by MJSmith


     Marie (Mary) Chauvel (which may mean bald = white [what I use for Principle]), Sophie’s grandmother, is alive, so is Sophie’s brother.  In the movie, Sophie’s parents and brother were supposed to have died in a car crash, while in the book, she was told that her parents, brother, and grandmother died in the car crash.  To me a car crash is symbolic of the organized Church body being destroyed.
     What is the symbolic meaning behind Sophie finding her Grandmother?  It must be the awakening of generic man to the realization that Mary Baker Eddy is OUR GREAT GRAND (MAJOR) MOTHER and the very fact that she is not dead, because as she told us, “Death is an illusion.”
     Rosslyn Chapel is also supposed to be laid out like Solomon’s Temple.  If so, this was hard to make out from seeing it in the movie (and I do not think it is a true fact).  However, symboically it means that it would have an Outer Court, an Inner Court, and a most Holy of Holies.  I also feel that it would follow the Christ order of the seven synonyms of God.

The riddle from the black cryptex was:

The Holy Grail ‘neath ancient Roslin waits.
The blade and chalice guarding o’er Her gates.
Adorned in master’s loving art, She lies.
She rests at last beneath the starry skies.

     Robert assumed that the cryptex verse was speaking about Rosslyn Chapel, and the blade and chalice was the Star of David they saw in the chapel.  Although they both found some answers (and Sophie’s Grandmother) this was not the final resting place of Mary Magdalene.  In the story, this chapel may well indeed have been one of the resting places for Mary Magdalene’s body, but she no longer rests in Scotland.  So Robert had a new discovery once he returned to Paris.
     The earth’s original prime meridian was the first zero longitude of the world.  It is found in Paris, as its ancient Rose Line (Rosslyn).  Langdon follows the Rose Line to the Louvre Pyramid.  The right side carried him across the courtyard to the Carrousel Du Louvre, a circle of grass surrounded by a perimeter of neatly trimmed hedges.  There is a crystal chasm, the glass chalice pointing to the blade, and underneath is suppose to be where Mary Magdalene lies.
     Ross means Rose and lyn, or lynn, means river, water fall.  Mary Baker Glover began Christian Science in Lynn, Massachusetts.  Also, for a few months in 1891 Mary Baker Eddy lived in Roslindale (valley of Roslin), Massachusetts.

I have translated the above riddle to mean the following:
     The Bible is under the government of the standard Christ-Link prophet, Mary Baker Eddy, who watches as a Sentinel, and serves God.  Father-Mother God guards over Mary Baker Eddy’s Structured Holy City of Science with its sixteen gates [twelve of them are Stargates].  Adorned or furnished in Christ Scientist’s stained glass windows, Mary Baker Eddy has her place in Bible prophecy.  She leads and directs her own congregation, at last, for they allow themselves to be under the control of the woman’s crowned consciousness of twelve stars which are found in heaven.

     In 1991 I had a vision dream.  It was so vivid I woke up and marveled at how much I remembered and I knew that it had to mean something.  I knew that it was a message from God.  I named the dream – Grandmother’s Highchair
     In this dream there was a girl with curly auburn hair (like Mary Baker Eddy was often shown having), she was in a white dress.  There was a boy sitting in my Grandmother’s[1] highchair.  This chair was painted light blue (this color is often used to paint a boy’s room with, but I see it as a symbol for Spirit – in its Christianity aspect).  As a young child I sat in the highchair many times, as did all my other young cousins.  But I felt that this boy did not belong in my grandmother’s highchair.  On the eating tray in front of him was an open book (the Christian Science Textbook).  And in his hand was an oval wooden reed.  I feel that these two items represent the two gifts spoken of in Revelation 10 and 11.
     I was standing there in front of the boy and chair when I saw a Roman Catholic priest, in a robe with a hood, approach us.  This father, or priest, tried to hypnotize me into hurting the girl.  When he used his power his face changed from being a man to a devil.  He looked beast like, and had red skin and horns!  When he stopped using hypnotism he returned to having the face of a man (Does this not mean that Christianity when being run by ecclesiastical despotism is nothing more than the devil?).
     I stood!  What I know about Christian Science and my Leader is established within me forever.  I was not (nor would I ever be) mesmerized or hypnotized by animal magnetism, the red dragon, in regards to my Leader.  I refused to hurt the girl or allow her to be hurt.
     When he realized that I would not help him he turned to the boy.  This boy was easily manipulated.  Again I saw the devil face.  The boy called the devil “Father.”  The devil used his power to turn the wooden reed (to measure the inner courts) into a dagger.  The handle was made of ivory and it looked like a wolf’s head.  The boy was going to use the dagger to kill the girl.  But I feel that the boy was first going to try and rape the girl.  The boy said, “Thank you, Father.”  More than once he said this, and he was saying it for the gift of the dagger.
     The boy jumped out of the highchair and I stood in his way.  I told him, “You do not want to hurt the girl.”
     He replied, “Yes, I do!”
     But I would not let him get by, and then I woke up.
     Being that this was my Grandmother’s highchair, I decided that the girl I was protecting was actually Mary Baker Eddy.
     After having the dream I was reading a book by Paul R. Smillie, a Christian Scientist.  He wrote in his biography on Mary Baker Eddy that the Hebrew high priests were false successors of Moses and they sat in his highchair!  Was my grandmother’s highchair a symbol of successorship?  If so, then it was I who belonged in the chair, not the boy (who represents the Boston hierarchy, the Board of Directors).  The highchair was symbolic of the throne for the Lamb of God, and it was my chair as successor, not a Board of Directors located in Boston.
     A wolf is a symbol of hypocrisy.  And the famous quote, “ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing” came to me.  Also, “spiritual wickedness in high places” seemed to go with the dream.  The sheep’s clothing being that of the Christian congregation, oh so like the robe that the devil was wearing.
     A few years later I read that Judas’ last name, Iscariot, is from a word meaning “dagger.”  Judas betrayed Jesus Christ, just as this boy was betraying Grandmother Rose Mary.
     An oval, as well as wood, is symbolic of womanhood.  I feel that the reed was being used like a bookmark.   In Christian Science we mark our books for our weekly lessons.  In fact, I have a joke for you.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Groucho Marx.”

“Groucho Marx who?”

“Groucho Marx his Bible lesson every week.”

     The book upon the eating tray may have been “a little open book” but was the boy actually eating it as the angel asks us to?   If he was, then why was the devil able to hypnotize or mesmerize him?
     I also wondered if the oval wooden reed did not represent the Church Manual because it was being used as a tool.  The Board of Directors has turned this book, or rod of divine Science, into a dagger to use against the woman!  Announced in the June 2011 Church meeting (in Boston) the Manual is now considered to be a jail for the Board of Directors.
     To this day I have never forgotten the dream.  I did not share this dream with a whole lot of people.  I shared it with a practitioner, but I do not know if she agreed with me about it, I do know that she did not accept Mary Baker Eddy as the woman God-crowned (at least at that time).  I also shared it with a lecturer-practitioner and he also disagreed with me, as he did not accept Mary Baker Eddy either.  But one woman I shared it with, who did accept Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and accept her as the woman God-crowned rewarded me for sharing the dream with her.  Helen Wright (an Independent Christian Scientist) sent me several of her books for free.  I do not know if she did this for very many people.
     I have had many other dreams telling me that I am Mary Baker Eddy’s successor.  I do not want the job!  But sometimes we have to do what God expects us to do.  And that is why I am writing this book for you to read.  I do not care if I become famous or rich because of it.  Fame is the last thing I want, that is why I use my spiritual name given to me by God instead of my birth name.  As for money, God has always provided for me, and God always will provide for me.  So, again, it is not because of the money.  It is because I must do what God expects of me.  And this is why, I feel, that Venus has two transits across the sun during my lifetime.
     I know of no other Christian Scientist who has done what I have done, who has understood what I have understood.  I know of no other Christian Scientist who even cares to do what I have done.  Some people I have shared with have said that I am way ahead of the pack.  Others feel that I am wrong by putting so much infuses on symbols even though Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”  Some people have also hated me for my insights.  But I must do what I must do.

[1] My grandmother was also a Christian Scientist.