Science) to the promised land (Holy City) – to the divinely covenanted (twin arches of ‘n’) reality which lies behind the early teaching symbol (which is Holy City).

The Wormhole of the Science X-Stream

The Wormhole X-Stream of Science

     What is of interest is in chapter 3:12 God is speaking to Moses about the “matrix”.  “And I, behold, I have taken the Levites from among the children of Israel instead of all the firstborn that openeth the matrix among the children of Israel:  therefore the Levites shall be  mine”.  Notice it is the firstborn sons (12 of them) that open the Stargates to the circular matrix structure of Asron’s rod.

The Rod of Principle / 1 God x 1 man = 1 Being

LEVI’S FOURTH GROUPING – WEST SIDE – Science itself as divine Science – the Principle Trunk or the rod of divine Science that is Aaron’s rod

Numbers 3:21-26 presents (first in order) the west side of the tabernacle.  West is the cardinal point for Science.  In this section it presents the Gershonites numbering (from 1 month old onward of males only) to be 7,500.  The chief of the house of the father of the Gershonites shall be Eliasaph the son of Lael.  This group coincides with the 16th chapter of Science and Health “The Apocalypse.”  The gate from “The Apocalypse” for this chapter is about the “Psalms 23” – the tree of life which is basically, Aaron’s rod of Principle.  This group of families is in charge of the tabernacle, and the tent, the covering thereof, and the hanging for the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and the hangings of the court, and the curtain for the door of the court, which is by the tabernacle, and by the altar round about, and the cords of it for all the service thereof.

 Infinite system:  “Israel[43] [the woman in THE WORLD card] is the system of living ideas which constitutes divine Science [the rod of self-government].”[44]  This is the same rod given to the manchild in Revelation 12, the manchild of the woman God-crowned of Twelve stars (for the twelve nations).  “Her identity is one whole body of consciousness comprising numerals of infinity (where the accent is on individuality [THE EMPRESS]), divine infinite calculus (where the accent is on collectivity [THE WHEEL of FORTUNE]), and the matrix of immortality (where the accent is universality [THE WORLD])…under the sole direction of Principle [Aaron’s rod], she is equipped to advance to the promised land.”[45]

     At this point with the Principle Trunk of Science, the Bride’s Word of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and the Christian congregation of Christianity of the Bible are of one Mind and one Love.  This section also correlates with “The Apocalypse” with its three sections (of the Holy Temple Matrix).  These three sections are Revelation 10, Revelation 12, and Revelation 21-22.  “The Apocalypse” tail consists of the 23rd Psalm, where the Lord God Jehovah, first spoken of in the First Day of Mind (the second creation story), has been translated into Love.  One could say that this spiritual translation of Psalm 23 symbolizes the Israelite Journey – From Genesis to Revelation – as well as, from the Textbooks first chapter to its sixteenth chapter.

Angel Rev. 10 Win
     Revelation 10 is about the angel with a little open book, the Christian Science Textbook.[46]  This angel is said to be Michael (Truth), who would descend in the Sixth Day of Truth as God’s divine messenger known as Mary Baker Eddy.  The angel is the keeper of the Ark and the Arch of the Covenant (the Letter of the Law and the Spirit of the Law) for she descends from heaven “clothed with a cloud” with a “bow” upon her head.  The angel descending from heaven represents divine Science (the dove) as the city foursquare.  The angel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy that took place on the mount during the Second Day of Spirit (with Noah and his three sons).  The “bow within the cloud” is the same symbology as used in Revelation 10 for the angel (divine messengers ascend and descend with clouds).
     During the week (of six days) the angel’s book is meant for the individual to read “to mentally digest” while on the Sabbath (the seventh day) is is to be read out loud to all the congregations so that the message can be universal.  This is the Covenant of the Arch, that God made in the Second Day, being fulfilled.
     The description of the angel’s feet sounds like Mercury’s feet.[47]  According to the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary Mount Nebo (Num. 32:3) is allotted to Reuben (Mind) and Gad (Love) on the east of Jordan.[48]  The definition of Nebo is “planet Mercury; quick messenger; celestial scribe; interpreter, i.e., of the divine will; inspired speech; prophecies; prophet; oracle; height; distinguished; prominent.”  It is interesting that some of these definitions fit in with the meaning of Aaron.  If this land of Nebo is given to the Outer Branch of Mind and Love (divine Science) then we can honestly see how the angel with the little open book not only descended with it for the individual but also for universal man.
     The Textbook speaks of the first gift with Revelation 10 but does not have a section on Revelation 11 with the second gift.  What are the angel’s two gifts?  The first is the little open book and the second is a rod for measuring the Holy City of our God.  Is not the Concord Branch this rod gift instead of The First Church located in Boston, especially when Mary Baker Eddy spoke of the Concord Branch as “her gift”?  What is so important about the Concord Branch and why would it be the second gift?  The Concord Branch was literally built upon a lot where a house had been at; so it was based upon the idea of home (heaven).  This Branch is foursquare hence it represents divine Science (the rod).  The idea of the Branch being independently governed speaks out to the Independent Christian Scientist!

Woman God-crown Win
     Revelation 12 is about the woman God-crowned,[49] the woman who would build Christ’s Church upon the Rock of Truth.  Mary Baker Eddy is not only the angel but also the woman who gives birth to a manchild (the individual-collective) who governs with a rod of iron (divine Science), a.k.a., Aaron’s rod which is made to bud and bloom.  The woman is also carried into the wilderness (like where the Israelites go after leaving Egypt) by the wings of an eagle (by divine Science) – the fourth living creature for the divine calculus is the flying eagle.  This is for her protection[50] against the red dragon.  This red dragon stands for ecclesiastical despotism found within a Mother Church (a material organization).
     The manchild of Revelation 12 rules with divine Science, the rod.  And what is the rod?  It is the Church Manual.  This rod makes it clear (in the 88th edition, the last approved by Mary Baker Eddy’s written signature – her Manual) that the Branch Churches must be kept separated in government from The First Church of Christ, Scientist.  There is to be no dictatorships by the Board of Directors over the Branch Churches!  Our model for this Branch government is the idea of “home, heaven” as the independent Branch Church (as with the gift of the Concord Branch) that is not under the thumb of ecclesiastical despotism (the red dragon).
     Revelation 21-22 is about the Holy City, which is a combination of the city foursquare, the New Jerusalem, and the city of our God.[51]  The tree of Life-Science and the river of divine Science are located within this city’s hub of activity.  This Holy City is the matrix (mother womb) structure of “the little open book” itself.  The tree also can be represented as Aaron’s rod.  And when it buds and blooms it becomes ShAaron’s Rose Window, or Sharon’s Rose Window.  Sharon’s Rose Window is a name I gave to Window of the Open Book many years before writing this piece, the circular formation that coincides the Keystone Windows (rose petals) with the Christ and Christmas[52] illustrations.

Part of Sharon’s Rose

     “Israel is the system of living ideas which constitutes divine Science.” (from W. Gordon Brown’s From Genesis to Revelation, p. 124)  Israel’s identity is one whole (universal) body of consciousness comprising the numerals of infinity (the Inner Branch – individuality),[53] the divine infinite calculus (the Middle Branch – collectivity),[54] and the matrix of immortality (the Outer Branch – universality).[55]  Being under the sole directorship of the Principle Trunk (divine Science),[56] she is equipped to advance to the Promised Land with its Holy City.  “To signify her concerted devotion to the purpose facing her, twelve princes representing her own totality as the idea of Principle, bring gifts of dedication to the tabernacle.” (Brown, p. 124)
     This is an interesting section as it describes the twelve tribal princes being put in pairs – each having a covered wagon.  Each wagon has twelve bulls (representing the fullness or completeness of Christ).  As they are described in Numbers I have made the following diagrams for them.

The Six Covered Wagons

     The four wagons in the corner represent the Word as the Word, the Word as the Christ, the Word as Christianity, and the Word as Science.  After the gifts of the six wagons, to the two Levite tribes, the twelve tribal princes (Principle Stars) bring gifts of dedication to the Tabernacle of God.  Each prince gives an offering of bowls (with flour and oil for a meat offering), along with other items like a charger and spoon, animals for burnt offerings, goats for a sin offering, and animals for  sacrifice of peace offerings.  It takes twelve days for these tributes to take place.

First Day (Mind) – Nahshon, son of Amminadab, tribe of Judah (the Word as the Christ)
Second Day (Spirit) – Nethaneel, son of Zuar, prince of Issachar (the Christ as the Christ)
Third Day (Soul) – Eliab, son of Helon, princeof  Zebulun (Christianity as the Christ)
Fourth Day (Principle) – Elizur, son of Shedeur, prince of  Reuben (the Word as Christianity)
Fifth Day (Life) – Shelumiel, son of Zurishaddai, prince of Simeon (the Christ as Christianity)
Sixth Day (Truth) – Eliazaph,s on of Deuel, prince of Gad (Christianity as Christianity)
Seventh Day (Love) – Elishama, son of Ammihud, prince of Ephriam (the Word as Science)
Eighth Day (Mind) – Gamaliel, son of Pedahzar, prince of Manaseh (the Christ as Science)
Ninth Day (Spirit) – Abidan, son of Gideon, prince of Benjamin (Christianity as the Science)
Tenth Day (Soul) – Ahiezer, son of Ammishaddai, prince of Dan (the Word as the Word)
Eleventh Day – (Principle) – Pagiel, son of Ocran, prince of Asher (the Christ as the Word)
Twelfth Day – (Life) – Ahira, son of Enan, prince of Naphtali (Christianity as the Word)

Numbers 7:88 – This was the dedication of the altar, after that is was anointed.

     United and dedicated to the service of this Principle, Israel is at last ready to step into the Stargate’s Wormhole X-stream of Science.
     Earlier on I mentioned that the Concord Branch Church was Mary Baker Eddy’s gift.  This is true, however, there were two Concord Branch churches (built upon the same location of HOME).  The first was the woman’s gift, while the second was the gift of her students.  These students were like the twelve tribal princes of Principle bringing gifts of dedication to the Tabernacle of God.
     This is the end of the first section of Numbers.  The second section of Numbers presents the Seven Days.  Aaron’s rod is featured during the fourth day section with the tone of Principle as Soul, which “establishes the Levitical system of government as definite and incontrovertible [not open to question].”[57]

There are actually twelve other rods, as each tribe has its own rod.  To me this would be a symbol of how the original thirteen States were like Branch Churches, in that they were to govern themselves.  The federal government, then, would be like a Mother Church.  This Mother Church (like Levi) is a good thing, so long as it does not become a big giant head and control the Branch Churches (the twelve nations).  I find it interesting that on the back of the United States dollar bill, with the eagle, are seen thirteen stars!  These thirteen stars form the Israelite Star of David, having the two intersecting pyramids – one for manhood the other for Womanhood.


     The KEY Tarot card, the Template card, is the ten of pentacles.  It presents the tree of life matrix structure on it.  Even though some of the spheres are off, compared to the pattern seen above, I feel that this card is the tree of life, and it is the cards pattern that I use to decide where the spheres and paths are located at on each card.

    Recently, I was asked why I give the following explanations in the following tones.  I had to confess I did not know!  Perhaps it was because I felt that I could explain certain cards in regards to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy with Mary Baker Eddy as the woman God-crowned and explain how the spheres and paths related, or could be found in each card?  Many of the ideas presented for the paths and spheres, in regard to their definitions, come from Eden Gray’s book A Complete Guide to the Tarot.  I would also like to add that each path for the tree of life is assigned a Tarot card from the Major Arcana.  The aspects I have written about below cover the synonyms of Soul and Love.  The following is my Gridiron Matrix for the Three Degrees and the Major Arcana.

Gridiron Matrix

    Individual SOUL translation for the First Degree (fear)

Severity – THE HIGH PRIESTESS (in the tone of Spirit) overcomes “passions and appetites.”  She is one with THE EMPRESS (in the tone of Soul).  The river at the feet of THE HIGH PRIESTESS[58] (card #2) leads us to THE EMPRESS (card #3) with a waterfall of Mercy.  This waterfall is the path of Kaph (THE WHEEL of FORTUNE) and in the Sphere of Netzach (Victory, force, Venus-Aphrodite).  The name Lynn means “river, waterfall” and it is in Lynn, Massachusetts that the teaching of Christian Science began.  THE EMPRESS is Venus, the Morning Star (Christ), the Evening Star, or the woman God-crowned (with twelve white stars).  She is the Star-Prophet of spiritual understanding, the Third Degree.  The woman God-crowned rules with her scepter, held in her right hand, while her right elbow rests in the Sphere of Geburah (strength, severity).  Fear of the Lord (Love of the Law) is the beginning of wisdom.  Although it is hard to see it, like the woman God-crowned, THE EMPRESS is pregnant.  Her white dress (here symbolizes Spirit and the Third Degree) is printed with pomegranates the fruit attributed to Venus (Love).[59]  I have read that pomegranates may have been the forbidden fruit from the tree of good and evil; however, I do not see it this way.   I accept that the pomegranates represent Soul, the seed within the seed, and fits in more with the fruit from the tree of life.
     THE EMPRESS is already depicted.  Within the shape of a heart (symbolic of Soul and Love) is the symbol of Venus.  If you invert this symbol you have a plus cross on top of a circle.  To me, this represents the cross and crown of Christian Science, the cross edifice and the crowned extension in Boston.  It is a nice thought to think that The First Church of Christ Scientist is surrounded with the heart.  It is also of importance that the symbol for Venus resembles the Egyptian ankh, a symbol for immortality.[60]  The ankh is a union of the male (cross) and female (oval).  Today, in Christianity, the ankh symbolizes peace and truth.  This heart of Venus is near the Sphere of Hod – for the Scientist.
     At the bottom of the card is wheat.  Wheat is symbolic of “abundance and fertility.  Sacred to Hathor-Isis and all Mother goddesses.”[61]  God, Love, truly is our only Mother Goddess.  The wheat could also be symbolic of the harvest during the end times.[62]

Collective SOUL translation for the Second Degree (affection)

Mildness – The WHEEL of FORTUNE card (is shown in above text) depicts the four living creatures with wings, thus I feel they represent angel messengers with the four books of the Gospels.  Leo (fire) is for Matthew, the Word.  Taurus (earth) is for Mark, the Christ.  Aquarius (a waterman and an air sign) is for Luke, Christianity.  Scorpio (water) is for John, Science.
     It could be that the reason why the Hebrew writers of the Scriptures used a bull as a symbol for the Christ is that it goes back to the Apis Bull of Egypt.  A bolt of lightning was supposed to strike a cow impregnating it; this would bring forth the Apis Bull.  This animal was thought to be a god that reincarnated into other bull bodies.  The Apis Bull had a diamond shape on its forehead, a scarab shape under its tongue, wings on its back, and the hairs on the tip of its tail were split in two.  There was only one Apis Bull at a time, and it would be brought into the temple and looked after until its death, then they would mummify its body.  Some twenty years later they would go out and search for a new Apis Bull.  It would not be too surprising then, that the Israelites would create a Golden Calf idol, perhaps being familiar with the Egyptian’s god – Apis.
     Outside the WHEEL of FORTUNE are three creatures.  The blue sphinx sits on top of the wheel between the two living creatures of Christianity and Science.  She is also on the path of Gimel (THE HIGH PRIESTESS).  She holds a double-edged sword (of Science).  Swords also represent Spirit, Truth, and the Word.  A sphinx is symbolic of “the combination of human and animal attributes.  The white sphinx betokens mercy; the black one, severity.”[63]  Mercy and Severity are the names for the two outer pillars, or columns, of the Kabalah tree of life.  (Remember this for THE CHARIOT card.)  “Sometimes the Sphinx represents the human senses, which are continually propounding riddles.”[64]  For sure, the physical senses belonging to the First Degree and Second Degree find spiritual being to be a riddle.  Since sphinxes have lion bodies I feel that they can be symbolic of Judah and moral courage, as well as, the Word.  I especially feel that here in the Second Degree that she is a symbol of moral courage.
     Ascending up around the WHEEL is Anubis.  He is on the path of Tzaddi (THE EMPEROR, each path for the tree of life is assigned a Tarot Card from the Major Arcana) for Aries.  This Egyptian jackal-headed god represented the evolution of consciousness from the lower to the higher levels.  Today, a Christian Scientist could say that Anubis represents the Scientific Translation with the Three Degrees.  Anubis was the “equivalent of Hermes[65] or Mercury,[66] signifying self-consciousness, intellectuality.”[67]  Anubis was mediator to the dead, or spiritually translated back to God, he was a Christ mediator for those buried in dogma.  This talent of being a mediator is why Anubis was given a jackal head (which is like that of a dogs).
     Descending is a serpent.  He is on the path of Mem (THE HANGED MAN) for the element of water (seven hydra heads are given to the red dragon).  I feel that this serpent represents the Egyptian god known as Apophis.  Apophis was a god of the night, as symbolized by Christianity during the Dark Ages when many erroneous ideas crept into the church.
     Spiritually translated these three Creatures represent the Word (the Sphinx), the Christ (Anubis), and Christianity (Apophis).  If we view the WHEEL of FORTUNE as our Holy City Window Matrix there are also four main sections to it.  The outer circle (Outer Branch) is somewhat like that of the three squared-cycles for the Word as Life (Sphinx), the Christ as Truth (Anubis), and Christianity as Love (Apophis).  The middle circle (Middle Branch) has four Hebrew letters for Jehovah as our X (city foursquare of divine Science) and four letters as our + (city of our God of Christian Science).  The four Hebrew letters also have to do with the four elements – I-Fire (the Word [Lion]); H-Earth (the Christ [Ox or Bull]), V-Air (Christianity [Face of a Man/Aquarius]); and H-Water (Science [flying Eagle]).  I also see these four letters as representing God as Father (I), Mother (H), Son (V), and Daughter or Bride (H).
     The four letters for Jehovah are also used to represent the four worlds to the Kabalah tree of life.  These four worlds are what the Tarot’s Minor Arcana’s four suits of Royalty is based upon.[68]  They are Atziluth (or Atzilut) – I – Fire (the Page for the Word[69] and Christian Science), Assiah (or Assiyah) – H – Earth (the Knight for the Christ and absolute Christian Science), Briah (or Beriah) – V – Air (the Queen for Christianity and divine Science), and Yetzirah – H – Water (the King-Principle for Science itself).  These four worlds, or four Sciences of God, are four levels of spiritual consciousness.  As the King (one God or one Principle), Yetzirah (Science itself) formation occurs through Principle alone, Principle is known as God’s angels (God’s messengers or God’s thoughts).  The infinite Principle of Science itself (Aaron’s rod) declares itself on the level of divine Science (on the circumference of the wheel) in its divine nature as divine Principle – Life, Truth, and Love – the Principle that constitutes Being.
     “In Science, the standpoint is always from Principle, from the infinite One; every right thought comes from, and remains in, Principle.  Not one single idea leaves its Principle.  Principle and its infinite idea are inseparable, is one.  We no longer think of God and man, but of God forever including what is termed man.  In metaphysics, we try to understand and practise right idea; in Science it is recognized that Principle (not we) has a right idea and applies itself.  Principle says:  I, Principle, have an idea; …express myself; …apply myself; …operate as my own idea.”[70]
     As the Queen (God and man one), Briah (divine Science) creation (revelation of oneness or onlyness) takes place through (the chief idea or chief messenger of God) the archangel’s reflection of the oneness or onlyness of Principle.  Divine Science is the divine standpoint.  It reveals to us divine Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  In divine Science there is one infinite Principle that includes within itself the divine ideal or Christ.
     As the Knight (one man or one idea), Assiah (absolute Christian Science) works (is active) through elements (the divine calculus) and signs (symbols) of the Zodiac (of the living creatures) that is really the system of Science.  Divine Science reduced to human apprehension is Christian Science and Christian Science has two aspects.  Absolute Christian Science deals with absolute truths and concrete forms of error.  Christian Science is always absolute, it is not a relative level of consciousness, and it merely shows the effect of absolute truths in the realm of belief on the human or the relative points of view.  We are on the spiritual conscious level of Christian Science when absolute Christian Science is applied to mortal existence.
     The Page symbolizes our emanation from one God and our nearness with one God being manifested as one man.  In the world of Atziluth (Christian Science) God (Cause) works directly through His ideas (man) as effect (the understanding of how Cause’s [Principle’s] effect [ideas] annihilate the illusions [seeming effects] of [the seeming cause called] mortal mind).  Christian Science relates especially to Science as applied to humanity.  It designates the scientific system of divine healing.  In the realm of Christian Science there is the clarification of the relationship between Truth and error, there is the application of Truth to human problems, and solutions of negative problems.  Christian Science explains healing to the human consciousness.
     The four letters found of THE WHEEL of FORTUNE card, of our modern day alphabet, are R, O, T, and A.  Rota is a Latin word meaning rotate.  These four letters can also spell TAROT and TORA[H].[71]  The Torah is, of course, God’s Law (the Ark of the Covenant or the Letter of the Law).  In the center circle (for the Inner Branch) there is the X and the +.  The + symbol gives us four symbols.  However, these four symbols seem to point to the four cardinal points (for Christian Science) spoken of in “The Apocalypse.”  The horizontal line seems to be an arrow.  When the wheel is spun[72] and it stops there is an arrow pointing at a portion of the wheel, this is the unpredictable part, where the fortune lies.  It also reminds me of the Archer’s arrow.  The vertical line has the symbol for Taurus at the top and Aquarius at the bottom.  This joins the Christ head with Christianity, or the body of Christ.
     Finally, there is the hub circle divided up into eight slices of pie.  I feel that this hub may represent the sixth Sphere Tiphareth (for Soul) on the Kabalah tree of life, even though it is not exactly where the sixth Sphere should be found on the card (it is also pretty close to being in the same place as the belly of THE EMPRESS).  Tiphareth is yellow, and it has eight pathways leading outward from it (even though they are not as perfect as the Wheel’s eight slices of pie).  These paths are 17 (Zain for THE LOVERS card[73]), 13 (Gimel for THE HIGH PRIESTESS), 15 (Heh for THE STAR), 20 (Yod for THE HERMIT[74]), 24 (Nun for DEATH[75]), 25 (Ayin for THE DEVIL[76]), 28 (Tzaddi for THE EMPEROR[77]), and 22 (JUSTICE[78]).  All of these symbols fit in with the different Spheres and paths found on the Kabalah tree of life matrix.

Universal SOUL translation for the Third Degree (spiritual understanding)

Mercy – THE STAR [of Boston] repeats the X and + in each of the eight pointed stars (the card is presented earlier in this post).  The main star is yellow; perhaps it is the sun or Venus, never the less, it is a Daystar.  The woman represents Aquarius (even though it is said that Aquarius is male; this is like the angel of Revelation 10, also described as male).  This woman is THE EMPRESS and also thought to be “Mother Nature pouring the waters of life onto the material earth.  The five rivulets [from the cup in the left hand] represent the five senses before they run into the pool of the Universal Consciousness.”[79]  I could translate this to mean that the waters of Life run into the pool of Christian Science consciousness.  From the pitcher in her right hand is water being poured directly into this pool of Christian Science consciousness, “which is stirred into vibration by meditation.”[80]  Or, should I say, that it is stirred into an “Eddy”[81] by prayer and Christian Science treatment.
     However, if you look to the Kabalah tree of life the left-handed pitcher represents Netzach, the seventh Sphere.  This is symbolic of victory, force, and Venus-Aphrodite.  It is representative of the artist, while the eighth Sphere of Hod (splendor, form, intelligence) is representative of the Scientist (Hermes-Enoch).  This is probably what the other pitcher, in the right hand, represents (it is held a little lower than the actual Sphere of Hod would be located at).
     Her feet are like the angels feet in Revelation 10, with the right[82] upon the sea (spiritually translated the sea would be the water of Science) and the left upon the earth (spiritually translated the earth would represent the Christ).  Of course, Science and Christ are the true translations, the negatives are found in Revelation 13 as the two beasts that are of the red dragon.  The first beast comes up from the sea (“elementary, latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms”[83]) as ecclesiastical despotism.  The second beast comes up from the earth (“a secondary power is exercised upon visible error and audible sin”[84]) as the congregation body that blindly follows ecclesiastical despotism.  This beast pretends to be the Lamb of God, but it has horns, and a lamb does not have horns.  It is because of this that the beast is a false successor, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
     I feel that the seven white stars are the first seven stars of the woman’s crown, those of the seven angels for the seven churches of Christianity dating from Jesus time up to the discovery of Christian Science (as in Revelation 1).  I also feel that the purple mountain represents Mount Nebo, and it is most symbolic that the star is over this mountain.  The white star-angel is later to be seen in TEMPERANCE as a gold crown, both symbols having to do with Mind.

     A bird, an ibis (of thought), rests on a tree.  Eden Gray says that this tree represents mind.  If so, do we rest our thoughts upon mortal mind or divine Mind?
     In Egypt many people bought sacrificed ibis birds that had been mummified and placed in clay pots.  They would offer these birds to the priests of the temples and ask them to take them inside and offer a prayer for them.  The Egyptians believed that this offering would heal them of whatever condition or illness they had.  It really was a big business, and they had ibis farms where the birds were raised for sacrifice.  One caretaker was concerned that some people were being cheated when buying an ibis.  He wrote, “There must be a god in every jar.”
     Our present time period is the Day of Love, when the last trump shall sound.  Oddly, the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot are called “trump cards.”  Each card is supposed to trump the last one.  Could it be then, that each card is like the woman’s “Footsteps of Truth”?  That each card is supposed to take us higher up Jacob’s ladder (pyramid or ramp) until we have ascended all the way up the mountain?

Individual LOVE translation for the First Degree (hatred)

Severity – THE CHARIOT card has the two sphinxes (one black, one white) and two wheels representing the two columns for the tree of life.  The two sphinxes seem to be female as they have breasts.  They also seem to be headed in opposite directions.  Of course, their backs are on two paths, the path of Resh (30) for THE SUN card and Tzaddi (28) for THE EMPEROR card.
     I see the man in control of THE CHARIOT[85] as the woman’s manchild (Revelation 12).  He has the foursquare symbol upon his chest, and he is of the woman God-crowned, for his shoulder[86] pads are of crescent moons.  His head is crowned with the yellow eight-pointed STAR [of Boston], and the Golden Arch of the Covenant (Spirit of the Law).  He wears a belt of astrological constellations, thus, he has studied the first twelve chapters of the woman’s book and has them “under his belt” as a skirt of scientific chemical symbols.  To me this means that he is a Scientist.  The Palm Leaves of Salvation (Science and Health) are wrapped around his chest.  He holds the rod of divine Science given to the manchild of Revelation 12.  This rod is the path of Mem for THE HERMIT.  THE HERMIT holds the star of David (union of male and female “as two individual natures in one” [S&H]) in the Sphere of Binah (spiritual understanding – the Third Degree).  Although Binah is located in the First Degree (as is THE CHARIOT car’s placement) she must be of the Third Degree, as in Truth there is no First Degree of depravity.
     There is also a river of divine Science behind the chariot.  And behind this is a city.  There is a canopy of stars representing heaven.  In front of the chariot is a symbol – “wings of inspiration above the Hindu sign of the union of positive and negative forces.”[87]  I translate this to mean the wings of Science and the unity of the Christ and Science as Christian Science where there is only God force, or omni-action.  This symbol is found in the Sphere of Yesod.  I feel that Yesod represents the union of heaven and earth as one, the city of our God.

Collective LOVE translation for the Second Degree (temperance)



Mildness – TEMPERANCE depicts the angel of Revelation 10 once again.  The path leading toward the mountains reminds me of “The Way” illustration in Mary Baker Eddy’s Christ and Christmas.  The path leads to the crown in the sky!  Christ and Christmas was illustrated before the Rider Tarot cards (they were first published in 1910).  On the card, this crown is in the Sphere of Hod, belonging to the Scientist of the Seventh Day from Adam, when God walks with Enoch.
     The flowers are symbols of the goddess Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow – the Archer (Sagittarius) woman.  The rainbow takes us back to the angel of Revelation 10, who comes to fulfill the Ark of the Covenant (Letter of the Law) and the Arch of the Covenant (Spirit of the Law).  This card and THE CHARIOT card are associated with Cancer.  Mary Baker Eddy was born under this sign.  The way the angel holds the cups is what is associated with the constellation of Cancer.  It is believed that the moon rules those born under Cancer; however, the woman has dominion over the moon.  Water flows from one cup (in her left hand – Womanhood) into another (in his right hand – manhood), a symbol of unity between heaven (Womanhood) and earth (manhood).  This stream of water could also symbolize the river Jordan (“to descend”).  Again, the feet of this angel pattern the angel of Revelation 10.
     The placement of the top iris points to Venus, the artist of Netzach (achievement…THE EMPRESS…Venus).
     The angel is Michael, as he wears the symbol of the sun upon his (her) head.  This is another reference to the angel of Revelation 10, as his face was as the sun – directing us back to the woman God-crowned who is clothed with the sun. This angel is dressed in white (Spirit, clothed with the sun) and upon the chest, as with THE CHARIOT card, there is a square.  However, this time there is a pyramid inside, the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth, for man has completed his Footsteps of Truth, thanks to the woman God-crowned.
     This angel has two red wings.  These wings represent the Kabalah tree of life’s second and third Spheres:  Chokmah – Wisdom and Binah – Understanding.
     I feel that it is worth mentioning that the Love quality mentioned on page 115 of the Textbook, for the Second Degree, is temperance, and matches up to the placement of the TEMPERANCE card.

Universal LOVE translation for the Third Degree (holiness)

Mercy – THE WORLD card (also called THE UNIVERSE) depicts the woman inside an oval laurel crown (which symbolizes the universe.  [This card is shown above.])  At the top and bottom are red ribbons forming the sideways figure eight.  This is a symbol of Mind as God (top ribbon in heaven) reflected by man (bottom ribbon on earth).  In the woman’s hands are two rods.  These two rods represent the two paths of Mem and Kaph for THE HANGED MAN (water) and WHEEL of FORTUNE (Jupiter) cards.  THE WORLD card reverses THE HANGED MAN card.  In THE HANGED MAN card the man is inverted (upside down).  I place this card in the Second Degree with the tone of Life (hope and faith).

     Is the woman’s body in a laurel or is the laurel in her consciousness?  If she were to believe that her body was inside a laurel wreath she would be like the inverted HANGED MAN.  “When you think of yourself as in anything, you are subject to it.  Reversing this means your emancipation.  It is like escaping from a nightmare by awakening to the fact that you are not in the dream universe, but that the dream universe is your thinking.  This establishes your dominion over it.  It is the old Ptolemaic blunder of inversion, which would have the sun revolving around the earth and Soul at the mercy of body or Life dependent upon matter. (S&H 122:29-10)
     “Is the concept called body within, or are you in it?  ‘You embrace your body in your thought,’ and to recognize this is to find yourself master where before you were enslaved.’  (S&H 208:29-30).  Consciousness is always inclusive, never included.  The moment you relinquish the notion that consciousness is something that can be compressed and carried around in a box called the skull, you gain immeasurably in the Godlike manhood that spells redemption to your finite human sense of man. (S&H 397:28-30).  And this is not without immediate results with reference to your present experience or consciousness of existence.”[88]  “You cannot dispose of a material sense of body as though it were a thing, but you must transcend it; and this ascension appears as a constantly improved bodily estate (S&H 425:23-25).  You cannot die out of material body; you must live out of it.”[89]  “To dip into Scriptural metaphor, no body achieves heaven except that body which seems to have come down from heaven, but which has remained forever in heaven.  (See John 3:13).  That this is the selfsame body that has never left heaven is made clear enough where it is written that the genuine Christian Scientist never abuses the corporeal personality, but uplifts it.  That is, he redeems the limited concept to the illimitable ideal.  To the extent that he understands man in his true nature, he must see the mortal and an impersonal or incorporeal depict. (Ret 76:23-25, My 218:9-11).[90]
     In THE WORLD card the woman’s lower left leg is on the path of Tzaddi and its astrological sign is Aquarius.  Her right leg is founded upon Yesod where heaven and earth are one in consciousness.  The right leg of THE HANGED MAN rests in Kether (the Crown).  This means that his right (correct) understanding (symbolized by his right foot) is tied to spiritual understanding (Kether, the Crown).
     “A youth is suspended by one foot from a T-cross of living wood.  His arms, folded behind his back, together with his head, form a triangle with the point downward; his legs form a cross.  To an extent, the Hanged Man is still earthbound, for his foot is attached to the T-cross.  He has attained at least a measure of perfection but not yet the complete freedom symbolized in Key 21, the World.”[91]  It is clear from this description that Eden Gray does not understand that THE HANGED MAN is posed the way he is in order to present certain paths for the Kabalah tree of life.  His arms are actually forming a square; the arms are on the paths of 24 Nun (DEATH – Scorpio/Science), 26 Ayin (THE DEVIL/Capricorn[92] – for Christianity), 30 Resh (THE SUN [of God] – for the Christ), and 28 Tzaddi (THE EMPEROR/Aries being a fire sign is for the Word).
     THE HANGED MAN’S head has a halo around it; this represents the Sphere of Yesod (foundation, THE HIGH PRIESTESS/moon).  Thus, even though THE HANGED MAN is inverted, his head consciousness is based upon the true concept of man, which is spiritual and not material.  His right leg is on path 13 Gimel (THE HIGH PRIESTESS – moon) and his foot is located in Kether ([God] Crown).  His left leg follows the paths of 17 Zain (THE LOVERS – Gemini[93]) and 19 Teth (STRENGTH – Leo/the Word which is the Lamb’s wife; she is also depicted on this card).
     THE HANGED MAN represents man in the Second Degree (the human and divine coincidence), while the woman represents man in the Third Degree (God’s image and likeness, the divine and human coincidence).
     She is wrapped in a violet (Love) veil.  Her connection with the WHEEL of FORTUNE card is the divine calculus.  On THE WORLD card, however, we see only the heads of the lion, ox, (profile of the) face of a man, and (profile of the) eagle, hence, Christianity and Science face each other.  I also feel that it is of importance that the Word, the Christ, and Christianity are found within gray clouds, however, the Science creature is found within a white cloud.  This white symbolizes Principle, purity, and the fact that Science stands alone as Wisdom (Chokmah) on the Pillar of Mercy.
     THE WORLD card goes with the planet Saturn, the sixth planet, but the seventh celestial body of our galaxy.  This means that she stands for Truth and Love.
     The woman also has a garland crown upon her hair, symbolic of Virgo, the virgin of the harvest during the end time.  This woman’s face also resembles the woman found on the Pentacle of nine (of course, this could just be me seeing them looking similar, they also have different hair colors) who stands in a Concord grapevine and who has a glover upon her left hand with a perched falcon (Science).

Tarot cards 0, I, II, III, IV, and V

Tarot cards VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, and XI

Tarot cards XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, and XVII

Tarot cards XVIII, XIV, XX, AND XXI

[1] Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

[2] Mary Baker Eddy calls the Lord Love when she spiritually translates Jehovah in the 23rd Psalm at the end of the sixteenth chapter – “The Apocalypse.”  So it is love’s rod and love’s staff that comforts us.

[3] Jesse, David’s father, also has a rod that is said to “bud and bloom.”

[4] I find it strange that some Christian Scientists do not like all the talk about numbers in regards to Christian Science.  They think that this talk of numbers has something to do with numerology, which is far from the case.

[5] Window of the Open Book is found on the southern wall of the Boston edifice, better known as The First Church of Christ Scientist.

[6] Named for the tribe of Levi.

[7] What is interesting is that Egypt had only three seasons per year.  You could say that in a way they had a year based upon the three squared cycles of the Word, the Christ, and Christianity.  Then with the Western culture (culture = wheel) we added Science to the calendar’s hub.

[8] Window of the Open Book has twelve stars (twelve angels) or twelve Stargates.  One Stargate that people are probably familiar with is Paramount’s logo (more than twelve stars though) and it is on a mountain.  While watching the newest G. I. Joe movie (2013) I saw the sun.  This was new.

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[10] Pharaoh means “great house.”

[11] Ark means: “box.”

[12] Sarcophagus means: “flesh-eating stone.”

[13] During the mummification process all organs were removed.  Four organs (that they considered to be of vital importance) were placed in canopic jars (these four jars had three animal heads and one human head upon them, could this be the early understanding of the divine calculus?  The four living creatures or four beasts may actually have been borrowed from the Egyptians and spiritually translated by the Israelite prophets.).  After the brain was whipped into liquid it was drained from the nose, while the heart was left within the body.  They did this because they believed that people thought with their heart, not with their brain.

[14] The Stella is an arched stone, another Egyptian creation.

[15] The Egyptian King at the time of the Exodus was probably the Great Ramses.  Ramses’ first-born son did indeed die around this time.  This could be why Ramses actually was the first Egyptian King to make a peace treaty with the Hittites.  His thirteenth son, Seti II, becomes Ramses’ successor, and it is on a Stella by Seti II that there is mention of the Israelites.  However, because there are not three mountains after the name of Israel on the Stella it means that Israel is not considered to be a nation at that time, so his reign seems to fit in with the timing of the forty years of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness.

[16] Aaron becomes the Arch Priest for the Israelites (or Ark Priest, as he was in charge of the Ark).

[17] This was true, until there were so many temples that the king was unable to visit them all during the special festivals, thus, the king appointed priests who were able to perform his duties for him.

[18] This particular Branch Church is also a symbol for the city foursquare.  This Branch was Mary Baker Eddy’s gift that absolutely correlates with the Concord Branch Keystone window of Window of the Open Book for the Christ as Science and the Christ as Science section of Deuteronomy.  Her gift would fit in with a Mason’s T-square, a rod or reed, for measuring the Holy Temple with (see Revelation 11).

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[20] This pyramid would be decapitated because Principle is its capstone, and Soul would stand for the number three.

[21] To me this ‘m’ represents the Golden Arches of McDonalds.  McDonald represents the man (generic man) of the Sixth Day of Truth, the man (the Son, or Mc) who has dominion (Donald) over the earth.

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[23] I also call these two Betyl stones.

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[25] The Tarot card of THE STAR is not exactly like Window of the Open Book, as we see only six stars encircling the yellow Sun-star in the hub instead of twelve stars (that the woman’s crown has).  There is also one lone star (or a Stargate) located above the pyramid mountain.  These seven minor white stars could be symbolic of the seven stars (angels) spoken of in Revelation 1.

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[27] Levi means “union.”

[28] Matrix means “womb; mother.”

[29] Mary Baker Eddy gave the name Martha for the third advent of Christ.  One of Mary Baker Eddy’s sisters was named Martha.  In the movie Hoodwinked Too Little Red Riding Hood (Mother Hood) has joined the Sister Hood.

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[32] The book of Revelation is also set up with seven mountain visions, or a mountain range based upon the seven synonymous terms for God.

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[35] This completes the Old Testament.

[36] This completes the New Testament.

[37] This same idea is found in the Muslim religion.  In Mecca is a giant stone (one part has a piece of a black meteorite inside of it).  The people come to pay homage to this square slab and try to kiss the meteorite if possible.  The people walk around in a clockwise order around the squared stone.  In a way this reflects the order of the heavens of space.

[38] There was one pharaoh king (King Tut’s father), however, who actually had only one God.  He wanted all Egyptians to follow this one God (needless to say, after his death things went back to the old ways, with people having many gods).  His God was the Sun God.  I feel that his religion was a preview of Christianity, with its Son God – Jesus Christ.

[39] See S&H page 115.

[40] These three mountain pyramids (oh, so like the three major pyramids at Giza) are actually (to me) the three measures of meal that are leavened by the woman – Mary Baker Eddy – with her chapter “Science, Theology, Medicine.”  The three names of these three measures of meal are physical science, scholastic theology, and materia medica.  The material sciences and philosophies must be leavened (translated) with divine Science.

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[46] THE STAR card is one of two Tarot cards that depict the angel of Revelation 10.

[47] It is said that Mercury is Enoch (Hermes), who walked with God, or was spiritually translated.

[48] This represents Mother Hood, Christianity, and divine Science.

[49] THE EMPRESS card depicts the woman God-crowned.

[50] The Firstborn Son of God is always placed into the center hub for protection.

[51] THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE card, THE STAR card, and THE WORLD card all symbolize the Holy City.

[52] Christ and Christmas is an illustrated poem by Mary Baker Eddy.  It also has a matrix structure for the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (which is what I worked on first).

[53] As individuals we would read Science and Health and the Bible.

[54] For we collectively attend Church services.

[55] This is where there can be no Catholic Mother Church or Boston Mother Church dictating to us what we are supposed to do via the Law.  This is where the detached Branch Churches govern themselves via Aaron’s rod throughout the world.  This is the true meaning of “one world government.”

[56] No more Popes, and no more Board of Directors, just the divine calculus is in action here.

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[58] Mary Baker Eddy says that the high priestess is Love.

[59] Perfect love kicks out fear from consciousness.

[60] The word ankh is also short for the name of a people or race of divine beings, or those who came down from heaven.

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[66] Remember the feet of the angel of Revelation 10 being comparable to the feet of the god known as Mercury?

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[68] The ten Spheres represent the ace through the number ten of the Minor Arcana cards.

[69] Pardon the pun.

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[71] These four letters are seen on the scroll of THE HIGH PRIESTESS card.

[72] Round and round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows!

[73] This card depicts two trees, the woman and Adam, and in between them is the angel Raphael.

[74] This card depicts a hermit upon the mountain capstone holding a lantern with an six-pointed star, the Star of David.

[75] This card depicts a black horseman holding a banner of a white rose.  Behind him is a river.  There is also a town with twin towers.  Underneath the horse is a man on the ground.  In front of the horse are a woman and boy on their knees, and a standing Roman priest.  The woman has her head turned, exposing her neck, as if she is most willing to allow death to cut off her head (remember Goliath).  On this card death does not necessarily mean death to generic man, but death to mortal minded man.

[76] This card is similar to THE LOVERS card, except the woman and man have horns on their heads and they have tails.  The woman’s tail has fruit on it, while the man’s tail has fire on it.  They are also in fetters.  Instead of Raphael there is the Devil beast standing upon a cube.  I feel that this boxed cube symbolizes the opposite of the Ark of the Covenant man has with God, or perhaps the disobedience to God’s Law.

[77] This card depicts a king.  He sits on a throne with four heads of a ram in the corners, a symbol of the Christ squared-cycle.  In his right hand he holds an ankh, and his left hand holds a yellow fruit, perhaps it is an orange?

[78] This card depicts a crowned woman in red (royalty) sitting on a stone bench.  She holds a sword in her right hand and the scales of justice in her left hand.

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[81] Currents in rivers and other bodies of water form perfect circular rings.  These currents are called eddies as they run against the mainstream current.

[82] This leg and foot represent path 32 – Tau – for THE WORLD card.  The two are connected, as they are both on the side of Mercy (the Third Degree).

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[93] A limited aspect, or material viewpoint, sees Gemini as the man Adam and the woman, as two separate personas.  Spiritually speaking, however, Gemini represents THE LOVERS as the Lamb’s wife who “presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss – to the perfectibility of God’s creation.”  (S&H 577:5)