by MJSmith

Chapter Six – THE DE LANCS CODE – The Four Cardinal Points[1] (The City of Our God)

     THE DE LANCS CODE is found on page 95 of The Da Vinci Code.  It has the shape of a cross.  The word lancs may come from lance or Lance.  Lance means “attendant.”  Could this “attendant” be like a companion, or spouse?  But, THE DE LANCS CODE is probably rooted to the House of Lancaster, with the white rose.
     Recently, in a dream, I saw that the cross, if placed within a diamond shape, could be seen as a blade sitting on top of a chalice.[2]  To me, this would represent the Bride’s body (the Bible) having the Bridegroom’s head (Science and Health Key to the Scriptures) resting on top.

     Brown writes:  “For the last decade, historians had been searching for the keystone in French churches.  Grail seekers, familiar with the Priory’s history of cryptic double-talk, had concluded la clef de voute was a literal keystone – an architectural wedge – an engraved, encrypted stone, inserted into a vaulted archway in a church.  Beneath the sign of the Rose.  In architecture, there was no shortage of roses.  Rose windowsRosette reliefs.  And, of course, an abundance, of cinquefiols – the five-petaled decorative flowers often found at the top of archways, directly over the keystone.  The hiding place seemed diabolically simple.  The map to the Holy Grail was incorporated high in an archway of some forgotten church, mocking the blind churchgoers who wandered beneath it.”[3]

The Immanuel Arch in The First Church. Notice the circle in the keystone wedge, this points us to the fireplace mantle in Mother’s Room the two circular windows in the Gallery, and two Rose windows in the Edifice’s Auditorium.  The circle symbolizes Unity.

     I literally laughed when I read Brown’s paragraph!  Because I understood where this hidden place was at.  Let me expand on his paragraph.  “For the last decade [period of 1993-2003], historians had been searching for the keystone in French churches [but they did not find the keystone there].  Grail seekers, familiar with the Priory’s history [which is made up, but perhaps sent to them by God so that I could discover the Truth of it all] of cryptic double-talk [coded language with more than one meaning, could also be of the serpent wisdom], had concluded la clef [the key, the place to tell one where to place the notes, or where to place the synonyms of God at] de voute [the Arch of the Covenant, a.k.a., the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth and the Stargate Matrix] was a literal keystone [an actual place where the keystone existed] – an architectural wedge [The First Church of Christ Scientist has the same shape of an architectural wedge, or triangle] – an engraved, encrypted stone [a matrix code], inserted into a vaulted archway in a church [Placed in the Immanuel Arch leading to Mother’s Room is the Keystone with the pattern of the circular rose window-Stargate].  Beneath the sign of the Rose [the pattern to be hidden within the Rose symbol].  In architecture, there was no shortage of roses.  Rose windows [two of which exist within The First Church of Christ Scientist and one found in the Concord Branch Church].  Rosette reliefs.  And, of course, an abundance, of cinquefiols – the five-petaled decorative flowers [symbols for Venus] often found at the top of archways, directly over the keystone….”[4]

     “The auditorium [of the Boston edifice] is seated with pews of curly birch, upholstered in old rose plush.  The floor is in white Italian mosaic, and frieze of the old rose, and the wainscoting repeats the same tints.  The base and cap are of pink Tennessee [“mighty warrior”] marble.”[5]
     “The ‘Mother’s Room’ is approached by an entrance of Italian marble, and over the door, in large golden letters on a marble tablet, is the word ‘Love.’  In this room the mosaic marble floor of white has a Romanesque border and is decorated with sprays of fig leaves bearing fruit [a symbol of Scientific demonstration].  The room is toned in pale green with relief in old rose.  The mantel is of onyx and gold.  Before the great bay window hangs an Athenian lamp over two hundred years old [now over three hundred years old], which will be kept always burning day and night.  Leading off the ‘Mother’s Room’ are toilet apartments, with full-length French mirrors and every convenience.
     “The director’s room is very beautiful in marble approaches and rich carving, and off this is a vault for the safe preservation of papers.”[6]
     “…The hiding place seemed diabolically [of the devil, but really is God’s Sophie Wisdom] simple [easy to see].  The map [matrix] of the Holy Grail [Bible] was incorporated high in an archway [It is seen in three other different places beside the Immanuel Arch.  It is the center hub of Window of the Open Book, it is found above the fourth Mary window titled “Woman God-crowned,” and it is the Bridegroom head capstone of S&H to the Bible’s Bride body in the Northern Gallery] of some forgotten church [a little Edifice located in Boston, as members now attend Church in its Extension], mocking the blind churchgoers [those who will not recognize their Leader’s place in Bible prophecy] who wandered beneath it [not knowing what its true meaning and significance is, perhaps they just forgot its true meaning after the first fifty years of material organization?].”[7]
     I like the names that Dan Brown uses in his book, Rue de Rivoli (meaning Road of Reveal) and Champs-Elysees (meaning champion consecrated to God) are just two of them.  I do not have time to go into all of these names, but I feel that everything has a symbolic meaning; we just have to look for it.  For instance, Langdon and Sophie are trying to get to the American embassy; however, the police have it blocked off.  The name of the street is Avenue Gabriel.  Mary Baker Eddy says that the angel Gabriel is Love.  So the path to Love (safety, Mother’s Room) is cut off from the main characters.  The address of 24 Rue Haxo is the location of the Depository[8] Bank of Zurich.

The ARK COVENANT – the Letter of the Law – the city foursquare
     Banks have Branches, just like The First Church has Branch Churches.  Branches are also linked to family trees.  Aaron’s Rod Branch budded and bloomed into a church with walls of limitation.  It signified the priest lineage of the Judaic Priests from Moses’ family tree.  Aaron’s Rod Branch represents the Letter of the Law.  Aaron’s rod also buds and blooms into a matrix pattern for the Rose Window (shown to me in 2010 while working on the Ark of Truth).
     Moses formed the cult wheel of the city foursquare with the Holy Tabernacle and its Ark (for the Letter of the Law’s Ten Commandments, Aaron’s Rod, and manna) to be kept within the Most Holy of Holies, the Levi priests were to live on all four sides of the Tent of Meeting, and the twelve tribes encamped around the Levites.  Judah would come to include the two tribes of Levi and Benjamin – becoming known as Jews.

The ARCH COVENANT – the Spirit of the Law – the city of our God
     Jesse (I am) was an Ephrathite of Beth-lehem-judah, hence he was of Joseph lineage and had the woman’s blessing to fulfill the Arch (of many colors) Covenant.  Jesse’s Rod Branch budded and bloomed.  It signified the royal lineage of the Judaic Kings from David onward.  David was considered to be a representative of the Christ Mind.  Jesse’s Rod Branch represents the Spirit of the Law.
     Jesse was also of the line of Boaz (Letter of the Law) and Ruth (Spirit of the Law).  Boaz is of Judah and Ruth was a Moabitess (Moab is the son of Lot, by Lot’s oldest daughter.  Moab in part is good, for it means “seed of the father; water of the water; flowing from the father; what of the father?; of his father.”[9]  From the mountain of Moab, “mount Nebo to the top of Pisgah,” Jehovah showed Moses the Promised Land – the Holy City of our God where the Holy Temple would eventually be built).  This means that Jesus was of the Rod of Jesse (Spirit of the Law).  This Arch Covenant would have to be one without laws of limitations!  Laws of limitations are laws that keep mankind from spiritually progressing; they are laws that keep mankind chained to ecclesiastical despotism.
     Solomon’s Temple had the two columns for Boaz (depicted as black in the Tarot for negative life force – that comes about when man is forced to follow the Letter of the Law without the Spirit of the Law; negative life force represents the fallen man, “Help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”) and Jachin (depicted as white in the Tarot for positive life force – the man who is individually governed by God because they live the Spirit which is God’s Law, hence they are free because they have no material laws to limit them, they are not forced to obey ecclesiastical despotic rules and laws).
     So, with the Bible and the Textbook, we have the Word written down on paper, valuable paper leafs (for the healing of the nations).  Written within the Bible is the Christ-link of the prophet bloodline, and a staff or rod designates successorship (as does the throne chair).  The staff and rod[10] are symbols of Principle (the King-Queen-Prince-Princess aspects of God as Father-Mother-Son-Daughter).  I believe that Mary Baker Eddy is of the Tribe of Judah, as her family crest designates with its two rearing lions.  But even if she is not of Judah it does not really matter, because bloodlines have not intelligence.
     I was unable to find out what Haxo means, but it could be rooted to hex, as in the number six, or it could mean “of Nordic ancestry.”  Nordic means North, so Haxo, in this case, would represent the Northern side of the city of our God.  Zurich means: “Rock,” so the Bank “place for the money changers; bench”[11] of Zurich would be rooted to The First Church of Christ Scientist, for it stands upon the Bank of Boston.
     The Zurich Bank has three branch locations; these four locations represent the divine calculus.  They are in Kuala Lumpur (located in southeast Asia) “dove divine Science, pure lamp or spiritual light,” Zurich (located in the North) “Rock,” New York (located in the northeast of the Western Hemisphere) “Original Estate,” and Paris (located in the southwest of the Eastern Hemisphere) “wall (a roll, a rampart “embankment”), spear (a beam of light).”  Because these four locations do not really follow any geographical order, as they are all in or near the Northern Hemisphere (the Word), I prefer to go by the definitions of their names for their divine calculus order.  Although I have not checked out these four locations on a globe, it could be that they very well might form a diamond shape, or cross each other.

The city of our God
     “This spiritual, holy habitation has no boundary nor limit, but its four cardinal points are:  First, the Word of Life, Truth, and Love [Zurich]; second, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God [Kuala Lumpur]; third, Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history [Paris]; fourth, Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar [New York].[12]  This city of our God has no need of sun or satellite, for Love is the light of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter.  All who are saved must walk in this light.  Mighty potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors within the heavenly city.  Its gates open towards light and glory both within and without, for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which ‘defileth,…or maketh a lie.’”[13]
     “When this New Jerusalem is interpreted as ‘the city of our God’ (S&H 577), it is no longer seen as the ‘city of God’ but as the city of our God, and indicates the relationship of God to man.  As soon as we deal with the relationship of Principle to idea, of God to man, we contemplate Being from the standpoint of Immanuel or ‘God with us’ which is the level of consciousness of absolute Christian Science (see pages 68-71).  The Textbook does not interpret ‘the city of our God’ through four equal sides, but through four cardinal points, so the symbol of a square (divine Science) gives way to the symbol of a cross [+] with its four cardinal points.  This does not hint at the idea of all-embracing Being, the oneness of all with all, but represents, figuratively, a sense of being open to the computation of infinite ideas through the four coordinates.  Thus, in absolute Christian Science, the four directions of north, east, south, and west are used to illustrate the Four [of the divine calculus].”[14]
     Sophie’s gold key[15] is used a total of five times.  The first two times (light and glory) are to open gates.  The next two times are for two elevators.[16]  The final time is used with the combination so that they can retrieve Sophie’s grand – father’s treasure.  This key is marked, it is like a trademark so that nobody can steel what you have laid down and deposited.
     The name of the president for this bank is Monsieur “Master; my Lord” Andre “strong, manly; courageous” Vernet “springlike; youthful.”
     There was a Trademark in the Christian Science Textbook.  Mary Baker Eddy placed it there and it came before the Textbook’s written body began, thus – it was a Trademark and had to do with copyright.  The Board of Directors, understanding exactly what this Trademark meant got rid of it and placed the Christian Science Seal on the cover of the Textbook as THEIR Trademark!  They also placed their trademark in the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual.  They raped the woman’s NEW YORK (original estate) Branch of Christian Science (outwardly symbolized in 1909 by what transpired with Augusta E. Stetson).

Mary Baker Eddy’s Trademark

     As mentioned before, Mary Baker Eddy’s Trademark was a print drawing of herself.  On her dress she wore a cross pin (pointed stick, another definition of tattoo) of twelve diamonds (just as there are twelve stars on the woman’s crown).  This diamond cross pin was given to her by her New York Estate student Augusta Emma Stetson![17]  The illustration was done by Jules “moor, marshland” Murrice “youthful” Casper “treasurer.”  I find it very interesting that the meaning of his name is somewhat like the meaning of Andre Vernet, who handles “treasure” all day long!  But even more interesting is that the name Jules relates to Mary Baker Eddy herself, as well as, The First Church.  Mary Baker’s middle name is Moor “marshland” and The First Church was built in a location where there was marshland.  So, this tells me that this Trademark of Mary’s picture holds the true copyright on “a little book”!  This means that all are free to quote from it, but not to change the meaning of her words.  Nor do they need to get permission from the Boston hierarchy in order to quote from “a little book.”[18]
     It is also of importance that Mary does not wear the pin in a crucifix position, but in the Rose Line (axis) position!
     Sophie entered the account number 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 into the system.  The number was based upon the Leonardo Fibonacci numbering sequence.  I find it interesting that Fibonacci has the same first name as Da Vinci (Leonardo is symbolic of the Word)!  Fibonacci may have to do with “fiber.”  All fibers are used to make a weave, or a matrix cloth.  Even today we use the word for a communication system called fiber optics.
     The bank manager explains that there is a period of fifty years that an account may lie dormant.   This represents a whole generation.  It was supposed to be fifty years that went by from the day of Joseph’s passing to the time of Moses’ birth.  The Bible explains this fifty-year period in making the point that the present day Pharaoh had forgotten who Joseph was (the King knew nothing of Joseph’s place in Bible prophecy).  Again, it was a generation (50 years) period that the Boston Board of Directors forgot Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy as being of importance.  They preferred to pursue their hidden agenda – taking control of the Christian Science Field and to ruin the revelation of Christian Science.
     Mary Baker Eddy said that it would be about fifty years before her successor would appear.  Of course, Christian Scientists thought that the fifty-year period began in 1901, but this is not true.  The countdown for Mary’s successor would not begin until 1907, the same year that Mary Baker Eddy understood that her mission was to end within three years time.  This means that her successor was born (as was Moses after fifty years) in 1957.  And this is why John W. Doorly was not Mary Baker Eddy’s successor (as many of his students thought).  I have it on good authority (God’s authority) that John Doorly came too soon.
     The rue is an herb; it is a strong-scented perennial (constant, persistent, enduring, recurrent) woody (wood is symbolic of womanhood) herb (glorious Christian soldier), of the family Rutaceae.  The rue has bitter (Mary) leaves (pages of a book) and is used for medicine (Science and Health heals mankind).  See The Hunger Games interpretation for more on rue (it is God’s plan that these two stories have so many symbols in common, as they both were written in synchronization with the two Venus transits).
     The account number and key were used to get a robot to place the treasure on a conveyor belt (a carousel).  What came, to Sophie (Wisdom) and Robert (Prophecy), on the belt (via Christianity) was a Rosewood Box (an ark).  On the lid was a five-petal rose.
     After getting the box, the president helps the couple elude the police.  But he is afraid that our two heroes are criminals and he feels that he must protect the treasure!  Oh, how this so reminds me of the Boston hierarchy.  They feel that the Independent Christian Scientists are thieves.  They do not trust us to fulfill the Word of God in the Seventh Day.  But God’s Word cannot be kept hidden, it must be free, and so, the president fails to regain the treasure of the Rosewood Box.
     Robert and Sophie decide to hide out after their escape from the bank president.  They meet with Sir (knight) Leigh (field) Teabing (shrub hollow), who is a teacher (instructor, one who trains).  Teabing and Teacher both begin with TEA.  So, it does not surprise me that Brown makes Teabing and Teacher to be one and the same man.  Teabing even serves tea to his guests.  Tea represents Camellia “little woman.”  Teabing is also the First York of Lancastor (the white rose), thus he is like The First Church (Estate = York) of the land of the castor bean (poisonous seed).  Castor oil (from the bean) is also used for medicinal purposes.  Boston is called Bean City, probably for the Boston baked beans dish.  Anyway, Lancastor symbolizes either the true method of healing via Christian Science demonstration or it symbolizes the poisonous seed that comes from ecclesiastical despotism, or the material organization of Church.  I think that Dan Brown also meant Lancastor to be an inside joke, as Teabing poisons his manservant with the peanut bean.
     And of course, it was in Boston that the Tea Party took place in, a protest against taxation without representation.  And today’s “progressives” sure seem to hate the modern day Tea Party groups and speak false propaganda about them.
     Teabing’s manservant is Remy Legaludec, which could mean legal remedy, but I am not 100% sure of this.  After Mary Baker Eddy’s supposed death, the Board of Directors took the legal remedy to solve their predicament as to who would be in charge of the Christian Science Field.  The Field (Leigh) was to be left alone as independent workers and thinkers, however, Boston thought they knew better, thus, they put out the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual and took over illegal control of the Branches (taking control of the Law of the Letter and the Spirit of the Letter).
     Teabing lives in Versailles at the Chateau Villete (little village house consciousness – a symbol of The First Church).  I see Teabing as a Christian Science Teacher, one who has been taught after 1910, thus, not authorized by Mary Baker Eddy.  I feel that this section of the book relates to the thirteenth chapter (the Fifth Element) of the Textbook “Teaching Christian Science.”
     Before he can gain entrance into the estate, Langdon must pass a test of three questions that will prove his heart is true.  The first question is, “Shall I serve you coffee or tea?”
     The answer is of course, “Tea, Earl Grey.”[19]  Or rather, the gray-haired nobleman, or man who will take a pledge to defend the “little woman” known as Mary Baker Eddy, the Madonna.
     The second question is, “Milk or sugar?”  Do we want to place in that tea the milk of Motherhood (Christianity) or the sweetness of Love?
     The answer is, “Lemon.  Earl gray with lemon!”  The nobleman needs to demonstrate the woman’s Science through the fruitage of demonstration!  Lemons are also symbolic of the Virgin Mary.
     The third question is, “In which year did a Harvard sculler last out row an Oxford man at Henley?”  In what year did a Bostonian Christian Scientist mariner (student) last surpass a Christ (Ox) man that crosses the river (the X-stream of Science) who is the ruler (director or the divine calculus) of the household (of The First Church)?
     “Surely, such a travesty has never occurred.”
     “Your heart is true, my friend.  You may pass.”  Teabing truly understands that there has never been a Christian Scientist who can surpass (be greater than) the Christ-Mind (because the Christ-Mind can only be reflected) nor has a Christian Scientist out calculated the divine calculus!  Robert agrees with this Christian Science Teacher.
     The meeting with Teabing turns out to be a class in Christian history, as well as, Holy Grail Lore.
     I have heard, or read somewhere, that Constantine (the first Roman Emperor Pope) was not responsible for the decision of what gospel books would be chosen for the Bible.  But Brown implies that it was Pope Constantine who chose the four Gospels from over 80 Gospels.  Personally, I do not really care if it was Constantine or one of his bishops or priests.  I do know, for sure, that is was a Roman Catholic who was responsible for making the final decision and whoever it was happened to be listening to divine Mind, so in light of saying this I doubt that it was Constantine that made the choice.
     Another thing brought out in the novel is that the date of December 25th was borrowed from the births of previous Sons of God, and chosen for Jesus Christ’s birth date by Rome.  This is common knowledge today – that Jesus was never born on December 25th.  But die hard Christians may still resist this fact.  At any rate we all still celebrate his birth on this date.  Brown explains that Mithras “the Son of God and the Light of the World” was born on December 25th, died, was buried in a rock tomb, and resurrected in three days time.[20]  This does sound a lot like the story of Jesus.  Brown also says that December 25th was also a day for the births of Osiris, Adonis, and Dionysus; that Krishna was given gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh; and that the Christian Church’s Sabbath became Sunday (to appease sun worshippers) as apposed to the Hebrew’s Sabbath of Friday-eve to Satur-day.
     I do not deny that the Roman Catholic Hierarchy borrowed from the original pagan religions of Rome and other countries, as this was a way to make their congregation grow, via appeal.  Pagan, by the way (as mentioned by Brown) means “village people, or dweller of the village.”  It was the Roman Hierarchy that coined the term “heretic” to apply to the pagan people.  Again, Brown says that heretic simply means, “chose” or those who chose to accept the original history of Jesus Christ.  These heretics, according to Brown (and probably other writers), were the men and women who chose to believe that Jesus was a human man who was chosen by God to fulfill his God-crown mission, and this man Jesus reflected the Christ Mind better than any other man on earth.  Yet, like oh so many words (like cult) have become misunderstood, so have these definitions become misunderstood over the centuries.
     Today I am considered to be a Christian Science heretic because I choose to accept the original history of Mary Baker Eddy to be spiritually ordained by God.  I accept her place in Bible prophecy, in Holy Grail Lore, to be the woman God-crowned, and the Boston Hierarchy has mentally outlawed the acceptance of her place.  Why did Boston decide to stop broadcasting the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy to the world?  I think it is because the Board of Directors are falsely influenced by Romanism; they claim to legally be Mary Baker Eddy’s successors (via the manipulation of the Church Manual), so they do not want the Field to know about or accept her place in Bible prophecy because they do not want to loose their hold on the Field.  Today it is forbidden to teach Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy to a Christian Science class!  I have had Christian Science Practitioners tell me I am wrong to even accept Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  But I know that these “authorized Practitioners” are in the wrong, not me, because I have so much proof that I am correct.  Mary Baker Eddy was a human woman who was chosen by God to fulfill her God-crown mission, and this woman reflected the Christ Mind better than any other woman on earth.
     The claims in Brown’s book, that the Bible is incorrect about Jesus being the Son of God, to me, have no proof or weight to them.  Yes, Jesus was a man, he had to be a man in order for mortal men (who experience things via their five senses) to see and hear him!  It is actually the Christ that is the Son of God, however, Jesus reflected the Christ.  Christ Jesus spoke in the absolute when he spoke of himself as the Son of God, Jesus Christ spoke in the relative when he spoke of himself as the Son of Man.  There is a difference between absolute statements and the relative statements and it is about time that Christians begin to understand the difference between the two types of statements.
     This being said, I will quote, what was suppose to be two quotes from Leonardo Da Vinci himself and my scientific translation of his words.  When I do this, you are able to see that perhaps Teabing (or perhaps Brown) is the one who misunderstands what Leonardo Da Vinci was really saying!  “Blinding ignorance [to our spiritual Being] does mislead us.  O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes [wake up from the Adam dream of mortal mind’s duplicity and illusions]!
     “Many [ecclesiastical despotic leaders] have made a trade [business] of delusions [the Adam dream] and false [Adam man’s misunderstanding of] miracles [of what a miracle really is.  “Miracle.  That which is divinely natural, but must be learned humanly; a phenomenon of Science.”[21]], deceiving the stupid multitude [the blinded body of Christ].”
     Another thing Brown’s book mentions is: “Genesis was the beginning of the end for the goddess.”  Genesis actually means “origin, beginning!”  But it is only in the story of Adam that the end for the goddess actually seems to begin!  This is because the Adam creation is a counterfeit of the true creation story found in Genesis 1-2-3; the story is an allegory.  We are to learn by its symbols and its structure to see how it counterfeits the true origin story of Genesis 1-2:3.  The first “creation” account is totally about the spiritual creation (spiritual revelation) of ideas.  And the woman, being last on the list of creation (or revelation), is means that she is the higher idea.  It is the woman in Genesis 3 that is given the God-crown mission to bring forth the spiritual idea (Seth), even though to limited understanding it comes off as being a curse.
     Dan Brown writes that Jesus intended for the future of his Church to be in the hands of Mary Magdalene.  I say, that Jesus intended for the future of his Church to be in the hands of Mary Baker Eddy and this is why Jesus used the feminine form “Petrah” instead of the masculine form of Peter when he told Simon bar-Jonah that Petrah would be the foundation of his Church.
     In Signs in the Sky, by Adrian Gilbert, he explains that the word Jesus uses for Peter is a reference to Khufu, thus it relates to the Great Pyramid of Giza.  I like this explanation, as Mary Baker Eddy compared her Church in Boston to the Great Pyramid of Giza, and it has the shape of a triangle.
     Mary Baker Eddy, however, explains that Jesus was referring to Simon’s conscious thought as being receptive to the Christ-Truth, the Rock, when he responded about who he thought Jesus was.  Simon at other times, however, was compared to Satan when Jesus said to him, “Satan, get thee hence!”  In such instances as this, Jesus was not speaking to Simon bar Jonah’s conscious Christhood (the absolute), but to his personal sense (the relative).  Personal sense is Satan.  It is also important to understand that the name Simon is rooted to Jacob’s second son.  This second son is joined at the hip with the third son – Levi.  And remember that Levi becomes the church (priests), the ecclesiastical leaders of Judah.
     The northern wall of city of our God consists of the Word as the Word, the Christ as the Word, and Christianity as the Word.  The coordinating chapters from the Textbook are “Prayer,” “Animal Magnetism Unmasked,” and “Creation.”  “Prayer,” as in the city foursquare goes with the Open Bible Keystone, “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” goes with the Woman God-crowned Keystone, and “Creation” goes with the Lord and Lamb Keystone.  The inner hub’s north wall is, as mentioned before, Science as the Word with the thirteenth chapter “Teaching Christian Science.”
     I feel that these chapters are important; especially for the spiritual period when I am writing this book, for right now, I feel that, I am living the spiritual period for the thirteenth chapter.[22]
     What is also important about “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” going with the Woman God-crowned Keystone is the fact that it is this woman who does the unmasking of error, or personal sense!  (As it is told in chapter three of Genesis, so it is in chapter twelve of Revelation.)  She is the Bride (manifestation of God) that the Midnight Hour is about.  This Midnight Hour Wedding is symbolized in the third illustration “Seeking and Finding” from Christ and Christmas by the clock.  The time reads 12:05.  And if you look at the space between the short hand at 12 and the long hand at the 1, you have the same exact Keystone space as in Window of the Open Book for the Woman God-crowned Keystone.

Grand Mother’s Clock

     If Window of the Open Book is viewed like a clock, the number twelve would be right between these two keystone windows (as seen above).  I feel that the illustration Seeking and Finding represents the Midnight Hour because the skylight in the illustration is dark, accept for the light from the seven-pointed star (an angel) and one lit candlestick (a church).  This illustration was of the spiritual period of the early 1870’s, 1874 (when Venus made its first transit across the sun) through the fall of 1975.  However, I feel also that this illustration is a prophecy that points to December 21 (midnight) 22, 2012 because of all the recurring numbers of twelve.  December is the twelfth month, the twin-dates 21 and 22 (2122) have twelve in the center of it, midnight is 12:00, and the year is 12 (this is also the time of the galactic alignment of the winter solstice, and when the Mayan calendar ends).  How many times does this happen – especially when the Bible is clear that it is a Midnight Hour when the Bridegroom comes?  But perhaps this marriage has also already taken place, as thought by some to have been in August 2012 when Venus was in the hand of Orion.
     This time also has to do with the precession of the earth’s axis.  Both keystones together on top, with their matching keystones below (of the Pomegranates and Harvested Wheat) form the hourglass shape of the precession.  The Pomegranates Keystone is opposite the Woman God-crowned Keystone, while the Harvested Wheat Keystone is opposite the Lord and Lamb Keystone.  Pomegranates are the symbol for Venus, the Woman God-crowned, while the Harvested Wheat is symbolic of the Endtime, or the Harvest time, when the tares are separated from the wheat (matter [evil] and Spirit [good] become separated).  Perhaps what the Endtime represents in this Midnight Hour is when the mental distinction (separation) is made between what the Lord and what the Lamb really are.  Or, it is when mankind realizes that the Roman Catholic dogma has been wrong in their claim that Jesus is God at the expense of denying Christhood for all mankind.
     Not only does this distinction need to be made, but the distinction between the two creation-stories in Genesis need to be made.  Man, Church, dogma, scholastic theology, etc. has blended the two creation stories together so much that they are seen to be the same story.  (Just like the distinction between the four gospels has been blurred into one story.)
     The Endtime (or the “End of the World as We Know It”) is supposed to be the Age of Aquarius.  Dan Brown speaks of the Age of Aquarius on page 290.  Aquarius is the water bearer – “whose ideals claim that man will learn the truth and be able to think for himself.  The ideological shift is enormous, and it is right now.”  He added that the transitional period is called “The End of Days.”  I know it is called this because it takes place during the later end of the Sixth Day and the beginning of the Seventh Day.
     The Age of Aquarius began in the summer of 1882 with the second transit of Venus across the sun.  This is when Venus, as the woman God-crowned, was literally “clothed with the sun.”  This was (as I mentioned before) when Mary Moor Baker Glover Patterson Eddy was shown, by God, that she was this woman God-crowned.
     One day I was looking at the Baker family crest.  There are two lions standing up on their rear legs, a shield divided into four sections (a divine calculus), an eight-pointed star (this, to me, represents the foursquare city and city of our God as one)[23], and a couple other things.  One of the four sections had three five-pointed stars.  This caught my attention as just before seeing it I noticed that on what would be page 322 of Brown’s book instead of page numbers were three five-pointed stars.  What are the odds of me seeing both of these signs on the same exact morning, moments apart?
     In the circular sphere around the four sections of the family crest are the words TRIA JUNCTA IN UNO.  I feel these words mean “A trinity that joins, or connects, to each other as the One.”    I feel that the three Venus stars represent the three comings of Christ via three stages of the woman God-crowned.
     The only thing I found on the page that may have had to do anything with the three stars was Teabing’s speed dial phone.  The page with the three stars spoke of Le Bourget Airfield being one of Teabing’s speed dial numbers.  Le Bourget means “middle class town, village, capital” while Airfield would have to do with the Field of Science.  What would be so significant about this airport field is that it is only found in the Field of Christ Science that the names for God have been capitalized.  What is also interesting is that the airfield is in Kent, which is where John Baker (Mary’s forefather) was from.

TEABING’S HAWKER has twin Garrett T[rue] F[emale] E[ddy] 7 [Love] 3 [Soul] 1 [Mind] engines.
     A hawk is a bird of Science.  Garrett means “brave spearman.”  So the plane has twin engines of brave spearmen who are “consecrated to God.”  The pilot’s name is Richard.  Richard is the name that I use for The First Church.
The Da Vinci Code book states that the “Rose is the Magdalene, is the Holy Grail.  An airplane uses a compass to direct its course.  The Rose is the compass [a woman shall compass a man] that guides [directs] the way [“The Way”].”
     The Rose Window (Window of the Open Book) is a Rose Compass.  I also call this window the Stargate (because each star is a gate) Matrix and I have titled it Sharon’s Rose Window (especially in regards to the Unity Matrix for Christ and Christmas).
     The Tarot WHEEL OF FORTUNE Card, I feel, is also significant with the Rose Compass.  Around the wheel are the four Hebrew letters for YHWH, but there are four other letters.  These other four letters are T, A, R, and O.  If you continue with the wheel cycle you get T.A.R.O.T.  If you begin the sequence in another place you get R.O.T.A. (which means to rotate).  And if you begin in another place and reverse your course you get T.O.R.A. (the H is missing) for the Hebrew’s Holy Book.  Window of the Open Book’s center words are Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Rev. Mary Baker Eddy.  On my matrix I use the initials of S&H.  An interesting thing happens if I use the S&H with the four letters on the Tarot card.  I get SHAROT.  Now, if I use the atbash code (used on the airplane in the book) on the T only, it changes the T to an N and I now get the word SHARON.
     In England there is a huge Ferris wheel, a divine calculus wheel.  Its name is the Millennium Eye (A Chap’ai Eye?).  It is also called the London Eye.  Dan Brown mentions that the Ferris wheel is 500 feet high.  I see the 500 as a symbol for Life.  Ferris, by the way, means “Peter.”  Thus, the Ferris (Peter) Wheel is a divine calculus (stone).  In the book of Daniel there is the king’s dream, and the millstone mentioned is the divine calculus.
     This Ferris Wheel keeps popping up in all sorts of movies and television shows.  To name just a few:  The Thunder Birds, Phineus and Ferb, Primeval, and Doctor Who.

[1] A pun, perhaps, is that four cardinals are kidnapped in Angels and Demons (by Dan Brown) and killed in four cardinal points of the compass.

[2] I had this dream before I read Angels and Demons.

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[8] A depository is like a vault where something is placed for safekeeping.

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[10] Stanley C. Larkin of the Endtime Center in Denver, Colorado, taught that the rod and staff are the affirmation of Truth and the denial of error (that is, the denial of error’s existence and power) in Christian Science Treatment.

[11] Jesus finds the moneychangers in the Temple.  He dislikes their presence and raises a ruckus!  A bench is a court, a place where an official sits.  There are also the inner and outer courts in the Holy Temple.

[12] By the way, remember, New York is where Augusta Stetson’s Church is located.

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[15] Go to APPENDIX B for more on this key.

[16] Elevators ascend and descend.

[17] Augusta Stetson built the First Church of New York; it was her church.  The Boston Board of Directors (who were afraid that Stetson was Mary Baker Eddy’s successor) excommunicated her from The First Church in 1909 and the Boston Hierarchy insisted that she could no longer be in charge of her Branch Church!  Also, sixteen of her loyal students (a divine calculus) were excommunicated at the same time.  Some see her as being disloyal to Mary Baker Eddy and the Cause, but she was not.  Mary Baker Eddy did not interfere with what the men were doing because she understood that Augusta had to be kicked out of organized religion.  She knew that this would be the only way that Augusta would grow spiritually and stand with the Cause.

[18] David Nolan actually freed up the Textbook in the 1970’s.  Boston was holding false copyright on the book.  They still try to fool the masses.

[19] I find it funny that this tea is also the favorite of one Captain Jean Luc Picard who is filmed with Teabing (actor) in the X-Men films.  (I even think they sound a lot alike.)

[20] Today it is also known that Jesus did not actually lie in the tomb for three days.  The “three days in the tomb” is a symbol representing Jesus’ spiritual progression of Mind to Spirit and to Soul (resurrection).

[21] S&H 591:21

[22] Since writing this we have moved on to the next periods, or steps, correlating with “Recapitulation,” “Genesis,” and the “The Apocalypse.”

[23] Eight-pointed stars are also used in the Tarot.