by MJSmith


Update – The Da Vinci Code

The Word

THE DA VINCI (conquering, victorious) CODE (trunk of a tree – the tree of life)

     A code is a systematic statement of a body or law; a system of principles or rules <moral code>; a system of symbols (“Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”).  We could say then that the Christian Science Church Manual is a code book!  It does follow the same matrix layout as the Textbook does.

The Christ


     This code may have to do with the English royal house of Lancaster (with its white rose emblem).  An emblem is “a picture with a motto or set of verses intended as a moral lesson.”[1]  This being said, could an emblem also be a set of verses intended as a moral lesson set to a set of pictures with mottos?  Say, like Mary Baker Eddy’s book Christ and Christmas?  The only place Mary Baker Eddy makes reference to Sharon’s Rose is in the text of Christ and Christmas.  In fact, the circular layout of the eleven illustrations (plus one made in the 70s of seven roses with each rose having seven-petals) is what I call Sharon’s Rose Matrix.  I see DE LANCS CODE as fitting in with the Christ (King-Head or Leader) and Christ-mass (body or the Bride City).
     Lanc is also rooted to Lance.  A lance is a long staff with a sharp steel head used for a weapon.  My brother relates to the De Lancs Code.  He was in the first part of my Archer Cloud dream.  He was sitting on my front room floor working on a jigsaw puzzle.  My brother also use to use a jig saw (a scroll saw; scroll = book) on wood to create wooden pictures or shapes.
     So a jigsaw puzzle would be a strategem (army + to lead).  If you solve the puzzle the jig (deception or trick) is up!



     The woman’s suffrage was about getting women the right to “vote;” equal power with men.  Suffer also means “permit” so when Jesus said to John the Baptist, “Suffer it to be so now” he meant “permit it to be so now,” just the same attitude Mary Baker Eddy had for church organization!  Sufrete also has to do with “defray” – “to damage by breaking.”  Did not the Board of Directors break the estoppel clauses and By-Laws via their disobedience?  Thus, the Field (the Christian Science congregation) is “to bear the expenses of” (defray) this breaking of the Law!



     This code is Revelation 10’s Angel’s two legs forming the two Covenants for the Letter (Ark) and the Spirit (Arch).  Its two betyls remind us to Watch!
     We are to use the key of REON (RE – against; ON – operation, activity) TIGALDO.  REON means to be against the activity, operation, or forward, onward progression.  This going against activity (etc.) is okay if it goes against material organized religion, it is the EDDY CURRENT or VORTEX.  TIGALDO may have to do with tiger, however, I think it has more to do with “tige – stem, stalk; (metal) rod.  I see the “aldo” as “action; process to do (bring to pass; carry out; execute; deed).  A measuring rod could be equivalent to the Holy Grail as both refer to “measuring.”  And a reed (rod) was used to measure “the temple of God, the alter, and them that worship within.” (Revelation 11:1)
     The manchild (Revelation 12) has the rod of iron (divine Science).  Again I feel this has to do with the Church Manual.  The Board of Directors are “against the operation of divine Science, or against the rod’s actions to carry out the Deeds of Trust” in the Church Manual.
     If you go back to these pages in the book and read what is going on, these titles do fit in with The Da Vinci Code.  THE DE LANCS CODE is on a page where Silas, the albino bad guy is in a church searching for the Priori’s Keystone.  He thinks he is an angel on a mission for the Church.
     Aringarosa (a pun? A-ring (circle) a-rosa (rose) – “Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes we all fall down!”  This children’s game-rhyme is based upon the black plague.
     Aringarosa tells the sister to allow Silas into her church.  Silas feels that the keystone lays upon the Rose Line (north-south) “for centuries, the symbol of the rose had been associated with maps [matrixes with keys] and guiding souls in the proper direction.  The Compass Rose—drawn on almost every map—indicated North, East, South, and West.  Originally known as the Wind Rose, it denoted the directions of the thirty-two winds,[2] blowing from the directions of eight major winds, eight half-winds, and sixteen quarter-winds.”[3]  Okay so we have 8 + 8 + 16 (4 x 4 = 16 and 8 + 8 = 16), so there are four groups of eight.  “When diagrammed inside a circle, these thirty-two points of the compass perfectly resembled a traditional thirty-two petal rose bloom.  To this day, the fundamental navigation tool was still known as the Compass Rose, its northern most direction still marked by an arrowhead [an Archer uses an arrow]…or, more commonly, the symbol of the fleur-de-lis.”[4]  The “fleur-de-lis” is the flower of the Madonna, of Mary Magdalene.
     In my dream the invisible bow and arrow of the Archer Cloud were pointed North (like the “fleur-de-lis”).
     “The Priory keystone has been said to be ‘beneath the Sign of the Rose.’”[5]  Silas is on a wild goose chase, the keystone is not found in the church he is sent to.  And he realizes this when he finds the Bible verse Job 38:11.  “Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further.” After not finding the keystone Silas becomes angry and kills the sister.
     The true keystone is found with THE LA SUFRETE CODE page – where the “Madonna of the Rocks” is at in the museum.  For the Key keeper – Uriel – is depicted in the painting (by Da Vinci).  A necklace is placed upon the painting’s frame, and on this chain is the Priory key.  On it is the “fleur-de-lis” the Archer’s arrowhead.  This key is to the Depository Bank of Zurich and it is the REON TIGALDO (rod) that opens up two gates, a door, and a bank account.  Each “key is electronically paired with a ten-digit account number that functions as a password.”[6]
     Sophie’s uncle used the Fibonacci sequence for the number – 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21.
     I have to ask if my brother’s jigsaw puzzle was Job 38:11 and what was of real importance in the dream was the Archer Cloud by Leonardo Da Vinci?  (As much fiction as The Da Vinci Code is!)  And does all of this really have anything to do with December 21, midnight, 2012?  Is this the Midnight Hour of the Wedding for the Bridegroom and the Lamb’s Bride, or did this event take place decades ago during Mary Baker Eddy’s mission?  And does Window of the Open Book depict this marriage with the two keystones of the Woman God-crowned and the Lord and the Lamb?  I say, “Yes.”

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