Spiritual Teaching Must Always be by Symbols – Chapter 3

by MJSmith

Chapter 3 – THE SEVEN DAYS of GENESIS 1-2:3

     I originally wrote this chapter as a stand-alone piece that I based upon a mailing I received from the Edgar Cayce place in Virginia.  There was a section on seven ages from the Venture Inward Newsletter.  I found it interesting.  However, I did not feel that it went into the true spiritual meaning of these seven ages.  I equate these seven ages to the Seven Days of Genesis 1-2:3.
     These seven ages are made up of 1,000 years, from “One day with the Lord is as a thousand years.”[1]  The Seven Days represent the Word order of the seven synonymous terms for God:  Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.[2]  As previously mentioned, the first six days are called the days of creation, while the Seventh Day in Genesis 2:1-3 is the Sabbath Day of Love.  I demonstrate these Days in a matrix structure that I call The Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.

     The following is the pyramid matrix structure for The First Church of Christ Scientist (in italics) and Christ and Christmas (in quotes).

     A few years ago I received some work that had been done in regards to Christ and Christmas.  In it they had come up with a square template, based upon John W. Doorly’s work of the divine calculus matrix (which I refer to as the Network).  Their mistake, however, was in thinking that this rectangular matrix went with all of the illustrations.  As anyone, who studies the book, can see not all the illustrations have the same shape to them.  This is why I have different matrixes for these illustrations.  I feel that the matrix structure for “Christmas Morn” should be based upon the oval (Journey) matrix that David Nolan came up with in regards to the skylight Starburst Window located in the auditorium of The First Church of Christ Scientist.

Sunburst Skylight

     I also have applied the Unity or Stargate Matrix (for Window of the Open Book) to “Christian Unity.”  When you do this you see that the shape of a ‘U’ is located in the hub of the wheel.  This ‘U’ stands for Unity, and it is formed by Jesus’ left hand and Mary Baker Eddy’s right hand.  This is the Unity between the two tones of Christianity (with Jesus) and Science (with Mary Baker Eddy).  Finally, with the first illustration of “The Way” I apply the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle to its almost pyramid shape.  It is the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle that apocalyptic writing is based upon (as found in Revelation), it is also what John W. Doorly’s Golden Candlestick matrix is based upon (below).

     Of course, it is up for debate, whether the illustrations of Christ and Christmas were really ever meant to be applied to the four matrix patterns.
     In Geometry there are only three basic shapes:  the circle[6] (United), the triangle (Paramount), and the square or rectangle (Network) – or what I call the U.P.N.
     You can see the pyramid matrixes (or triangles) as STEP pyramids.  The bottom “rung” or “step” consists of Mind and Love (in the tone of Christianity), the next step up would be Spirit and Truth in the tone of the Christ, the third step up is Soul and Life in the tone of the Word, and then the capstone, the main point, is Principle with the tone of Science.  With the Major Pyramid you have as your foundation step (or stone) Mind and Christian Science.  The next step up is Spirit and absolute Christian Science.  And it continues on up to Truth.
     You can build upon the Minor Pyramid in order to complete the Major Pyramid, like so:

            This pyramid structure leads us to Aaron’s rod Matrix.

     The following matrix structure is as old as the Great Pyramid of Giza!

More on Christ and Christmas with the Great Pyramid Matrix of Truth
     With all of this in mind, we can see in the pyramid layout that illustrations 1 and 11 are the foundation stone and go together, illustrations 2 and 10 coincide, illustrations 3 and 9 coincide, drawings 4 and 8 coincide, drawings 5 and 7 coincide, and 6 is the capstone illustration.  There are two sides as well.  The Side of Life has to do with the Ark of the Covenant (the Letter of the Law) while the Side of Light has to do with the Arch of the Covenant (the Spirit of the Law).  On the Kabala tree of life matrix they would be called the Pillar of Severity and the Pillar of Mercy.  The same can be said of the Edifice symbols (windows, etc.).

Mind in the tone of Christian Science

     “The Star[7] of Bethlehem” correlates with “The Way.” Mary Baker Eddy wrote that “The Star of Bethlehem” is also “The Star of Boston” just as she made it clear to the artist of Christ and Christmas that “The Way” is not only found with Jesus, where he lived, as found in the Bible, but also there is “The Way” found with Mary Baker Eddy, where she lived (New England), as found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
     In “The Star of Bethlehem,” right below the seven-pointed star, you can see the Holy family (Mary, Joseph, and Jesus), but few people see what is in the upper right hand corner.  There is a shape that takes on different shapes depending on the angle you look at it.  One view depicts the head of Jesus, another view depicts a woman in prayer (probably supposed to be Mary Baker Eddy), and a third view reminds me of the Movie Academy’s Oscar statue (for generic man, I would think).  If so, these three images present the first, second, and third comings of Christ.  These three comings of Christ take place during the three days of Life, Truth, and Love.

The corner’s cloud.

The woman’s head (my drawing is not very good).

The shape of a man.

The corner cloud when rotated.

The head of Jesus.

     In this first illustration there are many dark clouds representing error, mortal mind, ecclesiastical despotism, and the red dragon.  The following shows the application of the Minor Pyramid to “The Way.”

     Today Christian Science is “The Way” and we had better understand this fact.  In the first illustration of “The Way” is the ascending thought of generic man or the Christ man, the fact that Christ resides within the consciousness of all men.[8]  Generic man represents the third coming of Christ in the Seventh Day of Love.[9]  The shape of this illustration symbolizes Mother-Love.  I find it interesting that the tomb in the second illustration of “The Way” shows spirits coming up from it, the First Degree, there is also a dragon shape to the side of the black cross (also the First Degree), and the path of light is like the Great Pyramid of Giza’s Grand Gallery for the Third Degree.

     There is also a lion hear the ray of light by the pond and cattle upon the hillside.  It may be more noticeable in my colorized version.

The Way (Colorized by me around 2001)

The Way (Colorized by me around 2001)

Spirit in the tone of absolute Christian Science

     In “Christ Healing” there is a woman (representing Mary Baker Eddy at ages 12 and 45) sitting up in a coffin, which signifies that this illustration takes place during our modern time (specifically the 19th Century) instead of the time of Jesus.  The girl’s left hand is held by Jesus’ right hand (forming an ‘n’ shape).  In geometry the letter ‘n’ means intersection.  Intersection is where two or more things intersect or join, like how two streets meet at the corner and cross each other to form a t shape.  Intersect means “to pierce or divide by passing through or across; to meet and cross at a point; to share a common area.”[10]  Thus we have the Christ (via Jesus) sharing the common area (field of expertise[11]) of Science (with Mary Baker Patterson[12]).  Mary’s left hand (Womanhood) intersects the Christ via Jesus’ right hand (manhood).  In other words, the Christ Science Jesus demonstrated and understood is passing to (being shared by) the Womanhood Christ – Mary Baker Patterson.  Also the shape that their hands and arms form could be an arch – for the fulfillment of the Arch Covenant.
      Mind’s seven-pointed star shines down upon Jesus and the girl.  Mind’s light was Jesus’ source of illumination in Bethlehem, just as it was Mary Baker Eddy’s source of illumination in Swampscott, Lynn (and later Boston), Massachusetts.  This star is seen throughout many of the book’s illustrations, this star represents the morning star – or Venus.
     On the right side of the illustration are a man and woman.  The man is in black (First Degree) and represents the devilishness behind ecclesiastical despotism, scholastic theology, false dogma (human opinion), and materia medica.  He objects to the Woman’s “Christ Healing” that is taking place.  Both the minister and doctor that came to help Mary Baker Patterson told her that she was to die.  The woman in the forefront is in lighter clothing and is praying to God.  Mary Baker Eddy had healings take place when she was 12 and 45.  The first healing helped her overcome the restrictive theological law of “predestination” and the second healing led her to the discovery of Christian Science.

     In “Truth versus Error” we see Mary Baker Eddy knocking on the mansion door (Church consciousness) begging to be let in.  Mary Baker Eddy wrote an allegory about this woman calling her (even though she referred to the stranger with masculine pronouns) a Stranger.[13]  What Mary Baker Eddy presented (absolute Christian Science) to world thought seemed to be “alien,” thus her ideas were seen as being strange.  Many would thus consider Christian Science as being “not normal.”  However, the Woman standing upon a squared rug actually points to her normalcy.  Why?  It is because the word “normal” actually means “of a matrix” and this matrix is perpendicular and foursquare.  In the later editions of Christ and Christmas there are black and white tiles (also perpendicular), spiritually this symbolizes the city of our God (with no walls – boundaries or limitations).[14]  There is light shining down upon her, however, there is no sign of the seven-pointed star.  This is because she is the “light of the world.”  In her right hand (hand of power) she holds a scroll of Truth.  The door she knocks on is between two pillars, like those found in Masonry, the Kabalah tree of life, and Solomon’s Temple.
     Recently (January 12 & 13, 2011) I had two dreams that coincided with each other.  On the 12th I dreamed that I was sitting on my family room couch (from the past) and I heard a scratching noise on the screen.  The window was open.  At first I thought that it was raccoons but then I saw there were two gray kittens.  One kitten was on the inside while the other was the one scratching at the hole in the screen trying to come through.  It was dark outside.  I feel that this dream has to do with birth, or being born into the human (gray) realm.  On the 13th I dreamed that I was at my family room door (from the past) and I saw a family pet, a gray Tabby cat we once had.  There was a hole in the door.  (In both dreams the holes were on the lower left side.)  The hole in the door seemed to have an arch at the top.  I looked through it and it was all light, like it was daytime.  Outside I saw other departed pets (fully grown).  I feel that this dream had to do with death, or the “passing over.”  But the animals were trying to come inside, back over to this side, or within my home.  Knowing what I do about the Christmas tree’s Holy Trinity, I find it interesting that my family room window is on the left side of my back door.

     I feel that these two dreams represented the Binah (black) and Chokmah (gray) spheres of the Kabala tree of life matrix.  As seen in the Tarot cards, the Pillar of Severity is always represented by black, while the Pillar of Mercy is always represented by white.  They also represent the human Life (of Mary Baker Eddy) and the spiritual Light (of Mary Baker Eddy), or the two Sentinels known as the Letter of the Law and the Spirit of the Law.

     In Masonry the two pillars are symbols of a woman’s two legs because when a baby is born it comes out between the two legs, thus, it is a symbol for birth.

     Inside the mansion are couples drinking wine (Christ’s blood) and dancing.  The only couple recognizing the woman, and acknowledging her being at the door, is a girl and boy.[15]  The adulterers, members of material organized church, ignore Truth, while the child, Independent Christian Scientists, accept the woman’s place in Bible prophecy and accept that she is the second coming of Christ.
     I also feel it is important that it is the child thought that receives the Christ and accepts the Christ’s second coming.  As Jesus told us, we must become as a child (within our consciousness) in order to enter heaven.

Soul in the tone of divine Science

     In “Seeking and Finding” there is a Grandmother’s Clock.  The time on its face depicts the same position of the Woman God-crowned Keystone (from Window of the Open Book).  It also points us to Revelation 12:1-5.  Sitting at the table is Mary Baker Glover (1872-1875).  The seven-pointed star (Venus) shines down upon the woman, she is the receptacle of Light.  Her Bible is open (“the seven seals of error [Adam obstruction]” are removed).  This is the time period when she studied the Holy Scriptures and wrote the first edition of Science and Health.  In 1874 the planet Venus transited the sun (became “clothed with the sun”).
     This illustration is slightly different from the head window in Mother’s Room.  In “Seeking and Finding” Mary Baker Glover (not yet Eddy) is reading the Bible, while in the window Mary Baker Eddy has a pen in her hand.  I feel that the window depicts the 50th edition of Science and Health.  Also in “Seeking and Finding” there is a talking serpent with human teeth (animal magnetism) behind her on the floor.  Mary Baker Glover had to expose and write about animal magnetism before her first edition could be published.  It is because of these differences that I have dubbed this window as “T’is the same hand that writes the page.”

Mary Baker Eddy is backwards because this picture was taken from outside the church.

     In “Christian Unity” Jesus is sitting down, his mission is completed, and his mantle lays upon his lap, while Mary Baker Eddy wears her mantle and she is standing.  Notice the circle on the mantel in Mother’s Room.  I feel that this is a hint that the circular drawing is telling us that Mary Baker Eddy is given the Christ mantle.

     They both are in the wilderness and have their feet in a squared area of earth.  This speaks of the city foursquare (divine Science), along with the fact that it is a circular drawing.  In Mary’s left hand is a scroll titled:  Christian Science.  It is also of interest that the Master Mason’s Keystone has the same unity circle on the Immanuel Arch outside Mother’s Room.


     Both Jesus’ and Mary’s hands, as mentioned earlier, join in marriage, or are united by the symbol of ‘U’.  Unity represents oneness, man’s oneness (marriage) with God (divine Mind).  “The term Lord, as used in our version of the Old Testament, is often synonymous with Jehovah, and expresses the Jewish concept [mortal man’s tribal god], not yet elevated to deific apprehension through spiritual transfiguration.  Yet the word [Jehovah] gradually approaches a higher meaning [divine Love, which Mary Baker Eddy accomplishes in S&H 578:5 when she transfigures PSALM XXIII].  This human sense of Deity yields to the divine sense, even as the material sense of personality yields to the incorporeal sense of God and man as the infinite Principle and infinite idea, — as one Father with His universal family, held in the gospel of Love.  The Lamb’s wife presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals [the intersection of two Christ advents], but as two individual natures in one [the united Christian Scientist]; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, — to the perfectibility of God’s creation.”[16]

Principle in the tone of Science itself

     In “Christmas Eve” the scene depicts the Christ mass of people getting together to exchange gifts and celebrate Christmas (which actually means “Christ Mass”).  This illustration is the mansion in “Truth versus Error” as it has the same type of electric lights, and it is a huge room.
     In “Christmas Eve” there is an old man in black who is probably a preacher.  A boy is handing him a book (probably the Bible).  There is a main family, the woman I call Eve and the man I call Adam, and a square of four daughters who all stand by the giant Christmas tree.  This Christmas tree represents the tree of knowledge of good and evil, however, it can also be spiritually translated back to God as being the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.  The capstone (crown) of the decapitated giant (Goliath is beheaded by David) Christ-mass tree is cut off by the edge of the drawing.  Hence, there is no “Mother’s Room (consciousness).”
     The Ghost Museum dream (1996) had even a greater significance when I was to notice a floating head in front of the giant Christmas tree from the “Christmas Eve” illustration for Christ and Christmas.  The giant’s head was decapitated by the edge of the drawing like the giant Christmas tree’s (the tree is a dead body) head was decapitated by the edge of the drawing.  The floating head was of a boy.  It looks as if he is a choirboy singing a carol.  But I also noticed that this boy was the head capstone of a pyramid.  At the right bottom corner was a door (Jesus referred to himself as a door) and at the left bottom corner was a window (Mary Baker Eddy referred to herself as a window).  This also correlated with symbols within The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.  The boy’s head would be in the Vestry, where the window of the Manchild (whose head somewhat resembles the head on the Christmas tree) is located, and also where the Immanuel Arch is located.  This Immanuel Arch leads into Mother’s Room (Mother’s Consciousness).  It too has two columns.  The door coincides with the place where the stained glass window of Jesus’ resurrection is located.  It is called “Mary First at the Resurrection.”  And the window coincides with the place where the stained glass window of the “Woman God-crowned” (a.k.a., the Fourth Mary) is located.[17]

Christmas Eve Holy Trinity

     I noticed these three items after the Ghost Museum Dream with the drawing of a giant’s body.  As mentioned above, this giant body was decapitated by the edge of the drawing just like the Christmas tree is.  In front of the giant’s body was the floating head of William Shatner.[18]
     Another beheading that took place in the Bible was that of John the Baptist.  “John the Baptist, who has passed moral judgment on the sensualism of Herod, loses his head.  When a body is severed from its head, both head and body die.  But the head which is Christ cannot be cut from its body (generic man), and so both remain alive.”[19]  The Christ cannot be separated from the Christ-mass, or the Christian congregation.  For whatever God has joined together no man shall put asunder.
     Also found in the Christmas tree is a serpent wrapped around the tree’s trunk.  There are many dolls (personal sense) hanging in the tree, and a huge train (representing material organized religion) is on one branch.

Close up of the tree, colorized be me.  I made the serpent green, I should have made it red.

     There is a young woman in a wheel chair.  Her parents, if that is who they are, do not seem to particularly notice her.  They are located near an unused piano that nobody is playing.  This represents that fact that no one inside the mansion church understands the Seven Days (notes) or their operation with the four noted chords of the divine calculus.
     There is also an old woman (dressed in black) with a book or tablet; she is sitting in a rocking chair.  The Textbook may heal this woman because a girl (the childlike thought) has her right arm placed upon the woman’s left arm.  The rocking chair is seen in illustration 8 “Treating the Sick.”

     In “Treating the Sick” we have the Adam man asleep in a big giant bed, probably ill or dieing.  This bed is like the giant Christmas tree, over sized.  The bed’s perspective is even off (on purpose).  Adam’s head appears as if it is decapitated by the bedding.  The Christian Science practitioner (a woman dressed in white) is sitting in the same rocking chair that the old woman is sitting in from “Christmas Eve.”  Neither of the women have an open Textbook.  This could have to do with the fact that many Christian Science healings occurred simply through “human faith” rather than “understanding.”  Human faith depicts having a closed book, while spiritual understanding (the Third Degree) depicts having an open book.  True faith is spiritual discernment.
     Today the Textbook is closed to most “church goers” (members of the material organized Christ Scientist Churches).  Why is it closed?  Mostly because of the way they study the book.  They may study their “Bible Lessons” every day, however, because the Bible Lessons use selected readings from the Bible and the Christian Science Textbook they do not really inform the reader of the two book’s matrix structures.  This method is based upon “faith healing” without spiritual discernment.
     Today the Bible and the Christian Science Textbook are open books to “Independent Christian Scientists” because they read them from cover to cover.  They proceed through its matrix structure, its orderly system.  This method is based upon “spiritual understanding” and “spiritual discernment.”[20]

Life as Life and Love as Light

     “Christmas Morn” was probably given its oval shape from the Easter illustration that it was patterned after.  I cannot say for sure because I have never seen the Easter illustration.  In “Christmas Morn” (representing resurrection) the two angels were changed from the Easter illustration in that they do not have wings.  I feel that these two angels represent Mary Baker Eddy’s two missions, the manhood mission of Revelation 10 and the Womanhood mission of Revelation 12.  The angels have a train with passengers[21] of the woman’s remnant seed.  This represents spiritual Church instead of materially organized religion.  Both angels also have lights (spiritual illumination) upon their heads. These lights seem to be candlesticks.  Some Christian Scientists think that these two angels represent the two witnesses of Revelation 11 (which are Jesus Christ and Mary Baker Eddy).  They are welcome to their viewpoints of the symbols.  Perhaps the angels represent both symbols of Mary Baker Eddy’s manhood and Womanhood and the two witnesses.
     The river and the path both have ‘S’ shapes that cross each other.  I call this the Science X-stream.  There is also a cracked open tomb.  A tree on the right side is said to be the tree of life.  In the field, by the tree, are twelve sheep representing the twelve tribes of Israel.  In the background is the path going by a Protestant Church and a household (representing, I think, the Concord Branch Church), while even further in the background is a shape that is similar to the Extension dome in Boston.

     “Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me” has the same rocking chair as seen in illustrations 4 and 8.  This time the old man of scholastic theology is sitting in it.  He is clothed in black and wears glasses.  This old man symbolizes the carnal mind of each and every one of us (or each of us who believe that they were born into a material body and must die in order to get out of this material body and go to heaven).  He is looking at the little girl who sits in a wooden chair.
     The girl (Love) represents each of us as the spiritually minded, the spiritual idea of God.  She sits upon a foursquare chair.  The perspective on the chair’s rungs is off because they are representing a ramp that would wind around the outside of a pyramid.  The girls two feet (which I feel represent spiritual understanding and spiritual discernment) are resting upon the ramp.  She is dressed in white with a bow tie.  (As the eleventh Doctor would say, “Bow ties are cool.”)  The open book Science and Health Key to the Scriptures illuminates her face.  There is the seven-pointed star of Venus (Bethlehem-Boston) shining down upon her that forms the pyramid of scientific light.
     Outside the window of nine panes (or perhaps nine types of pain caused by nine months of gestation in a material womb) is a dragon shape.  Fortunately, it is unable to get inside.
     By the old man is a table.  On the table is a loaf of bread (a symbol that Truth must be mentally digested, thus, this bread relates to the open book in the girl’s hand).  Also on the table is a closed Bible, it is a sealed (closed) book.  This relates to what is located in the shadows of the background.  There is the old man’s Grandfather’s Clock.  Its time points us to Revelation 5:1-5 because the time reads 5:05.  The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 represent Mary Baker Eddy’s five churches:  Church of Christ Scientist, The First Church of Christ Scientist, the first built First Concord Branch, the second built First Concord Branch, and the Church Universal and Triumphant.  The last Church was not materially organized at all; it is the Church that resides within us as the city of our God, or the Kingdom of Heaven.

Truth as Life and Truth as Light

“Christ was not crucified—that doom
     Was Jesus’ part;
For Sharon’s rose must bud and bloom
     In human heart.*”[22]

*“God was manifest in the flesh.” – St. Paul.

     What is Sharon’s rose?  It is the matrix structure for Christ and Christmas that follows the pattern of Window of the Open Book (or the Stargate Matrix).  And as I figured out in 2010, it has to do with Aaron’s rod.  Aaron’s rod was the only rod in the Third Day of Soul said to have the power to “bud and bloom.”  Sharon’s rose is not mentioned anywhere in any of Mary Baker Eddy’s other writings.  We must ask ourselves why?  I feel that her poem was a prophecy that would eventually be discovered by me.
     In W. Gordon Brown’s book From Genesis to Revelation he explains that the book of Zechariah is in the tone of Christ as Science.  This is of interest in regards to Window of the Open Book, as the appropriate Keystone for this tone is the Concord Grapevine window.  This correlates with Mary Baker Eddy’s Concord Branch.  On page 270 he writes, “Reference is made to a ‘great mountain.’”  I see this as the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.  He continues with, “The question is asked, ‘Who art thou, O great mountain?  before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain[23] and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.’”  Zerubbabel was a King in the line of David and returned to the holy city of God from Babylon (confusion).  But I see this line from Zechariah as speaking about me, for I have first understood the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (Judge Hanna’s Christ and Christmas Matrix) and then been able to turn it into Sharon’s[24] Rose Matrix (some of Doorly’s students created the Christ and Christmas Unity Matrix).  The “‘hands of Zerubbabel hath laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it.’  Everything in God’s universe comes from, and returns to, the one divine Principle, Love.
     “‘Take silver and gold [the human and divine coincidence], and make crowns [kingly consciousnesses], and set them upon the head of Joshua [the Savior],’ Zechariah is told, ‘And speak unto him, saying, Thus speaketh the Lord of hosts, saying, Behold the man whose name is The BRANCH; and he shall grow up out of his place, and he shall build the temple of the Lord.’  Joshua, identical with Jesus, signifies that state of consciousness which leads the children of Israel into the promised land [with its city foursquare, New Jerusalem, and city of our God], whether this is represented as taking place symbolically in the Bible’s third thousand-year period, or in what the prophets call ‘the last days,’ under the auspices of the absolute Science of Christian Science.  The self-governing branch church, as founded by Mrs. Eddy, is the symbol of this man whose name is ‘The BRANCH,’ and who is generic man.  Because it is ‘dependent upon no material organization (S&H 509:3), this branch is Israel’s new built, resurrection body.” (From Genesis to Revelation; by W. Gordon Brown, page 270)  Is it a coincidence that the meaning of my married name happens to be “branch”?
     Since the corresponding illustration for the Concord (Branch) Grapevine Keystone is “The Way” we must understand that the true way for the Church is not The Mother Church organization but the Independent Branch Church that was built upon the foundation of HOME.  Thus, the Branch that grew up out of his own place or his home.  One of my names actually means “branch.”
     “Christian Science Healing” has two different illustrations in different editions.  The first illustration, I feel, is for Truth as Life while the second illustration is for Truth as Light.  In the first illustration the person in the bed is an old woman while in the second illustration the person in the bed is an old man.  I feel that Mary Baker Eddy had to first raise up the world’s acceptance of her place in Bible prophecy.  The world basically saw her (as did her lawyers) as a “little old woman.”  Womanhood, however, came into the world in order to fulfill the Ark of the Covenant (the Letter of the Law).  She was pleased when her students understood her to be the woman of Revelation 12.  The second illustration was about her mission to fulfill the Arch of the Covenant with the Spirit of the Law.  Man must be raised up from the belief that he must continue with material organized religion.  Man must give up such a stifling notion!  Ecclesiastic despotism claims that man is fallen from grace (thanks to Eve), but Christian Science says, “Forever present, bounteous, free, Christ comes in gloom; And aye, with grace toward you and me, for health makes room.”[25]
     Also in the first illustration Mary Baker Eddy’s mantle is dark (for severity), while in the second one it is white (for mercy).  When seen in this respect – Mary Baker Eddy is both pillars, both columns, both betyls, or both Sentinels.  In both illustrations the seven-pointed star not only shines down upon her (in the pyramid shape) but also shines its light upon the woman outside the room.  I feel that this woman represents the corporeal Mary, as Mary Baker Eddy always said, “I need to get Mary out of the way.”  She meant that she had to understand that God did the healing, not some person or lady called Mary.  She also had to get personal sense out of her consciousness (out of the room) and listen only to divine Mind.
     In the background there is a small table and on top of it is medicine.  In the second illustration there is more medicine.  This tells us that medicine was used to try and heal the woman/man in the bed but failed (because God is the only true power).


The Seven Ages

     Getting back to my very first paragraph, at the end of December 2010 I received a mailing from the A.R.E. (which is Edgar Cayce’s organization).  In the envelope was a sample from their Venture Inward Newsletter (Excerpts from the Summer 2010 issue).  There was a short article called “The Seven Ages.”  It is not based upon Christian Science; however, you can find some interesting things within it.  The following is from the article.
     Cayce saw, as did several other prophets, that human souls will only be in this world for seven ages,[26] and each age has specific lessons to teach before we move on to enjoy the entire universe that our Creator has made for us.

“(Q) What were the symbols of the seven stages of man’s development?

“(A) The world as the beetle.  Birth as a cockerel.  The Mind as the serpent.  Wisdom as the hawk.  The varied activities in the cross, the crown, the gate, the door, the way.” (281-25)

1.  The World as the Beetle
     In Egyptian mysticism, the world is indeed seen as a beetle – a dung beetle!  Yet the ancient Egyptians taught that from the dung of human life one can, as the dung beetle does, roll one’s mess toward the rising Sun, plant a seed in it, and at high noon, when the Sun is at its highest, that seed will bring forth resurrection.  In other words, out of the dung of life will come a new life, a new awareness.

2.  Birth as the Cockerel
     The cockerel, or rooster, is the symbol for birth, the birth of our physical, lower selves.  As the rooster, we were once cocksure of our beauty and virility, ready to fully incarnate in matter and to find mates.  Yet the rooster, for all his physical lust, is irresistibly moved from deep within to crow when light penetrates the darkness as the Sun rises on a new day, a new opportunity.  The most famous cockerel in mystical lore is Abraxas, from the Egyptian Gnostics.  The seven letters of his name were believed to be symbols of the seven rays of power – corresponding to the chakras.  In the accompanying illustration of Abraxas we see imagery from Hinduism related to the kundalini and the reins for controlling the [four] stallions of earthly senses and desires.[27]  This was an early age.

3.  Mind as the Serpent
     Mind as the serpent is revealed in the Garden of Eden, when we listened to our mind’s reasoning that we could disobey God and “not surely die,” as God had warned.[28]  But, once eaten, the death was much worse than we had reasoned.  Egyptian mysticism presents two serpents.  One called Apep, who bites at the feet of our Ra-consciousness (God-consciousness), poisoning us with its distractions and temptations, as indicated in the biblical story of the Garden; the other is winged and lifting off the ground.  It is a raised serpent that symbolizes our ability to raise our consciousness and energy sufficiently to know higher awareness again.

4.  Wisdom as the Hawk (Falcon)
     The hawk as wisdom is a symbol of our ability to see from higher perspectives, as the hawk does from a mile above the ground, floating on the winds of the spirit.  This is the awakened higher mind.  In ancient Egypt, the messiah was Horus, immaculately conceived by Isis; his icon is the hawk or falcon.  The higher mind is our redeemer.  It lifts to a truer vision.

5.  The Cross and the Crown
     The cross is symbolic of a key stage in our development.  As Cayce stated in reading 2475-1 (and others), the crucifixion of our self-centered desires is required in order for us to awaken to our true, eternal nature and the real abilities of helpfulness that lie within our grasp as sons and daughters of God, as godlings in the image of God.
     This may correlate to the Piscean Age, which is rapidly coming to a close.[29]

6.  The Gate, the Door
     The gate or door is in our mind.  Heart, and body (as a chakra), and we control it with our free will.  Several Cayse readings indicate that the time we are entering is the time of opening the door to higher consciousness, greater love, and even higher chakras (there being 12 according to Cayce).

7.  The Way
     The Way is expressed in the living of the two greatest commandments:  (1) Love God with all our being, and (2) Love our fellow man as we would be loved.  Love is the way.  The essence of God is that vibration, that spirit we know as love.  It is the single most powerful cleanser of all that hinders us.  When we live lovingly we know the glory that was ours before the world was, when we were conscious of being sons and daughters of God, when we were the morning stars.[30]
     Now, let us take a more spiritual look at this short article.

     The first section of The World as the Beetle represents Adam (mortal minded man) and not the man spoken of in Genesis 1 (during the Sixth Day of Truth).  Some people may think of the actions of the dung beetle being symbolic of Jesus’ resurrection in the tomb.  Jesus resurrected the material waste body in order to prove that Life is eternal, that man who is created in God’s image after God’s likeness can never die!  However, the dung beetle “plants a seed,” thus, the dung beetle never resurrects at all, but it is just procreating, which is a material process.  This is the opposite of Mind’s creation (revelation) of man as His-Her idea.
     The symbology of the dung being rolled toward the rising Sun represents mortal mind turning toward the Christ Mind.  It could even prefigure the symbol where Jesus rolled away the stone from the entrance to the tomb.[31]  In the material world, however, the dung acts as an incubator to the beetle’s egg.  There really is no resurrection of life at all, what is really taking place is the corporeal birth of a mortal beetle.  It is highly doubtful that the newborn beetle even has a “new awareness” that is different from its parent mortal mind.
     When Jesus Christ resurrected he was demonstrating Soul, as Soul restores, maintains, retains, and sustains idea in its perfection.  The disciples may have seen Jesus’ resurrection as a demonstration of Life, as they believed that he had died.  But if Jesus’ real being (which is spiritual and not material) had actually died he could never have resurrected the body (demonstrated Soul).
     “All questions as to the divine creation being both spiritual and material are answered in this passage [Genesis 1:5], for though solar beams are not yet included in the record of creation, still there is light.  This light is not from the sun nor from volcanic flames, but it is the revelation of Truth and of spiritual ideas.  This also shows that there is no place where God’s light is not seen, since Truth, Life, and Love fill immensity and are ever-present.  Was not this a revelation instead of a creation?
     “The successive appearing of God’s ideas is represented as taking place on so many evenings and mornings, – words which indicated, in the absence of solar time, spiritually clearer views of Him, views which are not implied by material darkness and dawn.  Here we have the explanation of another passage of Scripture, that ‘One day is with the Lord as a thousand years.’  The rays of infinite Truth, then gathered into the focus of ideas, bring light instantaneously, whereas a thousand years of human doctrines, hypotheses, and vague conjectures emit no such effulgence.
     “Did infinite Mind create matter, and call it light?  Spirit is light, and the contradiction of Spirit is matter, darkness, and darkness obscures light.  Material sense is nothing but a supposition of the absence of Spirit.  No solar rays nor planetary revolutions form the day of Spirit.  Immortal Mind makes its own record, but mortal mind, sleep, dreams, sin, disease, and death have no record in the first chapter of Genesis.” (S&H 504:6-505:3)  Therefore, it must be accepted that mortal mind, sleep, dreams, sin, disease, and death are all illusions.
     The main difference between Genesis 1 and a dung beetle is that in Genesis 1 God creates all, He-She reveals all ideas as good (Spirit); the dung beetle, however, procreates itself.  The dung beetle of mortal mind believes in material sex, it believes itself to be a creator, and it believes that God needs the male and female dung beetles to create life anew.  But all that sex (lust) creates is moral depravity.

     “Spirit imparts the understanding which uplifts consciousness and leads into all truth.” (S&H 505:16)
     Spiritual birth is the only real birth that can take place.  Material birth is not of God’s creative Mind.  The flood of Noah was to cleanse the world of evil, error, animal magnetism and bring about a spiritual rebirth (Life that is pure and clean).  A huge reason for the flood was because the sons of God found the women of men to be desired.  These “sons of God” lusted for the women of men.  In other words sex became the way to create mankind.
     The rooster, or cock, evidently is a symbol of material birth (out of Adamah clay, the dust, the ground, nothingness).  Why should we be expected “to fully incarnate in matter” and “find mates”?  This belief comes from the Adam dream not from Genesis 1.
     A negative, evil trait called “lust” belongs to the rooster (pardon the pun, a man’s cock).  The number six means “sex,” thus, the devil’s number of 666 simply means, sex, sex, sex.
     Yes, the cockcrows before the dawn, when the light breaks forth the dawn of a new day, but let us not forget the cock crowed at Peter’s betrayal to the Christ!
     We must come to understand that the chakras are not of God unless they reflect God as divine Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  As for the kundalini illustration, are not the four horses, even though all white, like the four horsemen of Revelation 6?
     This illustration actually makes me think of THE CHARIOT Tarot card.  Yet, this man has two legs that turn into serpents of sensual lust and desire.  The two legs somewhat resemble the symbol used for Apophis (the serpent god of darkness) in Stargate SG-1!  This illustration certainly seems to symbolize Spirit in that it makes a distinct separation between night and day, or darkness (error, evil) and light (Spirit, which is good).
     “Through divine Science, Spirit, God, unites understanding to eternal harmony.  The calm and exalted thought or spiritual apprehension is at peace.  Thus the dawn of ideas goes on, forming each successive stage of progress.”  (S&H 506:10)

     “Mind as the Serpent” should actually be rephrased as, “mortal mind is the serpent.”  The serpent stands for Soul’s opposite – that which is called physical sense, or the five senses.  I feel that the authors of the Adam allegory probably knew about Apep and used it as the model for the talking serpent (which is really Adam’s nervous system), from Adam’s physical body (which is really the Garden of Eden).  If, however, Ra does mean “evil” as I have seen it defined, then how could Ra be God-consciousness?
     In the Adam allegory the serpent is said to bite at the woman’s feet (not Eve’s feet).  The woman truthfully symbolizes man’s divinity, or spiritual consciousness.  The serpent’s goal is to impede the woman’s spiritual progress or her Footsteps of Truth.
     “Who shall say that man is alive to-day, but may be dead to-morrow?  What has touched Life, God, to such strange issues?  Here theories cease, and Science unveils the mystery and solves the problem of man.  Error bites the heel of truth, but cannot kill truth.  Truth bruises the head of error—destroys error.  Spirituality lays open siege to materialism.  On which side are we fighting?” (S&H 216:3)
     The second serpent must actually be the first serpent known in Revelation 12 as the red dragon.  The red dragon (who still pursues the woman) does not raise man’s consciousness up higher; no it is when man follows the footsteps of Truth that he is raised up out of the swamp (mud and water) or primordial soup.  As Jesus spoke in his parable, it is the woman’s three measures of leavened meal that raises up man from the belief that he is born into a material body into the Truth that man is God’s reflection, forever perfect, forever spiritual.
     These three measures of meal – the world, the flesh, and the devil – Mary Baker Eddy explains as being three religions.  The world is Roman Catholicism, the flesh is the faith of the Protestant, and the devil is the material organized Christian Science church.  The woman’s three measures of meal are placed in the world belief of physical science, theology based upon flesh theories, and faith healing that is of the devil (an erroneous type of healing method).  Faith healing is not God’s Scientific healing because there is no spiritual discernment in back of it.
     In a dream vision I had I was confronted with a man in the robes of a priest.  He tried to use animal magnetism on me to do harm to the girl (who was there with me).  When he used this method of mesmerism he turned into the devil, with red skin and horns.  But he could not fool me or get me to turn against the girl, who I feel was Mary Baker Eddy.  I understand that this devil to be not only our five physical senses but also the Boston hierarchy who deny Mary Baker Eddy’s Place in Bible Prophecy.
     Mary Baker Eddy actually explains that – “The serpent of God’s creating is neither subtle nor poisonous, but is a wise idea, charming in its adroitness, for Love’s ideas are subject to the Mind which forms them, – the power which changeth the serpent into a staff.”  (S&H 515:5)
     “Creation is ever appearing, and must ever continue to appear from the nature of its inexhaustible source.  Mortal sense inverts this appearing and calls ideas material.  Thus, misinterpreted, the divine idea seems to fall to the level of a human or material belief, called mortal man.  But the seed is in itself [not in dung], only as the divine Mind is All and reproduces all – as Mind is the multiplier and Mind’s infinite idea, man and the universe, is the product.  The only intelligence or substance of a thought, a seed, or a flower is God, the creator of it.  Mind is the Soul of all.  Mind is Life, Truth, and Love which governs all.” (S&H 507:28-508:8)
     “The third stage in the order of Christian Science is an important one to the human thought, letting in the light of spiritual understanding.  This period corresponds to the resurrection, when Spirit is discerned to be the Life of all, and the deathless Life, or Mind, dependent upon no material organizations [such as the physical body, a church, school systems, or Federal Government].  Our Master reappeared to his students, – to their apprehension he rose from the grave, – on the third day of his ascending thought, and so presented to them the certain sense of eternal Life.”  (S&H 508:28-509:8)

     The “flying eagle” is a symbol for God’s Science, but I also use the hawk and falcon as symbols for Science.  Mary Baker Eddy tells us that the dove symbolizes divine Science.  Principle is Science and Science is Principle.  In the Bible the Forth Day of Principle took place during the Christ era with its Fisher (Sixteen Prophets)-Kings (of Judah and Ephraim).  It is the Christ prophet Mind that truly rules and governs man.
     The difference between Isis and the Virgin Mary is that Mary was not a goddess, nor was she (even though many religions believe her to be so) the Mother of God!  God has no Mother because God is Mother.  Mary Baker Eddy tells us that Mary was able to conceive of God’s Fatherhood and this is why she was able to be the mother of Jesus.  It was Mary’s Womanhood mission to give birth to the Christ ideal, which is first presented in Genesis 3.[32]
     What is interesting about the story of Isis and Osiris is that they were central to the Egyptian belief in life after death and that they descend to earth in order to cultivate Egypt.  Jesus Christ, however, proved that death was not real because he resurrected the body and in doing so he proved Life (even life reflecting Life) to be eternal.
     Osiris is said to have taught “the rest of the world how to be civilized.”  In other words, he taught the outer wheel matrix (the cultivation) to mankind.  Isis on the other hand is given the mission to keep her evil brother, Seth, in check.  This seems to correlate with the woman’s mission in the Bible (Genesis 3) if we think of Seth as being animal magnetism, the serpent.  Eve’s third son’s name is Seth.  Of course, these two Seths are not the same person.  But this makes me think that the woman (who later becomes misidentified by Adam’s personal sense to be Eve) is in charge of keeping her son Seth (who was not at all evil) in check – on the Third Degree path.
     Seth eventually hacks Osiris into thirteen pieces and scatters them over the Nile River.  If we think of the thirteen tribes of Israel[33] as thirteen separate tribes instead of one United States (of 13 Nations), then you get separation, cutting, like with Osiris’ cut up body.  Isis finds only twelve body parts (the outer circumference of the wheel, the twelve nations, the twelve stars) to Osiris and then reconstructs his body.  The one piece that is missing, which seems the most essential to a male, is the phallus.  Isis breaths life into her husband, he is resurrected, and he becomes the God of the Dead.
     Isis gives birth to Horus.  The question is if Osiris is missing his phallus, then how does Isis become pregnant?  Does she actually have a virgin conception?  No, because according to the myth, Isis uses a branch from a tree for Osiris’ phallus.  I figure that the branch is supposed to be from the tree of life, but that is only a guess.  Let us take this symbol of the phallus branch to mean “offspring” instead of “root.”  If so, then I can say that the branch symbolically relates to Mary Baker Eddy’s Branch Churches located in the nation of the United States of America.  These Branch Churches are to obey the State laws they reside in.  They do not need to obey whatever The Mother Church’s Board of Director dictates them to do.  (There are also Branch churches in other nations around the world, I would expect that they are to obey the national laws of where they reside in.)
     What this could also symbolize is that the body (the Christ congregation) of the Church is like the Wheel’s rim with the Word, the Christ, and Christianity (the Bible) while its central hub (a phallus from the tree of life) gives birth to Horus (a little open book).
     According to the myth, Horus defeats his Uncle Seth in battle; however, Horus loses an eye in the fight.  This eye, however, is magically regenerated, or in my opinion, his spiritual understanding (his vision) is Scientifically restored via the Principle of Soul.  But, the eye is also a center (like the eye of a storm), thus, we have the eye being equivalent to the phallus, and most importantly, equivalent to the Open Book – Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy (today’s modern Isis, for she restored the Lost Israel).
     In the myth Seth does not die because evil will always be with us.  But this is not the Truth.  Evil is only with us so long as we accept the reality of its existence!  Evil seems real as long as we continue to mentally digest the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good (Spirit) and evil (matter).  And “a little open book” was spiritually born so that man could wake up from the Adam (Seth) dream.  In Genesis the woman’s Third Degree son is Seth, and it was through Seth’s lineage that Enoch (7th generation – Love) is spiritually translated back to God (he walks with God).  This symbolizes the fact that in the Seventh Day of Love that generic man will wake up from the Adam dream and “walk with God.”  For Mary Baker Eddy writes, “The periods of spiritual ascension are the days and seasons of Mind’s creation, in which beauty, sublimity, purity, and holiness – yea, the divine nature – appear in man and the universe never to disappear.
     “Knowing the Science of creation, in which all is Mind and its ideas, Jesus rebuked the material thought of his fellow-countrymen:  ‘Ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs [symbols] of the times?’  How much more should we seek to apprehend the spiritual ideas of God, than to dwell on the objects of sense!  To discern the rhythm of Spirit and to be holy, thought must be purely spiritual.” (S&H 509:24-510:5)
     “The changing glow and full effulgence of God’s infinite ideas, images, mark the periods of progress.” (S&H 511:17)

     The cross that we must carry and the crown that leads us into eternal Life are symbols belonging to the era of Christianity, when the virgin mother gives birth to the Christ incarnated as Jesus.
     Christians place too much importance on Jesus’ crucifixion as being the cause of their salvation, their way out of matter (hell) to heaven (harmony).  Instead Christians should place more importance upon the Christ crown (a God-crown) and know nothing but the Christ glorified!
     The Piscean Age, however, brought forth God’s two anointed Christ Witnesses (Revelation 11).  They are the two lamp stands.  These two witnesses are Jesus Christ (who was given the Fatherhood Mission during the Day of Life) and Mary Baker Eddy (who was given the Son-ship Mission during the Day of Truth so that the Motherhood Mission during the Day of Love would come forth without a hitch).  Mary Baker Eddy brought forth her Son-ship in “a little open book.”[34]  Her Textbook brought back to remembrance the words and works of Christ Jesus.  Mary Baker Eddy explained God, the Bible, and Jesus’ Life like no other person has.  Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy are the two Christ-fish who are Teachers to the world.
     It is of interest that Mary Baker Eddy’s Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, is referred to as “The Cross” and “The Crown.”  “The Cross” is the original Edifice build in 1894 while “The Crown” is the Extension built in 1906.  It is also of symbolic significance that these two buildings are placed upon a triangular lot and that at the East (Christ) head (capstone) of the corner (literally) there is the window of Mary Baker Eddy, and above her is the Christian Science Seal with its cross being encompassed by its crown.
     It is also of importance that the two symbols of the circle (for The Crown) and The Cross when adjacent form the symbol for the Morning Star – Venus (Womanhood)!  The symbol for Venus has a circle on top of a cross.  Many Christian Scientists see the Extension as being more important than the original Edifice, possibly because Church services are held in the Extension and it holds many more people.  But if we actually stand at the corner, at the capstone, what comes first is the stained glass window of Mary Baker Eddy!  “Mortal mind inverts the true likeness, and confers animal names and natures upon its own misconceptions.  Ignorant of the origin and operations of mortal mind, – that is, ignorant of itself, – this so-called mind puts forth its own qualities, and claims God as their author; albeit God is ignorant of the existence of both this mortal mentality, so-called, and its claim, for the claim usurps the deific prerogatives and is an attempted infringement on infinity.”  (S&H 512:25-513:3)
     “Advancing spiritual steps in the teeming universe of Mind lead on to spiritual spheres and exalted beings.  To material sense, this divine universe is dim and distant, gray in the sombre hues of twilight; but anon the veil is lifted, and the scene shifts to light.  In the record, time is not yet measured by solar revolutions, and the motions and reflections of deific power cannot be apprehended until divine Science becomes the interpreter.”  (S&H 513:6)

     “God creates all forms of reality.  His thoughts are spiritual realities.  So-called mortal mind—being nonexistent and consequently not within the range of immortal existence—could not by simulating deific power invert the divine creation, and afterwards recreate persons or things upon its own plane, since nothing exists beyond the range of all-inclusive infinity, in which and of which God is the sole creator.  Mind joyous in strength, dwells in the realm of Mind.  Mind’s infinite ideas run and disport themselves.  In humility they climb the heights of holiness.” (S&H 513:26-514:9)
     I feel that the title for “6.  The Gate, the Door[35] should be, “The Stargate, the Doorway to Heaven.”  Mary Baker Eddy is the Stargate Window of the Open Book[36] Prophetess, while Jesus Christ is the Door (The Way) to Heaven.  The Woman God-crowned Window is found in the west north corner of the Edifice (The Cross) while Mary First at the Resurrection Window (with Jesus) is found in the west south corner of the Edifice.  And these two prophets that have been placed in the corners shall be hidden no more!  The Stargate Window and the Doorway to Heaven are not chakras at all!  They are the two witnesses of Revelation 11.
     Man must learn that he does not, nor never has had, free will.  Man’s mistake is in assuming that he has free will.  There is only the Will of God and the real man is obedient to God’s Will!  This is Truth.
     Cayce claims there are twelve chakras.  I do not know if this is true, however, I do know there are twelve stars on the woman’s God-crown!  Divine Science’s Window of the Open Book presents the twelve stars with its Stargate matrix.  In Revelation 1 the “seven stars” in the right hand of the Son of man are said to be angels for the seven churches (candlesticks).  Mary Baker Eddy tells us that angels are God’s thoughts passing to man (passing to the Church Congregation of Christ).  Angels are also God’s messengers.  Thus, if chakras are actually God’s thoughts passing to man then I can accept the existence of chakras.
     Mary Baker Eddy also refers to woman’s twelve stars (which include the seven stars of the Son of man) as the twelve tribes, or nations, of Israel (Jacob).  This is to point us to Bible books, such as Numbers, Ezekiel, and Revelation, in order to help us understand the divine calculus matrix for the Wheel of Prophecy.  This is also why she presented the symbols she wrote about in “The Apocalypse” in Window of the Open Book (a Rose-compass[37] Window).
     “The ideal man corresponds to creation, to intelligence, and to Truth.  The ideal woman corresponds to Life and to Love.  In divine Science, we have not as much authority for considering God masculine, as we have for considering Him feminine, for Love imparts the clearest idea of Deity.”[38]  If we think of Mother’s Room with the three tones of Life, Truth, and Love, we have as Truth – Mary Baker Eddy representing the ideal man and Life and Love – The Star (angel) of Boston (who is Mary Baker Eddy) and the girl reading “a little open book” (who is Mary Baker Eddy’s childlike acceptance of Christian Science) as the ideal woman.  However, I also feel that this child points us to the student of Christian Science in the Day of Love, presenting generic man.  Mary Baker Eddy has the courage to tell us that God should be considered as feminine because “Love imparts the clearest idea of Deity.”  Likewise, we must understand that the two angels in “Christmas Morn” represent the manhood (angle of Revelation 10) and womanhood (woman God-crowned of Revelation 12) missions of Mary Baker Eddy as the Discoverer of Christian Science (with the manchild book) and the Founder of The First Church of Christ Scientist (the manchild Branch’s rod of Iron – the Church Manual).
     However, she warns us not to personalize the symbols seen in these windows as her material persona-being in the following paragraph, “The only proper symbol of God as person is Mind’s infinite ideal.  What is this ideal?  Who shall behold it?  This ideal is God’s own image, spiritual and infinite.  Even eternity can never reveal the whole of God, since there is no limit to infinitude or to its reflections.” (S&H 517:15)
     In regards to the window – “T’is the Same Hand That Writes the Page” – she writes, “The divine Principle, or Spirit, comprehends and expresses all, and all must therefore be as perfect as the divine Principle is perfect.  Nothing is new to Spirit.  Nothing can be novel to eternal Mind, the author of all things, who from all eternity knoweth His own ideas.  Deity was satisfied with His work.  How could He be otherwise, since the spiritual creation was the outgrowth, the emanation, of His infinite self-containment and immortal wisdom?” (S&H 518:27-519:6; infuses added)
     The Six Days of Creation are finished.  Chapter 2 of Genesis begins with…

LOVE – “God rests in action.” (S&H 519:25)

     “The Seven Ages” says that “The Way” is to love God and to love man.  I do not deny this at all!  Jesus, being in his home country, said that he is “The Way.”  Mary Baker Eddy also presented “The Way” in Christian Science, depicted as “The Way” in her illustrated poem book Christ and Christmas.  She basically said of “The Way” that she hoped that those who studied the illustrations would realize that its countryside was of New England and hoped that they would realize that there is “a Way” in the United States as well as in Palestine.  Today many “church going” Christian Scientists bite their tongue before they refer to Mary Baker Eddy as their Leader (Shepherd).
     As shown above, there are actually two different illustrations (in different editions) of “The Way.”  This is the eleventh illustration (the last one) for Christ and Christmas.  The first illustration had the shape of a loaf of bread, or perhaps half an egg (like those plastic Easter eggs that split into two).  She presented  Jesus Christ, as the Way Shower for all mankind as we are to do the same as Jesus did, ascending up out of the material dream of Adam (material man).  There is a dove (divine Science) with the olive branch of peace (heaven, harmony) in its beak.  The dove descends down, for divine Science always descends down into the valley of death.  The garnered (crowned) cross is planted firmly into the ground with a flock (congregation) of birds around and on the cross.  These birds probably represented the First Members of The First Church of Christ Scientist, as well as, Jacob’s sons.  The flowers that crown the cross of material organized church are “forget-me-nots”.  Could we then not say, that the crown of flowers was speaking of the woman God-crowned, the Discoverer, Leader, and Founder of Christian Science?  Have we forgotten her place in Bible prophecy?  Have we forgotten that Mary Baker Eddy gave birth to the second coming of Christ?
     The second illustration of “The Way” has a rectangular shape.  It has the same garland cross, however, it is free from the Adamah ground, material laws, because of the First Church of Concord.  The Concord Branch’s two church structures were built upon the same lot of a HOME (heaven) instead of a business lot.  Both structures of the Concord Church were built between the original Edifice (of 1894) and the Extension (of 1906).  Alice Orgain writes in Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas that this process helped lift up [off from the ground of the Adam clay] The First Church consciousness.
     There is a black cross in the foreground still buried in human dogma (the First Degree;[39] scholastic theology).  There is a grave and a mound to the left of this cross.  The mound looks like a (red) dragon; in one edition part of the mound appears as a black bear.  There also are spirits Coming up from the open grave.
     There is a quiet pond (the still waters) on the right side of the illustration.  Next to the pond is a bush that has the shape of a lion.  Upon the hillside are shapes that appear to be cattle.  “Moral courage is ‘the lion of the tribe of Juda,’ the king of the mental realm.  Free and fearless it roams in the forest.  Undisturbed it lies in the open field, or rests in ‘green pastures,…beside the still waters.’  In the figurative transmission from the divine thought to the human, diligence, promptness, and perseverance are likened to ‘the cattle upon a thousand hills.’  They carry the baggage of stern resolve, and keep pace with highest purpose.  Tenderness accompanies all the might imparted by Spirit.  The individuality created by God is not carnivorous, as witness the millennial estate pictured by Isaiah: –

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb,
And the leopard shall lie down with the kid;
And the calf and the young lion, and the fatling together;
And a little child shall lead them.”[40]

     Generic man has been impersonalized and is seen as a God-crowned Sun (Son) that is located in the sky.  The Tarot card TEMPERANCE, from the Rider Deck, depicts the angel of Revelation 10 and this card’s landscape resembles “The Way” illustration.  There is also a God-crown in the sky.[41]  It is not too hard to accept that the crown in “The Way” has twelve stars to it.  Thus, we know it belongs to Womanhood.  This crown is spiritual understanding, belonging to the Third Degree.  (See S&H 116)


     Mary Baker Eddy has brought back to our remembrance Jesus’ teachings.  The teachings she has given back to us tell us that we have never fallen from grace!  We have always been God’s children; always been the angels of God (morning stars).  How many Christians realize that in accepting they have fallen from heaven are equated to the red dragon who also falls from heaven?  Is not this the false believe handed out by the red dragon itself – ecclesiastical despotism – which claims that God’s creation – man – is divided from heaven (peace and harmony), that man has been cast out of heaven, the home of God – thus, man has become separated from God?

Children Trust

     The only way to understand “a little open book” is to be childlike; we place our full acceptance on God and our full reliance upon God!  We cannot turn to material medica for help or aid, we cannot depend upon social welfare government programs for help, nor can we turn to personas of Church heads (hierarchies) for direction.  We must say as the American currency reads:  “In God we trust.”  And we must mean it whole-heartedly.
     “Unfathomable Mind is expressed.  The depth, breadth, height, might, majesty, and glory of infinite Love fill all space.  That is enough!  Human language can repeat only an infinitesimal part of what exists.  The absolute ideal [the Christ], man, is no more seen nor comprehended by mortals, than is his infinite Principle, Love.  Principle and its idea, man, are coexistent and eternal.  The numerals of infinity, called seven days [completeness], can never be reckoned according to the calendar of time.  These days will appear as mortality disappears, and they will reveal eternity, newness of Life, in which all sense of error forever disappears and thought accepts the divine infinite calculus.”  (S&H 520:3)

[1] This time period differs from the ages of astrology.

[2] Mary Baker Eddy gave these synonymous terms capital letters because they are names for God.  She never placed a capital letter in front of mind when it had to do with matter, flesh, or the corporeal, except when mind was the first word of a sentence.

[3] I feel that this illustration relates to the Starburst Window (a Skylight) as they both are oval in shape.

[4] Notice that the illustration and the window both have the same title and are both in the same position of Love.

[5] These two windows are (1) of the Bible (as body) and Science and Health (as capstone) and (2) of a plane open circle.  This second window has been changed by Boston to have the Church Manual inside its circle.  This is not what Mary Baker Eddy had intended at all!

[6] The oval is a circle.

[7] The Star’s light represents divine Mind following the Word order (with its seven points).

[8] Even though it is Jesus Christ depicted in this illustration I feel that the man also represents generic man, because all men must ascend out of the material corporeal belief that life exists in matter.

[9] I feel that I can safely say this because this illustration is on the Side of Light on the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.

[10] Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

[11] Area can also be defined as a matrix structure.

[12] Patterson was her married name at the time of her healing in February 1866.

[13] I call her the Lone Stranger.

[14] Negatively speaking the black and white tiles would symbolize Roman Catholicism and dualistic thought.

[15] I see the girl and boy as one, and this is why I use “is.”

[16] Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 576:26-577:11

[17] “The Four Marys” stained glass windows are:  Mary Mother of Jesus, Mary Anointing the Head of Jesus, Mary First at the Resurrection, and the Woman God-crowned.

[18] It was not until May 1999 that William Shatner would portray the Big Giant Head on Third Rock From the Sun.  In May 2013 I was watching the blue ray DVD of Star Trek III and its extras.  There was a section of Star Trek props and one from the first movie had Kirk in a space suit.  The man literally took Kirk’s head off of the body.

[19] From Genesis to Revelation; by W. Gordon Brown, p. 283

[20] In the “Glossary” Mary Baker Eddy defines (in part) ears as “spiritual understanding” and eyes as “spiritual discernment.”

[21] Remember the train on the branch of the giant Christmas tree?

[22] Christ and Christmas

[23] Even though plain and plane can mean different things they also have the same meaning specifically to the “floor” – a floor being flat and smooth.

[24] One definition of Sharon is “plain.”  A plane in geometry is either triangular, round, or square.  I see all three geometric shapes in Window of the Open Book.  Sharon’s Rose Matrix is the circular pattern applied to Christ and Christmas.

[25] Christ and Christmas

[26] This article does not specify to what “ages” he referred to, if they were even the astrological ages that last over 2,000 years each.  Personally, I do not care about the time length, but rather the fact that there are seven ages and that I see them following the Seven Days as spoken of in Genesis 1-2:3.

[27] This illustration depicts a charioteer holding a whip and a shield.  His legs turn into serpents.  On the left side is a sun and on the right side is a crescent moon.  The illustration is very symmetrical.

[28] I must point out here that the God of Adam is the Lord God Jehovah.  He is not the God known as Elohim-Shaddai written of in Genesis 1-2:3.

[29] I do not know where they get their information on the ages of astrology, but I am sure that we now live in the Age of Aquarius (as the 1960s song speaks of).  I believe that the Age of Aquarius began around 1882 when Venus made its second transit across the sun (in the 19th Century).  The first transit was in 1874.

[30] Venus is the Morning Star.

[31] Today the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated as Easter Sunday.

[32] The curse, once translated back to God, becomes a blessing; it lays down the true mission of Womanhood giving continuous birth to the Christ ideal.

[33] I feel that it is of importance to mention that the Hebrew calendar has a total of thirteen months instead of twelve and that originally, so I have heard, that there may have been thirteen zodiac constellations.  It is also of symbolic importance that the United States of America began with thirteen colonies and upon the first flag.  In its blue field were thirteen stars representing the thirteen tribes in circular form (like thirteen zodiac constellations?).

[34] See Revelation 10.

[35] I actually love the photo they placed with “6” – it is of an arch of stone, there is sort of an oval opening in the stone, and up in the position (between 12 and 1 on a clock) is the Sun (a Stargate).  The Keystone Window in this position on Window of the Open Book is of the Woman God-crowned!  Mary Baker Eddy is the woman God-crowned (the window located in the west north corner, Woman God-crowned, is also referred to as the Fourth Mary).

[36] Window of the Open Book is a stained glass window on the southern wall of the Edifice.

[37] From Jeremiah, “A woman shall compass a man.” (Infuses added)

[38] S&H 517:8

[39] See S&H page 115

[40] S&H 514:10-25 (infuses added)

[41] Christ and Christmas was published before the 1910 Rider Deck cards.