by MJSmith

Chapter Seven – Backwards and Forwards

     The Rosewood Box (the Ark of the Covenant for the Letter of the Law) has a message beneath the Rose.  Its script is backwards.  Leonardo Da Vinci use to write backwards in cursive so that people could not figure out what he was saying.  This may have been a form of protection against the Church of Rome.  I first began to write backwards in 1976 after seeing the television movie The Great Houdinis.  After seeing the movie I was most interested in Houdini’s life.  I began to practice writing backwards because there were “so-called” mediums that professed to be in communication with the spirits and they wrote backwards.  I wanted to prove that anyone could write backwards.  I first found out about Da Vinci’s little trick from a history teacher sometime after I had learned to write backwards.  I was pleased that I had accomplished the same feat as the Master artist!
     But, back to our story, the backward script, in the book, said:  “The ancient word of wisdom frees this scroll…and helps us keep her scatter’d family whole…a headstone praised by templars’ is the key…and atbash will reveal the truth to thee.”
     The ancient word of wisdom turns out to be Sophie, which is more like Binah than the serpent’s wisdom.  The scroll it really frees is the Bible, understanding the Holy Grail Bible brings together the twelve nations into one family.  The twelve Nations (stars) are the whole body of man or the compound idea.  The thirteenth tribe, Levi, was put in place by Moses to be the Christ Head Leaders of the body’s twelve nations.  This worked so long as the priests followed God instead of personal sense (as they did during Jesus’ God-crowned mission).  I feel that the Levi headstone is the cornerstone of The First Church of Christ Scientist.  Placed inside The First Church’s headstone (praised by the templars or the temple makers) “is the key,” and the following:

     THREE CARDS: the first containing a list of the students who contributed one thousand dollars each to the building fund; the second, a grateful acknowledgment of the same by our teacher; the third, a list of the Board of Directors, written by Mrs. Eddy’s own hand.[1]
     The plate on the headstone reads:  1894.  This is the year that The First Church was built (during a nine month period, which was a symbol of spiritual birth).  This Church was paid for in full (no loans, no leans) during a time of economic depression too.
     An atbash is a code language with a matrix structure.  In Brown’s book the Hebrew letters are used, they go forward and then backward with two lines of letters.  Then these letters are switched to decipher the code (this is how they figured out to use Sophie’s name to unlock the cryptex [what they referred to as the keystone]).
     They explain why the name of a city in Jeremiah 25:26 and 51:41 confused people, as archeologists could find no such city!  Then they used the atbash code and discovered that the name of this city meant Babylon.  However, I also think that the city could mean Bible!  And Science and Health is the Key to the City!  To those people who do not understand the matrix code (the Key to the Scriptures) of the Bible, well, the Bible to them is Babylon, or confusion!

     Dan Brown explains:  “English was linguistically removed from Rome’s propaganda machine, and therefore became a sacred, secret tongue for those brotherhoods educated enough to learn it.”  This is probably one reason why it was so important that Science and Health be written in English.
     Although I do not agree with the idea that sex is a spiritual thing, because it totally is a physical thing, I did find it interesting that the book’s description of the sex ceremony was the same symbol as Window of the Open Book.  The symbol was of an outer circle of people with a headstone or capstone center where male and female join as one, or in union.   Brown also said the Truth, that Baptism by fire was the Holy Spirit.  I see the Holy Spirit as the Mother and the Daughter, the first ‘H’ and second ‘H’ of YHWH, which is Science.
     In April 2009 I was looking at a diagram that W. Gordon Brown had put in his book University City of Divine Metaphysics depicting the Golden Candlestick with circular branches on the bottom half.  On the top half he placed dotted circle lines for the top half of the Golden Candlestick (or what he called the “Tree of Life”) “with its branches, conceived of as forming a series of concentric circles or spheres.”[2]  A coiled bar magnet depicted the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.”  The coil has the head of a snake.  The “Serpentine tree of electro-animal-magnetism; tree of mortality, or death, supposed opposite of [the] tree of life.”[3]
     It dawned on me that this drawing (which I had not really seen for close to fifteen years) was like Window of the Open Book.  The outer branch of Mind as Love in the tone of Christianity represented the twelve stars (the divine Science Foursquare City descending from heaven).  The inner branch of Spirit as Truth in the tone of the Christ represented the twelve keystones (the absolute Christian Science City of God).  The inner branch of Soul as Life in the tone of the Word represented the Jerusalem artichoke with its twenty-four petals (the Christian Science New Jerusalem City of our God).  And the Trunk of Science itself with the Principle light (of Mount Zion) represents the hub of the Window where the Textbook is located.  Do not these four spheres (four levels of Scientific consciousness) also represent the wholeness of YHWH?  It is also from this that the idea for ShAaron’s Rod-Rose Matrix (seen below) came to me, and what I based it upon.

     The characters in The Da Vinci Code open up the white cryptex (keystone) and find that there is a smaller, black cryptex (keystone) within.  Dan Brown explains this as the female (white) giving birth to the male (black).  However, the feminine yin is black and the masculine yang is white (even though the small circles within yin and yang represent the seed of the opposite within themselves. What this would symbolizes, to me, is that each one of us is complete – that even though we we think of ourselves as a female (or a male) that we also reflect the divine qualities of the male (or the female).  I also find it interesting at how similar the circle of yin and yang is to the astrological symbol for Pisces.
     What the two cryptex may have really represented is that the white male contains the black seed of the female within?  Perhaps Brown was not speaking about yin and yang at all (on page  350)?  Because he does not mention them, he just writes:  “Two cryptexes.  Everything in pairs.  Double entendres.  Male female.  Black nested within white.  Langdon felt the web of symbolism stretching onward.  White gives birth to black.
     Every man sprang from woman.
     Black is also an ancient symbol for life because the fertile soil of the land (of the Nile River) was black.
     What I see the cryptex’s texts being is the woman God-crowned (clothed with the sun – white) and her manchild who is caught up unto God.
     The (black) son cryptex reads:  “In London lies a knight a Pope interred.[4]  His labor’s fruit a Holy wrath incurred.  You seek the orb that ought be on his tomb.  It speaks of Rosy flesh and seeded womb.”  This is, of course, the “apple.”  The apple has been a symbol of the “forbidden fruit” for a long time.  But let us not forget that the apple is related to the family of the rose!  Hence, the apple, incurred a Holy wrath (by Romanism), just as Sir (a knight) Isaac Newton’s work incurred the wrath from Rome.  But a Pope of Rome did not bury Sir Isaac “he will laugh” Newton “new town (a new city).”   The “a Pope” spoken of is Alexander “defender of mankind” Pope “Papa.”  Eddy (from Edward) means “prosperous guardian.”  For sure, Mary Baker Eddy is a prosperous defender and guardian of mankind.  In the Bible, Isaac is the father (papa) of Jacob.  Jacob (Israel) is father of the twelve nations (twelve stars).
     I had a dream in the 1990’s where I was in a restaurant with a man I did not know and Brian “strong” McNamara (Son of Na [North American] Mary).  Brian is an actor that has sent me autographed photos.  He is special to me as he is a symbol of the angel Gabriel (Love), and in the dream he was the father of my offspring.  This means that my manchild is the Christ (son of Mary) Scientist.
     Both of these men were supposed to be aliens (angels).  The other man told me that I was special, that I was chosen.  This reminds me of the men who visited Abraham.  They were angels, or messengers of God.  They also came to sup, or dine.  And it was Sarah who was asked to prepare three measures of meal for their guests.
     This angel man, of the dream, said something like his people (race) chose one woman to be this special mother one time during a four thousand year period.  The last special mother four thousand years ago would have been Sarah, mother of Isaac.
     I see my manchild as the (Isaac) Newton, or the original city of our God, which is spiritual.  I am the one who has presented the city of our God to you.  Yes, Mary Baker Eddy presented the city first in her Textbook and in the Window of the Open Book.  But it is I, Mother Hood, that has shown you the matrix layout of the city.  I am the one who has explained the blueprints.

A Window Wheel of The First Church


     There was also something in the dream about the two angels being robots (orphans) who must be adopted.  One definition of adopt is “to choose (a textbook) for required study in a course.”  The Textbook chosen for the divinity course (given by Mary Baker Eddy) was the Key to the Scriptures (Key to the City).  It is the divine cybernetics for today’s world.
     Simon (he heard) Edwards (prosperous guardian) is the chief inspector in Kent, England.  This chief inspector allows the seekers to leave the airport.  They proceed on to the Temple Church on Fleet Street.  But this is not where they need to be.  The triumph they feel upon their arrival is fleeting, as Silas and Remy team up and take Teabing hostage and steal the cryptex.
     After this, Langdon and Sophie go to a college library where they meet Pamela “honey” Gettum.  She helps them do word searches with their big computer system.  In the movie they use the Internet on a man’s cell phone (information being transmitted over air waves) while riding in a bus (a bus symbolizes collective consciousness).
     Langdon finally realizes that “a Pope” is Alexander Pope, and he knows to go to Westminster Abbey.  West (the cardinal point for Science) is the true minister of us all.  An abbess is a woman, the Mother Superior (Mother Hood), and she rules or governs this Science Abbey.
     The Adam and Eve tale seems to be the beginning of the decline of the goddess.  But the decline of goddess worship literally began with the Roman Catholic Church.  Today it is slowly coming back into society.  I believe this is because of Mary Baker Eddy.  We are not to worship her persona, but we must recognize her place in Bible prophecy as the Lamb (Rev. 5), the Angel (Rev. 10), the Second Witness (Rev. 11), the Woman (Rev. 12), and the City of God (Rev. 21).[6]
     I know that the woman of Genesis 3 is a prophecy of Mary Baker Eddy’s mission.  And I feel that the forbidden fruit would not have been a problem to Adam if the fruit from the tree of life had been digested first.  I say this because I understand that the fruit from the tree of life is like the scientific translation of immortal mind (S&H 115:12) and the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is like the scientific translation of mortal mind (S&H 115:19).  The first scientific translation helps us with the second scientific translation; in other words, Science (reality) explains physical science to be unreality.
     Teabing had arranged his own kidnapping, for he is the Teacher who orchestrates the events, he is a mad man.  He is at the same location that Langdon and Sophie wind up at, but he cannot figure out the clues.  He is mad, a driven man with one goal.  He forces Langdon to open the cryptex by holding a gun on Sophie.
     Robert goes to think upon the clues, he sees things, and he realizes what the answer is.  He pretends that he cannot figure it all out, that he cannot open the cryptex.  However, he did open it (sneeking out the hidden message).  Robert Langdon used the word “apple.”  He purposely makes sure the cryptex breaks by throwing it up into the air.  The Teacher, being crippled, cannot catch the cryptex in time and it lands on the stone floor.
     The police show up and arrest Teabing.  Teabing figures out that Langdon had fooled him and actually opened up the cryptex.  He begs to know the answer, but Langdon does not provide the man with a cup of cold water.

[1] From building of The Mother Church; by Joseph Armstrong; pages 17 & 18.

[2] University City of Divine Metaphysics; by W. Gordon Brown; p. 129

[3] Ibid

[4] In London lies the dead body of a knight (one who has not finished his spiritual development) that a Pope placed into the ground

[5] It is interesting that in the latest edition of Building of The Mother Church by Joseph Armstrong is a photo of a Rose Window before construction had been completed.  In the photo it looks like a big unfinished wooden wheel.

[6] The Holy City image found upon the Keystone of the Immanuel Arch (leading to Mother’s Room) is also located inside Mother’s Room upon the fireplace (Holy Spirit’s place in Bible prophecy) Mantle (Mantle sounds like mantel – as in the Christ Mantel).