by MJSmith


     Langdon and Sophie are free to go to Rosslyn Chapel, the “Cathedral of Codes.”  This Chapel is seven miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Edinburgh means Eden “delightful” city of self-government.  Mary Baker Eddy’s great grandparents, Marion Moor and John McNeil, were from Edinburgh.  Mary’s grandmother, who named Mary, was Marion Moor McNeil and she married into the Baker family.  Her family was given a heavy sword encased in a brass scabbard, with the inscription of an ancestor’s name.  It stated Sir William Wallace had bestowed it to this ancestor.  It was the McNeil crest and coat of arms (which I have spoken of earlier) that said on its top banner: “Vincere aut Mori.”  I feel this means “Victor (or Victory) over death.”
     Rosslyn (cape [head (Hood, Mind)]), promontory (high point of land or [Christ] rock; the Christ Link) Chapel is located on the site of an ancient Mithraic (God of light) temple.  It has six (Truth) key architectural points within its sanctuary.
     The book mentions two pillars, like the ones of King Solomon’s Temple.  The left pillar had vertical lines (forming a right angle of thinking [for the Letter of the Law]) while the other pillar had a spiral of roses (a symbol of Christ Science [for the Spirit of the Law]).  These two pillars are said to represent Boaz and Jachin.  However, I also feel that they represent the legs of the angel that gave birth to the manchild (a little book).  As seen in the movie of The Da Vinci Code, in the past women stood upon two foundation blocks while giving birth.  I read, in a book about Masons, that the two pillars symbolized the legs of a woman and that passing through the pillars was a symbol of being reborn.  What else could these two legs (pillars) represent?  “And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven [divine Science]…and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth.”  Interpreting this passage from Revelation 10, Mary Baker Eddy writes that:  “the revelation of divine Science, the ‘right foot’ or dominant power of which was upon the sea, – upon elementary, latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms.  The angel’s left foot was upon the earth; that is, a secondary power was exercised upon visible error and audible sin.”[1]  It is clear that divine Science stands, as two pillars, one being that of absolute Christian Science (the right foot) and the other is that of Christian Science (the left foot).  These are also like the right Pillar of Mercy and the left Pillar of Severity in the Kabalah Tree of Life Matrix.  (A great book for further explanation is found on page 81 onward in Max Kappeler’s The Four Levels of Spiritual Consciousness.)
     And I also see these two stone columns, two legs, as the two female witnesses on the cover of Mary Baker Eddy’s Sentinel.  These are the two betyls for the Law of the Letter and the Spirit of the Letter (the Ark and Arch Covenants).
     On page 217, of The Da Vinci Code, the title for the page has the fourth Code.  It reads THE DE YSOSY CODE.  Dan Brown writes:  “Sophie’s university instructors, while presenting computer encryption methods for securing data, praised modern cryptologists like Zimmermann and Schneier but failed to mention that it was Leonardo who had invented one of the first rudimentary forms of public key encryption centuries ago.  Sophie’s grandfather, of course, had been the one to tell her all about that.”  This, of course, goes back to the cryptex cylinders with their code words of five letters.  However, in trying to figure out what the DE YSOSY CODE is, I thought about what I have come to call the Gridiron Matrix and it is somewhat based upon the Tree of Life Matrix.

     In a dream I saw the angel of Revelation 10 coming down, its feet were like rockets.[2]  However, the shape was like how two legs would join together –  ^ .  In the dream I knew that this was like the football field being bent in half at the fifty-yard line.  The numbers run from 0 to 10 to 20 to 30 to 40 and to 50 and then back to 40 to 30 to 20 to 10 and back to 0.  At each end of the Field is the Field Goal (Love) shaped somewhat like a Y.  The capital O is like the head of the angel, or the Crown of Kether, while two S’s would represent the two Sciences of each leg, that of absolute Christian Science and Christian Science.  And I will add that the two S’s could stand for the two Sentinels.

Gridiron Matrix

     Above is a symbol seen on Stargate and Stargate SG-1.  It represents the symbol for Earth (Daniel Jackson draws it on the computer screen.), the seventh symbol in the dialing sequence for the Stargate.   It also resembles the ramp (Jacob’s Ladder) that leads up into the Stargate.  This symbol also reminds me of the Great Pyramid of Giza with the sun as its capstone.
     Another symbol spoken of in chapter 104 of The Da Vinci Code is the Star of David; the union of the blade and chalice form the star.  This also symbolizes the unity of Israel (female) and Judah (male).  This star symbol is also called Solomon’s Seal.

     The Star of Esther is a matrix I made after dreaming about a jewel that was called the Star of Esther.  After having the dream I got out W. Gordon Brown’s book From Genesis to Revelation and read up on the book of Esther.  Esther follows the Christianity order for the seven synonymous terms for God.  They too, are somewhat like DE YSOSY CODE, in that they have reflective tones.

     The book of Esther begins in the tone of Principle, goes on to Mind, then Soul, then Spirit, on to Love, then back to Truth, Life, Spirit, and returns to Principle at the end of the book.  (This is for sure the order used for Esther, however, I have seen other Christianity circles, by Max Kappler, having a different descending order – Life, Truth, Love, Spirit, Soul, Mind, Principle.)  If you placed the Star of David in the circle, Love would be the capstone of the blade, while Mind would be its foundation.  Truth would be the rim of the chalice with Principle as its tip.
     It could also be that the Star of David is symbolic of God as Father-Mother and man as Son-Daughter.  Would Elohim-Shaddai be the true name of God as our Father-Mother God, while Yahweh-Shekinah is man as God’s Christ Son and Holy Ghost Daughter, man made in God’s image after His-Her likeness?

[1] S&H 559

[2] An animation movie, based upon the 1960’s series of Astro Boy, will be released this year.  He has rocket feet.  (There is also a Holy City in the movie.)  [Editor’s note:  Also released the same year was the second Iron Man movie.  Iron Man also has rocket feet and the Holy City is also a part of the movie.  These things co-inside on purpose.]