Spiritual Teaching Must Always be by Symbols – Chapter 2

by MJSmith


     (I apologize for repeating myself so much, as I wrote chapter 1 as a single piece, then I wrote the following two chapters separately, I finally decided to put them together as one.  Please feel free to skim through what you feel you have already read.  But repeat material sometimes helps one understand and remember it more.)
     The Bible is chalk full of symbols, repeating symbols too.  I am not just speaking about its letters or words; I am speaking of the three geometric shapes, numbers, and actual symbols. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary makes it clear that calculus is a “process of reasoning by the use of symbols.”  If we are to really understand the Bible we must be able to process the reasoning of the symbols used in the Bible!  There has been much talk about how people look at the Bible.  Some people take the book quite literally and see it as human history, while others spiritually interpret it through metaphysics looking for its spiritual significance.  Yet, these same people fail to understand its simplicity via symbols.  Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, writes in her sixteenth chapter of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “The Apocalypse”:  “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”  This is a “rule,” as far as I am concerned, a rule that God needed to be written in the Christian Science Textbook.  How many Christian Scientists understand that this is a rule?
     On page 502:9 of Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy writes:  “Spiritually followed, the book of Genesis [beginning with chapter 2, verse 6] is the history of the untrue image of God [Adam man], named a sinful mortal.  This deflection of being, rightly viewed, serves to suggest the proper reflection of God [as found in Jesus Christ] and the spiritual actuality of man [man’s Christ consciousness], as given in the first chapter of Genesis [with the real, spiritual creation of man where he has dominion].  Even thus the crude forms of human thought take on higher symbols and significations, when scientifically Christian views of the universe appear, illuminating time [7,000 years] with the glory of eternity.”[1]

Round, like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning on an ever spinning wheel.”

     As mentioned in chapter one, Mary Baker Eddy speaks of the divine calculus in “The Apocalypse.”  In describing the city foursquare (page 575:17) she writes:  “The four sides of our city [foursquare[2]] are the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science; ‘and the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day:  for there shall be no night there.’  This city is wholly spiritual, as its four sides indicate.”
     In the following paragraph she moves on to describe – “The royally divine gates.”  “As the Psalmist saith, ‘Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion,[3] on the sides of the north, the city of the great King.’  It is indeed a city of the Spirit, fair, royal, and square.[4]  Northward, its gates open to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation; eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus; southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, — the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union; westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony.
     “This heavenly city, lighted by the Sun of Righteousness, — this New Jerusalem, this infinite All, which to us seems hidden in the mist of remoteness, — reached St. John’s vision while yet he tabernacled with mortals.”
     On May 8, 2013 I had a dream about gates.  There were inner gates and outer gates.  It came to me that the inner gates are for the city foursquare.  These open “royally divine gates” are found to be Keystones in Window of the Open Book.  They are open to lead us to the New Jerusalem artichoke with its seeds of Science and Health.  So these gates are open for study of the Open Book itself.  They lead us inward into our subjective consciousness.  Yet, with study of the Bible and Science and Health we need to demonstrate this Science.  This is where the city of our God comes into play – where the STARGATES open up, for Christian Scientists are to do the works of Christ, they are to demonstrate Christian Science, and this demonstration (the works) is to reach out, to go out, into the whole world (and universe).
     On page 577:12 she begins to speak about the city of our God.  “This spiritual, holy habitation has no boundary nor limit, but its four cardinal points are:  first, the Word of Life, Truth, and Love; second, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God; third, Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history; fourth, Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar.  This city of our God has no need of sun or satellite, for Love is the light of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter.  All who are saved [because they have read and spiritually understood the Open Books] must walk in this light.  Mighty potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors within the heavenly city.  Its gates open towards light and glory both within and without, for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which ‘defileth, …or maketh a lie.’”  Notice that the gates are open towards light and glory both within and without.  What this means is that Truth is open within subjective consciousness and demonstrated without in the objective world.
     The three titles of the city foursquare, New Jerusalem, and the city of our God are all one and the same city.[5]  Now, did you notice that the city foursquare has to do with divine Science while the city of our God has to do with Christian Science?  Yet, the divine calculus operates both cities!
     Would not Mary Baker Eddy’s words be a divine process of divine reasoning by the use of symbols?  And would not the earlier symbols throughout the Bible’s five thousand years and the thousand years following take on higher significations?  To men, it would have to be a divine translation of what the human symbol means in spiritual terms.

Window of the Open Book

     After her written descriptions of the Holy City (foursquare, New Jerusalem, and city of our God all as one city), and while the Boston Edifice was being built, she had a stained glass rose window made, by her instructions, to symbolize the Holy City.  This window was named Window of the Open Book, the Open Book being Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  Would Mary Baker Eddy have given instructions to her Board of Directors for this Rose Window’s illustrations if it had not been important to her, important for a very special reason?  This window is a matrix to her Textbook and the Bible.  She hoped that her followers would see this matrix in the window and explain it to the world.  One Christian Scientist did see the importance; her name was Alice Orgain.  She writes about the window in her book Overtures of Christ and Christmas.  However, Alice Orgain’s calculations were off.  She did not begin in the correct place on the wheel because she did not understand that the Big Dipper Keystone pointed to the North Star (the first major star for the Word as the Word), nor did she have the circle matrix by W. Gordon Brown that I had access to in the 1980s.

The Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth

     In the first book of the Bible the Seven Days are covered in Genesis 1-2:3.  These Seven Days represent the Word order for the seven synonymous terms for God as found in “Recapitulation.”  Day One is Mind, Day Two is Spirit, Day Three is Soul, Day Four is Principle, Day Five is Life, and Day Six is Truth.  This is where chapter one ends, thus, it climaxes at the point of Truth.  Only the beginning of Genesis 2 speaks of the Seventh Day, the Sabbath, and this Day is Love (Light).  It is from this understanding that around 1999 I came up with the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.

     The Seven Day pattern runs throughout the Bible and Science and Health.  Most Christians are oblivious to this pattern; even a lot of Christian Scientists are oblivious to it.  Christian Scientists are oblivious to the Seven Day pattern because the Board of Directors of The Mother Church excommunicated John W. Doorly.  Mr. Doorly understood the Seven Days but was restricted in teaching it to people via The Mother Church’s scheduled class instructions, even though Doorly was an officially authorized teacher.  After his excommunication the Board of Directors (the red dragon of personal sense) waged war on him by making his teaching taboo to church members (by placing the stamp “unauthorized literature” upon his teaching).  And Doorly’s students, and their works, have been shunned in the same manner and they have been called heretics.

The Four Riverheads

     The first mention of the circle matrix within the Bible is found in the second chapter of Genesis.  I feel that the four rivers represent the divine Science X-stream for the city foursquare, as it presents the Word’s squared-cycle.  Likewise, the four riverheads are symbolic of the four operations of the divine calculus reasoning (head).

     (Following excerpts are from Doris Grekel’s book Principle and Practice [pages 338-343], under the heading of “Havilah.”  I will put all of Ms Grekel’s writings in italics [any word she italicizes will be in regular script].  I will also footnote them as P&P.)

Genesis 2:10 – “And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.”

     “A river went out of Eden to water the garden.”  The Glossary definition of river is “Channel of thought.”  A channel of thought went out of Eden to water the garden.  In this passage Eden represents paradise, a place of bliss, or heaven.  Thus, a channel of thought proceeded from heaven, “and from thence it was parted and became into four heads.”  These four rivers, or channels of thought, are of utmost importance, for they water the garden; and it is thought alone that does water the garden of existence and cause growth.  If the garden of life seems full of weeds and thorns, we have not yet discovered these four rivers, or channels of thought, whose headwaters proceed from heaven.  Let us become acquainted with them now and learn the meaning of each.[6]
     Now, let me present this to you as the city foursquare.  “And a river went out of [the hub center] of Eden to water[7] the garden [the enclosed circle]; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads [the source of a stream (perhaps as in a steam of thought); director, leader].”  And so, with this description, you have the Word as the Word, the Word as the Christ, the Word as Christianity, and the Word as divine Science – or the four Major Stars.

Genesis 2:11-12 – “The name of the first is Pison:  That is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;

     “And the gold of that land is good:  there is bdellium and the onyx stone.”
     “The name of the first [river of thought in the tone of the Word as the Word] is”  “Pison (river).  The love of the good [Spirit] and beautiful [Soul], and their immortality.”[8]  This truly is the first river, or primary channel of thought, for we must first look where we would walk and place our affection on our ideal and our goal.  No one ever backed into the kingdom of heaven.
     The adherence to good uncovers evil, and we then see the necessity of overcoming it.  The love of the good and beautiful gives us a new and higher concept of man as the perfect equation…Therefore we must turn away from mortal thought—even the nearly perfect mortal thought—and let that Mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus.  We must acknowledge the one Mind as the only Mind, and we must acknowledge only channels of thought which proceed from this one Mind.  Mrs. Eddy has written, “When will the ages understand the Ego, and realize only one God, one Mind or intelligence?”  Let us answer this question and answer aright, “Now.”   This is the course of the River Euphrates.  When we can say, “I understand the Ego; I realize only one God; I realize only one Mind; I realize only one intelligence,” we are traveling this fourth channel of thought.  And as we travel this river, we discover its original, spiritual meaning which is the first part of the Glossary definition “Euphrates (river).  Divine Science encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the place of physics; the reign of righteousness.”
     This fourth river represents our goal, but, as in mathematics, we must begin with 1, 2, 3, in order to arrive at 4.  One is the basic unit.  Until a child comprehends the meaning of one, the other numbers mean nothing, for they are all but multiples of one.  Four is merely one four times.  We must always start with one and build from there.  In this light, wisdom tells us that if we would have, know, understand, and experience Divine Science encompassing the universe and man, we must start with the first channel of thought—the River Pison.
     …This, then is our starting point.  When we dedicate ourselves to the love of the good and beautiful, we see it increase in our experience.  This is in accordance with the law of manifestation, and it is the foundation and purpose of this first river, for the primary Hebrew root of Pison means to spread; grow up, be grown fat; spread selves, be scattered.

     There is a verse that reads somewhat as follows:

Thoughts follow the law of the universe,

   Each thing creates its kind.

And they speed O’er the track to bring you back

  Whatever went out from your mind.

     This thought pattern is easily understood when we consider that the basic pattern of the universe is circular.  The perpetual motion of Mind is manifested in every atom, is the rhythmic rotation of the electrons around the nucleus.  And the same pattern is magnified in the circling of the spheres around the central sun of our solar system.
             As we begin to understand this circular pattern of creation, to comprehend the basic unit, — the perfect sphere with no beginning and no end, — we are entering into the land of Havilah.  Everything goes full circle, — “As the sowing, so the reaping.”  To put it in the mental realm, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  It is not surprising to learn that the Hebrew root of Havilah means circular.[9]
     “That is it which compasseth [runs a circle around as the Keystone-Cycle for the city of our God] the whole land of Havilah…”  “Havilah,virtual travail; encompassed; surrounded; circular; struggle of elementary life; virtue born of trial; virtue born of courage; brings forth with effort, i.e., travail, suffering.”[10]  Havilah then represents the middle circle of the wheel or rather it represents the Word’s squared-cycle of the Word as the Word, the Word as the Christ, the Word of Christianity, and the Word as absolute Christian Science.  It is a woman who travails, the woman God-crowned to be specific.  And the woman’s Keystone (in Window of the Open Book) is in the tone of the Christ as the Word (right next to the Keystone for the Word as the Word).

     “…Havilah, where there is gold; And the gold of that land is good [of Spirit, not matter]:  there is bdellium and the onyx stone.”  Gold is a symbol of refined purity, of the baptism through fire.  I also use gold to symbolize divinity or God and the Christ.  There is much talk today about gold, but very little understanding.  This lack of understanding has put our nation’s treasury on a material rather than on a spiritual basis.  When we think our treasures are material and separate from our being, they are subject to moth and rust, and thieves break through and steal.  [There are actual rumors today that Fort Knox is empty of all its gold.]
            If we would enter into the land of Havilah where there is gold, it is expedient for us that we should know a little more about gold.  The dictionary says that gold is a precious metal of a bright yellow color and the most ductile and malleable of all the metals.  A metal that is ductile and malleable is capable of being drawn out, hammered thin, formed, and shaped.  When circumstances try the metal of human character, the lesser elements dissolve under fire, but the gold is purified and becomes more ductile or tractable.
            …The day that we seek to enter Havilah is a day of decision.  This is the time we must decide whether our aims are worthwhile and must consecrate our efforts toward understanding reality.  If we do this, we shall find the gold of Havilah, which is true wealth.  If we seek after riches in the worldly sense, we shall be engulfed by astronomical prices and taxes, worthless coins, imitation or paper gold, and products to match, — that is, worthless imitations.  Everything is worth just what we pay for it.
            …We must find the gold within our own consciousness before we shall see it manifested in our experience, and when we find it there, it is real and good.
            How are we to find this gold?  By seeking the Christ idea in all things.  Our textbook says, “This immaculate idea,…will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love, melting and purifying even the gold of human character.”
            …The dictionary says of bdellium:  a substance mentioned in the Bible and variously taken to be a gum or resin, a precious stone, or a pearl.  Its primary Hebrew root means to divide, distinguish, select.  The bdellium of Havilah could represent the pearl of great price and also the assistance we need in purifying the gold—more specifically, mental anatomy which dissects and separates the dross from the gold.[11]
     I see bdellium as a representation of the Christ as the Word.  Bdellium is a gum resin similar to myrrh.  Myrrh is one of the gifts given to the baby Jesus by one of the three Wisemen.  Bdellium is found in various trees of the East Indies and Africa.  Myrrh has a yellowish-brown to a reddish-brown color; it is aromatic and has a bitter slightly pungent taste.  The precious stone, or a pearl (of great price), I see as being symbolic of Mary (bitter) Baker Eddy (the woman God-crowned) who is definitely a pearl of great price to all mankind.
     Onyx, or chalcedony, is a translucent variety of quartz.  The word translucent means transmitting rays of light.  Onyx is derived from an unused Hebrew root meaning (probably) to blanch – that is, to take the color out of and make white.  Bdellium and the onyx stone can both be seen as aids in purifying the gold we find in Havilah.[12]
     I see the onyx stone as a representation of Christianity as the Word.  Onyx is a translucent quartz stone, or rock, that has parallel layers of different colors (like a rainbow); it also has a pale blue or gray color that has a nearly wax like luster.  To me the fact that onyx is rooted to “blanch” means that the remaining white would represent Principle.  Also, if something looses its color during a bleaching process (making it white) then it would represent a sort of cleansing process, making something purified.  This purified onyx stone is the Lamb of God, the Christ Lamb represented in the Keystone window “The Lord and the Lamb.”
     As we increase our vocabulary through etymology the splendor and symbology of the original Mother Church begin to appear.  When we know that pure gold is tried in the fire, the following news clippings from Pulpit and Press are doubly interesting.
            “Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer of Christian Science, has received from members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, an invitation formally to accept the magnificent new edifice of worship which the church has just erected.
            “The invitation itself is one of the most chastely elegant memorials ever prepared, and is a scroll of solid gold, suitably engraved, and encased in a handsome plush casket with white silk linings.  Attached to the scroll is a golden key of the church structure.”[13]

            “The temple is believed to be the most-nearly fire-proof church structure on the continent.  A striking feature of the church is a beautiful apartment known as the ‘Mother’s Room’.”  “The ‘Mother’s Room’[14] is approached by an entrance[15] of Italian marble, and over the door, in large golden letters on a marble tablet, is the word ‘Love’.”  “The furnishing of the ‘Mother’s Room’ is described as ‘particularly beautiful, and blends harmoniously with the pale green[16] and gold decoration of the walls…..the upholstery is a white and golden tapestry…A superb mantle of Mexican onyx with gold decoration adorns the south wall…One of the two alcoves…is a lavatory in which the plumbing is all heavily plated with gold.’”


           The gold of human character, tried in the fire, emerges purified—bright and shining.  This pure gold is formed and shaped by the hand of God and is indestructible.  It is more than a precious metal.  The precious metal is but a symbol.  This pure gold manifests more than the symbol, even the meaning of the ancient Celtic word for gold, light and splendor.
            Start with the Golden Rule.  Follow the River Pison.  Enter into Havilah where there is gold.  Purify this gold of human character, and find the Golden Age or the Golden Shore of Love.[17]  Havilah is only the first step.  But because it is first, it is primary.  Wel-come to Havilah.[18]

     The First Church of Christ Scientist has a triangular shape to it, and in that sense, the Mother’s Room being at the corner, would represent the capstone of a stone pyramid.  Looking down upon a stone pyramid you would see all four sides forming the shape of an X.  The center of the X would be the capstone of the pyramid (the hub of a circle), while the four outer legs of the X would be the four corners of the pyramid (the squared-cycle of the key-stones).

     It is of most importance that Mother’s Consciousness is found to be the hub of the circle, where the river’s (thought) course begins; where the river is the source of the four riverheads.  Think of a mountain peak covered with snow, as the snow melted it could very well form four riverheads that would flow downward to the four corners of the mountain.

     It is also important to keep this in mind, that Mother’s Room (Consciousness) is the main source four all four riverheads, as you will see how the second river in particular truly relates to Mary Baker Eddy.  Another symbol is that the Director’s Room would also be part of the capstone (as it is underneath Mother’s Room), so this Director’s Room would represent the divine calculus.

Genesis 2:13 – “And the name of the second river is Gihon:  the same is that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.”

     This second channel of thought is a prerequisite to the understanding of Christian Science.[19]
     What a truthful statement that is!  Why?  Because, Gihon has to do with Mary Baker Eddy’s rights, for she is the woman.
     Here we have another cycle with the word “compasseth.”  What is being circled around this time is Ethiopia, the Star-Cycle for the city foursquare of divine Science.  Ethiopia means “burned faces; country of the burning.”  Stars burn (a star’s surface or face burns) because they are suns.  I admit that some stars are not suns but planets, but most stars that we can visually see are suns.  And I bring up stars because Revelation 12 says that the woman’s crown (which is the God-crown) has twelve stars.
     Of course, Ethiopia also means Cush, and Cush is the oldest son of Ham (Noah’s First Degree son).  Hence, Ethiopia also represents the land of mortal mind, and this land of mortal mind has to burn, like gold is put into a fired furnace, in order to destroy the dross.

Gihon (river).  The rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.”[20]

     Notice Mary Baker Eddy did not say Gihon means “The rights of women.”  I take this to mean that she is speaking of the one woman depicted in the Word as the Christ Keystone – “Madonna and Child.”  Who is this Madonna?  No, it is not the Virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus, nor is Jesus the Child of the Keystone.  The woman, or Madonna, is Mary Baker Eddy.  Why do I say this?  I say this because the definition found in The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary for the name of Gihon means “formative movement; whirlpool.”  Now to most people this definition probably does not mean very much, but a whirlpool is basically an eddy, or caused by an eddy, hence, Mary Baker Eddy was speaking of herself when she defined Gihon.  As I understand it she was basically saying that Gihon is “the rights of Mary Baker Eddy, the woman God-crowned, acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.”
     “By rights – with reason or justice: properly –  in one’s own right:  by virtue of one’s own qualifications or properties.”[21]  Mary Baker Eddy’s rights are given to her by the virtue of her own qualifications and properties for she is the woman God-crowned.  Once her place is “acknowledged” by all Christian Scientists then the world will also know that she was the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  It is a prerequisite to acknowledge Mary Baker Eddy in order to fully understand her Revelation – Christian Science.
     Morally – “of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior:  ethical”[22]
     Civilly – “1  a:  of or relating to citizens  b. of or relating to the state or its citizenry  2 a:  civilized   b:  adequate in courtesy and politeness:  mannerly   3 a:  based upon civil law relating to private rights and to remedies sought by action or suit distinct from criminal proceedings   4 of time:  based on the mean sun and legally recognized for use in ordinary affairs”[23]
     Socially – “tending to form cooperative and interdependent relationships with one’s fellows”[24]
     Christian Scientists cannot heal if they are not ethically sound in their practice.  They must be morally sound and practice righteous judgment.  This means that they must be civilized, cultured, and understand the wheel (divine calculus).  They must be courteous and kind to all they meet and know.  They are also social people if allowed to be so by other citizens of the world.  And the only reason why the world does not allow Christian Scientists to socially speak the Truth is because Mary Baker Eddy’s place has been hidden!  The world does not see her or “acknowledge” her because her own congregation fails to acknowledge her, and they also fail to acknowledge her Scientific system found in the Textbook.
     The following quote, I feel, has to do with these three rights of the woman.  The quote is from Ann Beal’s book Christian Science and the MYTH OF MATTER (pages 95-97), under the title of Obedience to Moral Laws.
     “We begin our insight into the spiritual realm by understanding it to be the source of all moral laws.  Obedience to moral laws radiates harmless energy, while defiance of them emits destructive energy.  All moral laws originate in God and define His nature.  They are not relative.  They are absolute.  To defy these laws, to have other gods, to be materialistic, immoral, selfish, dishonest, hateful, covetous, envious, deceitful, lustful, proud, or afraid, is to have thoughts and feelings that emit harmful, disease-producing energy, which are then manifested in ill health and a discordant life.  They harden the heart and darken the mind.
     “A mind blinded by lust, consumed by hate and self-will, or paralyzed by fear, does not have a mental atmosphere that relates to the purity and spirituality of God’s thoughts.  A mind obedient to Christian standards expresses the moral laws of honesty, affection, humility, kindness, compassion, justice, mercy, gentleness, forgiveness, generosity, chastity.  These are qualities of Love that soften the inner self so it can be receptive to the ideas that spiritualize it.  When we obey moral laws, we have taken the first step towards understanding the spiritual dimension, because obedience to moral laws precedes the more advanced understanding of this realm.
     “Fortunately, the majority of the Christian world obeys these moral laws to a large degree.  These laws are at the very heart of Western civilization.  For that reason the dawning of the Spiritual Age will come first to this Christianized thought.  The healing, transforming power of this realm will grow stronger until the collective presence of this spiritualized thought gradually leavens the whole of world consciousness and brings about universal salvation.
     “As we obey the moral laws in the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount,[25] the spiritual realm, ‘hidden in sacred secrecy,’ begins to unfold.  Through the study of Christian Science, we learn who God is, and what He does for us.  Reading and pondering the Scriptures, Science and Health, and other important writings on Christian Science, unfold new ideas about God and His creation, and we begin to see through the veil of matter into this invisible realm.
     “Simply introducing spiritual ideas into consciousness begins to de-mesmerize it.  They pierce the darkness of materialism with spiritual enlightenment, and initiate our freedom from the material laws that seem to imprison us.
     “Our study begins with reading Christian Science.  The Bible and Science and Health are the cornerstone of this study.  All correct literature regarding this Science is based on these two books.[26]  Christian Science is such a profound discovery that one can be overwhelmed by the depth of its metaphysics and the many subjects it covers.  The past century has brought us a treasure-trove of books and papers on it, each giving a special insight into it.  To read and ponder deeply these spiritual works is a form of prayer that begins the spiritualization of consciousness.”

Genesis 2:14 – “And the name of the third river is Hiddekel:  that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria…”

     Christianity is that “which goeth toward the east” and that “which follows the Christ” is “Hiddekel (river).  Divine Science understood and acknowledged.”[27]  Once Mary Baker Eddy’s place is understood and acknowledged then divine Science (her revelation) can be “understood and acknowledged.”  Do not overlook the acknowledgement.  Without acknowledgement our understanding tends to become “preaching without practice” and thus unfulfiilled or fruitless.  Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”  Divine Science must be both understood and acknowledged to be demonstrated, and only thus are we following this third channel of thought.[28]
     Hiddekel also means:  “propagator; universal generative fluid; quick flowing; rapid stream; rapid spirituous influx; Holy Spirit.[29]  I feel that this river has to do with the Word as Christianity, being that its generative fluid (the Word of God) is universal.
     Influx is a flowing, an inflow, and a flood (as with the red dragon).  Spiritually the Holy Ghost floods our consciousness when we allow it entrance.  Flux is also a material used to fuse metals and wires together, to unite them or join them into one body.  And so, the Holy Spirit (the second coming of Christ) is what joins man to God, or makes it understood that “Principle [God] and its idea [man] is one.”
     Assyria is defined as:  “psychic realm of the soul, the nerve fluid, the most attenuated and volatile fluid of the body, breaks into flares at the ends of the nerves, giving rise to various kinds of psychical and mental action; forming character of soul.”[30]  Now, a lot of this sounds silly and ridiculous to me.  It sounds like it has to do with, are you ready for this, the red serpent in the garden, or the red dragon.  But, the material senses (nerves – the red serpent) are the opposite of Soul.  People believe that their body has a captured soul inside of it.  This is silly and ridiculous!  Soul (which is God) cannot be held captive within a material body; it cannot be held a prisoner of the war between the Spirit and the flesh!
     Attenuated means: “to make thin; to lessen the amount, force, or value of:  weaken.”[31]  Mary Baker Eddy practiced homeopathic medicine before her discovery of Christian Science.  She realized that when making her medicines, by shaking it, that she attenuated the medicine’s presence within the liquid.  There was less material medicine in her product.  While shaking her remedy she would be thinking about how this medicine would heal her patient.  Thus, at the same time that less matter was found within the medicine she realized that more thought (or prayer) was going into the medicine.  So while matter became weaker, mind became stronger.

Genesis 2:14 – “…And the fourth river is Euphrates.”

     Even from a mortal sense the River Euphrates represents good…  Euphrates (river).  Divine Science encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the place of physics; the reign of righteousness.  The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death; a state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation; finity; the opposite of infinity.”[32]  From this [last sentence] we see that mortal thought cannot save us, because no matter how good and beautiful it might be, it is still finite.[33]  I also feel that it is important to bring out that Mary Baker Eddy writes that Euphrates (as divine Science) is the “atmosphere of human belief before it accepts [in opposition to the acceptance of the previous three rivers] sin, sickness, or death.”  So what is the atmosphere of human belief before it accepts error as a reality?  It would have to be the aesthetic (mental perception) or emotional (the affective [feeling] aspect of consciousness) effect or appeal of sinless-ness, health, and life.
     Euphrates, busting forth; breaking out; fructifying [to bear fruit]; that which is the fructifying cause.[34]
     Also according to The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary the Euphrates is thought to be the substance of the blood (life) stream.
     With Mary Baker Eddy’s definition of Euphrates we once again have an encompassing, but this time it encircles both “the universe [the stars of Christianity] and man [the idea of God which is the Christ Keystones].”
     It is at this point that we are at the point of the Word as divine Science with the “Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony Keystone.”
     In the symbol of “the river with four heads you see one of the flashes of light in the false record.  That record began with the false sense of God and man, and man being put into the Garden of Eden the physical body, and developing physical senses.  Next the story told of the tree of life—the first flash of light—and of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Then it told how out of the garden there went a river, — a flow of thought, the calculus of reality as you and I have seen it develop in human experience.  ‘The love of the good and beautiful’ culminated in the coming of the Christ, and that fulfilled itself in Christianity, and to-day it is fulfilling itself in Science.  This story is written from a most inspired point of view, and every now and then comes a flash of light.”[35]
     After working on this four riverheads piece I found the following matrix at Marybakereddy.rolf-witzche.com.  I feel that it is important to present it to you.  It may seem odd that he begins the order of the Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures chapters from bottom to top, however, I feel that he does so because he is presenting it in degrees, as with the Scientific Translations found on pages 115-116.
     For instance, the top row of boxes, I think, would be for the scientific translation of immortal mind.  The three rows underneath would be for the Scientific translation of mortal mind.  The bottom row would be for the First Degree:  Depravity.  The second row up would be for the Second Degree:  Evil beliefs disappearing.  And the next row up would be for the Third Degree:  Understanding.

The Adam obstruction

     When the story picks up with the Lord God, Adam, and the serpent we have an inverted image of man being presented.  It too follows the Word order; however, it does it as the opposite.  I suppose you could say that the allegory of Adam is presented as mortal mind, matter, material sense, ecclesiastical despotism, death, error, and hate.

     The Adam lineage is spiritually translated, not by the lineage of Cain, but by the lineage of Seth.  Seth, being the third son is a symbol for the Third Degree of spiritual understanding.  Seth is also of the second (Spirit) generation.  It is the seventh (Love) generation, Enoch, who walks with God.  Enoch never dies in the physical.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

     While working with the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth I began to study the Great Pyramid of Giza.  I began to see how the symbols found in the Egyptian pyramid corresponded with the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.  My Matrix structure was actually given to me by an earlier work based upon Mary Baker Eddy’s Christ and Christmas.  It has eleven illustrations that match up perfectly to the pyramid matrix (as attributed to Judge Septimus J. Hanna).  Mary Baker Eddy, herself, compared the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Edifice in Boston known as The First Church of Christ Scientist.  And this Church’s cornerstone, the headstone, which is rejected by the builders, depicts a changed version of one of the illustrations from Christ and Christmas.  This woman is Mary Baker Eddy and she sits as the Church’s head cornerstone.  Above her head is the Christian Science Seal (which is a circle, or a wheel) with its divine calculus demands.  These demands are for all Christians.  We are to cast out demons, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, and raise the dead.  The First Church lies upon a triangular lot of land[36] and its symbols of stained glass windows also correspond to the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.  An accident?  I do not think so; Mary Baker Eddy knew what she was doing because she listened to God at all times.

The Second Day of Spirit

     In Noah’s story his Ark (Noah’s First Church) lands upon the capstone of the mountain at the point of Truth.  The story of Noah tells us that his three sons (triplets) were born in his fifth hundredth year!  This is, of course, a symbol for Life, when Jesus Christ was born at the point of Christianity.  Noah’s three sons really represent the Three Degrees written about in Science and Health 115:17-116:19.  The flood takes place in Noah’s sixth hundredth year, symbolic of Truth, and this is why his Ark lands upon the capstone.  The animals are brought aboard the ark in pairs of two (male and female, as man usually believes and accepts).  But these animals really represent a union of the male and female as one.  Most people also ignore the fact that the story also states that there are animal groups of seven.  This simply means that the animals reflect Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love because God (in reality, or in Truth) created them.
     Several months after the rain has stopped Noah and his Christ Son exit the Ark and they see a bow in the cloud.  This symbol is thought to be a rainbow with a blending of seven colors (some may say that there are only six colors), these seven colors representing, again, the Word order for the seven synonymous terms for God.

     My problem in thinking that it is an arched rainbow is that, according to the story, it has not rained for quite some time.  However, if God chooses to place a rainbow in the sky without having it rain first who am I to argue, or to disbelieve that God would do so?  And if this story is an allegory then it could be an arched rainbow, and it is because of this reason that I refer to the Covenant made between God and man as the Arch of the Covenant.  However, one Christmas afternoon my family was traveling to go to my parent’s house.  In the sky I saw a multicolored cloud.  I had never seen one before.  Later on I was reading about Noah and it came to me that the bow in a cloud could have been a simple reference to a cloud with many colors in it.  I will not argue the point, as I have no proof, one way or the other what the original author, or Hebrew text, meant.   I would like to point out that in the Bible God’s angelic messengers always ascend or descend upon the cloud.  Thus, it is clear that the Arch of the Covenant, with the cloud, has to do with the angel of Revelation 10.  This angel descends from heaven with “a little open book.”  This book is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy (who is the angel messenger).[37]  And my scriptural authority in thinking this is found in the fact that Jesus makes it clear that the Sixth Day has partnership with the Second Day, the Day of Noah.
     Noah’s Second Church is his Vineyard.  One might even go so far as to say that it is a Branch Church with Concord grapes (By the way, Concord grapes are only grown in America).  In the story Noah’s depraved son, Ham, believes his father to be drunk and naked (a material man).  He believes the worst of his father and he goes to gossip and tattle-tail on Noah to the two sons of the moral-human and spiritual-divine coincidence.  This Son (two as one, like with the pairing of the animals) will not look upon any iniquity.  They help their father to his tent and cover him up.  This type of consciousness refuses to look at the picture, or illusion, that is presented to them by animal magnetism (the serpent-red dragon).
     Christian Scientists of today could learn a lesson from these two sons of Noah.  For the Ham of The Mother Church has lied about Mary Baker Eddy so much that the majority of the Christian Science Field has swallowed the lies hook, line, and sinker.

The Third Day of Soul, the Patriarchs, and the Unity Matrix

     (The quoted material below, unless otherwise specified, is from Talks Given by John W. Doorly on CHRISTIAN SCIENCE PRACTICE.[38])
     “When Abraham came out of Ur of the Chaldees, he came out in order to get away from the mysticism of astrology,[39] the indefiniteness of astrology, and as the writer of Hebrews says, ‘he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God…’”
     Now, what image does this sentence present to you or bring to your thought process?  Do you see how Abraham’s search for a city would be the spiritual translation of the symbols for the astrological belt of the zodiac (which is rooted to animal magnetism)?  I do.  I understand that these “foundations” relate to the Holy City foundations spoken of in Revelation.  These foundations are of the Christ.
     The Zodiac chart, with its twelve symbols (constellations), is like twelve slices of pie – or the twelve foundations to the Holy City.  It also resembles a clock and a wheel.  I will prove to you that this symbol is used over and over and over in the Bible.
     Doorly continues about Abraham, “He was looking for a definite, foundational, basic consciousness of God.  One of the first things he did was to look ‘northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward,’—to look towards the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science [as spoken of in “The Apocalypse” about the city of our God]; a sense of divine system began to come to him.  Then he went out to find this divine system, which started at the period [of Soul] to become definite in thought.  This is symbolized even by the fact that with the period of Abraham [Day of Soul in the aspect of the Word] there began some definite sense of Hebrew-history.
     “Up to the point of Abraham all the records in the Old Testament are myth or ‘origin-story’ [after Genesis 2:3]; there is nothing historically true about them.  The story of Adam and Eve is just a symbolic myth…”  Even if the flood was real the story of Noah was basically made up and based upon other stories about the flood.  To be honest, I feel that the story of Noah was a prophetic story for the Sixth Day of Truth.  However, I also know that Doorly is wrong about the story of Adam being a myth.  Mary Baker Eddy does not say the story of Adam is a myth, she says it is an allegory, and the definitions are completely different.  There is a difference between an allegory and a myth.
     The cardinal points to the Holy city represent the divine calculus as spoken of in “The Apocalypse.”  (I have a reason for having the East and West on the two sides as depicted.  I will explain later on why I have it this way.

     On the following page Doorly writes, “That [Abraham’s] sense of system… developed more definitely with Jacob [for the Christ tone], and Jacob’s twelve sons [twelve Christ Stars[40]] were a symbol of scientific demonstration; in some measure they showed forth the demonstration of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science as Life, as Truth, and as Love.”

     How marvelous!  You know he is again speaking of the Holy City and its twelve Stargates (the twelve tribes translate the twelve zodiac constellations).  This explains divine Science, the city foursquare, with the twelve stars and Christian Science, the city of our God, with “the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science as Life, as Truth, and as Love.”
     Now we have all heard of “Jacob’s ladder.”  However, the Hebrew word used did not really mean “ladder.”  It was misinterpreted.  The Hebrew word that was used actually means “ramp, or pyramid.”  So, this tells me that the structure for Jacob’s twelve sons would follow the pattern of the pyramid, however, since the twelve sons are later referred to as the twelve nations and they become the twelve stars to the woman’s crown, then they must also follow the Unity Matrix (the circle).
     Jacob marries sisters (they could possibly be twins, just as Jacob is the twin to Esau).  Each sister has a handmaiden.  This makes for four women that bare children for Jacob.  This is symbolic of the divine calculus.

     There is one thing that I mention in regards to Jacob’s children, and that is that he has thirteen children total.  His daughter, Dinah, is usually forgotten about, probably because women were not allowed any inheritance (even though her is in inheritance).  Above is my pyramid matrix for the twelve sons and one daughter of Jacob.

     Doorly continues, “Next came Joseph [in the tone of Christianity[41]] with his coat of many colors,…”  The Bible tells us that these coats of many colors were given to female virgins!  So, naturally, it was Joseph’s own Womanhood that was given the gift of the coat of many colors, not his manhood.  “…representing the numerals of consciousness, and in that third period [of Christianity’s tone] of Soul he began to demonstrate some sense of womanhood and motherhood.”[42]  (The virgin and her coat.)  “Remember that Mrs. Eddy says in her commentary on the third day, ‘The feminine gender is not yet expressed in the text’ (S&H 508:16-17), but it begins to be expressed in that day, and Joseph introduced it in his third thousand-year period, corresponding to that third day of creation…”
     Dinah’s story is not a very nice one, full of hate, and she is basically a negative to Joseph’s true Womanhood and Motherhood.  A prince rapes Dinah.  The word rape is mostly thought of as being connected to sexual rape of the physical body; however, rape can also mean that an estate is stolen.  If Dinah had married the prince she would have become the princess.  In this sense of the word the five members of the Board of Directors (Simeon and Levi) stole Mary Baker Eddy’s estate, her booty, from her inheritors (the members of The First Church and all Branch Churches).  They accomplished this with their illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual.  The men did this because they had great hatred toward Womanhood and Motherhood.  Spiritually translated, Leah’s (Letter of the Law) daughter Dinah was her seventh (Love) child.  Yes, the Board of Directors understood Mary Baker Eddy’s “Letter of the Law” inside the Church Manual, however, they chose to ignore it because they failed to have within their hearts the “Spirit of the Law.”  It was Dinah’s two brothers, Simeon and Levi (symbols of blind priest craft and ecclesiastical despotism), that take revenge upon the king and prince and their citizens.  Levi and Simeon used the Letter of the Law – the Ark of the Covenant (made between Abraham and God when the bond woman’s son was Abraham’s only son) – to dispose of their enemies.  They used the circular covenant of circumcision.  Jacob was appalled by his son’s erroneous actions and flagrant abuse and disrespect toward God’s Law.
     While it is true that the cutting of the foreskin around the penis is circular we can actually relate this practice to the Ark of the Covenant with the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth because monoliths (phallic symbols) are more like very skinny pyramids (more like a ladder?).
     In one of Joseph’s dreams his brothers’ sheaves bow down to his sheaf.  This brings to mind the circle, the zodiac, or the wheel symbol again.  Joseph is sold into slavery and put in prison in Egypt, where the pyramids are.  Eventually he becomes second in power, after pharaoh, the king.
     In another one of Doorly’s books he speaks of the twelve sons in their relationship to the Holy City Matrix (even though he does not state it this way).  His explanation utilizes the definitions of Jacob’s sons as found in “The Glossary” of the Textbook.  For the Word he has Simeon and Levi as one tribe or nation and has Joseph as two nations (of his two sons) Manasseh and Ephraim.
     For the Word he has Reuben, Simeon/Levi, and Judah; for the Christ he has Dan, Nephtali, and Gad; for Christianity he has Asher, Issachar, and Zebulun; and for Science he has Manasseh, Ephraim, and Benjamin.  I say we could easily have as the Science order – Dinah, Joseph, and Benjamin.

     Joseph’s family settles in Egypt, in the land of Goshen.  This is where Israel’s twelve nations remain, probably for about fifty years.  By this time there is a new Egyptian king who has forgotten all about Joseph and he asks, “Why are these Hebrew folk here in our land and why are we allowing them to prosper so?”  This is when the tone of Science enters into the Third Day of Soul with “Moses, who is supposed to have been a prototype of the Christ.  It is undoubtedly true that Moses was a spiritual genius and a great lawmaker.”  What good is a lawmaker if the people fail to have the Spirit of the Law (the Arch of the Covenant) within their conscious thought?  None.
     Doorly explains that, “The spiritual appeared to be subordinate to the lawmaking, but the lawmaker was a wonderful advance at that time.  Moses[43] saw the necessity of establishing monotheism.”
     Just what did Moses do to get the Ten Commandments?  You know he ascended up the mountain to its capstone.  He had been raised in the Egyptian god’s house, the house of the king.  He understood their beliefs of life after death, and their religious beliefs of ascension.  It is believed that the Pharaoh Kufu was buried in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  His spirit was given two choices, two pathways to heaven, these were provided by the air passages inside the Great Pyramid.  Were Moses’ spiritual footsteps up the mountain a divine translation of the Egyptian King’s ascension to heaven?
     Moses saw in the mountain the pattern for the Golden Candlestick!  Yes, the King James Bible does make it clear that it was the phrase “in the mountain” and not “on the mountain” and I feel that we can accept this as being correct, unless it was a mistranslation of the Hebrew words.  This pattern in the mountain is what I call the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.

     Moses, having grown up in Pharaoh’s house was privy to the practices of the Egyptian priests.  He understood the layout of the holy temples for the gods as well.  And it was from this education in Egypt that shows in Moses’ symbols for his people, the Hebrews, or the Israelites.  In the book of Numbers Moses sets up camp.  The Egyptian temples had their Outer Courts, Inner Courts, and their Most Holy of Holies where the statue of the god was located.  Moses impersonalized the god of gold in his Most Holy of Holies with the Ark of the Covenant and its Mercy Seat.  The Egyptian priests lived around these temples, just as Moses had his brethren, the Levites, encamped around the Tent of Meeting (the Holy Tabernacle) in four groups.  The Levites were the priests, and Moses’ brother Aaron was the Arch Priest.  Aaron had the only rod said to bud and bloom, or blossom.  This is an important thing to remember, so remember it.
     Also mentioned in Numbers – Moses places the twelve tribes around the Levites, who are around the Tabernacle.  He has three tribes (nations) in the North, three in the East, three in the South, and three in the West.  Moses has an understanding of the divine calculus.  This is the same symbol as found in Joseph’s dream.  And this is Jacob’s “pyramid matrix” put into circular form.  It is the model for other symbols spoken of though out the Bible.
     Now, Moses, with his Tabernacle and placement of the twelve (really thirteen) tribes created a cult (a wheel).  This culture was the law, it was based upon the laws of Moses (of God’s prophet).  They were to lead the Israelites out of Egyptian (material) bondage.
     Doorly continues, “Eventually the climax [the Fifth Element] of the third thousand year period [Soul] was reached when the children of Israel [being led by Moses’ successor – Joshua – the Fifth Element of generic man – Mother (Love) Hood (Mind)] went into what ought to have been the liberty of the Promised Land.”  This Promised Land would be the Holy Land for the Holy City.

The Fourth Day of Principle

     Next Doorly speaks of the Fourth Day (period) that is, of course, Principle with the kings and prophetic age (this represents the term Fisher-King).  There is once more a matrix structure presented to us, as there are twelve prophets that are minor (like the twelve tribes of Israel) and there are four prophets that are major (like the four groups of Levite Priests).

     During the time of the prophet age is when the ten tribes of Israel were taken into captivity and eventually lost (they never returned home) and then the three tribes of Jews (Judah, Levi, and Benjamin) were taken into Babylonian captivity.  It is while the Jews are in Babylon that the Elohistic Document (for Genesis 1-2:3) is written.  They have begun to understand that a tribal god, called Jehovah, is not the true creator, the real creator is Elohim-Shaddai (Father-Mother God).  This is the one true God who creates only good ideas, spiritual ideas.
     Ezekiel is a major prophet.  “Ezekiel also saw what would be the outcome of the captivity of Babylon.  And what was the outcome?  The Pentateuch [Five Books of Moses’ Law], as we know it, which includes those wonderful days of creation, – the basis of the whole Bible.”  It is possible that the prophet Ezekiel wrote the Pentateuch.
     You have probably heard of Ezekiel’s Wheel.  Do you have somewhat a better understanding of what it is by now?  That is right, it is Abraham’s Holy City, it is Joseph’s circle of brothers bowing down to him, and it is the pattern for the Israelite camp, it is the divine calculus.  The four beasts (living beasts, or living creatures) is the divine calculus.  The lion is the Word, the ox or bull is the Christ, the face of a man is Christianity, and the flying eagle is Science.  This divine calculus is followed in the New Testament as the four Gospels.  Matthew – the lion – the Word, Mark – the ox – the Christ, Luke – the face of a man – Christianity, and John – the flying eagle – Science, these four books, are told in the four operations of the divine calculus.  Does this help you understand why the four books about the life of Jesus Christ cannot be melded into one historical account and be understood?  Does this help you understand why the same stories are told differently if you compare the same accounts in the different books?  These four Gospels were not concerned with historical fact telling; the writers were concerned with the four tones of the divine calculus and how they operated.
     W. Gordon Brown writes in From Genesis to Revelation (from pages 273-275):  “The personal senses marvel at the phenomenon of Mary and Jesus, and at Jesus’ demonstration of deathless life.  But spiritual sense, penetrating sense evidence, looks at the underlying spiritual cause that determines the outward appearance.  To spiritual sense, at the opening of the fifth period, the eternal Principle (or Person) of the universe declares itself to be Life.  Because Life is the oneness and indivisibility of Being, the Principle of the universe shows itself forth as one and indivisible – that is, an individual. …
     “The record of his [Jesus’] God-impelled achievement appears in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  The inspiration behind these four biographies is the Word, Christ, Christianity, Science.  In fact, the four Gospels are to Christ Jesus what the four sides of the Holy City are to Christian Science.
     “Each Gospel accentuates a particular, indispensable view of Jesus’ lifework.  In order to furnish one whole conception, each is essential to every other; each reflects in itself the elements of the other three.  Thus, in our survey of the Bible as a whole, the Gospels present us once more with the pattern of the foursquare matrix.  They constitute the matrix’s sixth [for Truth] appearing.  Following the work of the sixteen prophets, we arrive, with the four Gospels, at the actual form of the idea that first took root in our awakened consciousness at the time of Israel’s patriarchs.
     “In his notes on the Gospels, Scofield describes most helpfully their matrix structure.  The terms he uses relate metaphysically with the Word, Christ, Christianity, Science.  Matthew he says, has the emphasis on Jesus as King, Mark on Jesus as Servant, Luke on Jesus as Man, and John on Jesus as Son of God.  But, he continues, ‘not only so:  for Matthew’s King is also Servant, Man, and [Son of] God; and Mark’s Servant is also King, and Man, and [Son of] God; Luke’s Man is also King, and Servant, and [Son of] God; and John’s eternal Son is also King, and Servant, and Man’ (SRB p.990).  Each office reflects in itself the other three offices, and the result, as we shall see, is a further matrix of sixteen tones. The idea of God, represented by the four Gospels, is one whole immaculate conception.
     “Matthew tells Jesus’ story through the four tones of the [squared-cycle for the] Word, Mark through the four tones of the [squared-cycle for the] Christ, Luke through the four tones of [the squared-cycle for] Christianity, [44] and John through the four tones of [the squared-cycle for] Science.”
     “Regarding the correcting of error in Christian Science, Matthew’s Word emphasized the order according to which the mortal problem is solved, Mark’s Christ emphasizes the divine means for solving it; Luke’s Christianity emphasizes the solution actually taking place through the restoration of all things to God; and John’s Science emphasizes the fact that from everlasting to everlasting the problem is already solved.”[45]

The New Testament – the Fifth Day of Life

     Jesus followed in the Fifth Day of Life with his twelve disciples,[46] later called apostles, and the twelve foundational Christ stones (or Christ tones) to the Holy City.  Revelation then repeats Abraham’s Holy City, Joseph’s dream, Moses’ encampment, and the Holy Land’s layout.  The same symbol is presented over and over and over, along with the Seven Day’s order for the Word.[47]  [48]
     On pages 278-279 of W. Gordon Brown’s From Genesis to Revelation he presents the “ ‘Wholly symmetrical; the one altogether lovely(Mis 167:6)”  In this he presents the matrix for Aaron’s rod (even though he does not call it this) which is based upon the Golden Candlestick Matrix.
     When Jesus sent out the twelve disciples to heal the people they were sent out in pairs.  This probably had something to do with the symbol for the Table of Shewbread, and the symbol for the priest’s breastplate – the Urim (Light).[49]  But what did it really mean?  Well, it symbolized the union of God (Principle) and man (Principle’s idea).  These pairs (wedded to where no man should put asunder) were to go out into the world to heal it of sin, sickness, disease, and death.  Hum,…remember the Christian Science Seal?
     Mary Baker Eddy used this same symbol when she set up the weekly Bible Lessons for The Quarterly.  There are six (Truth) sections of pairs.  The first column is made up of Bible verses while the second column is made up of scientific readings from Science and Health.  These paired readings are read by Christian Scientists during the week and then read at Sunday services.  These readings are supposed to go out into the world to bring healing.  The First Reader, preferably a woman, is supposed to read from Science and Health while the Second Reader, preferably a man, is supposed to read from the Bible.  This is to symbolize true marriage between the Lamb and the Lamb’s wife. Yet, if these Bible Lessons become uninspired and messed up by those who know nothing about their true purpose, then what becomes of the healing they are to bring about?


     In the book of Revelation we have all sorts of sevens.  This is on purpose you know.  There are seven visions and each vision has seven main sections.  The fourth point of each vision is the capstone, or main point of each vision.  Revelation utilizes the Golden Candlestick Matrix, or what I also call the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.  I also call all of the visions – the Mountain Range Matrix.

     Along with these seven visions are the seven candlesticks (churches), the seven stars (angels for the seven churches), seven vials (these vials actually follow the order of Love, Truth, Life, Principle, Soul, Spirit, and Mind, because to totally annihilate evil, or error, you must begin with Love), etc.
     You have the circle Unity Matrix presented in Revelation with the throne of God.  God sits in the hub, along with His Lamb.  Surrounding Principle and its idea are the twenty-four elders forming the matrix for the New Jerusalem artichoke that Mary Baker Eddy based her chapter “Recapitulation” on.  This New Jerusalem artichoke is found in Window of the Open Book.  It surrounds the center hub’s “little open book.”  Also in each corner (symbolic of the city foursquare) of the throne are the four living creatures – the divine calculus.  They must represent the Word cycle with the four major stars of Window of the Open Book.  The Unity Matrix is presented again at the end of Revelation, in the seventh vision, with the Holy City (city foursquare, New Jerusalem, city of our God).
     What is of most interest is that the fourth vision, being the capstone vision for Principle, is the most important vision of the seven visions.  The woman God-crowned is the focal point of this vision.  She is the most important symbol of Revelation, yet how many people when speaking about Revelation even mention the woman God-crowned?  Hardly anyone does, accept the Christian Scientist.  And I ask why?  I answer that it is because most people (Christians), who believe that Revelation is telling us about the end of the world – the Apocalypse, do not understand how this woman even fits into Revelation’s Bible prophecy.  Many believe her to be the Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene, of the past, during the Fifth Day of Life.  But she is really Mary Baker Eddy whose mission took place during the Sixth Day of Truth.
     So, I will explain how come this woman God-crowned is of such vital importance to the book of Revelation that she is placed in the capstone vision.  It is because this woman is the catalyst force behind the Apocalypse.  Apocalypse, by the way, does not mean “the end of the world” it means, “to uncover evil.”  The woman God-crowned uncovers evil; she unmasks animal magnetism to man.  And it is this uncovering, this unmasking, that brings annihilation to the material world.  The spiritual world never disappears, for as John says, “And I saw a new[50] heaven and a new earth:  for the first heaven [mortal concept of heaven] and the first earth [mortal concept of earth] were passed away; and there was no more sea [“elementary, latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms” (S&H 559:5)].”  What John saw then was “Divine Science encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the place of physics; the reign of righteousness.  The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death” (S&H 585:16-21).
     This woman also gives birth to the Christ ideal.  Her manchild rules (as the man/woman of the Sixth Day) with the rod of Aaron (pun intended), which is divine Science.

The Sixth Day of Truth and the Second Coming of Christ

A book introduces new thoughts, but it cannot make them speedily understood.  It is the task of the sturdy pioneer to hew the tall oak and to cut the rough granite.  Future ages must declare what the pioneer has accomplished.” – Mary Baker Eddy (S&H page vii)
     Mary Baker Eddy is “the sturdy pioneer” to which she is speaking of and the “book” is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  So what am I declaring that Mary Baker Eddy accomplished?  What does accomplish even mean?  Accomplish means “[to fill up – more at complete]  1: to bring to a successful conclusion:  2: carry to completion to attain to (a measure of time or distance):  cover;  perfect; achievement.”[51]  After reading this definition I realized that the word accomplish has to do with the fact that Mary Baker Eddy “fulfilled” Bible prophecy, or she fulfilled the second coming of Christ.  She has brought man to the successful conclusion that matter is not real.  Matter is only an illusion, the Adam dream.
     Mary Baker Eddy was born, to material belief, in the latter end of the Sixth Day of Truth on a Moon-day.  (It seems beneficial that 2012 also has her birth day being on a Moon-day.)  This was the age for the second coming of Christ, the Comforter – Christian Science.  You may not believe this to be so, however, Jesus’ prophecies about the endtime took place before her birth and after her birth.  There were severe earthquakes, the sun disappeared for a whole day, and the moon was turned to blood.  There were asteroid showers like never before on record.  And an account of the Aurora Borealis of February 1866 is remarkable.  And even though one was predicted there was absolutely no full moon during February 1866.  This is the month that Mary Baker Eddy, who has her feet upon the moon,[52] had her spiritual healing and when she discovered Christian Science.
     Mary Baker Eddy understood the Bible’s symbols and she tried to present them to her students in her work.  This understanding was presented in the layout of the final edition of the Christian Science Textbook with its twelve minor chapters (1-12) and its four major chapters (13-16), her Church Manual, her Boston Edifice symbols, and her book Christ and Christmas.  She even hinted at her spiritual position as the woman God-crowned by placing stars by the names of twelve First Members in an early edition of the Church Manual.  The four major stars belonged to the four Board of Directors.  Remember that Jesus’ disciple Judas lost his place among the disciples because he betrayed Jesus.  Well, Mary Baker Eddy took away only one star from one of the twelve First Members, that star belonged to her adopted son, Foster-Eddy.  This happened way before the 1907 Best Friends Suit that he participated in.
     Mary Baker Eddy’s Holy City is described in “The Apocalypse” chapter and is also found in its symbolic form in the Church Edifice as Window of the Open Book, a.k.a., The Director’s (divine calculus) Window.
     It is also of importance that an eddy is a rotating circle, a wheel itself.

The understanding of matrixes after December 3, 1910

     John Doorly created the Network (my name for it) Matrix, or the (rectangle) squared matrix.  His student, W. Gordon Brown, presented the circle matrix in his book From Genesis to Revelation.  Doorly never (to my knowledge, nor, as far as I know did Max Kappeler) presented the circle matrix to his students.  Nor did Brown ever apply the circle matrix to Window of the Open Book or to Science and Health with Key to the Scripture (as far as I know).  That has been my job.  And I have done it.  I call it by other names too.  It is the Unity Matrix, Sharon’s Rose, Aaron’s rod, the Stargate, and Ezekiel’s Wheel of Prophecy.  The circle matrix presents to us the city foursquare, New Jerusalem, and city of our God as the Holy City.
     So, when I read that Christian Science is a cult, I say, “Yes, it is a cult, just as Moses set up!”
     God gave me the job of doing the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle (which is based upon Doorly’s Golden Candlestick Matrix) and the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (this one is based upon Judge Hanna’s pyramid matrix for Christ and Christmas).  I also refer to the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth as the Paramount Matrix.  So I have the U. P. N. or the United (circle) Paramount (triangle) Network (square).  This is, of course, a joke, as there use to be a television network with that name.
     Around 1996 through 1999 I began to see how the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth explained the symbols found in the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  I saw how it explained the correspondence with the Boston Edifice, Christ and Christmas, and the first creation for Genesis 1-2:5 (chapter 2’s verses 4 and 5 are the bridge between the two creation accounts).  Then I began to work with the Unity Matrix.  The wheel is in every culture (it has to be there).  The Indian’s Medicine Wheel (appropriately named) is this same symbol.  And the true medicine of Science is the Open Book itself which is located in the hub of the Wheel (of Window of the Open Book) just like where the Holy Tabernacle was placed and where the Holy Temple was later placed in Jerusalem.  You see, Science is our true Temple – Outer Court with Mind, Spirit, and Soul, Inner Court with Life, Truth, and Love, and Most Holy of Holies with Principle!
     Each Keystone of Window of the Open Book represents the operation of the divine calculus for the first twelve chapters of Science and Health.  Each Seven-pointed Star is a gate (a Stargate) to these twelve chapters.  The four Major Stars, for the Word’s squared-cycle, are the first four chapters of the Textbook.  The Christ’s squared-cycle is for chapters 5-8, and the squared-cycle for Christianity is for chapters 9-12.  The Science hub (its squared-cycle) is the depicted Open Book itself and we enter into chapters 13-16 via each side of the Textbook.

     My work may seem to some as if it is not Christian Science, but I do not accept this as being so.  When I realize how things have opened up to me, how I see things throughout the Bible corroborating my work, I know I am on the right track, I know that my work is correct and can teach spiritually by symbols.

     I understand Tarot cards because I understand symbols.  Tarot cards were made to depict Bible prophecy, specifically Revelation.  The 1910 Rider Deck is particularly good in this respect.  THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Love) and THE EMPRESS cards depict the woman God-crowned, the morning star (Venus).  The two cards of TEMPERANCE and THE STAR depict the angel of Revelation 10.  The two cards WHEEL OF FORTUNE (PROPHECY) and THE WORLD (also known as THE UNIVERSE) present the divine calculus with the four living creatures in each corner and they depict the Holy City.  These are the three sections actually written about in “The Apocalypse” chapter.
     The Major Arcana follows a matrix structure for the Three Degrees.  I call it the Gridiron Matrix.
Gridiron Matrix

     The Minor Arcana has a suit of four (again a divine calculus) of Wands or Rods (the Word), Pentacles (the Christ), Cups (Christianity), Swords (Science).  They are also assigned letters for Jehovah I-H-V-H, with the elements of fire, earth, water, and air.  Today we use regular playing cards with clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.
     As mentioned in chapter 1, each Rider Deck Tarot card was based upon the Kabalah tree of life matrix.  The Ten of Pentacles card is the deck’s template.  The Kabalah tree of life is based upon the first chapter of Genesis only.  Its paths are assigned to a Hebrew letter, these letters are found in Psalms 119 as headings.  There are four worlds (levels of consciousness) and there are eleven (7 + 4) angelic spheres (one sphere is not always depicted).
     I am not afraid to read about such things as I know that I can translate it all back to God.

More on symbols

     Doorly says, “Now, we have been looking at the time-picture [Seven Days] of the development of system, but this time-picture has to be brought into the focus of infinity.  Although it has expressed itself according to human belief in thousand-year periods, what you and I want is not thousand-year periods – a time belief is no good to anyone – but Science, brought into the focus of a split second.  We want to see that the nature of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love is available to us here and now.  That is what the prophets tried to show.  They were primarily interested in symbolizing spiritual reality and not recording history.”
     Further on he also explains that we use symbols all the time to learn with.  They are found as letters, words, musical notes, numbers, etc.  How could we learn without these symbols?
     “When Mrs. Eddy gave us this symbolism, divine ideas were at last symbolized in a perfect, ordered system in present-day terminology.  The effort of the writers of the Scriptures from beginning to end, — from the days of creation, which begin the Bible, up to the city foursquare, which climaxes it,[53] — was to tell the story of God and man in divine order, through the familiar symbols of the age.  To-day that story is told in divine order through exact and scientific symbolism; to-day you and I can lay hold on the ideas of Mind, of Spirit, of Soul, of Principle, of Life, of Truth, and of Love, and we can see how they operate in four divine orders.  Those four divine orders are the Word (God’s revelation of Himself; coming to you and me and impelling us to seek), the Christ (God’s translation of His own ideal, coming to you and me and causing us to find), Christianity (God’s reflection of His own ideal, coming to you and me and impelling us to use or prove the absolute reality of ever-operative divine values), and Science (God’s interpretation of His own infinite Being, coming to you and me as some sense of essential being).  That is the divine system which it is our Father’s ‘good pleasure’ to give us.
     “This divine system is puncture-proof.  It is the system which has always existed; it isn’t a system which Mrs. Eddy or anyone else invented, but the system which has always existed, from everlasting to everlasting, and which has always inspired thinkers.  It is the system which Jesus used and proved to perfection.  It is the system of which he spoke when he said, ‘I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; even the Spirit of truth,’ and it is going to abide with us forever.  Nothing can turn it back now, nothing in all the world.  If men and women will accept it, in that degree it will abide with them forever.”  (Doorly p.342-343)
     Today these symbols are found in our everyday world.  They are seen in movies and television shows.  Just last night (4/10/11) I was watching, for the first time, The Chronicles of Narnia:  the Dawn Treader.  First of all, let us understand what the name of the ship Dawn Treader really means.  Dawn, of course, is the time of morning when the sun rises, however, when something becomes understood to us within our consciousness, it is said to “dawn on us.”  One example would be, “It dawned on me that I am God’s child.”  The word tread has a few meanings.  One has to do with treading water; you keep your head above water.  Treading water is not swimming, however, it does keep you from drowning even though you may not make much progress toward your goal.  Another meaning is “step” or “walk.”  What are the “Footsteps of Truth” that Mary Baker Eddy followed?  I think if we follow her “Footsteps of Truth” then we are able to climb up the Pyramid Matrix of Truth!  We may even have to “step upon” the head of the serpent that tries to impede our spiritual progress.  Another meaning of “tread” has to do with the pattern of the outer edge of a wheel.  So here is the Unity Matrix once again.
     Prince Caspian was searching for seven Lords.  These seven men had seven swords.  They found out that these swords were of importance, as they were told that all seven swords had to be laid down upon Aslan’s table; a matrix table!  Aslan, being a lion, is a symbol for the Christ (Judah).  (Yes, I know, I keep telling you that the ox or bull is for the Christ, which is true, however, the Bible makes it clear that the tribe of Judah is given the symbol of the lion and Jesus was called the son of David, who was of the tribe of Judah.  However, as a living creature, the true symbol is the ox or bull.  And the lion also represents the Word in the divine calculus.)  Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy had collected six (Truth) of the swords.  As they laid the six swords upon the matrix table they formed the wheel (having twelve spokes that formed twelve keystone shapes).
     The seventh Lord and sword was on another island where the green mist was located.  This green (a poison, like the ashen horseman of Revelation 6) mist was a symbol for evil.  They had to sail toward it, toward the East.  They were always sailing toward the East, toward Aslan’s world.  Of course, East is symbolic for the Christ.  Yet, today (4/11/11) I was reading in Doorly’s book (page 334), and guess what I found?  I found an explanation for the island where the seventh Lord and sword were located.  (God does this all the time.)
     “‘Oriental Witchcraft’—time and time again you have to handle that, especially if you have patients living in Africa or India, or any of those parts of the world where there is intense mysticism [mist], witchcraft of every kind, permeating the atmosphere.  I have had some very striking cases through handling that.  For instance, a young fellow was with the army in India and had been in hospital there for six months in very bad shape, and when it looked as though he couldn’t possibly get better, he telegraphed me for help.  I telegraphed back, ‘There is only one East, and that is the divine East, the symbol of the Christ.’  The change in him took place immediately.  That boy was suffering from the influence of oriental witchcraft; he was suffering from the mesmerism of that mysticism and fatalism and witchcraft of the East which has gone on for thousands of years in thousands of millions of people.  That oriental witchcraft fills the atmosphere of the East.  The whole condition changed at once when I saw clearly that there is only one East, the divine East, the symbol of the Christ.”
     Now, Edmund and Lucy’s cousin Eustace is with them.  Earlier in the movie (story) Eustace had been turned into a dragon when he placed a cursed gold bracelet on his arm.
     The Dawn Treader found the seventh Lord and his sword.  They brought him aboard.  He warned the crew not to think of anything they were really afraid of, as the green mist would turn that fear into a reality.  Edmund thought of a sea monster.  This monster represented the red dragon’s beast that comes up out of the sea (“elementary, latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms”).  “Alas for those who break faith with divine Science and fail to strangle the serpent of sin as well as of sickness!  They are dwellers still in the deep darkness of belief.  They are in the surging sea of error, not struggling to lift their heads above the drowning wave.”[54]  They are not treading water!
     Eustace, being a fire-breathing dragon at this moment, battles against the sea monster.  He is doing a pretty good job of it too.  However, the seventh Lord (being somewhat mad) believes Eustace to be evil, part of the mist.  He throws his sword at Edmund and it hits him.  Edmund flies off toward the island with Aslan’s table.  Aslan appears and heals Eustace of his wound and his dragon persona.  Christian Science treatment heals the physical only because it heals the mental moral of man first, you could say that the physical is the effect of the mental cause.
     Eustace runs toward the table with the seventh sword.  The green mist tries to prevent Eustace from placing the seventh sword upon the Christ’s matrix table.  But he finally makes it.  And when he does a spiritual light goes up and all that belongs to the green mist (the belief that man is born into a material body and must eventually die in order to become spiritual) just disappears.
     Doorly says (pages 353-354):  “When you have handled all the carnal mind’s lies through what you know of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love [the seven swords], realize that the truth that you have been knowing is the very presence and power of God to any mortal belief.  It is a law of enactment and establishment to all that is true, and a law of annulment to all that is false.  It [the Christ] comes to the flesh and destroys incarnate error of every kind, whatever it may claim to be, and it establishes the fact that from everlasting to everlasting there is nothing going on but divine Principle, Life, Truth, and Love, forever translating itself as Soul, reflecting itself as Spirit, and making itself manifest as Mind.
     “Know that from everlasting to everlasting there is no so-called carnal mind to manifest itself or to operate.  Don’t just say that carnal mind does not operate, because that is admitting a carnal mind.  Know that there is no so-called carnal mind to manifest itself or to operate as a mist, or the after-effects of a mist, as a false sense of creator or a false sense of creation, as minds many, as a belief of life, substance, or intelligence in matter, as organic construction, sex distinction, class distinction, race distinction, separation, as a belief of minds, many, operating through mesmerism or hypnotism, as divided interests of any kind, as disease of incurable disease, as false systems of theology or medicine, as unemployment, as the expectation of death, or as anything of the kind.  Take the carnal mind in that way and dissect it; deny everything it claims, and then finish by knowing that from everlasting to everlasting ‘All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all’ (S&H 468:10-11).  This Mind is Spirit, it is Soul, it is Principle, it is Life, it is Truth, and it is Love, and it operates as the Word of God, as infinite revelation; as the Christ, as infinite translation; as Christianity, as infinite reflection; and as Science, as infinite interpretation.”[55]
     Earlier in the story, on a different island, Prince Caspian and King Edmund find the first Lord and the first sword.  Through their prison window they see citizens being placed, as human sacrifices, in boats and sent out into the green mist, where they disappear.  What this really means is that those people were believed to have died.  But when the seventh sword is placed upon the table the green mist cleared.  When animal magnetism was uncovered and annihilated by the light of Christ, it was spiritually understood that nobody had died.  The veil had been rent by the seventh (Love) sword.  For the only East is the Christ.
     At the end of the movie the water is sweet and calm.  The heroes take a row boat to the end of the world and there is a huge wave of water (a wall of water).  Aslan’s world of Spirit lies beyond the wave that Aslan has control over.  “Those ready for the blessing you impart will give thanks.  The waters will be pacified, and Christ will command the wave.” (S&H 570:23)
     There are other movies that have the Holy City in them.  A recent one (within the last few years) is Astro Boy.  And if you want to talk about the divine calculus, even though it is mixed up a little, or incorrect, you need only look to movies like The De Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and Sherlock Holmes (with that Ironman dude).  And yes, even the Holy City is presented in Ironman II.  Why?  Because these symbols are in the collective consciousness, they are important, created by divine Mind.  Once you know about them, or understand them, you will begin to see them in everything.  Yes, even the seven Harry Potter books (eight movies of seven stories) have them.  I think that a lot of people who read the Harry Potter books miss out on a lot of jokes because they do not look up the meanings of the character’s names.  I look up the meaning of everything.  That is how I learn.
     Lord Voldemort, he who must not be named, is animal magnetism, a symbol of the serpent.  He is the green mist.  He pretends to be the Lord, or God, but is not.  His real name is Tom, which means “twin, two.”  This represents his dualistic nature of good and evil, although he hates good!  But because he hates good, good is a reality to him, and he wants to destroy all that is good.  Marvelo (his last name) sounds like marvel, which he is not.  Even the name Voldemort would mean the old death, which is only the belief that matter is real.
     Star Wars I:  The Phantom Menace has Darth Maul a symbol of Revelation’s red dragon (count his horns).  Emperor Palpatine represents ecclesiastical despotism of church and state as found in the early Roman Catholic Church.  The Storm Troopers are Hitler’s soldiers.  The Jedi Knights typify Christian Scientists.  Anakin Skywalker is born like Jesus and called the “chosen one.”  However, Anakin goes wrong because of his circumstances, because he believes that death is a reality and he is afraid of loosing his Motherhood and Womanhood.  And because of his fears he becomes dark, burned, and mechanically intellectually minded.  It is up to his Christ son, Luke (bringer of Light), to bring him back in Return of the Jedi.  Anakin returns to his new (original) being which is Spirit.  Luke and Leah are the two great lights during the Fourth Day of Principle; they symbolize the two comings of Christ.  R2-D2 is the divine calculus and C-3P0 is “Golden Rod” Christian Science (in the human) and divine Science, the human and divine coincidence (one leg is silver [human], the other leg is gold [divine]).
     One of my favorite movies, series, and spin offs is Stargate, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe (this last one is not really high on my list).  The Stargate is the Holy City.  These Stargates are usually set up in front of a ramp or stairs (like Jacob’s ladder).  The Goa’ulds, a.k.a. System Lords, are the serpents of the nervous system (the opposite of the system for Science). The Goa’uld are coiled around the trunk (back bone of Adam) of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (physical sense).  It communicates via electric signals to the Adam brain (the big giant head).
     The four members of SG-1 are symbols for the divine calculus.  The show Stargate SG-1 has many references to The Wizard of Oz; a story about four beings, one is even a lion.  Dorothy (Science) meets up and travels with the Scarecrow (Christ), the Tin Man (Christianity) and the lion (the Word).  Oh, and her little dog Toto is her dogma (Ma’s dog) teaching of Christian Science.  Her house (spiritual consciousness) lands on the wicked witchcraft of the East!  Dorothy is given, by the good witch of the North (the Word) the silver (human slippers.  In the movie they became ruby slippers, which is okay by me because rubies are the birthstone for July [Mary Baker Eddy’s birthstone]).  These slippers are symbols for successorship; Dorothy is the Eastern-Christ successor of Jesus Christ.  Do you really think the silver slippers ever belonged to the evil Eastern witch craft?
     Ah, but the wicked witch of the West (science) claims the slippers as her own!  She is the anti-Christ Scientist!  She is the SMother Church material organization who claims to be Mary Baker Eddy’s successor.  This false sense of error, however, dissolves with water (the elements of divine Mind) into its native nothingness.


     The Emerald City is the hub City of Principle, the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Wizard is symbolic of divine wisdom (Mind).  He pretends to be a Big Giant Head, even though he is really nothing of the sort.  He is really King of the Universe.  The Wizard did not really grant the wishes of the three living creatures, he basically helped them recognize that they already were in possession of the qualities they had been searching for.  This is what Christian Science does.  As for Dorothy, she wished to go home to Kansas.  This chance was given to her by the prayer of, “There is no place like home.”  Or rather, “There is no place but home, where I am is home.”
     In Third Rock From the Sun there is once more, in alien form, a divine calculus of four people.  Their home world leader, who lives in heaven (space), is called the Big Giant Head.  I had a vision dream in 1996 that I called The Ghost Museum.  In it I was investigating sightings of ghosts (personal sense, idolatry, Darth Maul) in a museum (a cabinet = a Board of Directors).  There was an illustrated poem.  The drawing was of a giant body sitting on a wooden chair.  His head was decapitated by the edge of the drawing.  In front of his body was a floating head of William Shatner.  After this I went to the man at the information desk.  I told him I liked whom he had chosen for the giant’s head.  He said, “I thought Shatner would be funny.”  This vision dream took place three years before Shatner appeared on Third Rock From the Sun.  On the day that the show was to air, I was in Michigan at my sister-in-law’s house.  On her refrigerator was a magnet of Captain James T. Kirk.  It had been decapitated.  I said, “I really have to watch that show tonight!”  William Shatner’s character had two other names, Stone Phillips and King of the Universe.  I understand that the Big Giant Head is the First Degree, Stone Phillips is the Second Degree, and King of the Universe is the Third Degree.  It is this King that really lives in heaven (harmony).
     It was later after the dream that I realized that it was pointing me to an important symbol found in the fourth illustration of Mary Baker Eddy’s Christ and Christmas.  The Christmas tree was the giant body, the Christ-mass of The Mother Church.  Inside this tree is found the Holy Trinity for the three advents of Christ, its capstone head was the floating head of a boy (a choir boy?).  Was I to relate this floating head to William Shatner from the dream?  Only if William Shatner represented the manchild and the Immanuel Arch.  Below the head were the foundation corners of a window (for Mary Baker Eddy for Window of the Woman God-crowned) and a door (for Christ Jesus for Window of Mary First at the Resurrection).

Christmas Eve’s hidden Holy Trinity

     I have seen William Shatner three times in person.  The first time I saw him in a play, he was a murderer (the Big Giant Head), the second time I met him in person (Stone Phillips), and the third time I saw him at Starfest but did not talk to him.  This was his King of the Universe appearance to me, the Third Degree, because I saw a side of William Shatner that was full of love.  I saw his Motherhood shining through while he held a baby.  To me, this chance to see him expressing so much love meant much more to me than shaking his hand did!  His Christ King was being expressed and I was grateful for seeing it.

The Holy Trinity seen as divine messengers (in the clouds).

     And, guess what else came out in May 1999, when the first episode with the Big Giant Head appeared?  Yes, Star Wars I:  The Phantom Menace.  A phantom is a ghost, and the greatest menace is the ghost of idolatry, personal sense – the belief in many mortal minds.  There were also big giant stone heads on Naboo.
     I have had several other vision dreams that have enlightened me and helped me to understand spiritual symbols.  Not all of them come true, but some do, and I have to reason that God gave me this talent for a reason.  That reason would be to grow in Science and to be able to present it to the world today in a way that it can easily be comprehended.  I am an artist and I am visually stimulated by images.  I have heard on television that many people today are like me because we live in a world that is really visual, that is full of images, full of symbols.  If I can understand all of this and explain it to you, then perhaps I am doing what God has created me to do.

[1] The Bible tells us that one day with the Lord is like a thousand years, thus 7,000 years would be seven days, like the seven days that are found in Genesis 1-2:3.

[2] I see the city foursquare as having four squared-cycles to it.

[3] Mount Zion having the shape of a triangle, or pyramid.

[4] Square is a geometric shape and a four-sided pyramid is square.

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[15] This entrance is called the Immanuel Arch.

[16] Pale green is a color associated with chlorine, a blanching chemical.

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[37] There is only one other Noah mentioned in the Bible, and that Noah is a daughter, with sisters, who is actually given an inheritance from the father.

[38] “Christian Science Practice” is the twelfth chapter of the Textbook (the Big Dipper, so to speak).

[39] Mary Baker Eddy said that astrology is secondary.

[40] These twelve stars are the twelve jewels in the woman’s crown (Revelation 12), they are the twelve nations of Israel.

[41] Joseph is a Christ type (a king of the land) and he is one with his brother, Benjamin, Christianity.

[42] I have come to see that the symbol for such words as Fatherhood, Motherhood, manhood, and womanhood, are symbolic of Mind, for the hood is placed over the head.

[43] Moses means “to lead out of; to educate.”

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[46] Yes, Jesus had more than twelve disciples, but we are concerned with this number for the matrix symbols.

[47] This is made clear on pages 275-278 of W. Gordon Brown’s From Genesis to Revelation.

[48] Sometimes the seven synonymous terms follow the Christ order, Christianity’s order, and the Science order.

[49] “The rabbins believed that the stones in the breastplate of the high-priest had supernatural illumination, but Christian Science reveals Spirit, not matter, as the illuminator of all.  The illuminations of Science give us a sense of the nothingness of error, and they show the spiritual inspiration of Love and Truth to be the only fit preparation for admission to the presence and power of the Most High.” (S&H 596:12)

[50] The word “new” actually means “original.”  So, what John saw was the original spiritual world and the original spiritual earth before the belief in a material birth had clouded his vision.

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[53] I disagree with Doorly on this.  The city is in the seventh vision, thus it is a foundation stone that correlates with the first vision with God’s throne.  And the climax of the Bible is the forth vision with the woman God-crowned.  However, it is true that the Bible does end with the Holy City (the city foursquare, New Jerusalem, the city of our God).

[54] S&H 569:14

[55] It may interest you in knowing that translation has to do with taking a symbol and translating it into another symbol (a higher symbol when dealing with the Christ).  And it is Science that interprets this translation process of the Christ.